compiled by Dee Finney

"In 1972 NASA "sent out an invitation for extraterrestrials to visit Earth. 
A map showing the location of Earth was attached to the Pioneer 10 spacecraft", 
sent towards the star Aldebaran. Aldebaran is about 68 light years away and it will take 
Pioneer over 2 million years to reach it.



Other Names

* Cor Tauri; Parilicium.
* Alpha Tauri
* HR 1457
* HD 29139 


* RA 04 35 55.2
* Dec +16 30 33
* V 0.85
* B-V +1.54
* Spectral Type K5+III 

7-12-04 - I saw a black drawing of this 'star' against a white background of space at the beginning of a very colorful dream and tried desperately to get someone to go star-watching with me to look at this star.  At the end of the dream, I was told by the dream voice that it was Aldebaran.

Where to find Aldebaran in 2004




Sky placement



7degS of Moon




8degS of Moon




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 8degS of Moon



7degS of Mars




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5degS of Mercury




2.0degS of Venus



1.1degS of Venus




8degS of Moon




8degS of Moon



9degS of Moon



9degS of Moon




9degS of Moon



 9degS of Moon




 9degS of Moon


The Path of Venus From March 24, 2004 to August 1, 2004



Taurus' the great "Bull's Eye" star Aldebaran has always been identified with Mars/Aries and other male war gods because of its red color and giant size, the feminine star family of the Pleiades is at the back end of Taurus, perhaps to suggest the double nature of this sign that is formidable Bull in front, and prolific Cow in back, where the milk and the calves emerge. Perhaps this is why the surviving temples, art and historical documents from the Age of Taurus (roughly 4,300 to 2,150 BCE) show, along with the massively-muscled Babylonian winged bulls and the bulls' horns of the earliest Minoan temples, the cow images of Mother Goddesses as well.

ALDEBARAN (Alpha Tauri). Aldebaran is by far the brightest, and therefore the Alpha, star of the constellation Taurus. Its name is derived from the Arabic word Al Dabaran, "follower", a reference to the way the star follows the Pleiades star cluster in its nightly journey across the sky. Aldebaran, 60 light years away, is positioned in front of the sprawling Hyades star cluster (in mythology, half-sisters to the Pleiades) that make the face of Taurus the Bull, but is not a part of it, the cluster over twice as far away. In most renderings of the constellation, Aldebaran makes the celestial Bull's eye. As part of a constellation of the zodiac, Aldebaran is close to the Sun's path, the Sun passing to the north of it about June 1, the star also regularly covered, or occulted, by the Moon. This class K star, of first magnitude and 13th brightest in the sky, is a low- level irregular variable star that fluctuates erratically and to the eye unnoticeably by about two-tenths of a magnitude. Aldebaran's surface temperature of just under 4000 degrees Kelvin (compared to the Sun's 5800 degree temperature) gives it a distinct orangey color. It is a giant star, a star in an advanced state of evolution in which the interior hydrogen fuel has run out, the star now running on the fusion of helium into carbon. Some 350 times more luminous than the Sun, it has expanded to a radius about 40 times solar, making it big enough to enable astronomers to measure its small angular diameter of only 0.021 seconds of arc (the apparent size of a US nickel seen at a distance of 50 kilometers). This large star is an extremely slow rotator, taking almost two years to make a full spin. If placed at the position of the Sun, Aldebaran would extend halfway to the planet Mercury and would appear 20 degrees across in our sky, making life on Earth quite impossible. Yet Aldebaran may have its own "solar system." Recent, though still-unconfirmed, observations show that the star may be slightly shifting back and forth in response to a small body with a mass at least 11 times that of Jupiter and a two-year orbital period. We do not yet know if the body -- if it exists at all -- is a massive planet or a low-mass "brown dwarf," a failed star that is too small to run supporting thermonuclear reactions in its core.


Astrologically, Aldebaran was a fortunate star, portending riches and honor. This star is one of the four "royal stars" of the Persians from around 3000 BC. As the star of illumination, Aldebaran irradiates the Way using the applied power of transformation. In seeking illumination, we can cultivate the ability to use the mind as a reflector of soul light. The other three Royal Stars are Antares in the constellation Scorpio the Scorpion, the Western Royal Star, Regulus in the constellation Leo the Lion, the Northern Royal Star, and Fomalhaut in the constellation Pisces Austrinus, the Southern Fish - close to the constellation Aquarius - the Southern Royal Star.

