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Yggdrasil Tree

Barbara Garrick
(Allison Perkins)
from "One Life to Live"

Rue McClanahan (Blanch Devereaux)
Betty  White (Rose Nylund)
Beatrice Arthur (Dorothy Zbornak)
from "The Golden Girls"

4-6-03 - I was working on the web page for Struggling With 11:11 and I was getting tired - it was now about 4:30 a.m., having woken at 3 a.m. from the first dream. I decided to go back to bed and get more sleep.

Before I fell asleep, I had a vision - "The 4th lock represents Chaos 1996"

DREAM - The same woman from the previous dream was again at my door. This time she brought three crones with her - (I was calling her a witch in my mind).  The woman were actually pictured as the three women from the "Golden Girls"  Rue McClanahan (Blanche Devereaux), Betty White (Rose Nylund),   Beatrice Arthur (Dorothy Zbornak). The three women stood on the porch throughout this scene and didn't' try to come into the house. I could see them out the window that overlooked the porch.  They were all wearing glitzy, glimmery gowns and capes, or gold, red and some other color I can't remember.

Please note the three crones at the bottom of the Yggdrasil tree pictured above.


I saw them at the door and I told her I wasn't going to let her in. She told me I couldn't stop her, but I had already opened the door to speak to her, Barbara Garrick (Allison Perkins) from 'One Life to Live" TV show was the crazy woman at the door.  (Interestingly, she also played in "Far From Heaven" in 2002)

I slammed the door, but she had her arm caught in the door. Even so, she managed to follow her arm through the crack in the door, like a snake, but now she was facing the door and was headless - her neck just a blackened stump.

Now that she was facing the door, I opened it up quickly and booted her out onto the porch with my foot.

But now, on the other side of the door, on the porch, was standing Phil Carey (Asa Buchanan- the patriarch from One Life to Live TV show) He is likened onto a god-like figure.  He was huge and he brought with him a glimmery glitzy golden cape and a humungous dog.

The gold cape was so glimmery, it almost seemed like the fabric was alive. He handed me the golden cape. I didn't know if I should accept it or not.

But I couldn't let the dog in and I struggled to close and lock four side by side doors between me and it. (There were like golden knobs on the sides of the doors that slid into an opening in the adjoining door)

These four doors were side by side like 11: 11 in wood.  I closed and locked them together starting from the left and got the last lock in place just in time to prevent the dog from getting in.

Then, on the back side of the door (on my side) it began to look like a computer screen and the web page shown was titled "Life Beyond" and a male voice told me to call this dream, "Life Beyond" and a beautiful choir began to sing melodious music as a series of links to other web pages were shown below the music, which I could see on the screen.


The dog in the dream might represent the Fenris wolf.  


A Viking carving was found on the Isle of Man. It depicts the god, Odin, being devoured by the Fenris Wolf on the Day of Ragnarok, the Doomsday of the Gods at the end of time. Viking eddas were found in Iceland that told the story of the Day of Ragnarok, the Doomsday of the Gods. At that time, 800 Divine Warriors will come out of each of the 540 Doors of Valhalla (800 x 540 = 432,000).

This wolf was born in the realm of the gods. He was friendly, but as he grew to a very large size, the Gods began to fear him. So they took him to an island and chained him there.

Over the eons the wolf grew larger and angrier and angrier. On the day of Ragnarok, the doomsday of the Gods, the Fenris breaks his chains. There follows a battle of mutual annihilation.

Odin is said to be the God that inspires war. He is often depicted as being accompanied by ravens


The headless woman is probably this goddess:  KALI

Kali, the harlot of Revelation 17, that is, the energy of our time cycle. That energy is indicated by the "rowdy, drunken party." The kings of the earth become drunk on the wine of the harlot, which evokes the emotion of fury or wrath. Kali is said to evoke the emotion "tamasisk," which means fury. At the end of the three-stage cycle, Kali, the harlot, is deposed.



The "old man" could perhaps be the Father God, but, more likely, the Demiurge god. Dreams and coincidences indicate that the Demiurge god is symbolised by the Swastika, and represents the consciousness gestalt of mankind. The Demiurge god is a deity subordinate to the Supreme Deity, as creator of the physical world. He is often symbolised by craftsmen. He can do "good or evil." My experiences indicated that the counterclockwise Swastika symbolizes negative, yet learning, experiences, and that the clockwise Swastika symbolizes positive experiences. The Swastika can be formed by the "L" - like shape, meaning "builder," or by curved horns. The Swastika is also a symbol of Kali, and her consort, Shiva.

