April, 1998

4-1-98 - DREAM - I was in the house in New Berlin. I had a large shallow cardboard box with a lot of clear empty glasses in it. For some reason I wanted to take it out to the garage and hide it and report it stolen. I felt guilty about doing that but I did it anyway. I called the police and said there was a robbery. They came and talked to other people in the family about things but after they left, I realized they never asked me what had been stolen.

4-1-98 - DREAM - I was on the computer and worked with 4 crop circle files and eliminated extraneous information so that each line was succinct and to the point.

Then I worked on 4 files, two for Joe and two for me...each one dealing with a fire breathing dragon. With those too, I was eliminating extraneous information so that each line was succinct and to the point. The picture I saw was a coiled green dragon breathing out blue fire.


4-2-98 - EXPERIENCE - After 5 a.m., A very thin faced small E.T./angel? type being wheeled in a vehicle of some sort with a flat wheel in the center with many spokes. I could tell it was very heavy to push.

I began to see instructions that Joe and I were going to OSTRALLIS to save it today. In the instructions I saw two words ll/\ll and //Mll which meant wings of light.

The instructions were lengthy. It was going to take 9.5 hours. The vehicle was a two seater with the wheel in the center of the floor.

I fell asleep and dreamed that I got a lot of mail from a man name BOYNE and that I was to study it.

NOTE: I did get 4 complete books by e-mail download from a man named BOYNE the same week.

I then saw the ships take off and there were a fleet of hundreds of ships which were going to OSTRALLIS. The ships took off at 6 a.m.

I heard the words  AU KUNG GA

I heard: "Save your dreams. Use our own method without filtering the words."

At 6:15 a.m. There was a huge earthquake in Australia.

I was extremely tired all day until 3:30 p.m. when the 9.5 hours were past.

4-2-98 - VOICE - A woman said, "I want to be with my own."  A prehistoric sounding man then said, "I am your history people".

That night there was some kind of programming going on and I got the date 2-13-38. A man was talking.  (Note: I was born on 12-26-38 - three weeks late)


4-2-98 - DREAM - I was working on two web pages. They were prize winners. A18 and B20

4-3-98 - DREAM - This was a computer dream about UFO web pages. I was making them the best I could so that others would know they are really here.

4-3-98 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. We were cleaning out the garage. There were thick clouds overhead, but I could see a hole in the clouds in the west. The light was shining through it really bright. It was almost like a spotlight. Then the clouds moved northward, the light was like a searchlight and it was so bright I could even see it penetrated the rocks and the whole hill I lived near.

I went into the house and my husband felt sorry for me because I hadn't brought any clothes with me. He said I was naked and that he'd take me to the church by the back road so nobody would see me. I looked down and saw that I was wearing a purple sweater and blue slacks but he thought I was naked.

We drove north on Moorland Rd. which is the opposite way to the church we belonged to. The road seemed like a tunnel. When we got to the church which was like a furniture warehouse, all the clothes had been disposed of and all they had was either yellow or grey livingroom furniture to choose from which had reupholstered and slip covered.

R.G. then was the owner (He is a Jew) He was always very angry about things but he loved the people at the same time. A little boy who worked for R.G. was very distressed so I explained to the boy that R.G. loved everyone, he just wanted everything to be perfect because it reflected on him. But he still loved them even if he yelled at them.

I then went to work at a garage and was helping clean it up I went outside and an ugly man drove by and made leering looks at me. At that moment I was in an orange truck and I swerved so fast to avoid the leering man my truck flipped over on its left side.

I jumped out and as I ran north on the street, the truck blew up behind me. I ran into the gas station, picked up the black phone and punched 911 on the buttons. The black woman on th e phone said something I didn't understand but I said, "FIRE" and I could see orange flames shooting up out of my orange truck. She said I was at 1513 N 34th St. I knew that wasn't right, but it was close enough to see the flames.


4-4-98 - VISION - I was seeing a web page with many connections to: OAHSPE.

They said our page was OAHSPE.

"It is a religion.  It is a way of thinking"

NOTE: I had no idea what Oahspe was or even if there was such a thing.  I was shocked when I put the word into the search engine on the internet and it actually came up. It is a work of channeled information from the mid 1800's. Pretty fascinating stuff.  Too expensive for me to buy though, so I just linked to the information site.

4-4-98 - VISION - I saw Joe carrying a 36" red book in his left arm.

4-4-98 - DREAM - B.F. came to visit and brought with her the gifts she was giving out to the women who were standing up for her wedding.  She had 12 white satin covered boxes, each was hand made and opened up into 4 folding sections.The 3rd section was a letter from her how much she loved and appreciate me and was addressed to "Commander Dolores Finney".

My mother was standing next to me. B.F. said I couldn't keep it right now but wanted me to see it ahead of time so I would know and could see what she was giving the women who were standing up for her wedding.

