SANDALS and the name SANDY


NOTE FROM DEE:  I had intended to do this page on just the topic of sand,
but since the word ' sandals ' and my friend ' Sandy ' came up at the same
search of my harddrive, I have included all three terms.  After I decided to
include all three terms, I realized that they rather go together, because one
walks on sand in sandals, and the name 'Sandy' is the same as 'sandy' ground.  

Subj: The Water and Clay of Life

Date: 6/19/2001

Hi honey.

The writing pasted below is excerpted from my letter to Josephine
of the Dream Network Journal, dated December 11, 1995.

I read about the Water and Clay of Life in the book, The Necronomicon.

The Necronomicon by Edward Simon (Barnes & Noble.com)

Love, XXXX



The third maiden goddess may be Mary in your dream. But there is another
idea that hits me as a good one. Remember after you reported the dream of
the androids in need of repairs, I sent you a page from Isis Unveiled? The
idea is, that we have a triple male trinity that eventually bonds with the goddess
who has the triple female aspects. This can be Ishtar, (Marduk's sister) Isis,
the Virgin Mary, or others, depending on the system. She is the woman who
comes down in Rev. 12 after the 3 1/2 cycle.

The genders in this symbolism can vary, so it is confusing. But I do think there
is something to it, and that dreams may help clarify the meaning.

This is related to the mythology about Ishtar. She is Queen of Heaven, but
traveled down to the underworld to confront her evil sister. At each of the
seven steps down, she had to remove one piece of apparel, such as her
crown. With each one, she lost power. She wound up draped over a tree,
naked, down in hell.

The Father Deity, Anu, fashioned two Elementals to go down and rescue her.
They were the Water and Clay of Life. Courageously, they used their smarts
to slip past the Seven Gates. They sprinkled the Water and Clay of Life upon
Ishtar, bringing her back up along the seven rungs of the Ladder of Light,
where she retrieved her garments and power, becoming the Queen of Heaven
once again.

Some time after I read of this, I had a dream, at the end of which, a woman's
voice said, "Thanks Joe, you gave me a lot more coffee." I knew it was Ishtar,
speaking from down under, helplessly draped over the tree.

This surprised me a great deal. It seemed to say that it up to us to awaken Ishtar.
Her time in hell relates to our time in the 3 1/2 cycle, where Kali/the Harlot rules.
WE, must rescue her to bring her up, to restore her power and rule.

That's a pretty good metaphor for unconscious creation followed by conscious

As the feminine aspect is increased, more and more psychic abilities will be
achieved. As we become more conscious of our co-creation and the planning
behind stage, the doors to the unconscious mind will be thrown open. You will
then see how cluttered your rooms are, and feel exposed for a time. After all,
you know that the higher part of your Self already knows all about it, and
probably all the other entities on that level. Since we are collective on that
level, we will also be able to see into everyone else's unconscious, and see
how cluttered their rooms are. I can see where one could feel "naked" in
such a circumstance.

There is a "money" symbolism in some of the important dreams about the
change. One form is that we gain or go in debt in our path here. Another is
that the Deities gain a treasure.

Emeralds  Keys  Harvest  Goddess Kali

1-13-89 DREAM - I was going to work. It was very difficult walking, through ice, snow, loose sand, darkness, finally it was light and very steep uphill, but I made it. along the way I was finding dollar bills and was told that if I kept it up, one day I would be rich.


1-17-89 - DREAM - I was somewhere in Asia. I couldn't locate my husband in a bar, so went  looking for him. People thought I was a spy and a young boy helped me to escape through an underground escape route through a restaurant basement. Above ground, people were eating wonderful food. Below the restaurant, I met a man who sat behind me on the sand. Someone brought in strange looking weed-like vegetables to eat. We tried to get some, but people stole the food right off of each others plates because they were starving. I came across an old man who was slicing a grotesque fish or leg of water buffalo. I asked for '2', one for man, one for me'. I wrestled with a young girl to keep the 2nd slice. It was awful looking, but it was food. It was protein to keep us alive.


4-22-90 Dream: I was at my New Berlin, WI house. I had just picked some tomatoes. They weren't quite ripe. I had 9 of them. My friend 'A' told me that she was going to give me the first tomato off her tomato plant. They were perfect and very big - at least 1 pound each, but she was going to give me only 1 tomato. Then she told me that her first picking would be equal to 3 bushels. I didn't want to tell her, but when my tomatoes were ripe I was going to be able to pick 30 bushels but I didn't want to hurt her feelings by not accepting her first tomato. Then I knew that when we moved to the farm, I was going to have to can 300 jars of tomatoes every year.

I went back towards the house and I heard a radio announcement saying that the astral level was 9 miles high, yet when I got to the house I could see that it was built on a piece of land, made of sand that was only a foot thick and it was very fragile and underneath it was all hollow. (Note: I have dreamed that before in exactly the same spot) (Note 2: I dreamed this again in January, 2000 )


6-1-91 Meditation: This was done specifically to find out why I had so much fear about many things. I asked to go to a lifetime that would show why I had this fear.

I saw a big brick wall on my left. A young man on my right said, "If you will call out 52-50 and swing your arms wide, the wall will fall down."

I saw a young family sitting in the corner of a sand box. They were all upset that I was going to look into my past.

I saw myself climbing some stairs. There was another level and there was a library door on the left and several men were waiting for me to help me go inside.

I saw an oval map of a star system. It was folded up and moved to the left. Someone said, "You can open this all up."

Several of my sons were with me and then one left because he had forgotten something. Another one said, "This should be easy."

Someone opened a white door on my left and inside was a library. I moved on and saw a beautiful white woman. She was wearing a crown and veil on her head of white lace. Her dress was white brocade satin and fitted down to the knees at which point there was pink lace gathered into a long pouffy pleated sort of thing.

I stated my wish to go a past life to find out why I was so afraid. A voice said, "Should we discuss it or shall we let it break?" I saw a white wall with little platforms on it for hand and toe holds.

I was led down a hallway to a door. The door opened. There was another hallway beyond leading to a storage room

Someone asked me, "Why do you want to do this?" I stated that I wanted to find out why I am so afraid of everything. The door to the storage room opened and a black man shaped blob fell out and slammed down hard on the floor. The voice said, "The unjust man is gone. He is dead."

I saw a woman on top of a man on a sofa and she wouldn't let him up. I asked her why she won't let him up and I told her to go into the bedroom but she won't leave.

I then saw a box of books. Someone was reluctant to open it, but finally it was opened and on top was a brown book titled, "It's a good life." I knocked the box of books over and said, "Well! It really takes brains."

I saw a little pamphlet that fell out in front of me. It had little characters on it like in the 'dark ages'. Wooly mammoths, etc.

I saw another piece of paper on it then with notes on it. It was of notes I took today about jobs that were done. There was another note to the right but I couldn't read it.

There was great reluctance for them to tell me about my past lives. They don't want me to know.


2-23-92 - DREAM - I was at home, yet at work. There was a cement stairway with very narrow treads, that was overlayed with thin tiles for walking on. The thin tiles were so compressed together that walking on was almost impossible for anyone except me. So, I decided to mak it a project to straighten out the thin tiles so they were even and more accessible especially Becky who needed to go upstairs.

When I went downstairs, I went to have breakfast and I saw that the milk was bright blue and I didn't think it was fresh to drink. I dumped it down the sink, but no matter how many times I rinsed the bottle with water, the contents were bright blue. I wanted to get fresh white milk for my children, but I had no money to do so. I asked their father to get some fresh milk, but he became so angry that I didn't want to do it myself. I convinced him of the truth of the matter. He left to get the milk and I turned around to see that I had one last batch of dishes to wash and these were the dirtiest, greasiest ones. I was determined that they would all be perfect.

I then went to the bedrooms to make sure that the bedrooms were clean and the beds made with their red and blue quilts.

I saw that many puzzle pieces were on the floor and I hollered at the children that they had better get picked up and put in the proper boxes.

I bought my daughter a toy that had a little red dressed dolls that went around and around on swings. She wanted to take it outside to play. I said, "No!" My mother stuck up for her that she would take good care of it. I knew that it would get dirty, it was meant to be played with indoors. I said, "I would rather give her $10.00 to run around with it and keep the dolls for myself so I know they stay clean, knowing that they were more valuable than that. My mother said, "okay" and we made the exchange and I took the toy back.

I then went to the office area where work was being done on projects. Someone else had cleaned up some big red pans to work in, but they still had some grease and sand on, so I took it upon myself to wash them to perfection, using hot water on the grease and cold water on the sand so as not to waste the hot water where it wasn't needed. My boss said that there was still some grease on the old silver pans, but I told him not to worry about the old ones.

My boss came and asked me if I would be able to midnight requisition some long sleeved sweaters and stools to sit on so we could work on a project and I would also need to get 12 silver, square pans. I would need 4 pink, 4 light beige, 4 silver and black sweaters and stools. The one thing I had to be careful of was that no ones name could be on the stools so if someone came looking for them, they could not be identified. I agreed. Another man, who I think was my bosses boss or one of his peers asked him if I had agreed to provide this equipment and he said that I had. They were both relieved to know that.

I then went into another department to look things over. I had friends everywhere, but the problem was that I was being watched. My ploy was that I carried a crumpled piece of white paper with me to throw in a waste basket so it wouldn't look I was there for no purpose and just wasting time talking to my friends instead of working. but when I got to the point where I needed to throw away the piece of white paper to save my cover, T.M. picked up the trash container to throw away the trash. I tried to signal him what I needed to do, but the was already holding the trash container and I knew I would have to tell him of my ploy so we wouldn't be working at cross purposes or he would spoil the ploy and prevent me from completing my part of the project.


8-27-92 - DREAM - I was with some people at a lake. It was like a warm pool with a sandy bottom. It was very shallow and I was on my knees feeling on the bottom for pretty stones. I pulled up a beautiful, flat, polished multicolored rock and showed it to the other person.

I was thinking that we could find more of these stones and maybe sell them. Another person there said, "Somebody beat you to it. They already pulled out all the worthwhile stones and you can buy them, but you have to watch out, because they pulled out the worthless ones too and they'll sell those to you too. I went up to where the rock pile was and a lot of the stones were just  chunks of limestone. I broke one in half to see if there was anything inside of it and there wasn't


9-26-92 - DREAM within a dream - I had a dream that T.M. and I were driving along a road and had to make a stop in someone's driveway to check something. Across the street was a house that had a stone sign on the front. It said, "Marie Miasma" on the left and "Robert E. Lee" on the right. After that we came to a street festival. The crowd was so large and boisterous that I wanted no part of it. Off to the right was a house with the front door open. I ducked inside to get away from the crowd.

Inside, facing a desk against the far wall sat an older man, wearing a blue shirt, ignoring the crowd and just working at some project. I knew at that moment that even though I normally wouldn't have given this man a second glance, that I was going to be introduced to this man and we were going to become very good friends. Then I saw a sign with his name on it. It was Alexi Karajme.

I woke up from this dream and took care of some immediate matters, not forgetting the dream and thinking about it from time to time that it might be prophetic.

That day, I was walking north on 20th St. and it turned into a sunny day, the road was a light sand and gravel and many rich looking people with fancy cars kept coming towards me and stopped at a house on my right to go to a garage sale.

Somehow, T.M. picked me up in the car and we went north and had to stop in a driveway for something. I looked across the street and there was the exact house I had seen in my dream with the sign, 'Marie Miasma/Robert E. Lee."

As things progressed, I excitedly told T.M. about the dream I had had and that the day was duplicating the dream.

We got to he town with the festival and exactly as the dream, I couldn't stand the crowds. I ducked into an open doorway and there again was the man in the blue shirt.

A woman came in and introduced herself. She said, "My name is Marie Miasma." I knew then, she was going to introduce me to the man facing the wall and this was 'fate.'

NOTE: means to pollute] (Miasma)

First appeared 1665

1 : a vaporous exhalation formerly believed to cause disease; also : a heavy vaporous emanation or atmosphere <a ~ of tobacco smoke>

2 : an influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt <freed from the ~ of poverty --Sir Arthur Bryant>; also : an atmosphere that obscures : FOG <retreated into an asexual mental ~ --Times Lit. Supp.>


10-1-92 - Midnight - Was trying to meditate and getting nowhere. Was thinking about earlier vision of a copy machine. On the 2nd shelf under the copier was a blue flowered cloth and the voice said, "This is a gift for Sandy." I saw several women after that.

Then I saw some women surrounding me with prominent noses, witch-like. One woman had her arms full of folders and papers. She said, "I'm publishing my work." Another woman said to me, "Good luck on Sunday."


10-31-92 - DREAM - I was with a group of people in New Berlin, standing on the edge of a  field, standing on sand. A police car was going by and they were watching us. we were trying to decide if we should be standing all in a line or if it was all right to face each other half and half.

A brown skinned black man on my right commented that the black, black woman standing at the back of the group didn't fit in because she was different. I pointed out to him that each of us was different and unique each in our own way. Then we lined up across from each other so we could communicate better.


11-18-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, trying to put my life back together and everything had changed. My husband was getting ready for work and kept picking at a scab on this right cheek. It looked infected under it. I put my fingers on either side of it and there was a huge green puss boll under the skin over 1/2 an inch wide in diameter. I was able to get it to the surface, but didn't want to ouch it. It was so gross and pulling it out would have left a huge hole in his face. He said he would take care of it himself and left.

I went out into the neighborhood and a huge orange sand dune was blowing in from the East (the opposite direction of normal wind flow). There was a huge orange cliff to the south and where an underground structure was, it appeared to be caving in. It looked very dangerous.

A political man came thru the neighborhood offering roses to people to vote for him. We all told him to get out of the neighborhood before we called the police. A black woman who was renting one of the houses and who had just move in was trying to defend him and we knew there was trouble ahead.

I looked over the whole thing and saw the huge orange sand dune beginning to cover the houses and all the green grass and verdant fields were covered over.

I went into the New Berlin house, getting ready to go to work while writing a letter to my cousin Jackie in California. I was telling her that we were getting along fine, but there was no passionate romance between us, only friends.


11-19-92 - DREAM - I was cleaning my house in New Berlin and I went outside. There was tremendous destruction all over the neighborhood. All the houses were broken and fallen shells. The street was a wide river and people, all disheveled, dirty, and bruised were floating down the river on air mattresses, boards, and whatever they could find that would float.

I had to go back into the house to do my work again and I was barefoot and walking in deep, wet  sand. I tried not to take any into the house with me.

I went upstairs and my children were there getting ready for school. My son Ken came in dressed like a rebel, his shirt was tied up in a knot over his diaphragm like girls do in summer, his hair was long and unkempt. I thought I saw hickeys all over his neck, so I grabbed him by the arm and said, "Let me see your neck." He allowed me to look and under his hair on the back of his neck, he had little black leather patches sewn to his skin and design of green material glued right to the skin. I asked him what that was. He told me that the men in his group decorated himself like that for their women and that his leader said that he was doing really good for him.

I said, "it must take a lot of bravery to go through that much pain for a woman." He just smiled and I put my arms around him and hugged him. I said, "I'm proud of you for being the best at what you are." I patted him on the back and held him for a moment and when I let go, I was looking right into his face, and he was a beautiful child and he was smiling because I had made him happy for saying I was proud of him.


11-19-94 - DREAM - I was with some people in a strange town and we had to travel from one place to another. There was a young man with us who seemed very negative and I felt apprehensive about him. He had a red sports car and he seemed like an angry young man. He drove ahead of us and crashed his car into something at a corner. HIs car turned into a million small particles like sand. He was told to clean up the mess so no one would get hurt. Immediately beyond where his car crashed were deep drifts of snow and it was extremely cold. The other men with us had to clear the snow so we could proceed forward. I decided to help also, but it was so cold and the snow as so deep that I was very ineffective with no tools. the other men had to work to clear an area that contained a drain of some kind and while they did, I went inside a large cave or garage that was behind them.

The young man followed me and I became even more apprehensive. I knew he was going to do something I was going to be afraid of.

He picked up what appeared to be a brick, but i didn't know for sure what it was. He came behind me and raised his hands over my head. He held the brick over my head with his right hand and held his left hand next to my left ear. An electrical field began running through me, paralyzing me, and at the same time changed the vibrations of my brain so I knew I was going to have a vision.

Immediately, 3 panels of glass came down in front of me and on them appeared writing that I knew was describing who I was in Biblical times.

I knew that this vision was for 'his' benefit because he wanted to know who I was. I began to read it, but it wasn't clear to me in memory respects. I saw my name. It was Mary ___ . I thought it was like NY ____ but I could be wrong. Seeing this information seemed to anger him and he said, "At least 'you' know what your last name is." At that moment I was aware that his anger stemmed from 'his' not knowing who he really was.

Then something appeared that referred to a job opportunity.

Then Bonnie's face appeared and I knew it was her but at some other time period and she had short cropped light brown hair. she said "Sometimes a job is not 'just' a job." To emphasize what she said, it seemed the scene repeated itself like on Star Wars where Princess Leah keeps repeating the same thing in a hologram and she said again ... "Sometimes a job is 'not just' a job."

I knew that she meant that the job was the instrument to put me in a particular place at a particular time to do something for someone else.

And I woke up.


2-7-95 - DREAM - I went to A-C and was talking to Jim K. who I hadn't seen in a long time and a phone call came in for me from G. H. I hadn't seen him in many years either. I had the phone in my hand and turned around and there he was, sitting in a little black cart talking on a cellular phone.

The shock of seeing one another after so many years was overwhelming for both of us. It seemed silly to keep talking on the phone, so I put mine down. We were inside the building and was riding this little black ... looked like a riding mower with a cart behind ... all black. It ran very jerkily.

He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride and I said, "yes!" So, we headed down the hallway together. The cart jerked awkwardly so I picked it up and carried it. His mower kept missing beats in the motor and quitting, so he picked it up and carried it, but kept trying to start it.

We were going through an executive area of the company, so I asked him if he would please not try to start it until we were outside. But he kept doing it anyway. Finally, as we were getting close to the President's office, I made one final plea, "Please! After 30 years of hunting for each other, can't you please do this one thing for me?"

He indicated that I shouldn't try to run his life after being gone so long. I saw he couldn't compromise, so I put down the cart I was carrying and let him go on by himself.

I turned and went back the way I had come, but when he was out of sight and hearing, I couldn't bear to be away from him again and turned back to go after him. As I did that, I saw that he was coming back to get me also.

I then noticed I had no blouse or bra on. Since the Lost and Found was right there, we stopped to find something to fit me. Nothing did. All the coats and clothes were for people smaller than I. Finally I found a white dress that I could just hold the skirt over myself.

Everyone cheered that I had found something to cover myself with. I then saw a beautiful - ornate pink jeweled necklace hanging on a glass partition. I toyed with the idea of taking it, then thought better of it and decided I didn't need jewelry. A woman made some snotty comment about it, so I threw my skirt at her that had been covering me.

At that point I didn't feel naked anymore, but was carrying a baby wrapped in a blanket and the baby had sand on its face like it had been buried for along time. I was brushing sand off of its eyes and nose and I heard someone make a comment that the experience of being buried for so long was very traumatic for a child. I hoped my child wouldn't be traumatized.

G.H. made a comment then about this son Jeff (now in prison for killing a child while drunk driving). I remember that how my son Ken had been so afraid of everything.

I was in a hospital school type area then and nurses and new technicians were going to start practicing on new patients. I got past that area really quickly.

