Will 2003 Be The Year Of The Alien? 


compiled by Dee Finney

10-28-02 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin, WI, but the people I dreamed about were never there in real life.

It was early morning and my daughter-in-law Becky said she was hungry and went to the refrigerator and ate the last piece of cheese that was there. Oddly, the cheese was hanging from a straight gear-like device from the shelf above it.

The phone rang then, and my husband, who resembled by second husband Edward who was never in New Berlin, not to mention never in that house, said, "Don't answer it. I programmed the phone to say that you weren't home."

But at the same time, he picked up the receiver and put it to my ear so I could listen to who was on the other end.

At first there was silence, but then a voice I recognized instantly said, "Hello? This is Sandy Nichols! I was hoping someone was there so I could talk about my sighting I had last night."

So, I finally said, "Hi Sandy! I'm here!"

But I didn't have time to have a long conversation - only long enough for him to tell me that he had seen a big bright white light in the sky the night before.

I hung up the phone and my husband wanted to go to the store and buy some more cheese.

So we got into the car and Ed said something about closing the house up for the winter, but I knew we weren't the only people living in the house, and I saw a group of people, wearing white coveralls, dive into the woods by the side of the road and lie perfectly still next to fallen logs. We were running a special training camp for something here.

So we drove down a long one land dirt road towards the highway and we saw headlights coming our way. That meant both cars would have to drive off the road into the grass to pass each other.

Ed said, "Darn! I didn't want to meet anyone, I wanted time to tell you about my UFO sighting last night. "

The lights turned off the road long before we got to it, even thought there was no road off of this road. That was really odd.

Then we got to the store and picked out a large piece of cheese. It must have been Swiss cheese because it had big holes in it, oddly like a vague skinny face of an E.T.

I looked at Ed who was standing there, leaning back on the counter and his face looked exactly like the Swiss cheese face.

NOTE: Oddly enough I woke up with a bloody nose this morning. Last month I woke up with a bloody ear. Strange!

I don't know why I had that dream about ETs and UFOs. I haven't been thinking about it lately.  But I've certainly had enough reason to think about it because of really strange experiences I've had on this topic.  I've never had a conscious sighting of an ET, but I did have a sighting of a UFO in 1960 which my family never wanted me to talk about, and that fact drove us farther and farther apart over the years. My husband and 3 oldest sons were with me when we saw the UFO and I'm sure hundreds of other people saw it too.  My sister even saw it from 25 miles away and we sent reports to Allen Hynek in Chicago, but never heard anything back about it.

The next day, there was a huge UFO, chased by a military plane along the shore of Lake Michigan. Again, hundreds of people saw the UFO, and articles were written in the Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel the following day. Oddly enough, recently I and other researchers contacted the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel (now a joint newspaper) and there was no record of these newspaper articles. What happened to them? Were they removed? I don't know, but I find it highly suspicious.

After that I had an obsession about UFOs, and talked about it with neighbors who also had UFO sightings around the same time I did. One neighbor, while building his house in 1960, saw a UFO so low, hovering over the trees that he could see windows along the sides. Another neighbor said he had been at a drive-in theatre and a UFO went over and lit up the whole place and everyone was so frightened, they went home instead of watching the rest of the movie.  My Father told me that in 1934 that he was walking along the street in Milwaukee, and the whole air and street and houses started glowing a dull red color. He looked up in the sky and there above him was a dull red- glowing UFO.

So, it isn't like I was the only one. I wasn't nuts.

I read lots of books, starting with Betty and Barney Hill in 1966, which was a big relief to me that I wasn't' the only one who believed in UFOs.  At that time I was scared that 'they' whoever they are might come and get me in the dark of the night, but I had no memory of that.

In 1970, my marriage was really rocky and on January 1st, I was crying hysterically and threw myself on the bed, face down, contemplating suicide.  Suddenly, I heard and felt a metallic click behind my left ear and a voice boomed into my head and said, "Do not allow another person to destroy a life.!"  Needless to say, my life changed that day and suicide was no long in my mind-set. I changed my life instead, and eventually moved out of the house and got a divorce, but that didn't come until 10 long years later.

