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9-22-10 - DREAM
I went with my husband to Northern Wisconsin where we moved into a little house on the main highway.
It was late in the evening and something happened to the plumbing that didn't sound too kosher, and after I flushed the toilet, a big air bubble came up the standpipe in the hallway.  So I told my husband about it and he called a buddy over, who was tall and good looking and knew plumbing I figured. 
They decided we should go to the local bar, and do some drinking and dancing, so I said "Okay!" and off we went.
The dancing was fun - some slow stuff to nice music.  Meanwhile he and his buddy were drinking.  I sat down to watch some others dancing, and he and his buddy did some more drinking. 
I saw them over towards the door together and all of a sudden they were gone, and I was left at the bar alone and didn't know how I was going to get back home.
There was a short plain woman who looked like someone I knew from my building in Milwaukee, and she said she would help me, but she needed to make a phone call first.  So I gave her a quarter for the pay phone and we sat down to talk for a minute.
All of a sudden, her daughters showed up with their boyfriends, two really pretty red headed girls in their early 20's, and all of a sudden the woman I was with was really pretty with red hair too. They all took off and left me sitting there.

(The three women were the triple goddess -  see:

I had seen some light out the window, and knew that dawn was breaking, and the restaurant people were baking bread.  I saw 5 large loaves being readied for the oven as I walked by the door.

(These were the shewbread - see below)
The next person who came up to me was a guy from the town garage.  He handed me a car key on a ring with a brown leather tag on it, and a bill for the car I could pay when I picked it up for $5.  That's what it cost to fix it he said..
I asked him where my husband was. He said, "Jail!"  Drunk driving!"
I thanked him and another man came by and I asked him where the jail was, and he said he would show me.  So he walked me across the street and kitty corner across the highway and there was the jail.
I walked into the jail, and that's where the car was parked.  Another guy came over and said he would give me $130 for the car because it really wasn't driveable, but it was an old Chevrolet and he thought maybe he would help me out and take the car off my hands.
I didn't think $130 was really enough, but it was an old used car, and we talked about how many miles on it, and how many miles per gallon it got, and I said 'about 40, which I didn't know if it was right or not. I just said that. 
Two other guys came up to me and acted all concerned about me.  I recognized both of them from Milwaukee.  Both had their faces painted white with pink polka dots on them and blue eyes, and wore baseball caps. 
One of the men took my face in his hands and looked in my left eye and said I had blood in it.  I didn't think so, but I took his word for it, because he was a friend and looked so concerned. 
i kissed both the guys on the lips because they  were good friends from Milwaukee, and they helped me decide to sell the car.
So, the other guy who offered me the $130, came up with the $130 and a whole pile of other dollar bills and change that was in the car, and 30 keys.
I gave him the 2 car keys back so I ended up with 29 keys from him.and the money.
I asked the two white faced guys where the bus station was so I could go back home, and they said they would show me.  I was holding my big red purse (which I really own), and I had a bag of french fries to eat from the restaurant.
All of a sudden I woke up.


Alchemical Transformation in the Golden Dawn

This article was written by Lyam Thomas Christopher
posted under Kabbalah

The Great Work is not an easy task for the human animal. It is the alchemical change from human to more-than-human, and it brings the student of the occult into a direct relationship with the predicament of mortality and with the compromises that he has made in order to survive in the material world. Plunging into these issues when most people would turn back, the student finds himself on a journey through disillusionment, self-doubt, and a dreadful loss of purpose—and possibly a journey that arrives at a new vista of life going far beyond what ordinary consciousness can fathom. In the process of this magical work, life usually gets worse before it gets better. The immortal Self awakened by the Golden Dawn’s Kabbalistic techniques, by its very definition, brings with it a permanent joy and realization, yes, but these rewards are obtained by a journey through darkness. For the true thrust of the Golden Dawn comes as an assault from within. The Great Work brings forth an inner truth that destroys what we hold most dear. It dissolves from the inside the stranglehold that our biology has upon our spirit, subduing the animal and calling forth the god.

This is not good news to the ego, the “assumed identity” that you and I have adopted in order to survive in the world. We have spent at least eighteen years creating a fully functional personality capable of finding food and shelter, forming profitable relationships, and rearing offspring. To discover other possibilities beyond this baseline of existence poses a threat. The human animal fears the power of magic because, in its essence, magic seeks to supplant the animal motives with deeper ones. It seeks to penetrate beyond the boundaries of our daily survival drama. The fact that the body, which you and I work so hard to care for, is mortal—and obviously expendable in the hands of some deeper purpose—is the last reality we want to face!