I got called by someone to come quickly with the baby to the next area and see the raccoon. I went into the next room and saw little animals crawling on the floor. The raccoon looked like a cute little skunk and it was afraid. Other little tame raccoons were all pink and blue. The baby was on the floor also. I worried it would get hurt by the animals, but the animals all played with each other and finally I couldn't tell which was the skunk, which was the baby, and which were the pink and blue raccoons. They all looked alike.

G.H. was still standing there looking at them with me and I woke up sensing his loss tremendously and wanting to find him again. I missed him so much.

See also:  http://www.greatdreams.com/sacred/jesus_heart.html


4-8-95 - My UFO abductee group had a meeting with MUFON leader Ted Lewandowski from Chicago. When I went to bed that night, I had this dream:

DREAM: Ted Lewandowski took me to the best place to see UFOs in New Berlin, WI. He drove me to the top of Prospect Hill. He wanted to stop at the gas station, but there were people there so he didn't stop. At the next driveway there was a man half buried in sand, waiting for cars to park there to chase them away. I pointed that out to Ted, and he said, "Ah! I see you are becoming aware!'


5-1-95 - MEDITATION - I saw a deceased friend (Sandy) and many women brought me gifts. Sandy said we would start off in an 1852 farm house.


5-2-95 - MEDITATION WITH AGGIE: done with automatic writing.

"Let us begin. We are evoking for the name of the next student who will earn her way into the kingdom of truth. Her name is Louise Tischer. She will come to her demise at the beginning of a terminal illness. Her test will be to see how faithful she is to the Lord up to her termination. She is coming to her transition soon ... within a few weeks actually. We can help her by guiding her dwelling mode and comforting her salesman husband so he will sell her on the idea of transition into Heaven. His name is Joseph. They live in Florida. He is coming home soon from a sales trip and she hasn't told him what has happened yet. He will begin by comforting her and we will see what she does. This will be a good assessment of her problem with her believe in the spirit world.

That is all."

MEDITATION WITH SANDY... Sandy said, " It's time to start advertising on the internet for people to join you in the project. Everyone is talking about it. It is so exciting. It must be done. It is so worthwhile. It is time to gather the people."


5-12-95 - DREAM - I was at home and very pregnant. I was not feeling well and asked a woman for help, not knowing what was wrong. She didn't know either. Then I noticed that my right hand was doubled over and very swollen. I thought perhaps I had had a stroke. I could move my hand though, but with great difficulty. Then my hand began to shrivel and become old looking and claw-like. I was very frightened.

Finally, after calling several people on the phone, I got a hold of the drug store. He said it was E-coli Justice and was very contagious and I should see no one.  

Then a salesman came to my door to demonstrate an oven. He brought in an old model and a new one to show a comparison. I tried to tell him how ill I was and that I was contagious but he wouldn't listen. He was determined to be in my house.

I didn't trust him and knew that he was a scam. The neighbor, however, (Mary Baltes) from 208F wanted to see the demonstration so I gave up arguing. I assisted with cleaning the grease and crumbs out of the old machine because it wouldn't work at all. Finally, he was getting ready to leave and I told him I wasn't interested in anything but cornflakes and when he showed up with cornflakes, I told him I wanted potato chips instead.

When I turned back to my apartment, there was a whole work crew there, tearing all the plaster off the walls. They all had on masks with filters and there were dark clothes hanging down to keep the dust contained.

At the last moment, I saw a piece of paper which was a letter announcing the disease. It was E-coli Justice and the letter was signed by 'Sandy'.


12-17-95 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. I was attempting to get ready to leave. The daughter-in-laws were standing in the corner, separate from my sons, talking amongst themselves and acting against everything.

I said, "There is no name calling" I called one a bitch and left the room, going upstairs to pack. I did a lot of work, very methodically cleaning the room as I went.

When I got to the desk, I came to a blueprint which was on blue paper. It was dated November, and I knew it was March and I had delayed a long time in making a copy of it before I sent it back. I didn't know what the object was, but on the bottom, it had a valve which looked like a flattened Ying Yang symbol on it's side. It was called an "S" valve and when installed under a building, it would take the pressure and rocking from an earthquake and the building wouldn't collapse.

I rolled the blueprint up and went to the closet to get a tube to mail the print back to its sender.

I then continued to clean until the room was perfect. I was thinking that the room would be perfect enough for my Father to return. I heard a voice in the outer room and knew that even then he was at the door. (A biblical passage?)

I went to my son's room and they were sleeping. I got angry, wondering why they weren't packing to leave. There was a fat woman in the center room and she told me that they didn't need to be ready yet, because they weren't leaving until the next day.

I was so angry at her. I wanted to throw what I had in my hand at her, but I restrained myself because I knew what I had in my hand was valuable ... it was a hand sized gemstone ... it was light blue ... and that it would hurt her if I threw it and I told her that. I looked at her room and everything was in perfect order and she was ready to go, but the boys weren't and I was angry at that.

In the next scene, I was in a car with a woman who was driving me somewhere very fast through deep snow drifts. I complimented her on her driving so she wouldn't know I was scared to go so fast.

Third scene: I was back to cleaning and getting ready to leave and a man like my husband came to drive me somewhere. We were going east and came to a huge drop-off where there was a cliff and the land broke off. There had been accidents there but there were no warning signs or barricades and people were always driving off the edge.

I questioned that and he said it didn't make any difference because the center of gravity or something was centered back under West Allis, WI or something. I seemed to understand that the land was balanced at that point, but the loss of people didn't seem to make any difference.

He drove very fast on the road that edge the cliff and it was like a long runway. It was going uphill and we went faster and faster. When we got to the top of the hill, we flew up into space. I was holding his hand and I was hoping he was seeing what I as seeing because of a psychic connection between our minds.

We flew through the atmosphere up into black space and continued on up toward the stars. This felt so fabulous. I was like in ecstasy. It seemed real, but at the same time, I rather sensed it was a vision rather than real.

However, we continued on toward the stars and came to a misty place ahead and gradually I sensed a round ball in the mist that was mustard yellow.

The yellow mustard ball became clearer and clearer as we got closer to it and I said, "It must be a 'sand planet'"

We landed on the planet and below the mist, there was clear air just like on Earth.  

I marveled at what I saw. The ground was pebbly rather than fine sand and I saw no mountains like on earth, but high yellow pebbly hills.

There was a huge bug crawling up one hill. It looked similar to an earth bug, but it's wings and body looked scaly and hard, more like fish scales.

I didn't get a really good look, but there was a very small person on the ground to my right. He seemed to be built kind of like a cartoon character ... "The Little King"., but his clothing was like armor plated also.

Then the scene faded and I realized it had been a vision, and we were in a room in my own home. I was still holding my husband's hand and he wasn't seeing what I had seen. He was scrubbing the floor with his other hand with a substance like blue kitchen cleanser. Other people were arriving with very somber looking faces .

I woke suddenly.


9-3-97 A man came to visit. He had a bag of bakery and offered me the chocolate frosting covered one off the top. I took it and ate it. It was the best donut I ever ate and it didn't bother me a bit. (I am allergic to wheat)

An older woman came to visit and then a young man came in and set up an electrical machine on the table. It looked like a Tesla coil to me. I was afraid it was going to start sparking so I hid behind a wall at a doorway. The older woman and the young boy set up an experiment. she lay down by this machine and they covered everything but her face with sand. I thought maybe the glow of the red coils was supposed to give her a suntan effect, but they told me that the machine was supposed to make her masculine. I didn't want to ask her why she wanted to look masculine, but I could see her face start to look younger.


Oct, 1997 - DREAM - I was with my ex-husband and another woman and drove out to my Father's lake  cottage. There was a large building on the left called St. Elizabeth's hospital. We had to park behind it. (Note: There are no large buildings there.) We drove up and around a hill to park, but when we walked back down to the lake there was no building there. We continued to go down the hill to the lake and I could see large footprints int he sand coming up from the lake like Bigfoot. Our prints were all smaller and had treads from our shoes.

In the sky, I looked up and saw a circular cloud a few feet across, when I looked again I saw a smaller round cloud. When I looked again, I saw a red moon in the same spot and when I looked again the sky was just overcast completely.


11-14-97 - DREAM - I was in my car driving, but had my feet on the ground. I pushed the car backwards once and ended up going really far East. I turned, pushed once more and went a little farther North. I was astonished how far the car would go with one push.

I got out of the car and went into an old building where there was a museum diorama of people like the Hittites and Akkadians fighting. I was seeing the names of the ancient Mesopotamian and Sumerian Gods listed as the fighting went on which was seeming more and more recent. My car outside was now a little red wagon and I had to take my baby home so put her in the wagon and heading south a couple blocks. I found myself in a sandy area.

There, I saw some dark helicopters land and as soon as they did, soldiers dressed in camaflage uniforms pulled the pins on hand grenades and jumped on board the choppers yelling at the top of their lungs in attack, threw the grenades inside and then ran like hell before the choppers blew up. I knew I was in Iraq and we were at war.


11-28-97 - DREAM - On Friday night, we were supposed to move on Saturday and we had not yet started packing. I wanted everyone to help. We were on Jackson St. in an apartment on the 1st floor, but the back door and into the yard was from my 16th house. I wanted my husband to help and I went to the back door to call him. I called his name , "Bill". I looked out the door. He looked like, "Tim" from my UFO group. He had two male friends with him, so I knew he would have to visit with them, so I asked my 3 sons to help instead.

I went down into the basement to do laundry. There I found 3 pair of green pants to be washed. I could tell there were things in the pockets. One pocket had sand in it, one pocket had a tarnished necklace chain in it and one pocket had a good necklace chain in it. I discussed the chains with my son Michael. He said it belonged to a girl he knew.

I went out to the Jefferson St. side of the building door with my old boss Tom. He said he would pay me to put everyone's name into the computer and tell him which ones came back with the error code S18 so he could remove them from the list. (The tangent of 18 is 666)

I went then out the front door onto 16th St. to see what my children were doing. My baby toddler girl was playing on the front lawn. I was worried she would run into the street but the other kids said they would watch her.

I then went back down into the basement where I saw Richard Nixon and his wife Pat and a couple other people including a boy and a girl. I was wearing an orange "power suit"' like Pat Nixon and wearing high heeled shoes. She introduced me to the boy and the girl. I think the girls name was Clare. We just said stuff like , "Hello, How are you and things like that."

This meeting had something to do with Richard Nixon's death. In a passage room, I saw my daughter's pink clothing and took it with me. I went up to the 3rd floor then where I was making arrangements for some other people to move. In one of the apartments, in a cabinet door, I could see there was a fire burning. I cold see right through the wood at the "flame"'. I was able to warn them of the fire and we all went out on the balcony through the French patio doors while the man chopped into the cabinet door to put out the flames. Then he cleared out the smoke and everyone was safe.

NOTE: Richard Nixon died on April 22, 1994

DREAM #2 - I wanted to go look at the new apartment and show it to two other woman who were with me. We headed for the apartment up the street in another building and I realized I didn't have the key. I was carrying a bottle of beer which I thought was the key. I also had a yellow bag which I was carrying which morphed into my ex-husband Edward. He became too heavy to carry. I put him down on the sidewalk and asked him to walk by himself. I still had the yellow bag in my hand. He was naked so I handed him the yellow bag to cover his private parts with.

I looked at the building to see if someone could let us in. All the apartments were dark except 301 where the nuns had lived. I rang the bell for 301 and a woman came to the door to let us in. At this point, I knew my master keys were in the office. In my hand now, instead of the beer bottle, I had a matchbook with one half broken "blue" head on it which was the apartment door key.

Another man came who had a "double key" which fit the side door. He had this key because he was the organist for the church which was on the 1st floor. I put the double key which was a 'key inserted into the end of another key' and then into the lock which had a design on it like Fleur de Lis. The door promptly opened and we all went upstairs to the 3rd floor to apartment #304 which was to be mine. I was told that "Sandy" had gone ahead of us to prepare the apartment. (Sandy was the C.D. secretary/seer who died in 1981)

When we got to the kitchen, the refrigerator shelves were crooked and the shelves had gas jets in them. After some struggling with them and adjustments, I managed to get the grids aligned and lit the flames which were blue with the one blue broken match which was the apartment door key.


2-25-98 - DREAM - I was visiting up north in Wisconsin and it was time to go back home, but I didn't know when my husband wanted to leave. My husband came into the room then, but it didn't really look like him (Jim) He was much older. I finally determined it must have been his uncle. So, I went back into the other room where my baby was and checked her diaper to make sure she was dry. I picked her up to nurse her and while I was doing that, I was noticing how wonderful it felt to have physical contact with another human being. I wondered to myself what I would do to have that human contact when she was done nursing because I had so much milk to  give.

Somehow I got home and was in a hospital. It seemed I had two lovers. I don't remember who the first one was I was with and the second one I didn't know his name.  

I was in a small room like where you change clothes and another woman who was there had beautiful long hair. My own hair I thought was long but certainly not that long and was very thin and I wanted to cut it off.

The #2 lover said he loved my hair and wanted to see it. I unwound it from the back of my head. It was blonde and I stretched it out and it looked like it was at least 15 feet long. He said, "Meet me in Orthopedics in room #305 and we'll measure it. I said, "Okay!" and he left. I made an excuse to lover #1 and said, "I'll be right back".

I got ready to go and began walking down the hall with my hair trailing behind me.

Two guys saw my hair and started following me. I didn't particularly like that so I started to run. I could see myself then from the back with long massive red hair with curls that hung about 1/2 way down my back. I heard one of the guys say, "She looks like one sexy Italian."

I could see how beautiful my hair was to others and ran even faster to meet my lover and get my hair measured.

I came out of the end of the building and found myself at the edge of the ocean it seemed, and the hospital continued on the other side of a very narrow causeway which seemed to rise up out of the sea.

I decided I would cross the causeway to reach my lover. There was a steep drop-off and then a long sandy walk with the ocean crashing on each side ready to come back over the causeway.

I decided to risk it and began climbing over the rocks. It wasn't as hard as it had seemed. I finally made it and when I did, I said, "If this old coot can do that, anyone can."

I then entered the 2nd hospital building where my lover was waiting for me and saw him coming out of a door on down the hall. I heard someone call out to him. "Don't be gone too long, Dr. Mike".

Now I knew what his name was and hurried to get to him. I was surprised to see he was wearing a heavy coat and was carrying his son who was about 5 to 7 years old who was also wearing a heavy coat. Dr. Mike had a small green umbrella in his hand and said, "You're going to need this." He carried his son through another doorway I assumed was a stairway and I was supposed to follow because he obviously was going to drive me somewhere else. And I woke up.


3-12-98 - DREAM - I was working on crop circle archive pages with full text. By 'right clicking' twice on the mouse, the photographs were pulled onto the page. Numbered from 1 thru 15-17 were the same.

The dream went into the real. Six men were racing across a bay in three boats. Three men were in a regular speed boat, two in a powerboat, and one on a motorized sled which originally started out on the ice, but it was so slow, he too decided to use the water.

We all went to the site where the government had built a park so visitors could see history. There was a lake at the base of the hill, then a wide sandy trail that led up toward a stand of trees with rocky cliff beyond.

In the clearing were ancient pillars and every so often one would fall over endangering the visitors. One woman said, "I keep forgetting that the pyramids are falling down."

While we were there, a small plane crashed into the lake. It was flown by crop circle investigators. The newscasters said that the Bythorn area was very treacherous because it had sheer winds on occasion.

The experts had wanted to extend the runway out into the lake but residents had been opposed to this. Finally after the plane crash, the residents gave in and extended the runway out into the lake. However, a wet blanket was thrown into the lake because of the crash and there was no happiness about it.


6-30-98 - VISIONS AND VOICES - "It is better to be prepared. You usually try to do everything alone. We keep talking about the widening gyre and you keep rejecting it. You're a mirror image of what's happening. Two days for a visit of truth." I then saw a woman dressed all in white jump down from a high perch. She tackled Superman (the typical). She also had a white cape which flowed behind her.

I went into a dream where I was caring for two small girls. I thought they were out in the street playing. Then I realized what I thought were the girls were just two pieces of trash paper laying on the highway. I looked again and thought I saw the girls too close to the ocean but that was two other girls. I looked again and my two girls were playing safely in a sandbox where I couldn't see them unless I leaned forward.

I then saw two little boys from the neighborhood. One of them had two black dog leashes and collars. The leashes were very short and strong. I felt that if I hadn't been there, they would have put them on the girls.

My presence kept my girls safe.

I heard the boy's mother call them home. I thought to myself, "they didn't need to play with the leashes in the first place."

I was sitting on a driveway writing in my notebook and I noticed that if it rained, the water would run downhill into the garage because there was a sharp drop off in the driveway to where the vehicles were kept at night.

When the boys left, I went into the house and in the diningroom, I opened the bottom part of the buffet (a cabinet) and there I saw stored beer, Mellow Yellow, and water. I took the beer,  decided I needed to calm down.

I had a long piece of paper in my hand on which was a long complicated recipe. I held it too near the blue flame on the stove and it burned to a crisp before I could pull it away. I thought, "Oh well! I didn't really need that anyway. "Then I noticed all the electric burners were red hot and glowing and it seemed ominous to me.


The Widening Gyre.

"by Yeats"

Turning and turning in the widening gyre,

The falcon cannot hear the falconer,

Things fall apart, the center cannot hold,

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned.

6-30-98 - VISION - As I closed my eyes for the night, I saw a spinning mass turning to the right and getting wider and wider as it spun. It began to look like a universe of stars as it spun.


7-4-98 - DREAM - There was a very important job to be done in an office across the street from where I lived. I convinced the bosses I could do it, and the boss said he would give me a chance at it.

So, I was all excited to go to work and prove that I could do a good job. The work day started at 8a.m. The next day, I had to get all the kids ready for school first and then myself. There were 6 kids. The 3 oldest ones managed to get themselves ready and left for school. I still had the 3 youngest to dress and then myself to get ready.

My husband wasn't home and I wanted to get the kids and myself ready and out the door because he didn't approve of my working outside the home. It took quite a bit of doing but I managed to find appropriate clothing for the kids to wear. There were so many different types, color, and size of clothes in the house, this was a difficult task. Nothing was hung up, but lay in piles all over the house.

For myself, all my clothes were in an upper room and I wanted to wear appropriate clothing for the occasion. I decided to wear all black. I put on black slacks, a black and white flowered with roses, cotton shirt and a black sweater that had a white stripe around the shoulders. It wasn't exactly a matching outfit, but it was all black.

I went downstairs to finish getting the kids ready. The boys managed to get the clothes on by themselves, but my daughter was wearing a pink and white rose flowered two piece outfit that was about two sizes too big for her. (She was only 4 years old) It looked really cute on her but the problem for her was that there were about 100 or so tiny buttons down the front that had to be lined up (button holes were square and the buttons were round) She obviously needed help. I managed to line up 5 of them and decided that was good enough. It held it closed and was secure enough so the wind wouldn't blow it open outside.

At that point, my husband came home. I was panic-stricken that he would prevent me from going to work. He saw we were getting ready to go somewhere and that he would sabotage my efforts to go out and do this special job so that I could gain my self-esteem.

He didn't say anything but went into the diningroom and I breathed a sigh of relief and continued to look for shoes for the children and myself.

Here too, there was a multitude of choices of colors, sizes, styles, etc. and they were not all in one place, so we had to hunt for their proper size, color and style to go with what they were wearing, and of course they couldn't wear shoes that were too big either.

