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compiled by Dee Finney

9-11-01 - World Trade Center Towers Attack
World Trade Center Towers Attack
World Trade Center Towers Number Symbolism
World Trade Center Towers Dreams and Prophecy

Osama bin Laden tape transcript with dreams referenced


Prayer For Peace

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who said to Your Apostles:
"Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you,"
regard not my sins but the faith of Your Church,
and deign to give her peace and unity according
to Your Will: Who live and reign, God, world without end.


1st Message


Louise began to receive a message from Abba Father and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then our Beloved Father said, " Do you see the signs I am sending? Have you noticed the increase in strength and frequency? Storms of every description are raging around you in all parts of the earth. There will be massive hail storms; ferocious winds, pounding, unrelenting rains, unseasonal heavy snows; freezing temperatures; scorching heat; killing droughts. The oceans will exceed their bounds; twisters and hurricanes will level vast areas everywhere. The sun will be darkened and the moon and stars will give no light. Food, water and air is all contaminated. Nothing is safe and no where is safe. The time of My Anger has come!!!

I will not abandon My own but will open eyes and ears to the anger of God and My strength. I will no longer accept sin as your daily way of life. My just punishment IS now falling and will continue to worsen until the earth and man's hearts are cleansed.

I will destroy! I will annihilate more than three-quarters of the earth. The memory of the lost will cease. So many souls are going to Hell daily for they use their free-will to ignore Me, deny sin and reject Hell.

Thank Me for what you have today for tomorrow, all may be taken from you. My children---faithful, loving, humble and obedient---will find refuge, hope, strength, peace and love in My Merciful, Loving, Divine Heart. My Jesus, who is One in Me, gave His all to redeem you. To this day you still ignore Him, crucify Him. Our excruciating pain continues to this very hour.

I will punish. I will purge, I will annihilate. I will not be ignored any longer.

Be prepared. Be in the State of Grace. Be in constant prayer. Be consecrated to Me. Love. Be at Peace. Obey. Live My Will. Forgive. Repent. Use every gift, every talent I have bestowed on you for the honor and glory of your God. Take Me to all by your example in speech, words and actions.

Scripture speaks of the wrath of God. Today you are living the beginnings. There is still time to convert. Take advantage of this Grace Period. You are stiff-necked fools blinding yourselves to reality. Wars and rumors of wars are all around you yet you refuse to listen. You make flimsy excuses reqarding the weather. However, one day very, very soon, the entire earth will quiver as I shake it by volcanoes, quakes, and throw it off its axis for a short period. Destruction will be total devastation.

Not just USA, but every country or city that wallows in sin will be severly punished---much will be gone forever---FOREVER!!!

Only you can change you and through your example you can and will change others. Begin NOW with heartfelt prayer, living all I have taught you. To procrastinate is pure folly.

To follow Me, to obey Me, to love is to live in peace now and forever. Come dear children, come for your days are numbered. Return to your God of Mercy and Love---NOW!!! Love lives forever, no beginning , no end."

End of message.

Web site for Louise: Tomkiel is: http://hia.net/giftstor/tomkiel02fst.htm



by Michael H. Brown

The Bible indicates (for example in Matthew 24) that major events are sometimes prefaced by signs in the sky, and during the past few months we have seen a number of things that could qualify. We have reported on several extraordinary appearances of the aurora borealis or "northern lights" (some with what seemed like angelic images in them); comets, including one named Ikeya-Zhang, that became visible in the evening sky to the naked eye (brightening to what they call "3rd magnitude"); and strange eclipses (including one right at Christmas a year ago, and then before the current Church crisis). Right now the brightest planets are converging in a rare spectacle.

There have also been signs in the clouds. Many of you have written to us about such signs, and this too is biblical (see for example 1 Kings 18:44). At times it seems like actual images are formed. Some months back we posted the photo (above) of a cloud that looks like an angel carrying a child (this appeared in Canada to a woman who had lost a young grandson), and below you will see another cloud from Medjugorje looking a bit like the Crucified Lord. There is a similar one that looks like the Good Shepherd with His staff. We realize that such images can occur by chance (that is, if you believe in coincidence), and we also realize that we can often imagine things: see what we are preconditioned or want to see.

But we ourselves have witnessed images that -- in their timing and detail -- seemed to defy conventional explanation. While driving across New York State this past Lent, I noted a series of crosses and other Christian symbols in the clouds, and compared it to the next trip I took over the same route, during which I noticed nothing similar. Years before, while I was working on a book with Ukrainian mystic Josyp Terelya (and wondering whether to proceed), I suddenly saw an extraordinary display of the sun miracle and a huge unmistakable cross in the sky. I took that as a sign, and others have seen even more striking phenomena. A woman from Harriman, New York, was posing for photos on Apparition Hill at Medjugorje in 1995, and when the film was developed one of the photographs showed the word "CHRIST" written in a dark sky (even though the photos were taken in broad daylight!).

We hear from many who have seen Jesus or angels and many other images displayed in the clouds -- including the battle between good and evil spirits. Unmistakable images have also appeared in smoke from the World Trade Center and in the mushroom "clouds" from nuclear blasts. Meanwhile, many claim to have experienced forebodings about September 11: dreams in which they saw airplanes crashing or the twin towers in flames. We had an article recently on an artist in Nova Scotia who several years ago painted a mural of the World Trade Center smashed in the exact right places!

It is eerie but we are in prophetic times and the Bible also tells us that our men will dream dreams. This apparently happened to Richard Bingold, a Vermont man whose dramatic story we told a few weeks back and who last week informed us of a dream in which he saw a nation in the Middle East utterly devastated in something that seemed like a nuclear attack. He also said he felt that the Virgin Mary would soon seem to be absent for a trying period. Tomorrow, we will be hearing from an American seer named Estela Ruiz who also has some potential indications about the future.

We try to discern and assimilate all such information. God sends us His prophets. He sends us each our little hints. We believe that signs in the sky will be especially prevalent during the rest of the year, as nature confirms that we are in special times and as regional events -- both natural and societal -- intensify even more than last year.


May 7, 2002

This morning during the Consecration I thanked Jesus for shedding His Precious Blood for our redemption. Where would we be without Him.

Jesus said... " Many people ...some innocent... will shed their blood also. The blood of these innocents will be mixed with My Blood and it will run down your streets!

Pay attention to the little prophets that I send you!

Convert! ...Pray!...Fast!...Do Penance! Stay close to Me through the Holy Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation!

Respect My Holy Mother, She will bring you close to Me!

Detach yourselves from the materials of the world. Do not wait for the last minute! Time is Very Short!!!

I LOVE YOU ALL, I died for you. If it were to start over, I would die for you again, I LOVE YOU ALL!"

Your friend in Christ...Carmen Humphrey


Date: 5/25/2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " Sonar sounds perpetuated under the seas by man's technology will cause volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, earthquakes of great magnitude and floods. Many avalanches will occur and giant icebergs will break lose floating into the oceans melting as they float into warmer waters. Untold destruction is beginning to show its powerful force. No one will not see nature's angry power. ( caused by man OR God)

The age of sin has about reached its peak. My anger will no longer be subsided. Man's punishment is far overdue, held back by the loving hand and heart of your Heavenly Mother Mary. No longer can she restrain the Divine Justice of God from falling upon earth's sinful souls.

Man has committed himself to the love of material, earthly, ungodly life and its pleasures. The wicked and corrupt have infiltrated My Church, governments, businesses and family life. You have followed the downward path to perdition. Your only safe harbor today is to return to Me through prayer, repentance, consecration and the reception of My Sacraments.

You are loved! You are forgiven through My life, death and resurrection. I poured out My Mercy for you before you were born. I saw your life and weaknesses. I gave you hope, love and strength. I gave you graces to assist you in each and every temptation. I gave My all for you. Yet, two thousand years later, you still reject Me. You still deny Me. You still abandon Me. You still cry 'Crucify Him'!

I still await your return. I will always love you. Accept My Love and Mercy. Change your life style before it is to late (for you). Reject sin and evil while there is still time. Live love and follow Me. The way is easy. Your burdens will never exceed your strength.

There is time to change your eternal fate. God punishment can be lessened if you, as individuals, will choose conversion and will obey the Will of God.

The signs are upon you. You alone choose your fate. Look and see the turbulent signs that surround you. I will allow much disaster to happen in the hope that you will return to Me and decide on Me, your Lord of Mercy and Love, forever.

End of message.

* Note: from Mari: This morning early ( around 8:00 a.m.) ..., the 25th, on CNN message confirmed. They stated that our government believes that possibly the next attacks will come from under the ocean. Also, there were reported some earthquakes South of Alaska a huge 6.0..and New York had a 3.3..and probably some others...occurring.

Date: 6/2/2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus, and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " Do you not see the drastic changes in your weather from minute to minute, hour to hour? Have you ever seen such contrast from city to city, state to state? Did I not tell you that in these days you would not know the seasons? It is happening, is it not? Much more severe weather is to come. You see it, yet you do not understand. You do not believe. Yes, it will continue until you say..... 'I've never seen or heard of such turbulence or destruction before'. I will get you to your knees, and you will break into prayer. You will run to your churches pleading, crying for God's help.

