MARCH, 2002


3-1-02 -  (influenced by a radio show - Art Bell interviewing Michael Horn about the Pleiadians and Billy Meier)

DREAM - My mother drove me to a place to meet some ETs. On the way there, we stopped at a property where they were going to build a survival community. The property was deceiving to look at because it had been divided into 3 parts - like lots. The property was a long gentle slope to a large lake. Only the central piece of property had a building on it - an old weatherbeaten large white house. The other outer two lots had no buildings on them and were just long sloping lawns. There were forests of trees on both sides. I have to assume this whole land was once all trees and they had been cut down to have a clear view of the lake. (I remember dreaming of this exact same place a couple months ago.)

We then drove to the place where the ETs were supposed to be and I met a middle aged woman who had just been in a car accident. Her name was Phyllis Miller. She was all bruised up too and her leg was broken.

I wonder if this is her:

MILLER, PHYLLIS (Steinfurth) (1920- )

I don't recall seeing an ETs where we were, but there were other people around.

All of a sudden while I was looking for my coat and boots for my daughter and myself to go home again, I heard that Phyllis Miller was being brought in by buss. I caught a glimpse of a yellow bus going by the window and I wanted to meet her again to see how she was.

My mother was trying to get her brown winter coat and couldn't get her hands into the cuffed sleeves because they were too tight.

Sci-Fi type music played while my mother struggled to get her arms through those cuffs.  (This was probably from the radio, bleeding through)

I hadn't worn any gloves on the way there, and now I planned to drive home because I didn't feel my mother would be capable of it. I needed gloves because the steering wheel would be cold. I tried on my mother's brown leather gloves and they only came 1/2 way up my hands.

I woke up and went back to sleep

I was at home on 16th St. and was going to go out driving. My car was parked across the street - across the driveway of my neighbor (not a real situation)  As I went out there, a car re-po man came to take back the cars of my neighbor.

He used remote control on the garage door. Inside the garage was two cars. They looked really small - parked on either side of 3 black speakers which was in the center.

My car was blocking the driveway so I didn't think the re-po man could get out unless i moved my car and I had to assume that the sound of the garage door opening woke up my neighbor who would immediately run downstairs to stop the re-po man.

I got into my car and drove east through the alley, followed by both cars from the garage. both cars were low and sleek - a green car and a blue car. I was watching them in my rear view mirror and I knew it was important to know which way they went and in what order the colors were.

The green car was immediately behind me and the blue car almost went West, but then turned around and followed the green car.

I had to know which car went north and which went south as well when they elft this alley.

The green car went north and the blue car went south.

NOTE: I used these colors in several healing meditations in following days.


3-1-02 - VISION - Yesterday, I meditated for 3 hours and couldn't get anything. Today, as soon as I lay down I started seeing people kissing each other.

Then I saw 4 mattresses going down the street side by side and the message was shown to me 'MISSION IMPOSSIBLE'.

YUP! That was yesterday -

I'm just getting too paranoid and think they don't need me anymore. :-(


3-2-02 - 1:11 a.m.  DREAM - SEE - HOLIDAY TERRORISM


3-2-02 - DREAM - I saw the name  John Heisemann - 820 -  (Maybe they mean John Heisman)  I don't know. The first name is not on the internet.

He was responsible for something to happen.

I was in West Allis and a male friend and I walked 1/2 mile in deep snow to see this event which was going to occur. We had walked from 66th St. to 60th St. and I discovered I was barefoot and there were 20 foot snowdrifts everywhere. There were other people walking on the streets but they were dressed appropriately.

When I discovered I was barefoot, I got scared that I was losing my mind, not to mention I was carrying a 9" square glass baking dish with me.

In my panic, I put down the baking dish and headed back home, glad to have my mind back.

I got back to about 63rd St. and realized I had to have been out of my mind to leave my baking dish on the sidewalk at 60th St. and asked my friend to go get it for me because I was barefoot and didn't want to walk all the way back.

I had no sooner said that worrying that someone had taken my baking dish, that a very large-sized woman in a yellow dress came running up to me with the dish.

I took the dish, feeling so grateful to have it back, I threw my arms around her, and said, "I love you."

I got back home and was now on 16th St. I looked out the front door and saw that the snow had melted a lot and there were dog turds all over the lawn. It was so disgusting to look at that I wanted to ask my husband if I should rake them up and shovel them into the trash.

I was on my way up the porch stairs when a car pulled up on the lawn with this large woman and her skinny husband - reminds me of Jack Spratt Could Eat No Fat poem. They were going to move into my house. That was fine with me. I knew she was a nice woman.

She handed me a coil of rope with many coils - and the coils were loose - 3 to 4 feet across . I wanted to make smaller coils so I uncoiled the rope into one loop and 50 to 75 feet (I'm not good with measurements at a glance)

I was just going to start coiling the rope again when the skinny guy hollers in the door to my husband, "What should I do with this rope?" because it was in his way.

I screamed as loud as I could, 'I WAS JUST GOING TO COIL IT UP!"

He walked back to the car and came back to the house, asking, "Where should I put my lawn mower.?"

I was just going to scream again about that when a man I assume was my husband told him to put it under the porch in section 650 - that was his section.

I then went into the house and my husband and I went to see a psychiatrist - or rather she came to see us.

(650 in Strong's Concordance)

'aphiyq {aw-feek'} from 622; - river, channel, stream, brooks , mighty , scales, strong;  ravine , of hollow bones (fig.)

When the psychiatrist came in, I was laying down and I looked like I was 300 pounds, wearing a white granny gown and I felt 100 years old. My husband was sitting on my right.

I said to the psychiatrist, "I've been through so many changes in my life." like I was apologizing for who I was. The woman said, "When two people have been together as long as you two have, they understand and accept each other."

I was glad to hear that. Then Lorna and her daughter Emily and another girl came in and the psychiatrist started talking about how great the next generation of girls is going to do and I felt happy about that.


3-3-02 - DREAM - There is something so comforting about hugging beloved dead people in dreams. At the end of a very frustrating dream where nothing was working out, I woke up in the dream and it was Sunday morning. I was at a farm in Northern Wisconsin. I could hear singing in the livingroom. I went out there, deciding I would act like nothing had happened and go on like everything was wonderful.

I went into the livingroom which was immense. Dozens and dozens of children lined the walls and everyone was singing. I don't know what song it was. I spotted my older relatives in an ante-room. So I went in that room and stood next to my Aunt Cora. I hugged her Hello. I could smell her sachet which was like Verbena and Lavendar. There were several other elderly women there and they came over and we all hugged.

Then the one aunt showed me a geneaology chart of her decendants and there were some empty spaces when one of her sons had had failed relationships and had no children. She was disappointed to have that empty space in her book, but she said she would be patient and wait until he got his life together and she could fill in those spaces.

My daughter in law Lorna came over then with our grandson Ethan . They handed me a paintbrush and told me I had two minutes to paint one of the flowers on a poster on the wall. The flowers were actually blinking like I was being timed. The flower was light lavendar and all I had to do was fill in the outline with white paint.

Just as I finished it, I woke up very gradually, feeling more relaxed than I've ever felt in my life.

Prior to that in the dream, I was riding in a limousine, talking to Lorna who was sitting two rows of seats behind me on the left. I was sitting in the right passenger seat, next to the driver. That brought my attention to look and see who was driving that car and there was nobody there. We were nurtling down a highway at 80 miles an hour and nobody was driving the car, so I had to take over the controls. Nobody else could, but me.

This car was Maroon, but not just plain Maroon - it was an intense Metallic maroon color.


3-3-02 - VISION - I was doing a color healing tape by Patti Conklin and towards the end I started having visions of book pages or ET conversations with a human.

One said, "Hey! Where's your halo?" Another say, "Fly!!!!"  metaphorically speaking I'm sure.

Then I was laying in bed covered up to keep warm because I get the chills for an hour from doing the color meditation. I was laying there thinking about my daughter in law Becky, managing a hotel. and thinking about the black women doing maid service there - and I had a vision of a hotel front window in a black Island community where a famous black man went to and a colored neon sign in the window said, "Anti-slavery".


3-4-02 - DREAM - I was seeing the picture of a man on a book page. The Title was, "I was born a boy" And then I thought to change the title of the book to "The Gilded Lily". It was the story of a man who was born a boy with imperfect sexual organs which were removed by the doctor and the boy was raised as a girl who turned criminal. His name was Nitzke.

I then went into a dream which seems connected. So this story is about a bunch of criminals. I was managing an apartment building and there were several female rental agents in the office with me  when a bunch of tough guys came in to rob us.

My daughter in law Becky immediately grabbed a gun and shot one of them.

I don't know if they didn't see me or not because I was sitting in the corner of the sofa covered by a brown blanket, but the guys who were left alive, grabbed the women as hostages and left.

There was a young boy left behind about age 10, who was Becky's son. One of the men said they would be back when a certain amount of money was raised.

It wasn't long and the cops arrived to remove the body and investigate the case.

A detective called on the phone and wanted to ask questions. I told him I would have to go to an inner office to talk and put him on hold.

Another detective questioned the boy and he admitted having seen his mother shoot the dead man. He didn't tell them that he still had the gun and had hidden it.

A few minutes went by and Becky's father came in to pay restitution for something his son had done.  It was a circle of wood or stone with a single bit of gold on it on one edge. I accepted it as payment for a door that had been broken down upstairs.

I was at the same time putting the same gold substance around the edge of a wheel that was about a foot across. It actually looked like a stone pizza and it had two hot dogs in the center, three red grapes and some olives on it.

I was told them that my son Ken had been out behind the garage drinking and had stacked 75 shot glasses into a wooden frame to show them off.

A moment later my husband Jim came in and said he had to go to Chicago related to this case. I wasn't going to let him go alone, so I jumped into the car with him.

We were zooming south down the highway as I woke up."




