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This first dream was more of a vision than a dream.

I was standing outside somewhere and there was a large ice machine in front of me that was just being turned on.  The machine was like a long thin truck that could go from place to place, and alongside the vehicle on the back end were nozzle like protrusions facing towards the back of the vehicle and as I watched, shaved ice started coming out of these nozzles and at first, this ice just stuck onto the vehicle but as the vehicle go coated, the ice began to fall to the ground and I knew that the vehicle was capable of icing up any road or place that it went.

DREAM 2.   I was with my sister somewhere and we were walking outside in the dark cool air of the evening.

It seemed we were just enjoying each other's company, perhaps going to the book store or library - not going partying or shopping though we might stop for a snack somewhere before going home.

I noticed that there was a tall dark swarthy skinned man following us where we were going.  He was carrying a black book that resembled a Bible though I can't say for sure that's what it was. 

At first it seemed interesting that he might like one of us and that's why he was following us, but then he seemed to creep me out because he never said anything - he was just there every time I looked in any direction.

I didn't want to speak to him but I had to know what he wanted with us, so I finally confronted him and asked him who he was.

He didn't giv3e me a name.  He just said, "Oh !  I'm just going out to buy an ice machine and in my mind's eye, I remembered seeing the ice machine shooting out the frozen shaved ice and I knew that a bad winter was coming if not worse.


While working on another project, I came across this dream from earlier in the year:

The doctors left for work then, and I went back into the house to get ready to go to the doctor, and when I left the house, without making an appointment, a man was driving me (perhaps my husband) and we drove down to Lake Drive in Milwaukee, and when we got there, near the harbor, we thought we were looking at a huge storm cloud coming in off the lake.

As we looked at this nasty looking dark cloud, we realized it was actually a wave of ice and snow that had blown up in a storm, and all that ice and snow was hanging over, ready to fall back down into the lake.

As we watched, half of the ice wall fell into the lake, and someone said, "That's just how It was in 1768."  The noise was immense as the ice andd snow fell into the water, it a crescendo of sound that sounded almost musical like a full blown orchestra would play.

Just then, our daughter-in-law Loran came along and we told her about it, so she grabbed her camera and took a picture of the smaller piece of ice and snow was still there, but she missed the towering cloud of ice and snow that had once been looming over the harbor.


a story from 1768

When Coleridge wrote The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, accounts of the daring sea voyages of the British explorer Captain James Cook (1728-1779) had caught the public's fancy. Cook had made three exploratory voyages in the Pacific between 1768 and 1779, traveling as far north as the Bering Strait (between Alaska and Russia) and as far south as the ice fields of Antarctica. One of his crewmen, astronomer William Wales, later taught mathematics to Coleridge at Christ's Hospital School in London after Coleridge enrolled upon the death of his father in 1781. Australian Bernard Smith maintains that Coleridge likely used a journal kept by Wales as a source of information for The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, according to Bill Whelen, author of Captain Cook's Navigator and Coleridge's Poem: William Wales, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' (Dunedin, New Zealand: University of Otago

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Cook had made three exploratory voyages in the Pacific between 1768 and 1779, ... (A pilot is an official who guides ships into and out of a harbor.) .... ship farther south as it passed through mist and snow to a land of ice, Antarctica. ..... The western wave was all a-flame (line 171) Wave refers to the ocean. ... -





by Dee Finney

updated 3-3-2008

12-16-99 - Early this morning, I had a series of visions about Canada. The first one was of a map of Canada. A brilliant blue color started at the North Pole and flooded down through almost all of Canada. It did not come all the way to the United States border however.

The second vision was a newspaper front page. A huge headline said merely CANADA in huge letters. Below that there were numerous articles about Canada. There was a blank space in each article headline which means these things have not happened yet but are going to.

After I got up, I went to the television to a weather station and looked at the Canadian weather... brrrr. It's already below zero in many areas of Canada. However, I was looking for the color blue that matched my vision. It was the 20 degree range. Not bad for winter... but what if it means summer? Nothing could grow at that temperature.

