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compiled by Dee Finney

9-11-01 - World Trade Center Towers Attack
World Trade Center Towers Attack
World Trade Center Towers Number Symbolism
World Trade Center Towers Dreams and Prophecy

Osama bin Laden tape transcript with dreams referenced


Prayer For Peace

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who said to Your Apostles:
"Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you,"
regard not my sins but the faith of Your Church,
and deign to give her peace and unity according
to Your Will: Who live and reign, God, world without end.


MESSAGE VIA LOUISE STARR TOMKIEL, V+J August 17, 2002---10:30 A.M.


Aug 21, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, "All that I've been telling you, all I've explained and is written in Holy Scripture, all I've shown My visionaries is about to befall all people, everywhere in FULL FORCE. Every person on earth WILL FEEL IT'S


The earth and all its innocents are crying out for vengeance. Heaven's trumpets will sound and My Angels will go into action as I explained to you in Scripture. All---EVERYTHING IS IN READINESS. From north to south, from east to west God's great Justice


You, my precious ones, must be completely prepared in everything. Re-check your pantry and your other essentials TODAY. Be sure your soul is in the 'State of Grace'. Spend much time in prayer and prepare your homes and properties as I've instructed you.

Those NOT prepared in spirit, body, mind and at home, will truly know and feel fear. Those of you who have decided to follow Satan will again have a short time to accept My everlasting Mercy and Love. If after you witness your soul and its sin and still refuse Me, you will know condemnation--your own free-will choice for eternity.

The just anger of God has settled upon the earth. Sin is NOT tolerated!!! You MUST CONVERT TODAY!!! You must honor Me, love Me, adore Me AND believe in Me as your True God. Place your false gods behind you. Children


I am sending so many signs simultaneously. Can't you see them? Again I ask you DENY ALL FALSE GODS. Know that there is only ONE TRUE GOD and I AM HE!!!

Obey only Me. Follow only my Commands. Give your will to Me alone.

All My signs are being revealed daily. Witness them on TV; all news media, i.e., floods, drought, lightning, fires, insects, disease, avalanches, mud slides; the force of water, wind; the burning of the sun----nature's forceful anger----all.

Man, for want of control, is prepared to bomb any country, any city, anywhere. He has new, powerful, destructive weapons. He wants to be as God but he is acting through Satan. Evil will promise you what he will explain as 'good for you and for your protection'. DO NOT


Stay close to Me and seek discernment and strength. Seek too, My gift of wisdom. Through Me you will have the knowledge to understand Good and Evil and the desire to follow only Good. (Me)

Be on guard against forked-tongue speech. These people are deceivers. They ignore all of God's Commands and ignore sin. They turn My weak, poor souls against Confession, Eucharist and My Divine Mercy and Love. They thrive on pride, hate, ignominious words and actions (sin). They are followers and devotees of Satan. BEWARE!!! Don't be lured by their 'sweet talk' and 'empty promises'. Many priests, religious and lay people are being led astray by his 'New Age' teachings which are sweeping the various countries. He (Satan) makes all fancy but empty promises. He is treachery personified.

Return today. Prepare today. Believe in Me---always. Love always. Pray without ceasing. Repent. Forgive. Be My modern day disciple. Be a light in today's darken times. Carry Me to all people, all nations. Spread the Word of God---everywhere. Save one soul thus saving your own. Trust in Me and keep hope alive. I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS UNTIL THE END OF TIME. My Love IS FOREVER. Hear and follow the Word of your God. Die unto sin. Live in Me. Do all I ask of you and you will, one day, return to Me in Heaven for ever.

(End of message)

Louise Starr Tomkiel is a Roman Catholic in good standing who has been receiving messages and visions since 1977. She has a married daughter and two granchildren. Louise also has two deceased sons. She resides in Levittown, Pennsylvania, and is a member of Our Lady of Fatima Light of the World Prayer Cenacle in nearby Bensalem, Pa. Louise has a Spiritual Director for over twenty years and he is an Oblate of St. Francis De Sales, as well as a local S.D.

Web site for Louise: Tomkiel is: http://hia.net/giftstor/tomkiel02fst.htm

MESSAGE VIA LOUISE STARR TOMKIEL, V+J August 18, 2002---12:50 A.M.


Aug 21, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " My dearest daughter, tell all My children to make all final preparations and to keep their souls in the State of Grace. Receive Me often or make a daily Spiritual Communion. Get to Confession at least once a month and daily confess your sins to Our Heavenly Father.

Waste no time on superfluous thoughts or acts. Go to Mass often or hear it on TV. Take an active part in every Mass. Be aware of My REAL presence at Consecration. At this glorious moment offer prayers of love, thanksgiving, petition, praise and make your Act of Consecration to Me----Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Witness My unbloody, loving sacrifice for all people; past, present and to come. It is for your redemption that I gave My all on Calvary.

Thank too, Mary and Joseph for their loving fiat to God to bring Me into the world, your Merciful, Loving Savior. Think of all these people did for mankind in blind, humble, loving faith. Look at all the joy and suffering at being parents of your Jesus, God's only Son. Yes, I am the Son of God who came in human form to suffer and die for you; to save all people from their sins; to open Heaven to you. To this day the majority of people ignore Me, do not believe in Me and believe that the Holy Sacrament of the Altar is but a symbol. In My Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church I AM TRULY PRESENT in that tiny Sacred Host. I gave Myself to you as the true Bread of Life to nourish you spiritually for as long as you live. Believe and receive!!!

The greatest act you can do daily is to receive Me physically or spiritually as befits your life, your health, your circumstances. Just remember that in this dark and sinful world I am your Hope. I am your Light. I am your Strength. I am the Way. I alone am Truth. Cling to Me through prayer and love.

Yes, preparation My dearest one, is very essential. Tell all to be prepared at every moment of every hour of every day for the rest of their earthly lives. I love all. I come to lead all along the final mile to Salvation. Follow Me!!!

(End of Message)



Aug 21, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Abba God and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Abba God said, "The sins of man have made all creation disgusting in My sight. Therefore, children, I will destroy people, animals, vegetation: all I created. I will rebuild, or create a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH!!! I will use various means to destruct each area so as to confuse proud men and arouse their senses. There will be no pattern.

Man too, will destroy using his evil mind to make ways to kill all life especially the lives of anyone or any country who refuses to believe as he does. Man is proud, arrogant, hateful AND sinful through his desire for complete control, to dominate all people and will destruct using man-made devices. He (man) is now---today---capable of very wide spread and deadly destruction---anywhere------anywhere----he desires. He has chosen his targets AND his dates. He is lying in waiting to pounce on his prey.

Many of you live your lives in deadly sin, devoted to Satan. Money, possessions, pride, control are your present day gods. You idolize them. You worship them. You want more and more and still more. You are building the 'Golden Calf ' or false god and you give it praise and worship.

One day--extremely soon--- I WILL DESTROY ALL YOUR FALSE GODS!!!!! By worshiping evil, you are condemning your souls to Hell for eternity. What silly fools you are. You will lose ALL earthly possessions and return to Me as you came into the world---WITH NOTHING. All you will bring before Me is your acts, your words. I will judge you NOT by your possessions but BY YOUR LOVE!!! Reject Me and I will reject you.

Love---the first two Commandments---are the steps to Heaven and the key to Our door. Without Love you are NOTHING!!!! Live Love My children. Love your True God, your neighbor and all creation. The time to change is NOW-------while you still have life within you. I AWAIT YOU!!!

Note: Recently... (as in the past)...Louise is being shown the New Earth again..

(End of message)

MESSAGE VIA LOUISE STARR TOMKIEL, V+J August 22, 2002---10:10 A.M.


Aug 22, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " Those of you that I have chosen to man my refuges, HURRY! Be in complete readiness NOW! Listen to My instructions purchasing all these needs quickly. THERE IS NO TIME TO LOSE!

