2-1-06 - DREAM - I was on the west coast of South America and then on the west coast of North America. I was riding in a car driven by my husband. I was pointing out to him my favorite vistas along the highway where it cut into the mountains and the sheered off rocks were prevalent.

I went to a carpet factory where there were hundreds of bags of sheered off carpet in many colors. They were dumping these strands of carpet that were in huge bags, but in bundles 6" long.

I wondered if I could use them for embroidery. He showed me that they made fake pansies in their own garden and a greenish purple tree made of carpet woven into leaf shapes. It was spectacular to see.

Amazing what people can use garbage for.

Another amazing thing is that my girlfriend's husband had the same dream about South America.  Could he have been my husband in the dream?


2-2-06 - DREAM - I was a young woman. I lived at home on 16th and Clark.

I and a friend were walking up to 20th St. school at 20th and Meinecke where I attended grammar school

On the corner of 19th and Clark, someone was throwing away old stuff from their attic. We stopped there and picked out a couple small boxes of trinkets, then continued walking to the school.

When we got to the school, at the entrance was an old Jewish man. He was very upset and was admonishing two young girls for something.

We walked up to his little table where he stood and I laid out two hand sewn handkerchiefs for him. I looked at the hand embroidered symbols in the corner of each one. One was a little green and red Christmas tree and one was something white on white so I didn't see what the symbol was.

He shook his head, "No! very sadly. He was hoping against hope that one of us could show him the symbol that meant so much to him.

But I knew what symbol he was talking about. I had seen it on a drawing at the place on 19th St. So I told him about the place and told him I would walk back there and get the drawing for him.

He had a tear in his eye that I would be so kind as to do that for him.

So I and my friend walked back to the house at the corner of 19th and Clark, expecting to quickly pick up the drawings we had seen and return, but alas, someone had picked up everything and put it in a big box for the trash man to take.

Now, all those drawings were in amongst a big stack of unread newspapers from around 1945 about WWII.

I was dismayed at this. I couldn't carry this box of newspapers back to the school. It was too heavy.

So, I and my friend stood there, going through all those newspapers one by one, looking for the drawing of the symbol to take back to the old Jewish man.



2-2-06 - DREAM: I was living in the country somewhere. It was my daughters birthday and we were going to have a party for her so we sent out invitations to her friends.

It wasn't long and one of the invitation was returned to our mailbox with a huge brown check in it. She opened it up and there was a check for $14 in it. It said on the check that it was for babysitting.

I had to go to work as manager of an apartment building. The same couples who had sent her the check had just moved out. Her husband was from India.

It was my job to clean the apartments when people moved out and make sure that nothing is left behind, so I took a white rag and got it wet and started wiping marks off the wall.

Meantime, other people were coming through and being nosy and some with legitimate questions.

I was pouring rain out and I mean 'POURING' rain out and one of the girls had to catch a bus. I didn't know which direction she was going, but if she had to cross the street in the pouring rain, I knew there was a secret tunnel under the road  so she didn't have to get wet, but as it turned out, she wasn't going that way. So she left to catch the bus to go somewhere and I went back to cleaning.

It was then I noticed there was a long set of shelves on one wall and they hadn't taken any of the stuff with them.

As a backdrop on the wall were all these black sailing ships and a huge Christian cross on the wall that was white like it was made of white Opal.

There were large empty wicker baskets and I started putting all this stuff on the table to put it all into storage for them to come back and retrieve it.

All of a sudden the door opened and a black skinned kid walked in and headed for the bathroom.

He immediately started accusing me of stealing from the apartment.

I didn't want to start arguing with the kid so I told him there was a public bathroom on the first floor.

He was leaving and I locked the door so nobody else could come in, but now I was worried that he was going to spread the word that I was stealing, and I woke up.


compiled by Dee Finney
2-4-06 - DREAM: I was sitting at my computer, looking at a list of links. I decided to play with the list and eliminated links until I had a list where the letters lined up perfectly on a diagonal until they spelled: 


I thought that was a clever way to remember my mother who had passed away last year. 

I decided I would read a book. I had lots of books I hadn't had time to read yet. 

I went down the stairs to my library to pick out a book and I heard this preacher coming down the hallway, yelling, "Jesus Saves!  Jesus Saves!"    I didn't want to hear him or have to speak to him. He had nothing practical to say that would save me. 

So I went up to the attic to get a book that my mother had left me and decided to read from that one because it was a thick old book and I didn't have time to read much these days.

When I got back downstairs with the book, there was a young couple who had gone to the hospital and returned with a new baby girl.  We had been babysitting their two older children who were just old enough to ride bicycles - around 3 and 4 years old - a boy and a girl. 

They now planned to move to Florida. 

I was riding in the car with them as they prepared to go to Florida and their two older children rode their bicycles alongside the car on a narrow path that ran next to the road.  I knew they'd never get to Florida because they would hit their own kids with the car when their kids lost their balance on the bicycles.

They young man decided he would rest on the sofa before they left on their trip, so I sat next to him on the sofa to read my book, which I hadn't yet had time to start. I just stuck my thumb into the book at random and began to read - it was rather near the end. 

Instead of closing his eyes and resting, he kept starting into my eyes. He had brilliantly blue eyes and they were distracting me from reading my book.

I told him I was trying to read, but he kept staring into my eyes.

All of a sudden, he grabbed the book away from me and put it behind him. He smiled and continued to stare into my eyes - never blinking. 

I said, "Hey! I was trying to read my mother's book!" I had to wrestle with him to get my mother's book back. 

When I finally got my mother's book back, he had lost my place and I said to him, "You lost my place in the book, now I have to start over from the beginning."