However, I decided that I didn't have enough information to get worried about ... YET!!! So, I went back to bed to meditate on Canada again and see if I could get more details. See the next section.

12-15-99 - VISIONS ABOUT CANADA - I saw numerous small events which I couldn't read. These were all handwritten on both sides of 3 x 5 cards. I heard a voice which said that the economics of Canada would not be good, that mail would not get to where it belongs, and that many businesses are going to be affected. This was indicated by several business sized envelopes with big black marks drawn across the addresses as undeliverable. I was told that a plane crash could occur because of delays. Then I was told that Canada would be divided somehow into three parts... the Native third, the American third, and the 'longhairs'. I was then shown to look at my older prophecies specifically from 1991 and 1992 which I will provide in the next section. The last vision was of three streetcars... a blue one on the left, a smaller yellow one on the right... and a medium sized yellow one tried to squeeze between them and damaged both of the others. (This might refer to the country being divided into thirds)

3-3-08 - DREAM/VISION - I was in a kitchen with Whitley Strieber and his wife Anne. They were sitting at the kitchen table talking to each other. (I don't know if I was actually there or just observing them from a spirit point of view as I didn't say anything to either one.

Whitley was lamenting to Anne how that every time he said something, the ETs made it happen.

Note that Whitley and Art Bell wrote the book, "The Coming Global Superstorm," which was made into the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" . I have heard them talk about this factor on several radio shows.

Right after Whitley said this, I had a vision similar to the one I had in 1999 where the sheet of ice came down through Canada but stayed above the United States border. This time, the sheet of ice came down further all the way into the United States as far as Oklahoma in an arch. Fortunately, the coastal states were spared on both sides.

I have to ask, "Are the ETs doing it because Whitley said it, or is it that Whitley gets his information the same way I do, the pictures and ideas are implanted into Whitley's head just like they are into mine.

Older Canadian Prophecies -

12-18-89 - MEDITATION - (This was channeled from Master Marcus) "The object expected in 1997 will not cause the Pole Shift per se, but will cause a chain of events that will lead to the Pole Shift that will occur beginning in 1990 that will take several years." (The 1997 object was Hale Bopp Comet)

"As you know, the pole has shifted many times before, but it has been a gradual process of the continents movements over the face of the earth. This has not happened without violence. The land masses quake and quiver and mankind does not tolerate disequilibrium of it's senses and does not have the capability of building to withstand the violence of the earth tremors', nor the emotional or mental capacity to deal with the aftermath of particular violent episodes. Many there will be who will survive these events who will wish they had not. The earth and mankind will be shaken along many faces and many will not be able to deal with its effects. It will cause upheavals long many faces, not only the aforementioned but in religion, politics, economics, and philosophical thought."


1-29-90 - DREAM - Edward (my ex-husband) came home. He was real nice and I was pleased. He said he was going to sell our house and we would move to "Prince". I thought he meant Prince Albert, Sascatchewan, Canada, but he didn't say that. He was outside, staining all the white parts brown. He said he would sign a contract as to what he would do.

There was another scene in the distance of a city blowing up and then of a bunch of building falling into the river that he owned. They said "Worth" on them. He said he figured out how to solve the problem. He just sold them to me and his problems were over.


11-11-91 - (This one isn't about Canada by name, but if Wisconsin is like this... so is everywhere else ) 11-11-91 - DREAM - There was no work to be had in the country, so I had gone to town to look for a job. There were no longer stores along the main city streets, they were in clusters at intervals. There were big government offices everywhere. Along 17th Street, lawns were being reconstructed and I tried to assist but there wasn't enough grass to go around.

The men were huddled around the bars, not drinking, but checking the stock market, worrying themselves sick if they had lost everything.

It was a well kept secret, but I had been chosen as mediator between sides between our country and the overtakers. The schools were being organized at this moment to march the children to government camps and take them away from their parents.

I managed to sneak up to the 20th street school where my youngest son was in 1st grade. I spotted him and grabbed him by the arm and we rushed down the street together. He said," 'I've been calling you all day, hoping you'd come and get me."