Why do you wait for disaster, illness or tragedy to pray? You are told to pray always in supplication, praise, thanksgiving, rejoicing. YOU COULD ELIMINATE SO MUCH DISASTER IF YOU WOULD JUST OBEY ME. I ask for much prayer, consecration, and for you to repent and remain in the state of grace. I ask, I demand love: love for God and love for one another. I ask for humility.

Man may be controlling the weather by scientific means, but he can only do what I allow him to do. Man is out to self destruct and destruct all life. He is doing this in the name of his false god. I GIVE LIFE. He gives death.

WAKE UP, MY FOOLISH CHILDREN. The signs are all around you, even in my Church. All I have said and all that is quoted in Scripture IS NOW BEGINNING. It will end only after man and the earth are cleansed of all sin. All must be made clean. All God's remnant children will be strengthened, and all must pray for My fallen ones to return. Although your time may be limited, there is still much time to pray and convert. Do not let fear consume you, but trust in Me, for I am with you always.

When you see these signs, you will know that the time is near. Remain in Me. I have taught you since I was with you (on earth).

No, as never before in the history of mankind, sin dominates your senses through Tv., newspapers, magazines, your computers, your schools, bulletin boards, the world. So children, expect to be punished by your Father. I hove you and want each of you to return to Me forever.

Pray for strength, for wisdom, for knowledge, for understanding. These gifts, plus My grace, will fortify you in these dark days. I am your Light, and My Light will lead. you. I've told you to prepare. HAVE YOU? I've told you to be alert, for much is about to befall mankind. It has begun! Ready your souls. That is number one, for your soul lives forever. Be prepared, for the thief will come in the night. Prepare your homes and your families, your creatures.

I will continue for a while yet to warn you, to assist you. Will you listen? Will you obey? Will you be ready for whatever happens? Will you be prepared, whenever it happens?

WAKE UP, MY FOOLISH CHILDREN! Wake up and obey your God Who warns you through Mercy and Love."

(End of message)

Date: 6/11/2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood,"

Then Jesus said, " Children, you receive bills for ridiculously small amounts due for professional services rendered. You see the love and desire for money.

Each professional already charges astronomical fees even for just a few minutes of their time. They bleed the patient, the insurance company, the poor suffering souls.

While many of you live in small, modest homes, these men and women live in large homes on sprawling grounds and own big cars, summer homes, boats or yachts and travel the world for vacations. Their children attend private schools and expensive universities.

You, on the other hand, have small cars or used cars, take a few weeks off per year and your children attend local catholic or public schools. You take loans to put them through college. You struggle--they live high on my poor, sick, sparsely educated, working children.

One day soon, I will put an end to this. Far too many professionals are expelling much needed money from My little ones. They have you in a corner--pay up or no help. They forget all talents, all gifts come from God. They steal from the poor. I love rich and poor alike but it is harder for a rich man to gain Heaven. He is the camel trying to go through the eye of the needle. His god is fame, fortune, pride, ego. He knows NOT true love, service, humility. Many lust for money and forget that they are to SERVE ALL PEOPLE!!!

Beware of these cold, calloused people. They will rob you of all you have and then leave you on your own to eke out your living.

Ah, but they must answer to Me and to Me they WILL answer. Unless these men and women wake up and sever My needy ones, one day soon, all will be taken from them. They will loose their money when the stock market crashes. Many will lose their own health. Many homes, boats, yachts. will be lost through storms, fire, wind, rain, and/or accidents.

I, who am the Giver of All, Creator of All, God of All, ask all to give up their false god(s) and return to Me. The love of money will only lead you astray.

Give of yourself, as I did and always will. Humble yourself and become as little children for it is the childlike, loving and giving souls that will reap a Heavenly reward.

(End of message)

Date: 6/12/2002

Louise began to receive a message from our Merciful, Loving Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said. " Because of sin and peoples lack of repentance, your entire earth is on the brink of a great disaster. Fires will increase. Many will be caused by lightening, some by man's carelessness, some by bombs.

Scripture tells you that a great portion of the earth will be destroyed by fire.

You people are so bullheaded, so self-assured, that you do exactly as you please. You take My Word and change it to suit your desires. I've told you ' My Word is the same yesterday, today AND forever.' To add to or take away from My Word IS A GRAVE SIN.

Soon the entire earth will be consumed with various types of punishments, sent by God Our Father, to cleanse all from sin. You will witness suffering as you've NEVER SEEN BEFORE. The Great Flood cannot compare to what is to come. It has, in fact; begun.

God, in His great Mercy and Love, will give you the Grace to see your own soul and all your sins. At this time you can choose to repent or to remain in Satan's clutches. God will also place a 'great sign', for all the world to see, in the Heavens. His just anger will very, very soon, be abated.

We, in Heaven, have sent warnings for years. Today we speak through many messengers yet, YOU DO NOT LISTEN, CHANGE, REPENT, OBEY. Sin has about reached its full magnitude. The Father's mighty arm will fall and the entire earth will rock with His just anger.

After all We have done for you and continue to do for you daily, you live your lives in grave sin, throwing God and His Word to the winds.

You will do it your way but a great catastrophe is about to happen. Very few will be prepared even though I have reached out to ALL people on earth.

A great annihilation, from many various causes, is about to strike each and every country on earth. There is NOT ENOUGH FAITH, NOT ENOUGH PRAYER, VERY LITTLE LOVE and STILL FEWER OBEY!!!

You are being warned by the loving, sorrowful voices from Heaven. You are about to fall from the precipice into a mighty war; a GREAT AND MIGHTY WAR AS NEVER SEEN BEFORE .

Won't you listen to Me and to My Mother's many warnings? Today's messengers are repeating and elaborating on all we've stated at Fatima, Akita, Lourdes and other sites around the world. I, your God, warn you in Holy Scripture.

The earth and all of nature is apprehensive. Heaven's voices continually are raised in prayer. My believing, tiny, faithful remnant is in constant prayer. Souls MUST BE CONVERTED! The Words of God are true. All will happen as stated by Me or through Me. An ocean of fire will descend upon areas designated by Our Father. God is Merciful but Just. As His Mercy, Love and Grace have their hours on earth for all people so too, will His Divine Justice reign.

Purification is a MUST before I, your Jesus, can return but I am with you always in the Blessed Sacrament---the Eucharist. Pay me homage. Give Me love. Respect your Savior. Return to Me with your whole heart. I AWAIT YOU. I will NEVER lose one of My own. Little, loving faithful remnant: allow Me to use each of you in a special way to aid more poor souls, helping them to return to Me. Ask for Our Holy Spirit to descend daily upon you, to lead you, strengthen you, direct you and assist you in these turbulent hours.

{Revelations 22: 18-19, 10:7}

End of message.

Date: 6/20/2002

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " Well, dear ones, do you see, do you hear, do you feel the catastrophes that are happening in your world? Look at the fires that are consuming hundreds of thousands of acres in the Western USA. See the droughts that are cracking the earth making new desert land. Witness the winds that spread the fires and that carry diseases across the miles; across the oceans. Look at the chemicals being dropped from planes to earth, drilled into the soil by rains then carried upward when the sun dries the land. Have you seen the lightening and its power to ignite great fires? This is followed by thunder that you hear and shakes the foundation of the earth. You hear the beating of pelting, blinding rains and watch as floods destroy, carry away homes, animals, loved ones. Today you feel the diseases caused by chemicals and germs, reinstituted by man, to aid in the suffering and destruction of all life.

In the Mid East you see war, killing, destruction, bombing and death. The world lives in fear. The terrorists, inspired by evil, seek and find ways to destroy. They are filled with hate. You cannot imagine the torture these fallen children of Mine can think of and are putting into action.

If only people would pray. If only people would love. If only people would use their free-will to do good and honor and obey their True God, what a glorious life all would live.

Imagine daily peace. Imagine a world where all is love. Imagine life without disease or illness. This would be a reality IF mankind would honor, love, obey Me, your ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD. I have given My peace yet you refuse it. I give you all My Love, you refuse that too. I am all Merciful and you refuse to repent, to convert.

As My just vengeance comes to earth I ask you to search your heart, mind, soul. See your sin and turn from all evil.

Life began in a garden:' The Garden of Paradise' (Eden). It was meant to be a glorious place for ALL creatures, man, animals, vegetation, to live in complete harmony. It's destruction was due to sin. Today, destruction is still caused by sin, pride, greed and total disobedience to your God.

There is still time to repent and convert. The Gate of My Heart is always open to receive a returning prodigal son or daughter. My love is forever. You turn from Me--I NEVER turn from you. Return! Accept My unfathomable Mercy and Love. Feel true peace and live on in My peace. Live and act as a family for you are brothers and sisters no matter what your background, country of origin, education or creed. God created all and makes no distinction between His children. He has no favorites. He loves one and all.

If you return and remain in the State of Grace, and even though I must punish you for your sins, through My Mercy you will be forgiven and My Love will open Heaven's Door to you.