I set the kids to looking for their shoes while I went looking for shoes and socks of my own. Because I was wearing slacks, I didn't need panty hose, so I found the sock pile and saw that there were plenty of socks, but the trick was to find a matching pair. I chose a black sock to wear and then couldn't find one to match it. There were dozens of light blue socks, but no other black sock.

The matter of the shoes was the same. There were dozens of different styles of shoes to wear, most of them were sandal-like with straps and heels of various heights.All of those were inappropriate to wear with socks. I was looking for my pair of walking shoes, solid black, with good sturdy soles and tied to hold them on. The were professional shoes for people like nurses and waitresses who were on their feet a lot. I managed to find one, but couldn't find the mate to it.

At this point, I wondered if my husband had sabotaged the entire thing by taking one of each kind of shoe to the livingroom so that I couldn't finish dressing and leave the house.

I looked at the clock and it was quarter past 8 and I was already late. I hoped I could make a good excuse when I got to the office.

The children had finally found some shoes to wear and I helped them get their proper shoes on, but we still couldn't leave until I had my own shoes on because I had to take the younger kids to school myself.

My daughter (age 4) found a lipstick and decided to wear it. She put it on herself and it was totally inappropriate for her age. But, instead of taking it away from her, I asked her if I could put some on too and spent a moment putting it on quickly. I didn't get it on my lips very straight according to how I liked it, but it was on and I could get on with finding my other black shoe.

I sent the oldest of the boys who was 5 years old to the livingroom to surreptitiously look there for the shoe in case his father had taken it there to foil my attempts to go to work. Meanwhile I looked among the other shoes and thought I found the other black shoe, about size 16 and I wore a 10 and it didn't have a mate either, so there was no point in even attempting to wear such an inappropriate shoe.

I was barefoot because I had never found a 2nd black sock to match the one I found, so I was not looking at the sandal-type shoes. There were inappropriate to wear with bare feet and I realized that I would probably get blisters by wearing these.

I didn't want to wear any with higher heels either because then I would tower over my husband in height and he would be VERY upset and they were so inappropriate with bare feet.  

I finally found a pair of maroon sandals with low heels. They were dusty and I saw a couple raisins in an upper fold of the shoe and began to remove the raisins and clean the shoes to wear when my youngest son who was about age 3 began to jerk on my arm. I looked at him and he was chewing on something and I saw a raisin stuck on his lip. He was at the point of choking because his mouth was stuffed so full of food. I pried his mouth open. His mouth was stuffed completely full of a mixture of raisins and sesame seeds.

I began to pull all these seeds out of his mouth so he wouldn't choke to death and as I was doing this I woke up.

While I was thinking about the dream, I remembered what the job was that I had to do. It was called "The Sisterhood of Southeast Asia".


7-15-98 - DREAM - Joe had to write an article about something. He didn't know where to get the words from. We were searching between people on the ground. (The people were standing in 3 rows like in the other dream)

NOTE: On 9-1-98, Joe was asked to write a quick article about dreams vs mythology. He took the words from a previous e-mail to someone which I had copies and sent to other people.

7-15-98 DREAM - I saw the three rows of people again. On the ground were words like "Beware, Restrain, Wait, Refrain!" All words of warning.

7-15-98 - VISIONS - I saw a pyramid. It was not solid but had spaces between the bricks. I was coming down the outside of the pyramid. I saw the words, "SA - SACRED WHEEL"

7-15-98 - SPECIAL MEDITATION FOR AUG. 28, 1998

This was a special meditation about the dire prophecies for Aug. 28, 1998.

I called my angels, personal guides, Metatron, Babaji, and all other entities who would be interested in the question.

These are the responses:


"Isn't that gorgeous?"

"Isn't that beautiful?"

"Oh, how glorious"

Foreign words - "Bit it ma, bit it ma" (Might be American Indian)

"Do not fear it"

"Do not worry about it"

"There will be much of world importance that day, there is nothing to be alarmed about, however"

"Everything is stable as it should be"

"There is nothing to be concerned about"

"Everything will be harmonious"

"There is nothing of world-wide import to be alarmed about"

I saw a pulsating hole in the ground, surrounded by green grass, but there was nothing coming out of it.

"This is to give you assurance. There is nothing to be alarmed about."

"There is much to worry about family values"

"There is much to worry about the crime rate"

"The article looks good"

I asked specifically:

Q. Will the Pole Shift happen on Aug. 28, 1998?"

A. ' "We would contact you if there would be a pole shift on that date."

"There is nothing to be alarmed about"

"There is nothing going to harm you"

I stated: "There are many people afraid at this time because there have been dire prophecies of something disastrous going to happen on Aug. 28, 1998."

"You would be told in advance"

"There is nothing to worry about"

"There will be fires that day, but that will not be unusual"

"There will be storms that day, but that will not be unusual"

"There will be windy weather that day but that will not be unusual"

"The oceans will be wavy, the sand will be warm, the sun will be shining. That also will not be unusual".

"There will also be earthquakes that day, and that also will not be unusual."

"All will be well. There will be nothing to worry about."

"That will be all"

I stated: "Thank you very much! I appreciate your help".

There is no need to check that specific date again.

NOTE: On Aug. 28, 1998, I had what I call a BLACK VISION - I had a black vision this morning, which is a little ominous. I have not figured out the portents yet.

Here it is:



I couldn't read the rest of the list, but then saw a page which was a lot of written things by Dee777 (ME)

That was followed by these:





At least it ended with a wish for good luck. All I have to do is figure out what it's about.            


8-5-98 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building for R.G. I don't know where it was. It seems it was in the country and it felt like California.

However, I realized I didn't have all the information I needed yet. I didn't know who lived there, nor which apartments were empty nor had I inspected any of them so I could rent them.

I heard R.G. out in the yard, but I wasn't ready to ask for the information yet, and I could hear him talking with two other men out in the yard.

The apartment complex was constructed on several levels. I came across two men playing a game of miniature horseshoes on an asphalt sidewalk. I knew the right way to play the game with real horseshoes in sand pits, but I didn't see anything available to do that. The two men played their game on two levels.

I was on one of the lower levels and found some stairs to take me up another level which would lead me to the stairs to my own apartment. There, I saw my daughter-in-law Debe coming over the hill from the other direction. We greeted each other and then she told me that she and my son Ken were buying a house in Colorado, that her deceased uncle had left behind. I thought that was a great idea because it was somewhere for them to go, and it was only a day's drive away....a long day...and I could see my son Ken more often.

I asked her if she would like a cup of coffee and she said "yes!" so we went u some more stairs to my apartment.

Inside my apartment, one of the guys who had been playing horseshoes was in my kitchen washing off the horseshoes in my sink and he had the sink full of water.

I excused myself and told him I needed to make coffee. I reached down into the deep water and pulled the plug. The water went down and I saw that it was very deceptive. The bottom of the sink wasn't so far down as it had appeared. It wasn't even a real sink, it was like a silver water bubbler where one could get a drink of water but certainly not a sink where one could get enough water to make coffee.

I saw there was a pass-thru to a galley kitchen, so I went around the end of the counter into the galley kitchen. I saw that the stove was facing the wall so I couldn't use it and there was no counter to place a coffee maker on either. It was more like a pantry for storage, but not to cook in.

I thought maybe I could serve a cold meal like a sandwich and fruit. I managed to find some bread...it was like a small loaf of Italian bread, but I couldn't find any fruit to go with it. I thought about serving an apple, but I couldn't find any. I was very disappointed.


9-19-98 - DREAM - I was working in a school. There were some papers to be put out formally; instructions for others. I finished them and then they had to have a seal put on them to make them official. I had a choice of putting a plain seal on them or a master seal, so I chose to put a master seal on it.

Joe came along and asked me if I wanted to go to a football game. I said, "Okay!" When we got to the stadium and parked, it turned out we were way at the opposite end of the main entrance. We had to walk a long way to that entrance. I had been there before, as I knew where it was. As we walked along the street, we had to walk through a tunnel-like area. At this point, there was a large size woman with us. Joe was walking faster and faster, but I couldn't keep up with him. The pavement beneath our feet had ended and it was now sand and the sand got harder and harder to walk on as it shifted beneath my feet. I don't know who this other woman was, she was wearing a blue and white suit-dress. Joe was way ahead of her too, but Joe said, "Hurry up!" and she went faster than I did, so I got left farther and farther behind. Finally, Joe was running and the other woman tried desperately to keep up with him. I was already out of breath and I knew where the entrance was, so I just let them go on ahead.

When I got to the game because there was work to be done. The President was there and a woman were knocking themselves out to be with him, but it didn't matter to me, I was with the "future" President and his name was Bob.

There were several things that needed to be done but the "future" President asked me to take a look at an object he had just bought. It was a one-eye miniature telescope. It was red and about 2" long. One could look through it and bring long distance things closer, or slip a piece of film in the front end of it and see hidden things the naked eye wouldn't pick up. The "future President told me to take a look at the film and I thought to myself, "I'm going to get one of these for myself."

All that sand we had walked through had to be cleaned up, so I volunteered to do it. There was a big machine there with a hose attachment. There was a long tube through which water could be supplied to the machine and someone turned it on before I got the tube attached to the machine so that when I frantically got the tube up to where it belonged on the machine it had huge leaks all around it and wouldn't seal. The word went out to turn off the water but meanwhile it was flooding everything.

There was another machine there to clean up the mess, but that didn't get turned on and meanwhile there were a lot of children to take care of, so I did that too.


9-20-98 - DREAM - I was in a big house or building with Joe and another dark haired man and I saw a storm coming out of the West. The cloud was black and building ominously in a strange way. It wasn't growing slowly like a normal storm cloud, but in sudden bursts of blackness in different directions. All of a sudden I saw one burst head down toward the ground and I jumped up and screamed, "Tornado!!!" Joe and the other guy looked at it but didn't agree with me, but I kept up the screaming. "Tornado! Tornado!" I watched the black cloud coming towards us and grabbed all the kids hands and the other women by the hand, and hollering, "Tornado! Get in the basement, get in the basement."

We had to go outside to get to the basement and while I was herding all these women and kids, I could see the sky in the west. From outside, the black cloud didn't look so bad, and there appeared to be a small amount of rain coming down in one spot.

Neither one of the men had come with us but I continued to herd the women and children into a protected area. Before they even got settled, the sky was already blue beneath the cloud. Nobody else looked at the sky to verify what I had said, they just heard my original words and ran for cover like I told them to.

All the women and children were now in the protected area and I was sitting by myself in a sand dune or sandy area alone, watching a blue sky and saying nothing. I didn't tell them that the danger was over, that the storm really wasn't coming. I just sat there feeling stupid and guilty.

Then Joe and the other guy came up behind me and said, "Now what have you done?"


10-6-98 - DREAM - I had 8 separate dreams. Each one was short and seemingly on the computer.The first 7 each was about a separate aspect of a person. The 8th part was the instructions that put the 7 parts together and the spacing between the words described the sacred geometry of how the 7 parts were put together.

When I woke up, I was disappointed that I couldn't remember the parts, only the concept that I had read in the book of Revelations about the 8th belonging to the 7th.

NOTE: Revelations 7: And the angel said to me, "Wherefore dost thou wonder? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carries her which has the seven heads and the ten horns. 8: The beast that thou sawest was, and is not, and is about to come up from the abyss, and will go to destruction. And the inhabitants of the earth - whose names have not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world - will wonder when they see the beast which was, and is not. 9: And here is the meaning for him who has wisdom The seven heads are seven mountains upon which the woman sits; and they are seven kings; 10: five of them have fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must remain a short time.11: and the beast that was, and is not, is moreover himself eighth, and is of the seven, and is on his way to destruction.

In a writing by Joe Mason, he states: I had a very long dream-coincidence experience with the

"11:11" concept. Some of it is quite incredible:

Unlike Solara, in my case it is about Revelation 11:11, where the two olive trees/lampstands/prophets stand up after 3 and 1/2 days of being dead, and a great fear falls on those who see them. It is the mid-point of the seven chakras, and means that humanity will make a leap to the Heart chakra, en mass. In the Egyptian depictions, it is the swallower beast's snout cutting across the pole that supports the balance beam, positioned between the 3rd and 4th nodules of the seven, as is the top of the judgment seat, where Thoth is sitting in the form of a baboon. The swallower is the beast that goes to perdition in Rev. 17:11. It means that karma will end, or be negated in the new cycle, when everyone has reached the Heart chakra level.

The Navaho sand painting called, "The Pollen Path," also is thought to be related. It has a rectangular enclosure with a cornstalk within it. There are seven markers from root to blossom. Footprints show the path along the cornstalk. A bolt of lightning from above strikes at that point, (i.e. the heart chakra level) and a pair of twins descend. (see Joseph Campbell's book).

The Hopi creation myth depicts three chambers underground, where animals develop into humans, and progress upward, with the help of Spider Grandmother. Then, she comes again, this time assisted by birds. (the descent of the Deity into the field of time, according to Campbell. And feathers represented Truth to the Egyptians). Seven humans are shown ascending to the surface and sunlight. The entire shape is like a plant, with the leaves at the surface.

Continuing with the dream:

I fell asleep again and had a dream in which I was in the backyard of my 16th St. house and the snow had fallen during the night and was about a foot deep and was heavy and wet. I knew there was a path under the snow and there was a person behind me on the right who needed to walk on that path. So, I got a shovel and began shoveling the snow on the path. The first few shovelfuls were so heavy, but then I discovered something that put a big smile on my face.Each shovelful became lighter and easier because the snow was melting ahead of me, and the green grass began to show and the sidewalk path became dry and walking on it became easy.

I immediately went into another dream which I knew was a repeat of the first dream and I new that the details of the dream itself weren't important but that each detail described an activity of a human being.

It began where I was standing in front of a bank of 4 elevator doors that were dark green. I was trying to decide which elevator to use; the 2nd or the 4th. They went different speeds, the 4th being faster than the 2nd. However, the 1st elevator came down and it was full of engineers. Noe of them where to go, but their supervisor said, "Don't worry, Dolores will tell you where to go.We immediately got on the 2nd elevator and went upstairs to a large office area. In this area, all the aspects of a person's life were planned out. All the purchase orders and blueprints were brought for the plan of what your life was going to be like. I began to run the blueprints through a desk-like machine. when they came out, they were relief maps of where the person was going to live. These maps were of the United States and each succeeding map was larger but of a smaller area of a mountainous part of the country. They were dark brown and mountainous.

The other activities going on, I was instructed to give four odd objects to a woman who would have to use her imagination and tell everyone else what the options were for the possible use of each item. Another woman was given a typing project to do. She was ready to do it, but she remarked that since their project was known well in advance, she could have been given the project much earlier and not waited until the last second, that the timing of the activity could have been planned and regulated to make it easier for her to accomplish her activity.

Then I went around a corner and there was an ocean there and a girl was sitting in the water. Her blueprint was floating on the water next to her. I moved the blueprint aside. The beautiful water was pristine and clear but on the bottom of the ocean, on the sand were two worms. One was a simple worm which could crawl over to her and bit her if she wasn't looking. The other one was coiled like a snake and had it's head up in the air looking around to see where he could cause a person to lose track of what they were doing.

I went over into the food cafeteria-like area. The boss showed me the refrigerator which was not only full of food, but had secret panels with controls behind them for various aspects of the whole operation. Each panel could be opened and adjustments made if you only knew where they were and what they were for. It was left up to me to find those control panels and make those adjustments for the others.

10-6-98 - VISION - A large chubby boy sat as a big desk. He was given a large chunk of yellow play doh. He sat there and said, "What am I supposed to do with this skunk?"

10-6-98 - VISION - I was sitting at a desk and a man like a doctor or engineer came along to look at my own blueprint. He said, "You've got a lot of work to do." I said, "I don't mind doing work, as long as it's positive."

10-6-98 - VISION - I saw 4 crystal glasses. They were laid out in a Y shape. I put a moonstone or opal into the empty glass on the right with a teaspoon. The bottom most glass was full of dark stuff.

10-6-98 - VISION - A woman from the left came to bring me something that looked like it would be a dark problem, but she became smaller and smaller and crawled under a blue colored cloth full of flowers on the right.


1-11-99 - DREAM - I was taking over as manager for a large apartment building. I was standing on the sidewalk meeting people I would be responsible for. Some were new tenants and some I had known before when I managed the building earlier. I befriended a tall blonde woman who looked much like myself. She was from apartment 301. She seemed angry at first, then a relative of hers came up to her on the left and I was on the right and her attitude completely changed and she became teary-eyed and sad.

Other people were coming along that looked familiar. They would walk up to me, touch foreheads with me and continue on their way.

A married couple asked me if I would like to go to the mall with them. Their car was very narrow, about half or less of a regular car. They wanted me to sit between them and there was only two inches of space there. He was really a bad driver and in turning around he locked his back bumper on the bumper of the other car. That was a bad sign to start with. He got the car turned around and told me to get in. The car was more like a golf cart now and very flexible. I told them I was not going to fit and just like I said, I didn't. The woman had to stand up and sit on my lap and there still wasn't room for me and the guy either and I told them it was illegal to drive with her on my lap, there was no seat belts and no windshield. I told them they'd have to go in my car instead.

I went to get my car from the garage. There was a big blue car I normally used and a silver chevy wagon behind it. I realized that I didn't have the keys to it. The keys were in New Berlin and I would have to get them back. So, I got in my car to go to New Berlin. I had to go east to a T intersection. The road to the left was newly paved, but I needed to go right towards Greenfield Ave. and then west toward New Berlin which was also the direction of the mall.

I noted that the name of the street was "Schism Way". As soon as I turned that way, I knew there was something wrong. There were weeds and flowers growing up through the roadway pavement. The further I went I could see weeds encroaching along the edges. The road was getting narrower and narrower.The road began to go up a hill and made a curve to the left towards the east. It was beautiful to be in this wild country and I could see off to the right as the road got higher and higher up the hill. The view was beautiful. I came to some huge dark apartment buildings and this road curved up and around the back of them. The road got so narrow, it was not long drivable and a huge drop off was on the right. The road was now all sand and to continue, you would have to walk and it wound up behind the dark apartment building and ended there. I knew now this road was the wrong way to go, so I turned around to go back the way I had come. As soon as I turned around, I saw a huge sign that said, "Thanks for sightseeing at Schism Way."

My car was now like a round snow sled kids use that you sit on and slide down hills of snow. The road was deeply grooved sand from the other people going this way and weeds were all along the edge, but I got on my round sled and started sliding down the hill which wound around back down the hill towards the right and woke up.

I immediately had a vision of seeing a list of things I had yet to do in my life. There was a lot of them. About half way down the list was the word DEVIL. As soon as I saw it, it became animated and turned into a snake. I somehow stomped on it's head as soon as I recognized it. The black snake which was still on the line on the list, stretched out and began to sizzle like it was burning up and poofed out of existence. I had killed it.

I woke up feeling joyful.


1-15-99 - DREAM - I was walking in an apartment building as manager. I was going around with my clipboard and pencil and paper making notes of things that weren't working.

Besides being a good dream symbol, I was looking for a working bathroom and only finding those that had no working toilets.

I heard some cops talking over a CB type radio that they were going to arrest someone for smoking out in front of the building. I thought that was a little extreme, but there was nothing I could do about it. That was the Law. As I walked outside, there were many people walking around the grounds...whole wedding parties. I didn't see a bride, but bridesmaids in shimmering watered silk gowns that actually glowed, walking alongside groomsmen in tuxedos.