For those of us morbid enough to value this kind of self-discovery there are available the hidden traditions that still maintain magical practices of self-transformation. The grade system of the Golden Dawn spells out one such program of practice for us. Granted, there are many modern-day offshoots of the Golden Dawn that have become too “respectable” and mainstream to explore the darkness of the human soul. They teach the rudiments of Kabbalah and Egyptology, revealing to us secret handshakes and granting us prestigious certificates, all while oozing an aura of empty mystery with every email. But for those of us who are looking for more than diplomas and historical trivia, there are the less impressive curricula that still teach the distasteful, hands-on work of killing and resurrecting the human animal.

To begin this not-so-glamorous process of transformation, the Golden Dawn student enters the first grade of the Outer Order: Neophyte. In most temples, the student’s primary responsibility in this grade is to perform two exercises every day: the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) and the Middle Pillar. He must also complete a small amount of reading, study, and group ritual, but these formalities, as important as they can be, are secondary to the actual daily practice of self-initiation.

The LBRP and Middle Pillar exercises restructure the psyche of the student and set the stage for the transformation process to begin. To do this, the LBRP creates a cleared “space” within the student’s imagination. He draws a magic circle of protection, he intones Hebrew names of God, and he draws sigils with the intention of warding off the influences of the material world from his inner landscape. Following this, the Middle Pillar exercise invokes the highest, purest spiritual light from the student’s divine aspect, drawing it downward into the cleared space and into his body, all the way to the feet. The student thereby identifies himself with a continuum of pure, unconditioned consciousness. He becomes the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life. This is not so much pictured as an actual tree, but as a framework of interconnected spheres, which symbolizes the creation of the universe from spirit into matter.

Neophyte is a probationary grade. By creating this cleared space, the student introduces himself to future possibilities. If he isn’t yet ripe for spiritual change, his ego has a chance to wage its war of resistance and win. And it often does win. The student who isn’t ready for transformation either stops the process honestly and quits the Golden Dawn (usually for very “rational” reasons) or he joins the social club of New Age charlatans, accumulating grades, certificates, and a storehouse of impressive and useless information. Invisible to him are the students who proceed onward into the inner roller-coaster ride of the grades that follow. No one can fully understand the changes that come next, except those who have gone before.

The next step then is to jump-start the process of dissolving the personality. The student proceeds into the realm of the four Elemental grades:

  1. Zelator = Earth
  2. Theoricus = Air
  3. Practicus = Water
  4. Philosophus = Fire

In each of these grades, he uses Kabbalistic ritual to call forth one of the Four Elements, experiencing intimately its inner psychic correspondences. His personality becomes temporarily unbalanced, preoccupied with anything that corresponds to that Element. In Zelator (the Earth grade), for example, he feels the heaviness and the grit of life in the world. The physicality of everything around him comes into sharp focus. Even the supposedly exalted phenomenon of light can appear as darkness, as just one kind of brick in the tomb of matter. In Theoricus (the Air grade), thoughts and daydreams become overly pronounced. Elation, wonder, and the temptation to chase after glamorous images become commonplace. This gives the student a chance to reach a better understanding of his powers of imagination and his habits of thought, and to organize them and eliminate obsessions. In Practicus (the Water grade), the student gains gradual perspective over emotion and intuition, seeing these as a playing field that reveals the influence of higher forces, similar to the way that the surface of water that displays the influence of wind. And lastly, in the Fire grade, his ritual invocations fan the flames of his animal powers. Passions and instincts rise from below, and the old personality begins to burn away and disappear.

These four grades call forth, purify, and consolidate the each of the Elements, showing how these four come together to produce the illusion of the personality. The student discovers that his ego isn’t inherently real or composed of any singular essence, but rather that it is an arbitrary patchwork, woven together from separate Elemental threads. The false image of the ego shows itself for what it is, and the question of whether anything lies beyond its ingredients becomes serious.

A new perspective begins to dawn, and the student realizes that the real work hasn’t even begun yet. The Elemental grades actually comprise the preliminary work, and a new landscape awaits him as he readies himself to embark on the Great Work itself.

