MAY, 2010


5-1-10 - DREAM - I was living in my Father's 16th St. house.  I had a friend who lived next door where the number on the house was higher (I don't remember what number it was)  Mine was 2621= 11. 

I needed to go to the bank and the man next door needed to get some money too so he said he would drive me there on his motorcycle.

The man next door had a white beard, not as large as Santa Claus but more neatly trimmed.  He said we could go on his motorcycle and he had a helmet that was my size, though his was larger.  So I put on my helmet and got on the motorcycle behind him.

The motorcycle was large -rather like a Harley (they make them in Milwaukee)  I felt quite comfortable sitting behind him with my arms around his waist.

I noticed that we drove up a slight hill towards center street, people were talking about us like we were a new couple just out for a walk in the park and the people were talking about how romantic it was.  But that wasn't it, we were going to get more money.

We made right turn onto Center St., and then another right turn onto 15th St. and went down a slight hill to the bank.  (There is no bank there in the real world).

We went into the bank and he went to do his transaction, and I sat at a small table counting out what looked like packages of chocolate candy bars, and ripping off one end to get the new money out of the packages.

A young black man sat next to me and as I ripped off one end of the package, he was right there to watch me do that, and he noticed that the old packages were smaller than the new ones I had.

I told him he could keep the old packages as they weren't any good anymore and he said it made him feel really rich just to hold it even though it was worthless. 

The dream ended while I was still counting my money packages in front of me on the table.


5-1-10 - DREAM - I was taking over as Manager of an apartment building that belonged to Ralph, the Jewish Judge (I worked for him in real life- twice - in two different buildings)  The first job I had to do was collect the rents from each tenant at their apartment and get to know them, and ask them if everything was all right in their apartment.  But before I did that, I was on the 2nd floor, and saw that a recreation room was being remodeled and repainted. 

The room itself was dimly lit. It seemed to be just dawn and the sun hadn't shown itself in the sky yet.

In the room were some tables with chairs around them.  (There was room for 4 chairs per round table)

On one table I saw a hand of 5 cards standing up, in a fan shape.  All the cards were 7's of spades and the spades were pale blue.  The backs of the cards was a field of flowers - of mixed colors.   On another table was a standing hand of 5 cards, all 8's of spades, and again, all the spades were pale blue, and the backs of the cards also was a field of flowers. 

I then looked at the 7's of spades and there was a white sign holding up the cards which said, "When the 7 is the seven it ....       and the sign that held up the 8's said, "When the 8 is the eight - it ....

NOTE:  When I woke up, I immediately related the card dream to the Bible verse in the book of Revelation:  17:11 

In 1819, J.Y. Humphreys created the "Seminole Wars Deck" which had four colored suits of blue spades, green clubs, red hearts and yellow diamonds



5-2-10  -   DREAM -   I was working on a web page about medical photos.  I was given 5 columns of photos, but I had to choose which was the most important photo for people to see. 

I recall seeing the word 'nutrimedical's  (which is vitamin supplement combinations)   and osteoarthritis.

It seems that I chose osteoarthritis.

NOTE:  It's possible this dream is about my own health.


5-3-10 -  DREAM -  I was attempting to spell a saints name as I was telling my spiritual teacher the name of the Catholic church that my neighbor belonged to, and for some reason I couldn't get it right.  I kept saying it was St. Bonifance, but I couldn't get it right. 

I saw myself sitting in a pew in the church, and a bright white light child came up behind me and touched me on the right shoulder and I woke up instantly.

It was St. Boniface.



5-3-10 - DREAM - I was in a church with a large group of women.  It was a special meeting just for women. 

Six young women came in and danced for the women.  They sounded pretty pathetic compared to American Idol and Glee, but they were 'our' girls.

I was sitting right behind an older, chubby, white-haired woman, who was handing out prayer objects made of cloth that were all pink.  I'm calling them objects because each one was a different shape - like a slipper, a gloved hand mitt, etc. all had other uses than just praying.

The woman who was handing out these pink prayer objects got down to the last one in the box and handed it back to me over her left shoulder. 

Then she realized there was none for herself and she felt really bad.

I decided I would give her half of mine, and mine was just a plain prayer cloth so I tried to tear it in half.  It tore easily, but the way the threads went, it wasn't exactly half, so I gave her the larger piece, saying to her that she could have the larger half because I probably wouldn't use it much anyway.

I went home then and went up to my room and there was stuff all over the place that wasn't mine.  There was a lot of kids toys, especially building blocks, and I tried getting them all into one spot so they could be picked up easier.

At the same time, I came across many journals of writing that I had done, and I wanted to sort them out by date, but they didn't seem to be dated.  So I tried sorting them out by memory of what I had written, trusting that my memory would put them in the right order.  (Good luck on that idea!)

Then my mother called upstairs and told me the mailman had brought me some packages which surprised me because I hadn't remembered ordering anything that hadn't already arrived.

When I opened the first box, there were six pair of shoes in it, all were brown, all were flat heeled, but they seemed to be for different seasons and different occasions. One looked like a sandal that Jesus might have worn, but these were all brand new.

The next package had a purse in it that was black.  It was quite large.  I got out two of my old purses, and one was black \and one was white and both were smaller, so I decided I would throw away the smaller black purse and instead I gave it to one of my daughter-in-laws.   (I don't like that idea at all either)  Sounds ominous.


5-3-10 - MEDITATION  -  I asked to see Michelle's new house.  I was surprised to see it as red brick with a black roof - one story  - with all the bedrooms on one side of the house.

I then saw the glass pyramid, and for some reason, I placed a crochet hook into the second level either with thin white thread or see-thru thread and crocheted all the way to the top, then did the same thing on the other side.  It is to be 7 levels high.  The pyramid was taller than it was wide and had a building below it.


5-4-10 - I was with a couple people who were friends and someone suggested we play the music of someone called Brassigglio - and they were so old they were only on  33 1/3 LP records.  I remembered having a couple of them, so we looked inn the drawer and sure enough we had two of them.  But the LP grooves were so worn they couldn't be played anymore.  We were really disappointed.   The name might actually be Basaglio - which is in Milan, Italy


5-4-10  - DREAM - Apparently I was the wife of James S  (who I went to high school with)  He became a cop I know, and in the dream he had retired but had gone back to working part time because money was tough times and we didn't have enough of it.  When he came home for lunch, he said he hated working because they were rearresting many people they had seen time and time again because they were so angry and he just couldn't take it anymore.

We had discussed moving to find somewhere cheaper to live but hadn't gotten around to it yet.   So, when he came home from his shift, I told him that it was the end f the month and now is when people were moving and it would be a good time to look in he paper for a new place and he agreed.

But, it was up to me to get a newspaper because we didn't get it every day, so I went out to do that on my lunch hour as I was working at an apartment complex part time also where I used to work.

I went into the office and two people were working, trying to do their work with stubs of pencils and crayons instead of getting out a new pencil.

I told them we had a whole box of brand new pencils and I would find them because what they were attempting to do was ridiculous - to use pencil stubs and crayons that weren't even sharp.   I attempted to sharpen a couple pencils and they were too short to even be sharpened anymore.

So, I went into the next office where some government office had taken over.  It was wall to wall filing cabinets, floor to ceiling.

There was a man and a woman working with the files in there.  I asked them if they had any office supplies in there, and the woman said,  "No, we don't keep office supplies in here and don't keep coming in here and looking like you usually do.!"

So, I left that office and went into the next one and the situation was the same - the government had taken over that office too and it was wall to wall file cabinets, floor to ceiling.

I never did find a pencil and woke up.


5-4-10 - MEDITATION -  I saw the dates  August 27 and August 28th, but I couldn't get what it was in reference to, nor if it was about the spades 7 and 8 I saw several days ago.

I had several visions today about these events.
> California quakes happen every day, but not this size. See my maps at  http://www.greatdre htm_
> (http://www.greatdre htm)
> I saw the Calendar in a vision- and it zoomed in on the dates Aug.  27 and 28th.
> [We looked it up on the calendar. It's a Friday and Saturday.]
> I knew it couldn't be a business event or a church event for 2 days including a Saturday, so I went into meditation to ask why I saw the 
> calendar dates.
> In meditation, I heard a low and loud foghorn sound, followed by a  vision of what looked like a dead tree with no leaves and most of its 
> branches broken off.
> I asked again what and where something was going to happen, and I  was told, earthquakes, 6 to 7 magnitude, and asked again and they said 6.7 and I
> asked where, and the voice said, Coast of California centered on Los  Angeles multiple quakes lasting two days.
> I know its always bad to give dates for events because then you are  held accountable for right or wrong and scaring people, but in this case, 
> I saw the dates first, and I hope I do scare some people into going on  vacation those two days, and getting away from the ocean and big buildings and
> whatever you do, don't drive on high bridges those two days either,  because the quakes could also affect cities both north, south, and east of L. A.
> A couple years ago, I had a dream/vision where I saw a thick stream of blood red go south from San Francisco, all the way past L. A. And 
> this could be it.
> Be forewarned and don't take chances. In case you are wondering when  the full moon of August is, it's the 24th at 1:05 p.m.
> Dee Finney


[This is funny - but a good reminder - I did this for a job for near onto 11 years, plus another 11 years in another place in real life]

DREAM - I was working for a large company and they were merging the 2nd floor division with the 1st floor division, and letting all the older female employees from the second floor go - *probably retire".