I needed to get to another building and didn't see a sidewalk so took a shortcut along with many other people through a beautiful area of shimmering powdered white sand and then had to walk through huge wide beds of gorgeous flowers of white and pale yellow which were bordered by higher beds of flowers of rose colored flowers and greenery. Only one problem here, there were canyons of green that went way down into the earth and I could hear continuous announcements over a loudspeaker to avoid those areas. It really was dangerous and I made a note to have that fixed.

I said to myself, "I never appreciated concrete." It was really difficult to walk through all those flowers no matter how beautiful they were because I was in such a hurry.  

A woman commented to her friend, "Won't all these flowers be damaged by us walking through them?" I assured her that they wouldn't be harmed. They were there for that purpose.

I continued on, searching for a bathroom and heading towards my office which was on the 3rd  floor was at the other end of the complex.

Because I was way at the north end, I decided to take the freight elevator which maintenance used. When i got there, maintenance was working under the elevator in the pit and had light bulbs stacked up on the elevator to deliver to places where they had burned out.

I met several secretaries I know well from A-C and Simpson Electric. They were on their way to lunch break and there was a bank of food machines on this end of the building.

As I got on the elevator I had to really stretch to hit the large blue rectangular button for the 3rd floor. The girls told me that the 3rd floor had been remodeled. I was expecting nice...not what I found.

I was really in a hurry because I had to go to the bathroom so bad, so I was really rushing along. When I got off the elevator, the whole area had been remodeled into an area where people could gather, in a white cafeteria and get food. It had both little white tables and a counter area with stools. There were a lot of people up here.

It was past noon and I was anxious to get to my office. Past the cafeteria was a huge outdoor area with railings on the edges where you could look out tat the scenery. There was a huge fountain shooting up water in the center. Lots of people were up here sightseeing.

Where I was headed was the building left way at the south end. that was all that was left of this huge office building I worked in for so many years.

I finally got to it and opened the door. I hadn't realized it was so far. I must have dropped my clipboard or something. I put my hands down and my slacks dropped to my ankles. They were way too big for me. I pulled up my pants, feeling a little embarrassed but nobody saw me.

I was a little shocked at what this "remodeled" office area was. It was dark...stark...unpainted...poured concrete and a hard concrete floor.

The people I saw here were all 7 feet tall. One woman walking towards me was overheard to say, "I thought they said these were "finished offices." It was like the inside of a factory that has blast furnaces in it. It was really awful.

I still had to go to the bathroom so bad, so that when I met my old friend John DiTrappani who passed on in 1983 or so, I just said, "Hi John!" and hugged him quick and let go to move on quickly. He said, "I'm Christ!" (He used to weight 400 pounds) I noted there was a smaller woman dressed in a light blue robe and light beige gown behind him. I didn't see his face. I said, "I've really been wanting to see you for a long time, but I've really gotta run." I hugged him lovingly, but quickly. He said, "That's what everyone says!" I laughed and quickly moved on, looking for the bathroom and woke up.


1-18-99 - DREAM - I and my family and some friends were all leaving town and going to the beaches of Florida. We went through our apartment building and school, hugging everyone, even my old enemy Suzi. I told her to pick out anything she wanted from our apartment. We weren't taking any furniture with us. Finally, we got to the door to go outside. It was dark, but our plane which looked like a silver streamlined bus waited on the street to take us away.

We waved at everyone as we ran across the street to the plane. But s soon as we got on the plane, we found out that two of the young men who were Joe's sons, were lost out in the dark somewhere and we couldn't leave without them. So we had to get back off the plane, deciding to leave the baby girl (toddler) sleeping on the plane and went back into the building.

I still had TV and radio equipment there which I needed to tell the future and I got help to set it up and turned in on the beaches of Florida. When that's all I could see was sand, I woke up.

NOTE: In February, I got very involved with making a web page about the Miami Circle ancient site that was uncovered.


1-18-99 - DREAM - I was looking at the screen of sand and two black snakes came up. They were label Gromyko and M________.


1-26-99 - DREAMS/VISIONS This is strictly for the West Coast. Others needn't worry, but should send light to the situation if you can. I would ask that everyone pass this along to anyone you know on the West Coast. Last night, I had 6 identical dreams In the dream, I was staring at a control panel of indicators, buttons, and charts about disasters, especially earthquakes. When the earthquake hit, even the indicator that said 'earthquake' shook violently.

The fact that I had the dream 6 times is VERY important. That means it's highly likely to happen.

After I woke up this morning, I had a series of at least a dozen visions. Each one was about the types of quake disaster that is going to occur.

In one, a tectonic plate dropped slightly. In the next, the plate dropped and quivered, and what looked like solid rock, turned to gravel and rolled around. In another one, the tectonic plates turned on edge like this: /////. In another one, I saw cars on top of roadways, raise up in the air 50 feet or more. In another, everything got all jumbled up like jackstraws.

I was told that there will not only be a lot of damage, but many deaths. When the earthquakes hit, there will also be tidal waves which will kill many more people along the coastline.

For some reason, there is also going to be heavy cross winds which will cause damage to anything airborne at the time.

Let me tell you this also. Many people have been getting warnings from spirit to leave, and you haven't listened. Those of you who have gotten the warnings know who you are. NOW is the time to heed the warnings while there is still time.

Not all types of quakes will hit the same place. These quakes will happen all along the west coast. A BIG shift is coming. Watch the little quakes now. That's where the indicators will show where the big ones are going to hit. We already know that Los Angeles will be one place. Little quakes are good. The are pressure relievers. It would be worse if there were none.

Also be aware that 7 volcanoes are going to go off all at once also. They will be devastating as well. These volcanoes are all linked underneath the surface of the earth. These also will be along  the West Coast.

I already know that many people will hide their heads and not heed the warnings. I was shown that too, but those of you who have the awareness will know that this is the time to go. You have  6 weeks to make the move. Make it less if you can.

Here are the visions:

#1 - I saw a man in a beige trench coat take a big step to the left over a sinking sidewalk plate.

#2 - I saw the same man in a beige coat take a step forward and to the right over the same sinking sidewalk plate, which was now deeper and the concrete had turned to shifting sand and gravel.


#4 - VOICE - There is a developing situation which CNN and a large magazine media will break. I saw numerous pictures on two side by side pages. There were 7 of them. Each page I turned over was developing the pictures as I went. I flipped them all back to look at them again, and they continued to develop. (Perhaps there are two situations developing)

#5 - VOICE - ZUCKO - (ZUKO) I saw a huge land mass rise over 50 feet with a car balanced on top of it.

#6 - VISION - I saw a full drawer of kitchen utensils slamming shut and all the utensils were jammed every which way out of alignment at the front of the drawer.

#7 - VISION - I saw the same drawer pulled as far out as it could go with all the same kitchen utensils still jammed way to the front. The back of the drawer was empty. Then I saw a hand move a single large mixer beater to the left corner of the back of the drawer and a large mat on the right back corner which laid down on the empty space and draped over the top of the utensils.   A voice said, "If everyone is dead, what good is it?"

#7 - VOICE - "This is it"... sue market (Sue Marquette) (SUE MAR KET) ( I don't know what this means, but a man called up on the phone the same evening and threatened to sue us for publishing a derogatory paper about him on the web) (We removed it)

#8 - VOICE - "The gentlemen in the Senate is hiding something. It'll be the gentlemen from San Francisco. The information is about to be released. What is the strategy?"

#9 - VOICE - When the wind current meet each other, the antique flyers in multiples. "

#10 - I could hear rock and roll music playing. A voice said, "Take the music away from the yard." I saw a stick raise up a whole pile of plates in a sink. All were tilted ////.

#11 - VOICE - "It's time to leave." I saw a man scrambling to get out of bed and out of his house. The voice said, "It's the water level."

#12 - I saw three men bend over way down, hiding their heads. Then I saw three other men with dark hair and dark moustaches. A voice said, "If you don't want to! then "If you don't have to!" I assumed the sentences belonged to each type of men.

#13 - I saw like a pit forming in sand. It was circular. A voice said, "Can Arizona offer any darkening?" This was a 5 pointed star but with rounded ends.

#14 - VOICE - "The timing is off."

#15 - VOICE - "The Kings with the contracts will lose."

#16 - VISION - I saw a black hand held radio communicator with the antenna broken off. (I assumed that was the end of the communications and got up to write everything down.)


3-14-99 - These are three dreams that go together. I wasn't going to write the 1st one down because it was so gross and upsetting. I deliberately went back to bed to have more dreams so I wouldn't remember the dream and the next two dreams only enhanced the importance of the 1st dream. Going back to sleep did not erase the memory of the 1st dream in the slightest.

DREAM #1 - I was helping out in various department of a hospital. I knew some of the people in this dream 10 years or more ago, but don't see them anymore.

The 1st department I worked in was for the elderly and I was assisting an old woman in her 80's. She had once been a nurse and was preparing for death and I was helping her get ready for bed. She saw the clock on the wall and knew it was the usual time for her to go to work. She was long retired from work, but nothing was going to keep her from it. She begged me not to tell on her and got out of bed and put on a green hospital smock like mine and went down the hall to do her sworn duty.

I then went to help a woman and some kids with their laundry because my own flowered dress was a little damp yet by the shoulders from washing it and it needed further drying. When I got back from doing the laundry, I asked her if she wanted me to fold it. She said, "No!" But her kitchen was a mess so I helped straighten out her kitchen so dinner could be cooked for her kids.

I then went into a surgical unit where women were coming in for abortions. I didn't see any of the women themselves. I was in the room where the aborted babies were laying on a board side by side, some in their amniotic bags, and some much larger and they were all alive. I asked the abortion doctor how he could do this. He said, "Oh! It isn't bad unless they scream."

I had a butcher knife in my hand and filleted the largest babies' thigh like it was a chicken leg. It didn't bleed but looked like raw flesh of a dark chicken leg. I knew the baby was alive and wondered why it didn't scream. It just turned it's head away and look away from me. I was grossing myself out at this point and that was bad enough but then one of the aborted babies screamed a tiny shrill scream from it's amniotic sack. It was a blood curdling scream. I was so horrified, I couldn't stand it. I was sickened into almost panic and I was disgusted that this baby had no chance to live even though he was born alive.

I took a towel and wrapped up all the babies into a tight package so I could dispose of the bodies. I didn't know where to take them, but carried them with me everywhere I went, looking for a place to put them down. I asked people for rides in their cars, which they didn't know what I was carrying in the towel for which I was feeling guiltier and guiltier.

Finally, a woman came along who was driving people around voluntarily. She had a big old open black car and she said she'd give me a ride because I had no way to go home again.

So, I directed her which way to go, across a huge intersection with traffic going every which way and down a wide street that was steep to a place I saw ahead behind my building that had a big garden with a hot house in the middle. I told her to let me off by the garden which she did and I went inside the little house looking for a trash bucket from the gardener. I couldn't find one, but in the middle was a large old cardboard box which looked like it was about ready to be thrown away. I opened it and it was full of garden refuse, twigs, branches, dead leaves, discarded plants that were dying. So, I took the towel with the babies in it and hid them in with the garden refuse, hoping nobody would discover them before the trash men came to get the box.

NOTE: I woke up sickened and horrified that I had participated in this. Just standing by and doing nothing was just as much participation as doing it myself.

I wasn't going to write this dream down because that babies' scream had so horrified me. I went back to bed to hopefully dream something else and wipe this dream out of my mind.

DREAM #2 - I was with a man who looked like my brother in his younger days. I was shown that this man had been a writer and lived from 1948 to 1998 and could no longer write on his own.

DREAM #3 - I was living in West Allis, WI. The traffic on Greenfield Ave. was blocked just east of 70th St. by a wooden cabinet. One could crawl through it, but it was difficult. Meanwhile the traffic speed limit going east had been raised from 35 miles an hour to 70 miles an hour. People loved the freedom to drive that fast, but when they got to 70th St., they had to detour and go around the blocked street. Nobody took the blockade down, just drove around it, grumbling because their speed was now back down to 35 miles an hour.

I was in charge of the speed limit myself which could be reset like a thermostat on the wall. I turned it up even higher and people gleefully drove eastward even faster. But then, a woman came walking north on 84th St. She had to cross Greenfield Ave. she had three children with her...a boy, a girl, and an infant in a black baby buggy which she was pushing. I knew she'd never be able to cross the street without her kids being killed.

One of my jobs was to make a sign for a restaurant, out on the street announcing the time of the next meal to be served. I didn't have a black marker to write on the sign with. I apologized to the man who was going to have dinner with me. I had to go get my black marker first.

I got back down to 70th St. where the blockade was. I had a treasured scrapbook with me. It was tall and narrow and all the pages were covered with flowers. I saw that some of the pages had come loose and I saw that I could make a new scrapbook with equally beautiful flowers. To do this though, I had to go through the blockade or go around it. I didn't want to crawl and wiggle through the blockade with everyone watching so I decided I'd walk around the blockade through my children's bedroom.

Inside my children's bedroom, the shades were pulled down and it was darker than outside, but I could see well enough to see what was in it. For the headboard of the bed was my grandfather's highboy desk. It wasn't old antique looking anymore. (My brother has this desk now) It looked brand new and highly polished with added fancy decorations on it. I had always wanted to use it to be a writer, and now I could take it for my own and become a writer and make a difference in the world.

Interpretation by Joe Mason


Here's my comments about your Baby and other dreams of 3-14-99 -

Many dreams seem to show our reality as a hospital, as if it is a dimension for spiritual healing. I believe the dream is speaking to your work in this regard. The age of a person in a dream, I think, can symbolize their spiritual level of development. The old nurse may indicate someone on this level, or she could represent a feminine aspect of yourself.

The clock on the wall that she saw, and the green hospital smock that you both are wearing, may suggest that she has achieved the Heart chakra level, which is a symbolized by a 12-petal lotus or "wheel" divided into 12 parts. The word "chakra" means "wheel." Green, of course, is the color of the Heart chakra.

The "work," involves nursing, which can be helping to spiritually heal others, or helping with the birth process. In dreams, birth can symbolize the birth of ideas. Joseph Campbell wrote that the virgin birth is the birth of the Spiritual Man out of the animal man. This happens, he said, at the level of the heart chakra (see: http://www.greatdreams.com/plpath1.htm).

The "kids" can represent others who are on a lower consciousness level or chakra level. You are helping other people in this way. Helping with the "laundry" seems to be the "cleaning of the filthy garments" type of symbolism.

I first gathered the idea from the dream Jeff told me back in 1990. He went to an oriental town dressed all in white. He walked through a restaurant, and continued out into the back courtyard. A crowd of oriental people were watching a large woman, who pulled up her shirt to reveal her pregnant tummy. He then went into the bathroom. The toilet was blocked up, and urine was on the floor. He looked down, and saw that his white pants had been stained.

I felt that "oriental" referred to "strangers from the east," who's language we cannot understand, meaning a more enlightened spiritual dimension. The "restaurant," I believe, can represent a public food for thought, that is, ideas and beliefs being developed by many. The "bathroom," or "going to the bathroom," and similar symbols, seems to be a play on the "food for thought" symbolism. These are old ideas and beliefs that have been consumed and digested. All the nutrients have been removed. It is time to discharge them.

Some months after Jeff's dream, I began to read the Bible for the first time, and was startled by Revelation 3:1-5:

(1) ". . . I know your works; you have the name of being alive, and you are dead. (2) Awake, and strengthen what remains and is on the point of death, for I have not found your works perfect in the sight of my God."

(4) "Yet you have still a few names in Sardis, people who have not soiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white, for they are worthy." (5) He who conquers shall be clad thus in white garments, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life; I will confess his name before my Father and before his angels."

In Zechariah 3, Joshua has filthy garments after being accused by Satan. By the angel's command, he is helped to get clean garments. He is called a "brand plucked from the fire," which seems to indicate a purification process. The verse is quite significant to me, because Joshua and Zerubbabel in Zechariah 4, are directly related to the two olive trees that stand up after 3 1/2 days in Revelation 11:11. They are also called two lampstands and two prophets. They are the two anointed, of the bloodlines, the High Priest (Joshua) and King (Zerubbabel). 3 1/2 indicates the midpoint of the seven chakras, the point between the third and fourth (Heart).

Your own flowered dress may also be a hint of the chakras, because they are symbolized by the lotus flower in the East, and the rose in the west. The idea that the dress is still damp from being washed, may indicate that you have just recently reached a higher chakra level.

Helping in the kitchen so dinner could be cooked for the kids, is like the "restaurant" symbolism, as mentioned above.

Aborting babies can represent "aborting" ideas and beliefs. We use similar metaphors in our speech, for example, "Don't throw out the baby with the bath water." My guess is that the babies that "scream," represent ideas and beliefs that should not be thrown away, or that they are difficult ideas to throw away.

Cutting into the baby's thigh may indicate that you are examining a belief more deeply. The lack of blood and look of a chicken-leg may symbolize something you determined about the belief. It may lack blood or life, meaning it will or should "die," that is, that the belief should be dropped or changed. "Chicken" could, for example, represent coward-like beliefs.

Your feeling of being grossed out, could symbolize feelings we have as we examine our beliefs and emotions, and find something we do not like. The baby that screamed and had no chance to live, I would think, represents a cherished belief that has to go. It may be a belief, a way of being, that you feel is part of yourself, something that seems supportive, familiar, and comfortable. Yet, it is not good for your evolution to a higher level of consciousness.

Carrying the babies everywhere indicates that the beliefs are always with you. Asking people for rides in their cars in order to dispose of the babies, seems to indicate seeking other belief systems (vehicles), such as churches or organizations, for help in this spiritual process. The other people do not know what you are carrying, meaning that others do not know what beliefs and emotions are deep inside you.

The woman who gave you a ride in the big old open black car, I think, may represent a spiritual being on a higher level. Black sometimes seems to symbolize "invisible." She drove you "down" a street that was steep, indicating that you joined her on a higher level. I had several dreams that were similar years ago. In another, I was quickly going down a stairway, then a man walking slowly was blocking my way. I hopped up on the rail, slid around him, and continued quickly on down. This, I believe, is similar to the "return from the mountain top," that is, the dreams seem to show us finding something on a high level, then returning "down" to the worldly level.

You directed the woman "which way to go." This seems to indicate that you are directing your own path in your spiritual journey, and are helped by higher entities or aspects of your self. Crossing the intersection may be an important "crossing point" in your quest.

The garden and gardener may be related to the many symbols of planting and growing. It is said we sow and reap, for example. The twigs, branches, and dead leaves, reminds me of another dream that Jeff told me. He saw his teen age son with a tree growing out of the top of his head. Some of the branches were rotten, so Jeff started to go prune them. But, he hesitated when he realized that, if he pruned too deeply, it would kill the boy. The idea seems to be that the tree represents the belief system. In your dream, you place the babies with the "pruned" parts of the plants. This seems to fit with the idea that the discarded babies represent ideas/beliefs meant to be discarded.

Women were in your first dream, whereas a man was in your second dream. The man who looked like your brother may represent something about your male aspect. This man, or aspect, was a writer that could no longer write on his own. Perhaps this means you are to do the writing for him. It hints at communication from another dimension that is intended to be given to the world through you. 1948 is the year that the nation of Israel was re-established, which is said to fulfill a Biblical prophesy related to the fig tree. Some say that 1998 (3 x 666) was a key year in the earth changes.

