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5-30-13 - NAP DREAM - I was at home, seemingly in my 16th St. house, and my work Supervisor came to see me, rather upset with me, because the night before, I had verbally okayed a 'party' when some of the men had wanted to drink at a 'work' gathering.  He told me that only the "Director' can approve a 'party', so he made me sign off on the 'party' approval for the cost factor.  (He resembled Nate Berkus from TV (a house/apartment re-designer).

I did that, and then he left, so I went into the kitchen where I had a small refrigerator.

Inside this refrigerator on two shelves, one above the other it looked like two large cheesecakes - at least 16 inches across - and the shadows of the grid work of the shelves looked like a film was running - in other words - the grid work was shifting like it was moving upward.





Studies on Ley Lines and the Grid Shift

by Dee Finney

8-5-02 - DREAM/VISION - I saw the world hanging in the sky, like I was out in space.

There was a wide white track around the earth that looked like a jagged square, as if
something had hit the earth and dragged along the surface as the earth revolved. It wasn't
a perfect square. It resembled the picture above.

After I saw the globe with the white lines on it, then the globe opened up into a view so
it showed the entire earth flattened out with the same type of white lines on it to show me
that it was the entire earth that had the grid, not just one side.

Do not try to measure this image, it is not exact as I don't remember the 'exact' image.

I feel it represents the GRID SHIFT

3-1-92 - DREAM - I was asked to run and to hostess a party for a prominent family on the borderline of Muskego and New Berlin in the valley below Prospect hill. It was called a 'ROSE' party. The only people who could come were those with special invitations of which their were 60. The special catch was, we were buying 60 bottles of 'ROSE' wine and soaking the labels off. The invitations were 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper. The 'ROSE' labels after removal from the bottles were to be pasted to bushes around the city. Now the only way you could come would be to take your invitation, drive around the city, find a label on a bush, paste it on the invitation and then come to the party. To prevent someone from from cheating our labels had a special mark on them which corresponded to a special mark on the invitation, so people couldn't just go pluck a bush either. somebody had to have both parts, our special label and the specially marked invitation. then, when came, we had a special chart set up which looked like this:

You take a legal size sheet of paper and draw a waving line diagonally across the paper from lower left to upper right.

Then lines were drawn downward from top to bottom at 1" intervals. (There were 4)

The 7 lines were drawn across the paper, some closer than others. Some might be 1/4" apart and some might be 3" apart. It was random.

60 Tarot cards were chosen from a Tarot deck and shuffled and put in a pile. On this grid that was created, along the lines, a particularly along the waved line, a card drawn by an invitee to the party would be marked and noted and then later when all the invitees had arrived, their fortunes would be read to them.  

NOTE: In the Arthurian Tarot Deck, the Queen of Hearts is the Grail Queen.

I showed N.H. a map of how to find the party house. It was at the borderline of New Berlin/Muskego. You went out National Ave. to the top of Prospect hill, then south down the hill on Fife Ave. to where it met Oakland St. The house was at that point. (So was the liquor store)

At this point, I was in my 16th St.house, cleaning off the green table cloth to get ready to draw the lines on the paper. The refrigerator was empty, ready to chill the wine.

The phone rang and it was my ex-husband Edward. (Edward means "guardian") He had called to talk and when he overheard the plans for the party, he asked if he could come. I wanted to blurt out, "No!", but I told him that only the people who received the specially marked invitations could come. Then David (David means "dearly loved")cut in on the line. He said that he had just purchased the wine. The invitations, directions, and instructions were all printed up, so all we needed to do was mail them out, soak the labels off the bottles and go paste them on the bushes in New Berlin.

NOTE: After I woke up from the dream, I drew up the chart and laid out the Tarot cards such as the dream told me would be done. The results were that this was a message that leads to deception, disappointment, despair, frenzy, betrayal. Also authority overseeing, secret service, vigilance, spying, examination, death failure, miscarriage, delay, deception, folly, mania, extravagance, intoxication, delirium.

NOTE: 5 years and 180 days later, I had this dream on Aug. 25, 1997, (I was getting ready to go to work, and a tall, blonde woman was going to drive me there. We went out into this dark garage where there were swarthy men with their vehicles. We went out into the narrow alley, and when we went around a corner we came across a dark blue or black vehicle that was so badly smashed, the top was caved in. One blonde man got out of the car. He was okay. )

4 x 7 = 28 could mean the cycles of the Moon and the feminine menstrual cycle. So 28 is associated with the moon, and the Moon Goddesses's name is Diana. Almost every important date in Princess Diana's life occurred on a date where there was a Solar eclipse in which case the moon is between the earth and sun and blocks the "light". . The place where Princess died was once noted as a place where they worshipped the Moon Goddess.

5 days later, Princess Diana was killed in a similar accident in a similar type place.

NOTE: Diana, Princess of Wales, Queen of Hearts, 1961 - 1997

At 4am (Paris time) Sunday 31 August 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales died in hospital after being involved in a car crash which instantly killed Dodi Fayed and the driver of the car. Diana's car was being chased by photographers on motorbikes at high speeds when the crash happened in a tunnel. Investigation of the accident also brought to light that the driver of the car was more than three times over the (french) alcohol limit. .


This is a series of dreams submitted to Joe Mason in 1992 by a man named Pablo:   

#1 - The Virgin promises to help a woman, and then, disguised as a common person, she does.

#2 - In a church, a big bird whose sight is turned to the infrared, take care of a sick man. They hug each other, love one another.

#3 - Krishnamurti and I are keeping vigil on a deceased person. He comments how, after 35 years, other 7 of psychological liberations followed. The housekeeper complains about her lack of money.

#4 - Bishop Leadbeater communicates with me through a medium. He informs me that earth is about to undergo it's shift.

See http://www.greatdreams.com/plpath1.htm for a series of coincidences about these dreams.


12-8-96, 5:43 a.m. Pasted from email -

Holy Spirit Dream from DNJ -

I know a little about the Shekinah as a cloud in the Bible. Thanks for filling me in. The Dream Network Journal reported a dream that I believe is related. I'll tell it from memory, hoping I get it all right.

The dreamer held two children by the hands, to escape from something. They crossed a bridge type crossing of two bridges in a cross shape, or something like that. She was afraid of the grid-like structure in the center, but came to understand it, and was then not afraid. They came to a hallway, and people took the children to rooms on the left. She continued alone to the right and came to a door. A crib was outside the door with a baby girl in it. She wore a sash saying, "Holy Spirit." The dreamer took the child into the room, and closed the door. Soon, a knock came. She opened the door and saw a white samoyed dog, and let it in. Then, came another knock, and this time a cloud was at the door, whom she also let in.

Finally, a third knock, and a peaceful man was let in. She knew that they would all be staying there for a time.

At my former workplace, I had a Mormon friend that liked to discuss dreams, religions, and other matters with me. I enjoyed it too, and found connections. He told me once that some of the things I was reporting from my dream-coincidences are "secret" teachings of the inner church. He was only 21, but said he was an "elder."

He reported some of his own dreams to me, and three of them were quite informative about the Trinity, as I saw it.

Response from Gary Goodman of Shechinah -

The Shechinah is the the cloud or beam of light that precedes the Lord. It is His introduction to the human race. In Old Testament times the When the Lord came to his House (temple) a cloud of light or beam of light came with and ahead of him. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Joseph Smith said concerning the Sign of The Son of Man, "Some will call it a comet and some will call it a planet." Isn't it interesting that this is exactly what we are saying. There are many other people of different religious followings that are seeing similar signs in this coming event. It strikes me as proof that so many are seeing this event as the beginning of the end.


11-28-97 - DREAM On Friday night, we were supposed to move on Saturday and we had not yet started packing. I wanted everyone to help. We were on Jackson St. in an apartment on the 1st floor, but the back door and into the yard was from my 16th house. I wanted m husband to help and I went to the back door to cal him. I called his name , "Bill". I looked out the door. He looked like, "Tim" from my UFO group. He had two male friends with him, so I knew he would have to visit with them, so I asked my 3 sons to help instead.

I went down into he basement to do laundry. There I found 3 pair of green pants to be washed. I could tell there were things in the pockets. One pocket had sand in it, one pocket had a tarnished necklace chain in it and one pocket had a good necklace chain in it. I discussed the chains with my son Michael. He said it belonged to a girl he knew.