This brilliant star, has been used for centuries in navigation, and is known by many civilizations to be connected with the spirits of rain and the fertility of the Earth.

Approximately 5,000 years ago, the rising of Aldebaran marked the vernal equinox and was the beginning of the Babylonian New Year.

Hebrews called Aldebaran God's Eye and Aleph, Akkadian Gis-da, Furrow of Heaven, Greek Omma Boos, Latin Oculus Tauri, early English the Bull's Eye; and Hindus Rohini the Red Deer - the name of the river in Nepal where the Buddha was born at the time of the May full moon, around 563 BCE. 

Aldebaran is called the Eye of Revelation. Life is filled with Metaphors and Revelations. The evolutionary process is essentially a journey into consciousness awareness through Revelation. As we evolve, we perceive more than we ever knew was existent or perceptible, yet we are only perceiving what has always been there.

Aldebaran is also known as Buddha's Star, the Star of Illumination, God's Eye, and the Eye of the Bull.

Taurus is often associated with royalty and divine power. Throughout the ages Aldebaran has been spiritually recognized for its alignment with divinity. There is a symbolic relation between Aldebaran, the "Eye" in the head of the Bull, the third eye, or the light in the head, and the diamond. The consciousness of the Buddha has been called the "Diamond-Eye."


On May 13, 2001, the first UK crop formation in rape was discovered at Old Winchester Hill, 
Nr Warnford in Hampshire. The formation which consisted of a circle containing several rings. 

Michael Morton says, "The center of this crop formation could be described as a "bull's eye", certainly, from its appearance from above. And I do think this was part of the intention of the creator(s) of this one. I think this "bull's eye" is referencing ALDEBARAN .. which I think of as the eye of "The Bull", the Taurus constellation in the zodiac. As I write this, we are close to the annual ecliptic longitudinal conjunction of our Sun with ALDEBARAN.

The Timing of Its Creation
This crop formation was created on 11th May, 2001 .. 33 days after the taking of the recent photo, by NASA's MGS, of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars .. which was reported to have been taken on 8th April, 2001. The number
"33" is very significant in the research regarding the ASM.  (Astronomical Sky Matrix)

The Twelve Tribes of Israel symbolize, and are also the ancestors of ; "Ancient Extraterrestrial Peoples" from the Constellations of our Zodiac. They are some of the ancestors of the people who constructed the Earth's Great Pyramids and the Sphinx. These peoples  came to Earth thousands of years ago, their numbers were a chosen, 12,000 from each particular Solar System, Star System, or Galaxy. They came from:

         Aries- Gamma Arietis or Lambda Arietis or Epsilon Arietis or 30 Ari or 33 Ari
                       or Gamma2 Arietis or SX Arietis (56 Ari) or the NGC 772 Galaxy.
         Taurus- Aldebaran (alpha Tauri) or Zeta Tauri or The Hyades or  Theta2 or
                        Theta1 or Kappa1 or Sigma2 or sigma1 or 80 Tauri or Struve 422 or
                        Alpha Taurus or BU Tauri (Pleione) or Lambda Tauri or R Tauri or
                        the M1 or the Pleiades or the Hyades or Hind's Variable Nebula or
         Gemini- Castor (alpha Geminorum) or Pollux or Epsilon Geminorum or
                        Zeta Geminorum or Eta Geminorum or Alpha Geminorum or
                        Castor B or Castor C or Delta Geminorum or R Geminorum or M35
                        or (NGC 2392).
         Cancer- Beta Cancri or Zeta Cancri or Phi Cancri or Lota Cancri or
                       Struve 1254 or Kappa Cancri or Alpha-Canum Venaticorum or
                       R Cancri or M44 or  M67.
          Leo-   Beta Leonis (Denebola) or Gamma Leonis or Zeta Leonis or
                       Epsilon Leonis or Mu Leonis or Delta Leonis or Lambda Leonis or
                       Alpha Leonis (Regulus) or Gamma Leonis or Lota Leonis or
                       R Leonis or M65 or M66 or M95 or M96 or M105 or NGC 3384 or
                       NGC 3389 or NGC 2903.
          Virgo- Alpha Virginis or Gamma Virginis or Theta Virginis or Phi Virginis
                       or Struve 1719 or Struve 1833 or Struve 1869 or R Virginis or
                       NGC 5364 or NGC 4567 and 4568 or M49 or M58 or M59 or
                       M60 or M61 or M84 or M86 or M87 or M89 or M90 or M104 or
                       The Sombrero Galaxy.
        Libra-Alpha2 or Beta or Alpha Librae or Beta Librae or the Northern Claw
                       or Alpha 2 Librae or Alpha1 Librae or Lota Librae or Lota1B or
                       Struve 1962 or Delta Librae or 48 Librae (FX Librae) or NGC 5897.
        Scorpio- Alpha Scorpii or M4 or M80 or Beta Scorpii or Nu Scorpii
                       or Xi Scorpii or Sigma Scorpii or Struve 1999 or RR Scorpii or M6
                       or M7 (NGC 6475) or M80 (NGC 6093) or NGC 6231 or H12.
        Sagittarius- Alpha Sgr or Nu1 Sagittarii or 54 Sgr or Rho1 and Rho2 or
                       Upsilon Sgr or R Sagittarii or Pi Sagittarii or M8 (NGC 6523) or
                       NGC 6530 or M17 (NGC 6618) or M18 (NGC 6613) or
                       M20 (NGC 6514) or M 21(NGC 6531) or M22 (NGC 6656) or
                       M23 (NGC 6494) or M24 or M25 or M28 (NGC 6626) or
                       M54 (NGC 6715) or M55 (NGC 6809) or M69 (NGC 6637) or
                       M70 (NGC 6637) or M75 (NGC 6637)  or NGC 6822.
        Capricorn- Al Giedi or Beta Capricorni or Delta Capricorni or Alpha2 and
                       Alpha1Cap or Beta Capricorni or Tau Capricorni or
                       M30 (NGC 7099).
        Aquarius- Alpha Aquarii(Sadalmelik) or Beta Aquarii (Sadalsuud) or
                       Gamma Aquarii or Zeta2 Aquarii or Zeta1 Aquarii or Struve 2944
                       or Struve 2988 or R Aquarii or M2 (NGC 7089) or M72 (NGC 6981)
                       or M73 (NGC 6994) or NGC 7009 or NGC 7293 or FOMALHAUT.
        Pisces- Alpha Piscium or Zeta Piscium (Struve 100) or Eta Piscium or
                       Psi1 Piscium (Struve 88) or Struve 61(65 Piscium) or Kappa Psc or
                       TX Psc (19 Psc) or M74(NGC 628).

The significance of the number twelve is very evident throughout history, from the twelve months within our year, to the twelve hours on our clocks, to the twelve Strands of D.N.A. within our bodies, to the Twelve Tribes of Israel, to the Twelve Gates of the New Jerusalem. The Twelve Tribes of Israel (sons of Jacob) were assigned specific places by Jacob in the Bible (Genesis 49.1-28). These places have an Astronomical comparable, which are the Constellation/Zodiac Signs positions:

Aries- Joseph----------the eleventh son of Jacob
Taurus- Benjamin----- " twelfth
Gemini- Reuben-------the first son of Jacob
Cancer- Simeon-------- " second
Leo- Levi----------------- " third
Virgo- Judah------------ " fourth
Libra- Zebulun---------- " fifth
Scorpio- Issachar------- " sixth
Sagittarius- Dan-------- " seventh
Capricorn- Gad---------- " eight
Aquarius- Asher--------- " ninth
Pisces- Naphtali--------- " tenth 

Their evolutionary line and spirits has been placed into the brothers (the twelve sons of Jacob), who are the ancestors of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Today the descendants and the spirits of the Twelve Tribes of Israel are scattered around the Earth, these peoples are the chosen 144,000.