Your third dream clearly seems to be related to the chakras. Joseph Campbell, in "The Inner Reaches of Outer Space," wrote about the many forms of the mid-point of the seven chakras. I reviewed them in my article, "Humanity On The Pollen Path." In some cases it is 3 1/2 days, or half of a week. In another, it is 42 months, or 1,260 days, three and a half years on the Hebrew calendar. The 3-14 date of your dreams may be a clue, as 3 x 14 = 42. Another form is 35 years in the life of a man of "three-score years and ten" (i.e., 70). Jesus and the Buddha were about 35 years old

In your dream, the form was 70th Street, and the speeds of 35 and 70 miles an hour. Speed may suggest that the changes can be more or less rapid. Greenfield Avenue may hint at the Heart chakra, as noted above about the first dream.

Greenfield Avenue being blocked by the wooden cabinet may be similar to the idea that the mid-point of the chakras is between the third and fourth, and the diaphragm is a barrier between them. In the ancient Egyptian depiction, this point is marked by the snout of the Swallower beast. If the heart of the deceased person weighs more than the feather (truth and moral order), it signifies that he has not reached the heart chakra level, and must be swallowed by the beast, meaning that he must be reborn on Earth to try again. I believe that this is the same beast mentioned in Revelation 17:11:

"As for the beast that was and is not, it is an eighth but it belongs to the seven, and it goes to perdition."

Wooden cabinets, or the like, has appeared in other dreams, and Salvador Dali, who painted from dreams, often depicted them -

Cannibalism in Autumn


It is significant that wood comes from trees. Thinking of Jeff's dream about his son, this could be interpreted to signify our belief constructions. One could crawl through the cabinet, but it was difficult. This reminds me of the "eye of the needle" story. Some say this was an actual place, a small opening in a mountain range. In order for a caravan to pass, the camels had to be unloaded. They were directed to couch down low, as the people pushed and pulled them through. The loads were then pushed through, and reloaded upon the camels.

The detour to go around the blocked street seems similar to some other dreams. Sam told me a dream back around 1987, of driving off the main highway with his mother. The road curved around and met the highway again, but the car died just as they were reaching the gate. Same had to push it through.

Joseph Campbell spoke of the Navajo sand painting, called "The Pollen Path." I named my series of article after it. Seven points are shown along a cornstalk inside an enclosure. A bolt of lightning from above strikes the fourth point, which represents the heart chakra. Footprints show the path along the cornstalk. But, there is also a curved path to the side, that joins the first (root) chakra with the fourth.

These things seem to say that their is a direct path, with a difficult passing between the third and fourth chakra, and an alternate path that is easier, but slower.

The "thermostat" - like device used to increase the speed may hint at the "warm/cold" analogy, that is, the relative amount of love. This makes sense, especially on a collective scale, because love "radiates," that is, effects the whole.

The woman on 84th Street may be a "number" clue. Notice that 84 is twice 42. As months on the Hebrew calendar, this is seven years (84 / 12). It is also 2,520 days (84 x 30), which is twice the number of days given in Revelation 11:3 and 12:14. 42 months is given in Revelation 11:2. The Book of Daniel speaks of Nebuchadnezzar's dream of a great tree that was cut and banded, causing a period of insanity for seven years. Some say these are "Prophetic years" of 360 years each, giving a total of 2,520 years. From the fall of the Temple at Jerusalem, this is said to give the year 1914 as the beginning of the Apocalypse. 2,520 or 252 is part of the ancient "Gematria" system of the ancients. See:



The number 84 is a key number in our  friend, James Furia's "Music Wheel."

It is similar to a "clock face," in that it has twelve major marks on the circle, representing 12 octaves. Each octave has seven notes, giving the total of 84 (12 x 7).

The woman with the three children may suggest the Trinity. The basic form, according to Blavatsky, has a male, a female, and an androgen child. Often a Goddess figure is with the three Trinity aspects. There are a number of suggestions in dreams that when the heart chakra level is achieved, one is then part of the Trinity. This may be a union of the Spirit, Soul, and personality.

The difficulty of crossing the street seems similar to the wooden cabinet blockage. Your plan to make a sign for a restaurant to announce the time of the next meal, seems to represent your involvement with the "public food-for-thought," that you bring from the dream world.

Going back down to 70th Street with the flower-covered scrapbook, again, seems to be about the chakras. The pages came loose and you saw that you could make a new scrapbook with equally beautiful flowers. You then walked around the blockade. Each chakra is symbolized by a flower with a different number of petals. For example, the third chakra lotus has ten petals and the fourth has twelve.

Your walk around the blockade was through you children's bedroom. This seems to me to refer to dreams, as we usually dream in the bedroom. In other words, you are using dreams and dream research as your method of spiritual progress. The children may represent other people, as you also research the dreams of others. Or, they may be aspects of your Self.

The headboard of the bed being your grandfather's desk, which looks brand new, may symbolize dream communication from on high, perhaps from the Creator. You could take the desk, become a writer, and make a difference in the world. This seems to speak to the work you are doing at greatdreams, as you gather dreams from yourself and others and write about them on-line.




3-19-99 - DREAM - I was living in a huge old house with Joe and my old friend Sandy. we were getting ready to move north. My ex-husband Ed showed up and decided to go along. I had to keep my eye on him all the time. I was particularly worried about him snatching a roll of stamps that I had. Sure enough, next time saw him, he was taking the roll apart, stamp by stamp. He looked guilty and I assured him he could take a few and proceeded to stack the stamps up and let him have a few.

A Spanish-type girl told him, "I need those stamps to pay my rent."

We had a car down in the garage in the basement and the back seat was packed full. Edward was leaving ahead of us and he was on a motorcycle. He said, "Oh darn! I forgot to buy something. I'll stop in Carlisle and get it!"

I was trying to figure out where Carlisle was and didn't know but was figuring it was about 1/2 way to where we were going. He roared off on his motorcycle and was gone.

In the next morning I was supposed to be at work at 8:30 a.m. I wasn't dressed and called into the office to tell them I was coming. My friend Sandy answered the phone which was my job. She spoke Spanish and then English and it was funny and I thought she did a better job of answering the phone than I did.

I turned around and she had had the President's phone transferred to our house and she was actually only in the next room substituting for my job.

I went down in the basement. There was nothing down there but dust and little bits of stuff, nothing I could identify. I decided to clean and sweep the basement floor and get that done before I did anything else.

I then went up to the 2nd floor to get dressed. I was trying to decided what combination of bra and blouse to wear. Most of what I had was too lacy and too see-thru.

I went back to the 1st floor and was waiting for everyone to leave for work before I did anything else. Sandy said that she was going to hook up the dishwasher in the new place before she did anything else. I chuckled and agreed.

For some reason Ed was back and I had to keep my eye on him. He went into the kitchen and I didn't trust him. I started to smell toast and figured that's what he was doing. I wanted to make sure so I went to the kitchen and he was on the way back to the livingroom with the toast.

I was hoping everyone would leave soon so I could finish packing. I said to Sandy, "Usually before I had to find furniture to fill up a house, this is the first time I had to throw stuff away in order to move."


4-8-99 - DREAM - In this dream I was in a jungle-like area walking along a trail with some men. One of them walked ahead of us through a watery, sandy area and began to sink. We grabbed him with a long stick and pulled him back to safety. I took a stock and began to probe the area ahead. Though it had a sand bottom, it was solid for a ways and then the sand just gave way. I continued to probe with the stick and discovered a sinkhole through and under a limestone ridge or shelf on which we were walking. The others didn't want to believe me, but one man pointed to a limestone outcropping ahead of us that looked like it had indian paintings on it, and I was vindicated.


4-17-99 - DREAM - I was in a town by what seemed to be the ocean's edge by the beach. There were a lot of people around, wanting to get some rays, but there were sand crabs with huge pinchers of many sizes all over the sand and the water had risen so one couldn't walk anywhere on the lawn/grass without getting your feet wet.

Everywhere one walked, the crabs crawled toward the people and you couldn't sit down, you had to keep moving. I wanted to tell my sons about it, but they had gone to visit friends and I didn't know when they'd be back. Finally my son Michael came along and I told him about the sand crabs. He said he knew about them and to stay away from the beach because it was going to be that way.


12-17-98 - DREAM - I was at a Jewish house helping to clean up. There was a lot of work and remodeling going on here. I was going to take a shower here and went past a mirror that made me look young and thin. I never wanted to leave this place.

Outside, a guy on a machine with a big sucky hose was removing a hill and making a wide path. He promised to make me 3 flower pots I wanted. I wanted to go up 3 steps in the sand that had stone delineating them. Trying to go up these steps was impossible because every time I put my foot on the sand, my weight would collapse the sand beneath it. The last step I made revealed a peach colored stone. It was not round - more like a decohedron - but it clearly had the Star of David painted on it.


4-18-99 - DREAM - I went to visit my old maintenance man Joe and his girlfriend Robin. We were sitting in his livingroom. There was a big window up high facing the building next door. All of a sudden a man from the passageway between the buildings began hitting the window with a long stick. I got real concerned that the window as going to break and get glass all over us. Joe said not to worry because the guy was after Robin, not us, and the last time the guy had broken the window, the glass pieces were only 1/4" big. Just then the window cracked and spidered out in every direction.

At that point, I could see the man. He was standing on a platform of some kind just below the window ledge. He kept beating on the window until it cracked into so many pieces, it all fell out.At that point, I could see there was another layer of safety glass in the window between him and us.

At that instant, I saw Robin and this guy and some other people out on the platform. They looked  like they were in a past-life movie and it was very violent fighting and it was all black and white, not colored.

I said to Joe, "Is this real?" He said, "I guess so. That's why I'm not worried. It doesn't involve us!"

I went into another room which seemed to be an office/living quarters and my own stuff was everywhere. I needed to get some work done and my clothes were piled everywhere. So, I made a pact with myself to get better organized and moved my purse and clothes into my bedroom which was an adjacent room.

I got a phone call then from a woman who wanted to discuss a list of chemicals and planning chart for the movement of the chemicals from one place to another, the cost of the trucks, the drivers, the containers, etc. She was going to tell me the names of the chemicals. I said, "Hang on! I've already got them written down in order." I went to get an older piece of paper on which all these chemicals, trucks, and men were itemized from the time we did this before, so all we had to do was plug the new numbers into the next column on the paper.

Joe wanted to see the list, but just then the lights blew out above where I was standing. Joe said he would help put new bulbs in. He took down the white bell shaped fixture which was full of little black bugs so I could wash them before he put the new bulbs in.

I thought to myself, "How come the building down the street doesn't blow out the lights as often as we do?"

We got the lights changed and then I had to go downtown. I was at the courthouse, standing outside on the portico. There were about 1,000 or so stairs down to the street.  

A woman came up to me and called me by name. (It wasn't Dee or Dolores) I said, "No! That's not my name anymore. I was rather angry about this. I said, "Your friend Pat...the judge, just changed my name. Now my name is....", and I couldn't think what they had changed my name too...all I could think of was "Ahriman!" (this is an ancient name for Satan) I was very upset about it. I wanted to go down to the street but it was so far down I thought maybe I should find an elevator. These stairs were wide but very small steps and if you started down, the next stopping point 18 steps down and the next stopping point was at 19 steps down. I didn't want to go down that fast.

I went to my office then and my honey Joe was with me. A young gal walked by who was wearing a short skirt and 5" high heeled all strap light blue shoes. Her legs looked incredibly good and Joe was rather gawking at her legs.

I saw that and looked down at my own legs. I was wearing the same color but had on long slacks and flat heeled sandals. I decided to go to the closet and get out my own high heeled shoes so he could see how great my own legs looked when I wore high heeled shoes. I knew I couldn't borrow that girl's shoes because her feet were way smaller than my own.

I went back to my private office and saw the lights were off and everything was locked which was wise because I hadn't actually been in the office and we wouldn't want others to see what was in my office.

When I got to my desk, there was a business card on the corner from the insurance agent who had been there while I was in the outer office. On the back side of the card, the insurance agent had written down my position, what I was getting paid per month and a couple other numbers which had to be analyzed by a small machine I kept in a locked closet.

My title was Negative Casualty Commissioner and I got paid $128 a month to do this job for them.

NOTE: A dream from 1990 showed my title as Director of Casualty.

I had to unlock the closet to get the machine to analyze the other numbers. I had a large ring of keys and picked out the proper gold key to open the door to the closet where I kept the office supplies. Just as I opened the door, an old white haired man who was my boss came along and stood behind my left shoulder. I opened the door and turned on the light. This closet turned out to be the bosses bathroom. The whole back wall was a mirror with a sink and toilet side by side in front of it. My boss said, "We should get you your own mirror!" I told him I wasn't looking for the mirror, I was looking for office supplies .

He went into the bathroom to pee and look at himself and I went to another large closet where I kept office supplies. However, when I opened the door and turned on the light, the back wall had one of those white boards you can write on with black marker.

On the right side of the board was a chart on which was written:  

ACAD 8,000,000 (AKKAD was ancient IRAQ/Babylon)

GENERAL: 36,000,000

16,000,000 LAS VEGAS

I looked up to the top of the board and the title of the board was DEATHS!


4-25-99 - DREAM - This dream contained a scene where an Arab guy disappeared down into the sand and I was searching quickly through the sand to find him because I was afraid he was dying. I couldn't find him but discovered he could have escaped by burrowing through a box of brown coats laying next to the sand. I was reluctant to look for him there.


4-27-99 - DREAM - I was in an office and my old friend Sandy gave me a hand typed manual that had been done in Chinese in black paper with white ink. There was a man of some kind on one of the sheets in the middle of the book. I had a translation sheet there and was translating from Chinese to English and didn't want anyone to know I was doing this. I was running out of time before other people showed up and might ask what I was doing. I stood up when other people began arriving and looked at some files at the back of this manual which were in English. Inside the files were forms for personnel to fill out . I looked to see if there was anything of a secret information nature there and there was nothing but blank forms.

NOTE: The U.S. government discovered a Chinese spy at one of their government offices and accused him of stealing secret nuclear information. I believe this investigation was ongoing when I had his dream.


5-30-99 - DREAM - I went to a huge office building to do a typing job. When I got there, I saw there were tiny little spiders over on one end of the counter near where I sat. I was afraid they were going to think that I caused it because I ate food there. I saw a metal insert between where two sections of desk came together and I knew that the spiders wouldn't cross that line. The men in the office were characters from One Life to Live. The boss was Asa Buchanan. The maintenance men were Kevin and Joey, his two sons. I told them about the spiders and they went into overkill mode and I regretted telling them, knowing I could have just gotten a can of spray much faster. Kevin and Joey blocked my typewriter while they discovered what to do and their Father, Asa, lay down on a wide railing on his back, telling some guy on the phone that he had to go to school. There were no women in the office. I didn't know where they were.

Asa finally left to go to school and Kevin and Joey went the other way to find spider spray. I couldn't do any work until they came back and all the lights were turned out.

I decided I could do the job faster so I decided to go get some spray myself. I turned to leave and heard Asa coming back.

I didn't want him to see me leaving so I hurried out to the hallway and made a right turn. Asa was coming fast and I didn't think I could make it to the stairway up before he came to the same corner so I ran into the ladies room.

That's where all the women were. The stall I went into , there was a woman laying back on the toilet naked with her legs spraddled like she was giving birth.

In the next stall, which was like a separate room, my friend Sandy was standing with two other women, discussing something.

Sandy pointed out that my skirt was up and I had grass on the back of my skirt. This room was bright with a window to the outside and I could see the sun as shining outside.


7-1-99 - DREAM - First I was talking with a design engineer and then e-mailing him about a new house I was designing for me and Joe.

Then Joe and I were in our brand new car, driving out in the country. The freeway was wide and newly paved ... really black. I said to him, "I thought you didn't believe in UFOs!" He said, "I never said that.!' and at the same time was making a huge, wide U-turn in the road.

I knew he had the car under control, but it was leaning way over from the speed of the turn. He got the car going the right way again when all of a sudden the car started to shimmy and shake and lurch. He quickly pulled off to the side of the road and ahead of us was a large sandy area that had no pavement. ... it was like those hard packed areas are before the pavement is laid.

However, instead of being flat there were water filled low spots and it looked wet though it was the dry season.

We got out of the car, and I said, "A new car isn't supposed to shimmy and shake like this even on an unpaved road." Joe looked in the owner's manual of the car and it said something to the effect that there were no guarantees. At this point, the ground shook so violently, it threw me to my knees. As I picked myself back up, another car came speeding by and somebody hollered out, "Why don't you drive more carefully!"

Joe went to the car and got the Polaroid camera out and came around the car to take my picture. I said, "I don't take a good picture!' Joe said, "Just put your lips together and give me a big grin!" The he snapped my picture. I looked at the picture and I looked like I was 12 years old with long straight hair and I had one strand wrapped around my finger like a 12 year old child would.


7-18-99 - DREAM - I was taking over as manager of my old apartment building on Jackson St. I moved into the old apartment 311 as well. The only thing different was that I allowed two women friends to live with me.

They had their own way of doing things and I allowed them to do that but I wasn't very comfortable about it. I spent some time sitting by the window watching some kids at play so they wouldn't get hurt. Then I heard one of my own sons holler and I ran in the other room and were experimenting with something they shouldn't and I told them to quit it.

My ex-mother-in-law Audrey said I didn't look very happy and we hugged and I said, "I guess this is what I miss the most!" (She is deceased since January of 1999)

My friend Michelle and her husband Paul came. They went to a meeting with me and Paul offered me a 3 inch TV set because he was throwing it away and getting a bigger one. I was glad to get it so I could put it next to my computer. It had lots of cords and a huge antenna so I was glad to get it. I decided to take it right home.

On the way I ran into a black older couple just about to engage in sex in the basement of the building. I hollered at them and told them to 'GET OUT!" The woman said, "I'm not crying rape!" and the man said, "Well, who is going to make me?" I said, "I don't care what you do, just take it to your own apartment!"

Three men were standing around me and I said, "These guys can help you get there if you like!" and they left on their own.

I then went back to my apartment on the third floor and decided I should go to the public bathroom. There I spotted my two roommates having sex with someone, standing up in the public bathroom.

I turned around and went back to the apartment and slammed the door, but it didn't shut because the door was shifted to the right. My two roommates came running after me, all upset because I had caught them. I hollered at them and told them they could get out. They were all upset and asked what was wrong. I said, "You don't care about God's Will and you have no will of your own!"

At the same time they were pointing to a picture of an ancient statue of a woman with a protruding belly and outy belly button and I knew they were following some crummy preacher who only wanted their money.

I said, "I lived alone before and I don't need you to support me. I can live alone again. I have a job!" I had already forgotten I was the manager of the building.

Another scene in the dream was about a cabinet door that was shifting to the right. A carpenter was sanding it down so it still fit in the hole, but it wouldn't be long and there would be nothing left to hold it in place and it would fall out.

Another scene was when I was in the backyard to hook up a long green hose for water so we could do the laundry. My ex-mother-in-law said she would help and went to put the hose on the spigot. However there were seven spigots all at ground level and the water on the ground was rising so fast, they were all below water level in no time and we couldn't see the spigots anymore.


8-26 -99 - DREAM - I was living in a large apartment with other people. Everyone wanted to go to the movies and we were working hard to get the housework done first. Some of the people left, so I worked even harder to finish the work. Finally, I finished the last of the dishes in the kitchen and went into the livingroom.