I was assigned a huge brown desk to work on, and then they started bringing me stacks of paper forms to work with.  They expected me to send out 175 bid forms for one items (which is ridiculous - you only need 3) - (we sometimes did 5 for a really big item that was new to us]

Another woman came to give me advice.  First she said I could go to the "Green Law Library" and look at examples of bid forms there.  Then she told me to I could use their filing system and look at the old bid forms used on the purchase orders that were generated from them.  (Like I don't know how that is done ha-ha)

Then the head woman from upstairs (who actually had the old job)  came downstairs and was angry that I was given such a big desk because she had never been given such a big one.  I chalked that up to her being angry that she was losing her job.

Then she brought down a machine frame that was about 4 feet tall by 5 feet wide and it was painted bright blue.  That was the frame that the inquiry form got attached to print it out.  [Who needs a sheet of paper that large?}  Maybe a blueprint - but not an inquiry form.

The men engineers were getting ready to go home,  and it became apparent that it wasn't such a good idea, because they wanted to go into dark empty rooms to talk to me and they looked like they were from Pakistan.   (unfair Ethnic profiling?)

At the end of the day, all the women gathered together and the woman who told me to go to the "Green Law Library", asked one of my friends if she could come over to her house and get some advice from her, which seemed a little odd at the time, and I felt a bit of jealousy because that woman was way younger than myself and I had way more experience.

Then my friend Barbara who had gained quite a bit of weight, was standing by the filing cabinets almost fell down fainting.  They woman who was retiring held her up for a second but Barbara was so heavy, I went quickly over to her to help her sit down.  I asked her what was wrong, and she started naming stresses that she had at home.  It wasn't work related, which was stressful enough.

and I woke up.


5-6-10 - DREAM -  I knew someone was an alien but I didn't know their name, so I counted two series of numbers and the number would tell me who it was.

I counted to 10 twice =  10 + 10 = 20 = 2

I counted to 14 twice - 14 + 14 = 5 + 5 = 10 = 1

I counted to 18 twice = 18 + 18 = 9 + 9 = 18= 9

I counted to 21 twice = 21 + 21 = 3 + 3 = 6

2+1+9+6 = 18 = 9   [ 2196 could mean  BAIF?] =


3-6-10 - DREAM - I was with a handsome man named  Tad (Thaddeus)  he had a large map with lines on it with which he was doing research to find out the various places that Jesus lived.

While he was talking to another woman, I noticed that there was a large oil spill on the floor that needed to be cleaned up, so I went to his closet where he kept a collection of brooms, mops and various kinds of cleaning products, looking for something that would clean up oil, and all I could find was shampoos, and several types of dish detergent.

While I was looking, there was a big brown dog who spilled dog food into the oil, so that would have to be cleaned up so the dog wouldn't try to ingest the oil either. Its was a big mess.

All I wanted to do was help Tad find out where Jesus really lived.

NOTE: The biggest oil rig explosion and oil damage to the Gulf of Mexico started 4-20-10 and continued for months unabated.


3-6-10 -  VISION -  I saw a series of pinwheel type stars in pink and blue -  in a pattern 5 across and 5 down (cube)  for a total of 25 stars.

3-6-10 - VISION - I saw a man wearing a tuxedo with a white shirt standing in a doorway.  He opened a door and my eyes flew open.

3-6-10 - VISION - I saw a brightly sunlit kitchen with many windows and a door with a window in it, and in the foreground closest to me, was \a table and on the table was a cage with two hamster wheels in it.  (There were no hamsters)

Twice - yesterday and today, I opened up my e-mail to see that I had 1111  e-mails waiting for me.

Sent to me in an e-mail:

SCHEAT (Beta Pegasi). Scheat (she-at), at the northwest corner of the famed Great Square of Pegasus, rises first to announce the coming appearance of the constellation of the "Winged Horse," which in mythology Perseus rode to rescue Andromeda. From Arabic meaning "the shin," the name has nothing to do with the horse, having been misplaced from another constellation, though it is sometimes translated as "the foreleg." At the fainter end of second magnitude (2.42) and the Beta star of Pegasus, variable Scheat averages the second brightest star in the Great Square. Unusual for a modestly bright star, Scheat has a fairly low surface temperature of about 3700 degrees Kelvin, 65% that of the Sun, and is categorized as a class M (M2.5) red giant or even "bright giant," its color quite noticeable, especially through binoculars or the telescope. From its distance of 200 light years, we calculate the star to be 340 times more luminous to the eye than the Sun. However, Scheat radiates most of its light in the invisible infrared, and when that is taken into account, the true luminosity climbs to 1500 times the solar energy output. To produce this much radiation at that temperature requires the star to be 95 times the solar radius. Consistent with its giant status, the star, if placed at the Sun, would extend 70% of the way to the orbit of Venus. Scheat is big enough and close enough that its angular diameter of 0.015 seconds of arc (6-millionths of a degree) is easily measured, from which we derive the same physical size. Like many red giants of its class, Scheat is actually an irregular variable star that slowly changes from middle second magnitude to bright third, a range of half a magnitude that is easily visible to the naked eye. There is no particular period of variation, and the star's changes are unpredictable. Scheat is surrounded by a thin envelope of gas, produced by its strong wind, in which water vapor has been found.
Written by Jim Kaler. Return to STARS.


5-7-10 -  DREAM -  I was looking at a piece of paper or a computer screen and the only word I could recall was Brovale  or Brovales and it meant heart shaped. 

This is what I found;

Not everyone on earth is from earth. There are those who are here from other planets and civilizations in this and other universes. And though they walk around in human bodies, many have forms that are not human. Many are drawn to animals and other life forms on earth that, in fact, closely resemble their true form. For example, some are very drawn to dolphins; there is a race of Beings called the Nommos who live on a planet in the Sirius star system. There are other factors indicating a starseed identity.

Very little I found was in English - seemed European Spanish.  I didn't relate to anything I found.
5-7-10 - 11:11 p.m. Paul and Michelle came out to California, bought an odd shade of brown table and chair and I loaned her half of the gemstones needed to do some kind of spiritual service.  When the spiritual service was over, Paul and Michelle started packing up to go back home, and I knew that when they left, my house would be half empty because I had made room for her and she was taking my share of the gemstones home with her.  So, I told her to mark my gemstones so she would remember which ones were mine and which ones were hers.

Michelle got very upset that I didn't trust her, but I said to her, "It would be different if we were a formal church with real minister's licenses,\ etc, and no the kind we do have and she got very upset like I didn't trust her, which at that point I didn't because she was taking my gemstones with her and I didn't know if I'd ever see her again.

So, she started to leave, and I some young girls started to leave, and I started thinking that perhaps it would be better to have a formal church and the church possessed the gemstones and whatever else it took to be a church, not the individuals.

As we were leaving the building, I and the girls saw some big wooden boats going by beneath the balcony that had huge chocolate bars in them, followed by some wooden boats where the chocolate had been removed and I remarked that our church meeting was upstairs from a chocolate factory.

As we started descending the stairs, there were big chunks of cheesecake left on the stairway that was very steep and winding, and I grabbed my share of the big pieces of cheesecake - that had crust underneath it so it wouldn't break up before I got it home to feed my children.  The other girls were grabbing their share too as there was a lot of it on the stairway.

When I woke up, my mouth rather tasted like I had just ate cheesecake.  :-)

NOTE:  I woke up several times during the night, thinking about this dream and what it meant and how to reword the rules of the church that no one could use their personal property for church services, that everything had to belong to the church.  I felt very adamant about that.
5-8-10 - DREAM - I woke up very late one morning and realized that I hadn't gotten my kids up for school, so I decided to go to the school myself and tell the secretary that my son Bill wasn't going to come in that day. 

So, I walked to the school - it was very much like the 20th St. school I attended myself, same stairways, and I went inside and went to the principal's office and talked to a secretary that sat right by the door at a large desk.  She had gray-white hair, very thin and frail looking, wearing a silvery-grey dress.  The other woman told me later that she was 80 years old.  Why she was working at 80 years old, I don't know.

Anyhow, it was very difficult to tell her why my son wasn't coming to school that day because I hadn't gotten up until 10 a.m. myself and hadn't bothered to get my son up for school that day.  She wasn't accepting of my excuse at all. 

I finally left her office, and went outside.  However, I forgot my purse in the office and had to go back and ask for my purse.

Unfortunately, the 80 year old woman wasn't in the office, and my purse wasn't sitting where I had left it and it wasn't visible to the eye anywhere in the room.

Since no one had access to that secretary's desk, they told me I would have to come back the next day when she was at work, because only she would know where my purse was.

I tried to argue with her that without my purse, I didn't have car keys, my wallet, my money, nothing, not even tissues to blow my nose.

The woman was not to be dissuaded, so I had to leave the office without my purse.

I decided I would walk around the school and see if I could spot the woman somewhere else in the school which I knew was wrong but I did it anyway because I knew my way around the building so well.  But, I didn't find the woman, so I ended up in a room downstairs where some men were trying to figure out why a particular phone wasn't working, and they didn't want to dial the number they had because they didn't know where it went to.

So, I volunteered to dial the number and ask where the phone went to, and told them I would tell the person I worked for am apartment building and I was just calling them to tell them we didn't have any openings that day.

So, I called the number which started with 847 which was a local number in California, and when I dialed the number, the woman who answered the phone sounded so cheerful and she did a little spiel about how great it was to live in Grass Valley, so evidently that's where the phone line went to.

The telephone man thanked me because then he knew how to fix he phone because the telephone wasn't supposed to go to Grass Valley, it was supposed to go upstairs in the school.

I left the building then and went back home, where I met President Obama at my house.  President Obama and another black man were in a messy room in my house that was painted yellow.  There was no furniture in the room, just a lot of blankets and pillows and clothing on the floor.

President Obama said to me, "I understand that you know what its like to be free, and I wonder if you could tell everyone how great it is to be a free black man."