I was watching the other mothers who weren't able to find their children and rescue them before they were marched away to camp. I helped one mother up from collapsing. She was so devastated that her daughter hadn't been seen.

I knew that the secret guns were trained on Madison, (the capital city) and these children were going to be used as hostages.


1-10-92 - Dream submitted by a Cuban prisoner now in an American prison who cannot be repatriated nor released in the U.S.

DREAM - There is a press conference by Mikhail Gorbachev. I am in it as a representative of the prisoners. I ask him if Communism is going to regain its control. He answers me that though it is deemed to never happen, tortures as those inflicted by the policies of Latin American shall come to pass. I help him to get stark naked before he boards a jet plane headed to Canada.


6-5-92 - DREAM - I was with some future oriented people who thought the exact opposite of the way I did. They showed me a map of the way they thought the United States would look after the Pole Shift. The North Pole was south near the border of Canada with the United States. There was a solid sheet of ice all the way down to Wisconsin. There was no water showing anywhere in the United States or Canada. There was no Hudson Bay, no Great Lakes, no inundation in the west. In fact, the whole continent was larger by far and didn't even resemble the one we know now. Where Hudson Bay is, was all dry land and the oceans had gone down so far, the United States was expanded in every direction so the continent was shaped more like a rectangle because the Gulf of Mexico was mostly land also, way down towards South America, though there was still some separation.

I kept thinking to myself, "No! They are wrong! That's not the way it's going to be!"

They felt that Wisconsin was going to be so close to the North Pole and that it was going to be so cold in Wisconsin that they wanted to sell the land they owned near Wausau.

I wanted that land so bad, I could almost taste it. I knew the person who owned the land and she wanted to get rid of it. I had the deed to the land in my hand and was safekeeping it, then we all went to the courthouse for the signing of the papers.

The real estate people showed me the book that had the drawings of the land and buildings as that group had projected it and I made red checkmarks on all the drawings for what I wanted, knowing that I was going to build it according to my specifications.

The real estate lady asked me if I wanted to see the pictures again and I said, "No! I've seen them three times already." I just wanted to get over to the court house and get the papers signed.

We then walked over to the courthouse which was in a big circle of hallways. You could get there without having to go outside by following the hallways. I wanted to go down to the ground level then and entered the elevator by myself. I pressed "1" but the elevator never moved. It was stuck. I could see a huge man standing next to the door. I knew him well and he was Indian. I asked him if he wanted to ride down with me, but the door wouldn't open back up.

Finally, two guys came down into the elevator shaft and got on top of the car and by swaying it back and forth, they forced the car down to the 1st floor and I got off and woke up.


10-24-92 - MEDITATION - "I saw a book open up. Alaska was on the top half of the page and Europe was on the bottom half of the page. They were covered in black. A voice said, "The black means they are covered over...capped so to speak." There were grooves along the coastline going inward. I asked what that meant. The voice said, "That's where the destruction is."

NOTE: Where there is Alaska destruction, the west coast of Canada is also in danger.


4-18 - 98 DREAM - by geniac

Last night I had a dream that I was on a bus on a winding mountain road and I had just escaped from a guy that could morph himself into any male human form. I was sitting on a thing right next to the bus driver, with my back to the driver, looking out at the road to make sure the morphing guy wasn't following. There were many other buses of the same type passing us.

I felt some unusual movement behind me and I suddenly realised that the morph guy had made himself look like a bus driver. For some reason he got off the bus, and I took the chance to do SOS on the bus horn, but nobody took any notice. Then there was something about crossing from China to Canada. The border was halfway down the mountain, with China owning the upper half of the mountain and Canada owning the lower half and the little town in the valley at the end of the road. In one of those weird cross-cultural things there was a Chinese restaurant just on the Canadian side.

The town was really high-tech and futuristic, including huge TV video screens and I saw The Spice Girls were competing against each other on Sale of the Century. I found the morphing guy. I used my hand-held rocket launcher to fire off a few into him, but his body contained the blasts; his skin stretching. His eyes was now basketball-sized, so I fired off a heap more rockets point-blank right into his eyes, but the bastard just WOULD NOT DIE.