At the end of the dream, I heard a screen door slam. when I lay down, I heard one too, like the giver of the dream came and went.

4-4-98 - VISION - After Joe and I made love, I was given in a vision, a beautiful pink and purple quartz heart in a gift box.

4-5-98 - DREAM - Joe was in charge of running a huge long compactor type truck. I had a box of index cards with peoples names on it and the box was only about 1/3 full. I just needed to push the together more to make room for more cards and I was under the impression that's what a compactor did. However, I gave the big black box of cards to Joe and he put it into the compactor. I asked him where I should stand because the compactor had a 4" gap along the back edge.  He was standing inside the truck that had nothing in it as it had never been run before. Joe said to jump up on the truck with him as soon as it started to run.

Just as Joe pushed the button to run the compactor truck, I realized that the compactor truck would mix other people's trash with the box with my index cards and that not what I wanted to happen. Joe pushed the button to start the truck. I hollered 'WAIT!" but it was too late and I woke up.

4-5-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were going to be traveling around the country so I didn't need any furniture anymore. I was asking people all over the city if they needed the chest of drawers from the bedroom. Finally, my son Bob who had the bedroom right next to mine came tome and said he wanted it. He was all upset that I was asking people all over the city and hand't even asked my own family if they wanted it. I was so surprised. I hadn't even thought of that. I told him the bed actually went with the house and Joe told him how comfortable the mattress was. I told Bob he'd better hurry and take it because my son Michael was coming up the sidewalk at that moment and needed space to put things in too, so if he wanted to be first, he'd better hurry.

4-5-98 - DREAM - I KNEW that someone was going to jail. His e-mail name was ( _____ ) withheld name.  (note: Joe's ex-wife's husband went to jail in 7-98, but I don't know if that's connected. His name wasn't the same.

4-7-98 - DREAM - I was working on D.W. book and wanted to connect it to a file called "Always" and the only file I found to connect it to was "AFTER".  AFTER is a file of dreams and visions about the replanting of the earth after the change.

4-7-98 - DREAM - I was going to have a ministry. They showed me a chair that I would use but there was another chair jut like it facing sideways labeled "yalp?"  I saw many other lines, some with extra other letters.

I met a young man with the most beautiful brown eyes. I looked into his eyes and fell right in. He said he wanted a relationship with me even thought he was much younger. I was very uncomfortable. Joe and another young woman were in the same room and I didn't want to do this but felt compelled.

There was another dream related to this, but it slipped away from me.

I saw again where I was going to have a one man ministry from an arm chair with another facing sideways nearby. (I think it means channeling)

A 3rd time I saw the (yalp) ministry.

NOTE:  When I typed this on 9-17-98, I typed the word YALP into a search engine to see what would come up.  John David Oates reverse speech site came up. I sat there wondering why until my brain woke up and saw the word backwards.  PLAY!.  :-)   I GOT IT.  :-)

4-6-98 -  NOTE: Prior to the voice, I saw a man's head and arm. He was making the final downstroke of a very dark painting about 8" x 10".


4-8-98 - VISION - I saw Joe's coffee cup. It was filled with chocolate milk and the cup started morphing smaller and smaller in size and shape. I saw 4 people crawling on their hand and knees throwing up chocolate.

I saw 4 "the Italian Community want to know his name."

Latin - "His name Aroric Best"

"Chocolate milk diminishes"

"She will not need her friend in Puerto Rico"

"He's probably Indian"

"No! He's probably director of Black City"

4-8-98 - VOICE - I was hearing some people singing. "Yes! Jesus loves me, Yes! Jesus loves me." Someone said, "Jesus loves everyone. Jesus loves everyone you Gad Gunk!

4-8-98 - DREAM - I was living in a house on the east side of town. Three women slept on one side of the hall and three men slept on the other side of the hall.  The women were Barbara Bertinelli, Pat (my friend) and a tall regal looking woman who was my mother. She looked like a cross between Princess Diana and Princess Grace.

The man was Jack from One Life to Live, my husband Jim and I think E.R. but it probably was someone younger.

Our children lived in another house at 121 Robbins not far away.

It was 7:45 am. or quarter to 8. We were all going to be late for work because we didn't get up early enough.

I was looking for slacks to wear but the only ones there were 7 or 8 pair of brown and blue slacks laid out on a bench, each with a belt in the waistband.

Barbara Bertinelli came across the hall where I was and asked if  anyone wanted her hair rollers and fingernail polish. The rollers were all yellow and held together by strands of long dark hair. There were what looked like three rows of 4 rollers. I took them and placed them and placed them on top of a small brown book which was on top of a blue suitcase which was on the floor. There appeared a big German Shepherd dog in a gateway between the rooms. He was like a guard dog. He did not belong to me. He came  down into the room with us. When I put the rollers down on the book, Barbara questioned the wisdom of that, but I told herr that I didn't have any dogs or children to disturb it.

