The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations  
Part Four
The Sri Yantra, Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures,
and The New Jerusalem Plan  

by Joseph E. Mason

Road-Crossing Formation at Horton,
near Devizes, Wiltshire, 3 July 2005

Image credit: CCC

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 8:15 pm
Post subject: Possible Important Meaning of the Horton Formation

For several days, I have gathered material for an article, that may fit with the new formation that appeared around 3 July 2005 at Horton. Part of the idea is that certain formations may be related to the symbolism of the Mandelbrot Set:

The most recent crop formation that I felt might be related was the one near Silbury Hill that appeared around 26 June 2005:

Image credit: CCC

My recent research about this led to studies of past crop formations near Silbury Hill. I had noticed a pattern of circles back in 1988 next to Silbury Hill fit with a misaligned Tree of Life.

One of the possible meanings is a small sun rolling out of, or being projected from, a larger sun. I read a theory about this years ago, concerning a formation that looked like a "9" with a small circle at the bottom, similar to a scroll. With the Mandelbrot Set, the projected sun is in the "tip," where I found the Unity Star. With the Mandelbrot Set crop circle formation, the sun was indicated by the eight-foot circle out along the tram line.

It was pointed out that there is a correlation between "sun" and son. Later, I purchased a book called, "Jesus Christ, Sun of God." The same type of attributes were associated with various Pagan figures, such as Mithras.

This "Sun/Son," in my view, is generally associated with mankind in unity in the future, when we reach the heart chakra level. In the Christian sense, this may be similar to the idea of becoming part of the Body of Christ through communion. This collective Christ/mankind seems to be the "child" of Revelation 12.

In other terms, this is symbolized by the unity of the Twelve Tribes, with the thirteenth in the center. This is the basis of The New Jerusalem and Ezekiel's Four Living Creatures. Recent crop circle formations seem to speaking of this. See:

In recent months, the most stunning "coincidental" material came my way from Thomas Jude Germinario, in the form of his book, "Apokalypso, Prophecies of the End of Time," and from his on-line articles. This one relates especially well to the subject here:

When the unity is achieved, symbolically the river parts, and the crossover is made. The stopping of the river is a symbolism of stopping time, and viewing the upper levels of the Tree of Life, into the Olam. We will then be able to see the Greater Sun's Light, which is Superluminal, with instantaneous speed.

The achievement of this must be done by mankind. It will not be done for us.

Certain dreams of late seem to have a road crossing as a similar crossover symbol. And, roads are "man made," perhaps showing symbolically that we must accomplish the rectification ourselves.

BLT - Other Facts
(Includes: Geometric Additions & Boundary Crossing)


The 7 July 2005 Terrorist Attacks in London

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 1:49 am
Post subject: Coincidental Numbers

Very interesting Lu.


My first impression after the events in London, 4 circles, four bombs, the center circle being
the bus, the three surrounding, the subways.
just a thought.

"Coincidentally," I wrote an e-mail to Michael on 5 July 2005, in which I mentioned the number 484, in reference to the Hundred Acres formation. It turns out that the terrorist attacks in London on 7 July 2005 happened 484 (inclusive) days after the attacks in Madrid on 3-11-2004.

After the Madrid attacks it was reported that the days between (non-inclusive) those attacks and the 11 September 2001 attacks came to a "coincidental" 911 days.

There is a program on-line for calculating dates:

If one "reduces" the year 2005 to 7, then we have a 7-7-7. That has yet another coincidental connection to crop circles and the 9-11 attacks. Up to 11 September 2001, 777 NYC firemen were killed in the line of duty. On that day, 343 were killed, which is 7 x 7 x 7. See:

The Mega Glyph crop circle formation seemed to be related via the 409 circles (360 + 49). It had 13 large circles in each of the six arms, for a total of 78, like the Tarot deck. Check this against the G8 Conference, as G=7 in English alphanumerics. The Mega Glyph had 55 small circles in each arm. See the 48400 = 176 x (5 x 55) calculation below.

This may all be just coincidences, but I wouldn't be too sure.

My e-mail to Michael is pasted below.



Subj: Re: Mountain Light News / Crop Circles
Date: 7/5/2005 4:39:24 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Joseph E. Mason
To: Michael

In a message dated 7/4/2005 7:29:33 PM Pacific Standard Time, Michael writes:

<< Subj: Mountain Light News / Crop Circles >> (snip)

<< But that's not the reason I'm writing. I thought you would be interested in knowing that the first Crop Circle in the USA for 2005 appeared just north of us, in Yancy County, on June 12th. It was 176 ft. in diameter. >>


Hello Michael.

