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Eric Holder:Drone strikes on Americans in U.S.LEGAL+Gov.gearing up for
financial collapse

Eric Holder:Unmanned Drone Guided Missile strikes against Americans on U.S.soil are legal. (This is the Total Cancellation of the U.S. Constitution !)


(Read that as - It is OK to Murder U.S. Citizens in the USA if "as the law is written" The President or any other High Ranking Federal Government member may have an unmanned drone send a homing missile and kill an American in the USA with No evidence, No charges, No arrest warrent / arrest, No lawyer, Judge, Jury or Trial for the murdered
American and any dozen or so collateral damage unfortunate Americans who may have been near by when the missile exploded.)

U.S.TroopsDeployed in the USA Ahead of Economic Collapse & Gun Confiscation
Look here and see all the bullets, guns, tanks etc. that the US government has recently purchased for use inside the USA ??? !! (WHY ?)


The Why is because the unbacked with gold or silver Since 1971 FIAT U.S. Dollar is positively going to totally collapse very soon like all unbacked FIAT paper currencies always have usually withing 30 years, The U.S. Dollar has been unbacked now for 42 years and the gov is printing them a fast as possible decreasing the already down to 3% buying power even faster.

You say it can not happen ?

I will give you $50,000 Confederate Dollars for your car any takers ? Do you think there will be riots and looting and no police when there are no dollars for the products they used to buy or government pay

checks ?

DHS plans to release 5,000 illegal immigrants due to sequestration |


(These are the illegal aliens that Obama said should
be deported when giving amnesty to the 20,000,000 illegal aliens in the
USA who have not been caught committing a crime yet (other than entering

the USA illegally and being illegal every day they have been here)
But Obama said the criminal illegals should be deported, So why is

he Not deporting these 5,000 prisoners ? Because it is his intent to
bring the United States of America down and he Will be Successful
because Americans are not standing up and defending it from Enemies
Foreign or Domestic at all !)



drone in Seattle    seattle flight map

Seattle police to exhibit new aerial drones

SPD will hold demonstration, Q&A Thursday

Q13 FOX News Online

9:10 a.m. PDT, October 25, 2012


About 50 organizations in the country have permission from the federal government to start using unmanned aerial vehicles, or "drones," and the Seattle Police Department is one of them.

Seattle police are drafting a policy on how they will use drones. Seattle Police Arson/Bomb Squad Lieutenant Greg Sackman will hold a question and answer session for the public Thursday night. The public will be able to see Seattle police's drone at the session.


July 12, 2012

Who Is Flying Drones Over America?

How many eyes in the sky are there over these United States?

At least 18 police departments, universities and other government agencies have received clearance from the federal government to send up a range of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, according to documents unearthed by a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Among them:

The Mississippi Department of Marine Safety has a 35-ounce unmanned helicopter made of carbon fiber, hooked up with a still and a video camera.

The Texas Department of Public Safety, based in Austin, has its own, called the WASP, to “support critical law enforcement operations in South Texas.”

And the United States Department of Agriculture deploys a drone – named the Bat — to pick up “thermal infrared data” on experimental field sites in Georgia and Alabama.

The new documents came as part of a drone census conducted by EFF in and MuckRock, a Web site that helps file and collate public information requests. The documents are important because, so far, little is known about how prevalent drones have become in domestic airspace.

The Federal Aviation Administration had issued licenses for the civilian use of drones, mainly to research and law enforcement agencies. Their use is expected to grow in the coming months.

The Obama administration earlier this year approved commercial use of drones, opening up airspace to businesses of all kinds, from those that seek aerial photographs to sell real estate to those that are keen to monitor oil spills. The new drones law will also make it easier for law enforcement to obtain licenses to deploy drones of their own – and inevitably raise issues for civil liberties and the limits of surveillance.


