by Dee Finney


Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And days o' lang syne?


For auld lang syne, my Dear
For auld lang syne
We'll tak a cup o kindness yet
For auld lang syne


Rishi means the one who knows - the word is derived from the Sanskrit root RS which is in the sense of knowing.
The knowledge or Vidyaa of the Rishis is called Arsha Vidyaa.

It is the Rishis who mark the time and the periods of Kali-yuga, the age of sin and sorrow. See in the Bhagavata Purana XII., II, 2, 6, 32, and Vishnu Purana. Says the latter: "When the splendour of Vishnu (Krishna) departed for heaven, then did the Kali Yug, during which men delight in sin, invade the world. . . . . When the Seven Rishis were in Magha, the Kali Yug, comprising 1,200 (divine) years (432,000 years of mortals), began; and when from Magha, they shall reach Purvashadha, then will this Kali age attain its growth, under Nanda and his successors."* This is the revolution of the Rishis "when the two first stars of the Seven Rishis (of the Great Bear) rise in the heavens, and some lunar asterism is seen at night, at an equal distance between them, then the Seven Rishis continue stationary in that conjunction for a hundred years," a hater of Nanda makes Parasara say. According to Bentley, it is in order to show the quantity of the precession of the equinoxes that this notion originated among the astronomers. It was done "by assuming an imaginary line, or great circle, passing through the poles of the ecliptic and the beginning of the fixed Magha, which circle was supposed to cut some of the stars in the Great Bear. . . . The seven stars being called the Rishis, the Circle so assumed was called the line of the Rishis . . . . and being invariably fixed to the beginning of the lunar asterism Magha, the precession would be noted by stating the degree . . . of any moveable lunar mansion cut by that line or circle as an index"

The saptha Rishi’s are the seven major stars of Ursa Major. Based on Varaaha Mihira’s verses, we can easily identify starting from east, that ‘Marichi’ is Arab Alkaid, ‘Vasishta’ is Mizar, ‘Angirasa’ is Alioth, ‘Athri’ is Megrez, ‘Pulasthya’ is Phecda, ‘Pulaaha’ is ’Merak and ‘Krathu’ is DuBhe. The companion star for Mizar is Alcor. Hence ‘Arundhathi’ stands for Alcor.
In the figure 1, Vasishta and Arudhathi (Mizar-Alcor) can not be seen separately.

Varaaha Mihira in his Brihat-Samhitha, dedicates 13th chapter to Saptha Rishis.
The relevant verses provide following descriptions roughly translated as;

We have on Vriddha Garga’s authority that in the Northern Sky, the Saptha Rishi’s revolve around Dhruva Nayaka like a necklace.

From east to west the saptha muni's Marichi, Vasishtha, Angirasa, Athri, Pulasthya, Pulaaha and Krathu sit.
Chaste Arundhathi accompanies sage Vasishtha.

These descriptions provide us with adequate information about the explicit astronomical identity of the nine stars,
called as Dhruva, Arundhathi & Saptha Rishis’s.

The Seven Sages are ‘Marichi, vasishtha, angirasa, athri, pulasthya, pulaaha, and kruthu’. Varaaha Mihira notes that Saptha Rishi’s circles around Dhruva naayaka (Ref 1), which clearly stands for Ursa Major & Polaris. He provides us the proper names of seven dominant stars, and attributes the origin of these names to sage ‘Vruddha Garga’. In all probability ‘Vriddha garga’ is same as ‘Gargya Rishi’ of Athrvana veda 19 kaanda 6-7 sooktha whose time was approximately 2400 BC.(Ref 2). Figure 1 and 2 illustrate a sky view of Ursa Major(Ref 3) from a modern astronomical software. This constellation in Northern Hemisphere appears to rotate around the pole star Polaris. ‘Dhruva’ clearly is Polaris.

The seven Rishis

According to the epic Mahabharata, composed in about 500 B.C., the stars of the Big Dipper were the seven sages called Rishis. These seven sages are said to be those who made the Sun rise and shine. They were happily married to seven sisters named Krttika. They originally all lived together in the northern sky.

But one day, the god of fire, Agni, emerged from the flames of an offering performed by the seven Rishis and fell in love with the seven Krttika. Trying to forget his hopeless love for the Krttika, Agni wandered in the forest where he met Svaha. To conquer Agni's love, Svaha disguised herself as six of the seven Krttika. Svaha could mimic only six of the Krttika because the seventh sister Arundhati was too devoted to her husband to be imitated.

After a while, Svaha gave birth to a child that she named Skanda. With his birth, rumors began to spread that six of the Rishis' wives were his mother. Six of the Rishis divorced their wives. Arundhati was the only one that remained with her husband as the star Alcor. The other six Krttika went away to become the Pleiades.

7 Sisters of the Pleiades

The Bears and the Shepherd

Sirius - The Dog Star

The Coming of the New Age - Aquarius

The seven Krttika

In the Hindu mythology, it is said that the stars of the Big Dipper were the seven sages called Rishis. They were happily married to seven sisters named Krttika. They originally lived all together in the northern sky. But one day, the god of fire, Agni, fell in love with the seven Krttika. Trying to forget his love, Agni wandered in the forest where he met Svaha, the star Zeta Tauri.

Svaha was at once infatuated with Agni. To conquer Agni's love, Svaha disguised herself as six of the seven Krttika. Agni who believed he had conquered the attractive wives of the seven Rishis.

Svaha had a child. Rumors began to spread that six of the Rishis' wives were his mother. The seven Rishis divorced their wives. Arundhati was the only one that remained with her husband as the star Alcor. The other six Krttika went away to become the Pleiades.

The seven "sisters" are Alcyone, Asterope (a double star),
Electra, Maia, Merope, Taygeta and Celaeno; Atlas and
Pleione are their "father" and "mother".


Other information on M-45

The Pleiades

According to the ancient Greeks, the Pleiades were seven sisters. In Greek, the word "pleiades" means "doves." Their parents were Pleione and Atlas who was condemned by Zeus to support the Heavens on his shoulders. One day, the Pleiades were traveling with their mother and met the hunter Orion.

Orion fell in love with Pleione and her charming daughters. He spent a great deal of time chasing after them, trying to win their affection. After several years, Zeus intervened and transformed the women into doves to help them escape. They flew into the sky to become the cluster of stars that today has their name.

However, only six stars are visible in the sky without a telescope. The ancient Greeks explained the absence of a seventh star with several different stories. According to one story, one of the Pleiades, Merope deserted her sisters because she was ashamed of having a mortal husband, who also happened to be a criminal.

The Pleiades, as well as the Hyades, are part of the constellation Taurus the Bull.


The Hindu seers, of whom many were incarnations of Vishnu. The most famous were Gotama, Bharadjawa, Viswamitra, Jamad-agni, Vasishtha, Kasyapa and Atri, as well as Bhrigu and Daksha.


One of the Rishis, to whom was ascribed the authorship of a book on law


One of the Hindu Rishis, he lived through three lives, at the end of which he 'became immortal and ascended to the heavenly world, to union with the sun'.


One of the great Rishis of Hindu legend, he once ordered the river Saraswati to bring to him Vasishtha for execution, but the river defied him, instead carrying his prey far away. In rage, Viswamitra turned the river to blood.


One of the Hindu Rishis, Jamad-Agni perceived Renuka, his wife, as fallen from perfection, after her envious desires had been brought to the fore by her witnessing of a loving couple bathing, and ordered his five sons to kill her. Four refused, and were cursed to idiocy by the enraged father, but the fifth, Parasurama, obeyed, striking off his mother's head. This act of obedience calmed Jamad-Agni, and he granted his son's wish that his brothers be restored to sanity, and his mother restored to life. The Rishi was killed by one of the Kartavirya, whom Parasurama in turn slew.


One of the Prajapatis, who surveyed the gods, to see which of them was worthy of the worship of both gods and men, finding Vishnu the only one worthy.


One of the Rishis, Daksha was the son of Brahma, springing from the god's right thumb, but he was condemned to go through a rebirth as a result of a curse laid on him by Shiva, his son-in-law. This had to do with the inadvertent exclusion of the Destroyer from a sacrifice to Vishnu, for which the god retaliated to devastating effect, laying low most of the gods gathered there. Daksha himself was decapitated, and his head thrown in the sacrifical fire. After due apology and entreaty, Shiva agreed to restore his victims, but as Dashka's head could not be found, he had to make do with that of a ram.


Atri Rishi was one of those seven sons of Brahma.   Atri practiced severe penance for countless number of years and attained Brahma-Jnana (Self-realisation). Later, at the instance of Brahma, he married Anasuya, the daughter of Kardama Prajapati. Anasuya was embodiment of perfection and was entirely blemishless and her name itself indicates, was devoid of even the least taint of envy, which is one of the greatest blemishes among humans. She has no malice against anyone and had overwhelming and motherly love for all beings. She was an embodiment of chastity, who worshipped and considered her husband alone as God. She is reckoned foremost among Pati-vratas, i.e., those whose devotion for their husbands is unalloyed and supreme. Her fame and glory spread far and wide, all over the three worlds.


Rishi means a sage. The Vedas were revealed to them and the respective hymns stand in their names. Seven Rishis (Saptarshi) are recognized as the mind born sons of the creator Brahma. The ’Satapatabrahmana’ gives their names as,

Vashishta, Kashyapa, Viswamitra, Jamadagni, Gautama, Bharadwaja and Atri.

The Vayupurana adds the eighth name of ‘Bhrigu’, but the congregation is still called ‘Saptarshi’.

Brahmins trace their lineage to these seven Rishis. By keeping close track of their family tree through a system called, Gotra (lineage record), they have been able to avoid co-sanguineous marriages. Also by marrying within the Brahmin groups to which they belong, Brahmins have preserved and safeguarded their genetic value.



Perhaps the highest of the Hindu gods, Vishnu was the personification of the preserving power of the divine spirit. Vishnu was described as of a blue colour, with four hands, in which he held a shell, a quoit, a club and a lotus. Vishnu's vahan was Garuda, the winged half-man, half-bird, king of birds, and his sacti was Lakshmi. Vishnu was said to rest on the serpent of eternity, Ananta, awaiting the end of the Kali Yuga, when from his navel would spring forth a lotus stalk, on the top of which would appear Brahma, to remake the world.Vishnu appears in many incarnations, the most popular being those of Krishna and Rama.

As Krishna he battled the great water serpent Kaliya, but spared him, banishing him to the ocean, assuring Kaliya of his protection from Garuda, the enemy of all serpents. Vishnu appeared in many Avatars, or incarnations, the most famous being that of Matsya- Avatara, Kurma-Avatara, Varaha-Avatara, Nrishima-Avatara, and Vamana-Avatara, all of which are recounted in detail in the entry on Avatars of Vishnu.Rama, another powerful incarnation of the god, was brought into being in order to fight the demon Ravana, and his exploits are recounted elsewhere, under the entry concerning Rama. Krishna's adventures.

Born from a hair of Vishnu, which the god placed in the womb of Devaki, Krishna had to be exchanged for the newborn daughter of the cowherd Nanda and his wife Yasoda, as Krishna's mother had been instructed by Kansa that her son would usurp him. Krishna then went on to slay the serpent Kaliya, abduct the daughter of the Gandharva king, overthrow the flying city of Daityas, and obtain the discus from the fire god Agni.On reaching manhood, Krishna left the cowherds and returned to Mathura, where he killed Kansa, as per the prophecy. He played a central role in the war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, later being killed by an arrow fired by the hunter Jaras.





In our study of the interlocking system of energies, in so far as they affect and condition a human being, the theme of the Three Crosses is of profound and practical interest, especially as they provide those points of crisis wherein a man steps off the ordinary path of evolution and treads the path of discipleship or - after the third initiation mounts a third Cross. It will underlie our thought and all that I have to say. A steady recollection of the twelve basic [85] energies (five major and seven minor which are in reality, and apart from astral reversion due to the Great Illusion, seven major and five minor) will be of value. These work out into human expression via the Lords of the twelve signs and the twelve planetary Rulers. These twelve basic energies emanate from the seven stars of the Great Bear (transmitted through seven stars of the Little Bear); two of them come from Sirius and three from the Pleiades. This set-up (if I may use such an unorthodox term) will be the condition of the major solar sphere of influence at the end of the Great Age of Brahma, as it is esoterically called. In the "interim or interlude of evolution" (which is the inadequate translation of an occult phrase given to a world cycle in the Masters' Archives) these energies are stepped down into forces and are literally sixteen all told - from the angle of manifestation, I would remind you - and make literally: 7 + 7 + 2 = 16 = 7. In these numbers the mystery of our evolutionary process lies hid. Always, however, the emphasis must be laid upon the Rays of Energy and Quality as they pour through the zodiacal constellations and the planets. The new astrology therefore is necessarily based upon an understanding of the rays. The following tabulation is fundamental in its implications in this connection and upon it all that I have to say will be based.

Seven stars of the Great Bear are the originating Sources of the seven rays of our solar system. The seven Rishis (as They are called) of the Great Bear express Themselves through the medium of the seven planetary Logoi Who are Their Representatives and to Whom They stand in the relation of prototype. The seven Planetary Spirits manifest through the medium of the seven sacred planets.

Each of these seven Rays, coming from the Great [86] Bear, are transmitted into our solar system through the medium of three constellations and their ruling planets. The following tabulation makes this clear but must be interpreted only in terms of this present turn of the Great Zodiacal Wheel (25,000 years):

Tabulations VIII

Ray Constellations Planets
I. Will or Power Aries, the Ram
Leo, the Lion
Capricorn, the Goat
II. Love-Wisdom Gemini, the Twins
Virgo, the Virgin
Pisces, the Fishes
Moon (veiling a planet)
III. Active Intelligence Cancer, the Crab
Libra, the Scales
Capricorn, the Goat
IV. Harmony through Conflict Taurus, the Bull
Scorpio, the Scorpion
Sagittarius, the Archer
V. Concrete Science Leo, the Lion
Sagittarius, the Archer
Aquarius, the Water-Carrier
VI. Idealism. Devotion Virgo, the Virgin
Sagittarius, the Archer
Pisces, the Fishes
VII. Ceremonial Order Aries, the Ram
Cancer, the Crab
Capricorn, the Goat
The Science of the Rays.
  1. The Science of Esoteric Interpretation which is carried out through
  2. The Science of Triangles.
  3. The Science of the Centers.
  4. The Science of Destiny.

This latter science will be based upon the four previous ones and will constitute an interpretation of the future which will be founded on a correct understanding of the rays - personal and egoic - of the influence of the triangles - zodiacal, planetary, racial and human. These latter triangles are arrived at by a study of the individual human centers. When all this has been ascertained and worked out in the new style of horoscope which will be later developed, then the Science of Destiny will be applied and the future indications discovered. Of this, the personal progressed horoscope is the embryonic seed.

Some indication of relative values can be gained by a consideration of the human triangles as given in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, which suggested the following:

"It would repay the student to contemplate the interesting succession of triangles that are to be found and the way in which they must be linked by the progression of the fire before that fire can perfectly vivify them, and thence pass on to other transmutations. We might enumerate some of these triangles, bearing always in mind that, according to the ray, so will proceed the geometric rising of the fire, and according to the ray, so will the points be touched in ordered sequence. Herein lies one of the secrets of initiation, and herein are found some of the dangers entailed in a too quick publication of information concerning the rays. [88]

Esoteric Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations

You have consequently in connection with the path of discipleship the following lines of "influential energy":

Sirius - working in a sevenfold manner through the seven rays and their seven groups as these constitute the active Hierarchy.

The Fixed Cross - a fusion of four major energies, pouring into our solar system, on to our planet and through humanity.

Scorpio - an aspect of the Fixed Cross, of peculiar and specialized potency upon the Path of Discipleship and preparing, with its tests and trials:

The process of reorientation, whereby a man mounts the Fixed Cross and leaves the Mutable Cross.

The disciple for the first, second and third initiations. After the third initiation, its peculiar testing potency is no longer felt.

The Hierarchy - The distributing agency to the various kingdoms in nature.

Mars and Saturn - Both these planets are exceedingly potent in connection with initiation into the life of the Hierarchy; Mars is potent in relation to Scorpio and Saturn in relation to Capricorn. This involves the intensified activity of the 6th and the 3rd rays and their energies, and when these are rightly employed there comes liberation from form control and the release of the conscious individual.

Again, astrologers would do well to work with this line of fused forces, studying its implications and effects in the life of the disciple. [200]

Aquarius relates humanity to the Pleiades and therefore to Taurus in an unusual manner. The key to this relation is to be found in the word desire, leading, through the transmutative processes of life experience, to aspiration and finally the relinquishing of desire in Scorpio. Aquarius, Alcyone and Humanity constitute a most interesting triangle of force. Alcyone is one of the seven Pleiades and is called the "star of the Individual" and sometimes the "star of intelligence." It was potently active during the previous solar system wherein the Third Person of the Trinity was peculiarly omnipotent and active, just as today the cosmic Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity, is peculiarly active in this solar system. The energies coming from Alcyone impregnated the substance of the universe with the quality of mind. As a consequence of this most ancient activity, the same force was present at the time of individualization in this solar system, for it is in this system, and primarily upon our planet, the Earth, that the major results of that early activity have made themselves felt. Two of our planets, the Earth (non-sacred) and Uranus (sacred), are directly the product of this third ray activity. This is of great importance to remember. I would also ask you to link this thought with the teaching that through the divine center of intelligent activity which we call humanity, the fourth kingdom in nature will eventually act as the mediating principle to all the three lower kingdoms. Humanity is the divine Messenger to the world of form; it is essentially Mercury, bringing light and life to other divine manifestations and of this all divine world Saviors are the eternal symbols.

This coming process of planetary service through the third divine center is only truly effective when Aquarius rules and when our sun is passing through that sign of the [201] zodiac. Hence the immense importance of the next 2000 years. Therefore, only when a man is a world server and becoming group conscious can this desired objective of manifestation begin to demonstrate. It is beginning to happen today for the first time in planetary history. It is one of the first fruits of initiation and only in the next root race to our present Aryan race will we begin really to understand the significance of the process and the true nature of the energies to be released through the medium of humanity upon the planet. It is for this reason that Jupiter and Uranus (expressions of the second and the seventh rays) are the exoteric and esoteric rulers of Aquarius.

You have, therefore, the following line of force to study:

Alcyone - in the Pleiades, the mothers of the seven aspects of form life and the "wives of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear." They are connected with the Mother aspect which nurtures the infant Christ.

Aquarius - the World Server, the transmitter of energy which evokes magnetic response.

Jupiter and Uranus - planets of beneficent consummation. The second ray of love and the seventh ray which fuses spirit and matter "to the ultimate glory" of the solar Logos are in the fullest eventual cooperation.

Humanity - the focal point for all these energies and the divine distributor of them to individual man and later to the lower three kingdoms in nature.

Thus you see, that from a generalization re the exterior constellations (exterior to the zodiac and the solar system itself) we are becoming more specific, showing how certain stars in these constellations are definitely related by direct [202] lines of energy to our planet; these lines of force usually reach us via one of the zodiacal signs and - in rare cases - directly to a planet. The latter case is, however, exceedingly rare. We have also brought into relation to our solar system another constellation, called the Little Bear which is a reflection of or a corollary to the major energies of its greater prototype, Ursa Major, the Great Bear. These facts contain a great mystery connected with the interrelation of Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and the Pleiades; they constitute one of the greatest and more important of the triplicities to be found in the heavens as far as we have astronomically ascertained the nature of our immediate universe. This is a perfectly unimportant piece of information as far as you are concerned and is only of significance to initiates of the fourth degree. It serves, nevertheless, to add its evidence to the essential integrity and interlocking dependencies of the universe.