Terrorists have set the dates, hour and the areas that are to be destroyed. Many, many lives are at risk. I will follow through with My destruction, My punishment.

PRAY and PRAY and PRAY! Cleanse your souls NOW (Confession) and remain in the State of Grace. Be ready to follow My Command at a moments notice. DO NOT HESITATE!!!

Trust in Me to lead you. Many Angels will leave Heaven to protect and escort you to My chosen refuges. Do NOT look back---- GO! The hour is VERY close yet, in My Mercy and Love you still have a brief time to return and prepare.

Do NOT waste precious time worrying or in fear. I am your God and I WILL protect My own beloved, faithful, trusting, obedient, loving remnant. I WILL give you My strength. In the midst of all the terror,

I AM YOUR HAVEN OF PEACE. Reside in My Sacred heart, My mother's Immaculate heart and Joseph's gentle, humble, pure heart. WE ARE WITH YOU!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Regardless of the outcome-----whether you live or are to die for me------Heaven has a place reserved for you, precious child. The battle is escalating in the minds of evil men. Anytime now, all will begin. St. Michael and Lucifer are prepared. After all is completed and My time is come you will see the magnificent NEW HEAVEN and NEW EARTH. Bear with Me. The Father's Will, MUST be completed. WE ARE VICTORIOUS!!!



Aug 29, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " The gloom, the clouds that prevent the sun from spreading its light upon the earth is a sign of what is to come. The sun will be obscured. It will not give forth its light which is necessary for all life. A vapor of man-made chemicals will produce and form a heavy, opaque cloud which is toxic, thus sickening and killing much life, making air unbreathable; water and vegetation poisonous.

Chemicals have already removed much of your God-made ozone layer created to protect all from sun's harmful rays. Still science marches on in the name of progress.

This is not progress but a regression into a world dead to all life---any living thing. Unless I step in, nothing will survive. Man will have his way for a little while yet, but I will come to save My people. My mother will crush the head of the serpent. Much will be destroyed and annihilated but a small portion will remain. I know Mine and Mine know Me and will follow Me to the end. They will be cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb. They will see the New Heaven and the New Earth. All will sparkle with cleanliness for sin will no longer exist.

Evil men will be given to their leader, Satan, for eternity. Purity will live in all remaining souls and envelope My earth.

Remain faithful to Me. Your reward is with Me, in Heaven eternally. This requires prayer, faith, trust, love, hope. It means to remain patient. All will happen. The signs are all around you. Daily all is gaining in momentum. Soon you will witness the disgusting results of sin. After this time is passed. You will witness God's pure and perfect creation as has not been witnessed by man since the sins of your first parents.

Rejoice!!!!! All will come to pass. Prepare and wait in constant, adoring prayer."

(End of message)



Aug 31, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, "Although it is still Summer and Fall is less than a month away, many areas already are feeling a drastic drop in temperatures. In some places, heat will return; in others, cold will arrive very early.

In many parts of the world, Winter will be as severe as your out-going Summer. A deep, penetrating cold will freeze lakes, rivers and, if you do not have a central heating system, house pipes will freeze and break.

Your sources of heat will not warm many houses because of the deadly cold. People will huddle together for warmth and animals will too.

Provide NOW! Have food and a good source of heat prepared, making sure you have a means to cook or warm your food for your people. Be in complete readiness from this day forward!!!

Be sure too, that you have many warm clothes and blankets or quilts. Good, heavy, sturdy shoes are a must. All I have asked you to lay in MUST be in its place now!!! Those not prepared or who laugh and mock these words will be the first to feel My effects thru nature.

Again, due to the sub-freezing temperatures, power lines will snap leaving many without electric and gas and yes, water. It will be a cold never witnessed before by the average human being (felt only at the poles).

Food will be scarce and quite expensive due to the great fires, droughts and floods of this Summer. I extend My LOVE and mercy to all who are prepared; who have or are listening to My ever loving warnings. My Heart is with you. I will never abandon those who are faithful. I will lead you, guide you and assist you.

Place your trust in Me and never lose hope. Many I have called by name and you've answered Me. You are the ones, chosen by 'Abba' to help Us assist those who are ignorant to Our Words yet loving, faithful followers of your Christ.

You will recognize the ones you are to follow for I will mark them with My sign. They will shelter you, assist you and, when possible, you must aid them. These chosen ones have done all their preparations and await My next move, My next command.

Do not ask where you are to go or how you will arrive there. I tell you, just listen and obey. My Holy Angels will lead My children to safety. Many will be called home (Heaven) to the safety of My Sacred Heart. There will be martyrs who die for their faith and love for Me. Heaven is yours. Others will remain and live in accordance to My Will. You will receive great strength and an out-pouring of the Holy Spirit. All will be done according to the Divine Will of God.

As on the first Passover, bless and prepare your homes and all buildings for another Passover as I desire to protect My faithful remnant, once again, from the ravages of evil.

Obey My children and be in complete readiness as your earth and all souls go through a mighty purification, the annihilation of sin and sinful areas around the entire world. It is now in progress and will end only in God's time. His just wrath and anger is upon the whole world.

Cling to His Mercy and Love. Honor, love, adore your God. Pray for this time to be shortened or no one, not even the elect, will survive. The punishment is far beyond man's comprehension. Seek the Word of the Lord and follow----live---it. You will help many poor souls through your prayers."

(end of message)



Sep 1, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from God, the Father of All, and said, “Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood.”

Then God, the Father of All said, “I am God. I am Creator of all. I am Spirit. I have no nationality. I am of no race, color or creed. Yet I am every race, color, and nationality. You and all creatures and all creation belong to Me and I am your God and Father.

Whether you believe in Me or not, you are Mine and I wish, I desire to be your first priority. I am Love. You, and all creatures and all creation, were created in Love, by Love, for Love. All people, everywhere, are brothers and sisters of Love.

You have but one Father. I, God, Creator, am your Father. Therefore each person on earth is brother and sister. Celebrate life. Celebrate family. Live in love for one another. Do not envy your brother or sister. Do not be proud or cocky but share your blessings with your less fortunate family members. Do not hate one another and allow anger to drive its wedge between you. Forgive your brother or sister. Love one another.

Assist one another. Respect one another. Honor each other’s individuality, personality, and talents. Help one another to grow and share your gifts with one another.

Anyone who believes that I am God and that Jesus is your Lord, God (made-man) and Savior, is a child of My Heart. Let go of false beliefs, false so-called religions, false gods, manmade creeds, and return to your Father, your creator, your God. Become one worldwide, caring, loving family. Be brothers and sisters – all –honoring, loving, adoring and believing in your One True God, Abba, Father of all.

THIS IS THE ONE, THE ONLY WAY TO TRUE PEACE ON EARTH. Love and respect your family, brothers and sisters all; every nation, every race, color, and creed. Return to your Father’s House. Your heart IS My house IF you accept Me and invite Me in while obeying the Will of your Father.”

(End of message)

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J September 5, 2002---11:40 P.M.


Sep 7, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " If world leaders continue to spread lies and hate there will be a war like no other war. If world leaders follow evil men and side against the innocent countries while making powerful, destructive bombs and various other means to kill all life, Hell will swallow them and fire and brimstone will be their eternal unrest.

My leaders, and they are few, will suffer greatly at the hands of Satan's followers. Lies will weaken people so that they no longer see the truth. Your own people will turn against you. Nations will be confused and weakened.

The evil leaders are infusing fear in to the hearts of all mankind. Because of this, people will actually want the chip (mark of the beast) implanted as a safety precaution. They will draw many whose faith is weak or have no faith at all. It is a ploy. Once you are filled with fear, accept the 'mark' or chip, it will be easy to establish Martial Law. These leaders will now control your every thought and action. You will be as a puppet. The chip, you are told, will be for your protection. Said chip will only lead you from Me to absolute control by evil, the complete downfall of men and nations and finally---Hell. DO NOT ACCEPT SAID CHIP!!!