I went out to the Jefferson St. side of the building door with my old boss Tom. He said he would pay me to put everyone's name into the computer and tell him which ones came back with the error code S18 so he could remove them from the list.

I went then out the front door onto 16th St. to see what my children were doing. My baby toddler girl was playing on the front lawn. I was worried she would run into the street but the other kids said they would watch her.

I then went back down into the basement where I saw Richard Nixon and his wife Pat and a couple other people including a boy and a girl. I was wearing an orange "power suit"' like Pat Nixon and wearing high heeled shoes. She introduced me to the boy and the girl. I think the girls name was Clare. We just said stuff like , "Hello, How are you and things like that."

This meeting had something to do with Richard Nixon's death. In a passage room, I saw my daughter's pink clothing and took it with me. I went up to the 3rd floor then where I was making arrangements for some other people to move. In one of the apartments, in a cabinet door, I could see there was a fire burning. I cold see right through the wood at the "flame"'. I was able to warn them of the fire and we all went out on the balcony through the French patio doors while the man chopped into the cabinet door to put out the flames. Then he cleared out the smoke and everyone was safe.

DREAM #2 - I wanted to go look at the new apartment and show it to two other woman who were with me. We headed for the apartment up the street in another building and I realized I didn't have the key. I was carrying a bottle of beer which I thought was the key. I also had a yellow bag which I was carrying which morphed into my ex-husband Edward. He became too heavy to carry. I put him down on the sidewalk and asked him to walk by himself. I still had the yellow bag in my hand. He was naked so I handed him the yellow bag to cover his private parts with.

I looked at the building to see if someone could let us in. All the apartments were dark except 301 where the nuns had lived. I rang the bell for 301 and a woman came to the door to let us in. At this point, I knew my master keys were in the office. In my hand now, instead of the beer bottle, I had a matchbook with one half broken "blue" head on it which was the apartment door key.

Another man came who had a "double key" which fit the side door. He had this key because he was the organist for the church which was on the 1st floor. I put the double key which was a key inserted into the end of another key and then into the lock which had a design on it like Fleur de Lis or something. The door promptly opened and we all went upstairs to the 3rd floor to apartment #304 which was to be mine. I was told that "Sandy" had gone ahead of us to prepare the apartment. (Sandy was the C.D. secretary/seer who died in 1981)

When we got to the kitchen, the refrigerator shelves were crooked and the shelves had gas jets in them. After some struggling with them and adjustments, I managed to get the grids aligned and lit the flames which were blue with the one blue broken match which the apartment door key


4-13-98 - NOTE: I had been searching on the web for information about King Arthur and the Holy Grail)

DREAM - I was in the countryside and came upon this huge cemetery which was a manmade hill. It was surrounded by posts about every 4 feet with a wall between them and dirt piled up behind the wall. On top of the wall were many, many sunflowers planted and they were all in bloom.

The dream began to show me that the posts represented hidden information and they were showing me information and every line had a highlighted word. And every highlighted word represented more hidden information if clicked on.

I then went inside the building there which was like a huge cavern and sunlight filtered into the dusty air in stream of light. There were a lot of children playing in there with red and green fly swatters. They were dropping them down off a balcony like darts in a game. Most of the flyswatters had offset grids to hit the flies with. I wanted only the red ones with straight grids. The handles were twisted spirals of metal.


7-12-98 - DREAM SCENES - (cannot remember a whole story) There was danger from flooding from a plumbing pipe. We were able to cap if off sufficiently and prevent the flood.

I had been doing laundry for other people. All I had left to do was to iron two shirts, but there was so much interference from other people, I was trying to decide whether to iron these two multicolor plaid shirts on the 1st floor where I was, or to take the ironing board and the iron to the 3rd floor where the man's HOME was. I decided I could finish the ironing on the 1st floor. I held up a shirt I had finished ironing. This one too was multicolored man't shirt. It was all water-stained below the chest level.

I was in an apartment with a woman and we were going to look at another apartment for rent. she said, "It seems awfully dark". I knew one wall was all glass windows. I told her, "That's because it's a garden apartment on the lower level." While I was waiting for her, she was in the bathroom which was down 7 steps on a lower level.

Following seeing the water stained shirt, we were standing there and a huge, horrific wind came out of the furnace grid which was on the baseboard by the floor. The grid which was brown began to shudder and flap violently and made a horrific noise and finally blew off. As it did, eons worth of dirt fell on the floor - all brown crud dust. We knew we could clean it up and everything would be fine.

I went to the store and bought myself a makeup kit. I opened it up and it was full of hundreds of colors of eyeshadow and rouge and multitudes of brushes. I was thrilled with it.

I went out on the street and met a woman on the corner whom I knew well. Instead of giving her a Christmas present, I gave her $25 in cash. She was perfectly content with that. She was waiting to catch a bus, so I crossed the street and continued on my way.

I came to a set of shelves on which Christmas presents were being stored for people until they were picked up. There was one there for me from my brother. It was wrapped in green tissue paper. When I first opened it, I thought all it contained was 3 oval bars of soap, yellow, green, and white/pink. I was very disappointed at first, but as I opened it further, I saw a makeup case and it contained hundreds of colors of eye shadow and rouge and a multitude of brushes just like I had just bought. I was thrilled to received it.

I was sitting in the house waiting for the right time to do something, thinking I needed my husband and family to do it with.

A young girl was there who had become motherless. I took her in my arms and cuddled her and comforted her.

While I sat there, my husband and two sons came home. I was dismayed to see that all three of them were injured in one way or another. My husband had a cast on his right foot, one son had no apparent injury, but I knew there was something wrong in his heart area, and the second son had a cast on the left foot. I knew then that I would have to do project myself anyway, that they would be of no help.

I was outside the house, standing in the driveway with plans to go to another state. I knew how to get there and that if I waited, a car would pick me up and take me there, and that if I went now, I would have to walk. There was a dark forest between me and main highway and there was like a red warning flag hanging on one tree, so I decided to stay where I was until a car was provided. I was VERY disappointed.


Subject: The Body

Date: Sat, 08 Aug 1998

I dreamed about the body again last night. That moldy old skeleton hanging from a hook in the closet of my mind has haunted my dreams for a long time now and has become a permanent part of my mental geography. At night during periods of lucid dreaming, I search among the possibilities of my dreams and choose, perhaps an earlier one from that night or a dream of another night waiting for completion, but always, somewhere off in the shadows is the body and always I think, "I don't want to go there. I don't want to have that dream again."

The body is old. Passed on from generation to generation. It is a secret, a scandal actually, hushed up and ignored, carefully edited out of family history but now and then a decaying vapor escapes and floats through the drawing room like a unclaimed flatus. "I didn't do it. It wasn't me."

With noses buried in perfumed handkerchiefs it is an overwhelming embarrassment, an endless sorrow, a dirty hidden sin, an unspeakable secret and a loathsome, discussing, reeking thing once remembered better forgotten. Just when everything seems to make sense. In the midst of equilibrium, when the balance rests at it's mark, a forgotten casket plunges up from the moldering earth swinging open like a forbidden book, spilling out it's contents like a heap of soiled linen and a hollow voice within cries out, "Why have you forgotten me?!!!"

John Brown's body lies a moldering in the grave But his truth keeps marching on.

A typical dream of the body is the one about the Fun House. I drive up to a large almost cubical building several stories high. It is white with weathered peeling paint and is conspicuously void of windows except for the entrance, a single door with a adjacent framed opening where you pay the price of admission. On the far side is an exit consisting of a slide. It is a fun house filled with mysteries and frightening surprises, a maze of dusty, dimly lit passageways twisting and turning , climbing and descending to many levels leading to nowhere, dead end after dead end. Here is a faded painting of a dragon lit by black light. Hear gusts of air shoot up from the floor like hissing snakes scattering the dust into swirling geysers. Scratchy recordings of screams echo in the corridors. I wander on through the labyrinth completely lost, trying this passageway and that only to finally arrive at another dead end. I am becoming annoyed. I am no longer having fun and my frustration turns to mild apprehension and finally claustrophobic fear. I feel trapped. I must get out! I must find a way out of this maze. I try one more branch.At the end is an ornate oval picture frame encircling a beautiful renaissance painting of the Madonna. The quality of the light reflecting off the canvas is luminescent, deep and translucent. The patina of the ancient empasto is permeated with a grid of infinitesimal cracks like a Japanese rakku cup.There is a moment of relief as I gaze on the compassionate face of the Virgin, when, with a sound like breaking glass, the cracked surface chrystalizes, crumbles and falls away to revel the bony face of a grinning skull. I am on the verge of kicking the slats out of the walls when I turn a corner and see. .the hole in the wall. This wall is not wooden like the others but old crumbling stone masonry. In the center is what once was some kind of portal, now sealed up with stone and mortar except for the hole which is just large enough to crawl through. On the other side is a stone staircase descending. The air is heavy and dank. I know this is not part of the maze, but I think, it may be a way out. I know I am not supposed to leave the wooden hallways but I must escape somehow. I crawl through the opening feeling my way down the stairs toward the flickering light of an oil lamp.