Esoteric Astrology - The Nature of Esoteric Astrology - Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations

The other point upon which I might here touch is that certain of the rays express themselves through two planets. For instance, the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict reaches us both through the Moon and through Mercury, whilst the first Ray of Will or Power reaches us through Vulcan and through Pluto. The real reason for this is one of the secrets of initiation and is hidden in the destiny of the fourth Creative Hierarchy and in the will-to-manifest of the Lord of our Earth, Who is Himself upon the third Ray of Active Intelligence; of Him it is said that "when the third great energy is related to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the mystery of the perfected Seven will be understood." One of the more obvious of the significances of this statement is to be found in the unfoldment of intelligence and love in the initiate, at which time of manifested expression and at the last major initiation, he will be responsive to the synthesis of energies which emanate from the "seven spirits before the throne of God." These are the representatives of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear and Their other pole, the seven Sisters of the Pleiades, symbolically recognized as the seven wives of the Rishis of the Great Bear. Here again, in relation to our solar system, do we find another great triangle of energies, of which the focal points on our Earth are the seven Spirits before the Throne. With this triangle we shall later deal; I simply want to refer to it here: [270]

The seven Spirits responsive to the seven sacred planets. They are:

Expressions of divine life upon the Earth.

Focal points for the Lords of the seven rays.

Rulers of the seven planes of consciousness and manifestation.

Representatives because responsive to

The seven Rishis of the Great Bear Who are:

Expressions of the life of the One About Whom Naught May Be Said.

The positive focal points for the seven major cosmic energies.

Rulers of the seven Creative Hierarchies.

Related as positive poles to

The seven Sisters or the seven Pleiades who:

Are expressions of the dualism of manifestation in their relation to the seven Rishis.

Provide the negative pole to the positive aspect of the seven Rishis.

Fuse with the positive energies of the Great Bear and, unitedly, work through seven of the zodiacal signs.

Here again the complexity of the forces playing upon our planet and increasing in their number and their potency as the vehicles of response upon our planet become more highly developed and sensitive and are, therefore, capable of a truer reaction and a more rapid response to the many forces impinging upon our planetary forms of life. It has been remarked by a profound astrological expert Who [271] works with the Masters of the Great White Lodge that "when humanity comprehends the distinction between the signs and the constellations, understands the nature of the polarity of energies and responds to the three cosmic Realities, the twelve cosmic Energies and the seven planetary Impacts and the interplay of the twelve Creative Hierarchies, then and not till then, will a radiant light be seen and the destiny of our solar Logos be finally determined." Behind this statement are to be found three meanings: one for average intelligent man, another for disciples, and a third one for initiates above the third degree.

As I earlier pointed out to you, the sign Virgo is related to nine constellations and in this fact lies both prophecy and guarantee. That which this sign veils and hides is potentially responsive to nine streams of energy which - playing upon the life within the form and evoking response from the soul - produce those "points of crisis" and those "moments of demonstrated development" to which we have referred in speaking of Leo-Libra-Capricorn.

Through Mercury, Virgo comes into close relation to three constellations - Aries, Gemini, and Scorpio. Here again is a triangle of energies of great importance in the life of the Christ-child which Virgo guards and nourishes and hides within herself. Through Aries and Scorpio, the Christ-life and manifestation is integrated with that of the fourth Creative Hierarchy; herein lies a great mystery which is concerned with the dual manifestation of the Christ principle both in form and - upon its own plane - through spiritual manifestation; it is here also that the true significance of the words found in The Bhagavad Gita appears when Krishna (the Christ principle) says to Arjuna (the world disciple, or developed form aspect): "Having pervaded the entire universe with a fragment of myself, I [272] remain." There is here an esoteric reference to the essential identity of Son with the Father, the "undying One," and with the eternal Mother; that is, with spirit and matter. This is the fundamental mystery of Virgo and will be revealed when the energies pouring into Virgo from Gemini, via the planet Mercury, have done their destined work; for Gemini is an expression of the fourth unmanifested Creative Hierarchy - one of the higher group of Lives which stand just beyond the seven Who condition our systemic lives. These Lives have achieved Their goal, but Their energies are still directed towards and focused upon our planet. They are not unmanifested in the case where such developed planets as Uranus, Jupiter or Saturn are concerned.

Esoteric Astrology - The Science of Triangles - Triangles of Energy - Constellations

Behind these concepts of the relation existing in time and space between the constellations of the Great Bear, the Pleiades and the sun, Sirius, and our solar system, there exists, it must be remembered, an immense series of interlocking triangles between the stars which compose these constellations interiorly and our solar system. You have, therefore, a relationship between:

The seven stars, composing the Great Bear.

The seven stars, composing the Pleiades, sometimes called the seven "sisters" or "wives" of the Rishis or informing Lives of the Great Bear.

The sun, Sirius.

These compose major triangles of force and all are held within the radius of the Life of that Great Being Whose expressed, manifested intention is brought into being through the medium of these three related groups and our solar system. As hinted by me in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, these four groups of stars constitute the manifested aspect or personality of a great and unknown Life.

I seek in this connection to give only a general picture because, with these cosmic triangles, I have no intention to deal. We will only consider those constellations within the greater zodiac which are known by astrologers to have a definite effect upon humanity and our planetary life.

Therefore, in studying these triangles, we will make (for our guidance) certain rules which, under the Law of Analogy, may facilitate our comprehension of the underlying meaning and truths. [420]

All triangles studied will be regarded as expressing:

A major conditioning energy, producing manifestation.

This corresponds to the Monad aspect.

A secondary qualifying energy producing consciousness.

This corresponds to the Ego or Soul aspect.

A lesser expression of force, producing tangibility.

This corresponds to the Personality aspect.

These three energies will be related, therefore, to the three aspects of manifested life. These have been termed throughout this treatise: Life, Quality and Appearance.

These energies change within, themselves and sometimes one will strike the dominating note and sometimes another; sometimes a secondary energy will become a major conditioning force and sometimes the lesser expression will come to the top and become, for the cycle, the outstanding characteristic of the triangle. Such cosmic events are governed by a great Law of Expediency, evoked by the evolutionary process and incident also to zodiacal movement and its own interior mathematical conditioning - a subject of such vast dimensions and mystery that no Life within our solar system has more than sensed its significance. The cyclic expression of life is dependent upon constant mutation and infinitely changing processes.

The statements made by me in this attempt - for it is little more - to indicate the main lines of approach to the new science of esoteric astrology, may not yet be capable of any proof. Later on such proof will be available. All that I can ask of you at this time is to be [421] interested in the presentation, to strive to see the general picture I am seeking to present and to grasp somewhat the relative synthesis which underlies all manifestation. Starting from that which is today accepted, be willing to move on from there into new fields of possibility and of sensed probability. Time will justify the information I ask you to accept as hypothesis.

Next I will deal with analysis of three groups of triangles which are of major importance to humanity at this time and which follow upon information earlier given. These groups of triangles emanate energies which reach through space to the individual man and, therefore, cannot be ignored. They are:

The Great Bear The Pleiades Sirius

Transmit energy via:

Leo Capricorn Pisces

These transmit energy via:

Saturn Mercury Uranus

Reaching the following center:

Planetary head center Planetary ajna center Planetary heart

From thence to:

Disciple's head center Disciple's ajna center Disciple's heart center

and eventually control:

The base of the spine The throat center the solar plexus

I will also take up with you some of the points and indications which are hinted at in Tabulation IX, relating to the twelve signs of the zodiac, to be found on page 423. Certain major streams of conditioning energies will be seen related to each other and to our Earth and these fall into two groups:

The ray energies which we are told emanate from the Great Bear in seven great out-raying streams of force. [422]

The inherent energies of the twelve constellations which blend with the ray energies, producing the essential dualism of manifested life, and incidentally are responsible for the peculiar difficulties confronting humanity on the arc of evolutionary experience upon our planet.

Esoteric Astrology - The Science of Triangles - Triangles of Energy - Constellations

Again I would repeat that what I shall have to say will be related to present world conditions, to humanity, and also - for practical teaching and application - to the life of the individual disciple. Necessarily, these energies have a cosmic, systemic and planetary significance but these no disciple can as yet grasp; personality has to be transcended before even the earlier stages of the understanding of these mysteries become possible, and this transcendence is something you have not yet accomplished but which some day inevitably you will.

Once man is impersonal and free from the reactions of the lower self, and his consciousness is illumined by the clear light of the intuition, then his "window of vision" becomes clarified and his sight into reality is unimpeded. Obstructions (always erected by humanity itself) are removed and he sees all life and form in their true relation and can comprehend, and even occultly "see," the "passage of the energies."

The relationship of certain rays and cosmic triangles may become clearer to you if the following tabulation is studied with care.

NOTE: The seven stars of the Great Bear are the originating sources of the seven rays of our solar system. The seven Rishis (as They are called) of the Great Bear express Themselves through the medium of the seven planetary Logoi Who are Their Representatives and to Whom They stand in the relation of cosmic Prototype. The seven [423] planetary Gods manifest through the medium of the seven sacred planets. Each of these seven rays is transmitted into our solar system through the medium of three constellations and their ruling planets.

Esoteric Astrology - The Rays, Constellations and Planets - The Nature of the Will

There is only one way in which focused evil will, with its responsiveness to the Shamballa force, can be overcome and that is by the opposition of an equally focused spiritual will, displayed by responsive men and women of goodwill who can train themselves to be sensitive to this type of new incoming energy and can learn how to invoke and evoke it.

You can consequently see why there was more than the casual use of a current word in my mind when the terms of goodwill and of the will-to-good were discussed. All the time, I had in my thoughts not just kindness and good intention, but the focused will-to-good which can and must evoke the Shamballa energy and use it for the arresting of the forces of evil.

This, I realize, is a relatively new idea to many of you; to others of you it will mean little or nothing; others again may have faint glimmerings of this new approach to God and service which - again I say - can and must remake, rebuild, and rehabilitate the world. I would like here to point out that the will aspect can be contacted only from the mental plane and only those, therefore, who are working with and through the mind can begin to appropriate this energy. Those who seek to evoke the Shamballa force are approaching close to the energy of fire. Fire is the symbol and the quality of the mental plane. Fire is an aspect of the divine nature. Fire was an outstanding aspect [587] of the war. Fire is produced by physical means and the aid of the mineral kingdom and this was the great menacing and chosen means of destruction in this war. This is a fulfilment of the ancient prophecy that the attempt to destroy the Aryan race will be by means of fire, just as ancient Atlantis was destroyed by water. But, fiery goodwill and the conscious focused use of the Shamballa force can counter fire by fire and this must be done.

I cannot give you more upon this subject until you have given time to its consideration and have sought to understand the use of the will, its nature, purpose and its relation to what you understand by the human will. You must ponder upon how it should be employed and in what manner aspirants and disciples who are mentally polarized can focus that will and safely shoulder the responsibility for its wise use. Later when you know more about it, I can give you further knowledge upon the matter. I would however like to make one practical suggestion. Might there not be organized a group who would take this subject as the theme of their meditation and who would try to fit themselves - by right understanding - to contact and use the Shamballa energy? Would it not be possible gradually to elaborate this theme of the revelation of the divine will so that the general subject may be ready for presentation to the thinking public when peace truly comes? There is much to be considered in this connection. There is the demonstration of the three aspects of the will as enumerated above; there is the preparation of the individual for the expression of this energy; there is a mature consideration to be given to the relation of the Hierarchy to Shamballa, carried forward as the Masters attempt to work out divine purpose and to be the distributing Agents of the will energy. There is the effort to be made to comprehend somewhat the nature of [588] the direct impact of the first aspect upon the human consciousness, apart from the hierarchical center altogether - an impact made without any of the absorbing and stepping-down process to which the Hierarchy subjects it. I have referred to this direct contact elsewhere; it can be more direct and complete when there is greater safety brought about by a more understanding human approach.

One of the causes lying behind World War II is to be found in a premature contact - a contact made by certain selfish minds of a relatively high quality, aided by the Black Lodge. To offset this and eventually bring about the elimination of the influence of the dark forces from our planet must come the active, conscious use of the Shamballa force by the White Lodge, aided by the men and women whose will-to-good is strong enough to safeguard them from personal peril in their work and from being deflected on to wrong and dangerous lines. This aid necessitates a certain definite and planned contact and interplay between the two centers: Humanity and Hierarchy. When this is better established, there can be organized and known cooperation and the members of both great centers can "stand together with massed intent." This massed intent will be the correspondence upon the mental plane of the massed intent of the general public who stand with the power of appeal upon their lips and in their hearts. To this appeal must be added the focused will of the world thinkers and intuitives who will use their minds and brains in the affirmation of right.

It was for the reason that the will aspect was involved that I made our last point in our consideration of the seven rays to be a consideration of the Rays, Constellations and Planets, as given in Tabulation X. The interrelation there given concerns the first aspect of the will, as I have [589] here indicated. The analysis of this tabulation will complete our consideration of esoteric astrology.

The seven stars of the Great Bear are the originating sources of the seven rays of our solar system. The seven Rishis of the Great Bear express Themselves through the medium of the seven planetary Logoi Who are Their Representatives and to whom they stand in the relation of Prototype. These seven planetary Spirits manifest through the medium of the seven sacred planets.

Each of these seven rays, coming from the Great Bear, are transmitted into our solar system through the medium of three constellations and their ruling planets. The following tabulation will make this clear, but must be interpreted only in terms of the present turn of the great zodiacal wheel of 25,000 years.

Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students

The Constellations

1. "Each of the twelve constellations, whether separately or in combination with other signs, has an occult influence, either for good or evil." (S.D. Vol. I, 440) [639]

2. "Enoch, the type of the dual nature of man (spiritual and physical) occupies the center of the astronomic Cross... which is a six-pointed star... In the upper angle of the upper triangle is the Eagle (Scorpio); in the left lower angle stands the Lion (Leo); in the right, the Bull (Taurus); while between the Bull and the Lion... is the face of Enoch, the man (Aquarius)... These are the four animals of Ezekiel and Revelations." (S.D. Vol. II, 561-562) (The Fixed Cross of the Heavens)

3. "The constellations of the Great Bear and of the Pleiades constitute the greatest mystery of occult nature." (S.D. Vol. II, 580)

4. "From the beginning of humanity, the Cross, or Man, with arms stretched out horizontally (the Fixed Cross) typifying his cosmic origin, was connected with his psychic nature and with the struggles which led to initiation." (S.D. Vol. III, 141)

NOTE: All the travels of all the Heroes of antiquity through the signs of the sun and the heavens... are in each individual case, the personification of the sufferings, triumphs, and miracles of an adept before and after initiation.

5. The signs of the zodiac: Each a double sign in ancient astrological magic - namely: it was Taurus-Eve; and Scorpio was Mars-Lupa, or Mars with the female wolf... So as these signs were opposites of each other, yet met in the center they are connected; ... (S.D. Vol. III, 154)

References in A Treatise of Cosmic Fire. [640]

6. "Until the mystery of the Great Bear is revealed and is known as it is, and until the influence of Pleiades is comprehended, and the true significance of the cosmic Triangle formed by

The seven Rishis of the Great Bear,

The seven planetary Logoi of our solar system,

The seven Pleiades or Sisters,

is revealed, the karma of the seven sacred planets will remain unknown. All that we can see is its working out in the solar system. The intricacy of the whole subject will be apparent when it is borne in mind that not only do these three groups form a cosmic triangle, but that within that triangle many lesser triangles have to be studied. Any one of the seven Rishis with one of the seven Sisters may form a subsidiary triangle, and all must thus be studied." (C.F. 801)

7. "A further factor in cyclic computation lies in the effect of the following stars and constellations upon our system and upon any particular planet within the system:

The Great Bear.

The little Bear (Ursa Minor).

The Pole Star.

The Pleiades.

Constellation Capricorn.


And all the other constellations and allied stars of the zodiac. The mystery is hidden in esoteric astrology and until the subject of energy, working through the etheric body, of radioactivity and of the transmutation of all bodies from a lower state into a higher is better comprehended, the true mystery of the "influence of [641] these various bodies upon each other will remain at its present stage - an unrevealed secret." (C.F. 795)

8. Energy in the universe can be differentiated as follows:

"Inter-cosmic - affecting constellations.

Interplanetary - affecting planets.

Interchain - affecting the chains in a planetary cycle.

Inter-globular - producing interchange of force between the globes of a chain.

Inter-sectional - affecting the transference of force between the kingdoms in nature.

Inter-human - interplay between men.

Inter-atomic - passage of force between atoms." (C.F. 1029)

9. "There must also be borne in mind the play of energy which emanates from any one of the twelve constellations or signs of the zodiac, with which astrology concerns itself. This type of force is primarily concerned with planetary stimulation, with the planetary Logoi, and is hidden in Their cyclic karma - a karma which will incidentally involve those monads and devas which form Their bodies and centers." (C.F. 1052)

10. "These three groups of solar bodies (The Great Bear, the Pleiades and Sirius) are of paramount influence where the spiral cyclic activity of our system is concerned. Just as in the human atom, the spiral activity is egoic and controlled from the egoic body, so in connection with the solar system these three groups are related to the Logoic Spiritual Triad - atma-buddhi-manas - and their influence is dominant in connection with solar incarnation, with solar evolution and with solar progress." (C.F. 1058) [642]

"Mercury and Venus, the Sun and the Moon constitute the 'Guardian angels of the four corners of the Earth." [646] Note:

The sun and moon veil hidden planets.

These are the four Maharajas, connected with karma, humanity, cosmos and man.

They are the Sun or its substitute - Michael.

They are the Moon or its substitute - Gabriel.

They are Mercury or its substitute - Raphael.

They are Venus or its substitute - Uriel. (S.D. Vol. III, 459)

27. "Saturn - governs the devotional faculties.

Mercury - governs the intellectual facilities.

Jupiter - governs the sympathetic faculties.

The Sun - governs the governing faculties.

Mars - governs the selfish faculties.

Venus - governs the tenacious faculties.

Moon - governs the instinctual faculties." (S.D. Vol. III, 463)

28. "The seven Angels Who preside over the seven planets are the Builders of the Universe. They are the natural Guardians of the seven regions of our planetary system." (S.D. Vol. III, 115)

29. "The seven Builders graft the divine and the beneficent forces on to the gross material nature of the vegetable and mineral kingdoms every Second Round."

(S.D. Vol. III, 162; Note I)

30. "The seven planetary Spirits or Angels... are identical with the Dhyan Chohans of the esoteric doctrine and have been transformed into the archangels and the Spirits of the Presence by the Christian Church." (S.D. Vol. III, 160)

31. "The seven chief Deities... are the rays of the One Boundless Unity."

(S.D. Vol. III, 229) [647]

32. "Each of the seven chambers of the Pyramid was known by the name of one of the planets." (S.D. Vol. III, 247)

33. "The Kabiri were always the seven planets... who together with their Father, the Sun ...composed a powerful ogdoad." (S.D. Vol. III, 316)

34. "The Ancients knew of seven planets besides the sun... The seventh with two others were mystery planets." (S.D. Vol. III, 316, Note)

35. "The solar system is (from the higher cosmic planes) seen as a vast blue lotus and so on down the scale; even the tiny atom of substance can be so considered... The solar system is a twelve-petalled lotus, each petal being formed of forty-nine lesser petals. The planetary lotuses differ in each scheme and one of the secrets of initiation is revealed when the number of petals of:

Our earth planet

Our planetary polar opposite

Our complementary equilibrizing planet

is committed to the initiate." (C.F. 1018)

36. "Within the Hall of Wisdom, there exists a department of which the modern astrological organizations are dim and uncertain reflections. The Adepts connected with it work not with humanity but concern Themselves specifically with "casting the horoscopes" of the various great lives who inform... the kingdoms of nature, with ascertaining the nature of the karmic influences working out in the manifestation of the three planetary Logoi (mentioned under point 35 above)... They progress these various horoscopes [648] for the next stated cycle and Their records are of profound interest. I would conjure students to refrain from attempting to form cyclic computations of any kind for as yet the many constellations which exist only in physical matter of an etheric nature are unknown and unseen. Yet they are potent in influence and until etheric vision is developed, all calculations will be full of error." (C.F. 1057)

37. "A planetary Logos is the meeting place for two types of force, spiritual or logoic, which reaches Him... from the seven Rishis of the Great Bear on Their own plane, and, secondly, of buddhic force which is transmitted via the seven Sisters or the Pleiades from a constellation called The Dragon and from which has come the appellation 'The Dragon of Wisdom'." (C.F. 1162)

Tabulations Related to Astrology

The Rays and the Planets (According to Besant)

Ray Method Planet Color

I Will or Power Raja Yoga Uranus

(representing Sun) Flame

II Love-Wisdom

Intuition Raja Yoga Mercury Yellow, Rose

III Higher Mind Higher Mathematics

Philosophy Venus Indigo, Blue, Bronze

IV Conflict

Birth of man Tension

Hatha Yoga Saturn Green

V Lower mind Practical Science The Moon Violet

VI Devotion Bhakti Yoga Mars Rose, Blue

VII Magic Ritual Jupiter Bright Blue


Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students

The Rays and the Planets

Each of the seven sacred planets (of which our Earth is not one) is an expression of one of the seven ray influences. These seven planets may be enumerated as follows, and the rays working through them are accurately given. The student, however, must remember three things:

That every planet is the incarnation of a Life, or an Entity or Being.

