5=1=12 =   SEE"


5-2-12 -  FATE 



The dream started out with me writing an article about zoos and the keeping of animals that are going extinct.  I was lookiing at a computer screen that was typed in black and white randomly - not in any particular way -  and I wanted to add a section within the black and white - a quite large paragraph typed in  RED font, but I couldn't find a good spot to put it.  I finally decided to put it at the end.

When I put the RED text at the end of the black and white text, the whole article turned to real life and I found myself in a zoo where a furry greenish animal was giving birth to a baby with great difficulty.

I then saw a green sheet of newspaper (it used to be published in the Milwaukee Journal and sent to soldiers overseas during WWII.)  There was an article in the green sheet where I saw the word  FATE printed larger than the rest of the text and that drew my attention it. 

The article was printed in such small text, it was smaller than any text on this computer can make which is 8, and the article was so long, I tired of reading it, not because it wasn't interesting, the sentences were overly with terms that were not commonly used in our vernacular, and for the green sheet, quite unnecessary, so I quit reading the article even though it was interesting at first.

By the way, the green sheet went out of existence as well eventually just like WWII ended.

I then heard some ugly noises in my house and discovered that all six of my television sets were making that awful noise when the station goes off the air and all you hear is electronic sounds.  Strangely they didn't all go off at the same time, but the show  ONE LIFE TO LIVE which I watched for some 40 years was on, which I watched every week day when I wasn't working, and still watch the reruns on the SOAP channel even though the program ended in January, 2012.   ALL MY CHILDREN ended, as did another one I've forgotten the name of it. 

I stopped watching General Hospital because all they did was kill people after awhile and I hated that feature of the show.  But when my favorite characters showed up from ONE LIFE TO LIVE,  I started watching it again, just to see John McBain, (who I dream about frequently) and  Starr Manning, and her mother and Father, Blair, and Todd (who has been played by a couple of guys who I loved just as much. I loved the first Todd when he went over to another show too. and then he went back to ONE LIFE TO LIVE just before it ended.  I just don't want it to end   Characters from General Hospital and One Life to Live are now playing other parts on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and I watch that show even more carefully because I love those people and the work they do even more than I love the shows.  They were part of my life for so many years.   I watched the kids grow up , and get married and have families, who sometimes died.  My life is wrapped around those people even though I don't know them personally.

But back to the dream.

I started shutting off the TV sets to stop the electronic noise even though the same show was on other TV sets that were still working properly.  But someone started pounding on the front door and I had to answer it, so I turned off the last TV to answer the door.

As I got to the door, the UPS man and his truck was just leaving and he had left a package at the door, and a friend of mine, who had a key to the door was trying to get into the house and finally just pushed open the door which wasn't locked. 

I yelled at her,  "Why didn't you just push open the door?"  just as she did.

She brought in some stuff from the store in paper bags, and I started folding up the bags and storing them in the kitchen to SAVE them   doesn't everyone do that?  And I realized -  NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. (NOW big cities are banning plastic bags because they don't disintegrate in the garbage dumps, so I guess they do last forever and we don't want them to, so now some cities force people to use cloth bags that don't last forever.




what am I?  a way station?

5-3-12 -  DREAM -  I was living in a little house in the city, and people would knock on my door and say they ran out of gas and ask me to call a gas truck to bring them some gas.  After awhile, there were like six gas trucks outside and six people inside but nobody could talk to each other outside and take care of their own business.  They all had to knock on the door and ask me for permission to do business with each other outside.  I finally got tired of it and stopped answering the knocks on my door and windows.

I woke up and went back to sleep and ended up doing the same thing in a hospital room.  I sat on a bed, not a patient, but like a way station and women dressed in suits, wringing their hands would come in and sit on a chair like they were all worried about someone, then a nurse would come in and talk to them, and they'd steal a washcloth or wipe their hands on a towel and leave again.  Two patients even made a date with each other in passing.

I was like the laundry steward, making sure the towels and wash cloths were suitable, and I ended up stacking the dirty ones in the bathtub in the bathroom, because people just couldn't keep their hands off the towels and wash cloths in the room.

It was a just dumb.  There was nothing wrong with any of those people.  It was just like a way station.


5-3-12 - Michelle's dream  -  I was on a boat somewhere and I and two people got kicked off the boat while it was off shore.  The man w. as like a James Bond type of guy and the woman he was with was a Senator's wife.

After we got kicked off into the water, two Chinese military guys came after us, swimming under water with dart guns.  Inside the darts was a black powder that when it got on people caused seizures in the brain. 

The James Bond type guy warned the Senator's wife and I not to let any of that powder they were shooting at us got on our skin.

After we got on shore, I ended up at a humane society with Arnie - a friend of mine and we went to look at kittens because his old cat had died recently.  The humane society was in terrible condition and they were raising litters of kittens to sell to the public and they were not being fed well.

I went into a side room where there was a large white rabbit.  the rabbit was large and beautiful but I twas not being fed well either, and they were feeding it pellets of some kind instead of real food they need.

After I left there, I ran into the three boys from Malcolm in the middle.  The youngest one was dressed in kilts and wore black dress shoes.  His shoes were untied and his brothers didn't want to wait for him to tie his shoes, and he kept saying, "I have to poor"  over and over and over, but I didn't want to let him use a stranger's bathroom so insisted that we got to the Citco station, but when we got to the Citco station, it was closed, so we had to find a different gas station to use their bathroom.

On the way through a field to get there, we were accosted by a 20 year old guy who insisted that he fight with the kid in kilts.  I got the same statement, "I can't fight, I have to poop really bad".  So the guy made a formal statement about allowing Malcolm the right to poop first.

Finally we got to the gas station and Malcolm came out and said, "I feel so relieved. "


I don't recall anything else.

NOTE:  I GOT UP AND ATE A CANNED PEAR, and settled back down to rest some more.

I had a vision of an old book that was red and black  that was titled but I forgot the title and focused on the author   B.F. Goodrich.


That feels to me like there is going to be a flat tire on the car if we go out and drive to the appointment.

Yesterday, I got the warning of the pill bottle and didn't understand it.  This time it feels like a legitimate warning and I have to heed it.  Just like the last time I dreamt of a car accident I avoided by not going out, but Joe narrowly avoided when he went out anyway.



5-8-12   meditation AFTER BREAKFAST.   I  was just relaxing and I heard a loud, long telephone ring inn my head.  I said,  "If there is a message, I'm ready to hear it."

I instantly fell into a dream and found myself laying on t a sofa in the arms of an angel. (a male)

I then was in the livingroom with my friend Lee Chin and she asked me how my blood test went.

There was another person with me, who said, "She has this niece named AMY.  (names means  LOVED"

I then looked behind her on the picture window was a huge fine  spider web with thousands of almost see-thru spiders and tiny bugs who other ate.



5-9-12  DREAM - I don't know where I was, but I was amongst huge groups of older teens, and we were in some kind of camp.  We were inside an enclosure made of black wire, which I told the supervisor I had helped my Father build.  There were approximately 400 to 500 teens in each group and I saw four groups from where I was - and we were all stark naked. As I recall, I saw no one who was fat in these groups.  We were all built similarly to each other and nobody even cared or noticed that we were naked or where we came from either.


We were all more interested in what we were to become - though I don't know what was expected of us either.


In the beginning, we were all looking outward of the wire room we were in, clinging to the wire and staring out at a large parade ground which was empty, but from there I could see the three other wire rooms in the camp with all the naked teens in each one.   All tolled, there had to have been at least 1500 to 2,000 teens gathered there.


We were all talked to, interviewed individually by older men in their 30's and somehow sorted out into smaller groups - still all naked, but eventually we sat on chairs in a room where there were tables and desks and magazines and catalogues were passed out from  which we could choose brand new clothing.

As I recall, I chose one that had voluminous draped fabric that was very beautiful.  There was a variety of outfits to chose from and we were made over from top to bottom, including hair and makeup.  Everyone here was made up beautifully in the end.


At the end, we were in huge rooms where very large rolls of aluminum foil was stored in boxes.  I recall that one of the boxes was marked 90 feet,, so these were not small rolls and the particular set of boxes I was in front of was at least five feet wide as well and 90 feet long.  I don't know what was going to happen with this stuff, but that's what I remember seeing there.


I heard no disagreements in this place.  Everyone was passive, disinterested in where anyone was from - just wondering what was coming next and what we were going to do, which we had not been told as yet.



5-9-12-  MEDITATIOM DREAM - After breakfast, I decided to meditate, and went to the 5th dimension and asked if there was a message I should know for today.   This is the dream I was given:


DREAM   I was in my New Berlin house, and was probably in my 40's in the dream, and most of my kids were in their early 220's and still living at home.  There as also a baby in the house - a young girl baby. 