(End of message)


Louise began to receive a message from our Merciful Jesus and then said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " Pray, for the hour of Mercy is upon you. Pray for strength and understanding of all that is upon you. Pray for knowledge. Pray for wisdom and discernment of all I am relating to you in these extremely serious times.

Give Me time each day; time to be quiet and to listen to Me; time to pray and speak to Me. Give time daily to your God.

Open your eyes and open your ears for the hour to be alert and wide awake is here. Deceit rules and reigns world wide. The rule of Satan embodies the minds and hearts of many men. One will willingly die to take the lives of thousands, whereas I died to GIVE life to ALL. Their god is a god of death, destruction, suffering. Their hearts are filled with hate.

I ask all to love, to forgive and to repent. For years I have told you to prepare, to make ready for the days you are now living and which will progressively worsen.

In an extremely short time, the smart card and chip WILL BE mandatory. You will not buy or sell without one or the other until finally, all will be forced to take the 'mark of the beast' 666---THE CHIP!!! ( Revelations 13: 16-18)

Time is racing forward until all My prophetic Words are fulfilled. These are days of wonder--days when you live the Word of God. I will reign, in your presence, as your Eucharistic King, your Jesus of Mercy and Love. I will reign in the hearts of ALL My followers, My faithful, trusting, obedient, loving remnant.

The warnings have been given. Heed My Word!!! Be totally prepared for whatever is to happen. Remain in Me. Time is EXTREMELY short. Watch and wait. I am your strength. Cling to Me. You will now see My plans come to pass. I will destroy evil! I conquer! I am the Lamb of God who shed My Blood for all and I reign as King eternally!!!

(End of message)


Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and then said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " Dear ones, you witness the fires that consume great or vast areas of Western USA. The heat is intense. One day those fires will go out. Through these fires the earth is being cleansed. Fire is a powerful force. It is used to heat homes, cook food, warm or boil water, purify. Fire can also destroy.

Hell is fire and brimstone. It burns without end. Souls go to Hell. The devil's abode is Hell. He is luring souls, with all false promises, to follow him, to ignore Me, to live hate. He is the master of evil, the great seducer.

My great hour of Mercy is upon you. Those who choose Me will be under constant attack by evil. So much strife will fill your daily life. He (Satan) desires all people to become anxious and angry and blame all on Me, to curse, to kill, to steal--to ignore all My Commandments.

You must be strong (in Me) and not pay heed to him. Under his leadership many, many poor souls will be taken to Hell. Under his leadership, sin becomes pleasure and My Commands become a thing of the past; no longer needed, too difficult, a chore.

The fires in your country, the wars and all other devastation's are to purify, warn you, to beg you to return to Me. My statutes are for the good of all mankind. They are given to assist you in your earthly life and to return to Me. They are the rules that if followed, will lead to the salvation of souls. When men ignore and/or break My Commands, there is war,

unrest, killing, illness and the way opened for evil to slowly, subtly take possession of your mind, thoughts, words and actions.

Yet, dear ones, I came to save, to forgive ALL souls, all people. I came for YOU! I came for the sinner. I came to give you life and I give you Mercy, Love, Strength.

I ask for obedience and love. I ask for humility and total consecration. I ask for much prayer, repentance and that you forgive one another as I have forgiven you. I ask you to use your free-will and to choose good and avoid all evil.

This IS the Hour of Mercy. Use My gift wisely. Accept My gift. Cleanse your souls of all sin. Let My love consume your heart. Live Mercy and live Love thereby reflecting Me, your Jesus, to everyone you meet.

Be at peace, dear ones, be at peace. Let My Peace disperse all anxiety, all fear for, if you follow Me and are consecrated to Me you will be at peace while in the throws of worldly turmoil. My Peace is spiritual--it is NOT peace as the world gives. Live on in My Peace.

End of message


Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, "My loving ones, My faithful ones: stay away from reservoirs, buildings that house financial business or trade, large areas of big industry, atomic or nuclear testing sights or waste areas. Be cautious near farm areas that use chemical fertilizer (or sell it), water in or from foreign countries, designer districts (such as clothing), state government areas and country government seats. Be very aware of watching TV, movies, stage shows, your Internet and emails. Do not read anything New Age, certain news papers or items, books of 'magic'. Keep your eyes and ears open to your surroundings and watch the facial expressions of those with whom you converse or are just in their presence. So much is now under the control of evil. Be discreet in the company of others and of your companions. Awareness, discernment through prayer IS YOUR KEY TO GOOD JUDGEMENTS!

Too many goats are in sheeps clothing. Honey drips from their tongues. They are dangerous!!! Become aware !!!They are imposters--ALL. They are present in MY Church, business, government, families--THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!

If they do not believe in Me, follow Me, they are NOT of Me. THEY ARE ANTICHRIST! They will enforce the implantation of the 'chip' and you will be FORCED to worship the image of evil--the beast.(1 John 2:22--1 John 2:18--2 John 7)

This time IS VERY CLOSE, My dear children. BE AWARE! Seek Wisdom, Understanding, Fortitude (strength), Knowledge: the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Seek deeper faith and remain close to Me.

The days are VERY, VERY short. Pray and seek comfort through prayer. Remnant children, I love you. I warn you. I will, NEVER leave you. Trust!!! Hope!!! Pray!! Again--BE ALERT! BE AWAKE! BE PREPARED! BE MINE through love, obedience, consecration. Hear Me! All is in readiness. All  has begun. You are living in apocalyptic times!


Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " My chosen ones are now receiving their new gifts for a new ministry while their prior or present gifts either grow or I take them away. I need you all in a different capacity for todays ever-changing world.

Messages, as you've known them, will soon end for through Scripture and My Messages, I have revealed all to you. Now is the hour, to put all into practice in your daily life.

To be prepared is most essential. It is to prepare in heart, mind, body and soul as well as, to be prepared at home.

As more and more signs converge daily all over the earth, you must be ready and able to follow and understand My instructions. No one, no area, no life will remain blinded to the coming events. All eyes will see. All ears will hear.

There is NO hiding from your God. He sees and hears all. He knows all. Yet in His great tenderness and compassion, He awaits each soul's return.

Most of you are capable to differentiate good from evil. Through prayerful discernment you recognize and act upon the choice you make and walk the road of your choice. Keep your eyes on Me and do not take the frivolous road of temptation. Look to me and follow Me on the straight and narrow path to Heaven where love, peace, mercy, joy and good health reign forever.

The secular media is today, confirming My messages and Sacred Scripture regarding various plagues described so clearly by St. John throughout Revelations. These words come from God. These words NEVER change. They are end-time warnings. They are THE signs. They will ALL happen BEFORE I, Jesus, can come in glory.

It is imperative that ALL souls, in EVERY country, understand these Words of God contained in Holy Scripture and hear the messages of His present day messengers.

The time is NOW. Witness daily the signs sent to you from Heaven. Seek ONLY the Word of the Lord and follow IT! This should explain to you why Our Father and I, Jesus, are taking away some gifts, no longer needed, as by now, you should understand many of the duties described therein. New gifts are needed to ready My children for the next phase of Our Father's mighty plans. If you are still ignorant of these many messages, reread them, after much prayer to Our Holy Spirit, for enlightenment. The next stage of God's plan has begun.

All is under His controlling and Just Hand. All will move along as planned. All will worsen until every detail has been accomplished. There is NO TURNING BACK! However, you can still change the course of YOUR eternal destiny through faith, hope and trust united with conversion, repentance, love, forgiveness and much, much prayer. Faith and your commitment (consecration) are most important now.

Live your faith without fear. Love all, being gentle and humble and kind. Judge no one! Pray for everyone. Reflect Our Love to all you encounter,

As I am a God of Mercy and Love, so you must be an earthly reflection of Me. Love unites all! Hate destroys all! Love is of Me for I AM the EPITOMY of Mercy and Love.

Unite--all nations--under the banner of My Divine, Merciful Love. Hate, greed, pride and your ego WILL destroy you and every nation following the dogma of Satan.

Yes, My children, My chosen ones WILL and ARE receiving many, many new and various gifts to continue to assist you, My dear ones, on the path of righteousness; the long, turbulent journey that leads to Paradise---forever.

Accept these new gifts, dear chosen ones, and use them often to assist My little needy children. I give you much. I expect much in return. Your reward will be great in Heaven.

Pray for strength, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and precede with prayer and caution using discernment always. I GO WITH YOU!

End of message


Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and then said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " It would behoove you, My dear children, to learn about and follow more closely the life of your newly canonized Saint Padre Pio.

This humble, sickly, loving man desired to be a priest, My servant. Although he had and was blessed with many, many gifts from Heaven, he lived My Passion, in love and great pain, for fifty years. He was persecuted by many even some of his religious brothers. He remained joyful and at peace at all times.

How many souls returned to Me because of his love and humility. He, like the majority of My Saints---in Heaven or still living on earth--carried his cross and Mine in love and silence preferring to be, to remain unknown. He was known, loved and sought by many for prayers and assistance in various circumstances. His life became public.

