MAY, 2013


5-1-13 - I was working with the print screen program on my computer.

I wasn't sure how to drag the mouse across the page to save what was on the screen.

When I finally figured it out, I didn't know what to call the images, so I called them SAVE1 and SAVE2.

At that point, Joe mentioned that the picture on the screen was of the United States and should have a lot of heart images strewn across it, but when I dragged the print screen mouse across and down the screen, the map I saw was mostly black and shades of grey and the few hearts (three) I saw were black.

I don't recall how I transitioned to looking into an empty wax-coated box that was dark brown, but when I emptied it by drinking out of it, there was a creepy long bug in the bottom right hand corner which was apparently looking up at me to see what I was going to do.

I didn't get too creeped about it, but knew I would have to be careful that there were no bugs in boxes when I put things into them.

NOTE:  The only black hearts I saw were in the southeast like North or South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia

In discussion with Joe, he mentioned  :


Southern Strategy

political power

capitalizing on the intolerance of people

proverbs:  tiki tiko

song:  You have a heart of stone "Hearts of Stone"  Larry Gatlin

statues without hearts

Ezekiel 36:26  ' heart of stone.

Fury, anger , Tomasisk



 I saw a man outside on the sidewalk, wearing what looked like a long cowboy leather jacket, like shiny brown cardboard, with a raised design on it like many snakes crawling along the ground.


He came to the door and when I opened it, he walked right in and handed me his hat, which at that point looked like a white lamp shade (a long trapezoid)

He said, "Treat this with great care."

I put his hat on something that looked like a lamp stand.

He started opening up things, like the long wooden seat along the wall that had junk stored in it.

I asked, "What are you interested IN?"  emphasizing the word 'IN".

By this time I got the words out of my mouth, he had grabbed my purse which was a clutch type bag - also the shape of a long trapezoid - and a similar shade of brown to his jacket with gold clasps on the top.


He put my purse down on top of something that was in a dark corner of front hallway.

I reached to get my purse back with my left hand and at the same time grabbed a hold of his left arm with my right hand, by his wrist on top of his jacket and said, "If you want to get along with me, you'll have to stop looking "IN" things, again emphasizing the word "IN"

and woke up.



Starting with Genesis 3 where Eve is tempted by the snake being who walked and talked.

We meet the snake. Imagine walking along, minding your own business, when a snake starts talking. Moses doesn’t tell how a snake talks! But that’s how the story is written and we accept it by faith. This account is built around a smart, talking snake. It is the result of much later interpretations of this story that we automatically read ’Satan’ for ’snake.’ It may will have been the Devil that manifested as the snake, but Moses doesn’t say that! He says that a snake talked to Eve! The only descriptive word for the snake is that it was "more crafty" than the other animals. Paul calls the serpent who deceived Eve ’cunning’ in 2 Cor. 11.3. The serpent became a universal symbol for the Devil later in Scripture and so we read that meaning back into the text as part of our understanding. However, if we do so, we obscure the meaning of the text which is about understanding the power of our choices even when we think we are pursuing something wonderful. IF we read the Devil into this story, we more easily fix responsibility on someone else, namely the Devil!

It is too easy, too convenient, to pass off responsibility for our moral choices onto the Devil and avoid dealing with our own sinfulness.

Does he tempt? To be sure.
Is he clever? Most certainly.

Does he make us disobey God? No! We choose to sin, just as did Adam and Eve!

And we meet the LORD God. Note that the word LORD appears in the text as all caps. Where you read that in your Bible it denotes something different in the Hebrew text. The Hebrew YHWH, God’s personal name, appears there. Not a title, not a descriptive word, but His Name; the Tetragrammaton, YHWH, appears without its own vowels, and its exact pronunciation is debated (Jehovah, Yehovah, Jahweh, Yahweh). The Hebrew text does insert the vowels for adonay, and Jewish students and scholars read adonay whenever they see the Tetragrammaton. The divine name YHWH appears only in the Bible. God chose it as His personal name by which He related specifically to His chosen or covenant people. (1)

Yahweh, Lord God, comes each evening to commune with Adam and Eve. He is not just their Creator, the Divine Boss or Stage Manager. He is Yahweh, their Friend. We are shown this so we can see the monstrousness of their betrayal of His loving care by their choice to become independent and disobedient. He makes relatively few demands of them, but promises that their lives will end if they disobey. When they do, the Creator, Yahweh, pronounces that the earth is cursed and close fellowship between Himself and the Creation is broken.

There are so many truths we can take from this passage, but I’d like to focus on the snake and the appeal he made.



Cassie: Your dream about the cruise ship was awful and way too real.

I'm using a MAC computer I'm not used to but I just have to tell you that your dream with the way people were acting tells me that chemicals were used.

Recently, we've been told that Syria has been using chemicals to kill dissidents and the U.S said that chemical weapons being used would cause us to go to war with them.

That said, I just came out of meditation where I saw these words.


I never heard of Mary Hamilton, so I looked her up. She married Albert Pike, and in 1871 Albert Pike had a vision of WWIII.

This was posted on both the website, and the website, and many, many others so I'm not making this up.

That tells me that your dream was prophetic. WWIII is coming soon. And chemicals will be used.


On Apr 30, 2013, at 9:14 PM, Linda P wrote:

> I came home from work Tuesday night and ate a light dinner and must have fallen asleep before 6:15 to 6:30pm because I woke up at 11pm...changed clothes to pj's and went to bed and slept so long that I didn't wake up until 6:30am. I had so many dreams but remember so little of them except for this one. I dreamed I was in a casino-like atmosphere where it started out like a festive environment. It was like a huge hotel resort...but with shows and casinos. Something happened that was catastrophic...people started mingling into everyone's room. Our rooms we had reserved were invaded by many people and my ex was with me and our children and we decided to look for someone so we left the room and walked all over this place looking. I noticed something was in the air that caused our skin to burn and it felt sticky and people were crowding into the showers. I noticed the showers all were large square rooms...with beige tiles and the tiles were coated in body hair and people's hair as if it were falling out. I noticed the people were acting euphoric then panicky....very strange. We finally found a room that was in poor repair and we stayed there. The euphoric people looked like they were dressed in Indian clothes. I was looking for a bath... the baths were very large like stone swimming pools and there were two in this suite of rooms. I noticed there were not many windows and then it dawned on me we were on a very large cruise ship. I noticed men were showering together...all of the people were wanting showers. I went to a female designated shower and waited forever and when I finally got my turn the shower was disgustingly dirty and there was no soap or shampoo...but somehow I found some and used it quickly and got out.
> Those euphoric people were having sex with each other and I went to look for my ex and my kids and the kids were off socializing and my ex was sitting on the floor on blankets with two women...they were dressed in Indian clothing like from India. He was pulling me towards him asking me to join him having sex with these two women. I didn't want to...and I noticed I was not feeling the euphoria of the crowd...but I encouraged him to go ahead and I would stay nearby because I wanted him to be happy. I started looking around noticing more details and it was a cruise ship...that something really terrible had hit. There was a huge fear of the water but yet the air burned our skins so we needed fresh water to wash off the toxin....and then the people would go from euphoria to panic...
> I am also remembering people who were not quite human, with misshapen faces but they all looked the same. In another dream I saw my old friend who has passed away. She was telling me in a very serious tone of something coming that would be a disaster and would take people by a very bad storm...but it was planned. She hugged me then left to tell others of this.

Web Results

Albert Pike - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Similarto Albert Pike - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Albert Pike (December 29, 1809–April 2, 1891) was an American attorney, ... Later, after marrying Mary Ann Hamilton, he purchased part of the newspaper with the .... of Freemasonry in 1871, of which there were several subsequent editions.



5-2-13 -  DREAM - I was in an apartment buildings that had a very large meeting room.  Apparently, all these people were Mormon's and they took turns talking on the phone to people about how the Mormon's moved west and why.

I knew I couldn't do that because I not only wasn't familiar with the story, I wasn't Mormon and wouldn't understand the emotion of the story like they do.

In that room, I met a woman, who was pretty, with dark hair, and who wore a dark brown dress which suited her.  She asked me to come to her house and live with her. 

I thought that was a good idea, and started following her, but eventually I lost track of her in the crowd of people and I couldn't go any farther because I didn't know where she went.

I saw a light shining at the door of the apartment building, so I looked out and saw what looked like three policemen, all with flashlights turned on aimed at me.

I opened the door to see what the policemen wanted, and the one closest to the door said, "ALL YOUR GRANDFATHERS".

I woke up instantly when he said that, and it didn't make any sense, because my Grandfathers were German and Dutch and came from Europe and Holland.

Now that I was awake, I heard the television on and the History Channel was on and the program was about the Locust infestation in the United States back in the 1800's,  (My grandfathers came to America in the late 1860's)  The television stated that in 1875 there was a terrible infestation of Locusts that a scientist figured out was 100 miles long and quite a few miles wide.  It also said that the infestation was stopped when the farmers plowed under the eggs the Locusts laid in their journey over the land in the western mid-west.

Joe turned off the TV and left the room and I went to the bathroom and then back to bed.

I fell asleep and found myself in the same apartment building, but now the apartments were inhabited by my own grandchildren, whom I haven't seen since 1997 - so they have all grown up since I left Milwaukee for California.

One of my grandchildren came to my apartment and asked me to marry him -  which in the dream didn't seem strange - so I said, "Yes!"

