compiled by Dee Finney

detailed numbers by Michael Morton




Set in the foothills of the Tumbalá mountains of Chiapas Mexico, Palenque is situated on a ledge overlooking the swampy plains that stretch northward all the way to the Gulf coast. Perhaps it is this positioning between two worlds, that gives Palenque a mystical charm that enchants scientist and tourist alike. The vista of the flat plains to the north, and the misty green of the lush mountain backdrop to the south, captures the imagination of modern visitors and most certainly inspired ancient artists and architects.

This ancient Maya site is located at the western frontier of the lowland Maya region. While the name Palenque comes from a nearby village, it is possible that the village was named after the ancient city or something similar sounding - bahlam kin - jaguar sun - the place where the sun descends into the underworld, the realm of the jaguar.

It was the flood plain of the Usumacinta to the north that most likely provided Palenque's inhabitants with the resources to construct their extraordinary city. Blessed with the highest average rainfall in Mexico, this fertile alluvial plain could have been successfully farmed with raised beds, and would have produced a harvest that not only could sustain a large workforce but would also have provided an abundance that could be traded along the great Usumacinta.



Pacal VOTAN and His Tomb

Pacal VOTAN was the Mayan prophet who lived in the seventh century of this Christian era between the years 631 and 683. It took nine years after 683, when he disincarnated, to build the nine-leveled Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque, and at the bottom of the temple in his tomb. His tomb was dedicated in the year 692. When the departure of the Maya took place in 830 A.D. at the end of the tenth baktun, no one knew about that tomb any longer.

One thousand years later, in the year 1692, letters were written between a couple of Benedictine or Franciscan monks living in Chiapas concerning a lost text called "The Trials of Pacal VOTAN." No one has ever found this text, but there's information in correspondence about it that tells us a little about Pacal VOTAN.

Pacal VOTAN, the letters said, was alive at the time of the building of the Tower of Babel, at the time of Noah, and was one of the prophets who followed Noah. It was Pacal VOTAN, they noted, who sailed from the  old world to the new and founded the city of Palenque. It is also said that he traveled from a distant place called Valum Chivum, a star place, to this planet and built a tower. Beneath that tower was a rock, and Pacal VOTAN traveled through this rock by means of a serpent's ladder, and was said to have made four visits to this rock. This is what was told in the lost book of the tales of Pacal VOTAN.

In the same year, 1692, in the prophecies of the Chilam Balam, Juan Martinez, the shipwrecked sailor, tells the story of finding a golden house with four doors, nine levels and thirteen courtyards. If it were not for these two accounts about Pacal VOTAN, we would know very little of what we know today concerning time. In The Mayan Factor I refer to Pacal VOTAN as the head navigator of the Mayan technical expedition to planet Earth, which left behind keys and codes of time. Because of my description of him in The Mayan Factor, I was later rewarded for having understood this dimension of Pacal VOTAN.



The Mayan Connection

Thousands of years ago, the sacred teachings from the cosmos were deposited in many magnetic centers throughout the world: Chan Chan (Peru), Huete (Spain), Tulle (France), Hu-nan (China), Bethlehem (Israel), Tih (Egypt), Mississippi (United States), Humac (Brazil), Nagasaki (Japan), Mul (England), Maya (Russia, Naga (India), and Chukotz (Bering Strait). The names of all these places are of Maya origin, which confirms that, in different periods of times, the Maya were present in these sacred magnetic centers.

The Checker Board came to represent the mathematical plot of the universe on which the human knowledge is placed. For this reason, it appears on floors of masonic and rosicrucian temples as well as in the reticle that covers the internal walls of the Quadrangle of Las Monjas and the Governor's House in Uxmal. Also, it represents the crest of Mayan temples and observatories as an architectonic element through several thousands years of civilization.

The stelas of Yaaxchilán, Piedras Negras, Copán y Quirigua show mantles and flaps of Maya priests with designs including squares and inscribed numbers. In Palenque exists several altarpieces dedicated to persons of high hierarchy where the most relevant feature is a shawl with squared designs and dots in the center of each square. This fact suggests the recognition of a title or rank where the mathematical knowledge is preponderant.

It is not a surprise that the Mayas used boards to make their calculations, however, it arises the question of why these wooden or stone boards are not found in the Mayan zone as it happens in Perú. It exists in some mysterious squared designs on the floors of the Palace of Zacuala, in Teotihuacán, in the Chamber (closed) of the pyramid of Uxmal, in the castle of Chichén, and probably in other places but not in enough quantity to bring the attention of archaeologists. There are some explanations to the point. The floors have experienced an intense wear and tear by traffic and any painted square or line on them has the probability of have being raised. It could also be thought of the fact of poor durability of wood in a wet climate and did not have the advantage of being placed on doorways such as Tikal. We need to add that no one has been concerned in looking for boards on the floors, and probably now we will have more frequent reports of such findings.