3-5-02 - DREAM - I was renting apartments in the city. Two young women, each with a young girl child came to rent an apartment together because they were poor.

While I was deciding on an apartment for them, I got a phone call from a woman who handled homes for rent. She said she had side by side furnished homes available with two bedrooms and a bath each.

That sounded ideal for them, but while the woman talked, I had a vision of the interior of the homes, all white oak woodwork, built in bookcases, overstuffed livingroom furniture - glass enclosed buffets for dishes - the most beautiful I've ever seen. The kind you dream about - when I saw it - I wanted it for myself.

The rent was so cheap (I can't remember the amount) So, I asked for the address:  555 N. 30th St. and 555 N. 40th St. (not exactly side by side) But knowing the neighborhood that is located in, my heart sunk - no wonder the rent was so cheap. I was sooooo disappointed.






3-7-02 - DREAM - I worked in a large place like J.C. Penneys. When we broke for lunch, I decided to change clothes. I found brown slacks and a creamy white sleeveless blouse. Then I wanted to put a long-sleeve blouse or jacket over it.

I went into the closet where I had a lot of clothes. Everything in that closet was winter weight which was too heavy for the season, so the woman who was in charge of this area said she would help me.

I had to go all the way through the men's department, then through the sheets and towel department where a family of chimpanzees were sitting around nursing their young. I had to walk around them, both so as to not disturb them or get dragged into their family group.

I finally made it to the area where the spring women's clothes were and I spotted the woman who was going to help me find a long sleeved spring blouse or jacket.

Just as I got there, I saw her with an arm load of fabric, scissors, thread, etc. and she was headed to the 'cutting room' to make me something to wear just for me.

But she went through a curtain. I couldn't go through that way, I had to go down a white carpeted spiral staircase to get to the same department.

I woke up as I descended the stairs.


3-7-02 - As I was waking up, I heard a voice singing, "Earth angel, earth angel, won't you be mine", and I started to cry to feel so loved by those in the spirit world.


3-8-02 - VISIONS - I saw 7 individual golden discs or coins with pictures of a wolf on eachone.

I then saw the 7th disc of the wolf descend, but it wasn't complete yet.

NOTE:  I thought this meant the ages.  Joe thinks it relates to the 6 of the 7 - ?



3-9-02 - DREAM - I was working in a factory office. I was in charge of moving patterns for castings.

Len Johns, my boss, who was in charge of measuring and inspecting patterns came into work and was getting ready to go down to the factory to inspect some work.

I had the list of patterns which he needed.  I also had new pattern cards made out and ready to use. I as torn as to which to give him and decided he should have a copy of the list.

I rant to the copy machine and ran the 3" x 11" piece of paper through the copy machine. My list was written in black and the copy came out in red.

As I held up the red copy, it changed to what looked like a black radar screen. Near the top of the screen was
'Flt 47' and lower down was the number 6777.

NOTE: This probably is about a series of plane crashes.  During the crash of Flt 587 in Queens, New York, the wake pattern of Flt 47 was deemed responsible for Flt 587 over doing the controls and the tail broke off, causing the planet to crash.

When I was listening to the radio the other day, there was a crash of a plane where the pilot said he was having trouble with the controls, then the tail of the plane fell off and it spiraled down and crashed.


3-10-02 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, I was cleaning the house, cooking, doing the laundry, and was going t do the dishes, but the faucets were bad. When I turned on the first faucet, the water shot straight up into the air. When I turned on the other faucet, which was several feet away and that water shot straight out but also just bubbled in every direction.

Of course, I immediately shut off both faucets and called my husband to ask him if he could fix them so I could do the dishes because we were planning on making a trip to the farm at 4 p.m. and it was now 3:30 p.m. I had already packed a lot of stuff for the trip and the boxes were under the kitchen table.

(The house was in the 1960 configuration, not the way it was remodeled later on)

My husband came in and responded with anger. He didn't look like himself., but was  short, thin man. I can't remember what he said about the faucets, but he said we were not only 'not' moving to the farm, he and his girlfriend would be moving out of the house if not within the month, at least by November.

By now he was acting all depressed.

I couldn't understand what was wrong. After he went outside, a tall black man over 7 ft. tall came into the room and said nice. I asked him if I could ask him a question and he said I could.

So I told him that my husband had completely changed his plans.

He aid, "Oh, that's because of his hearing problem in his ear. He had an infection in his ear and a big red ring so he went to the doctor and they gave him a hearing test and he failed. Then he went to a radio station and they fitted him with a special hearing aid and that worked so perfectly, he decided he would be broadcasting on the radio.

The black man left the room and I continued thinking, "I could understand why a hearing problem could make one depressed and change one's plans, but I couldn't understand why he didn't tell me."

I also realized that if he was moving out, latest by November, I could keep the house for myself.

I went outside where it was dark twilight to clean the yard. I found a grey and black plaid sofa throw cover folded lengthwise into quarters, laying on the lawn next to the driveway. It looked so neat there, I almost elft it there, but at the last moment, I picked it up, folded it into quarters again so it now had 16 folds and laid it on the porch.

I then noticed the address of our house was 4, which was embedded on a metal plaque on the foundation stone.

I decided as long as I was outside cleaning, I would clean my neighbors porches as well and began dusting them with a rag. It was bright daylight again, but not sunny. I was dusting carefully at the house at the corner intersection.

There was an upper story on that porch with a lot of stuff on it, so I was being careful to dust around it without moving it too much.

Three women came along, one of whom said she owned the house and said I should be careful dusting as there were a lot of loose checks laying there.  Indeed, there were hundreds of loose checks laying upsidedown on that upper porch so I carefully dusted around them.

I said to her, "Did you ever have a day that was completely upsidedown?"

She smiled and walked away. I saw the three women walking up 16th St. and woke up.


3-11-02 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, WI. I was riding in a car with a female friend of mine. She had a beautiful daughter with long blonde hair. She was so loved, she was treated like a treasure, by everyone. But the child decided to test that love by humiliating her mother in public. She jumped out of the car and lay in the road in a skimpy underwear , then refused to get up.

Her mother didn't know what to do. She didn't want to yell at her or punish her in public. Other cars were coming who would witness this rebellion.

I finally dragged the girl off the road by one arm, but it was cold and snowy still in late spring and it was freezing cold. The girl merely rolled over and stuck her head down an open well which turned her beautiful hair 'blue', almost drowning herself. I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to her feet, pulling her blue hair into a long straight mass, just as another dark-haired woman drove up and stopped to see what was wrong.

I glibbly and embarrasedly said, "We are just posing for a magazine - we are just posing for a magazine."

As I woke up, a city name, Atlanta Georgia jumped into my head.

NOTE: On 3-14-02, there was a massive car/truck pileup near Atlanta, Georgia because of heavy fog.

NOTE: On 3-12-02, my friend Michelle was mortified because of her young daughter's behavior when she took her to the YWCA for a gymnastic class. The other mothers there were angry because of her behavior in class too.


3-11-02 - DREAM - I was watching a program on TV or a computer screen, watching how to duplicate a crochet pattern with new thread.

I planned to share this pattern with others. The difficulty lies in creating a new piece exactly the same when the pictures aren't identical in size.

I made a new tablecloth in cobalt blue and rolled it up onto a 8 foot rolled tube to take to my mothers house so she could make one too.

I pointed out the difficulty in duplicating the pattern to a friend who was also interested in duplicating the pattern.

I had two pictures of the pattern - one of which was larger than what it would measure - in yellow, and another picture which was smaller than the true measurement - which was in white.

True measurement is reached by using the correct sized hook with the thread to reach the right gauge which in this case was 4 inches square and the square was divided into into 4 quarters. The entire piece was achieved by crocheting in a round in order to achieve a square finished product. Then enough squares are crocheted together to achieve the finished size desired.

In this case, it takes 64 four-inch squares to make 8 feet long. 8 feet x 8 feet = 4096 four-inch squares.

PART TWO - Joe was then driving me home in the car. We got off the freeway - I think it was on Small Rd. From there you can go straight west to 172nd St. or turn left and go south on 108th St. to Grange before going west.

Joe pulled into the left turn lane on 108th St.

I was watching ahead of oncoming traffic so we could turn left, but we were on top of a hill and traffic came up to this point both from the east and west, so you couldn't see other cars until they came into the intersection.

Knowing driving rules that you turn left into the left-most lane on a double-wide highway, Joe didn't do that - and I worried even more about oncoming traffic but he didn't run left in the right-most lane either - he drove straight across the intersection and stopped on the wets side of the intersection on 108th St.



DREAM - I was hosting a party of family and friends for an award ceremony. My friend Alice was given an award in the evening and we both were going to be given an award the next day as well.

Alice and I both slept on the sofa. There was another sofa on the other side of the room. N. was laying down, sleeping with an oxygen mask on.

A family friend, brad, (deceased just last week) was laying curled up on the floor in great distress, having a severe asthma attack and several other guys were hovering around him, trying to help him, but he felt like he was dying.

My sons were there - Michael and Robert came over to me to hug me in the morning and Robert pushed Michael's face into my (unnaturally ample) bosom and held it there, while he sat there laughing because Michael (the oldest son) was pinned down.  (Spirit says these are the sons of Abraham)  (Robert is the second youngest)

Then Robert took me out in the car to New Berlin and we drove up into our neighbor's yard where the Father - Glen lived and we drove around and around and around in small circles clockwise at last 40 times.

We then went back to my apartment where the othe people were waking up and we were going to have to make breakfast. I opened the refrigerator and there was nothing but scraps of paper in it.

I decided I would have to go to the store to buy bacon, eggs, and juice.

There was a store right across the street, but there was a cheaper store about 5 blocks away.

So, I asked who would like to drive me to the store, as there would be too much food to carry 5 blocks for that large a group to feed.

My friend Loretta was there (her face changed after I recognized her - so she represents someone biblical - dark hair and dark eyes) She volunteered to drive me.

