DREAM - I had left home for some reason, and a friend took me to a rooming house to live temporarily.

I thought the place was quite small, just me and my friend basically.  I had few clothes, but I had my computer which I treasured, and a radio (shortwave, am, fm, weather, etc.)

I went to the bathroom which was quite long - at least 20 feet, a nice counter space, toilet, shower, etc.  I remarked to myself that I had five radios in there, which were all on at the same time so I didn't miss a second of air time on the stations that were on, because I had to listen and hear it if anyone blew a whistle and if they blew the whistle - I had to be sure to hear if they blew it three times.

When I  left the bathroom, I looked out the front window to check out the scene outside and saw that it was raining out - a rather soft drizzle type - nothing hard.  Across the street was a row of low - one story buildings it seemed - a series of shops, each selling something different, maybe a small restaurant - small townish feeling to it.

I turned to my left and must have gone a different way than the way I had gotten to the bathroom, because I found myself in a room that had several young men in it off of a hallway.  It was quite dim, but the room had a lot of work benches, computers, stuff with wires sticking out of it that the men were working on.  It seemed like they were inventing something, but perhaps repairing computers - I really couldn't tell exactly what they were doing.  All the young men looked up and greeted me when I was standing in the doorway.

I felt quite lost at the moment, because I didn't know this room was there, nor who the young men were, so I turned around and behind me was a really large room, and another man standing in a kitchen type area, making breakfast.  Beyond him I could see multiple desks, computers, radios, televisions, anything anyone might want to work with or entertain themselves with. It was very office-like -  not home-like.

I asked the man where my computer was, because all my information was logged on that computer.  I couldn't just use anyone else's because it wouldn't have my information on it.

He said that he had set me up at a desk, and would show me in a moment where it was.

I didn't want to wait so I set off to find it myself so he could keep making breakfast.

I didn't see my computer at any of the desks behind him, so I turned and looked to my right, and saw another large office in that direction.  That was a large office with just one desk in it, and a man sitting at the desk - a rather executive type office.

The man got up from his desk and came towards me.  He didn't say anything, but he smiled like he knew me from somewhere, and he looked really familiar to me, and I smiled back.  Just then two other taller men came along and he joined them and they all walked down the hall.

I kept glancing at each desk to see if my computer was there - and there were many computers, but they were all different sizes and configurations and types - none looked like mine. 

I turned another corner, and right out in the open, I found myself in a nail salon - very small with maybe three stations for having the nails done, and there were women crowded everywhere in this area  mostly middle aged women.  One woman was near to tears, another was laughing, another looked angry.  One of the women was trying to console the crying woman - middle-aged, a little on the chubby side, bleached blonde hair and so sad. I went up to her, hoping to help in some way, and she seemed grateful that I was paying attention and stopped crying for the moment, and wanted to tell me her tale of woe.  I listened patiently for a few moments, then turned her back over to her daughter.  I have no idea why she had been crying originally, she just seemed generally sad.

My computer obviously wasn't there, and I was now starting to feel anxious and went back to where the first guy was with all the desks.  He seemed very amused and I asked him where my computer was. 

He rather blew me off, but I could tell he had put it somewhere and he was keeping me from it.

I went back to the room with the young men in it with their computers, and I asked them if they knew where my computer was but one young man said he knew that the guy in the kitchen area knew where it was, because it was his job to set people up at their work stations.

The other man in the kitchen area and he was still cooking breakfast and I didn't want to interfere with that, but my anxiety was getting rather high that I didn't have my computer with all my valuable information on it.

I looked out a window to see if it had stopped raining, and was shocked to see that I wasn't even in the same building I had started out in .... I was across the street to the left of it, and I could see those shops over on the other side of the street, but there was a side street between me and where I had started, and I didn't know how I had crossed a street just by going down a short hallway.  That seemed impossible.  Now I was feeling really anxious because I didn't know how to get back to where I started with the bathroom with the five radios in it.

I finally just got so anxious, I walked over to where the young man in the kitchen area was, and demanded that he show me where my computer was hidden, and he just laughed.  He said, "I set you up in your own office so you'd have privacy".

That made me feel a bit better, but I didn't know where my office was, so I demanded to be shown where it was.

As it turned out, my office was a nice large desk along the wall to the right of where the kitchen area was, and there was my treasured computer, looking none the worse for wear, and everything was set up ready for me to use.

I don't know why I didn't see it the first time I went past that area. Evidently, the young man had set it up while I was with the women having their nails done because it wasn't there earlier.  I felt really confused about it and the whole thing, but now I had a place to sit with my computer and my radios and listen for the third whistle to blow.



10-02-09 - DREAM - I was standing in a room somewhere, and I could see a book writing itself in red letters in the air and the book had pictures in it too.  The book was about my dreams.  I wondered how many times I had done that in the past, and whether any of them had ever been sold.

I decided I would search on my computer for those files, because they had to be there accumulating year by year. I should at least look, right?


10-03-09 - DREAM - I was in Wisconsin, in the middle of winter - towards spring.  I went out to the street to get the mail, and the snowbanks loomed 10 feet or more over my head along the road - maybe 15 or 20 feet - really high.  I could see the layers of snow in the snowbanks from the number of storms we had had over winter, which were now starting to melt.  I could hear them creaking and groaning as they started to sag a bit.

Then I heard a more ominous sound - two snowplows coming down the subdivision road that ran on the side of my house, pushing snow farther off the road as they came.  I couldn't see them and they couldn't see me.  They had no idea I was there.  I was literally in a tunnel, hidden by the snow.  They would never see me as fast as they were going when they came around the corner.

So, the best thing I could think of was to run to my neighbor's house which was up on a hill, up a long driveway.  I ran down the street as fast as I could, and up her plowed driveway to her house and knocked loudly on her door.

Joyce opened the door, surprised to see me, and I asked to be let in, telling her what was going on by my house, which we would see from her front door.

We couldn't see the snowplows though - they were down in that snow tunnel - doing their thing.

So, she let me in, and we went into her kitchen where she was doing laundry for her family.  I admired the fact that she could do laundry in her kitchen and not have to go down in a dingy damp basement to do laundry like I had to, and I had way more laundry to do than she did because we had more kids.

I noted that she was wearing a dark blue knitted cap on her head, pulled way down over her ears.  (She died of brain cancer many, many years ago)

I described to her about the snowplows and the snow tunnel hiding me, and she understood, and while we sat there, my old boss Brian Adam came in - he's a tall, thin red-headed guy.  (I don't know how he knew her or how he knew I was there, but it seemed that he didn't believe my story about how high the snow was because when he arrived, the snowplows were no longer there and had pushed the snow back from the road to a more reasonable level.  So apparently, my reputation was on the line at that point.  Did he believe what I said or not?  He just looked at me with raised eyebrows as I explained why I was there.

He sat down on a chair in Joyce's living room and she gave him coffee, apparently they were friends and I hadn't known that, so I took that as an excuse to leave as my problem had solved itself, and the snowbanks and the plows were now gone and I would be safe to go home again.


Meaning: Experienced in battle


The boy's name Brian    -  Brian\ is pronounced BRY-en. It is of Celtic, Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "high, noble". Could also mean "strength". Historical: Brian Boru (10th century) was a warrior who became high king of Ireland and one of its greatest national heroes. He liberated the country from the Danes in 1014.

Adam:   The first man on earth

Interesting that both names are about battle.


10-3-09 - DREAM - I was out on the front porch of the current house in Waterford, CA.  I found a gorgeous long haired white cat giving birth to kittens right in front of my front door. She was so beautiful.  She had already given birth to 4 kittens who looked to be about 2 weeks old as soon as they were born and dried off - eyes wide open and so adorable. 

My daughter-in-law who was a Vet assistant came out and said that she had at least 4 more in her. This cat evidently loved people because she didn't try to get away with someone touching her tummy while she was giving birth.

I wanted to grab the white kittens and take them into the house and raise them myself by bottle so they wouldn't be wild.

I ran into the house and told my daughter to go outside and see the cat and kittens.   She went out on the porch but she acted like she didn't see the cat or the kittens.  I turned the porch light on even though the sun was shining and she still didn't see them.  She walked right next to them like she was blind. 

I kept hitting her on the arm and saying, 'Wake up, wake up, wake up'  thinking that would make her see what was right in front of her, and I finally did.


10-3-09 - NAP DREAMS -  I was watching a man and a woman - both on roller skates and they were racing each other down a straight race track.

It looked like the man broke his foot when the woman was right next to him, and the next thing I knew, the announcer or the doctor was telling the woman she was out of the race - like it had been her fault.

Dream #2 - It seemed like I was living in my 66th St. house (I always think of this as my mental level house)  and I went to the bathroom.  Suddenly, there were hundreds of mice of different sizes on the floor and little kittens biting each other's ears.  I screamed for my husband to come, and he took a towel and scooped every one of them up in one swoop.  I couldn't figure out how he had done that, and he said, "it was easy!"