I then grabbed a couple of wooden spoons and started going around the apartment building, clapping the wooden spoons together like noisemakers and calling out ..."Party!  Party!  Party!".

Since the door was open to my grandson Brian's room, and opened the refrigerator door to see if he had any booze in it to party with, I spotted a really tall bottle of clear alcohol that had a name on it that started with the letter Z.  (The only one I can think of is  Zinfandel, which is a wine, but the liquid was clear like water.)

I picked up the bottle and carried it with me back to the meeting room where we were going to have the party and put it on a table.

One of the younger children came up to me then.  He looked like my cousin Robert as a young child - (he is really in his 60's now)  so it could have been someone else.  He gave me a hug and said, "You really are a nice, kind, bitch!"

I knew he meant it in a nice way. :-)

and woke up.


5-3-13 - DREAM - I spent what seemed like all night editing a document with many pages and moving horizontal rectangles that were colored an odd shade of greyish green blue that I can't describe in the human color range - it was rather mottled than a straight solid color.

When I was done moving all those rectangles, I woke up and a telephone rang loudly in my right ear.

Whoever was the messenger told me that the information that was downloaded to me, I could do with as I wished.  It was now mine.

Whatever information that was, I shall do exactly that.

(This turned out to be THE BOOK that my spiritual teacher wrote and which he asked me to take his book and put into the language of the sixth grade level.

THE BOOK is at:


5-3-13 - NAP DREAM -  I was with some people in the country and I saw this huge long fish come up and fly in the air like an airplane over the trees.  It's fins and scales were glinting in the sun with rainbow colors.

We were going to jump into our car and follow it to see where it was going and then the fish began to come down lower and lower and I cried out, "Oh no! It's flying too low!"

I began to think of the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme about going up the hill to fetch a pail of water and tumbling down the hill, as the fish began descending too low... but I woke up before it crashed.

Joe reminded me that Pisces is the 'fish' sign, and Aquarius is the 'air' sign.  We are moving into that age right now.


NOTE:  The nursery rhyme is about King Louis XVI of France in 1793 and the French Revolution and Queen Antoinette who were beheaded and the heads shown to the public when they lost their crown.

I also looked up 'flying fish' and found that a 'flying fish' is the exact proportion a plane should take to stay in the air the best.

I also found that Boeing has built a Hydrogen fueled plane called the Phantom Eye, which is an unmanned drone.  It first flew in July of 2010. It can stay in the air for 4 days at 65,000 ft. without refueling.  It can carry a payload of 450 lbs.  It has a wingspan of 150 ft. and uses liquid hydrogen for fuel.

This is the second plane crash dream I've had in two days. The other one was about going off the end of the runway because of bad brakes.


5-4-13 - DREAM - I was inside my car and next to me was the actor who played the lead alien astronaut in the TV show "Third Rock From the Sun" - He also played in "Harry and the Henderson's".  John Lithgow.  He was also in "The World According to Garp". 

I showed him that I had an oven in the front of my car behind the steering wheel and I put a black kettle into the oven to show him that I could bring water to steam there.

I went into the house and was showing some little kids that I had some alien dolls about an inch tall standing on my counters.  One of the little boys saw an alien doll standing next to a steaming kettle of water on the stove and I had to grab him before he hurt himself on the stove burner.

I then started deleting numbers off of my body starting with number 1, and went up to 100, and when I got to 100, I started back at number 1 again. I did this over and over and I started feeling younger and younger.

I finally woke up still thinking about deleting the numbers and I could feel a very fine vibration throughout my body.  I thought it was my heart acting up but everything felt like it was working fine, but that vibration felt really weird and I just laid there and felt it, feeling young, and Joe was awake, and I asked him if he could feel it, thinking maybe an earthquake was going on, but he couldn't feel it.   A little voice in my head said, "All you need is consciousness and a CPU." 

Even now that I'm sitting at my computer typing, I can feel that find vibration in me.


1 May 2013
Jason's Trident Dream
In the early 1990's, a series of strange coincidental events happened
involving three teeth and Trident gum. Coincidentally, the word trident
means "three teeth."
One part of the story is about three young friends who all lost a front
upper tooth. One of the boys was Jason, who reported an amazing dream
that included a pitchfork.
After the dream, the coincidences continued. The number 216 became part
of the coincidences. That is the number of sticks of Trident gum sold
in a packet of twelve packs (12 x 18 = 216). The number 216 is six
cubed, or 6 x 6 x 6, and is major in the universal ancient numbering
This is Jason's dream --
I dreamed that I went to a rock concert with my wife, Dina, and another
girl that I do not know. I felt really good, strutting proudly on the
grass among the many people attending the concert.
Suddenly, I froze in fear, as I saw a stone man walking toward us. Words
of some ancient language were carved over his body. The girl with us
said, "Don't worry about that guy. I know him. He cannot hurt you." The
stone man passed by, and we continued walking among the crowd.
The scene changed and we were at a big party held after the concert. It
was in a large Victorian type house with a big porch wrapped around it.
After a while, all the people left the party, until we three were the
only people left in the house. Dina said that she and the girl had to
go. I asked her not to leave me there alone.
After they were gone, I found a baseball bat and took it to a chair in
the living room. I sat down and started watching television.
After a while, there was a loud knocking at the front door. I yelled,
"Who's there?" A loud voice shouted back, "The Devil!" I told him to go
away, but he kept pounding on the door.
Finally, I took the bat and went to the door and opened it. I ducked
quickly, as the man at the door swung a shovel at me, breaking the
screen door.
I ran quickly to a side door. I knew there was a barrel of garden tools,
on that side of the porch. I might be able to use one to defend myself.
I reached the barrel, as the "Devil" man came running around the porch.
I pulled out a tool -- a pitchfork -- and threw it at the man. It stuck
him in the knees, stopping him in his tracks!
The man stammered, "I can't believe it! I can't believe it! You got me!
I've killed hundreds of men, but you are the first one that got me!"
I asked, "Why are you after me anyway?"
He answered, "I don't know, you are just on the list."
The scene changed. My consciousness was in the back of the car that
Dina was driving past the Victorian house.
She said to the girl, "Something's wrong! The screen door is broken!"
Something has happened to Jason!"
The scene changed again. I was standing at the bottom of the steps
outside the front porch. I slowly walked up the steps, and looked into
the living room. I saw myself as a stone man setting in the chair! I
had a stone book in my hands. Those same ancient words were engraved
on the book and on my stone body!
[End of dream]
It seemed clear that Jason's dream was related to the coincidences about
Trident gum, because the pitchfork associated with the Devil is a Trident.
A factor to consider about the dream is Jason's background of being
raised by an intense fundamentalist Christian mother. I think he was
reassessing some of those teachings at the time of the dream, when he
was a young adult.
In western tradition, the sea god, Neptune, also holds a trident. In the East,
the Destroyer God, Shiva also holds the Trident. One of his functions is to destroy
old cycles of living and being, so that new ones can come about.



5-4-13  MEDITATION  21 TIMES 3

I saw Joe's computer -  It had a smaller screen than mine and Joe had the screen propped up so the top of the screen ended up at 21".

I saw my computer - The screen was larger than Joe's and sat lower and the top came to 21".

I then counted to 21 and came back to consciousness.

While I was thinking about what I saw, I then saw these words:  DESTROYED - OUT ON A LIMB



1.  I was creating human beings.  I created 7 of them -  All I can recall is seeing the bones of the arms, legs, and spines.

2.  I was with a woman, dressed all in white.  We were near a very large rock which I noticed was disintegrating along the lower edge. 

I said to her, "I noticed that creation seems to be going in reverse. I never noticed it before." and burst into tears.

3.  I was at a place that seemed to be at my Father's lake cottage. 

I was laying in bed with a tall man and we began to kiss.  (There was no real sensation to the kiss and I realized it in the dream.)

Then a larger man came into the room (I didn't actually see him visually, but he had a loud booming voice)  He called out the name, "PAUL!"

The man in bed with me was obviously named Paul, and he jumped out of bed and left with the tall man.

I kept my eyes closed so I didn't have to be embarrassed to be seen like that with a man by someone superior to him.

After, I was certain they were both gone, I opened my eyes, got up and put a robe on over my gown, and went to the back door of the cabin.

It was then that a very young man came driving very fast down the hill behind the cabin, on a motorcycle.

He yelled one word to me over the sound of the motorcycle.  "FIRE!"

I ran outside and the whole air was full of white blowing smoke coming from the south and swirling through the trees and out over the lake.


I can remember if I smelled the smoke or not, but I remember the fear and wondering if I could escape.

I saw no vehicles to escape with and the young man had continued on to give warning to others about the coming fire.

NOTE:  Afterwards, while eating dinner - alone at home alone, I started to smell smoke and the wind was coming from the south - and I instantly began to be afraid that there was a fire somewhere nearby... but the smell went away and I have no idea where it came from.



I saw Joe's computer - It had a smaller screen than mine and Joe had the screen propped up so the top of the screen ended up at 21".

I saw my computer - The screen was larger than Joe's and sat lower and the top came to 21".

I then counted to 21 and came back to consciousness.

While I was thinking about what I saw, I then saw these words: DESTROYED - OUT ON A LIMB

reply from a reader: 

Isn't Out on a Limb the name of Shirley MacClain's book ?
Perhaps being out on a limb is what is destroyed, as the old pattern
old energy of the old era which ended 12/21/12.
Tarot #21 is "The Fool"....about new beginning, beginning anew.


