1-19-16 - 8 pm.

DREAM - I was in California driving home from somewhere and ahead of me on the road was strewn on the road a load of potatoes, that had fallen out the back end of the truck that had just been picked up from a truck farm.

I just wanted to eat one 2 inch potato, cut up in quarters with a bit of butter on each piece.

I took a photo of the scene of the fallen potatoes and I drove on through the potatoes on the roadway as I was surrounded by them.

I got home and took the potato I picked up from the roadway through my car window and put it on my bedroom dresser.

Behind me was my chenille covered bed with a nubby covered bedspread, all white which reached the floor on three sides.

Just as I put the potato and photo on the dresser, my mother brought my sister and her husband into the room from another doorway that was on the opposite side of the bed.  (I didn't question why there were two doorways into the bedroom on either side of the bed)

My sister and her husband had just arrived having driven all the way across the country from Massachusetts where they had visited my friend Mikki and they had a gift for me and they wanted me to look at it right away.

The gift was very heavy - an isosceles trapazoid shaped package that felt like a cardboard folder with pictures or drawings inside.  The whole thing was wrapped in newspaper and carried with a thick, strong brown twine.

The package was so heavy, I sat down on the bed to open the package.

I still wanted my sister to look at the little two inch photo I had taken of the roadway filled with potatoes.

The package she gave me was about 4 feet across on the bottom, 2 feet across on the top, and slanted sides going outward from the 2 ft to the 4 ft top and bottom.  The package was about 4 inches thick on the bottom and about 2 inches thick on the top.

I woke up realizing I didn't know what the gift was, just the shape and heaviness of the container wrapped in newspaper.

I tried to get back into the dream and couldn't.


. Dreaming of potatoes, brings incidents often of good. To dream of digging them, denotes success. To dream of eating them, you will enjoy substantial gain. To cook them, congenial employment. Planting them, brings realization of desires. To see them rotting, denotes vanished pleasure and a darkening future.


Spiritual Leader of the New World Order and the Trapazoid

"Pope calls for a new world order" – January 1, 2004

"VATICAN CITY (CNN News) -- Pope John Paul II rang in the New Year on Thursday with a renewed call for peace in the Middle East and Africa and the creation of a new world order based on respect for the dignity of man and equality among nations ... he stressed that to bring about peace, there needs to be a new respect for international law and the creation of a 'new international order' based on the goals of the United Nations."

The Father and son Presidents, George H and George W. Bush with Laura, Bill Clinton and Condoleezza Rice dressed in what is now recognized as the Illuminate black dress attire (inferior status) sitting in facing the deceased John Paul II dressed in his papal white (Zarathustra) and cloaked with the red royal cloak (Rothschild-Illuminate)



In the twenty fifth year of his reign, Pope John Paul II was the first pontiff in history to publicly call for a “New World Order”. In the world of esoteric religions this New World Order is called the “the kingdom of the Christ.” The breadth of his papal ministry was revealed best in the far reaches of the globe where this pontiff traveled. He drew together the religions of the world in an ecumenical ministry more than any other religious leader in history. Born on May 18, 1920, a day of a sun eclipse, John Paul II’s funeral was held on April 8, 2005, the day in which the world witnessed an unusual “Annular Total Eclipse in the 20thdegree of the constellation of Aries. He was laid to his rest during a solar event where only the fiery edges of the sun were visible. Truly he could be called the noblest representative of the Sun god, Lucifer. 

The most deceptive was the sincerity of the spiritual ministry of John Paul II; the bonds that he was able to attach to the masses of all religions and faiths. Few left untouched by the charismatic and warmth personality that he exuded in his public ministry. Yet such is the substance of deception. Such is the substance where even the ‘very elect’ can be deceived. 

To the practitioners of the esoteric realm of the occult, the “New World Order” is known to them as the “Kingdom of the Christ”. This is not the “kingdom of God” that Yahshua haMoschiach (Jesus the Messiah) talked about during his ministry on earth. This is not the kingdom of Jesus’ “Father, who are in heaven.” This will be the kingdom that will be ruled by the anti-Messiah or the anti-Christ of Revelation. As the world watched in rapture to the most publicized religious event in history, four million pilgrims in Rome were spell-bound and watching in awe. John Paul II was immortalized from the moment his life began to fade as headlines cried out, “The light is dying”. Here was a fading “light” that did not represent the “Light of the world”. 

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The Papal Tradition of the White Robe of Zarathustra 

Papal observers have noted over the years how the Pope always wears white while his visitors and dignitaries always wear black. The dress décor appears to be rigid and cast into stone. Why? There is a message and a meaning as we shall soon see.