I never told anyone that there was something metallic in my head that someone could speak through. How strange is that?

I had also been studying metaphysics over these years because my best friend died in 1967, and I was devastated by her death and feared death worse than anything else.  So I had to assure myself that life went on beyond death. It wasn't until I convinced myself of reincarnation that the fear lessened.  Of course, now with the work of John Edwards, James Von Praagh, and Rosemary Altea, it can't be more obvious that our loved ones are still around.

But, so too, with ETs, they obviously can appear and disappear at will, go through walls, float in the air and take anyone with them right through the walls and float up to the ship hovering overhead. I don't have any memories of that, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen - I just don't recall. ETs are very good at wiping memories of people they take on board their ships. Lots of people don't remember anything, others remember only vague details, or only just dream-like memories. That doesn't make them any less fearsome.

The closest experience I had to that was in 1997. I was laying in bed, feeling really tired, and I started to see a light inside the top of my head and numerous black clothed people standing together in a group - (don't ask me how this is possible). I rolled over in bed and clung to Joe's T-shirt (Joe Mason). A voice in my head said, "Let go of the T-shirt. Let go of the T-shirt.". But I wasn't about to do that, and the stronger the urge got to let go of the T-shirt, the harder I clung to it.

Finally, I felt a strange sensation like my astral body was being pulled out of the top of my head and I blacked out. Two hours later I woke up, still clinging tightly to Joe's T-shirt, feeling like I had taken happy pills.

What the heck was that?  I can't really say, but it sure seems like an abduction. A researcher friend of mine says that she also had an experience like that, so I know I'm not the only one.

Joe and I had a mutual experience that may or may not relate to ETs - it was rather like the dream above.

We were sitting in a darkened livingroom, watching a video on TV. Joe was sitting on the couch and I was sitting on a lounge chair - we were rather relaxed.  

I saw a pair of headlights coming up the driveway of our house. I must note here that this house was several hundred feet inside a large almond orchard and we couldn't see the road from the house - even in winter. The headlights came almost up to the house like most cars did. The headlights that came through the window shown on the wall behind Joe on the couch - then they went off.

We waited for a moment for someone to walk up to the door and knock, but no one did. So I told Joe to go to the door and see who was out there in the dark.  

Joe went to the door and opened it and stuck his head out to look around. There was no one there.

That is one of the weirdest puzzles we've had to deal with since I came to California.  There have been other weird things happen, but usually Joe is sleeping when they happen, so they really just happen to me.

But here is another one that happened to both of us the first time - this happened twice - the second time it was just me.

The first time, we were laying in bed late at night - we had already been asleep and were woken by a high pithed beeping noise in the sky outside the window.  We weren't living in a city - at night hardly a car goes by during the night - much less any kind of vehicle that beeps like some trucks do when they back up. When we heard the beeping, it was so loud that I asked Joe to get out of bed and find out what was going on. After he got out of bed, I did too and we both went to the door and heard the beeping in the sky but we couldn't see anything.  We went back to bed, just feeling puzzled about the beeping.

The next day, Joe was at work, and I heard the beeping outside in the sky again, so I ran outside myself and heard the beeping moving away from the house until it got quieter and quieter

We never did figure out what that was in the sky.

I've had hundreds of dreams about UFOs and ETs, and was given a project by a type of ET that are tall and wear white robes and have long blonde hair. The project was to start a community of like-minded people. I was never able to do that, but I did all the planning and did web pages about SURVIVAL, COMMUNITIES, AND GARDENING.

The local Milwaukee abductee group I belonged to in the 1990's had 50 members, all with incredible stories of abductions by  ETs. Some were really frightened. At the time I wasn't frightened, but really angry, because  I had been having dreams of being injected with a hypodermic needle every three months for a 10 year period and would wake up in the morning, feeling like I was going to die.  I would start to feel better after 3 days, and 3 months later, I would again dream of having a blood test and then injected again.  The people in these dreams were always pretty nurses in white uniforms. The last dream I had like that was in 1996. The last injection was given to me in a small silver oval car in a huge parking lot which had other small silver oval cars.  The next morning I woke up feeling fine, but I had two marks on me that were triangle shaped that were raised like a hive that itched like crazy. One was on the back of my hand and the other on my stomach area. The itching lasted for 3 weeks and I ended up scratching the injection points on the corners of the triangles until they were bloody.

