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Date: July 29, 2010 at 10:04:22
jeffersonzuma, [DNS_Address]
Subject: Re: Man made Oregon 5.2 /I have not had physical release..

None of you have scientifically proved a damn thing! Peg made a statement, Don told of the usuality of quakes in the area, which is a good point, and Bev seconded that with her opinion, all of which is good input but then the ridicule and pomposity blows it.. because there are usual 'natural' quakes doesn't prove, scientifically, that Peg's claim of her friend's telling, with as little info as to 'why' the claim, is false. Scientifically, rigorously, without allowance for intuitive speculation, there has been nothing concluded; all of this is more in the realm of intuitive speculation (though I am interested as to the Peg's friend's reasons and/or sources). Yet Peg did not present as scientific authority, nor as if proved, but Don and Bev did, so ha! ha! as our very concepts of due process and scientific proof are broken down by the witch-burning mentality that has become the national norm and is one of the reasons for the downfall of this empire that was supposed to be a republic! This is my criticism of this thread; I am not claiming anything, I do not have a 'sure-it-ty' so do not come at me as if I am claiming anything for sure! That being said, there is some reason to suspect that artificial 'natural' events might be produced at this time because it is such a major astrological time and I think there is a preponderance of evidence (short of absolute proof) that there are entities with technology who do things in ritualistic manners involving numbers and astrology. Therefore we are correct in having high suspicions about events in these time periods. Personally, I do very much suspect that there may be intent to produce a disaster during this window, such as Haiti, such as the Eureka quake before Haiti in January, that I suspect likewise. This is 'intuitive reason', not proof, not pure psychic vision, simply intuitive reason to suspect the probability; I am not claiming scientific proof but neither has anyone proved scientifically the negative! Get the point? Like punta pointa gorda? (a big redundant?). Here's something that, however, is a big point for my intuition: my symptoms have been of pressurization and there has been no release as affects me before natural quakes and if there is a major quake(s) without this sense of release that is cause for major suspicion for me, so since I sense high pressurization, a blockage of tension release, I am on major alert.. I have had some feelings that this could be altered if it is to be artificially triggered but it is not the type of body-emotion release that natural quakes provide for me (yes, we haven't proven which are 'natural' and which are 'artificial', granted). I know it is a tall order for the "scientists" around here to even entertain the notion that if our catastrophe doesn't happen this weekend that it may have been stopped because of Clif et al's work and our conciousness and our warnings, and we will get to read all the criticisms of Clif's work and 'his fearmongering' sans any homework on the scientific possibility that things got altered *because* of our knowledge and publicity. So be that, that is more ego problems than what our true spirits care about!

As for me, I'll be paying very close attention to my intuition as I have proven time and again that this is more reliable than rational processes, especially if I have to choose between the two. I can bet my very life on this.. that disregarding intuition for rationalization is very dangerous.

I very much enjoy both Don and Bev's input and I thank them for their service. All I'm doing is calling you guys out that your egos are over-ruling your scientific rigor, with your points well taken, regardless!

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Monday, March 03, 2008 at 15:44:47 UTC

March 3, 2008

 PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Two back-to-back earthquakes have struck about 200 miles off the Oregon coast.

The National Earthquake Information Center says there's been no damage and no threat of a tsunami from Monday's quakes.

Don Blakeman of the Golden, Colo.-based center, says preliminary measurements put the magnitudes at about 5.1 and 4.9. He says the quakes hit five minutes apart, shortly before 7 a.m. off the coastal town of Bandon.

Blakeman says the depth of the quakes at the epicenters, a few miles apart, probably was about 6 miles into the earth's crust.


These all happened today:


Undersea plate tectonics west of Washington and Oregon

The Blanco Fracture Zone is one of several seismically active transform faults off the coast of Oregon. The Blanco FZ offsets the Juan de Fuca (JDF) Ridge from the Gorda Ridge (ridges are spreading centers where new ocean floor is created).

Although earthquakes occur frequently along the Blanco Fracture Zone, they are rarely felt. Generally, the transform motion of these earthquakes does not produce tsunamis because the plates slide by each other without changing the shape of the ocean floor.

Seismicity, Magnitude 4 and greater, 1990 - August. 2002

Locations and magnitudes for Blanco Fracture Zone area earthquakes are provided by NEIC. These quakes are outside the PNSN network, and not well located by PNSN instrumentation.

On this map, red squares show quakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater located in the area since 1990. Double lines with arrows pointing in opposite directions represent oceanic spreading centers, which are seismically quiet except for occasional swarms of small earthquakes associated with volcanic eruptions near the Axial Seamount on the JDF spreading center (monitored by the NOAA Vents program).