That every planet, like a human being, is the expression of two ray forces - the personality and the egoic.

That two rays are therefore in esoteric conflict in each planet.

It should also be noted that until the mystery of the constellation of the Great Bear is revealed, and until the influence of the Pleiades is comprehended and the true significance of the cosmic triangle formed by:

The seven Rishis of the Great Bear.

The seven Planetary Logoi of our solar system.

The seven Pleiades or Sisters

is also revealed, the destiny and true function of the seven sacred planets will remain unknown. Within this cosmic triangle are many lesser ones. Any one of the seven Rishis with one of our planetary Logoi and one of the seven Sisters can form subsidiary triangles and the combinations possible are many and intricate.

Note: In the occult books there are many enumerations of the planets and many of these are simply blinds and the sacred and non-sacred planets are deliberately intermixed. In the Tibetan's books there are several such enumerations, i.e., the two listed above and the following: [652]

The Seven Planets, Centers or Schemes

Vulcan - the sun exoterically considered.



The Earth.




The Three Synthesizing Planets

Uranus - 8.

Neptune - 9.


The One Resolver

The Sun.

The first one given above will be regarded as accurate for this world period and will be the basis of our astrological teaching. The informing Lives of the seven sacred planets are called by the following names:

The seven Planetary Logoi.

The seven Spirits before the throne.

The seven Kumaras.

The seven solar Deities.

The primordial Seven.

The seven Builders.

The seven intellectual Breaths.

The seven Manus.

The Flames.

Lords of Love, Knowledge and Sacrifice. [653]

Suggestions for Students

The Seven Stars of the Great Bear

References in The Secret Doctrine and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

"The seven Rishis are the Regents of the seven stars of the Great Bear, and, therefore, of the same nature as the Angels of the Planets or the seven great planetary Spirits." (S.D. Vol. II, 332, Note)

"It is the seven Rishis who mark the time and the duration of events in our septenary life cycle. They are as mysterious as their supposed wives, the Pleiades." (S.D. Vol. II, 579)

"The first 'seven stars' are not planetary. They are the leading stars of seven constellations which turn [656] around with the Great Bear (S.D. Vol. III, 195)

"In Egypt, the Great Bear was the constellation...called the Mother of the Revolutions, and the Dragon with seven heads was assigned to Saturn, who was called the Dragon of Life." (S.D. Vol. III, 195)

"In the Book of Enoch, the Great Bear is called Leviathan." (S.D. Vol. III, 195)

"Our solar system with the Pleiades and one of the stars of the Great Bear form a cosmic triangle or an aggregation of three centers in the Body of the One about Whom Naught may be Said...The seven stars of the Great Bear correspond to the seven head centers of this Great Entity." (C.F. 182)

"Vibrations (energies) come to our solar system from the seven Rishis of the Great Bear and primarily from those two who are the Prototypes of the seventh and fifth Rays or planetary Logoi." (C.F. 553)

"Cosmic Avatars 'represent embodied force from Sirius, and from that one of the seven stars of the Great Bear which is ensouled by the Prototype of the Lord of the third major Ray, the third planetary Logos'." (C.F. 723)

"Cosmic evil from the standpoint of our planet consists in the relation between that spiritual, intelligent Unit or Rishi of the Superior Constellation - the informing Life of one of the seven stars of the Great Bear and our planetary prototype and one of the forces of the Pleiades...In this relation, at present lacking perfect adjustment, lies hid the mystery of cosmic evil...When the heavenly triangle is duly equilibrated and the force circulates freely through one of the stars of the Great Bear, the Pleiad involved and the planetary [657] scheme concerned, then cosmic evil will be negated and a relative perfection achieved." (C.F. 990)

"Great waves of energy sweep cyclically through the entire solar system from the seven stars of the Great Bear. The strength of these vibrations depends upon the closeness of the connection and the accuracy of the alignment between any particular Heavenly Man and His Prototype." (C.F. 1052)

Esoteric Astrology - Appendix - Suggestions for Students

The Seven Sisters, the Pleiades

References in The Secret Doctrine

The Pleiades are the supposed wives of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear. They are also the nurses of the God of War, Mars, the commander of the celestial armies." (Vol. II, 579)

"The Pleiades are the central group of the system of sidereal astronomy.

They are found in the neck of the Bull, the constellation Taurus.

They are therefore in the Milky Way.

They are thus considered (Alcyone, in particular) as the central point around which our universe of fixed stars revolves." (Vol. II, 582)

"The number seven is closely connected with the occult significance of the Pleiades, the six present and the 7th hidden." (Vol. II, 654)

"The Pleiades were at one time the Atlantides and connected with Atlantis and its seven races." (Vol. II, 811)

"One of the most esoteric cycles is based upon certain conjunctions and respective positions of Virgo and the Pleiades." (Vol. II, 454) [658]

From A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

"The Pleiades are to the solar system the source of electrical energy and, just as our sun is the embodiment of the heart or love aspect of the Logos (Who is Himself the heart of the One about Whom Naught may be Said) so the Pleiades are the feminine opposite of Brahma." (The third aspect) (156)

"Our solar system, with the Pleiades and one of the stars of the Great Bear, form a cosmic triangle or an aggregation of centers in the body of the One about Whom Naught may be Said." (182)

"Two other systems, when allied with our solar system and the Pleiades make a lower quaternary." (182)

"The sun, Sirius, is the source of the Logoic mind (manas) in the same sense that the Pleiades are connected with the evolution of mind in the seven Heavenly Men and Venus was responsible for the coming of mind to the Earth." (347)

"Sirius, the Pleiades and our Sun form a cosmic triangle." (375)

"The Pleiades are negatively polarized to our seven schemes." (377)

"Our seven planetary Logoi are transmitters, via Their seven schemes to the seven stars of the Pleiades." (378)

"Three constellations are connected with the fifth logoic principle in its threefold manifestation: Sirius, two of the Pleiades and a small constellation whose name must be intuitively ascertained." (699)

"Three great waves of energy sweep cyclically through [659] the entire solar system from...the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades, from that one in particular who is occultly termed "the wife" of the planetary Logos whose scheme will eventually receive the seeds of life from our planet which is not considered a sacred planet"...(1052)

"Cosmic evil...consists in the relation between that spiritual intelligent unit or "Rishi of the Superior Constellation," as He is called (Who is the informing Life of one of the seven stars of the Great Bear) and our planetary Prototype and one of the forces of the Pleiades...The Seven Sisters are occultly called the "seven wives" of the Rishis...(990)

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Stanzas of Dzyan

Stanza X

The Fifth progresseth and from the remnants of the Fourth multiplied and reproduced. The waters arose. All sank and was submerged. The sacred remnant, in the place appointed, emerged at later date from out the zone of safety.

The waters dissipated. The solid ground emerged in certain destined places. The Fifth o'er-ran the Sacred Land, and in their fivefold groups developed the lower Fifth.

They passed from stage to stage. The watching Lords, recognizing the rupas formed, gave a sign to the circulating Fourth and it speeded faster on its way. When the lesser Fifth had midway passed and all the lesser four were peopling the land, the Lords of Dark Intent arose. They said: "Not so shall go the force. The forms and rupas of the third and fourth, within the corresponding Fifth, approach too close the archetype. The work is far too good."

They constructed other forms. They called for cosmic fire. The seven deep pits of hell belched forth the animating shades. The incoming seventh reduced to order all the forms, - the white, the dark, the red, and shaded brown.

The period of destruction extended far on either hand. The work was sadly marred. The Chohans of the highest plane gazed in silence on the work. The Asuras and the Chaitans, the Sons of Cosmic Evil, and the Rishis of the darkest constellations, [29] gathered their lesser hosts, the darkest spawn of hell. They darkened all the space.


From the coming of the heaven-sent One peace passed upon the earth. The planet staggered and belched forth fire. Part rose. Part fell. The form was changed. Millions took other forms or ascended to the appointed place of waiting. They tarried till the hour of progress should again sound forth for them.


The early Third produced the monsters, great beasts and evil forms. They prowled upon the surface of the sphere.

The watery Fourth produced within the watery sphere, reptiles and spawn of evil fame, the product of their karma. The waters came and swept away the progenitors of the fluidic spawn.

The separating Fifth built in the rupa sphere the concrete forms of thought. They cast them forth. They peopled the lower four, and like a black and evil cloud shut out the light of day. The higher three were hid.


The war upon the planet had been waged. Both sides descended into hell. Then came the Conqueror of form. He drew on the Sacred Fire, and purified the rupa levels. The fire destroyed the lands in the days of the lesser Sixth.

When the Sixth appeared the land was changed. The surface of the globe circled through another cycle. Men of the higher Fifth mastered the lower [30] three. The work was shifted to the plane whereon the Pilgrim stood. The lesser triangle within the lower auric egg became the center of cosmic dissonance. [31]

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section One - Division A - The Internal Fires of the Sheaths

c. The Man. At the base of the spine lie hid the fires of the human system, or the internal fires of the Microcosm. The center is located there, and from it the radiations go forth along the three channels, recognizable in the spine.

Bodily warmth, the channel along which the heat radiates and which finds the goal of its attention to be the heating of the corporeal frame. This vitalization of the dense matter of the body finds its correspondence in the systemic akasha, and in planetary productive substance.

Nervous response. This is the vitalizing tenuous fluid which applies itself to the stimulation of the nervous centers, and which creates electrical response to contact between the nerves and the brain. It should now be more closely studied. It corresponds to systemic electricity, and to planetary electricity.

Pranic emanation. The emanation, via the etheric body, which corresponds in man to solar prana and to planetary prana. This demonstrates principally in the health aura and has naught to do with magnetic qualities, as generally interpreted when considering a personality, or man as a unit. I make this repetition as it is very necessary that no mental confusion exists between that magnetism which is a spiritual emanation and that which is purely animal.

It might be wise here to point out that this triple manifestation of fire demonstrates in the astral and mental bodies likewise, having to do with the substance of those bodies. We might express this fire in its triple manifestation as the sumtotal of the essential fire, or life activity of the third Logos. It should be carefully borne [62] in mind that the manifestation of the work of the three Logoi is the expression of the mind of some cosmic Entity. In the same way, the seven planetary Entities, the seven Heavenly Men, are seven Logoi (likewise cosmic Beings) Who in Their totality form the Body of the threefold Logos. We have, therefore:

The undifferentiated Logos - a cosmic Entity.

The Logos, threefold in manifestation:

The cosmic Lord of Will Power.

The cosmic Lord of Love and Wisdom.

The cosmic Lord of Active Intelligence.

The triple Logos, sevenfold in manifestation., i.e. The seven planetary Logoi. 18, 19, 20

[63] Each of there cosmic Entities is, in His essential essence, Fire; each manifests as fire in a threefold manner. In point of time the cosmic Lord of active Intelligence, considered from the standpoint of cosmic evolution, is more evolved than His two Brothers. He is the life of matter, its latent internal Fire. His is the fire essence that lies at the heart of the Sun, of the planet, and of man's material forms. He is the sumtotal of the Past.

The Lord of Cosmic Love now seeks union with His Brother, and, in point of time, embodies all the Present. He is the sumtotal of all that is embodied; He is conscious Existence. He is the Son divine and His life and nature evolve through every existent form. The Lord of Cosmic Will holds hid the future within His plans and consciousness. They are all three the Sons of one Father, all three the aspects of the One God, all three are Spirit, all three are Soul, and all three are Rays emanating from one cosmic center. All three are substance, but in the past one Lord was the elder Son, in the present another Lord comes to the fore, and in the future still another. But this is so only in Time. From the standpoint of the Eternal Now, none is greater nor less than another, for the last shall be first, and the first last. Out of manifestation time is not, and freed from objectivity states of consciousness are not.


18 T. Subba Rao says on page 20, of Esoteric Writings: As a general rule, whenever seven entities are mentioned in the ancient occult science of India in any connection whatsoever, you must suppose that those seven entities came into existence from three primary entities and that these three entities again are evolved out of a single entity or monad. To take a familiar example, the seven colored rays in the solar ray are evolved out of three primary colored rays; and the three primary colors coexist with the four secondary colors in the solar ray. Similarly the three primary entities which brought man into existence coexist in him with the four secondary entities which arose from different combinations of the three primary entities."

In Christian terminology these are the three Persons of the Trinity, and the seven Spirits which are before the Throne. Compare "Our God is a consuming fire." Heb:12.29.

19 "I have already said in speaking of this Logos, that it was quite possible that it was the Logos that appeared in the shape of the first Dhyan Chohan, or planetary Spirit, when the evolution of man was recommenced after the last period of inactivity on this planet, as stated in Mr. Sinnett's book, Esoteric Buddhism, and after having set the evolutionary current in motion, retired to the spiritual plane congenial to its own nature, and has been watching since over the interests of humanity, and now and then appearing in connection with a human individuality for the good of mankind. Or you may look upon the Logos represented by Krishna as one belonging to the same class as the Logos which so appeared. In speaking of himself Krishna says, (chap. x, verse 6):

"The seven great Rishis, the four preceding Manus, partaking of my nature were born from my mind: from them sprang, was (born) the human race and the world."

He speaks of the sapta Rishis and of the Manus as his manasaputras, or mind-born sons, which they would be if he was the so-called Prajapati, who appeared on this planet and commenced the work of evolution." - The Theosophist, Vol. VIII, p. 443.

2O The following tabulation should be borne in mind:

Seven branch races make one subrace

Seven subraces make one root-race

Seven root-races make one world period

Seven world periods make one round

Seven rounds make one chain period

Seven chain periods make one planetary scheme

Ten planetary schemes make one solar system

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section One - Division E - Motion on the Physical and Astral Planes

The activity of the second Logos is carried on under the cosmic Law of Attraction. The Law of Economy has for one of its branches a subsidiary Law of marked development called the Law of Repulsion. The cosmic Laws of Attraction and Economy are therefore the raison d'être (viewed from one angle) of the eternal repulsion that goes on as Spirit seeks ever to liberate itself from form. The matter aspect always follows the line of least resistance, and repulses all tendency to group formation, while Spirit, governed by the Law of Attraction, seeks ever to separate itself from matter by the method of attracting an ever more adequate type of matter in the process of distinguishing the real from the unreal, and passing from one illusion to another until the resources of matter are fully utilized. [145]

Eventually the Indweller of the form feels the urge, or attractive pull, of its Own Self. The reincarnating jiva, for instance, lost in the maze of illusion, begins in course of time to recognize (under the Law of Attraction) the vibration of its own Ego, which stands to it as the Logos of its own system, its deity in the three worlds of experience. Later, when the body egoic itself is seen as illusion, the vibration of the Monad is felt, and the jiva, working under the same law, works its way back through the matter of the two planes of superhuman evolution, till it is merged in its own essence.


The goal of the second Logos is consciousness, to be achieved in cooperation with the third Logos.

His function is the building of forms to be His instruments of experience.

His mode of action is cyclic and spiral, the revolution of the wheel of existence in ordered cycles for a specific purpose, and the progression of these spheres of matter around a fixed center, within the solar periphery.

These three concepts are governed by the Law of Attraction, or the law governing the interplay or the action and reaction.

Between the Sun and its six brothers.

Between the circling whirling seven planes of the solar system.

Between everything in the matter of all forms, the spheres of matter themselves and the aggregate of those spheres that are embodied in the forms of still others.

The First Logos. The first Logos is the Ray of Cosmic Will. His mode of action is a literal driving forward of the solar ring-pass-not through space, and until the end of this mahamanvantara or day of Brahma (the logoic cycle) [146] we shall not be able to conceive of the first aspect of will or power as it really is. We know it now as will to exist, manifesting through the matter of the forms, (the Primordial Ray and the Divine Ray), and we know it as that which in some occult manner links the system up with its cosmic center. In a manner inconceivable to us the first Logos brings in the influence of other constellations. When this first aspect is better understood (in the next mahamanvantara) the work of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear,65 and the supreme influence o Sirius will be comprehended; in this present manifestation of the Son, or of the Vishnu aspect, we are concerned more closely with the Pleiades and their influence via the Sun, and, in relation to our planet, via Venus.

This subject of the first Logos, manifesting only in connection with the other two in the system, is a profound mystery, which is not fully understood by even those who have taken the sixth Initiation.

The first Logos embodies the "will to live" and it was through His instrumentality that the Manasaputras came into objective existence in relation to the human and deva hierarchies. In this system, the blending of the Divine Ray of Wisdom and the Primordial Ray of intelligent matter forms the great dual evolution; back of both these cosmic Entities stands another Entity Who is the embodiment of Will, and Who is the utilizer of forms - though not the forms of any other than the Greater Building devas and the human hierarchies in time and space. He is the animating principle; the will-to-live aspect of the seven Hierarchies. Nevertheless these seven Hierarchies are (as says H. P. B.) the sevenfold ray of wisdom, the dragon in its seven forms. 66, 67, 68 This is a [147] deep mystery, and only a clue to it all can be found at this time by man in the contemplation of his own nature in the three worlds of his manifestation. Just as our Logos is seeking objectivity through His solar system in its threefold form of which the present is the second, so man seeks objectivity through his three bodies - physical, astral and mental. At this time he is polarized in his astral body, or in his second aspect in like manner as the undifferentiated Logos is polarized in His second aspect. In time and space as we now conceive it, the sum total of jivas are governed by feeling, emotion, and desire, and not by the will, yet at the same time the will aspect governs manifestation, for the Ego who is the source of personality shows in manifestation the will to love.

The difficulty lies in the inability of the finite mind to grasp the significance of this threefold manifestation, but by thoughtful brooding over the Personality and its relation to the Ego, who is the love aspect and who nevertheless in relation to manifestation in the three worlds is the will aspect likewise, will come some faint light upon the same problems raised to Deity, or expanded from microcosmic to macrocosmic spheres.


65 "The Hindus place their seven primitive Rishis in the Great Bear. The prototypes or the animating source of the seven Heavenly Men, the planetary Logoi, are considered the seven Existences who function through the seven stars of the Bear."

- S. D., II, 668.

66 S. D., I, 100-108.

67 Subba Rao says in Five Years of Theosophy, page 102: "As a general rule, whenever seven entities are mentioned in the ancient occult science of India in any connection whatsoever, you must suppose that those seven entities came into existence from three primary entities; and that these three entities, again, are evolved out of a single entity or monad. To take a familiar example, the seven colored rays in the solar ray are evolved out of three primary colored rays; and the three primary colors coexist with the four secondary colors in the solar ray. Similarly the three primary entities which brought man into existence coexist in him with the four secondary entities which arose from different combinations of the three primary entities." Read also S. D., I, 190, 191.

68 "See S. D., I, 100, 108. Also Stanza III, 7A.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions

4. The Heavenly Men and Man

The final part of question six is: Who are the Manasaputras?

This will be dealt with in greater detail in connection with our planet when taking up the subject of the coming of the Lords of Flame. It is desirable now to make certain facts clear which must form the basis of any thought upon this subject. [270] The Divine Manasaputras 13, 14 Who are known in the Secret Doctrine by diverse names, are the Mind-born Sons of Brahma, the third aspect logoic.

They are the seven planetary Logoi, and are the Lords of the Rays, the seven Heavenly Men. They developed the mind aspect in the first solar system, that in which Brahma was paramount, and in Himself embodied objective existence. This He did in the same sense as that in which the second aspect (the Vishnu or Dragon of Wisdom aspect) is the sumtotal of existence in this the second system.

The cells in Their bodies are made up of the units of the human and deva evolutions in the same manner (only on a higher turn of the spiral) as the bodies of human beings are made up of living organisms, the various animated cells, or the lesser lives. This is a basic fact in occultism, and the relationship between the cells in the human vehicles, and the cells in the bodies of a Heavenly [271] Man, will be productive of illumination if carefully studied.