Domestic Drones

U.S. law enforcement is greatly expanding its use of domestic drones for surveillance. Routine aerial surveillance would profoundly change the character of public life in America. Rules must be put in place to ensure that we can enjoy the benefits of this new technology without bringing us closer to a “surveillance society” in which our every move is monitored, tracked, recorded, and scrutinized by the government. Drone manufacturers are also considering offering police the option of arming these remote-controlled aircraft with (nonlethal for now) weapons like rubber bullets, Tasers, and tear gas. Read the ACLU’s full report on domestic drones here

Congress has ordered the Federal Aviation Administration to change airspace rules to make it much easier for police nationwide to use domestic drones, but the law does not include badly needed privacy protections. The ACLU recommends the following safeguards: 

USAGE LIMITS: Drones should be deployed by law enforcement only with a warrant, in an emergency, or when there are specific and articulable grounds to believe that the drone will collect evidence relating to a specific criminal act.

Images should be retained only when there is reasonable suspicion that they contain evidence of a crime or are relevant to an ongoing investigation or trial.

 Usage policy on domestic drones should be decided by the public’s representatives, not by police departments, and the policies should be clear, written, and open to the public.

ABUSE PREVENTION & ACCOUNTABILITY: Use of domestic drones should be subject to open audits and proper oversight to prevent misuse.

: Domestic drones should not be equipped with lethal or non-lethal weapons.

In October 2012, the ACLU filed Freedom of Information Act requests with five federal agencies asking for their current practices and future plans regarding domestic drones. Click here for more information about the FOIA requests.

Click here for information on the U.S. government’s use of drones overseas for targeted killings.


Easily Abused, Domestic Drones Raise Enormous Privacy Concerns

By Linda Lye, Staff Attorney, ACLU of Northern California at 10:06am

Originally posted by ACLU of Northern California.

Shortly before next week’s one-year anniversary of the Oakland Police Department’s brutal crackdown on Occupy Oakland, Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern announced that he was seeking funds to purchase a drone to engage in unspecified unmanned aerial surveillance. One of the many unfortunate lessons of OPD’s Occupy crackdown is that when law enforcement has powerful and dangerous tools in its arsenal, it will use them. Drones raise enormous privacy concerns and can easily be abused. Before any drone acquisition proceeds, we need to ask a threshold question – are drones really necessary in our community? – and have a transparent and democratic process for debating that question. In addition, if the decision is made to acquire a drone, do we have rigid safeguards and accountability mechanisms in place, so that law enforcement does not use drones to engage in warrantless mass surveillance? The ACLU of Northern California has sent the Sheriff a Public Records Act request, demanding answers to these crucial questions.

Drones should never be used for indiscriminate mass surveillance, and police should never use them unless there are legitimate grounds to believe they will collect evidence related to a specific instance of criminal wrongdoing or in emergencies.

One of the reasons cited by Sheriff Ahern in support of drones is that they are much cheaper than other forms of aerial surveillance; by his account, a helicopter costs $3 million to purchase and a drone less than 1/30 of that. But the relative inexpensiveness of electronic surveillance is also precisely why strong safeguards need to be in place. When the police have to mount elaborate and costly foot and squad patrols to follow a suspect 24/7, the expenditure of resources serves as a deterrent to abuse; it forces the police to limit their surveillance to instances when it is actually necessary. Drones permit the police to surveil people at all hours of the day and, apparently, at 1/30 the cost of other forms of aerial surveillance. The natural deterrent to abuse goes away, and invites abuse. This makes strong safeguards absolutely essential.

Before Sheriff Ahern proceeds with the drone acquisition, the community deserves answers to the questions we raised in our Public Records Act request: Why are drones necessary? How much will they cost? And what safeguards will be in place to prevent abuse? Taxpayers deserve transparency and accountability, especially when it comes to the deployment of a device with such potential to be used irresponsibly and in ways that run counter to our democratic values.

Next Thursday at Rice University in Houston, the ACLU will testify before a Congressional field hearing on much-needed privacy protections for domestic drone use by the government.