Seek truth!!! Seek the Word of the Lord!!! Seek strength in these days controlled by Satan and his followers!!! Seek a stronger faith!!! Seek only and accept only the mark of your God!!! This must be done through incessant prayer, consecration to your Triune God, obedience to My Words---My Commandments. Pray and in loving, humble supplication, seek ONLY to do the Will of God for you. Prayer and love will save and convert many poor dear souls."

( End of message)

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J --September 6, 2002---10:45 P.M.

Joyce Lang

Sep 9, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, "People of every nation under the sun I, your Jesus, gave My Life for each and every one of you in the most excruciating pain ever to be known to man even allowing My Heart to be pierced for love of you. To this day so many of you continue to crucify Me by your constant rejection of Me and by breaking every one of God our Father's Commandments.

You kill, you murder, you abort, you use euthanasia. You then turn around and clone another life; one that you choose to have life. You live in adultery, have children, live together and divorce or split-up neglecting your duties to God, one another and to an innocent child. Few people live love: love for Me and love for one another. You are filled with false pride.

Your egos are enormous. You steal, you lie. No one remains in the State of Grace unless you confess your sins to Me daily with a firm resolve to sin no more. You will not have any life within you if you do not eat my Bread (Body) and drink My Wine (Blood) frequently. Either you return to Me or My Father, God, will send His just punishment to each nation, each country, each person--without exception.

You, your earth, is headed for the greatest disaster to ever befall mankind!!! The momentum has begun and is slated to increase in its power until all Our Father's plans are accomplished. A great cleansing, an enormous purification must and will take place. All of Heaven cry for so many souls that are lost daily due to the enormity of your sins. You, on the other hand are unconcerned, living a life that will doom your immortal souls to hell for ever.

Now as God vengeance is seen and felt a great fear and dread will fill your hearts. My Mercy and Love await you. Children SEE THE SIGNS! Become aware. Convert. Turn your lives around and return to Me, your Merciful Savior.

Obey! Obey! Obey! Pray for strength and I will strengthen you. Seek wisdom and I will enlighten you. Pray and I will assist you. PRAY!"

Message & Visions to Claire Rose Sept 7 & 11, 2002


Sep 14, 2002


A Blessed Apostolate with members from around the world who pray daily for holy priests and encourage others to do the same.

September 8, 2002 Theriot, Louisiana From Claire Rose: The sound of a "Shot" that rang out through the sound system during Holy Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Larose last night (Sept. 7, 2002) was a prophecy! I immediately thought "a shot that was heard around the world!" At that moment I could hear again the message from Jesus while I was in Mexico on August 8, 2002 & Our Lady's Words from Her Visitation to us Last Saturday (August 31, 2002) in Theriot, Louisiana.

"Funeral bells are tolling for America."

At that moment and again after receiving Jesus in Holy Communion, I pleaded with God for Mercy on America as never before. I asked for Mercy on the Church, Bishops & priests in America & on our whole country. I saw in front of me a map of America and I was lying down, face down in front of God's Throne over this map. My hands were touching both the east and west coasts pleading for Mercy.

A man who is reading all the past public messages brought to my attention that on the Last Saturday of September 2000, Our Lady said, "funeral bells are tolling for America." Less than 2 weeks later, on Oct. 12, 2000, Columbus Day, our ship the U.S.S. Cole was bombed. Many of our boys were killed. Last year in the last week of August 2001, Our Lady said that "September would be known as "Black September"."

When the sound of a "shot" rang out in Church I felt a bullet enter my heart. I thought of two people, our Holy Father and our President. May God have Mercy on us all! O God, have Mercy! PLEASE EVERYONE, PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!!

September 11, 2002 7:00 p.m. Holy Mass Larose, Louisiana A Mass for Peace because of 9-11-01.

At the "Lord, have mercy" the large painting over the Altar of God the Father "came alive." I saw His Eyes and Mouth moving before I heard His Words. He said: "I will have Mercy on America...because you have asked Me for Mercy...because many others like you have asked Me for Mercy. This is a Time of Mercy, Divine Mercy."

At the Offertory of Holy Mass I offered myself to God and asked again for His Mercy on all our priests, Bishops and on America. Our Father spoke again: "I will have Mercy on America because the heart of America is compassionate. In America are multitudes of compassionate hearts, but...much blood has yet to be shed."

At the Consecration of Holy Mass when Father held up the Sacred Host, the Sacred Body of Jesus, I saw the Host bleeding much Blood all the way to Father's elbow.

After I received Jesus in Holy Communion, Our Father repeated very slowly His Words and He added, "I love you."

Our Mother was Present throughout Holy Mass and as we prayed a Rosary for Peace after Mass. Our Mother sang with us except not the song at Communion. Our Mother has a beautiful voice. I cannot describe Her Voice with words. She was all in white. There were jewels like small crystals, lights or water drops on Her dress. Her dress was flowing white. The moving jewels glimmered with rainbo colors. I saw Our Mother with this same dress on August 14 and again on August 22 during Holy Mass in the Adoration Chapel in Larose. Her dress was like a wedding dress. I'm not sure what this means except I think of the words,

"The Spirit and the Bride say 'COME!'." Pray! Peace to all. Your sister-in-Christ, Claire Rose

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J - September 10, 2002 - 10:55 P.M.


Sep 11, 2002

Louise Began to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " I come again to remind you to prepare. The greater majority of My people have not even begun to obey My urgent calls. It is for your own good that I urge you to be ready. Various acts of God and nature, as well as acts of evil men, will cut off your electric, gas and water. Cold will come quickly and severely to many areas. You will be unable to purchase your needs, and freezers and refrigerators will shut down. Food will spoil.

Without electric, stores will have no light, gas pumps will be idle, water supplies will be dormant. Your nights will be very dark and the evil one and his followers will work under the cover of darkness. They will prowl around breaking into stores and homes seeking whatever they desire. These times will be very frightening unless you are with Me in spirit through consecration and prayer.

If you are not prepared for the very, very near future you will be without the necessities of daily life. I've been telling you for years what you must do. The time is upon you when you will be without your so-called conveniences. Plan today for what will be tomorrow. Those who continue to ignore My Words will soon live in fear due to their folly.

As a loving God and Savior, I am constantly making you aware of your sins and the need to repent and follow Me. I am persistent in My efforts but it is your decision. An act of God or man can and will cripple your cities, industry, and transportation. Cold will penetrate buildings for lack of heat. All will suffer for want of food and water.

Days and years are racing by and still you ignore My warnings. The shortness of time makes it essential to DO AS YOU ARE TOLD or you will suffer unbelievably."

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J - September 11, 2002-- 10:25 P.M.


Sep 12, 2002

Louise Began to receive a message from God the Father and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Father God said, " Dear Children, you are living in the most crucial hours the world has ever known when Good and evil are batttling to win souls for eternity. You can not see the battle as yet for it is spiritual. Soon however the entire earth will be involved in a great war. By rejecting God, ignoring the Commandments, avoiding prayer and not reading Scripture the entire human race is uniting itself to evil; freely giving their souls to Satan.

When you reject My messages you are ignorant of My Sacred Word for many (messengers) are quoting from your Holy Scripture. You make Me an Idol of love but I am a God of JUSTICE AND LOVE! Ignorance is inexcusable in this present day. I am speaking to everyone in every country around the world. I am sending signs.

A true and loving father corrects and punishes his children to teach them and lead them in the ways of God. (Proverbs 13:24) I will punish you and correct you for I am a Just AND Loving God. I will lead you by My iron-clad rule with Mercy and Love. My desires must be your desires. My Will must be your only way of life. You must love, honor and obey your Heavenly Father, your God. You must become one with Me in your thoughts, words and actions.