I said, "I could go right across the street if you don't want to leave right now, "as she was busy with chores of her own. But as she was going to foot half the bill for the food, he said, "No! I'd rather go to the store where I ccan use my coupons and discounts!"

I said, "I understand completely".

I then turned and two sisters came into the room. They were both teenagers, but one was a little younger than the other.

They both had dark hair, curly, wavy and long, and dark eyes. They were the daughters of my long time friend who plays the symbolic part of IESOUS in my dreams. (Spirit tells me they were the Daughter's of Zion)

I took the older daughter into my left arm to hug her and she hugged me, but the younger daughter was crying and her eyes were red with tears. She came towards me and said, "I come as the 'ticked-off' party!" While I stood there, I thought that we could negotiate whatever the problem was.

I took her into my right arm and while I stood there, both girls turned into firstly 'sewn-together replicas of themselves with large noses like Jew and Arab. The one on my right arm had an extra porch-like tent flap on her forehead, and then they both turned around in my arms and became square tents with yellow, white, and olive green vertical stripes. 



3-12-02 - VISION - I saw 12 military cartoons in a square picture. While I was thinking about that, I saw a 3 ring binder, with a lot of writing in it. The page was turned backwards to a previous page, where it said that these military feuds and re-negotiations were like the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, One was too hot, one too cold, one just right, OR one too large, one too small, and one just right.

Immediately I saw a man, dressed like a swami from India. He had a huge wicker basket that was shaped like a big bowl, but narrow on top like they pull snakes out of in demonstrations. It was 3 feet across and about 2 1/2 by 3 feet high, multicolored with stripes running around it, mostly green and yellow.  It seemed that he turned it inside-out, placed it on the ground, then sat down on the ground with it on a small woven blanket. He did some hoo-doo-abracadabra motions over the basket with his hands, then reached into the wicker basket bowl and pulled to a perfect red ruby and held it up for everyone to see - a perfect gemstone.




3-13-02 - DREAM - I was in a large city. I was supposed to meet some people for dinner, but wasn't appropriately dressed, so I took a shortcut through a large mall to get to my home to find some proper dinner clothes.

This seems very strange now, but my nose was to the floor and I had a red crayon and I was making my passage by drawing a wide red line down the hallway floor. Others had done this before me, so this was not unusual. I just widened the line and left my mark as I went. I was hoping nobody was watching me from behind though.

I looked at my crayon and it was about 1/2 way worn down when I reached home.

When I reached home at the end of the mall, it was more like an office. There was a clothing rack with hooks on it where my clothes were supposed to be, but all that was there was a supply of empty triangular hangars.

There was a vine wrapped around the clothing rack, so I unwound it and was going to take it with me because it was mine, but I didn't want to deprive others of looking at it, so I left it there.

There wee some small plants there too I put into small containers to get rooted.

I was really hungry but my mother refused to feed me, though she was feeding the others in the area, but I had some money in my pocket. I knew I wasn't going to starve. I could buy my own food.

I decided I would help with the dishes before I left, even if I didn't eat anything. There were two 9" square glass baking dishes on the floor that people had to jump over to get past, so I picked them up to put them into the sink, which was like one of those large double-wide deep laundry tubs people have in their basements.

I also saw empty mayonnaise jars and wastepaper baskets in the tubs which I took out and put into the floor so they could be used appropriately.

A tell, blonde guy came past to go to an office nearby. He spoke with a German accent. He said to me as he passed by, "You know nobody cares if there is war as long as they have their sports."

I understood what he meant. Our soldiers were off at war in another country, and we just kept watching football and basketball like there was nothing going on.

We knew there was a war going on, but we didn't know how it got started.  I said, "Who really gets to declare war?" 

Nobody knew, so we were going to look it up in the encyclopedia.

We went outside then and were standing in an alleyway near a small grove of trees. The German man, myself, and another young woman were standing there, trying to understand how wars get started when an older gray and ugly yellow station wagon came down the alley. A middle-aged man bellowed something out the window of the car which we couldn't understand as he went by. His voice was loud and intense like he was angry.

The car pulled to a stop overlooking the edge of what was either Lake Michigan or the ocean. I just know it was a beachhead type of area.  We heard him bellow the same word across the water but we still couldn't understand him.

We avoided him by walking to the other side of the grove of trees so he couldn't run us over with his old car as he went by. Twice ore he went by bellowing something we couldn't understand.

We kept hiding in the trees so he couldn't hit us.

Finally he got out of his car and walked past us. Now that he was walking, we could understand him, but still - in an angry voice, he bellowed - "PEACE! NOBODY WANTS ANY!"




3-14-02 - DREAM - I was working in a business office, but also lived in the same building on the 3rd floor.

I was planning to go to a doctor appointment at 1:45 p.m. but my boss left two URGENT letters on my desk to type, so I had to cancel the appointment and do those letters first so they would get in the mail today.

The boss wasn't in the office so I still had time to do them.

I had gone upstairs to change clothes for the doctor appointment, but I didn't have anything appropriate to wear. I looked in the closet and there were a lot of empty hangars where my clothes should have been. I had to surmise they were all in the laundry. In the back of the closet were hanging several cute tiny baby outfits that had never been used and probably never would.

I saw several pair of blue jeans but didn't think those were appropriate to wear to an appointment.

I went down to the basement laundry room, but didn't see any clothes there that needed washing. I thought maybe I could wash the one I was wearing but then I would have to stand there naked. I wondered how daring was I?  Not at all. :-(

So I went back up to the 1st floor to work. In the lobby, a whole line of people were standing, waiting to use the elevator, but the line was so long, and people were standing single file, I didn't want to push ahead of my turn. As it was, the elevator door opened and people filed into the elevator until it was full.

I decided I would walk up instead because it would be faster, but on the stairway, there were 3 large women. One woman had on no shoes on her left foot. It was swollen beyond belief and she could barely walk. She was pretty with her hair braided into shoulder-length blonde braids.

They blocked the way, so I went back into the office. there was no letterhead to type on. I looked in my drawers and couldn't find any. Juanita, who I really used to work with was there and she said she would go get some from another office. (Juanita means 'gift from God')

Meanwhile I continued to look in many drawers to see if there was even two sheets of paper somewhere - that's all I needed. I thought in desperation of using two sheets of plain copy paper and typing my own letterhead.

Juanita came back and brought a Tibetan-looking woman with her. The woman had long black hair and dark eyes, and wore a white long tunic and loose white slacks.

She had a letterhead in her hand which she showed to me to introduce herself because she didn't speak English. I read it. It said, THRONE and then the name of the country, which was Tibetan. The name of the country which I never heard of and can't repeat because I didn't recognize it as it was Tibetan.

She threw her arms around me in a giant hug like she loved me - not as a stranger would.

I then had to continue my search for letterhead because all Juanita had brought back with her was a yellow-brown 3 ring binder with sample of forms from the other office including complicated inquiry forms, so I couldn't use any of those.

By then, Juanita was on the phone talking to someone about a business matter so I couldn't interrupt her.

I started to see all the work I had already accomplished - stacks of manila folders with inquiries and purchase orders that were waiting to be placed once the inquiry responses were received.

The orders had yet to be placed.

But I still couldn't find any letterhead to type on. Good thing the boss was late coming in.

NOTE: I have a strong feelings, this is about the second coming of Christ.  OR, it might be about the Anti-Christ. There aren't enough clues in these dreams to know that.

This is probably the woman in white SitaTara






3-16-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office like A-C. Some of the employees were from there. My old boss Ron K. was the boss. 

I was in charge of the timekeeping book, volunteers and gift donations, also the birthday club.

I had been given a gift of perfume on my last birthday and it really meant a lot to me. 

The boss, Ron K. came in late in the day to sign in. He said he had gotten out of breath coming up the stairs. He didn't look very healthy - heart attack material for sure. His wife was wit him. She said she had been scheduled for surgery at 4 p.m. and gave it up to bring him in. 

Ron gave me a small piece of paper with his employee I.D. # on it. I opened the timekeeping book to his page and made sure his numbers were logged in properly.

Each employee had two numbers - the social security number and a special I.D. number. 

My birthday is the day after Christmas and this was past that. I was cleaning up the decorations. there was a box of old white crepe paper streamer rolls about an inch wide. There were only 12 left out of a box of 144 - the ends were yellowed and old but I decided to save them anyway for another celebration to come.

Around the corner from the office was the big hatch that went to the incinerator. I caught a glimpse of a man standing there. He would open the door so refuse could be thrown down. The fire down below was always kept burning. I didn't like going near that hatch because it was big enough for a man to fall into.  


Dream Nap -  3-16-02

I saw a bunch of women with white aprons on, standing in a wooden tub with upright staves. They were on an ocean like Winkin - Blinkin - and Nod with something hanging over their heads. 

I saw a portrait of a man, dressed all in black with a hat and clothes on from the 13th Century.  He was surrounded by a spiral.

Main Entry: obliv·i·on 
Pronunciation: &-'bli-vE-&n, O-, ä-
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin oblivion-, oblivio, from oblivisci to forget, perhaps from ob- in the way + levis smooth -
Date: 14th century
1 : the fact or condition of forgetting or having forgotten; especially : the condition of being oblivious
2 : the condition or state of being forgotten or unknown

It is possible to review the history of WWII as the sequencing and escalation of targeting civilians as much or more than military objectives under the assumptions that terror would break the enemy's will to fight.

The first purely and truly massive civilian targeting by Allied forces devastated Hamburg in Germany in a succession of night bombings by combined US and British bombers. In those raids, post-raid estimates show that maybe 80% of housing was destroyed along with upwards of 50,000 to 80,000 lives and untold injuries.