My husband Ed came home from somewhere else, and I didn't pay much attention to him on a personal level and spent the morning making him a chocolate cheese cake.  I told him to help himself to cheesecake, which he did and then he left with my sons to go out and do whatever they were going to do, which meant drink and have fun. I then fed my daughter some cheesecake as well.


I felt guilty that I hadn't given Ed any personal time, but he was already gone with the boys so I couldn't fix that now.


A visitor came to the door.  She told me that she wasn't happy with her boyfriend, and just then he showed up at the door as well, and she introduced him to me as "Jack"  and I told her we had met before, and without telling her, I didn't find him as nasty as she had said he was, so I didn't know what their problem was.  They then left together.


I went out to the garage to turn off the lights and close the garage doors as all  the cars were gone, so I started doing that and as I turned off the light and closed the last door (there were two overhead doors and one side door)  I discovered that the water situation in the garage was insufficient to clean a god and white baby sheet that my daughter had used.  I tried scrubbing it, but it needed more water.


I went back to the house to make sure my daughter was okay and had finished her cheesecake and put her down for a nap.


I then found out by telephone that the girl who had visited earlier was having her baby and I felt happy for her, but I also found out that another man who had been to my house - a short, older man - had been out on a drunken tirade around town, and I hoped that he was picked up before he showed up at my house again.


Just then, there was a knock at the door and three men stood there, and said they were from the U.S. Dept of Water.  I said to them, "Good!  I have an issue with insufficient water in the garage."  and let them take care of that issue.











4-10-12 -  THREE DREAMS


I  was watching a small size TV set and Nora (from One Life to Live TV show) was on the air announcing something to the public.  She touched her head in an odd way, and I thought she had a headache so I called her on the air to ask her that.  

I looked at the clock and it was 10:00 a.m.  which meant she went off the air, and somehow the TV screen got covered up with books so I couldn't see her, but I could still talk to her, but I got confused by the book situation and didn't get her answer.


2.  I had a small boy baby laying in a large box cover next to me on the table.  I realized I hadn't fed him yet, so I quickly warmed up a bottle of milk for him and he wouldn't drink it.   When I poured the milk into a cup, which was too small to hold all the milk, the milk piled up two inches over the cup instead of spilling over.  The milk was curdled like scrambled eggs.


My husband Ed wanted some milk and he wouldn't drink it either.  He poured it into some plants and the milk piled up two inches over the top of the containers there too instead of running over. 


3.  I was in a building somewhere, standing in the hallway.  Two soldiers in camouflage uniforms were coming towards me.  They were both black and didn't have their shirts on.  It took forever for them to walk down the hallway towards me because they had such short little legs.  When they finally got close to me, I saw that they both had heavily wrinkled foreheads and their chests were so wrinkled it looked like rows of mountains up and down the chests. 

I wondered if I could use one of those new electronic gadgets to iron out the wrinkles and they must have read my mind because they turned around and ran back down the hallway and down some stairs and outside again 10 times faster than they had walked towards me.  They were afraid of the microwaves.


After I woke up, I was so confused by these dreams, I didn't even want to write them down, and after I ate breakfast, I sat in the chair to take a nap and get the dreams out of my mind, and almost instantly had a voice come into my head that said  RFC specifications.  That is related to microwaves, so then the dreams made more sense to me.

GOOGLE.COM  rfc specifications - microwaves:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=f5ac0051340b9d4b&biw=1280&bih=820



4-11-12  DREAM - I have no idea where I lived.  I was doing bookkeeping in a combination of computer and paper slip[s that we4re check sized.  Not sure if that was business or personal. 

I saw a photograph of a small creature that lived under the refrigerator.  It was cute, rather like a small badger or ferret.  I don't think it was mine but I thought I twas cute.


I realized my kids were helping to clean the house, little by little and I rewarded them by giving them chocolate chips, and I had a handful myself I was snacking on.


I had a document on my computer that had very large print on it in yellow, and I wondered why I couldn't read it, then after I printed it out and wondered how I could edit it, I realized it really didn't say anything at all - it only seemed like it -  such as the words  such as:  meat beef pies would be actually eeef teeem  spie or something like that.


Almost seems like my dreams are making fun of me.



5-11-12 - NAP DREAM -  I was living on a farm and it was pouring rain and someone reported a crop circle had just formed. 

I was working for the locksmith company and knew they were going to need their locks changed the same day.

Out in the yard, a woman was standing out in the rain selling potatoes, and the water was already ankle deep and nobody was going to be buying potatoes in the rain, so she left.


Some men stopped in at the farm house and asked me what kind of amortization factor we used on our farm, and I told him, "I don't know anything about tha kind of terminology - we rent this place. "


I went back into the house and saw a pile of tools at the foot of the stairs.  On step one was a small pile of small sticks, and the rest of the stairs was covered in shredded broccoli.  I knew that was not the way broccoli was harvested.  At least that's not how ours was harvested and I was not going to spend all day picking up pieces of shredded broccoli and hope it could be cleaned to eat it.


4-12-12 -  DREAMS -  I was drawing the number 1 thru 7 on a piece of paper from the head of a table at arm's length, in large strokes with a pen.

I got to the number 7 and said, "It is GOD!"




After the dogs stopped howling, I fell asleep again and went back to the numbers and was painting over the numbers with golden paint, and all 7 numbers looked like whales.




DREAM 2:  I  was managing an apartment building in Milwaukee, WI.   I had some new water plants that needed to be in water.  I had just received them and put them in a large glass vase by the window.  It wasn't until then I noticed that the picture window on the front of my living room was wide open and only the white filmy curtain separated me from the outside and it was windy outside, so I then closed the window.


Two other women came into the apartment then to help me clean it and there were large panels of curtains between rooms and evidently someone small had chlorate on their hands in the kitchen and we had to work hard to get the chocolate off the curtain.


One of the other women said she had to go to work and she and her husband cleaned for a living in the apartment building right next to mine, but lived in mine.  Her husband was out in the pouring rain wiping off window ledges. 


we tried to figure out the name of the building and named several prominent Milwaukee Boulevards as to where her building was.


5-12-12 -   DREAM -  Apparently I was in Milwaukee, WI, trying to figure out what happened to the group I had wanted to belong to that had broken up.

I only knew one person who had been the closest to them at the end, and it was my daughter-in-law Becky.

I contacted Becky and she said I could go with her to the store, so we got in her car and he drove like a wild woman down the city streets, which fortunately had little traffic.

We ended up going backwards around a corner and she parked in front of the store and jumped out to run into the store, leaving me in the car by myself.

Unfortunately, the car was still in reverse and she hadn't pulled the emergency brake which was on the far side of the car, and the street wasn't level and the car started rolling backwards. 


I put my foot over to the brake on the driver's side of the car, but from the passenger side  I wasn't getting a good hold on the pedal and I started rolling faster and faster backwards.


I tried desperately to stop the car, and the street ended in a parking lot just a block away and how I managed not to hit any cars I don't knew, but the car rolled all the way through the parking lot without hitting any cars.  Somehow I managed to change the direction of the car by pulling on the lever in the center of the floorboard and now the car went forward because the gas pedal was stuck down and new I did hit several cars and that finally stopped me.  Unfortunately I now was responsible of riot only crumpling the car I was in, but two others I ran into.


I don't remember calling the police but the law says you have to, but I somehow ended up at home again - without Becky.  Apparently I walked there.


On a table in the house,, laying loose all by itself was a map - a colorful one, with a circle on it and marked 'TV station'.  I got the impression it was in a southern city and apparently the group had tried to purchase the TV station and failed and the group broke up.


 I saw a small box on a table and wondered what was in it.  When I opened it, there was a tiny little brown bunny rabbit inside it.  It whimpered a bit when I opened the box and I saw that it was in fresh newspaper strips, so I quickly closed the box so it couldn't jump out.  Across the way, I saw a clean round terrarium with a lid partly off of it, and inside was more fresh newspaper strips and a green frog about two inches high and wide. 


I wondered who these little creatures belonged to and I was going to call my husband to find out when I heard a commotion out on the street and when I looked out the window, I saw him running down the street with a camera in his hands, trying to photograph something quickly on the run.


I ran outside to find out what was so exciting to photograph and when I got outside, I could hear a thudding sound and then a whole crowd of people voice a loud   "awwwww" sadly"  so I ran around the corner to see what had happened.


Standing next to a short fence, a little girl in a pink dress was standing there, crying softly.  Apparently she had been dancing and doing acrobatics for the crowd of people fe4l on her backside instead.