One of the important associations made with the movement of the stars of the Pleiades is that of time-keeping. Many calendar systems utilized the positions of the Pleiades, some agricultural and some sacred. Every 52-years a celebration in Mesoamerica was timed to when the Pleiades were directly overhead at midnight.

The Pleiades were used to orient many sacred sites. The pyramid and temple complex of Teotihuacan, near Mexico City, is an example of a site oriented to where the Pleiades set along the horizon. The temples in Greece and Ancient Egypt were oriented in space to these stars. The Great Pyramid at Giza is also said to have been built in alignment with the Pleiades. Many temples, stone circles and other rock formations in Polynesia and numerous other places on the planet indicate Pleiadian alignments.

During the peak period of Mayan civilization 300 to 800 AD, the Pleiades passed directly overhead of the ceremonial temples of Tikal (17°N13') and Palenque (17°30'), every day. In the late 900s, Chichén Itzá it is reported that this site was "reactivated" by the historical Quetzalcoatl. Not only the Pleiades passed directly over this site, but the star called Maia passed directly over the zenith of Chichén Itzá (20°N41'). The passage of the Pleiades over the Yucatan no longer occurred by the time the Spanish arrived in the 1500s.

Starting about the middle of May the Sun is aligned between the Earth and the stars of the Pleiades. The Sun is astrologically conjunct these stars at this time. The stars of the Pleiades are not visible at any time of the night during this time of the year due to their close proximity to the Sun.  The Pleiades are visible and can be seen rising at dawn staring about ten days later around June 1 and is called the heliacal rising of the Pleiades. This time period is regarded as sacred to those who honor Pleiadian cycles.

The 5000-year Mayan calendar cycle ends in 2012, the same year as a Venus passage through the stars of the Pleiades. Also in 2012, on May 20, there will be a solar eclipse astrologically conjunct the stars of the Pleiades. This alignment will be of the Sun and the Moon between the Earth and the stars of the Pleiades.  See: All About 2012

It is said that our spiritual guidance comes from this area of the stars - - - The Pleiades.