I said, "No!  It's wonderful for every man to be free, not just a black man!"

He insisted that I should tell the people of America how great it was to be a free black man, and I said, "Yes!  My experience to be free for one day was great!  I had no purse, no money, no car keys, no wallet, and I did absolutely nothing all day."

I then left the room and met some soldiers who were going to go on some training mission, so I went along and volunteered to get shot in he face four times, figuring that if I did that, all my sinuses would drain out and I'd be that much healthier after I healed up.

So, I got into the junkiest military truck they had and stood up the whole way because there was nowhere to sit down, and we practically flew down the street because this vehicle didn't have a 'slow' speed in it as the truck hadn't been serviced in a long time and 'slow' speed didn't work.

The soldiers were all excited to go to this place to get shot at - all hyped up with excitement.

All I could think of, was getting shot 4 times in the face and then going back to the school day to meet the 80 year old woman and beg for my purse back so I was no longer free.

5-9-10 - DREAM - Evidently I got very health conscious during the night. 

I was laying in bed with Joe and in the middle of the night, he got the mail and brought it into bed and was opening it.  There was a woman sitting on the opposite corner of the bed from me, and she and I started planning an exercise program between ourselves to strengthen our hearts.

This was bothering me in real life too, how Joe, who is so unhealthy that he takes dozens of pills a day, while I take none - he can do all kinds of physical things I don't even try to do, and I get out of breath just bending over.

Then, when Joe was done opening the mail, I got out of bed and he followed me to the door.  I was looking outside through some bushes, and he handed me 4 oversize envelope bags.  I opened he first bag, and it was a bag of fruit called Tangelos.  The second bag was of red Delicious apples - 4 times normal size - as were the Tangelos.  I didn't even get to the third and fourth bag, and I was already wondering how I could can this fruit because no normal person could eat even one of these fruits at a meal or for a snack, and I wondered how they grew so large.


5-9-10  - DREAM - The dream started out innocently enough.  I was making dinner for my family and served an odd salad of lettuce and some other greens along with some stuff that looked like a combination like tuna and salmon or something.

My husband then showed us that he had bought 3 refrigerators full of huge packages of raw hamburger, and asked the boys to make it into smaller packages of individually sized portions of patties in a variety of shapes and sizes which they seemed enjoying. When he packages were completed, we restacked them into a freezer for future meals.  I asked him if he would remodel he kitchen and move the refrigerator onto the same wall with the stove so we didn't have to walk all the way around the table to get from one appliance to the other. He agreed that was a good idea.  Mind you we had three refrigerators now full of hamburger patties.

Then some other people came to the house and I'm not sure who they were, but I must have fallen asleep because nobody was talking to me, and I felt left out, and somehow I ended up on a bus on the freeway with these people.  The traffic was so loud it woke me up.  I had never seen so much traffic going east before, and being on the bus with them, the noise was terrible.

We went all the way downtown and when we got off the freeway, we had to go back up hill west to 50th street.  The streets going south all came downhill steeply toward the freeway that was cut down in a valley at the ends of these streets.  It resembled San Francisco, or Seattle or Tacoma which also has similar streets.

When we got to 50th street, I and two men got out of the bus and went into a key shop on the corner.  It was a good size key shop and a friendly, chubby old man who resembled Santa Claus in a blue shirt and gabardine pants greeted us.

I felt like a little old woman, and I noticed I was wearing sandals and had one large toe that went all the way across my foot at the front and the nail was cut off neatly and was clean.  I didn't know what these two men wanted with me.  I was just observing.

The man who greeted us at the door was very old, and he not only made keys, he collected odd things, and the men I was with delivered three beautiful small worlds to him.  They looked like earths - all three of them. 

I looked at some of the other things the old man collected and he had small models of wooden animals that looked hand carved and shelves full of other odd things I didn't really see closely enough to recognize.  He collected a lot of things besides keys.

I noticed then that one of the men I was with looked like Dusty from As The World Turns, and I think the other man's name was George, but I can't remember where I've seen him before.

We sat down to spend time with the old man while he carefully stored his newly gotten worlds on a shelf with others he had collected over time.

Two young boys about 7 or 8 years old came and joined us and the men entertained the boys at a work table, until one of the boys started choking from some lung problem, and I noticed he also had sinus problems, and the men didn't realize that the boy needed to blow his nose.  So I went over to help the boy blow his nose, and while I was doing that, close up I could see right into the boy's skull like it was made of glass and I could see all the green stuff coming down out of his sinuses into the tissue I was holding for him.  It was very disgusting, but the boy was fine then, and he went back to making something on the work bench.

By then, I noticed the old man had gone to sleep in a big old chair in the corner and was snoozing while the two men were showing the two boys how to make things the old man would appreciate in his collections.

There was a lot of bright blue scraps of something on the floor and it would be my job to sweep it all up so we left the shop clean for when the old man woke up again and we would be gone by then.


5-9-10 - VISION 1 -  A small community - oval shaped - of all dome buildings of various sizes.  Wishful thinking tells me that this is the community I was given in 5 years worth of dreams starting in 1991, and on which I based two books about the pole shift.  (They are still available in all book stores. )  All the dreams are posted on line too at:

VISION 2 -  Many squares - all white -  of various sizes -  the one most far to the left - had the number 7 on it. I'm sure it represents earthquakes because I had an episode of three stabbings on my right leg (which is on the Pacific side of me)  and the stabbings were on the inner side of  my leg, one above the knee, one next to the knee and the third one below the knee.  So that would indicate three earthquakes in a row along the coast.  Not good.

VISION  -   A man walked into the room with a flat black square in his hand with a grid on it showing orange triangles - all facing inward. The triangles in the grids were not evenly spaced.  After some research, I realized the orange triangles represented active volcanoes, and after some discussion with Joe, I estimated that there were approximately 30 active volcanoes all at once.  


5-10-10- - DREAM - I was listening to the radio about a case where a young woman had disappeared, and in my mind's eye, I could see the scene like I was right there, and could see how the girl ran around a bunch of bushes, ran  down a path, and finished behind the bushes into a space that went inside a building and I knew that's where she was.

That was using the gift of clairvoyance.

DREAM 2 - I and a friend went into a barn-like structure under our house and there we found some large military green bags that were unmarked, so when we found an opening on one end, we started crawling inside to find out what was in them. Inside he bag, on the upper side was a large white envelope with identifying paperwork in it.  I looked at the envelope and it said the name of a casket company, and immediately we got scared and crawled right back out of the bag.

It was then re realized there were eight of these casket bags on the floor of the barn - 4 in one row and 4 in another row perpendicular to the first row.

From the way the bags looked, there were caskets in each bag - they had that shape to them. We saw a large man coming into the barn, and he looked like my own father, so we ran as fast as we could to get upstairs back into the house.

I had to make dinner for the family so I grabbed a brown paper bag from the freezer and put it on top of the stove to heat it up without looking inside to see what it was - I was assuming it was some kind of fish.  I put lots of butter on top thinking that would flavor it when it soaked into the paper.

So I didn't have to watch their faces when they ate dinner, I crawled into bed under a dark blue quilt and blanket.  Feeling guilty then, I got back out of bed and went back into the kitchen to actually taste the dinner to make sure it was edible.  As luck would have it, when I opened up the bag, on the edge was a piece of bread with a tiny bit of reddish colored fish.  I pulled out the bread because I don't eat bread, and on the edge of the bread, was marked two words - fortifying and fortified.

I thought to myself,  'fortified by what?" 

My husband and I and the kids moved that day to a small town, and I overheard someone say we were living in the McClure house.  That wasn't our name, I knew \our names were the same as they are in real life, so I wondered who the McClure's were.  I planned to wave at the neighbors and get acquainted with them so I could find out who owned our house before us.  I was just glad that we had gotten away from anyone who murdered people.

NOTE:  The most famous McClure lives in Scotland and is a famous radio personality - known as a 'shock jock'.  I looked at his picture and he does resemble my father a lot.

There are also McClure's who are in real estate.


5-10-10 -- NAP DREAM  -   I was trying to reach someone by phone, but I couldn't reach the phone because it was too far over when I was on the stairs, and too far up when I stood on the floor.  I can only remember wanting to push the letter N (that is 6).  I finally gave up trying.

I was taking care of a little boy for a woman named Victoria who couldn't be bothered to take care of him herself.  She went upstairs without taking him with her, and he was crying in his stroller, under the edge of the kitchen table, so picked him up and started carrying him up the stairs -  Victoria reached back down and rubbed his head and he started quoting the lyrics to a song about a Train at Midnight. 

It's probably this one:

She's just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywhere.

He's just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit, he took the Midnight train going anywhere. 

A singer in a smoky room, the smell of wine and cheap perfume, 

For a smile they can share the night, It goes on and on and on

 Strangers waiting,  up and down the boulevard - their shadows searching in the night - 

street  lights  people, living just to find emotion

hiding somewhere in the night,

working hard to get my fill, everybody wants a thrill,

payin anything to roll the dice just one more time, 

some will win, some will lose, some were born to sing the blues

the movie never ends, it goes on and on and on

strangers, waiting, looking down the boulevard, their shadows searching in the night

sreetlights people living just to find emotion

hiding somewhere in the night

Don't stop believein, hold on to that feelin

streelights people, living just to find emotion

Don't stop believein, oh

street lights people  oh

Don't stop believein, hold on to that feelin,

street lights people, oh

Don't stop believein

Once I got the little boy down for a nap, I went into the living room and sat on the sofa.  Jack was standing in front of me, all upset about losing his girlfriend, and I sat there thinking,  "I would take him, if he just didn't yell."