This years crop formations seem to be speaking of world unity in various ways:

This appeared around 3 July 2005:

Double Boxes, 3 July 2005, Hundred Acres (East Field), Alton Priors, Wiltshire

I had a few things to say about it:

Hundred Acres Formation - The Breath of Creation, Golden Bowl & Key/Lock 444

And others:

Possible Important Meaning of the Horton Formation (Sun/Son projection)

I continue to add information to my article:

The Interrelated 2005 Crop Circle Formations

Note the 444 connection in the Hundred Acres formation. Interestingly, 176 is a related ancient number, as it is one-tenth of a mile in yards, and one of those "11" type numbers. 4 x 44 = 176, or 11 x 16. The "birth" year of the USA is 888 x 2 = 1776, or 4 x 444.

The name of the location, "Hundred Acres," is also suggestive of the ancient numbering system:

Acre = 4840 square yards
= 11 x 440
= 22 x 220
= 44 x 110

The numbers on the right are "A" notes in cps of the musical scale.

484 / 4 = 121 = 11 x 11

One Hundred acres = 48400
= 176 x 275
= 176 x (5 x 55)

You may know that the ancients associated the number 888 with Jesus. Six miles in feet (6 x 5280 = 31680) is the sub-lunar distance around the New JerUSAlem, and one-tenth of that number (3168) was "Lord Jesus Christ" in Greek Gematria. See:

DNA & The Apocalypse

The new crop formation at Lurkley Hill suggests the New Jerusalem plan:

Also see:

Code of the Ancients

A ball of light appeared at the first flight of the Concord airliner. I saw this in a crop circle video about 14 years ago. I looked up the word "concord," to find that it means "together hearts." This fit well with one of my "coincidental" symbols, the Unity of Hearts:


Joseph E. (Joe) Mason


Fish/Eye Formation at Silbury Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire, 9 July 2005

Image credit: Lucy Pringle

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 2:59 pm
Post subject: The 11:11 Message at Silbury Hill

I think that this formation at Silbury Hill is another 11:11 message. There are 11 rays on each side of the fish/eye portion, composed of 5 rays of standing crop and 6 rays of laid down crop. The rectangular parts near the fish's mouth, may suggest the colon [:] between the elevens.

I believe that this 11:11 crop circle message started with the "First Pictogram" of 1990:

The 11:11 coincidences are a worldwide, grand phenomenon:

The end of the Mayan calendar is December 21, 2012 at 11:11 AM Universal time. Looking at December 21 as 1221, gives 11 x 111. The Aztec Sun Stone Calendar formation also appeared near Silbury Hill:

Also see:

This new fish/eye formation is probably related to the chakras. An "eye" appeared as the sixth chakra in the 2004 chakra system formation at Pewsey White Horse:

This is often referred to as the "third eye," indicating spiritual vision. The ancient Egyptian masks, such as that of King Tut, have a serpent's head protruding from the same area of the forehead. It is said that this represents the arising of the Kundalini. The son of the Egyptian trinity, Horus, is known for his "eye" symbolism, and for the dawning sun of a New Age.

I made a post on 4 July 2004, in which I mentioned Silbury Hill formations:

[See posting above: Possible Important Meaning of the Horton Formation]

Also see:

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 5:28 pm
Post subject: Spider Symbolism = Code of the Ancients

Hello kareng.

Seeing the new formation as a "spider" is an astute observation, in my opinion. Although this one does not have the "required" eight legs, I feel that there may be a connection.

One could count five "legs" on each side as the standing crop portions. My findings about spider symbolism show the type of spider with a cross on its back, like Spider Grandmother:

This seems to fit with the "Gematrian Wheel" -

The eight legs and the vertical part of the cross divides the 360-degree circle into ten parts of 36-degrees each. This fits with the ancient, prehistoric numbering system that was in place when written history began. See:

Sacred Numbers to Resuscitate the Dead - Lazarus and Awakening the Giant

Code of the Ancients

Dream of the Gematrian Wheel

Examples in crop circles include the spider web formation next to Avebury in 1994:

Another was the Bythorn mandala of 1993:

The various five-pointed stars, and double five-pointed stars, seem to suggest the same type of "wheel" -

Also see:

Please do no let my "Bogarting" of this forum stop you from posting your own ideas.