Just as a human being has an originating source, the Monad, and a semi-permanent vehicle, the causal body, but manifests through his lower principles (of which the dense physical is not one) so a Heavenly Man has an originating source, His Monad, a semi-permanent body on the monadic levels of the solar system, but manifests through three lower sheaths, our atmic, buddhic, and manasic levels. He is extraneous to the astral and physical planes just as a human being is to the physical. Man vitalizes the physical vehicle with his force or heat but he does not occultly count it as a principle. So the Heavenly Man is extraneous to the two lower planes of manifestation though He vitalizes them with His force. The human being realizes his relationship (as a cell in the body) to a Heavenly Man only when he is developing the consciousness of the Ego on its own plane. If it might be so expressed, the groups of causal bodies are the lowest forms through which a Heavenly Man manifests, just as the physical body is the lowest through which a human being manifests, and this in its etheric connotation.

It should be borne in mind that the manifesting Existences embody certain planes, and have Their points of deepest involution on diverse levels:

A Man originates on the monadic level, has his main focal point on the fifth level, the mental, but is seeking full conscious development on the three lower planes, the mental, the astral and the physical.

A Heavenly Man has His source outside the solar system (as man outside the three worlds of his endeavor), has His main focal point on the second plane of the system, the monadic, and is seeking consciousness on the Planes of the Triad - this in relation to all the cells in His body. He developed consciousness on the three [272] lower planes of the three worlds during the first solar system, again in relation to the cells in His body. Man is repeating His endeavor up to the fifth Initiation which will bring him to a stage of consciousness achieved by a Heavenly Man in a much earlier mahamanvantara. In connection with the initiations this should be carefully borne in mind.

A solar Logos has His origin on a still higher cosmic level, has his main focal point on the cosmic mental plane but is expressing Himself through the three lower cosmic planes just as man is seeking self-expression in the three worlds. Therefore, the seven major planes of the solar system are in the same relation to Him cosmically as the physical plane is to a human being. They form His etheric and dense bodies. It might be stated that:

He vitalizes them by His life and heat.

He animates them.

He is fully conscious through them.

The etheric is in time His lowest principle, but the dense physical is not counted. The dense cosmic physical body is composed of matter of the three lower planes of the solar system, the mental, the astral and the physical. The buddhic plane is consequently the fourth cosmic ether.

The Heavenly Men form the seven centers in the body of the Logos. Therefore, They are the spheres of fire which animate His body, and each of Them expresses one form of His force manifestation, according to Their place within the body.

Human beings, when centered within their groups on causal levels, form one or other of the seven centers in the body of a Heavenly Man.

The solar Logos forms one center in the body of a still greater cosmic ENTITY. Human beings therefore [273] find their place within one of the forty-nine centers (not groups, for a center may be made up of many groups, corresponding to the different parts) of the seven Heavenly Men.

A Heavenly Man, with His seven centers, forms one center in the body of the solar Logos. I would here point out to you the close connection existing between the seven Rishis of the Great Bear and the seven Heavenly Men. The seven Rishis of the Great Bear are to Them what the Monad is to the evolving human unit.


13 In the Secret Doctrine the Heavenly Men are spoken of as:

Agents of creation. They are the totality of manifestation. - S. D., I, 470.

They are precosmic. - S. D., I, 470.

They are the sumtotal of solar and lunar entities. - S. D., I, 152, 470. Compare II, 374.

They are the seven Biblical Archangels.

They are the seven Forces or creative Powers.

They are the seven Spirits before the Throne.

They are the seven Spirits of the Planets - S. D., I, 472, 153.

In Their totality They are the Secret Unpronounceable Name. - S. D., I, 473.

They are the collective Dhyan Chohans. - S. D., I, 477.

They are the seven Kumaras. The seven Rishis. - S. D., I, 493. III, 196, 327.

They are the Sons of Light - S. D., I, 521, 522.

They are the Hierarchy of creative Powers - S. D., I, 233.

They are the veiled synthesis. - S. D., I, 362.

They are our own planetary deities. - S. D., I, 153.

They are all men, the product of other worlds. - S. D., I, 132.

They are closely connected with the seven stars of the Great Bear. - S. D., I, 488. S. D., II, 332. II 579, 668. S. D., III, 195

They are symbolized by circles - S. D., II, 582. I

They are collectively the fallen Angels. - S. D., II, 284, 541.

14 The Sons of Mind: are known by various terms, such as: "The Manasaputras, the Prajapatis, the Kumaras, the Primordial Seven, the Rudras, the Heavenly Men, the Rishis, the Spirits before the Throne.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor

b. The Method of Initiation

In this second method the "Rods of Initiation" are used to effect certain results. These rods are of four kinds:

Cosmic, used by a cosmic Logos in the initiations of a solar Logos, and of the three major planetary Logoi.

Systemic, used by a solar Logos in the initiations of a planetary Logos.

Planetary, used by a planetary Logos for initiatory purposes, and for the third, the fourth, and fifth major initiations, with the two higher.

Hierarchical, used by an occult Hierarchy for minor Initiations, and for the first two initiations of manas by the Bodhisattva. 29

When man individualized in Lemurian days (about eighteen million years ago), it was the application of the Rod of Initiation to the Logos of our Earth chain which brought about the event and touched into activity certain centers in His body with their corresponding groups. This application, bringing about consciousness on some plane, may be regarded as literally the awakening of the lives concerned to participate in intelligent work on the mental plane. Animal man was conscious on the physical, and on the astral planes. By the stimulation effected by the electric rod this animal man awoke to consciousness on the mental. Thus the three bodies were coordinated, and the Thinker enabled to function in them. [349]

All Rods of Initiation cause certain effects:

Stimulation of the latent fires till they blaze.

Synthesis of the fires through an occult activity that brings them within the radius of each other.

Increase of the vibratory activity of some center, whether in man, a Heavenly Man, or a solar Logos.

Expansion of all the bodies, but primarily of the causal, - this also in speaking of all the three types of Entities.

All these results were seen when the Heavenly Man of our scheme took initiation eighteen million years ago. This initiation was brought about - as earlier pointed out - by a peculiar juxtaposition of chains, globes and schemes, and caused such a stimulation of all the latent manasic units within His body that a downflow of pure manas from the planetary manasic permanent atom was possible along the path of the planetary antahkarana - a channel which exists in the case of the planetary Logos, and which has not to be built as in the case of man. Along with this juxtaposition came a similar alignment with one of the Pleiades, permitting of manasic influence from that source. 30, 31

Third, the third method of individualization is the one to be followed in the next solar system, though it will have its faint beginnings in this one. It is not based on latent activity as in the first case, nor in electrical polarity as in the second, but in a peculiar process of "occult abstraction" (using the word "abstraction" in its basic sense as "the drawing out" of essence). This occult abstraction is brought about by an effort of the will at present incomprehensible. The first method of individualization [350] is that of the third aspect, or latent activity, and follows the line of least resistance under the Law of Economy; the second method is the purely electrical one, and works under the Law of Attraction; whilst the third method lies hidden in dynamic will and is as yet to us impossible and incomprehensible.


29 The above information about the "Rods" is taken out of Initiation Human and Solar, page 126.

30 "The Secret of the Pleiades and of their relation to the Seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and therefore to our Seven Heavenly Men, is not yet to be revealed. It is known only in detail to the Chohans. of the Seventh Initiation, though the fact that there is such a relation is now exoteric." H.P.B. speaks of it in the Secret Doctrine.

31 "See S. D, II, 711, 725, 726.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor

Religious students will study the side of manifestation we call the "life side" just as the scientist studies that called "matter," and both will come to a realization of the close relation existing between the two, and thus the old gap and the ancient warfare between science and religion will be in temporary abeyance. Definite methods of demonstrating the fact that life persists after the death of the physical body will be followed, and the etheric web will be recognized as a factor in the case. The connection between the different planes will be sought, and the analogy between the fourth etheric subplane and the fourth or buddhic plane (the fourth cosmic ether) will be studied, for it will be realized that the life of those Entities, Whom we recognize as the planetary Logoi, pours [430] through our scheme from the fourth cosmic plane, the cosmic buddhic, and thus in a very special sense through all lesser correspondences. The alignment will be as follows:

The fourth cosmic plane, the cosmic buddhic.

The fourth cosmic ether, the fourth plane of the system, the buddhic.

The fourth etheric subplane of our physical plane.

There is thus a line of least resistance from the planes of the cosmos, producing a special activity in connection with the Heavenly Men, demonstrating on Their Own plane, and sequentially in connection with the units in Their bodies on lower levels. Lines of force, extending from our scheme extra-systemically, will be a recognized fact, and will be interpreted by scientists in terms of electrical phenomena, and by the religious man in terms of life, - the life force of certain Entities.

Philosophic students will endeavor simultaneously to link these two schools of thought, and to demonstrate the factor of the intelligent adaptation of the electrical phenomena which we call matter, - of that energized active material we call substance, - to the life purpose of a cosmic Being. In these three lines of thought, therefore, - scientific, religious, and philosophic, - we have the beginning of the conscious building, or construction of the antahkarana of that group which we call the fifth root-race.

On the fourth subplane of the astral plane, a similar activity will be noted as in process. The inflowing force will cause an astral stimulation in the bodies of many of the human family who are still on that subplane, and will bring about an awakening of the desire for harmony in a new manner. This will work out relatively well in the sixth subrace. It should be remembered that numbers of the old Atlanteans (fourth root-race men) will respond to [431] the stimulation and will find their way into incarnation at that time, for the four and the six are always closely allied. We have another suggestive analogy in the fact that the devas of the fourth ether will be soon swinging into recognized utility and that in the sixth subrace the deva evolution will be exceedingly prominent. The fourth plane is the plane of at-one-ment for certain deva and human units, and certain groups (the fourth Creative Hierarchy and the sixth Deva Hierarchy) have a pronounced karma to work out together. One can now see the supreme importance of the human Hierarchy, the fourth in this sequence of planes and ideas.

Second Cosmic Plane - Seven Cosmic Logoi.

Fourth Cosmic Plane - Seven Rishis of the Great Bear.

Second Solar Plane - Seven Heavenly Men.

Fourth Solar Plane - Seven centers of the seven Heavenly Men in the fourth cosmic ether.

Fourth subplane of the solar physical - Seven centers of the human unit in ether of the fourth order.

The beauty of the interlocking system will be apparent, even though it may not be so immediately understandable wherein lies the relation between these complexities of entities. We must ever remember that we are considering the force or life-energy of these entities as it pours into, and works through definite, material, substantial forms.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division C - The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire

b. The Atomic Triangle

The causal sheath is to the clairvoyant therefore a sphere of vibrant living substance; within it can be seen three fiery points. At the heart of the sphere is a central blaze of light, emitting [514] rays; these rays are given as seven in number, and play upon these points or circles (analogous to the electrons in the atoms of science) and at this stage produce most effect upon the astral permanent atom. The physical permanent atom has a position relatively close to the positive center, and the force plays through it, and passes on to the astral permanent atom in the form of five rays of parti-colored light which blend with the intensely vivid hue of the astral permanent atom, and increase its intensity until the blaze is so excessive that it appears to the onlooker as if the two points blended, or the two electrons merged, and (in merging) produce such an intensity of light that they are seen as dissolving. The mental unit, having a position within the causal body analogous to the planet furthermost from the sun, becomes vibrant likewise, and the two other points (considered now as one) begin to interact with the mental unit, and a similar process is set up and is pursued until these two points - circulating around their positive center - also approach each other, blend, merge, and dissolve. The center of positive life gathers or synthesizes the three points, and thus the three fires of the personality repeat on their tiny scale the microcosmic procedure as seen in the synthesis of electric fire, solar fire, and fire by friction, and only a blazing unit is left. This blazing unit, through the combined heat of its being, burns up the causal body, and escapes back on to the planes of abstraction. Thus man is the Path itself, and also the pilgrim upon the Path; thus does he burn, but is also the burning-ground.

The analogy holds true in the case of the microcosm viewed from monadic levels in his manifestation as Monad, Ego and Personality, and thus the process is carried on as it concerns a Heavenly Man, and likewise a solar Logos. Should the brain suffice to hold the concept, thus [515] is the process also on cosmic levels for such high existences as the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and that still greater Being, the ONE ABOUT WHOM NOUGHT MAY BE SAID.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals


Under this division we shall briefly give an outline of the study which we will undertake upon this vast and stupendous subject, for, as it definitely concerns the evolution of man and his power eventually to create, it will be wise for us to take up the matter in some detail.

This section is not intended to give interesting bits of information anent the devas; I only seek to deal with the matter in its practical application to man, and to give as much of the necessary knowledge as will enable a man to control and build his own system, to understand the method of creation and to comprehend somewhat the lesser lives and the paralleling deva evolution with which he may be concerned.

I. Thought Forms

1. Their Function

It will be noted that in studying this matter we have not started with that which is most apparent, the exoteric form in mental matter, but with the inner life or Idea within the form and with the Laws that govern the creative [552] aspect. This function of every thought form, is threefold:

To respond to vibration

To provide a body for an idea

To carry out specific purpose.

Let us first study the logoic thought form and then turn our attention to the thought forms fabricated by the Thinker from the systemic mental planes and in mental matter. We have to note that, in the case of the Logos, all upon which we have to base our conclusions are His physical manifestation, and His quality, psychic nature, aroma, emanation or magnetism, as we see it working out through the form. Hence we are very much handicapped.

a. Response to Vibration

It is always recognized in occult circles that the whole object of human evolution is to enable the Thinker to respond to every contact fully and consciously, and thus to utilize his material sheath, or sheaths, as adequate transmitter of such contact. The most easily studied human thought-form is the one the Ego creates through which to function. He builds his sheaths by the power of thought, and the dense physical body is the best sheath that - at any particular stage of evolution - he can at the time manufacture. The same can be predicated of the solar Logos. He builds by the power of thought a body which can respond to that group of vibrations which are concerned with the cosmic physical plane (the only one we can study). It is not yet adequate, and does not fully express the logoic Thinker.

The vibrations to which the systemic thought-form must respond are many in number, but for our purposes might be enumerated as mainly seven:

The vibrations of the cosmic physical plane, viewing it as all the matter of that plane which exists [553] outside the logoic ring-pass-not. It concerns the pranic and akashic fluids and currents.

The vibrations of the cosmic astral plane as they affect the physical form of divine manifestation. This involves cosmically the action upon our solar Logos of the emotional quality of other cosmic entities, and concerns the magnetic effect upon Him of their psychic emanation. This, in view of the fact that His dense physical body is not a principle, is of a more potent nature than the first set of vibrations, as is the case also in man's evolution.

Vibrations from that which, within the logoic consciousness, is recognized as the logoic Higher Self, or His emanating source. This brings the solar system within the vibratory radius of certain constellations which have a position of profound importance in the general evolution of the system.

Vibrations from Sirius via the cosmic mental plane.

Vibrations from the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and primarily from those two Who are the Prototypes of the Lords of the seventh and fifth Rays. This is a most important point, and finds its microcosmic correspondence in the place which the seventh Ray has in the building of a thought-form, and the use of the fifth Ray in the work of concretion. All magicians who work with matter and who are occupied with form-building (either consciously or unconsciously) call in these two types of force or energy.

Certain very remote vibrations, as yet no more appreciable in the logoic Body than is monadic influence in that of average man, from the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID, that cosmic [554] Existence Who is expressing Himself through seven centers of force, of which our solar system is one.

A series of vibrations which will become more potent as our Logos nears that period which is occultly called "Divine Maturity," which emanate from that constellation in the Heavens which embodies His polar opposite. This is a deep mystery and concerns the cosmic marriage of the Logos.

It will be apparent, therefore, how little can as yet be predicated anent the future of the solar system until the vibrations of the sixth and seventh order become more powerful, and their effects can consequently be studied more easily. It is not possible here to do more than indicate the seven types of vibrations to which our solar Logos (functioning in a material body) will in due course of time consciously, and fully, respond. He responds to vibrations of the first, second, third and fourth order quite fully at this time, but as yet (though responding) cannot fully, and consciously, utilize these types of energy. The vibration of the fifth order is recognized by Him, particularly in three of His centers, but is not as yet fully under His control. The other two are sensed, and felt, but so remotely as to be almost outside the range of His consciousness.

In carrying out these ideas in connection with man and the thought forms which he fabricates (such as his material sheaths), the correspondence can be worked out within the system, and from the point of view of the planetary schemes in which man has his place. The work of man as he builds in mental thought matter and constructs forms extraneous to himself, we shall deal with later.

The methods whereby vibratory response is brought about might be enumerated as follows: [555]

Through the factor of time in evolution.

Through extra-systemic stimulation and intensive training, whether for a Logos or a man.

Through the process of Initiation, and the application of the Rods of Initiation.

The factor of evolution is recognized and studied by many schools of thought, esoteric or exoteric. The extra-systemic stimulation involves a large number of factors, but the main two to be remembered are that this stimulation will be applied:

Through the group to the unit.

Through a more evolved "Kingdom of Nature" to a less evolved.

As regards the third factor of Initiation, it must be borne in mind that we are here considering only the great initiations, and not the numerous expansions of consciousness which can be traced through all kingdoms and all manifestations.

In connection with what we have considered above, anent the primary function of a thought-form (the power to respond to vibration) I would emphasize the necessity of remembering that that response must be made by the inner embodied Idea, and that it will then through a complex reflex action, bring about response from the material sheath which veils it. Vibration is the result of subjective impulse, and makes its appeal to the subjective consciousness through impact upon whatever may be understood as substance; this impact is transmitted direct to the inner life, and in due turn is retransmitted to substance in the form of recognition or realization. An analogous process may be studied in the nerve reactions of the physical frame, and their alliance with the brain consciousness.

As will be seen in the three worlds of man's emprise, man will work as a Creator and will follow a similar procedure. [556] His thought forms will be constructed of mental matter, chosen specifically because it vibrates to the same type of vibration as the Idea seeking embodiment, and these forms will persist - as does the logoic thought form, the solar system - for just as long as the factor of Will, or dynamic vitality, continues to hold it together.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

To carry the simile, or analogy, even further back and thus bear in mind the resemblance between microcosmic and macrocosmic development we have:

The seven Spirits who find Their originating incentive on:

The cosmic lower mental levels.

The logoic "Jewel in the Lotus."

The cosmic atmic plane.

The seven Heavenly Men are in the line of force from:

The cosmic astral plane.

The logoic nine-petalled lotus.

The cosmic buddhic plane (the seven Rishis of the Great Bear).

The seven Sons of Fohat find their vital force emanating from:

The cosmic physical plane.

The logoic permanent atoms (within the causal body).

The cosmic higher mental levels.

Yet these three are but the expressions of One Existence, for behind the Logos in physical incarnation is to be found the logoic Monad, expressing Itself through the logoic Ego, and its reflection, the logoic Personality.

All these spiritual Essences are individualized self-conscious Identities, and the "Fiery Lives" are real, and conscious, vital Existences. Thus we see the Logos manifesting as One Unity yet Three in One; we see the threefold Unity differentiating into the seven great Lives, containing within Themselves all lesser lives.

Another broad differentiation must next be touched upon: [631]

The seven Fires form the forty-nine Fires.

The seven Heavenly Men manifest through forty-nine lesser Rays.

The seven Spirits shew forth as forty-nine Existences.

In connection with the Spirit aspect it will prove unprofitable to carry the thought any further. Of Spirit per se we can know nothing, and beyond predicating the forty-nine 5 solar Manus (each of the Heavenly Men is expressing Himself on the physical plane through seven Manus) it is impossible to go. Therefore, in discussing these abstract questions, we will concern ourselves only with the seven Rays of Light, or Heavenly Men, and the seven Fires.

Each of the seven Rays of Light differentiates into seven making the forty-nine aspects of the logoic psychic nature, as it shews itself on the cosmic physical plane, and each of the seven Fires manifests as seven lesser Fires, making the forty-nine Fires referred to by H. P. B. in the Secret Doctrine (See S. D., 1, 567.). The seven Heavenly Men manifest each through seven lesser Entities, Who form the psychic centers in Their body in the same manner as They - in Their turn - form the psychic centers in the logoic vahan or vehicle. Each of the seven Fires, or Deva Lords, of a plane manifest through seven lesser devas, who form the central fire, and consciousness of the substance of a subplane. It is with their mutual interplay and work that we are now concerned, or with the study of matter as it is affected and built into form through the medium of Divine Thought or Will.

