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Subj: 11:11

Date: 1/10/2000

From: RM

Hi Joe,

Earlier today I was surfing around with my Wetv and somehow landed in a site about 11:11, I was reading and looked up at the digital clock on my TV, it was 11:11, I wrote to Angelscribe about this and she refered me to your site RE: 11:11, I was just reading it, and finished part 1, I went to the top and clicked on part 4, for 1999. I just got there and started to read the first entry and was taken back to part 1, without trying to. I looked up at the clock again, it was 4:44. Just thought I'd share this with you. I'll go back and read more now.....LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

This is very exciting, I've been out of touch with the spirit of me for a long time, welcome back to me. Thank you, RM


In a message dated 1/10/2000 , RM writes:

<< Subj: 11:11

Earlier today I was surfing around with my Wetv and somehow landed in a site about 11:11, I was reading and looked up at the digital clock on my TV, it was 11:11, >> (snip)


Hi RM.

Thanks for writing and telling me about your 11:11 coincidence. As you can see, you are not the only one! Please be sure to check out my "11:11" - related article:

Humanity On The Pollen Path


Joe Mason


Subj: What A relief!

Date: 01/11/2000

From: JH

Dear Joe,

I haven't had time to read all four sections of 11:11 Coincidences, but I feel like I have found a new friend. I have been tracking the sequences of 11''s, 12's and 22's since '96 and embarking on books like Celestine Prophecy and now maybe 500 books later and a coincidence journal to make sure I wasn't cracking up.

Today after I paid for gas in the amount of $11.22 and looked at the speedometer at 2112 and realized today was 1-11-2000, thought maybe, just maybe "they" are trying to get my attention again, and I do feel that sense of awareness. It's as if someone is whispering in your ear to check the numbers and you just know what they are going to be.

I usually open a book to something profound and it will always be on page 111 of 211 or variations of those numbers, as well as bible verses. License Plates, e-mail times, clocks, prices all speak to me and I have kept track of them as well as other coincidences in a journal, so I wouldn't think later I was making it up.

My husband and I met on the net, on his website, and that is a whole nother story and just were married on 6/22/99.

It is a fun little game sometimes, and I usually take it to mean I am on the right track. Have Frank Joseph's book on Synchronicity & You and like what he says about not analyzing it to death, but enjoy the ride and the grace of it all and that it means you are on the right track. But by keeping track of, you may find a message.

Thanks for pursuing this, I am looking forward to printing out your pages and reading them. I am sure I will be amazed at how frequently this is happening to others. I am a Reike Master/Teacher and understand all too well frequency and vibration...But the mystery and faith of what this all really means intrigues me.

My husbands numbers are 13's and 8's.

Signing of at 6:54,

Another Seeker of Numbers and their meaning,




Dear JH

Thanks for writing and informing me of your experiences. It is a good feeling to find friends of the "number- wake-up call kind."

It is difficult to find the "real" meaning of these things, but we try. My dream-coincidence path led to Revelation 11:11. I do think this is part of the answer. See:

Humanity On The Pollen Path

We have some pages about ancient numbers:


My honey, Dee, and I also met on the web. She told the story here:


You might enjoy "The Waking Dream," by Ray Grasse. The subtitle is "Unlocking the symbolic language of our lives." Extraordinary coincidences - synchronicities are part of the story.

Your husband's numbers, 13 and 8, are special to me. In 1990 I dreamed of an electrical splice box with eight cables. The wires were disconnected, but had numbers on them. I knew it was about people being disconnected. By "coincidence" I soon found Navaho sand paintings that looked similar. In the depictions, four couples stand on each side of a square shape.

Later, I "hooked up the sires," by drawing diagrams. This resulted in 8-pointed stars, which still later became 8 hearts forming the star, via the couples holding hands. I called this the Unity Star and The Unity of Hearts.

Along the way, I found that a very similar star was associated with Kin, Belmarduke, Apollo, and Horus. After I started reading the Bible around 1992, I found it significant that their were four couples aboard Noah's Ark. Some say the Noah story is symbolic of our Age, the Age of Pisces.

Significant symbols related to 13 are extensive, of course. A good place to start is the camp positions of the Tribes in Numbers 2. The 12 Tribes camp in quadrants around the temple/tent/Tabernacle. The symbols of the four main Tribes are The Four Living Creatures, which correspond to the Zodiac signs of the solstices and equinoxes during the Age of Taurus. They align again in the Age of Aquarius. The "extra" or 13th Tribe are the Levites, who stay with the Tabernacle. So, the arrangement is a reflection of Heaven above.