These raids in 1942 also revealed the first widely studied firestorm conditions within which winds combined the inferno into hurricanes of fire sweeping the city and producing temperatures estimated at 1,000 F. or higher which acted like incinerators and totally sucked breath and life and physical being into new dimensions of oblivion. In a few nights of one bombing campaign relatively early in the war, more death and destruction was reaped on one German city, Hamburg, than during the entirety of the Nazi devastations on all of Great Britain throughout the war.

In Europe, the massive targeting of civilians carried out by Allied forces failed to break the German civilian will or to collapse morale in any meaningful way. The culmination, in Europe, of firebombing cities was Dresden rather late in the war. Those raids, on a city previously spared, showed that conventional (what a term!) weaponry of that time was capable of levels of destruction only barely exceeded by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki efforts shortly to follow.

In terms of barbarity, it is clear in retrospect that Allied forces in pursuit of their aims, our aims, took the lessons of Guernica and learned nothing except how to be more barbaric, if possible. And over the succeeding years, technology has expanded the capacities and capabilities of ever-renewing militaries to be ever more barbarous, however clinically, in pursuit of whatever objectives may have been or are involved in whatever conflicts were or are of the moment. The successions from Molotov cocktails through napalm to the near nuclear destructiveness of fuel bombs is linear and exponential.

Rinpoche notes: "We are living on a planet with no top and no bottom, in space which has no beginning or end. So isn't it easy to see it all as a dream?"




3-17-02 - DREAM - I was in a small town somewhere. There was a small circus coming to town and they were riding horses and driving their animals through the center of town. 

As the animals got closer, I saw this huge brown western bull with wide horns looking wild and it came charging up the street. It ran into the horses with the men riding them but that didn't stop him. He was so close, I got scared and turned to run away and ran into a woman standing close behind me.

I was pinned  against the woman and the bull caught up to me, opened his mouth and wrapped his big black tongue around my head and wouldn't let go.

The three of us stood there together - my head inside the bull's mouth wit his tongue wrapped around my head, pinned up against the other woman's head.

I could hear the bull breathing down my neck behind my head and he wasn't letting go for any reason.

I started pounding the bull with my fist harder and harder but he didn't let go, so I finally grabbed his tongue and tried to peel it off my head and push him away and that wasn't working either.

Finally, I managed to sock him hard enough in the chest and he finally let go and pulled back and ran down the street. 

Then I woke up and discovered I had dreamed it and started telling other people what had happened and they all told me it had happened to them too. 


3-17-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office and Juanita was working with me. I don't know why she was doing this except maybe jealousy that she wanted my job. She would get close to me, and try to burn me with the hot end of a lit cigarette.

I tried to write a letter of complain to my boxx about her behavior, but she kept interfering with me doing anything. 

The boss came into his office and immediately got on the phone wit his wife so I had to write the letter. I tried to devise a way to write the letter in small pieces and would get them together at a later date. 

I then went to the garage and met some people there who had problems.

An older, white-haired woman came in with her daughter who was strapped down flat on a cart that held her whole diet as well. The girl was to weak to even sit up and was pale and listless. Her feet were clamped to the table so she could do nothing for herself. 

We looked at her diet. It was Cocoa Cola and whips of red licorice. everyone thought she was so lucky to be on a diet like that, bt I new better. It was the 'cause' of her problem.

We all felt sorry for her mother. She looked like an aged-angel - a long-suffering woman. 

I needed to get to the other side of the garage to go to my car and write the letter about the cigarettes.

Half way across the garage, I saw a large brown briefcase laying with the name of a friend on it printed in gold. (It was E.R.) I turned around and looked into the car near it. Inside the rear of the station wagon, my friend was sitting. I don't know whether he was waiting for me, but it was a strange place to wait. 

I then went over to my car, and tried to find my original notes about the cigarettes and couldn't locate them, so I'd have to write them again. 

I started walking back across the garage to where the girl was suffering and saw the garage at a distance.

The garage was humongous. There were at least 1,000 people on the lower level of the garage - walking around, but 1/2 up the garage was a large webbing hanging - all the way across the garage. Above the webbing at least another 1,000 people were walking around on the webbing. 


Joe was talking about his bison dream from way back when and the earthly-trigon. I got really tired and had to lay down to take a nap:

I had two visions of white sheets of paper which I could really read - they were about women and flowers.

I then saw three white rings within each other with 3 women dressed in white sitting in the center of them. This was called the earthly-trigon. 

I went into a dream in which I was looking in the Bible for the earthly-trigon, and a man came to visit and asked me, "What about St. Pat?" and showed me some pages in a green Bible - page  VI - . It was a 3 ring binder - about 5 x 8 inches. I told him I had something else to do first. He said, "I think it's time for lunch." and I woke up. 

I asked Joe if he knew of anyone named Pat in the Bible. He said "No, but what about St. Patrick?" Duh! I forgot it was St. Patrick's Day. You would think that someone with an Irish name would remember that. Duh!


3-18-02 - DREAM - I was at work, walking down a hallway with a friend. I had just mentioned t her that I wanted to talk to her about a dream. I had had when my boss called me and I had to run back and we what he needed.

He said, "Where is purchase order 500CCC?

That isn't even a normal number are used, so we started hunting through all the stored, boxed purchase orders. We found the box marked 500000 down in the basement, way out of sequential order. The closest number t oit was 250000.

We opened the box and there, on top of all the other unused purchase orders was this one used purchase order 500CCC. 

My boss wanted to know what kind of part it was and I didn't know. He said, "Don't you read the blueprints?"

I know how to read blueprints, but I hadn't bothered t look at this one and there were none attached to the purchase order. It appeared that there were large sheets of paper with a lot of writing on them, and he took them all and went back to his office with them.

NOTE: I remember dreaming about CCC, but not this number. 


3-18-02 - VISION - I was told that there was going to be an earthquake along the Madrid fault that was going to create an island in the Mississippi River all the way from St. Louis to Minnesota. 

I then saw a man named McMullen standing at a podium in Congress, asking for resources twice.

NOTE:  See Madrid Quakes


3-18-02 - DREAM - My husband showed me a map of the Pacific Ocean and pointed out to me and island they named GREAT DREAMS. I tried to find it myself and I found one that had the same number of eltters but it didn't look the same.


3-19-02 - This may be two dreams and I'm remembering them as one because the same people were in them.

DREAM - I remember it being Saturday. I was working at the Jackson St. apartment building inMilwaukee, but I wasn't the manager. I was more like an assistant. Two women came in to apply for an apartment. One was a nasty 'bitch' and the other one hung around with her. They wanted to live together. Their paperwork and applications were put into manila folders and given to the manager for approval. They had lived in the building before and if they were good tenants would guarantee them a place no matter what their personalities were. Personally, I was glad when they left and hoped they'd be turned down.

The following Tuesday, which was today, I was over in the next building working. I decided to go up into the attic and see if I could remodel it for my living quarters. An old white-haired woman who used to own the building saw me going up the stairs, decided to go along and acted like she was going to make this her own living quarters. 

I didn't know what to say to her, but we went up the stairs together anyway. 

In the attic, I was quite disconcerted because the floorboards weren't placed close together, and I could see down into the floor below. (the 3rd) between the cracks between the boards, except for where there was an area where we had to walk on mirrors which reflected every step we made.

We got down to the other end of the building towards the front and I could see down the stairs all the way to the lobby. I saw a man down there who needed to look at an apartment, so I had to leave the old woman in the attic and go down to the 1st floor and take care of the man.

I descended the stairs and by now the man and a companion were sitting on a bench in the courtyard conversing with each other.

I checked my coat pockets of the blue coat I was wearing to see if I had my master keys to go between buildings and I didn't. I would have to go back up to my own apartment and get my keys or hope someone would be nera the door of the other building and recognize me and let me in.

But when I walked into the lobby, who should I run into but the 'bitch' and her companion, who demanded to know if her application had been approved. I don't know why she didn't just go to the office and ask the manager herself, but she said she was very busy and didn't have a lot of time. 

I said I would check for her. I overheard her talking to her companion and she said she still had her master keys from when she used to live here before. I asked her if I could borrow them to make my trip to the office faster, but she changed the subject and pulled her companion aside to discuss something else. 

I couldn't demand that she give me the keys, so I started what turned out to be a long journey to the next building to the manager's office. 

First I had to cross a huge intersection (not like in the real world) The intersection had about 6 lanes of traffic - two going in each direction east and west and two lanes in the middle for turning left or for turning into the street.

I got caught in the middle and got hit by a car making a left turn and it didn't hit me by the front, but the side which was like a green and yellow surf board as it made a short turn. Somehow I hung onto the side of the car and carried the green and yellow surfboard across the street, hoping I could beat the oncoming traffic which I did.

On the other side of the street, I made a right turn into the 1st open doorway and descended some green carpeted stairs which made a long wide spiral counterclockwise. 

On the way down, a man caught up with me from behind and asked me for a date. He aid he recognized me by my blue dress which he said he had seen me out dancing with the previous Saturday night.

I remembered having done this, but I turned him down and told him that I was in a hurry to get to the office. 

Now that I was in the basement, I started to get confused. For some reason I thought I was still outside and couldn't find the doorway into the basement, yet I knew I was already in the building and couldn't figure out why there hadn't been a door to the entrance to the stairs that went to the basement. I was also thinking about the 'bitch' and her companion and thinking that if they got approved that didn't mean I'd have to have anything to do with them. They'd be working all day and when they came home I'd be in my own apartment and I'd probably never run into them except maybe by the mailboxes, or maybe never. 

But as I went down the hallway, it seemed to never end and got weird and singsongy and there were like little people down there I couldn't really see and they were singing songs about counting ETs. 

I woke up gradually.


3-20-02 - DREAM - My husband asked me if I wanted to go for a ride in the car. I said, "Sure!" so we took off up the highway into the country. Then we went down a side road where there were a lot of trees and some nice houses amongst the trees. He parked the car in the middle of the road, next to a silver car and got out. He said he just wanted to take a look at a school that was down the hill but he didn't want to drive up to it and have people bother me or something. So I said, "Okay!" and he walked on down the hill and left me sitting in the car. 