Of the higher Fires (the Lords of the four higher planes) I do not seek to deal, for it only profits us to [632] study the construction of thought-forms in the three worlds through the medium of deva essences; these are vitalized and manipulated by the Builders, the Dhyan Chohans, the Heavenly Men through the force of Their Life, through Their knowledge of the logoic Will or purpose, and through the power of Their psychic nature. Thus They are occupied in building the logoic physical body, and in carrying out His plans in that body, in this way fulfiling the purpose for which He incarnated. Their work is infinitely greater than this, for it lies primarily on cosmic levels, but this is what concerns us, and all that we can, in any way grasp. Man in the three worlds of human endeavor works at two things:

First. The building of his body of manifestation, a threefold body.

Second. The construction of thought-forms, which he builds of mental matter and vitalizes by desire, and which he holds within his aura, thus constructing a tiny system of his own.

Both man, and the Heavenly Men, work in deva substance; both cooperate with the devas; both manifest will, psychic quality and intelligent activity as they pursue their work but a difference lies, not only in degree, but in consciousness. Man works usually unconsciously. The Heavenly Men, on cosmic levels, work for the most part consciously. Herein lies a hint as to the stage of evolution of our Logos.

This matter is of real difficulty, for the subject is abstruse and profound. We will now leave these basic ideas, and deal more specifically with the devas with whom we are immediately concerned, or with the three groups I have outlined - the Agnichaitans, the Agnisuryans, and the Agnishvattas. They are concerned primarily with the evolution of the dense body of the Logos, the liquid, gaseous and dense subplanes of the [633] cosmic physical, or the three worlds of human endeavor; with the magnetic radiation of the Logos through His physical vehicle, and with the radiatory emanations of the particular Heavenly Man Who is expressing Himself through our planet. Finally they are concerned with the evolution of consciousness 7 in the three worlds, and particularly with the individualization of the human unit of consciousness, and with the vitalization of the centers in the body of the Heavenly Man with Whom we are peculiarly connected.


5 The forty-nine Manus. They are the patrons or guardians of the race cycles in a manvantara, or Day of Brahma. There are seven races in a world period, and there are seven world periods.

7 The Lunar Angels have to reach the plane of the Solar Angels. - S. D., I, 203.

They have to win immortality. - S. D., III, 518, 519.

Self-consciousness is their goal. - S. D., I, 205; II, 622.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

Group A. Agnichaitans

We have seen that on all planes the groups of devas can be divided into three [654] main groups, even though usually studied in their dual capacity of involutionary and evolutionary force units. Broadly speaking, these groups can be viewed as:

Those which embody the positive aspect, or positive electrical phenomena.

Those which embody the negative aspect.

That group which - in time and space - is the union of the two aspects and which - during evolution - demonstrates the third type of electrical phenomena.

Another grouping of this triplicity can be made which brings them into line with the order of manifestation as laid down in the ancient cosmogony, and this we followed when we enumerated the groups of Agnichaitans.

Group A - Corresponds to the manifestations of existence as seen on the highest plane, or that aspect which is understood by the term Agni.

Group B - Corresponds to the Vishnu-Surya aspect.

Group C - Corresponds to the Brahma or the creative Logos aspect.

We have recapitulated thus, as it is desirable to have the thought clearly defined.

We have touched upon the two lower groups of devas. Now, we might take up the consideration of Group A, the most important group on the physical plane from the standpoint of creation, and of objectivity, for they are the life of matter itself and the intelligence animating the forms of all that exists on the systemic physical [656] plane; they are not self-conscious intelligence, but consciousness as understood by the occultist.

Each of the atomic subplanes in the solar system is closely interrelated with the others, and the seven atomic subplanes of all the planes form a unity, and are essentially the cosmic physical plane as the term is occultly understood. The subplanes of which they are the originating source bear the same relationship to them as the six principles do to the seventh. Therefore, the devas of Group A are the concentrated creative force of the subplanes, the origin of the objective side of physical manifestation, and the source of the seven Breaths of the creative Logos on the physical plane. But it must be remembered that in each scheme the creative impulse or will is the planetary Logos of the scheme, Who as truly creates His body of Manifestation under the Law (His dense physical planet) as man - under the same Law - creates his physical body, or as the solar Logos (at the other end of the scale) creates His body, a solar system.

This has a definite and esoteric bearing upon the subject under discussion, and the essential differences between the Heavenly Men seeking manifestation will be seen in Their schemes, and therefore in the types of devas through whom They function, and out of whose essence Their form is made.

It might be expressed thus: Just as each man has a body which, in its main characteristics and form, resembles other bodies, yet in its quality and personal distinctive features is unique, so each of the Heavenly Men builds for Himself a body out of deva substance or spirit-matter which is of the same nature as that of His brothers, and yet which is distinctive, colored by His own peculiar coloring, vibrant to His own particular key, and able to demonstrate His own unique quality. This is produced through the peculiar type of deva [656] essence He chooses, or (to word it perhaps more occultly) it has involved the response of certain peculiar groups of devas to His note. They embody in themselves just those constituents which He requires to build His body or scheme. It will, therefore, be recognized that the devas of Group A, being what we might call the key-devas, are of prime importance, and, from our present standpoint, must remain abstract and esoteric. If we consider this under the Law of Analogy, and study the essentially esoteric nature of the plane of the Logos (the first plane, called Adi) the reason for this will be apparent. If the devas of Group A could be recognized, or even contacted by advanced men, the study of their nature, coloring and tone would reveal to unprepared humanity the coloring and tone of our particular planetary Logos. For this knowledge the race is not ready. It would reveal also, through the study of the Law of Action and Reaction, which of the incarnating Egos were on the ray of this Logos; the deductions from this would lead men into dangerous realms, and put power into hands as yet unprepared to wield it wisely.

Therefore, Group A of Agnichaitans must remain profoundly esoteric, and their true nature can only be revealed to the Adept of the great Law.

Thus only a few hints are permissible, and these deal simply with the relationship of man to these entities. He is related to them primarily because his physical permanent atom is directly energized by them, being a part of their essential nature, and having a place in their form. It will be apparent to any student that if the permanent atoms of the lower man are within the causal periphery the devas of the three worlds on the atomic subplanes must work in the closest cooperation; there must be unity of purpose and of plan.

The devas of the atomic levels of all the planes in our scheme work in close affiliation: [657]

With each other, thus making seven groups who are the sumtotal of the Brahma aspect of our planetary Logos.

With the seven groups who constitute the atomic matter of that scheme which is the polar opposite of ours.

With that particular group in that scheme which is one of the points in a systemic triangle of which our scheme and our opposite scheme are the other two.

With corresponding groups in lesser degree in all the systemic schemes.

With the scheme which corresponds to the first aspect, or the plane of Adi.

With those devas who form the spirit-substance of the manifestation of that particular Rishi of the Great Bear Who is the prototype of our particular planetary Logos.

With those devas who form the substance of that one of those esoteric existences who are spoken of in the Secret Doctrine (See S. D, II, 579-582) as "The wives of the seven Rishis," or the seven sisters, the Pleiades. One of these seven sisters has a close connection with our Heavenly Man, and therefore we have an interesting cosmic interplay as follows:

One of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear.

One of the seven Sisters, or a Pleiad.

The Heavenly Man of our scheme.

This interplay will be threefold and as far as we are concerned just now will involve a transmission of life force through the atomic matter of our planes, circulating in deva substance. This will materially affect certain types of humanity more than others, according to their ray and nature, and this effect will demonstrate in [658] a vivification of the spirillae of the permanent atoms and of the centers.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

Students should ever bear in mind that these occult subjects can be expressed in a twofold manner:

In terms of the three worlds, or from the standpoint of the logoic dense physical body.

In terms of force or energy, or from the standpoint of the logoic body of prana or vitality, the four cosmic ethers.

What we understand by the fifth principle is but the expression on the causal plane of that force or energy which emanates from the logoic causal body on the fifth cosmic plane, via the logoic correspondence to the mental unit. (These correspondences involve a concept far in advance of what is possible even to an initiate at this time). In the fifth round, the inner significance may become more apparent to the disciple. As the logoic will is gradually transmuted into desire and thus the physical incarnation is produced, a tremendous downflow of vitalizing force from the fifth cosmic plane takes place, until it arrives at our fifth plane, the mental. This force it is which - at the correct cyclic moment - causes certain eventualities in time and space and in the three worlds, His dense physical body. The first of these events is the appropriation by the Logos of that dense physical vehicle, and the flashing into manifestation [692] of the physical Sun and the physical planets. Though this, from our standpoint, covers an inconceivably vast period of time, to the Logos it is but the brief period of gestation which all bodies undergo. A second momentous occurrence is the appropriation by the various Prajapatis, 30 or Heavenly Men of their physical bodies - again at varying times and according to their evolutionary stage. This is of later date for the seven than for the three. An idea of the meaning of this distinction can be gleaned by the student, as he studies the process of the incarnating ego.

What do we consequently find? First of all, impulse, or the will-to-be, emanating from the mental plane; then desire, emanating from the astral plane, producing manifestation on the dense physical.

This idea must be extended to the three Logoi or logoic Aspects and we then have the key to the mystery of the nine Sephiroth, the triple Trimurti.

The other event might be noted, - the appropriation at a still later period in time and space by the individual Monads of their bodies of manifestation.

The pouring in of this force of energy, emanating from the fifth logoic Principle, brings about two things:

The appropriation by the sevenfold Logos of His dense physical body.

The appearance on the fifth systemic plane of the causal bodies of the human Monads.


For the greater Life it was incarnation.

For the lesser lives it was individualization.

This needs pondering upon. [693]

It will, therefore, be apparent to all thinkers why this fifth principle stirred the third aspect into self-conscious activity.


30 Prajapatis. The Progenitors; the givers of life to all on this earth. They are seven and then ten corresponding to the seven and ten Sephiroth. Cosmically, they are the seven Rishis of the Great Bear; systemically they are the seven planetary Logoi, and from the standpoint of our planet they are the seven Kumaras.

See S. D., I, 109, 122, 459, 661; II, 33, 36; footnote 80.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

The second group, the intermediate, can be subdivided into two lesser groups:

Those who implant the spark of manas,

Those who fan and feed the latent flame in the best types of animal man,

thus again making five. These statements have been accepted at their face value, but little attention is paid to the real meaning. Much profit would come if the student would study the subject from the standpoint of energy, and of magnetic interaction. Those who refused to incarnate or to energize with their life the prepared forms, were acting under Law, and their opposition to incarnation in these forms was based on magnetic repulsion. They could not energize the forms provided, for it involved the opposition of that which is occultly the same. The lesser was not negative to the greater Life. Where the Spark was implanted we have the receptivity of the negative aspect to the positive force and therefore the progress of the work. In every case we have deva substance of one polarity energized by another polarity with the goal in view of producing - through their mutual interaction - a balancing of forces, and the attainment of a third type of electrical phenomena.

The question of the coming of the Lords of Flame is discussed hereafter under the heading "Individualization." At this point we are only dealing with the work of these chohanic forces in a systemic and cosmic sense. These solar entities, being liberated intelligent Essences were in pralaya of a secondary nature when the time came for their reappearance in manifestation. When the WORD sounded forth which produced desire in the Triad for self-expression, and when the sound of the lower manifestation had blended with it, and had risen up into the Heavens, as the occult books express it, [702] an effect was produced which caused a response in certain allied constellations; this set loose energy which swept into the solar system, carrying with it those solar angels who "rested in the Heart of God until the hour was come." Their appearance upon the mental plane brought about the union of Spirit and matter, and from this union was born a self-conscious Identity, the Ego. On cosmic levels, an analogous process occurs in connection with such stupendous Identities as a solar Logos, and the septenary Lives.

As the energy of a human being, seeking incarnation, passes down from the plane of intensive purpose, the mental plane, into the physical vehicle on the gaseous or fifth subplane, so a somewhat analogous stimulation takes place in the body logoic. A somewhat similar process can also be seen in connection with this energy in a human body as it stimulates the life of the individual cell, and brings about relatively its intelligent cooperation in group work, and its ability to take its place in the body corporate. It is so with the human Monads, the cells in the body logoic. When science recognizes this fact (which will scarcely be yet awhile) attention will be turned to the volatile essences of the body, to the heart center particularly, and its relation to these gaseous elements. The heart will be found to be not only the engine which circulates the life fluids, but also the generator of a certain type of intelligent essence which is the positive factor in the life of the cell.

Some idea can be gathered from this as to the microcosmic process, for the individualization of the units is brought about through a macrocosmic happening which produces effects in the microcosm.

A final point here needs emphasizing. Occultly understood, the five Kumaras or the five Mind-born Sons of Brahma are the embodiers of this manasic force on [703] our planet; but They only reflect (in the Hierarchy of our planet) the function of the five Kumaras or Rishis who are the Lords of the five Rays manifesting through the four lesser planets and the synthesizing planet.

These five Kumaras are the channels for this force and one of Them, the Lord of the planet Venus, embodies in Himself the function of the fifth Hierarchy. This accounts for the activity of Venus at the moment of individualization in this round. In the next round, this fifth Hierarchy will be utilizing our Earth scheme in this way, and we shall then see manas in full fruition working out in the human family. This fifth Hierarchy of Agnishvattas in their many grades embody the "I principle" and are the producers of self-consciousness, and the builders of man's body of realization. In time and space, and on the mental plane, they are Man himself in essential essence; they enable him to build his own body of causes, to unfold his own egoic lotus, and gradually to free himself from the limitations of the form which he has constructed, and thus to put himself - in due course of time - into the line of another type of energy, that of buddhi. To word it otherwise, through Their work man can become conscious without the manasic vehicle, for manas is but the form through which a higher principle is making itself known. The life of God comes cyclically under the influence of the different Hierarchies or forces, all of which temporarily build for it a vehicle, pass it through their substance, give to it in this way a certain quality or coloring, and increase thereby its vibratory capacity until eventually the life is set free from hierarchical limitation. It then returns to its eternal Source plus the gain of its experiences and with the increased energy which is the result of its various transitions.

Let us bear carefully in mind, that the Rays are the positive aspect in manifestation and pass down into [704] negative matter, deva or hierarchical substance, thus causing certain evidences of activity. The Hierarchies are the negative aspect as far as the Rays are concerned and are responsive to Ray impulse. But within each Ray and each Hierarchy in this system a dual force again will be found. The Sons of God are bisexual. The deva substance is also dual, for the evolutionary devas are the positive energy of the atom, cell or subhuman form, for instance, while the electrons or lesser lives within the form are negative.

The mystery of the Manasaputras is hidden in this, and in the function of the fifth Hierarchy, and it is not possible to reveal more of it. The secret of Buddhi, the sixth or Christ principle, which concerns these Sons of God, and the secret of the fifth Hierarchy which is the vehicle or recipient of buddhi, cannot be mentioned outside initiated circles. It holds hid the possibility of egoic unfoldment, and keeps secret the karma of the Heavenly Men, the five Kumaras.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

(c.) Methods of Individualization

We have seen how the characteristic method of individualization in this solar system is the result of force emanating from the cosmic mental plane, which sweeps into activity those entities whose function it is to form the body of the ego out of their own living substance on the mental plane and thus, through their own quality and nature, endow human units on the physical plane with the faculty of self-consciousness, thus producing Man. It is their work also to energize the mental units of all men, and to coordinate, by means of the force which they embody, and to energize the sheaths of the threefold lower man, so that they may in due course of time intelligently express the will and purpose of the indwelling Thinker. Through the carrying out of this function in the case of the human family, certain planetary and systemic conditions are brought about.

The dense and etheric bodies of the Logos and of the planetary Logoi are merged, and one coherent vehicle of expression is provided for these cosmic Entities.

In the producing of self-consciousness in the human family, the full conscious occupation by the Logos involved is consummated. It is the moment of fruition, and (from a certain esoteric standpoint) marks the attainment of one perfected Septenary. The three involutionary or elemental kingdoms and the three subhuman [718] kingdoms find their seventh principle in the fourth kingdom in nature, 3 + 4 = 7. When the life of God has circled through these seven kingdoms, then full self-consciousness is achieved from a certain relative standpoint, and the Son is on the way to attainment. This relative perfection has then to be carried on to other stages, but they are stages in which the separated self-consciousness of the Identities concerned (whether human or planetary) must eventually merge itself in universal consciousness.

Certain centers in the bodies logoic and planetary are also stimulated and the Rays (if it might be so expressed) become radioactive. It is this radiation which will eventually bring about conscious group activity, which will lead to interaction between the planets, and which, under the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, will bring about eventual synthesis.

On extra-systemic or cosmic levels, the individualization process produces a corresponding activity in the egoic body of the Logos, and hence increased vibration in that center in the body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NOUGHT MAY BE SAID, which our Logos represents. It also produces a reaction or "occult recognition" in the prototype of the Septenate, or in the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, and this reaction in cosmic circles will persist until the end of the mahamanvantara, when the Logos is set free (even though temporarily), from physical plane existence.

It also brings about a setting loose of force from the cosmic mental plane which is cyclic in character. In this round, the fourth, the maximum force of this cycle was felt in the third root race. In the next round, during the fourth root race, and for a very brief period, a fresh cycle will reach its zenith, and will again open the door of individualization in order to permit the entry of certain very advanced Egos who are seeking [719] incarnation in order to carry out a special piece of work. This round will provide no bodies adequate to their need. The next round may do so if the plans proceed as anticipated. In this case the Manasadevas concerned will not individualize animal men as in the previous round, but will stimulate the mental germ in those members of the present human family who - as H. P. B. says - though apparently men, are without the spark of mind. 40 During the next seven hundred years, these low aboriginal races will practically die out and will not - in this round - reincarnate. They will be rejected. In the next round opportunity will again occur, and the Manasadevas will again renew their work of forming individualistic nuclei for the development of self-consciousness. The Egos awaiting opportunity will not, of course, enter in until the human type of that era is sufficiently refined for their purpose. They are concerned with the unfoldment of the sixth petal of the logoic egoic Lotus, and are of such a nature that we can scarcely conceive of them. They are on the line of the Buddhas of Activity, but the above named are free for this mahamanvantara, whereas these particular Egos have yet somewhat to work out. They could only "come in" in the middle of the fifth round, and were a group of initiates who arrested their own evolution (technically speaking) in order to take up a special piece of work on the planet Vulcan; therefore, they must return to continue and complete that which has been left undone. Owing to the results of their experience on Vulcan, the physical vehicle necessitated is of such an order that they could not at this time, and in this round, incarnate without disaster.


40 Such are the Veddhas of Ceylon, the Bushman of Australia, and certain of the lowest of the African races.

See S. D., II, 206, 300, 439.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

(5) The Great Pralaya

This interval comes at the close of every one hundred years of Brahma, and sweeps into dissolution forms of every kind - subtle and dense - throughout the entire system. It is a period analogous to that dealt with when we considered the abstraction of man from his etheric vehicle, and his ability then to function on the astral plane, dissociated from his dual physical form. Within the system a process similar to that undergone when man withdraws the etheric body out of the dense physical vehicle, will be seen towards the close of the mahamanvantara. It will cover the period wherein the lesser four Rays merge and blend, seeking duality, and their polar opposites. Eventually the four become two, the two become one, and all are then synthesized into the third major Ray. The time is not yet, but lies countless aeons ahead. It is the first appearance of the destroyer aspect in connection with the planetary schemes, and marks the beginning of the [741] time when the "Heavens will melt with fervent heat," and the Sun becomes seven suns. (See S. D., II, 746, 747.)

The microcosmic correspondence can be seen in the following process. The physical permanent atom absorbs the entire life force of the physical body, and its inherent heat and light is thereby increased until at the fourth initiation the seven spirillae are fully vitalized, and vibrant. The internal heat of the atom, plus the external heat of the egoic body wherein it has its place, produces then that which destroys the permanent atom. Temporarily, and just prior to destruction, it becomes a tiny sevenfold sun owing to the radiation and activity of the spirillae. So with the physical sun of the system; it will in a similar manner become seven suns, when it has absorbed the life essence of the fully evolved planes, and of the planetary schemes thereon. The ensuing conflagration is the final work of the Destroyer aspect. It marks the moment of the highest development of deva substance in the system, the consummation of the work of Agni and his fire angels, and the initiation of Brahma. Atomic substance will then individualize (which, as we know, is the goal for the atom) and after the great pralaya the next solar system will start with the threefold Spirit manifesting through substance which is essentially distinguished by active intelligent love. This is necessarily incomprehensible to our fourth round minds.