This seems to be the basis of the 12 Apostles with Jesus, The New Jerusalem, the Knights of the Round Table, and the 13 stars in the Star of David on our National Seal, representing the original states.

The "two anointed" are the High Priest and King. The High Priest is from the Levite Tribe, and the King from the Tribe of Judah. They are represented by Joshua and Zerubbabel in Zechariah 3 and 4, where they are called the two olive trees that stand beside the Menorah (golden lampstand with seven lamps). The two olive trees stand up after 3 1/2 days in Revelation 11:11.

Please keep in touch, friend.


Joe Mason


Subj: Re: ^I^ Have the numbers 111 being haunting you? ^I^ 1-11-00

Date: 01/12/2000

From: G

Well, Darn Dee I cant find it..YOU KNOW I forget as soon as it leave my mailbox, the things I have shared...sometimes I read what I have written and can't believe that it was me until it starts to become familiar..LIKE how many people am I LOL!! Peace and Light TO YOU DEE!!! Love Jane...I will go to Angelscribes....oh you know I saw an angelcloud Christmas Day last year...I mean a large unmistakably detailed one..I was very sick and sitting in my back yard bundled up getting some SPACE LOL...I wrote to Maryellen and she pointed out it was on Christmas..a point I missed, I don't know about my BRAIN..but i do know I believe in the syncronicities .. numbers, angels, rings...touched hands with a person wearing the same ring I had on and I had bought 10 yrs ago, yesterday...driving thru Mc D's...


Subj: 1111 info

Date: 01/15/2000

From: LP

eeeeerrriiee, a friend kicked me down your email address i am in desprate need for some information regarding 1111. you surely understand what i am reffering to please email me  with any information regarding the subject i am in search!

thanks alot, a searcher


Subj: A Reoccurring Sign, 11:11 What Does It Mean?
Date: 01/29/2000 6:53:00 PM Central Standard Time
From: JMason4557
BCC: Dee777

Dear Mitch,

This morning I received three e-mails reporting your message:

"A Reoccurring Sign, 11:11 What Does It Mean?...01/28/00"
I hope that you will fully explore this incredible 11:11 phenomenon. It is all about "earth changes." I have followed it closely for some ten years, and found Solara's material nine years ago. I will paste in my list of 11:11-related links below.

I contacted Solara in 1996 about my own experiences involving dreams and coincidences which led to the study of crop circles, UFO/ETs, myths, religions, and other fields. Following this path led me to Revelation 11:11, which was strange because I have never been a "believer" in any system. I was led to the apparent meaning of the verse - that humanity has been on a time cycle path that corresponds to the chakra levels of consciousness. We are near the critical "3 1/2" midpoint and a leap to the fourth-Heart chakra level of consciousness evolution en masse. The story is here:

Humanity On The Pollen Path

The verse that follows Revelation 11:11 indicates an "ascension," which, again, seems to confirm Solara's message, at least symbolically. Solara informed me that my conclusions were not in conflict with her teachings.

In the time cycle, human beings have unknowingly been unconscious co-creators of the reality, as we function collectively as the demiurge. After the change, we become conscious co-creators, symbolized by king, lion, and royal power. The film, "Lion King," carried the message with an Egyptian theme.

The time cycle that is ending, known as the Kali-Yuga in the East, is a karmic, learning cycle. The harlot of Revelation 17 corresponds to Kali, goddess of death destruction creation. Kali and her consort, Shiva, symbolize the forces that destroy old cycles, so that new ones can come into being. They correspond symbolically to the setting sun in the West, the direction of "death," as you saw in your 1995 visions. Setting suns are always followed by the "rebirth" of the New Dawn, of course, as with the Angel coming from the arising sun in Revelation 7.

Negative karma, symbolized by the beast, will end with the cycle, bringing total abundance, symbolized by The New Jerusalem, the geometry of which is quite similar to the symbol of the Heart chakra.

As you can see, the scope of the 11:11 phenomenon is vast, if you keep following the thread. Please do.


Joseph E. Mason

Subj: 11:11-Related Pages list
Date: 9/18/1999 5:43:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: JMason4557




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And for AOL users only:

AOL Enigma "11:11" Postings


Subj: Re: 11:11 and Beyond
Date: 02/23/2000
From: n.b.