Many of you today, children chosen by Our God, have various gifts also. You must use them for the greater glory of God; for His Will to come to fruition. My chosen ones have many gifts and daily, new gifts are being added. They are gathering lost or stray sheep returning many to my flock.

Pray frequently as My son Padre Pio did. Take up your cross each day and follow Me. Use each Gift your Triune God has given you to assist poor, lost, searching souls return to Me. Love and live love with humility. Carry My Light into all dark recesses of human souls by your reflection of Me. Bring peace to anxious souls and to the ill and suffering souls. Care for your brothers and sisters alone and in need.

Yes, Live Jesus! Follow My example. Use each and every gift We have given you to direct poor souls to the ONLY road that leads them to Me. Daily live and commit yourself to Me. Find true peace in life by resigning yourself to Me.

End of message


Message from Jesus given at St. Padre Pio Shrine

Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " My child, very soon your entire world will be under siege. No country, no island will be spared. Today you feel free. Today you are at peace. Today you also fear the terrorists, godless men who follow Satan, and wish to destroy My Church, My people everywhere.

Pray without ceasing. Pray for the conversion of all poor souls. Carry My Cross, and yours, with joy, peace and love for suffering, in My Name, is THE MOST POWERFUL prayer.

All the signs surround you. I am warning you---DAILY. Open your hearts to Me and convert before it is too late. The people laughed at Noah. They'll laugh at you. But be persevering and strong. Continue to speak My Words. It is a loving warning from Heaven. It is time TO BE PREPARED. Do not be lax.

Cleanse your souls--TODAY. Time is passing rapidly and you must be prepared. You who have been chosen to have shelters; have all in readiness. Others must be packed and ready to follow My lead, My Angels. I will lead you and protect you.

Some of you will lay down your lives for love of Me. Be strong loved ones: be strong. I will shorten the time for My elect and ease your suffering as I hold you near My Heart.

I thank all who are willingly suffering for Me and with Me. Your reward will be great. Many otherwise lost souls are being saved because of your prayers, your love.

Walk with Me daily. Keep a clean and loving heart. Prepare TODAY. Follow Me. You are specially chosen. You are Mine. I love you and eternal life is for all who proclaim that I, Jesus Christ am Lord.

End of message.


Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood. "

Then Jesus said, " Very soon all major toll roads will be inaccessible. Only those'with' EZ Pass' cards will be permitted entry to such roads. Gas  stations will require ' Speed Pass' cards or 'Smart Cards' and finally, the 'Chip.'

Bridges, over major rivers, state to state and, lastly, smaller bridges will also require above said cards. Soon all bridges will be brought down to prevent travel and tunnels will be flooded. Travel will be controlled and you will be prisoners in your own areas,

Already, your phone, your computers yes, dear ones, ALL electronics have said chip and wires are tapped. Your freedom is no more. Martial Law will be imposed upon all very soon. The only thing you have that remains FOREVER FREE, is your thoughts. Through thought you can pray, speak to Me and I hear you. Use this freedom to stay in constant contact with Me.

If you think of evil, evil will hear but evil cannot hear when you speak to Me This is a closed circuit!!! Pray. Listen. Discern. Who is speaking to your heart? Which spirit do you desire to follow? Pray. Listen. Discern.

Lift your heart, your emotions with thoughts of Me, of things Above. Do not accept thoughts or feelings that are constantly negative to take hold of you. They are of evil. Pray. Listen. Discern.

You who desire the Good Spirit, the Holy Spirit, will return to and keep a happy, joyful heart.

Remain in contact with loved ones while it is yet possible. Keep your minds on things Above. I will, I DO hear you, guide you, carry you, assist you at all times. Pray in spirit. Stay in touch with Me. Your faith and love will see you through these troubled times.

I love Mine; Mine love Me. I remain eternally your Lord, your God, your Jesus-- The Spirit of Mercy and Love."

End of message


Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " Do you want to know what is wrong with My Church? IT IS YOU!!! You priests sons refuse to insist on proper dress and actions in Church. You do not instruct them that they are in THE HOUSE OF GOD. Men, women and children MUST dress properly and modestly. They must genuflect before their King of Kings. They must participate in the Mass. They must be reverent and speak to Me in prayer. They should not talk or disrupt others who are in prayer. They must receive My Eucharistic Sacrament humbly and worthily. They must confess no less than once a month. You must return Me, in the Tabernacle, to FRONT and CENTER. You must bring back My altar rails, kneelers, true hymns of worship, statues, the Stations of the Cross. You, My son priests, are responsible for the sheep. If you do not teach them, they will go astray. You are the shepherds of My people. Teach, instruct and lead My poor sheep!!!

Many of My children do not know My Commandments. They do not know Scripture. Many of you are afraid to teach about death, sin and hell. Why? Did I not teach you? Did I not send you forth to follow Me making you priests forever?

These souls depend on you. They have no morals, families are breaking up. You priests are marrying like sexes. (marriage ceremony between like sexes) A very grievous sin for each of you. Many of you support birth control and even abortion. You yourselves live in mortal sin. What kind of an example are you giving to My children?

Amend your lives, dear priest sons. Do not judge anyone until you pull the plank from your own eyes. You are not perfect. You are weak, sinners. Only I, your God, am perfect. Come to Me, and seek forgiveness, strength, wisdom, understanding and humility. I will help you if you return to Me.

I love you My dear priest sons. I want you to live as I lived, teach as I did, love as I love. Repent and tell your flock to repent and return to Me. In Mercy and Love I will lead you. I will make straight your path. You are priests forever. I depend on you to live your vows and lead My poor, weak, searching sheep. Teach. Especially, teach of the signs I am sending into the world. Teach love. Teach My Commandments. Teach respect. Teach My Words to St. John---Revelations. Open your eyes and see the downfall of My dearest people. Open your hearts and be not afraid to be different as I, your Jesus, stood up for God's Word---THE TRUTH!!!

Seek after Our Most Holy Spirit and be filled with Fire as My Apostles were. Follow their example. Trust in Me and not in the collection basket. Don't let love for money or material things destroy you, dear sons. Look beyond. Look at the number of souls you can and must return to Me. Soon money will have no value. Teach of the chip or mark of the Beast. Teach of Satan's trickery. Teach them right from wrong. Teach of the Saints whether in Heaven or those living among you. Teach true Christian values NOW! You, dear son, yes you, return to Me. Let others see Me in you, My priest, My representative on earth.

Listen to your leader on earth, My Pope son, John Paul II. He sits in the Chair of Peter, My first Pope. Assist him. Honor him. Obey him. Humble yourselves today and be not afraid to speak up and teach truth. Put true Christian life into action.

You have a grave responsibility. Live as I did in true poverty, chastity and obedience to Our Father. I will give you much strength and the words to assist you in your profession.

Remember My Mercy and Love. Return. Repent. Go forth in My Name teaching  all nations. I love you. I depend on you.

End of message


Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " My dearest doubting children, to receive confirmations of My Words given to My chosen children worldwide, I tell you to turn to your secular media. Listen to your nationwide TV stations. Read newspapers, magazines and various periodicals. They have NO religious affiliation. What I tell you through My little, humble, ignorant, chosen ones is happening all around you, your world.

Open your eyes. Open your ears. Remove your self-made blinders. Take off your rose-colored glasses. You are living in very precarious times. BELIEVE!

As with Noah, you are badgering My chosen ones thus ignoring Me and My loving warnings. One day, exceedingly soon, the pace will quicken, the calamities worsen. You will be caught totally unprepared. THEN you will wish you had listened, been in readiness in body and soul and had all prepared as I warned you through My little prophetic children. Then it could prove to be TOO LATE!!!

While the messages are still coming, being sent from Heaven, listen and act. Do not procrastinate but hasten to obey all I have told you and all that I am still revealing to you.

You want confirmation. Read Scripture and seek knowledge of My Word and the grace to understand by praying to Our Most Holy Spirit. He WILL enlighten you. Ask in humble, loving prayer. It is all there for you, dear ones. I have not left you orphans. I will not leave you orphaned. I am with you and will give you much grace to comprehend. My Mercy and Love are yours forever.

Seek, pray, listen and witness the daily happenings around your world, in each individual country. Put God, faith, love and obedience to God's Word, back into your lives---DAILY! Will YOU awaken for yet another day? Only God knows.

WAKE UP!!!!!

(End of message)


Thursday, June 13, 2002:

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: "My people, these many tombstones popping up are to indicate that many shall die from terrorism and the persecutions of the tribulation. There will not be just a few martyrs, but there will be a substantial number of souls who will give their lives for their faith in Me. I keep asking My faithful to pray for strength to stand up to the evil ones who will taunt you and criticize your beliefs. Call on My help and I will get you through this moment of testing."

Jesus said: "My people, remain alert to your crop duster planes that they do not fall into the wrong hands. Where terrorists have tried before, they may try again at another unsuspecting time. Even the chemical viruses released in contrails are causing constant allergies and flu symptoms. Many of your diseases are self-inflicted on your people by the evil ones seeking world takeover. Pray for miraculous healing of these man-made epidemics."