5-6-13  DREAM - I was in a hospital somewhere with some other people.

Apparently all the women had a crush on the man who ran the hospital.

We all filled out applications to work there or if it was a test .. and seven of us all had identical answers on this paper and we had to do it over.

Meanwhile I heard a noise like a huge truck or bulldozer and it sounded like it was coming towards the hospital to knock it down.

The noise was very close and we all ran from where we were standing so we wouldn't get hit by flying debris.

The noise stopped and we all went back and we were given our applications to complete.

I quickly wrote at the top of the paper... 65515 Capital Drive like it was the address at the hospital, but I didn't write anything else on the paper.

A quick scan down the paper showed me that I hadn't answered any of the questions at all and writing the address at the top of the paper was inappropriate as well.

I wanted desperately to write the address in the space allotted to it, but I couldn't read any of the writing on the paper.

I assumed the address would go in the first empty lines of the paper but I couldn't do it -  not even look at the line closely to see if I was right, and woke up instead.

I noted in the dream that the woman in the hallway looked very familiar and now that I'm thinking about it, she looked like Doris Roberts, the mother of Everybody loves Raymond - TV show.

She had all the identical answers I had put on my application.


4-29-04 - THE HOLE IN THE WALL GANG - DREAM - I was in an apartment building where I used to work in Milwaukee, WI. The owner of the building was very suspicious that the current manager was up to no good. He thought she was trying to steal money.

As we walked past the office, we could hear some odd tapping sounds on the wall on the inside of the wall where the closet would be.

The owner told me and my boyfriend to keep our eye on her, because if she stole any money, he was going to have her jailed.

As luck would have it, my boyfriend and I were standing right there as the tapping noise got louder and louder and then a hand broke through the walls and then the Manager's head too.

(The Manager looked like an old white-haired lady - a cross between Doris Roberts and Ethel Mertz)

I told my boyfriend to grab her hand so I could call 911. He did that and she started to struggle and try to pull free so I told him to knock her head against the file cabinet, which he did and she was out cold. I saw her actually turn grey as she went unconscious.

So I dialed 911 and the man who answered the phone turned out to be the Manager's attorney. He was at the police station already, pleading her case about what she was doing and she wasn't even going to be charged with anything. She had already told them in advance that she as making a slot in the wall so people could drop off their rent checks to pay rent if she wasn't in the office.

It was an awfully big hole in the wall, big enough to crawl through to be called a slot, but nevertheless the cops were agreeing that what she did was okay.

Meanwhile, she was laying unconscious on the other side of the wall.

I felt so guilty for what we had done, I told my boyfriend, "I'm getting out of here!"

I went up to the 4th floor whereupon I met another ex-manager. She said, "I heard something going on in the office. What happened.?"

So I told her the story about the owner being suspicious about the manager maybe trying to steal money and the hole in the wall episode.

The woman said, "She must have been awfully lonely sitting in that office day after day with nobody to talk to."

I knew that wasn't quite true, because I was never lonely when I had the job. I found it quite exciting with all the people coming in to pay rent and telling me their problems and showing empty apartments to new people and making new friends. Nevertheless I also thought it was a great idea to have a 'slot' in the wall for people to slip checks through for rent payments.

(We actually had a slot in the door for that purpose.)

So, after discussing the situation with the ex-manager, she left and I was feeling really guilty for what my boyfriend and I had done.

Then I met a woman in the hall who was carrying a long, thick pole like one would find in a closet, but much, much longer.

I don't know what she intended to do with it, but I took it from her and continued to walk on down the hall, trying to figure out what I was going to do with it.

I felt too guilty to think very well.


9-4-05 - DREAM - I woke up feeling like on drugs. The dream felt like I was on drugs too. It was one of the most bizarre dreams I've ever had.

It wasn't cartoonish specifically, though it had elements of that in it.

In one hallway, I saw three colorful balls rolling down the hall by themselves, and I decided it would be fun to kick them to make them go faster, and when I kicked the first one, it turned into a pink rabbit and stuck to the wall and said something to me I can't remember.

Later in my new apartment, I discovered that the front door was gone and out in the hallway it looked like vandalism had taken place. I wanted to call 911, but there was a whole crew of painters out there, painting the walls a light green color. They were coming down the hallway pretty fast and I was going to ask if Bob the painter was with them. I thought I saw him, but then a bunch of women painters blocked my view and started painting a new wall across from me, so I went back into my apartment.

I needed to change clothes, because I didn't know if I was manager of this building or not, and I wasn't dressed to go the office.

When I went back into the apartment, it had been completely redecorated in a lovely peach color. It was so pretty, I wanted to thank the decorator. She was sitting on a sofa - she looked rather like Doris Roberts - the mother in Everyone Loves Raymond, but probably was someone else. I went over to give her a big hug and when I did, she changed into a tiny brown teddy bear who jumped up and while it was flying through the air, said to me, "Nobody asked you to hug me."

I was rather stunned by that, but decided to change clothes then and went into the closet to find a different blouse to put on. I picked out a long sleeved multicolored shirt. The cuffs on the sleeves looked rather tight and I saw that they were held closed by some green gardening tape. So I removed the tape and I still couldn't get my hand into the cuff because it was buttoned shut. Instead of messing with that, I threw it aside and decided I would just put on a red short sleeved blouse instead.




3-`13-12 - MEDITATION AND DREAM - I was sitting in my favourite chair with my eyes closed after a phone call, just resting my eyes, and I saw in my mind's eye, a beautiful woman in a pink dress sitting sideways in front of me. She was blond and blue-eyed as far as I could tell and She was almost transparent in her spirit form. She spoke to me with a British accent and said, "You are doing quite well." and just that quick I was in a dream. (This was Tippi - an Anunnaki who is visiting Earth at this time.

I was in a room, sitting on a chair, sitting half slumped over to the right. In front of me were four babies and small children playing on a large bed with a sheet over it. On the right sat my husband on a chair, and on the far end of the bed which had no headboard on it, sat another man. The two men started to chuckle that all I was good for was suckling babies. They thought it was funny.

Just that quick, I was looking outside where there was a dirt road coming towards me, apparently trucks or vehicles or carts used that road because there was a hump in the center, but on the sides, there was no grass, just more of the same dirt which was reddish. Growing in the dirt was a few scrub bushes and a few trees. The sky was blue and seemed bright but I didn't see any sun or shadows to speak of.

Coming towards me on this road was a person it seemed and as the person got closer, I could see the person was riding on a gaunt medium brown cow or heifer.

Then as I watched, more people in a large group followed that person towards me on the road, each one riding another one of those gaunt cows of the same identical color.

I didn't remember what color clothing the people wore, I assume it was all faded and worn.

All of a sudden, the lead person fell over with the animal under it as if dead and became a black and white playing card with a picture of them on it.

Then, just that quick, all the rest of the crowd of people each with their animal fell over in an identical way except their black and white picture cards were laying helter skelter all over that dirt field.

IT FELT LIKE A FOREIGN MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRY. I WONDERED IF THOSE PEOPLE HAD BEEN GASSED LIKE THE KURDS WERE BY SADDAM HUSSEIN. - interesting comments here;_ylt=AhTy0jnSzJhLHb0_Njy0oNebvZx4?p=kurds+gassed+saddam+hussein&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-500-14

I was awake during that whole episode.

NOTE: The people turning into cards means that we are all just part of a 'game'.

HELTER SKELTER:;_ylt=A0oGdbYQ72VP2WcAJGRXNyoA?p=SITE%3AGREATDREAMS.COM%20%20helter%20skelter&fr2=sb-top&fr=slv8-att




3-18-12 - THE GAME SHOW - DREAM:

I was in a small theatre with a sizeable audience at a Game Show. Marie Osmond, the singer was in the audience.

Whoever was in charge of the show decided to call Marie Osmond up to help play the game with a handsome guy who was the contestant.

Of course the audience oohed and aahed as they put a bridal veil on Marie's head and played music as she walked on stage up to where the game was being played.

I saw a flash of Prince Ranier of Monaco standing there, and then they showed Marie Osmond walk up to where the moderator stood, right next to an open casket where Grace Kelly lay dead with her mouth open, and then showed Marie Osmond reach into the casket, trying to manipulate Grace Kelly's open mouth to close and stop the look of screaming she probably had on her face as she died when her car went crashing off the mountain road in Monaco that terrible day September 14, 1982 ) ) (Some of the names of the movies she was in are equally horrifying)

NOTE: I had to force myself awake from that dream, and both of my dogs are howling outside as I type this. :-(


I had just moved to Hollywood with my new boyfriend (my old maintenance man from Milwaukee) who I wasn't really sure about yet, and he left to go do something during the day and I wasn't sure if he'd return. (his name is Joe)

On the way to my new apartment, I stopped at a garden store, and picked up some tiny new plants. I tried to buy three tiny newly sprouted trees which I was told I couldn't buy because of a law that they had to be a year old before they could be sold.

In my really nice apartment, which was on the second floor, I was rearranging some plant stands in appropriate places, each with new plants on them.

Finally my boyfriend came home, (I can't even remember his name - only his face) brought home a huge box of bone dry black dirt - but without the box - it was just in a hunk about 6 feet long , about 3 feet wide - the size of a coffin.

I told my boyfriend that nothing would grow in this soil or it would burst into weeds which is more likely when water touched it, and then all of a sudden I saw tiny plants come forth and I got all excited because I could water it and have a whole new garden. It would be like the Garden of Eden.