Helena P Blavatsky states: "In this age, Vishnu had to incarnate himself in Christna, in order to save humanity from the goddess Kali, consort of Siva, the all-annihilating - the goddess of death, destruction, and human misery. Kali is the best emblem to represent the 'fall of man'; the falling of spirit into the degradation of matter, with all its terrific results. We have to rid ourselves of Kali before we can ever reach 'Moksha,' or Nirvana, the abode of blessed Peace and Spirit."



Deep within the world’s mythologies, one image - a primary ‘character’ – exists, that ‘echoes’ the new theories about the Universe. The concept of the Dark Mother embodies the deepest of mysteries, ‘via negativa’ and ‘via transformativa’, and equally importantly, There are four ‘vias’ (creativa, postiva, negativa and transformativa) to flow from one into the other, in an endless cycle of creation.

The concept of the Dark Mother, in Her true form, is not known to the common person, because millennia of patriarchy have demonized or distorted Her image. The ‘God’ of patriarchy is predominately one of ‘light’, and echoes our own struggles to ‘en-light-en’ our world (know-ledge) and in so doing, gain control over our environment. In order for ‘light’ to win over the all-embracing and pervading Darkness (the essential ‘mystery’ of the world), the concept of the Dark Mother had to be dis-empowered.

She was demonized by the patriarchal hierarchy – becoming the shadowed scapegoat for the dominance of the male to rule over the light. The most effective form of this process, was to demonize all the male gods who were loyal to the Dark Mother (which when mixed, became the imagery portrayed of the Devil). The patriarchy’s insisted that only ‘male gods’ had any real power and the dis-empowerment of the Goddess Herself followed.

She was dis-empowered directly – progressively reduced to a mere ‘vessel’ of the God’s sperm, or seminal power. She was demoted from being the mysterious power within matter, to matter itself – considered the lifeless ‘stuff’ that true power that the ‘male’ acts upon. The mystery of the Dark Mother could not be entirely removed however, by the patriarchy.  She was given disguises such as in the Judeo-Christian tradition, as the Black Madonna, which was a veiled Sophia, or Holy Grail, that effectively hid Her true power, while admitting that Darkness and Mystery still had a place in ‘God’s creation’.

The Dark Sterile Mother on the Tree of Life is Binah (the 3rd sphere and the first femine Sephirah)


Also known as The World Tree, the primal Mother Tree was regarded as all-nourishing, all-giving, involved in the creation of the universe and the origin of the first man and woman.

In India tales come to light identifying the five faces given to the eternal feminine as man sought to unlock the mysteries of life: the female half of existence is at first identified with Nature, gradually deified and eventually objectified. She comes to be seen as the primal mother, fountainhead of life and nurturance. The all-giving mother then transforms into the dancing nymph, a seductress offering worldly pleasures that bind man in the cycle of life. As this nymph is domesticated, the dominant image of woman becomes the chaste wife with miraculous powers. Finally the submissive consort redefines herself as the wild and terrifying goddess who does battle, drinks blood, and demands appeasement.

Exploring mysteries of gender and biology, and shedding light on the roots of taboos and traditions practiced in India today, the author shows how the image of the Mother Goddess can be both worshipped and feared when she carries the face of mortal woman.

The Primal Mother is usually identified amongst the earliest of the cosmological Godde - as the primal chaos itself, and/or its first distinctive feature, ‘birthing-ness’: in myths, which came in later times, when the shift in focus begins to perceive ‘power’ as not in matter but acting upon it, She is the substance that is carved up to create the Universe. The initiating Godde then fades gradually into the background as those of manifest order becomes more predominant, and the Primal Mother survives as the Dark Mother – the on-going source of the cycles of life/death and creativity.

The spelling “Godde” is used when referring to the Creator, the Sustainer, the Redeemer, the Sanctifier, the Counselor, the Advocate, the Deity, the Supreme Being, Ultimate Reality, the Cosmic Stream. The word is pronounced “God.”  According to Genesis 1:27, 'Godde' created both men and women in Godde’s image, which was 'plural'. Though virtually all mainstream religions refer to Godde as “Father” “Son,” “King,” and “Lord,” Godde is ALSO “Mother,” “Daughter,” “Queen,” and “Lady.”

The greatest aspect of the Dark Mother is the power to transform things. She is the ‘ground of being’ that allows life to pass through the stages of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone ‘faces’ – in a sense, She is the 4th face of the Goddess, but the one that underlies all the others. She is known as the Midwife – She who is the ‘unseen’ hands, guiding all births and deaths, and therefore, all transformations from one to the other in the cycles of life. She is, therefore, also all ‘doorways’ (between Upperworld/Underworld, Bright/Dark knowing, etc.) and is often represented by womb-like objects, such as cauldrons, oceans/wells/springs, and variants of the Holy Grail: as the underlying source to all of life’s tapestries, She is also symbolized by webs, weaving, and particularly the impetus of the tying-Maiden and cutting/Crone aspects of all life’s threads.