The next task then is to balance the Elements—the facets of the personality—until their unity-in-diversity yields forth something more than the sum of its parts. The Portal Grade is therefore the last grade of the Outer Order, and it reverses the process of disintegration brought on via the Elemental-Grade exercises. All four Elements, which now stand in the four quarters (North, South, East, and West) symbolically untangled from one another, are brought back together meaningfully. This reintegration creates a healthy, sturdy base on which (or within which) to ignite the “oven” of the Great Work.

In Portal and the grades that follow, the language of alchemy, which has remained unreliable and even impenetrable till now, begins to make sense. The sturdy foundation (or vessel) that the student has built via the Elemental grades becomes tangible to the inner senses as a sort of inner, ethereal body, neither energy nor matter. In the midst of the four Elements the newborn adept can discern, for the first time perhaps, a sort of stasis field within which he can manipulate the three hidden alchemical principles: Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt. As he proceeds into adeptship, he graduates from working with the four visible Elements (the outer facets of the quintessence) to the three invisible principles of the Trinity (the inner aspects of the quintessence). These three supernal principles, expressed in their raw form, are the Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury of alchemy, and they comprise the intangible "guts" of the Four Elements, beneath the "skin" of tangible sensation. They must not be confused with the salt, sulfur, and mercury of common experience.

Into the stasis field—alchemical Salt—the magician begins to concentrate Mercury, the volatile, meandering aspect of mind, and Sulfur, discipline and concentration. His visualization ability now acts from a higher dimension, and it becomes nearly impossible to relay these deeper activities in words. But this kind of magical work has many symbols that attempt to explain it. The alchemists have sometimes represented the process as a crucified serpent, such as the serpent that Moses affixed to a cross in the desert. The cross represents the framework established by the preliminary work (Salt), the Serpent represents the volatile mind (Mercury), and the nails represent the fixation, the restraint and focus (Sulfur) applied to the volatile mind. The adept, in other words, is now capable of working with the quintessence. He can use visualization, breath, and ritual actions to contain his mind’s volatile tendency (Mercury) within a localized area (Salt) and concentrate it to crystallize into manifestation (via the principle of Sulfur). The end product of this effort is the legendary philosopher’s stone, none other than manifested spirit. His body begins to transform and take on the quality of invisible radiance.

Another image that represents this idea is that of the squared circle, common to Renaissance magicians. Renaissance humanists symbolized the unexpressed, divine self of an individual as a circle (Mercury). It’s expression in matter, in the outer world, they visualized as a square (Salt). So, for the magician of antiquity, the squared circle—or circle with a square drawn around it—represented manifested spirit. Sulfur he represented as a point in the center of the circle. The point is the constant, balanced pressure (or meditation) that gradually pushes spiritual potential into matter, forcing it to crystallize and come forth.

To summarize then, the Work in the Golden Dawn’s Outer Order is to dissolve the false personality and make it disappear. The Work in the Inner Order is to call forth the true “personality,” to make it appear or express itself tangibly in the physical world. Though at first glance, the mysticism of the Golden Dawn seems to focus on dissolving the self into spirit, become more subtle and airy, it may come as a surprise to many that the further work of the inner order actually reverses this process such that the adept actively comes out into the world as a direct expression of his Higher Self. In the open air of awakening, his outer world of appearances is consumed by the Worlds within and by the very process of transformation itself. His very presence, without effort, begins to act as a catalyst for magical change wherever he goes.

Lyam Thomas Christopher
Lyam Thomas Christopher (Florida) has been a student of Hermeticism and the Golden Dawn for over fifteen years. After receiving his B.A. in Liberal Studies he went on to receive his Adeptus Minor from Ra Horkhty Temple. A former bookseller, the author is...  Read more

Currents and Templates of Transformation within the Golden Dawn Neophyte Ceremony.

August 4, 2008 by Peregrin

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Something from my Golden Dawn files, written as memory-point notes for a day long training i gave to a very dodgy Gnostic lodge who were attempting to use the GD ceremonies. A lot has been written about the Neophyte Ceremony. This little piece analyzes it from a particular, and very practical, point of view. Enjoy :)

Currents and Templates of Transformation within
the Golden Dawn Neophyte Ceremony

Entry level ceremonial initiations in the Western tradition, such as the Neophyte Ceremony of the Golden Dawn are designed to achieve a number of aims. We may group these aims as follows:

§    Fraternal aims: for example, bringing the initiate into the group mind (egregore) of the particular lodge.