We have thus considered the various types of pralaya, in so far as they affect the human unit; each unit finds its ways eventually into one of the cosmic astral centers of the particular cosmic Entity Who is the Lord of his Ray, and therefore at the great pralaya those human units who have achieved, and who have not passed to other distant cosmic centers, will find their place there.

Before we take up planetary and cosmic pralaya, we might here consider the relationship of the Agnishvattas [742] (who caused the individualization of animal man on this planet), to other and previous cycles of evolution, and why we have only dealt with them from the point of view of a mahamanvantara, and of a kalpa. The reason we have not considered specifically the group of Agnishvattas, Kumaras and Rudras connected with the Earth has been because we have handled the entire subject from the planetary standpoint, and not from that of the human family. The student who seeks detailed information as to the Agnishvattas of the Earth chain has but to study the Secret Doctrine. We have attempted to carry the thought of the student beyond his own tiny sphere to the consideration of the work of the Manasadevas in the solar system. In every scheme They have Their place, but in some - as in the Jupiter scheme - They are just beginning Their work, and in others - as in the Vulcan and Venus schemes - Their work is nearly completed. Venus is in her last round, and has nearly developed her fourth kingdom to perfection, or as much as it is possible in the system. In the Earth scheme, They are in full tide of work, and only in the next round will They demonstrate the height of Their activity. They pass cyclically through the schemes and under Law - the Law of Karma for the planetary Logos, for They are essentially concerned with His Life as it actuates His centers. They come into a scheme on a wave of manasic energy from the head center of the Logos, and in the process of passing through his Heart center three things occur:

They become differentiated into seven groups.

They direct Themselves as streams of energy to some particular scheme.

Their contact with a scheme is that which produces the manifestation of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, and leads to the Monads taking form in the three worlds. [743]

These entities who sacrifice Themselves for the human Hierarchy (and we must note here the accuracy of the fact that They emanate from the logoic head center, or from the will aspect), are the true Saviors who give Their lives for the good of the race. They stand in relation to the totality of the schemes as the Occult Hierarchy of any particular planet stands to men upon that planet. During pralaya They are withdrawn (as all else), from manifestation, and return to a cosmic center of which the logoic head center is but a dim reflection; they return the richer for experience.

The old Commentary says:

"The deva shineth with added light when the virtue of the will hath entered. He garnereth color as the reaper garners wheat, and storeth it up for the feeding of the multitude. Over all this deva host the mystic Goat presideth. Makara is, and is not, yet the link persisteth."

Rounds come and go but (except from the standpoint of a particular planet), the Manasadevas are forever present, but their influence is not forever felt.

In considering planetary pralaya, we might briefly enumerate the following periods of quiescence:

Between Two Globes in a Chain. This covers the period of abstraction of the seeds of all life, and its transference from one sphere to another. The seed manu of a globe gathers all the life forces into Himself, as does the Logos at the close of a system, and as also transpires at the close of a chain, and holds them quiescent in His aura. This covers a period of a manvantara, or of one day of Brahma.

Between Two Chains. This covers the period of a mahamanvantara, or of one year of Brahma. There are many ways of arriving at the greater cycles, but there is no need to confuse with the intricacies of figures. The ten Prajapatis or Rishis, or [744] the ten planetary Logoi, manifest through Their ten schemes in time and space, the hour of Their appearing differing. Each likewise manifests as does the Logos through a septenate and a triad, making again a ten of perfection.

Between Two Solar Systems. This covers the period of one hundred years of Brahma, and through the study of the planetary cycles comprehension of these greater cycles may come. Complication comes to the student nevertheless in the fact that two of the schemes cover their cyclic periods in five rounds, while others have seven; one scheme has but three rounds, but a mystery is hidden here: on the inner round one planet has nine cycles to run before the purpose of its Lord is completed.

Certain lesser periods of pralaya do not concern man at all, but concern the atom of matter as it is released from form of any kind in the subhuman kingdoms. Pralaya is the result of radioactivity carried to a conclusion.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

(h.) Incarnation and Karma

In resuming our consideration of the process pursued by the reincarnating Ego, it is necessary to point out that the entire subject radically concerns energy, and that according to the place in evolution of the unit of force involved, so will the length of time required for the process be brief, or the reverse. In the early stages, the initiatory impulse is heavy and slow, and the matter required for the sheaths is of a correspondingly "low" grade, that is, it is of low vibratory capacity, and the time elapsing between the first vibration outwards on the mental plane, and the coordination of the dense physical body is a long one. Later on, the vibration becomes more powerful and the effects therefore are more rapidly felt. At the close of evolution, when the human unit is upon the Path and consciously controlling his destiny, and working off [792] karma, the intervals intervening between two incarnations are brief or not as the man may choose in the interests of the work to be done, and according to his intention to achieve liberation from form. It must also be remembered that as the evolutionary process proceeds, the egoic activity calls out response not only from substance in the three worlds, but also from the formless levels of the system. The response will be felt finally on monadic levels. Then, after a moment of equilibrium, the effect of the rhythm is felt entirely on the higher planes, and leaves the lower.

The word "moment" is used here in its occult significance to specify a period of time, and must be considered as a period relative to a day or year of Brahma. One of the secrets of initiation is concerned with the apprehension of cycles, and with their duration, and the following terms have to be appreciated, their duration recognized, and their antithesis (an intervening pralaya) duly considered before a man is considered a true occultist.

100 years of Brahma - An occult century. The period of a solar system.

One year of Brahma - The period of seven chains, where the seven planetary schemes are concerned.

One week of Brahma - The period of seven rounds in one scheme. It has a chain significance.

One day of Brahma - The occult period of a round.

One hour of Brahma - Concerns interchain affairs.

One Brahmic minute - Concerns the planetary centers, and therefore egoic groups.

One Brahmic moment - Concerns an egoic group, and its relation to the whole.

These are the greater periods of time, and when their significance is comprehended, much that is now obscure [793] will be revealed. As yet, it is only to initiates that the true figures are given, the figures in the Secret Doctrine, such as the 100 years of Brahma, strike the general average but it must be ever remembered that in considering the figures where a scheme, for instance, is concerned, much latitude has to be allowed for individual planetary karma, and idiosyncrasy.

The following points are worthy of consideration when upon this subject, and deal with some interesting factors.

All the planetary Rishis are not equally "long-lived," in the occult sense of the term, and the seven planetary Logoi of the seven sacred planets are at different stages of evolution; Their vibratory response, therefore, differs, producing varying effects in time.

The three major planetary schemes (Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn) have not, as yet, received their fullest stimulation, and will not do so until the "energy of the sacred seven" has been transferred to Them. Figures, therefore, as regards their duration and persistence are not in order.

The figures for the planets concerned with the "inner round" differ as to length of time but not as to space location from those of other planets.

The true figures in connection with any planetary scheme and its occult activity are not ascertainable by the man who cannot be trusted with the significance of the other planetary bodies (of great number) within the solar ring-pass-not. The entire solar sphere is full of such bodies, characterized by the same features as are the seven and the ten, and each of them in some degree has an effect upon the whole. Figures, therefore, cannot be considered as final until the effect of the lesser planetary bodies upon their immediate neighbors is known, and the extent of their planetary radiation has been gauged. There are more than 115 of such bodies to be reckoned with, and all are at varying stages of vibratory [794] impulse. They have definite orbits, they turn upon their axis, they draw their "life" and substance from the sun, but owing to their relative insignificance, they have not yet been considered factors of moment. This attitude of mind will change when etheric vision is a fact, and the reality of the existence of an etheric double of all that is in manifestation will be recognized by scientists. This fact will be demonstrated towards the close of the century, and, during the early part of the next century a revolution in astronomical circles will occur which will result in the study of the "etheric planets." As these bodies are organs of energy, permeating the dense form, the study of the interaction of solar energy, and the occult "give and take" of planetary bodies will assume a new significance. Certain planetary bodies (both greater and lesser) are "absorbers," others are "radiators," while some are in the stage of demonstrating a dual activity, and are being "transmuted." All these circumstances require to be considered by the initiate who is dealing with cycles.

Figures also must be computed when the effect upon the planets of what are called "asteroids" is known. This is much greater than exoteric science has so far admitted, but the significance of this must eventually be interpreted in terms of energy and on etheric levels.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

We can now take up the consideration of karma in its relation to the act of reincarnation. As we are well aware, the law of karma is the most stupendous law of the system and one which it is impossible for the average man in any way to comprehend, for, if traced back along its central root and its many ramifications, one eventually reaches the position where causes antedating the solar system have to be dealt with, and this point of view can only be usefully grasped by a high initiate.

This great law really concerns, or is based on causes which are inherent in the constitution of matter itself and on the interaction between atomic units whether we use this expression in connection with an atom of substance, a human being, a planetary atom or a solar atom.

We might express it also in saying that the will aspect or initiatory impulse is primarily that which produces cause, which is cause itself. It should be remembered ever that cause involves the idea of duality, i.e., that which initiates, and that which is produced simultaneously by the initiation. The two ideas are inseparable, yet nevertheless the second idea in its most abstract connotation must not be considered literally as an effect; true effect involves a third idea. Some appreciation of the problem may be gleaned by a consideration of phenomena which ever involves this dual initiatory cause and its objective effect: [799]

Spirit-matter in dual activity produces the objective universe.

Electric fire and fire by friction when brought into contact produce solar fire; it flashes forth from darkness, yet a darkness which is potent with energy.

Will-desire is the cause of incarnation; the will-to-be reacting on substance (whose main quality is desire or responsiveness to sensation) produces the forms through which the central Life or Existence seeks expression.

Ideas and thought-matter together produce thought-forms.

If the student considers these points, it will become apparent that it is not possible for him to do more than study the effects produced by the juxtaposition of the pairs of opposites; he cannot dissociate them in his mind and deal with Spirit per se, or with matter per se, any more than the atom of substance in man's physical body can dissociate itself from that body, and consider itself independently of form influences. All atoms are always controlled by the following factors, just as a man in the body of a planetary Logos, and a planetary Logos within His greater Whole will be equally controlled by the same basic principles:

The influence and quality of the organ or unit in which it finds a place. In the human atom this means his group force or influence.

The life influence of the entire physical body of which any atom is a corporate part. In the human atom this means the influence of the particular center in which his egoic group has a place, and the type of energy which it embodies.

The life influence of the desire or astral body, the strongest karmic agency which has to be considered. [800] In the human atom, this involves the influence of the three centers in the body of the Heavenly Man which form any specific "force triangle," and which have much to do with the liberation of groups of Egos from manifestation.

The life influences of the mental body, or of that principle which imposes upon the atom the quality of activity in form, which governs the reaction of the atom to its group life, and which enables the quality of its life to be demonstrated. In the human atom this concerns those causes which are incident to a man's Ray, or literally the influence of the life of the planetary Logos as He functions as a self-conscious Life on His Own plane, as He works out His Own plans, and consequently sweeps into activity the cells of His body as mere incidents where He (the basic central life) is concerned.

The life impulse of the Thinker functioning in the causal body who - though a great abstraction or the Absolute where the cellular life is concerned - is nevertheless a potent and active factor in the imposition of rhythm upon the atom in every body. In the human atom, this brings in the influence of the life of the solar Logos, for that Life imposes rhythm upon every human atom in the system, and does so through the agency of substance and its inherent quality, sensation.

In these thoughts, we have but approached the study of karma from a fresh angle, and endeavored to show the sources of the "influences" which play upon all atomic lives.

The atom likewise is controlled by its own "esse," or by its own inherent nature or vibration, which was the quality of matter itself before it was aggregated into a solar system, and which was the vibratory activity produced through the rhythmic life of an earlier solar system. [801] This is equally true of all atoms of all grades, but only in connection with the atom of substance, and to some degree with the human atom, is it in any way possible to ascertain the predisposing causes. Until the mystery of the Great Bear is revealed and is known as it is, and until the influence of the Pleiades is comprehended, and the true significance of the cosmic triangle formed by

The seven Rishis of the Great Bear,

The seven planetary Logoi of our solar system,

The seven Pleiades or Sisters,

is revealed, the karma of the seven sacred planets will remain unknown. All that we can see is its working out in the solar system. The intricacy of the whole subject will be apparent when it is borne in mind that not only do these three groups form a cosmic triangle, but that within that triangle many lesser triangles have to be studied. Any one of the seven Rishis with one of our planetary Logoi and one of the seven Sisters may form a subsidiary triangle, and all must thus be Studied.

In connection with the karma of the solar Logos, the subject is even more abstract and incomprehensible. It lies hidden - not in the seven constellations - but in the three constellations which concern the three bodies of His Personality and which in themselves are but manifestations of a central LIFE past our concept and our recognition. It concerns the manifestation in time and space of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID, and Whose relationship to the solar Logos finds a faint analogy in that of the planetary Logos to man, the human unit. It profits not to extend the thought any further.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals

b. The Source of Black Magic

In touching upon this point, we are trespassing into the realms of the mystery and the domain of the inexplicable. Certain statements can, however, be made here which, if pondered upon, may throw a little light upon this dark subject.

First. It should be remembered that the whole subject of planetary evil (and students must distinguish carefully between planetary and cosmic evil) lies hid in the individual life cycles and in the history of the Great Being who is the planetary Logos of the Earth. Therefore, until a man has taken certain initiations and thus achieved a measure of planetary consciousness, it is useless for him to speculate upon that record. H. P. B. has touched, in the Secret Doctrine, (S. D., III, 62; Section 6, page 67.) upon the subject of "the imperfect Gods," and in these words lies the key to planetary evil.

Second. It might briefly be said that, as far as our humanity is concerned, the terms planetary evil and cosmic evil might be interpreted thus:

Planetary evil arises from certain relations existing between our planetary Logos and another planetary Logos. When this condition of polar opposition is adjusted, then planetary evil will cease. The adjustment will be brought about through the mediation (occultly understood) of a third planetary Logos. These three will eventually form an equilateral triangle, and then planetary evil will cease. Free circulation will ensue; planetary obscuration will become possible, and the "imperfect Gods" will have achieved a relative perfection. Thus will the karma of the manvantara, or secondary [990] cycle, be adjusted, and so much planetary karmic evil be "worked off." All the above must be interpreted in its esoteric sense and not its exoteric.

Cosmic evil from the standpoint of our planet consists in the relation between that spiritual intelligent Unit or "Rishi of the Superior Constellation" as He is called (who is the informing Life of one of the seven stars of the Great Bear, and our planetary prototype) and one of the forces of the Pleiades. (S. D., II, 579-581.) Students need here to remember that the "seven sisters" are occultly called the "seven wives" of the Rishis, and that the dual forces (resultant from that relationship) converge and play through that one of the planetary Logoi who is the Logos of any particular planet, and is the "reflection" of any specific Rishi. In this relation, at present lacking perfect adjustment, lies hid the mystery of cosmic evil as it makes itself felt in any particular planetary scheme. Again, when the heavenly triangle is duly equilibrated, and the force circulates freely through

One of the stars of the Great Bear,

The Pleiad involved,

The planetary scheme concerned,

then again cosmic evil will be negated, and a relative perfection achieved. This will mark the attainment of primary perfection, and the consummation of the greater cycle.

Cyclic evil, or tertiary evil, lies hid in the relation between the globes in any particular scheme, two of them ever being in opposition until equilibrized by force emanating from a third. Students will only apprehend the significance of this teaching as they study the pairs of opposites in their own cycles, and the equilibrizing work of the Ego.

A fourth type of evil growing out of the above finds [991] its main expression in the sorrows and troubles of the fourth or human kingdom, and will find its solution in two ways: by the balancing of the forces of the three kingdoms (the spiritual or fifth kingdom, the human, and the animal), and secondly, by the negation of the attractive power of the three lower kingdoms (the mineral, the vegetable, and the animal, who thus form one unit), by the spiritual kingdom, utilizing the fourth or human kingdom. In all these cases, triangles of force are formed which, when balanced, procure the desired end.

Black magic is spoken of as making its appearance upon our planet during the fourth root race. 97 It should be borne in mind here that this means strictly in connection with the fourth kingdom and its conscious use by wrongly developed men. The forces of evil of the planetary and cosmic kind have been present since manifestation set in, being latent in the karma of the planetary Logos, but human beings began consciously to work with these forces and to use them for specified selfish ends in this round during the fourth root race.

Black magicians work under certain great Entities, six in number, who are spoken of, for instance, in the Christian Bible as having the number 666. (Rev. 13:18.) They came in (being cosmic, not systemic) on that stream of force emanating from cosmic mental levels which produced the three worlds of human endeavor. Students should remember here the fact that the three lower planes of our solar system are not considered as embodying a cosmic principle, for they form the dense physical body of the Logos, and the dense physical body is not considered a principle. There is an occult significance in the expression "unprincipled." These entities are the sumtotal of the substance of the three lower subplanes of the cosmic physical plane (our three lower systemic [992] planes), and it is under them that the black magicians are swept into activity, often unconsciously, but rising to power as they work consciously. 99

In the early stages of human unfoldment all men are unconscious black magicians, but are not occultly "damned" thereby. As evolution proceeds they come under the force of the second aspect, and the majority respond to it, escaping from the meshes of the black magicians, and coming under the force of a different number. The few who do not do so in this manvantara are the "failures" who have to continue the struggle at a later date. A tiny percentage wilfuly refuse to "pass on," and they become the true "black magicians." For them the end is ever the same, first, severance of the Ego from the Monad, entailing a wait for many aeons until another solar system has its being. In the case of the "failures" the Ego severed itself from the personality or lower self, entailing a setback for a lesser period, but still having opportunity within the system. Second, a cycle of existence, spent in unlimited evil, and dependent upon the vitality of the severed egoic body and its innate persistence. These are the ordinary "lost souls" spoken of in the Secret Doctrine. 1 If students will study these conditions, and will extend the same concept to an earlier and more matured solar system, they will get [993] some light upon the problem of the origin of evil in this solar system.


97 S. D., I, 451, 452; II, 221, 234, 519.

99 It might here be asked what, if any, relation there may be in this connection with the inner round? The inner round has many meanings, some impossible to give, but two things may here be said: That it concerns itself with the effect of the triangular balancing of forces towards the close of the cycle, when the force or energy involved is circulating unimpeded, even if slowly, through:

Two constellations of the solar system,

The planetary schemes,

Three globes in the scheme.

It should be remembered that all these three are interdependent. The force begins thus to flow when any cycle is two thirds run. It deals with the greater Initiations, and is the correspondence on the higher planes to the occult short cut to wisdom and knowledge which we call the Path of Initiation.

1 No soul can be lost where:

One good aspiration is present.

One unselfish deed is done.

The life is strong in virtue.

The life is righteous.

The life is a naturally pure life. - Isis Unveiled, II, 368.

Read S. D., III, 528, 529.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind

4. Relation between the Throat, Alta Major and Mental Centers

The question of the centers has always had a great deal of interest for men, and much harm has been done through the directing of attention upon the physical centers. Unfortunately, names have been given to the centers which have their counterparts in the physical form, and with the usual aptitude of man to identify himself with that which is tangible and physical, a mass of data has accumulated which is based (not on spiritual knowledge) but on a study of the effects produced through meditation on the physical centers. Such meditation is only safely undertaken when a man is no longer polarized in the lower personal self but views all things from the standpoint of the Ego with whom he is completely identified. When this is the case, the centers in physical matter are recognized as being simply focal points of energy located in the etheric body, and having a definite use. This use is to act as transmitters of certain forms of energy consciously directed by the Ego or Self, with the intent of driving the physical body (which is not a principle) to fulfil egoic purpose. To do this the Ego has to follow certain rules, to conform to law, and to have attained not only conscious control of the physical body, but a knowledge of the laws of energy, and of the constitution of the etheric body, and its relation to the physical. The attention of students must be called to certain fundamental facts anent the centers and thus supplement, correlate, and summarize that already given in this Treatise. That a certain amount of repetition will be necessary is of value, and the information here given and the correspondences indicated, should provide all followers of raja yoga with a basis for sane consideration, wise meditation and a fuller comprehension of the truths involved. Owing to the rapid development of the race, and the future [1156] quick unfoldment of etheric vision, the gain will be very real if occult students have at least a theoretical concept of the nature of that which will be seen relatively so soon.