Jesus said: "My people, your people have a craving for more energy in your electrical devices as your air conditioning, your many computers, and all of your lights. Instead of encouraging more use of electricity to run your modern appliances and asking for more power plants, you need to start reducing your needs so you can reduce the burning of fossil fuels in power plants and your driving vehicles. Reducing pollution is the only direction that will protect your planet from further destruction of increased heat and more violent storms."

Jesus said: "My people, I have warned you before of a coming world famine that would be caused by a shortage of fresh water for drinking and for irrigating your crops. If droughts of no rain and dried up water wells continue, you would have to rely on major ocean desalinization plants for drinking water. It will become harder and harder to grow crops without sufficient rain water. Even the acid in the rain will start affecting the crops unless lime is added to the soil. Pray that sinners will repent or these disasters will continue."

Jesus said: "My people, there is a constant fight for power all over the world whether it be financial, military, or even religious. Many of the big eight industrial nations try to rule over the poorer nations. Several nations seek to flex their military power to control political interests. Even various religions stake out territory in numbers of conversions. Instead of all peoples working to help each other, there is too much concern over who owns land and who controls the oceans with their navies and air forces. Pray that the hearts of men will be softened so wars will not consume you."

Jesus said: "My people, when you look at the children and how they treat each other, that is how the adults should act as well. I have told you that you must become like little children in your love for one another in order to gain heaven. Fighting to kill one's enemies is the hate that Satan wants to instill in man. Instead of fighting in wars, man needs to have My love in your hearts. Put aside your selfish cravings so you can extend your charity and love to your neighbors. It is this child-like trust in Me that you need to work toward in your perfection."

Jesus said: "My people, beware of seeking riches and power in this life because such fame passes away. Wealth in this life will pass through your fingers and you cannot take it beyond the grave. All of those, who depend on this world's treasures, will not find peace or happiness. Those, who seek Me in heaven, will find true love and peace with Me. Work toward gaining heavenly riches that will not rust and will last forever. Do not be misled by gold and the glitter of this life, but seek the joy and glory of being with Me in the next life. Follow the cravings of your soul for spiritual gains and reject the cravings of the world for secular gains."

Friday, June 14, 2002:

Jesus said: "My people, as the rain strikes hard on the roof of this church, it represents the events of the world trying to attack My Church. Through scandal spread in the media and the one world people directing their attacks, My Church is under siege. My faithful are again being tested by those trying to break down the faith within the clergy. As you see this person kneeling at church, this is your answer of prayer before My tabernacle. Your strength is in My Real Presence of My Blessed Sacrament. Where there is Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament, the priesthood will flourish as in a rich garden. Yet despite the evil ones' intentions, I will find a way to preserve My Church in the faithful remnant. My Church will always prevail over the gates of hell because My angels are guarding every tabernacle. Do not waiver in your faith despite the scandals and attacks on My Church and My priest sons. I will be with you to the end of this age, but you must call on My help for protection and go to frequent Confession to keep your souls cleansed and ready to receive Me."

Jesus said: "My people, you have seen evidence of comets and asteroids flying into your planets. Your space station and your laser weapons are being put in place to try and destroy or alter the course of any object that may impact the earth. Even though you are using all of your modern guidance equipment, My heavenly chastisement will not be deterred from its planned orbit because My angels will misdirect any of your attempts to stop it. All of your knowledge will be confounded as all evil will be destroyed according to My plan. Pray for your deliverance in this time of tribulation, for you know of My coming victory and how all of the evil ones will be chained in hell. I love all of My children and you will see Me fight for you as I defeated the Egyptian army at the Red Sea. Be grateful and thankful for all that I am doing for you now and in the future."

Saturday, June 15, 2002:

Jesus said: "My people, this severed electrical line is a representation that you will be seeing more electrical lines going out from storms and brownouts. Lightning and violent storms will continue to upset your comfortable lifestyles and cause you intermittent power interruptions. As your summer heat comes on, your power plants will be stretched thin from the demands of your air conditioning to cool people. In some areas of greater heat it may even be dangerous to life where people cannot cool themselves. You are seeing the extremes of hot and cold, and wet and dry. These extremes will take their toll on your crops and your economy. Nature is reflecting your extreme amount of sin without any letup or contrition of your people. Pray for sinners here or your chastisements will worsen."

Jesus said: "My people, while playing sports is good exercise, it should not consume too much of your time. As with television, movies, and anything else that demands a lot of your time, you must not allow anything to have control over you as an obsession. You need to constantly focus your priorities around loving Me and loving your neighbor. By making time for Me in your prayers, your Mass and Adoration, you are sharing My gifts of time back with Me. Give Me your full attention and do not let any idols or gods come before Me. Test how you are using your leisure time to see if you are selfishly wasting time on things other than spiritual things. Your minds will wander, so you should not have idle time, but plan your day around My direction for the day. By following My Will for your life, then you will stay focused on your path to heaven. Thank you for listening to the best spiritual advice I can give you for spending your time wisely."

Sunday, June 16, 2002: (Father's Day)

Jesus said: "My people, this hallway that you are looking down is your pathway to heaven and it is punctuated with the many rooms of life's experiences. The first few rooms deal with your experiences with family and elementary school. You also visit your first experience with Me in a room for the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, Confession and Confirmation. Your prayer life is another room that you should visit every day to keep in communication with your Lord. You have a room for early friendships and later your room for high school. Some proceed to a further room for college and more friends. As you focus more on your vocation, you have a room for your job experience and its cares through life. If you are called to marriage, then you have a room for your spouse and how love enters your life. Your love generates children and that whole experience of raising and educating them. This flows into another room of your children's marriages and your grandchildren. You may also have a room to deal with care for your aging parents. Along the way you may have a room for the many civil and church organizations to help others in religious education, food and clothing. All of life's experiences are opportunities for you to grow in your faith and love of Me and your neighbor. As you walk through each stage of your life, walk with Me at your side, always asking My help and trusting that I will lead you on the right path. Then when you come to the end of your life, I will welcome My faithful into heaven for their reward for choosing Me to be a part of their life."

Monday, June 17, 2002:

Jesus said: "My people, this scene of the end of a Mass is a sign to you that the Mass you treasure will not be with you much longer. A time is coming when the churches will be shut down and it will be hard to even find an underground Mass. My Church is being attacked and persecuted now in the legal system as the one world people are looking to destroy the churches. I have asked some to set aside Mass articles for this day of persecution. Priests will be sought out and they will have to be in hiding. You may have to rely on spiritual communion and your rosary when you cannot find a Mass. The schism in My Church and these scandals will test My faithful remnant, but do not give up and trust that I will always guide My little flock. No matter what the evil ones do, I will always preserve My Blessed Sacrament and if necessary, My angels will give you Communion at My places of refuge. Have no fear of the tribulation to come because I will give you the strength to endure it if you just call on My help."

Jesus said: "My people, you have seen many types of showplaces for new cars, new computers, new cameras and job fairs. Many of these displays are to show off the latest advances in each of these special commodities. Each company is struggling to sell their latest technology so they can sell more products and be the first to the market place. You see a keen competition in every field as each manufacturer is fighting for their share of the market. The consumer is being constantly urged to buy the latest cars, homes and electrical devices whether they are needed or not and without regard if they can be afforded or not. The reality for most people is that these new devices are not needed and they are too expensive. Even though these advertisers are encouraging you to have the latest and best devices, do not be obsessed with their line and be satisfied with what you need and can afford. You do not need luxurious things in this world and you need to share what you have with others. Focus on My plan for your life and do not be attracted to the glitter of the worldly things. In a short time what is new today, will be obsolete tomorrow. Science has made your life easier, but it also has complicated your choices and has many times compromised nature and My plan for life. Treat life as precious and avoid abortion and any birth control devices. Your sins against the sixth Commandment are sending many to hell. Live a life of love and follow My Commandments and heaven will be much more beautiful than anything man can provide on this earth."

Tuesday, June 18, 2002:

Jesus said: "My people, in the time of tribulation this will be the cave that My angels will lead you for your protection from the evil ones. The evil ones will take possession of all of your goods because you do not have the mark of the beast and you will have to flee for your lives. They will declare you outlaws and worthy of death and you will be persecuted for My Name's sake. Do not fear for this reign of evil will be brief and then I will bring My wrath and judgment on the earth. The evil ones will be cast into hell and chained, while My faithful remnant will be raised up so I can renew the earth. My faithful will see their reward in the Era of Peace where evil will be no more."

Jesus said: "My people, I draw you to Myself to reveal to you how you are dependent on Me for everything. Everything that you have has been gifted to you. That is why it is fitting that everyday you need to consecrate yourselves entirely over to Me. I have given you all that you have and I want you to offer all that you have back to Me. You cannot gain heaven by yourself, but I have died for everyone so that you are offered salvation. It is by your choice that you either accept Me or reject Me. By your fiat yes and by your giving your will over to My Will, this is how you will be saved. No merits or accomplishments of your own can gain heaven. Only through your acceptance of Me as Savior and the forgiveness of your sins will I welcome you into heaven. You must have a contrite heart and be sorry for your sins that offend Me. I love everyone, even those who refuse Me. I wait for each sinner to come to Me in their own time and according to their will. I will not force you to love Me, but I let you come to Me in love because it truly comes from the bottom of your heart."