The man I haven't identified said that there was a dog and a puppy in the house but he was giving it to the children.

4-8-98 - NOTE: This was an initiation.  DREAM - It seemed like a bizarre nightmare. I went to a school where I've been before. I only went there because I had to go the bathroom really bad and I have an apartment there. I went inside and opened my apartment with the gold key (I actually had two of them because I manage the building). An old woman thought I was renting out the apartment and another woman who was a rental agent wanted to come in and I let them some in and see my apartment because it was immaculately clean, much to their surprise I guess.  The woman who wanted to rent the apartment was of Middle Eastern descent person from the Internet)

The rental agent was telling me that we couldn't rent to blacks or orientals. I told her i already had done this and they were wonderful people. The Middle Eastern woman was very sweet and I went up to her and asked her if she was prejudiced. She didn't know what the word meant. So, I explained to her that it meant that you didn't allow black people or people other than your own kind to live with you and she assured me that she had friends of other races and nationalities and that was no problem.

There were two fat (obese) white women there who were lesbians and they told me they were looking for some new white women to join with them. I found one for them, but then I let them go their own way.

I went out into the hall where there was a long stairway that was divided into two stair paths...a left and a right.  A priest stood in the center with a baptising font and said, "That's why we baptize infants in the center, between the stairs."

 I went out to the main lobby and saw that the old woman had moved a door and behind it, the dust on the polished floor was thick and blowing. Some girls found a variety of tools to wipe it up, all of which would have been ruined by getting them wet to wipe up the dust.

I said, "Wait! I've done this before and told them I would take a string mop, tie a rag over it, get it damp, wipe up the dust and then throw the rag away.

I proceeded to do this but I had difficulty finding the proper piece of material. It seemed to have an Indian design on it.

At one point I climbed a chain link stairway that was supported only three-quarters of the way up to the next level and quit before I got to the top and came down again because I wasn't brave enough to go all the way up.

I then found a mop handle and a leather board with seeming jewels on it and a piece of cloth that had the Indian design but I didn't have the proper base to attach it to.

A calendar flashed at me by the mop handle. It said, "March, 1998". I knew that was past and I had done this before and I was failing the test.

I was trying to analyze this in my mind and said, "I will be back to do this again."

At that exact moment, the calendar flashed to "Eastway - 1998" and I knew I had passed the test as soon as I said I would be back.

(I still don't know what it is, but it has something to do with the Indian materials)

4-9-98 - DREAM - I was in a church. A service was going on. I was with some men wearing grey tuxedos who were going to be standing up for my wedding. One of them was having a problem working with a large keychain and inserting the chain through a stick-like gadget that seemed like an owl. I fixed it for him, then stood there and looked at my hands noticing how beautiful and white and delicate they were. I then went into my apartment which was connected to the church. I took the rollers out of my hair which made beautiful curls. I went back into the church to comb my hair in front of the mirror there on the side wall. I didn't want to disturb the service though, so I went through a passage in the wall to an identical mirror on the backside of the church mirror. There, a woman helped me comb the curls out in my hair.

4-9-98 - DREAM - I was in the upstairs bedroom of my 16th St. house. T.M. came to visit and I was giving him a report of some kind about what I was doing. While I was doing that, I remembered  I had a baby and I did't know where he was. I couldn't remember whether I had fed him and put him in his crib. So, I jumped up and ran downstairs. In a downstairs bedroom my older son was making the bed and I saw that the green sweater or afghan I was knitting was sitting in a pile of black potting soil. I was very upset and knew it would be very difficult to clean up. I ran outside then to search further for the baby in the backyard. I still didn't find him and noticed that the house was now made of red brick instead of the original wood. I ran back inside and went into the livingroom.  I spotted the baby just waking up. He was laying on his stomach with his head on a pile of magazines behind a bench in front of a big picture window.

I ran over and grabbed him and noticed that he had pooped his diaper. So, I picked him up and carried him upstairs to change his diaper.

I then noticed that the green sweater of afghan I was knitting had already been cleaned up and was perfectly clean and ready for me to sew together.

4-9-98 - VISION - I saw a dark-haired woman in a casino standing in front of 4 machines. Some bells started ringing because she won the lottery. She got a shocked and surprised look on her face. All four machines popped open and huge green money bags popped out and began to fill up with money as the casino officials came running.

NOTE: After I woke up, I found out that the California Lottery of $102 million dollars was won by several people.

4-9-98 - DREAM - I was somewhere where I was seeing a white jet trail way up in the sky and a triangular UFO or plane glinting in the sun. Suddenly it blinked out and I saw a huge plane flying behind it. It had had a spotlight on it which it had shut off.

Later on some guy came to question me about it. Later on I was picked up by a woman driving a silver two man bus or something and we were driving in a tunnel. She said I was going to have to testify to what I saw.