Many earthquakes are located along the north-west trending Blanco Fracture Zone. Seismicity also occurs along a transform fault south of the Blanco F.Z., and along the east-west trending Mendocino Fracture Zone near the bottom of the figure.

Although the distribution of seismograph stations makes it hard to calculate precise locations, all earthquakes in the area most likely originate on the transform faults.

Over the past 20 years, a magnitude 6.0-7.0 earthquake has occurred on the Blanco Fracture Zone every 5 years or so. Each year, there are several earthquakes in the magnitude 5.0 to 6.0 range.

IRIS Page on Fault Motions - Tranform faults produce strike-slip earthquakes

NOAA "Vents" Program Acoustic Monitoring of Ocean Seismicity

This is file /SEIS/PNSN/INFO_GENERAL/blanco.html,
This page authored by Ruth Ludwin

Near Real Time Earthquake List

Updated as of Fri Jan 17 02:25:38 UTC 2003. DATE-(UTC)-TIME Latitude Longitude Depth Magnitude COMMENTS

    DATE           TIME        degrees     degrees       km     mag

2003/01/16      06:52:04      44.24N     128.85W     10.0     4.9     OFF COAST OF OREGON

2003/01/16      06:34:55      44.28N     129.03W     10.0     4.3     OFF COAST OF OREGON

2003/01/16      05:30:57      44.22N     129.12W     10.0     4.5     OFF COAST OF OREGON

2003/01/16      05:06:16     44.32N      129.51W     10.0     4.5     OFF COAST OF OREGON

2003/01/16      05:03:29     44.20N      129.19W     10.0     5.2     OFF COAST OF OREGON

2003/01/16      03:38:28     44.19N      129.07W     10.0     3.6     OFF COAST OF OREGON

2003/01/16      02:25:04     44.30N      129.40W     10.0     5.3     OFF COAST OF OREGON

2003/01/16      01:22:43     44.38N      129.25W     10.0     4.0     OFF COAST OF OREGON

2003/01/16      01:06:30     44.21N      129.27W     10.0     5.3     OFF COAST OF OREGON

2003/01/16      00:53:15     44.31N      129.09W     10.0     6.2     OFF COAST OF OREGON

2003/01/16      00:51:03     44.25N      129.16W     10.0     4.9     OFF COAST OF OREGON

2003/01/15      09:46:53     36.09N      118.00W       5.6     3.2     <PAS> CENTRAL CALIFORNIA

2003/01/15      03:41:58     46.62N      120.52W     10.7     3.2     <SEA> WASHINGTON

2003/01/14      20:52:50     47.59N      121.90W       2.3     2.3     <SEA-P> PUGET SOUND, WASHINGTON

2003/01/14      15:51:33     40.74N      124.57W     22.6     3.5     <NC-P> OFFSHORE N CALIFORNIA

2003/01/14      00:06:06     48.49N      123.15W     26.0     2.4     <PGC-P> SAN JUAN ISL REG, WASH

2003/01/13     14:47:25      36.98N      121.63W       9.0     3.0     <NC-P> NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

2003/01/13     09:58:01      47.77N      120.12W       0.6     2.7     <SEA> WASHINGTON

2003/01/13     06:36:42      39.45N      122.04W     27.9     2.8     <NC-P> NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

2003/01/12     11:05:05      35.32N      118.67W       2.2     3.0     <PAS-P> CENTRAL CALIFORNIA

Subj: [earthchanges]  Details on the underwater eruption on the Gorda Ridge
Date: 4/9/2001


Received: (EGP: mail-7_1_1); 9 Apr 2001 23:27:11 -0000

Eric wrote:

Nowhere do I see any information on the size of these underwater volcanoes.  Is there any information on how high these mountains are,
or how deep below the water surface they are? Are they growing in height as a result of their eruptions (does underwater magma
immediately "congeal" when it comes into contact with water, creating higher columns of rock)?

Krsanna wrote:

The most recent eruption on the Gorda Ridge (April 3, 2001) is 1 mile beneath the surface.   This is the site of an earlier eruption on
February 28, 1996, so this area has been studied in the last few years.  There are underwater cameras set up there which are
transmitting pictures of the magma flow and microorganisms congregating in the hot water. 

The magma is coming up from a vent but I don't know if the main plume has been identified yet. The ridge looks like a huge plateau
with vents where the magma is rising in several places.  As the hot magma rises it begins to cool and simultaneously heats the
surrounding water.  The fresh magma can be distinguished from the older magma emitted in earlier events. The magma rises up then cools
off to form ridges that look like a huge intestine to me.  Here's the link for the underwater camera shots that are updated every 15
minutes (I think): 


Submarines are scheduled to go to the site this week for a first-hand look at what is happening there.  It will be at least a week before
any kind of findings are concluded.  But the current event is believed to be similar to the eruption in 1996, so you can look at
those findings to get some idea of the earlier temperatures, etc. 