Wednesday, June 19, 2002:

Jesus said: "My people, your latest fiber optic telephone line enables you to send many calls through this one line. Many are in awe of the science of light being able to transmit so much information over one line. You have high expectations in your phones that you can call anyone at anytime all over the world. I am giving you this likeness of physical communication to your spiritual communication with Me in prayer. You can pray to Me also at any time from anywhere on the earth. Not only do I listen to your prayer, but I listen to everyone's prayers at the same time. There is no limit to the number of call that you can make to Me and no limit on the length of your call either. Best of all, your calls are all free. My prayer line is the best offer that you could have. You can talk to your Lord and I hear every prayer. I answer your prayer according to what is best for your soul and not every time by your desire. I want you to keep in touch with Me every day so you can show Me how much you love Me. I love all of you every moment of every day and it is that love that keeps you in your very existence. You need to spend more time with Me than you spend on the telephone or watching TV."

Jesus said: "My people, no matter how hard the evil ones will try to kill My faithful at My refuges, My angels will protect you in miraculous ways. With the toxic fumes from the helicopters My angels will blow them away to dilute any effect. They also will erect a barrier of protection that will be impervious to bombs, bullets, or rockets. Many of these miracles will seem impossible by man's standards, but with Me all things are possible. So have no fear of these evil ones in what they can do to the body, but avoid them for how they could influence your mind and soul. Pray to Me in how to lead you to these places of refuge and My angels will help you to endure this tribulation. As I protected and fed the Hebrews in the desert, so I will protect My faithful in the wilderness and at My refuges. You will be fed My heavenly manna of Communion, and you will find grottos of healing water to drink and heal your diseases. After suffering the purgatory of the Antichrist, I will come in victory and bring you into My Era of Peace. Heavenly intervention will be needed to turn around the apostasy of this age. Rejoice in My victory and be patient before I come."

Thursday, June 20, 2002:

Jesus said: "My people, enjoy the plentiful bread and lush fruit that you have now because your future harvests will be plagued with many problems of droughts, floods, and pestilence. I have warned you of the repetitive natural disasters, but up to now they have not threatened your food crops. Starting this year there will be continual events that will cut back your harvests. I have blessed your land with many crops before, but now your blessings are being withheld because of your unrepentant sins of abortion. I have asked your country to relent in your killing of My little ones, but My pleas are falling on deaf ears and you are calling down My wrath against you. Already your enemies have inflicted destruction on your cities and you will see more to come. Your war against terrorism will be as ineffective as Israel's attempts to stop the suicide bombings. I allowed Israel's enemies to destroy their cities when they fell away from Me and followed foreign gods and idols. Today, America is like Israel in following a death culture and idol gods of money, sports, and materialism. As a result, you will see continuing natural disasters destroy your crops, your cities and many homes. Wake up America and see that your chastisment is occurring because of your abortions, your sexual sins, and your refusal to seek My forgiveness of your sins. It is bad enough that you are continuing your sinful lifestyles, but you do not even realize how you are offending Me in your sins. You will be brought to your knees and then maybe your eyes will be opened to your apostasy."


Thursday, June 6, 2002: (Fred Leaderman's funeral)

Jesus said: "My people, all of you will come to see Me one day either sooner or later on your death. This tent, that I have here, is a symbol of the place I have prepared for all of My faithful. I appeared to My apostles in all of My radiant glory as a sign to them of when I would return after My Resurrection in a glorified body. At the final judgment My faithful also will be resurrected with a glorified body. I am giving you all hope for the day that you will be rewarded for being faithful to Me, despite the temptations of the world. As you contemplate your last days, you can prepare your souls for My judgment. Always confess your sins frequently so you can have your soul cleansed for receiving Me. As you watch each casket paraded before you, think each time of your day when you will be there yourself. Do not have fear of death, but have confidence and trust in Me that I will guide you through this unknown transition into the next life."

Thursday, June 6, 2002:

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: "My people, your fires have been raging again as droughts are taking their toll. There has been little loss of life and some lost buildings. I am showing you another hazard from your fires. Pray that your fuel supplies of oil and natural gas do not get involved with these fires because of the danger of explosions and any resultant fuel shortages. With enough fires the pollution of smoke could begin to affect your breathing down wind."

Jesus said: "My people, fighting has resumed again in the Middle East with another series of suicide bombers taking further lives. This compounds the fighting going on between Pakistan and India over Kashmir. There is even suspicion that terrorists are instigating both of these conflicts. Many peace accords have been sought, but fighting still appears to be continuing. Pray for peace in these areas where hate lies in the hearts of both sides."

Jesus said: "My people, many of your business managers are hoping that the consumer will bring them out of this recession. Some splurges have occurred in home buying and increased discount purchases. Many companies will be struggling with their earnings and accounting problems as the recession is still affecting your economy. Rosy forecasts have given way to the reality of a slower recovery. Even your Federal Reserve Bank is reluctant to raise interest rates. The finances of your country are having serious problems, and wars and terrorism are adding further uncertainty. I have warned you that your country needs to change your sinful lives or your finances and disasters will worsen. If you fail to listen to My words, you may change your mind when you will be brought to your knees."

Jesus said: "My people, you will see many weather calamities strike many nations as your food sources will be tested and shortages could come soon. As storms destroy roads and cities, it will become harder to harvest crops and harder to distribute them to where people need them. If enough damage occurs, you could see riots break out when starving people cannot find food. Nature is beginning to rebel against man and your calm weather will be no more. Winds and damage will increase with your changing weather patterns. Pray again for sinners because your chastisements are a result of sin."

Jesus said: "My people, the terrorists want to disrupt your infrastructures and spread their destruction among many of your people. Your power supplies make you vulnerable in lighting, heating, cooling, and manufacturing. These sources of power do need protection because they are such likely targets of terrorism. This fear of terrorism is being exploited to take away some of your freedoms as you are coming closer to a police state. Pray that mass destruction weapons are not used because many lives could be lost."

Jesus said: "My people, both the students and the teachers are ready to end another school year. Some will still be giving classes in the summer for slower students or for those getting ahead. It is good to have a break, but your learning experience in life continues. Many would like to see a break in the battle of good and evil, but the devil never sleeps. You need to be constantly doing a vigil of prayer for yourselves and sinners. The battle for souls is never ending with no letup. You have to be on the alert for temptations and pray your daily prayers to keep your spiritual strength high."

Jesus said: "My people, in earthly things you see that they are subject to theft and corruption as corrosion. The things of this life cannot always be trusted or secure in their value. The treasures that you store up in heaven on the other hand cannot be stolen and will not rust or corrode. That is why you should focus your efforts on following My plan for eternal life instead of trusting in this world's riches which can lose their value or be stolen. Eternal life with Me is your goal and no other earthly distractions should make you waiver from your heavenly intentions."

Friday, June 7, 2002: (Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Jesus said: "My people, I have given you My Word of revelation in the Scriptures and everyone has access to a Bible. You have the freedom in many countries to attend church and even take Bible classes. Even with all that I have given you in My sacraments and My dying for you on the cross, there are still souls slipping through the cracks that have not heard of Me or refuse to love Me. Just as you pray for the souls in purgatory that no one is praying for, so there are many souls that need your prayers and instruction in the faith. If you have the opportunity to tell someone about My love, you may be the only way that soul could come to Me. Do not pass up any chance to save souls because many are searching for peace and love in their lives which I alone can grant them. Even if you do not talk to someone, it is by your good example that you could change someone's life. You need to live your faith every day if you want to witness your love to Me."

Saturday, June 8, 2002: (Immaculate Heart of Mary)

Jesus said: "My people, tonight you are embracing My Sacred Heart and My Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart. These two feasts back to back are a symbol as in the vision of how our hearts are joined as one. Wherever My Blessed Mother is, I am there also because we are inseparable. My Blessed Mother is the Queen Mother of heaven because I gave all of you over to her in the person of St. John's care. She is Mother of all of her children on earth. Pray your consecration to My Blessed Mother especially on her feast day. When you awake each day, you can consecrate yourselves to My Sacred Heart and My Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart. All that you do each day can be offered as a prayer to Me. When you are focused on serving Me, you can see in each of us the perfect model to live in the Divine Will, always giving your fiat yes to My plan. Do not be so concerned about the events of the world, but stay focused on Me and I will lead you to eternal life. Rejoice, My children, when you share in the love of our two hearts."

Jesus said: "My people, this descending down a beautiful staircase is a sign that as the time of tribulation occurs, you must call on the Holy Spirit and My angels for protection. Pray for the strength to endure the trial of evil's brief reign when the Holy Spirit will give you what to say and do. I have asked you to follow your guardian angels to My places of refuge where My angels will protect you and provide for all of your needs. You are seeing the battle of good and evil building ever so close to the time of confrontation at Armageddon. Pray that My victory will come quickly to defeat Satan and all of the evil ones. My glorious chastisement will come to remove all evil from the face of the earth and you will rejoice in My Era of Peace as your reward for remaining faithful. Stay strong in your faith with your devotions to My Blessed Mother's rosary and scapular. Have all of your blessed sacramentals on your person for your protection. My Blessed Mother will be watching over her children and My angels will form a barrier of protection all around My faithful. You will be tested, but call on heaven's help to get you through this time."