Zarathustra in Persian Art – the founder of Zoroastrianism

Keep in mind that the Vatican is in alliances (concordats) with secular and religious powers that truly do seek power and control over this planet earth. In this world, symbolisms do carry a lot of substance and meaning. To believers in the authentic Jesus of history, these symbols may have no literal meaning. We are clueless. To billions of others, these symbols define a pathway that will forever alter the course of this earth’s history. 

The power players who read these symbols include: the Vatican hierarchy which fronts for the “Society of Jesus” known as the Jesuits; the Jewish Rothschild’s; the Neo-Sabbatean Donmeh Jews and the European based Illuminati who later infiltrated and gained control of the upper echelons of the Scottish and the British Masonry. 

Where does this symbolism of black and white come from? The earliest concepts of dualism, the powers of good and evil, white and black, arrived in the steppes of ancient Persia about 4000 years ago with the founding of the religion of Zoroastrianism by Zarathustra. According to scholars of the occult, modern day Satanists recognize Zarathustra as a type of an Antichrist. 

In the pictorial portrayals of Zarathustra we see a spiritual leader wearing white, very similar to the white linen tunic that was worn by Aaron and the high priests of Israel yet with only a linen waist band. In the photo of Zarathustra above, he is represented as levitating above the ground, a form of transportation that is supra-human. He stands in front of the sun and represents or embodies the power and glory of the Sun god. His right hand is pointed upward in a gesture called a “mudra” which is an occult sign considered to carrying with it the effects of “magic”. This represents him as being a god or a supernatural being representing the Sun-god, Lucifer. (Quoted by in Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, p. 231 from a Dictionary of Mysticism)

President Bill Clinton (in black) with Pope John Paul II (dressed in white)

Today in the occultic societies of Black Magick Witchcraft, the pre-eminent color is white. Whereas black is the absence of color, white is recognized as the ecumenical color, the inclusion of all colors. It is the most powerful and recognized as the most spiritual, a fact embodied in the fact that it was the color of Zarathustra. Let us look at this same thesis in reference to the God of Israel. Since the God of Israel is exclusionary because he claims that He has His “chosen ones”, to the occult, He is represented as the “black” God. 

When we think of the imagery of Zarathustra, we are led to other beings that were described by mortals in the same manner. Contrast this with similar super-natural beings that were seen by the prophet of Revelation. The first such being is the other-dimensional picture of Yahshua, the Lord and Master of Yohannes (John) the Emissary of Yahshua (Jesus) as seen in the courts in heaven.

Revelation 1:12-13 – “I saw seven golden lamp-stands, and in the midst of the seven lamp-stands One like the Son of Man, clothed with a garment down to the feet and girded about the chest with a golden band.”

We then have another picture of the seven archangels that are the guardians of the seven emanations of the Sefirot of the God of Israel. They are poised to bring the seven last plagues upon this earth.

Revelation 15:6 – “And out of the temple came the seven angles having the seven plagues, clothed in pure bright linen and having their chests girded with golden bands.”

In Black Magick, white appears to be the pre-eminent color. Black and white symbolism in Dualism suggests that black is equal to white and carries with it the same power and authority. The “powers of light (white)” are in opposition to the “powers of darkness”, yet they are both equal. This dualism has its ancient roots in the ancient Chinese religious symbolism of the Yin and the Yang which is described as the “balance of nature.” 

To the ancient Jewish mystic, he saw these polar opposites in a different dimension. The Sefirot, “image of the Divine”, is revealed in the emanations of the Ein Sof (the all powerful, unknowable Eternal One of Israel). Three of these emanations are reserved for the Almighty One; kingship, wisdom and understanding. All rulership, even the rulership of Satan himself comes under the Sovereignty of the Almighty One. When Solomon ascended to the throne of his father, David, he knew that His kingship was given to him by the God of Israel. Solomon had a brilliant mind and understood all things, which he also knew was a gift of God. When asked by the Lord of host, what one thing would he desire; he did ask and was honored for his request. He asked for wisdom and has been known for four millenniums as a man of great wisdom. 

An additional seven attributes or emanations are given to all mankind to understand for it is they who are created in the “image of God.” These seven emanations are sent from the Unknowable Eternal One to all of His creation. A person who perfectly exhibits these attributes still is not recognized as “divine” for he lacks the three attributes reserved for the “Father in heaven.” 

For example, the relationship of a father and mother to a child is a shadow picture of God’s relationship to His own people. If a child chooses to defy its parent’s authority they now have a dilemma. What should their response be? In ancient eastern mysticism the two forces are good and evil, equal and opposite yet they are in human life and existence woven together like a matrix. In Jewish mysticism, the two polar forces are not good and evil, but rather the masculine and the feminine poles of life. For example, justice (Gevurah) is the polar opposite of mercy (Hesed), but the blend of the two is where the God of Israel extends his love to His people through the “Pole of Grace.” 