I was then sitting in a chair, and I could hear boys hollering and having fun on the street in front of the house.  None of them lived near us, so I didn't know why they were playing in front of our house.

All of a sudden, two young women came in the back door and wished me a happy birthday.  They brought in a whole stack of gift-wrapped boxes of presents for me, and bags of non-wheat cookies, and bags of candy for me to eat. 

Then the dark-haired girl handed me a birthday card which her mother had sent to her for her to deliver to me and all these gifts were from her mother as well, from where she had gone on vacation.  On the front of the card, was a list of everyone else's birthdays so I wouldn't forget to send birthday cards to those people too. 

I noticed that the card was a pop-out type so there were 'love' messages written inside the card all the way around because the card opened up like it was a paper crown.  All the messages were written in red, which she had written before she left town. 

And it was signed, 'Love Alice"


10-04-09 - DREAM - I was sitting in the living room on the sofa.  In front of me, on the coffee table was a radio, which is called a 'World' radio, which gets all sorts of different types of radio stations, am, fm, shortwave, airplanes, police - all sorts of stations. 

The problem I was having was that the instructions were in Russian, and were knitted with yarn in multiple colors.

I wasn't sure if I needed to knit in order to see the instructions or take stitches out to see the instructions, which were seen in flashes of visions at certain parts in the knitting when I used certain colors.  It was very frustrating, and I couldn't tell if I was doing the knitting correctly or not.

All of a sudden I spotted a card, written in English, with my e-mail name and password, and instructions in English on how to use the radio, and I got very excited about that.

Then I saw a newspaper ad, in color, showing that it was Sunday and that the same radio, brand new was selling for $134 at the downtown store that sold electronics.  Right then, I thought, maybe we should buy two, one for me and one for Joe, and that I should go with him to make sure we get the right one.


10-04-09 - DREAM - I was standing up at a bedroom dresser - sewing a light blue heart on a dark blue sweater. The needle of the machine wasn't electric, or if it was, I wasn't using it that way, I was carefully sewing around the heart by moving the needle back and forth on a diagonal by hand. Whether I ran out of thread, I'm not sure, but I had to go get more thread at the store. 

When I got to the store, the fire department was painting a small truck the same color as my sweater - the identical color.

As I walked back home and went down the street which was like a mall parking lot, someone had put lilies in every open car window and even in the garbage cans.  My lilies were bright yellow.  Some were pink.  (I noted that none were white)  I carried my yellow lilies proudly home.

I had to go to the bathroom when I got home, and as usual, Joe had to go at the same time  (we are always doing that for some reason) He couldn't wait, so he sat down next to me, and then he had to help me stand up because I had nothing to lean on in order to gain my footing.


10-05-09 - DREAM - Apparently I was in a school.  News came that three stars were coming - a red one, a blue one and a yellow one.  The authorities didn't want to tell the people directly, so they were going to be told through the use of a play put on by three older teens.

I knew enough people wouldn't be told in that fashion - more people needed to hear about it, so my husband and I quickly drove home to decide how to handle the news.  It was getting dark out when we round the corner to the right to go down our driveway -  and the edge of the road was lined with little red lights - it looked rather like an airport runway.


10-05-09 - DREAM - This dream was about a woman named Ashley  (means (of the ash wood or the ash wood forest).  She was going to meet a man and have sex with him apparently in my apartment. She was having an affair with him and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  Even though other people came to the apartment, Ashley went into the bathroom to get ready, and the guy showed up and when I wasn't looking, he stripped naked and lay face down on my bed to wait for her.  It didn't matter to either of them that other people were there who needed to talk about things that were bothering them.  All they cared about was being together and having sex.


10-05-09 - DREAM  - I remember standing out side my apartment building and a very large envelope was delivered. There was a beautiful yellow stamp on the upper right hand corner.  I specifically told one of the other girls there not to lose that stamp because it was important. I didn't care what was in the envelope.


10-05-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was in the mall with several friends and family members, but we were not all together at the same time.  My mother questioned me why I had spent all my money at the end of last year rather than saving it, and I told her that I had spent it then as a hedge against the coming deflation of money.  I said, "But I didn't spend it all, I still have some left.

The other couple came along and said they wanted to go to the theatre before dinner and they would take my son Ken with them, but we couldn't all go because of the flu panic going on.  I said that was fine with me, I would tell my husband (who we still working)  that we could go spend some money while they were at the theatre, and they then left.

I was standing there alone, looking a huge plate glass window at an ominous colored sky, and I was hearing a huge plane going over. I didn't know if the plane was above the clouds or behind my point of view of the window, but it sounded ominously low and I never did see it.

I heard a heavy rain start to fall outside and thought about how lucky the other couple had been to park in the underground garage and then remembered that my husband was working outside in the pouring rain, and our car was parked out there too and I'd have to wait for him to go get it.

As I stood there, I saw a swashbuckling pirate coming towards me, in full costume like they wore back in the olden days, large black high topped boots with fringe on them, huge doubloon pants, large sleeved shirt with lace as the wrist, and a big black hat, carrying one of those swords that duelers use.  He was making huge steps up and over and showing off his costume and how the fabric formed beautiful flouncy moves while he made his steps.

Then another swashbuckling pirate came, also in costume  - but in different colored shirt, but also with the large boots, hat, and dueling sword.

They didn't really fight each other, the did a fancy dance with each other, both with making the large high and wide steps, and the other man was wearing a beautiful blue cape that made a full circle as he made his turns and wide steps.

I watched them in their pretend duel and dance until I woke up.


10-06-09 - DREAM - I was working on a web page, listing all the space events that were known, every so often as asteroid was named .  All of a sudden all the words got jumbled up and it was so confusing, I had to start over and realign them all.  I just gotten them all lined up again, and it seemed that something happened that was totally unexpected - and the page turned bright lavender, purple and white like something exploded in the background.  I tried to erase the colored background and couldn't.  It was so startling and unexpected, that I woke up.


10-06-09 - DREAM - I was living in a large apartment complex and I was the manager.  A tall man who was in charge of remodeling the building came and told me he would give me a tour of the work being done.  I was glad because the walls were a dark peach color and I was hoping I could ask for the wall color to be lightened to a pale peach color.

As we walked through the new section of the building, I noticed that they had been thinking the same thing that I was, because the hallway walls were all painted freshly and were a pale peach color, so I didn't even have to suggest it.  We must have been thinking alike.

He took me into a brand newly constructed apartment that was still in its wooden stage - no plaster was on the walls as yet.  It was probably 8 times the size of the one I lived in.  Even without the plaster walls in it, it was so beautiful.  All the cabinetry was in the kitchen. Even that was about 8 times the size of the current apartment.

We then went into an apartment that was in the same construction stage, all wooden walls yet, and this apartment was one of two bedroom size, but again at least 8 times the size of a normal apartment I was used to.  I wondered if I could have this one instead because it was even larger than the one I was being given,   By then we were back in our old section of the building and I thanked him for the tour.

Naturally, I couldn't keep this news to myself, so I asked some of the women who lived in the building, if they wanted a tour of the new part of the building, and they did. 

For some reason I didn't want to lock my door when I left my apartment, so I propped open the door with a magazine or newspaper that was half read.

The women were really excited that we were remodeling and expanding the building and naturally.  everyone wanted to talk about it, wondering who was going to live in those apartments.  I didn't tell them that one of them was going to be mine. 

The little children were all talking about Christmas which was only a week away and they wanted to know when they were going to be celebrating the gift giving in the building. 

I told them it was going to be on Friday, then changed my mind and said, "No!  It's probably going to be on Thursday", and that made them all so happy.

I looked out the window and across the street where all the big stores were - up on the rooftops and balconies, I watched in horror as all the Santa Clauses were jumping to their deaths.

I couldn't help but wonder if that was because Christmas was going to be held a day early and they weren't ready?


10-07-09  - GETTING MY DRIVER'S LICENSE.  I seemed to be about age 21 or so.  I was in a school and the plan was to get my driver's license. (I didn't get my real driver's license until I was 35 because my husband didn't think the car was safe enough for me to drive)   I had a woman instructor and a male examiner.

The female instructor came and tried to scare me about the driver's exam.  It was actually worse than what she told me.

When the examiner arrived, he was driving one of those small foreign convertibles in a forest green color, and he tried twice to run over my feet.  Then he got out of his car and came over to me to begin the exam.

The exam had nothing to do with driving.  He had all my medical records, including x-rays of my body.  He looked at my x-rays and said that there were no bolts in my spine nor wires holding my ribs together, and said it in such a way like that was a bad thing.  He said, "You don't even have any scars", to which I responded that I had a scar on my eyebrow where my brother had tripped me as an 11 year old and I had flown across the kitchen and slammed face first into the edge of the wooden table.  He was impressed with that.