I didn't mind sitting in the car. I could see a long way into the distance. from this high up on the hill and I had a portable T.V. in the car though I wasn't watching it and a bag of snacks so I wouldn't be hungry. I had everything I needed there, besides there were houses around if I needed to get help of any kind.

What worried me more was that our car would be in the way of other traffic. Twice I got out of the car and moved it over sideways a couple inches so another car could get by if necessary. 

It seemed that some of the neighbors weren't too friendly with each other and they let their dogs out into their front yards to bark at each other from time to time. These dogs were gorgeous. Each yard had 5 of these large white dogs with long fur and big fluffy tails. They were all beautifully groomed. 

The people would bring them out, let the dogs bark and then take them back in again. 

Finally, I saw my husband coming back up the hill. I was really relieved because I had been sitting alone in the car for along time by now. 

Just as he came up to the car, the man from the house came out to the car as well. I got out of the car and as the man came up to the car, bringing his Pointer brown and white dog with him. I didn't realize the pointer dog belonged to the man and I said to the dog, "Go Home!" The man said, "Someone just put a ding in your car." and he showed me a small dent in the back bumper which was made by a silver key on a red ribbon that looked like you would hang it around your neck.

He handed the key and ribbon to me, then started discussing how they could get the ding in the bumper fixed.

My husband went into the house with the man, whom it turned out he knew and his name was Paul. 

I could see them in the house. My husband got into bed with Paul to watch T.V. while his wife (or housekeeper) hovered around serving them snacks.  Meanwhile I was sitting in the car watching the white dogs coming and going from their houses and barking from time to time. 

Finally, the men came out of the house again and I got out of the car and we started walking down the hill together towards the school. That's when I discovered what my husband had been doing. 

Over on the right side, on a wall or billboard, was a large Van Gogh painting. In the center of the road was the largest T.V./stereo combo furniture piece I've ever seen and there was another large screened T.V. set on the left side of the road. On the right side of the road was a chair, a small table, and a pair of long rabbit ears antennas and a remote control on the table. All that time, my husband had been officiating by remote control between two rival basketball teams between two high schools.

I was astonished to see this but didn't say anything. 

We walked back up the hill. There was a boy in our car now, who was our son. He was about 10 years old. He was wearing a life preserver and he showed us that the inside of the preserver was lined with packages of all kinds of food snacks so he as okay in the car watching the portable T.V.

Meanwhile we were now discussing the hole in the back bumper which they said was in the gas tank. (What do I know about cars?)

Our son came up with a red button with two holes in it that would fit in the hole nicely, but I asked if it was safe to have holes in the patch, and the man said, "No!" it would be better to put a stone in it.

So the men pushed the car up the hill to where it ended. It appeared that the road was a dead-end road and that was why there was no traffic.  (But we had come in that way)

It seemed that our car was much larger than I thought - the back end was rather phantom appearing - ghost-like. It could only be seen at the top of the hill.

From here, I could see a long way down the hill. 

Then, my husband and Paul went back to the house and left me sitting in the car with my son and our snacks. 

While we were sitting there, two women came along, each carrying a baby which they lay together on one end of a blue sofa that was by the side of the road. They walked away a bit, out of sight. I could hear them talking with one another, but couldn't actually hear their conversation.

Up the hill, on the other side of the road was a playhouse, toy box with a large blond doll sitting on it. After a bit, I saw smoke tendrils coming out of the top of the doll house. I started to feel anxious about the smoke but nothing happened. Then more smoke came out, a big white streamer of smoke and I got even more anxious that there might be a five in the dollhouse. 

The women weren't coming back for their babies either. 

Finally, my husband came out of the house with Paul and he was carrying large blue and white baby blanket that they didn't need anymore and gave it to me to sit on so the car seat wouldn't be so cold.

The man's wife came out too and were discussing what our son had been doing while they were in the house. They laughed and said that our son had been going house to house selling snacks to people. I don't know how I missed that, but agreed that's what he had done.

So, we got in the car and my husband drove it to where I thought the road dead-ended like a cul-de-sac, but to my surprise, there was an 'L' shaped turn-off next to the last house and the road went back to the highway the way we had come from. 

Just as we passed the last house, I could see into it where the wife and husband were laying on the bed together. She was talking loudly on the telephone, saying, "Yes! We have 10 puppies and I charge $455.33 each for them, but the first 10 are free."

I thought, "Oh my gosh! I should get one!" and my husband drove on up the rod back towards home and I woke up.


3-20-02 - SPIRIT MESSAGE 7


3-21-02 - VISION - I was shown that I was this brilliant blue disk with a silver edge.  The voice said to note that there was no center hole like a record. 



3-21-02 - DREAM - I was working in an apartment building. It seemed this was Mexico. I was a Mexican housekeeper woman. I and the other workers slept in 4 cot-like beds to a room. 

I was in charge of cleaning the apartments when people moved out. Two men were moving out, who were maintenance men. The faces were familiar to me - young men. I suggested they rent a room like we had 4 beds toa room because they had no money.

I was wearing a brilliant blue shorts outfit, the same as the disk above. 

The boss came and wanted me to meet a Mexican boxer champion the next day. For this meeting he gave me a bright orange and brown tweed dress to wear. I heard a comment that the dress was for a woman with three breasts, but I was normal with two breasts. The dress had to be stepped into from the top.

I then had a vision that I looked like this:


3-21-02 - VISIONS    a book written by  G.H. Sadler

I saw a note, "You are a Kester"  (Kestrel?)  ( a type of falcon bird)

I saw a journal page with this highlighted in the sentence  "Love Boats".


3-21-02 - DREAM - I was sitting on my sofa when all of a sudden an older woman was sitting to my right, asking me if I would sign a petition in the newspaper to help minorities get money from the government to run of public office because white people already are rich an have unfair advantage.

I was trying to figure out how she got in because I didn't see her come in.

I said I didn't need to sign the petition, because I wrote it.

I got distracted by a young black man at the window, and when I looked back at the woman, she had a huge radio attached to her forehead. I was intrigued by that and then her whole head became a huge radio that I could see received all kinds of radio stations, from a.m., f.m., short wave bands, airliner bands, t.v. bands, weather bands, etc. 

I pulled her over on my lap to look at the radio because it was so fancy and I was trying to see what the brand name was.

While I was looking at the radio, the face of it became plainer and plainer starting from the right side, working towards the left, like the bands were being erased. I suddenly realized, "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming!"

I quickly pressed the 'ON' button and the big T.V. came on in front of me. 


3-22-02 - Two nights in a row I spent many hours working on a web page about Egyptian time lines. 

NOTE:  I didn't want to do this because I've done it before and didn't finish it. I had the page stored on my old computer. It's a big job.  So, after a few days, I retrieved the file and looked at it again, now on my new computer.  It is a humongous job and compares Egyptian pharaohs to Biblical Kings. 


3-22-02 - DREAM - I saw a handwritten message that was signed by BRAD and deceased family friend Brad was sitting on a chair to my left while I was reading it. The message was about trying to get through to the family through regular means such as dreams. 

I then wrote two notes to the family to tell them about the message and the other people in the office when I was told that when you are sending anything in writing to a Washington D.C. office.,  you should make a copy first   to document it. So I did that. 

Then I was in a room with Mike Mason and some other people, trying to bring back the original message I saw on a big screen. It was like a wall-size computer screen. I managed to get the message up on the screen to show it to Mike but it got down to the signature, it was signed by B. and RAD. 

I was so disappointed that I couldn't prove that Brad was alive on the other side and trying to communicate with the family.

NOTE: I talked with my daughter-in-law Sabrina on the phone and told her this dream and the other dreams I've had about Brad since he passed on several weeks ago.  She said that she had been having dreams about Brad too and would pay closer attention to them in the future. 


3-23-02 - DREAM - I was working at a place like A-C. the time was just before noon. Nobody had been paid yet. The boss, who I pictured as a tall, thin man wearing a black tweed topcoat and black hat, had all the paychecks. Everybody was hanging around, waiting for their checks so they could go to the bank, cash the check and go eat lunch. 

My friend and co-worker Alice and I and another female co-worker were going to do the same thing - go to the bank, go out the opposite entrance and right into the restaurant to eat lunch. 

Meantime we were all hanging around in the office.

The teacher came in and gave me a receipt to keep with some others I had. All of them had "0" balances. Most of the receipts were labeled, "Dead Bible".  I had so many of these receipts. I jokingly said, "I wonder how long it'll take me to add them all up?  Dun!!!  That was the joke - no matter how many there were, the balance would still be "0". 

A man came in who had just been released from jail. His name was Jack. I don't know what he was in jail for, but even he wanted to get paid. 

I was hand-writing a proposal I wanted to make to the boss. I had used several colors of ink including green and I needed to type up this proposal. I also had some book reports to do and was feeling anxious that I hadn't finished my work yet. 

Alice came over and I was telling her how much work I had left to do. She was astonished. She said that the teacher had her girls, which she supervised, typing up my 'model' to follow. Then it was my turn to be astonished.

There was an older man there who wanted to go through the old pay records, in the file cabinet. He pulled the file cabinet up to his own desk, but I snapped a gold lock onto the cabinet before he could get the top drawer open. I told him that it would do him no good to go through the old records anyway. 

Another man came in with his son. He brought wit him a machine that looked like an upright vacuum cleaner in it. While they were standing there, the engine, or something in that area on the bottom rolled out, and rolled out across the floor towards me. This was supposed to be the part that exploded. It was the prototype of a bomb and it was being transported like it was a vacuum cleaner. 

We were all so astonished as this 'bomb' thing at our feet. We looked at it carefully. It looked like a small green cabbage, yet it looked kind of like a skull. I saw that it had 16 eyes or energy centers in it. The energy centers started to glow and then pulse ominously. 