If the father extends justice and whips his child mercilessly, the child could choose to rebel and run away. If the mother extends only mercy and pampers and coddles her child, the child may grow up and not understand that wrong actions do carry consequences. If the mother and father together extend justice blended with mercy, the child has the greatest change of growing up to be an honorable person who will honor and respect authority.

The Freemason tiled black and white tiled floor centered around the Pentagram

To a person steeped in power and control, life is truly black and white. To the powerbrokers of world order, their world is like the symbolism of duality that is depicted in this black/white mosaic tiled floor in a Masonic temple. In the center of the tiled floor is the symbol of the men’s division of Freemasonry, the inverted pentacle called the Goatshead of Mendes. This symbol is based on the inverted pentagram, a symbol of the “evil” Satan. 

Zarathustra, in the picture above, is also carrying in his left hand a rod or a staff of authority. This rod carries with it the power and authority of the sun or Lucifer as the “light bearer”. This is a rod similar to the rod that Moses that he carried with him to Egypt. It had tremendous magical powers that could be transformed into a serpent and eat up other staff-serpents from other magi. It could create plagues and wonders of natural wonders of nature before the ruler and people of ancient Egypt. Ancient rulers all had their scepters and so did the rulers of the House of Judah. Did not the scripture state:

Genesis 49:10 - “The Scepter shall not depart from Judah nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh comes, and to Him shall be the obedience of people.”

This Davidian scepter does not suggest that the Davidian ruler from the House of Judah will represent the authority of the Lord of hosts. It does suggest that “Shiloh”, the Maschiach of Israel who will be given the scepter of power and authority from His father in heaven and return as the “King of kings and the Lord of lords” will command the “obedience of the people” for His Father in heaven. (Revelation 19:11-16) Yet this text does suggest that there will be a genetic Davidian on the throne of a monarchy somewhere in the world until the coming of the Messiah. 

What we do know is that no ruler is given any authority except by permission by the Eternal One of Israel. Even the anti-Christ cannot come to power except by the will of the Lord of hosts. This includes rulers that derive their mark of authority from Zarathustra and the ancient Zoroastrian religion. 

The Trapezoidal Casket of Pope John Paul II 

The inner wooden casket of Pope John Paul II as noted in the photograph below is a three dimensional trapezoidal coffin. 

By definition: A "trapezoid" -- is a "quadrilateral having two parallel sides". In this coffin the trapezoid is not only on the front but also on the sides while the parallel sides are the ends. There is no requirement as to which two sides have to be parallel, and which two sides have to be coming together.

The three dimensional trapezoidal casket of Pope John Paul II

The occultic scholar, Dr. Cathy Burns, in her book, “Billy Graham and His Friends” depicts the significance of the Satanic, “Order of the Trapeziod” and their roots in the ancient secret society who worship the ancient Egyptian god Set, or Satan. In her writings she quotes the Satanist Anton LaVey;

Satanist Anton LaVey -

"The trapezoid has long been regarded in by occultists as the most satanic of shapes, especially adapted to enhance demonic manifestation. Indeed, the middle order of the Satanic brotherhood is called 'The Order of the Trapezoid'. Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, refers to an occult principle known as the 'Law of the Trapezoid'. His writings underscore the existence of a magical science of geometric angles and spaces which is very prevalent in the U.N. Meditation Room ... LaVey says architecture can convey an evil, spiritual atmosphere. 

'The bottom line of all this is that the consummate architectural form of the Satan-worshipper is the trapezoid; and he believes that this shape will create a spiritual 'cloud-chamber' of sorts across which he may track the hoof prints of the demons he wishes to invoke. It is believed to be the perfect atmosphere for the manifestation of the unholy and the cursed."

(Dr. Cathy Burns, "Billy Graham And His Friends", p. 13-1; quoting former Satanist, Bill Schnoebelen, "White Sepulchers: The Hidden Language of the Mormon Temple")

Dignitaries including President and Mrs. Bush, French President Jacques Chirac,

Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos of Spain, and Queen Margarethe of Denmark at the pope's funeral.

(Photo: AP)

Cutting Edge Ministries continues in this research by examining the testimony of a Black Magick Website on the Order of the Trapezoid: This deeply secretive society is totally dedicated to the "Left Hand Path", that path whereby its initiates use the power of the occult for evil. Listen:

The Order of the Trapezoid -

"The Black Flame is the central source of the Order. Every Knight of the Trapezoid, male or female, is an initiate of the Left Hand Path ... every Knight is engaged in self-directed, self-deification through liberating antinomianism (against the Law of God). The Black Flame is the dark source and inspiration of the individual's own psyche as a uniquely developing deity; a kind of kindred spirit to the Prince of Darkness."