Communicate with Me often through prayer. Learn from Me. Follow Me. By making Me number one in your Life you will grow in your faith. I will become your strength, your hope, your light, your entire life. You will be My reflection of love and forgiveness.

Read My Word. Study it. Devour it until it becomes a part of you. Be as hungry for Me, your true nourishment, as you are for your next meal.. Make Me and My Word a daily part of your life. Yes, dear ones, taste and see the 'goodness of the Lord.' " (Psalm 34:9)

Subj: Urgent---Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J --September 10, 2002---9:50 a.M.

Date: 9/10/2002 11:23:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Louise began to receive a message from God the Father and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then God our Father said, "My dear ones, you lament the happenings of last September 11 and call the attackers terrorists. Yet, dear children, the real terrorists are in your families, your churches, your hospitals, your offices, and are your neighbors. They are your young men and women, your doctors, your law enforcement officers, your religious. These are the people who abort My babies, abuse My people young or old, euthanize, kill or inflict injury or pain to any person or living creature. They are the ones who pollute My air, My water, My earth. Those people are the real terrorists living among you.

You are angry and you cry for all those innocent lives lost in New York City, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania. Yet you support various kinds of killing every moment of every day of every year. This is a double standard, a fork-tongue statement and you, especially you in USA, accept it and promote it.

Prisons are filled with men, women and children who sin against man-made laws. Yet, the laws of man accept murder in so many guises.

TO KILL IS ALWAYS A VERY GRAVE SIN. THOU SHALT  NOT KILL. My laws remain the same yesterday, today and tommorrow. THEY ARE LAW!!!

The hardest of criminals hate people who abuse children through sex and molestation. They will go so far as to kill such an offender. Even your terrorists of the Mid East loathe what Amercians do to their unborn or just born or any children.

You, USA, are on the very precipice of a national and devastating disaster. Your laws protect the sinner and ignore all innocent life. You have ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for ANY LIFE!!!

Now, I will send you a sign, a warning much worse than last September 11. I will shake your very souls and cold, dead, prideful hearts. I will show you My wrath and I will destroy much of USA and/or any country who's laws are contrary to Mine, your God and Creator.

Far too many innocents have suffered and died and there is NO END IN SIGHT! I will put an end to this slaughter of My dear innocent children. As you do unto others I WILL DO UNTO YOU. My anger, My wrath is us upon you and every person or country that breaks My laws and sets up laws of a death culture.

USA will be shaken from sea to sea, border to border, North, South, East, West, and internally. Your beautiful country will be no more until it is purged, cleansed, purified and all evil, all sin is washed away forever.

SIN MUST CEASE!!! Obedience MUST prevail. Love MUST be lived. Prayer and My Will MUST be your whole life. Many will suffer for their mortal crimes. I will no longer stand by and allow humans to act as god by following a Satanic life and destroying ways. Vengeance is MINE! All will soon have their eyes and ears opened by signs I will now send to earth.

It is your free-will choice to choose life, love, peace through the Will of God in your daily life OR to choose death, pride, evil laws and Satan's ROAD TO HELL. No one can serve two masters. Who do you choose? Who will you follow? What is your eternal destiny--HEAVEN or HELL??? Decide for Me and live. Decide for evil and live an eternal death.

Pray for quidance. Pray for your leaders. Pray for your country. Pray for cold, calloused hearts to be opened. Pray for life. PRAY!!! Choose to live as a true child of God and experience My Mercy and Love."

End of message

1st Message Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J September 16, 9:00 A.M.


Sep 16, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " Dearest children of My Divine and Merciful Heart, be wary of people who are over anxious to become your friends. In time they will use control over you. They will be obsessed with you, your actions, your way of thinking, your routine in daily life, your prayer life, what turns you on. This interest is NOT genuine. It comes from a sick mind and far to often the mind is also possessed by a spirit NOT of Me. Their minds reek of the stench of the evil one acting to deceive My innocent little ones.

Remember dear children that not all people will take advantage. Some are truly interested in knowing more about the True Faith, My true Church, Sacred Scripture and, above all, they want to know and follow Me. Be cautious and use discernment.

Many of these false friends will one day (some are already acting) turn You into Church and/or state authorities. Do not worry. Do not fear. I AM  WITH MY OWN. I AM WITH YOU. I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU.

Be strong and trust in Me. They will answer to Me for their deeds and words unless they repent and convert. When you give your heart freely to another you give full permission for them to become one with you. Do not act in haste for not everyone is of Me.

Many wear the mask of the Lamb while beneath is lurking the wolf. I am the True Lamb of God. Come, follow Me. I am meek and humble of heart. Those who wish to control are sick, proud and/or control freaks. They wish to own and control your free-will thus making your will----their will. I give you TRUE free-will. I ASK for your heart. I ASK you to follow Me.

I ASK for you to choose My Will for you thus making you and Me one in thought, word and action. I DO NOT force you. Pray! Use caution! Discern! Seek truth, strength and wisdom. Listen to your conscience. Pray for your God of Mercy and Love to always lead you. Pray!!! "

End of message

2nd Message Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+ J September 16, 2002---11:58 A.M.


Sep 16, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus continued, " This My daughter is a continuation of the recent message I gave to you. Money mongers from big businesses are in the process of organizing a one world government, one world monetary system, one world religion, one world identity (chip), one world leader. Force will be the method used to employ their evil tactics.

Many of you know the names of the companies responsible for the above. Smaller corporations and businesses are being bought or merged to continually form one mighty business. It is responsible for the losses of so many jobs and companies closing their doors forever.

USA imports from many foreign countries, saving much money for their products that should and could be made in USA. Your country is the richest and most blessed in all the world. Yet you buy the cheap to sell at a great profit. Your people are in dire need. You increase salaries of the rich and make your once middle-class poor. You neglect your poor. You turn away the sick, the suffering and you destroy ALL life. As you do unto others I WILL DO UNTO YOU!!! You will answer dearly to Me. I will show no mercy or compassion to anyone who lives by the laws of sin: greed, ego, stealing, controlling--- worshipping a false god or gods.

My warning is nearly upon you. What you see you will not like for you will see yourself as sin and ALL your sins will be before you just as I see you.

I will give you time to repent and to choose your leader---God or Satan. My Mercy and Love will assist all who wish to change and come to Me. I will forgive every truly repentant sinner. Heaven is for all My dear children even though the remnant will be very small.

Be alert to the lies of men in power. Pray for them but pray for true understanding of their evil schemes that will allure you. Be on guard and pray constantly. Only prayer will open your eyes and ears and hearts to the truth. Do not allow yourself to be persuaded by their half truths. Be wise in your judgment.

Pray constantly to Me for prudence. Strength will come through prayer. My Mercy and Love will empower you.

Men are contriving ways to unite the world under evil. They have chosen their evil leader. They are designing a beast that all will be forced to worship. Your identity is in a tiny chip and computerized for their use and knowledge. Nothing is personal. Nothing is secret. All is common knowledge at the push of a button---anywhere in the world. Every person, every country will soon feel the pressure of these evil forces.

Be strong in Me and refuse their advances. Refuse all that is evil. Trust in Me your Lord of Mercy and Love. I am all Truth. I am your ONLY hope. I am your salvation. I am your God and Redeemer. With your free-will reject evil. Choose Me-----today and forever."

End of message

Message to Louise Tomkiel- September 18, 2002 8:30 a.m


Sep 20, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " To pray is a wonderful exercise. But, dear ones, to pray only when in need is of no avail. You must pray from the heart in adoration, petition, thanksgiving and praise.{Philippians 4:6...1 Timothy 2:1-6}

The most important prayer of all is the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is truly the reenactment of My Self-sacrifice for you; to forgive your sins and reopen Heaven to you.