The stair well ends in a vaulted stone room and in the center is a raised dias on which is lying a putrifying corpse warped in decomposing swaddle, all wet and moldy, and writhe with worms. It is horrible, macabre and discussing. Shame and guilt hang like green mist in the dank air. I know I was not supposed to see this. I which I had not seen it. I wish I could forget about it but somehow there in the tomb, standing before it lying there in state, I understood that to see it and know of it was to be attached to it with a heavy chain, like a burden that must be carried and dragged throughout life every more. It's my body now. Something that can be put out of mind and forgotten but which lurks like a dark seeping shadow heaving in the periphery and tugging at your sleeve repeatedly like an abandoned child.

I dreamed I say Joe Hill last night
Alive as you and me.
I told him, "Joe, you're six years dead!"
"I never died" say's he.
I never died!" says he.

Joe went on to organize.


9-1-98 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building. I got hired by the government to spy on New York and New Jersey ET events so I had a special machine which got installed in my closet for reports to come in for those two states plus the Federal Government.

On my bedroom wall was a special TV only about ETs and other people could post messages about ETs.

No sooner did the stuff get hooked up, but people started coming in to interfere, take up my time with nonsense and take me away from my incredible TV computer which glowed green on the wall.

Also, a newspaper cartoon section began in the Sunday newspaper about ETs. I was clipping out pictures about ETs. I was clipping out pictures to use to scan into the computer, so I went home and asked my oldest son Michael if he would save his newspaper so I could collect them whole us well since mine were cut up.

Three sets of people came to visit which interfered with my getting back to my ET wall TV/computer.

Some young punk teens came...3 boys. A black boy from the group saw my secret equipment and he told the other two boys about it, but they were so caught up in talking about fast cars, they didn't get what he was saying.

Some men came over, like my Father, his brother and his son and they didn't catch on to what I was doing either. In fact, they turned off the light in the road, and were watching Star Wars movies instead of paying attention to the real thing.

A mother and her little toddler son came in and somehow he spilled green paint in big splotches on top of an orange blanket, so they had to use one of my bathrooms to try scrub the green paint out of the blanket in the bathtub.

Some other women people came then to discuss how my wringer washer worked then because they had never seen anything like it and my last visitation was by a man who wanted to tell me how to raise my pet bird. I had the bird in the bathroom where he had the most freedom I could give him outside of a cage and the man thought I should raise him in the other bathroom where he could have more red toys and rods and grids to sit on, but that's where the furnace was and I thought it was too hot.

Finally, the woman and her son were finished scrubbing on the paint on the blanket. It didn't all come out, but I looked at the other side and it didn't bleed through, so I spread the blanket out on the bed to dry and arranged it so it was folded in thirds in such a way that the paint spots didn't show, only the orange part.

Finally I got everyone out of the house so I could get back to my ET TV/computer which was still glowing green on the wall.


9-16-98 - DREAM - My husband was building an addition onto our lake cottage but all he had done was frame it in and move all the rough lumber and old school parts to the new building and nothing was inside was done, it was just laying around loosely like a storage room. School desks were laying over on their sides and walls weren't finished. I needed to go to the bathroom and there were two of them but one of the toilets was in front of a huge window with no curtains and when you turned the light on, a heater came on with it and leaked water on the floor at the same time.

To get to the other bathroom which my mother had used, you had to brush aside cobwebs and tread carefully over loosely laid grids on the floor between the desks laying on their sides.

The whole place smelled like cats had been using it to go potty in and I was hoping that once it was painted and carpeted it would cover up that smell.

Outside, there were a lot of women with their children. We were all sitting around, talking about how hard it was to raise children and not say the wrong things to them to damage their egos or feelings. We were all rather laying around on cots and I needed to get dressed for work, but there were little girls there with their mothers and it was important that I say the right things to them.

A caterer and milkman had come in to make deliveries. (The caterer had brought meat sandwiches on a platter and were drying up. A girl tasted it and didn't get sick but I thought it best to have fresh meat brought in. A lot of salt was spilled along the edge of the meat platter. I tasted it and it was very bitter.) I turned on the lights so a contract could be signed between us and him because he was bringing in new milk every day and we wanted to make sure we got the right amount.


9-18-98 - DREAM - I was in the country sitting by a barn and I started to hear what sounded like flies buzzing and I looked and blackbirds were coming up from the grass and flocking onto a trellis or grid-like structure on the side of the barn. They flapped their wings and fluttered around until they formed a big symbol like ^ then three young teens came and got on each other's shoulders and they walked into the barn like one tall person but it was 3 in 1.

NOTE: (The Trinity?) The ^ symbol is the male sign (similar to a unicorn horn). The V sign is feminine sign. Together they form an X which is the sign of the Templars, which was about the Holy Grail.

Then it seemed like the side of the barn turned into a movie screen and a musical commercial came on and all the people there were many had the faces of lions and striped tigers but were wearing like blue work clothes. Then the commercial changed into written instructions which I was trying to make out. Joe had come back home and his black car was parked behind me and I kept asking him, "What does that say?" over and over because I couldn't quite make it out. It was about writing something and I think it said something about expurging something. I couldn't see it clearly enough to know for sure.

I turned around to ask him again and Joe was gone and it sounded like he picked up his alarm clock and took it to work with him.


12-14-98 - DREAM - I lived on the East side of Milwaukee. There was a lot of junk on top of an old silver sink sitting on a diagonal on the corner. There was a lot of junk on it. Several people came by who I knew. I helped them pick out things they might need like a big can opener.

I went to my apartment, there were lots of people there. They were all in process of sorting things out. A little boy baby I was caring for needed his diapers changed. When I took off his diaper which was like see-thru plastic. There was more poop showing outside than there was inside the diaper.

My ex-husband showed up...he sat in a bathtub full of soap water in the kitchen. He looked pale and weak. He said he had contracted some kind of disease that started with the letter "M" but sounded like "Bosnia". I can't remember what it was. He said he was getting better.

He went upstairs then and I followed him but was waylaid by a little girl I was taking care of who wanted to take her toys upstairs to play with. I let her take her toys upstairs to play with. I let her take a table and some books, but I wouldn't let her take any of her red-plastic gardening tools. I told her they belonged outside.

Then my father showed up in a 1922 Model T. It needed some repairs, but it was huge and it ran perfect. I was thinking maybe he'd let me drive it. It had some rusty grid-like parts on the roof but was as big as a room in a house inside.


2-8-99 - DREAM - This is one of those counting that make me think the brain doesn't know what to do with the information so it makes up stuff that don't make sense.

I had 16 statements to make about UFOs. They had to be counted but not put into English words. So they were enumerated by counting stones on walls outside along a sidewalk, then by piling them on top of one another, and by putting them into a grid by lining them up.

Made no sense at all.


2-19-98 - VISION - I was seeing a series of silver objects which had previously been shown to me in dreams The one outstanding object was 4 square grids or screens with square holes moving along a long distance. They all had silver handles on them or posts perhaps they were.


9-30-99 -

From: "P

I had a dream that is very strange and left me having a hard time waking from it. I was sitting with a group of people and the older lady next to me was non English speaking. I noticed something beside her head. I looked closer and realized a grid was appearing. There was something on the grid that first looked like little bugs, then maybe drops of water but I never could identify what it was. I told her about it and she not only couldn't understand my words but also couldn't see what I was pointing out to her.

So I physically moved her closer to me. Then she was able to see the grid appearing. It was becoming stronger. Her husband was on the other side of the grid. I looked and saw the grid appearing all around us. I held her close to me and broke through the grid. I thought it would be like a spider web but it was very strong and I had trouble breaking out of it. We got away from it into another group of people. Then I let go of her and didn't see her again but a man, who knew all about the grid started showing me other things. He just sort of disregarded the grid that i had just broken through to get the woman out. He just acted like it was an every day thing.