Dear Joe -

I don't know if you remember me at all - but we had a brief correspondence this summer. I was doing a lot of writing to various people and a group of Urantia Book readers I'm involved with about the solar eclipse on August 11th last year. I believe this is how I first came across your writings and how involved you are with the number 11:11.

I believe at the time I told you how pronounced this number was in my life in the early 80's. I'm almost positive I shared this with you because, while I thought I was the only one this was happening to back then, I have since found out there are a lot of people (well, maybe not a lot relative to the whole planet) who've had this experience - although not dating back quite that far.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing you is because I want to share some recent experiences with you. They've been happening since this summer and I want to see if you have experienced this yourself or know of others who have. These experiences feel just as intense as my first experience with 11:11.

Okay - here's what's been happening.....what I"m about to explain has been going on to one degree or another since this summer, like I said, but to save time I'll tell you what happened about a week ago.

I got into bed for the night as my digital clock read 11:11. This is not unusual - its' about the time I always go to bed. However, I remember looking at the clock at 12:12. Then - for the rest of the night - at EXACTLY these times I woke up virtually looking at my clock at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, and 5:55! Not a minute before or after.

Variations on this theme have been occuring over the past eight or nine months - but never quite like this where I hit every number. I have no idea what it means except I'm wondering if it's an encoding to trigger some of us somehow. This enigma happened to a friend of mine even before it happened to me so I feel a little less strange writing this because I'm not the only one. However, I still don't want to sound delusional or goofey - I think I'm pretty sane (although my friends may argue this point - smile).

Do you know if anyone else is experiencing this pheonmena - or do you think its just a set of coincidences and means nothing?

You are the one person I felt like writing about this because of our previous conversations over the internet.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on why this might be occuring to me. I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for taking the time to think about this. I'm very curious about what this might mean in your estimation.

Thank you.


God is the Activator we are the Action.


Subj: 11/11 & Shamen

Date: 11/4/2000

mc writes:

Hi, Joe. Have just been reading the 11:11 website and would like your input on something. I have a younger brother born on 11/11 who had some kind of ranting episode while in the Air Force, after which he was given a medical discharge followed by a psychiatric diagnosis which has been revised many times over the years due to the fact that my brother does not fit into any established niche of psychosis. He is very self-sufficient, with an admirable civilian position on an air-force base, and owns a lovely home. Recently I heard the head of a local Quaker psychiatric hospital state that many cultures Shamanize persons who would be considered mentally ill in our culture. What do you think? Sometimes my brother has unusually intuitive insights, and other times no one can make any logical sense of what he is saying. How would you approach one born on 11/11 with such a gift/affliction?



P.S. When my brother is having one of his episodes, he constantly interrupts himself by reciting sequences of numbers. Strange?


Hello mc.

It is said that shamen (includes women) were part of all the early cultures. They seem to be chosen by the spirit. Typically, they experience a type of schizophrenia around the time of reaching puberty. In the past, established older shamen would recognize that the troubled youth had been chosen, and start teaching them to become shamen. Nowadays, such people are often sent to a "shrink."

Shamen were well trained and connected with dreamwork. They often displayed the symbols in art, song and dance, and made interpretations. They were healers and advisers to the chief or leader. A successful shamen would find that the people responded with, "Oh, yes! We have been dreaming that too!"

Some say that shamen helped their tribes to adjust to changing conditions over time, by bringing forth ideas from the dream realm. Probably to a large degree, the myths/religions of cultures developed from the process.

Unsuccessful shamen may have been too far ahead or too far behind in time, in terms of the dream-inspirational messages, or they may have had unworthy interpretations.

The modern day equivalent to the shamen are generally the artists (of various fields). They pick up "inspiration" from the other world, which is probably dream-related, whether they remember the dreams or not. They make a living by portraying the ideas to the people in the form of music, dance, stories, paintings, movies, TV shows, poetry, etc. People respond to the successful artists, probably because their own dreams and experiences resonate well. This process helps our modern societies to change over the years.

So, things haven't changed all that much. It seems to me that we loose out by not understanding the shaman phenomenon. Your brother may very well be an example. He may have important messages for mankind that we are not yet ready to grasp.

The schizophrenia experience of shamen, I figure, may result from the idea of the "change function," that is, the person sees externally the reality as it is in the culture, while internally he or she sees the potential reality after a change. This generally starts at a young age, before the person can understand.