(The Order of the Trapezoid, "The Mysteries")


They then evaluate the works of Michael A. Aquino, founder of the Church of Set, a Satanic organization. He describes how the insignia for the “Order of the Trapezoid" was created by the modern American Church of Satan.

The insignia of the Order of the Trapezoid

Michael A. Aquino -

"For a recent XX issue of the Cloven Hoof, Anton Stander LaVey wrote a one-page commentary concerning the Church of Satan origins of the Order of the Trapezoid and its insignia ... This emblem, says Anton, was worn for ritual use by all members of the Magic Circle ... The background of this medallion was black, with the trapezoid, trident, and 666 in white. At the base of the medallion were red & yellow flames, from which the trident emerged. This medallion remained the only one used henceforth by the C/S Council of Nine through X/1975. For non- Council functions, Councilors normally wore the appropriate Baphomet of degree."

(Michael A. Aquino, "Evolution of the Order of the Trapezoid Insignia")

Notice that the two parallel sides are at the top and the bottom, while the two sides coming together are at the right and the left.

According to former Satanist, Bill Schnoebelen,

Bill Schnoebelen -

“This type of coffin is built to draw in and preserve evil, dark energy. While in Satanism, Bill had to build one of these trapezoidal coffins. The idea was to attract enough vampiric dark demonic energy, to draw sufficient quantities of energy, and to store that evil energy so that, at a right moment, the dead man can come out of the coffin, a demonic resurrection!”

According to Schnoebelen,

“while in the coven, he and fellow members used to speculate as to whether the Roman Catholic Church was practicing Vampirism, for they saw much of that system within Catholicism.”

The fact that Pope John Paul II was buried in a trapezoidal box just reinforces Bill's suspicions.

Imprinted on the top of the wooden casket John Paul II were the two simple insignias: the traditional apostate, “cross of Christ” instead of the “tree of Yahshua” and to the side was imprinted the large letter M which designated that John Paul II was truly a Mariam believer as the “Queen of heaven”.

The Second Coffin is zinc and not lead as many media reports have described. Imprinted on the zinc coffin were reported many occultic symbols of which the prominent is the “skull and crossbones” whose roots are way back to the first days of apostasy of the Roman Christian Church. 

To the occultist, the Skull symbolized that Jesus was crucified at the place called Golgotha called the “place of the skull”. The Crossed Bones symbolized that He was crucified (dead/bones) upon a Roman cross (crossed bones). Throughout the ages this symbol was used by the apostate Christian Church. It was the Knights Templar who used this insignia on their flags at war and later placed it on their ships of war. The pirates of the oceans initially used a red flag that was called the joli rouge (Jolly Roger). Later to confuse the traveling ships that they preyed upon the pirates took the symbol of the crossed bones and placed it on their flags causing a lot of confusion and death. Later the pirate ships flags were changed to the crossed bones insignia on a black background. 


The “Rose” Color of the Illuminati’s Global Powers of Control

Pope John Paul II laying in state in the viewing room. 

The colors of the funeral of John Paul II and the colors that were associated with him in league with religious leaders of the world affirm a deep and penetrating mix of symbolism in color and message. While lying in state in the Vatican, the body of John Paul II was wearing his traditional white robe linked to the roots of the Zoroastrian faith blended with the apostate Roman Christian Church. Over this linen robe was the dark royal velvet cloak of royalty. 

The color of red was the favorite color of Mayer Amschel Bauer later known as Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Born in Frankfurt-On-The Main in Germany in 1743, he bought the “counting house” that his father started on Judenstrasse (Jew Street) which had over the door a large Red Shield. This shield became the emblem of Mayer Amschel Bauer who changed his name to Mayer Amschel Rothschild which meant “red shield” or rotes-schild in German. The Rothschilds adopted the color ‘red’ from the Red Flag which was the emblem of the revolutionary minded Jews in Eastern Europe. 

In the late 1760s, Mayer Amschel Rothschild drew up the organizational plans for the creation of the Illuminati. Its organization and development was entrusted to Adam Weishaupt in Frankfurt, Germany. The alliance in Frankfurt, Germany of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt along with Jacob Frank, the successor of the Shabbatai Zevi formed the beginnings of the final alliances that seek to control this planet earth.

It was on January 24, 2002, BBC News reported in an article, "Pope leads world prayer day" that Pope John Paul II in the post 911 recovery after the Twin Towers Inferno in New York City, met in an ecumenical prayer service with 200 religious leaders around the world.

With the illuminating red color of the Rothschild, Weishaupt and Frank alliance highlighting the backdrop of this ecumenical conference, the public saw a rare display of bonding in international fellowship as Roman Catholic cardinals, Jewish rabbis, Muslim clerics, Buddhist monks, Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Bahais and representative of the African native religions all joined in unison surrounding Pope John Paul II, dressed in white, as the universal broker of religious fellowship.