As I woke up, the whole scene turned black, and all I could see was a vision of these energy centers exploding all at once. 



3-24-02 - I know I was in California because my daughter came to visit and we talked about he coming to live with me. She was going to go to Colorado to school anyway and had to leave home anyway. She cried a moment because it was a big change for her and I told her how great it was here and I was certain she could have her choice of horses to ride and care for, which she would love.

The house we were living in was made of poured concrete and was immense and there were lots of people living here. It also had a maintenance work crew who had very little to do. As I walked through their supply area, they had just played a game with water supply turn-off knobs and there were bright blue star-wheel shaped turn off handles all over the floor. 

As I went upstairs, it wasn't through an area where there were little girls dresses hanging on hangars on a rod. I knew that nobody had a little girl that small anymore so I took them all down to pack them away. It turned out they belonged to Bonnie, who was just a room away - packing to move. 

I got introduced to her husband and her husband's sister, (large people like Bonnie) then she and I got into a discussion about the lease on the house because it was up at the end of the month. She had planned to move out, but as we talked about the lease, she decided she would take it over and I would move out instead. 

I met my Father up on the second floor, right after my daughter said she preferred to live in the barn with the horses. That was fine with me as long as she didn't use open flame to heat it because it was made of wood. 

My Father said there were too many people living in the house and I had to agree. 

There were massive piles of clothes that nobody wore anymore, dresses and petticoats from square-dancing, from the 60's with tons of lace. I was going to try on one of the brown lace dresses, but I figured it belonged to Bonnie anyway.  There was a lot to pack up and get rid of or give away. But if it was Bonnie's, that would be her job. 

The house seemed to grow after that because I could never find my way back to where I came from. There were stairways up and down in every direction. 

I came to one room where Bonnie was turning it into a cozy livingroom. The room itself wasn't all that large, but it had large comfy furniture in it, and on one wall, it had an immense fish tank that took up on whole wall. It didn't have any water in it yet as she was just setting the room up. 

As I explored more rooms, these were immense, and the poured concrete walls and floors were covered with padded, patterned and flowered material on the walls and carpeted floors. 

I went down some steps into a room that was being decorated by our son Mike Mason.  It actually glowed like the sun was shining in nit and was the color of the desert. He and his friends were attaching fake cactus-type plants, and bushes to the walls and floors so it looked like you were outdoors. 

I forgot to mention, there were no windows in this place. It felt like it was underground in a huge basement. There was never any lighting in evidence either. The rooms were all naturally lit from somewhere, but I couldn't tell how.

Mike said he was thinking about making the walls white instead of beige, but I thought it looked natural as in a sand color and told him he probably wouldn't like the white as much. 

I then started moving some padded furniture into an immense room farther on and the doorway, which was a huge beam, had a slot to fit high furniture into, made just to fit the high furniture. Whoever built this place thought of everything. Here too, the rooms were all padded material on the walls and carpeted but no windows. 

I wanted to take a large reel of green water hose outside to water the flowers, but I couldn't find the door to go outside, though I had been outside earlier and saw that grass had been cut and that there was a channel for water though there was no water in it.

Finally, I found an exit door. It was nighttime by the sky, but the area was brightly lit from somewhere so I could see everything. 

I could see I was in a heavy forested area as I was surrounded by lots of trees. 

The poured concrete house was behind me and ahead of me in the clearing was this immense brick building. It looked like it had windows with shutters on them, but I figured it was probably fake windows just for design.

I heard a single gunshot and the building ahead of me became electrified and the whole building flashed with electricity and turned from brick to golden fieldstone like the brick of the building had been a hologram.

A man's voice from somewhere yelled, "Enter the SAFEHOUSE!"  I was afraid I'd get electrocuted but a large door opened in the middle and I went in.

From this point, the whole thing felt strange. I was moving fast through the rooms, but I wasn't walking, it felt like I was floating.

I didn't see any windows. Everything was made of golden fieldstone and all the stones were rounded and about a foot across with no cement between that I could see. They were all perfectly fitted together.

There were massive free-standing bookcases in the massive rooms. They were also made of fieldstone. One was labeled 'The Dictionary" and held one single book - a Webster's Dictionary with a red cover. 

I was imagining how many of my own books I could bring into this house. 

Other bookcases were labeled with numbers like 39, 57, and other numbers. I was moving past them too fast to see. 

I floated into another massive room that had a huge fireplace built into one wall and built with smaller golden fieldstone, and above the mantle of the fireplace, it read MT. SHASTA.

From this room, I could see other rooms through the doors, but they were all down from this level. All the other rooms were underground.


3-25-02 - MAGICKLAND

I was walking down a city street. It seems that perhaps I was a newspaper reporter, otherwise this wouldn't make any sense.

I met a handsome, thin man, dressed in a brown suit. He was outside of an underground garage entrance. I knew this man and he trusted me and it seemed we might have a relationship going, but at least a friendship. We walked into the garage together, past some cars, and he was going to show me something - a secret of some kind. 

But there was some noise by the garage entrance, so the man said we had to get out of there. 

I got back out on the street and saw the President.  (This was not Clinton or Bush, but looked familiar. He was white skinned) He was medium to short stature. 

He was smiling at me as though he knew me. I turned to look back at the man in the brown suit to introduce them and saw him huddled closely with a short, thin, black man, head to head, who I knew was a criminal. All of a sudden I realized that the secret I was going to be shown was a bomb that was going to go off when the President walked into the garage.

At that instant of recognition and realization, I turned back around  and said to the President and waving my arms at him, I ran towards him saying, "Get out of here! Get out of here!"

The President turned quickly, ran towards what looked like a mailbox, stuck his head and upper torso into the box, and I knew he was quickly slipping a rubber mask over his face and when he pulled his head back out, he would no longer look like the President and he would be safe from the bomber who was out to get him.

Once the President was safe, I turned back around to face the man in the brown suit, who acted like there was nothing wrong.  The black man was gone. So, I pretended there was nothing wrong either and the man in the brown suit started acting romantic with me and I fully expected him to ask me to marry him. 

But as circumstances occurred, we went back to his apartment and I caught him in a secret, private clinch with a black woman, who looked like Whoopie Goldberg, only thinner. 

So, for me, that romance was over. 

I was asked to take care of a young baby and this was fun for me. I thought I was doing a good job, and I sat down and held the baby on my lap. The baby started to whimper and I looked and the baby's leg was bent backwards unnaturally. 

I freaked out, hoping I hadn't broken the baby's leg. I was so scared about this, I picked him up and put him in his crib with a bottle and he seemed okay, so I relaxed a bit. 

Another baby was given to me to care for who was a little bigger, but not much. Then the other baby was done with his bottle and I carried the second baby with me to go get the first baby. So I was carrying our baby and tried to pick up the other baby at the same time. This wasn't working out too well and the 1st baby started slipping out of my arm. 

I quickly put both babies down on the changing table to try to get a better grip on both babies. At that instant, both babies got twice as big and it came to me that this was what mother's of twins went through, which I had wished for all my life. Suddenly I was glad that wish hadn't come true, though I had kids only 11 months apart.

Then it suddenly dawned on me that the only way that first baby couldn't have been hurt was that his leg bent unnaturally backwards, because he was reptilian. That freaked me out even more, but relieved my guilt at hurting the baby. 

I woke up, got up and went to the bathroom and went back to bed and found myself in the same place with the story continuing. 

I was writing about the previous events for publication, possibly a T.V. show. 

Joe was now there and he showed some of my other writings to the producer of a T.V. show which included some material I had written about myself on page 72 of my book. 

The producer liked it so much, they decided to rewrite the T.V. show to include the story of my life.

I woke up as I was walking into the front door of a school.

NOTE:  These are the dreams from page 72 of my book:

11-10-90 - I was in my 16th St. house. Nothing was going right. I was on the verge of crying, but still trying. I put my kids to work to help out because it was so terrible. I was so frustrated. My youngest son was really depressed. I tried to find him  something to do, because he said he couldn't find anything that he was capable of doing. Event that he couldn't do, so he went to bed and cried himself to sleep.

I decided to get out of the house for awhile and went across the street to visit. To make a long story short, I was asked if I would take in problem children. I agreed to take in very young children or infants.

Just before I woke up, I was shown a contract I had signed. The number was 3332977. 


11-03-90 - Meditation:

Q. Will there be an earthquake on the New Madrid fault?

A. The voice said, "It will occur December 2 between 1 and 2 .m. It will not affect Wisconsin. After it occurs, the land will settle down again.

NOTE: There was a very small earthquake at the time predicted herein. There was no earthquake on the 3rd and 4th as the doomsday author had predicted.

Since then, there have been numerous small quakes and there is much concern that if a large quake hits this area, the damage will be devastating since this area's building codes are not anything like they are in San Francisco which has strict laws on such things.

See the dream above on 3-18-02

also New Madrid Quakes


12-19-90 - VISION - I heard a voice say, "There will be 42 earthquakes. I saw a man with a paintbrush and brown paint. He paints both sides of an east/west borderline between 2 countries. He said, "It will include Saddam country.

NOTE: This was just prior to the U.S. declaring war on Iraq and liberating Kuwait, which occurred on the 15th of January. Iran and Iraq suffer large, deadly quakes every few years. Iran had a 7.7 magnitude quake in 1990. For more than 1,000 years Iran and Iraq have been hosting some of the most deadly earthquakes known, including this one, which killed more than 35,000 people. In the past four decades, Iran has suffered more than 30 major shakes. In 1978, a big one hit just hours after an unusually powerful underground nuclear detonation in Siberia. The suspicion factor rose higher when Iran refused to allow seismologists access to the site. With the advent of underground bomb testing in Pakistan, this kind of event will most likely escalate. 