From: Milamo
Sent: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 12:35:03 -0400
Here, I will begin to disclose some very recent findings regarding some sites at Palenque, Mexico .. which are directly inspired (and actually made possible) by GPS-unit readings taken on-site in February/March of 2006 by Miranda, a student of the ASM whom I have been tutoring.
Miranda made a month-long "tour" of various sites in Mexico, essentially for the purpose of taking GPS-unit readings, from about the 22nd of February to the 22nd of March, 2006. She used a "Garmin E-Trex" GPS-unit, with a built-in compass.
The built-in compass established north-south and east-west "lines" (imaginary, of course)
at the given sites/structures, so that two sets of readings were taken, one on the north-south line and another on the east-west line. Occasionally, Miranda was able to get on-top of the given structure, to take a 'centered' reading. 
"Temple of the Skull" .. Palenque, Mexico
A 'centered' reading was taken from on-top of the structure.
Lat .. 17 deg 29.001 min N.
Long .. 92 deg 02.868 min W.Greenwich.
If one converts the (approx) fractional latitude minutes to seconds, one gets 0.06 (approx) seconds. Of course; this is very_unlikely_(IMO) to be an "intended" encoding, because of this miniscule figure. This should be quite clear to everyone, IMO. 
It would appear to me, that the encoding here is "intended" to be expressed via the fractional number of minutes. So; in terms of this latitude approximation, one has .. 17(deg) * 29.001(min)  =  (approx) 493.017 Grid LAT N.
I would therefore work with either-or-both of .. 493.1235553 and/or 493.4802201 as the apparently-encoded Grid LAT N.
For longitude; converting the (approx) fractional minutes to seconds, one gets .. (60 * 0.868)  =  52.08 sec, and then adding-on the 0.8 sec variance, one has 52.88 sec W.Giza. So; 123(deg) * 10(min) * 52.88(sec) W.Giza .. =  (approx) W.Giza 65042.4 W.Giza.
I think one possibility is .. (64939.39401 / 493.48022)  =  131.5947253 .. a decimal-harmonic of CHOLULA Pyramid Grid Point value {Munck, 1993}, among other things. And I also think a decimal-harmonic of the MOON Pyramid @ Teotihuacan Grid Point value {Munck} .. 64892.4588 .. is another possibility.  (64892.4588 / 493.1235553)  =  131.5947253
I think it is clear that_131.5947253_is the intended 'center' Grid Point value for this structure. 
"Temple of the Inscriptions" .. Palenque, Mexico     
Two sets of readings were taken.
"E/W line" reading .. 17 deg 29.004 min N.
"N/S line" reading .. 92 deg 02.814 min W.Greenwich.
Again; the latitude fractional-minutes conversion to seconds produces a very 'miniscule' figure, so it seems clear (IMO) that the fractional_minutes_is intended to show the true encoding, here. I again think this is pointing to ..  493.4802201 N. and/or 493.1235553 N. as the centered Grid LAT for this structure.
For longitude; converting the fractional minutes portion, one has .. (60 * 0.814)  =  (approx) 48.84 sec .. and then adding-on the 0.8 sec variance, one has (approx) 49.64 sec W.Giza. So; 123(deg) * 10(min) * 49.64(sec) .. =  (approx) W.Giza 61057.2 .. and I_agree_with--Miranda's--assessment on this as probably "intending" .. 61028.42078 W.Giza.
Here is Miranda's assessment; (61028.42078 / 493.1235553)  =  123.7588838
The_123.7588838_is a decimal-harmonic of the--123758.8838--Grid LONG .. both E.Giza _ and _ W.Giza  .. {Munck, 1993; "The Peripheral Pyramid"} .. for "Temple I" at TIKAL, Guatemala. ALSO; the_123758.8838_is my proposed/predicted {MLM; Internet} multiplied-product 'encoding' for the orbit-path of the "Celestial Lord of Heaven" NIBIRU, including the "back to_on-line-of-sight_with SIRIUS" leg, for the complete orbit cycle.
And, on a personal_astrological_note; 12375.88838 is my own Natal SUN W.Alnitak Grid LONG {MLM; Internet}. 
My proposed/predicted 'encoding' for the_complete_NIBIRU orbit-path, as viewed against the 'stars-background' from Earth; [(aphelion, on-line-of-sight with SIRIUS 2.368705056) * (incoming, ecliptic-crossing 7.5) * (perihelion, at the intersection of the ecliptic-longitude for VEGA with the ecliptic-latitude for ALTAIR 10.44949716) * (outgoing, ecliptic-crossing 281.4477322) * (back to aphelion, on-line-of-sight with SIRIUS 2.368705056)] .. =  123758.8838 
RATIO of "Temple of the Skull" and "Temple of the Inscriptions" .. (of these proposed Grid Point values); (131.5947253 / 123.7588838)  =  1.063315386
Maybe this figure can be analyzed a bit by some researchers. I do notice, for one thing, that ..
(10.44949716 * 1.063315386)  =  11.11111111
MULTIPLIED-PRODUCT of these proposed Grid Point values; (131.5947253 * 123.7588838)  =  16286.01632  16286.01632 .. =  {{{ .. (248.0502134 * 65.656127); where_65.656127_is the "Bethlehem Site" Grid Point value {MLM; Internet} as well as a decimal-harmonic of the 656.56126 "FACE ONE" at Cydonia on Mars (Grid Point value) that Carl P.Munck,Sr. (1993) discovered .. =  (1.315947253 * 12375.88838); which is--very--tied to me personally, in that 1.315947253 is the_Grid Point value_for the location of "The Large Black-Cherry Tree" that stood at the_Northeast Corner_of the lot in the backyard of where I lived as a boy from the mid-1950s to the mid 1960s in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, called Mt.Lebanon .. and I've written about this on the Internet {MLM; Internet}. Again; the 12375.88838 is my Natal SUN Grid LONG W.Alnitak .. }}} ..
=  {{{ .. [(20Pi) * 259.2] .. where_(20Pi)_is the sky-location Grid Point value for Planet VENUS at the--Beginning of Ingress--for the 2004 VENUS-Transit on the 8th of June, 2004. This was a very rare and very significant celestial event, and I have posted--extensively--about this on the Internet. The--timing--for this celestial event, and_in-particular_the timing for the_Beginning of Ingress_at this celestial event .. is/was *extremely* significant, as well .. and I wrote about this extreme significance in great DETAIL(s) on the Internet. NASA actually_published_an online paper regarding the *timing* for this celestial event, and I_cited_that online paper by NASA, as part of my own detailed analysis .. }}} .. =  {{{ .. [(15Pi) * 345.6] .. where_(15Pi)_is the sky-location Grid Point value for The SUN at that_same_"Beginning of Ingress" moment.  
And_345.6_is the multiplied-product of the Grid Point values (Y2K) for POLARIS, DUBHE, and MERAK .. [(21.6 Polaris) * (1.396263402 Dubhe) * (11.4591559 Merak)] .. =  345.6 .. and this is _ also _ especially interesting in light of the work by researcher/author Greg Rigby and his book, "On Earth as It Is in Heaven". Additionally, I think (15Pi) in terms of_Celestial Latitude_arc-degrees is referencing HALF of the complete "precession sine wave" cycle of the ORION Constellation in our Earth-sky, and which is_also_described quite well by researcher/author Mark Vidler in his book, "The Star Mirror". It seems to me that ORION's_northern culmination_is precisely 'encoded' as-- 2368 A.D.--and that March Equinox of 2368 A.D. is intended as the official "Matrix" time-point for our (sidereal zodiac) entrance into The Age of Aquarius {MLM; Internet} .. }}} .. =  {{{ .. [(600Pi) * 8.64] .. where_(600Pi)_is the--condensed-sexagesimal--for the **TIMING** of the_Beginning of Ingress_MOMENT .. that I was just-now discussing, here !! 
This is/was where; 05(time-hours) * 13(time-minutes) * 28.9993168(time-seconds) .. =  1884.955592 am GMT .. on the 8th of June, 2004. 
And as I've mentioned in my writings on this subject; I DO think it is quite _ esoterically _ significant that one can notice the "999" followed by the "3168" in the fractional arc-seconds, there. The--8.64--is the actual RATIO of the Grid Point values for the centered-locations of "The D&M Pyramid" at Cydonia on Mars and for The Great Pyramid of Giza on Earth, where; (238.3004375 / 27.58106915)  =  8.64 }}} .. =  {{{ .. (35.53057584 * 458.3662363) .. }}} .. =  {{{ .. (15707.96327 * 1.0368) .. and--15707.96327--is not only the S.Ecliptic Grid LAT for ALNITAK, it is also the _ multiplied-product_for the Grid Point values (Y2K) of the "Riddle-of-the-Sphinx" stars .. [(8.888888889 Aldebaran) * (19.7392088 Regulus) * (4.297183463 Antares) * (20.83333333 Fomalhaut)]  =  15707.96327 .. and; the_1.0368_is a decimal-harmonic for_four_symbolic Earth precession cycles .. or, (4 * 25920)  =  103680 .. }}} .. =  {{{ .. (114.591559 * 142.1223034) .. and this is also_involving_a special 'personal-astrological' reference where the Natal SUNs .. (Grid Point values) .. for both--Miranda and Me--are in a multiplied-product !! Indeed; 114.591559  =  (3.333333333 * 34.37746771) .. where Miranda's Natal SUN is 3.333333333 and my Natal SUN is 34.37746771 .. !!
This is another example of what I call "Quantum Human Involvement" .. which seems to be expressed in terms of particular instances involving the personal_astrological_numbers pertaining to specific individuals. I think this phenomenon is more than worthy of further study.