My sense is that all of us have a "shaman" aspect that we use to various degrees. The technical difference between a shaman and a similar other is that the shaman makes a profession (a living) out of the abilities, whereas the other remains an "amateur."

Some of my ideas about this came from reading Joan Halifax's, "Shamanic Voices," Joseph Campbell's "The Power of Myth," and John Niehardt's "Black Elk Speaks." I guess one could say that I extended some of the ideas in my own way.

Your brother's "reciting sequences of numbers" is very interesting. I believe this was part of the ancient shaman experience in many cases. This is my way of explaining the similarity of numbers systems between ancient cultures. The movie "Pi" seems to hint something of that nature - a shaman-like experience involving numbers. See:

Pi. A Hollywood Jesus Movie Review

We have a section on our site about the ancient numbers:


So, yes, I think your brother may be a shaman type. I hope he finds a way to "be successful," and not let the information be lost to the people.

Best wishes and regards,

Joe Mason


Subj: 11 11

Date: 11/28/2000

From: Jeffrey



I've been seeing 11's and 11 11's for about 8 years now, usually a couple of times a day. After the first few months of it, which included waking up from a sound sleep to see the 11 11 on the digital display of my alarm clock, I began telling me friends of the phenomenon. All I got back were arched eyebrows and dismissing comments.

Today I decided to see if there was anything on the Internet about it. To my surprise and relief there was.

For my the 11 11 is a punctuation amidst series of elevens in other contexts. I see the elevens on highway mile markers, checks, bills, anywhere where there are numerical sequences, and on digital dials a couple of times a day, minimally. !! !!'s come regularly, too, sometimes daily, more usually weekly.

Whatever the frequency, their appearance is far beyond the bounds of probability.

That's all. Just wanted to share it with someone who would understand.




Subj: Revelation 11

Date: 12/20/2000

From: Matthew

To: >>


I was led today through a windy path that led to your web site. To put you in context with myself, let me say that I am a person who obeys every teaching of Jesus Christ. So in the world standard of religion I would be more Buddist then what I am supposed to be known as a Christian.

I am also called to the office of prophet, in that, one day years ago my Lord, who speaks to me in my heart and has done for 25 years, called me to be a prophet. Different also to many who would claim this office in a church, I have not been called to uplift and "edify" the church as Paul the apostle wrote, but I have been called like the Old Testiment prophets.

I can see you are very intelligent and not what people would say "Christian" and so I won't worry to much about losing you in what I say. I have been asked by my Lord Jesus to contact you, as you must have been weighed in His balance and found "worthy". I don't know where this will lead, I know not if we will ever converse , but I obey my Lord and write to you for His purposes and yours I hope.

In the past ten weeks I have been mocked and laughed at and arrested by police over seven times. I spent most of that time in a place called Tamworth, wher a modern Tabernacle has just been completed by a faithful man who was called to do it by the Lord 20 years ago. It is the exact measurments of the temple of Israel and will be the location that Jesus drops his new presence on earth next year.

In all of my attack and personal trial I have become quite wary of speaking and my trust in Humans has diminished somewhat. But for the sake of this email I will become as honest as I can and let the Lord speak through me the information he directs. I don't mind if you ever contact me again and I don't mind if you laugh. I will obey and see what comes of it.

You mention in the pollen cycle in your web site much about Revelation 11. Five years or so ago A stranger opened the book of Revelation in my presence and said to me that I was one of the two witnesses mentioned within its pages. As a person who has heard many directions of the Lord from complete strangers this didn't come as a surprise to me, though the subject matter did surprise me.

This stranger, a new flat mate, it seems was working with my ex wife and a covern of witches to get me locked away. With the throught of being one of the two witnesses and the constant phone calls and harassment, I became sleep deprived and had what doctors called a maniac episode.

After the breakdown I wrote a novel called The Chosen Ones where I took up my life before the nervous breakdown and future paced and became the two witnesses. My mother changed the novels name and my character in it in a bid to stop me being crazy, but I wrote the book as a prophesy where I luanch a book, My first The Fallen Ones, and make a movie of it that hits the world stage.

Up until eighteen months ago I had put the delusion away as some fanciful dream, but My Lord resurrected it. He told me I was one of the two witnesses and that I should not do any work save for the work he commands me. In the time between I had recieved a prophesy at a church I attended for a while that I would be Known "just as Billy Graham is known throughout the world"

Billy Graham was the biggest evangelists of his time and so this prophesy enabled me to handle the postion of the two witnesses.