I've had other dreams about the crack in the world, but it was in a different kind of area than this one:

I was an observer, not a participant in this dream.

I saw a man on horseback discover the crack in the earth. I thought it was Roy Rogers, but Roy Rogers is deceased so he symbolically represents another person who is a cowboy-type person.

I was then in a kitchen, looking at a large dark brown oval table.  The table was divided in half and was separating and coming apart.

I was told that the Russians were trying to buy up the land on both sides of the crack to prevent people from juming from one side to the other.

NOTE: That last comment sounds like it is political as well as physical. 

On another note, when I woke up, Afghanistan had had another large earthquake of 6.0 and estimates are that deaths will range from 1,800 to over 5,000 because there is no infrastructure in the area of the quake and buildings are made of mud brick in that area.

Revelation 11:11 - 13

But after three and a half days a breath of life from God entered them, and they stood upon their feet, and terror struck those who saw them. (12) Then they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, "Come up here," and they went up to heaven in a cloud while their enemies looked on. (13) At that very hour there was a severe earthquake and a tenth of the city collapsed. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the survivors were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven.

3-26-02 - VISION - I saw the orange cat  Garfield whirling, flipping, and doing somersaults to the right. In his paws - all four of them had various gardening tools in them, like a hand rake, a small hand spade, etc. to plant and take care of a garden.

3-26-02 - VISION - I saw a young boy's red snowsuit. It had black mittens and rainboots attached to it.

NOTE: This may refer to the earthchanges. That would make sense, to go from spring to winter in one big change.


3-26-02 - NAP DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house and planned to do the laundry. My Father was there too. I went to his closet and discovered that the shirt I was going to wash had the left chest pocket full of nickels, dimes, quarters and pennies. It was a western shirt with light brown piping around the pockets, collar and back yoke.

I poured the coins out into a little silver tray on the diningroom table that was covered by a lovely lace tablecloth on it. 

I then went and go another shirt to wash and discovered he had been wearing one of my light-green blouses. This left chest pocket was even heavier with dimes, quarters, nickels and pennies in the left chest pocket and there was a cigar band ring in this pocket as well.

I poured the coins out into the tray on the diningroom table as well and then hung the shirt back in my own closet.

I wondered why my Father had all those coins in the left chest pocket when he never went anywhere.


3-27-02 - DREAM - This was house and city of a non-place. Nothing was familiar except the dead people and my son Ken and Stephen King.

I had been watching my son Ken walk by every so often, cleaning his ears with a yellow tissue that he had pointed on the ends. He did it so often, I thought perhaps he was having a problem with his ears. I called him over to me and he looked more like my son Bill now. I looked into his ears. They looked perfectly clean and no sign of infection. 

I then discovered he had been pushing the tissue into his ears too far and the ends had broken off and formed a yellow rope down in this ears that completely blocked them. So, I proceeded to pull this yellow rope out of both of his ears. Now they were really clean and open too. 

The next morning, I woke up in bed, feeling really good. I was living in a house with other women and their kids. I told them I was going to whip through the house and clean the whole thing  in one day.

There were puppies and kittens laying all over my bed, but when I walked across it, they all bounced and scattered.

I overheard one little boy say something about being a winner and I told his Mom that was the kind of kid I would want on my team and she beamed a big smile.

Then Joe came and offered to buy me a new washer and dryer to do the laundry. I didn't really need a new one. I told him I needed a dishwasher in the kitchen so it wouldn't take me so long to do the dishes. It seemed we were remodeling the house and the kitchen didn't even have a sink. I had to carry the pots and pans into another room to wash them and that was pretty inconvenient.

I went outside then and was working with some other women taking care of some very small children  - I mean they were like miniature size kids. They played and acted like normal kids but were VERY small. 

I saw a whole groups of young girls, about 24, coming along the sidewalk. They were all dressed alike in pink/bronze angel costumes with wings taller than they were. They all went up the stairs into the school which looked like a Catholic parochial school. I saw all the little girls angel wings from the back as they crowded into the doorway. I had to follow them into the school door and watch them rehearse the songs they were going to sing.

So I ran up the stairs into the school and just beyond the next doorway, just prior to the room where the angels were going to sing, all my deceased aunts, grandmother and Great Aunt Cora were standing in the doorway. They were all smiling and reached out to hug me. I reached out to greet them saying, "You're all so beautiful, you're all so beautiful."

Just before I reached the door, my beautiful relatives turned into Catholic Priests. 

I knew instantly if I entered that room I'd be dead. That instant recognition of death staring me in the fce scared me so much, I turned and ran, screaming, "No! No! I'm not ready to die yet!"

I ran out of the school, down out to the street, where I saw a man standing, scrubbing big silver pots. I thought it was a priest giving out communion. I rushed over to receive communion from him and when I looked in the silver pot, I saw that there was just spaghetti scraps on the bottom of the pot. Eating spaghetti would put me in the hospital and I realized that communion wafers are made out of wheat and I couldn't eat one of them either. I looked up at the man and I'll swear it looked like Stephen King. (the author)






3-27-02 - DREAM - I was on the computer and so was Michelle. She put up a web page to show me where she was going. It was above Duluth, MN border of Wisconsin. It appeared to be about 300 miles north of there. And I was to go about 200 miles south of there in Wisconsin towards the southeast of Dulth, MN. we were going to get together by meeting 1/2 way.


3-27-02 - DREAM - I was watching a T.V. screen or an animated computer screen of a guy who was going to play the guitar. He had huge boots on that looked like they were made of black foam, but they had a painting of white cowboy boots on the front.  He looked pretty funny.


3-28-02 - DREAM - I was walking down a mall hallway. The stores were closed and dark. There were only a couple people up there. A Spanish woman was looking for her purse. A man who was nearby was trying to help her find it. I told him she had probably left it at the bank. The bank's door was open, but it was dark inside.

I kept walking down the mall to the other end where there was a large sitting area. I turned on the light there from a wall switch and sat on the sofa.

As I sat there, a young woman came in and asked me if I would sit with her mother. I said, "Sure!" and looked down at my bathrobe, which I was wearing and the lower half was inside out and the seams were showing. 

I decided it was time to go to work and I was going to drive myself there, but I was going to drive the other woman's car and drive her to work too, downtown.

I don't remember ever seeing her, but I was in the car, driving north on 124th St. Someone commented that the intersection was farther than I thought. It was, but not that far. The road wasn't well paved either, it was rather rutty and overgrown with weeds on the edge.

I made a right turn from 124th St. onto Bluemound Rd. and could see all the way to downtown and I could see it was dawn and the sun would be coming p over the lake shortly. 

I decided I would make a right turn again on 123rd St. and go a different way. When I turned right, I found myself inside a building and there was a man sitting there in a blue bathrobe.

He said something to me, but I can't remember what and I gradually woke up. 

NOTE: When I woke up, it was 4 a.m., my heart was beating hard at exactly 60 beats a minute in exact synchronization with the clock which was ticking on Joe's dresser.

My heart felt like it was hollow and beating in my chest and stomach at the same time. I was really hot and my upper lip was damp with sweat. I got up to go to the bathroom, coughed deliberately a couple times and took a drink of water. My heart just pounded harder instead of faster like it should have. 

I took a deep breath and sighed and finally my heart started beating faster like it should and speeded up just a bit and felt normal again. 

I then went back to sleep.

DREAM  I was in an apartment building where I lived. My dream journal was downstairs and I wanted to write my 'mall dream' in it. That meant I had to go downstairs. There was a man there who showed me that a dual wall light-switch wasn't working and was shorting out by one of the switches. I tried flipping the switches myself to double-check it and the light didn't come on, but there was like a broken telephone plug stuck in a socket there and it was red hot and glowing. A maintenance man was there and he pulled out the shorting telephone plug, getting a little shock as he did and I said I would have to go downstairs and call an electrician to fix it. 

As I went downstairs. there was a puddle of male piss on the stairs and on the floor from some derelict drunk who had spent the night there. It made me angry that he had done that, but he was gone and I would have to clean it up myself.

When I got down to the first floor, there was a young boy and his sister down there and they said they would call the electrician for me - I could hear the whole conversation like it was being broadcast on loudspeakers.

I decided to go get my dream journal from another room. I went through a short hallway, opened the door and was going to walk across the yard to the school where my journal was. But there were some young boys by the school door and one of them had a big black dog with him - either a black labrador retriever or a weimaraner.  

The boy saw me and he said to the dog, "I think that lady is afraid of my dog".  

I told the boy I needed to get my dream journal from the school. He said he would bring it to me, which he did, but he brought the big black dog wit him on a short red leash. The dog was snarling like it was vicious. The got over to the door where I was standing and the boy let go of the leash.

I attempted to close the door between me and the dog, but the door was about a foot too narrow to close the opening.

The dog lunged at me, but when he did, it changed to a large black and white German sheep dog which had a large white star spot on his chest, and was acting like it was happy to see me and tried to jump up on me.

I said to the dog, "Go home! Go home! and the dog got down and I woke up. 


3-29-02 - CORNPLANTER DREAM - I was dreaming about reading about the Native American - Cornplanter.

Then the dream went into another scene where I was reading or at least scan-reading a magazine put out by a religious group about President George Bush and President William Clinton and their political relationship and police and the Native American during their terms of office. 

The magazine was written in 3 columns to a page, with many of the paragraphs in the center column highlighted with extra-large parentheses (  ) which stuck out into the other columns next to it on each side.

When I finished looking at the magazine, I found myself in a building which was owned by a very conservative women's religious group. 

I was in the hallway with President Clinton and a man who did not look like, but I thought it was Al Gore.

President Clinton left and I spent some time talking to Al Gore about what had been written about him and mentioned that there was nothing written about him that pointed to anything sexual about him, and the article seemed deliberately slanted that way.

I was not able to go home because the room where my coat was hung had a meeting going on of all conservative religious women and I couldn't interrupt them.