I opened the book from the front and discovered that the book was about running a farm the old-fashioned way - with horses pulling plow - not using gasoline run tractors. This was from way back in the olden days. It looked fascinating and now I wanted to know how they lived with no electricity and no gasoline.


2-4-06 - DREAM - I was in my Father's 16th St. house. He was rewiring the house to increase the heat in it. wires were draped from room to room to increase the heat everywhere.

In the dining room, inside the bookcase were numerous files full of papers. There was a young woman sitting there. She said she was exhausted from collecting all the money because the United States had banned so many things.

I woke up before I could find out what was banned


2-5-06 - DREAM - I was somewhere in Milwaukee and Robb Russo (deceased) was the mailman. He brought me 3 books (novels) to read. He told me I should read them.  The author was Amy Bunty.

NOTE: I found one Amy Bunty on the internet, but no books by her.


2-5-06 - DREAM - I was taking care of some kids and in the morning I told them I was going to go to the store and buy some baked goods for them.

So, I walked to the store which was only a few blocks away.

I was still in the parking lot and some kids came up to me and grabbed my purse to steal it. The purse fell to the ground and the coin section fell open and spilled quarters on the ground.

A package of oatmeal cookies fell out and the head robber kid didn't want either the quarters or the cookies. He only wanted greenback which I had hidden.

I told the kids, "You might not like oatmeal cookies, but your friends might and I opened the cookie package and gave the other kids the cookies. so then they became my friends.

But then we were standing there and there was a young man in a plastic bag inside the trunk of their car. I could see that he was having trouble breathing and finally he stopped breathing and nobody helped him.

But then, all of a sudden, he rose up and stood by my side and told me he would protect me.

Then there was a bathroom scene where there were too many people for the bathroom. I went to a different bathroom and there the toilets were plugged and couldn't be flushed, but people came in anyway. So I told everyone to go ahead and do what they had to do and because the floor drain worked, I used a hose with hot water and cleaned up for them.

Just as I woke up, I heard a voice say, "Watch for a spiritual or physical crises, which will occur in Stockton."

I then saw a purple and white face laying down. The face was very gaunt and this man appeared to be Jesus.

NOTE:  (That same night, my girlfriend had a crises and ended up going to the hospital for anaphylactic shock from taking an antibiotic she was allergic to.

She was in the hospital for 5 hours and got shots and IVs of Benedryl and Epinephrine)

I don't know if that is connected or not.


2-6-06 - DREAM VOICE MESSAGE:  Michio Kaku said:  "This isi the way it should be. He handed me an orange form to fill out and he said: 
Lifethreat against Waveforms.


2-6-06 - DREAM - I was working for Ralph - the Jewish Judge.  He was never in the office, so I was responsible to keep track of what he did, do his typing and then on the side, we had a developing personal relationship as well.

He came in one day and said, "This is for you," and handed me an envelope that contained a credit card, and two bank cards, all with my current name on that.

The next time I saw him he grabbed me and started kissing me and wanted to have sex with me and at that same time, Irv came in.  (He is Catholic)

Irv wasn't going to be put off. He wanted to stop my relationship with Ralph, so I pushed Ralph backward, until we got into another room, and asked him to protect me and ran and hid in the bathroom and closed the door just as Irv was coming around the corner.

I rather woke up and had a vision of a drummer wearing a brilliant blue and white civil war uniform. He started doing a drum roll on the drum.

Then I went back to sleep and in the dream, I saw the clock and it was 8:10 a.m.

Now I couldn't remember if I was supposed to go into the office or not. I decided I'd better go and apologize for being late. I got there by 8:30 a.m.

Ralph wasn't there so all his work was piled on my desk and each stack of paper had a rubber band around it with a hand written note on top written in red.

I looked for a small piece of paper to write a note on and saw that Ralph had on his desk, stacks of thousands of notes which he collected, but I don't know if he read them or not. So I grabbed a small strip of adding machine tape to write my note on.

Meanwhile the other secretary came in and wanted to know what was going on so I told her about my relationship with Ralph.

She didn't want to believe it. She wanted to hear it directly from him because he had had many women before me and none of the relationships had lasted. But, I had the credit card, and bank cards in my own name. I had what I wanted.

The end of the day came and it was bitter cold out and it had snowed out.

I looked out the front window and saw a light flashing. I thought it was a snow blower and wondered if it was Ralph saving the day - but when I opened the door, it was my son Michael with a big smile on his face.

It was so cold, and one of his shoes came off and he was near frozen, so I told him to come in and warm up.

At the same time, my black cat was trying to come in and his claws was caught in an oriental carpet and he was dragging the oriental carpet with him. He got his claws loose from the oriental carpet just before he got to the door and ran inside with Michael.




2-8-06 - DREAM - I was looking at a chart on a computer about the Dames vs the U.S. and negative resentments against the Muslims.

the more I looked at the chart, the less the Danes had on their side and the more then U.S. had.

Finally the Dane boxes on the chart were empty and they were all on the U.S. side.

I felt relieved that I didn't have to worry about the Danes.


2-8-06 - DREAM - (I don't know who I was. I seemed to be someone else, but maybe not)

I was madly in love with this tall good looking guy who wore a flannel plaid shirt.

I planned to call this guy at 11:30 p.m. that night and pour my heart out to him.  (His phone number ended in 1156)

As luck would have it, I ran into him on the lunch hour and he acted like he didn't want to have anything to do with me.

He spent 1/2 an hour talking to my best friend Lynda about me, but he didn't want to talk directly to me.