4-10-98 - DREAM - I was on the computer and that Michele sent me 5 messages. Each one was 5 pages long. They looked like greeting cards and the front page was silver.

I tried repeatedly to bring back the message into my conscious mind but couldn't do it.

4-10-98 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but I was outside and M.L. and R.L. came to visit. I thought it was odd that R.L. had black hair and looked Puerto Rican. I noticed too then that M.L. had dark skin and dark hair too. R.L.'s brother drove up in a big black car and R.L. Started bragging about his $500,000 house up on the corner. His brother, who was also like a dark skinned Puerto Rican told him that was nothing. I then noticed that M.L. and R.L. and R.L.'s brother had concave shaped faces like the moon shape and I called it to their attention because it seemed odd and strange and uncomfortable.

They started acting scared of me and started backing away once I noticed that they were not like their normals selves.

R.L.'s brother acted the most scared and started running around like a crazy person. I started chasing after them. They were running around scared like monkeys. They each then climbed a pole and sat on top.

I then saw an object coming down from the sky. It looked like a big, tall, ice cream cone shape and I knew it was Jesus. It looked more and more like a flashlight.

I pretended to shine the light on the dark figures and as I did, they got smaller and smaller. The other dark brother fell off the pole and as I shined the light on him, he got smaller and smaller and started dissipating and finally evaporated.

As I shone the light on R.L. and M.L. then, they got smaller and smaller, fell off the poles and then just "poofed" and were gone.

4-10-98 - DREAM - I had a lot of information about aliens. I had a lot more good information than bad information, but the fact that I didn't have it all yet, meant that  I had to get more information.

4-10-98 - DREAM - I was going to go for breakfast in my bathrobe and  I knew that was okay because the cook at the restaurant served breakfast in his pajamas. But, when I got there, the restaurant was crowded and everyone was all dressed up. so I knew my clothing was out of place.

As I was waLking back up hill I started hearing music playing. It was really cheerful, so I started dancing and skipping along, making sure I didn't step on the cracks in the sidewalk. It was kind of neat and I woke up happy.

4-10-98 - DREAM - After I got home, I was also at work. Everyone else was having a really bad day, but I was having a really great day. People were giving me compliments.

I discovered that we were going to move again. My husband didn't like living on the east side and he made arrangements to move to a higher numbered street. I was hoping it wouldn't be 21st St. because that was a bad neighborhood, but some higher numbered street.

I was starting to pack the pillows and blankets. I knew we weren't leaving anything behind and we weren't throwing anything away, so I was packing little shapes like triangles and squares, etc. and found a box to put them in and I was ready to go.


4-11-98 - DREAM - I was seeing a computer program that you sent to people who were having a bad day. It consisted of a stream of words - 7 lines deep of all words that made you feel good. It ended:  "C ing I Dog".  It made you laugh.!:-)

4-11-98 - VISION - I woke up from a dream and had this vision. It was an envelope.

The return address was:  AMERICA - THE UNITED NATIONS

                                           New York, New York

On the letterhead, it was addressed to:  LIGHTWORKERS OF AMERICA

4-12-98 - DREAM - I was on the computer and three files were placed there. These were UFO sightings I believe or abductee stories.  They were oddly shaped...triangle shaped on top and round on the bottom like upsidedown ice cream cones.

4-12-98 - DREAM - I was at work managing my building in Milwaukee and I was told that the bosses from St. Louis were coming to town. This was disturbing to me, not only because I didn't like this high powered business people because of their attitude but because we were forced to go out of our way to make everything look better than good.

The people showed up. They were extraordinarily tall...around 7 feet, not particularly good looking though. I hoped for a good relationship though so the visit would be as pleasant as possible.

The head man though complained that one of the white benches in the yard was missing. There were originally 5, but when a tornado went through and damaged one, we threw it away and didn't replace it to save money. They were very upset about it. So they brought in a tall blonde woman...she was taller than me and she made me and my maintenance crew stand in two rows of 5 and sing a dumb song about cooperation.  I didn't sing...just stood there and we were all made to back up against the wall in less and less space for each individual.

Then, when they weren't looking, I was laying on the floor, eating sugar from a pile on the floor in the corner.

Bob, the painter, came over and pulled me up to my feet and said, "You really DO need love, don't you!"  I said, "I love YOU, Bob!"

To make myself feel better then, I ordered 4 large picture scenes from Washington State to look at. They came in a bundle and rather than being perfectly rectangular, when they rolled over, they had rounded ends.

4-12-98 - DREAM - I was in my Murray Ave. apartment on the east side. I looked out the diningroom window and saw a delivery truck outside. It was some kind of supplies or hardware.

I didn't know who was expecting a package but because it was a business delivery, I went to the door buzzer and buzzed him in. I then went into the hallway to watch the elevator indicator to see what floor he went to. The elevator indicator showed that the elevator went up 12 floor as well as down 12 floors. (This was a 3 story building and I lived on the 1st floor above the street level)

The elevator went up to 12 and then came down really fast to 1. I noticed that the apartment doors were open on both ends of the hallway where the apartments were empty. I decided I would close them later.