Partially excerpted from:

Some of the Dark Mothers mentioned in mythology are Hecate (goddess with 3 forms), (of the Underworld, (Hell), the Goddess of the Dark of the Moon), Diana (Roman)(The Huntress), Cynthia (alternate name based on the birthplace on Mt. Delos), Artemis (Greek)(on earth), Selene (in the sky),  Kali (of India), The Harlot of the book of Revelation, Mary Magdalene, The Black Madonna. . 

The Dark Mother is the most misunderstood of the triple aspects of the Goddess. Her color is Black and she absorbs everything, including light and life. The dark of the Moon is Her time, the Abyss and darkness of space Her home. Her number is nine, symbolizing wisdom and sacred magick. Nine is also the number of completion and the completion of beginnings is the Crone's place in the cycle of birth-life-death.

1996 CHAOS

There are 7 major planetary cycles and/or conjunctions that will energize the 11th sign of the zodiac--Aquarius--from now until 2087. Uranus in Aquarius -- 1996-2003 and 2079-2087. Neptune in Aquarius -- 1998-2012. Chiron in Aquarius -- 2006-2011 and 2056-2061. Jupiter conjunct Neptune -- 2009. Jupiter conjunct Saturn -- 2020 and 2080. Pluto in Aquarius -- 2024-2044. Jupiter conjunct Pluto -- 2033.

An age lasting 2,160 years doesn’t start on one day, in one year or even one decade! The Tibetan Master D.K.--discussing this concept through his channel Alice A. Bailey in Esoteric Astrology suggested that the "shift time" between ages might be estimated at 500 years accounting for the moving in and out of vast, cosmic vibrations and energies.



The world situation is dire. Nuclear bombs can destroy our civilization in a flash. The so-called Middle East Crisis -- which could lead to an Armageddon in the ancient "Holy Land" -- has been going on since the turbulent founding of Israel in May 1948. Even Uranus -- the revolutionary, ruling planet of Aquarius -- is creating havoc in America as it crisscrosses our natal Moon-Pallas conjunction throughout 2002. This same Uranus in late Aquarius by transit is short-circuiting potential peace overtures between the Israelis and the Palestinians while it directly opposes Israel's natal Mars (traditional planet of war) at 28+ Leo. This is going on at white-hot levels during 2002 and will still be happening in the Fall of 2003. The global financial picture is completely out of whack and also completely unfair to billions of human beings. We may also be destroying the Earth with fossil fuels and creating a runaway "Greenhouse effect" that will be felt intensely in the decades to come.

Then we had the 9/11 tragedy followed by the War in Afghanistan, the War against Terrorism, followed by the War in Iraq, which will be followed by attacks on other countries who harbor terrorists. We may even need to have a war in North Korea, the way things are going.  We are definitely on the verge of WWIII and Armegeddon.