The two olive trees mentioned in the chapter are two trees like you have surmised in the garden of Eden. For five years it was my goal to become a living tree of life, Like Christ, mentioned in the first part of Psalm ; 1. I call Psalm1 The Midas touch verse where everything you touch can be turned to gold.

I have become this tree now and I see many healings and many people who I am led to helped over their difficulties. my name Matthew, means grace of God and Gift Of God and so like Christ in my centered state I am a gift of compassion and grace to the world.

The book of Mormon predicts a great seer named after Christ, grace of God, and Gift Of God, who also is named after his father, My middle name is my fathers, who will be like unto Moses, which as the head witness is my commission. It mentions that he will be told to do no work, save that which the Lord commands. A seer is a prophet who can interpret other prophets.

The witnesses are told to measure the temple of the Lord and thsoe who worship there.

I have been doing that for a year. Notice it is before they come to power.

We Both come to power on the same time that the beast comes to power. Both the witnesses rule for three and a half years, the same as the Anti Chrsit.

The Anti Christ comes to power on the 20th of Janauary 2001. His name is George Bush.

Both of us will have 1260 days. Now my days may have started, but as of yet no person has died from my mouth, though a few I have wanted to smite. I have dropped a few plagues on the Australian government and on News Corporation but as of yet they haven't been done. They are sitting dormant.

Your fascination with the eclipse was very interesting. It is mentioned in scripture, though you may have missed the fact that the moon went blood red. In the Islands north of here people ran inside in terror as they saw it as a sign that the Gods were angry. Joel records Joel 2:30 And I will show wonders in the heavens and the earth Blood and fire and pillars of smoke The sun shall be turned to darkness And the moon into blood Before the coming of the great and awsome day of the Lord The pillars of smoke were the fires in the US The wonder in the sky....the titanic of the sky fell to the earth...the concorde filled with people burning and blood.

The moon turned to blood with the August eclipse.

Seeing this verse fulfilled gave me hope that I was close. For the last ten weeks I have beeen with the second witness. He is from New Zealand and I have known him for a year.

He fell forward like a prophet does and with Him we have been to the New Jerusalem, that will be revealed shortly.

Your idea about the resurrection of the two witnesses relating to a dream a friend of yours had is spot on. The true righteous will be taken up to heaven at the same time the two witnesses are revived from the dead. Thsi is the second coming the Christians talk about, though very few of them will be going.

After the the earth will be purged for about 40 days where the last judgements are poured out.

What else can I tell you?

The two witnesses are real. They will shed the new light to the world with 144,000 peaple of aall tribes and nations. They will show pople real powerand real love of Christ, and tread down the counterfeit Sunday worshipping Christians.

It's all less then a month away.

On your study of three and a half, I have some things for you Christ preached for three and a half years, like Elijah David reigned in jerusalem 33 years as I am 33 years.

He reigned outside of jerusalem 7 years, just as the two Australian witnesses will reign outside of jerusalem for 7 total, two three and a halfs.

I find it interesting all of the information you have collected. I have not the time to read it all. I hope you understand.

The meteor shower your friend mentioned is mentioned in Revelation 8. My second witness saw a vision of it also. Revelation 8 is ready to go, as the first two verses have been completed, the half an hour silence and the alter being made. We did that in Tamworth.

The Angels of the Lord formed a circle like clouds above us that night as we ran arounf a round tabernacle and a scepter crossed it.

My second witness is from the tribe of Judah and I am from the tribe of Benjamin.

The wilderness described in revelation 12 is Australia which will become a haven for the true spiritual as we come to power over here. All the worlds spiritual peaople will be invited to come here.

So I am tired now. I hope this helps you. Pray for me as you see Australia come under mighty change. Oh and if you have shares in news Corporation , sell them. All of the male employees, the firstborn sons of the males and female employees are going to die. Thsi will happen on a passover by angels, and in Australian time may be the fourteenth day of January.

I say MAY so I am not wrong. Don't hold me to it, I am celebrating passover on that night, what God wants to do is in His timing and in His hands.

Strange, though I know I am one of the two witnesses I don't profess to understand the whole of Revelation. Though I know I will over the coming years as my fellow witness believes I am the Angel showing John.

Matthew Payne A witness of Rev 11