I finally confronted him and told him I wanted to talk to him about our relationship. He didn't want to. He said that our relationship was at a critical point and it didn't look good.

I finally forced the issue and said, "I wanted to talk about our relationship right now and wouldn't let him get out of it.

Evidently we lived in side by side rooms in a rooming house. He lived with another guy in his room, but when we went to his room, the other guy was in bed with a 4 year old girl who seemed to be his daughter.

I tried to get him to come into 'my' room but he refused, so the other guy took the little girl into 'my' room.

So we went into his room and he refused to sit next to me, so we sat cross-legged on opposite ends of the bed diagonally across the bed from each other.

In the middle of the bed was a little boy, about 11 months old who was very wise and interjected his own thoughts into our conversation and he grew at an alarming rate. He was as big as a 4 year old in a two minute conversation.

It was apparent that he resented the fact that he didn't get hired at my company where I worked by my boss named Ryan.

I asked him if he thought that was my fault and he said, "No!", but he still seemed to hold it against me.

He said that our goals in life were so different, he wanted a family life with kids and a house with a white picket fence and he knew that what I wanted was to develop a cell phone that worked around the world 24/7.

I thought to myself, "He doesn't know me at all and all I wanted was to be with him. That's what I was planning to tell him at 11:30 p.m. when I called him.

Too, he never seemed to look the same. He seemed to have 4 different personas and I never knew for sure which one I was talking too. All I knew was my intense love for him.

But to him, he said our relationship was critical and I knew if I left the room and he consulted others about our relationship, it would be over.

That's what I afraid of.


2-9-06 - DREAM - I was seeing a yellow alligator and I knew that represented an emotion. Then I saw a series of alligators and knew that each color represented a different motive.



2-9-06 - DREAM - I was on a farm somewhere and the farmer had plowed an oval path and filled it with water in the winter to make a skating rink for the local kids.

I put on my skates too and was skating around and around, watching the kids. Then it snowed abut 4" and another woman skated by. She was upset that the farmer didn't come and plow the snow off the ice.  She asked me if this was a category 4 ice rink.

I said, "Yes! It is!"

She skated away, mad about that.

Then I noticed that the snow and ice was melting along the edges of the ice rink and the water was running into the culverts and kids were falling in and drowning.

The people were rushing to rescue the kids and pulling them out of the water.

I skated back to the place where I had put my skates on to change back into my shoes. There was a lot of black people on that end of the rink, just putting on their skates.

I noticed that the ice had melted at least 5 feet from the time I had put my skates on.

Now where there had been snow, the ground was so dry and parched from the sun, the plants were dying.

I had a hard time believing that the ice could disappear that fast and turn to drought as quickly.

The only way to rescue the plants was to put them into pots and water them individually, which is what I did.



2-11-06 - 7 a.m. DREAM - I went upstairs in my house to talk to an older white-haired woman about something. She was knitting all the while I was there. She working on several projects in different shades of blue. She was asking me questions and I was answering them. (I have no memory of what we talked about)

When we were done talking, I went back downstairs. When I reached the basement, it seemed that all the rooms were reverse of what they normally were as I remembered them.

I heard a radio playing a talk show loudly that I hadn't turned on so I went into the workshop where the sound was coming from and saw my two brothers standing there. They seemed to be about 12 feet tall or were floating in the air that high.

My oldest brother (he's younger than I) said, "You remember how  ______ is giving Ken free rent?  I said, "Yes!" He replied, "Well, ________ is coming here to see you at 11:00 a.m"   (I didn't catch the name of 'who' he said was coming) (The name Ken means: handsome; born of fire; royal oath )

I repeated what he said, "He's coming here at 11:00 a.m.?"  He said, "Yes!"  and I replied, "Okay!"

They either left or I did and I started to try to figure out why 'he' was coming to see me. I never figured out who 'he' was either.

I remember seeing a bunch of circles that looked like records and I figured out it meant a brand name.

Then I was in a room where people had eaten and left a bunch of $5 bills on the table - then remembered it was Sunday and meals were $5 each on Sunday.  So, there would have been one $5 bill for each person.  There should have been 12.

I was wondering why no one left a tip, then I saw flower bulbs rolling out of a pouch on the corner of the table and knew that was the tip and woke up.

(This was obviously their last meal, People normally leave a nice tip if they expect good service the next time)

2-11-06 - 11:01 a.m. through 11:11 a.m.   (I started hearing the voice talking to me before I even walked into the room. I quickly sat down as the voice said, "We need you to write. It is a matter of life or death. There are opportunities arising for terrorist attack in the United States very soon. People should be aware of how to protect themselves . The necessary steps are to:

Be aware - strangers - with dark skin but not necessarily Arab - Asians are involved now too. Hired killers. People need to know this. They are paid for their time and to die for the cause.

Steps should be taken to alert the people. The cities need to know that the time is imminent for these attacks to take place in many cities - at least 12.

The cities will be big cities with lots of people. The effects will be horrendous.

If people stay out of the big cities they will be safe. But we are aware that many cannot stay out of big cities, so next best thing is to stay out of big crowds. Big crowds are most dangerous, especially stadiums, theatres, and malls - places like that.

We know it is inconvenient but people should shop on line and get their products by mail. They can watch sports on TV.

Terrorists used to visit foreign cities and do this damage there, but the plan is to do the damage right in the United States now.

Be aware! Be safe! Be alert! Be alert!

Save yourself. Do not go to big cities.

The warning is yours to give.

Thank you and good night!

We love you all!




2-11-06 - DREAM - Sometimes I wonder why I do this since I already lived it in my dream and wrote it down in my dream - now I have to write it out again and then type it - ugh!