The centers, as we know, are seven in number and are formed in matter of the etheric subplanes of the physical plane. As we have been told, there are literally ten, but the lower three are not considered as subjects for the direction of egoic energy. They relate to the perpetuation of the physical form and have a close connection with:

The three lower kingdoms in nature.

The three lower subplanes of the physical plane.

The third solar system, from the logoic standpoint.

It must be borne in mind that though the three solar systems (the past, the present and that which is to come) are differentiated in time and space where the consciousness of man is concerned, from the point of view of the Logos they represent more accurately, highest, intermediate and lowest, and the three form but one expression. The past system, therefore, is deemed esoterically the third, being the lowest and being related to the dense and negative matter. It will be apparent that the past solar system has consequently a close relation to the third or animal kingdom, and this, man has presumably transcended.

The seven centers, with which man is concerned are themselves found to exist in two groups: a lower four, which are related to the four Rays of Attributes, or the four minor rays, and are, therefore, closely connected with the quaternary, both microcosmic and macrocosmic, and a higher three which are transmitters for the three rays of aspect.

These energy centers are transmitters of energy from [1157] many and varied sources which might be briefly enumerated as follows:

From the seven Rays, via the seven subrays of any specific monadic ray.

From the triple aspects of the planetary Logos as He manifests through a scheme.

From what are called "the sevenfold divisions of the logoic Heart," or the sun in its sevenfold essential nature, as it is seen lying esoterically behind the outer physical solar form.

From the seven Rishis of the Great Bear; this pours in via the Monad and is transmitted downward, merging on the higher levels of the mental plane with seven streams of energy from the Pleiades which come in as the psychical force demonstrating through the solar Angel.

All these various streams of energy are passed through certain groups or centers, becoming more active and demonstrating with a freer flow as the course of evolution is pursued. As far as man is concerned at present, this energy all converges, and seeks to energize his physical body, and direct his action via the seven etheric centers. These centers receive the force in a threefold manner:

Force from the Heavenly Man and, therefore, from the seven Rishis of the Great Bear via the Monad.

Force from the Pleiades, via the solar Angel or Ego.

Force from the planes, from the Raja Devas of a plane, or fohatic energy, via the spirillae of a permanent atom.

It is this fact which accounts for the gradual growth and development of a man. At first it is the force of the plane substance, which directs him, causing him to identify [1158] himself with the grosser substance and to consider himself a man, a member of the fourth Kingdom, and to be convinced, therefore, that he is the Not-Self. Later as force from the Ego pours in, his psychical evolution proceeds (I use the word "psychical" here in its higher connotation) and he begins to consider himself as the Ego, the Thinker, the One who uses the form. Finally, energy from the Monad begins to be responded to and he knows himself to be neither the man nor the angel, but a divine, essence or Spirit. These three types of energy demonstrate during manifestation as Spirit, Soul, and Body, and through them the three aspects of the Godhead meet and converge in man, and lie latent in every atom.

The sevenfold energy of the planes, and therefore of substance, finds its consummation when the four lower centers are fully active. The sevenfold energy of the psyche, the consciousness aspect, demonstrates when the three higher in the three worlds are vibrating with accuracy. The sevenfold activity of spirit makes itself felt when each of these seven centers is not only fully active but is rotating as "wheels turning upon themselves," when they are fourth dimensional and are not only individually alive but are all linked up with the sevenfold head center. A man is then seen as he is truly - a network of fire with flaming focal points, transmitting and circulating fiery energy. These centers not only receive the energy through the top of the head, or through a point slightly above the top of the head, to be more accurate, but pass it out through the head center likewise, that which is being passed out being seen as differing in color, being brighter and vibrating more rapidly than that which is being received. The etheric body is formed of a negative aspect of fire, and is the recipient of a positive fire. As the various types of fire blend, merge, and circulate, they gain thereby and produce definite effects in the fires of the microcosmic system. [1159]

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind

The energy centers of the solar Logos are themselves [1162] in the form of vast lotuses 24 or wheels, at the center of which lies hidden that central cosmic Life, we call a planetary Logos. He is the meeting place for two types of force, spiritual or logoic, which reaches Him (via the logoic Lotus on cosmic mental planes) from the seven Rishis of the Great Bear on Their own plane, and, secondly, of buddhic force, which is transmitted via the Seven Sisters or the Pleiades from a constellation called the Dragon in some books, and from which has come the appellation "The Dragon of Wisdom."

A third type of energy is added and, therefore, can be detected in these centers, that of manasic type. This reaches the logoic centers via the star Sirius, and is transmitted from that constellation which (as earlier I have [1163] hinted) must remain obscure at present. These three great streams of energy form the total manifestation of a logoic center. This is known to us as a planetary scheme.

Within the planetary scheme, these streams of energy work paramountly in the following manner:

Spiritual energy - three higher planes - the Monads.

Buddhic force - fourth plane - the solar Angels.

Manasic force - two lower planes - the four kingdoms of nature.

Physical energy, the left-over of a previous solar system, demonstrates through the dense physical form and in the material which is energized during the involutionary cycle. It is not considered a principle; and is regarded as the basis of maya or illusion.

The various planetary schemes are not all alike and differ as to:

Type of energy,

Point in evolution,

Position in the general plan,

Karmic opportunity,

Rate of vibration.

The main distinction exists in the fact, as we have so oft repeated, that three of them form the three higher etheric energy centers of the Logos, and four constitute the lower centers.

Saturn is of interest to us here because the Logos of Saturn holds a position in the body logoic similar to that held by the throat center in the microcosm. Three centers towards the close of manifestation will become aligned in the same way as the center at the base of the spine, the throat center and the alta major center. Here it must be pointed out that there are three planetary schemes which [1164] hold a place analogous to that held by the pineal gland, the pituitary body, and the alta major center, but they are not the schemes referred to as centers, or known to us as informed by planetary Logoi. Certain of the planetoids have their place here, and one scheme which has passed out of activity, and is in a condition of quiescence and non-activity. This latter scheme is the correspondence in the logoic body to the atrophied third eye in the fourth kingdom of nature. When man has developed etheric vision and thus has expanded his range of vision, he will become aware of these facts, for he will see. Many planetary schemes which are found only in etheric matter will be revealed to his astonished gaze, and he will find that (as in the body microcosmic) there are seven (or ten), paramount centers but numbers of other centers for the purpose of energizing various organs. So likewise the body macrocosmic has myriads of energy focal points or feeders which have their place, their function, and their felt effects. These centers, with no dense physical globe, constitute what has sometimes been called "the inner round" and transmit their force through those greater centers which have been spoken of in occult books as having a connection with the inner round.

Each of these planetary schemes can be seen as a lotus having seven major petals, of which each chain forms one petal, but having also subsidiary petals of a secondary color according to the nature and karma of the Entity concerned. It is in the enumeration of these solar lotuses that occult students go astray. It is, for instance, correct to say that the planetary scheme corresponding to the microcosmic base of the spine is a fourfold lotus and has, therefore, four petals. There are four outstanding petals of a peculiar hue, but there are three of a secondary color, and nine of a tertiary nature. (To students with intuition the hint here conveyed may reveal the name of the planet, and the nature of its evolution). [1165]

Each of these solar lotuses, or planetary schemes, unfolds in three great stages of activity, in each one of which one of the three types of energy dominates. As the unfolding proceeds, the vibratory activity increases, and the appearance of the manifesting activity changes.

The motion of the lotus or wheel for a long time is simply that of a slow revolution.

Later, for a still vaster period, each petal revolves within the greater whole, and at an angle different to that of the whole revolution.

Finally, these two activities are increased by the appearance of a form of energy which, originating from the center, pulsates so powerfully that it produces what look to be streams of energy passing backwards and forwards from the center to the periphery.

When these three are working in unison, the effect is wonderful in the extreme, and impossible for the eye to follow, the mind of man to conceive, or the pen to express in words. It is this stage, macrocosmic and microcosmic, which constitutes the different grades of alignment, for it must never be forgotten by students that all that manifests is a sphere, and alignment really consists in unimpeded communication between the heart of the sphere and the periphery or the bound of the influence of the dynamic will and the center.

Within each planetary scheme, are found the seven chains which are the seven planetary centers, and again within the chain are the seven globes which are the chain centers, but students would do well not to study the globes from the point of view of centers until their knowledge of the mystery underlying dense physical substance is greater, or they will be led into error. The lower down one seeks to carry the correspondence, the more the likelihood of error. The correspondence must lie in quality and in principle expressed, but not in form. [1166]


24 See Section VIII, Secret Doctrine, Volume I.

The Lotus is symbolical of both the Macrocosm and of the Microcosm.

The seeds of the Lotus contain in miniature the perfect plant.

It is the product of fire and matter.

It has its roots in the mud, it grows up through the water, it in fostered by the warmth of the sun, it blossoms in the air.


The mud - The objective physical solar system.

Water - The emotional or astral nature.

Flower on water - Fruition of the spiritual.

Method - Cosmic fire or intelligence.


The mud - The physical body.

Water - Emotional or astral nature.

Flower on water - Fruition of the buddhic or spiritual.

Method - Fire of mind.

"The significance of the tradition that Brahma is born from or in the lotus, is the same. The lotus symbolizes a world-system, and Brahma dwells therein representing action; he is therefore called the Kamal-asana, the Lotus-seated. The lotus, again, is said to arise from or in the navel of Vishnu, because the navel of Vishnu or all-knowledge is necessary desire, the primal form of which, as embodied in the Veda-text, is: May I be born forth (as multitudinous progeny). From such central and essential desire, the will to live, arises the whole of becoming, all the operations, all the whirls and whorls, of change and manifestation which make up life. In such becoming dwells Brahma, and from him and by him, i.e., by incessant activity, arises and manifests the organized world, the trib huvanam, the triple world. Because first manifested, therefore is Brahma named the first of the gods; by action is manifestation, and he is the actor; and because actor, therefore is he also sometimes called the preserver or protector of the world; for he who makes a thing desires also the maintenance and preservation of his handiwork, and, moreover, by the making of the thing supplies the basis and opportunity for the operation of preservation, which, in strictness, of course, belong to Vishnu."

- Pranava-Vada, pp. 84, 311.

The Labors of Hercules - The Purpose of this Study

Key Thoughts

Four key thoughts can be given here which express the underlying purpose of the creative process and the objective of both the Cosmic Christ and of the individual aspirant. They give us the clue to the working out of the plan. Taken together they embody the entire story of the relationship of spirit and matter, of life and form, and of soul and body.

First: "Nature expresses invisible energies through visible forms." Back of the objective world of phenomena, human or solar, small or great, organic or inorganic, lies a subjective world of forces which is responsible for the outer form. Behind the outer material shell is to be found a vast empire of BEING, and it is into this world of living energies that both religion and science are now penetrating. Everything outer and tangible is a symbol of inner creative forces and it is this idea that underlies all symbology. A symbol is an outer and visible form of an inner and spiritual reality.

It is with this interplay of the outer form and the inner life [11] that Hercules wrestles. He knew himself to be the form, the symbol, for the dominance of the lower material nature made its presence felt with the facility of agelong expression. At the same time he knew that his problem was to express spiritual being and energy. He had to know in fact and in experience that he was God, immanent in nature; that he was the Self in close relation to the Not-Self; he had to experiment with the law of cause and effect, and this from the standpoint of the initiator of the causes in order to produce intelligent effects. Through the twelve signs of the zodiac he passed, struggling to work subjectively and trying to reject the lure and the pull of the outer tangible form.

The second key thought can be expressed in the words: "The conception of a concealed Deity lies at the heart of all religions." This is the mystic realization and the object of the search that humanity has carried on down the ages. The exponents of the world religions have embodied in their teaching one aspect of the search, accepting the fact of God as a basic premise, and with their heart's love and devotion and worship proving the reality of his Existence. The testimony of the mystics of all time and races is so vast that it now in itself constitutes a body of proven facts and cannot be gainsaid.

The scientific investigators have sought through a knowledge of the form to find truth, and have brought us to a position of wide knowledge and at the same time to a paralleling conception of our profound ignorance. We have learned much of the outer garment of God through physics, chemistry, biology and other sciences, but we have struggled into a realm where all appears to be hypothesis and inference. All that we surely know is that all forms are aspects of energy; that there is an interplay and an impact of energies upon our planet; that the planet is itself an energy unit composed of a multitude of energy units, and that man himself is likewise a composite bundle of forces and moving in a world of force. This is where [12] science so wonderfully has led us, and this is where the astrologer, the occultist, the idealist and the mystic also meet and testify to a concealed Deity, to a living Being, to a Universal Mind, and to a central Energy.

In the unfolding drama of the heavens, in the conclusions of the scientific enquirer, in the mathematical computations of the astrologers, and in the testimony of the mystic, however, we can see a steadily emerging manifestation of this concealed divinity. Little by little, through the study of history, of philosophy and of comparative religion, we see the plan of that Deity becoming significantly apparent. In the passage of the sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac, we can see the marvellous organization of the plan, the focusing of the energies and the growth of the tendency towards divinity. Now, at last, in the twentieth century, objective and subjective have become so closely blended and merged that it is almost impossible to say where one begins and another ends. The veil that hides the concealed Deity is wearing thin, and the work of those who have achieved knowledge, the program of the Christ and of his Church, the plans of the hidden band of world workers, the Rishis and the occult Hierarchy of our planet, is now focused upon leading humanity on to the Path of Discipleship, and training many of the more advanced so that they can become the knowers and initiates of the new age. Thus men will pass out of the Hall of Learning into the Hall of Wisdom, from the realm of the unreal to the Real, and from the outer darkness of phenomenal existence into the light that shines always in the kingdom of spirit.

The third key thought gives us a clue to the method. Down the ages the words have sounded forth: "I am he . . . who awakens the silent beholder". It has become apparent to seekers in all fields that within all forms there is an urge to intelligent expression, and a certain livingness which we call consciousness, and which in the human family takes the form of a self-awareness. [13] This self-awareness when truly developed, enables a man to discover that the concealed Deity in the universe is identical in nature, though vastly greater in degree and consciousness, with the concealed Deity within himself. Man then can become consciously the Onlooker, the Beholder, the Perceiver. He is no longer identified with the matter aspect, but is the One who uses it as a medium of expression.

When this stage is reached, the great labors start, and the warfare is consciously in progress. The man is torn in two directions. Habit entices him to identify himself with form. The new understanding impels him to identify himself with the soul. A reorientation then takes place, and a new and self-directed effort is initiated, which is portrayed for us in the story of Hercules, the Sun-God. The moment that the intellectual altitude has been achieved, the "silent Beholder" awakens into activity. Hercules starts upon his labors. The human being, hitherto swept along on the urge of the evolutionary tide, and governed by desire for experience and for material possession, comes tinder the control of the divine Indweller. He emerges as the aspirant, reverses himself, and begins to work through the twelve signs of the zodiac, only now working from Aries to Pisces via Taurus (anti-clockwise), instead of working in the ordinary human retrogressive fashion, from Aries to Taurus via Pisces (clockwise).

Finally, the changing focus of the life and the steady application to the twelve labors in the twelve signs enables the disciple to become the triumphant victor. Then he can comprehend the significance of the fourth key thought and can exclaim in unison with the Cosmic Deity:

"Listen to this great secret. Although I am above birth and rebirth, or Law, being the Lord of all there is, for all emanateth from me, still do I will to appear in my own universe and am therefore born by my Power and Thought and Will."

(The Bhagavad Gita, as compiled and adapted by Yogi Ramacharaka). [14]

A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Four - The Science of the Breath

In the experience of the soul, the form for manifestation in the three worlds is created through intense meditation, which is ever the paralleling activity of breathing. Then by an act of the will, resulting in a "breathing forth", and engendered or arrived at dynamically in the interlude of contemplation or retention of the breath, the created form is sent forth into the phenomenal world, to serve as a channel of experience, a medium of expression and a response apparatus in the three worlds of human living.

In the life of the disciple, through meditation and discipline he learns to reach high moments of interlude whenever he concentrates his forces on the plane of soul life, and then again by an act of his will, he breathes forth his spiritual purposes, plans and life into the world of experience. The thought form that he has constructed as to the part he has to play, and the concentration of energy which he has succeeded in bringing about become effective. The energy needed for the next step is breathed forth by the soul and passes down into the vital body, thus galvanizing the physical instrument with the needed constructive activity. That aspect of the plan which he has appreciated in contemplation, and that part of the general purpose of the Hierarchy in which his soul feels called upon to cooperate is breathed forth [152] simultaneously, via the mind into the brain, and thus "he drives the thought forms from him."

Finally, in the science of Pranayama, this stage covers that exhaling breath which, when carried forward with thought and conscious purpose behind it, serves to vitalize the centers and fill each of them with dynamic life. More need not be said here.

Thus, in this science of "breathing deeply" we have the whole process of creative work and of the evolutionary unfoldment of God in nature covered. It is the process whereby the Life, the One Existence, has brought the phenomenal world into being, and Rule IV is a digest of the Creation. It is equally the formula under which the individual soul works as it centers its forces for manifestation in the three worlds of human experience.

The right use of the Life-Breath is the whole art at which the aspirant, the disciple, and the initiate work, bearing in mind however that the science of the physical breath is the least important aspect and follows sequentially upon the right use of energy, which is the word we apply to the divine breath or life.

Finally, in the mental life of the disciple, and in the great work of learning to be a conscious creator in mental matter and so produce results in the phenomenal world, this fourth Rule holds the instructions upon which the work is based. It embodies the science of the entire magical work.

Therefore, this Rule warrants the closest consideration and study. Rightly understood and rightly studied it would lead each aspirant out of the phenomenal world into the kingdom of the soul. Its instructions, if carried out, would lead the soul back again into the phenomenal world as the creating force in soul magic and as the manipulator and dominating factor of, and through, the medium of the form.

In the training of the occidental student, blind unquestioning [153] obedience is never asked. Suggestions are made as to method and as to a technique which has proved effective for thousands of years and with many disciples. Some rules as to breathing, as to helpful process and as to practical living on the physical plane will be imparted, but in the training of the new type of disciple during the coming age, it is the will of the watching Gurus and Rishis that they be left freer than has heretofore been the case. This may mean a slightly slower development at the beginning but will result, it is hoped, in a more rapid unfoldment during the later stages upon the Path of Initiation.

Therefore, students are urged to go forward during their period of training with courage and with joy, knowing that they are members of a band of disciples, knowing that they are not alone but that the strength of the band is theirs, the knowledge of the band is theirs too as they develop the capacity to apprehend it, - and knowing also that the love and wisdom and understanding of the watching Elder Brothers are back of every aspiring Son of God, e'en though apparently (and wisely) he is left to wrestle through to the light in the strength of his own omnipotent soul. [157]

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 1 - The Problem of Union

36. By meditation upon Light and upon Radiance, knowledge of the Spirit can be reached and thus peace can be achieved.

The student should here note that each of the methods outlined above concerns certain centers. There are seven methods of attainment mentioned and therefore we can infer that the seven centers are involved.

Method I. Sutra 33. Solar plexus center.

The peace of the chitta (or mind stuff) can be brought about through the practice of sympathy, tenderness, steadiness of purpose, and dispassion in regard to pleasure or pain, or towards all forms of good or evil.

Method II. Sutra 34. Center at the base of the spine.

The peace of the chitta is also brought about by the regulation of the prana.

Method III. Sutra 35. Center between the eyebrows.

The mind can be trained to steadiness through those forms of concentration which have relation to the sense perceptions.

Method IV. Sutra 36. Head center.

By meditation upon Light and upon Radiance, knowledge of the Spirit can be reached and thus peace can be achieved. [82]

Method V. Sutra 37. Sacral center.

The chitta is stabilized and rendered free from illusion as the lower nature is purified and no longer indulged.

Method VI. Sutra 38. Throat center.

Peace (steadiness of the chitta) can be reached through meditation on the knowledge which dreams give.

Method VII. Sutra 39. Heart center.

Peace can also be reached through concentration upon that which is dearest to the heart.