I went back into my own apartment. All of a sudden the man came through my bathroom/bedroom hallway. He was delivering a new motor for a bathroom fan.

I then gave it to the maintenance man and said, "Now you have something to do."  I said it like he had nothing to do before that.

4-12-98 - VISION - I saw myself walking down a city street. It might have been Oakdale, CA.

4-12-98 - VISION - I saw a blonde woman throwing her arms around a guy's neck, crying. She whispered something into his ear, but I couldn't tell what it was because her hand was in front of her mouth.

4-13-98 - NOTE: I had been searching on the web for information about King Arthur and the Holy Grail)

DREAM - I was in the countryside and came upon this huge cemetery which was a manmade hill. It was surrounded b posts about every 4 feet with a wall between them and dirt piled up behind the wall. On top of the wall were many, many sunflowers planted and they were all in bloom.

The dream began to show me that the posts represented hidden information and they were showing me information and every line had a highlighted word. And every highlighted word represented more hidden information if clicked on.

I then went inside the building there which was like a huge cavern and sunlight filtered into the dusty air in stream of light. There were a lot of children playing in there with red and green fly swatters. They were dropping them down off a balcony like darts in a game. Most of the flyswatters had offset grids to hit the flies with.  I wanted only the red ones with straight grids. The handles were twisted spirals of metal.

4-14-98 - DREAM - This was about a web page. I saw Isle of Vera Cruz and Isles of Avebury.

4-17-98 - DREAM - I was working in an all white building to construct it. My job was to putty up all the cracks between the wall and the ceiling and the wall and the door frames. I was using white putty with my fingers.

While I stood there, I was shown that I should change my e-mail name for my work for God to Dee7. I forwarded a couple e-mails to that address but didn't know where to pick them up and read them.

4-18-98 - DREAM - I was working on the King Arthur page. I was deleting links on that page to the point where each one had to either give you a vision of a scene or speak to you.

The last line gave me a vision which was an envelope on which was written Magic Dream. Each time I clicked on it I woke up. I'd go back to sleep to redream the dream and when I got to the envelope written Magic Dream and clicked on it  I woke up. This happened 3 times.

4-18-98 - DREAM - I was living in the country with some people and my children. There was a long table outside with a white cloth on it. I could hear a little noise under the table and saw some almonds on the ground. I lifted the cloth and saw that hundreds of almonds were falling down and ready to be harvested.  Then I noticed that squirrels were also under the table and eating the almonds as fast as they could.  I ran to get my kids and the other people so we could harvest the almonds as fast as possible.

Each person had a project they were working on by themselves and each one needed something for their project so they could finish it before they could help with the harvest.

My son tom was helping remove some boards from the building. If things were a certain length they could go down the elevator, if not they had to go down the stairs. There was a man at the door who said, "If you can fall,you're too tall."  Tom and I went back up the elevator and the door wouldn't open so I told him to push the door open. Tom pushed open the door and we stayed upstairs.

In one of the rooms upstairs were many kinds of birds. They were all making various wild noises. Each one was a different color. In order to remove the birds and take them out of the building they had to be put into "baby" suits which were zippered up so they looked like a "child" of the color bird they were.

A couple birds escaped from the room and flew into another room so I needed help to get these birds into their "baby suits" so they could be reborn and removed from the building.

Two white birds protested loudly even after they were in their 'baby' suits. They wouldn't stop squawking way past when the others were quiet and uncomplaining.

4-18-98 - VISION - I saw myself in the bathroom and a white cat jumped up on the top of the toilet seat.

Some people started talking to me but the language was unintelligible.

I saw the Green Bay Packers team all gathered together on the field. They were all clapping their hands together and cheering.

NOTE:  I'd been willing to think that the Packers are going to be Champions again. :-)

4-21-98 - DREAM - I had two short dreams in which I was caring for a tiny infant and it was making strange strangling noises in it's throat. Both times I woke up and heard Joe making the same identical noises in his throat until he coughed.

4-21-98 - DREAM - I was engaged to be married and I knew that the groom loved me but he never bothered to call me on the phone much, less visit, so I was going to call the wedding off and unengage myself.

4-21-98 - DREAM - I saw my fiance hurrying to my apartment and he was bringing his mother with him. My fiance was normal sized, but his mother was at least 7 feet tall and mulatto colored...that is a color that is like a person who would have mixed ethnic parentage.

I shook her hand in greeting and commented that I too had relatives that were 6'4" to 6'6" tall.

I then went to my 16th St. house and was astonished to see some wheel tracks and footprints going up the front stairs, through the house and back out through the back door to the garage. I examined the prints carefully and noted that even the footprints were put down carefully...not shuffled they were perfectly clear.