Go to Mass as frequently as is possible. Go to Confession very often for everyone sins daily---hourly---no exceptions, for all are sinners. I came for sinners. In the Eucharist you receive Me, your Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. This IS THE BREAD OF LIFE!!! To have life within you, you MUST eat of My Bread ( Body) and drink if My Wine ( Blood).

You priests, religious and consecrated laity, have a responsibility to 'shout it from the rooftops.' You MUST spread My Word, My teachings---ALL. Why are you afraid? I went to Calvary for you--- freely---following the Will of Our Father. You are to take up YOUR cross each day and follow Me, Jesus.{Isaias 42:10-12 Matthew 16:24}

When will you begin? Fear is NOT OF ME!!! Fear is of Satan. I give you My strength through the Eucharist yet you remain weak due to your lack of true faith in Me. You do not truly trust Me. Your faith is wishy-washy. You do not live the gifts given to you by Our Holy Spirit. You live not My Will for you but your own human, weak will. It is your false pride that keeps you from speaking, teaching, living My Word. You are afraid to let go of material things and your control of self.

All you priests MUST TEACH ALL MY WORDS, not just love. You MUST teach the Commandments. YOU MUST teach all the signs of the times. You are well aware of all that is happening in the world. GO FORTH IN MY NAME AND TEACH!

You are My Shepherds. Teach My sheep! {Matthew 28:18- 20}

Each of you is responsible for all the gifts I' ve given you. You MUST use these gifts to convert My children everywhere. You are My voice in todays world. You are My hands, My feet. Be loving. Be compassionate. Forgive.

To be a child of Mine is to daily follow Me. These days are short and dark. Life comes from Me. Death comes from sin. Therefore, you need daily strength, that comes ONLY from My nourishment. When are you going to learn that My yoke is easy and My burden, light? When will you listen to your Loving, Merciful Shepherd? When will you believe and accept the Bread of Life as truly Me? (In My Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church). {John 5:24 Matthew 11:20}

Seek a deeper faith. Pray always in all situations. Pray for life. Pray for peace. Pray for unity in Me. Pray and listen. Obey every word that comes from the mouth of God.{Luke 11:28}

Time is short. Time is crucial. Change. Convert. Pray. Forgive. Repent. Believe. Prepare. Today is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice. Each new day is an opportunity to return to Me and to praise Me from Your heart. With Me and in Me is life---eternal life.

Again, I tell you, eat My Bread (Body) and drink My Wine (Blood). To have life within you I MUST RESIDE IN YOU! {John 6:52-56}

Sin separates you from Me. The sacraments are My sign, My graces given to you. Use them!!! Remain as pure in heart as possible. Seek an increase of faith daily for this brings strength and heart- felt peace.

Do all I ask of you for no one knows Our Father's Plans in entirety or do they know the day or the hour. Nourish your souls more frequently than you nourish your body for your souls are eternal. Take time for Me daily and I will reward you eternally." { Matthew 24:36}

End of message

Message to Louise Tomkiel- September 21, 2002


Sep 21, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

"In these days of tribulation but before the 'mark of Satan' is forced upon all people I, your Loving and Merciful Lord will go to all My remnant and place My mark on you. I will also place a permanent sign in the sky for all to see. These are the signs given to you from your God and Savior out of love which is Our Holy Spirit.

There will be a cross in the sky. Every living being will see it. My priests and My chosen visionaries and end-time prophets will be marked with a different symbol than that of My sheep remnant. One will receive a triangle to remind you of Blessed Trinity and one will receive a ring to symbolize the God without beginning or end--Alpha/Omega. (Beast-- Rev. 13:16-17 God--Rev 14:1)

My faithful remnant will have no difficulty finding the ones who will assist them or lead them. Angels will be plentiful at your call. Thus all must pray without ceasing to remain in constant closeness to Me. I must hear your voice. Do not separate yourself from Me even for a moment. Do not give evil even a second to try to seduce you. Be alert at all times.

Wear a cross, crucifix, medal--all must be blessed--on your person at all times. These will remind you of Me and/or one of My Heavenly Saints, My Mother and dearest Joseph. Place a small medal on your babies, children and home bound elderly. Place a sign of belonging to God on all creatures for protection. All that belongs to Me must have My Heavenly mark. your homes, property and possessions should, by now, be blessed as I have so often told you.

Have all, everyone and everything, in complete readiness. The signs of the battle against My adversary, Satan are in force. It won't be long before the world lives in mighty fear but, for those who pray and obey My every word I will give much strength and a peace in their hearts that is not of this world. A deep inner peace that comes only from your God, your Jesus. It is a love impregnated in your being by Our Holy Spirit--the Spirit of Love.

Do not be anxious for all will take place, all will be done as the Father commands and in His Perfect time."

End of message

Urgent: Via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J September 24, 2002

Joyce Lang

Sep 24, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from our Merciful God and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then our Merciful God said, " My dearest daughter, ask all---everyone---to pray for protection of your country's water supply and sources of electricity.

Many, many evil men are ready to contaminate your water supply and to knock out your electric. Without water and electric you ----everyone---all life---is crippled and without electric food will spoil while temperatures will plummet and much life will be lost.

They (evil men) want all to suffer and without preparation as I have so often taught you, you will know suffering, hardships and death.

Pray little ones, pray and prepare. Obey the Word of the Lord and live. Yes, you can and will even be at peace for I am with you. PRAY! OBEY! PREPARE!"

1 Peter 4:17-19, Jer. 7:25, 42:6, 11:4, 13:17, Exodus 19:5

*NOTE: PER L.S.T.--- This, I feel, is an urgent plea from Heaven.

End of message

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J September 25, 2002----2:40 P.M.

Joyce Lang

Sep 27, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from our God of Mercy and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

I am your God of Mercy!

"Before many more months pass your country, your world, your government, your churches, your banks, your monetary system, your schools, your jobs, your children, your pets, your very selves WILL BE UNDER THE CONTROL of one very evil leader and all his cohorts in every nation, every country, every city and state on earth. These evil godless leaders will suppress every person, especially those who place their love, trust and faith in Me. They are great in numbers and control through pride, greed and hate. As they gain control through force, their numbers will swell until only one-third or one quarter of all living creatures will still profess faith and loyalty to Me. The majority of souls WILL BE LOST FOREVER!!!

These evil, non-believing, atheistic men will stop short of nothing to have their way. It has BEGUN! Daily their advances progress. Still many of My priests, My teachers, My children refuse to see the signs or to believe My warnings. Very few are making any preparations. Life and sin go on as they live life without Me and turn deaf ears to Me.

This tribulation and chastisement will make the Great Flood appear as a gentle Spring rain. Never before, since time began, has man witnessed what I am about to send to earth. In My Mercy and Love I will warn you. I AM WARNING YOU! It is your choice to listen and obey or to ignore all I am telling you. The choice you make is entirely yours but over two-thirds of all humanity (mankind) will go to Hell---their final choice or decision.

Control by Satan will be complete when you sell your soul by accepting his sign---THE CHIP----in your person. After this act there is NO TURNING BACK!!! IT CANNOT BE REMOVED!!!

While there is still time to change, dear child I ask you to convert: Accept your true God. Seek strength to give up sin. Be faithful to me alone. Do NOT place false gods before Me.

If only you would fathom true love in your heart. If you would only try to feel all I did for you and do each day for you. If you could witness True Love suffering and dying on the Cross----FOR YOU----only you.

What will these evil leaders give to you? NOTHING!

They will take away your freedom. If you decide to disobey them, they will torture you and/or kill you.

I forgive you! I love you! I give you many, many hours to convert, to change from sin to Son----My Jesus. I give you Mercy. I promise you eternal life NOT eternal death. Only you can make that decision.