Sunday, June 9, 2002:

Jesus said: "My people, many of you are eager to read the latest news of what events are going on around you. Today, I want to instill an even more eagerness for you to read My Good News of Scripture. My revelation in Scripture offers you eternal life for those who follow My Commandments and live your faith in a Christian life. Take this enthusiasm that you desire for reading newspapers and expand it more into your desire to improve your spiritual life. Today's secular news will be old and gone tomorrow. My Word lives on today and forever more. In My Scriptures you experience My love and I want each of you to love Me and your neighbor as yourselves. As you listened to the missionary priest, so I want My faithful to evangelize My Good News to all nations. Touch the hearts that you meet with My love and My Word so they can walk with Me on their path to heaven."

Monday, June 10, 2002:

Jesus said: "My people, when you hear My beatitudes, I want you to be humble and submit yourself to My authority over your life. Everything you have has been given to you through Me and you are dependent on Me whether everyone wants to accept this fact or not. Look at the birds of the field and how My heavenly Father provides for them. You are much more valuable in your soul, so I will give you My gifts to sustain you. Accept your lot where you are in life and do not be seeking more than you need to get by. It is the worldly who seek these material things. Instead, seek the heavenly treasures that I will give you for your charity in helping others with your time and money. Do not give gifts expecting to be repaid. The more you give in this way, the more heavenly treasure that I will store for you with Me. I am the heavenly banker and if you are rich in deeds and My graces, then you are truly blessed indeed. Keep focused on My love and spread My love to others that you meet. When you live the beatitudes, then you are truly walking with Me on your path to heaven."

Jesus said: "My people, your television programming can be an occasion of sin and a waste of your time. The 'H' letter stands for hell which is where television can lead some unsuspecting souls. Guard your children and others from allowing excess TV to lead souls astray. The influence of attitudes, pornography, and violence can affect people's lives. Better to use papers for your news and avoid TV's bad programming. As the Antichrist comes to power, I am warning you to get rid of your televisions and computer monitors so you do not watch the Antichrist's face and eyes which can have a hypnotic effect on people to worship him. Only worship Me because I am a jealous God and I will have no other gods before Me. I love My people and I am giving you this warning of the evil abuse of television."

Tuesday, June 11, 2002: (St. Barnabas)

Jesus said: "My people, I am warning you that evangelizing souls is not easy work and it does take fasting and prayer. You cannot afford to be lazy and comfortable if you are going to do battle for souls. You are dealing with the comforts and pleasures of this world both for yourselves and the souls that you are trying to save. Sts. Paul and Barnabas traveled far without very good means of transportation and still they brought many souls to the faith. You need to be adamant in your pursuit of souls and pray for My help and that of the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of wayward souls so they can come to Me. Your love for Me cannot be contained in yourselves only, but there is an overflowing abundance that wants to be shared with others. You have been given your gift of faith and now it is your turn to share your gift of faith with those whom you meet in life's travels. Your preaching of My Good News to someone may be that person's only chance for salvation. I will bless your evangelization efforts, but be persistent in your mission."

Jesus said: "My people, you have seen considerable concern in your news about the current conflict between India and Pakistan because they both possess nuclear weapons. Now in your news you are being told of plots to make a bomb with nuclear radiation as in a dirty bomb. All of these war threats and terrorism with such bombs are unsettling to the people of the world. There is still a possibility for some dramatic terrorist acts, but with prayer and good surveillance, they could be thwarted. It is the fear of terrorism and nuclear weapons that are being used to scare the people into giving up their freedoms. I have been telling you that your natural disasters are what will bring you to your knees. Already the fires and storms are setting records and many of your crops will be endangered. Storms, earthquakes, and fires will take their toll this year as droughts and floods will add to your woes. When the people of America refuse to repent of their sins, they are calling down My wrath of judgment in these chastisements. Change your lifestyles away from sin or these disasters will continue to worsen."

Wednesday, June 12, 2002:

Jesus said: "My people, most of your fires have been burning in the forests away from damaging properties and buildings. This year fire will cause more damage to people's houses and buildings. Drought in many areas is being caused not only by a lack of rain, but the ground water level is going deeper as well. Strong heat during the summer will make things so dry that many lands will be off limits for camping. Dry lightening will cause many fires as natural disasters will continue to affect your economy. Those areas with rain will become more desirable to live because drier areas will find it increasingly difficult to get water as rations will be more frequent . Nature is rebelling against man in many ways and it will eventually force you to live differently without wasting things and using less energy. Your nation has spoiled itself with excesses in energy and its sin. Now you will be brought to your knees until you relent of your sin and your excesses will be taken away."

Jesus said: "My people, during your Warning experience you will see yourself on the stage of life as your whole life will pass quickly before you. You will see how you criticized people and how others criticized you. You will see how you brought souls to Me and how you may have influenced others into sin by your bad example. You will see how you passed up opportunities to help someone and how you did use your opportunities for charity in giving your time and money. From seeing all of your errors and knowing what I want from you, you will come back into your bodies for an opportunity to change your sinful ways and help people more. Everyone, who experiences this encounter with Me as their judge, will understand that I am the gateway to heaven and you will have to follow My Will in order to enter heaven. You will see the need for change and repentance for all of your sins. The Warning is a mercy and a cleansing of evil from your souls. Be open to spiritual improvement because most souls need this wake-up call to save their souls. You will understand a lot of your actions are offensive to Me that you did not realize. You will have deep contrition for your sins and a deep desire to go often to Confession. Be thankful that I am giving everyone this second chance to make your life right with Me before you finally die."

Thursday, June 13, 2002: (St. Anthony of Padua)

Jesus said: "My people, these loaves of bread in a pantry are to remind you of how I have asked you to put aside some food for the coming famine and the mark of the beast which may prevent you from buying food. Do not have any fear because I will multiply whatever you have as I did while I was on the earth and as I fed the manna to the Hebrews in the desert. The fires and droughts, that I have warned you about, will be affecting your harvests and grain will become scarce for your bread. Man does not live by bread alone and I will provide My Eucharist through My angels when you can no longer find a Mass. Come to My refuges where you will find food and protection from the evil ones. The evil ones will try to force the mark of the beast on you, but refuse this chip for buying and selling. Even if it appears, that you will starve without these chips, trust in Me and I will give you manna from heaven that will save your souls. Call on Me in your trial and I will provide for you. I will not leave you orphans, but you must be fully dependent on Me. I will reward you for your faithfulness in My Era of Peace."


Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, "Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, "My loving ones, My faithful ones: stay away from reservoirs, buildings that house financial business or trade, large areas of big industry, atomic or nuclear testing sights or waste areas. Be cautious near farm areas that use chemical fertilizer (or sell it), water in or from foreign countries, designer districts (such as clothing), state government areas and country government seats. Be very aware of watching TV, movies, stage shows, your Internet and emails. Do not read anything New Age, certain news papers or items, books of 'magic'. Keep your eyes and ears open to your surroundings and watch the facial expressions of those with whom you converse or are just in their presence. So much is now under the control of evil. Be discreet in the company of others and of your companions. Awareness, discernment through prayer IS YOUR KEY TO GOOD JUDGEMENT!

Too many goats are in sheeps clothing. Honey drips from their tongues. They are dangerous!!! Become aware !!!They are imposters--ALL. They are present in MY Church, business, government, families--THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!

If they do not believe in Me, follow Me, they are NOT of Me. THEY ARE ANTICHRIST! They will enforce the implantantion of the 'chip' and you will be FORCED to worship the image of evil--the beast.(1 John 2:22--1 John 2:18--2 John 7)

This time IS VERY CLOSE, My dear children. BE AWARE! Seek Wisdom, Understanding, Fortitude (strength), Knowledge: the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Seek deeper faith and remain close to Me.

The days are VERY, VERY short. Pray and seek comfort through prayer. Remnant children, I love you. I warn you. I will, NEVER leave you. Trust!!! Hope!!! Pray!! Again--BE ALERT! BE AWAKE! BE PREPARED! BE MINE through love, obedience, consecration. Hear Me! All is in readiness. All has begun. You are living in apocalyptic times!

End of message


Louise began to receive a message from God our Father and then said," Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Abba God spoke: Soon many tall buildings, nuclear waste sites, malls, sport complexes and government buildings will be leveled, more fires will be blazing, more floods and rivers expanding. Great volcanoes will erupt and the earth will quake in many areas. Storms as never witnessed before, will plague the earth along with hordes of blood sucking, disease carrying insects.

Is your soul in the State of Grace? Are you prepared in every way possible? Is your day given to Me? Are you praying as I ask you to? Do you live in obedience to all My Commandments. Let go of material, earthly pleasures and seek after Heaven's treasures.