There was some disagreement about the missing tea and coffee earlier, and after everything settled down, I found what looked like a dog kennel, or a moving container, and I bent down to see what was in it, and it contained different containers of things from the kitchen, and the last two things (first put in) were the containers of coffee and tea.  (Everything - the container outside and the containers inside were all red and white.


5-11-10 - DREAM -  I had a crush on a really tall handsome guy who lived upstairs next door, so when he was going to be making a public speech,  and his name was I  put up on a sign, I decided to play a trick on him, and I put a slash mark across his name as a joke where only he could see it, not the public.  I was hoping he would laugh at it, notice me, and have a crush back - because I was trashing his name.

He did notice the slash mark across his name, and instead of laughing, he was mad about it,  and he came out of his public meeting and asked to talk to me in private.

I was thrilled to be asked to talk to him in private that he had noticed what I had done - it was exactly what I wanted from him - to be noticed.

So, I got ready to go up to his apartment and see him in private, but when he came to the door, his beautiful blonde girlfriend was with him, who didn't know what I had done, and she just wanted to be my friend.

So, the two of them invited me into their apartment, and the girlfriend and I sat next together on a small sofa, and he sat in a chair across from us, and I was afraid he was going to scold me in front of his girlfriend because then I wouldn't have her for a friend either.

The whole joke thing wasn't such a good idea after all I figured.  It had totally backfired on me.


5-12-10 - DREAM =-I was looking at a web page that had little colored squares on it, representing people.  The only one that hadn't been looked at was the astrology of the blue cat.

I woke up and knew instantly what that meant.


5-12-10 - DREAM OF MICHELLE:  She said she was visiting me and I was sitting on the sofa crocheting an afghan in the color light aqua blue.  She noticed that I hold my crochet hook differently than she does.  (This is true.  I hold my crochet hook like they do in Germany because my grandmother taught me to crochet)

Then  I got up from the sofa and walked to the other room where I was going to teach a class.  She asked if she could sit in on the class, and I said, "Sure!" so she came with me.  She noticed that I was becoming younger as I walked to the other room so by the time I got to the classroom, I was about 30- years old.

The children were sitting around a large white table and everyone had a sheet of paper in front of them.  In front of me was a map, and I told the children I was going to teach them about coordinates, and I asked them a question,  "Where is  0,0 on your map?

When no one knew where it was, I showed them the coordinate 0,0 was in the lower left corner, so everything on the map was north and east of that coordinate on their quarter of the map they had in front of them.

NOTE:  Carl Munck teaches that 0,0 is at the equator right below Giza pyramid which was considered the center of the earth at the time it was built.  So Giza pyramid is actually at     Giza is actually at the center of the land mass of earth.

The location, the degrees, minutes, and seconds of latitude and longitude has changed over time. . We need to adjust the longitude to the ancient orientation of placing the Prime Meridian, or 0 degrees, running right through Giza, Egypt. Giza was likely chosen because it lies at the geographical center of the world's land mass, and because the Nile runs conveniently North to South along that imaginary longitude line.

The grid system of the earth then floats by recognizing that the coordinate of the Great Pyramid as occupying the 00o 00' 00"0 coordinate on the grid itself. All coordinates of the system are then aligned accordingly by adding/subtracting to them the original coordinate of the Great Pyramid (31 o 08' 00"8).

Wikipedia shows it as :  WGS84

29° 58′ 45.03″ N, 31° 8′ 3.69″ E



Despite what other people (scientists) think today, the pyramid was built right after the last ice age which ended about 14,500 years ago.

The 0,0 coordinate now is in the ocean off the coast of Africa in the place where Africa curves in, but the original 0,0 point is in Africa, in Ghana, directly south of Giza pyramid. 


5-12-10 - NAP DREAM - I was working in a school dormitory where they used rental beds, but some of the kids didn't =- they had their own.

The time was due to pay the rent on the beds, and a form was sent out to all the kids to pay up.  Event the kids who were using their own beds got the notices.

There was an older Englishman going from room to room to get the money from the girls, but I didn't get into one room to warn one of the girls because I got distracted by another girl who got assigned to deposit some m



5-13-10 - DREAM - I found myself in a man's Navy dormitory somehow and then discovered my period had started, so I had to use the bathroom quickly.  I used some white towels, and of course the blood was everywhere by then.

As luck would have it, there was a washer and dryer in there, and a woman showed up to help me do the laundry so nobody would know what my problem was, annd she kept the 'boys' out while I took care of my 'business'.


5-14-10 - DREAM - I had the same basic dream three times in a row.  Moving two rectangular objects at a time sideways, multiple times.

In dream three, I met two of my young sons outside a mall, and they told me that they had to go to the bathroom so bad, they couldn't move, and they needed clean underwear but they couldn't risk going into the mall and losing it and embarassing themselves.  I told them, I would go buy them some new underwear and be right back.

So  I left them in a small area, similar to a closet, away from people, went through some bushes and a sort of fence and into the mall where I came first to the women's department.  Beyond the woman's department was the girl's department, and figured the boys department must be next.

I went aorund some counters, and I could see where the boy's department was, but I was several aisles away yet, when I came to a counter that had packages of tissues - next to the women's makeup department.

At the same time I saw the tissues and the boys underwear beyond ti and no clerk to wait on me, I saw down another aisle, my daughter and her daugahter in a stroller.  She recognized me and called out my name loudly.  The noise of her calling my name, called attention to me just as I grabbed two pink packages of tissues and I had to decide whether to run back to the boys with the tissues, stop and pick up two packages of underwear and try to find a clerk and my daughter take up extra time while my sons were trying desparately not to wet themselves and  needed help fast.

So, I grabbed two packages of tissues and started to run down the aisle towards the door of the mall, where I would find my sons, give them the tissues, and then come back and buy the underwear when I made more time.

However, my name beinig called, alerted a whole bunch of clerks who automatically suspected something being stolen, but they didn't know what or who or who to look for, and I managed to hide the tissues under my arm because the packages weren't all that large, and I hurried toward the door, while the clerks were running towards the noise of my daughter calling my name.

One of the clerks ran past me as I clutched the tissues tighter under my arm, and I knew I was home free, ran towards the door and woke up, having to go to the bathroom myself.


5-15-10 - DREAM -  It was early morning, and I was still laying in bed, rewriting a screipt of some kind.  I was rather tangled in the bedcovers and it was hard to move.

The telephone rang and my sister-in-law Carol answered the phone and wrote down the message, and then told me that 'the woman in the blue dress' had called and said something about wanting the Cabrini painting repainted.

I thought to myself, 'Nobody would ask to have a Cabrini painting repainted."  So I figured she had the message wrong.   So, I started writing down the message myself on the pad of paper I had in bed with me.   (I thought she meant Pietro Gabrini -

 Someone else came in the room with a bowl of peeled boiled potatoes, and dropped a pile on three sides of the bed.  later, those potatoes had their skins on again, but in the meantime, one of the characters from 'The Bold and the Beautiful' walked into the room dressed in a black and white tweed suit and while he strolled around the room, I told him, "Jack - you are getting too thin!" (His name on the show is 'Ridge'. (His real name is Ronn Moss

He smugly chuckled and said, "I know!  That's just a veiled compliment to tell me that my pot belly is showing!"

I commented back, "You know that takes exercise to get rid of that." 

Then Barbara from As the World Turns came through the room, supposedly to collect her laundry and hang it outside after she washed it.  And I thought to myself to write that down on the pad of paper that Barbara was the 'Lady in Blue' that Carol had mentioned earlier - that Carol just didn't know her characters.

By then I was trying to pick up the potatoes because they were in the way of even moving in the bed, and I moved the bedcovers to the right of me, and in the bed was an entire skinless blue corpse such as an anotomy study book would show without a head, and I could see every muscle, sinew, and body part - all without skin, and I focused on his neck that had a flap of blue flesh hanging off of it, and I then thought to myself that Jack had gone too far with his weight loss plan.  (I was not grossed out by the sight of the corpse - I just took it matter of factly).

I managed to move enough blankets from the left side of the bed and got out, and saw outside the door that Barbara's laundry was hanging on the washline with clothespins on clothesline on the porch.  But when I went outside, Barbara was busy rehanging her laundry on a different washline nearer to the lake, and I asked her why she was rehanging her laundry, and she responded, "I just didn't want anyone to see it!"

NOTE:  When researching AZ geology, I found an area called  Tator Hills:

What's interesting about this area  is that it is at 111+ latitude and 32-33 longitude

The girl's name Barbara is pronounced BAR-bra. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is "foreign woman". The adjective was originally applied to anyone who did not speak Greek; it has the same root as "barbarian". In Roman Catholic custom, Saint Barbara is invoked as a protector against fire and lightning; she is patron saint of architects, stonemasons, and fortifications. Barbra is a spelling variant made familiar by singer/actress/film director Barbra Streisand. Many people may associate the name with the popular doll Barbie, which with Babs, are informal pet forms. Barb is the short form. Actress Barbara Stanwyck; writer Barbara Tuchman; First Lady Barbara

The boy's name Jack - English: God has been gracious, once a nickname for John, derived from Jacques or John but is well-established as a name on its own.