The house was completely clean and a woman friend with short dark hair went to the window to watch a parade or something go by. Instead of walking around the golden-brown couch, I stepped up on the couch, put my foot against the back and pushed so that the couch tilted over backwards. I was hoping my Father wouldn't walk in and see me do that. After I stepped off the back of the couch, I reached back and raised the couch back up into it's original position.

I went to look out the first window where I had placed a white barked tree in a pot outside. The maintainance man, Lee, came up behind us and said, "That tree isn't supposed to be there", and reached out the third window and pulled the tree over so that it was between the third window and the fourth. I was a little stunned, but left it there and walked back to the kitchen.

Some people came and asked me if I would care for their child while they went to the movies. I think her name was Kathie. She was like a golden child, about 3 years old or a little more... like 3 1/2 . I picked her up and held her in my arms. She had beautiful golden hair which hung to her shoulders in ringlet curls. Her dress was a similar golden color.She was lightweight, not heavy.

I and my son Ken offered her something to eat... like cookies or something and she said, "No!' So I took her to a cafeteria-like area where people were gathering for lunch. I was carrying the child and went to sit down at the long table where my friend Donna sat at the head of the table.

Donna was dishing out fruit salad on each plate. Instead of a red cherry on each salad, there was one black pineapple piece on top. She finished three of them and was about 1/2 done with the fourth one when I said, "They were unprepared for us, so we'll have to get fed somewhere else."

We then went to the movie theatre where a bunch of women were hanging out in the lobby. I knew all these people too... all women.

My friend Sandy was there (a psychic woman) and two other psychic-type women friends stood next to her. I was stunned when one of them said sarcastically to Sandy, "You have a hole in your right eye. I can see right up through your eye. There is like a light and three red nerves that go up towards your right temple area." I was upset that my friends would point out so-called defects in each other because Sandy said back to her, "I can see into your eye too and you have the same three nerves going up to your temple." Then they looked at the third psychic woman and they said they could see up into her eye also. They were so surprised to find that they were the same, they stayed together.

I then went to a farm house. I don't know what happened to the golden girl child here, but there were other people in the house.

I went to the back door and looked outside. There was a huge apple tree right by the door. The apple tree was in full bloom and I could smell the apple blossoms. They were so sweet and beautiful pinkish white. The flowers were so large, they were almost like orchids. A female voice behind me said, "It's like this all over the world." I stood there and using my imagination, I could see the entire world covered in pinkish white apple trees, smelling like apple blossoms all at once. It was wonderful.

I looked behind the house and saw a small rain shower coming from a small white cloud. Then suddenly, warm snow began blowing across the whole area. It was like rainbow sparkly snow (not like real snow) and it covered everything.

The woman behind me said, "Here is another cloud."

A larger white cloud came over and off the edge of the cloud, over the field to the south of the house, poured a shower of dark rain. It wasn't the cloud raining, this dark rain came over the edge of the cloud. When it hit the ground, it exploded back up into the air and became a ring cloud that was white on the outside, with a huge pitch black ring on the inside and blue sky in the center... like a donut. What was worse was, that there were names of cities in the white ring part. (I couldn't read any of them) (There were about 21 cities names listed in this ring). This happened 6 more times, so there were a total of 7 ring clouds, each one with the names of 21 cities in each ring.

I woke up feeling startled.

NOTE: (The number 21 is an estimate...not an exact known number)  

The Book of Joel in the Old Testament has a similar type prophecy. The Book of Joel also was clued in a previous prophecy dream last month. "The Barked Tree"


9-8-99 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. I went out on the front porch and saw a huge black umbrella down by the sidewalk. The umbrella was unusual in that it was made of some floppy rubbery material. I went down and picked it up and brought it up on the porch.

I went into the house into the livingroom. The floor was brown hardwood and there was light blue small carpets in front of each piece of furniture.

I lay down on the floor on a carpet I knew that these carpets were kept clean by sandblasting them. They were beautiful and perfectly clean.

I got up and knew that we had a pet brown bear. I was afraid of it and I knew it would want to be fed soon.

All of a sudden the bear appeared and followed me to the kitchen to be fed. It gripped the back hem of my dress on the way to the kitchen.

I fed it food from a yellow box like a dog. It let go of my dress, ate the food, then lay on the floor at my feet just like a pet dog.

The bear made me nervous but if I left it alone, it didn't bother me.


10-2-99 - DREAM - I was headed to a place where I used to live in the country and get some furniture I had left behind. I got to the house and it was boarded up. I knew the furniture was still in there but there was no way to get to it. My husband had stopped off at the barn. I saw the cops go in there and arrest him. Other people came out of the barn then. I was expecting them to be arrested too but the cops didn't seem to be interested in them. These people seemed peasant-like.

At first I was worried they might attack me because it was obvious I wasn't like them. But when they stopped to eat, they didn't use utensils, but used their bare hands. I was just like them, because I had to eat with just my hands too.

I needed to go home but was going to stop at the corner drug store on 17th and Center before I went there.

I parke the car and then noticed there was a big meeting going on down the street. I walked in and saw that here were men, all dressed in blue suits. I didn't belong here either and besides that I wasn't wearing nay clothes below my butt. Where my shirt ended, that was it, so I couldn't bend over.

I was about ready to go home and fund that by walking around in her, I had made myself a sand pit and I was trapped in it. It felt so good under my feet that I hated to leave it. But I climbed over the wall I had created and went over to the food table. I was going to take some stuff home because there was so much here. I also noticed that huge packages were being sent to people from here. They were almost as big as pillows.

I also saw that I had left two umbrellas here, a clear one and a dark blue one. I saw at least nine with my name on them and one with the name 'Schroeder." I had to get home before the mail got there.

I went over to the long trestle type food table and picked up a package of frozen carrots and a package of frozen green beans. There were in industrial type sized packages so when I stacked them up in my arms, I could barely tuck them under my chin and they were frozen, so they were really cold.

A guy from C.D. showed up ... (Norbie) and told me he would carry half the load. I was grateful and thanked him.

I was about to leave and had my two umbrellas and the carrots and some mail and I spotted a potted lily I anted.

But to pick up the lily I dropped the carrots. It was at that point Norbie came back and asked me if I was still coming with him carrying half the load, I was able to pick up the lily and carry that too. It seemed that the carrots had thawed and were growing now too. I picked them up too.

The meeting of world leaders broke up and I spotted someone I knew on sight. (I can't remember now who it was) He recognized me and we both said, "Oh! I didn't know you were here."

I walked out the front door where the bus stop was. There were so many people standing here waiting for the bus, I couldn't walk on the sidewalk. The people stretched half way up the block so to get back to my car, I had to walk in the street.

So I headed up the street. It was narrow with building walls right up to the sidewalk. A huge tank came down the street. I was able to squeeze in along the people on the sidewalk and it went by. Then another army type vehicle came along and I had to squeeze myself into about 6" while it went by.

Then a huge red tank with a big cannon on it came along. This one was bigger than all the rest and I couldn't see any way to get past this one. The cannon came around and almost hit me in the head just as I woke up. (This last one was made out of wood.) ( WWI, WWII, and WWIII, the red being Russian. )

See Dreams of War


10-3-99 - DREAM - I was living in a house that had a couple offices in it and the basement was being finished off. There was a lot going on it the same time.

I had decided to write a book about sports but nobody knew it yet. I was able to telephone my bosses to get advice from them, there were 3 phones and when the connection was made, conversing with them, actually brought them into physical manifestation into the house. I was attempting to press three outfits to wear and I had an ironing machine which did this automatically. It had a sticky cloth which was on a roller and drew the cloth upward into the machine, pressed it and the cloth came out of the presser roller on the front feeling warm and freshly pressed. The machine announced what it was doing in a female voice in German. It said three words one of which was 'hein" as it rolled the clothing out. One of the outfits was bright red like a silk coat.

I was also cooking dinner and while the meat was cooking, I was preparing fresh vegetables to go with the dinner. I had placed some celery into a plastic container in the refrigerator and when I got it out and starting removing it from the container, I saw that it was embedded with bugs in all stages from eggs to larvae to crawling bugs, including microscopic sized crawly things. The lettuce wasn't any better. So I had to throw it away without anyone knowing, I had planned to serve it.

My daughter-in-law Debe came in the back door and smelled the meat cooking and I knew the overall smell was wonderful though nobody knew about the bugs.

I had a narrow necked vase I intended to fill with water. I reached out the window with the vase in my right hand and had to put my left hand out the left window next to it. There was a painter standing right there working on the outside of the house. The vase I had was Etruscan with beautiful colorful figures painted on it. I dipped it into the soil at the base of the house and the soil was almost bright red and somewhat like sand. As I dumped the sand out of the vase, it broke up into sections like the figures on the vase had been made of individual pieces and glued together. I placed the figures in a row and saw how beautiful they were, and I knew there were more vases in the soil along the base of the house and the painter assured me that the broken vase was more valuable than when it was whole.

Someone brought me a candle while I had my hand stuck out of the window. The candle had just been poured and set and the man placed the figure of a small man on top of the candle which was two inches wide and about 2 inches tall.

I decided the candle would look better with a female figure on top of it and when I pulled the male figure off and replaced it with the female figure which was wider. I noticed that the inside was still somewhat melted and not set yet. The inside of the candle was red but the outside was a bluish color ... aqua.

Right after that my boss and I went out to the garage Somehow we both sat behind the wheel of the car. I stuck my left leg out of the window so he could see how beautiful and shapely it was. However a teenage boy went by and commented sexually on what I was doing, so I pulled my leg back into the car.

I went back into the house and the contractor's trucks were arriving to pour concrete in the basement to make a new white floor.

A young teen boy to my right said, "Oh great! When it's done I can ride my bike down there", and I knew he'd have to ride his bike in a figure 8 the sign of infinity.

I also knew then I wasn't going to write my book about sports, but about the 'danger's of sports'.


11-4-99 - DREAM - I was in a city I don't know. I was moving into a different house. From the outside it looked like two long attached quonset huts...attached along the lengthwise. We were going to live in the right half...farthest from the street.

I went inside and looked at my bedroom. It was plain and ordinary...just a regular square room. I wasn't impressed at all.

I went to the livingroom and it was rather dim inside. I went down to the end where a large brown curtain was hanging...looked more like a large burlap bag. I decided to pull it aside and let the sunlight in. However, when I did, the window was broken out and the shards of glass were all swept into a heap at the end of a long enclosed porch. I knew that my husband's black friend had done it, and this wasn't the first time. He had done this before because he couldn't stand being closed in.

I was mad but there was no one around to yell at so there was nothing I could do about it.

I went down the hall to my daughter's bedroom and looked in. She was laying on the bed asleep. I went into the room to check on her. I couldn't say how old she was...she was dressed in dark blue...more than 3 years old...less than 10.

The Master bed she lay on was huge and so was the room...it was humungous. I knew immediately I was going to switch rooms with her. The massive King size bed was a 4 poster...the posts being tall, oak, fancy fluted carved. I got on the bed and lay down. It did have a drawback...the mattress was thin and I could feel the springs beneath it against my spine...but I could easily get a new mattress for it. The room was dark, but I could brighten it up...I liked the light.

I got off the bed and went over to the wall where there was another door and found myself in another room. This was a 3 room suite with a white kitchen at the end. Each room was larger then the room before.

I definitely had stars in my eyes. I was in awe. I went to the door at the end of the room and found myself in another open room. I was now in the other half of the house. These doors were all glass and were all open. The farther I went, the larger the house seemed. I could hardly believe it. I was astounded.

I got down to the end finally and met Cary Loose, my friend, who was also the landlord of this house. I was explaining to her how wonderful this house was and she said, "You can live in it for nothing, if you have someone mow the lawn for six weeks!"

I almost passed out with joy. I could mow the lawn myself for six weeks to live in this house for nothing. I didn't say that out loud though...I was practically swooning with happiness.  

As I walked back through the house, each room had an alcove where museum-like treasures were kept on shelves. Each room held treasures of individual cultures and an elderly white haired chubby woman was the curator and caretaker of each room...grandmotherly types in cotton flowered dresses.

The Mexican room with its hand-made pottery almost glowed from the yellow, orange, and green pots and vases on its numerous shelves.

Each room was high, attic-like with slanted ceilings so these rooms were very large.

I could hardly contain my joy.

So, I went on down to the other end of the house to see the lawn I had to mow. It was immense. Once I got outside into this park-like area I could no longer see the house. I knew it was over towards the east because I could hear the traffic from the street but I was a long way from there.

Where I was standing, I could see a sandy path that went up and behind some large bushes. There were little kids playing in huge pits along the path and the path itself had holes in it that looked like bombs had gone off on it. I was dismayed at the immensity of the job I intended to do for 6 weeks.

As I walked along the path, I came to some workmen who were clearing junk off the lawn. Huge piles of clothing were piled here and there. They were going to haul it away so the lawn could be mowed. The hill they were on was 3 times as high as I am tall. I could see that the clothing belonged to me and my kids...stuff we had worn and discarded because it was outgrown. They were going to throw it away, but I couldn't let them do that...it was MINE!

One guy picked up a pair of muddy bluejeans, the size of a 3 year old would wear. He said, "What do you want this for?" I picked it up gingerly so as to not get muddy and knew my son had long outgrown it. But if I washed it, someone else could wear it...it looked perfectly good. So, I told the man I would make a laundry pile and wash what was dirty.

There were piles of pretty dresses, still all on hangars, there were hangars in piles...all bent askew. I kept everything and started hauling it towards the house which was on the other side of the hill. It would be much easier to mow the lawn for 6 weeks if all this old stuff wasn't laying around on the grass.

I took all the dresses and piled them in my arms and carried them up the hill towards the house.

When I got there I seemed to be on a lower level and I was looking for the stairs to get up to where I lived. One of the white haired women said, "Oh! There is an elevator behind this screen. She pushed aside the entire false wall behind which was the elevator door. As soon as she did, the elevator door opened and a scrawny black haired angry woman came storming out of the elevator followed by a man who didn't look very happy to be where he was or with whom he was with.

I wondered how someone could get off the elevator with that false wall there, but I didn't have time to worry about it. The white haired woman led me onto the elevator which was humungous. It's red carpeted floor felt weak and springy and I didn't feel very secure. I was expecting to go up but we went down instead...to the sub-basement garage.

I tiptoed off the elevator because the floor was so springy and was glad to be off of it.  

I was now in the sub-basement garage but even here I was higher than where the cars parked at night. I didn't see any cars though...the garage was a storage place for discarded toys. Before I could say a word, I saw some Mexican people grab every toy there and rush up the car ramp up into the sunshine. I followed them, not wanting to use the elevator again, and went up the ramp into the sunlight, hoping someone was home who could let me back into the house

and woke up.


11-8-99 - DREAM - I was on the telephone with Becky, my daughter-in-law. She had a new job and had to make a delivery of apart to another company and was nervous about it, so I went with her. We arrived at the other company and the owner of the company acted like he didn't know what she was talking about, but Becky gave him the part which she said was a harddrive for a FAX machine. It was light brown and looked like the cover to a fancy hole punch machine to me. The guy was still acting like he didn't know what she was talking about until he opened the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet and saw the cover of the catalog for the company Becky worked for. It said, "The Craft!" Then he said, "Oh yeah! This must be a sample."

So he accepted this machine from her and we were about to leave when they asked me to help them with an errand.

I wasn't dressed for work, I was wearing a long white slinky-type gown with sandals. They wanted me walk all the way down to the other end of the building and back which was about 6 blocks.

I reluctantly agreed, but when I went to use the elevator, they told me it wasn't in operation and slammed the door and I knew something was wrong because some people had just come down the elevator from upstairs.

It was time to go to lunch and hear a lecture and I wanted to go home and change clothes, but  they didn't want me to leave, so I got assertive and grabbed a round backed chair and prepared to climb up through a hole in the ceiling to the next level. They talked me out of it and I went to the lecture with everyone else, but even so, I was all alone in the crowd. I was thinking how everyone else had someone and I had nobody as a partner when two women came up who looked rather familiar and took me by the hand so the three of us walked back to the office together and I felt a lot better. One girl... looked like Janice from high school or a girl Julie I used to rent to, and the other one looked rather like Princess diana who had gotten older. Anyway, I didn't feel alone. I had friend who were there for me.

When I got back to the office, they were preparing for to advertise on TV and were making up teleprompter cards to put in front of a TV camera.

They were using the wrong kinds of terminology on these cards which were green strips and I will guarantee they were 3" by 33". (That number has been coming up way too frequently recently for it not to be). So I told them how to word the advertising which was three words (I wish I could remember them) and then I was seeing the TV screen with the computerized crawl coming up it. There were two white circles like the earth and moon and the third one showed a rocket or something with its orbit around the planet and the next one showed a larger orbit and the next one a larger orbit. I tried to look carefully what was orbiting. It looked like painted rockets.


12-1-99 - I was in my New Berlin house visiting. The phone rang and it was an emergency call from what seemed like the lady who lived in the house across the street to the south. She said her name was Marie something. She said the doctor was there and that we needed to bring a flashlight.

It was nighttime when the call came in and I couldn't figure out why the doctor would need a flashlight, but I said, "Okay! I'll be right there!" and hung up the phone.

I went into the kitchen and looked up on top of the refrigerator but the flashlight wasn't there. I heard my ex-husband say, "We don't have a flashlight!" but I knew we did and I kept looking...I opened cabinet after cabinet until I found a big bright yellow flashlight I knew was there all along.

I grabbed the flashlight and headed out the house and crossed the street. Darkness turned to daylight as I crossed the field. I was looking for a flashing light where the cops or ambulance was but never saw any.

I got to the base of the hill where I was going and the terrain was much different than it had been. The hill was terraced sand dunes. There were people sitting all over the place but nobody gave me a helping hand. I had to find a way up the hill by myself.

I felt really old and it was difficult to climb up this hill which I had to do on my hands and knees. The sand was really deep and the hill was steep, and the terraces were at least 3 feet apart, so it was really hard. I finally found a way around the side of the hill where the children played that wasn't so steep, and made my way up to the house the way the children went.

When I got there, I found the grieving father who had picked up his son and was carrying him in his arms. The son was dressed in brown. The father appeared to be Mexican or Mayan or Aztec...very deep brown color skin. The father carried the son's dead body on a brown see-thru board that was shaped like a surf board only wider. The son was dressed in a brown shirt and pants.

I tried to get near the father to check if the son was indeed dead, but the father kept turning around, crying, and saying "I hate Art, I hate Art!" I was getting very distressed, thinking that Art was his son's name and that he hated him. I couldn't get near the man and he finally went out a door that seemed to be a garage.

I went into the garage which seemed more like a low tunnel and found T.M. inside there on his knees praying. I went over to him. I was crying now myself and told T.M. how distressed I was that the man was saying, "I hate Art", while carrying around his dead son's body." T.M. seemed disinterested and got up and left. He may have gone to find the man but I don't know.

This was a very strange house, with some very strange people. I went into another room and there was a man there who was in his early 20's. He had on his right hand an object that looked like a curled up Armadillo without a head. It had a multi-faceted surface. The man had his hand inside this object and was moving his thumb back and forth inside the object. I tried to avoid looking at the object, but I was like hypnotized by it and I started to feel orgasmic and knew that the man was deliberately trying to make me feel that way. I finally decided to go with the feeling and started to make some moaning sounds. The man said, "Yeah! Go with it!" and I did. As I was coming to a mild orgasm, the man himself decided that's what he needed too, and curled up into a ball similar to the Armadillo thing except he was up in the air by the ceiling giving himself an orgasm.