Pope John Paul II (in white) surrounded by 200 world religious leaders (in black or native colors)

Let us pull back the cloaks of occultic thought. The room was draped in the royal red of the Rothschilds and their child, the Illuminate; a color mixed with the blood of human life from the bloodiest century of war (20th) with holocausts, genocides and pogroms in human history. 

The staging was carefully crafted by the Vatican “superforce”, the Jesuits, to highlight the pontiff in the papal-Zoroastrian white with the black duality of contrasts with the rest of the clerics who dressed in black or dark shaded cleric robes or suits of the ecumenical members of the Masonic Order or one of the orders of the Illuminate. 

Here we have the summation of color décor of a globalist media event with:


The Glory of the Olive – “Gloria Olivae”

Pope Benedict XVI wearing golden vestments clutching his pastoral staff inside St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, Sunday, April 24, 2005 prior to his installment Mass in St. Peter's Square. (AP Photo/Osservatore Romano)


Cardinal Ratzinger elevated to Pope Benedict XVI

NEWS BRIEF: "German cardinal elected new pope: Ratzinger to be known as Benedict XVI" - April 20, 2005

"VATICAN CITY (CNN) – (April 19, 2005) - Wearing traditional papal robes and a large smile, Joseph Ratzinger of Germany appeared Tuesday on a Vatican balcony as the 265th pontiff, Benedict XVI, as tens of thousands gathered in St. Peter's Square to cheer him ... Ratzinger, who turned 78 on Saturday, was John Paul II's chief theological adviser for 20 years ... On Tuesday, Cardinal Jorge Arturo Medina Estevez announced Benedict XVI's election in the traditional Latin, but he prefaced it by saying the words 'brothers and sisters' in several languages, an introduction that is likely a bow to the universality of the Roman Catholic Church and its 1.1 billion members..."

"White smoke rising from the Sistine Chapel chimney gave the first indication that the cardinals had chosen a pope. The crowd clapped and waved flags as the smoke billowed over Vatican City about 5:50 p.m. Suspense built for the next 10 minutes as pilgrims waited for the ringing of bells -- at which point the onlookers let out a roar of jubilation ... The conclave of 115 cardinals had voted three times previously -- once Monday night and twice Tuesday morning -- before selecting the new pope."





Now, let us quickly review the occultic factors presented in this news story.


The Election of Cardinal Ratzinger on April 19

As we noted earlier, there is still some dispute on whether John Paul II died on April 1 or April 2. Locked into rigid papal protocols, was it necessary for John Paul II to have died on April 2 so that the day of his burial, April 8, could be on the day of a rare Annular Solar eclipse? Was this is a classic case of man deliberately providing a self-fulfilling prophecy? Were the cascading events that would happen afterwards be part of a calculated pre-determined series of events to reveal to the world of the occult that the day of Black Seal and the black horse and rider of the Apocalypse of John was at hand? 

The papal conclave started on April 18, 2005, ten days after the funeral of John Paul II. Within 22 hours and four ballots later, on April 19, 2005, the 111th pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected. Is there any significance to all of this? One significant fact is that April 9 is one of the most important ‘high occult days’ in the calendar of Black Magick. 

For thirteen days, between April 19 to May 1, the Black Magick practitioners will celebrate the “Blood Sacrifice to the Beast.” The high day is April 19, 2005 when across the globe human sacrifices is required by the covens. An even more auspicious celebration day is Beltane, or May 1 (May-day) as the second holiest day on the calendars of the occult next to Halloween. Has the day, April 19 been noted in history for any certain significance?


Historical Events on April 19

Let us look at historical events that occurred on April 19 in recent human history

During this day, according to Black Magick Practitioners, the occultic sacrifices can be carried out publicly such as Waco and Oklahoma City but most will be privately done by an individual coven and never known. These events must contain three elements.

Do we see a trend of war, conflagration of fire and human death and suffering that occurred on some of these dates? The election and announcement on April 19, 2005 that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope, was a ‘signature event’ to many researchers that the Vatican was now practicing Black Magick, the demonic central force of the religion of the anti-Messiah. Their sacred numbers, days and astrological observations were in full harmony with each other. 

We looked earlier at the sacred numbers as seen by the occultic practitioners in the Vatican as they affected Pope John Paul II. Let us know look at the sacred numbers as they affect the new Pope Benedict XVI.