9-29-98 - JOE'S DREAM - This was a flash dream of a map of the State of Washington. It zoomed in on the upper corner of the state where it abuts Canada. Dividing Washington into 10 parts across the top border, the 10th part to the far left, and measuring down 1/2 of that same 10th part, in a jagged line, that section was colored different as though it belonged neither to the U.S. nor to Canada but to a different country.

NOTE: This was important to me because it was near there that I planned to live and Joe didn't know that. Joe related to me that several years ago, he had a dream of the same area I did of a river called the MIR river. He never found one on the map named that. Recently we found out that MIR in Russian means PEACE. In fact, another one of my dreams of the same area showed that Seattle went up in flames. We could see it in the distance as we crossed a covered bridge across the river (unnamed) and our vegetable gardens were on the East side of the river, and then we needed 4 wheel drive vehicles to get up a steep hill to a plateau where we were going to build our house.


12-1-98 - DREAM - I was seeing a series of maps of the United States, Alaska, and Canada. I was shown various types of maps with all the states marked, each section map like Northeast, Midwest, western, then other kinds of maps like topography, and other kinds of separations.

I didn't see any disaster or anything, just all the various separations of many kinds.

NOTE: I created a web page about maps. I started with a section of disaster maps from psychics, followed by real maps of various types just like the dream.



An ice-free globe would involve major disaster for present civilization. The melting of the polar icecaps would involve a sea-level rise of 50-100 m, which would drown not only many oceanic islands, but most of the densely populated regions of the world. London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Calcutta, Bombay, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, in fact most of the great cities of the world would become lairs for lobsters.

The reverse situation of a new ice age would be nearly as disastrous. Scandinavia, Canada, Germany, and Russia, and vast agricultural lands would be deeply buried under ice. Either scenario could happen relatively rapidly-hundreds, not thousands of years!



little ice age

9-14-07 - DREAM - In this dream, I was at my Father's lake cottage with my sister. We went over to the resort where there was a dance-hall. A man was sitting at a desk and teaching square dancers how to do a 'new' movement that had never been done before by these dancers. He told them to hook their left arms into each other in a circle and then dance backwards in a counter-clockwise motion.

Meanwhile - three couple lay on the floor (off the dance floor) and I noticed that the women were wearing pink shoes.

Since I didn't have a partner to dance with, I signed up at the square dance caller's desk for the next time and they would find a partner for me.

I then went back to the cabin and went on the internet where I started studying alternative health protocols that I was going to teach in Milwaukee once I got back home.

When I finished that, I went out to the driveway and since my husband hadn't come to the cabin, I was going to drive home in my sister's car.

My sister seemed over anxious to have me leave and go home and she made me promise not to take Highway 41 home which would be fastest, but a main freeway with a lot of traffic, but she made me promise to turn left at Germantown and take Highway 45 which was a narrower and slower, but safer.

I told her I wasn't ready to go home yet, but I was just getting ready.

I pulled out a map then and the map was only of Northern Canada that showed the north pole. The north pole had shifted south into Hudson Bay right near the northern edge of Canada.

Here is a map of the magnetic North Pole and the Path of Movement

Later, I had a vision where I saw the sun, colored very pale yellow and next to it where the letters FOIA which was indicating I should do a Freedom of Information Act search about the sun. That information is below:

Later - while meditating on the sun on the sofa in the afternoon, I saw five Mayan words to the right of it, along with the word tsunami. Right after that I saw the word 'tsunami' again. That doesn't seem to make any sense to me, but we'll see what happens.

In a dream following the vision, I was going across the street to a school, and I forgot to take the mail with me.

Inside the school was a set of stairways like the school was built around the Temple of Palenque.


I got to the top of the steps and was standing on the top platform and I wanted to go down the center stairs, but it was too steep for me, so I went down a stairway on the right side that wasn't quite so steep and it had a green iron hand railing on the right side. (There was a matching stairway on the left)

I got down to the front door and stood at the curb, waiting to cross the street, but there was a big fire truck parked at the curb on the other side of the street. A little girl came running out of the house across the street and just then two more fire trucks came screaming down the street with their horns blowing and stopped behind the other fire truck.