I was working in an office with another secretary for a rather large company. It was normal practice to give free football tickets to people who wrote in and requested them. 

Well, we got  a letter from an older teen who wrote in and demanded that we send him football tickets free, rather than asking.

I had already typed out our letter to send him the tickets when the other girl decided he shouldn't get the tickets, so she ripped the letter out of my typewriter, grabbed the kid's letter and crumpled them together and then threw them into the wastebasket by her desk.

Then she went into the bosses office to complain about the kid's letter and he reason why the kid shouldn't get the tickets, while watching me to make sure I didn't retrieve the crumpled mail and send the kid the tickets anyway.

After awhile, she came out, glaring at me with a warning not to retrieve the letter, but eventually she had to go to the bathroom. She couldn't watch me forever. 

I told the boss about the incident and while I was there, another wealthy man came in and donated two large hens - a blue one and a yellow one who could lay enough eggs so we could sell them so the kid could get his football tickets. Then the boss came out of his office and went to my desk and typed the letter to the kid and sent him the tickets himself.

I then started writing down the experience on a notepad in red ink and the pen went dry. I switched to a black pen and that one went dry, so I switched to a large marker pen. I was determined to write the whole thing down. 

Meanwhile, the girl came back and she wanted to sleep with me and the kid showed up to get the tickets and I told him they had already been mailed to him. 

Finally, the boss went home and the girl went to bed and was still writing about it and getting tired. Then I realized that the office floor was dirty with crumpled paper and sawdust and that I should sweep it up before I went home. I even moved the desks to make sure the floor was clean, but I still hadn't finished writing and I was determined to get it down before I went home.

I woke up just as I turned the paper over to write on the reverse side.


2-13-06 - DREAM - I was in England. There was a man there who said he could magically produce two black snakes , just by using his mind, but he didn't think they would be able to get out and harm anyone. So we sat there and he conjured up these two black snakes, but the snakes 'did' manage to get out and went into two other men who were watching. Then the black snakes began working on those two men to produce two more black snakes each and reproduce themselves.


2-13-06 - DREAM - I was working in an office in Milwaukee, and one of the other girls showed me a job offer for $20,000 she had received from New York that she was thinking about accepting.

I saw the phone number on her job offer so I called the number too and soon I received a job offer too. The job offer was for $26,000 and all I had to do was work 4 hours a day for 3 days - Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

On the job offer, was a picture of a plane ticket which I had to put  a $1,000  deposit on which they would reimburse me when I got there.

I knew it was a scam, that when I sent him my $1,000 they wouldn't reimburse my plane ticket or even be an office at that address.

So, I told one of my neighbors about it. He needed to deliver something to another neighbor, so he backed up the hill in our subdivision in New Berlin and I saw how terrible and delapitated it had gotten since those houses were built in the 1960's.  I was appalled.

We stopped at a house where an old man sat on the porch who waved at us.

His wife was inside, so I went in and talked with the woman. She thought my name was Nora, but I told her it was Dolores.

She showed me she had a job offer she was going to take. She had been offered $19,000 for 3 days work and she said she was going to take the job and buy a trailer so her husband could live in it and her husband and her could live separately. All she had to do was come up with the $2,000 for the plane ticket.

I knew then I had to stop the guy from scamming people.

So when I went back home, I called the number on my job offer and started talking to the man. He excused himself to answer another phone and forgot I was on that line and I could over hear everything he was saying, so I started taking notes about what I was hearing.

While I was doing that, I called Joe the maintenance man on my other phone line to tell him about this scam guy because Joe used to be a Navy Seal and knew a lot about people being scammers.

The phone calls went on so long, I already had four 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages of notes written in black marker, so Joe told me to call him back at 3:30 p.m. and tell him more about it.

I said, "I LOVE you" and hung up the phone line and continued taking notes on the scammer.


2-13-06 - SPIRIT MESSAGE  23 - 11:01 - 11:11 a.m.  

"Thank you for coming. We have more to say regarding the terrorism message of yesterday (See Spirit Message #22)

You can relax. You are safe. However others in big cities can be hit imminently by attacks, but there is still time to prepare.

Mainly, get foodstuffs into your home for storage and everything you need for at least a week, plus more if you can afford it.

When attacks go off, trucks will stop delivering goods to those cities.

Electricity and water will be shut off

You must prepare like you would for an earthquake. Your home could be damaged as well.

Know where the gas shutoff valve is.

Know how to shut off contaminated water if it is running at all.

Know to boil water before drinking or cooking.

Have bottled water already in storage for drinking.

If you can, have large containers of water for flushing toilets.  It can get most unpleasant and unhealthy to live with unflushed toilets.

Then too, think of your pets. Have enough food and water ahead for them as well.

Also have medications in advance. If necessary, ask your doctor to provide quantities of medications for 'just in case' scenarios whether he believes in it or not.

Please tell your neighbors to prepare as well, also family members if they live in a dangerous area.

Even though people in outlying areas will be safe, they also need to prepare for such a scenario. Stores will empty of provisions quite quickly.

Gas stations will close. Banks will close.

Have cash on hand, just in case you can purchase foodstuff or other goods.

Credit cards, ATMs, banks - all will be down at least temporarily.

Plan ahead for at least a week.

Lastly - remember New Orleans - Many people still can't go home, many never will. Give some thought to where you might go if you have to leave the area. Give this some forethought.

NOTE: Atlanta came into my mind here.  (Since I could have been 'thinking' here, I don't want to misquote the message.)

Atlanta Campaign Map Civil War Maps of Battles
Atlanta Campaign Additional Reading · State Battle Maps · Georgia State Battle Map ·
Alphabetic Battle List · American Civil War Exhibits ...