I wanted to stay and see what the crowd and my husband was going to do about it, but I had to get back to the rabbit and the frog who needed my attention.



SEE:  Maurice sendak:



5-13-12 -  DREAM -  Evidently I started a new business out of my home in New Berlin, WI..  I still had young children at home, and my daughter was out in the front yard playing with other children in a large white cabinet that was standing on the lawn.  It looked like an outhouse or bathhouse without a toilet in it.  The kids were running in and out of the cabinet, slamming the door each time and being really noisy.


The first customer came to have her hands massaged.  She was in her 70's or ufo's and wanted her hands massaged so she could play the piano better.    I sat her down in a chair that had a table attached to one arm and started massaging her fingers and she said, "You are doing it quite different from what I would have done!"


I didn't want to tell her that I had never given a massage in my life but how tough can it be to massage the fingers?" 


While I was doing that, another older woman came, who was in her 60's and she wanted help with making a beef dinner called  Seusaw, which I had never heard of.  She said she had the recipe if I could just tell her how to fix the vegetables, which she had not brought with her.  Recipes generally tell you what to prepare and how to prepare them, so what she expected me to do about her recipe without even seeing it, I didn't have a clue and I was in the middle of doing the finger massage and she didn't have an appointment.  We talked anyway until I asked her if she would like me to come to her house and do it for her and she said that was a good idea.  But I had to do the hand massage first anyway.  So she just sat there until a third woman arrived.


The third woman also wanted cooking help.  She too wanted to make a beef dish that took all day to cook and she hadn't brought the recipe with her either.  These women could have called in their request or at least brought their vegetables with them for me to prepare for them.  This didn't make any sense at all..


While I was talking to the third woman, a four woman arrived who also wanted cooking help  She had lived in the neighborhood for quite some time and had moved out recently.   I asked her if she had seen the crocodiles that were now living in my backyard that someone had recently given us.


We looked toward the backyard and there were about 100 or more crocodiles sunning themselves in mud but there as no water evident for them to lay in - just mud.  It looked really nasty.  To top that off, there were dogs running around teasing the crocodiles.  Nobody would want to see such a sight  even if they were in the front yard.  What was to prevent the crocodiles to wander from the back yard to the front yard?  There was no barrier there.


I asked the fourth woman if she had brought her recipe or vegetables with her and when she planned to make her meal.  She said, "Well, you have the recipe I need in a cookbook in that cabinet I left you in the yard over there -  and that made sense.  Now I knew what to do with the other cooking women as well. 


and I woke up.


Right after I finished typing this dream, I had to go to the bathroom and I immediatelly recognized what the crocodiles in the backyard meant in the dream.   Now I have to go back into my journals and see how  other backyard dreams are referenced. 


BACK YARD DREAMS,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=9dda4f27ff9e7e63&biw=1280&bih=792




5-13-12 -  DREAM -  I had a dream about starting a church in our local hometown.  It sounded so simple, but when I started analyzing all the different peoplel needed to run a church program, I realized I couldn't d oit alonne, and I woke uup and continued thinking about the various jobs needed to run a church.


    Before I present this series of dreams and visions about the Holy Grail and the ..... E.B. came up to me and I said, "We want to start a church in that building ...
    Dee went into a dream and found herself standing in the hallway of her old apartment ..... Earl Burris came up to me and I said, "We want to start a church in that ...
    9-1-02 - DREAM - I was in my apartment early in the morning. ...... I was being filled with was that of being commissioned to start a church FOR THE PEOPLE.






5-14-12   DREAM - 1:55 a.m. -I seemed to be in Los Angeles or Hollywood more likely in the lobby of a hotel.

American Idol  Ryan Sechrist  came and gave my boss a gift.  My boss looked like  Jay Leno with dark hair (not the white hair he currently has on TV- with very high cheekbones.  Jat was wearomg a charcol grey silk suit which was so beautiful.


There was an entire large display of what looked like mechanical pens, but some of them looked like black hypodermic needles with writing on them that you can dial the amount of drug it gives you.


Also, there  was a model there displaying clothing -   she was very thin with extremely prominent cheekbones who stood like a maniken except she was alive and next to her were other identical manikens with the same face. When the model smiled, her cheekbones were so prominent, it looked like she had extra bone injected into her face, but when she stopped smiling - it looked very real.  I was envious of that Indian look - she was so beautiful.


Then, on the wall were about 24 Indian type hanging decorations that looked like women except they were made of turquoise, red, and white sparkly tiny beads - and I had to have those so I could copy them and I started taking them down off the display so I could take them home 'for safety' purposes and copy them for myself.



5-16-12  - DREAM - i was evidently part of a cleanuup crew following up on some re-construction somewhere where people had bought but i twasn't finished inside.  Part of the yard was missing as well, so the crew was going to fix it up inside without disturbing the outside walls so nobody would know something was going on inside.  


The men did the hard work like the plumbing and woodworking and I did the cleanup work after them.  I warned them that if anything was out of place when they were done, it would be gone in the morning.  They just laughed, but I wasn't kidding.  I was sick of their mess.  I noticed that JMichael from my Maintenance crew in Milwaukee was there as well as some other men I've known in the past.


I was stannding and talkinng to one of these men and his left arm suddenly disappeared and then his mouth had no tongue and then his head went away and I started to get scared.  I voice in my head said, "Don't worry -  his ET family is just picking him up." 


That not only made sense, it explains some other strange things I've dreamt in past dreams.


Being part of the cleanup crew was hard work, but felt good because when I was done - the place was really clean.



5-16-12  NAJP  DREAM -  This felt like the same house as the one above, but I don't know for certain.


In the beginning, I was sitting at theh kitchen table, writing in what looked like a very large checkbook - record keeping ledger.  I marked the number 4 in a little box to represent the number of bedrooms in the house.  Then I wrote a check, which was number 1 in the book.  (I don't recall what I wrote it for or to whome)  I put it into an envelope and put a single green stamp in the corner of the envelope which was not very large and set it at the corner of the table.


At that point, a woman clerk from the bank came into othe room and I handed her the envelope to save me the trouble of mailing it.  She half lifted the stamp off the envelope and then stuck it back down and took it with her back to the bank.


I then looked around the kitchen and it was as clean as it could possibly be.  I saw a little child's table in the corner and put a little dollie's highchair next to it. Apparently there was a little girl living here as well.


There were no appliances in the kitchen, so to make dinner, I had a two burner hotplate and a blue oval ceramic covered metal pan and put potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, peas, and tomatoes into it.  (Joe and I had decided to make that in a conversation right before the dream)


In the drema,  Bo, from One Life to Live TV show was mu husband (I hd just watched an episode of that show before the dream)


I served him dinner at the wooden table that had 4 chairs placed in the center of the room.  He was appreciative but said, "I guess we have to buy a ne4w stove.  Where do you think we could get one?"

I responded, 'Maybe at the bicycle store around the corner?"   I figured they might also sell appliances.


over in the corner of the kitchen, on the floor, was a chrome square holder of some kind.  I picked it up and Bo and I tried to figure o9ut what it was for.  I thought it might be a mouse trap, but it had a ingle lever in the center and it was marked a50V and had a hole in the side.  I thought maybe it was a holder for a soldering iron.  


Bo said laughingly, "Maybe we can take it into the bedroom and try to figure out what it's for." 


I didn't think that was very funny. 

and woke up.






I  was writing and then editing a document about books for odefense.  I evidently made an error in the placement of one asterisk in a paragraph that when I duplicated the asterisks, duplicated the error on the page, and I had to rearrange the asterisks to eliminate the error, and then find the error mulitple times to fix it in the document.  Since there was a number of asterisks placed specifically to make a diagram, it wasn't easy fixing the error.


I meditated on this dream at noon and was shown an audience of 20 rows of people 15 people wide = 300

I saw them long enough to count them accurately.


The 300 makes sense:   The committee of 300 


What do we need to defend ourselves against/



















5-16=12   DREAM  -  Ryan Sechrist was my husband.  I was slim with really short choppy cut dark hair.  We were i a small town area somewhere with rough rocky forested surroundings.


A woman at a fast food place said she liked my new haircut, then we went to a large cabin-like house where I was sorting through piano music to play and found a set of thick pulp magazines that were about criminals.


I, Ryan and another young guy got on 10 speed bycycles and rode down a rocky area - cann't really cally it a driveway -  down to the highway that went through really rough country and were talking about some criminals and as I woke up the words  "The Challenge of the Ayers" came into my head.