9-16-07 - DREAM - I was in a school made of stone. The students were all adults.

There was a special group of stones set in a pillar-like pattern. Some of these stones were dated Dec. 7 and some were dated Dec. 9.

There were deep grooves carved into these stones within and when something was activated, an energy would spiral through these stones and great upheavals would occur.

We weren't told in advance when this energy would begin and that we shouldn't mess with these stones unless we knew all about the energy.

We were in awe of what the teacher said, but just then the energy started and it was too late to learn about the energy. The stones were already starting to split.


9-16-07 - VISION 2 - I was standing in an area of buildings made of stone. The ground began to tremble and shake and loose stones began to fall off the buildings more and more and littered the ground in every direction.

VISION 2 - I was standing in front of a tall pillar made of dark stone. At the top of the pillar kneeled a young blonde man, wearing a bright yellow long-sleeved shirt and bright green pants.

I heard a voice say, "He's not going to stop the stones from falling down!"

Tuesday, 22 May, 2001,

Sun key to Mayan misery?
By BBC News - Ivan Noble

The ancient Mayans may have had good reason for their fascination with the heavens, new research by climate historians suggests.

It seems that the Mayan homeland in central America was plagued by droughts which appear to have followed a cycle determined by the Sun.

Researchers at the University of Florida, US, analyzed sediments from a lake on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and found a pattern of drought repeating every 208 years.

The pattern matches a cycle of brightening and dimming in the Sun.

Sediment sample

"It looks like changes in the Sun's energy output are having a direct effect on the climate of the Yucatan and causing the recurrence of drought, which is in turn influencing the Maya evolution," said David Hodell, lead author of the study.

In 1993, Professor Hodell and his colleagues extracted a sediment sample from Lake Chichancanab in northern Yucatan documenting 9,000 years of climate history.

They found that the driest period of the current era was from AD 800 to 1000, coinciding with the collapse of the classic Mayan civilization in the 9th Century.

This time they went back to the lake and found data that backed up their findings and pointed to other periods of drought coinciding with other declines in Mayan building activity.

They found evidence for major dry periods between 475 and 250 BC, and AD 125 and 210, which, they believe, coincides with the abandonment of pre-classic Mayan sites in the Mayan Lowlands.

Tree rings

The evidence is by no means conclusive, but, as Professor Hodell explained to the journal Science: "It's hard for me to believe that's just a coincidence.

"I think drought did play an important role, but I'm sure there were other factors, such as increasing population, degradation of the land, and socio-political change, that interacted.

"Civilization collapse has got to be complex," he said.

Archaeologists specializing in Mayan history have described the climate evidence as compelling, but agree with Professor Hodell that it is not sufficient by itself to explain the Mayan collapse.

But other climate researchers using tree ring dating (dendrochronology) have also found evidence of a bicentennial drought cycle in step with the variation of the Sun.

The research appears in the journal Science.

I have had many Mayan themed dreams in the last few days, and a 2012 dream last night. Before I get to those, here is a plotted graph of the Chandler wobble that more or less proves what I observed.

1/29/2006 3:40 AM
Re: the suns magnetic field has doubled, and the chandlers wobble has stopped!

The OP is correct, the Chandler wobble has stopped. And this event which has developed in the past couple months, could have dire consequences for the history of mankind.

As the Earth spins about it's axis, it has a slight wobble, like a spinning top. This is the Chandler wobble. The Chandler wobble when plotted on a graph, normally makes a regular circular pattern. But it hasn't been doing that since early December of last year. This dramatic change in the direction of the Chandler wobble has been called the biggest anomaly in the history of recording the Chandler wobble, which goes back over 100 years. Here's the plot for the past 3 years which shows the current shift.