He then showed me another type of grid that he was wanting to send someone in to explore. He felt they could penetrate that and explore then report back. But it was an unknown area inside that grid. I was asked to try but said no as I didn't belong there in the first place. The man said I could stay and go into the grid. Non of the others were too keen on it either although there was great interest. One little girl decided she would go. I then recognised her to be my own child that wasn't born to me. I tried to prevent her but she said she really wanted to do it and I was told that she only appeared to be a child, she really wasn't. She went in and I felt she was confronting all sorts of unknown beings and running from them but that she was also gaining many treasures. It made me feel like she had been taken from me in a sense but also with a knowing that she wasn't really mine, she belonged to the whole group. I turned and went back through the grid that I had brought the lady through. I could still hear the others on the other side of the grid, and could hear the little girl. I then heard a voice that made me believe that the little girl had been successful inside the grid.

Then I woke up. It was a very hard one to shake off and regain my faculties. I was very numb and clumsy for a bit both in thought and action.

When the Grid first appeared only I could see it. I could see it in three dimension, it was like a physical thing as I had to break through it to get the lady out. And I don't know why her and no one else. The grid appeared between her husband and her self and then was behind us both and I think then it went in front of us as well, as if to box us in. I had no worry for me but had to get her out. Then we broke out of it and with the people on the "outside" of that particular grid, they saw it as well, and knew what it was but it didn't seem to have much bearing on them. Or rather they didn't seem to give it much importance. It almost seemed as if I was one of them but not really. Kind of like a family reunion where you go and you know every one and you enjoy talking and sharing and maybe even planning family things and then you disappear and it's like they are still there but not really.

Who ever they were, they knew the grids. Those grids have meaning and the new one, that the little girl who is mine went into, is very important.



10-4-99 - DREAM - by Dee

I was working in a large office. Nobody was there at the moment I had ordered a lot of office supplies including a signature stamp of my bosses name because he was rarely there and we didn't like to wait around for him to show up to sign papers or sign things, so this dark-haired and dark skinned man with dreadlocks who worked in our office told me to order the stamp. I wasn't really expecting the stamp to arrive with the rest of the supplies because it took 3 weeks for signature stamps to get done.

There was nothing to do while I was waiting for the supplies, so I got up and went over to my bosses desk which was black and I began to straighten out a junk box he had on top of the desk. He had a lot of fingernail files in the box. I really needed those, so I was planning to help myself to one.

Just then the other women who worked in the office came in and the office supply delivery arrived at the same time. I was glad they arrived at a time it looked like I was actually working.

A maintenance repairman named Joe came in then also to get a grid he was supposed to work on. We didn't know which one was supposed to be repaired because there were 4 of them.  There were three together standing upright, leaning against the wall, and I had a 4th one standing up by another wall and I stood there with my hand on it.

Date: 12/6/98

From: Elliemiser

BCC: Dee777

In a message dated 12/6/98 S writes:

With regards to the below message... Do you have any idea as to the validity of the message? It seems a bit "doom and gloom" for Ashtar Command material... >

Azarus had addressed his post to Janisel but I felt a strong urge to respond so am doing! <smile> Butting in to toss my two cents into the pot!

To begin with, I feel the name Ashtar is the family name of Lord Ashtar's children so there could be any number of sons or daughters who will use it. Since we don't know for sure about the family tree of Lord Ashtar, we would best leave the mystery of who's who in the Ashtar group and focus on the message that is brought forth - take what feels right to our SPIRIT - not our BRAIN - and let the rest go! It is difficult for some to accept words that are harsh, blunt and seemingly not spoken in love but how can one speak lovingly while at the same time telling us the cold hard facts of what is happening to this planet that we were given dominion over, that is being destroyed by us!

I must say I find a lot of truth in the "doom and gloom" post from the AshtarCommand! And it's okay for any of you to not agree with me! I respect and honor your opinions, feelings and concerns but I expect the same consideration.

Reality is not a pleasant thing to deal with, to face, to accept - but I can understand why the niceties have been set aside and harsh truth has been presented to wake us up to the fact that this planet and its people are in dire straits and we cannot stand by and expect help from outside sources such as the fleet of ships that have done the best they can - and as much as they were allowed - to keep our poles stabilized and the energies balanced. They now have to stand back and let nature take its course. It is TIME!

That is what I have been told by my father, Haiton, so I know this to be true.

We don't like to hear about the possibility of disasters and such looming in our future but that will be a part of the changes necessary for the cleansing and repair of this planet. Meditation and prayer helps ease or soften the force to some degree but will not stop the natural course of events which have been set into motion.

I am going to address certain facts that I see as truth based on reports from all sources and areas around this planet. I am not submitting this post, response, to open debate or discussion but merely to express my own concerns and recognizing the truth in the message posted by the Ashtar Command!

I am not going to repeat the whole message but taking the points made that I see as truth!

To begin with, the message was opened and closed with statements of love! To me that should indicate the sincere concern of the message bringer!

1. The experimentation taking place off the coast of Hawaii, utilizing high decibel underwater pulsations, has greatly upset all marine life. The dolphins and whales responsible for maintaining the harmonic balance of your planetary grids are in some instances being blasted to bits by these sound waves, others are being driven to senseless frenzy and complete disorientation thus rendering them incapable of fulfilling their vital function of maintaining your planet intact.

***We cannot deny this is happening!

2. Underground and marine nuclear testing continues further weakening the tectonic plate system, unleashing a series of unnecessary earthquakes. This has contributed to the El Nino effect due to underwater volcanic eruptions; the polar caps continue to melt, split and drop off into the sea raising the sea level world wide. Volcanoes within the ring of fire are erupting in more and more areas and now threaten to go off like a string of fireworks.

***This has been discussed in several mailing lists and I'm sure we can all agree this could be a possibility!

3. The Haarp project is directing enormous amounts of energy into the earth;s atmosphere with resultant disruption within all the elements of nature including the alteration of the Human mind. Elementals of earth, wind, water, fire and ether are all wreaking havoc as your weather produces one catastrophe after another.

***Can we disagree with this? The H.A.A.R.P. project has been a hot topic of discussion for the longest time!

4. Sound, the most sacred of all the Divine attributes, is now being utilized to create sonar bombs. Thus the fundamental basis for all life, everywhere, the Divine Sound and Light of the God Source Itself is being inappropriately utilized with the evil intent of domination, control, manipulation and power at the very cost of your planetary existence.

***I don't know about sonar bombs but I can believe it could be true! And just as electricity (God given) can be used to kill or bless, so can sound, I am sure!

5. Unfortunately education has taught you to contort and confine yourselves in order to fit into the prevailing dysfunctional systems, while religion has taught you to sit by passively and await a savior coming in the clouds someday. Neither have been effective in presenting a true picture of real life nor have the Earth’s thought systems provided any real training in how to live as a truly compassionate and efficient Human being.


6. We of the Ashtar Command have been instructed to now stand by and allow events upon Earth to take their own natural course. We who have monitored, observed, maintained the balance of your poles and averted an endless series of potentially devastating  asteroids and other events from impacting your home, must now  stand aside as observers.

***This coincides with what I have been told by my father, Haiton!

7. Earth is a school of mastery in which all of the lower tendencies must come under the mastery of the Soul. Ones of Earth, however, seem more intent upon pursuing the path of disharmony and destruction.

***This seems true for the majority of us on Earth. Too many are caught up in striving for material gain, power, success - many times at the sacrifice of morals, compassion and love for fellow humans.

8. Since the dreadful second world war a great outpouring of Divine Assistance, Love and Grace has been pouring into the physical plane and yet nearly everyone continues a totally unconscious existence, oblivious to the miracles all around them.

***Small and large miracles abound but do we recognize and give thanks for them as we should? Or take them for granted!

9. For example the number one major event that has taken place in recent times is the advent of the Great Cosmic Avatar, Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The Lord Sai Baba has physically been with you in His present embodiment for 72 years, yet of the 6 billion people now inhabiting Earth, how many have taken advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to draw near to Him, to heed His message, moreover to put it into practice?

***I have heard of Sai Baba - in fact, I am sure I have read some of his messages in the beginning stages of my search for enlightenment. A great Master Teacher!