Judge Napolitano on Domestic Drones: "I Condemn Them They Are Not Constitutional"

DHS "Arming Itself to The Teeth" for Massive Civil Unrest

GOP's Ron Paul purge

THIS IS WHY JESSE VENTURA IS NOT ALLOWED ON LIVE TV! "Every War Starts With A False Flag Operation"

Ron Paul Lecture - "The Great Enabler: The Rise of the Federal Reserve and the Growth of Government"

NYC City Council member Jumaane Williams Batoned by NYPD at #S17 #OWS

Occupy Wall Street #S15 NYPD Madness


UK: Hearing into CIA drones would dent US ties

DAVID STRINGER, Associated Press
Updated 2:28 p.m., Thursday, October 25, 2012

LONDON (AP) — Ties between Britain, the U.S. and Pakistan could be jeopardized if a judge grants a request for a court inquiry into the possible role of U.K. spy agencies in aiding covert CIA drone strikes in Pakistan's northwest tribal region, a government lawyer told Britain's High Court on Thursday.

James Eadie, lawyer for Britain's Foreign Office, insisted that intelligence sharing between Britain and the U.S. — already under strain by previous disclosures made in London courtrooms — and links between Washington and Pakistan would all potentially be cast into doubt.

Noor Khan, a 27-year-old whose father was killed by a drone strike in northwest Pakistan in March 2011, has asked Britain's High Court to examine whether U.K. intelligence officials assisted the action and may be liable for prosecution.

His legal advisers want a judge to determine whether Britain's secret eavesdropping agency, theGovernment Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, has passed location data to guide CIA drones, and whether the U.K. has agreed to a secret policy of assistance to the program of targeting militants.

"Adjudicating on the claim plainly would have significant impact on the conduct of the United Kingdom's relations with both the United States and Pakistan," Eadie told a three-day hearing at the High Court. "It would also be likely to have such an impact on relations between the United States and Pakistan. That impact would be felt in an acutely controversial, sensitive and important context."

Since 2004, CIA drones have targeted suspected militants with missile strikes in the Pakistani tribal regions, killing hundreds of people. The program is controversial because of questions about its legality, the number of civilians it has killed and its impact on Pakistan's sovereignty.

Khan's father, Malik Daud Khan, was attending a meeting of local elders in Datta Khel, in North Waziristan, when it was hit by a missile fired from an unmanned drone, killing around 40 people.

British officials have not commented publicly on their policy toward CIA drone strikes. U.S. officials do not publicly acknowledge the covert program.

Pakistani officials have urged the U.S. to halt its program and to instead relay intelligence gathered by the pilotless aircraft to Pakistani jets and ground forces so that they can target militants themselves.

Kat Craig, legal director of the Reprieve charity, which is representing Khan, said that her client "merely wishes to know what role the British intelligence services play in this game of one-sided Russian roulette."

"He is calling for the veil of secrecy around Britain's drones policy to be lifted so that he can keep his community safe. We share his concerns about the lack of accountability, and the morality of the U.K. being dragged into an illegal attack on a country with whom we are not at war," she said.

Last year, British spy agencies were accused of sharing sensitive information with Moammar Gadhafi's regime in Libya, leading to the torture or rendition of two Libyan men and their families. The case is now the subject of an inquiry by British police.

Previously, intelligence sharing between Britain and the U.S. was put under strain after a London court made public details of abuse that ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed alleges he suffered at the hands of U.S. intelligence officials. Mohamed had accused the British government of complicity in his alleged torture.

Britain's Foreign Office said that a decision on whether to grant Khan a hearing is expected to be handed down by the High Court before the year's end.


brain scanner

An almost invisible drone hovers over your home and activates its sensors. It begins to probe your environment, your computer files, your telephone voice and text messages. And then it kicks in the Level Two Artificial Intelligence Scanners and begins to rape your mind. All the while you have no idea anything has invaded your most private inner sanctum: your brain.

Science fiction? Unfortunately no. This is the next stage of drone technology the U.S. Air Force is working hard to perfect. Everyone you know could be a target soon, including you…

Operation brain drain

Once the venerable U.S. Air Force set its sights on the wild blue yonder, now it wants to peer into brains.