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    To induce rain with dry ice, you would fly a plane over a small cloud and sprinkle ... independent physicists in the United States; a grandmother in Canada, and ...
    The ice itself was so thin that it could support almost no weight and certainly ..... a protected species, and the Canadian House of Commons is now considering it. ...
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    Glaciers lost an average of about a foot of ice a year between 1980 and 1999. But since .... This attracted the attention of one of Canada's principal investment ...
    The expansion will add to the company's main east-west pipeline in Canada and .... of the oil from beneath the ice covering the slough where the leak occurred. ...
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    Machu Pichu and the Peruvian Ice Cap .... later, Southeast Asian-descended people who reached Hawaii via western Canada then spread over Polynesia. ...
    Striving to make their country and the world a safer place, Canada would .... out to find something to eat and there was slick ice in the streets, so the time frame is ...
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    Crawley, Philip – Publisher and CEO, “The Globe and Mail”; Canada .... Investor AB (investment company); Vice-Chairman, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB; ...
    CNN) -- A massive winter storm system that left a deadly swath of ice and snow from Texas to Maine pushed into Canada early Thursday, leaving emergency ...


    "Canada is a cultured, peaceful nation, which every so often allows a band of ...... years have been the warmest on record, the Arctic ice-cap is melting and last ...
    Harper said Greenland's ice cap will likely melt, forcing additional ocean water ...... then and the map was only of Northern Canada that showed the north pole. ...
    The tsunami wave left serious damage along the Gulf of Alaska, Canada, Hawaii and the West Coast of ..... A LITTLE ICE AGE - THE BROKEN TREE OF LIFE ...
    Last year the biggest piece of ice ever known broke off, about 800 square miles of ice. At the .... I was in a think tank in Canada focused on this very subject. ...

    This is a list of weather records, a list of the most extreme occurrences of weather phenomena for various categories. Many weather records are measured under specific conditions—such as surface temperature and wind speed—to keep consistency among measurements around the Earth. Each of these records is understood to be the record value officially observed, as these records may have been exceeded before modern weather instrumentation was invented, or in remote areas without an official weather station.