I then saw a white car pull into the driveway alongside my building and a woman (Doris Roberts from Everybody Loves Raymond) came upstairs with a box of clothing which she said belonged to Mitch who had disappeared with his girlfriend.

She dumped it off on my living room floor and went away again, and I realized that I hadn't brought my dishes or clothing in my move either and I had to go get them or I'd have nothing to wear or couldn't cook or eat dinner either.

A neighbor invited us to go to dinner with them, but all I wanted was a burger, not a fancy restaurant, so we declined going with them. I just wanted my own stuff and had to go get it.

I was starting over and that all that mattered.


THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA and Everybody Loves Raymond



5-7-13 - DREAM -  I was in the city somewhere with my friend Donna.  We were just sitting on the grass, watching traffic and people, enjoying the day.


All of a sudden I saw a white disc shape in the sky, and I pointed at it, and exclaimed, "Hey!  There's a UFO!


She said back very calmly, "Yes!  I know!  I've been waiting for them to arrive."


Just a moment later, a whole fleet of UFOs came along behind the first one and began descending in a large group of UFOs of various sizes.


If this wasn't disclosure - nothing ever will.   :-)



5-7-13 - DREAM -  I was in an office type room with a woman and a man who looked like two characters from General Hospital -  Carley and Ingo (his real name) 


I asked the Carley woman if she ever studied Kaballah and she replied, "No!"  so I let the subject drop.


Ingo, who had heard me ask her that, asked us both, "Have you ever felt like you've been mind-controlled?"


I answered in the affirmative, remembering the dream I had about the aliens coming down from the sky, and all the other alien dreams, visions, and weird experiences I've had - and said, "Yes!"


I woke up before the Carley woman spoke.





I woke up in the middle of the night sometime and Joe was channeling some being using a language I don't know - and it didn't sound Earth-like unless it was an Indian dialect.


I was looking at his face and it wasn't pitch dark in the room, so I could see that his eyes were open, though I couldn't see the pupils in his eyes - I only saw white.  


I listened until he was done talking and then his eyes closed and was asleep again.


Then I poked him, and asked if he was okay, and he said, "Yes!"


In the morning I asked him about that and asked what he was dreaming.  He said he was dreaming that he wanted me to wake him up because he couldn't.


This is not his first experience like this. He relates that it used to happen when his kids were teenagers -  but I don't know how long before that, and his kids just turned 40, so this has been going on a long time.


We used to have a voice activated tape recorder next to the bed in case it happened but it didn't happen frequently enough to make it worth using up the batteries.



5-8-13 - DREAM - I was working on my computer, on a 21" screen, and could access 21 pages at a time -  3 x 7.


It was really cool.  :-)




Between dreams, something strange happened.  A stack of books shifted all by itself.  5 books slid off the top of another one, so I looked to see what it was.  It was SOURCEFIELD by David Wilcock, which I have not read yet.


The cover of the flyleaf was stuck into this page:  265 - Chapter 13 - What's the Matter - Dematerialization, Teleportation and Time Travel.




5-8-13 - Again I was working on my computer, using geometry - making rows of what looked like tents from WWII with sagging tops - like bent horizontal rectangles.

WWII hospital tents

Apparently, I was attempting to prevent WWIII using sacred geometry.




5-10-13 - NAP DREAM - I was in a very large house with some other people.  My Mother called me on the telephone to tell me to turn on the TV quick.  I ran across the living room and turned on the TV, then I ran back to where the other people were to take them to the TV.  I was walking arm in arm with a guy who was on my right.  I was hanging onto his left arm and he stood at least 3 feet taller than I was watched the TV screen and we walked and walked and never seemed to get any closer to it, and we were watching Syria getting bombed to smithereens.







5-11-13 - DREAM -  I was making sure that everyone was wearing the right color knitted coverlet over their chests - pink for women, blue for men.  Since there were a lot of people involved, that took a lot of knitting.


I must have knitting and yarn on the mind lately.  :-)  Or I was just cold during the night. 




5-12-13 There was a large, tall man standing at the corner of a large gold plated structure such as a rectangle or square that was almost as tall and just as wide, with a feature like balls in a cup in an even spaced grid system of design.


What comes to mind is a cycle of time such as the Golden Age, and the 'ball in the cup' is a design that even the aliens have presented in a crop circle.


Joe Mason explains that the 'Golden Age' is presided over by the God Saturn who was the Father of Jupiter, in the Roman mythology.


On 5-24-13 - Dr. Bill Deagle quoted Dr. James McCanney as saying that we are now in an Earth-Saturn electrical connection which is causing the bad weather we are having.


The 2006 Crop Circle Formations - Part Two

The half ring "cup" may represent the ancient "U" symbol of the abyss, a deep hole, or valley. .... T-Tau rising to stand in U-cup. --- ..... sperm circle ball in cup. --- ...



July 7, 2007 - Crop Circle - Eastfield, UK - Similarto July 7, 2007 - Crop Circle - Eastfield, UK

Jul 7, 2007 ... The ball in the cup appeared in Germany in 1991 at Grasdorf. ... I noticed last year that the ancient "Om" symbol has a ball in the cup design: ...


Saturn (mythology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similarto Saturn (mythology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Saturn (Latin: Saturnus) was a god in ancient Roman religion and a character in myth. Saturn is a complex figure because of his multiple associations and long ...

Mythology of Saturn - In Roman religion - On coins - See also


All about Saturn, Roman god, sixth planet from the Sun | ...

Saturn. Saturn, god of Harvest or Time of Reaping (sixth planet from the Sun). Saturn, Roman god of the harvest. Harvest time in ancient Italy belonged to the ...


Saturn - Encyclopedia Mythica - Similarto Saturn - Encyclopedia Mythica

Mar 3, 1997 ... The Roman god of agriculture concerned with the sowing of the seeds. ... Saturn. In memory of this Golden Age, each year the Saturnalia was ...







5-13-13 - DREAM -  (This dream took place with the TV on - after watching the finale of the Survivor show.)


I don't know what city this took place in, but I was outside, in the dark, near a large building, that had a huge black spike topped fence, and there was a large creature there, like a huge elephant,  who would like nothing better than to take a whack at me with its trunk or something.


I managed to run around the fenced in area and keep the elephant away successfully, but I then went into the building where an older woman dressed in a bright green suit dress, (like Betty White)  and my Mother decided they could help me get through life with a faith-based belief system.  (This had something to do with dating and marriage - that sort of thing) 


I told the women, that I didn't need my Mother to do my thinking for me, and that I could do just fine by discussing it with another young woman who was in the group I had been with and her name was either Jessica or Julie.


So, I went over to where Julie was sitting (or on the telephone - not certain)  and explained my dilemma to her, that I wasn't sure what it meant to have a faith-based system of beliefs.


and woke up before she could say anything about it.




5-13-13 - DREAM  -  I was working in two dimensions on a rose garden that was square.  There were roses planted in both dimensions, but they couldn't be seen at the same time.


I noticed that each rose had the word 'wine' in it's name, and if you pressed on the button with the rose's name on it, the rose plant in the other dimension would rise into the dimension I was on and it's name also had the name 'wine' in it.  If I pressed on that rose's name button, it would descend and at the same time make the other rose in the other dimension come into the dimension I was working on.


There was no color in evidence in either dimension - it was all black, white and grey shades in this dream.




5-14-13 - DREAM -  I was again in the rose garden, and it was beginning to become 3D rather than 2D and people began to appear that I wanted to work with.


There was a married couple there and the man apparently didn't have a job and no money.  I liked him, but when I looked in the mirror I saw that my hair was striped black and white like a zebra. 


My Mother told me that if he ruined anything  he was going to have to pay for any damage he did.


Evidently the 3D temperature was playing a part in the dream as I was beginning to get cold (the door was open in the real world and the temperature was dropping.)


I knew something was wrong and in the dream, I decided to put a coat on over my pink bathrobe, and the man's wife started yelling at the man to go get a job and get some money.  He eventually walked out the door, but whether he planned to get a job I don't know as I then woke up when he opened the door to go outside.


I was disappointed that the dream had gone negative because it had great potential.



5-15-13  - I don't remember my dreams except there were people in them.  However, the telephone rang in my right ear which is usually a 'good' sign, and immediately I was shown the symbols for web pages.  I asked what the priority was, and it is my version of editing THE BOOK into easier language for people to read and understand than is current presented at:



5-15-13 - MEDITATION - I had been watching TV - a show about fixing a house vs buying a different house


I closed my eyes after pausing the show because my eyes got tired.


I immediately saw the word  NEGATIVITY




5-16-13 - DREAM - I had the identical dream I had several years when I watched the same PBS show on television about the Neanderthals in France.


When I looked on the web:  I had 49 dreams about PBS, and 29 dreams about the Neanderthals.




5-16-13 - NAP DREAM - I was going back and forth from the first floor to the basement and back as a rather fast pace, trying to help prepare for some festive event - not as formal as Thanksgiving, but there were a lot of people I knew in small groups gathering in the basement like classes or discussion groups or something, yet food was involved as well.


I can't recall exactly what this was for, but the basement was huge and there must have been at least 100 or more people down there, but no more than 10 or 12 were together in any one group.


the whole thing seemed friendly enough, yet I was ill at ease because I didn't really belong in any one of these groups myself because I didn't have a special person I was with like some of the others had.


