by Dee Finney

Before I post this next message, I want to put up a disclaimer/explanation. Otherwise, I couldn't in good conscience post the message.  It's that dire and that extreme.  That said, here goes: 

The message itself, after thinking about it for two days, reflects the ideas of Gordon Michael Scallion's Future end-times-changes map. 

For the rest of the world maps and explanations, click here and here


Hudson Bay and the Foxe Basin will expand to form a large inland sea. Parts of the Northwest Territory will be pushed in as much as two hundred miles. Areas in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and portions of Alberta will become the survival center of Canada during the early changes. Migrations will arrive from British Columbia and Alaska.

United States

Major global Earth changes will begin in the United States as the North American Plate buckles, creating the Isles of California 150 islands in all. Eventually, through tectonic plate buckling and fractures followed by inundations, the West Coast will recede eastward to Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado.

Spirit Message 7 - 3-20-2002 -

Thank you for coming. This is Sananda. I and we of the Galactic Alliance wish to tell you the truth about Nibiru.

Foremost, do not expect your government or any other government of the Earth to tell you or their people the truth about what is to happen until its too late to do so. There are some brave souls out there now who are spreading the word and we are hoping that you will join with them in spirit and making sure that you readers know what they are in for.

Number one:  you must be prepared and not be near any coastlines. Those who are living in the big cities on any coastline will suffer great danger. Those who have to work in those cities would be wise to move their families and loved ones at least 200 miles away from the coastline and then commute to and from work if you must keep your current job.

Those who are unable to do this, and I know there are many who will say they can't uproot themselves, will suffer the consequences. The water will rush inland from many directions between the waves and the tides and there will be no safe places within 200 miles of any shore.

That said, if you are in an area that is mountainous within 200 miles of a shoreline, you will have a better chance of surviving. In that case, go as high as you can - minimum 1500 feet about sea level.

When we say coastlines, this also means along all the shores of the Great Lakes which will also be effected.

This will cause great hardship for many people and all we can say at this point is that you are being warned now so you can make whatever changes and preparations you need to while there is still time.

Those who don't hear our words or those who refuse to listen to these words will not survive.

At this moment we don't have a specific date as to when this event will take place - at first you will see more and more storms, more and more anomalies of weather. These have already begun but it will get much worse.

Also, you will note that more and more volcanoes will erupt and the earthquakes will become more and more severe and more frequent as the earth strains against itself to remain stable in its orbit which it ultimately will not.

For those who cannot leave the coastline, if you are able to buy a truck, trailer, R.V., large van, or any kind of vehicle for a quick exit from the cities, it would behoove you to do so, park it full of your survival equipment and supplies and be ready to leave at a moments' notice.

We shall return at a later date to fill you in on more details of what is to come and when.

Meantime, be aware of the warning signs and PRAY! Always pray and try to stay as positive as you can.

Thought creates and positive thought always contradicts and offsets negative which abounds at this time.

If you prepare for the inevitable, there is no need to fear or to worry. Take care of your own, your loved ones, and spread the word to your neighbors so they may do the same.

I bid you adieu for today.

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