THE AYERS CFHALLENGE,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=71c9827e22056066&biw=1280&bih=792




obama/ayers/annenberg chalenge,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=71c9827e22056066&biw=1280&bih=792






5-16-12 -  NAP DREAM  - I don't know where this takes place.  I'm in a house with my husband.  I'm in a large room in the center of the house, and my husband is in another room next to it.


In front of me is a beer spigot attached to something.  I have my thumb on the beer spigot knob and I start to hear what sounds like a radio playing.   I try to tell my husband about the sounds coming from the beer spigot but my husband is in the other room calling my Mother on the phone to ask her if she's all right.   I can't get his name to come out of my mouth - I'm choking on my words and he's taking to my Mother.  I know my mother is dead and I can't call her on the phone - how can he?  I try desparately to call his name and get his attention and I can't.


All of a sudden, a screen appears on the wall next to me, like there is a television there - but I know there isn't.


There is Ryan Secrist sitting on a chair with a lovey-doey blonde woman next to him saying she is his wife.  Am older man, with white. dressed in whihte sitting in a chair on her left raises his hand and says, "No!  I'm her husband - at least I was until we went to court.!" 


Ryan says nothing to refute his words, and I wake up feeling like I'm going crazy to see and hear this stuff. 




























5-17-12 -  DREAM -  i  was in a huge exercise room -  larger than a basketball court - it was square - There were many teens or college age kids in it, all doing acrobatic exercises -  like hand stands and flip overs - I don't know the n ames of them


Then off in a corner alcove, three white girls grabbed ahold of a smaller size white girl and picked her up off the ground and started shaking her and abusing her.  The girl tlried fighting them off and even biting them on the arm but they wouldn't let go of her and they shook her even more and it got very intense.


I don't know why I didn't try to help her but I was evidently just an observer and I forced myself to wake up, but I could still see them and I couldn't get the sight out of my vision or my mind, and I kept asking myself.   Why didn' I try to help the girl?



5-17-12  DREAM  I was at a very large building.  I can't remember why I was there.  I wasn't seeing anyone there, but I wandered the hallway, finally coming to a room at the far end with a wooden door which I wanted to enter.  There was no doorknob or niche in the door to push or pull and it finally came to me that maybe it slid sidways.


When I slid the door sideways, it slid very easily, but it was a heavy door - like a bank vault. 


I entered the door and the room was made of conrete - but somewhat shiny and the walls I knew were very thick and soundproof.


All of a sudden a handsome black man entered the room.  He was naked from the waist up, with sweat pants on.  Je kist stppd tjere amd ;ppled at ,e amd O wple i[/




5-17-12 -  DREAM - This eemed to be the same building I had jus  left but I could be wrong.   I was the rental manager and there were a few poeple who had underpaid their rent but just a dollar or two and I had to go around and collect that money


Therew as a black womann in my apartment, and evidently my husband liked potato chips because therew as an empty bag in the trash can - one of those one pound bags, and he had just empties out another one as well which I stuffed into the trash can before I left to collect the rents owed.


I woke up and a loud bell rang in my right ear.  I said, "Hello!  instead of is  I'm ready for a message andn the voice said, "You'd better get some exercise.


That was the longest I've slept in a long time.  It was way past 6 a.m.





5=18=12 = DREAM -  I was working at A-C (1973 - 1984) (Allis-Chalmers, which was located in West Allis, WI.  However, the people in the dream did not work there - I knew them from other aspects of my life.  Bob the Painter name means 'bright fame' - worked with me at Juneau Village Garden Apartments from 1993-1996. A small Jewish man I haven't identified, Nash  (name means 'at the ash tree")  (from One Life to Live TV show) and a woman from teh same show who plays the part of a nurse in this dream.


I spent some time in the dream, running up and down several stairways that were open to the air, not enclosed in stairwells, and I ran up the stairs as fast as I ran down them - for exercise I assume.

At the end of the dream, she confronted me and I was hiding my head under a blanket, so when I peeked out from under the blanket, I could only see her face as she toldl me, "I want you to do a study on OXIDATION".


I responded,  Oxidation of what?" and she responded  CANDY!


All three men in this dreams were alcoholics.


I woke up instantly and I could still see her face hanging in the air over my head.  (I hate that when that happens)


I went back to sleep, where I was again in an office at A-C, setting up a dietary chart in genreral, and I started the charrt with coffee and tea which both have 0 calories. At some point, while looking out the window and saw my Mother and grandmother (her Mother) slouching in the back seat of a car driven by someone else who was not in the car at the moment.  Both were wearing pink flowers dresses of different shades of pink.  They were about to be taken somewhere else.


I thenw ent back to my chart to conitnue to set it up.


oxidation (n)

[ òksi dáysh'n ]
  1. addition of oxygen: a chemical reaction in which oxygen is added to an element or compound
  2. loss of electrons: the process of losing electrons from a chemical element or compound
Synonyms: corrosion, oxidation, erosion, corruption, decomposition, tarnishing


Essential oils are also subject to oxidation. This reduces the shelf life of the flavor itself and the flavor of certain confectionery products. While a glassy hard candy matrix largely protects the essential oil from exposure to oxygen, others do not. Marshmallows, creams and other aerated products incorporate air, exposing susceptible flavors to oxygen. Oxidation of essential oils tends to result in typical soapy notes. Citrus essential oils are particularly subject to oxidation and the formation of terpenes.

"This is one of the most critical stability issues in the flavor industry," notes Birgit Mitsch, business unit director, confectionery group, Firmenich, Princeton, NJ. "When a citrus flavor becomes oxidized, it develops objectionable off-notes in the flavor and in the finished product. Because of this, a standard citrus liquid or powder flavor has a shelf life of only one year. Certain encapsulation processes can protect flavors from oxidation."



· Oxidation is the interaction between oxygen molecules and other substances. 



5-19-12 = DREAM -  I was shown a document that I could read except for the name 'hoss'  which was not capitalized. )  'hoss' was  "Dan Blocker"


Then the real dream started.  I was livikng in a house I've never seen before, and there was a very heavy snowstorm during the day with several feet of snow.


At the end of the work day, my sons - late teens or early 20's came home from work with 'hoss' and I instructed them to quickly come into the kitchen and get out of their wet clothes and drip off there and then we had a druneral to go to. 


I'm strongly thinking now that this is about December 21, 2012 )


Back in the dream, we went out to the road where a very fancy hot rod car, and another car were steering what looked like an oven on wheels down the road.  This oven vehicle was either silver or bluish-silver.  This vehicle was the size of an oven but couldn't steer itself well and the vehicles were used to keep it straight on the road.


I, my sons and 'hoss' were on the other side of the street preparing for the funeral, and 'hoss' instructed me to fill up his thermos which was silver and very tall, which he pointed to, and told me4 to fill it up, but said, "The funeral parlor will provide the coffee.  That indicated to me to fill the thermos with liquor which he needed to get rhough the funeral.






5-19-12  NAP DREAM -  I woke up in a panic because i hadn't finished my job at work. 


I was back in my office at Allis-Chalmers.  I had a purchase order on my desk that needed to be typed and signed.


My boss Ricard was talkiing on the phone to the guy he was going to go visit and he was sitting in the middle of the room doinng so. 


The purchase order was in front of me and i tneeded to be signed by Richard before he took it with him to give it to the companyy making the parts.  I had a letter of documentation attached to the purchase order stating that the part was almost done, and there were two business cards attached to the paperclip holding a drawing (our cop) to the paperwork.  One said  B READYY, and the other one had my name on it and I'mm tinking that name was DUR  (my initials?) or a place name?


I waved the purchase order, the letter and a shiny blue folder under Richards nose so he would see that it was done and that he needed to sign it and take it with him.


I placed it on his desk, thinkiing it was done and the I woke up and reali9zed I had NOT typed the name of the company that was making the part on the top of it, nor dated it.


I wanted to get back into the dream and finish my job - but I couldn't.


Question is, what was it for and where was he going? 


We made very large parts - some as big as rooms in houses.  I specifically was in charge of shipping patterns for impellers that went into cooling towers for nuclear power plants and for ships that ply our oceans.  We made military - non-sparking impellers.  We made the best in the world.


I left there in 1984 - right about before we were to have a big layoff - lots of people had already been laid off.  Right after AIA left, the company moved to a new city farther west and the office I had been working in was torn down and a Walmart store bilt there.




5-20-12   MEDITATION:  I went to the 8th Dimension Healing Temple and called for Shamanic healers to come to help me.  My requeest was for energy blockages be removed that affected the clarity of my vision.   I said this multiple times.