That seemed to end the exam, but then the female instructor came back and wanted me to engage in sex with her and she came towards me wearing nothing but a see-through upper body bra of plastic and she handed one to me too, so I could take off my clothes and put on a plastic body bra. 

Then the male examiner came back and wanted to watch her and I have sex together.

Who the heck has to do that to get a driver's license?  Not me!  And I woke up to get away from her.


10-7-09 - VISION -  I was trying to take a nap and it was really noisy outside with the orchard sweeper going up and down the rows and the dog barking.

I closed my eyes, and suddenly a young man came in the door, and I knew his name was John Stamos - (he used to be on General Hospital)  I don't watch that show anymore, and he moved on to a comedy show at nighttime.

I have no idea why he came to see me.  I should find out what he does outside of acting, perhaps.


10-8-09 - DREAM - I was supposed to make a film about bee hive renewal.  

NOTE: That was the whole dream. There were no people in the dream, just looking at a board and changing the name of the hive on film.


10-08-09 - WHITE VISIONS -  I closed my eyes to take a nap, and I saw three oval vessels (like old fashioned bathtubs) nestled together and then a gentle voice said, "Dear One".

I felt someone touch my rib on the right side, and head someone say, "mmmmmph"  like it hurt.

I then saw a man behind a drug store on a corner and he was rummaging in the dumpster to find something - he was wearing darker clothing, but he had a white mask over his face - that matched the shape of his face - and wore white cotton gloves.

I then fell into a dream, and was moving into a house with my own current address -  I wanted to do a web page about the Mormons, but I didn't know anything about them, so I went to the computer to do some research on the Mormons.  All of a sudden, some men came in the front door and they were bringing in lamps, and then a day bed and they moved a brown sofa away from the wall to make way for it.

I asked them what they were doing because I didn't order anything.  They just ignored me and kept bringing in more lamps.

I looked out the front door, and there were two houses next door to us towards the east.  In front of one of those houses, there was a blue florist delivery truck loaded with beautiful wedding flowers.  They were moving small pieces of furniture in there too.

I told the delivery guys that maybe they were supposed to be delivering the lamps and the day bed where the wedding flowers were being delivered, but they ignored me.

I was getting upset, because in moving in the new stuff, they didn't care what happened to the old stuff, which wasn't mine, but since I was there alone, I was responsible for it non-the-less. Some of it was even tipped over -  I remember something red was tipped over, and a green metal chair was tipped over on its side  (chakras?)

Then two young women came into the house, and I assumed they were sisters because they were having a serious conversation - and I interrupted them to ask them if they saw the beautiful wedding flowers being delivered next door.  They said they hadn't.  Then a young woman came in whom I know as Emily from "as the world turns" TV show.  I asked her the same question, and she didn't know anything about the wedding flowers either.

I heard someone behind me say, "I never would have moved in here if I had known it was so noisy".  I heard a door slam in the back somewhere. So I went back to my computer, but it wasn't the same computer, and I thought I could still use it and send the file to my other computer that was mine when I was done. 

Then I saw that two large doilies were out of place.  One was pink and one was white, and they had been removed from a table and just tossed on the floor, so I picked them up and draped them on the small table that was nearby.  They were so beautiful, I was shocked that someone would be so careless with them. 

As I sat down at the computer, off to my right in the back bedroom, I could hear a football game being watched LOUDLY, on a television set.  I had a radio playing music loudly behind my computer as well. Out in the yard some men were cutting down trees right outside the window.  I heard a vacuum cleaner going and I turned my head, and there was very short chubby man wearing an all pale blue suit vacuuming with a light blue vacuum cleaner the same color as his suit.  He appeared to be watching me at the same time.

I smiled and he continued vacuuming.

I thought about how noisy it was in this house and how many people lived here and I smiled again, because no matter how noisy it was, I felt safe here.


10-09-09 - TWO DREAMS - IDENTICAL  - I was working on a computer, putting together a dictionary/encyclopepdia about fishing.  One keyword on each page was created a link to the next topic to explain that one keyword.  Each page was quite lengthy explaining that one keyword.  I was considering whether or not to create multiple links at the bottom of each page rather than forcing people to go from keyword to keyword.  Apparently it linked to no other pages - just the topic of fishing.

NOTE: My impression is this is about esoteric fishing - not smelly fishing in a lake.

  • The symbol of the Fish , was actually a symbol the linked back to the 'Fisher Kings,' and the ancient brotherhoods of the past. The ancient mystery schools which Yeshua was a part of. The fish symbol is very old and has been used for millennia worldwide as a religious symbol associated with the Great Mother Goddess. This simple design was easy to draw and used by early followers of the teachings of the apostles, the ancient Nasorean 'Way' of Yeshua Ha Mashiakh (Jesus the Messiah) before there was a formal 'Church' established at Antioch, by Peter. There were two branches of Essenes - the Ossaeans and the Nasorean. The southern Ossaeans were known as the B'nai-Zadok, or "Children of Zadok." The northern Nasorean were known as the B'nai-Amen, or "Children of God.")

NOTE: The Essenes was a University - completely self-sufficient in all things -  they were not a religion.


    25 Sep 1998 ... I don't know what kind of body of water we were at, but we were fishing and the woman's husband was there. I saw a small box in the water ...

    Fish and fishing were often associated with His ministry, and later were ... Jesus miraculously calmed the storm from a fishing boat (Matthew 8:23-26) ... -

    The scene is introduced by Peter's proposal to go a-fishing. It seems as if the old habits ..... Simon Peter enters a boat to go fishing; the others foIlow. ...

    The Fishing School obviously attracts people who seek excellence, ... I believe the true heart of the country can be defined here at the Fishing School, ...

    They liked to go fishing. They had a secret for catching fish. It was a box similar in shape to a shoe box but taller, and one wore it upsidedown on ones ...

    28 Aug 2001 ... The fishhook symbolizes the agency whereby one investigates the unseen, and also the patience for "fishing for the Truth" in the depths of ...

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    17 Oct 2006 ... 3 Simon Peter said to them, "I am going fishing." They said to him, "We will go with you." They went out and got into the boat; ...

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      not very long time ago i saw that same old man in the sea sore and he asked of me again to help him

      11-29-98 - I had a vision of a blonde woman wearing a long sleeved gold animal print shirt with a fishing pole. I'm assuming it meant she was a fisherman ...

        ... Dead Sea will have an outlet and it will be cleansed and be healed and there will be abundance of fish in the Dead Sea and they will go fishing there. ...

          It has several special alphanumeric relationships to both spiritual ...... There is an ingathering of the fishing lines of your own bundlng of neural .


        Soon after he arrived, he was walking by the Sea of Galilee when he came upon two men fishing. Without even talking with them he somehow knew that he needed ...

        3 Simon Peter saith unto them, I go a fishing. They say unto him, We also go with thee. They went forth, and entered into a ship immediately; and that night ...

        2-25-89 - I dreamed that my spiritual teacher showed me a notebook he wrote in ...... My Father came to go fishing with us and I offered to let him use my ...


I did a past-life regression to be with Nefertiti last night just before sleep.
This surprised even me.
I started to hear the voice of Nefertiti singing - softly - like a lullaby - and it was like the voice of an angel.
But then, I could see vaguely a dark-skinned man standing between me and her and he was not speaking English, so I don't know what he said, but his words were gruff in a low pitched voice - lower than normal, and it really bothered me that he sounded that way. 
I have no idea what either her or I would have anything to do with a man like that - but he must have had some kind of power over people.  I was sure it was Ay.


10-10-09 - DREAM - I saw a tree - quite a large one and old with multiple tubes around it, and I was supposed to duplicate that as my home.


10-10-09 - DREAM - I had two men who I loved and wanted to be with, but I couldn't be with both of them - and neither of them knew about the other.

This dream is complicated, but it covers other issues as well.

I worked in an office where there were a lot of women.  People came in from the outside world who we interacted with, and we had a new trainee who had to interview these people.  One of the women who came in was retarded and needed medication, and the trainee would have to give her the medication. One person Barbara said she would pretend to be the retarded woman, but I said, "I knew her longer - 9 years - so I can be more like her than you can, so I'll be her."  and that was agreed upon.  So I went up to the trainee and she got out a small pink pill to give to me, and I said, "Do I have to take that?"  and she hesitated, then said, "No" and put it back ini her drawer.  I said to her, "Remember, when the real person comes in, you'll have to make her take it."  And she agreed.

Back at home, I was so in love with G.H. but we couldn't be together and he had to be with other people too, so I had to let him go be with him.  But I got a phone call from a woman who knew him well, and she called me up and said, "He loves you so much!"  and that made me feel so much better, that we loved each other equally.