Name: Jill

Gender: Feminine

Location: Europe

Language: Greek

Thematic: History

Meaning: Jill has multiple meanings depending on who you ask and which language it's coming from. The most popular meaning for Jill comes from the Latin and means "Youthful" and "Sweetheart" you can also find some of the following meanings at varies other souces: Girl Downey-haired child Regenerated Youth

Comments: The name Jill has a very long history dating so far back that researchers are unable to pinpoint it's exact emersion into the world. It is believed to have started however as a form of currency. Back in the B.C. days a form of currency in circulation was called a 'gil.' It was kinda like our small change is today. Larger currency was known as a 'jack.' The story goes that the popular children's nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill, originated when a king and his economy were doing very well, the values of the jacks and gils were rising (Jack and Jill went up the hill). Unfortunately the people were struck by a plague that left everyone short of drinkable water (to fetch a pail of water) with the death of thousands the economy suffered (Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.) Many years later, probably around the 10th or 11th century the name Gil or Jil was being given to boys. Somewhere between then and now an extra "l" was added and it became a girl's name -- which would ultimately make it's debut on "America's top 1000 baby names for the year 1929" coming in at number 988! Jill would make it peak in 1977 as #41 on the list. Jill is now back on the bottom at #985 for 2000. Famous Jills today are: Jill Kelly (best known for her roles in adult films and line of adult toys) Jill Hennessy on "Crossing Jordan" Jill St. John from Diamonds are Forever (1971) Famous Characters named Jill include: Jill Munroe from Charlie's Angels (Farrah Fawcett) Jill Foster #3 from The Young and the Restless (Deborah Adair) Jill Stevens #2 from Days of our Lives (Sarah Aldrich) Jill Valentine from Resident Evil (Heidi Anderson) My personal favorite: Jill Taylor from Home Improvement (Patricia Richardson) There is so much more to learn about the name Jill you could write a whole book on it. It's a pet name for Jillian, though many people have just "Jill" on their birth certificates. The name Julian is considered to be the male equivalent of Jill and is then Biblically linked.

The girl's name Carol - from the German means 'Free man', from the French means 'Free man', in English means "A song of Joy or Praise".

The Lady in Blue

by Bob Bowman

For longer than anyone can remember, the story of “the lady in blue” has existed on the fringes of East Texas history and religion.

It supposedly began around 1639 when fifty members of the Jumano Indian tribe came to Mission Corpus Christi de la Isleta south of El Paso and asked for instructions in the Catholic faith.

When the astonished padres asked the Indians what motivated them to come to Isleta, they said their people living in East Texas had been visited by a beautiful lady who always wore a blue habit and taught them religion in their own language. The lady in blue, they said, urged them to search out missionaries to hear the word of God and be baptized.

At the time, Isleta and another mission, Nuestra Senora de Socorro, were originally in Mexico, but a change in the course of the Rio Grande River placed them on Texas soil.

Through his work, Father Alfonso de Benavides learned that Mother Maria de Jesus de Agreda, a cloistered abbess who lived in Spain, was the lady in blue.

Often consulted by King Phillip IV, Mother Maria said she visited the new world in a manner known as “bi-location,” a phenomena that allows one individual to appear personally in two places at the same time.

How did she visit the Indians of Mexico and Texas?

While praying for the welfare of the Indians, she often fell into a trance and was taken by God, without her awareness, to a different place where Indians lived. She said she saw the Indians, heard them speak and felt the difference in the climate of the land.

While in this state, God commanded her to speak and preach to the Indians. It seemed to her that she was speaking in her Spanish tongue, but the Indians understood her as if she were speaking in their language.

Mother Maria saw and heard everything with clearness, and when the trance ended, she found herself in the same place where she lost consciousness.

From 1621 to 1631, she is said to have visited Indians frequently in Mexico and East Texas. Her visits may have numbered as many as five hundred.

The Jumano Indians, who first reported the lady in blue, were in many parts of Texas in the l600s. In October of 1683, chief Sabeata and six other Jumano leaders visited the Spanish at El Paso and told them a compelling story of how there were thirty-three Indian nations begging to learn of Christianity.

Sabeata also told how a cross had appeared in the sky during a battle with Apache Indians and guided the Jumanos to victory. The Jumanos pointed the Spanish toward East Texas and the great kingdom of the Hasinai Caddo Indians. And when Franciscan priests came to East Texas to establish missions in the l690s, the Hasinai (also known as the Tejas) Indians reported seeing the lady in blue.

The last reported appearance of the lady in blue was in the 1840s when a mysterious young woman wearing a long blue dress came into the homes of families stricken by a “black tongue” epidemic at old Sabinetown on the Sabine River.

She remained in the community for days, brewing a tea from forest herbs, tending to the ill, weeping over the dead, and never sleeping. When the epidemic ran its course, she disappeared as mysteriously as she appeared.

....... NOTE: I've dreamed of various characters from TV shows named Jack in recent weeks, sometimes relating to the playing card Jack which is the number 11 in the deck.  In one dream there were two different Jacks - and it came to me that it stood for 11:11

2011 EVENT

Apr 11, 2010 ... NOTE: It came to me that if I combined the 'Jack/Jack' dream to the 2011 dream which contained a deck of cards, the Jack = 11, so Jack/Jack ...


The last dream/vision I saw was in black and white, or there was snow on the ground. ...... which are extensively treated in the online version of The Union Jack. ...... This whole "house of cards"—and that's what it is, this is not an ...


8-16-90 Dream: This took place in the future on a farm. TH and some other people and I were getting ..... My next highest card was a Jack and I saw a 6. ...


At the end of the dream, I saw these cards as rectangular leaves on a vine ..... This time there was King, queen, Jack, and then numbered statements all the ...


1-21-00 - DREAMS - I was seeing a computer screen with animated red lines going across the screen. ..... My next highest card was a Jack and I saw a 6. ...

    IRAQI CARDS. 7-19-99 - DREAM of WAR WITH RUSSIA - (I had this dream twice) .... This time there was King, queen, Jack, and then numbered statements all the ... - Cached - Similar

    Some people started a card game, which consisted of matching cards, ...... Jack is coming to look at that tomorrow." So I wasn't the only one who had seen ... - Cached

    And following Diana's death, the United Kingdom flag, the Union Jack, ...... 6-28-99 - VISION - I again saw the cards, but not in a layout. ... - Cached - Similar

    I saw many cartoonish type characters like on playing cards. ..... that their plan to hi-jack all of humanity into Anunnaki lines to capture Amenti during ... - Cached

    5-19-92 - DREAM - I dreamed that I saw some playing cards. One was the 5 of spades and one had about ... They call him Jack. I also heard the name O.V. Hunt ...


    At the end of the dream, I saw these cards as rectangular leaves on a vine ...... the wire out of one jack and put it into the other phone jack to test it. ...


5-16-10 - VISION -  I saw a woman's visage out on the porch of my house - it was all black and she had her hand out with a black plate in it like she was asking for money.

Later in the day, I was scrolling through the TV channels, lookiing for a particular station I didn't know the number of, and came across a program called Biblical Prophecy, so I marked it to watch later.

When I turned on the video of the show later, it was God-TV and had two people on it begging for money - they were asking for 'radical money' and that meant people were being asked to send them $150 to have their picture hung on the wall of the studio along with their prayer of the day.  For $1500 they could get their picture on the wall, and their name on the foundation of their new building.  They said they had already collected over a million dollars but needed more.

I was torn between calling it evil and thinking I could do the same thing with my new church and get the funds to actually build it.




5-16-10 - DREAM - I was  in a house somewhere, sitting on the sofa, with a card table in front of me. 

I don't recall what I was doing on the table, but I needed a blue wash cloth quickly and I yelled into the other room, "Bill!  Bring me a blue wash cloth!"

All of a sudden, I could hear Amanda talking to me on the telephone by my left elbow.  I picked up the telephone, because I hadn't heard it ring, and Amanda said I had called them, and I could hear Michelle talking in the background. 

I told her, "No!  I was just yelling for my son Bill to bring me a wash cloth.!"  and we hung up.

By then, I had the blue wash cloth in my hand and wiped up something. (I don't recall what it was)

I went outside and my father and Joe were out there. 

I was amazed that my father couldn't turn the car left in order to park it, and I was in the car with Joe, and he tried to do the same thing, and he couldn't turn the car left to park it in the driveway either.

I noted we were living on the left corner at an intersection, so we parked on the street instead.

Before I woke up, I was looking at my e-mail.  One of them had the title SPIRITALKER - and I was surprised that I was getting an e-mail from SPIRITALKER, and realized then, that the title was SPIRITALKER and the e-mail was from some one else - not Michelle.


5-17-10 - DREAM - I was married, and going to sing in a choir at the local college.  My husband wasn't ready to go yet, so I started walking by myself towards the college, without my shoes on, just my beautiful rose-red suit-dress on that all the women were going to wear for the concert.

On the road, which was along a river, I met two men who looked very familiar but I don't know their names. They were sitting by the road, waiting for some men to come along and buy their property.  I asked them how much they were selling their property for, which had a nice house on it.  One of the men said, "$42,000.  I said, "It's well worth that. My husband and I would pay that much for it!"

I sat there with them for a few minutes, kissed each one good bye- very gently, and went on my way towards the college.

I went into the school, not meeting any of the women who were going to sing as yet, but met some men dressed in suits I assumed were teachers.  I didn't know anyone.

I couldn't figure out where all the rest of the singers were - nobody else was there from my group.

The hallway of the college was very long, and I was still barefoot, and I was carrying two rose-red boxes I think were tissues - each one was large enough for a shoe - but I was still barefoot.

I walked all the way down to the concert hall, and walked inside. 

On the stage was a group of women who were demonstrating last-year's girls, and one of the women was introducing a girl at a time, and they were so cute - about 12 years old - and each of the girls were barefoot, wearing a pretty dress, and looked very embarrassed to have to be introduced.  I realized that these girls were my daughter-in-laws - still girls - as this was earlier in their life.

I walked back out of the concert hall, heading back down the hallways, hoping I would meet some of the singers from my group and still hadn't.