Another one of the women was short and was carrying a turkey and potatoes to cook and eat, yet, it wasn't for a Thanksgiving meal - yet seemed like it was appropriate for the weather or season. There were either 6 or 8 potatoes in the pot with the turkey - ready to cook.


I feel very confused as to what I was trying to accomplish, or avoid because I didn't want to be stopped from moving quickly at what I was doing - which apparently was nothing specific at the time.


NOTE:  In the news during the day, I was told that the President of Turkey came to Washington, DC, to discuss what to do about Syria.


News about President Turkey Washington Dc

  • US, Turkey project united front on Syria
    Idaho Statesman·14 hours ago   
    WASHINGTON President Barack Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan projected a united front Thursday on Syria, keeping stark differences about how much the U.S. should intervene behind closed doors as they looked to Russia and the global community to close ranks behind efforts to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad.
  • Turkey seeks seat at U.S.-EU trade table
    Reuters·11 hours ago



5-17-13 - DREAM -  This was another case where the television show generated an identical dream from the past and replayed it with all the same people in it, and the same scenario where I was carrying a large white box around with me that had shoe boxes inside with voices in them, and everywhere I went I had to take the large white box with the shoe box voices with me.


This is why I always advise people who want to have good dreams, not to dream with the TV on. :-)




5-17-13 - NAP DREAM -  I was out somewhere with my husband, who was driving our car.


We saw some people we recognized on the sidewalk and I thought it would be nice to offer them a ride to wherever they were going.


However, when we pulled up to the curb, and I saw that one of the young men, who looked like a famous blonde singer, when he walked up to the car to talk to me, and I opened the door, he came really close to me, and leaned in and touched me with his male body part.


It was like getting stung, and I moved over a bit so he wasn't touching me, which made him move over a bit also so he was again touching me with his male body part... and this was getting a little embarrassing though I didn't say anything.  But at this point, I didn't think it was a good idea to give these people a ride in the car. 


I can't remember what I said, but it didn't stop this good looking guy from trying to touch me again.  It became really obvious...  and I finally woke up just from embarrassment.



5-18-13 - LONG DREAM -  This dream had several parts to it, all with the same male characters, but something different was happening in each room.


It started out that I was babysitting a small, thin boy who wasn't wearing a shirt.  He got very cold and I wanted him to have a shirt on, and the other men in the dream tried to prevent that from happening. 


In the other room, the telephone rang, and there were several extensions on the same line, but not all of them picked up the line itself for some reason, and that was being interfered with by the same adult men.


When I didn't get the message on the phone, despite the fact that the phone lines didn't all work, they picked on me for not getting the message.


In the last scene, again it was about clothing, and again they were all interfering in one way or another to not letting me have the clothing I needed.







I'm sure this refers to the previous dream of this morning and my needing to clothe a little boy I was taking care of who had no shirt on, and he was cold and the men in the dream apparently didn't want him to have a shirt to wear.  (He was unprotected)






5-18-13 - NAP DREAM -  I was in a very large house, and the landlady came to see me.  She noticed that not all the digital connections were made in the house, so she said we needed that, and she said she would make sure that got done.


So the man who was going to do the installation, ran back into the warehouse area, and I clumsily followed him, because I had to walk on top of things in the

aisles, but he found the digital connection gadget and holding it high in the air with one hand, he ran back to the living room to install it for us, and I ran back after him, all excited, because we were finally going to be able to SEE everything that was happening at the same time.


It's being installed as we speak. :-)





5-19-13 - DREAM -  I lived in a big city somewhere and lived with a locksmith and his brother.  His name was Brian.  He was a tall blonde guy.


It wasn't a large business, but they did work in more than one state.


We got a call from a woman one afternoon, who said she needed her locks changed on the following Friday in the city of Stoughton.


(Google shows map of Stoughton in both Wisconsin and Massachusetts)  I used to do locksmith dispatching in Wisconsin for seven years.)


I didn't yet have the woman's whole address yet, and I was writing on an old napkin on the desk because I didn't even have a fresh piece of paper handy on the desk.  


While I was still talking to the woman on the phone, she showed up at the door, so she must have been calling me from a cell phone.


I apparently was living in an apartment with a long hallway and I lived way at the back of the building.


I let the woman into the apartment to get the rest of the information and we started to get acquainted with each other.


I told her that I understood her situation as I had been through it many times myself.


We lay down on the bed to talk and she told me that she had run away from her boyfriend but she needed her locks changed when she went home the following Friday.


I knew what a scary situation that was for her.


About then, Brian came home and found us two women laying on the bed together, so he got friendly and climbed onto the bed with me and attempted to get between us two women.


I grabbed him by the arm, and pulled him over me to the edge of the bed and told him, "No! You get on the outside!"


The pretty blonde woman sat up on the bed and talking fast and excitedly to Brian, she said to him, "You know I feel very close to her already.  She understands my situation.  She really gets it!"


Brian said to me, "Tell her about the time when you were so hungry, all you had in the house was a tablespoon of grape jelly in the cupboard, and your kids wouldn't buy you any food!"


The woman gasped at that information and asked me, "And did your kids get you more jelly?" and I answered, "No! They didn't!" and she gasped again to hear my answer.


By that time, I had gotten off the bed and opened the cupboard door and showed her that all I had in it was about twelve 1/2 pints of dried red beans and I told the woman, "I picked up these beans at a Mexican festival last week."   (That would have been Cinco De Mayo.)


Cinco de Mayo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similarto Cinco de Mayo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a celebration held on May 5. It is celebrated in the United States and regionally in Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla ...

History - Significance - Consequences to the United States - Observances


I explained to the woman, "Some day I'm going to find me a man who will take care of me and feed me!"  and I knew that Brian would feel guilty at what I said because Brian hadn't offered to take care of me, he just slept with me in my apartment.


The woman felt sorry for me and went to the door and started to leave and walked down the hall of the building.  She got to the door of the building and came rushing back down the hall and back into the apartment with fear on her face and right behind her came a yellow car, driving down the hall to get her. It was her boyfriend and he looked like he was going to beat her and drag her back home with him.


I knew that fear and I instantly woke up, feeling that recognition that the woman could have been me and I knew it!


Oppose the violence against Women Act!


Stoughton, Massachusetts was named for the Chief Justice named Stoughton who was in charge of the Salem Witch Trials.,_Massachusetts



Irish Names, Gaelic Names

Used in:

English and Gaelic speaking countries

Additional info:

The name Brian has historically enjoyed popularity in Ireland, no doubt influenced by Brian Boru, a great High King of Ireland. The name is shared by Queen guitarist Brian May, 'The Beach Boys' songwriter Brian Wilson, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and cricketer Brian Lara.

'Monty Python's The Life of Brian' is a comedy film about a man mistaken for the Messiah.


The meaning of Brian

Origin: Celtic

Meaning: In use in England since the Middle Ages. Possibly connected with the Irish word for Hill thus 'He ascends.'. Also some texts define it as Strong. 10th century Brian Boru was a high king and great national hero of Ireland.

Origin: English

Meaning: Brought to England by the Breton companions of William the Conqueror, this name is originally derived from the Irish word for hill.


Origin: Norse

Meaning: Strong.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Legendary son of Turenn. 'Strong'.





5-19-13 - NAP DREAM - I was vacuuming up little black bits that were strewn around on the carpet and wondering how that was going to change the layout of the page I had just done.




5-19-13 - MEDITATION:  I  decided to meditate on the NAP DREAM from this morning about vacuuming up the little black bits and how that was going to change the layout of the page I had just done.


In only moments, I was shown what was going to change:  It was   AZORES.


The Azores are islands where earthquakes take place, so that is what is going to change, because that is what my spirit guide Angel Rovere does in his spare time, he moves lava from underneath dangerous volcanoes and moves it to places that can better handle more lava than the dangerous ones.


Here is an older vacuum cleaner dream:


11-17-92 - DREAM - I was at A-C working second shift. I met a man from some Wine and Press Co I asked him how long he had been working there. He reminded me that he had been working for Wine & Press Co. I said, "Oh! I've been working here 2 years now and I worked here for 10 years the time before."  I asked him if he thought that they would add the two together for seniority. He said he thought they should.


I was walking down the aisle of a shop and a voice popped into my left ear. It was a man[s' voice and he was saying that a meeting was to be held at 8 p.m. in the evening and that he wanted just as many blue beeswax candles on the altar as the other kind.


The voice faded out and I went to my desk. I was given some rolled up blueprints that I had to mail out and a dark blue sweatshirt, a little boy's size 2 to deliver. It was written on a yellow buckslip, that I should deliver it to 1621 Archie Ave.  When I went outside, I was in Washington State in Sumner. I thought I knew where I was going, but I found myself in the alley of a bunch of houses and I knew it wasn't Archie St. I wondered if there was an Archie St. in Bonney Lake, but I didn't think so.


NOTE: The name Archibald means ' bold ' in two languages, but it Teutonic, it means ' holy prince'.


Interestingly enough the New Testament, thought first printed in 1614 was re-printed in 1621


The number 1621 in Strong's Concordance means : neck


The symbol of the neck in the Bible is really important in the Old Testament. Until the time of Jacob, the Israelites had a plurality of gods; from Jacob (Isra-El), it was El; and from Moses onwards, it was Jahwe, with a frequent falling-off to other mythical gods. The prophet, Eli, (El-i), falling over backwards and breaking his neck, is symbolically considered to be the demise of El as the God of Israel. When the Babylonians captured and removed the Israelites to Babylon, (Book of Esther), the Israelites felt that Jahwe, who saved them from the Egyptians, had lost his power. They then discarded him to a large extent: the final eight books of the Old Testament barely refer to him; some not at all. Jesus stepped into this vacuum, but was rejected by the Israelites.