So Al Gore and I went into another room and sat down on adjacent chairs to discuss the magazine article. Al Gore was more interested in me than he was in the article. I saw that the page he was turned to was the classified ads in the back of the magazine.

Three young men came into the room and were throwing a football to each other, but deliberately close to me to intimidate me. They noticed how close I was to Al Gore and commented on the color of my clothes which was a brilliant glowing Royal blue with a red and blue paid skirt. 

The three young men were trying to blackmail me and Al Gore, trying to make it out that we had an illicit relationship, which we didn't. At the same time, they were holding us hostage.

In a kitchen-like area of this room, we suggested to the young men that we have a party in order to get them off the track. So we sent them to the store to buy some cherry soda and Sloe gin (which is also red) I told them to get two of each because they were using my money out of my purse which they had stolen.

I was glad to get them off the track, while the young men were running around, gathering up the old liquor and soda bottles from the whole building, to take back to the store to get a refund and recycle the bottles. I was walking around the room, gesticulating with my right arm, yelling, PARTEEEE!!!!!  PARTEEEE!!!!


3-29-02 - DREAM - I was with my daughter-in-law Becky in some kind of schoolroom. It was 8 p.m. and she had to leave for school at 8:30 pm.

It was her birthday and she wanted to know if I could make her some Honey Cornbread for her birthday. 

I knew I had a box of the mix right on the kitchen counter, but there wasn't much time to make the bread before she had to leave for school. 

I went to the kitchen and turned on the oven to pre-heat it, but then after I could already smell the over pre-heating, I couldn't actually find the oven and I sent some time looking for it and not finding it.

Then, about twenty minutes past 8, Becky came in and asked about the bread and I told her I could find the oven. She found the oven under the table behind where I had reached to turn it on. Then I went to fid the mixer and the beaters were coated with whatever batter I used before so she had to wash the beaters off. 

But while she was washing the beaters, I kept seeing a white chicken come popping out from the cornbread box and turning into a white rabbit. That happened twice before I woke up. 

NOTE:  Becky's birthday is April 7th.

             Easter is March 31st - in 2 days.

            Also see the Pollen path where the spider crawls up the cornstalk from the roots and when he reaches the top, there is a white chicken. 


3-30-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office. My job was in purchasing. We were typing purchase orders from scratch. one of the engineers discovered that one of the drawings wasn't complete and one of the girls took the drawing to drafting. It was issue 008 (which means - this is the 7th change from the original issue) 

While we were working, it was getting into the evening hours. I saw lights flashing in the southern skies and then saw 7 UFOs flying off to the northwest. They were in a group that looked like they were in the shape of the number 57. I knew tat when they came back, they were going to change something. 

I heard someone say, 'if they give you something to eat or drink, don't touch it!"

I knew it was too late for me, because when this tall, beautiful, 7 foot woman came through the room, and gave me a piece of baked goodie and glass of red juice, I ate and drank what she gave me. 

I went upstairs to be alone and when the UFOs came back, I knew they were going to make us sexually perfect.

I started to feel the healing process and my breasts were starting to vibrate violently.

When the vibrating stopped, I was almost afraid to look at the results of what happened to me. My friend and co-worker Diane came in the room and we decided to look at what happened. So, I bared my breasts and they were extraordinarily beautiful and perfect. When we got done looking, Diane put a note up on her desk, 'MEN ONLY WANTED -  I have the wrong pin count for females'.

I then heard someone comment, "I heard some guy say, "I didn't know we were supposed to be like rabbits." Another guy said, "All they knew about bananas was that they were soft and sticky!"



3-30-02 - VISION - I saw a man in a raft paddling quickly by an iceberg. 


3-30-02 - VISION - I saw a title like on a web page url. It was :  'Stephen Greer/2/dialogue



3-30-02 - DREAM - After listening to a radio program about dream, it was suggested that perhaps technology had reached the point where we could capture videos of our dreams. 

DREAM - I was in a livingroom somewhere. On the narrow window shade of this room was a metal plate with two square buttons at the lower edge. If you pushed button #1, there was a tiny screen about 1/2 inch x  1/2 inch which gave a small picture of what was being dreamed. 

However, if button #2 was pushed, the entire dream was projected in perfect color on the window shade.

A long-time highschool friend who became a cop (James S.) came to visit and I demonstrated to him how this technology worked. 

However, once the white window shade was pulled down and the video was started of the nights' dreams, one scene was a black and white young piglet with a young black puppy standing out in the rain against the window. 

I noticed some light green fluid leaking down unto the floor from the gadget which was projecting the dream video onto the screen. 

I couldn't see exactly where this fluid was coming from but it was flooding the floor and I had to quickly grab some colored floor throw-rugs and put them upsidedown in the fluid to soak it up. The rugs were red, green, and blue.



DREAM - I was working in an office. My mother was overly concerned about her time cards of what she had done with her life, so I took the sheets of 'times' posted and put it into the middle of a 3-ring binder I had on my desk.

The boss came into the office and I figured I'd better get my own work out of the desk drawer and work on it. I pulled out the stack of purchase orders that needed working on and decided to put the work into chronological order t work on them. 

The oldest one I had was written in 1970 and hadn't been typed yet. I sat there for a moment trying to decide if I should type 1970 in the date at the top of the page or type today's date 3-31-02.  (It's Easter Sunday)

NOTE: I didn't start working in the purchasing department of A-C until 1973, so I don't know what this 1970 date signifies. 

As I woke up, I heard a man say, "And a man from England jumped into Central China and became GOD!"


Subj: 'Digital Angel' lands in China 
Date: 4/2/2002 12:58:58 PM Pacific Standard Time
To: "Dee777">
Sent from the Internet

Hi Dee today i read the news bellow and thaugt you might find it interesting
since your eater message also included China as a point, its funny that this
article is actually called . digital angel "lands" in China,perhaps this
matter also has something to do with your message?

Best wishes/Ciprian
'Digital Angel' lands in China
Will implantable tracking chips be used by totalitarian government?

Posted: March 28, 2002
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Editor's note: The April issue of WND's monthly print magazine,
Whistleblower, takes an in-depth look at implanted chips, futuristic
surveillance technologies and the virtual end to privacy. One of the
companies profiled in that issue is the subject of this report – Digital
Angel Corporation, manufacturer of the "Digital Angel" tracking device.
By Sherrie Gossett
© 2002

Making good on its promise to "achieve a global presence," Digital Angel
Corporation – manufacturer and marketer of high-tech, implantable devices
for tracking human beings – has opened a research and development facility
in Shen Zhen, a special economic zone near Hong Kong, hoping to cash in on
vast markets in China and the Far East.

As WorldNetDaily first reported, Digital Angel is a sophisticated,
miniaturized tracking device intended by its manufacturer for subdermal
implantation in large numbers of human beings. After heavy publicity, the
manufacturer last year deflected criticism from privacy advocates and
Christians concerned over biblical prophesy by removing all references to
human implantation from its website and literature, only to re-introduce
human implantation – with a product called VeriChip – after Sept. 11, due to
the nation's new preoccupation with security.

Dr. S.G. Chen, with more than 15 years experience in high-level research and
development, will lead the Chinese facility, which will be part of the
Applied Digital Research Group. This new office will oversee production of
Digital Angel products and carry out research and development of new
products of the Applied Digital Research Group.

Also serving as a sales and marketing office, the facility will coordinate
efforts in three northeast provinces of China.with joint-venture partner
Shenyang Duouyuan Digital Communications Net Corporation.

"This new facility and the additional strengthening of our Research Group is
a key move in furthering our position as the preeminent advanced digital
technology development company," commented CEO Richard Sullivan on the new
plant. "Dr. Chen and his team will have immediate access to our OEM partner
in China for existing Digital Angel products and the development of new
technologies as well."

Sullivan believes this direct access will ensure the partner meets "our
aggressive production needs." The Shenyang Duouyan Digital Communications
Net Corporation provides the main facility, equipment and working capital to
manufacture, promote and distribute Digital Angel products in the three
northeastern Chinese provinces.

The Chinese program will follow the company's usual Phase 1- Phase 2
approach. Phase 1 of the partnership will be deployed in the second quarter
of 2002 and focus on Digital Angel applications for the shipping industry
within the targeted geography.

Phase 2 will focus on people and medical applications of Digital Angel for
the region, which comprises roughly 15 percent of China's 1.3 billion

"We are truly impressed with Digital Angel technology and look forward to
this joint venture," said Shenyang Duouyuan's president, Chen Zhen. "We
believe Phase 1 revenues from tracking and monitoring logistics for over 10
million shipping containers transported within our rapidly expanding
industrial region, could potentially exceed $200 million annually within the
first 2 years of deployment."

The emergence of Digital Angel has met with protests from civil libertarians
in the United States who are concerned over potential involuntary
applications of injectable tracking chips. But an area of even greater
concern may be its use in China. After all, China currently has one of the
world's worst human rights records. Over the years, human rights
organizations like Amnesty International, Freedom House and the Laogai
Research Foundation have documented widespread persecution in China of
political dissidents and religious persons. Such persecution routinely
includes surveillance and arrest of innocent persons who are then sent to
slave labor camps, mental hospitals or "re-education" facilities.

Time will tell if the injectable chips will be used eventually to track the
movements of dissidents, in order to round up friends, family members and
locate secret meetings. Recent news reports have documented Christian
believers using cell-phone codes to arrange secret prayer meetings, and the
rural government officials committing protesters to psychiatric facilities
where they are "treated."

The April issue of Whistleblower – titled "BRAVE NEW WORLD: Welcome to the
era of implanted chips, universal surveillance, man-and-machine hybrids and
the end to your privacy – is available at WND's online store, ShopNetDaily.

Sherrie Gossett is a Florida-based researcher and writer, formerly with the
South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and a contributing reporter to WorldNetDaily.