I felt into a dream in which I saw some burn marks on my lawn.  I went closer to look at them, and the burn marks were patches that contained pitch black dirt with pure white pearlite in it - like potting soil is.  When I got closer, in the burn marks were three tiny kitten that were identical in color to the burn marks on the lawn.

I pulled the kittens out of the burn marks and I ddin't want to let them go.  I held them closely to me. 

I was told that I was going to have to let them go, and I couoldn't let them go -  I didn't want to let them go.


I either wetn into another dream or the dream changed and now I was in the driveway ofo my home.  My husband was over to my right in a shiny silvery blue cvar.

In the driveway was a tiny little black and white dog, and a child's curved silver spoon which a child first learns to eat with.


The tiny little dog was going to get hurt or stepped on and I wanted to kick him in the ubutt to make hiim move, but he kept dodging my foot, so I finally picked hiim up to lookat him closer.  He was that tiny.


When I looked up finally, there was a large screen television set in the street ahead of me with a gorgeous beautiful technicolor cartoon picture on the screen.


I started screaminng - almost shrieking to my huusband " I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS CLEAR IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.   I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS CLEAR IN MY ENETIRE LIFE."


i woke up,expecting to see clearly and my eyes were full of glue and I couldn't even see the corfee table three feet away from me.





5-20-12 -  MEDITATION DREAM -  tHIS WAS ALL ABOUT GREY CATS VS BLACK CATS, VS WHITE CATS along with Rex from One Life to Live TV show who invited me to theh mall and then tried to dump me when we got there.  I rfound him preening in front of mirror wearikng a baseball cap iin front of some women who were actually admiring a newborn baby - not him.  I ended up holding his camel-haired coat so he didn't try to hang it on the push bar of the baby carriage.


We went past the pet department wehre the guy wearikng a white coat was telling a woman she had to have Omero FOR HER NEW BIRD AND HE SAID THE OWNER OF THE STORE GREW HER OWN SO SHE'D KNW IT WAS GOOD.






NAP DREAM  11:50 P.M.

Joe had watched a movie scene from 1971 with Jimmy Stewart in it.  I onnly heard a portion of it because I had been sleeping, but this was a couple hours later.


I was in a hotel next to a large river,  I looked out one window and saw a very large metallic object hanging in the sky like a huge ugly milk can and below it was flating in the sky a bulgy looking airplane .  Both were absolutely silent and just rather hanging in the sky.

A moment later, I looked out another window and saw these two same objects rising quickly climbing in the sky, again silently, and someone in the hotel told me that the government had told them that they had to rise quickly because something was coming... perhaps a storm? 

Another moment later, again I saw both objects out a different window going in a different direction.  They hadn't left the area, but were now just hanging in the sky in a perpendicular flight path to the first one.  Apparentluyu, theyw eren't really going anywhere - just hanging there observing something?

At that point, I looked into another room and saw a paneled wall with a door in it and there were marks all over the paneling and then I saw some silver thumbtacks on the fllor so I picked them up and pushed them into the wooden door like they belonged there.

I walked into the hotel diningroom then, and the woman in charge was talking to an older man who looked like a general in the army.  I saw a couple of large glasses with some odd fluids in them pouring from one continer into another.

I overheard the woman say to the general,   "Your daughter took something off theh table this morning."  and while she was still talkikng, I saw the little girl standing in a cloet door opening -  a pretty little curly haired blonde - in a red checkered dress.  She was grinning at me like she was guilty of osomething, bu tliking it. 

I opened my eyes, thinking I wasn't suppposed to be seeing this, and closed my eyes again, and saw the little gain, backing up into the closet, grining like a guilty chiold, and grinning even harder when she saw me watching her.




5-22-12 - DREAM -  i don't know what city I was workikng in, but apparently all the people I was workikng with were Asian.


I thought I was managing an apartment building, but I saw no furniture in the massive storage space in the basement - only slabs of something that seemed pliable and not too heavy. 


I helped carry two slabs of whatever this was in storage that were about 4 feet by two inches by 8 inches wide.  I took a p;eek inside th cloth covering and it looked plastic, but could have been something like taffy.  I had nol sense of temperature in that space - I don't think it was cold.  The cloth coverings were a different color than what it covered though it was similar -  like a package that was covered in a honey colored cloth had something of a similar color, either darker or lighter inside.   There were also darker tans, and some greens and some blues as well.


The women whom I was helping were all newly pregnant, and the men could have been married to them though I don't know if they were.


In my office, I always knew by 4 pm whether someone was leaving a space, so I agreed to notify a woman named Barb in the same business when I knew for certain that they were leaving.


The storage rooms in our building were massive, and I noticed that some of the pallets had object, also covered in cloth that were three feet by three feet, by three feet in size.  It seemed to be made of the same stuuff as the slabs were.






5-22-12 -  MEDITATION DREAM -  I was on a city street and stopped in at a restaurant.  It was crowded at first, but emptied out almost instantly when someone came in with a large German Shepherd dog.


The man I was sitting next to at a table was not very nice and I left immediately after not even waitiing for my ice cream cone to arrive.


For some reason, instead of just waking, I was dragging a rolling office chair and that helped me rest for a minute here and there because the route I chose had a lot of ankle deep water to traverse alonside the road, whiich looked rather like Oklahoma Ave.


Along the way, a bright red car, driven by someone name Said ______ and his wife came by and said they were going to choir practice and they pulled into a home church.


A little further along, I came to a house where I was called by name,  Dolores, and he said he was Mr. Meitner, and  I asked if Barbara was home and he said, "yes" and called her out.  


She hd been plaing mjusic, so oI heard music during our whole conversation, and while I was talkling to her, one of her neighbor's came out uwhom I also knew by the name of Patty.


Patty came over and we talked for just a minute and I introduced the two women, and then Patty's sister came along, and she and Patty were dressed identical and had identical nsoes with a prominent bump on them.  I asked her what her name was, and said, "Patty".


I laughed andsa id, "Well.  Tha'ts appropriate."


At that poiknt, Barbara was about to invite us into her home to listento some more music, which Patty said identified her.


and I woke up.


I woke up and felt like I had known Patty and Barbara for many years.


Do I?










i I was lookiing at a conveyor belt with groups of three "cookies" I will call them, consisting of a tiny piece of fruit, surrounded by jelly, sourrounded by cookie dough - and each group of three 'cookies' represented a set of crop circles that were put into the fields of earth at the same time representing the amount of 'sweetness' in each set of crop circles.  There were no two sets of three crop circles the same amount of 'sweetness of information they contained.  Some sets had a piece of fruit the size of a raisin in comparrison with a set of three crop circles with as much fruit as a full peach would.


For me personally, I was temped to eat one of those cookies but I realized I couldn't swallow it because I was allergic to wheat.



5-23-12 - 3:30 a.m.    FEMALE ABDUCTEES DREAM


I was part of a group of abductees, and it came to me that female abductees wouuld tend to have more sightings of UFOS during the time of month when they were fertile than at other times of the month, because the aliens would be tracking their fertile times of the month for their hybrid program.  I thought it would be worth tracking the female abductees fertile times to see if indeed there was such a correlation in a particular abductee group.


While I was comtemplating this idea, I was sitting in a brightly lit office with yellow walls at a desk that was rather like a window between two sections of offices where one would communicate with other people. 


On this desk in front of me was a stapler encased in its own box with the name General on it, and I couldn't get the stapler out of the box even though I knew it was a communication device that went right to the General.


So I decided I would call my friend Linda who was also in the group and make this suggestion to her and I would volunteer to keep track of the women's fertile times of the month vs their UFO sightings for an entire year to see if this idea was valid.


NOTE:  I've personally been told by an abductee that the aliens no longer do the hybrid program, so this piece of information would be useless anyway if that is true.



5-23-12 -  MEDITATION:  This was supposed to be a past-life recall, but somehow I don't think that's how it ended up. THIS FEELS LIKE A FUTURE ACT OF REVENGE


First I saw myself on a bus, then on an airplane. I was very tall, thin, and lanky.  Then I was at a large theatre, and I looked down on myself wearing a bright green shirt with a bright blue buttoned sweater over it and light grey slacks that had a sharp crease down the front and white rubber soled shoes.


I went into the theatre that was very large with overstuffed seats in it. I wanted to sit next to my  female friend but she had chosen an end seat and someone else was already sitting in the second seat so I sat behind her instead.


The female lecturer stood  in front of this very small audience of only about 10 people mostly all sitting way at the back of the theatre on the left - the lecturer standing way on the right at the front.


This was supposed to be a lecture about how to medicate.


All of sudden I was at a very large facility that looked like a ball field.  I was observing this from behind the scene.