If you can leave the big cities' crowded areas now, please do so. Move at least 50 miles if you can handle a commute on a daily basis.

If you are retired, just go to a nice warm climate and relax. You will enjoy your remaining days in comfort.

We big you adieu for today.

Sananda - with love.





2-14-06 - DREAM - I was going to the theatre with my Father. I was driving the car and my Father was riding in the back seat.

We arrived at the theatre building and saw that the brightly lit theatre was at one end of the long building and the parking lot was at the opposite end.

I noticed that there was a round door in the center of the building and there were no lights on from the center door to the parking lot.

I was left with the impression that this building resembled a Hindu woman.

I decided that we should park on the back side of the building at least as far as the center door, rather than walk all the way through the darkened end of the building.

So I drove through the parking lot, noticing as I turned the corner that my car was pulling a rectangular shaped golden colored trailer.

Then as I turned the corner, on the back side of the building were crystal cars the color of the chakras . These cars were pure crystal in the exact order of the chakras and as I was going to park right next to the pure crystal car, my real life dog stood outside the window and barked loudly and woke me up.  DARN!


2-14-06 - DREAM - I was going to dinner with my friends Alice and Irv. The restaurant was at one end of the building and I lived upstairs at the other end.

It was snowing heavily outside and when I parked the car by the restaurant, there were two snow covered silver staves of some kind that were covered with snow and I didn't want to leave them outside to be stolen, so I decided to take them to my apartment.

So, I walked the length of the building , where I was told that birds were nesting in the ceiling. I saw quick flying golden brown birds flying back and forth above my head as I walked the length of the building.

Then I took out my gold master key and got on the elevator where I met two men.

One of the men said, :"I see you drive a '92 Sunfire'.

I was amazed at his knowledge of cars such that he could recognize any car just by the shape of the two curved metal pieces of my car that were now snow-free and dry.

I went up to my apartment and that the two metal pieces into my apartment, leaning them against the wall.

They were shaped like two curved staves.

I then went back down the elevator and walked the length of the building again with the birds flying over my head again.

But now I was having trouble breathing more and more the farther I walked and I woke up before I reached the restaurant where Alice and Irv were waiting for me and I was gagging on phlegm in my throat and my heart was pounding.

As soon as I cleared my throat, my heart went back to normal.


2-14-06 - DREAM OF NINHURSAG given as a gift infant.


2-15-06 - DREAM - I was watching a film of a Vietnam shooting in a san pan or something. There were two American men, and one of them shot the innocent Vietnamese and then he got shot.  The other one was left living, and I woke up saying, "Why didn't they kill the Witness?  Why didn't they kill the Witness?


2-16-06 - DREAM - I was visited by St. Therese of LiSieux in a dream/vision this morning.

I was in this big old house. It was so large, it had a forest inside the house. One tree had large bird nests in it. A man came to visit and he wanted to look in the bird nests so I took one down and there were 3 hungry birds in it. (They were like Baltimore Oriole nests)

Now someone had to take care of these little chicks because there was a little fox right there who would et them for dinner if they died.

There was a lot of dry leaves in the forest, so I set fire to them. The fire got out of control and it spread so quickly, I put it out with a glass of milk that was handy.

Then a young dark-haired woman came and she said her name was La Morte LiSieux.


NOTE: - and I looked her up and found her immediately.

Prior to that, I had a dream in which a nest of three chicks were in danger of dying and being eaten by this little fox that was sitting by my feet.

Last month I dreamed about 3 infants dying and being eaten by this same little Fox.

Native Americans identify the children as the races of people on earth. The little fox in the same Native American story is told by the Creator that his job is to be a scavenger and eat the dead of the world.

See: FOX


2-17-06 - DREAM - I was in the hospital in my first trimester of pregnancy. I was with other women in a similar condition. All the women and myself were having stomach pains and the doctors were trying to save their pregnancies.

I was there overnight and it came my turn to be examined. I wasn't in pain anymore and I thought I probably wasn't pregnant anymore, but when I touched my stomach, it felt solid and I looked like I was nine months pregnant, ready to give birth.

So the nurses gathered around me to prepare me for the exam and they unwrapped a large scarf from my belly and inside the scarf, was a fully developed baby boy, dressed in a blue and white suit and cap. The baby was called Ninhursag.

I was told separately from the dream that the baby represented _______ and I could get that meaning from the internet. 

From then on, the baby went with me everywhere.

Back at home, I was getting ready for guests and I had a fish tank up high that was perfectly balanced with plants and fish. I decided it needed more oxygen so I turned up the oxygen system so the bubbles went up faster. Someone yelled at me, "Never put more oxygen into a balanced system," so I turned it back down to the way it was again.

My Uncle Roy came then (my mother's brother) and he was smoking a cigarette. He went to dump off his cigarette ashes into my fish tank and I told him he couldn't do that, so I told him that if he wanted a place to put his ashes, he was going to have to set up a second fish tank, so  we started to look for a space to put it. We couldn't find a spot quite large enough to hold it. The spaces were all too small.

Se we decided to put it on the back of the stove over two burners. 

I was heating up water for guests at the time, making 'cup a soup', one cup at a time. I needed more space to cook chicken dinner for everyone, so my Uncle Roy was going to help me do that and put the perfect spices into the cooking pots. There were two of them.

From there, I went to visit my friend Michelle's ex-husband Rick and his buddies. They were living upstairs in an apartment having a real good time. But they needed to be taught a lesson because life was about more than just fun.

so I went home to plan what I was going to do. Meantime, I heard that Rick had moved downstairs and was now in the maintenance man's apartment, which meant to me he also had that job, but he still needed to be taught the lesson.