These should be carefully considered, even if no details of procedure can here be given. Only the principle and the law involved can be considered by the student. It should be remembered also that all these centers have their correspondences in the etheric matter found in the region of the head and that it is when these seven head centers are awakened that their counterparts are also safely awakened. These seven head centers correspond in the microcosm to the seven Rishis of the Great Bear, the prototypes of the seven Heavenly Men, and the centers above enumerated relate to the energy of the seven Heavenly Men Themselves.

It is not necessary to enlarge here upon these centers beyond indicating the following:

The aspirant may regard each center symbolically as a lotus.

This lotus is formed of energy units moving or vibrating in a specific manner and these vibration-waves assume the forms we call the petals of the lotus. [83]

Each lotus consists of:

a. A certain number of petals,

b. A pericarp or supporting calyx,

c. A center of pure white light called the "jewel."

Each center corresponds to a sacred planet, the body of manifestation of one of the seven Heavenly Men.

Every center has to be developed through the use of the Word. This word is AUM and it must appear in the vibrant center eventually. When it shines forth perfectly within the wheel then that center has perfectly awakened.

Certain of the qualities of the sun are the qualities of the centers.

a. Quality of the solar plexus warmth.

b. Quality of the center at the base of the spine kundalini fire.

c. Quality of the ajna center between the eyebrows illuminating light.

d. Quality of the head center cold light.

e. Quality of the sacral center moisture.

f. Quality of the throat center red light.

g. Quality of the heart center radiant or magnetic light.

In this sutra meditation upon light and radiance is enjoined and we learn that through this light and the ability to use it, knowledge of the spirit can be arrived at. At the center of the "heart chakra" dwells Brahma, says the old Scripture and He reveals Himself in the light. The aspirant has therefore to become aware cf the "point of light within the wheel with twelve [84] spokes" and as that point of light is dwelt upon, it reveals a road which must be travelled should the aspirant seek to arrive at his goal. The first thing which is revealed is darkness. This should be remembered. In terms of occidental mysticism this brings about the "dark night of the soul." We will not, however, dwell upon the mystical aspect as it is necessary for us to keep our conclusions as much as possible along the occult line. The truth, as expressed in terms of Christian mysticism, has been frequently and adequately covered.

Esoteric Psychology I - Section One - I. Introductory Remarks

3. The Seven Rays Enumerated

As part of the initial Plan, the one Life sought expansion, and the seven aeons or emanations came forth from the central vortex and actively repeated the earlier process in all its details. They too came into manifestation and in the work of expressing active life, qualified by love and limited by an outward phenomenal appearance, they swept into a secondary activity and became the seven Builders, the seven Sources of [23] life and the seven Rishis of all the ancient scriptures. They are the original psychic Entities, imbued with the capacity to express love (which involves the concept of duality, for the loving and the loved, the desiring and the desired, must here be posited) and to emerge from subjective being into objective becoming. We call these seven by various names, as follows:

1. The Lord of Power or Will. This Life wills to love, and uses power as an expression of divine beneficence. For His body of manifestation He uses that planet for which the sun is regarded as the esoteric substitute.

2. The Lord of Love-Wisdom, Who is the embodiment of pure love, is regarded by esotericists as being as close to the heart of the Solar Logos as was the beloved disciple close to the heart of the Christ of Galilee. This Life instills into all forms the quality of love, with its more material manifestation of desire, and is the attractive principle in nature and the custodian of the Law of Attraction, which is the life-demonstration of pure Being. This Lord of Love is the most potent of the seven rays, because He is on the same cosmic ray as the solar Deity. He expresses Himself primarily through the planet Jupiter, which is His body of manifestation.

3. The Lord of Active Intelligence. His work is more closely linked to matter and He works in cooperation with the Lord of the second ray. He is the motivating impulse in the initial work of creation. The planet Saturn is His body of expression within the solar system, and through the medium of matter (which beneficently obstructs and hinders) He provides humanity with a vast field of experiment and experience.

I should like to point out here that when I speak in terms of [24] personality and perforce employ the personal pronoun, I must not be accused of personalizing these great forces. I speak in terms of entity, of pure Being, and not in terms of human personality. But the handicap of language persists; and in teaching those who think in terms of the lower concrete mind, and whose intuition is dormant or only manifesting in flashes, I am compelled to speak in parables and use the language of word symbols. Let me point out also that all statements which I may make are in relation to our particular planet and couched in terms that can be understood by the humanity which our planet has produced. The work, as I outline it, constitutes only a fraction of the work undertaken by these Beings; They each have Their own purpose and radius of influence, and as our Earth is not one of the seven sacred planets (nor the body of manifestation of one of the basic seven rays), They have purposes and activities in which our Earth plays only a minor part.

4. The Lord of Harmony, Beauty and Art. The main function of this Being is the creation of Beauty (as an expression of truth) through the free interplay of life and form, basing the design of beauty upon the initial plan as it exists in the mind of the solar Logos. The body of manifestation of this life is not revealed, but the activity emanating from it produces that combination of sounds, colors and word music that expresses - through the form of the ideal - that which is the originating idea. This fourth Lord of creative expression will resume activity upon the Earth about six hundred years hence, though already the first faint impress of His influence is being felt and the next century will see a reawakening of creative art in all its branches.

5. The Lord of Concrete Knowledge and Science. This is a Great Life in close touch with the mind of the creative [25] Deity, just as the Lord of the second ray is in close touch with the heart of that same Deity. His influence is great at this time, though not as potent as it will be later. Science is a psychological unfoldment in man due to this ray influence, and is only entering into its real work. His influence is waxing in power, just as the influence of the sixth Lord is waning.

6. The Lord of Devotion and Idealism. This solar Deity is a peculiar and characteristic expression of the quality of the solar Logos. Forget not that in the great scheme of the universal universe (not just our universe) our solar Logos is as differentiated and distinctive in quality as are any of the sons of men. This ray force, with the second ray, is a true and vital expression of the divine nature. A militant focusing upon the ideal, a one-pointed devotion to the intent of the life urge, and a divine sincerity are the qualities of this Lord, and set their impress upon all that is found within His body of manifestation. Advanced esotericists debate as to whether Mars is, or is not, the planet through which He manifests. You must remember that only a few of the planets are the bodies of expression of the Lords of the rays. There are ten "planets of expression" (to use the term employed by the ancient Rishis), and only seven ray Lives are regarded as the Builders of the system. The great mystery, which is finally revealed in the higher initiations, is the relation of a ray to a planet. Therefore seek not full information at this time. The influence of this sixth Lord is now passing out.

7. The Lord of Ceremonial Order or Magic is now coming into power and is slowly but surely making His pressure felt. His influence is most potent upon the physical plane, for there is a close numerical interrelation between (for [26] instance) the Lord of the seventh ray and the seventh plane, the physical, just as the seventh root race will see complete conformity to and a perfect expression of law and order. This ray of order and its incoming is partially responsible for the present tendency in world affairs toward governmental dictatorship and the imposed control of a central governing body.

It may be of value here if I give you the following statement as to the activity, or non-activity, of the rays, begging you to bear in mind that this statement refers only to our Earth and its evolutions:

Ray One - Not in manifestation.

*Ray Two - In manifestation since 1575 A.D.

*Ray Three - In manifestation since 1425 A.D.

Ray Four - To come slowly into manifestation after 2025 A.D.

*Ray Five - In manifestation since 1775 A.D.

Ray Six - Passing rapidly out of manifestation. It began to pass out in 1625 A.D.

*Ray Seven - In manifestation since 1675 A.D.

These are of course all lesser cycles within the influence of the sign Pisces. You will see that four rays are in manifestation at this time, - the second, third, fifth, and seventh.

The question arises here: How does it happen that we find people in incarnation on all the rays at practically the same time? The reason is that, as you can easily see, the fourth is beginning to approach and the sixth is passing out, which puts six of the rays in the position of having their egos in manifestation. There are however very few of the fourth ray egos on the Earth at this time, and a very large number of sixth ray egos, for it will be about two hundred years before all the sixth ray egos pass out of incarnation. As to the first ray egos, there are no pure first ray types on the planet. All so-called [27] first ray egos are on the first subray of the second ray, which is in incarnation. A pure first ray ego in incarnation at this time would be a disaster. There is not sufficient intelligence and love in the world to balance the dynamic will of an ego on the ray of the destroyer.

Just as the human family has a relation to the planetary Logos of our Earth which is best expressed by stating that it constitutes His heart and brain, so does the sum total of analogous evolutions within the entire solar system constitute the heart and brain of the solar Logos. Intelligent activity and love are the outstanding characteristics of a developed son of God, whilst their lower reflections - sex and desire - are the characteristics of the average man and the undeveloped sons of God.

These seven living qualified emanations from the central vortex of force are composed of untold myriads of energy units which are inherently and innately aspects of life, endowed with quality and capable of appearance. Below the human, the combination of these three produces conscious response to the environment, regarding the environment as composed of the sum total of all lives, qualities and appearances, - the synthesis of the seven rays or emanations of the Deity. They produce in the human kingdom a self-conscious awareness, and in the superhuman world a synthetic inclusiveness. All human monads, carried into manifestation by the will and desire of some ray Lord, are part of His body of manifestation. Potentially they express His quality and appear phenomenally according to the point in evolutionary expression which has been reached. "As He is, so are we in this world," but only as yet potentially, - the goal of evolution being to make the potential into the real, and the latent into the expressed. The work of the esotericist is just this very thing: to bring, out of latency, the hidden quality. [28]

Esoteric Psychology I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man


III. The Rays and Man

Introductory Remarks

I have now dealt with one of the basic problems confronting the race at this time. I interpolated my comments on the subject of sex at that particular point because it made a fitting conclusion to our study of the rays in connection with the animal kingdom.

Man is a living entity, a conscious son of God (a soul) occupying an animal body. Here lies the point. He is therefore in the nature of a link, and a far from missing link. He unifies in himself the results of the evolutionary process as it has been carried on during the past ages, and he brings into contact with that evolutionary result a new factor, that of an individual self-sustaining, self-knowing aspect. It is the presence of this factor and of this aspect which differentiates man from the animal. It is this aspect which produces in humanity a consciousness of immortality, a self-awareness and a self-centeredness which make man truly to appear in the image of God. It is this innate and hidden power which gives man the capacity to suffer which no animal possesses, but which also confers on him the ability to reap the benefits of this experience in the realm of the intellect. This same capacity, in embryo, works out in the animal kingdom in the realm of the instincts. It is this peculiar property of humanity [312] which confers upon it the power to sense ideals, to register beauty, to react sensuously to music, and to enjoy color and harmony. It is this divine something which makes of mankind the prodigal son, torn between desire for the worldly life, for possessions and experience, and the attractive power of that center, or home, from which he has come.

Man stands midway between heaven and earth, with his feet deep in the mud of material life and his head in heaven. In the majority of cases his eyes are closed, and he sees not the beauty of the heavenly vision, or they are open but fixed upon the mud and slime with which his feet are covered. But when his open eyes are lifted for a brief moment, and see the world of reality and of spiritual values, then the torn and distracted life of the aspirant begins.

Humanity is the custodian of the hidden mystery, and the difficulty consists in the fact that that which man conceals from the world is also hidden from himself. He knows not the wonder of that which he preserves and nourishes. Humanity is the treasure-house of God (this is the great Masonic secret), for only in the human kingdom, as esotericists have long pointed out, are the three divine qualities found in their full flower and together. In man, God the Father has hidden the secret of life; in man, God the Son has secreted the treasures of wisdom and of love; in man, God the Holy Spirit has implanted the mystery of manifestation. Humanity, and humanity alone, can reveal the nature of the Godhead and of eternal life. To man is given the privilege of revealing the nature of the divine consciousness, and of portraying before the eyes of the assembled sons of God (at the final conclave before the dissolution) what has lain hidden in the Mind of God. Hence the injunction before us today (in the words of the great Christian teacher) to possess in ourselves "the mind of Christ." This mind must dwell in us and reveal itself [313] in the human race in ever greater fullness. To man is given the task of raising matter up into heaven, and of glorifying rightly the form side of life through his conscious manifestation of divine powers.

To portray adequately the wonder and the destiny of the human kingdom lies beyond my powers or the power of any human pen, no matter how great a man's realization may be, or his response to the beauty of God's world. Divinity must be lived, expressed and manifested, to be understood. God must be loved, known and revealed within the human heart and brain, in order to be intellectually grasped.

The hierarchy of mystics, knowers and lovers of God, are manifesting this revealed truth in the world of the mental plane and of the emotional plane today. But the hour has now come when the manifestation of this reality can, for the first time and in truth, manifest itself on the physical plane in an organized group form, instead of through the instrumentality of the few inspired sons of God who have, in past ages, incarnated as the guarantee of the future possibilities. The Hierarchy of Angels and of Saints, of Masters, Rishis and Initiates, can now begin to organize itself in material form on earth, because today the group idea is rapidly gaining ground, and the nature of humanity is being better understood. The Church of Christ, hitherto invisible and militant, can now be seen slowly materializing and becoming the Church visible and triumphant.

This is the coming glory of the Aquarian Age; this is the next revelation of the evolutionary cycle, and such is the task of the immediate future. The true drama of this triple relationship (of which physical sex, as we have seen, is but the symbol) will be enacted on a large scale in the life of the modern aspirant during the next fifty years. We shall see what is called symbolically "the birth of the Christ," or the [314] second birth, taking place in many lives, producing on earth a large group of the spiritually newborn. They will be those who have brought together, consciously and within themselves, the two aspects of soul and body, and thus have consummated the "mystical marriage." The aggregate of these individual happenings will produce a group activity of an analogous kind, and we shall see the emergence on the physical plane of "the body of the Christ," and the appearance of the manifested Hierarchy. This is what is happening today, and all that we see going on around us in the world is but the pangs and the travail which precede this glorious birthing.

We are now in the process of this consummation. Hence the difficulty and agony evidenced in the life of every true disciple who - embodying in himself symbolically the two aspects of father-mother, spirit-matter, and having nurtured the Christ child through a period of gestation - is now giving birth to the Christ, within the animal stable and in the manger of the world. In the sum total of the general accomplishment will the entire group achieve and the Christ again appear on earth, incarnated this time in the many and not in the one personality. Yet each member of the group is a Christ in manifestation, and all together present the Christ to the world, and constitute a channel for the Christ force and life.

It is indeed and in truth from glory to glory that we go. The past glory of individualization must fade away in that of initiation. The glory of the slowly emerging self-consciousness must be lost to sight in the wonder of the group consciousness of the race, and this the foremost thinkers and workers today most ardently desire. The glory that can be seen faintly shining in humanity, and the dim light which flickers within the human form, must give place to the radiance which is the glory of the developed son of God. Only [315] a little effort is needed, and the demonstration of a steady staying power, to enable those who are now on the physical plane of experience to evidence the radiant light, and to establish upon the earth a great station of light which will illumine the whole of human thought. Always there have been isolated light bearers, down the ages. Now the group light bearer will shortly be seen. Then shall we see the rest of the human family (who respond not yet to the Christ impulse) having their progress facilitated towards the path of probation. The work will still be slow, and much yet remains to be done; but if all the aspirants of the world and all the disciples at work in the world today will submerge their personal interests in the task immediately ahead, we shall have what I might pictorially call the opening of a great station of light on earth, and the founding of a power house which will greatly hasten the evolution and elevation of humanity, and the unfoldment of the human consciousness.

There has been for long in esoteric circles much idle and oft foolish talk anent the ray upon which a man may be found. People are as ignorantly excited over being told which is their ray as they are over the portrayal of their past incarnations. The "new teaching on the rays" vies with astrology in its interest. Like the Athenians, men are always searching for the novel and the unusual, forgetting that every new truth and every new presentation of an old truth carries with it the onus of increased responsibility.

However, it is interesting to trace parallels, and it is becoming obvious to the careful student that the emergence of the teaching on the rays has happened at a time when the scientist is announcing the fact that there is naught to be seen and known save energy, and that all forms are composed of energy units and are in themselves expressions of force. [316] A ray is but a name for a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not upon the form aspect which it creates. This is a true definition of a ray.

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... In "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2, by HP Blavatsky, two ancient depictions are shown that are almost the same.
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Trinity. The basic form, according to Blavatsky, has a male, a female, and an androgen child. ...


... sets of standards and 72 = 75 and is regarded to be the same)
... Tetragrammaton (YHVH), From Helena Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine. ...


... I covered a few of them here: ...
Blavatsky wrote about this symbolism too, such as being thrown into the firepit. ...


"Wisdom is knowing truth.". "Knowledge is ours but the toll is never free.". ...


by HP Blavatsky, two ancient depictions are shown that are almost the same. ...
According to HP Blavatsky, we rid ourselves of Kali at the end of the Kali-Yuga. ...


... Blavatsky - Joseph Pantira/Panthera as Jesus Father. ...
Isis Unveiled - by Blavatsky - pages 378 thru 404 Persecution of the Templars by the Church. ...

Lucid Visit to the Great Hall and Dreams of Fire

... HP Blavatsky spoke of similar symbolism in "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2.
She said that being thrown into the fire pit was very ancient, and used in India. ...


... The Hebrew Creation Narrative. Mariology - Mary as Mother of God. The Blavatsky Explanation of Creation.
The Seven Creations - Blavatsky. ...


... from: Helena Blavatsky - Excerpted from THE SECRET DOCTRINE - Vol. 2, Page 477. ...
(See Moor’s Hindu Pantheon.) MPH. HELENA BLAVATSKY SPEAKS ON THE SUN. ...

The American Tragedy: A Symbolic Event, Part Two

... July 11, 1994. GA Farthing The Blavatsky Trust 36 The Mount, Fetcham, Surrey, KT22 9EA. ...
At the time, I was reading parts of Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled. ...


.. Trinity. The basic form, according to Blavatsky, has a male, a female, and an androgen child. ...


... I commented to Joe that her ceremony was very Shamanic.
The meaning of the bison dream became more clear when Joe read Isis Unveiled Vol II by HP Blavatsky. ...


... Thus, the T is a true symbol of the Tree of Life. Another page on the seven sisters.
In Helena P. Blavatsky's, "Isis Unveiled." she speaks of God's Signet Ring. ...


... Blavatsky spoke of the vehicle symbolism in "Isis Unveiled," vol. ...
Blavatsky tells how the Patriarchs represent Zodiac signs. For example, Judah is Leo. ...

The 216 - 3:16's of the Bible

... Helena Blavatsky states that the word 'Petra' in Chaldean and Phoenician means "interpreter".
My question: So then why are we following Paul's teachings? ...


... a "new" Christ has been foretold. "The grandmother of the New Age movement was Helen Petrovna Blavatsky. ...

Besant: Lecture 1

... They have been said lately by Mr. Coleman to be purely modern productions;
but they were never found out in modern writings until Madame Blavatsky found them. ...

HOLLOW EARTH - Chapter 7 - Part 7.2

... Peaks, proceeding to the Atacambo Desert. Another branch opens in Arica, Chile, visited by Madame Blavatsky.


... This is the second death . From Isis Unveiled - by Helena P. Blavatsky:

Blavatsky Net Foundation

Blavatsky Net - Theosophy. This site focuses on Madame Blavatsky and her teaching Theosophy. ...
HP Blavatsky 1831 - 1891 "No Religion Higher Than Truth". ...

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contains hundreds of documents (including rare and hard-to-find source material) on the life,
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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul Esoteric Philosophy - Table of Contents ...

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... Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949): From her conservative British background,
Alice Bailey's life led her in many directions,

Alice A. Bailey

Description: A collection of excerpts from a 1978 compilation of the esoteric, spiritual and philosophical writings...

Esoteric Astrology: Alice Bailey: Portrait of Leo Rising

Description: An esoteric interpretation of the astrological chart of Alice A. Bailey.


Antisemitic Stereotypes in Alice Bailey's Writings. (Photo of Alice  Bailey). Below are some quotes by the late Alice Bailey,

Alice Bailey, theosophist; New Age movement predecessor

. Hannah Newman: Alice Bailey ; David Green: Alice Bailey; Alice Bailey / Lucis Trust; German; ...

The Watchman Expositor: Alice Bailey Profile

... Watchman Fellowship Profiles. Alice Bailey. ... Regarding Master DK's communications, Alice Bailey comments,
"I remain in full control of my senses of perception.... ...

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... The Externalisation of the Hierarchy p. 515.
These Teachings are taken from the books given to the world by Alice Bailey and the Master Djwhal Khul. ...

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