10. The World Teacher, the Lord Maitreya, has also emerged into the outerworld. This is the Master known as the Christ in Christendom. He is the long awaited Messiah expected by every world religion as well as the head of the Earth’s planetary Hierarchy. The Lord Maitreya has been openly living in the Asian community in London, England since July 19th, 1977.

***I have great respect for Lord Maitreya and great interest in his messages. I have no feeling one way or the other about his being the long awaited Messiah so I will refrain from comment. Could be true - maybe not - but I do regard him as a great Teacher!

11. While two thirds of the world’s population continue living lives amidst squalor, suffering famine, degradation and utter hopelessness, and millions more perish daily, the Great Lords of Light stand ready to provide the necessary directives and guidance but are dependent upon the facilitation of the millions of men and women  who are the world’s pledged Light workers. In order to render assistance, the Forces of Light must abide by Universal law which honors individual free will and freedom of choice.

***This is true according to my Source!

12. Their hands are bound unless they receive a direct request for their assistance and are invited and facilitated into positions where they can participate in the established social arenas created by mankind.

***True! They cannot assist without direct request and invitation!

13. Everything must be accomplished by Human hands and feet, through Human choice, Human endeavor, Human commitment, and Human awareness and freewill. Unfortunately a great chasm,  albeit illusionary, has been created between matters spiritual and mundane, so that many think of the spiritual life as an elective option instead of their very nature itself.


14. Children are not taught in school that they are Soul, here to gain experience and acquire self mastery within the material worlds.Thus they grow up becoming irresponsible adults, for they lack an understanding of karma, the inexorable law of  cause and effect. They become selfish and cold hearted because they have not been taught that they are embodiments of Divine Love with the mission of learning to become Divine co-workers and to love and serve all life upon every plane of existence.

***Amen to THAT statement! Since prayer was removed from schools, our children have become progressively more dysfunctional, unmanageable, uncontrollable, unloving, violent!

15. Religions, have been largely controlled by those with the desire to amass power and profit rather than by the truly enlightened who have had genuinely Divine experience. With no understanding of the infinite chain of existence linking all life upon all worlds and within endless universes, how can anyone appreciate the present advent of the celestial and planetary Emissaries of Great Light, Love and Wisdom...much less recognize that they are themselves part of this saving Grace with a definite role to play?

***Who can argue with that!

16. Each individual has carefully created the path of his present destiny. Each thought, word, action and life’s choice has created the place where you find yourself this day. It is time for each Lightworker to undertake a sincere life assessment and determine where they truly stand in terms of the love and service that they have embodied to express at this time.

***And NOW IS THE TIME for us to do this! Our time is growing shorter day by day in which we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of those we are in contact with!

17. The truly spiritual individual is one who has learned to accept full responsibility for everything in his life. If you want to enter the fifth dimension, live in the Golden Age and walk in Self mastery, service and love, you and you alone will determine when...and if you will stand forth and do only that!. No one and nothing is blocking you but yourself!

If you, the Lightworkers of Earth, do not stand forth now and back your innermost convictions with an outer unified effort, your world will face a very difficult entry into the new millennium, and you will experience great regret when you look back upon this time.

***Absolutely true!

18. It is only when you are able to set aside all your selfish and petty personality differences, envy and grievances, and work at your highest and finest capacity in cooperation and coordination with others, that your efforts will produce real results.

***That whole paragraph, which I will not repeat, is VERY true and important!

19. The time allotted for awakening and activation has been completed and those being born from now on are the builders, leaders, movers and shakers of the future....unfettered by the misconceptions of the past. The time for indulging in endless hours of emotional and mental processing, Spiritual claim making, promotion and self aggrandizement has come to an end.

***I pray this is true!

20. The time of attempting to escape from life on planet Earth by various fanciful and dubious means has come to a close. The time for pointing the finger of blame at everyone but one’s self for the condition of one’s life is no more. The ceaseless prattle about being Christs, ascended Masters and I Am Presences must give way to the more practical and dire need to at least begin to be caring and kind Human beings.

***YES! Please pay attention to the last line of that item!

21. Life must be lived to the full wherever you find yourselves, with what ever resources, in which ever conditions you have created for yourselves. You can be a source of inspiration and upliftment to others no matter what your condition... as your real life Superman, Christopher Reeves has so eloquently demonstrated. No matter how difficult you may perceive your state to be there is always some one else in an even worse condition.

***How TRUE! Live your life to its fullest NOW! Enjoy NOW! Make each moment count! And don't forget to give God the praise and glory for all our many blessings! Daily!

And he closes with:

<<With my Heart’s Love I enfold you, urging each one of you to offer your purest love into the ethers of your world.>>

Now where is the doom and gloom in all the above! It is TRUTH!

It is an excellent WAKE UP CALL to all on this planet! Time IS growing short! Wake up, people, to the sad state of affairs on this lovely planet and take action - take responsibility for helping us make our ascension as pleasant and joyful as possible!

Let's get busy doing what we are here to do!

Blessings & my sincere love to all my brothers and sisters in Spirit!



Date: 98-01-11
From: JMason4557

BCC: Dee777

Hi all -

Dreams and various other things have led me to the theory that many of the fearful predictions are primarily symbolic. A number of clues suggest that the major stresses are behind us, such as the World Wars.

My way is to read the predictions with dream symbolism in mind, and attempt to find another meaning. This does seem to work, and indications are that the destruction and stresses have an overall positive meaning. I do think that there are will be destructive events, but they are more localized and less massive than suggested in the predictions. The events themselves also carry symbolism.

Sometimes prophesies or channeled material will fit VERY well symbolically with the material I have collected, yet the meaning seems different to me than to the prophet or channeler. For example, the Solar 11:11 Doorway material fits with many things, yet my dream-coincidence material suggests the real meaning is related to Revelation 11:11, and humanity's leap to the heart level of consciousness evolution.

Solara teaches that the Doorway opened in the belt of Orion, and that people will go through it, and find another, Greater Sun. She did read my 11:11 article and said it was not in conflict with her teachings.

The most interesting thing I found on the Pole Shift page was this -


Predictions made by Edgar Cayce

Our planet is undergoing cataclysmic changes that have been predicted in the past. . . Edgar Cayce, perhaps the 20th century's greatest psychic predicted a series of earth changes many of which have occured, many of which have not.

To this question posed during a reading in 1936. Q-9. What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the earth in the year 2000 to 2001 A.D.?

Edgar Cayce responded:

A-9 When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins. 826-8, August 11, 1936

From: Edgar Cayce (Biography) reading on August 11, 1936; 826-8, quote used in: Enter Darkness : Enter Light the video.


To me, the interesting thing is the date August 11. Since 1990, August 11 has been an important date in the crop circle story. A woman in England had a letter posted in a journal on that date in which she made the comment that the crop circle patterns were getting so complex, one wondered when the Mandelbrot Set would appear as a crop formation. Well, it appeared EXACTLY one year later, August 11, 1991.

In the following years other important crop circle patterns appeared on that date, such as the Spider Web formation in 1994, and the Oliver's Castle Snowflake in 1996, which was captured on video being formed as two balls of light flew over the field.

There was an article a few years ago in a crop circle journal of a strange story involving a murder and the appearance of circle in grass at 28-year intervals, each on August 11.

In late 1993, a voice in my dream said, "The Merkabah will not come for another five years." I remembered seeing the word in "The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch," but I did not know the meaning. According to the book, it is an invisible energy field coming to earth that will have the ability "to speak" to people. It is "The Vehicle of Vehicles," and associated with Ezekiel's vision of the Four Living Creatures with the Four Wheels, also mentioned in Revelation.

I read elsewhere that "Merkabah" is a Kabbalistic term meaning "four-wheeled chariot." According to scholars, such as Joseph Campbell, Ezekiel's vision is related to symbolism known to prior civilizations in the ancient Sumarian area. The Four Living Creatures are related to zodiac signs (lion = Leo, ox = Taurus, eagle [now a scorpion] = Scorpio, and man = Aquarius). These were the positions of the soltices and equinoxes during the age of Taurus.

In 1994, I read "Millennium Prophecies," by A. T. Mann. On page 111 he tells of the solar eclipse that will appear over England on August 11, 1999. Around that time the planets will be aligned in a "Grand Cross" pointing to Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. He points out the Ezekiel/Revelation connection.

Later, the eclipse was mentioned in an article in a crop circle journal. The writer said that it was expected to start at 11:11 a. m. EXACTLY, and suggested that we might want to take another look at the Solara 11:11 material.