To enter the ball field to perform, one had to call a special phone number and announce one's presence.


The tall, thin, lanky man, called the phone number to announce his presence, and the female gate keeper answered the phone, standing right next to him which he wasn't expecting to happen.


She said, "Hello!"  and he was shocked to hear her voice, because they were never to speak to each other in real life.  He quickly hung up realizing who had answered the phone - a job she got because of her previous telephone company experience.


She yelled after him as he strode into the ball field, mad as hell , "That was it, wasn't it!"


And he yelled back,, angry as he could possibly be and still in shock,  "Oh! Shut up!"  He knew he was in big trouble for what SHE had done.



5-24-12  - DREAM 1 -  i was livinng in a house I think was my 16th st. house I grew up in.  I was in the diningroom and there was a bird cage on the floor in front of me with all kinds of bird seed in it and around it.  There were no birds in evidence, so I have to assume they all died, however many there had been.  The conversation with my husband was about the bird seed because there were some large seeds that only a parrot could handle.  I asked my husband what kind of seed it was because it looked large peanuts. 


My husband said "Those are Cheerios".


I only remember Cheerios being round with holes in them - like doughnuts, so I asked him if he was certain about that, and he said, "Yes!"  I was certain he was wrong, but what do I know about bird seed these days. 


I then thought I heard a cat "meow" somewhere so I listened closer and then the sound was closer and I looked out the window into the darkness of night and saw some kids walking paset the house and one of them was screaming.  I also saw that someone had a flashlight on the child's back shining brightly or I wouldn't have known who was walking past.  In the light of the flashlight, I would see clearly that it was a child screaming with the adult behind it with a flashlight.


Once they were past the ability to see them out the window, I went back to cleanikng up the bird seed.  I don't know why there was so much all over the floor as well as in the bird cage, and there was still the issue of the bird seed that looked like peanuts.  It just couldn't be Cheereios.


DREAM 2:  I was managing an apartment buiilding and I thought I heard a cat 'Meow", so I knocked on the door where I was walking in the hallways, and when the woman answered the door, I asked her if she had a cat inside. 


She's answered, "No!"  but as soon as she said it, I saw a cat coming out of a closet behind her - a big grey cat.


Since I was new to this particular building, I asked her, "Are cats allowed in this building?"  She said, "Yes!"


I told her, "I'm going to have to find out for sure.  I'll let you know!


I walked away down the hall and saw my husband go into another apartment where some guys lived, but further down the hall was an apartment that had an open door and it looked like someone was moving out and I would have to inspect that apartment so I couldn't stay to find out what my husband was doing in that apartment right then.


I then went outside and couldn't believe my eyes.  In the gutters of the street were masses of bird seed and peanuts.  It was so overhwelming, I just stood there, unmoving.  It would all have ot be cleaned up and I just didn't have the heart to do it right then.



DREAM 3.  I was living in an apartment and outside the balcony window was my prize Jade plant.  A jade plant can only stand just so much sunshine and only so much water or it'll die though they are easy to grow, but I wanted the plant inside the window so I could control the sunshine and the water situation, so I asked my husband to move the plant for me, forgetting to tell him where I wanted him to move the plant to.


A moment later, I saw my husband planting my belovbed Jade plant in the middle of theh lawn in a giant sized hole.  He flooded the hole with water and when he touched a leaf on the plant, the whole plant just keeled right over, actually floating in the water. 


I was just about to scream, "Oh no!"  and tell him I needed the plant in the house, when a large white van pulled up to the curb and I knew iti was an inspector of some kind I would have to deal with, so I couldn't yell at my husband to bring the plant indoors.  I would have to deal with that later.


I woke up and started thinking abou tmy own kids, whether I had given them Cheerios for finger foods like parents do these days.  I just couldn't remember that many years back -  that was 50 years ago.


Then I wondered if Cheerios had changed because I heard a commercial recently and I think I remember them saying Cheerios and peanuts in the same sentence, but couldn't remember exactly what they said.  Have Cheerios changed?  Too many kids and people are allergic to peanuts.  that could be dangerous if peanuts are in cereal of any kind.


I ened to look that up.






5-25-12   DREAM -  I and a female friend (name unknown)  went to have our hair cut 4 inches long, so it stood  up on end like grass and then went with our boyfriends to a new golf course being developed from a farm where the grass was cut 4 inches long out of an old pasture.


The men we knew stood on our humped backs as we crouched on the ground on our hands and knees,  to hit the golf balls off of our heads.  Then we two women hit the golf balls for practice off of the grass.  (No tees were used) I only saw the men as shadows.


Then we two women went out into the field to find the golf balls and found all four golf balls had been hit within 4 inches of each other 218 yards out.


When we got out there, we discovered that a brick and wood structure had been removed from the site with deep rectangular  holes still in the ground wjere 4 [;amls were pulled out and it was a very dangerous soft area to walk in.


On the way back to the old what farm house, I had to crawl through a very tall 'bush' hedge that was easily pushed aside to crawl through.


My muscles hurt all over from the day's exertion, but I knew I would get used to this over time.


NOTE  Something tells me, I am Hillary Clinton -  remember that I and my female friend were 'hills' off of which the golf balls were hit by theh men.






5-26-12 - MARY JANE'S BOX    I don't recall a dream before this scene, but at the end, I saw a dark haired girl in a green box in a closet trying to sit up and desparately trying to sit up and smile and me.


After I woke up I was told this was Mary Jane (obviously my lifelong friend who pssed away several years ago. 


I then went into another dream in which I was told it was based on Mary Jane's Box and again I saw a dark ahired man in a box trying to sit u pand smile at me.  I found this distrewssing, so I opened my eyes and attemped with great difficulty to stop seeing it. I finaly blocked it out,  but again fell alsleep and went into a dream in which I met a lot of people I knew were dead and I was going to be their teacher as they all knew me well.




5-26-12 - DREAm  -  I was living in my New Berlin house and my friend Nancy's daughter came to visit.  She looked almost exactly like Nancy but a little thinner.   I gave her a big hug, andn realized at some point that my sons were going to emet her daughters and I would end up with grandchildren and/or great-grandchildren that also came from her family line and our family lines would merge now.


I was shown the girls phone numbers - all in Wiscosnin,  Myrtle Lake and Plymout.  I can't remember the full numbers, bu the Myrtle Lake numbers started with 763 and the Plymouoth ones started with 764.



I was layikng on the bed, watching TV when I felt the bed shaking very fast 4 or 5 times.  I fell asleep and had this dream.


The land where our house was sloped gently towards one direction and there was water seeping from the soil.  All the plants  leaned towards the source of the water and were growing really fast - extraordinarily so.





DREAM -  I was in a city somewhere and a friend of mine found a bright dark blue booklet describing the protocol of hohw to say goodby at a funerall and inside was the song TIME TO SAY GOODBYE which was the name on the front of this large size booklet.   We were singing the song as we were crossing the street.


another scene showed the writer of the song by the name of Tommy Tune and he went to be interviewed on a radio show.  Tommy Tune was a medium skinned black man and in the interview he said to the interviewer who was a darker skinned black man, "I am Hawaiian".


The darker skinned black man said, "You are a detriment to our kind."


I then was shown two very large apartments with fancy scrolled sofas in them, dark bright blue wallpaper festooned with long haired cattle laying in the fields, and long furred sheep laying in the field with crowns on their heads.  I knew that meant they were Jewish, but these were dark skinned black people.


Then I was again on the street and saw Tommy Tune crossing the street and going into a hotel.  He was having a discussion on a cell phone with his wife, telling her he was not going to a funeral somewhere. 


Here I was carrying the funeral booklet in my hands written by Tommy Tune, and the man couldn't go to a funeral to say goodby to someone he loved. 


So, what else couuld I do?  I followed him to his hotel and went inside behind him, but not showing myself.


Tommy Tune went into his hotel room, nnt closing the door all the way, and continued his conversation wit his wife, telling her was NOT going to the funeral and I knew he was hurting her feelings in this conversation the way he was talking to her.  I knew it was because he couldn't stand to say goodby to thhis person, whoever it was.


So, I took the dark blue booklet with the sonng in it and pushed his apartment door open and tossed the booklet onto his hotel room floor.  It landed with a plop sound on the floor.


Tommy Tune turned quickly around and saw the booklet on the floor and aid t ohis wife,  "Someone is at the door.  I have to call security."  and as he as I turned to run, he was calling security, he said to the eprson,  "Put it in encrypted", like he ddin't want them to know who he really was.


I turned to run like hell out of the hotel, and as the door opened to go outside, I woke uup with my heart pounding from fear of being cauught.