President Barack Obama has greenlighted the Pentagon project first dreamed up by geeks in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) labs and now snapped up by eager Air Force generals.

Since the USAF has access to greater funding (including black project funds), DARPA handed it off to the flyboys. Now it’s full throttle ahead.

Some worry that the emerging technology the faceless men at DARPA have tweaked together might inevitably lead to Terminator-like Skynet drone systems spying on American citizens.

Going far beyond the new face-recognition technology, the new brain-scanners will be mated with sky drones creating an unholy fusion of privacy-busting, omnipresent, stealth surveillance.

RQ-170 Sentinell artists impression [Wikipedia]

The project is dark, but not black, and actually appears on the Department of Defense Resource Center Selections projects page. It all seems quite innocent on the surface until a little digging and extrapolation uncover the disturbing specifications and technological architecture the mission is built upon.

Scroll down the page to Soar Technology’s proposal for a project named “ESPRIT: Schemas for Intent Recognition.” The project’s been awarded a hefty contract.

What exactly is the function of ESPRIT? A clue might be in the initial letters of the acronym itself which can be twisted into a hidden play on words and acronyms: ESP.

Or put another way: Extra-sensory Perception (ESP) Recognition of Intent Technology.

Maya drone a USAF concept that can be adapted for ESPRIT

Reading the intent of an enemy or a criminal—in essence reading their minds—is a lofty goal. But as SoarTech explains, their goal is nothing less than to “design and implement a system for Explanation, Schemas, and Prediction for Recognition of Intent in the TAO (ESPRIT). ESPRIT provides an intelligent situational understanding capability for UASs that uses knowledge and reasoning techniques to infer the intent of other aircraft. At the core of ESPRIT’s executable system will be the Soar cognitive architecture, providing efficient implementation of memory management, pattern matching, and goal-based reasoning.”

But SoarTech’s not the only company that’s entered the AI mind-reading field. A competitor, Stottler Henke is developing drone software with exotic mind-reading algorithms. They intend to weaponize the system and their marketing literature advises that mind-reading programs will work the best when weaponized for combat, police surveillance and crowd control.

Many of the pilot-intent-analysis techniques described are also applicable for determining illegal intent and are therefore directly applicable to finding terrorists and smugglers,” Stottler Henke proudly boasts. “finding terrorists and smugglers” domestically, that is the United States, as the systems can be adopted to non-military crime control in urban areas. Or anywhere else a police state may choose to investigate.

The description “police state” is used because it’s accurate. Should such a system be deployed (as is the intention) America would become nothing more than a tightly controlled, constantly monitored police state. And unlike Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984, the American version of Big Brother will read minds and deduce intentions.

Not-so-friendly ‘Eye in the sky’

Mind rape by the thought police

Welcome to America, 2030. Now we will bleed your mind:

The smart-drone, part of the greater Los Angeles Police Department’s SkySurv Squadron, picks up suspicious brainwaves from a subject driving on the city streets below.

The AI mind-reading algorithm kicks in and the drone rapidly identifies the subject as a potential criminal planning to rob a convenience store several blocks up the street.

Accessing its memory file, the SkySurv drone alerts the nearest ground-based patrol officers and turns its sensors upon the suspect’s body. In milliseconds it scans the suspect. And then the AI processes the terabyte data stream, rapidly confirming the suspect is armed with a gun.

Police cruisers screech up and detain the man before he has a chance to perpetrate the crime.

The scenario is not a fantasy. The DHS and urban police forces are waiting for the systems to be brought up to speed. Then they will deploy them, you can be damn sure of that.

Will the system be 100 percent accurate? Of course not. People detained, arrested, tossed in jail or killed are unfortunate collateral damage. The price of keeping America secure.


The day ESPRIT, or something like it, is deployed over American skies is the day the thought police take total control.

It is the day you become a slave.

[Some source material from Wired: Danger Room.]




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