Just recently I found another possible connection to August 11 in "Mayan Prophesies."

It is also covered at this site - Why 2012?

Here are some pastes from the article -



by John Major Jenkins

May 23rd, 1994

Originally published in the Dec-Jan '95 issue of Mountain Astrologer.

Why did the ancient Mayan or pre-Maya choose December 21st, 2012 A.D., as the end of their Long Count calendar? This article will cover some recent research. Scholars have known for decades that the 13-baktun cycle of the Mayan "Long Count" system of timekeeping was set to end precisely on a winter solstice, and that this system was put in place some 2300 years ago. This amazing fact - that ancient Mesoameri- can skywatchers were able to pinpoint a winter solstice far off into the future - has not been dealt with by Mayanists. And why did they choose the year 2012? One immediately gets the impression that there is a very strange mystery to be confronted here. I will be building upon a clue to this mystery reported by epigrapher Linda Schele in Maya Cosmos (1994). This article is the natural culmination of the research relating to the Mayan Long Count and the precession of the equinoxes that I explored in my recent book Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies (Borderlands Science and Research Foundation, 1994).

The Mayan Long Count (snip)

But how are we to relate this to a time frame we can understand? How does this Long Count relate to our Gregorian calendar? This problem of correlating Mayan time with "western" time has occupied Mayan scholars since the beginning. The standard question to answer became: what does (the Long Count "beginning" point) equal in the Gregorian calendar? When this question is answered, archeological inscriptions can be put into their proper historical context and the end date of the 13-baktun cycle can be calculated. After years of considering data from varied fields such as astronomy, ethnography, archeology and iconography, J. Eric S. Thompson determined that correponded to the Julian date 584283, which equals August 11th, 3114 B.C. in our Gregorian calendar. This means that the end date of, some 5125 years later, is December 21st, 2012 A.D.1


Now tell me, could all these August 11 dates be just meaningless "coincidence?" I think not.

Was Edgar Cayce entirely wrong in his pole shift prediction for August 11, 1936? Or could it carry symbolism? I have a few ideas about the date and the numbers, but nothing firm. For example, August 11 could suggest 8 x 11 = 88, which is a significant number. Several people have dreamed of it. One man was given the number by the Archangel Michael in a dream. (hint - 88 x 60 = 5280, (mile in feet) and 88 x 360 = 31680 (six miles in feet, the square footage of the circles in the Barbury Castle formation of 1991, and a distance around The New Jerusalem and 3168 =Gematrian for "Lord Jesus Christ").

The eclipse in 1999 is exactly 63 years from Cayce's predicted pole shift date. Any ideas about 63 out there? Perhaps it's a backward 36.

The "Grid" crop formation of 1997 may be related to the Mayan numbers. See -


and -


There's a page of links to 2012 material at -


If any of you have insights about the possible meaning of all this, I would appreciate hearing it.


Joe Mason


Subj: Thanks From Joe & Dee, and "The Code"
Date: 98-02-17
From: JMason4557
To: mayan@azstarnet.com
BCC: Dee777

In a message dated 98-02-17 05:05:16 EST, you write:

<< Subj: Re: Dreams of the Great Earth Changes
From: mayan@azstarnet.com (Chris & Linda Hatfield)

Thanks so much for your above heartfelt letter to José and Lloydine.>> (snip)


Dear Linda,

Thank you. I am looking at the Earth Ascending site now. It's wonderful!

The world grid of ancients sites is of much interest to us. We are just starting to work on putting up some pages about Carl Munck's work. Several people who are close to Carl are helping. Carl has found "The Code," showing that the ancient sites were very accurately positioned, and that the coordinates are in the geometry of the structures. The numbers involved relate to the circle, such as pi and the radian, and to the ancient numbering system called Gematria (basically multiples of 36).

Shaman Hannah, who taught Carl about Gematria is working with us.

You can find some information about it at these sites:



James Furia is also working closely with us. He has found the "musical" connections to the system: He also has some work at the Laura Lee site:


We are VERY excited about this work. There are soooo many connections, such as the Bible and crop circle formations. Interesting too, is that the numbers sometimes appear in dreams.

We will keep in touch.

Best wishes,

Joe Mason


From: Milamo

To: Dee777,

On second thought, I realize 1.63 is only 0.01 away from 1.62 ..... and 1.62 is a decimal harmonic of Bruce Cathie's 162,000 nautical miles per second for 'theoretical maximum' light speed.

1.62 is also a Caballistic code number for "Light", according to an article by Richard Leviton in a book edited by David Hatcher Childress ... the book's title is "Anti-Gravity and the World Grid".

Dee's dream could be hinting at the idea that 'speed of light' does not have to be a limiting factor in space travel (what about time travel ?) ... because 1.63 is symbolically 'going beyond' the 1.62 figure. The 1.63 is "one-upping" the 1.62 ...showing that 'speed-of-light' does not have to be a "limit".

Hi Michael:

I could ego-trip on this one. Without your wisdom and knowledge, I would never have known of this "light" code. thanks!


The Dream:

2-14-98 - DREAM - I was living in the city. My husband wanted me to go to the store with him. We actually got through and I said I needed to go to the bathroom first before we went up and down the aisles to pick out the food.

But, when we pulled up to the store, I found out my test score for something electronic. My score was 1.63. had something belonged to my boss and I had to take it upstairs before I shopped. I excused myself and took the electronic object upstairs. As soon as I got there, the phone rang, and Laura (An ex-co-worker) was expecting me to start working right then. I didn't even know I was scheduled. had to put her off for 5 minutes, so I could go back downstairs and tell my husband I had to work.

When I got downstairs, I heard some co-workers say they were going to interview S. B. for the Manager's job. I blurted out. "Oh! S.B.? I know him. (He has preceded me in one job and got fired and I replaced him. In the next job where I was Manager, he was hired to manage another building for the same company) They wanted to ask me what I knew about him. But I had to go upstairs and work, so I went back upstairs.

In the hallway, outside my door, numerous people were sitting on the floor gambling and playing card games. Right up against my door, they had piled garbage which I had to help someone move before I could in the door. The door was glass rather than wood. I just barely got inside my door and my bosses showed up and walked right in. I had no privacy at all.


Lines in the sky (the astral nature of stars)
Posted by D.W. on July 01, 1997

Background: Since last year my third eye has grown more active. This means that I can see auras and sometimes spirit creatures. But there are more things that I see sometimes. (Many will relate these to hallucinations.) My third eye is mostly active when I just wake up, or when I have my eyes closed (I can actually feel its vibrations.)

The lines on the moon: Last winter during full moon, I woke up and saw something strange in the sky: a set of circles making a sphere. As I watched it for a few seconds, the moon appeared and saw the bright moon exactly filling in the sphere. Then I closed my eyes for a second and opened them: again I saw the circles around the moon. (afterwards: i found it look a bit like the earth's energy grid)

The lines in the Sky: (I think astrologists will love this) I woke up and looked at the starry sky and saw that some stars had strings (of light) attached to them, and those strings were pointing towards other stars without strings.

A bit like:

\ /

\ /




I have seen this twice already, and the second time the lines were longer and closer to the other stars. (Now these lines could even be attached to the other stars, but I've not seen any recently).

Spirals, figures, and lines: Amazed by my findings, I have been looking at the sky with different "eyes". If I look at the sky I see stars making spirals, triangles, lines as if they make a grid of which we can only see a fragment. I have sometimes tried to generate star patterns on the computer by random numbers and have always failed to get even near. Also do I not see a way how these patterns can be created by common astronomic structures.

Now I think there may be a better way, but it could be far beyond our common understanding.

•Reality Revised


Date: 04/05/1999
From: JMason4557@aol.com
To: earthchanges@yahoogroups.com

From: JMason4557@aol.com

Dear EarthChangers,

Dee sent Janice L.'s dream to me on March 15. A part of the dream is strikingly similar to Doug's "Vision 11:11" dream. In both dreams, the dreamer's arm lifts up, the index finger points to a person, and an awesomely strange message is spoken from their mouth. The arm drops down, and they are overwhelmed with emotion. It is as if a higher being has spoken and acted through them.

Here's the excerpt from Doug's vision/dream:
As the man raised a pen or pencil to write or sign a paper that was laying on the podium, a bright white light came down from the sky and covered the entire left side of my body. It was warm and inviting and in it was the strength I needed to make a stance. My right arm immediately raised and I pointed my index finger towards the prominent man at the podium. These are the exact words that I uttered directly to him.