    [edit] Lowest temperatures ever recorded

    Temperature Location Date
    Antarctica / On Earth −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F) Vostok Station 1983-07-21[24][70][72]
    East Antarctica −82.5 °C (−116.5 °F) Dome A 2005-07[73]
    South Pole −82.8 °C (−116.5 °F) Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station [74]
    Asia −68 °C (−90 °F) Verkhoyansk and
    Oymyakon, both in Sakha Republic, Russia
    Bangladesh 4.5 °C (40 °F) Jessore 2011-01-12
    China −52.3 °C (−62.14 °F) Mohe County 1969-02-13[76]
    India −33.9 °C (−27.4 °F) Ladakh 1911-03-22[77]
    Iran −36 °C (−32.8 °F) Saqqez 1969[78]
    Iraq −17.6°C (0.3 °F) Mosul, Ninawa Governorate 1911-01-24[79]p29
    Israel −13.7°C (11.6 °F) Beit Netofa Valley 1950-02-07[80]
    Japan −41.0 °C (−41.8 °F) Asahikawa, Hokkaidō 1902-01-25[16]
    Malaysia 7.8 °C (46.0 °F) Cameron Highlands 1978-02-01[17]
    Nepal −45.0 °C (−49.0 °F) Mt. Everest, Sagarmatha 1999-05-15[16]
    North Korea −43.6 °C ( -46.48°F) Chunggangjin 1933-01-12[81]
    Philippines 2 °C (35.6 °F) Mount Pulag, Mountain Province 2011-01[82]
    Thailand −1.4 °C (29.48°F) Sakon Nakorn 1974-01-02[22]
    Turkey −46.4 °C (−51.5 °F) Van 1990-01-09[23]
    North America −66.1 °C (−87 °F) North Ice, Greenland 1954-01-09[24]
    Canada −63 °C (−81 °F) Snag, Yukon, Canada 1947-02-03[24][70]
    Mexico −32 °C (−25.6 °F) Santa Barbara, Durango 1999[83]
    United States −62 °C (−80 °F) Prospect Creek, Alaska 1971-01-23[84]
    Europe −58.1 °C (−72.6°F) Ust' Shchugor, Russia 1978-12-31[28]
    Albania −27.5 °C (−17.5 °F) Voskopojë 1967-01-27
    Austria −37.4 °C (−38.6 °F) Sonnblick 1905-01-01[85]
    Belarus −42.2 °C (−44.0 °F) Slavnom, Vitsebsk Voblast 1940-01-17[86]
    Belgium −30.1 °C (−22.2 °F) Valley of the Lesse in Rochefort 1940-01-20[87]
    Bulgaria −38.3 °C (−37 °F) Tran 1947-01-25[30]
    Croatia −35.5 °C (−31.5 °F) Čakovec 1929-02-03[31]
    Czech Republic −42.2 °C (−44.0 °F) Litvínovice 1929-02-11[32]
    Denmark −31.2 °C (−24.2 °F) Thisted Municipality, North Denmark Region 1982-01-08[33]
    England −26.1 °C (−15.0 °F) Newport, Shropshire, West Midlands 1982-01-10[34]
    Estonia −43.5 °C (−46.0 °F) Jõgeva, Jõgeva County 1940-01-17[35]
    Finland −51.5 °C (−60.7 °F) Kittilä, Lapland 1999-01-28[88]
    France −41.0 °C (−41.8 °F) Mouthe, Doubs 1985-01-17[89]
    Germany −45.9 °C (−50.6 °F) Funtensee, Nationalpark Berchtesgaden, Bavaria 2001-12-24[38]
    Greece −27.8 °C (−18.0 °F) Ptolemaida 1967-01-27[90]
    Hungary −35.0 °C (−31.0 °F) Görömbölytapolca 1940-02-16[40]
    Iceland −37.9 °C (−36.2 °F) Grímsstaðir 1918-01-21[41]
    Ireland −19.1 °C (−2.4 °F) Markree Castle, County Sligo 1881-01-16[43]
    Italy −48.3 °C (−54.9 °F) Busa Fradusta, Pale di San Martino 2010-12-27[91]
    Latvia −43.2 °C (−45.8 °F) Daugavpils 1956-02-08[44]
    Lithuania −42.9 °C(−45.2 °F) Utena, Utena County 1956-02-01[45]
    Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia −31.5 °C(−24.7 °F) Berovo, Berovo Municipality 1954-01-27[92]
    Netherlands −27.4 °C (−17.3 °F) Winterswijk 1944-01-27[48]
    Northern Ireland −18.7 °C (-1.7 °F) Castlederg, County Tyrone 2010-12-24[93]
    Norway −51.4 °C (−60.5 °F) Karasjok, Finnmark 1886-01-01[49]
    Poland −41.0 °C (−41.8 °F) Suwałki, Województwo Warmiński-Mazurskie 1940-01-11[50]
    Portugal −16.0 °C (3.2 °F) Penhas da Saúde, Covilhã Municipality
    Miranda do Douro
    1945-01-16 and 1954-02-05[94]
    Romania −38.5 °C (−37.3 °F) Bod, Braşov County 1942-01-25[52]
    Scotland −27.2 °C (−17.0 °F) Braemar, Aberdeenshire,
    Altnaharra, Sutherland
    1895-02-11 and 1982-01-10
    Serbia −39.5 °C (−39.1 °F) Karajukica Bunari, Zlatibor District 1985-01-13[54]
    Slovakia −41.0 °C (−41.8 °F) Vigľaš-Pstruša 1929-02-11[95]
    Slovenia −34.5 °C (−30.1 °F) Babno Polje 1956-02-15 / 1956-02-16 / 1968-01-13[55]
    Spain −32.0 °C (−25.6 °F) Lake Estangento, Lérida 1956-02-02[56]
    Sweden −53.0 °C (−63.4 °F) Malgovik, Västerbotten County 1941-12-13[57]
    Switzerland −41.8 °C (−43.2 °F) La Brévine 1987-01-12[58]
    Ukraine −41.9 °C (−43.4 °F) Luhansk 1935-02-08[96]
    Wales −23.3 °C (−9.9 °F) Rhayader, Powys 1940-01-21[34]
    South America −39 °C (−38 °F) Valle de los Patos Superior, San Juan, Argentina 1972-07-17[97][98]
    Bolivia −25.7 °C (−14.3 °F) Uyuni, Potosí Department 1946-08-04[99]
    Brazil −14 °C (7 °F) Caçador, Santa Catarina 1952-06[100]
    Chile −37 °C (−35 °F) Coyhaique Alto, Aisén 2002-06-21[101]
    Peru −25.2 °C (−13.4 °F) Mazo Cruz, Puno Region 1966-06-30[102]
    Uruguay −11 °C (12 °F) Melo, Cerro Largo Department 1967-06-14[62]
    Venezuela −12 °C (10 °F) Piedras Blancas, Merida State ?[7]
    Africa −24 °C (−11 °F) Ifrane, Morocco 1935-02-11[24]
    Algeria −20 °C (−4 °F) Batna, Batna Province 1945-01-04[103]
    Lesotho −20.4 °C (−4.7 °F) Letseng-la-Draai (Letseng-la-Terae), Mokhotlong District 1967-06-12[103]
    South Africa −18.6 °C (−1.5 °F) Buffelsfontein, near Molteno, Eastern Cape 1996-06-28[9]
    Oceania −25.6 °C (−14.1 °F) Ranfurly, Central Otago, New Zealand 1903-07-18[104]
    Australia −23 °C (−9.4 °F) Charlotte Pass, New South Wales, Australia 1994-06-29[105]
    Central America and Caribbean Islands −11.5 °C (11.3 °F) Olintepeque, Guatemala ? [63]
    Dominican Republic −3.2 °C (26.2 °F) Valle Nuevo 2011-03-21[106]
    Cuba 0.6 °C (33.1 °F) Bainoa 1996-02-18 [107]
    Commonwealth of Puerto Rico 4.4 °C (40 °F) Adjuntas
    1989-12-28 [108]
    1906-02-26 [108]
    1945-01-19 [108]