These leaders teach NO God, NO hell, NO sin. Live for today for tomorrow you die and all is over. They are in My Church and its leaders, governments, families, businesses. They are your doctors, lawyers, teachers, co-workers, family and friends. They cause antagonism everywhere. Dissension is everywhere.

Return to Me before time runs out. Choose Good over evil while there is yet time. Open your hearts to life and love. Open your eyes to all world events---rumors of war, diseases, insects, chemicals, abortion, killings, same sex unions, the power of and desire for money, divorces, adultery, lying, stealing, cheating. Open your ears and hear the hate, controlling words; yes, hear the words of evil ---lies, lies, lies!

Turn your lives around NOW----TODAY----before the 'chip' is mandatory and Martial Law becomes a world-wide way of life. Your freedom will be gone----gone forever!

I will punish and I will punish severely all and anyone who is a part of Satan's 'One World Plan'. You will know My Wrath AND Justice. You will see Hell forever.

CHOOSE ME! CHOOSE LOVE! ACCEPT MERCY! CONVERT!  PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! I await you My little lost and weak child. Return!"

End of message

Urgent:Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+JSeptember 26, 2002----8:50 P.M.

Joyce Lang

Sep 27, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Please, Jesus cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, "Dear child of My Most Sacred Heart, tell all people in your country and around the world that it is IMPERATIVE to listen and obey every word coming from Heaven, for in an extremely short period of time, the face of the earth will change.

I am speaking these words of warning to My children everywhere to have all in readiness for what is about to happen.

Freezing weather, power outages and little or no water will cause much pandemonium among people. Vicious storms, rains, lightening, hail, wind, snow and a combination thereof will destroy so many areas. The seas and rivers will swell to alarming heights. So much destruction must happen to fulfill God's word and to try again and again to capture your attention.

Give up your impenitent behavior as the Time of Mercy gives way to the Time of Justice."

End of message

Message to Louise Tomkiel- September 30, 2002

Joyce Lang

Oct 1, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " My atheistic, children of the world comprise a large number if men and women who have absolutely no regard for life---human, animal or vegetable. The followers of such occults will freely give their lives to kill or destroy many other lives for life has no meaning for them. It's 'here today---gone tomorrow.' There is no life after death and no God.

They have been brain-washed by Satan's followers and have no feelings, no morals, no love. Yes, they will kill, destroy and even annihilate people, creatures, all that grows but ' as you sow, so you reap.' Only God gives and only God takes away. He alone can take life. If any man plays God he will be punished for all his evil, sinful thoughts and actions. He is on the road to perdition.

Life is precious in the eyes of God for He created man in His image and likeness. All creation was good and the Father was pleased. No life---no life in any form---should be destroyed to satisfy the sinful desires of evil men---evil leaders. There is no such thing as a master race. No person on earth---past, present or to come---has the right to make, NOT create, any life through any artificial means. No human or animal should ever be cloned for the soul and/or the true loving heart cannot be reproduced by any mere human. Only God can create; create from nothing.

You My dear children are living in a culture of death. Men and women have no regard for life from conception to NATURAL death. If you, according to evil men's minds, are not perfect or belong to Me, if you are ill or weak, if you are elderly or frail, if you do not measure up to THEIR expectations then you are worthless. You must be done away with.

To Me, your God and Savior, each and every form of life is precious! Every life has a purpose, a mission to accomplish on earth and once that life is over I alone have the right to bring it to Me. Every human, every living soul must answer to Me for its life and its accomplishments. All your talents must be used for the Greater Glory of God and for the betterment of society. You must increase your gifts by giving them away, sharing them with others.

This, My dear ones is life, love, happiness. It is living as I desire you to live. It is giving of self to help all people to grow. Share your faith, your healings, your testimony. Share the goodness of God. Don't preach! Don't push your life-style on another. Live it!!!! Act it!!!! Reflect God, His Mercy and His Love!!! Live as best as you can each day. Reach out to others with kindness in love. Live as I lived while on earth. I am your example. Come follow me!!! Pray for your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Build a crown of good deeds and prayer for the day you return to your Father to give an accounting of your life on earth. Store up riches and treasures in Heaven. These kind deeds, prayers and your prayers for all people not only assist them in converting but add precious gems of graces to your eternal crown.

Be gracious, kind, joyful, long-suffering, patient, loving to all---a true reflection of Me to all. Live prayer do not push prayer. Do unto others as you wish then to do unto you. Judge no one for I alone am Judge of all.

Follow and live My words dearest children. My Word is life!!! Consecrate yourself to me and, through prayer daily consecrate ALL mankind, especially leaders or those in authority, to Me for conversion, strength, for love to replace hate, for humility where there is pride and for their love and desire for control to be replaced by complete trust in me.

Because of sin, pride, greed, control your world is headed to a disastrous calamity. Much will be annihilated and many lives will be lost. Our Father WILL punish for, like His Mercy and Love, His Justice will come to all men of all nations. Although evil is very powerful, I AM THE 'POWER'  THAT CONTROLS. I AM THE 'POWER' THAT OVER COMES EVIL.  I AM THE 'POWER AND THE GLORY' FOREVER AND EVER. All things will and must occur but in the end I AM THE VICTOR!!! My Angels, My Saints, My mother, My daddy Joseph, My tiny remnant will overthrow Satan. We will conquer and a New Heaven and a New Earth will be for all My beloved, faithful followers until the end of time.


End of message.

Message to Louise Tomkiel- October 3, 2002

Joyce Lang

Oct 4, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Abba, Father God and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Abba God said, " I am giving time for My people, in every area of the world, to finish all preparations for My shelters, My refuges must be ready. Once all is as I've asked for it to be, the tribulation and chastisement will worsen and quicken in severity.

Much of your world is in the throws of war and rumors of war assail your earth. Through prayer and action, as I ask of you, you will be prepared. With action without prayer you will never be fully prepared and all your efforts will be in vain.

The earth will shake and rock as I show My Godly power as Creator and Master of all. Quakes and violent volcanoes will add to your fear and tidal waves will wash away vast areas (coastal). The icebergs are melting and will add to the rain causing great flooding in many countries. Water will travel at great speeds destroying many, many cities on its course of fury.

Many more and much worse hurricanes and tornadoes will cause much destruction. Along with very, very high winds, devastating destruction lies ahead.

Diseases will cause much pain, suffering and death for there is no cure, no aid. Insects carry diseases and will devour your crops causing great famine----shortage of food. No one can escape the Great Tribulation BUT prayer can and will strengthen you. There will be no-where to hide and many will pray for death but they will not die. Yes, children, a great and mighty punishment lies ahead.

Oh, how much could be lessened and shortened IF people would convert, believe, pray, repent, forgive and love one another as I have COMMANDED YOU. (2nd Commandment).

You persist in having your way therefore I WILL take action. You, as individuals, governments, church leaders, parents, lawyers, physicians, corporate owners and managers; all those in authority, have taken My laws, My Commands and ignored them; changing them to suit your sinful lusts. MY WORD IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, FOREVER!!!!!

Through sin you've put yourselves in this precarious situation. Through prayer you can lessen it AND by changing your lives from hate, greed, ego to love of God and man. Accept My unfathomable Mercy and Love. Come follow Me. If you decide to continue on the path you are following, My Wrath will worsen, My Judgment will be upon you and punishment will befall all and your earth will change dramatically.

Choose!!!! Change!!!! Reap your reward!! It will be eternal----forever."

End of message.

Message to Louise Tomkiel- October 5, 2002

Joyce Lang

Oct 5, 2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Then Jesus said:

"Fire, never again water, will destroy the earth. Fire will fall from the heavens and cleanse it (earth) of all debris as diamonds are tested in fire. Not even a trifle of sin will remain. All will be purified.