I followed the footprints to see where they led and suddenly had a vision of a display of beautiful perfume bottles.

4-21-98 - MEDITATION (with an ET) ET MESSAGE #7

Q. "I was told that my ET messages are the same tenor as George Adamski.

A. from the ET - "That is true. We give the same message to everyone. How else will humanity understand what is important?  If just one person gets a message to clean up the environment, how much impact does that have on a world with billions of people? However, if we give that message to thousands upon thousands of people, see how much more impact that has.

4-22-98 - DREAM - "The barrier code is 555 over 2266 on the water pipes"

4-22-98 - DREAM VOICE MESSAGE:  6-6-98  (date)

4-22-98 - VISION - I saw the Sphinx and knew the opening was between the paws.

4-22-98 - DREAM - Jeroen Wierda had a certificate. He had four of them. The number 3134 was the number on one of them. He was afraid of being picked up so he had someone with him all the time.

4-22-98 - DREAM - A blue rectangle belonging to Jeroen Wierda and another guy was numbered 2000.

4-23-98 - DREAM - I was with Joe on the bed and he was about to get ready for work. The time was almost 5 minutes to 8. The clock was an hour behind what it was supposed to be. Joe's brother came in. He was wearing a long light green robe with a purplish tunic over it. My oldest son (Michael) was about 12...was out in the hall. My son lived with Joe's brother.

Joe's brother had all his hair cut off in a 'butch' brush type hairdo, his hair was gray. He had white rings around both eyes and his mouth and beard was about 3 day's growth. He was telling me that his mother was very domineering and his family was always very eager to give advice on how to deal with it.

When Joe's brother came in, I moved down to the foot of the bed and sat on the edge and Joe's brother sat at the head of the bed with Joe.  (We were sitting in a triangle shape)

I decided I would be the one who would just sit and listen and soak up his negative vibrations or energies instead of giving more advice.  

The dream was called, "World Peace Revolution"

4-24-98 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building and I was going from the 1st to the 2nd floor because Michelle, and two women from One Life to Live who were having problems. The strange thing here was that their names were printed out on pie crust dough after I rolled it out. None of my rolling pins had two handles either, only the right one. I solved Michelle's problem, then went upstairs and met Blair from One Life to Live though I thought her name was Cheryl. Blair wanted me to see her wedding gown. It was off white, knee length with Pearls and lace all over it. It had a huge bustle in back. (I'm talking IMMENSE)...and I thought it was quite unsuitable to her. She thought it was beautiful and it was HER dress so that's all that mattered.

Cheryl/Blair's daughter Starr seemed to be ill. She was sitting in her little feeding table.

A tall man came to the door and stood outside and boomed with a deep voice, "Antibiotic Delivery".  I thought that was kind of strange behavior. Cheryl/Blair brought this purple medicine and tried to spoon feed it to her daughter.

Starr, the baby, spit it out and I secretly cheered her on. I never liked being spoon fed purple medicine either obviously.

I took the baby out of the feeding table then and carried her around, intending to rock her to sleep. While I was carrying her, I ran into other women with problems. I remember seeing a board with colored pastel buttons (like the candy kind) they were arranged by color in a three by four rows.

I then carried the baby into a back room so she could sleep and when I came out, the phone was just recording a message from Joe in Milwaukee that he needed chains on his snow tires. He was trying to announce the phone number that he was at and I was going to call him right back (as I woke up)

My father was sitting right by the telephone and could have picked it up, but didn't.

(This is strange because Joe in Milwaukee was not given my phone number)

4-24-98 - DREAM - It was 4:25 p.m. I was in school in a classroom. We teachers were writing 1's all the way down the page and we were expecting 100 girls to come into the classroom at 4:30 p.m. for a class that would last from 4:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.  I could hear the girls coming down the hall..walking in unison like they were marching. It sounded ominous until I realized it was the girls.

The girls and I all had to use the bathroom before the class. The girls were all milling around in the hall and would not come into the classroom until exactly 4:30 p.m.

4-24-98 - DREAM - I was starting a new job. I was working for the chief of police or something. My whole family was there...all my kids...all their wives...all the grandchildren. We were going to have a big party and some kind of celebration.

When it came time for my kids to meet the Chief of Police, he was in Florida on television, like an interactive TV set.  We were all sitting around watching him do a demonstration for some kind of commercial. Before he left on the trip, he asked me if I had a pager. I said, "No!"  So, he gave me HIS pager which looked like it was made out of crystal and attached it to the back of my belt. So, I was wearing HIS pager.

Also...the mailman was in charge of the keys for this new job. He had some kind of gizmo that was shiny blue and a gate. He asked me to get my car keys and hew as going to line them up and match my car keys to the gate.

I had a whole lot of different kinds of keys inside of little packets in my purse. So, my children helped me find my car keys in my purse to give to the mailman so he could cut them to match the gate.