Today those twelve tribes (scattered around the world) are the teachers of the Earth, they will be, and have been teaching the wisdom of God. They have been groomed and educated by Extraterrestrial Forces from the Twelve Star Systems, and many of those Extraterrestrials will actually be part of the 144,000. The education of the 144,000 consist of; travels to other Star Systems, the beaming of information from Extraterrestrial Crafts, and the spiritual input of information from "Angelistic Forces".

PIONEER 10 SPACECRAFT SENDS LAST SIGNAL After more than 30 years, it appears the venerable Pioneer 10 spacecraft has sent its last signal to Earth. Pioneer's last, very weak signal was received on 23 January 2003. NASA engineers report that Pioneer 10's radioisotope power source has decayed, and it may not have enough power to send additional transmissions to Earth. NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN) did not detect a signal during the last contact attempt on 7 February 2003. The previous three contacts, including the 23 January signal, were very faint, with no telemetry received. The last time a Pioneer 10 contact returned telemetry data was 27 April 2002. NASA has no additional contact attempts planned for Pioneer 10.

Launched on 2 March 1972, Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to travel through the Asteroid belt, and the first spacecraft to make direct observations and obtain close-up images of Jupiter. Famed as the most remote object ever made by man through most of its mission, Pioneer 10 is now 8 billion miles away. (On 17 February 1998, Voyager 1's heliocentric radial distance equaled Pioneer 10 at 69.4 AU and thereafter exceeded Pioneer 10 at the rate of 1.02 AU per year.)

Pioneer 10 made its closest encounter to Jupiter some thirty years ago on 3 December 1973, passing within 81,000 miles of the cloudtops. This historic event marked humans' first approach to Jupiter and opened the way for exploration of the outer solar system - for Voyager to tour the outer planets, for Ulysses to break out of the ecliptic, for Galileo to investigate Jupiter and its satellites, and for Cassini to go to Saturn and probe Titan. During its Jupiter encounter, Pioneer 10 imaged the planet and its moons, and took measurements of Jupiter's magnetosphere, radiation belts, magnetic field, atmosphere, and interior. These measurements of the intense radiation environment near Jupiter were crucial in designing the Voyager and Galileo spacecraft.

Pioneer 10 made valuable scientific investigations in the outer regions of our solar system until the end of its science mission on 31 March 1997. The Pioneer 10 weak signal continued to be tracked by the DSN as part of an advanced concept study of communication technology in support of NASA's future interstellar probe mission. The power source on Pioneer 10 finally degraded to the point where the signal to Earth dropped below the threshold for detection in its latest contact attempt on 7 February, 2003. Pioneer 10 will continue to coast silently as a ghost ship through deep space into interstellar space, heading generally for the red star Aldebaran, which forms the eye of Taurus (The Bull). Aldebaran is about 68 light years away and it will take Pioneer over 2 million years to reach it. 

Pioneer 11, which visited Jupiter and Saturn, was launched in 1973. Radio communications with Pioneer 11 ceased in 1995.

The two ships, with Voyager 1 and 2 that were launched in 1977, are the only truly interstellar spaceships mankind has launched. Other space probes to the planets, such as the Galileo mission to Jupiter, are designed to go into orbit around their destination. The Pioneer and Voyager craft were designed to fly past their destination and then onwards into deep space. NASA is still in radio contact with the Voyager probes.

Because of this, scientists equipped the ships knowing there was a faint chance extraterrestrials might come across them. The Voyagers were each equipped with a copper LP record of sounds of Earth, including music, natural sounds, and a message from then United States president Jimmy Carter.

The Pioneer craft were each equipped with a gold anodised plaque with engraved pictures of a naked man and woman beside the Pioneer, and Earth's position in the solar system and the galaxy.

The plaque, partly designed by the late American scientist Carl Sagan, attracted controversy at the time because the human figures were nude and Caucasian.