Here's the link to the preliminary scientific data for 1996:  http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/vents/gorda96/results.html

The entire area of Washington State west of Spokane was formed from lava flow about 60 million years ago.  The old plate only went as far
as Spokane before it was extended with magma millions of years in the past. 

I found a great digital map of the Juan de Fuca Plate but it is 78MB.  I believe it has elevations, and I will look at those a little
later.  I found a chart of temperatures taken at various locations in 1996 if you are interested in that.  It looks like they dropped
bottles for samples at various locations and depths in 1996 and the results were charted.  They will undoubtedly repeat this process but
the results may take a while to get.

If anybody had told me I'd ever get excited about watching real-time photos of an underwater volcano update when I was 15 years
old and looking for a hot date, I would never have believed it.  But here I am delighted to watch the images.

Best regards,



Sat, 7 Apr 2001 12:06:42 -0700 (PDT)

To: <TimeStar@yahoogroups.com>

I copied the world map that shows tectonic plates from the US Geological Survey (USGS) web site and inserted the names of areas for reference. Tectonic plates are outlined in yellow. I often mention the Indo-Australian tectonic plate where a third tectonic plate is buried beneath it. I inserted the name of this plate on the map so you can see where it is. Even though we have had a large number of moderate earthquakes since the solar flares began March 29, the largest quakes have still been clustered around the Indo-Australian Plate. You may want to save this graphic to a file and refer to it as events unfold in the next two months. Although large graphics are hard for some people to handle, I'm sending this graphic because it is an important one.

The site of the underwater volcano off the coast of Oregon is marked with a yellow dot. There have been hundreds of small quakes around the volcano since it started erupting on April 3. If you look closely you will see that a very small area along Washington and Oregon is outlined in yellow. The yellow outline defines the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate which is a remnant of a much more ancient plate sandwiched between the Pacific Plate and the American Plate. There are several underwater volcanoes on the Juan de Fuca Plate which terminates near Vancouver, B.C. in the north and California in the south. The Juan de Fuca plate is the source of 9+ magnitude earthquakes on the Pacific coast ever 150 years or so. Virtually all the earthquakes on this map are along the boundaries of tectonic plates.


From: http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/vents/eruption.html

1996 Volcanic Activity on the Gorda Ridge

Beginning at 0700 GMT on 28 February 1996, intense seismicity was detected in the northeast Pacific Ocean using the T-phase Monitoring System developed by NOAA/PMEL to access the U.S. Navy's SOund SUrveillance System (SOSUS) in the northeast Pacific. The current event is located on the northernmost segment of the Gorda Ridge near 42 40'N and 126 48'W. The nature of the seismicity is very similar to that observed in June 1993 at the CoAxial Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, which was later documented to be a lateral magma injection with subsequent eruption.

 Comparison of 1993 events to 1996 events


Fortunately, substantial data sets have been previously collected in this area. Water column surveys collected by NOAA in 1985 and later surveys by Oregon State University showed water column temperature anomalies in the area, which was labelled GR-14. Full SeaBeam coverage has been collected by NOAA. SeaMARC II surveys were collected in the area in
1983 by USGS/UH. Detailed SeaMARC I surveys were collected by NOAA/PMEL in the northern half of the segment in 1987. Camera surveys were conducted in 1985-86 by USGS and NOAA/PMEL. Extensive dredges were also collected by USGS. The Navy's SeaCliff submersible dove in the area in 1988. 

At about 0050Z on JD 094 (Tuesday April 3, 1800 PST), volcanic seismicity was detected by the PMEL T-phase Monitoring System, which accesses the U.S. Navy's SOund SUrveillance System (SOSUS) to monitor ocean sound.. The volcanic activity is located on Gorda Ridge and is very similar to earlier JdF events: no large main shock, rapidly repeating earthquakes, and the presence of a band of continuous tremor. The event is relatively loud, being heard on multiple SOSUS arrays and the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. The general location (42.15 N, 127.05W (or 42 9'N; 127 3'W) is on the Jackson segment, just below the North Gorda segment which was the site of a February 1996 eruption. A response effort is currently underway by the combined event response team funded by NSF and NOAA using RV New Horizon. New developments will be broadcast at this site.

UPDATE (4/10 0930PDT): New Horizon is currently departing Eureka,CA after a full night of preparation. Seas are reported as calm. ETA at the target site is midnight. Seismicity continues with over 3,000 events detected in six days.John Nabelek at Oregon State
University has posted earthquake moment tensor solutions for the larger earthquakes detected by land arrays.


April 2001

1993-1996 Activity



Stan Deyo reported that the Juan de Fuca Plate is starting to buckle and puts British Columbia at great risk;
also threatening Washington, Oregon, California and ...








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