That would fit the topic, but why was I in Washington State and what did it mean?  The blueprints make sense, because I had designed the buildings for the community, using blueprints from books I sent for from Washington State log housing companies because it was my strongest desire to return there.

What I just read about Jesus stepping into the vacuum brings up a whole new topic I hadn't even been able to analyze correctly it seems until just this moment.  I've had several really good dreams with vacuum cleaners in them, and to me it just meant 'cleaning' the house, but when the dream is about a vacuum cleaner specifically, one has to know that there is more to it than just 'cleaning'.


I recently had a dream in which I was vacuuming an apartment which ultimately turned out to be the apartment of IESOUS (Jesus).  Thus I had created the vacuum into which IESOUS (Jesus) could step.  That is an incredible thought when one thinks about it in depth.






5-20-13 - DREAM -  Apparently I lived and worked at A-C on 70th and Greenfield in West Allis, WI.


My husband was the tall guy from One Life to Live (I want to say David) I looked him up and his name was Todd) He was also named Paul on another show (relating to the Biblical Paul)


We both had computers built into the wall of our bedroom, and he bragged that he knew how to print from his, and receipts came out of the wall, one of which was for him trying to buy a house for $795 down payment and the receipt said that he didn't have enough eqty (equity?)


I was late for work which started at 9 a.m. and I was dressed all in white like a nurse, and I worked across the street on 70th and Greenfield.  I had to put on a heavy winter coat, which I did, and complained that I had to walk to work.  (But I only had to walk one block)


I was walking down the hall with another tall man past some glassed-in offices and he said, "Maybe we should call in a priest, but when we do, it's always about Noah!  It's always about Noah!"


Just then, an unknown man was exclaiming about something on the news and talking really loudly -   and he used the word or name Holmes or homes.


I hadn't had breakfast yet, and I thought perhaps I could get a hamburger out of the machine and microwave it on the way to work.




Here is the search for 795 eqty

It's about Equity - Five Star Equity -  Mortgages and Reverse Mortgages


As in the Days of Noah - End Times - End Times Prophecy - Bible ...

We are living in the end times and the Bible says that as in the days of Noah, so will it be in the end times.




5-20-13 - MEDITATION - I decided to ask whether the swarm of tornados going on is related to the Day's of Noah.  I was told yes.


I then asked to SEE further information, and instead I saw Joe making a phone call, and the voice of my friend RA came into my left ear, and then I was told by someone - "Why don't you ask the Chale (Chail?) ladies to see what they say!


NOTE: so far - not finding them on the internet - maybe he meant in Meditation?



5-20-13 - MEDITATION:  I meditated on the Chail ladies, and found that they are the angels who comfort people in times of bad weather and disasters of that type.


When I asked them about 'The Time of Noah', they said that there was much violent weather during the time leading up to the building of the Ark - it wasn't just a sudden downpouring of the sky.  It was a catastrophe of major proportions.




5-21-13 - DREAM -  I was living in a large house by the ocean.   A married couple and their small daughter came to visit so they could practice swimming in the ocean. 


The little girl was taken into the water first.  She was wearing a little red swimming suit and cap and I saw her out the window bobbing up and down in the gentle waves.


The husband looked familiar - a little like Michael J. Fox when he was young - a small man -  I don't recall seeing his suit, but he went into the water with his daughter.


The wife was a very large, chubby, buxom woman - a very good friend of mine over the years.  I didn't see her suited up, but she wore a very large nightgown, and I told her that if she didn't have enough clothing, she could borrow some of my old 'fat' clothes because I didn't wear it anymore.


I don't know why they had to practice swimming in the ocean.



5-21-13 - NAP DREAM -  I was too tired to start on one of my many projects, so decided to take a nap in the mid-afternoon. When I lay down on the bed, I told spirit to give me a dream that I could do something with.


In the first part of the dream, I was going to transplant a large cactus plant that had outgrown is place in its pot that was located on the outside of two pillars next to a hallway in the foyer of our large house.


Unfortunately, I hadn't thought to wear gloves, and in order to move the cactus which I had cut off at ground level, I would have to grab a hold of the cactus and its spines went all the way up and down the tall cactus plant and I couldn't figure out how to steady it in order to move it to a larger pot and place in the house.


I started to wake up and remembered something I had dreamt before, and was instantly back in that dream and it was mid-winter or early spring, and people were journeying from place to place, using a credit card to live in a hotel, and then move to a new location.


The young couple we were following were dressed in heavy winter coats, and so were we. 


They crossed a bridge over a large river, and then it was our turn and for reason, we either ran out of gas or something went wrong with the car, and we were parked right by the railing of the bridge as it crossed the river. 


The river was iced over with a thick snow pack over it, and there was about three feet of snow on the ground all around us, and there was no traffic at all. We were rather stuck where we were until someone came to rescue us. We evidently didn't have cell phones to call for help either, though we had access to money with our credit cards if necessary.


I decided to get out of the car and walk back aways for help, but when I touched the green railing of the bridge, it shifted ominously, and I was afraid I'd fall if I got out of the car and fall into the icy river, so I stayed where I was. 


I could still remember the young couple we were following who had crossed the bridge right before us... and I woke up with that memory.






5-22-13 - DREAM -  I was with a man who supposedly was my spiritual teacher.  He took me to a meeting hall that was full of people, some standing, some sitting on benches around the walls of the room.


I was wondering why we were there, and my teacher said, "There is someone here I want you to meet that you already know.  His name is Grael Hearty. "


I turned and looked over at a young man sitting on the bench in the corner, and I recognized his face - he looked like someone I had gone to high school with and he wasn't much older than that. 


The young man got up and came over to us, and rubbed cheeks with both of us - the teacher first - and then me.


That was a little unusual, but it was a nice gesture and comforting.


He said "Hello!" and we had a little small talk like, "How are you, I am fine..." and I asked him how he was doing, and he said he was doing Okay!"


It wasn't until I woke up that I realized what his name was and what it meant... Grael Heart.


  1. Realm of the Planet Neptune, Grael of the Heart's Desire

    Liturgy rites of the Fellowship of Isis, as originally written by Olivia Robertson.
  2. Grael of the Heart's Desire - Google Sites
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  3. Grael - Kabalarian Philosophy
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Damsel,' saith the King, ' A man is not good by his name, but by his heart.' ' You say true,' saith the damsel, ' But for the King's name have I despite of yours.

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5-22-13 - DREAM -  I was an apartment manager in a large building.


A group of people came to look at apartments all at the same time.  They wanted to look at one and two bedroom apartments.


I couldn't remember exactly which apartments were available except the one directly across from the office, and I asked a good looking man to take that one who I wanted to be my new boyfriend.  The rest of them (7 people) I took up the elevator to the 4th floor where some apartments were available, but I didn't know which ones.


They were afraid to all get on the elevator at the same time, but I assured them the elevator could handle 7 people.  I took them up the elevator and dropped them off in the first empty apartment, and quickly went back downstairs because I had to change clothes.


When the people came back down the elevator, they were critical of the apartment they had seen, and complained that the kitchen had too much furniture in it.


When they walked into the office, I was quickly pulling on bright green slacks and wasn't quite done pulling them up yet.


I tried not to feel embarrassed, and continued to pull up my pants - that was better than just standing there half naked.



5-22-13 - MEDITATION:  I was feeling inwardly extremely chilled...  I could not get warm no matter how many sweaters, jacket, and blanket I put over me ... I continued to shiver with chills inwardly.


I was half laying down in my meditation chair, covered with a blanket and still shivering inside when I heard an inner telephone ring very loudly.


Suddenly a woman, dressed all in black appeared, and she was leaning forward on a table with her hands planted firmly on the table and spoke to me like she was telling me something, though I could not actually hear what she said.


She looked like Lily, who is on the TV show, The Young and the Restless. 


When I started meditating on who this woman was, it came to me that it was not a goddess named Lily, but Lillith/Hecate.


That makes her one of the Lunar Triple Goddesses, and on the 24th is an Eclipse which I understand is supposed to open a portal to bring in all sorts of things, including DNA, bad CME'S and always with Eclipses, we get EARTHQUAKES.



5-23-13 - LONG DREAM -  After watching all the TV shows for several days, I had a long dream about some guys not being able to start their car, and then to remove all the debris from the tornado, all the wet dead leaves had to be removed that had the number 24 written on the back of them.  I spent a long time doing just that, one by one.




5-23-13 - DREAM - I  was in Milwaukee and was told at work that I had to go to Chicago to participate in either a lecture or game or a combination of the two.  It had to do with two horses, a deck of cards and answering questions and talking about the answers.


I was supposed to go with another person, but they couldn't make it, so I was going to have to go alone and represent both of us.


For this, I had to study the cards, the two horses, which both were black (I only saw the back ends of the horses and their tails side by side as they bumped into each other)


This was a real deck of cards (not the Tarot) and it had to do with the number 24 again like the previous dream about the number 24 on the dead, wet leaves to eliminate the tornado.


But the number 24 had to do with the black horses.


I was upstairs getting ready and had to go downstairs with my stuff to go on the trip, and when I got downstairs, I had a problem figuring out something, and had a discussion with a co-worker female and she tried to advise me what to do about the lecture.