Awake now, I told the dream to Joe and asked if he ever heard of Tommy Tune and he said "No" and he was half asleep and didn't have any snwers for me about this dream.


I thought about getting up and writing down the dream, but closed my eyes again, and went right back into the dream.


I was now in an apartment with a woman and just observing the scene. 


Tommy Tune came out of the bedroom, hauling a heavy yellow plastic bag full of clothes over his shoulder.  The woman said to him, "Did your brogher call you?"  and the scene panned over to the corner of the room where this ancient dark glossy black skinned man stood with his wife beside him.  


The man had a white beard that came half wayy down his chest, but he was bald headed on top with a very high odd-shaped forehead.  He was wearing ancient clothing similar to a dark blue robe.  He had his arms folded in front of him and his wife was holding onto his arm.


This dark black glossy skinned man started to smile and changed form a couple times like he had appeared in several generations and I immediately knew his name was THOTH.


i immediately opened my eyes and looked at the clock, rather in shock, saying, "Oh my God"  and it was 1:44 a.m.  


I really felt shocked that I had just seen what THOTH looked like.  It blew me away.


I told Joe this part of the dream and the name of the song  Time to say Goodbye, and Joe started to sing the sonng, as sung by Anndrew Bocelli.  and I told him, "Oh my God!  That's exactly how I was singing it in the dream too." 


144 is a very important number as is  144,000 in the book of Revelation:



Twice in this book, mention is made of a group consisting of 144,000. In chapter 7:1ff John heard of 144,000 (12,000 each from twelve different Israelite tribes) servants of God who had been sealed on their foreheads. They were thus obviously redeemed people.

Also, the apostle saw a “great multitude, which no man can number” out of every nation. These too were redeemed individuals who had been made white in the Lamb’s blood (v. 14). They had victoriously triumphed over tribulation, and they served God continuously in his temple.

Some feel that these two groups are really the same people — just from different angles.

Again, in Revelation 14:1ff, John saw the Lamb on Mount Zion. With him were 144,000, sealed with the Father’s name upon their foreheads. This great multitude had been “purchased out of the earth,” and they were said to be the “firstfruits unto God and unto the Lamb.”

The “Jehovah’s Witnesses” have almost no concept of the distinction between the literal and the figurative language in the Bible. And so, they literalize the number 144,000 in these two contexts, and ridiculously argue that only 144,000 people will gain heaven.

A Watchtower publication states that “the final number of the heavenly church will be 144,000, according to God’s decree” (Let God Be True, p. 113). The balance of saved humanity, they contend, will live on God’s glorified earth.

It should be noted that the term “thousand” is used nineteen times in the book of Revelation, but not once is it employed literally in this document.

The 144,000 in Revelation 7

There are some minor differences of opinion among reputable Bible scholars as to the identity of the 144,000 in Revelation 7.

John T. Hinds argued that the number referred to those who were saved from the physical nation of Israel (112).

Others, like J. W. Roberts, felt that this company is spiritual Israel, i.e., the church (71). Some think this group represents the martyrs who have given their lives for the cause of Christ.

Be that as it may, it is generally acknowledged that:

“The number is obviously symbolic. 12 (the number of the tribes) is both squared and multiplied by 1,000 — a twofold way of emphasizing completeness” (Mounce, 168).


144000 (number) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

144000 is a natural number. It has significance in several religious movements. In the Mayan calendar, a baktun is a period of 144,000 days. Reuben Simeon Levi Judah ...






5-27-12 -  DREAM -  I was in myy current livingroom, and my daughter's friend came in and I explained to her about who THOTH was and what he taught, and she didn't understand, so I went back in time and explained who the Sumerians were and she still didn't understand, so I took her to my computer so she could read abouut in more depth.


Ii went to the bedroom to tell Joe about this and another smaller girl came in and this turned out to be the little sister to the other girl.


I asked her where her mother was and she said "she's in the bathhroom",  (which is between the bedroom and the office)  so I went through the livingroom back to the office and waited for the mother to come out of the bathroom.


When she came out, she was blonde, in her 30's or 40's and I gave her a big hug and said, "We've known each other for such a long time." and she agreed but this was the first time we had ever met.


I asked her how long it had taken them to get here and she responded, "We got on the plane yesterday afternoon".


I said , "You must be exhausted."  and she resonded, "Yes!  I really could use some coffe."


So I took her to the livingroom, which was now a square blue room wallpapered and the wallpaper was festooned with pink roses.


I apologized that we only had one lamp in the room, but it was tall and quite bright anyway.


I started to realize that we didn't hhave a coffee pot and I didn't know how I was going to make any coffee,  I woke up because Joe was talking on the telephone and he sounnded like a different man until I was really awake.


In the dream, I thought I was talking to Michelle's mother but Michelle doesn't have a little sister, so it finally came to me that I had been visited by Melanie, Kayla and Michelle.




5-27-12 - NAP DREAM -  I wanted to move to a college town and was told to watch out for the army base near there.  I looked at ma that the bus company  put out and saw that there was an army base about half way to the town, and the bus stops were clearly marked on the map and I saw taht they stoped every 40 minutes always on th e9's.  One was clearly 3:39 p.m. 

Since it wasn't time to go yet, I stood outside and watered myy garden, which was quite interesting because I said to myself, I even have tow water my plants in my dreams. 


I saw that I had irises - and all the plants leaned towards the college town, and circles of Sheflleria, whic his what I have to replace because mine died last winter - whether of too muuch heat from the sun, or too cold, I don't know.  It could be because of lack of water as well.  That made me very sad.







DREAM -  I had a job as some kind of inspector at a very large school.  There were two of us.  The other one was a woman who reminded me of  Our Miss Brooks, but couldl have been Nora, the District Attorney from One Life to Live.  (She is moer recently Dr. Barton - a psychiatrist on The Bold and the Beautiful TV sow)  


We both did the same job but from oppostie perspectives.  I told her that I inspected the school, starting in the basement and ending on the third floor.  jshe toldl me that she started on the third floor and ended up in the basement.  I figured as long as there were two of us, we'd get the job done somehow.


I went up to my apartment which had a long hallway inside the apartment with a door at the end.  The door opened and in came Quasimoto wearing only thin underwear from the waist down.  He was naked from the waist up.  He was accompanied by Jack who is a businessman from The Young and the Restless whose ambition is to own two perfume companies.  However I couldn't bear to look at Quasimoto in his underwear so I forced myself to wake up.


When I went back to sleep, I was in my apartment alone, disgusted at how neglected it was.  I had a lot of plants (vines of various kinds) that were struggling to live and I was trying to help them, but obviously I wasn't paying enough attention to them, but when I checked their roots I could see they were still struggling to live so I helped them as long as they were trying.


However, the throw rugs in the apartment were askew and I saw half grown kittens making doo doo on the carpet and some of it was all dired up and it all had to be picked up.  While I was doing that, two women came in without knocking to help me clean.  I asked them why they didn't knock, and they said that their schedule was posted on the bulletin board in the lobby which I hadn't looked at.


So they started cleaning, doing all the ame things I had just done.  One of the women (Rebecca)  asked me if she could have the throw rugs, and I said, "No!"  She proceeded to throw away my vines, and I grabbed them back after looking for their roots and if they had at least one, I put them back into the continers they ahd come from. I wasn't going to give up on them.


After te women left, I looked at the aartment again and saw what looked like candelabras on tables along the walls, and the apartment looked wonderful, but then as I looked harder, the candelabras looked like Mexican vines struggling to grow up the walls.  They still looked beautiful because they were trying to grow.






5-28-12 - DREAM -  This dream actually started before I fell asleep and then went into the dream itself.


I started thinking about how I've been told to start a church 4 times, and the last one said, "locally', and I just don't feel qualified to start a church, though I could if I had help.  However, a dream group I can also do with the help of a translator because I would want to do it locally for Spanish speaking people as well as English speaking people. In my mind's eye, I was at the Sue Casita Restaurant with a white board, doing the basics - house = self, etc.


Then the dream started.


DREAM  I was in my livingroom, and there were 4 tables with movable tops side by side.  I was at one end and my husband was at the other end.  One of the tables was a sewing table but all these table tops were interchangeable and moveable. 


On the floor next to me were open boxes - about 1 foot square and none of the puzzles had yet been worked and all of them had blue backs.  I could put a puzzle on each of the 4 tables and they could be worked simultaneously.


Next to the puzzle boxes on the floor, papercliped together were pictures I had cut out of magazines of bed covers of various colors.  (Bed covers = dreamtime)   I didn't know why my brother would want pictures of bedcovers.


It comes to me that everyone is our brother.  Right? 