Ninhursag was still with me everywhere I went. I tried to hide my activity from two women who were friends but they insisted on going with me to help carry the baby.

Also, my son Michael came along. He was fully grown and powerful. He was going to be my guardian, but he was going to do what I did right along with me to be my protector.

Out of the closet, I grabbed a brochure that showed dancers costumes. As it was, the person who sold the dancer's clothing lived across the alley from my Father's house where I was living. 

My friends put Ninhursag into a little red wagon and we went across the alley to Marie's place. Marie and Al were my Father's best friends. 

I knocked on their door. It was like they weren't there anymore, it was so dim in the house, but Marie opened the door and she said that she and Al just sat there watching TV since they retired.

I showed her the brochure of the dancing costumes and told her I needed some quickly. - like 5 minutes ago.

Marie told me she wasn't in the business anymore but she still had some stock left. 

So she sat on the floor demonstrating black fish net stockings, one size fits all - that my son Michael and I were both going to wear when we went to teach Rick a lesson he'd never forget.

I was visualizing what Michael and I were to going to look like as I woke up.

SEE: Ninhursag



This scenario on the whole is 'not' pleasant to think about.


SPIRIT MESSAGE #27  -KARMA - Action and Non-Action


2-18-06 - VISION - The Law of Love was a variation of 3


2-18-06 - DREAM - I was being taught to date 'Bills of Lading' on every page. The date stamp I used changed with every stamp. It went from 4265 to 4640 . I stamped in a Chevron shape on the main page. 

Then someone made a delivery on the front porch. The man said it was a funeral sign. The name on it was TAWTANK. I didn't know who it was for and then an old woman arrived and then her Jewish husband. The husband it turned out was in he shipping business and an expert in Bills of Lading."

For a long time I sat in a car with a fuzzy windshield and just watched traffic go by. I didn't know why I was there or why I was doing that. Then I decided to leave and I drove the car from about 100 feet behind the car and it was very hard to steer from back there.


2-18-06 - DREAM - The man said the name had been misspelled and the W was placed on top of an old letter.  (Must refer to the above name)


2-18-06 - DREAM - I was in my house and got a call from my son Ken, all upset because Michael was drunk at the bar. So I went to the bar and there Michael sat, sweating profusely, saying he could drive just fine. Then his wife Vicky showed up and told me she would make sure he got home without getting a ticket.


2-19-06 - DREAM - Norm M came to be with me and we held hands for a long time. (It was like holding hands with a dead man because he is)

Either later or in another dream I was in an apartment and he lived upstairs from me. I heard him getting ready for work and then I heard him coming down the stairs.

I wanted to give him a quick kiss as he went by so I opened the door to the stairway. He looked very sick and he said to me, "I have to get to a meeting," and brushed past me. He went on down the stairs.

I got so mad that he couldn't stop for a second and give me a quick kiss, so I threw a red record at him (33 1/3 size) It hit him in the chest and I said angrily, "You're a piece of shit." and I slammed the door shut.

NOTE: After I woke up, I felt guilty that I had done that, but it was just a dream, right?


2-19-06 - VISION - a white skinned Reptilian - dressed in a green maintenance shirt came in the door.

VISION #2 - two white skinned Reptilians men - dressed in green maintenance shirts came in the door and faced me. The main guy said, "You are not paying attention".

I replied, "I AM paying attention.

He then looked like he was going to take something away from me.

(I think this is related to a dream I have posted here because I said something in the dream I regretted after I woke up.




2-22-06 - DREAM -  I went to a craft store to pick out a project to do. They had catalogs of cut rug yarns and patterns, all kinds of things. I picked out a statue of a Native American to paint. I took it home and then got sidetracked.

I had a rose bush that was fully in bloom, but the petals were wide open. They were about ready to drop, so we cut them all off and then new blooms formed in their place.

a tall, thin woman came who had been told that I cut my roses off and she thought she was going to catch me with no roses on the bush and when she saw The rose bush with fresh new roses on it, she actually got angry.

She came real close to me with her angry face so I touched her face on the sides of her lips and said, "There is no need to be angry," and her face went into a little smile and stayed there on her face. But she was always watching me to see what I was doing thereafter.


2-22-06 - DREAM -  My apartment had three new rooms added on and everyone gathered to paint it pink.

They gave me a new computer and a new accounting program that analyzed purchase orders and large jobs with multiple purchase orders. for costing, so I could double check work that was already submitted and completed to make sure it was right.

They also were playing country western music as I closed the door to go to the public bathroom.

NOTE:  This might be about the tax program that was suggested to me today.


2-23-06 - DREAM - I lived next door to a man. I don't know if I knew who he was.

I had two wall window hangings stored in my freezer.

I and the man both needed these wall window hangings, though the windows all had shades on them.

We each had a door with a mirror attached to it.

As it turned out, one of the wall window hangings was shorter then the other, so I gave the shorter one to him, which as it appeared when it was hung up on his mirror, was a priests robe and it covered the mirror. 

I kept the longer one, I believe to make more just like it. 

My mother and her older sister Irene was there in another room. I introduced my mother to the man and he couldn't figure out which one was my mother though to me it was obvious since Irene was wearing darker rimmed glasses than I was. 

Then when Irene stood up, I hung a royal robe on the back of her coat which attached by 3 hooks. 

NOTE: As I woke up, I had a flash vision of one of the American Idol girls with long dark hair. It was so fast, it zapped past with a noise, but I recognized her anyway.  As it turned out - she was the first one kicked off the show.  Too bad because she was good.