That night also, my right rib cage felt like someone had pulled apart my ribs and put something in between them. That pain lasted about 3 weeks.  The next abductee meeting I went to, I told the group about this incident, and another one of the woman said that she had the exact same experience the same night I did.  It wasn't until 1997 that I discovered what this was all about.

I was then living in California with Joe and spent some time late in the evening on the computer talking to a woman in Texas on my Instant Message on AOL. I was telling her some of my experiences and talking rather nasty about these particular ETs who had been injected me. While I was typing, I felt an electrical jolt in my right rib cage that traveled up to my head and it seemed that the whole right side of my brain went black and I got really dizzy.  I stopped typing for a moment until I felt better, and then went back to typing. No sooner did I do that, and I got another jolt in my right rib cage that shot up to my brain and again my sight went black and I got dizzy. Not to be dissuaded that easily, again I started typing when I felt better and again I got jolted and my eyesight went black.

I was really dizzy by now, so I shut down the computer and a voice in my head told me to go to bed, but I wasn't about to do that, so I quietly walked into the livingroom and turned on a video and sat in a chair and forced myself to watch the video though I was dizzy and scared of what had happened to me. After the video was over, I was feeling better, so I went back to the computer and turned it back on. The woman was still on line, so I started talking to her again, and guess what - against I got jolted in my right rib cage and it went up to my brain and again my eyesight went black.

I was told then, in my head, that they didn't want that woman to have her mind changed about ETs because of what I was saying.  By then, I was scared enough of being blinded by these electrical jolts, that I promised I would never tell strangers about the bad stuff again.  I haven't been jolted again since then either.

Since then, I've had a lot of personal experiences with 'beings', different types of ETs, who would appear in front of me, but I could still see through them, and they would tell me to draw their picture so I could tell others about them.  So far, there are 15 or 16 of them.  I published some of their pictures in my book entitled POLE SHIFT - THE CRACK IN THE WORLD.

Here are my main UFO pages:






I opened an e-mail today that I received on the 5th of October, it fits right in with this dream, in that it talks about the gears and I saw the gear shaft in the refrigerator. Here is what the e-mail stated:

"On the 6th of Oct 2002, the first notch of 24 notches of universe1 and universe2 will begin engaging

all 24 will be fully engaged by Feb 2013 - this is the wheels with-in wheels universal alignment process

the first notch will be fully engaged by Oct 18 2002

this is the beginning of the cross-road where choices in direction are to be made involving Earth and Humanity as a whole.

the power is still in your hands"

I saw the gears on a shaft rather than on the wheels, but wheels can travel along a fear shaft, so I don't find that incomprehensible at all.



I wrote to Sandy after I had the dream about him, and this was his response:

"Hey Dee,

No UFO sighting but around 3 am my time....Eastern......I now live outside of Miami....I suddenly thought of you......I was not reading any e-mail, but I was online at the time......Hummmm....could not figure out why I thought of you at that moment........"

That is amazing - there was some definite mental contact there. How is that possible when we live over 3000 miles apart? But it did!

Sandy and I have heard each other's voices just one in life, and that was on the phone when we both participated in a radio show in 2001. I can only assume that my memory keyed in on that voice in order to recognize it in the dream - which had to have been a mental contact when he was thinking about me.  But, why did he suddenly think about me?  That's a question I have no answer for at this moment.

Here is a project that Sandy Nichols is working on:

Date: 10/21/2002

From: Tina@nakedeyeproductions.com

Hi everyone,

We hope everyone is well. We are just completing the show and are thrilled with the way it has turned out! Thank you again for all of your help in making it happen. We can't wait for you to see it.

Many of you have kindly offered to help with publicity. In that regard, we just found out that the airdates for the show have changed. Below and attached is some promo info that you may be able to use. We will be sending you actual postcards, along with your photos, by next week.