I also had a television/radio combination with three different channels. They hadnt taught me how to use it yet. I turned it farthest to the right and the man on the other end of the radio said I shouldn't use that channel until they teach me how to use it.

4-24-98 - DREAM - I was at the police station to take a driver's test. They took me down into the basement and arrested me. They fitted a large plastic thing around me so I couldn't move. They said this was to test it out.

We went back upstairs where there was  an auditorium and they showed my whole family my dirty underwear and they were going to tell them all the bad things about me.

Then they asked me to read a short story from a magazine like FATE or Reader's Digest size. They wanted me to pick out a word to read. I picked out the word 'ALIEN' and it was spelled about 15 different ways to spell it.

 4-24-98 - DREAM -  I had  a long dream that had a lot of subjects in it. It basically was about the use of words. There were a lot of different scenes about fruit, fingernail polish, vehicles, cars, people. I then saw a beautiful quilt in off white or cream that was finely sewn in little squares. They showed me every comment I ever made about the word "fruit". Each one was finely embroidered in about 8 to 12 words...example: "fruit is sweet", "fruit is wonderful", "fruit is used for dessert", etc. Every comment  ever made was recorded there.

4-25-98 - DREAM - I was in a house that seemed to change from one house to another depending on what room I was in. At the end I was watching a television set with a grey screen of UFOs and ETs. That screen moved off to the left. I tried to get it back with the remote by changing channels, but I couldn't get it to come back.

I ended up using the remote control like a mouse and dragged some cartoon characters of a lion standing on his two hind feet around the screen instead.

4-25-98 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin but it seemed some rooms in the house were in other houses I lived in too.

I can't remember exactly how it started but we met three young men from Canada. They seemed to be 16 or 17 years old. They seemed like nice boys and I became particularly fond of the shorter blonde boy. My husband took him to where he worked and he was offered a job in two seconds. I asked him where they planned to stay that night. He said a word that sounded like "ceremony" but I knew he meant a place where people stay who have no home. Even though we didn't know these boys we offered to let them spend the night. The blonde boy said it would be up to the oldest boy what they did and it seems like he said the boys name was "Terra Cotta" or something like that.

The two darker haired boys went off downtown, but the blonde one stayed with us and when I told my kids it was time to start cleaning up, the blonde boy pitched in and worked harder than my own kids did. (My kids were sitting out on the lawn and not participating. I said to them, "It appears you don't appreciate what you have.")

I was standing in  the kitchen and my youngest son Bill came in and his feet were covered with strawberries from walking in the strawberry beds. I carried him over to the sink and washed off his feet and called him a pig. He denied walking in the strawberry beds but the evidence was clear enough.

The blonde boy continued to help me clean the kitchen and then we went down in the basement and we cleaned the basement too.

I went up into the livingroom and saw that it was clean but a long low table blocked the doorway and the orange/red carpeting had round  circles impressed in it like crop circles so I knew the livingroom needed more work yet.

I went back down to the kitchen and I saw my husband and all my kids coming down the steps. Mike, Ken, and Tom were wearing white tuxedos, the others were dressed normally. My daughter was wearing a purple/blue dress.

I asked where they were going. My husband said they were going to a wedding. I asked who was getting married. He said, "Louis ____" a friend of my father. (long deceased)

The man's male relatives were there and asked if I was coming too. I said, "It seemed I wasn't invited, my husband deemed it that way by not telling me about it.

They all left and I and the blonde boy continued to clean and guest started to arrive from the neighborhood. Some of the guests needed to use the bathroom and they had 5 toothbrushes and didn't know where to put them. I laughed and said, "I have cabinets that don't have anything in them. I opened up the upper cabinet which was empty and laid the 5 toothbrushes on the shelf.

This included a disabled woman we had to set up the TV set special for her. I turned on the TV set and I saw a pale green screen with a UFO hovering on it. Then the screen switched to a map of Wisconsin and the picture was still pale green. This whole thing slid over to the left and the picture was of some animal characters, a lion and some others. They were cartoonish.

I was able to drag the characters around the screen with the clicker thing like it was a computer mouse, but I could get Wisconsin and the UFO back. I tried changing the channel but nothing worked, so I let the disabled woman watch the lion and the other animals play acting.

I then turned my attention back to the blonde boy and was asking him about his family life and how his mother felt about him leaving Canada to seek his fortune. He said he didn't have a mother and got real sad. So I asked him about her and he said she had left the family many years before and he didn't have any contact with her. I felt real bad for him and kissed him on the cheek and wondered if he'd like me to be his surrogate mother. I felt I had more love to give than I was using raising my own kids.

He seemed appreciative to have the attention and the love.

The other two darker boys came by then and Terra Cotta decided they couldn't stay the night and they'd go downtown and stay at the men's shelter.

I asked the blond boy if he was going to work the next day and he said, "Yes!" and I offered to help the other two boys as well.