§    Magical aims: for example, placing within the subtle bodies of the initiate certain ‘keys’ and currents that will enable her (better) performance of certain magical techniques.

§    Personal aims: for example, causing transformation within the mind and/or subtle bodies of the initiate that will help promote change within her personal, everyday life and consciousness.

§    Transpersonal aims: for example, placing within the subtle bodies of the initiate several magical currents which link her to the tradition, temple, grade and inner realm(s) corresponding to the degree.

Not every Western initiation has aims within all four groups. For example, the Masonic Entered Apprentice degree does not have any magical aims, and the transpersonal aims originally contained within it appear to have atrophied in many contemporary lodges.

While fraternally based aims of initiation can be greatly aided by magical techniques they may be adequately achieved by non-magical ceremonies and procedures. This is borne out by the vast number of Masonic and Masonic inspired ceremonies that have been used to admit millions of men and women over the last five centuries.

For effective and consistent results, the other three groupings require skillful magical and inner plane work to be undertaken by the initiating team.

The Golden Dawn Neophyte ceremony has fraternal, personal and transpersonal aims. It does not have many direct magical aims, as borne out by the fact that originally the Outer Order member practiced only the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. Many keys to successful Inner Order magic are placed into the magician in the following 5 Outer Order ceremonies. This is an essential point to understand and attempting to work RR et AC magic without the full and correct initiations (or their equivalent) will be much more difficult than with them.

The fraternal aims within the Neophyte ceremony are supported by the inner plane work designed to achieve the personal and transpersonal aims.

The personal and transpersonal aims within the Neophyte ceremony are achieved through (1) the injection of magical currents into the subtle bodies of the initiate, and (2) processes designed to effect and transform the consciousness and subtle bodies themselves. In the absence of any traditional term I call these processes, templates of transformation.


§    Magical currents are streams of inner plane, spiritual blessings independent from the initiate, tradition and lodge. While a ceremonial Neophyte initiation effectively links the initiate to these currents (at a certain level), it is technically possible to the linked to them without a full ceremonial initiation or through self initiatory processes.

§    Templates of transformation, however require the physical (some would say astral is enough) enactment of a ceremony upon the initiate, as it is through the ceremonial actions (and their inner plane components) that the initiate is exposed to the forces and blessings that changes her subtle bodies.

§    For example, the movement of the initiate from the west to the east of the altar after being brought to the light produces certain distinct effects in her subtle bodies. These can only be fully achieved by the actual ceremonial process and its inner plane equivalents. The initiate cannot be exposed to or invoke a current which will completely simulate these changes as it is the initiate’s physical movement that is the key to the particular transformation required. We can explain this by a metaphor: arriving at a pilgrimage site by aeroplane produces a different type of transformation than walking there in meditation, prostrating along the way.

§    For a full Neophyte Ceremony all the currents and templates of transformation of the ceremony need to linked to and experienced by the initiate.

Spiritual and Magical Currents within the Golden Dawn Neophyte Ceremony and Major Points of the Ceremony When they are Placed within the Initiate

Primary Currents

§    The Golden Dawn current.

When the candidate is brought to the light and has the mystic words recited into her crown centre

§    The Neophyte Current.

During the transmission of the secrets of the degree by the Hiereus

§    The current of the particular Temple.

During the mystic circumambulation with the candidate in the Path of Light.

Secondary Currents

§    The Osiris Current (specifically Asar-Amenti, Osiris of the Netherworld)


Through mental plane identification of the candidate with the Slain Osiris and his rebirth when the threefold cord is removed.


§    The current of the patron deity of the Temple (this is not always done)

During the mystic circumambulation with the candidate in the Path of Light and/or within the additional invocation to the Patron Deity as part of description of the temple by the Hierophant (not traditional).


§    Elemental currents of Air, Fire, Water and Earth

Through the identification of the elementally dismembered parts of the initiate with the elemental symbols, which have been previously linked to the elemental Kerubim during the temple setup.


§    Current of Vengeance

Through the placement of the Sword of Vengeance by the Hiereus upon the nape of the neck of the initiate during the oath.