Abduction Diaries premieres Friday, November 22 at 10pm. It also repeats that night at 1am.

Other repeat airings are:

Sat, 11/23 - 4pm
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Sun, 12/1 - 1am
Fri, 12/6 - 3am
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Sat, 12/14 - 10am


Short description:

"Abduction Diaries" is an hour-long documentary for the SciFi Channel that assembles several first-person accounts of lifelong contact with extraterrestrial beings. By tracing the individuals' experiences over the course of their lives, the television special reveals many of the mysteries of the abduction phenomena and describes the transformative impact it has had on their lives. From unexplained childhood disappearances to meeting hybrid children of their own, they guide the viewer through first encounters, terrifying contacts and explain how they learned to understand and incorporate being "taken" into their lives today.


This is about all we can offer you in terms of promotion. The main contact person at SciFi for promo and publicity is Jean Guerin (JGuerin@usacable.net). She should be able to assist you with any special requests. We only ask that you copy us on some of the correspondence so that we are kept in the loop.


Tina DiFeliciantonio


12 East 14th Street, #3F & #4F
New York, NY 10003





Here are some other projects that Sandy works on:

ARG Alien Research Group with Sandy Nichols

DIFFERENT CHILD by Sandy Nichols


These are typical scratch marks that occur on my person. I noticed these on my left side

This is not the only time someone has dreamed about him. Check this one out:

Friend Dreams of Hovering Symbols

Author Sandy Nichols wrote:

A good friend of mine had a dream/experience, and in this dream he was in my home or what he thought was my home. I was in this dream. While he was on the second floor, he looked up and saw something like a window. He said that there was something hovering? above this window. On the bottom part of whatever was hovering above the window, he saw this symbol. He also saw an Omega symbol, inside my home.

December 31, 2001


In the late 90's, in Wisconsin, during an alien abductee meeting, we were shown numerous examples of alien writing that was done via channeled methods. What was interesting, it was similar to 'speaking in tongues' that one person would write it, but only another person could read it. The writer could not read what she put on the paper herself.

Another of our members was a researcher of alien markings on abductees. He had nearly 100. I would ask why they needed so many different markings. Did these markings have different meanings as well, or was it that each marking was from a different type of alien, such as humans mark their cattle for identification.

These are the kinds of answers that are still needed.

Billy Meier is the only Swiss abductee I know about, so I'm giving him a place on this page as well. I can't say that because the ET face was made of Swiss cheese that Billy is cheesy, but the symbol might have been showing me that I needed to pay attention to this.


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The Billy Meier case -- Jim Dilettoso

Dear Friends,

Will 2003 be the Year of the Alien?

Saturday October 26th, 2002 

2003 could bring some dramatic changes in the way we perceive the UFO phenomenon. Certainly, the stage is being set.

Bill Clinton's former Chief of Staff John Podesta has called on the Pentagon to release classified UFO information. Steven Spielberg has committed himself to the idea that abductions are real with his new series, "Taken." Vivendi/Universal and the Science Fiction Channel have called for disclosure. A new Roper poll indicates that 72% of the American people believe that the government is hiding UFO information. While I cannot give details without violating the personal confidentiality of close encounter witnesses, which I never do, I can also say that over the past few years there have been a number of high-level close encounters that are changing the way the government has regarded this phenomenon.
Last August, one year to the day after the Chilbolton crop formations that showed a human face and a replica of an image transmitted by the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974, a formation showed up at Crabwood containing an eerie message: "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND).” The damaged word appears to be "Believe."
There are researchers who think that the message may have additional layers to it, and are continuing to explore it. Some observers have maintained that both Chilbolton and Crabwood are fakes because they are so far outside the norm for crop circles. However, leading researchers think otherwise. In the case of Crabwood, the chief reason for this is the sheer perfection of the lay, which was accomplished without even disturbing the grains of wheat on the stalks.

It is possible that these two formations were not made by the same presence that produces the other crop circles, because they are so very different. However, they also offer a clearer message. In fact, the message could not be more clear. First, they respond to our transmission from Arecibo. Then, they follow up a year later with a statement. It would seem logical that, next August, they may communicate again at around the same time of year. This time, the communication is likely to go beyond the level of crop circles, or to involve the production of a formation so incredible that it cannot be counted as hoaxed,. for example, a formation that has elements spread over many square miles.