That bit of bizarreness over with, I found my ex-husband outside by the front door and his new girlfriend was out there too. I said to him, "Why don't you come back to the house and I'll show you the Christmas presents I got for the kids." I had placed all the gifts on the floor in Michael's bedroom on the second floor. I knew that Michael was 18 years old and old enough to have these things in open view and he wouldn't tell his younger brothers anything about them and spoil Christmas.

My ex-husband said, "Okay!" His girlfriend was standing right there...a young dark-haired woman. We then had to make out way through the house because we couldn't go down the hill through the sand dunes.

The man who owned the house was an odd-ball type of guy and he said that he was having the house remodeled. It was the strangest type of house I've ever seen. All the doors were mechanized and when you went through them, they actually pushed you out and locked behind you so you couldn't come back through. All the walls were white insulation material with blue writing on it, so I knew he had a lot of work to do.

We finally got to the door that went outside and it was on the far end of the house on the southwest corner. In order to get out, the door had a fire wall which the man said the fire department said he had to have. He was very agile and dove up and out the door, but I couldn't make a maneuver like that and I had to actually crawl up and out the tunnel that went up into the light. When you got through, there was a safety hatch behind you so that you couldn't come back down into the house that was being remodeled. Once through that door... you were out and stayed out. We all went through the door and found ourselves in a tunnel that was all white. I didn't know where we were exactly, but there were blue signs all over the wall saying, 'YOU CAN'T TAKE 83. YOU CAN'T TAKE 83'.

I knew that highway 83 was many miles west of where I had started from and couldn't figure out how the man's house could be that big. Admittedly, there were many rooms in his mansion, but I didn't know it was that big.

So we made out way towards the end of the tunnel and I woke up.


12-7-99 - DREAM - It seemed I was in a foreign country in a place that had stony type soil... in high country... not tropical or low land. Joe was with me and we were in some kind of Inn where people gathered for good food and drink. Joe was wearing a heavy sheepskin jacket with a large fleece collar, which was pulled way up to his ears. Joe's hair was tightly curled in ringlets...very tight. I don't recall what he said, but we both hugged and laughed uproariously. We were in a very good mood. There was a grand piano in the center of this room, covered with a gauzy type sheet with flowers on it. A short chubby woman came in who was going to play it, but she got stuck under the sheet and we had to help her lift the sheet off of her. She never did get around to playing the piano.

There is an abrupt scene change and I had to go outside to take something to the garbage barrel which was around the side of the building. I took a large ring of keys with me and this thing in my hand was green and square.. 3 inches or so in diameter. I have no idea what it was, but I was going to throw it away.

When I went outside on the concrete stoop of the Inn, there was a big drop off to the road, at least 3 feet. I was wearing sandal-type shoes, so I had to almost sit down, use my hand to steady myself and then carefully jump down to the roadway. I immediately lost my balance and clumsily and unsteadily made my way along the road. When I finally caught my balance, I looked back and saw that the road curved way out from the building and it wasn't at all straight and a very heavy wind was blowing. I was so far out of my way to the burning barrel, I changed my mind about going there at all. I still had the green square thing in my hand. I looked up the hill towards where it was and saw a man digging in the soil. A long length of board like a 2" x 12' was lifted up by the wind and hit him in the jaw and knocked him backwards. He had been using that to mark a row in a garden he was working on. As I made my way back along towards the Inn, a dark haired woman, similar to Lorna came along and said, "It's a good thing that board blew up or we'd never have known the boys didn't plant the rows of sugar like they were supposed to." She pointed to some bare ground under a green and white canopy under which were several rows of tall, spindly spruce tree seedlings struggling to grow in the wind. They were each held up by dowel-type sticks to which they were tied to. Off to the side of this canopy was Joe's ex-wife Debbie. She was wearing a heavy, tan, winter-type rain and shine coat with a fleece lining. She had a heavy running shoe on her left foot, but on her right foot was a cast like she had broken her foot and she was trying to walk with crutches and it was obvious she was in a lot of pain. She struggled against the wind, trying to get up the hill. Her left leg was strong as she would balance on it, dragging her right leg and broken foot along behind her. She could put no weight on it at all as she went along on the crutches. At first I thought she must be drunk, but then decided it was the pain that was making her way so hard.


12-25-99 - DREAM - Before I lay down for a nap I was searching the web for a picture of a diamond shape. In the dream I continued this. No matter what I clicked on, I couldn't find the correct connotation I was searching for.

The dream went into a real scene in a yard on 16th St. where the old German-speaking people lived. They owned 4 houses on the corner near where I lived. I knew all the people who lived in these houses and I was friends with most of them, as friendly as a kid could know older people. I was going through the courtyard between these houses. I went to the door of one house and I heard a woman calling her dog. A shadow of a dog ran from behind me and ran ahead of me. It was a brown shadow of a dog... I was secretly cheering the dog on and quickly ran after the dog to let her into the hallway of one of the other houses to hide her from her owner. I got there and went into the hallway, only to find that the voice of the dog caller was upstairs in the house where I was way ahead of me... or maybe she was just 'upstairs' no matter where I was? I went back outside and Murray Bernstein came out of the house from behind me. (Murray was a good friend of mine in High School - a Jewish trombone player... we played in the same band. I played the piano for the others in the band for practice) He went over into a diamond shaped sunlit place on the sidewalk and kneeled down and kissed the ground. I laughed and told him that he was the third person to do that this day. He went along the path around a sandpit that suddenly appeared in the yard. A heavy wind was blowing and blew him way left along the path. I thought I'd be smart and take a shortcut through the sandpit and beat him on the path. However, the sandpit was deeper than I thought and I ended up going way farther than I thought I would. There was a dropoff shortly and I needed to get back up to where the school was that I needed to get to. So, the only way back there was to climb up a steep hill using the tall grass along a steep climbing path. By using the grass along the side like ski poles, I was able to climb this hill to the sidewalk. I knew that other people were watching me and wondering whether I would make it. The moment I reached the sidewalk, I woke up.

NOTE: The reason I was searching for the diamond shape was to place it on a dream page from June, 1999 which I was just getting around to type. This is it:

6-16-99 - VISION - A man dressed in a white robe standing in a big round circle with a beautiful mandala around him. Around the border it said, "The Community of 500,000 is ended."

I then saw the same white robed man standing in a sideways diamond shape.

A voice then said, "7 - 11:11 includes Victory".

I heard the sound of a rooster down the street, but embedded within the sound, in my mind it said, "Texas"

I then had a vision of putting together a puzzle in the center square of a table. Many of the pieces were old and crumbling. Some maintenance men were laying a new linoleum floor next to me. I said jokingly, "I could use some of that over here." At that, the young man pushed me aside to lay in a solid piece of yellow linoleum in the center square. It was then I realized that it would cover up all the details of the puzzle pieces and we could see them no more. It would be like starting over from scratch.

I then had a vision where I was visiting my friend Loretta. I was kidding her and saw a built-in dresser in a closet. I said, "Just for the heck of it, let me see if you are still so neat!" I opened the 3rd drawer from the bottom of 7 drawers and sure enough, she had sections in the drawer of colored hair rollers, red, brown, and some other color. There was nothing in the front section. Each section was lined perfectly with these rollers standing on end perfectly with others. None was out of place. It reminded me of people, all segregated by color.

I was then visualizing the shape of the diamond in my mind, and it came to me that the diamond shape said 'REGISTERED'.


2-3-00 - DREAM - I was in a house that had pink flowered wallpaper on the walls. Two women came to visit... one blonde ... one dark haired. The blonde woman suggested that they help me paint the walls since the wall paper was old. I thought that was a good idea. However, the blonde and the dark haired woman had different ideas of how to go about this and so did I.

The blonde woman just wanted to paint over the wallpaper. The dark haired woman knew that the paper had to be pulled off first in order to paint. As we pulled the wall paper down I saw that there was silk flowered material under the wall paper and I insisted that I use that material to make some beautiful dresses with it. So, I started folding the material for future use. I also saw that the walls needed replastering now that the paper and material was removed. The women decided that was too much work so they left.

Then my old friend Sandy who I used to work with came in with her husband. She was showing me that she had a pattern which made three different pair of slacks. I swore up and down that I had just bought an identical pattern and wanted to prove it to them. However, when I got my pattern instructions out, they weren't the same at all. All the numbers on the instruction were two numbers off from hers. Where mine said 38, hers said 36. Where mine said 3, hers said 5, and so forth. Then I looked closer and mine wasn't for slacks at all, it was for a flowered dress. I was really surprised that I could be so wrong. l was certain that mine was for 3 pair of slacks also.

I then went to my desk where a radio was playing. It was playing two stations at once. One was Spanish and one was English. I couldn't listen to both at the same time. A young Mexican boy came up behind me so I knew what he would prefer and then his father showed up as well. But I couldn't speak Spanish, so I preferred the English which is all I knew how to speak.

Another woman came up and asked me if I knew how to change the station. I said I did, but when I looked for the button to change it, the radio didn't even look the same, and I ended up playing with every button to find the right one. I finally found the English station so it came in clear, but then the Spanish speaking people left the room.

She also asked me about some beautiful copper plates and wiring I had on the desk. I told her that was my computer and moved it aside. It looked like gold and was all wired together which I  had done myself I told her. There was also a sewing machine case attached to it so it was multi-purpose. I was very proud of being able to do that.

I had a lot of work ahead of me in this place ... I don't recall how this dream ended since it just popped into my head when I sat down to type the one following....

2-3-00 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that had a very narrow table box down the center. Inside the box, as I was scrolling I saw the dates June 2, June3, June 4, June 5, June 6, and June 7. I knew it was about music... then I saw the number 154. That number stunned me.

I woke up instantly after seeing the number 154 since we all know that 153 is the key number we study.

2-3-00 - VISION - I was thinking about the number 154 and the month of June and I suddenly saw someone pull a cover off of a sewing machine.

2-3-00 - VISION - I saw the words: "God has the authority over man!"


2-23-00 - DREAM - I was somewhere outside climbing around mounds of dirt and sand between old buildings. There was a heavy wind blowing. A voice said that archaeologists and geologists could tell over time which way the prevailing winds blew because the sand and dirt was layered and littered with leaves and things which all lay in one direction.

The dream then changed to a web page of links to geology sites.

After that I was in West Allis on 70th St. I had to go out and mail a letter or something. There had been a heavy snow and lots of people were out shoveling the snow off the sidewalks. It was unusually warm outside and I couldn't figure out why the snow wasn't melting.

An old white haired man dressed all in white crossed the street at the same time I did. He was a plumber or something and I was thinking maybe he might offer me a job so I could work close to home.


3-5-00 - DREAM - I was standing on the street at 19.5 street and wanted to walk home down 20th St. however, it was made of sand and was very slippery. I told everyone it was too slippery to walk on and perhaps we could get a ride from my friend Kimber who was standing there. However, I turned around and we all had our own cars and I was trying to figure out how ... if she drove me home ... how I was I then going to drive her back home. I know it doesn't make sense but in the dream, I was concerned with that.

I was then going to move my car from behind the house on 20th St. and drive around to the front of the house on 16th St. The road was very narrow and when I got into the car at the curb which was on the East side of the road, a family with some very little kids came running to the curb and actually got down into the gutter next to the car door, so I couldn't drive away. I already had the engine running and told the mother to get the children away from the car. Some of the children actually got into the back seat of the car.

It was finally clear to move the car, so I pulled out into the traffic lane. The road was very narrow and the steering was really stiff, so I pulled out into traffic and heard a strange noise under the car.

Immediately, a police car appeared in front of me and started to back up to take care of a problem on the other side of the street and it crashed right into the front of my car. The police car had a woman driver and she got out of the car and came back to mine and said, "I heard a noise under your car. Don't move your car!"

So I got out of my car and started to look under the car. I don't know why I didn't think this was strange, but the car wheels were only black on the bottom for about 4 inches, the rest of the tires were hollow and see-thru. The only showed black where they had been sitting on the cold pavement. Nobody said anything about that. Then I saw a red lawn-mower next to the car and numerous stones, but nothing out of the ordinary and we never found anything that might have caused the noise under the car.

I went back into the house then, leaving the car where it was ... the street was now blocked from traffic but nobody said anything about that.

On the front porch was a long length of green fabric with pretty flowers on it. It was hanging up on a line ... drying. So I took it down and planned to fold it inside the house. When I opened the door, there was also a line hanging there with two more long pieces of fabric which I also pulled down, planning to use these for sheets for a bed.

There was a woman inside the house but I can't remember her name... a familiar face however ... a short dark-haired woman.

Her children were inside the house, and I was sorting out things that belonged to me, including several perfume bottles and other items. I gave the children items that they couldn't hurt themselves with, but didn't give anyone perfume, thinking they might try to drink it. There was a tall silver can of lighter fluid there and told the boy who was there, "people just don't know that they are supposed to fill these things with beer!"


5-2-00 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI, in my 16th St. house. My brother Marty and his wife were there. We were upstairs in the front bedroom. (The rooms were not the same as normal however). (Name Marty means 'warring')

We were going to go on vacation and my brother handed me his electric razor to shave my legs with so I'd look really good. I took the razor and the rubber thing around the blades was loose so I couldn't use it. I told him I'd have to use a regular stick razor.

He was upset by that. He said his wife always had razor-stick-itis for two days after she shaved her legs. That made her in a bad mood. So it wasn't a good thing.

The room was now filled all the way up to my knees with warm water and I began to shave my legs. (I never had this much hair in my entire life). The razor worked good and the water floated off the hair and we would use the vacuum cleaner later to pick up all the water and hair, so there was no problem.

The scene switched and a man began dragging a military airplane through the hallway and it bumped into the walls on both sides. I noticed that the wings were rather thin, made of some rubber substance and paper glued together. Three quarters of the right wing pulled off, and part of the left body also got damaged. I told the guy he was out of business for the day and he was upset. He had planned to fly.

I was sitting on the bed and a woman came in the room and was looking on the dresser and the bed and we were comparing lipsticks. It seemed that this woman was Arabic, but I'm not sure. We both had lipsticks that were worn way down so it was difficult to put it on straight and cover the whole lip. We were both using the mirror on the dresser to get the lipstick on right. I managed to do pretty well, but she smeared hers way beyond the lip line. It was pretty messy. It felt a little ominous at that point.

Right then my daughter-in-law Becky came in with a gadget to put on my face that were goggles and headphones like pilots wear. I always put her off when she brought in gadgets for me to try out, but I decided I would put them on to get rid of the other woman.

I put on the goggles which automatically adjusted for my eyesight so that my eyesight was clearer than it's ever been. I could see out these two small eyepieces to focus, but between them was a lazer light that shined out to aim the guns of the airplane automatically where I was looking. The red light of the lazer shined out onto the mirror where the woman was standing and I could see fear in her eyes and she scampered from the room.

I told Becky that those goggles were the best piece of eyewear I'd ever had.

As I woke up I heard a song sung. "Right - three degrees - then through the trees -" to the tune of 'Sinking Sand'. The name of the song is really My Hope is Built on Nothing Less.  

The music is playing on this page: http://www.greatdreams.com/father.htm


7-8-00 - DREAM - I had had a vision of a page of words and the most important of which was 'cete ____" which came to me later to mean "On the Beach" and I was assuming it was Italian though I haven't been able to translate the word 'cete' to English from any language I've come across. The dream seemed related to the vision.

I don't know where I was, but I was in a house that was high up off the ground. I had infant twin boys so I gave away my girl clothes which my daughter had outgrown. I recall that my boys were dressed in light green pajama outfits. The girls clothes were all in shades of pink and I packed them into a suitcase or box to give them to a friend who would have a daughter and could use them.

I then went outside and saw my old friend David and his wife Marcella and their children coming across the street. I was standing on top of a porch of some kind and didn't have a ladder to get down to the street level, so a man who lived in my building provided a ladder. It seemed that two ladders were available, a reddish colored one and a greenish colored one. The green one was stronger and this is the one the man put up against the porch.

There was a lot of sand in this area to which my earlier vision now seems related. David climbed the ladder to where I was and I showed my new babies, one of which I held by the hands so he could walk in the sand which was on the porch. I thought he was doing really well for his infant age except that his head was a little wobbly yet.

However, David said that my infant was inferior or too wobbly or something and didn't approve of the infant I was so proud of, like his were better or something.

NOTE: I found the word 'cete' in the Russian language but don't know what it means. I also found this. (A cete of badgers)

I also found it in the French Language: it's the same in English and in french. However, the AOL dictionary didn't find the word.


7-25-00 - DREAM - I worked in an office. My boss was caught doing some paper juggling in his records and some examiners came in to look at the records, but I had already found the alphabetical files and took them to my own desk.

I went to another office where other women were working and they were discussing what kind of clothing to wear ... I can't remember what I was wearing .

I had to go outside with the maintenance man who was having trouble with the grass mower. The engine was smoking and he was trying adjust it . He wanted me to hold a part that was spewing gasoline and I told him I wasn't going to put my hands in gasoline. So, we waited for some men to come along who would be willing to help. Finally, a pair of twins came along. They were dressed in brown overcoats and looked possibly Italian or some other dark skinned ethnic group.

They wanted to know where the Father of the mower was. I told him there was no Father, knowing that it was a company which owned the machine, not a person. They went away but said they would be back to fix it, so I stood there with this mower engine with a big pipe gasket on it ... about 3 inches across and 3 inches deep ... it was light brown.

I then had to go back into the office and found that someone was throwing away old shoes and purses. At first glance they looked really good and I saw that they had my size. I wanted dress sandals. The first pair I picked up were gold. They had clunky 5" high heels and just for the fun of it I stood on the right shoe and my head almost hit the chandelier. I said that would not do. I couldn't walk down the hallways, having to avoid the chandeliers all day. The other pair I looked at were exactly what I like, all straps, high heels, and these were bright red. I loved them, but when I flipped them over, I could see that the previous owner had worn the edges of the soles and heels down to the wood underlayer, so I threw them back into the pile.

My boss and some male examiners were behind me so I couldn't take time out to look for more shoes . We were on the way to my office to get the alphabetical files so the examiners could look at them. We got to the edge of where my office started and some professional gardeners had come in and completely overhauled the left side of the office into a garden. However, they had turned over all the soil, and we went in up to our knees in deep dark soil. The flowers were all brown and yellow Mums and other fall flowers, some dark red, some bright yellow. I had to step with large steps to get over to a more paved area that was grassy and solid so we could get to my desk.

NOTE: Moments after I woke up, CNN announced that a huge Concorde plane had crashed in Paris. It hit a hotel on the way down and killed 4 more people on the ground. A total of 113 people were killed. Flames were seen coming out of the left most engine. The fuel/gas exploded on impact. Details are sketchy but it seems like the mower problem above is related to the events leading up to the plane crash in Paris.


7-26-00 - DREAM - It seems I was in Milwaukee and giving someone who resembled Robin Williams (the actor) a tour of the city. It also seemed that he was my boyfriend or at least he was acting like he wanted to be that. There was no transportation, so we were walking East on what seemed like North Ave. (The juxtaposition of the street to the next scene doesn't make sense so it was more dream-like than real. )

The street was pretty much torn up so we were walking East towards the next intersection where I was assuming there was probably a bus that went north and south. I pointed out to my 'friend' that they were building a bridge across the valley to the south ... there were huge green girders both on the bottom and the top of this bridge. It seemed like the roadway of the bridge was partially finished but it would be quite some time before it was finished. The bridge would have been at approximately 3rd street.

Then we had to climb the hill up towards what would be Humboldt Ave.