§    Currents of the Three Pillars (singularly, and as a synthesis)

Through the exposure to the tools of the Chief Officers.


Templates of Transformation within the Golden Dawn Neophyte Ceremony and Examples of when they are Enacted


§    The link between the Neschamah of the initiate and her Higher and Divine Genius

Through the mediation and work of the Hierophant moving from the East to the east of altar before the oath and before bringing the candidate to the light.

§    The link between the Ruach and the Neschamah of the initiate.

Through the speech to the initiate prior to the circumambulation in the path of darkness beginning with ‘And the voice of my higher and undying soul…’

§    The Triad of Life

Through the invocation of the triune light into the crown centre of the candidate and the exposure of the three HHH officers and their tools.

§    The putting down of the Evil Persona (unbalanced aspects of Nephesch)

When the Hierophant moves to Yesod before the oath with the blessings of Aroureris.

§    The birth of a new self

The complete ceremony is a death-rebirth motif. The circumambulation in the path of darkness is one of the strongest stages where the new self is formulated.

§    The movement of darkness unto the light

Through the movement of the candidate from Malkuth to Peh/Samech and exposure to the current between the Banner of the West and the Banner of the east.

§    The impetus towards adoration

During the speech of the Hiereus when the Banner of the East is lowered by the Hierophant.

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Irenaeus of Lyon (c.130-200 AD)


Many Christians in our postmodern times seem no longer interested in doctrine, confessions, or creeds. Those with the "latest" proposals to make the church relevant and relational are all esteemed and sought after. And for them to be called an "original" or "innovative" thinker is a compliment. For the church father, Irenaeus, however, to be called an innovator was an insult. As one writer notes, he would have been "deeply offended had it been suggested to him that he was an original thinker."


Irenaeus, the Bishop of Lyon (ca. 130-200 AD) 


Irenaeus, whose name comes from the Greek word for "peaceful," came from Asia Minor, where, as a young man, he had heard Polycarp of Smyrna teach. His association with Polycarp, who in turn knew the apostle John, gave Irenaeus a deep appreciation for the unbroken continuity of the Christian faith since the time of the apostles. From Smyrna, he migrated to Gaul on the established trade routes to Lyon, which is now France's second largest city, a major centre of industry and finance. In 177 AD, the church of Lyon sent him to Rome as presbyter, with a letter for Bishop Eleutherus. It was also the year Christians in Lyon suffered grievously under the persecution of the emperor Marcus Aurelius. Soon after Irenaeus' return, Lyon chose him as the successor to Photinus, their bishop, who suffered martyrdom. 


Irenaeus was a gifted leader with a real heart for missions. He preached in Celtic as well as in Greek in order to reach the native population with the Gospel. We hear of Irenaeus again in 190 AD. He was shocked when he heard that bishop Victor of Rome had demanded uniformity in the observance of Easter from the Christians of Asia Minor, who celebrated Easter on a different day than Rome did. The churches of Asia Minor regarded this demand as autocratic and offensive. Irenaeus wrote to Victor, pleading for tolerance in the celebration of Easter on different dates. 




Irenaeus lived in a strategic time, when false interpretations of Jesus were everywhere. About 187 AD, he listed about twenty varieties of Christianity. Many so-called secret teachings, myths, and poems were attributed to Jesus or His disciples. Various sects claimed to own Jesus' true legacy. They believed He was either a magician, a guru, an angel, or a prophet. One such sect was Ebionism. According to Irenaeus, the Ebionites used only the Gospel of Matthew, repudiated Paul as an apostate from the law, practised circumcision and other rituals from the law, regarded Jerusalem as the "house of God", and rejected the virgin birth of Christ. As a form of Jewish Christianity, Ebionism was neither Judaism nor Christianity, and after some centuries it died out. 




In the second century, there was also an explosion of Gnostic sects. The name Gnosticism comes from the word meaning "knowledge". It was thus an intellectual, elitist faith that offered an attractive alternative to orthodox Christianity. Gnosticism had become such a potent force that it threatened to swamp the orthodox church. Gnostics believed they were the most faithful expression of what Christianity was supposed to be. They also taught that they did not have to abide by the moral standards that lesser believers had to obey. But for Irenaeus, Gnosticism was a ragbag of heathen speculations with bits taken from different philosophers to propagate a bogus, anti-rational mythology. 