In 2003, there will be an astronomical phenomenon that has been, in the past, associated with heightened UFO activity. Mars will draw steadily closer to the earth. On August 28th, 2003, there will be an astronomical event of a kind that has traditionally been associated with heightened UFO activity: a Mars opposition will take place on that date. This will be one of the closest oppositions ever, certainly the closest in 500 years, and it is not hard to speculate that a remarkable event could therefore happen next August, most probably in the second half of the month.

One might think that Spielberg and Podesta, both presumably privy to inside knowledge, have certain information that another, more publicly accessible, level of contact is coming. They probably don't, but they may be acting as they are because they sense something in the wind, just as I do. Last May I received a communication from the visitors that they were going to make their presence here undeniable in 2003. I recorded this in my May 18 Journal.

It would be a wonderful thing if the visitors made their presence indisputably known. This would give our best minds a chance to apply themselves to the problem of the visitors and of contact, which they have not yet done. We need the worlds leading biologists, anthropologists, physicists, religious and political leaders, writers and intellectuals to start tackling this question. Who are the visitors? What do they want? Above all, how do we respond to them in a manner that’s useful to us.

But if they come into actual, open contact with us, it will be, at best, a mixed blessing. The shock among our intellectual and cultural elite, who are the people whose clear thinking we will need the most, will be shattered. They have dismissed the whole phenomenon as nonsense and they are not in any way prepared to have their assumptions thrown back in their faces like that. I wouldn’t mind seeing it, having been so marginalized by them, but my personal feelings don’t matter. In fact, we will need them to approach contact from a position of empowerment, not in a state of fear and confusion-induced stupidity.

There is little evidence that the visitors are going to be “nice,” or in any way forgiving of mistakes. Throughout my entire relationship with them, there has been a strict “once chance” policy followed. If I didn’t get something right the first time, I lost that chance forever. And I generally had very little time to decide. It’s one thing for this to happen to a single individual, another thing entirely for it to happen to a whole society, or even a whole species. It must not happen that way. There must be no mistakes, because there will be no second chances.
Even worse than the intellectual and cultural disempowerment, humanity will redirect itself toward the visitors and their possessions in the same pitiful way that indigenous populations in places like Papua-New Guinea directed themselves toward the possessions of western soldiers when they appeared unexpectedly in their midst. A religion sprung up around the comings and goings of airplanes and the movement of supplies. Natives built “runways” and tried to lure planes to land by making full-scale models of them out of bamboo and leaves. They made wicker “refrigerators” and moved around them uttering sounds that they thought were like English, then opened them in hopes that beer would come out.

Imagine this same pitiful display on a larger scale, when we find ourselves observing their technology but having no idea how it works. Will we end up trading the wealth of our world in return for a handful of beads, like the Native Americans did?

Meeting a more advanced culture is dangerous. If they are as tough and uncompromising as I think the visitors are, it could be downright catastrophic. No, if they have any compassion for us, they will reveal themselves in an indisputable way, and give us a chance to assimilate the idea of their existence before they actually appear.

I suspect that there is a great deal more to the phenomenon than we know. For example, some of our most ancient religions have the appearance of a cargo cult. Egyptian religion sought to enable the dead to return to the stars. Could it be that they had seen somebody actually do that? And why is it that so many of the most ancient of human monuments are the best of their kind, such as the Pyramid of Cheops or the great platform at Baalbek? And why are the most ancient Vedas so well constructed?

Recent underwater archaeological discoveries are making the answer clear: there was a great civilization here once, that had wonderful capabilities, but now it is gone.

One of the strangest close encounter descriptions I ever received came from somebody who was walking in the woods when a little creature dressed in dark blue came out of a cave. He said that he was a rebel, and wanted to let the truth be known. The truth was that there had been a war between advanced civilizations on Earth and Mars many millennia ago. Earth had wrecked Mars, but Mars had gained control over our souls. They had condemned us to a perpetual cycle of rebirth and forgetting, of rising and falling civilizations, of always losing track with our past, going on and on forever. They called our world "Dead Forever."