DREAM - 2-23-06 - 3 A.M.
I found myself in AZ - with a man who could be your astral self. Can't say - because I didn't know his name.. I was moving into his apartment and we had separate bedrooms.
At the apartment I was being initiated by several strange people of various sizes before we started a new project.  One man gave me some energy in the nose area of my face.
The man was trying call someone and tell her about me being there and she never returned his call, but when he left the apartment, she appeared in his bedroom. She was about 9 feet - and looked very familiar.
She recognized me and said, "HI Kathy!" 
I said, "I'm not Kathy! I'm the new one - Dolores."
She reached over and grabbed me by the face and kissed me on the lips. (This is a spiritual kiss - not sexual)  She left then after acknowledging the initiations I had undergone.
I told the man I would do the laundry the next day because I had to go to the grocery store and buy some food because we had none in this new apartment.  I couldn't remember where I had parked my car and told him so.
He said, "You won't find your car. I'll take you to the store."
So we went out to his car, which was chauffer driven. I and the man sat in the back seat. I was on the right, behind the driver - so it was either an English car or represented the 'right brain'.  (Not certain on that)  The driver resembled Boris Karloff.
I could feel the pressure of being driven very fast down the driveway and to the right down a curving road, and in front of me I saw the AZ landscape like it looks in photos of Sedona.
(I've never been in AZ - just seen photos of it)
I have no idea what this is about - but  I find it fascinating.



SPIRIT MESSAGE 29  - Being equally yoked 


2-24-06 - Happy Birthday Daddy - born 1903 - deceased 1976

DREAM - I had just gotten home from a trip to another planet. I felt an itch on my stomach and I looked to see what it was and it looked like I had a second belly button and inside the dimple, held in by some fuzz was a seed. It looked like a tomato seed. 

The first I thing I though of was 'evidence of life on another planet."

So, I carefully picked out this seed from the dimple on my stomach after making sure my belly button was still intact and it was. I sat there with the seed and then placed it on a ledge above the sink while I went to get a piece of paper to wrap the seed in.

I planned to take the seed with me to a UFO meeting at the downtown library.

I went to get a piece of paper and all I found was an old calendar from a couple years ago with quotes from Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) that I paid a lot for at the time and never wanted to use because I didn't want to lose the quotes.

However, I couldn't tear the sheets off straight and I had to pull three of them off before I got one that didn't have writing all the way to the top. So I took the piece of paper over to the sink and reached for the seed and when I touched it, it practically leaped into the air and it fell - making a 'clink, clink, clink' noise as it fell down to the floor. 

I was close to panic stricken, but I figured it couldn't have gone far. I could just get out my flashlight and get down on my knees and easily find that seed.

By then, there were other people around, watching me, trying to give me ideas on how to find the elusive seed and just plain causing problems.

I crawled under the sink with the flashlight and discovered all kinds of things down there, a little Hindu statue, a little white cross, stones and other seeds  mostly white popcorn seeds. There were a lot of little stones that looked very similar to the tomato seed and I had to move each one carefully to make sure they weren't the real seed. It was amazing to see how similar a stone was to looking like a tomato seed. 

I still couldn't find my precious seed so I went to get a brighter flashlight. So I used the brighter light and saw even more stones and popcorn seeds. I couldn't imagine how far the tomato seed had bounced.

I was 4:50 p.m. / ten minutes to 5 p.m. and the UFO meeting started at 5 p.m., so I had to go to the meeting without the seed. As long as no one swept the floor and obviously no one ever did, the seed wasn't going anywhere. I could report on the seed and find it later. 

My husband hadn't come home from work yet, so I couldn't get a ride from him. I had a car parked in the garage across the street, so I went looking for my gloves. I found a brown gardening glove and a brown winter driving glove. Since they were both brown and would keep my hands warm while driving, I shoved them into my coat pocket - my coat was also brown.

Then started more problems. There was a woman and a child laying on the floor right in front of the door to the building.

I said, "Excuse me!" several times so I could get by and the woman got really nasty that I was waking up the child. 

I said, "Excuse me!, but I've got 6 kids myself so I know how kids are. I really need to get out the door."

The kid moved a little so I could step over her, but by now the woman was ranting and raving over how impatient and inconsiderate it was for waking her kid up.

The blonde girl I was with and I had to go through a check point before we went into the garage and the blonde and the woman there were friends and started commiserating with me about the woman and the child.

But I had to get to my UFO meeting and give my report.

By now, I was in the garage and couldn't find my car. The space where my car was supposed to be was empty. I quickly glanced at all the other parking places, thinking maybe I had used a different space to park my car, but I didn't see my car anywhere. 

I went back to the check point window and told the woman and she said, "Oh yes!" I saw Darryl Simmons take your car out. He drives all your cars."

I knew at that point I had 4 other cars of different colors. I wondered then if she had meant Darryl Simms.

So now I didn't know how I was going to get to my UFO meeting, so I woke up in frustration. 

See: Darryl Simms website:




DREAM - I was sitting in a car in a parking lot- late at night. We were just talking abut events that had happened recently in the United States and it seemed strange that a group of men were moving red jeeps surreptitiously around in the parking lot. That didn't make sense since all that was in the parking lot were red jeeps and to move them around like on a checkerboard didn't seem to be something that would ordinarily be going on.

We met a young black man there who had a newborn baby who needed taking care of while he did something. If we were told about the boy's mother, I have no recollection.

This child was tiny and frail. He seemed to be premature size. 

The clothing I was given for him was mostly black and yellow lace - but wasn't made of baby yarn it was made of plastic webbing.