North Ave., which we were walking on was also torn up and I could see a yellow ditch digger machine up the hill and there were mounds of sand and dirt to walk around. It seemed to get longer the farther we walked as I was getting out of breath and feeling some anxiety for the distance we had to walk and I hadn't had anything to eat. (This was probably due to the lateness of this dream to the a.m. and needing to eat in the physical because of lowering blood sugar)

We were about half way up the hill when I saw two men coming down the hill towards us. One was a medium built size man and just walking. The other man was quite large, wearing a brown, yellow and black plaid coat that was blowing in the wind, somewhat like the main character from the movie '76 Trombones'. He was waving his arms, hollering at the workmen who were working on the road. To me, it seemed he was the bus driver I needed to give my 'friend' and I a ride to where we were going.

As it was, I put out my arms wide and smiled broadly and hollered up at him, "I've been waiting for you." He turned from his hollering at the men and saw me and that I was female (which is all he cared about it seemed) and followed my gesture with arms wide and welcoming and feeling welcomed and smiling broadly in return.

I knew immediately that his companion and my companion were wondering what I was up to because I didn't tell anyone what I was doing.

Somehow we quickly were transported to a place that was like a restaurant and lots of people were around and we were going to eat dinner.

One of the waitresses who seems like someone I know very well, but am not certain of her identify went by with an almost empty pie plate that was enormous about 6 feet across. Around the edges were smidges of leftover cheesecake and pumpkin pie which hadn't been served to the customers.

As she went by, I said to her, "I wouldn't mind sampling the leftovers around the edges of that pan, so she turned and brought it back. I and all the other people who were friends as well gathered around this huge pan and moved all the edge pieces of pie to a place that was easily accessible to everyone.

At the same time, I saw that there were some birthday cards to the woman who was the waitress. I stopped her and said, "Hey! This is all yours", and started gathering the cards together which seemed to be multiplying as I gathered them. I could see that some of the cards were thicker than others and that they might have money in them, and then indeed, Is started seeing brand new dollar bills mixed in between the envelopes and started pulling the money out from between the envelopes and handing it to her. The more money I pulled out and gave to her, the more there was, and there was now also what looked like newspaper clippings or something like that piled in the midst of the birthday cards and there was money stuffed between all these sheets of paper as well. So I made certain that she got all this too. She was really surprised and happy.

When she took all her cards, money, etc. we then turned to sit down to eat dinner. I had a plate with a small amount of rice, a small piece of roast beef chunk and a teaspoon of salt which someone daubed into the middle of the plate. So I took my plate and went to sit down at a long table. My 'friend' was on my right, and the mild mannered companion of our 'driver' wanted me to sit next to him. However, there were 4 chairs in a row ... 3 at a table ... a table leg ... then 3 more chairs. The companion guy sat at the first chair and indicated he wanted me to sit next to him on his right, but my 'friend' sat at the first chair of the second table and wanted me to sit to his immediate left. I wanted to please him, but didn't want to disappoint the 'companion' guy either, so I eventually pulled one of the chairs away from the table so it was a compromise to both. and woke up


8-21-00 - DREAM - I was living in a large house with my children. All my clothes were hanging in a special closet so that my dresses could be separated into different colors so that none touched each other. Even those which were white with blue flowers were separated from those with green flowers or pink flowers.

I was in my bedroom which was somewhat dimly lit when I woke up was decorated in white with red roses on everything, quilts, curtains, even the floor.

Todd from 'One Life To Live' television show came to stay with us. He brought with him a toilet tissue roll (minus the paper) and inside of it was a red and black snake and a green and yellow parakeet.

After he left the room, I thought it best to let the snake and the bird out of the toilet tissue roll because there wasn't much air inside of it.

In my bedroom, I had a large platform on a table with a rim around it that held pure sand with colored stones for decoration every few inches. The stones were of various colors. I realized that releasing the snake, it could lay it's eggs in places I might not see, especially if it got off the table. I planned to buy a cage with fine wire grid to put the snake and birds in, but meanwhile I checked on the parakeet which was not in good condition. The red and black snake made it's way across the sand bed behind a rock all by itself, but the parakeet was gasping for air. At first I thought it was dead, but then I saw it gasping and knew it might make it.

As soon as the parakeet gasped for air, a red and black finch bird came flying out of the dark of the room onto the platform and began to encourage the green and yellow parakeet to breathe.  

I was quite pleased and didn't foresee any problems.

I then went to check on my kids who were still sleeping, check out the room where Todd was staying, and double check the building itself to make sure it was okay and didn't need any repairs.  

As I walked, I had a white quilt with powder blue flowers on it wrapped around me and trailing on the ground behind me.

I noted that my daughter's room door was almost closed ... just open a crack so I didn't bother her. My sons doors were wide open, but I could see them in their beds sound asleep. There rooms too were all decorated with white quilts with roses on them. The curtains and carpets were matching ... quilted carpets just like the bed. Todd's room was identical except he had brought all his stuff with him. I could tell he planned to stay awhile.

I went outside and found Todd out there with all the other kids in the neighborhood. He shouted, "What's this?" and raised his arm straight up into the air with his index pointed straight up. About half of the kids did the same thing. Todd laughed, "Two out of four isn't half bad! hahahahaha!!!!"

I wasn't about to play that game with him. I could he planned to try to control everyone to play his game. He wanted to reach the point where he said, "What's this?" and everyone would raise their arm and point at the sky. That's real control.

NOTE: Shades of Hitler? The Anti-Christ?


10-5-00 - DREAM - I was living with my family somewhere. It seemed that even the outside was indoors with a ceiling on it. My sons were all in their late teens.

Both ex-husbands were in the house. Ed had come there and was let in, but after he went to bed, I discovered a small rug on the floor which had been vomited on and I knew that Ed was drinking. I told Jim that I wanted him 'gone'. Jim reminded me that Ed was sleeping. I told him that as soon as he woke up, I wanted him removed from the house. I wouldn't allow a drunk to live with me.

My son Ken was laying in bed sleeping so I had to wake him up. He then drove me somewhere. I could see the color of the hood of the car through the windshield. It was white.

The road had been regraded, but not finished off, so we were driving through a lot of loose sand. Where the road ended, was a long table full of plants which I had to move out of the way so we could continue, but I also had to repot the plants as they were growing really fast.

Later, back at home, it seemed that there was a blizzard blowing past the window, but when we looked closer from a different perspective, the windows were wide open and there wasn't even a breeze blowing through the room and it was a perfectly clear night outside. I was very puzzled how this could be possible.

I had to do laundry, because that nasty rug had to be washed, or else I would have to throw it away. We could live without it.

A new law manual arrived. The gun laws were printed on pink paper and the car laws were printed on white paper. They were also separate so we set the gun laws aside while we studied the car laws. Each one of us were studying the car laws and each one of us was marking the book in a different way so we could see how far we had studied the manual.

The laws were also shown on TV, and that was on also.

The dream didn't seem to have an end, I just woke up.


10-7-00 - DREAM - I was riding in a car with a man ... either my brother or my husband. We stopped to get something to eat from a small shop next to the highway.

He said he didn't have any money with him. I thought I had $20 in my little coin purse. I opened up a small round coin purse and looked inside. I thought there was $20 in it, but if it was there, it was under the coins of which there were many. I just had to trust that it was there.

I got out of the car and started to go up the stairs to the shop. I was wearing brown strap sandals and got my foot caught on the loose cement blocks that made up the steps. I had to be very careful not to fall. I called my husband/brother to come and help me.

We got inside the shop which was like going into someone's bright kitchen. There was nobody  inside except an old woman and her younger helper. It must have been near the end of the day because she didn't have much to serve there.

I rather got close to the woman to befriend her and asked her if she had a fish pattie rather than ask for a fish burger because I didn't want the bread part. She said she didn't. I was trying to think what else she might have when a whole bunch of people came in and lined up to our left.

I felt very intimidated that there were so many people to serve and I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted. I finally decided I wouldn't buy anything so she could serve the others and left with nothing.



I was in someone else's house, helping them getting ready to move. I didn't know who I was helping until the very end. I went in one room where two sets of cabinets were. One set of cabinets was all covered with sticky brown fingerprints and I said perhaps we should clean it first, but I was told that the old cabinet wasn't going, only the new one.

I looked in the drawers of the new cabinet, and they were all full with sand, grit, and stones.  

I went out in the yard where there was a tropical garden. I had a shovel to dig up the plants that would be going, but I realized that it was too cold where we were going to take these plants with us. I found a white statue of an American Eagle on a pedestal, so I took that along as well.

Back in the house, the people were making sure that they had their winter clothes because it was going to be cold where we were going.

The men all left early, leaving the women to do all the work of the move itself. I had a feeling they were going to bring a surprise back with them, but didn't know what it was.

Finally, we were about ready to leave, and I walked outside and there stood George Bush, Sr. former President, wearing his heavy winter blue ski jacket. He was leaning over signing something. Whether it was an autograph or contract I couldn't tell, but we were ready to go.


11-21-00 - (I think one of my problems is that my door is always open and unlocked)

DREAM - I don't know what city I was in, maybe Milwaukee. I was in my apartment and I had to find myself another place to live. I said that this was the first time I had had to do this, though in my mind I knew I had found jobs where I lived at the same time.

I was standing next to what seemed like a trash bin, but it wasn't. Some folded newspapers came up out of a slot on the end. These were the real estate sections ... houses for rent or sale. The reason I say it wasn't a trash bin was that there was a woman laying inside of it with the rest of the newspaper, like she was sleeping in the bin.

My friend Irv came over, but I didn't talk to him. He used to drive me places when I didn't have a car, but he was acting drunk, so I didn't want him anywhere around me. I had someone - a guy - take him home and put him to bed.

I decided I would find my own way and drive myself where I needed to go. So, it seemed like I was driving myself, but I was never alone, there was always someone in the car with me. I ended up on one parking lot where cars and trucks would pull out and others would pull in. It seemed like a restaurant or something.

There was another scene where I was in a car that was being driven by someone really fast ... I know it was over 100 miles an hour, probably much more. We were driving on a flat sandy area and then onto a long straight paved road, and I was surprised that there wasn't a bump where the sand met the pavement, but there wasn't even any vibration under the car. What a smooth ride. We drove along this straight road until we met people driving the other direction and this person I was with told me this was the 'Dune' area. Here the road was a little winding and undulating. I have no clue why we were here.

We went back to the city and I met a short chubby woman. She said she wanted to buy program 1498. She had a newspaper in her hands.

I don't know what that is.

I then remembered I wanted to go to the library and get all the books they had on a specific type of astrology that started with the letter "C". (I think that's what it is, but not certain. I just know that it wasn't regular astrology)

NOTE:  1498 in the Bible Concordance is:

1498 gazel {gaw-zale'}

AV - robbery 3, taken away by violence 1; 4

1) robbery, something plundered

NOTE: I found a book on Kabbalistic astrology.  Kabbalah is also spelled Cabbala.


2-4-01 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building. I had nice neighbors, so I decided I would be friendly and make a pot of coffee to share with them. I took my electric coffee maker and made the coffee on a ledge out in the hallway where there was an electric plug, then went back to my apartment while it made the coffee.

I turned around and there were several people sitting in my apartment like they were working in an office. I thought to myself, "Oh! It must be Monday!" like this was normal. I asked them as a group if they wanted fresh coffee since I had just made some. They answered as a group, "Yes!"

So, I went back out into the hallway with some cups to get the coffee for them. As I walked down the hall, I saw into an open room across the hall. It seemed to be my bosses office. He was sitting at the desk and there were several other men in there with him. I saw a gorgeous blonde Great Dane dog pacing behind him. (In the room, I couldn't see the heads of any of the people or the dog, because of my viewpoint)

(The Great Dane is thought of as a symbol of great status and possibly royalty) (Or think of Bismarck, the founder of the Reich in 1871, whenever he appeared in public he was accompanied by a butcher's dog as we call it in German (in English it is Great Dane; you see the German word is more appropriate... ) The iconography and the emblem of Bismarck's functions were represented by a great Dane. )

I continued on down the hall to where the coffee maker was, but I couldn't get to it, because there was a huge dog chained there and two Chihuahuas yipping and running around like they were going to attack me. The large dog was wider than he was high and he was about 3 feet high. I noted that he was chained, but he could get to where the coffee maker was and I didn't feel safe to go there.

(Chihuahuas have been a religious symbol dating back to the time of the Aztecs)(The name of both the city and the state comes from an Aztec word that means "Dry and sandy place", although the visitor will not agree with such a description, since its climate offers many contrasts with its rain season and warm days of the summer, which conjugate to create a landscape with large forests and ample vegetation and the greenness that contrasts with the sandy desert. All this conforms an environment of great attraction for the tourist. Chihuahua was the scene of a major conflict on the country's history: the Mexican Revolution. The first uprising took place in Chihuahua, with the appearance of the famous "Division del Norte" (Northern Division) commanded by General Francisco "Pancho" Villa .


Century 2, Quatrain 41

The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
The big mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff will change country.

I went back down the hall and outside where I knew the maintenance man would be to get help. Joe, Robin, and another woman named Mary was out there in the garden. I noted how perfect the garden was.

I told Mary about the dog and coffee situation. She said the Chihuahuas were probably more dangerous that the large dog, and I believed her.

Mary had a black coffee cup in her hand. I asked her if she wanted some coffee and she said, "Yes!"

I took the cup from her, and saw there was a dark cocoa-like substance in the bottom of the cup. I swirled it and dumped the water out. There was quite a lot of it. The water ran down the driveway.

I looked in the cup, there was less of the cocoa so I swirled it again and the cup filled with water. I dumped the water out again down the driveway. There was a lot of it.

I looked in the cup again, which now was more like a glass I could see through and at the bottom of the glass was a light brown substance like sand.

Again I swirled the glass and it filled with water and I dumped it down the driveway. After I dumped the water, the glass was even more full of this light brown sand substance.

I was puzzled, but did the process again, swirl, dump water, swirl dump water ... and the more I did it, the fuller the glass got of the sand-like substance.

Mary was looking at me, while I was looking at the river of water going down the driveway ... she told me, "The more water you pour out of the glass, the more sand you will get, until it is all sand and there is no more water."


2-18-01 - EXPERIENCE - I heard knocking above my head and to the left. Just to make sure it was real, I asked Joe if he heard it and he said , "No!" So, I quieted my mind and said I was ready for a message, thinking I was probably too late already.

However, I started to see a screen that looked like melting ice coming down in rounded sheets towards the bottom. I then saw a huge rectangular box that looked like sand ... with no tracks in it ... just plain sand.

A voice said, "This is about Arnold Schwartzenegger and his playboy status. We expect you to write about it."

NOTE: I don't mind being asked to do something, but 'expected'???? Especially when it's so negative ???

The news was that 3 women accused him of groping them during a TV production, which he denied. So, there it is, and that's all I found. I thought it was much worse that he helped Mary Bono get through a bill about trade with China.


5-2-01 - DREAM - I was looking at pages and pages of words about looking for the Ark of the Covenant. The most prominent words on each line was 'standing'.

5-2-01 - DREAM - I was working in a large office like A-C where I used to work. I was processing paperwork to make parts for what seemed to be pumps and compressor like I did before. I was looking for the pattern cards to record the information as to who or which company would make the parts. These cards are all light green and there were drawers and drawers of them. The numbers were incomplete on the cards. The largest part started with the number 502 - which was an impeller number. 

I was given a number earlier. It was something like 583153, but I can't swear to that.

I then left for awhile and went home, then went back. My boss, Carol and another woman came in. They had been visiting some people I used to babysit for. they said there had been a fire there. I tried to describe a young blonde boy I used to sit for, but of course he was all grown up now.

Carole said to the other woman, "Well! I guess we have to give this to her!"  (Note I didn't see either woman's head, only from the neck down)

Carole handed me a small green paper brochure about 5 x 7 inches sideways, which opened up. Inside, written in darker green was a contract. She also handed me a green fountain pen which wrote with dark green ink.

I was wishy washy about signing ti. The first page with the big print was about making a better world for all people and I thought I may as well sign it. But, on the right hand side , in much smaller print, I saw the words, "I wish to see the changes which will bring about the necessary .... "  and without knowing specifically what changes those would be, I didn't want to sign it.

I woke up before I was forced to decide. 

I then saw a vision of a sandstone building.

The pillars were light yellowish white and were set inside the entranceway. The building itself was dark sandstone. it didn't look like brick or block. It looked like it was hewn out of a solid block. The entrance behind the pillars was dark. I couldn't see the door itself.

I'm assuming this is about the Ark of the Covenant, but I can't be certain.

I did an automatic writing meditation on the subject:  Spirit Speaks about the Ark of the Covenant


5-25-01 - WOW. A really weird UFO dream.

DREAM - I was in my apartment building. I was going from place to place in the building. I noted that an old man and his wife, who were supposed to be the maintenance workers was acting rather weak and out of breath. They didn't know I was watching. He seemed awfully small to do much. I was thinking he didn't seem very healthy either. They went outside and I followed them outside on the porch/patio.

I looked up into the sky and saw an odd disk-like shape in the sky. It wasn't as large as the moon and though it was whitish, it rather seemed opaque rather than solid and it wasn't quite round either. It was rather lumpy on one side too. I wondered what the heck it was.

I have vague memories of being on another planet here, but other than a pale yellow, sandy color, I can't remember what happened in this scene.

Then I was on the porch again and saw the odd whitish object in the sky.

All of a sudden there appeared some odd shaped shiny blue and green helicopter/plane-like vehicles in the sky. They were rather like planes with wings, but could have as well.  It seemed that there was some shooting between the planes, but they weren't shooting down or at me.

I was trying to hide and watch them at the same time. I was also trying to figure out if they were ours or 'theirs'. It was impossible to tell. I was hoping they were ours, yet their presence was really scary and ominous.


6-17-01 - DREAM - I was working in an office and was requested to change the filing system from straight numerical order of the purchase orders to an order that was easier to find by topic, rather than by number.

I agreed that I could do that quite easily until they (the head engineer) showed me a huge notebook where the purchase orders were listed and a room full of old green file cabinets where thousands of old completed purchase orders were kept. Now the job looked quite overwhelming.

Once I received the assignment, I was called into the Big bosses office who wanted to know what I was going to be doing, but he didn't speak aloud. He was a giant of a man and was the CEO of the company. He handed me a long piece of green paper on which he gave people instructions. On the top of the paper in tiny letters he wrote something like, "I'm outa here" like he was being fired or let go as CEO.

The paper was full of notes and it appeared like nothing more could be written on it to instruct anyone further, so he let me keep the paper.

Then a man showed up who looked exactly like Geraldo Rivera. He had come to investigate some things that were going on that were criminal. After I knew who he was, I held up this green paper to him, pointing what the CEO had written and I said to him, "EYES ONLY"! He looked at the note, looked shocked, and then nodded.

He and I then continued our jobs ... investigating criminal activity and me back to my filing.

But then a customer came in with a problem. He brought in a piece of paper on which he had laid out all the parts to a water pump that was gunked up with wet sand that was rather gluey . not dry. Then he showed me a magazine ad of the same water pump that we had advertised this pump as being able to pump fluids that were thick and not just water ... and according to him... the pump had failed to live up to our advertising.

I looked at the pump parts and compared it to our magazine ad and saw that he was right. We had falsely advertised the water pump and it didn't work like we said it would. So, I showed the problem to Otto who was our head engineer who said he would take care of the problem.