When I was downstairs on the first floor, a Mexican draftsman came down and said he had to go to Chicago for the same lecture, but the white draftsman couldn't make it, and he didn't want to go, so I advised him that he should go anyway, that he might be able to make a new friend of the person he sat next to.  He was reluctant to go but said he would think about it and went back upstairs.


I also had to go back upstairs, and I tried to explain the game/lecture to another draftsman upstairs, and got all mixed up as to which answer I was going to give.  There were four drawings on a white board, and I couldn't remember which drawing was the appropriate one -  it seemed that it was the one with two white horse on it, which was prancing, but I wasn't certain if that was the one.


Again I went back downstairs and talked to the woman there again as she advised me what to do and then I had to go back upstairs and change clothes so I was dressed appropriately.


I woke up, and completely forgot the whole dream, and then it started coming back to me in bits and pieces, and this is what I remember of it.


NOTE:  upon researching "two black horses" and the number 24, I came upon this article about Abraham Lincoln and the hearse being drawn by two white horses, and the two black horses pulled the President's carriage.  The funeral was on February 24, 1862. 


While they were preparing for the funeral, one of most horrible storms took place outside that ever been witnessed.


When President Lincoln died, they took Willie's body from its temporary tomb and placed it on the train with the President's body and took them to Illinois, where they were buried in Oakhill cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. 





5-23-13 - NAP DREAM -  I was working at a desk at the end of a medium sized office, and my boss came in who looked like Eric Forester from The Bold and the Beautiful TV show. 


Eric brought in a large box or actually several boxes of copies of purchase orders he had been promoted to keeping track of sales of the many company's different outlets. He was just going to start getting all the purchase order copies in order of delivery dates.


He asked me if I'd like to help him get the purchase orders in order.


So, I quipped back to him, "Oh!  Now you want me to be a file clerk?" 


I was the owner of three of my own companies and kept track of everything myself... and now I should be a beginner file clerk?  It made me laugh.


I joked back with me, that it wouldn't take long.


Just then I noticed some colorful little baby toys and blocks piled up in the corner that had spilled out of a box next to the door, and went over to put them all back in the box for the new baby coming.  (My new great grandchild :-)




5-24-13 - DREAM - I don't know who I was, but I, my younger sister, and all four brothers who were singers and the men were all in a band, and I lived with the man who was the main singer.


He had to be at work at 8 a.m. and it was already 7:30 a.m. and he was going to be late for work.


The 4 brothers all slept in the living room apparently, and I grabbed all the blankets to drag them up the stairs to put them away for the day.


We were supposed to sing and play in another town, and the man I was living with bought my little sister and her baby a one bedroom house for them to stay in there.


There was something about the cost of the house and the number 144,000.


When I heard that news, I saw my little sister turned around and fell onto his lap, which shocked me.


But I had to worry about where I and my 4 brothers were going to stay and I had no idea, and I still had to get my man to work by 8 a.m.


Unable to figure all that out, I woke up instead.


Here are the 4 brothers:









5-24-13 - NAP DREAM -  I was in the house with my Mother and a friend.  I got a phone call from a woman named Kathy.  She said that she had the gotten the book I wanted to buy at 49 cents, and she had gotten it for 40 cents instead and she wanted me to know that.


I thanked her profusely and hung up. and after I hung up all of a sudden I wanted her to be my best friend, so I wanted to write down her number.


I grabbed my phone book that had pages and pages of notes in it and I couldn't find an empty space to write in, and finally I found a tiny space to write down her number.


Instead of going to the phone to look at the number the call had come from, I carefully and painstakingly carefully wrote down a number out of my head instead.  I wrote  282-4884-....   and I can't remember it - and I know that can't be right, because I never looked in the first place.



5-25-13 - DREAM - I was at our New Berlin, WI  house, and it seemed that we hadn't been there for some time and we were like camping out there now.


There was an old, old man there, dressed in a blue cowboy shirt and jeans.  I kept watching him so he didn't steal any of our stuff because I didn't know him or what he would do while he was in the house. 


Everything we had was wrapped loosely in bright green Christmas paper to keep it clean from dust because we had been gone for so long.  I was trying to sort things out that we needed to use.


I went outside then where it had been raining for such a long time, the yard was rather unkempt.


I had a long plastic spoon tool to move dirt to make the yard look more presentable.


As I walked along the ditch at the bottom of our hill, where the apple trees were - I saw that there was a mass of flowers hanging off one of the apple trees.  The flowers were pink and white which were as large as chrysanthemums, though they were apple blossoms.  They were hanging in such profusion, the mass of flowers, when I started to raise them up were hanging in the shape of a beautiful woman wearing a pink and white dress.  I asked my husband to help raise her up because with her one arm raised, she looked like she was greeting people, and blessing them. 


Hanging off the other apple tree, was another shaped flower blooms -  I want to say that it was shaped more rather like a black anvil....


This the energy (the anvil) is what it feels like to sensitive people right now.




5-25-13 -  DREAM -  I was looking at many drawings outlined in white of various people, both men and women.  I began pouring water in their faces from a long green water hose. 


I woke up, not knowing why I was doing that with the water. 


Then Joe changed the TV station and the program that came on was about waterboarding and how bad it was and who it was done to... just Alqueda people it said, but my dream had women in it too.





I had a long dream about creating a Child's Garden of Prayer.  Every word was written on a brick - laid into a flower garden.


It seemed to go on for several hours, laying out each brick and laid in the flower garden.


They were all easily remembered children's prayers.


I was told to create a book like this in 2001 by Iesous (Jesus). 


This is the pair of dreams I had in 2001


6-2-2001 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but I came down a long hallway full of people and ahead of me, standing against the wall was a man I've known since I was 18 years old.

I looked into his face and his third eye burst into a huge pulsating star.

Then the star grew until his entire face was a huge pulsating star.

I looked into that pulsating star and I could see into the sky and saw there 5 pulsating stars which formed a 5 pointed star.

I went up closer to him so we were face to face and as I looked into the star, I told him to look into my eyes, into the colored part.

At that point, I could see in his face a reflection of what was written in the colored part of my eyes. On his face was written a printed prayer which I began to read.  

As I read the prayer to the other people, they began reciting it too, as they knew it better than I did. It was a blessing for the world.

I went up closer to the man again who was wearing a maroon colored robe.

I got down on my knees in front of the man, and then I could read on the bottom hem of the robe, that the prayer was from the Angelus, in Loyola, France.

The dream then continued when we left there, we went to the man's house. I had a husband also, who looked similar to the airforce guy in  the television show ......    The man's wife was mad as hell that he had been gone so long and she didn't know where. She started to swear at him and left the house. I could hear her walking away down the street swearing like I've never heard before.

My husband started to laugh, 'another one down the street' or something similar.  It seemed that the man had a wife a week because no one could stand that he would leave the home without saying where he was going and show up the next morning with strangers from God knows where.

We were going to make breakfast, and there were yellow and colored boxes on the table where the wife had bought dinner from some restaurant and brought it home for herself. I opened the box to see what it was, and there were two sunfish laying on their sides in the box which were cooked. One was at the 6 o'clock position and the other one in the 9 o'clock position. She had eaten the others.

Off to the side then, I saw a humungous fish tank, with 5 different colored fish in schools swimming around. The woman who was raising them was training them to do something. I could see lots of other fish in the tank as well, and I remembered my friend Michelle's fish tank, whose fish were always having babies. I remarked that I should get my own fish tank back out and get some fish.

I went into another small room in the house like an ante-room by the front door. There were 12 Italian firemen in uniform singing something fabulous in Italian. They came to the end suddenly and sat in silence, listening. I said, "It seems that you are expecting the cops or a fireman to be at the door. I opened the door, and there stood a tall policeman, coming to tell the guys to get back to work.

I was standing there and the policeman threw a yellow towel over my face and he was playing with the outline of my nose through the towel, and the guys were laughing. He said, "I'll bet you can't guess where you are.  I was worried he was going to punch my nose or something, but I laughed back, "Yes I do, I can smell the garlic through the towel."


This dream is called, "My Funny Nose"

6-2-2001 - DREAM - I was working in an apartment building. It seems I was the cleaning lady.  I went into an occupied apartment with a light blue vacuum cleaner. I also had a video camera with me. I wanted to take a picture of myself vacuuming. I decided to go into the livingroom where the light was brightest.  However, when I tried to take my own picture with the camera, I could see that doesn't really work. My arms were too short to get a good shot of me with the vacuum cleaner. I could either take a shot of my face or the vacuum but not both together. I would need someone else to take the film.

All of a sudden, the people who lived in this apartment came in. They didn't see me because they went into the bedroom.  I could hear them talking to each other. The husband was singing and humming and changing clothes and the wife was also. She said she was going out with the girls and left the apartment.  The husband then came into the hallway to get a shirt out of the closet. He pulled out a blue and white checkered shirt and put it on.

The man didn't see me until he had his shirt on and started to button it. It was then I recognized the man, it was the same man from the previous dream.  I had known him since I was 18 years old. We were very good friends.

He continued to hum a beautiful tune and we sat on the couch together. I was leaning against him while he hummed and I was looking at some little children's size books, which had pictures around the edges and the words in the center. They were little children's prayer books.

I turned around to look at his face and his face was changing. I could see he wasn't who he really said he was, and his face was smaller and wooden-like, similar to a statue I've seen in the past.

I said to him despite the wooden look, "You are so beautiful."