At My birth a star led the wisemen to Me, your God/Man. So in these times My Glorious Cross of Salvation will lead all wise men (remnant) to Me. This sign will appear in ample time for all to follow. It is a sign of My Mercy and Love, for all and everyone will witness it.

Those who follow Me will be clean of all sin through penance, repentance, true sorrow, heartfelt love. Their garments will be made white as snow for their sins are forgiven.

Nothing will remain as you see it today for all--everything and everyone--is covered in a film of gray to black due to the enormity of man's sins. Little, if any, purity survives.

Will I find any faith on earth when I return? Hearts are cold and calloused; dead to love, truth--to their One True God. They make gods of material things for they are deaf and blind to all that is spiritual. Sin has taken possession of nearly all humanity. GOD'S JUSTICE WILL BEFALL ALL PEOPLE--THE ENTIRE EARTH!!!!!

Beware!!! Prepare!!! Convert!!! Pray incessantly!!! Read and masticate and digest My Word in Holy Scripture!!! Live in Me!!! Live for Me alone!!!

Look around you at all the signs both from Our God and from evil. Satan's hour of death is approaching. He will be crushed as My dear mother promised. Darkness will fall (Satan) and Light (God) will prevail. Come follow Me!!!

Do not hesitate for time, as you know it, is very, very, VERY short! Hear Our call. Obey your Master, the Great Shepherd. Hear your Master's voice. Be alert to all the 'signs'. Arise from your slumber; awake from your sleep. God's justice is upon you. Will your lamp be burning to welcome Him?"

Subj: Some Past Messages to Patricia Mundorf

Date: 10/28/2002
From: joycelang@directvinternet.com

Some Past Messages to Patricia Mundorf

Joyce Lang

Oct 28, 2002


Please..pray about reading these and repeating these messages to lists.. again..

My Dear Children, today, as I, your Mother of the World come to you, I first want to Thank you for responding to My call of prayer and fasting. You have mitigated much in the way of death due to wars and conflicts. This I will ask of you, Please pray a rosary each day for the problems in the Middle East and in the Balkans.

There is so much turmoil, and all involved want to show their powers, yet do not want to be the first to strike. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! Today, I also will speak to you of your weather patterns. I have spoken to you many times of the weather changes, colder where its normally warm, and warmer where its normally not that warm. Much heat and drought. I spoke to you of loss of many crops. You have also seen flooding in some areas where all was lost and many left homeless. You have seen the drought stricken areas where My children are drinking water unfit for man as that is all there is to drink. Much disease and suffering you are being shown now. Do you see the signs appearing around you? My children these are signs from God, warning signs, for your world to turn back to God. This must occur, for many of you are too pridefull, and feel these events have not bothered you yet, so you will not worry until the time comes upon your head. Well post sitting is over, the time is NOW, Convert your cold hard hearts back to your God. Repent of your sins. Now before it is too late for you. You will begin to see My children perish, not just the possessions. You will see volcanoes erupting and tsunamis hitting harder and higher than ever before, wiping out everything in its pathway. There will be many earthquakes destroying many villages. Please My children try to bring your brothers and sisters back to God. Back to the faith Teach all of your faith and of events to come soon. You will see an awful cold winter this year. Some of you will experience the warming and flooding, while others experience the freezing temperatures. My children, you will see less oil coming into the United States, because of the conflicts coming from Iraq, causing much shortage in heating oil and fuel for your vehicles. This is why I tell you to prepare for the winter, this is why there will be wars and conflicts. Everyone wants control over the oil in the land and in the waters, with no concern for man. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! I thank you for having responded to my daughters speaking. Remember to keep your sacraments. Please, on Fridays, I would like to request you to pray an extra rosary for My sons priests. Their walks in life will become much more difficult with schisms in the church. Go in peace and Love, I Bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of love.

( end of message )

March 17, 2001

to Patricia Mundorf

My Dear Children, today as I , your Mother of the World come to you, I come to speak of Peace in your world. My dear children I beg of you to Pray and Sacrifice much for these smaller countries who are in conflicts and many larger countries are backing them. These small conflicts all over the world may lead to a Third World War. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! Today, I also will speak of your end of times as you know them, I have told you of many signs that would be given, I am sure you have seen many of these signs, although many refuse to listen. Storms, Wars, rumors of wars, your stock market, I warned you that when your Dow got below 10,000 and your Nasdaq below 2,000 and stayed there for a few days, you would know your times is upon you. Many of you have put too much faith in this, your God. Repent, Repent, Repent!!! Where are your ears as you do not listen, where are your eyes as you do not see that which is upon you.? My Dear Children, you need to speak to your families, friends and those you do not know, tell them of Gods Love, Mercy and Justice. Tell them of Scripture as it is written in the Bible. Do you think you are better than in Noah's time, or Lots time?

God will not destroy the whole world now, but you will see disaster upon disaster befall you. Soon there will be an era of Peace I have spoken of, if enough prayers are said, but, then the anti-christ will make his stand. My Son, Jesus will never allow the anti-christ to take over the seat of Peter. Children, The war has been won for you, but you must face the battles daily. Remember, much can be mitigated. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!! My Dear Children, when you pray, Pray from your heart, not just your mouths. I see so many of you dry, in prayer, repeating words over and over. You may say the rosary or you may pray the rosary. It is NOT how many or how fast, but how these prayers are done. How would you like God to hear your prayers? I ask you to continue to pray fast and sacrifice. This is a wonderful time of the year to fast as My Son, Jesus did. To pray and become closer to your Father in Heaven. As you make the way of the cross, My, Son, Jesus' Passion, Remember why He did this for you. Go to Mass, Pray much, confess your sins and cleanse your soul, My children, you never know when it will be your time. Receive communion often. Pray much for the leaders of all countries to soften their hearts, to learn to love others, not their power and money. I Bless you all with My Motherly Mantle of Love. Go in Peace and Love. ( end of message )



Saturday, September 02, 2000 My Dear Children, today as I, your Mother of the World come to you, I come in much sadness. There are many countries making ready to strike many other countries. There are terrorists in many lands. I beg of you, Please, Please, My dear children, pray for mitigation of these conflicts, as this can lead into a Third World War. A war like no other. There will be many strikes on many countries. These countries are now taking sides as is the United States. Your country will be trying to help many conflicts, but you are unprepared for these conflicts. There will be nuclear, bacteria and chemical weapons that will be discharged. This is what the leader of Iraq has been waiting on, to make his strikes. There will be much loss of lives unless you can mitigate this by your prayers. Pray, Pray, PRAY !!!

Subj: Message to Louise Tomkiel- October 7, 2002

Date: 10/7/2002

From: joycelang@directvinternet.com

To: dee777@aol.com

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Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J October 7, 2002 -- 10:15 A.M.

Louise began to receive a message from Father God and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Father God said: " Today I come to tell you that many great events are at hand. Once all My children, whom I've chosen around the earth, are prepared, actions by Good and evil will escalate. My little ones are putting the finishing touches to My shelters.

Be sure, dear children, that your source of heat is in readiness. Have clothing, food, personal items, blankets, a means for light, remedies for pain and minor ills, pots and pans for cooking, heating, preparing meals, water for both consumption and bathing or cleaning, necessary household items, food for your pets or other animals, their bedding and other related personal needs. Have rosaries, Bible ( one or more), books for spiritual reading, items to work on or to make as needed. Sewing supplies. Have heavy shoes, warm slippers. See that you have an ax, shovels, tools needed for daily use i.e. a saw, hammer, nails, screws, etc. Also, and very important, have blessed water, salt and oil and many sacramentals available. Be sure your house, your dwelling is blessed preferably by Holy Mass therein. Have a means of transportation, a bike, a wagon or another means to travel. A horse, mule, donkey, burro, ox, and a buggy or wagon are just some ideas.