The other man I wanted to be with, I cared for, but not that deep unending love I had for G.H.  But this was the man I was going to be with.  He lived on 50th St.  I went to his home where his parents were -  they were less than middle age and the Father was a salesman.  When I got there, they were in their basement recreation room and there was a woman there showing them exercises and then they would practice them.  I joined them because I wanted to be part of the family and they accepted me on that basis.  But I was fumbling with the exercises, and I couldn't follow them well, so I felt awkward and out of place.  But then the rest of the extended family came in and we were a large group, and I felt more comfortable with them around.



10-10-09 - NAP DREAM - There was a new family in town and they had several kids.  I was helping one of the girls to learn to ride a bicycle.  Afterward her parents came over to get her and we were standing out on the patio.  There were tiny tufts of green grass sticking out between the patio blocks, and the tall, thin man said, "Oh, I know what that is,  I't crack grass.  It's so common, we don't do anything about it. 

The crack grass (not quack grass)  was so hard, it felt like rock and broke off if you kicked it.

The man, who was standing next to his wife, started to admire my plants, because I had so many of them, and meanwhile I noticed he was standing on the plants in one of the gardens next to the patio. 

I tried to stifle my tongue from yelling at a new neighbor so I didn't say anything. 

The man started to talk about his daughter being out with 5 boys, and I explained that I was there helping them to ride their bicycles, and the other boy standing nearby whom I assume was the man's son said, "Oh, I know who that is.  That's Cleo River".

NOTE:  I woke up and came to the computer to look up the name, and its only appearance on the internet was a newspaper article from Ocalla, Alaska, May 21, 1984 and she was commenting about a serial killer who was still loose who had killed nine people.

Alaska apparently has the highest crime rate:


10-11-09- DON'T CRY OVER SPILLED MILK -  This is the end of a longer dream.  I was taking care of a small baby in the kitchen of a house built on a high hill.  I went to feed the baby his formula which was powdered milk mixed with water.  Unfortunately I spilled the powdered milk on the floor, and I didn't want to waste it, so I poured water on the floor and mixed up the powdered milk and water and made froth out of it on the floor.  The baby thought that was fun, so the next time I spilled the powdered milk, I decided to pour water on it again and make the milk froth and the baby would suck the froth off the floor - but this time it was on the grass outside.  It frothed up really well, and another person made a comment about the spilled milk and said something about pigs, so I called the baby outside, and said, "Here comes my little pig now!"  and at the same time, I saw my husband watering the lawn and he was going to wash all the frothy milk down the hill unto a little girl's birthday party being held at the bottom of the hill.  He said, "It'll only take 17 hours of watering to get it there."


10-11-09 - DREAM -  I was working in an office.  There were multiple desks and women working in this offfice.  I got busy with a phone call and when I hung up, my female boss had moved my desk around a corner to the left of her own desk -  left was really behind her desk - hers was facing north and mine was facing east.  There was nothing on either desk.

That was better than my last desk which had so much stuff on nit that I couldn't find a blank piece of paper on it to write down a telephone number when a woman called on the phone and wanted me to get someone to fix her lock on her front door.  I thought for a moment I could start up my maintenance business again because I was in California and didn't work for the locksmith in Wisconsin any more.  However, by the time I found the blank piece of paper, she wasn't on the phone anymore.  All that papers I had on my desk were drawings on large drawing paper, notes I took while listening to other people talk, all kinds of notes. That didn't leave any room for real work I guess.

I started to walk home and was now in Wisconsin and some people were following me.  There were no street lights turned on and the street itself was dark, but I must have had a headlight on my hat or a flashlight in my hand because the only light was coming from me as I walked down the street.  The people behind me started yelling at me and I knew they wanted to rob me, but I wouldn't stop and when I got in front of my house, they decided they liked the cars parked in front of my house better than anything I might have on my person.

My light was still flooding the street, so all I could see was the robbers (there were 3 people and 1 was female)  They started moving the long white convertible Cadillac parked there first -  it was brilliantly shiny and they were careful not to scratch it.  Then behind it was large white van - also brilliantly shiny and they were careful not to scratch that too -  it was rather like a Diaper service van with little angel cherub babies on the side - so it was mostly pink and blue artwork.

As the woman watched the guys move the Van out of its parking place, she snatched 3 white pills from the van and slipped them into the top of her midriff type blouse and said, "From the spirit to the soul".

I woke up then and just as I did I had a vision of photos of some familiar Star Trek actors, and at the bottom of the photos it said Devin's World

NOTE: I didn't find anything that fit what I saw.


10-12-09 - DREAM - It was harvest time.  Our neighbor had displayed strawberry plants and flowers and dolls in a display in a store.  I asked him what he was going to do with all that at his house.  He got rather uppity and all of a sudden, it was all gone and he had taken them all with him.  Later, when we were going to his house, we weren't able to get to see any of it again.  He didn't trust us not to steal all that he had.

I helped design brown army uniforms for men and women.  Then a manufacturer made some nicer ones out of better material, and I saw even my cousin Shirley wearing one and she is almost as old as myself which would make her over 65.

I got a phone call in my head and asked for and got the message, but I forgot it by the time I got up. (Sorry)


Was thinking that I only remembered the parts I needed to remember
DREAM 1 -  I was in a large building. I saw 6 men dressed in colorful plaid winter jackets that reminded me of hunters at Thanksgiving.
I was carrying a bird in a gilded cage that was on a stand, and it seems that there was a black cat there too, but can't remember for sure.  I was trying to keep my bird in the gilded cage away from the hunters and I came to a large wall, and I knew that my only escape was to lift up the wall and move it over enough to get through.  When I set the bird cage down, it fell off the stand and the bird could have escaped, but it seemed that the bird wanted to stay in the cage because it felt safe there.
I lifted up the wall easily enough, but when I did, the entire wall fell down, and on the other side of the wall, I could see a busy street with a lot of traffic going by - like New York City.
My first thought upon waking was Humpty Dumpty,
but when I woke up after dream 3 - I thought  WALL STREET.
DREAM 2:  Either Joe or another man handed me a 4" x 4" piece of paper with hand written clues on it that I had missed earlier like I do in FLASHFORWARD.  When I woke up, all I could remember that was written on that piece of paper was the number  09  with a circle drawn around it in  blue.
DREAM 3.  I was in a bank and I wanted to ask the clerk a question about signing something, but the banker boss came in ahead of me and was talking to her, so I decided I wanted to ask him if it was okay if my initials in the upper left corner were sufficient to approve of what was on the document,  But the banker boss looked so angry and sullen when he left in a hurried rush, I didn't ask him the question.  So, I asked the clerk the question and she didn't know the answer and she couldn't call the banker boss back to ask him either.
end of dreams


10-12-09 - NAP DREAM -  I  was sitting on the sofa with my husband and then my little daughter, when H.P. came into the room.  I was very surprised to see him as he hadn't been to our home in many years.  He leaned over my husband's shoulder and handed me what I would have to call an art book - with the hinge on top - rather like a calendar might be.  He asked me if I could do one of the art pictures with one stroke with no knots in it.

The first picture he showed me was a country scene done in pencil in various shades of dark and light grey.  You don't have knots in pencil drawings so I didn't know what he was talking about.

I flipped the page over, and the next one was done with stitchery thread, so now the knot comment made more sense.  I told him I could do those easily, and I have done them.

At that point, my little daughter was sitting on my left, looking at the pictures, and H.P. was sitting on a chair across the room from me, and we were conversing.  He started talking about his daughter and her husband not working well together one on one.  I was surprised he would tell me something like that - so personal about his daughter, so I commented in return that working one on one on a single project was very difficult to do, and he agreed with me,

and I woke up.


10-13-09 - DREAM - I was scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. I evidently didn't have enough soap or water because back by the stove, it wasn't coming clean.  I then started scrubbing off the kitchen table which was easier - and I couldn't figure out where all the breadcrumbs came from. 

NOTE:  This is the second breadcrumb dream this month.


10-14-09 - DREAM -  I was living in a big old Victorian house in a small town.  My birthday was May 18th.

I was working with some high-school kids and went to their football game.

The score was 44 to 44 and something else at the stadium was 44.  later I went to play the guitar and something about that was 44 as well.


10-15-09 - I don't know where I was.

DREAM - I was in an apartment building, which I was supposedly managing - on the 1st floor.  Across from my apartment, were apartments 100 to 105.  100 was a public bathroom, 101 to 105 had people living in them, seemingly all older middle aged - all chubby.  A man who seemed like he might be a maintenance guy, but was carrying a flat red purse around with him seemed to be in charge of everything - people were constantly asking him for help with strange things - like posing for a Bible character so they could understand a Bible verse.  One little boy came to the door to ask for something, and I noted that all the people were very chubby - bordering on retarded or Down syndrome people. 

The man who was showing me around took me across the hall to visit with a married couple where the couple were telling us how happy they were together after all these years, showed me some little treasures they still had from their honeymoon.  Two little brass bells of different sizes - one actually fit inside the other one, and the third item looked like a little flat gold colored Christmas ornament.  For some reason, rather than handing them back to them, I took them back to my apartment with me.  I felt really guilty for walking off with them, so I wanted to return them, and the man with the red purse said he would show me which apartment it was, but when we crossed the hall, there were different people all living in those apartments.  Where did that married couple live?  It was right across the hall and we couldn't find them again.

