Joe Mason's Dreams - February 1994  

The following dreams and notes were originally recorded on a Brother Word Processor, and later transfered to my IBM compatable computer.  I am starting the process of uploading the documents to the greatdreams website today, May 29, 2001. Recent notes concerning the dreams, will be in brown text, or blue hyperlinked text. .  

2-21-94 @ 7:30 a.m.

At 5:02 a.m. I dreamed I was at a big football stadium with a huge crowd. I stood near a corner of the grandstand, and kept going outside to get beer and urinate. It was messy. People had urinated profusely in holes or depressions in the ground. After a few trips, I found a building that was a giant bathroom, resembling a gym locker room. As I was walking toward the big building, a worker passed by me and made a comment, rebuking me for urinating in a mess.

Then I was inside and saw a lot of workers, dressed in blue (like the Navy work clothes), cleaning the big bathroom. The area near the front door was also messy with urine, but the back and middle areas had been well cleaned.

I looked around for a place to urinate, but couldn't find one. And I had to go bad. Near the back, the workmen gathered together, like a group of friends. Everything was sparkling clean, including their blue clothing. The place they gathered was a metal overpass-type structure, like catwalks. I felt out-of-place. A foreman stood on the catwalk, as the workers gathered in the area. He started talking, hinting that I was being messy. I went out of the building.

Update note, May 29, 2001:  See our pages:

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At 5:25 a.m. I heard a man's voice, and woke up. As I awoke, it seemed like a regular voice speaking right into my left ear. This is a first. The man's wife had talked to him on the telephone about me, but she called me "Tom Mason." I noted what the man said, but I superimposed my writing, making it unintelligible. He was irritated at me, and I think he was mildly chastising me for the attitude expressed in the above dream.

(Update note: Thomas means "twin." I believe this is sometimes related to the spiritual double, or Divine Ka. Dreams of my son,T.J., may be related, as the initials stand for Thomas Joseph.)

At 5:55 a.m. I heard- "The shaft never leaves the Bill."

(I think Bill is related to Bull, or Buffalo, as with the football team.)

Update note, May 29, 2001: I was refering above to the Buffalo Bills football team.  See -

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At 6:59 a.m. I heard- "The whole neighborhood went black."

(I saw a ball-point pen drawing of T.J. on a wrinkled napkin.)

8:01 p.m. - At 7:15 p.m. I dreamed that T.J. and I were preparing to move from a house like ours on Millar in Santa Clara. He was doing all the work, because I was working. I arrived home and saw the U-haul truck in front, almost fully loaded. There was a lot of stuff on the lawn - furniture and possessions, including two big, wooden molds or something. They were like hollow shells, about twice the size of a car, and shaped kind of like cars. One was squarish and old fashioned, the other with curved lines and more modern. (like a 1950's Porch)

I worried about getting it all loaded. T.J. met me outside and we walked toward the house, passing by a high rock wall. He dodged and said something. A big insect, like a mosquito, but more the size of a dragonfly, flew by me, touching my head in passing.

I think we went back to the yard then. We walked to the side of the house and saw a garage-like room, with two walls open, with more of our stuff stacked up. I told T.J. we were going to need two trucks. We walked back to the front, and I said we should cut up those wood molds and sell it for fire wood.

We went back to the house, but it was different now. It was a rock and rough wood (with hair-like bark) structure, like an old castle, but not as big. It was now night time. We went into a hallway-like area. It had a high, rock (almost black stones) wall, and was quite narrow. We started in a door that had the hair-like bark. We realized it was the landlady's part of the complex. We lived in a small apartment, one door toward the front. The landlady came in her nightgown. She was upset at being disturbed. She told us not to make any more noise, reminding us that it was 10 O'clock at night.

We went to our door and went in. T.J. had rearranged the few furnishings remaining. He had moved my bed to the other side of the room and in the corner. It was a one room apartment but fairly large. I heard what I thought was the T.V., but saw that it was an old fashioned, large, wood radio. He said he put the T.V. outside on the lawn with the stuff to load. I asked why he didn't wait to load it. He said he had planned to sleep on it.

2-23-94, 1:42 a.m.

At 11:57 p.m. (on the 22nd) I dreamed I discussed a painting for a movie with Tom Wilson, an old high school friend. He was planning to create this movie. I had stories and ideas for the film. I described the painting, which I envisioned as a standard oil painting. Tom interrupted, gestured like spraying with a paint gun, and told me the idea was to paint an entire movie set background.

I also remembered an earlier dream. I and my large family went to stay in a big, multi-storied hotel. Some of us (about 5) ate at the restaurant on the fourth floor. We went back to our rooms, then I went to the room were three of the relatives were staying. The three were Danny, Ricky, and (I think) David Mason.

The three young men were like the black sheep of the family, those who broke rules and got in trouble with the law. They were kind of isolated from the rest of the family. Danny (I think) was leaving as I went in. Inside, the young men told me they were hungry. One of them (Danny, I think, although he had left, was now back in the room) pulled out a plastic bag with some chocolate bars in it. I felt a strong desire to eat one.

Suddenly, I remembered that I had forgotten to pay the bill at the restaurant I was supposed to pay for the whole family. I started back up to the restaurant to pay the bill, but got confused in finding my way.

