Dee: I don't know if I believe it all. So what if it is disclosed. Nobody is going to believe it.

Joe: Not all of it! I don't know if I believe it either. I'm skeptical.  John Lear says he knows it all - other people say they know it all, but nobody else knows it.  If he knew it all, they would have killed him, wouldn't they?

Dee:  I've heard a lot of it though. Even he says that nobody is going to believe it. They hear it and then they say, "Oh yeah! Right! Yeah! And then walk away and go about their business."

Joe: A lot of these conspiracy guys - though they have these expressions - they are more psychological, for example:  Jim Marrs - one he uses is: "Those who don't know the history, you are bound to repeat it."  (paraphrased)

Dee:  Right!

Joe: Well! That doesn't mean that 'he's right. Past history, its people making wrong interpretations. That's what makes for the conspiracy theories. Nobody is going to believe this. That's the psychology of it - if they say, "Nobody is going to believe it", then people are going to believe it, because you heard that nobody could. Nobody is going to believe something that not true necessarily.

Dee: But you hear the truth and still nobody believes it.

Joe: The thing is, its hard to come up with thorough substantial evidence - most of the evidence is just hints and things.

Dee: Yeah! you can't prove anything.

Joe: the thing is to come up with an alternate theory this is this whole idea that there is a stage-play and these scripts are written and humanity is put through these different things for some reason.

Dee: Its like they say - its a big experiment. We're given all these damn religions to see how we all react.

Joe: I definitely really think the God is induced in us. A similar thing is seen in the crop circles and UFO scene and dreams and coincidences. My idea of it is - first you have to look at it and see what it is - it's like - if a message comes, "Oh it must be bad, so I'm not going to look." that doesn't make sense to me. What makes sense is - you look at it and see what the message is and if the message is, "Oh! You guys have to change your thinking of your religious views from this to this." and then consider that - Is that good or bad" - or am I going to do it - or am I not - or whatever.  Now - there's a lot of negative views one can take - one of which is - everything is a conspiracy - they're out to get you that kind of thing - you get all wrapped in that belief in fear and whatever - then when the guy controlling those beliefs - once he has you captured - all he has to do is use the command: "KILL" - then you run out like a robot and do what he says, "Kill" because he's convinced you that these people are evil.  It's like Rush Limbaugh, he could probably issue a command to kill, and a lot of people would go rushing out, start killing Democrats if he wanted to - whenever he's ready.  Look at the revolutions in other countries - Catholics against Protestants - whatever - you can do it to any human being.  It's your mind being stolen - just like - you're supposed to be a "Lion King" and you like somebody seizes your crown. But the other thing is, we are co-creating the reality - so therefore we can have the view of reality everybody wants that we can get together on, so why not - this is represented by the Tree in the Garden of Eden and the New Jerusalem - so why not believe in the most ideal reality that you are more or less blessed - there is no evil in it - and we're all going to get along - all the New Age stuff - everybody is deserving of all abundance completely, there is no guilt - no guilt energy - we have no fear of anything.  If you take the best beliefs, since we are co-creating the reality, that would be better than taking the fear and the negative beliefs.  Its our choice.  I think a lot of this whole ET influence thing is about that - what I think is probably is to get us - because we have all these bad and good influences - from that other side - whatever it is.  I think that is like whatever the consciousness gestalt of mankind is - first of all - our concept of God like Jehovah - is actually the demiurge which is actually the consciousness gestalt of mankind - in other words - the four horns of the four smiths - the right angled squares of the swastika - so the god that most people are looking to - is actually mankind. Like in your dream - you have the people in the buildings and you have the Satan influence and your Father - but way up above somewhere - you have this jukebox - that is getting closer to maybe the ultimate - what the real God is - but we take god to be your Father and we think that's the real God - and this father thing - consciousness of mankind - and this is represented by a lot of these myths - of God like Zeus - they are like human - like Gods - they even have sex and run around with women - and they are made and revengeful.  So what I think this is - mankind is in this learning process - developing and going up through the chakras - moving up into higher consciousness in spirit and time and all the negative things - we have to go through them to learn our own lessons and that we've made some kind of agreement to do this, like a covenant or compact or contract, with the other side. And its like - if you ask us now - "We don't' want to do this,", we don't want to go through anything negative, but on some other levels we did and there may be some other purpose to it - like the idea of discharging the garbage on earth - I think there is a good chance there may be another reason that we don't' understand.  