A retired National Reconnaissance Office intelligence officer interviewed by UFO researcher Nancy Red Star was Dan Salter who had worked in the Interplanetary Phenomenon Science and Technology Counter Intelligence Unit in Washington, DC. Salter was an original member of Project Blue Book. Red Star read an interesting and lengthy definition of “black’ from an international dictionary, mentioned ancient communications from the Aldebaran society, and she showed a picture of Hitler using a photo of a Haunebu saucer in a lecture. His goal was to free Germany from use of fossil fuels in going to the stars, but he led the way into the darkness. Hitler was quoted as saying, “Power without religion will go nowhere.” He had set out to destroy the dark. By the 1930s Hitler was exploring teleportation. She showed a drawing of a mothership called Andromeda, and said you could put seven Haunebus in one. She said Himmler was an esoteric scientist, but he used radionics for mind control. She said, “We know that the NSA is in charge of how much information will be released to the public,” and, ”The NRO spies on everybody.” She also said Col. Foy had created a cloud for cover during his escorting of the Dalai Llama out of Tibet.

The Redemptionists believe that Hitler traveled to the moon in 1954 and met with aliens from Aldebaran, 68 light-years from Earth. The aliens brought Adolf back to Aldebaran with them. But he will come again in the flagship of a vast Aldebarani space armada, to "redeem" Earth. Sort of like a Cosmic Douglas MacArthur. Presumably, these aliens have figured out a way to stop the clock on aging, because, come April 20, 2004, Adolf is going to be a spry young 115-year-old!

The Vril Society

A history of the Vril Society, the link between Majestic-12 and the Karotechia.

Claims have been made by DG agents that Nazi Occult societies were involved in the development of unconventional saucer craft such are now in the hands of M-12. One such, the ‘Vril Society’ was allegedly ‘channelling’ messages from an alien civilisation in the Aldebaran solar system and planned to develop a craft that could make physical contact with the civilisation there.

Whatever the truth of this, by 1934 the Vril Society had apparently developed its first UFO shaped aircraft, known as the Vril 1, which was propelled by an anti-gravity effect. (See image. This was the same year as Viktor Schauberger discussed his flying disk ideas with Hitler.)

By 1939 the SS had produced the RFC-5, which it called the Haunebu 1. In August 1939 the machine made its maiden flight and proved its viability, being more than 65 foot in diameter and offering considerable storage space. By the end of 1940 the RFC-2 (Haunebu II) had entered service as a reconnaissance aircraft and there is certainly photographic evidence to support this, for example an RFC-2 was photographed near Antarctica (Point 103?) in 1940.

After the end of the war in 1945, Russian and American intelligence teams began a hunt to track down this perceived military and scientific booty of the advanced German technology. Following the discovery of particle/laser beam weaponry in German military bases, the US War Department decided that the US must not only control this technology, but also the scientists who had helped develop it "to ensure that [America] takes full advantage of those significant developments which are deemed vital to our national security." It therefore launched a project to bring these personnel to the United States. Whilst initially publicised the nature, extent and secrecy of the project, later termed ‘Operation Paperclip’ remained classified until 1973.

Operation Paperclip was carried out by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) and had two aims: Firstly, to exploit German Scientists for American research by rounding up Nazi scientists and taking them to America. and, secondly, to deny these intellectual resources to the Soviet Union. (The name ‘Operation Paperclip’ derived from the fact that those individuals selected to go to the United States were distinguished by paperclips on their files joining their scientific papers with regular immigration forms. We know that the Karotechia benefitted greatly from this operation.

By this time the Nazi Intelligence leader and Karotechia initiate, Reinhard Gehlen had met with the future CIA Director (26th February 1953 – 29th November 1961), Allen Dulles (right), and they had hit it off. Gehlen was a master spy for the Nazis and powerful adept, and had infiltrated Russia with his vast intelligence network. (In 1942 the future CIA Director Dulles had moved to Bern, Switzerland, as Head of Office of Strategic Services to negotiate with some Nazi leaders who were already convinced they were going to lose WWII and wanted a deal with the US about a possible future war with the USSR.)

Operation Paperclip also had a part to play in events at Maury Island. Washington State, itself, was the location of several aerospace defence contractors, which were benefiting from the then secret Paperclip Operation. It was also the location of sightings in 1947 of a number of aircraft that looked suspiciously like some that had been seen on Nazi drawing boards and in the skies above Europe towards the end of the war.

In 1959 Jack Judges, a freelance cameraman was flying over this company’s plant in Canada when he saw and photographed this picture of a disk shaped craft sitting on the ground.