As I neared the oppostie end of the hallway, a group of women came around the corner.  They were all dressed really nicely, and all wearing plaid suit-dresses - some yellow, some green - evidently part of a different singing group.  They were all wearing high-heeled shoes, had fancy hairdos, and walking rather in unison though I wasn't really hearing them walk.

I got closer and closer to them, and I recall seeing a slight smile on their faces, but they didn't acknowledge me - evidently recognizing my dress as being from a different singing group.

I passed them by and turned the corner - and still not seeing anyone from my group, I woke up.


5-17-10 - DREAM - I had a baby only a month or so old, and my husband and I went to visit someone on a vacation.  While we were there, I ran out of diapers, (we used the cloth kind) and I didn't have any desposable type.  As luck would have it, the baby pooped his diaper, the yellow type, and he needed to be changed. 

I cleaned him up the best I could without baby wipes, and then found a pack of baby diaper inserts (helps to keep the diaper clean but not a whole diaper)  So, I finagled it enough so I could put the diaper insert on him but he wasn't really clean yet.

And while I was getting a wash rag to clean him up, the baby pulled off the diaper insert that had some poop on it and stuck it in his mouth and I knew he could live forever if he did that.


5-17-10 - NAP DREAM - I was living in a house with many people, seemingly relatives, but nobody was paying attention to me, so I lay down on the sofa to take a nap.

One of my sons came in the room and said to me, "C'mon Mom. Let's go shopping!"  and he started to pull me up off the couch.

I grabbed my shoes (white running shoes) and my purse (red)  (thats the same as real life), and he gave me time to put my shoes on, and he started pulling me across the room to go shopping.

My son was Cole Thornhart (from One Life to Live TV show)  He is 18 years old on the show. His real name is Brandon Buddy. (He was born in 1985 so it's possible he could be one of the children I miscarried between 1958 and 1980)

The name Cole means:  "Swarthy, coal-black, charcoal."

We passed a counter where his girlfriend was working - and she commented that she was going to buy a bar.  My response was, "You couldn't do that if you wanted to, you are only 17."

Cole stopped to speak to someone at the other end of the counter, then came back and started pulling me along with him again.

Just as we were going to go through the door, three older men came in who were dressed like regular workmen coming home from work. I assumed they were going to go to the counter to buy something.

So Cole and I went outside and down the sidewalk until we came to some steep stairs and he pulled me up those stairs two and sometimes three at a time because the stairs were uneven and some couldn't even be stepped on because they were so narrow.

When we got to the top of the stairs, I could see that we had climbed up a contract, and the top line said, "We are sponsored by a company who provides seeing-eye dogs .....  and I couldn't read the rest of the contract.


NOTE:  When Joe analyzed the dream, he came to some very interesting conclusions, that my contract was to show me that 'I was going to be the seeing-eye dog - in that ISIS is connected to the dog-star and Egypt - see:


2680 N 300th St.

5-18-10 - DREAM - I was at work in a very large office building.  One of the other girls didn't come in for some reason, so nobody else wanted to be there either, and a couple other girls stayed home because the one girl stayed home.

I didn't want to be there either, but I realized that not everyone can take off just because one person does.

That didn't mean I didn't want to work, and I really wasn't.  My computer was compartmentalized and when I was sitting there, I was typing cheesecake recipies, not really working.

An old white-haired woman was making copies of a very long accounting tape, expecting it to run through a copy machine by itself, and wondering why it was jamming.  It actually had wide burn marks on the tape every few feet.  I told her I could fix her problem because it was just a simple copy machine, so I looked inside and didn't find anything, then showed her how to make a copy of the tape by hand feeding it over the platen on the top. 

It was noon then, so I looked in my coin purse and there was quite a bit of change in it, so I toldd the old woman I was going to go find something to eat down the street.

I seem to have gone home instead, and there was someone making a baloney sandwich on the counter at home, and I mentioned that a friend of mine would really like that sandwich.  It was soft, homemade bread, sliced really thick, slathered in butter with a single slice of baloney in it.

The person said it was okay to send the sandwich to my friend, so I wrapped it in Saran wrap, wrapped that in brown paper, and wrote the address on the top of the package and got it ready to mail.  (Don't do this at home) :-)  I sent it to 2680 N. 300th St.  (I don't know what city it was)

There is no such address in the world:


5-19-10 - DREAM - I was in a car with another woman. It was so early morning, it was still dark outside.

We were on our way to buy flowers and then go out and resell them.  The other woman insisted that the flowers cost $40.00 and we would resell them for $75.00

I told her the last time I bought flowers they were $75 and I resold them for $75 so I didn't make any money.

She insisted again that the flowers were $40, and I insisted I had paid $75.

I could see the place where the flower store was on the corner of the intersection, and I was so hungry from not eating in a long time, I was feeling sick and weak, so I lay down in the car and woke up.


5-19-10 - NAP DREAM - I was at my old high school on 12th and Center.  I and some other kids of several ages were there for some kind of program.

The program was over and we were waiting for our ride home - which was a white van driven by my old boss Tom the locksmith.  We didn't know which was he would be coming - 12th St. or 11th St. so we were going from one side of the building to the other watching for him so we could all run outside for our ride home.

Finally, the van showed up at the curb on 12th St. facing north (on the east side of the street).  We all rushed outside and started to get in, except he parked in a spot so that the door didn't open very wide and I had to squeeze in from the back, and it was hard but I managed to do it.

But, after I got in, one of the girls got upset because she didn't get to give a small valentine to one of the other girls who was still inside.

I said, "You saw her, why didn't you give her the valentine?" and the response was, "Because she yelled at me!"

The little girl still wanted to give her the valentine despite being yelled at, so I went back into the building with her so she could give her valentine to the girl.

When we got there, the kids were playing in a darkened hallway half way down a stairway, and we waited for the little girl to come back up the stairs.

The little black girl, with pigtails all over her head and a red plaid pinafore dress on, started yelling at the little girl I was with just as she tried to give her the valentine.

I raised my finger into the air and waggled it at her, and I said, " The old cliche is, If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." and as I finished the sentence, the little black girl said the last part along with me, so I knew she knew the old cliche, and she said, "Don't say anything at all."


5-20-10 - DREAM - I was living in a house which was near the confluence of a large river that ran into the ocean.

I had three fluffy black dogs in the house, which I watched as they jumped at the screen door and got out and ran in the yard.  I could see a fluffy black and white dog coming running up the hill toward the house and the other dogs. 

I went outside and saw some men fishing in the river, and they were catching long bronze colored fish as least 6 feet long, and I watched as the fish jumped around at the end of the fishing line, trying to get away again..

A short time later, while I was still standing there, a large Mexican woman came walking along, and I told her about the fish being caught at the confluence of the river and ocean, and told her that the water was salty when the fish were caught - evidently the tide was coming in at the time.

The woman was very excited to get some of those fish for her family.




(I had been watching the TV show - All My Children - and I got too tired to watch it, so I paused it to take a nap.

In the dream, my husband went to visit his Mother (a staunch Catholic woman)  up north in Wisconsin.

There was a lot of laundry to do, and there was a public laundry in the basement, but I hated going down there because it was always so crowded and it was hard to get a time when you didn't have to sit and wait for hours to get even one load of laundry done before it closed at 10 p.m.

(Rove - the light being -  told me to watch my laundry dreams recently - this is the third one of the month)

There was a young man there named Eric.  He was seemingly in charge of some things I wasn't clear about, and after he left, I heard he had a truck accident and my husband thought about going to see him in the hospital which was in Echo, WI.

While there, a woman named Greenlee (from the TV show) came into the living room, looking very sickly.  She said she thought she was coming down with something.  Her skin was very pale without makeup and it had red blotches on it.  I felt her forehead and it wasn't hot with fever - it felt cold and clammy.  She lay down on a cot in the center of the livingroom, and after she lay down, she told me she had had a heart attack at age 3. (Greenley has had some very evil tendencies since she was brought back from the dead by Dr. Hayward)

A skinny old woman came into the room, and I saw her make what I thought was the sign of the cross, and she quickly said a prayer down a vent that went down towards the furnace, which I thought was odd, but when she left the room, I called her name Mary, and followed her out to the hall and asked her if she would pray for the woman on the bed who was afraid she was having a heart attack.

Then a doctor came in  (Dr. Hayward)  (he's a heart specialisit on the show)  I figured he was the perfect person to take care of her.  (He had brought her back from the dead more than once on the show)

Because Mary had prayed down the vent to the furnace, I started to think maybe she was a witch, but I ddin't have any evidence of that for real.

Then a young boy came into the room, and started going on and on about some animals, and he was going into a frenzy over it, and his eyes rolled back in his head and he seemed to pass out, so I grabbed him and held him in my arms, and put my right hand on his forehead and told him firmly and confidently, "You will not be afraid of the animals, you will not be afraid of the animals, you will not be afraid of the animals,"  and he started to come back to awareness again, and I let him get up and go back to playing in the other room.

There were two women in the room, watching me and my reaction to the boy, but they didn't say anything to me at the time.

I started to think that there was something rather witchy about the circumstances, but I had no real evidence.

Then the woman from across the hall brought over her cell phone which was about 3 feet long in a square tube, and odd shade of silver blue, and she asked me if I would take calls for her while she was gone for a bit, and I agreed. 

Not more than a minute later, another woman brought her cell phone over, which looked similar, just a different color, a silvery green color, about 3 feet long in a square tube. She also asked me to take care of her cell phone for her while she went to visit Eric.

It wasn't long and the first woman's phone rang and I answered it, and apparently it was Eric who was supposed to be in the hospital from a truck accident.