    [edit] Other cold records

    [edit] Precipitation

    The most rain fall recorded in the continental US was in 1864 following the civil war. It rained for a total of 26 stright days without stopping for more then 5 minutes.

    [edit] Snow

    [edit] Wind speed


    Enthusiasts hint that flood stories date back much further, to the end of the last Ice Age. Ice ages come in slowly, but go out with a bang. The last major event began around a hundred thousand years ago, with a gradual cooling that lasted for tens of millennia. It was interrupted by brief warmings – interstadials – none of which lasted more than a few thousand years. Then, quite suddenly, less than 20,000 years ago, an interstadial began to run away with itself and, quite soon, the icy shroud was almost gone.

    The collapse came when climate reached a tipping point. As the edges of glaciers meet the seas they break off. Fleets of icebergs set out into the ocean. Again and again, though, the main ice age sheet recovered and the cold continued.

    Then came the end. The evidence lies in ocean mud, in fossil pollen, and in changes in ratio of chemical isotopes that record shifts in temperature. The continental sheet sent out a vast – and final – armada of floating ice, which covered much of the northern seas. A slight increase in the Sun’s output was matched by the disruption of deep ocean currents caused by cold fresh water sinking from the melting floes above. As the glaciers began to dissolve, their waters roared towards the sea. The Thames became a tributary of the Fleuve Manche, a river as huge and silt-laden as the Congo. It ran down what is now the English Channel. Probes into the sea floor far into the Atlantic reveal great beds of mud, the remains of a destroyed European landscape.

    The deep seas are a vast reservoir of carbon dioxide, dissolved under pressure, but the chilly and hence heavy water from the disappearing bergs – helped by the Fleuve and its fellows – sank to the bottom and pushed that ancient reserve of trapped carbon towards the surface. Gas bubbled out and entered the air, pushing onwards the wave of warming. Within a couple of centuries the glaciers began their precipitate retreat, the oceans rose by tens of metres, and we were in the modern world.

    Most of those ingredients are evident today, but millions insist that the warming story is made up. It’s enough to make a frog laugh.

    Steve Jones is Professor of Genetics at University College London


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