Message for Mankind 

by Monica

  This came this morning. 

 I can see that the remarkably durable nature of mankind is due to his spirit.  I can see that the manifestation of spirit is what makes him kind and giving to those in need.  I can see his flexibility in times of stress is due to the movement of spirit. 

I can see that the extremely violent nature of this attack on our sanctity has brought out those best qualities in mankind.  I can see this stress has allowed us to endure.  It is this very stress that has brought out the qualities that we had suppressed. 

In a sense, the crucible of fire has returned to our natures those very qualities that we had repressed and now, ironically, causes us to endure both as a nation and as a species. 

I see that in spite of appearances we return those qualities of spirit that will give life and endurance to the heavy-laden.  It is unfortunate that we must return in this manner.  It would have been better to choose freely and with good will but this was the choice.  Mankind has learned to endure and the price exacted has been high. 

While his choice unfortunate the resulting manifestation of spirit has caused great joyousness among man’s fellows. 

"We are with you in spirit and your presence here with us has caused us to remain among you in rejoicing.  Our rejoicing is due to your incredible manifestation of spirit.  We see that you as a species have chosen to rise about your circumstance and draw together in support of one another.  This event above all others has accomplished such camaraderie.  This camaraderie has superceded all borders and boundaries and brought mankind together as never before.  We are proud of our younger brother that he has succeeded in his task to unify in the spirit of mankind. 

We see that there is hope for mankind.  We see he has withstood the test of fire and triumphed.  It is and always been our enduring hope for mankind that he would allow this triumph and return of spirit. 

Now commences the task of cleanup.  The cleanup of which we speak is larger than that of returning the debris to the source of which it came.  We speak of psychic and spiritual debris.  This is the task at hand.  It is important all times that debris and waste be returned of the source of which is sprung and was given life.  This is the source of which we speak.  It is important that the debris and unwanted manifestation of discord in the being of mankind be returned to its source.

We must ask, why do we want it?  What was it that made us manifest discord and disharmony in order that we may know how it returns?  Why did we learn to hate and be proud in ourselves above that of the glory of another?  Return this to its source and be set free.

We chose to be special.  We chose to place value in our uniqueness as the value of our contribution to life.  This is no longer special.  We are no longer valued in being set apart.  We no longer perceive that specialness is what determines our greatness.  We no longer perceive value in being set apart one from another.  We see our greatness is achieved in our unity and our ability to unite in great stress as individuals.  We see we achieve greatness in unity. 

We see our strength is in numbers and our unity is what binds us together as individuals and magnifies our potential. 

We see this transcends all boundaries, however, in the heart of man, he has transcended boundaries because he no longer observes them.  He has set aside boundaries in the unity of his heart and no longer perceives in his awareness that he is separate one from another.  In the moment of his overwhelming concern for his others, he forgot he is alone and moved beyond his past perception.  He has achieved his task and his goal, and his attempt now is to move into this vibration of this heart as the goal of his soul. 

While the task to unify in his heart is done, we see it is not done at this level.  As with most tasks of spirit, the accomplishment is within and then perpetuated without.  We see the way of fire as the route that has been chosen.  It will be perpetuated without, also not without cost. 

There can be another choice made but we see it has not been chosen.  The result will be of the highest but the way will not be clear.   The means to the end chosen has been that of fire and this choice receives the highest honor and will be allowed as such. 

Do not be discouraged, however, for the choice at the end is of unity, harmony and love.  Do not be deceived, however, for the way is not clear.  The perpetuation will be one of great dissent but unification is at the end for that is what the heart of mankind has chosen. 

Do not fear for the end is not near.  The way is merely unclear and the debris will be scattered far and wide through the dissention of mankind.  But there is hope for mankind now that he has become empowered through the choices made of his heart to transcend all boundaries and become one. 

He has seen that he no longer is an island.  He has seen in the microcosm and macrocosm of the universe of his heart that no man is created unique unto himself to be an island unto himself. 

Mankind will rise above the ashes of his remains for it has been his choice to choose the way in which this is accomplished.  We are hopeful that is task has been shortened, the cost has been minimized, and the rewards have been heightened.

Well done, mankind.  The way is clearer than it would have been has these choices not been made among many of your living.  The majority has chosen life, love and harmony with their fellows and it is to these that we extend the gratitude of the universe and offer our hand to join with us in freedom as the living.  We express our overwhelming gratitude that a source of universal harmony has been dispelled by your achievement granted by such numbers. 

We express our pride, again, in your accomplishment.  It was not small and the way was not made easy." 


My First Name Is I AM

Just as it was never very important to know who they were,
       the form that Life's lessons took were equally unimportant.

They would say that it doesn't matter if your truth comes
       intravenously or through a straw, as long as it comes.

They would say it doesn't matter where you start from,
       as long as you start.

They would take you wherever you are,
       however you are, whatever you are.

They were willing to start 'to build' you up from the point
       at which you become willing,  or as a dear friend would say,
              from your Enthusiasm Point.

'It is the Process of which we build.'

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