The Occultic Sacred Numbers of Pope Benedict XVI

SEE MORE:  555



The Election of Pope Benedict XVI on April 24, 2005 during a Lunar Eclipse during a Full Moon

The Installation of the new pope, Benedict XVI occurred on April 24, 2005. As recorded in the Astro-updates week for April 18 – April 24, we read:

"On Sunday the 24th there is a full moon in the sign of Scorpio at 6:06 am Eastern Daylight Time. There's a lunar eclipse right before that at 5:56 am EDT. Full moons and Scorpio go together like, well, gunpowder and a flaming torch. The combination of the two is intense." ("Astro-Updates Week April 18-April 24")

Pope Benedict XVI with the Golden “Luciferian” Seashell Vestment




The fact that it is now international news that John Paul II was born on May 18, 1920, the day of a solar eclipse and his funeral and burial was on April 8, 2005 when an Annular Total Eclipse of the sun occurred and now the successor of John Paul II was installed on a lunar eclipse gives us pause. As any good astrologically observing authentic pagan worshipper, Benedict XVI and the Vatican hierarchy are following the ancient pathway of the Luciferian occult. 

One patient remarked to me after the election of Pope Benedict XVI,

“Even though I was watching the “Christian” papal services and ceremonies, something was wrong. It was so weird.”

This was true! The “Occultic Signature” that was planned in expert detail for the death and funeral of John Paul II and the installation of Joseph Ratzinger leads one to ponder, were these events just a coincidence or were they calculated. Were they pre-determined to occur by the controlling hands of the ‘superforce’ that has surrounded the Vatican and the entire Curia? 

As another astute patient of mine mentioned, “Did you notice that at no time during the funeral of John Paul II or the coronation of Benedict XVI was the name of Jesus used? It lead us to wonder, who do they think they represent?

Pope Benedict XVI wearing the Luciferian Seashell on his Golden Robe at his Installation

At the April 24, 2005 installation service, the newly anointed Pope Benedict XVI ministered to the Catholic flock using the Bent Crucifix of Mithra was now wearing the Golden Robe with the symbols of the Seashell of Venus-Ashtarte. There on the front were heavily embroidered seashells, yet what did they mean? 

It was the occultist Madame H.P. Blavatsky in her Magick Qabalistic book (Torah Kabalah corrupted to magical Qabalah) called the “Secret Doctrine”, noted that the “contraries of the angels in the third world of the Sephiroth (the world of Asiah) are called ‘Shells’ or ‘Demons’. These inhabit the 'seven inhabitations called "Sheba Hechaloth", which are simply the seven zones of our globe.” The prince of these shells is called Samael, 'who is also the seducing serpent Satan; but that Satan is also Lucifer, the bright angel of Light, the Light and Life-Bringer, the "Soul" alienated from the Holy Ones.'

The Birth of Venus (the goddess of love and beauty) by Sandro Botticelli (!445-1510) painted about 1485

In the coronation mass of the new pope, the seashell from which the ancient occultic traditions claim that Venus or Aphrodite was born was heralded all over the front the golden cape. 

According to the occultic scholar, Dr. Cathy Burns in her book, “Masonic And Occult Symbols Illustrated”, quotes New Age author David Spangler,

David Spangler -

"Lucifer prepares man in all ways for the experience of Christhood and the Christ prepares man for the experience of God. But the light that reveals to us the presence of the Christ comes from Lucifer . He is the light giver. He is aptly named the Morning Star because it is his light that heralds for man the dawn of a greater consciousness. He is present when that dawn is realized ... Christ is the same force as Lucifer, but moving in seemingly the opposite direction'."

(Dr. Burns, quoting David Spangler, "Finding Heaven On Earth", New Age Journal, January/February 1988, Vol. 4, Issue 1, reprinted in "Masonic And Occult Symbols Illustrated", p. 188)

In the age of deception, the symbolism can give ideas of distortion and illusion. Dr. Burns does come to a conclusion when she writes,

Dr. Cathy Burns -

"Of course, quotes like this aren't really surprising since Masons themselves ... tell us that Lucifer (or Venus) is the Light-bearer and the Morning Star. Blavatsky writes about the Druids, Magi, Zoroastrians, greeting the Morning Star -- the beautiful Venus-Lucifer."

(Ibid pg. 188)


The Matrix of the Forces of Evil take control of the Vatican

As we weave Christian symbolism around Occultic symbolism all the ancient orders of Lucifer worship in the age of antiquities are now being resurrected back on the stage of the Final Act of the Drama of the Ages. We are in the preparation stage of presenting the Grand Finale in the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan. Will the prime actor who mounts the human age of history at the time of the end as Lucifer be also Satan, Samuel, or Belial? 

As Reverend Frederick Nagash wrote in the article, “Modern Luciferism”,

Reverend Frederick Nagash -

“Lucifer’s direction is the east, east being where a lot of the sacred wisdom and the great wars will come from. It was once stated to me by a Germanic Luciferian that “a wise magickian from Persia an Arab will come and bring with him the aeon of Lucifer” or in layman’s terms the Antichrist.”