Although Gnosticism varied greatly, it was marked by one basic belief: matter is evil. The physical world and all its contents are fundamentally flawed and corrupt. Only the spiritual realm, uncontaminated by base matter, is good. Many Gnostics believed in a lower god, the Demiurge (Creator), who, through a combination of ignorance, created the material world and set himself up as its god. This was the God of the Old Testament, a God of justice and violence, who was supplanted by the true High God of the New Testament, a God of love and mercy. Gnostics believed that salvation for human beings consists of the spirit's escaping the prison of the flesh in which it is trapped. They rejected the saving work of Christ on the cross, and the bodily resurrection from the grave. Salvation could be obtained only by knowledge – by learning the secret teachings originally given by the divine being of Jesus. A modern-day form of Gnostism is Dan Brown's novel The Da Vince Code with its fictional conspiratorial theories about whether Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children.

Rejection of Gnosticism

The threat of Gnosticism led Irenaeus to write his five volume, On the Detection and Overthrow of the So-called Gnosis, normally referred to as Against Heresies. It is the only major work of his which has survived. According to Irenaeus, the gnostic writings are apocryphal. He fundamentally denies Gnosticism the right to be called gnosis, for Christ had proclaimed the only true and complete knowledge of faith to the apostles, who in turn wrote it down in the writings of the New Testament. He argued that the criteria for orthodox churches are the "canon of truth" and "rule of faith". Gnostics lacked both. He stated that the true gnosis is the traditional, orthodox Christian faith. "True gnosis is that which consists in the doctrine of the apostles, and ancient constitution of the church throughout the whole world, and the character of the body of Christ according to the succession of bishops, by which they have handed down that which exists everywhere." 

Irenaeus' Theology

Irenaeus has been called the "founder of dogmatics." Against Heresies represents the first comprehensive theological system, which in many respects remained exemplary and influential for the future. Church historians recognize him as one of the major contributors to the emergence of a unified, catholic Christianity. He was also one of the leading figures to establish the canon of Scripture. He quotes from every book of the canonical New Testament except the Epistle to Philemon. His is the first and clearest example of the appeal to New Testament as the decisive norm and standard of the Church's doctrine. For him, it was essential to keep the path laid down by the authority of Scripture and in the clear tradition of the apostolic churches which was the best guarantee of resistance to innovation and dangerous speculation. He stressed that the coherence of Christian doctrine depended upon the tradition of faithful instruction. He observed, "Because of its worthy origin, every church, that is, all believers, wherever they come from, must agree with this church; in it, the tradition going back to the apostles has been preserved by the believers all over the world." 

Irenaeus has been called the first theologian of the "negative way", chiefly because of his insistence that we
never know God "in his greatness" but only "in his love". Despite God's unknowability, we can know something of Him through the goodness of the created world. The world, created by God, is itself a potent argument for God's existence and nature. Only God truly exists; created things exist only in a secondary way because God keeps them in existence. In fact, God sustains the world from moment to moment. 

Irenaeus often uses the image of God's holding the world in the palm of His hand. So God is fundamentally different from the world. Because He sustains it, holding it in His hand, He is very close to it. But Irenaeus' main point is the insistence that God is only known through his Son, and that therefore there can be no speculative or "neutral" knowledge of God, as the gnostics implied. He said that living in the truth means participation in the divine life and light – "seeing God and enjoying his generosity, living in newness by the Word, through faith in the Son of God and love."

The Fall of Man

Irenaeus had no notion of original sin or inherited guilt. According to him, the Fall of Adam and Eve is not a rebellion against God. It represents humanity's failure to rise to greater things, not a loss of original perfection. It should be clear that this is a quite different view of the Fall than taught by later writers such as Augustine. Irenaeus suggested that without death and other evils we would never repent. Evil comes from God; ultimately it serves a good purpose that things that seem evil, such as death, are planned by God. They help us learn about good and evil by experience and, ultimately, learn to choose freely what is right. But Irenaeus' view of the fall and origin of evil raises more questions than it offers answers. And it has no Scriptural basis.