When I read the Crabwood message, I was struck by its subtlety and complexity. The face that illustrates it is fearsome. It isn't even a soft rendition of a visitor's face. I have seen much softer, gentler looking visitors than that. It is a face that has been intentionally rendered as ferocious. The message itself is also intended to confuse. It makes a promise that there is truth out there. The implication is that the truth is not present here, either that we are in a state of confusion or being intentionally misled. But is the message meant to imply that the being pictured represents the "good," or is this a mug shot of the deceiver?

I am reminded of a statement that famed abductee Betty Andreasson Luca reported that she heard a visitor make. She remembered it in Gaelic (a language she did not know). In fact, before an expert in that language came forward, nobody had any idea what it meant. The statement was, “children of the northern peoples, you wander in eternal darkness.”
Taken in concert with the Crabwood statement, there is an awful kind of sense: we are disconnected from the truth. We do not understand. Worse, somebody is actively trying to deceive us.

This is not the sort of communication that would be emerging from first contact. On the contrary, the Crabwood message represents an ongoing communication—a piece of propaganda, as it were, from the beyond. As an additional level of ambiguity, it is also possible that, despite all appearances to the contrary, it is some kind of fantastically artful hoax. In which case, the question must be asked: could it be that the hoaxers are, themselves, under the influence of the visitors?
I have to say that I am taking the Chilbolton and Crabwood formations to be "real" in the sense that I think that they were initiated by, and are communications from, a non-human intelligence. How they were generated, whether with the help of human intervention or not, I am not sure. The Crabwood message is deeply concerning to me, especially along with that fearsome portrait.

I think that whoever created it is following a much deeper and more complex agenda than would be the case if this was straightforward first contact. And, given than, there are a number of questions that need answers right now.
Among them are the reasons for cattle mutilations, an explanation for the waves of housecat mutilations that have periodically swept the world, and a final determination about whether or not human mutilations are occurring, or the permanent removal of human beings. Granted that these problems may not be connected with the close encounter and UFO phenomena at all, but they do appear to be connected, and the way in which they are connected needs to be understood. If they are integral to the phenomenon, then it is urgent that we understand them and prepare some kind of response to them, because they mean that there are elements of the phenomenon that we do not want to continue to unfold unchecked.

Another question that needs to be answered is if there is more than one other-worldly intelligence involved with us, and whether or not they have different agendas. There are many stories of different types of alien, including human form. I myself have seen numerous types, some working in concert, others alone. Were they all different species from different world with different objectives? Or was I not seeing aliens at all, but some other phenomenon that took these various different forms, or was it a combination?

For example, I meditated for some years with a man who would come into my home at night. I got to know him quite well. He was one of a group who would appear in this way, but this particular individual took the greatest interest in me. He was extremely elusive, but my wife and I were both aware of his presence. After some time, when I had seen him appear and disappear many times, I asked him if I could see him in his true form. What I saw was a radiant ball of light. It’s rays seemed to penetrate my very soul. It was at once appalling and incredibly wonderful. And for weeks thereafter, visitors to my cabin reported seeing balls of light moving through the woods around the house.
Were these aliens? Were they souls? He indicated that he was from the afterlife. Was he, really? He was certainly not a product of my mind. So what was he, and if he was not an alien, then why was he there? He must have had some relationship to the close encounter phenomenon.

There are so many questions. Too many. They are there because a combination of factors have prevented our best minds from addressing the close encounter and UFO phenomena. It is to be hoped that 2003 will bring not only answers from our visitors, but a concerted human effort to solve the many riddles of the phenomenon. If it is something dangerous to us, let’s hope that we can react as a species to protect ourselves before it makes a response from us impossible. If it is what it appears to me that it is: a phenomenon of inestimable value no matter what its own motives and objectives are, let’s hope that we do not let what we can learn from it go to waste, or allow it to overwhelm us because of the same kind of helpless passivity that affected the Inca when the Spaniards appeared.