by Dee Finney

3-15-2002 - Thank you for coming. We are going to start a new topic today - church!

There are a wide variety of churches to attend these day - too many to count - almost. But when the time comes, people will need them more than ever for spiritual sustenance and they will not be available. Some of the buildings will be gone, but more than that, the people will be gone - the preachers lost. That is unfortunate because preachers and spiritual counselors will be need more than ever for the survivors who are not aware that the changes are coming, or who didn't care about it, or who scoffed at it.  Therefore, it is imperative, - I repeat - 'Imperative' - that each and everyone of you become a preacher and a spiritual counselor for those who will gather around you.

Study the Word of whatever faith you believe in, and it wouldn't hurt to study some of the other faiths as well. We are not here to promote one faith over another, or one church over another. It is imperative that you choose a spiritual belief and then hang on tight to it because you, your loves ones, and your neighbors and co-workers are going to need it.

We have seen this work wonderfully in the aftermath of the 9/11/2001 tragedy in New York City, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania where the last plane crashed.

People can and will stand together and pray for one another and their loved ones when the circumstances are dire.

Please do not wait for that moment to arrive before you start searching your hearts for your beliefs. Do it NOW! Do it for your family. Do it for your loves ones. Do it for your neighbors. Do it for the world. They will be counting on you to lead them.

Study whatever sacred book you have in your home, and if you don't have one - and I know that some don't, because they've been turned off by churches and their politics - do this for your own sake - BUY ONE and do it now - whatever feels best for you.

Learn what feels comfortable to your heart. If something doesn't feel right, just set it aside and find the words you can hang onto when the going gets rough.

More and more planes are falling out of the air for whatever seems like a reason, to those who explain them to the public.. If you are on one of those in the future, make sure you know a few quick words of prayer to say on the way down - usually all there is time for is "Dear God! or "Oh God!" and "I love you Honey! or Mama" or whoever is closest to you.  If that is all there is time for, that is fine.

Expect that strange things are going to start happening. Things out of the ordinary. People will be with you one day and the next they won't and for no unforeseeable reasons. Be aware that this is coming.

But be aware that their soul is okay - the soul will move on just as it does now, but things will move quicker and quicker. Some days you will feel that there is hardly time to take a breath between tragedies and there isn't any way to prepare for them - nowhere to hide.

Even those of you who think you will wait until the scientists see a big comet coming, will be missing the fact there will be many more tragedies coming than that. Every day you will hear of one or more at far flung parts of the world, and then one day it will be in your own backyard and it will be too late to get ready.

So start today to get your spiritual house in order, before you even dig our first garden row or buy your next tool to survive. Get the heart and mind and soul set first, and then when you plant your garden - pray over it first - tell the soil that you appreciate the goodness it holds that is going to provide the food you will eat later. Pray over the water you sprinkle on the seeds. Bless the seeds you plant.

Do this and your life will be abundant and joyful.

I bid you adieu.

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Response from a reader:

Thank you Dee, i already have started to prepare, there is very little we can on a physical level to prepare for the coming social and economic collapses, but we need to prepare spiritually through prayer and meditation to develop the intelligence, willpower and compassion we need to carry us through these times, many may indeed perish but we do not need to be one of them, if we attune ourselves in spirit to these times and follow our intuition we will find ourselves doing the right things on a physical level in our
everyday lives, I have spent a lot of time in prayer over the last few years and increasingly it is obvious to me about what is coming and why it must be so even though the mob mentality is not receptive to this, reading the newspapers and watching the news i feel there is increasingly little the old world can teach me, it is so much illusion and mayhem, therefore it must be swept away and be replaced by a new order, if we want to bear witness to this new order at the end of 2003 we need to pull through and this is only
possible though the heavens guiding us, many people have chosen to incarnate in this special period of time to bear witness to this new era and see history in the making, do you want to miss out?, no me neither then NOW IS THE TIME TO PREPARE! Remember strive to cultivate a luminous mind, a pure heart, a vast soul and a vigourous spirit and nothing will affect you, even if you are surrounded by a disaster it won't affect you, you will deal with it just fine, only those who are capable of opening their hearts and spirits to a higher reality can make it through the next 18 months, I pray you do the right thing, may the heavens guide you! 

love, R.W