Then I was back in another room with relatives. Two orange tiger-striped kittens tried to go out the door. Our cat, Kerby had given birth to them some weeks before. The kittens slipped by me, but I went into the hallway and herded them back into the room. The kittens wanted out of the room because they were afraid, probably because of the unfamiliar surroundings.

2:29 a.m. - This dream seems to be about the 3 1/2 Karma cycle. The three young men seem to be the "tripple male trinity" in this cycle, where we commit violations. The chocolate bars are sweet food-for-thought, that is, our worldly desires, fears, etc., that lead to the violations. But "chocolate" is the Food of the God's, showing that we are intended to "swallow" the ideas, even though they seem negative. This corresponds to the verse in Revelation 17 about God putting it into their (Kings of the Earth) minds to carry out His purpose, and to the "Phantom of the Opera" (God) being in your mind.

The restaurant is also a food-for-thought symbol, in this case an en masse one. Trying to find my way back represents trying to pay the Karmic debt. I'm confused on how to do this personally, and collectively. (the relatives, I think, represent mankind. We are all relatives.)

For the first time I can remember, cats have appeared in my dreams lately. I'm not sure of the meaning, but it seems to be similar to the dog, some aggressive or negative parts of us.

Dogs seem to be aggressive from a protective instinct, especially the family or group protection. Perhaps cats show the more stealthy things. They don't become aggressive for a group, but are fierce when threatened.

3:34 a.m. - I thought of a few more interpretations of these dreams. Tom Wilson is a high school teacher of crafts. This hints that he represents the spiritual entities who teach us "craftsmen" or "builders" here. We are working on a "bigger picture" than I have envisioned.

The kittens were orange, suggesting the male/sun/Father Deity, and perhaps the physical/rational.

The three young men are all my nephews. (Ricky is my great nephew.) Danny Mason died a few years ago. This may be why he left the room, then seemed to be back in it when I went in. This could correspond to Randy's dream of the hospital and bomb/tidal wave, where the dead boy fell in the broken window. My guess is that this represents the "son" in the trinity, who experiences the babtismal death/rebirth when he reaches the heart-chakra level. I just thought - the fourth floor could hint at the heart chakra.

Update note, May 29, 2001: Tom Wilson suggests the "Thomas" twin theme. The movie set background relates to the earthly experience as being like a stage play. The restaurant on the fourth floor of the hotel relates to the fourth chakra level of consciousness. We now have a page about the Triple Male Trinity. Other dreams related to the concept of karma are included on these pages:

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Since 1994, ideas about kittens have become more clear to me. The two orange tiger-striped kittens may be similar in meaning to the male and female lions. This relates to Judah in Genesis 49:9, and to the kings of the earth in Revelation 17 and 21. See:  

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2-24-94, 4:06 a.m.

At 1:27 a.m. I dreamed that I put on a pair of old work pants. They had the shoes attached, like fishermen use, but the material was web-like, sort of like heavy canvas. They were somewhat dirty and stiff and a yellowish-tan color. I had used the pants years ago. I put on the pants, intending to wear them to work, then took them off. They felt confining and I figured that I might want to take my shoes off.

I also dreamed that Mike (my oldest son) asked me how one could quantify saving people from a disaster. I answered, "Quantify - the number of those you saved."

At 2:05 a.m. I heard - "Symbols surround us. We will find this out."

At 2:10 a.m. I heard - "Make it clear to the press - this is an automatic gluing operation."
(I saw breakfast cereal boxes having their flaps glued by a machine.) I think this had the meaning - food-for-thought after awakening at dawn; assimilating dreams, especially at the dawn of the New Age.

At 2:27 a.m. I heard - "Joa factor."

Then, at 2:35 a.m. - "Ink-like secretary."

And at 2:36 a.m. - "Mankind(?) corresponds to Mercury - it goes around the sun."

Yesterday I received a booklet of ads from the Anthroposophic Press. On page 9 is an ad for "The Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century," by Jesaiah Ben Aharon. It tells of "the occult significance of the 12 years 1933-45 in the Light of spiritual science. The ad states, "Since the beginning of the Michael Age and the end of Kali Yuga, two central spiritual influences stream increasingly into the consciousness of man.

The first is the Michael power, which guarantees the new human faculty of pure, logical thinking and individual experiences of freedom, and the second is the new supersensible perception that has enabled man to perceive the appearance of the Christ in the etheric realm since 1933."

Page 11 tells of "From Jesus to Christ," by Rudolf Steiner. He says there is an awakening to the new revelation in our time: "Christ as the Lord of Karma."

Page 39 tells of "Sophia: The Wisdom of God," by Sergis Bulgakov. He shows how "the Divine Sophia, in whom all things are created, is present in the Holy Trinity itself and how, as the 'creaturely Sophia' she works together with Her divine counterpart in the work of the Holy Spirit for the redemption of the world."

This fits my view of things, and helps clarify things. The "Y"-shape in the Barbury Castle pictogram is the Mother Deity and seems to be Sophia, or other Mother Deity names. The Holy Spirit is the southwest circle, which is an aspect of the feminine Deity within us, and within each consciousness unit. The two are represented as Mother and Daughter. Kali is an aspect of the Mother Deity, the aspect operating in this karma/judgment time cycle. It reminds me of "tough love," a method of getting young, rebellious kids to conform to the rules of the society.

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