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Stephen Pieters March, 1997 At a recent service of the Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco, the pastor, Rev. Jim Mitulski, went around the congregation, pointing out all the different gay men in the... My FYS Portfolio What is the Truth?andImmortality vs. Life After DeathBelief and UnbeliefDr. Elizabeth GalbraithAlan Vodicka December 10, 1998 Preface During the semester I wrote three major papers for Belief and Unbelief. These were not just any papers, they were Credos, or I believe... LIFE AFTER DEATH: KNOWLEDGE TO DISPEL FEAR - PART TWO A Channeled Lecture by Djwahl Kuhl (DK) Presented March 29, 1985 [EDITOR'S NOTE: THE FOLLOWING IS A VERBATIM TRANSCRIPT FROM THE SESSION TAPE. WORDS ADDED FOR CLARITY WILL BE IN [ ], WORDS OMITTED WILL BE DENOTED BY... Writing sle article appearing in an employee publication of Eli Lilly and Company Preparing for life after death--for your survivors By Terri Horvath Consider the following scenarios: 1. You're a healthy, single 2,5-year-old renting an apartment. Your only obligations include payments for a two... Life after Death Are You Ready? Compiled by Dr. Mohamed I. Elmasry Reference is given to Quranic ation (the Chapter:the verse number) and to Prophet Muhammed's teaching (Hadeeth). 1. Man (here refers to man and/or woman) consists of soul (Al-Rouh) and body (17:85, 15:28 29) 2. The soul... A New Field of Research Provides Convincing Evidence of Life After Death Have you been contacted by a loved one who has died? Is there life after death? Will we be reunited with our deceased loved ones when we die? Can they communicate with us now? Hello From Heaven! contains... Life After Death: Suspicion and Reintegration in Post-Genocide Rwanda by Jeff Drumtra Jeff Drumtra is USCR Africa Policy Analyst. This article is adapted from his recent issue paper, Life After Death: Suspicion and Reintegration in Post-Genocide Rwanda. Does the notion of reconciliation... Home | Get Tough With Stress | Effectively Managing Motivating People Customer Service | About Townsend International | Order Form | Sign the Guestbook Many people believe in life after death (that's fine) but I think it is also important to believe in life after birth. Let's just... Rwanda: Life after Death, 1/2, 2/26/98 Rwanda: Life after Death, 1 Date distributed (ymd): 980226 Document reposted by APIC +++++++++++++++++++++Document Profile+++++++++++++++++++++ Region: Central Africa Issue Areas: +economy/development+ +security/peace+ Summary Contents: This posting... March 30, 1997The Notorious B.I.G. Life After Death (Arista/Bad Boy Records) out of four starsYou got too much living to do, too much unfinished business -- From the intro to Life After Death.The Notorious B.I.G. grew up in a world rife with violence, where drug dealing was rant and... When the Roll is Called up Yonder (Hymn) Life after Death Express your opinion and debate with others here. What is meant by life after death? To some it means that we live on in our children or that our life work influences future generations. But there... The Case for Life After Death Professor Peter Kreeft Can you prove life after death? Whenever we argue about whether a thing can be proved, we should distinguish five different questions about that thing: Does it really exist or not? To be or not to be, that is the... LIFE AFTER DEATH Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life, he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. (Jn.11:25-26). ... When the Roll is Called up Yonder (Hymn) Life after Death Express your opinion and debate with others here. What is meant by life after death? To some it means that we live on in our children or that our life work influences future generations. But there... The Supernatural Father Son Holy Spirit Angels Man Devil Demons Hell Heaven Hades Life After Death Miracles God, the Father Does God Really Exist? The Tragedy of Disbelieving in the supernatural God! Early Christians view on the TRINITY God, the... Life After Death Elaine was killed by a drunken driver, and nothing can bring her back. But her family found hope by facing the offender. by Elizabeth S. Menkin My sister Elaine was killed last year on one of the rare dry April nights in southwest Washington state, she was returning from a night... Cover Blurb The Terminal Experiment by Robert J. Sawyer Blends high-tech mystery with a cutting-edge-future ... This book matters. -- Nancy Kress, Hugo Award-winning author of Beggars in Spain IT STARTED AS AN EXPERIMENT IN LIFE AFTER DEATH. IT ENDED IN DEATH. Dr. Peter Hobson has created a... Notorious BIG: Life After Death Biggie Smalls may have passed on (respect due) but he left us a monster of a CD (make that 2) with brilliant harmonies, cohesive beats and superb rhyming. Partly due to Puffy Combs' deeper soul roots, partly Biggie's lyrics, Life After Death is an essential listen... Michael Irwin, retired doctor and head of the British Voluntary Euthanasia Society, on August 14th 1997 (1 of 3) ltPaulgt Michael, do you believe in life after death? lt... Many believe there is no life after death. If there is NO God, and I will eventually be annihilated, then... Why Am I Living? By Ken Raggio Am I here for a reason? To most people, the Bible is out. Modern America has thrown the Bible out the window, and tried to redefine the origin and destiny of... Contemplating Unification Thought Life After Death by Dr. Jennifer P. Tanabe Like many people, I have come to enjoy reading books on life after death. I don't know if it is just a curious desire to learn about our future, even if it is only fictionalized, that comes to us as we grow older and face... Life After Death: What do you think? by Mark H. Logan While there are a myriad of possible specific answers to this question, there seem to be three general ones: A. There is no life after death. B. There are many lives after death. C. There is eternal life after death. It would be nice to believe... Speaking in Parables Life after death is one of the central teachings of Christianity. Our conception of life after death has a vital influence upon our daily life and our relationship with God. So it might seem strange that the Lord has not told us more about it in the New Testament. But He has... SANDTON BIBLE CHURCH A Closer Look - Should I Believe in Life After Death? Seeker Study #4 Sandton Bible Church The Injustices Of Life It would be difficult to believe that life is good if we knew there was nothing beyond the grave to compensate for problems of inequality and... Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife Afterlife Secrets Secrets of the near death experience - Answers to great questions concerning life after death. The meaning of life and death - Psychic medium Edgar Cayce's near death-like revelations... What do you see? This picture was taken soon after a dynamite blast during excavation Paranormal What if you're wrong on life after death, exorcism, heaven, entities, angels, demons, dimensions, ghosts, god, belief, poltergiest and reincarnation. Then where will you go when you die. It is not...



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