I then went outside and I was in a beautiful countryside, near a canyon - which may have been a state park.  It had every imagainable type of tree growing there - except palm trees - so it was more northern.  The road was quite narrow on the upper level, but uthere was a white graveled path that led down into the canyon further where people rode motorcycles for fun.  I didn't go down there, but saw someone ride their motorcycle down there and I waited on the upper roadway for them to return. 

The person had said that when the storm had gone by, they were talking about this canyon on television, worried about these trees blowing over in the winds, but everything was calm and serene. 

A car went by -  a dark color - maybe brown - and I moved over to the edge of the canyon to get out of the way and stood between two trees overlooking the canyon - which had really high rock walls but trees grew everywhere as well, and I got queasy looking across the way and down into the canyon, but there was a rock outcropping just below where I stood so I wouldn't have fallen far if I did fall off the ledge, so I relaxed a bit and just looked that the beautiful scene, thinking what it must have been like when the storm went through.  It must have been an awesome sight to see those trees blowing in the wind.

But I have no idea where I was.


10-16-09 - ESOTERIC DREAMS -  I had several dreams, about doing spiritual e-mails I had done.  These were numbered in groups of four abd each e-mail was rated 1 through 4 - and they were called  fmail, rather than gmail.

Then I had two short dreams where I had white necklaces made - the first one was white porcelain threads across it, but the second one was solid white.  It looked really heavy.  I didn't have them around my neck, I was just looking at them.


10-16-09 - -DREAM -  I was in an office with my boss.  The time was 11:20 a.m. and we were waiting for lunch and doing nothing but laying on cots.  My boss was laying on one colt against the wall, and I was laying on another cot against another wall.  I was feeling guilty that we weren't working, but he was the boss and he didn't seem to care.

He looked over at me and whispered, "Meet me at the Tamarac Bar".  

I nodded.  The Tamarac Bar was down the street from the office. 

It was getting closer to noon, and the boss got up from his cot so I did too.  It was then that I realized that it was President Clinton. 

Since he had already invited me to be with him at lunch, I behaved aggressively and walked up to him and put my hands on his waist, but he put his hands on my shoulders like he was holding me back - not hugging me -  and he said, "I'm so nervous.  I have to make a speech this afternoon!"

I said, "You don't have to be nervous. You've done this so many times before!"

He said, "I know!"

He looked rather sad about that fact that he still got nervous before speeches.

He left and I decided to change clothes, and put on a red dress and black high heeled shoes and lipstick, thinking he would like me better if I dressed in that way.  I had to go to the bathroom first, and on the way back to the office to change clothes, I opened a door that I thought led back to the office, but I was in a hospital instead, and I couldn't find my office.  Finally a nurse told me to go into a particular door, which she said was the library.

I opened that door and there was nothing in that room at all except a grey curtain half way down the wall, which I knew was another bathroom, and I woke up.


10-17-09 - DREAM - I was living in a farm house in a similar situation like where we are currently, with a barn off to the side of the house. The house was two story, with the bedrooms upstairs, and a straight stairway going directly upstairs on the far side of the house.

I was told that an old woman who dressed in old-fashioned long black dress who lived on our street did her shopping at 330 Cross Street.

  1. Timeline Byzantium

    Constantine was instantly converted when he saw a cross in the sky, ... 330 May 11, Constantine renamed the town of Byzantium to: "New Rome which is ...
  2. Timeline 300CE to 599CE

    330 May 11, Constantine renamed the town of Byzantium to: "New Rome which is ... where his mother claimed to have found the remains of the True Cross. ...

I went outside from the kitchen door over to the barn, and just outside the door where there was sand and gravel, I noticed a hole going down. As I watched I could see that there was sand and gravel going down into the hole the the hole was getting bigger.

I went into the house and told my mother that there was a hole out there and she informed me that there was a hollow beneath that area and to be careful.

I went back outside to the barn and the hole was larger now, and as I watched, the hole became ominously larger.

I started to run for the house with the hole growing at an alarming rate behind me and as I ran into the house, the hole grew as fasst as I was running and by the time I got into the kitchen, the hole was following me and part of the kitchen floor was falling down into the hole as well.

I screamed as loud as I could to , "Get out of the house, Ger out of the house."  as I ran toward the stairs to get my Mother and the children out.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I realized it was 3:30 p.m. and looked up towards where the children were, and they were wearing costumes of gold and green like pajamas, but they had gold rimmed green pointed hats on their heads as well.

Similar to this but with a gold rim on the bottom edge of the hat.


10-17-09 - DREAM - I was taking care of my children and keeping the house clean.  I was down on my knees in the livingroom, picking up the junk my kids had left out, and I noticed that there were silver spoons here and there on the floor.

I tossed the silver spoons over to my children, where they had more silver spoons and told them to put them away at the same time I heard my husband yell at me to clean the house from another room.  I looked around and the house was perfectly clean except for the silver spoons laying on the floor.


10-17-09 - DREAM - I was working in an office, and my friend Wendy was my supervisor.  She came over to my desk and handed me a pink square piece of paper with the number 4 and 13 on it.  There would be more of these in a series, so I told her I would keep a log of these pieces of paper because they referred to a product we sold and had to store.  She said she was going to recommend that I do that and it pleased her.

I then went to the door of our place and out in the street - it was rather dark, and I saw a medium sized truck with a white opaque barrel on its side on the back.  I could see through the barrel and it appeared to be filled with orange soda water.  I was delivered directly to the building across the street from outs.

As I watched, another truck, exactly the same with a white opaque barrel on its side filled with what looked like beer came by and delivered the contents to the building across the street.

Just then a group of men came out of the building, and a chubby familiar looking man, dressed in black pants and shoes, with a flamboyant red and black gaudy shirt came over to me and told me to taste the beer.  I did, and it tasted wonderful. 

At that point I realized he expected me to be the official taster for every barrel of soda and beer that was delivered and tell him what I thought about it.   I didn't mind drinking the soda, but just one taste of the beer made me feel woozy and I knew I couldn't handle that.


10-17-09 - 1:11 A.M.  DREAM  I was with Senator McCain on a really high hill. We were making our way sideways along the edge of a steep dropoff which was too steep to go straight down.  We were walking away from what looked like an orange tidal wave in the distance.

When we reached a point where it seemed safe enough to jump down to where a road was, we both made a leap down to the road.  I seem to recall that the leap down to the road was 75 feet.

McCain made a comment that seemed out of place - he said he needed to get to the bank.  At that point, we were walking on the edge of the road in the opposite direction from everyone else - in the direction the orange tidal wave was coming from..

All the people going opposite us were tied together with thick ropes, single file so they didn't get separated - like mountain climbers or slaves would be. They didn't seem panic stricken - just determined to stick together against all odds.

I found this on the internet:

Most of the articles were about a Democratic tidal wave in Orange County, CA. 


Around 3 a.m. I got really tired and lay down and closed my eyes.  While still awake, I began seeing many pages of hand written text and hand drawn symbols, followed by dozens of maps of cities and islands and countries.  I couldn't read any of the writing.

Finally I saw this clearly:  The Third and Tenth Moon Attenuator

An Overview of the Concept of
Attenuation [Pushing] Gravity

by Paul Stowe (sci.physics)

I found this:

The 1962 eclipse:

Moon Bounce

In late 1998 and early 1999 the ELFRAD GROUP monitored a daily frequency from .9 to .95 hertz (pulses per second), the wavelength of this frequency was approximately 319,877km or 198,711 miles. The moon's distance is fairly close to the wavelength. The signal appears to be a controlled signal transmitted from an unknown source at approximately the same time daily except weekends. The signal is strong enough to generate it's third harmonic which is 2.81235 hz. The signal has a very quick rise time and a slower decay at the end, which is usually indicative of an artificial source. A low pass filtered showed the signal tracks very well with the magnetometers placed in various locations around the planet especially those in the northern area.

Lets pick apart the data above. A Ultra Low Frequency signal in late 1998 through early 1999 from an unknown source which occurs only on week days, powerful enough to create a third harmonic wave, with a quick rise slow decay which tracks better with magnetometers in the North and a wavelength approximately matching the distance to the moon. The answer seems apparent HAARP or a similar array in the North is bouncing signals off the Moon back to the Earth.

Why would you want to bounce signals off the Moon?


Posted. Wed. July 1, 2009  10:55 a.m.  Post subject.  "String' theory...?