The baby grew quickly but was still frail and couldn't sit or stand, he pretty much just leaned against wherever I put him whether against myself or against an object.

His father and my husband returned and I was shown a voting roster of candidates for the 2008 presidential election. An outstanding candidate in the roster about 1/2 way down the list was Hillary Clinton.  As the roster was listed, they started at the far left and ended at the far right. Hillary Clinton was placed just to the left of center. 

The black man said, "I wouldn't vote for her. She's too strong."  He didn't say who he would vote for though. 

I told the men they were going to have to watch the baby while I made breakfast.

I dressed the baby in the black and yellow outfit which reminded me of a fireman's outfit.

There were lots of toys on the floor, so I hoped the men could watch him closely. There were lots of yellow Lego's on the floor and I blocked the baby's path between the living room and kitchen with a black hobby rocking horse that red rockers on it.


2-26-06 - DREAM - I was working in a very large office building. I was asked to deliver some triangular shaped package to several people, which I started to do.

I didn't know what was in those packages which were 3 inches across. 

As I walked out into the hallway, I accidentally poked my finger through the paper were men's heads with empty eye sockets and big open mouths.

I had to go to the 8th floor to deliver the last package. As I walked towards the elevator, a sweeper cleaner man stopped me and wanted to see what was in the package.

I couldn't allow him to do that, so I started to defend myself with a wooden chair as he started to attack me to get the package.

I swung the chair at him several times and hit him in the arm.

He knew I wanted to get to the elevator so he got there first and got on the elevator.

I didn't dare get on the elevator wit him, and the elevator door didn't close, but the cleaner sweeper man melted into the wall of the elevator and the wall of the elevator went down.

I could trust the elevator now so I just stood there with the package in my hand until I woke up.


2-26-06 - NAP DREAM - I was sitting on the couch working on my computer to start a new blog.  My husband came out of the bedroom, wearing a dark blue work uniform. He was all wet in the back and upset too. He wanted me to help him, but I had to tell him to wait until I dated my blog and saved it before I went over to him.

In the meantime, he was shifting his clothing, trying to get out of them and water was gushing out the neck of his shirt like there was water trapped inside his uniform too. He looked like he had fallen through the ice and had just climbed out of a frozen pool.

I went over and stood in front of him to unbutton his shirt, but my daughter and one of my sons was sitting on the floor watching TV between us and they refused to move. I even tried pushing them over and couldn't budge them.  I finally told my daughter the old cliché, "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out the same way."  and shoved her backwards out of the way.  I would have stepped right on her face if she hadn't gotten out of the way when my husband asked for my help.


2-26-06 - DREAM - I was at someone's house and wanted to go to the church across the street. I saw that there was a lot of Spanish rice stack in the fabric of my coat up near the neck, so I had to brush it off. The rice was flying everywhere and I started to see colorful caterpillars stuck in the fabric of my coat under the rice.

The other woman told me they looked like  __________ (something Asian or Japanese)  (It wasn't a bad thing)

However, I tried brushing off the caterpillars too, but they were into the fabric of my coat too and I never got them all out so I could go to church.


2-26-06 - DREAM - No sense of reality to this.  There were men standing in front of me, dressed in bright green and bright blue suits. The men were shrink wrapped and shrunk in size as they stood there.


2-27-06 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere with a bunch of people. I didn't know everyone, but I knew some of them. There were kids and little white dogs in this group as well. The dogs were all on leashes.

We were going to go into a big building up on a hill and explore it. We were told we had to go in groups of 30 but only two could take a dog. If the third person had a dog, the dog had to stay behind.

Some women were very upset at not being able to take their dog. I had to switch groups because my group had 4 people.

There were so many upset people, I finally had to confront the older blonde woman who was running this thing to tell the people what was happening to their dogs because so many women were nearby crying by now. 

She was coming up a hill from a farm in the valley to lead this tour.

She agreed to do that, to assure the people that their dogs would be safe and well cared for.

We went inside a large church on a hill there and I had some sheet music with me like we were going to be singing in a choir.

The young man who sat next to me was really nice. This was his first time on a tour but he seemed to know everything that was going on.

He told me that two people who were ghost hunters in castles were going to be speaking and two people who investigated crop circles were also going to be speaking.

I hadn't even know that.

I asked him if he knew that there was a UFO meeting in the same place on Tuesday nights which was the next night. (so this was Monday)

He said he knew about it, but asked who the people were.

I told him it was all the same people except little children weren't brought there.

He said, "Okay!" like he was interested and would come also.

We all had to go outside then and he very wisely helped me put on my yellow windbreaker jacket while we ere walking down a long steep stairway to go outside.

I noticed that I had two light colored sweaters on also - blue and green. laying next to me on the floor next to the church pew. also and left them lay on the floor, knowing I would be returning there.

As we were walking down the stairs with this large group of people. I was telling them how much I liked the old man because they were well traveled usually and had interesting stories to tell. I also told them that I liked old man like my grandpa who smelled like old cigars and men who smoke pipes. I really liked that smell around old men.

They all seemed to appreciate the same thing. 


2-28-06 - LUCID DREAM -  I was lucid dreaming, laying in bed, doing a deep breathing meditation, whole lifting all my bones and sells of my chest and lungs in and out and keeping my breathing free and easy.

I went into a real dream then where I was laying in bed with the covers over me. All my sons were each lying in their beds the same way and I saw Michael and William and Thomas and my Father got out of bed to get ready for work and he asked us if we had been doing our lung exercises.

I assured him that we had.

He said, "Make sure all the people of the Caribbean do the same thing."

NOTE; Sounds like something is going to be happening there.