A CIA memo of that year confirmed that the craft was based work undertaken by German scientists, notably Miethe, during WWII. The design was later abandoned in the late 1960s with the Air Force maintaining it was still at an experimental stage when abandoned. The 1990s were to reveal the craft was part of the secret ‘Project Silver Bug’, a project to develop a craft that had VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) capabilities that would dispense with the need for runways – and reduce the risks of such runways been targets of attack thus immobilising any aircraft that may rely on it.

There have certainly been rumours circulating for many years that the German designs were actually man-made attempts to reproduce crashed real ‘flying saucers’ - attempts that failed because the engineers and scientists involved were unable to recreate the steering and propulsion systems of the alleged crashed craft.

Col. Philip J. Corso (Ret.) has published a book entitled ‘The Day After Roswell: A Former Official Reveals the US Government’s Shocking UFO Cover-up’ in which he makes a number of revelations.

Corso’s background itself is formidable. He was Chief of the US Army’s Foreign Technology Division, and was a member of President Eisenhower’s National Security Council. He later went on to work for Senator Strom Thurmond after retiring from the army in 1963. Corso was interviewed by Michael Lindemann of CNI News on 5th July 1997 and asked;

ML: There have been rumours and speculations that Roswell, and what came from Roswell – the way we exploited Roswell technology – might not have been the very first time such a thing happened. There have been indications or speculations that the Nazis had done such a thing, that some of their extraordinary technological developments may have come from a similar source. What do you think of that?

PC: Yes. True. I had German scientists on my team. I discussed this with them. I discussed this with Oberth, von Braun. I was part of ‘Project Paperclip’ with General Trudeau… There were crashes elsewhere, and they [the Germans] gathered material too. The Germans were working on it. They didn’t solve the propulsion system. They did a lot of experiments on flying saucers. They had one that went up to 12,000 feet. But where all, we and they, missed out was on the guidance system. In R&D we began to realise that this being [a captured alien] was part of the guidance system, part of the apparatus himself, or itself, as it had no sexual organs."

Certainly this ‘deeper story’ was confirmed by the father of the modern rocket, Hermann Oberth. He independently confirmed that during the war years there was a Nazi-Extra-terrestrial connection when he stated, "we cannot take credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone. We have been helped." When asked by whom, he replied, "the peoples of other worlds."

Wernher von Braun was equally frank about the issue and did not doubt that extraterrestrials were visiting the Earth nor that many of the advancements he was involved in were a result of back engineering alien technology. Indeed, he talked openly about the issue following an incident on 3rd June 1959 when the ‘Discoverer III’ failed to achieve orbit, having been deflected whilst travelling. Von Braun commented, "We find ourselves faced by powers, which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and in six or nine months it may be possible to speak with some precision on the matter."

If these reports from Oberth and Von Braun are to be believed, then clearly the Germans held a knowledge not previously available to the Western allies. And it appears that the scientists entering the US after the war under the auspices of Operation Paperclip shared this knowledge with the US military who within weeks set in place one of the fastest but little known invasions of the Twentieth Century.

By Hal McKenzie
I took the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. following the X-Conference in Gaithersburg, MD, on April 16-18. Considering the number of speakers at the conference who spoke of a Nazi connection to ET technology and exopolitics, it brought home the seriousness of the spiritual battle confronting us.

The Holocaust Museum presents a thorough, clear and unfiltered picture of the depths of cruelty and depravity to which human beings can sink. A scale model of the gas chambers and crematoria used to kill millions of Jews, gypsies and other innocent people was particularly horrifying.

On the other hand, the museum also displays the heights of heroism to which human beings can rise by telling the story of the righteous gentiles who sheltered Jews at the risk of their lives, the resistance fighters who fought against hopeless odds, and the ordinary people forced to cope with extraordinary evil. Simple human decency never seemed so precious as when contrasted to the boundless savagery of the Nazis.

Imagine my consternation, therefore, to have heard from numerous speakers at the X-Conference the claim that unrepentant Nazis lurk at the heart of America's clandestine pursuit of extraterrestrial technology. Richard Hoagland, former science adviser to newsman Walter Cronkite, in his presentation, and Michael E. Salla, Ph.D., in his book Exopolitics - Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence assert that the current American pursuit of global dominance via ET technology can be traced back to Nazi efforts to do the same dating back to the 1930s.