Hi rgatess,
I don't quite comprehend your analogy with the earth-moon string connection. What I do understand is that the 'signal' at one end still needs to traverse through matter --- ie, a disturbance at one end of this string will, at the atomic level, lead to disturbances throughout the string. There is no bending of space-time, unless the string exerted a gravitational force comparable to any significantly large stellar body. Additionally, any tug to a non-stretchy string will not result in any disturbance whatsoever -- the perfect string would also be a perfect attenuator:)

But coming back to entanglement, I was also slightly clueless as to what one can infer from the 'transcendent' within the quantum framework. I, too, once thought it might be conceivable that the entangled electrons or photons communicate via a 'fold' through the dimension above (like the ant landing up at a different location on the newspaper instantaneously in Rob's animation). However, the clincher for me is that any probability wave (or abstract potential) would undoubtedly encode the information for all available dimensions simultaneously. If we accept the validity of the fold, then there must be some kind of mechanism by which every entangled pair communicates '
selectively', something forbidden within the laws of quantum mechanics.

Let me elaborate on this a little further...

Imagine that 2 entangled entities A & B are moving away from each other, and the spin of A is observed, causing the spin of B to be instantaneously affected (thus keeping the pair in a complementary state). It is hence apparent that the locational information of either one is embedded in the other.
If we accept that there are higher dimensions to our 4-D space-time, then the very same locational information could be represented by A{x, y, z, t, u, v, w...} and B{x, y, z, t, u, v, w...}, each containing n variables for n dimensions.
Since the observation of either A or B leads to an instantaneous a causal flip for the other twin every time, we can repeat the observation any number of times within any given timeframe, and the entanglement still holds. That is, if we observe or precipitate a flip in A ten times in a second, B will demonstrate 10 opposing flips in that very same second.

However, there is a flaw here: what would happen if the following happened:
A and B are moving in opposite directions at constant momentum

1. Observe A in as spin up, observe B as spin down
2. Flip A to spin down, observe B flip to spin up
3. Flip A back to spin up, ignore B
4. Flip A back to spin down, ignore B
5. Flip A back to spin up, observe B flip to spin down

At this point, we have seen
A flip from up-down-up-down-up, whereas for all intents and purposes, we have only seen B flip from down-up-down WITHIN THE SAME TIMEFRAME!
Thus, even if we could measure the locational properties of each particle in each of the higher dimensions (limited by the Uncertainty Principle), the information available to any observer will always be less than or equal to the information 'known' to the particles. This knowledge is 'selective' in nature, in that it is only available when one observes the
complete entangled pair.

It would then seem that each particle contains within it more information than can be deduced from observation. This is paradoxical within the realm of quantum mechanics, since the state of any system ought to be completely known through the act of observation.

Physicists have talked about 'hidden variables' that determine the spin/charge of the entangled pair the moment of their conception, but given that the values of these can be easily flipped, it is highly unlikely that the hidden variables are 'rebooted' every time a flip is made.

I'm constantly reminded of Occam's Razor --- When competing hypotheses are equal in other respects, the principle recommends selection of the hypothesis that introduces the fewest assumptions and postulates the fewest entities while still sufficiently answering the question.

In this respect, introducing a transcendental dimension beyond space-time seems to me the only way forward...


10-17-09 - VISION - I got visited either by lightbeing Alex or one of this brothers - very blond, with a prominent nose and sharp pointed chin.

The first thing he said was, "Take another look at the jackpot. You might get a surprise!"  (I hope so  :-)

He said:  "Omega Prophecy"  or "Omega Project"  and the words crop circles.

Then he put his hands together like in prayer and bowed to me and said  "Domuns"



10-18-09 - DREAM - I was standing in a room like a lab.  Standing in front of me was a beautiful middle-aged woman.  In front of me I had a chart with the woman's medical numbers that made up that beautiful body - like blood type, and all the other chemicals that made her up.

Below that, I had another chart with all the numbers that made up a male of a similar age.

I woke up, went to the bathroom, and back to bed and fell asleep again.

Before I woke up this morning, sitting on a table or stool in front of me was a beautiful, medium brown smooth skinned, hairless, African male, wearing nothing but African beads around his neck, wrists and ankles and a loin cloth.

On 10-29-09 - I had a vision of the date 10/18 right after I posted an article about RH negative blood, and this is probably the dream it was referring to.  See:


10-20-09 - DREAM - I don't know where I was but i was in a large building and apparently I was in charge of checking young women in who were coming in for job interviews.  I was standing behind a counter where the women came in and signed in.  All these young women were beautiful to look at - probably just out of highschool, each one more beautiful than the last in their facial features, but each one with different colored hair and eyes.

One young woman came in for her interview, and I noticed she was a bit shorter than the others, and had very blone hair and blue eyes.  She came in and had the interview and when she came back out she said she had passed and had been accepted.

At that moment, I knew she had been accepted for flight school, and knew that there was a large silver military type plane right behind the wall where I was standing.  (I didn't actually see the plane - I just knew it was there)

She walked back out into the hallways where the other young women were standing around and they were all excited.  I was so happy for her that she was accepted, and then she met another shorter girl in the hallway I hadn't yet seen, and they greeted each other - apparently strangers - not friends, but they had seen each other in the school that was downstairs, and I knew it was a prison for young women in the basement. 

I went out into the hallway to talk to all these women because I was so happy for them.  I even told the blonde young woman that we had her whole life planned out for her (not specifying what that would be)  and I started hugging them all - I was filled with joy for them for what was coming for them. 

I went back behind the counter, and a young light-skinned young woman came up to the window and sat on a chair to wait for me to sign her in.  She was truly beautiful - even more so than the white young women had been - she said, "You know who I am don't you?". 

I looked at her face and she looked so familiar to me, and when I wasn't coming up with a name, she said, "I'm Barbara Simpson", and suddenly I saw a tiny name tag and that was the name on it.  Why I didn't see it before she said it, I don't know.

I was so happy to see her but I couldn't remember where I knew her from - maybe went to school with her?  I couldn't remember just where.

She went in for her interview, and just then an older man with a large hooked nose came whizzing up the street outside the window at the end of the corridor right next to where I was.  He was riding one of those large wheeled motorized scooters that came out recently and were on television.  Supposedly I was supposed to go on a date with him, and that was going to happen no matter what else I did with my life - he was one of those guys you don't say, "No" too.  (Like a light being with the big hooked noses I meet in hallways in dreams)  He had huge arm muscles and he said he was on his way to boxing practice and would be back later and hoped he wouldn't be too tired. 

I looked at his rippling arm muscles and wondered why men had to do that much weight lifting to get those muscles.

All of oa sudden something happened that wiped all those thoughts out of my mind - suddenly there were two suns in the sky - one slightly smaller than the other and farther north in the sky than the other.

and I woke up.

NOTE: The only Barbara Simpson I can recall is a radio announcer and I've never seen what she looked like. Her photo on the internet is blonde so the woman in my dream wasn't her.


10-21-09 - DREAM  I was moving into an apartment that had cocoa brown plush charpeting.  The carpet needed vaccuming but it had hundreds of needles and nails all over it.  I knew this was Robb Russos old apartment  (I did move into Rob Russos apartment 311 in real history)

10-21-09 - DREAM - I was moving into an apartment with two men.  One of them I recognized who had lived in the building previously and he recognized me as well.  We started a conversation as to why we were returning to the same place and it came out that everyone had circumstances that made them return to their past when times were better than they are now.   The two men decided to use push pins to post their names on a small bulletin board in the room.  I didn't even have a piece of paper and thought it would be better to put my name on the bulletin board in the main lobby, even though I didn't have a telephone yet.  So I went down to the office where two younger women were managing the office.  Apparently nothing was going on and they trusted me to sit there alone and write my name on a piece of pink paper.  There was nothing in the office but a desk and laundry machines with people's laundry stacked on them.  The women left and I sat there with the piece of pink paper.  Then a woman came in with a complicated sewing pattern and asked me to explain to her how to sew it.  I had my own pattern at that moment which was much simpler.  She was making a jacket and it looked like the pockets were top stitched on.  She took her pattern and all her stuff away before we could even have a conversation about it.

The two men who lived in my apartment came to the office and started having a conversation about breasts and the one I had recognized said that even chickens had breasts and gave some complicated Latin name for them.  He looked pregnant at first, then I wondered if it was a tumour.

The taller of the two men was Carl Sagan or his look-alike.

I woke up and had the following vision.

10-21-09 - VISION  GENESIS 101    (There was more on the piece of paper and I think it said RAMESES - but everything faded so fast, I couldn't read it fast enough.  Then a voice said,  It's the same on the back as on the front,  and the paper opened up to a sky scene of dark blue like twilight going towards night -   In small letters, it said  Lee Chin 101   and someone said  Lee Chin built the pyramids and the name Thoth came to mind.

Lee's response:

GOOD MORNING DEE:hmmmm!  IN ALL PROBABILITY THE MSG YOU WERE RECEIVING MAY HAVE INTENDED TO SAY, "Lee Chin knows, understands who built the containment vessel of the pyramidal comples for the UV RAY.