Joseph E. (Joe) Mason


I am editing my July posting on 16 August 2005, by adding this lower portion to show the Aztec formation that appeared around 9 August 2005 at Wayland's Smithy, near Ashbury, Oxfordshire.

Image credit: Bertold Zugelder

Compare it with the Gematrian Wheel above.

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Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 7:30 pm
Post subject: The Silbury Hill "Magnetosphere" coincidence

The "coincidences" with this Silbury Hill formation are rolling right along into a chain of coincidences. The great post above, by edmundo dantes, makes a wonderful connection:


This one appears in 13th July last year at West Kenet Long Barrow, in a field just besides this
new one. It has the same motif. Could anyone find an explanation please. The "same" place,
the "same" date, the "same" motif.....

He placed a picture of the sunburst formation that appeared 13 July 2004 at West Kennett Longbarrow, Wiltshire. Here is another, smaller version:

The larger version is on this page:

The sunburst had 18 x 18 = 36 rays. This is the base "Gematrian numer" on the "Wheel."

The sunburst formation is shown with another formation with Silbury Hill in the distance. The other formation is the four-pointed star inside the double boxes, that appeared 29 July 2004:

That formation fit well with this image:

It is part of the superstring theory of Dr Stephen M. Phillips, which is based on the sacred geometry of Pythagoreas and the Tree of Life. See:

The double boxes type of formation is part of the crop circle picture this year:

In his post, edmundo dantes, also had this:

I saw a similar image some years ago in the CCCS Susssex journal. To me, it made an important connection to the "Gematrian Wheel," that I mentioned in my previous post. I am referring to this article, which I linked in the previous post:

In my letter to Carl, in speaking of my dream, I stated:


I knew this was about gematrian numbers. I associated this with previous dreams suggesting
that our universe is generated from another. Simple diagrams of generators show how a sine
wave is generated from wires crossing magnetic fields . . .

I felt that coincidence was at work here. In my letter to Madelon (Rose Logue) which she
sent to you, I asked about the significance of '10', because of the two crop circles (the
Bythorn Mandala and Spider Web). You responded by informing me that '10' was the base
harmonic of the planet earth, found at its very core. Coincidentally, the Gematrian 'Wheel'
suggests a circle divided into '10' parts, matching the two crop patterns. Is this an accident
or a meaningful coincidence?

Carl included this in his response:


What CAUSES dreams? Without question, certain stimuli seems to activate certain types of
dreams . . .

Before my psychic gift was erased while upon Cobble Knoll, a good 90% of my own dreams of
future events occurred during the months of November and March - and they were always
80 - 90% accurate.

Were they caused by changes/fluctuations in earth energies resulting from the sun's
movements in the lower latitudes? . . . As the earth spins inside it's magnetosphere 'motor'??

Silbury Hill is included in the "Code" work of Carl Munck, along with some 200 other ancient sites. His analysis of Silbury Hill is based on two circles, the base perimeter and the the circular area at the top of the hill. The related formations often seem to incorporate two major circles.

Thank you edmundo dantes!

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 9:17 pm
Post subject: Fish Symbolism


My first impression of the 9 July 2005 formation near Silbury Hill was of a fish swimming through the water. I started to recall some of the dreams about swimming in the water or under water. Jan's great dream came to mind first:

The dream ends with this:


The pit was full of, women & children. They were all facing the screen, intently intrigued by the pictures & story.

Many of them were laying on their stomachs to watch. Some of the children were busily playing in the rocks & puddles of water in the bottom. No one looked around or up. I could see all around & down..observing, but not involving in the movie.

As i watched, SUDDENLY THE MOVIE SCREEN WENT BLANK (in the middle of the movie). Simultaneously to this event, I saw a HUGE BLACK HOLE OPEN in the side of the pit. A big rush of WATER was beginning to pour into the pit.

I was I saw there was NO EXITS in the pit. The people sat up startled when the movie quit. They were mulling around in confusion & running through little streams & puddles on the floor. They tried to gather the children & still NO ONE PAID ATTENTION to the HUGE WATERFALL coming at them, until it was too late. Many drowned in the pit. A FEW good SWIMMERS FLOATED to the TOP RIM ..going WITH THE FLOW..

I took the little girl by the hand and we turned back across the green plateau. The SHOW WAS OVER...

It seems that it may be important to learn how to swim the waters of the unconscious!