"I told you in my word, you felt me in your spirit, behold I show you my return." (I still get goose bumps everytime I repeat that quote)

Then my arm fell to my side. I quickly glanced to my left again and saw the man being held drop to his knees. Then the light went away, the vision stopped and I woke up screaming, half in tears yelling to my wife did you see it?, did you see the light?, it came right thru the window!

It was a vision I told her. I looked at the digital clock and it read 11:11pm. I was so upset with what had happened that I couldn't go back to sleep.
[end of excerpt]

Doug's dream/vision is here:

THE VISION - 11:11

This is the e-mail from Janice L.:
Subj: A Dream?
Date: 99-03-15 12:14:56 EST
From: R_____
To: JMason4557, Dee777

Feb 1997

I was setting cross legged leaning up against a wall in a bare room. In the background was a radio with a man talking about jobs available, he said fire station 32 needed a driver with training in rescue. I said out loud, I can do that and have the courage to do so. I could see no one else in the room.

Suddenly there was a sound of a knock on the door in the upper left corner of  the room, and then it opened, at this same time the wall in front of me became transparent, there was a stair case and I seen a woman running down, when she got to the bottom where the door was, she looked at me and said “there is no one there.” This was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, her skin was without blemish and smooth looking as cream, her eyes was a wonderful shade of green, her hair long dark and wavy.

As she turned to approach me, I felt my arm begin to lift and my index finger point to the woman, and a voice came from deep within. I tried to pull my arm down and stafle the
words I was hearing, not in my voice but that of a authoritative man, to no avail. The woman stopped, she was stunned, I had no control over what was happening.

The voice said, “I saith the Lord, love one another,
be kind one to another......
I love thee.”

My arm dropped, and I felt a relaxed tingling sensation and began to cry. The woman came over to where I was and sat down, and said, “we must seek higher authority.” I smiled at her and knew then that the higher authority had just spoken. At the next moment, the door closed and there was a feeling of warmth, peace and love in the room.

I woke up with my husband jolting out of bed saying someone was in the house that he heard a door shut. I felt chilled yet calm. We went down stairs, all the doors were secured and locked, no sign of anything or anyone. There was a flicker of fire still in the fireplace.

I felt weak and sat down on the end of the couch, my husband across from me in a chair. I had begun to cry, and he ask, “why are you crying, what were you dreaming, right before I heard the sound of the door, you had woke me up talking, Janice it was not your voice, it was a man and in a language I have not ever heard. I tried to wake you but you would not respond, girl it was scary, you scared me......”

As I wept and told him my dream, I felt arms wrap around my shoulders and a small deep voice say. “Its all right, I love thee, tell everyone your dream.”

To this day I can still feel His arms and hear His voice.........

Janice L.
Part of this dream reminds me of a dream voice message I received around 1990: "Theothority over the authorities."

The message to love one another is not new, of course, but I feel that it has more significance than most people realize. I received a message in 1982 in answer to the question, "How can I contribute to the great changes?" The response:

"Love is the answer; it radiates, you know."

It is easy to understand how the love/forgiveness principle can cut through the knot of negative conflicts, which become never-ending circles or descending spirals. But, I agree with Little Tree's grandmother. You cannot love someone unless you understand them first. So, for me, the first step is to listen to each person's views, and the reasons they think their thoughts and actions are right. Walk a mile in their moccasins. Attempt to understand the logic, which is sometimes within the illogic. In this way, I can come to some understanding of the person's position, and this helps me to forgive negative actions, without condoning them. Angry, violent people who violate others, then, no longer spark the same reaction from me (when I am at my best). They are simply my lost brothers and sisters, and are learning-evolving in their own way.

Many messages say that we are the creators or co-creators of the reality. Our thoughts and emotions contribute to individual and mass events. It is as if the thoughts and emotions become force fields, around which atoms and molecules coalesce, very literally creating objects and events. Dreams seem to show humanity as a child or children, sometimes in school or in a hospital. Often, the symbolism of being underground or under (or swimming
in) water appears in dreams. I believe such symbols are one of the ways we are being told that mankind is an "unconscious co-creator," that is, our deep beliefs and emotions are part of the co-creation process. Events seem accidental, and we speak of good luck, bad luck, or fate; not realizing that we are helping to create the events via the beliefs and emotions hidden away "under the surface" of our minds.

The idea seems to be expressed in Dali's dream painting -  Animated Still Life

On the left, a hand holds a horn (antenna) toward the sea (unconscious). Water (individual unconscious/emotions) from the crystal bottle becomes a force field of energy creating a plastic-like vase. The "real," visible vase is near the plastic one. The pattern on the right of the table, indicates the energy pattern that underlies the "real" tablecloth on the left.

About eight years ago, I had a dream where I was on a ladder, trying to climb up to the big, round water tank at the top. An extremely strong gravitational force pulled against me. I knew that if I lifted my foot or released the grip of one hand, I would fall. A powerful emotion came into me, a will to overcome the gravity, and climb on up to the water tank.
Gathering every ounce of my power, I hopped up one rung. I woke up exhausted.

I remembered reading that gravity was the only one of the four forces that is "additive." The other three, although much more powerful, have plus and minus polarities, which tend to cancel out. If the electromagnetic force on our planet was out of balance by something like a trillion trillionth, the moon would be pushed away from the earth. But, the gravitational force has no polarity, and therefore is "additive," constantly building up power as matter collects together. It becomes so powerful, the movement of groups of
galaxies are effected. Scientists do no know how much matter is within the universe, because most of it is "dark matter," and is difficult to detect. The study of this is considered important, because, if there is enough matter, the universe will eventually collapse back inward to a single point, causing another "Big Bang" creation. This is the "oscillating universe" theory. Now, that's power!

Don't worry, they say it won't happen for billions of years. I tend to see it as part of the maya/illusion of our space-time reality, which is being created each moment from the Eternal Now.

I could see how gravity could symbolize the influence of the consciousness gestalt. Each person is like an atom who can attract and collect with others via a belief or similarity in their consciousness. Later, I realized that the Salmon could symbolize life's spiritual quest, as the little fish must swim upstream, even leaping up waterfalls - defying gravity, in his journey home. We are in the Age of Pisces, the fish, of course.

One of Jimi's dreams seemed to indicate the same idea in terms of "voting." Our individual votes do not account for much, but they do, like gravity, add up.

Spiders and weaving, I believe, are related symbols. The Nordic, Yggdrasil Tree  (SEE GRAPHIC AT TOP OF THIS PAGE)
has the three Norns of Fate (past, present, future) spinning and weaving at the root of the tree. Snakes and a dragon are at other roots of the Tree. Four stags nibble off all the young buds of the foliage, and become the four winds, creating the sweeping winds upon the earthly lands.

I read a myth about Marduke that seems fitting. He chased down the Storm Bird, Zu, who had stolen the tablets with the fates of men, and retrieved them. A storm seems to indicate the emotion of anger or fury. My dream-coincidences led me to draw the eight-pointed star, which I call the Unity of Hearts, as I found that the star can be created by placing eight
heart-shapes together. It represents unified mankind in the future. Along the way, I found that this star was one of Bel Marduke's symbols, and also of Apollo and Horus. All can be considered the Son/Sun of a Trinity, along with the Father and Mother. The "Son" is more like a "Child," with male and female attributes.

Yet another related symbol, I believe, is the lion, which is associated with being "King," and having "royal power." I'll save that one for another post, as it is rather a long story.

In re-reading Doug's Vision today, I noted this comment that he added:

Here's another tid bit... in my last message I ran the dates and relations up to 1/11. Don't know how the following fits in yet but 2/11 is my long lost uncle's birthday. He has been lost since September 1943. He was a merchant marine and the last know sign off of a ship was in Philadelphia around the time... you guessed it the so called USS Eldridge issue.
Part of my article about the solar eclipse (http://www.greatdreams.com/eclipse.htm) speaks of the many coincidences involving 11:11, with the suggestion that the 11:11 a.m. timing may be related. In January, I added this to the article:
Crowley and the Philadelphia/Montauk-Project Connection

Note added January 23, 1999: Dee forwarded this e-mail from Gereon Kraemer
on January 10th:

Hi Dee

Examining the coincidences of the Solar Eclipse 1999 event for a long time now, I request your suggestions about a recently discovered concern: In the book "Pyramids of Montauk, Explorations in Consciousness" the authors describe an event reported by a man named Amado Crowley (who claims to be a son of Aleister Crowley):

Aleister Crowley conducted a ritual at August 12, 1943 (the date of the historic Philadelphia/Montauk-Project) at a stonecircle in Lands End, Cornwall, called "Men-An-Tol"
. The ritual should produce a line of "rough water" between this point and Montauk-Point/Long Island across the Atlantic Ocean.