I can't recall what he said, "But when I turned around, there was a wash line strung out across the room, and a voice in my head said, "You are right!". (It didn't know what I was right about at the time.)

The women then came back to get their cell phones and I told the first woman she had gotten a call from Eric, and she smiled, and I told her that my husband and I were going to go visit him in the hospital, and she said it wasn't necessary.

I turned around and looked back into the livingroom, and there were at least a hundred or more black cats in the room, and at least that many small grey owls in there too.  There was a lot of stuff on the floor also, but I didn't notice what that was.

I turned around again, and a young man who coudn't have been more than 10 years old, grabbed me by the crotch from behind and said laughingly, "Here kitty!" 

I grabbed his hand and pushed it away and his response was, "You are supposed to like that!"  and my response to his rather shocking gesture for such a young boy was, "I'll get used to it!"  and at that moment, I knew that I was being indoctrinated into witchcraft and I had just been accepted.


I woke up, feeling very 'used' and sick to my stomach that they were trying to make me into a witch and how opposite that was to what I wanted to do with my life.

The name Eric means:  "Eternal ruler"

The name Greenlee means: "From the Green Field"

The surname Hayward (is a town in upper Wisconsin) The name means keeper or guardian of the green enclosure.


5-20-10 - NAP DREAM - I don't know where this took place.  Joe met a big black guy he liked.  They must have been in the army together or something, because they did some weird jive turkey movements with their arms like a team of guys would do..

I was hoping they would go fishing together so I could play with our toy train, and thats exactly what I did after they left.  We had one inside the house and one outside, and I played with them both.

What was different with this train is that it didn't seem to be on wheels, but it had a platform under it that was on wheels and it had a sensor thing under the front of it so that it wouldn't go off the end of the track and it could make it go backwards from the end of the track, and it knew when to stop and park.

I loved playing with that train.


5-21-10 - DREAM - I was living in a cheap apartment somewhere in Wisconsin.  I was going to cook dinner, and the only kettle I had in a crummy metal cabinet that had no door on it, was a 2 cup size metal kettle with no handle on it.  I also saw that it was caked with burnt cheese around the top edge.  I told my husband I couldn't cook in a dirty kettle, but thats all there was.

My husband was laying on the sofa, feeling sick with a cold or something, and we had filed several insurance claims for something.

My spiritual teacher TM was sitting in an open window with no glass in it, and two formally dressed mailman came with envelopes. They were rushing so fast they actually ran into each other in their haste to deliver some brown envelopes from the insurance company.

Several of the envelopes said at the bottom, you will receive your check on - and in the space it said  9/3/--  (I can't remember the year)

Another brown enveloped said in red, "Need Head" and it was a rejection letter saying that we hadn't submitted the claim on letterhead.  I said to my husband, "We don't need to submit a claim on letterhead when its a personal claim."

I took the envelope to the insurance company, and had to take it to the 31st floor.  The lobby was very fancy and had such a fancy elevator, when the door opened, the air pressure blew me over backwards onto my butt, and I had to scramble to get back up and get into the elevator.

I could feel the speed of the elevator as it went up to the 31st floor and a young woman was announcing floors and I could tell she hadn't practiced the speech because she was stumbling over the words as she spoke them.  she said something about 'you will arriving in style' like it was a  fashion show.

When I got into the insurance office, I was surprised to see how dumpy it was.  I could tell it was an apartment building I had lived in before, and had 12 foot ceilings, and pale yellow walls that needed painting.

There were three women in the office and a little boy belonging to the head secretary.

One of the women was black and we recognized each other from some other office we had worked in together in the past.  I went over and hugged her a bit, and wondered why she was sitting on the floor cross-legged working when the other two women had desks.

I sat down on the sofa to wait for them to take care of my problem with the letterhead issue, and the little boy was playing on a card table with some pots and pans and he threw a big kettle lid at me like it was a flying saucer.  

I just set the lid on the floor next to me.

NOTE: Receiving checks from an insurance company is like getting repaid for good karma.


5-22-10 -  DREAM - My husband and I were on vacation near Dundee, WI, and it was the end of the season, and dead brown leaves were all over the road as we tried to hurry home before the snow fell and the roads closed.

As we drove, dead leaves were blowing along the road ahead of us, and it was dangerous, and we almost slid off the edge of the road a time or too.

We came around a corner, and it seemed that our car had a lawn mower thing under it, and we ran over a skinny little tree that was growing up in the road, and when we stopped the car, I could see that the tree had been run over or hit before and had black electrical tape holding it together about a foot off the ground already.

The woman who lived there, came running up the hill all hysterical about her tree being hit again, and she was followed by her husband who identified himself as working for the state. 

He knew that the tree probably couldn't be saved this time, and he said it was a rare species of tree - that started with an S...  which I couldn't remember as soon as he said it.  I'm thinking it sounded like sassafras but I don't think that was it.

I started writing down his name on a scrap of paper - it was Daniel Webster or something like that - but the last name might be wrong.  I knew where we were but not the exact address, and Ii asked him for the zip code and he said he was never told what it was. I was sure it started with 535 . . 

Then he handed me a tall spike of what looked like a dead stick, but he called it a stone, and asked me if I would do him a favor and stick the stone in the ground in my yard in memory of him and the tree.

I agreed we would do that.  I was going to ask him for his phone number so I could call him and ask about the welfare of the tree, but I didn't get to do that because I woke up.


5-23-10 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen of positive statements, and when I would click on one, it would show me a couple more positive statements, which kept going - the more positive statements I clicked on, the more positive statements it showed me. 


5-23-10 - DREAM -  It was early morning, and my husband and I hadn't been to bed yet, but we were hungry and planned to get some take out to snack on before we slept.   We hadn't yet decided what to get, when another man and his wife came in to order something too for take out. 

The other couple seemed more anxious to order than we were, so the clerk waited on them first.

They decided to order chicken wings in 22 pound sacks.  Not only were the sacks weighing 22 pounds, he ordered 22 sacks of chicken wings.

They looked so good, we decided to order 1 sack for ourselves.

I complained to the clerk, "All he wants to do is sell them to someone else,"  meaning he was going to raise the price.

We hoped he had one sack of chicken wings left.


5-23-10 - DREAM - I was working in an office and a salesman came in and he was waiting for the boss.

One of the other guys in the office said to me, "I don't know much about you.  Tell me something about you."  The first things I said was, "I can't stand it when people don't pronounce their R's when they speak.  I don't know why.  I just can't stand it".

Then the salesman came over to me and started giving me the 'eye' sexually, and I realized he looked like George Costanza and thats the way he spoke - with no R's in his speech. 

He started looking down the top of my dress, and he got so close to me, I had to beg the other guy in the office to help me - and I woke up.


5-23-10 - A FRIEND'S DREAM - She went to a library and didn't know what to read.  She spotted two sky blue velvet covered books on the shelf that were large books like coffee table size.  She picked up the first book and it was all cartoon-like pictures and text explaining the meaning of crop circles.

She wasn't really all that interested in a cartoon-like book so she started to put the book back on the shelf.

At the same time, a small round woman came up to her, and said, "I know who you are!"  but didn't continue what she was thinking.

Then the woman's husband came up , he was a tall thin guy with a feminine type face. 

The woman said, "Look what she's looking at!"

The man got all excited and said, "If you like that book, then you are ready for this one!" and he pulled out the second one, which was also sky blue velvet and on the cover it said, "The Book of RA!"

The man opened the book, and it was all pictures with no text of incredible looking crop circles.

The woman said, "I know you need money, so if you would make quilts, each one either a bed size or a wall hanging of a crop circle - people would be so amazed by them, things would happen to them."

The woman didn't explain what things would happen, but she stressed that 'something important' would happen to them if they slept under a quilt of a cop circle.


5-24-10 - DREAM SNIPPET - All I recall is that I was with some people at the end of time and we were trying to survive.  All we had was some milk that had been in glass jars with metal lids on top.  Someone had put the whole jars, lids and all through a grinder of some sort and then sieved the milk to drink.  We were trying to sieve it one more time to make sure there was no glass or metal in it.

DREAM SNIPPET - I was in Washington D.C. with a couple other women.  We were in a place where some man was trying to kill us.  We managed to escape out into the street but had no hope of escaping unless we could stop a car.  We were running down the sidewalk when we saw the President's limosine and secret service coming.  So the three of us all ripped open our shirts so the President could see our boobs in hopes he would stop the car.


5-24-10 - NAP DREAM - I was living in a crowded apartment building on the 1st floor. The hallways were narrow and small too.  Our bathroom was across the hall and was used by both men and women.

I was taking care of my youngest son - Billy - and he pooped his diaper and some poop fell out and he got it all over his legs.

For some reason I didn't have a wash cloth to clean him up, and I knew my Mother wanted me to do something for her, so I took the poop that fell out of his diaper, and ran up hill across a huge blacktopped parking lot to her apartment to get a wash cloth from my Mother and show her how busy I was.

When I got to her apartment, I ran in the door and showed her the poop so she knew what I was doing - taking care of my children.

She was standing by her ironing board, talking on the phone, so I just took a light blue wash cloth from her laundry stack, and ran back out the door to get back home to Billy and clean him up.  I probably should have taken him with me, but you can imagine how he looked with poop all over his legs.

Once out in the parking lot, I hopped onto the front end of a milk truck that was going my way - this parking lot was huge, but then I couldn't get the milk truck to stop and let me off, so I was waving my arms at other people to get the milk truck to stop so I could get off.   I yelled at a friend to go to my apartment and make sure the baby was okay.  I told her I thought I lived in apartment 5. 