The_142.1223034_is a decimal-harmonic of the expression (1944 / 13.67835979), where--1944--is (IMO) a major icon in this Matrix, and where the_13.67835979_is my proposed/predicted Grid Point value for the sky-location of NIBIRU as of Y2K ..}}}.
Now .. [(648 * 45.59453265) / 13.67835979]  =  2160 .. and I will return to this in a little while, here.
And .. (648 /  45.59453265)  =  14.21223034
The_648_is my proposed Grid Point value for the sky-location of The SUN at the Y2K moment. And the_45.59453265_is the sky-location Grid Point value for The MOON at the Y2K moment.
"The Olvidado" .. Palenque, Mexico
A 'center' reading was taken from on-top of the site/structure.
Lat .. 17 deg 29.073 min N.
Long .. 92 deg 03.302 min W.Greenwich.
For latitude; converting the fractional minutes portion into seconds .. one gets (60 * 0.073)  =  4.38 seconds .. and so; 17(deg) * 29(min) * 4.38(sec)  =  (approx) 2159.34 .. and so this is evidently an
intended encoding of 2160 N. Grid LAT for the center of this site/structure. 
Now please recall, that .. [(648 * 45.59453265) / 13.67835979]  =  2160.
For longitude; converting the fractional minutes portion into seconds .. one gets (60 * 0.302)  =  18.12 seconds .. and then adding-on the 0.8 sec variance, one then gets ..  123(deg) * 11(min) * 18.92(sec) W.Giza .. =  (approx) W.Giza 25598.76
My assessment, here, is also one that_agrees_with the assessment of Miranda. We each have independently come-up with this, as the most-likely "intended" encoding for the center of this site/structure; (25582.01461 / 2160)  =  11.84352528 Grid Point value .. which is ten times the THUBAN (Y2K) Grid Point value. This star is also known as "Alpha Draconis".
Now .. please note, that when one compares this Grid Point value with the "Temple of the Inscriptions" Grid Point value .. (123.7588838 / 11.84352528)  =  10.44949716 .. a precise numerical match of the NIBIRU_perihelion_sky-location Grid Point value that I have proposed/predicted on the Internet.  
This is only the 'first' installment of what is intended as;
1.)  a 'presentation' of "first-findings" data collected via GPS-unit readings by Miranda, from her very recent (at the time of this posting) time spent in Mexico at various important sites/structures.
2.)  some preliminary 'assessments' based on this newly-collected data.
     -- MLM



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