(If you don't possess the book look at:

I've visited this Men-An-Tol last year on a journey through South England. Indeed there stands a stone with a hole (called "quoit") where you can crawl through. The point is that the path of the eclipse is exactly this line across the Atlantic Ocean:

It starts at +41.04° north / -64.58° west in the Atlantic Ocean some 300 miles east of Long Island (exactly the very same latitude of Montauk Point which is precise +41.04° north). It than "climbs up" across the Atlantic Ocean to +50.10° north / -6° west (that is the peak of the curve at Lands End, Cornwall, 11:11 MET). I.e., the eclipse describes a curve: first
climbing up with its peak at Cornwall, than descending through France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Black Sea, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and finally India - ending in the Bay of Bengal at +17.35° north / +87.09° east (that is approx. the longitude of Mount Everest).

Why have the Sun and Moon the urge to climb up together in a cosmic marriage this path? How and why could Crowley anticipate this 56 years before in a magic ritual and what has he done with it? Has he put a message in the earthgrid in expectancy of to be awoken by the eclipse 56 years later?

Any ideas/suggestions?

Expectant GeReOn

In searching for "Men-An-Tol" just now, I found a very interesting article about a spiritual journey to Cornwall, which includes an event at Men-An-Tol:

Bethlehem, Nazareth, Emmanus...., by Rev. David E. Bumbaugh
http://www.uc.summit.nj.uua.org/Sermons/DEB/930919.html (this link no longer works)

This is the home organization. http://www.uua.org/
[end of paste]
I'll add Doug's uncle to the "coincidence" list, a very long list indeed. http://www.greatdreams.com/11coin.htm


Joe Mason

The Trinity by Joe Mason - 1991

The Trinity is a common link to almost everything we are seeing, I do think. For example, the activity at Giza involves the Trinity of Osiris/Isis/Horus. The Apollo moon landings were precicely timed so that the belt of Orion or the star Sirius were aligned at the horizon or at 19.5 degrees, the tetrahedral point found by Richard Hoagland's team in the geometry/mathematics of Mars. Those stars, of course, represented the Osiris and Isis. Hoagland also shows how the Mars monuments connect to the Giza monuments, and to the Barbury Castle pictogram. Also, an overlay of the Cydonia region of Mars, matches point-for-point with the ancient sites in the Wessex triangle.

The message of the Trinity is VERY powerful in dreams. It is not recognized because the symbols are often one's own father and mother in the dreams, or the like. Other times it is one's supervisors from work, or something similar. There is a definite pattern that I have been documenting for about six years. The forms of it match best with H.P. Blavatsky's explanations in "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2.

A few days ago, I found another great connection in the quatrains of Nostradamus. It is in Century 4, Quatrains 28-33. This concerns the theories of alchemists about the sun (sulfer), the moon (salt), and Mercury (quicksilver). The glyphs on the corners of the triangle of Barbury are said to parallel these alchemical signs.

Their work involved the attempt to transmuting elements, such as lead into gold, and finding a substance that gave eternal life. This became centered on cinnabar, the Hell Fire Stone, which is the ore of mercury, sulfuric sulfide.

I believe it is symbolic of reaching the Trinity level of the Christ-Self, and eternal life. Nostradamus also said in C10, Q74 - "The year of the great seventh number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves." (this seems to be a metaphor about the death/rebirth of changing, transforming).

There were six steps on the ratchet/Mercury spiral of Barbury. The angle from the center of the triangle to the southwest corner was at 120 degrees. From that point to the center of the ratchet, it was 108 degrees, a mythical/Gematrian number. 120 is a tetrahedral point. 120 x 108 = 12,960, six raised to the fourth power times ten, and half the precession number. Divided by the six arcs, it is 2,160, six to the third times ten, and the number of years in one Zodiac Age.

There was an additional clue in the date the pattern appeared, July 17, 1991. Read Genesis 8:4, where the Ark landed on the 17th day of the 7th month. Blavatsky tells how the Patriarchs represent Zodiac signs. For example, Judah is Leo. In Genesis 49:9, he is called a lion's welp, and he stoops down like a lion and lioness. (i. e., like a Sphinx). Noah is Piscies. These are strong clues that our Age is coming to an end, and Aquarius is near. (if not already begun). The Sphinx may well represent the same thing, that is, the Ages from Leo through Piscies, and the beginning of Aquarius.

About six months after I realized the number connection in Barbury, a man at work told me a dream. He was in an airliner driven on a highway by a water treatment plant operator named, Andy. There was a detour because of construction. Then, he was with his boss, an engineer, and a woman. They were planning to install a new transformer at the water treatment plant, under a grill. The woman wispered something into the engineer's ear.

This is a form of the Trinity, I have found a number of times in dreams. It is the Triple Male Trinity with the combined consorts as the single feminine Deity, or First Power. Together, the make the Perfect Four. The (real life) boss's name in this dream translates to "the guardian of knowledge).

I asked if the dreamer knew which highway he was on. He said, yes, it was the highway that runs from Oakdale (California, about 20 miles from his home), toward Yosemite. That section of highway is where highways 120 and 108 RUN TOGETHER!


1995 - Steve sent a dream.  He was in a large house with other people, when a big crystal came from under the ground, up through the house. Everyone ran outside in fright, and they came to a ditch with a cliff. Steve got there first, and the other people helped him to climb to the top. He tied a rope to a tree, and tossed it down to the others, so they could pull themselves up. They saw a forest. Two crystals were moving under the ground at a 90 degree angle, coming right toward them. Dowsers say that the grid lines are related to naturally sited underground quartz. They also say that the energy has been growing stronger.

5-9-03 - DREAM- I was in a huge non-place room where a meetinghad been called. I was with a man named David D, who I used to work with at A-C. I'm missing some detials ehre I think, but something needed to be repaired.

I was shown the female pattern for the repair. It looked like this.

Then I was shown the male pattern for the repair. It looked like this:

Then I was shown there was only one female patch and it was inside a jar of some kind of crystalline fluid, swirling in a circle. It seemed that an angel would use it.

Then I was shown 25 of the male patches, but they were held up like shields and all of a sudden all these men were on horses and the men and horses became crystalline - all lined up in a row like warriors.

David said that he didn't feel right about something about his job, so I advised him, "If something doesn't feel right, the best thing to do is to go forward and move on."

It was time to leave then and we crawled over a counter-like barrier in the doorway - out into a dimly lit hallway where some teen girls were walking by.

One of them ased, "Who are you?" and I answered, "ME". She said, "Who is ME?" and I answered by pointing at myself , "ME!"




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Roleplayer #25, August 1991 Laying It On The Line Ley Lines: An Alternate System of Magic by Tim Keating Ley lines, also called force lines or mana lines, are invisible power lines that conduct magical energy. In a world where ley lines are common, much of the land is magically barren.

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Some of the keywords are of recent coinage and others are of ambiguous meaning. In discussing the subject, it has become apparent that the use of words like 'ley lines' can brand one as a nut in some archaeological circles,

Ley Lines/Earth Energy Lines The term 'ley lines' was coined by Alfred Watkins when explaining his theory that ancient sites around Britain had actually been constructed or formed giving alignments between and across the inhabited landscape of Britain.

Using Thought-forms Concentrated human thought directed at a positive result is a powerful force.

http://luckymojo.com/bibliou.html Bibliography:
U Underwood, Guy The Pattern of the Past Abacus 1972 Keywords: natural sacred sites, megaliths, mounds, petroglyphs, houses of worship, funerary-cemetery-burial sites, archaeoastronomical observatories, symbolic landscaping, ley lines, religious iconography, freemasonic symbolism...

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The stone circles of Dartmoor South West England has many ancient stone circles, standing stones, and stone rows. On the open moorland of Dartmoor many have survived relatively undisturbed. That they form systems of alignments - known as ley lines - is not widely known.

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