Thoth represents self as the Dog Star,aka, SIRIUS.  Genesis 101, As above so below, in the beginning the UV Ray provided its lower vibration and higher frequencies to receive the incoming spectral energies for the CHI energies aligned to each of the dimensional schoolrooms. The spectral energies aligned via their like acupuncture meridian points are individually framed in UV Light as a protectorate to separate and maintain their intended acu point portals.

The original 13 pyramids placed on the earth's meridian are wind tunnels  for the space timed energies aligned to Mother Earth and even so, her co-creations.
The dark sky is likened to the Yin energies contained within the womb of co- creations intent. UV Light is akia Black Light. Thusly, Thoth used the frequency generators of the body of Earth's frequency of 5.283 hertz to construct the great pyramid on the Giva Plateau. 

The CHI's  energies circumnavigate with the sun and moon 24 hour cycles aligned to the 12 paired spectral navigators of 120 minutes each on their uni-versal clock.  The bent pyramid represents the recycles of the space-timings of its rebeginnings.  It is probable that the great pyramids on either hemisphere of the body of Mother Earth are thusly aligned to the major organs of her physical embodiment.

SHARING------------Love and Light------------Lee Chin

(I am pre programmed as a messenging anchor for the UV Light, as are you.
Like energy will seek its Like, thusly their are many of the bio-genesis of the Greater Light, as with Thoth.)

-----MEDITATION:  "The God's themselves are symbols of 'thought'.


10-23-09 - DREAM -  We are in a kitchen or laboratory with Carl Sagan.  He has multiple ice cream cones stacked with 6 or 7 layers of ice cream. It's all the same color but each layer is flavored differently - except one layer has poison in it.  We are supposed to identify each flavor and stop when we get to the one with the poison in it.  Then we see his son's hand with an old rusty key with an old dirty string on it - must be 25 to 50 years old.

What does the key open?

We are supposed to find out.


10-23-09 -  I got so super tired while listening to Dolores Cannon interviewed on  I had to lay down.

NAP DREAM  - I delivered a tiny doll-like baby from myself - and it had a label on it that said, "Joy - 1 hour 22 minutes 15 seconds.

After that, all the people were jointed like vegetables with no heads, first like an orange carrot, then a red one, then a blue, a green, etc. all the colors of the rainbow and then some.  Each one was growing like a pair of stems in a glass vase - but with no head like a human - just the body arms and legs.



10-24-09 - DREAM -  I was dreaming about doing a group of Egyptian web pages on the  sit.

After I got up, I did a search of our own site, and there were 706 pages about Egypt.  I was rather stunned to know there were that many.


10-24-09 - NAP DREAM  -  I was in a wooded area and saw a round hut made of sticks, then I saw someone who had something brass on a string - it was shaped like either a thunderbird or an anchor -  not sure which. Anchor makes more sense right now.

Then I was in the house, getting ready to go on a camping trip with a guy. I hadn't yet packed anything and was looking through my jewelry box to see if there was anything in there that was suitable - NOT.  My mother was telling the guy he had better get to our house really early in the morning, so we would be out of there before they got up and needed the bathroom, etc.

Then I was back outside in the wooded area again - this time with two men.  There was a very narrow path and they were looking for a third man.  I saw something on the path that looked like a round basket, and I could see a head coming up from under the ground.  I quickly pointed to the first guy that there was someone under the basket, and he hit him with something really hard and knocked him back down.


10-25-09 - SLEEPING ON THE COUCH - It was quiet and I was too lazy to go to bed where the TV was on and loud and I didin't want to hear the noise.

DREAM -   I had been sleeping on the couch and half woke up, feeling pain at the base of my spine.  I knew there was a nurse there and she said she would give me a drug that started with a T  (long name).  I could feel her pump the drug into the base of my spine and an energy surged upward all the way to my head, and she was saying, "You are going to be feeling this,"  My whole spine went numb, pain went away, and I started to feel really woozy and then I fell asleep again.

At some point, I was again partly awake and my son had been  injured and again the nurse was there and she gave him a drug by mouth that started with the letter O  (long name) and then she gave me some and again my own pain went away (my back was hurting from sitting on the couch all night. I managed to turn over sideways a bit so I wasn't sitting right on the base of my spine.

I fell asleep and I got a telephone call from my old pal Barbara.  We worked together for several years, and we went out together at night as well to bars where they had music and we drank a bit and smiled at guys.  (I was single, but she was married and her husband was working nights) (She had a very strange relationship with him - he got off on her telling him what she did with other guys)  We were talking on the phone a bit because we hadn't seen each other in awhile.  She said, "We've been having meditations every week for the last two years!"

I was stunned at that and asked her, "You mean to tell me that you've been having meditations at your house for 2 years and you never once asked us?"

There was silence on the other end of the phone and I couldn't speak either.  Finally, I hung up the phone - too hurt to speak to her. In my mind I wondered why she hadn't asked us to come meditate with her -  did I stink?  did my husband talk too much?  I couldn't call her up and ask her so I never spoke to her again and she never called me either, knowing that her blunder had hurt me to the core.

The phone rang again and it was my old friend Terri.  She and I raised our kids together way back in the beginning of our child rearing careers. Our husbands worked together during the day, and she and I did our housework, cooked, and did whatever we had to do, while tethered to telephones with 25 foot long cords - she on her end and me on my end and we did this for years - best buddies.  (Eventually I had 6 kids and she had 7 and then they moved to Texas because of a job transfer of her husband - and she had two more kids in Texas)  We were close friends the whole time.

Terry eventually moved to South Carolina - another job transfer - and she was now a grandmother and was working as a cook for her kids school lunch program, so she was too busy to call long distance - it was expensive back then -  so we started to lose touch with each other.

But when Terry called, it seemed she was back in Milwaukee, living where she used to live near downtown and her old Catholic church.  She asked me if I knew someone named Gonzalez and I searched the name banks in my head and said, "No!  I don't know anyone named Gonzalez!"

She told me that she ha recently started up a friendship with a woman named Gonzalez, who ran a small store two doors down from her house.

I started to feel jealous that another person was going to be her friend instead of me, but she was entitled to have more than one friend.  But I started to tell her about my friend Barbara having weekly meditations for two years and never once even telling me about it, not to mention not inviting me and my husband to join her.  Terry went silent on the phone and didn't speak another word to me - and it left me wondering if she had attended those meditations and never told me about them either.

I started waking up at that point because Joe had gotten up and was making noise.  I had actually slept longer on the couch than I normally do in bed. I don't have such painful dreams in bed either.  Seems that I had better sleep in bed from now on.


10-26-09 - VISION - As I was going to sleep, I was praying to go to the 8th level of consciousness to do healing work, and I don't know if I made it because in the vision, it said, "And I present to you Mr.  F _____idim - and he was a giant of a man.  He was sitting on a chair, wearing a black had made of felt, a huge round face that was green with huge black eyes, and wore a huge brown coat because he was so fat.

I should have jumped out of bed and written it down, because I cannot remember the name that started with F which reminded me of "influenza".

I then had a dream in which Joe's ex-wife Debbie came to visit, while I was working on a computer to figure out what the man's name was, and I started telling her about the vision, and while I was telling her this, she accidentally hit the number keys on the keyboard and the screen kept multiplying squares with circles in them - but only some of the squares had circles in them as the screen kept going down with the added squares.

I wasn't worried about losing my original information because it was a separate screen.

For me, it seemed important to know where Debbie was from and she said "Milano".

Another woman came in and she too wanted to know about the vision I had had, and for her I drew a woman, and while I was drawing it, an underlayment on the paper showed me that the woman was sitting, just like the man had, but she wasn't fat like he was.

I then had another vision of what looked like a doorway with squares and circles above the doorway, and beneath that, it said in big letters, MR. INFORMATION.


10-27-09 - VISION 1 As soon as I closed my eyes last night, I saw a bunch of circles lining up and then two circles collided and large silver words "PUT SHOT" came out of the collision and the vision faded.

I asked Joe what 'Put shot' means and he said he didn't know.  Thought maybe is was 'shot put' but it wasn't - it was "PUT SHOT".

VISION 2  This was just another minute later when I closed my eyes again -  I saw the circle going around and around in a group and someone started shooting at them from the side and knocking them out of the picture.

My first thought was UFO and space war

PUT SHOT is a term used in trap shooting - means 'hitting the target'


10-28-09-  All my dreams in the last 20 hours, I was staring at a computer screen working on the same thing I've been doing during the day - working on Egyptian web pages.  See:


10-28-09 - VISION - I saw a man standing at the top of a tall hill looking down - it was my impression that he wanted to commit suicide. There was no movement or voice in this vision so I can't be certain of his thoughts.


10-29-09  - DREAM - I was working in a large office - like I did at Allis-Chalmers.  Victoria was the head secretary.  I saw the calendar for July and Tuesday, the 4th of July at the office - we had vacation the rest of the week.  A large machine was supposed to be delivered July 14th and was put off until the 19th.