My Mother lived in an apartment building way up the hill on the left, and my apartment was way down the hill on the right of the parking lot.

Once I managed to get off the milk truck, on my way through the parking lot, I passed a high backed wooden chair that someone was moving from one apartment building to another, and when I got to my apartment building, I noticed that the doors we had on the building matched the same dark wood that the chair had been made of, and part of the stoop on the right side was missing.

I ran into the bathroom door with my wash cloth to get it wet, and Starr's father Todd Manning (real name Trever St. John)  from One Life to Live TV show, was in the bathroom and he looked surprised to see me.

I just turned on the hot water and got the blue wash cloth wet, shut off the water and ran back out and across the hall to my apartment and I didn't notice what the number was even though I had planned to look.

Inside the apartment, my cousin Judy was hovering over the stroller where Billy was sound asleep and well tended, and her sister Joyce was standing next to her.

I gave her a big hug for taking care of Billy and thanked her for being there for me.


5-25-10-  I had a series of dreams about the government making changes in America, all geared towards the end times - faster growing foods, faster, straighter roads, and slimmer, more fitting farmers clothing.  Nothing was geared toward leisure - only towards faster, staighter - more efficient for everything.


5-26-10 -  DREAM - I was in my closet, going through things.  I had a catalog where I had marked a whole bunch of stamps and what they were worth, and I knew that someone official was going to find this and throw me in jail for it. 

I tried to figure out how to destroy it without being discovered.  I thought about cutting it into strips and burning it in the woods, but that didn't sound safe either.

There was also a check stub (a pink slip) that proved I had written a check to someone I shouldn't have, and I needed to destroy that too.

I cut the pink paper into narrow strips and instead of burning them, I slid them into a slim box that thad a toy model airplane parts in it that belonged to my son Michael, and threw it into his toybox.  I knew nobody would look there.

I went back  into the closet and pulled out an old book.

While I was reading the book, I started counting to 34 -  1 2 3 4 5 6 , etc.  and when I reached 34, I saw the book change and the name Pierre Tielhard de Chardin appeared at the top ofo the page.  After that I saw the image of a coin or something with the iamge of a metal horse.  Then I saw the words  THE OMEN,  and then the name Chistos Maris.

Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven't committed.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

He that will believe only what he can fully comprehend must have a long head or a very short creed.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

In the final analysis, the questions of why bad things happen to good people transmutes itself into some very different questions, no longer asking why something happened, but asking how we will respond, what we intend to do now that it happened.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do not exist.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Love alone can unite living beings so as to complete and fulfill them... for it alone joins them by what is deepest in themselves. All we need is to imagine our ability to love developing until it embraces the totality of men and the earth.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world... Love, in fact, is the agent of universal synthesis.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a large part of one's self to others.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The world is round so that friendship may encircle it.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We are one, after all, you and I. Together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other.


5-27-10 - DREAM - I was working in an office where I was one of three women working together.  Sometime during this dream, I saw the name Teilhard de Chardin again.

We got some new bosses in the office and they asked to see my business credit card.   They saw the name Todd under my name as authorizing expenditures, and they told me the accounting office would question that - though the card was still good - but Todd was no longer my boss.


5-27-10 - NAP DREAM -  I was working in a jewelry shop, selling jewelry out of a catalog.  A woman handed me the piece she wanted to buy and I took it to the counter, and the clerk behind the counter said it was $130.00.  Since I wasn't buying it, but selling it for the shop, I wanted to find it in the catalog to verify the price.

The piece was an amethyst color 5 petal flower. 

 I looked and looked in the catalog and couldn't locate it.  I knew it was J-23, I told the woman I had to find it in the catalog to verify the price and couldn't, and she didn't seem distressed to have to wait.

I had to go to anther location across the street and down the hill to the woman's house, and on the way, I came across three teens who had stolen some jewelry and were bringing it up the hill.

They knew they were in trouble when I stopped them and they dropped the jewelry on the sidewalk and I quickly picked it up to take it back to the jewelry shop.

This jewelry was huge. I could hardly carry it, it was so large.  Nobody could wear this jewelry on their person, it oculd only be used by a goddess or a statue or some large proportion.

I ran across the street again, and into the doorway of the building where I worked.  Inside the doorway were the mailboxes, and a man who lived upstairs was standing in front of his mailbox, and I nearly fell into him, and in fact I was actually leaning on him, trying to carry all this large sized jewelry.

We said some pleasantries and I said I would see him again, and he agreed.

He was wearing a beige trenchcoat and hat, but I never saw his face.


5-27-10 - NAP DREAM - I was with a man who was trying to save some special trees that would go extinct if this wasn't done.  I don't think I knew their names, but apparently there were at least three of them.

I woke up because the mailman came and Joe opened our squeaky door.


5-28-10 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen, similar to the dreams I had a couplel days ago   On the screen, it said "Plant survival", and showed me several plants that might not survive.

I don't recall that I actually saw the names of the plants.

5-28-10 - DREAM - I was working in an office for my boss Harold.  (I actually worked for him in 1973 at A-C)   He was assigning me a new job, which was to make new labels for a file he had in the bottom drawer of a beige filing cabinet.

He showed me the file which was labeled  Gregorie and Gregorie.  He showed me more of the file and I saw the date 1979.

Harold told me that he had never done the final inspection of the installation of a bridge for this company.

It seemed then that we actually went and did the inspection.  We were underneath the bridge, and there was a woman high above us on the bridge, and she told us that there were divots embedded in the steel that shouldn't be there - some kind of manufacturing error during the creation ofo the steel itself that some men had done by error.  She said that these divots could pop out and weaken the steel.  So far, they hadn't, but it could happen.

So, Harold and I went back to the office, where I needed to write up a report on our inspection and send iti to the bridge company.

After that, I had to start a new file - as I was now responsible to keep the files.

Harold and I then went to another office with this woman, and I stood the whole time, while Harold and the woman sast across from each other in the office. 

The woman was talking about other things she was responsible for, and I kept saying that I knew someone who also didi that kind of work, and the last thing she mentioned was water quality, and I knew that my granddaughter did that kind of work and I told her about it.  I knew I was bragging, but it was the truth.

I then had to go to the dentist up on the 10th floor.  In the bathroom, I found some toothpaste dripping from a spigot on the ceiling and brushed my teeth, and then Harold and the woman went with me on the elevator to the 10th floor.  I wished I could be that calm going to my real dentist.  This new dentist was female and I knew she wouldn't hurt me.when she pulled me teeth out.


5-29-10 - DREAM -  I went to what I thought was a church and met two young women there.  As conversations progressed, which I don't recall now, the subject turned to 'alien abductions' and we decided to have 'alien abduction meetings instead of church.  It was something we all knew more about than 'church'.

As I woke up, I realized I could do a web page on the different types of 'alien abductions', and a voice in my head said, "and influencing'.



5-30-10 - DREAM - I was working on a computer screen, apparently one of those touch screen types.  I was attempting to move numbers closer and closer to the center of the screen which was showing me a calendar.  I thought it was May, which it still is today.  This calendar grid had many empty spaces in the beginning, but as I moved the numbers into the emp[ty spaces to get them closer to the center  instead of moving them, I was duplicating them, and more and more spaces got filled.

All of a sudden all the spaces were filled automaticallyh without me touching the screen, and I knew that a 'flood' was imminent.


5-30-10 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building somewhere - probably Milwaukee.  I was really tired, but my rest kept getting interrupted, so I didn't really rest and kept getting tireder and tireder.

My little girl, dressed in yellow with with me, and I spilled some red juice on my dress, but quickly wiped it off. Meanwhile, my little girl tore the screen off the window, and I couldn't let it be ripped, so I had to fix it.  I didn't have any tape, so I borrowed some from a neighbor. While I was doing that, a young man brought a little boy to my door who was pretty upset about something though I didn't know what.  So I got down to his size by bending my knees and squatting down, and took him into my arms and hugged him.  Then I put him into my bed to sleep in my place.

While I was in the hallway, I saw IEOSOUS standing next to my friend Dorothy and assumed he was dating her.  That was okay with me.  Dorothy and I used to sing in the choir together in high school, and she took me shopping to the drug store occasionally because I didn't have my own car.  I figured I could go to her apartment and borrow something, and hopefully see IOUSOUS There.  That was okay with me.  I wanted to borrow a yard stick to measure the screen so I could fix it properly. 

When I went downstairs, I couldn't remember exactly which apartment Dorothy lived in, so I went from open door to open door, and while I was doing that, I could hear an all black choir singing upstairs in the last apartment, and I wanted to get closer and hear them.

But the stairway I took to the third floor, didn't go all the way up there, and I had to glide down the stairwell to the 2nd floor and take the next stairway that had smaller steps and go back up.

A couple of men dressed like cowboys saw me gliding down the stairwell and couldn't believe what they were seeing.  I don't know if they thought I was an angel or an acrobat, but I climbed back up the next stairway to the third floor.

When I got up there, I couldn't hear the singing anymore.  The apartment door was open, so I walked in, and there were several women still inside the apartment. 

I said, "I'm sorry I'm late."

One of the women in charge said, "That's the second time you are late.  Maybe the next time, you'll arrive on time."

I responded with a simple, "Yes!" and left again. 


5-31-10  DREAM -  Sometimes it's nice to wake up all destressed and calm with no emotion at all.

Evidently I misplaced my keys was extremely happy to know where I had left them, and a nice man half myself thinks I'm a 10.

Nuff said!


5-31-10 - NAP DREAM.  I drove a friend of mine to the drug store.  She went inside and when she came back out, I had forgotten how to back the car out of the parking space.  I knew the mechanics of it, but I was afraid to take my foot off the brake.