(Nagash, Rev. Frederick, Modern Luciferism)

This is an interesting observation because the modern Sabbatean Jewish roots are an amalgamation of corrupted Jewish and Islamic mysticism. The fact that the occult, mysticism and magic are all lumped together is another practice of the satanic forces. The “wisdom” of Lucifer seeks to block the pathway to the Divine by corrupting the good, blending it with the known satanic practices so that the “saints” and the “chosen ones” will shun all of them. The “good” may never be re-discovered. 

Modern Christianity is patterned today around pragmatic and purpose driven religious experience. Our western independent religious thinking and individual autonomy and personal choice are the quickest pathway of drowning out the “still small voice” of the God of Israel. As a whole, western religious experience is devoid of meditation, focusing on the Divine, being led by the “inner” voice of the Almighty One and developing a spiritual life with Yahshua (Jesus) the son of the Eternal One of Israel. 

We take religious experience, approve it not by our reliance on the spiritual guidance of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) but subject it to “board” of institutional consensus. What we have failed to understand is that human religious and spiritual experience has been governed by two main world views that are portrayed in the great empires of the world that affected the children of Israel; the Oriental world of Babylon and Persia and the Occidental world of Greece and Rome. The Oriental world is more subjective and mystical and the Occidental world is more analytical, pragmatic, independent and thoughtful. Does it suggest either one of them are wrong? No! It does suggest that both of them are incomplete. 

The fact that for centuries we have been trying to determine if Jesus was an oriental mystic or a Greek pragmatist, whether he spoke Hebrew and Aramaic or spoke Greek and Latin misses the point. The fact that Yahshua was the authentic second “Adam” suggests that He was all of these. He could take the mystical assent of the “kabob” or chariot to the throne of His Father in heaven as He communed in the stillness of the night in the wilderness or He could challenge the Greek oriented Pharisees, scribes and temple authorities in word and in action seeking to arrest their independent autonomy from the God of their forefathers. 

Yet the pathway of deception is not the pathway of freedom but of oppression and control. The fact that we are satisfied with our western didactic, analytical and pragmatic life also suggests that we might not be happy in heaven. Will it not subject us to open up our life to a more complete and authentic human, one created in the “image of God”? 

This is the great conflict that is being forced upon all men at the time of the end. The “true” and the “deceptive” way has little to do with “right” or “wrong”, “good” and “evil” or “white” and “black”. It has a lot to do with freedom and reliance upon the God of creation or the oppression and control by the reliance on human control. It has to do with “God” seeking rather than “self” seeking. 

The book “The Occult Conspiracy” by Michael Howard said that

Michael Howard -

"…many of the famous historical personalities of the last 2,000 years, including statesmen, politicians, religious leaders and royalty, were actively involved in the occult, mysticism and magical practices. In addition it will show that many of the major historical events of the period have a hidden significance which can only be explained in terms of an occult conspiracy. The revealing of this conspiracy is integral to any true understanding of world history and the development of Western civilization because of its wide-ranging and far-reaching influence."

(Howard, Michael, “The Occultic Conspiracy”, Destiny Books, 1989)

The pathway of modern world domination by a One World Order began with the Jewish messiah, Sabbatai Zevi and his corruption of Torah based Jewish Kabbalah for out of the Kabbalah the Maschiach of Israel will arise. Out of the corruption of the Torah Kabbalah the “Messiah the Prince” will arise. (Daniel 9:25) 

Daniel 9:25-26 –

“Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince, there shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublesome times. 

And after the sixty-two weeks Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself; and the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end of it shall be with a flood, and till the end of the war desolation are determined. 

Then he (the Prince) shall confirm a covenant with many for one week; but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering and on the wing of abomination shall be one who make desolate, even until the consummation, which is determined, is poured out on the desolate.”

This may shock many well prepared interpretations of events at the time of the end. We might be well to relook at this passage of scripture. In verse 25 we see the phrase, “Messiah the Prince” while in verse 26 we see the word “Messiah” and later the “Prince”. Long have we thought that they were one and the same. Let us not be too hasty, maybe there is a hidden meaning. 

These two verses are the only verses in the entire TaNaKh (Old Testament) in which the word Messiah is used. It comes from the word, Maschiach which usually means the “Great Deliverer of Israel”. The Hebrew word, mashiyach (maw-shee-akh) in Strong’s 4899, means anointed or a consecrated person such as a king, priest or saint. Yet in apocalyptic literature there is a Messiah and a anti-Messiah.

When we look at the phrase, Messiah the Prince, the word “Prince” in Hebrew come from a little used Hebrew word, nagid (naw-gheed) which according to Strong’s 5057 denotes a civil, military or religious commander, chief, governor, noble of prince. So far it looks as if this could relate to the Maschiach of Israel. The root word for nagid is nagad (naw-gad) meaning in Strong’s 5046 to stand out boldly in opposition, to expose, predict, praise, or denounce. Out of this Hebrew root comes the English word, negative. 