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 9:57 pm
Post subject: Fish, Water, and the Change of the Ages

Dee and I have recorded many dreams about fish, water, swimming, and the like. We think some of them may be about the change of the Ages, from Pisces, the Fish, to Aquarius, the "Water Bearer."

The 1991 Barbury Castle crop circle formation seemed to suggest this change:

The Pleiades and the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day

Also see:

Site search for: change ages Pisces Aquarius

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 11:43 pm
Post subject: Joseph's Swim

This is in reference to a previous post about Jan's dream of the people in the pit. The dream-coincidence material has amazing correspondences to the works of Thomas Jude Germinario. In this article, he speaks of the pit:

The Year of Jubilee - Chapter Four: A Season in Hell


Instead of having one Tree which connects the three realms of the Eternals, the Living and the Dead, what we now have is two Trees. One of these, the Tree of Life, has become unapproachable by the Living, who are kept away by the Flaming Sword.

The other, the Tree of Good and Evil, is unapproachable by the Dead, because they have become entangled with the demonic Qlippot of the Other Side. This entanglement is portrayed allegorically in the Book of Genesis by the kidnapping of Joseph by his envious brothers.

Envy is the hallmark of the Satanic ego-persona, in which the Self is diminished to the status of a passive Object. In order to establish its tyranny, the ego must send the Subjective elements of the Self into Exile. Thus, the dreamer Joseph is sold into exile in Egypt, a place regarded by the Jews as the domain of demons.

In Hebrew the name for Egypt - Mizraim - is the dual plural of mezurah, which denotes a walled-in area, like a fortress surrounded by ramparts. This reflects the condition of the divided Selfhood of Man, with its Subjective and Objective poles sealed off from one another.

Joseph’s “coat of many colors” represents the “garments of Light” which Adam and Eve wore in the Garden of Eden. The intricate fractal pattern of this garment endows its wearer with the perception of an Infinite Reality, created from moment-to-moment by the power of the Imagination.

While Light consists of the full spectrum of a myriad hues, however, the shrunken “objective” eye of the ego-self crudely mixes them all together to make white — the whiteness of a corpse drained of Life.

When Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, therefore, they were stripped of their parti-colored robes of Light and given coarse white garments.

According to the Oral Tradition, the coarse cloth was a mixed weave of flax and wool that’s called sha‘atnez in Hebrew. Since the consonants of sha‘atnez also spell the words satan-‘az, meaning “insolent Satan”, the Kabbalists call this flax-wool weave “serpent’s skin” and view it as a symbol the demonic entanglement into which a portion of the collective human Soul Neshamah has fallen.


The allegory of Joseph’s kidnaping continues with his envious brothers casting him into a pit after stripping him of his rainbow-hued garment. In Hebrew, the word for Hell - Sheol - literally signifies a pit. It follows, then, that Hell is the place where the exiled aspects of the Neshamah have been consigned. The Torah’s Oral Tradition expands on the written text to inform us that the pit into which Joseph was thrown was actually a dry cistern. Now, the image of a dry cistern has a very specific meaning in prophetic symbolism, best expressed by Jeremiah:

"Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saith the Lord."

For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water."

In another article, he also writes about Joseph:

The Year of Jubilee - Chapter Five: The Hidden Time


The track we must follow to accomplish this Tikkun of the Torah is the pathless path of the Leviathan. We need to submerge ourselves like the Fish in the “lower waters” so that we can discern the fractal pattern which reveals the Symmetry of the “higher waters”.

In doing so, let us follow the steps of the consummate Tzaddik, Joseph the Dreamer, through the 50 gates of the Unconscious. Our next voyage, in Chapter Six, will take us in the ship of our Imagination from the shoals of mundane Time to the Sea of Jubilee.

The symbolism fits with other formations, such as the Mega Glyph of 2001, with its 409 circles:


On the page linked above, Norma Smith lists the English alphanumericas of the seven colors of the spectrum as -

Red 27, Orange 60, Yellow 92, Green 49, Blue 40, Indigo 58, Violet 83 = 409 total

These are also the colors associated with the seven chakras, in the order of chakra one through chakra seven, from left to right. "Green = 49" is the fourth-Heart chakra. This is figured as A=1, B=2, etc.

The fourth chakra, related to 49 Green, is represented in the center of the Tree of Life, by Tipheret, the sixth sphere. In terms of the twelve sons of Jacob, from which the Tribes derive, the sixth sphere of the Tree is associated with the eleventh son, Joseph, with his Coat of Many Colors.


English Alphanumericas of the Mega Glyph:

Continue to Part 5


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