In Revelation 12-7, Michael and his angels battle Satan and his angels in the war in Heaven. Satan is thrown down to earth and the war continues here on earth. Rev. 12:16 earth comes to help the woman and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the river which the Dragon had poured out of its mouth.   I think the angels and the ETS are entities and ETs are beings in another dimension that some of which may have lived earthly lives, some of which may not have, but have chosen like a career of helping with the earth plane thing - like directors and the writers of the scripts and so forth.  Part of that comes from the Seth books - that's what he says - there are entities in the other dimensions that impart truth to mankind in symbolic forms - and through other ways.  What I think it is, whatever the community, or the world community is - the belief systems will be part of the script. For example: let's say - After World War I, Germany - there was a lot of rally pissed off - angry people - they who lost the war - and it was a really bad deal, so under the conditions like that - a Hitler will be manifested - this is a script being written. Okay! Hitler is going to take on this role as this evil guy and lead you into this war which is going to be horrible - so you can learn our lessons - but the beings who are writing the script are doing so because of the belief systems of the people - the co-creators.  

So, it looks like the gods are doing something bad to us, but maybe its because we are going through this learning thing where we don't have much help. These entities are just helping write the script and they come in sometimes and leave some influences - like the Christian thing like St. Paul traveling to Damascus and he meets Jesus on the road and he becomes a strong advocate of Christianity.  Emporer Constantine was going to battle Maxentius in 312 AD and he sees a Christian cross in the sky - so he becomes a Christian. This helps the influence and the acceptance of Christianity.  So is Christianity evil? Is it bad? There is bad and good from it.   It's like Frankenstein - whatever man can create - he creates something that can come back to kill you - it can be bad or it can be used for good.  It's like the Christianity thing which as it exists today - which now is more good than bad - for example: the charities - people who belong to it now want to be good.

It's easy to see all that as some big conspiracy thing, especially - there is a conspiracy in a sense in that there is a script being written in the other realms - and conspiracy theorists attribute it to living beings like the Illuminati and Freemasons  -at the same time there are a lot of secret agencies and we've heard about the Presidents trying to find out about the coverups about the UFOs and crop circles.

I try to keep an open mind. I look at all this and compare it to dreams and coincidences - it helps to put the puzzle together and helps to verify and give evidence of what actually happens. I like listening to these types of guys because they are good investigators - even though they might not have all the right interpretations on everything - they help to get the information together, and present it to us to help us consider it, even though we don't agree with everything.

Richard Hoagland has lots of stuff that I like, especially like the hyperdimensional tetatrahedrons that fit in with a lot of things like in the crop circles. Hyperdimensional tetrahedron theories,which are derived from the geometry found on Cydonia on Mars is about an unseen energy in the form of two integrated tetrahedron. One of the numbers involved in this is called E-Prime.

On Paul Vigay's crop circle site, the Megaglyph crop glyph - that appeared two weeks before 9/11 - on the comment section on that page, a person reported a dream after seeing the crop formation - about numbers and logarithms when he awoke he calculated 1111.777 divided by 409 (the number of circles in the crop glyph) =  2.718281. He asked if this was E-Prime, which it is. This is related to the constant e-prime and to the 2.72 foot megalithic yard used by the ancients. The crop formation itself has other suggestions of the hyperdimensional physics in the numbers and geometry.

So even crop formations from the ETs bring us truths.

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