When we look at the Hebrew words again, Messiah the Prince is referring to that same person as the “people of the prince” in verse 26 and he (the Prince) who “shall confirm a covenant with many for one week.” This Messiah the Prince has no relationship according to the Hebrew with Yahshua or the Maschiach of Israel. The Messiah the Prince is the “Negative Messiah”, the anti-Messiah, the anti-Christ who as a civil, military or even a religious commander in chief will make a firm covenant with the “many” or with the “great ones” of the Jewish rulers according to the Jewish sage, Rashi (Solomon ben Isaac) who next to Maimonides is the most widely studied Jewish scholar. 

The pathway of deception that began with 1666 Messianic revival of Sabbatai Zevi continued with his successor, the followers of the Yakov ben Judah Leib Frankovich (1726-1791), the Jewish-Catholic Jacob Frank, who in league with Mayer Amschel Bauer later known as Mayer Amschel Rothschild , the Jewish prince Ansel Rothschild and the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, the creators of the Illuminate, became hidden in Catholicism and Islam as the Sabbatean anti-Torah Jews seen today as the Jewish members of the modern Council on Foreign Relations. 

The “Masters of the Illuminate of Bavaria” were created by Adam Weiskaumpt on May 1, 1776 and formed on the principles of the Jesuit Order to “lay the foundation for the reformation of the world by the association of good men to oppose the progress of moral evil.” (Adam Weishaupt) The Jewish-Jesuit Illuminate soon infiltrated the highest ranks of the British and Scottish Masonry in 1798. Out of the “Loins of this deceptive alliance” arose the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Thirty Year War in Europe, World War I (the 2nd Reich of Germany), World War II (the 3rd Reich of Germany plus Japan), Viet Nam War (destruction of the Buddhist in Nam and Cambodia) and today the War on Terror (the destruction of the Islamic people around the world). 

At the time of the end, the religious, political and physical world will be in chaos. What will be more distressing will be that “reality” as we see it will cease to exist. Even the “reality” of our religious life will disappear. The Eternal One of Israel like in the Holocaust in Germany will hide Himself. Like the Gethsemane experience of Yahshua, we will feel so alone. Without a firm belief and trusting relationship with the God of Israel, life will appear as though all is loss. Yet the “saints” and the “chosen ones” are asked to believe, and believe that a new beginning is just around the corner. 

The coming of the Maschiach of Israel (Messiah of Israel) will usher in a new age of reality. Our hope lies in having faith in Yahshua (Jesus the Nazarene) and to live a life of in full dependence of the God of Israel as He demonstrated in His life here on earth a full dependence upon His Father in heaven. As the storms of evil surround us in those final moments before His return we will understand that by “faith” we will enter a new life “through” Him. 

Today we see a new Pope, sitting on the “seat of Peter” who wears the white robe of Zoroastrianism and wielding his authority with the “staff” which is topped by the “twisted crucifix of Christ”. On the front of his vestment is the sign of the birth of Luciferian New World Religion as the “seashell” gave birth to Venus-Aphrodite. In a world of deceit, the symbols are always to be seen and understood by those with “eyes to see”. In the world of power and authority, the Pope represents the power players of “White Magic” in the Papacy while the leaders and visitors that are “inferior” to him and come to visit with him represent the power players of “Black Magick” in the Golden and the Red Internationales will all wear black suits and dresses.


Once again we must remind ourselves that in the mind view of Pope John Paul II in 1979 as he was entering his lengthy period of papal authority, the Black Internationale would reign supreme over the globalist, internationalists and trans-nationalists of the Global Internationale and the Leninists and communists of the Red Internationale as the Papacy represented not only spiritual but temporal power. 

The Black Internationale would someday give its power and authority to the Black Pope. The Black Pope will give his power and authority to the anti-Messiah and the anti-Messiah will be revealed as the dualistic twin (equal but opposite) of Yahshua haMaschiach. The anti-Messiah will give its power to the arrival of the Angel of Light, the final revelation of Lucifer in three dimensional realities. 

The question that will also be asked will the anti-Messiah come from the hidden genetic lineage of the Black Nobility of Europe, the 13th lineage of the House of David? There will be one difference, the anti-Messiah will be portrayed as “white”, “good” and “pure” and Yahshua ben Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph), the son of the God of Israel will be portrayed as “black”, “false” and “evil”. 

May the Ruach HaKodesh, the Spirit of the Eternal One of Israel, preserve us during these coming days of deception. May the life of Yahshua (Jesus) the Son of the Living God be revealed through our lives as we resist the attempt of Satan to take full control of this planet earth and seek to destroy the “Apple (Pupil) of God’s Eye” 



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