Some of the information from Dr. Salla's book seems hard to swallow. For example, he uses extensive quotes from the book Secrets of the Third Reich by Roy Feddon that claim Nazi scientists actually created flying saucers of incredible capabilities, using technical data "channeled" from extraterrestrial beings from the Aldebaran star system, but couldn't mass-produce enough in time to win the war. They managed, however, to squirrel the craft away via submarine to a secret base they built in Antarctica that remains to this day. He writes that in 1947 Admiral Richard Byrd mounted a secret operation to destroy the base, but failed.

I am skeptical of this claim without further evidence. It is a well-known fact, however, that under a postwar program called Operation Paperclip, about 1600 German engineers and scientists, especially about 500 from the Peenemunde V-2 rocket facility led by Werner Von Braun, a top Nazi and a major in the SS, were brought over to the United States. The operation, led by an ambitious expatriated German named Henry Kissinger, smoothed over the scientists' Nazi ties and participation in crimes against humanity, such as use of death camp labor in building the dreaded V-2 ballistic missiles that Von Braun invented

Hoagland said that, while Von Braun and his compatriots were working on the U.S. missile program at White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico, they participated in examining the remains of the saucer that crashed at Roswell in 1947. Such craft were familiar to the Nazis already, he said, because Hitler had sent teams of archeologists all over the world as in Raiders of the Lost Ark, ostensibly to search for mystical artifacts and the origins of the Aryan race, but actually to retrieve alien technology. The ETs that had once colonized the earth had left some of their craft behind in "parking garages" and the Nazi teams had apparently stumbled onto one or more of them, he said. Von Braun, depicted as a hero of the American space program, died in 1977, his Nazi past explained away as a consequence of his dream of space travel.

Nazi interest in ETs goes back to the secret societies like the Thule Society and the Vril Society in which secret rituals and drugs were used to put devotees into a trance-like state where they could contact beings from the beyond. According to an article on

"Briefly, the creed of the Thule Society inner circle is as follows: Thule was a legendary island in the far north, similar to Atlantis, supposedly the center of a lost, high-level civilization. But not all secrets of that civilization had been completely wiped out. Those that remained were being guarded by ancient, highly intelligent beings (similar to the "Masters" of Theosophy or the White Brotherhood). The truly initiated could establish contact with these beings by means of magic-mystical rituals. The "Masters" or "Ancients" allegedly would be able to endow the initiated with supernatural strength and energy. With the help of these energies the goal of the initiated was to create a race of Supermen of "Aryan" stock who would exterminate all "inferior" races. (From "The Unknown Hitler" by Wulf Schwartzwaller, Berkeley Books, 1990).

Unfortunately, the Nazis' racist ideology was a completely human fallacy. Such ideas were already widespread, even in America, as a result of Darwin's theory of evolution and the "eugenics" movement. According to

"Sterilization and euthanasia were not the ideas of the Nazis and never had been. They were ideas which were supported and promoted throughout the world by groups with an interest in the development of mental hygiene. Germany, however, was the only country in which the political climate allowed materialization of the final goal of sterilization and euthanasia.

"Shortly after the turn of the century eugenic organizations were set up throughout the world. While the whole world was being prepared by propaganda for the sterilization of the insane, the adherents of mental hygiene and eugenics were preparing their next step, euthanasia. In the U.S.A.., Dr. Alexis Carrel, a Nobel Prize winner who had been on the staff of the Rockefeller Institute since its inception, published his book Man the Unknown in 1935. In it he suggests the removal of the mentally ill and the criminal by small euthanasia institutions equipped with suitable gases."

The Holocaust Museum shows how this very program was instituted in Germany as a prelude to the mass gassing of Jews and gypsies.

Dr. Salla writes that Kissinger teamed up with Nelson Rockefeller during the Eisenhower administration to create the vast, clandestine corporate-military-scientific cabal that dominates ET relations and maintains UFO secrecy to this day. He said Kissinger's philosophy of "realpolitik," or the amassing of national power in competition with other world powers, drives U.S. foreign policy.