Once all My chosen ones are in complete readiness, the world will fall deeper and deeper into sin's darkness and My tribulation. Good and evil will fight the last battle. My people (remnant) will be led to My shelters by My Holy Angels who are waiting for My word to go forth.

Have no fear, My dearest little loving and obedient remnant, for I AM WITH YOU. The tempo is picking up daily. Don't worry about supplies. Prepare as best as you can, according to your means and space and know that I will INCREASE and MULTIPLY!!! I will honor all your efforts, your accepting and following My word.

Go forth in haste and with My blessings and peace in your hearts."

End of message.

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J October 12, 2002 -- 10:25 AM

Louise began to receive a message from Father God and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Father God said: " I am THE God of Mercy, Love and Justice. I am Lord God of all. I am Creator, Redeemer, Giver of all Life.

I had no beginning and I have no end, past, present, future as your time is always now to Me.

I created the firmament, the seas, the air, the land, all vegetation, animals and finally: man. I gave all to man (humans) and asked you to care for all My works; all My creatures.

Finally, I gave you My Life---Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Once again, I gave you ( man) life.

In return man---NOT animals or any other creature or creation---ignores Me, kills Me, blasphemes Me, disobeys Me, kills My people, My perfect creation. My air is unfit to breathe. My water is unfit to drink. My vegetation is poisoned, toxic.

When all is gone and you have no food, drink, air, health, animals--who will you blame? Your pride will never allow you to admit your guilt! So, you'll blame Me, God, for your sins, your suffering through man-made means.

I will not rescue the proud, ungodly man (person) unless he seeks heartfelt humble forgiveness and repents for all his sins against God and man and all creation.

By your abominable sins of pride, ego, control, hate, killing, stealing, all sexual related sins, blasphemy, you have called down upon yourselves the just anger of your God. I will no longer tolerate your words, deeds, thoughts, actions, that are completely against My teachings.

Your sins, by your free-will, will lead you directly to Hell. The world and all that is in it suffers because of evil, godless men's thoughts and actions. Satan is pleased with your progress of eliminating your God from family, prayer, school, country and state. Satan is joyful with all the souls he is gathering thus filling his dwelling of fire, brimstone and eternal suffering.

I, your One Triune God, await the return of each and every poor soul. But, I will never force you against your God given free will. Angels will lead you and Saints will pray for you IF you will ask them. My strength I will give you.

Peace and love CAN reign on earth but you must work TOGETHER as children of God, brothers and sisters, all united in love, prayer, joy and faith. Believe in Me as you pray. Watch great miracles happen, wars cease, love replace hatred, life replace death ( we will all die naturally), humility replace pride. All hearts will convert when you seek My Will instead of self-will in your daily life.

Love alone will last. Love alone will never die. Love lives. I am Love---Eternal Love--God, Jesus, Holy Spirit--ONE TRIUNE GOD--without beginning or end: Alpha/ Omega."

End of message.

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J October 14, 2002 -- 2:40 PM

Louise began to receive a message from our Father and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then our Father said, "In these days, dear ones, be very frugal. Once again, out of greed, men are seeking higher pay for inferior workmanship. They use cheap materials but charge exorbitant prices.

Become aware of the origin of what you purchase.

Many countries use toxic materials or finishes that are toxic. It takes time, temperature and air to release these poisons into your atmosphere, your home, office or any enclosed building.

Many fabrics, metals, cosmetics, rugs or carpets, hair care products, nail care products, laundry products, glazes for china and pottery, glues, plastics, sprays, machinery needs i.e., oil, gas, rubber, wood, leather, lacquer, furniture polish, cleaning fluids, inks, plant foods---just about any thing you use or can mention contains deadly chemicals and toxins.

Today most all medicine and drugs are fortified with chemicals, many are 100 percent chemical. Any thing used over a long period of time can cause severe illness, even death. One chemical is used to destroy the effects of another.

Nothing is pure or natural. All is polluted causing birth defects, unknown and incurable illnesses. Man has succeeded in destroying 'all that is good'---My perfect creation.

Man has and is playing God. Man will be destroyed by his own doing. Animals too are suffering and dying. Nothing, no nothing, is as I created it.

'As you sow, so you reap.' Man will now answer to Me for his greedy, money making, sinful deeds. He will suffer and die because of his so-called accomplishments. All earth, all creation cries out for justice. The poor, the afflicted, the suffering, the young and old, the creatures of the earth, air and seas seek My Divine Justice. I hear all. I WILL ANSWER ALL YOUR PLEAS, YOUR CRIES, YOUR PRAYERS. I will come and rescue My own. My punishment will destroy sin, greed, pride forever. In Mercy and Love I will assist My people, My creatures. In justice, evil men will loose all. My earth, My people, My creatures and all creation will be renewed.

All this is beginning to happen and will worsen as I send the Great Chastisement and Tribulation. Return to Me and have eternal life. Ignore Me, follow Satan and have eternal death. There is very, very, VERY little time left for you to decide."

End of message.

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J October 23, 2002 -- 2:05 PM

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, "Since the days of the Great Flood and Noah and his family repopulated My earth, sin is once again leading to total destruction. There will be no dove and no rainbow to signal when it is completed. Instead you who live through this battle of war and the elements will welcome a new Heaven and a new Earth free from hate, pride, illness, greed and all material bindings. Sin will reign no more! Satan will be chained in Gehenna. (Hell)

It will be a time of peace, love, joy and happiness. A time when your Eucharistic Lord will reign in glory for many, many years. It will be the time spoken of in Scripture before My final coming.

Rejoice when you hear and see all these mighty signs for the reign of God, His victory, is at hand."

Rev. 20:1-10

Rev. 21:1-8

Luke 21: 31

(End of message)

Message via Louise Starr Tomkiel, V+J October 5, 2002 -- 11:45 P.M.

Louise began to receive a message from our Father of Justice and Mercy and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Then our Father said:

"The stock market is ruled by big money racketeers who, when they deem ready, will allow the market to collapse so that the average investor will lose all and they will gain much. Therefore, money makers will rule all governments, all countries, all people putting into effect a one world monetary system, a one world-government ruled by the proud and wealthy, a one world leader chosen by money mongers of the United Nations thereby imposing Martial Law and a world void of God AND religion.

The U.N. is a mighty force of people who have taken control, little by little, until it is subtly taking control of your world, your actions, your choices. There will be no free-will but a tyrant to lead all. Force will be used on all who refuse OR question his orders. A dictatorship will rule. Freedom will be a thing of the past, a vanishing way of life.

This way of life has been in the making for many years and progress is rapidly being made. Many countries are under evil domination but soon the entire world will suffer also. It won't be long now for they have laid their foundation. Life as you know it and freedom will be but a memory. Why?

You ask why would God allow such heartache, so much evil to inflict all people, everywhere. It is because you, so many of you, live in great sin. You break My every Command. You reject Me. You are greedy for money and material possessions. You kill ALL life--human, animal and vegetable. You hate your world-wide brothers and sisters. You lust. You steal. You lie. You live in adultery. So, I will allow much suffering BUT I will send many signs to awaken you.

Soon, very, very soon My anger, My justice will befall ALL people, ALL nations, ALL leaders, ALL who place themselves in command lording it over My dear children. You proud, puffed-up men will soon see and feel My wrath, My justice and you will wither before your God.

My laws are to be lived and obeyed. You do not mock My Mercy, My Love. What fools you people are and oh what punishment awaits all who place false gods before Me. You will tremble and faint at the sound of My voice--when your sins are exposed before your very eyes.

Many will convert. Many others will curse and blaspheme Me. Hell's jaws will devour the unrepentant. Mercy, Love and Justice will come from Me. My Heart is open but My hand has fallen. My mighty arm will protect My own--My tiny remnant but My mighty, strong and powerful arm will also punish all who continue to deny Me. I am God and I will have NO false gods before Me."

End of message.