He said to me, "You know now I'm not the person you always thought I was. My name is Jesus of Nazareth and I have a mission for you to fulfill."  The little book in my hand then became a tall, slim book of prayers.

I then saw a vision of 4 red symbols. I tried to quickly see what they were, but I could only recognize the last one. It was a heart with a nail through it.

There doesn't seem to be any reason why this dream is called 'My Funny Nose', but it was named that before I woke up.

See Jesus Heart





5-27-13 - DREAM -  I was working in a large office somewhere.  My boss was female and she was either transferred or promoted upstairs.


After she left, she called me on the phone and asked for a file that was C . . . 964.   I couldn't remember what the first three numbers were, but I figured if I just looked for 964 I would find the file.


There was only one file drawers and it was a long one - starting with the number 1... so I just went to near the end to find the file that ended in 964.


I discovered way back in the file drawer were some files with no numbers on them, and way at the back, the folders were rather flopped over and not neatly filed.  I opened the last 5 files that had no numbers on them and inside of the were paper clipped several small lollipops and a person's photo.  I figured those must be of people who had worked in our office and died, and no longer had a number assigned to them, but I wasn't sure of that.


I then looked about half way down the file drawer and between some files, to make them stand upright were a bunch of empty plastic bags crumpled up - a lot of them... the just held the files upright.


While I was doing that, a giant of a man came rushing into the room and asked me for the file.  I didn't know who he was and even though he was good looking and attractive - I wasn't about to just give him the file without knowing his identity and why he wanted that file even though he made it sound like he was a delivery man.


So, I pretended not to be able to find the file he wanted, and I found all kinds of files with similar numbers.


While I was messing around with the files, a younger black woman came into the office and she made it seem like I and the man were messing around with each other, but I told her I was looking for a file and couldn't find it.


Just then, I found a piece of paper that had C . . . 964 (I don't recall the first three numbers) and it was written in French, and I told the two of them it was written in a foreign language and I would have to get it translated.  The file wasn't about a person apparently, it seemed it was about a company.


She and the man left the room together and after they walked out, I found a couple of items that evidently were in the bottom of file.  One of the things was a metal tube of a light tan color and I wondered if it was a small bomb or something because there was a short wire coming out of one end of the tube.


I was afraid to touch the object, so I just let it lay there on the floor.


I then looked at the piece of paper again, and saw that it was 095 and not 964, so I went back to look for the file again.


I found a whole bunch of files with similar numbers and finally found one that actually said C . . . 964, and grabbed it and took it out of the drawer.


This time it was about a man but before I could identify him, the giant sized man came back, and again I didn't want to give him the file, so I told him about the plastic bags in the drawer and started pulling them out and throwing them around and told him about the files with the lollipops in them.  He was rather being entertained by my dramatics. 


I just wasn't going to share the information with him.  I didn't trust him with the piece of paper.  I would deliver it upstairs myself.


NOTE:  It wasn't until mid-afternoon that it finally dawned on me what this dream was about...  The BIG C, and 964 = 19 and the person it was for who went upstairs.



5-27-13 - DREAM - Again I was working in an office.  It was daylight but the ceiling lights weren't on.  I was reading a piece of paper and saw the number 165 on it.


5-27-13 - DREAM - Again I was in an office, and I saw a boy, dressed all in blue coming down an aisle in a corn field and there was someone following him, I waggled my finger at him to hurry and get into the room with me to protect him.  There were puddles of water all over the floor and they needed to be wiped up.


5-27-13 - DREAM - Again I was working in an office, and Joe was in another room with a boxer dressed in green.  He tried to bring the boxer into the room with me, and I shut the door on him.  I said, "Just because you protected me from Joe DiMaggio this morning, doesn't mean you can bring a boxer into the room now.



... "Lollipops," "Just Between You And Me," and nine others (accompanied, but reticently). Their vocal style and arrangements, though not strictly





'Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?' just not the same » Let's ...

In a "Joe DiMaggio Quiz," these are just some of the questions I would include: 1. ... Go ahead and have a rat on a stick, but please don't call it a lollipop.


Lollypop by the ChordettesLyrics
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop.....

Call my baby lollipop
Tell you why
His kiss is sweeter than an apple pie
And when he does his shaky rockin' dance
Man, I haven't got a chance

I call him
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop.....

Sweeter than candy on a stick
Huckleberry, chimry or lime
If you had a choice
He'd be your pick
But lollipop is mine

Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop.....

Crazy way he thrills me
Tell you why
Just like a lightning from the sky
He loves to kiss me till I can't see straight

I call him
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop...




5-28-13 - DREAM - I was with my friend Mikki and we were seemingly on the old Highway 15 in New Berlin going West, and we made a sharp turn onto a road that also goes west and meets it at the top of a hill, so now we were going in tandem toward the east and going downhill very fast.  It seemed that we were now on  _______ road right where it ends and I intended to turn right and go south on Calhoun Rd where I used to live.


But I ended up in a large building - I don't know where I was but it seemed to be a warehouse for clothing, except this clothing was hanging from the ceiling in rows between concrete pillars.  Where I ended up was in a section where very tall women were looking for something to fit them and they were much taller than myself.  Mikki and I were no longer together because she is much shorter than me and we don't wear the same size clothing at all.


I met two women in an area where thousands of pairs of mauve colored slacks were hanging on racks from the ceiling.  I asked them what size pants these were as I had seen some down aways that looked like they were like size 50 or more.  I told the first woman that I was looking for size 22 or 24 and she rather looked at me strangely, wondering why someone as short as I was would be in her area because she was at least 3 feet taller than myself.


I decided I needed to find a smaller size and kept looking and ran into a woman who was more my size who seemed to work there, so I picked a pair of mauve slacks from that section, but evidently made a mistake because on the inner part of the slack leg, was marked with many white chalks marks that were all 11's.


She took the slacks from me and started handing them to a very small person, (he was about three feet tall) laughing and telling him that they were damaged goods because some of the workers had used it for kicking at it in frustration like a kick boxer and each person left a foot marks from the side of their shoes as they kicked that pair of pants as it was brought into the warehouse.


At that point, I was trying to get out of this warehouse and go home.   It was then that I followed the small man through an area where keys were hanging from the ceiling near a large dark green door.  These keys were hanging in strings where a key near the floor was partially inserted into the bottom of the key above it - all identical keys so that if you turned the key and pushed upward, it engaged the key above it all the way up to the ceiling and they all turned simultaneously. 


None of the keys in the rows were alike, but all the keys in the string were identical.  I couldn't imagine why they needed so many keys to open the doorways.  All of the keys went almost to the floor.


The little man said just as I was leaving a whisper, he said, "There will be a doorway opening on 11-12-13. 


And just like that I was awake.



5-28-13 - MEDITATION:  I meditated on the dream, and what I saw was that I was to eat green foods, and when I did, more green foods came up right underneath is so there was more.



5-29-13 - DREAM - I was at work and a couple of girls I worked with wanted to go across the street to the (dime store  (Woolworths?)  to get lunch and I wanted to also so we started to go there at noon.


There was a problem with the elevator and the doors were opening between floors as well on the floor levels and it was difficult to get down to the right level in a timely manner.


We ended up crossing the street about 1/4 block away from each other, and I crossed the street with little bitty steps because I wasn't feeling very well.  On top of the that I had to walk across a maroon/red car because it couldn't cross into the traffic and was in my way.


I entered the store lobby and there was an optometrist office right there, and the optometrist was handing out large green posters about diseases that people could get and that they tested people for them.


I took the poster to read, and there was a large man sitting and talking on a cell phone right behind me, and I thought he was talking to me, so that was a little



By then, the man from the optometrist office was coming over to interview me to see what disease I might possibly have and I really wanted to find out because I was really tired and had walked with those itty bitty steps to cross the street instead of striding like a normal person does.




5-29-13 - MEDITATION -  I was looking at what looked like a juke box that needed tuning up, and I saw things bubbling up in the window at the top, and like yesterday, it came to me that I need to eat lots of green foods.


Daphne is feeling these energies.  very heavy and negative.  Green food helps with this.


5-30-13 - DREAM - I created a lot of web pages alphabetically on my computer, labeling them by number starting with 1.  When they were done, I clicked on each number which closed them, and I woke up when I got to 10.



5-30-13 - NAP DREAM - I was at home, seemingly in my 16th St. house, and my work Supervisor came to see me, rather upset with me, because the night before, I had verbally okayed a 'party' when some of the men had wanted to drink at a 'work' gathering.  He told me that only the "Director' can approve a 'party', so he made me sign off on the 'party' approval for the cost factor.  (He resembled Nate Berkus from TV (a house/apartment re-designer).


I did that, and then he left, so I went into the kitchen where I had a small refrigerator.


Inside this refrigerator on two shelves, one above the other it looked like two large cheesecakes - at least 16 inches across - and the shadows of the grid work of the shelves looked like a film was running - in other words - the grid work was shifting like it was moving upward.


NOTE:  After I woke up, I realized that I AM a Director - actually Executive Director of Earth Mountain View Educational Research Center at



5-30-13 - MEDITATION:  I was actually trying to go to sleep and couldn't.


Suddenly, I saw the word/name  CORALINE


This is what came up in a web search:


Coraline - Featured Result

1h 40min - PG - Animation/Family/Fantasy

A young girl walks through a secret door and discovers a parallel reality that is eerily similar to the life she already knows, yet deeply unsettling in a number of ways, in director Henry Selick's animated adaptation of Neil Gaiman's international ...

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