According to Dr. Salla, the real reason the United States invaded Iraq was not because of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction or for Iraqi oil, but to gain control over "stargate" technology and other ET knowledge left behind by the Annunaki, the race of extraterrestrials who dominated mankind in ancient times and built a major base of operations in ancient Babylon, according to Sumerian scholar Zechariah Sitchin. The organized looting of the Baghdad Museum and removal of hundreds of untranslated cuneiform tablets was part of that operation, he writes.

I cannot evaluate some of the more bizarre allegations in this scenario without studying the original sources, but one fact stands out above everything else: The Nazis lost, and lost big. A major factor in their defeat was a propensity for self-deception and delusion.

Hitler himself, who was reportedly initiated into the secrets that were supposed to give him supernatural intelligence and energy, bungled time and time again, making stupid military errors that drove a number of his top generals to try to assassinate him. For example, he tried to fight a two-front war with Russia and the United States, and tried to seize Moscow against the advice of his generals, who urged him to seize the oil fields in the south instead.

When the Nazis invaded Russia, they were greeted as liberators by Russians who had suffered terribly under the rapacious dictatorship of Stalin. The Nazis' innate arrogance and brutality, however, soon turned the population against them. The very idea that the Nazis could dominate the world by brute force was in itself a delusion, since it inspired resistance wherever they went.

The Nazis' vaunted technology was to no avail. The Messerschmitt jet fighter was operational in time to defeat the allied bombers that devastated the German homeland, but bureaucratic infighting prevented its mass production. The overwhelming industrial capacity of the United States and Russia swamped the Nazis' sophisticated but complicated tanks with vast numbers of less advanced but sturdier Shermans and T-34s.

Most importantly, the Nazi myth of Aryan superiority is now known to be vicious nonsense with no scientific basis. Genetics has reached a high degree of exactitude today, and now we know that the human race can be traced through mitochondrial DNA to a single "Eve" from Africa who was most certainly black. The accepted theory today is that humans migrated from Africa to northern climes, evolving paler skin, straighter hair and longer noses in response to the weaker sunlight and colder climate. The only original native European race was the extinct Neanderthals.

In short, racial characteristics that were so important to Nazis are nothing but adaptations to climate. They have nothing to do with intelligence, character, strength of will or any other important factor. The idea that "white" people are superior to "dark" people is a delusion drawn from a superstitious worldview that substitutes symbols for realities.

If the Nazis were so deluded about so many things, could their vaunted ET contacts also be a delusion? Experiments have shown that in a hypnotic state, people can become extremely suggestible and subject to false memories, which is why hypnotism has become suspect as a scientific tool. In an altered state of consciousness brought on by dark rituals and psychotropic drugs, perhaps the Nazis concocted the Thulians and the ETs as phantoms of their own power-hungry imaginations.

Considering the Nazis' catastrophic defeat even with this otherworldly "help," the possible options are as follows: Either their otherworldly contacts are (a) as stupid as the Nazis themselves, (b) giving false information to mislead them and make them lose (but then why appear to "help" them in the first place?) or (c) they are part of the overall delusional complex that led them to destruction. I am inclined to pick (c).

This leads us to a sickening thought, however. In a direct line from Operation Paperclip to today, elements of our own government may be caught up in the same destructive delusion. Most Americans are inclined to think "It can't happen here." What happened in Germany with the Nazis, or in Russia with Stalin and the Bolsheviks, or in Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge, or in Iraq with the Baath Party, or in Czhechoslovakia or in Poland or in Cuba or in North Korea, etc., can never happen here!

Why not? Are Americans really so holy and untouchable? The recent photographs from the Abu Ghraib prison should have dissuaded us of that.

As Thomas Jefferson said, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Call me paranoid if you like, but the history of modern governments leads me to suspect that one can never be too paranoid. Even the most lurid imagination can never catch up with reality, especially when extraterrestrials are involved.

The answer to the possible horror that confronts us lies on the flip side of the Holocaust Museum - the heroism and simple decency of ordinary people. Family, traditional religion, and joy in simple human pleasures are the antidote to schemes of power and dominance. As long as we cling to that, we cannot fall into the delusional pit into which the Nazis fell.

When UFOs arrive

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Electrons and Mythologies
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