Time is extremely short. Soon every country will feel various kinds of disasters. They will progressively and quickly increase. So tonight again I come to you with a Father's loving warning for each and every one of My children. I ask you to hear and act upon My Words, My messages. Act quickly and lovingly with trust in Me. I am a Merciful, Loving God and I will not refuse a child who comes to Me with sincere, heartfelt repentance. Come. Return. I AWAIT YOU, dear one.

End of message


Louise began to receive a message from Father God and said, " Jesus, please cover me with your Most Precious Blood."

Then Abba God said, " Why did I allow My Son, who is One in Me, to suffer such an ignominious death, as death on the Cross? Why, when He cried out to Me, did I not answer Him? Why did I allow such a sorrowful Passion? Seemingly I was no where near and totally deaf to the cries of My Divine Son--He who was and IS One with Me.

Ever since your first parents committed the first sin until the last person on earth returns to his Father for judgment, sin of every description is committed. Man breaks every Commandment.

Pride (the first sin), ego, hate, greed, blashpheming your God, stealing, adultery, murder and again murder of My innocents, lust, love of money, neglect, disrespect of everyone and everything and especially disrespect of the human body, My temple, through so called fashions or dress, both in public AND in My Holy Church, lack of reverence paid to your God--through these sins and many, many others, man is playing God and living his own will. He is cloning humans and animals, poisoning the air, water and earth. He will very, very soon answer to Me.

Because of all sin of mankind, I saw Jesus as "filth." He became as sin so as to redeem you and reopen Heaven to you. He freely chose to give you His entire life to save anyone who would repent, convert, love and follow after Him. He alone is the WAY to Heaven, the straight and narrow road to Paradise forever. He is My Son! He is God the Son!

Your sins are as scarlet. His Blood, red or scarlet, flowed freely for each one of you. believer or unbeliever. He gave all for love. Oh, the unfathomable Love and Mercy that comes from your God.

But I am also a just God and Father. I do not forget what My Jesus did for each one of you. I see the continual lack of love and respect for God and one another. Today I witness sin as never before. It shows its ugly face daily---everywhere. Its hate covers the earth and its pride will, once again, cause a mighty fall of all mankind.

This is the hour of My Loving Mercy yet you reject it. You reject Me for worldly. passing pleasures. You freely choose evil over good, Satan and Hell's fire over God and Heavenly Paradise.

Jesus suffered and died for all--everyone--without exception. YOU!!! Will you again reject Him? Will you continue to daily crucify Him? One day all will come to an end including My Mercy and Love (on earth). Today and everyday, I am still calling to you, My children, to accept Us in your hearts, your lives. Follow the example of Jesus, My Son,. your Redeemer. HE IS GOD, second person of the Holy Trinity.

Those who accept and freely follow Us will be eternally rewarded. Those who freely follow Satan will receive his reward--Hell forever. You must choose one and you can be faithful to ONLY one. The lukewarm I have no time for.

Look at My Beloved Son, the epitome of sin. Repent. Return. Thank im --DAILY--for giving His all for your Salvation. He alone IS Savior of all mankind. He IS Love. He IS Mercy. He IS God. We ARE One and Our Holy Spirit is life---the Giver of ALL Life. We command respect, thanksgiving and endless adoration and prayer.

My Son is Glorious! My Son is Victor! My Son WILL conquer and He, with My remnant, faithful, loving, obedient, children will reign together, with Me, your Father, forever in Heaven. My word is truth!

End of Message


Louise began to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Then Jesus said, " The day of God's just judgment is upon you and His wrath will be felt by all of mankind in every country around the world. He will bestow on each person a gift to see his/her own soul and the state your soul is in. You will see yourself as He, your Father and Creator sees you. You will have another chance, through His great Love and Mercy, to decide your eternal fate or destination with Him or with Satan. He will place a great sign in the sky for all the world to see. All MUST be in complete readiness.

Angels are posted and Michael (Archangel) is ready. My remnant children are prepared and events will worsen daily. Never in the history of the world have so many signs happened simultaneously. Never before has sin been so great. God's cup of wrath is running over and there is no stopping it.

Love, consecration and prayer will be your strength. Living the Will of God for you is the light that will daily lead you onward. Faith and trust will console you. Holy Angels will lead and defend you. God's Mercy and Love will protect you. His promise to His own is eternal life. Those who obey Him, He loves.

God the Father does not promise you an easy life but ask all to take up your cross each day and follow Me, your Savior, your Jesus. He asks you to surrender your all to Him. He asks for your heartfelt love and to reconcile yourself to Him now, to forgive as you are forgiven, to repent of all your sins, to walk in the footsteps of His Son, Me, your Jesus. He asks for sacrifice and oblations. He asks for your heart.

All will soon come to pass. Many of you will live the great Tribulation. He has set up and prepared many refuges. They are in readiness. He knows His sheep and He and all of Heaven know all the poor souls who will be lost forever. They are those who reject Him, do not believe, do not keep His Commandments but, instead, choose to deny Him, Me, your Jesus, and follow evil living and wallowing in sin. In the end there are but two choices--Heaven or Hell.

He is giving you extended time so as to change your course, your road to your everlasting destination. Do you hear Him? Will you accept this gift (of time) to convert? Will you, through your own free-will, choose your Lord, God, Savior? Or will you continue to live and wallow daily in your deadly sins and lose your never dying soul forever? What is YOUR final decision dearest child?

If, however, you choose now to follow evil and continue to live in sin; you will live, along with My beloved, faithful, believing remnant, the most horrible days ever to be lived on earth, the Great Tribulation. Here again Our God and Father will offer all poor souls His Mercy for your final conversion.

For distant souls, those who have lived in mortal sin and who still remain in serious sin, these days will be most difficult, extremely painful, for Satan will not wish to let you go. But let go (of him and sin) you must!! I will receive you as My returning prodigal. I will forgive you and you will receive eternal life with Me and all My Saints and Angels.

My Mercy endures forever to anyone who freely returns to Me, seeks forgiveness, believes in Me and pardons others.

Pray! Pray! PRAY for strength to return, to endure to the end (of your life). Remain faithful to Me. Return today. Pray for one another. Share your testimony to all who will listen. Share the Mercy and Love God has showered on you. Bring My lost, weak sheep back to their Good, Merciful, Loving Shepherd.

We bless you one and all. We send Our Angels to guide and guard you and to assist you always.

Believe! Love! Keep the faith and above all, stay in touch daily through prayer.

End of message


Louise began to receive a vision and then message and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

Vision: At both poles huge ice glaciers are broken loose and floating towards land. What I see above the water is about 1/4 of that which is under water. As the glaciers float nearer land and warmer areas, they melt much faster. The rushing water sounds like a large train heard from a distance but as yet unseen.

Many rivers are already overflowing. Some river beds farther inland, are dry enough to walk across. The rapidly approaching water will quickly make them overflow. It will take only minutes for great floods to be everywhere around the entire earth. The waters will stop at God's command, at any given location.

People were dying of shock and some were in a fetal position. crying. Most people had already evacuatated but a few remained in their homes. The water traveled at great speed to go inland about two or three miles.

Adults and children were running or in cars and some were carrying their children or pets in their arms or in wagons, still others road bicycles. The mighty force of the rushing water shows no mercy. ONLY GOD IS IN TOTAL CONTROL. The areas affected were now ghost towns, completely deserted.

I was judged for running past a woman crying when, in all actuality, I was going back or returning to my original location to save others. I would pass her again on my way to safety.

Then I realized that the earth was turning off its axis. It was shaking. Again, God was leading. Water had already begun to flood one large river. It was spreading, on land, rapidly. We had to walk through it very carefully.

Rivers will meet. Lakes will swell. Dry river beds will fill and overflow. The force and thunder of the mighty waters will annihilate all in its path. Nothing will be saved except those who listen to the Word (Warnings) from our Merciful, Loving God.

No one will be able to return home. You must go!!! He will lead (speak to you in your heart or through another person). Listen! Go! He will provide nourishment for all (man and animal) morning and evening.

Although He warns all, many will not obey. These people will die. Those who do not hesitate but obey without turning back will be His remnant. Love and complete trust will save you and your family and animals. This day is near.

Words from our Father: " These things are happening, NOW, IN YOUR TIME. You hear very little about it but it is becoming a reality. Climates will change. Floods will occur. Fires will become out of control. Diseases will spread and there will be no cures and many new and unheard of diseases will plague the earth and all living creatures. Insects will thrive, especially in damp, flooded areas and they too will carry diseases. Food, what little is available, will be full of toxic hazards as will be all water. Air will be contaminated.

It is because if man's greed that My protective ozone layer is vanishing. Today, even My sun burns as never before. Man, in His pride, now controls your weather. I control man!!! Soon he will answer to Me for all his greedy, prideful deeds. He is self-destructing. He is a fool!!!

Pray, My beloved believer's. Remain steadfast in Me, your Merciful and ever Loving God and Father. Trust me. Seek Me. Obey Me. Reject anything or anyone that will try to seduce you to follow earthly folly. Rest assured that I will assist My own. I will lead you, strengthen you. Believe in Me always and remember that I am The Way, The Truth and The Light that will lead you safely home."

End of message.