I said, "Don't forget about us now, please. You know where we live," and at that point I knew our address was on 84th St. (I never lived on 84th St.)

4-26-98 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer page that was designed in two sections an upper and a lower. It was about Indians. In each section was three statements. (I could not read these) On the background was decorated with a variety of animals. I wanted to copy the animal pictures for myself so I could use them on another page.

4-26-98 - DREAM - I was now on a blank computer page and went to retrieve the animal pictures. To my surprise I hadn't gotten the animal pictures, but an Indian page which now had 7 statements in the upper section and the lower section. The background was blank...these were no animals.  I worried about the original url of the page, that maybe I could go back and try again, but I couldn't even read the words of the sentences, much less the url.

There was no way I was going to be able to transfer this to my earth computer and I was very disappointed.

4-26-98 - DREAM - I again accessed the Indian page which had 7 statements above and 7 below the center lines. Again I was disappointed not to have the animal pictures. However, when I clicked on the first statement, the page became animated and an light orange Indian blanket popped into view which was large enough to cover half of the upper section and half of the lower section and the animals were lined up around the blanket and I KNEW that each time I clicked on a different statement, a different color Indian blanket would come up just like a rainbow.

4-26-98 - DREAM - I was cleaning out an apartment and taking things home with me. One item was a box of Christmas decorations with lots of ropes of green shiny stuff. The other item was like  green creme-dementhe liquor. I had to walk back and forth between home and the apartment. It was starting to snow as it was winter and I had to find my black leather boots. The apartment was at 19.5 W. Center St. and I lived at 16th St. between Clark and Center.

4-29-98 - DREAM - I spent all night on a web page trying to show Joe three things. Image 10, 11, and Great Dreams supersite.

NOTE:  In July Image 10 and 11 became important in relation to another event concerning David Wilcock and his book. I set up a Great Dreams supersite, but haven't launched it yet.

4-29-98 - DREAM - I had to take an envelope of papers to a notary to be signed. The office was on 27th and Layton.  When I got there it was late and I thought the office was closed. But I looked in the window and saw a woman sitting ina dimly lit office.  i thought to myself as I was waking up, "Why would she sign these papers, she doesn't know me."

4-29-98 - DREAM - I was with my son Bob in a car. He was driving. He was about 10 years old and wearing a black and white checkered step-into a car garage man wears only black and white.

He was driving me to the place where I had to get the papers signed. I was sleeping in the car. I just couldn't stay awake. We got to the place where we would get the papers signed. (It was on the same corner as in the previous dream)  I couldn't stay awake long enough to even get out of the car. I managed to get the car door open and had my purse on my lap. By that time, Bob had already opened the back car door, retrieved the envelope and two more kids smaller than himself, hoisted one in each arm and was carrying them to the office. The wind was blowing his baggy black and white suit against his legs like a woman's dress blows in the wind and I vowed to get him a suit that was the right size for him.

4-29-98 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house talking to T.M. on the phone in the kitchen. I was on the phone a long time. As I was hanging up I said, "I love you!" At the same time I opened the door to the outer room...we called it the parlor...where the stairway went upstairs.

There was a 7 foot tall black man standing there. He looked at me like I should feel guilty for loving someone. I said to him, "I'm honest." I said, "I love you!" and HE indicating someone upstairs (my husband) knows it."

Beyond the black man I could 6 or 7 more black men dressed in shiny black leather jackets waiting to use the phone.

4-29-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were in a car driving down a long narrow roadway. Coming towards us from the opposite direction as a long purple limousine. It pulled off ona road that was to our right. (The purple car itself turned left). Joe said, "No! That's not the right one!"

As we watched from the perspective of the old fashioned black cars from the 40's pulled up. They belonged to Hitler. Two armies lined up on either side of the road and prepared to replay WWII.

DREAM VOICE MESSAGE:  "9 X 75" (This equals 675.  If this is a number of days, it equals 22 months and counting from 4-29-98 comes out to February, 1999)

4-30-98 - DREAM - I was living in the NW corner office on the 1st floor at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. (I worked in that office when I was 17 and 18 years old)

Ralph, my old boss came along and saw me and handed me a piece of paper thru an opening in the corner of the window.

I thought to myself, "Boy! someone could really do a drug business out of this place."

He came inside the room then and so did some kids. I had a pile of pink slips of paper on which my dreams were written. Either the kids or I knocked them off the table and the got scattered and out of order. I got really upset and started picked up the slips of paper.

I actually woke up at that point and started to jump out of bed to pick up the pieces of paper because it seemed so real.

4-30-98 - DREAM - I went back into the dream and from the same place, I decided to go shopping and went into a Mall on Wisconsin Ave and Jackson St. I wandered in the mall along time and came out on 3rd St. and Wisconsin Ave. I was really distressed about it, but in actuality it is possible because of the Mall bridges from street to street along that stretch of businesses.  I  walked home from there and woke up.