I knew I couuldn't do everything at once, so I chose to pick up just one thing and do it, and when that was complete, I'd pick up the next thing in its turn.  That's the way you work a puzzle too - one piece at a time.


Then it came to me after I woke up, that when I do a search of our website,  example yesterday was THOTH -  I've already done 109 pages about THOTH, and I added one yesterday.  How many different ways can one talk about the same topic?  Endlessly?  And it's only in English.  These days, one can translate English into any language with the use of software that is already on line. 


That means we can take one page of our website at a time and translate it into another language and have (four)  remember the tables in the dream)  versions of our website - starting with the basics - like a page about spider dreams, wolf dreams, etc.  Whatever is applicable to other languages can be done - one page at a time.


We could also provide a language translation linka on each page which would work as well, but to have each page already done especially in Spanish would be really helpful to people locally.



4-29-12 - midnight - DREAM  - I was managing a large apartment complex in Milwaukee, WI and there was a party going on in our recreation room. The furniture was very fancy, made of heavy wood, very ornate.  A young lady, about 20 years old was lamenting that she had to undertake a serious exam in order to get ajob like mine.  I knew she was too young to be more than a starting rental agent, and was glad I ddin't have to take an exam like her to get my jmob and I got on-the-job training besides from very good professionals.


My daughter came through the lobby, lookiing very tall and thin and beautiful.  She asked me how I was feeling.  My response was, I feel like crap and I look like crap.  I knew right then I had to go out and buy a new dress for the wedding that was coming up this Friday night so I oculd look as good as her.


I planned to spend at least $100 for it to make sure it was good enough for the occasion.





4-20-12 -  DREAM PORTIONS:  I was in a room with some little girls who weighed themselves oon a canvas covered chair scale.  Each girl popped nto the seat , bo tweighed and jumped off.  I got onto the scale seat and it bottomed out.  Probably brok  eit.


A scene is missing here. While watching TV later in the day,  David Icke said the word ' sheep' and I remembered a country scene where two wolly sheep were standing on a craggy rock, and two white goats were standing facing them in a meadow below the rocks.


AFive little girls were sitting on a rock wall with some tiny leafed vines coming down it, and as each girl sat beside them, the vines grew until there were eventually 12 girls sitting on top of the rock wall and the vines were fully gorwn down the wall.  It was so beautiful, and the girls became part o fthe rock wall itself.






5-30-12 -   -  I was living in an aprtment building where a lot of young people lived.  I was going to be late for work if I didn't find something to wear quicklyh and that was not going too well as I had just moved in and not everything was unpacked yet.


I managed to find just the basics and when one of teh other women saw me, she said, "If you bed over, your ass will be showing, so you'd better add a few layers. "


So under the short skirt, I managed to find a pair of light bluue slacks, and overvest over my sleeveless blouse that had no bra under it, and a sweater over the vest.  That made me at least passable.


I went out into the hallways and met my older sons whho were iin their 20's, who were also living in this place.  Everyone I met said the same thing,  "Something got stolen last night!  I can feel it in the air.  I don't know what it was, but I can feel it!"


Indeed, there was an odd feeling in the aIr - even I could feel it, but couldn't tell why the feeling was there.


I managed to get to work by noon, but since it was lunch time, I decided to go clothing shopping so I wouldn't find myself in this dillemma again.


2.  Instead of going shopping, I ended up going with some women to the local jailhouse.  There were six women and one of them had stolen something, but no one knew which one.  There were six of them.


When the paperwork was done, only one woman was released, a blonde with hair long enough to si ton. 


It became my job to take her back home.


I hd a regular normal car, but the way things were with moving and such, she would have to sit behind me while I was driving and that made me nervous because I didn't know the woman, nor whether she was really guilty of the crimem or not or just released because she was a beautiful blonde.


I rather freaekd out about her sititng directly behind me in the car and in the dream, my car turned intop a golden compartment with space for her to sit behind me.


The car kept shiftinng from a nonrmal car with space only for her to sit behind me, or the golden car with her being able to sit beside me.


I couldn't decide which was better, so I amde myself wake up.


At this point, I realized I was cold laying on the bed, and not covered up and since I was alone, I just grabbed what was left of the blanket beneath me and pulled it over me and went back to sleep.


I was now back at work, and was requested to take a package to the post office to ship .  It was and emergency shipment so it was timelyy to get it out.


I watched as the package was being put together at the last minute, and I saw that a part on the bottom was not tightened down as securelyy as it could have been.  It was only secure on one side, but since it was an eemrgency shipment, I allowed the package to be wrapped, grabbed it and took it to the post office.


The problem was, that when I arrivbed at the post office, I could hear that the part had come loose in moving it to the post office, and I  knew it would cause a problem for HOmeland Security to have a package go through the system with something rattling inside a box. 


the box was about two feet long by one foot high by 8 incheswide, not exactly small. So I hauled it back to work, knowing what the problem was, and took it to the engineering, mechanical section where only young men worked at long benches putting things together with tools.


I took the package and put it on my desk, and then walked around the room with the authority I had and picked out six men to come to my desk for a special project - to fix the problem.


The young men were intrigued so when they gathered at my desk, I told them I had a manufacturing problem that only the brightest of them could solve and I told them that the package had a loose torpedo inside it.


They were all intrigued and fascinated until I asured them,  "It's just a toy".


Five of the young men muttered under theri breath and backed away and went back to their desk, but the young Lebanese immigrant stayed by my side and said he would take care of the problem.


The young Lebanese man sat beside me on a chair and I began to explain the problem and the head boss of the men came over and heard the explanation of the problem. 


The boss was also an immigrant at one time - he was very Italian.  He told the Lebanese man to open the package carefully, tighten down the mefchanism that was holding the torpedo in place securely on both sides , get the package wrapped and get it shipped the same afternoon.


He young Lebanse man merely said, "Yes Sir!" and began the work.


I woke up, feeling so proud of that young Lebanese man.






4-20-`11  1:45 p.m.   I am experiencing a starburst in my eyes right now. Actually its not iin my eyes but in my consciousness because if I close my eyes, I still see it.


I recall that its happened twice before  usually 12 hours apart.


The last time it happened, it appeared at 7:30 a.m. and then again at 7:30 p.m.  and th eother time it happened at another time and 12 hours later it happeend again.


What happens is that a rainbow starburst appears either on the right oro left side -  if it appears on the right - whilel its getting larger, it moves off to the left,  if it appears on the left, while getting larger - i tmoves off to the right.


As I recall, something special happeend after the last experiences, but I don't remember what.  I'll have to look iti up and perhaps I wrote it in my journal before.





I  was dating Joe - the maintenance man from Milwaukee.  He took me to the dentist to have my teeth worked on.  For some reason I had to stay overnight.  A nurse came in to give me a pedicare first and she was grossed out by myyy toenails and I told her they used to be a foot long.  :-)


Then they took us into another room with older people and showed us movies.  I can't remember the name of it.    Sorry!


I woke up and then went back to sleep after covering up better as I was chilly, and again was dating Joe.


I told him I was disappointed with our first date because we had gone dancing and that was all - I had expected more and ddin't get it.  I don't know if he understood that or not.


I had three kids who were not my real kids.  I had a son who was only two weeks old and he was already four feet tall.  I knew he was going to end up 12 feet tall as an adult.  (He must have been an Anunnaki. 


I also hd a daughter who wasn't a year old yet and looked to be aboutu 4 months old but she could talk as well as I couuld.  She was naked in the dream, and she complained that I was putting my hands in 'nice' places like I expected her to pee at any moment"  I said I did, so took her to the bathroom and held her over the toilet and then accidentally dropped her into the cold water at the bottom of the toilet.  I was 'extremely apologetic.  I wrapped her in a towel to get her ready to put into clean pajamas.


I also had a nother son who was normal sized, about 10 years old and was chubby.  I had a brochure for "The Walker school"  which looked familiar like it was local.  I wondered if I should let him join the boy scouts there so they could teach him to swim.


I didn't want Joe to have to babysit my kids while their Dad was not wit them.  (We must have been seaparated)   So I asked Joe where he grew up, thinkining he'd tell me what heritage he was.  (I thought about being German but didn't tell him at the time.)


Joe said he grew up in Hawaii and was always in the water.  In my mind that settled my question, because I wanted my kid to know how to swim.


I had a lot of cleaning to do in this house.  The floor was filthy and there were clothes everywhere I was trying to get together in a pile so I couuld do laundry.


Joe just wanted to sit around and talk andn relax, so I guess he didn't mind that I had such heavy houseowrk to do while we talked.


I woke up, just doing housework.