Victoria was on vacation when the memo came through about the delivery date, so when she came back I had to update her on the delivery of that machine which was crucial to the operation of something very large.

She was quite upset about that, but there was nothing I could do about it.  I was just the messenger of the date change.

When I got back to my desk, everyone but the cleaning crew had gone home and I didn't have ea chance to say good bye to anyone.

I had to stop at the library and bring back some books.  One was a tiny little red book with a drawing a man in black on the front cover.  All the pages of this book had fallen out.  The librarian was upset about the condition of the book, but she acknowledged that I hadn't read it because the pages were too neatly stacked together - it just had bad glue on the edges of that pages.

So I didn't get blamed for that.  (Who wrote the 'little red book?"  (It must be a future book, because the drawing on the cover doesn't match anything on the internet)

In the library, I saw some larger red books with white print on the front.  I decided to erase the title and change it, but I didn't have anything to write on the cover of the book, so I left it blank.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad, and when I got to the bathroom, it was occupied by a man.  I told him how desparate I was to go and that I couldn't wait.   I actually peed from the doorway into the toilet, but we couldn't see anything - just hear it.  He brought me some wipes to use which were smooth as glass.  He said they were made for pets, but they worked really great.  They were pure white, and after use went into a black throw-away bag.  Pretty cool stuff it was. So smooth.


10-30-09 - DREAM - I was moving into an apartment with my two daughters, my mother and her boyfriend.  I evidently hadn't talked with any of them recently because I was delighted to find out they were all food conscious like I was.  However, their ideas of being food conscious were a little unusual.

My blonde daughter said that she didn't like to eat peas because they were too full of sugar, so she heavily salted them to counteract the sugar.

My dark-haired daughter said she didn't like to eat pickles because they had too much salt into them so she sprinkled them with sugar.  (Ugh)

I went shopping with my Mom, and we were buying staples for the kitchen, and in the cart we had dried corn, huge bag of rice and some other things.  The corn was red, and my Mom wanted the store to pop it for her instead of using our electricity or gas stove at home.  I didn't know you could pop red dried corn at all, so it was interesting when she went up to the store owner and asked him to pop all her corn for her before she purchased it.

When we got home, my Mom's boyfriend who resembled the singer Michael Hall decided he was going to dish out some chocolate ice cream and he looked at me and said he liked 'orange' sauce with it,  which sounded good in the dream, and I agreed with him that I liked it too and knew we were going to be good friend just from that.

I then started looking around our kitchen and on the counter was a beautiful black square electric frying pan, which I assumed was a free gift from the landlady who had told me she cleaned the kitchen herself.  I picked up the lid on the frying pan, and inside was a whole grouping of pancakes that were so old, they had turned green.  That about turned my stomach.

I planned to confront the landlady about her ability to clean the kitchen and leave green pancakes on the counter and then laugh at her.

I then decided to go outside and take a walk around the block.  It was drizzling slightly and I took note that our apartment took up the entire side of the building all the way from the back alley to the street and that my husband's bedroom was on the corner by the street.

I started walking around the block to the left, and when I got to Clarke St. I noted that the sidewalk had been removed, but people had furniture outside, including pianos, standing on tiles meant for bathrooms that were tiny black and white squares.  But there was no sidewalk alongside the street.  It was very disconcerting and I didn't know where to walk. It felt like I was inside their houses as I walked along.  Odd thing was, walking in the drizzling rain, I didn't even get wet.



I was sitting in a room with an architectural model of a building where I was going to get a job.  There was a tall building where  I would live and work.  On the same block was was 3 stage very modern building, where I would shop, where I would bank, and where I would eat at a restaurant.  That's all that was on the same block.  After I secured my job in the tall building, I electronically opened my bank account, secured a credit card at the shopping mall building, and opened an account at the restaurant.  I thought that was really cool and slick - to have everything so compact.  I showed the model to someone who said, "That's aurevere architecture, and no one likes it.  I thought it was great.  I could do everything all in one place and never have to drive anywhere else if I didn't want to.

The scene changed and I was looking out a large window at the ocean. Oddly, the water was a beautiful blue but waves were coming in side by side two by two like they were coming from a specific spot in the ocean.  The waves weren't all over the ocean, just coming in one line - two by two.  All of a sudden from that same spot, came a line of sleek fish - I thought 'sharks' and they swam really fast in that same line of waves away from whatever was causing it and swam right under the building I was in.

I told someone to look at the odd waves - and it was like the scene repeated itself like in a video - the same line of waves and the identical stream of fish - there was absolutely no difference,  and this happened a third time.

The scene changed again, and I was seemingly in my New Berlin, WI house out in the yard with my dog.  There were some kids in the yard, but I can't say they were mine.

An older white-haired woman came walking down the road with her dog, and suddenly, some three kids came walking down the road from the opposite direction with their dog, and another group of kids came from the third direction with their dog.

When the older white-haired woman reached my driveway, all three dogs converged on her dog and all three dogs had sex with her dog.

I had been afraid of a fight but there was none, but it was probably that the woman's dog was now pregnant by three different dogs.

I watched as the male dogs were hauled off by the kids,  a German Shepherd, a tiny white Chihauhau, and a large white Samoyed. I didn't get a clear look at the white-haired woman's dog, but the oldest kid in my yard said to her, "When the puppies are born, I'll give you $15 each for the pups.  The woman said, "I want $25. 

Knowing that the dogs would be mutts and who knows what they would look like, I said, "I'll give you $15 each.", to which she reiterated, "I want $25", and my reply was, "Then you'll get $0" and I shook my finger at her.


10-30-09 - NAP DREAM -  I was in a room like a studio with Dr. Louis Turi.  He had just played the piano, playing the Bohemian Rhapsody, and he gave me a "complimentary copy" of the tape for me to play for myself.

I was lining up blocks of some kind in a grid in a box - probably like 12 x 12. 

Dr. Turi said, Let me play it for you, and just as he turned on the player, I woke up at that instant.

Naturally, I went to to play the music to see what I missed.

Here it is by Queen, which means a lot because I got an e-mail today that my cousin Richard had died at age 73.

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY by Queen is about death:

I decided to play Queen's song in their order -  another coincidence - synchronicity






I was watching Victor and his blonde wife Nikki (from 'The Young and the Restless" TV show standing in a theatre setting, talking about their daughter. Victor said, "Jazz is ours!"

I was watching Victor and his blonde wife  Nikki again standing in a theatre setting, talking about their blonde daughter. Victor said, "Victoria is ours!"

I was standing in a building with a large picture window.  I was looking across an ocean and I could see all the way to China as I could see the top of their tallest building which was similar to our white9house - (round)  All of a sudden a huge white disc appeared over the building and hovered there.  All of a sudden, the disc moved to a slant position like it was going to take off quickly to another location.  Speed was my sense of the movement.

I was standing of a porch of a building, and there was a foreboding sense outside even though the sun was shining.  I stepped down into the yard where there was a barrel of celery growing.  I picked three stalks and then went and sat on the lawn.  There was nothing else growing there by thin grass.  I sat on the grass, looking back at the barrel of celery and attempted to eat some of the celery but it was dry and punky on top.  I broke off the celery stick about half way down, and the bottom half was so good, it was almost sweet - it was full of water..

I then went to the basement of our building where there were some people standing around talking.  Three dark-haired men came along who I knew were Gnostics.  They lived on the first floor. I don't recall that they said anything.

Another man and his son were down there as well, and my husband and I chit chatted with him a bit, because the wind outside was blowing at 85 to 90 miles an hour and it wasn't safe to be out there.   I told the man and his son about the white disc I saw hovering over the tallest building in China and they were amazed that I could do that.  Finally, my husband and I decided we should go back upstairs and see if the wind had died down. As we walked down the hall, I told me husband, "We've been talking about jelly long enough!" and smiled.

We were still on the stairs, and I could see three blonde young men knocking on the door which was locked. My husband looked at them and kept right on going up the next set of stairs.  I stopped at the door, looking at the men who I could see were crying - all three of them were crying.  I asked my husband if he was going to let them in and he said, "No!", which made me reluctant to do it as well. 

So, I talked to the men myself, through the door to find out what they wanted, as I knew they lived across the hall from the Gnostics.  I talked to the one closest to the door, and asked, "What's wrong!"

He answered, "You know those Gnostics who live across the hall from us?  Well!  They didn't exactly lose!" I still didn't let them in the door. I was afraid of what they might do if they came in and I was alone.

I got a phone call from my friend Michelle who lives at the farthest distance away from me in the United States - about 3,000 miles. I told her that the wind was blowing about 85 to 90 miles an hour.  She said, "It's blowing that hard here too."  I was surprised the phone lines were still working at that point.  It wasn't raining out - it was just windy.

Finally, I decided to tell her about the white disc I had seen over the building in China - she would believe me when I told her about that.  She sees them too.


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