Jesus Christ

Irenaeus regards the Son of God as the invisible Father made visible. As he puts it, "The Father is the invisible of the Son, but the Son is the visible of the Father." He lays little emphasis on Christ's death. His view of the atonement is based on the incarnation. In the incarnation, God is "born by his own created order which he himself bears." In these words, Irenaeus brings together the Biblical theme of a fallen creation with the incarnation. He argues that the Son "became man amongst men, visible and palpable, in order to abolish death, to demonstrate life, and to effect communion with God and man." As he puts it, "How shall man pass into God, unless God passes into man?" 

Christ is Victor. Through Christ the powers of evil have suffered an irreversible defeat. Irenaeus also showed how the work of Christ should be understood in terms of salvation of the entire creation. God not only saved persons, but through the work of Christ, the restoration, renewal, and re-creation of the entire universe were foreshadowed. 

0ur Deification

Irenaeus' striking theology of the incarnation as the descent of God for the sake of human being's ascent has endured for centuries in a variety of formulations. The heart of his doctrine of salvation is the idea of adoption, understood in the sense of personal communion with God. When we receive the Logos, the true Son of God, God makes us adopted sons and daughters, and then we are able to share in the Son's incorruption. Irenaeus states, "For it was for this end that the Word of God was made man and he who was the Son of God became the Son of Man, that man, having been taken into the Word, and receiving adoption, might become a son of God." 

Irenaeus was the first Christian writer to make the explicit point that the purpose of God's sharing human life is that we might share the divine life, the deification of humanity. Our "deification" is our transformation into the image of the obedient Son, the primary image of God the Father so that in the Spirit we may cry "Abba, Father" to God. 


Irenaeus' theology survived and came to be recognized as a valuable resource long after his death. In modern times his views of the purpose of evil, have been very influential on theologians and philosophers of religion. His basic approach to theology remains central to Eastern Orthodoxy. Tradition asserts that he died as a martyr, but there is no certain evidence for it.



Prayer for Transformation
Today we Pray for our Thoughts to be Received
Our Hearts to be Warmed
As we Meditate and BEcome ONE with Divine Spirit
Please accept our Souls and Cleanse and Purify our Inner Being
So that our Core may Resonate with the Highest Benefit for ALL

In these times of Enhanced Frequency Vibration
Pray for every Soul to Shine
For Respect and Understanding between each other
For Peace and Responsibility within our Hearts
For Action and Re-generation to aid Mother Nature
End Wrong and Wasteful behaviour
End Greed and Senseless Selfishness
Reverse Urban and Environmental Decay
End Violent and Antagonistic Intent

These Universal Values will Heal
Thank=You for our Divinity
Thank+You for our Strength
Thank**You for your Patience.

Physics Leading the Way To Metaphysics . . .


"Traditionally, religion has looked on the world of natural science as opposed to the world of Spirit, but paradoxically, today, it is the world of science that is unwittingly preparing human thought for this breakthrough, by uncovering the ephemeral nature of matter at it's basic levels, and showing the relationship between mind and matter. This makes it easier to conceive of a mental or a transcendent reality. Thought is more prepared to consider the spiritual foundations of theology, and eventually to connect with the creative governing intelligence of the universe, that we call God." Mindpower and The Spiritual Dimension" by Richard Haw

We are all aware of the many trials and tribulations that our world is presently experiencing. Evil, in the form of pollution, crime, hatred, greed, and moral decline, seems to be increasing in proportion to the current materialistic outlook. It would seem then that the remedy for these ills is not more materialism, but a looking away from matter towards Spirit, towards the true nature of our relationship to the Infinite Source of All Being. This wouldn't mean that we ignore our present basic material needs but when we turn to the "Divine Mind", the Collective Consciousness, or Spirit (God), whatever term one wants to use, then, and only then will we find true, practical and lasting solutions which would benefit everyone involved. I've seen this principle demonstrated and therefore know it to be true.

Einstein once said that anyone studying physics long enough is inevitably led into metaphysics.

The original Webster's Dictionary defines metaphysics as the science of the principles and causes of all things existing; hence, the science of mind or intelligence.

Christ was the greatest metaphysician. Through his miracles he proved the supremacy of Spirit over matter. He showed us by His works that there are spiritual laws, which are above material laws, that govern the universe , and when understood, they can be demonstrated as dependable, practical and absolute.

Quantum physics has come to the realization that , basically, there is no matter. It is believed that the seeming reality of our material world is nothing more than the extension or manifestation of our thinking. Thought produces energy and energy produces mass. Several great religions have acknowledged this concept all along. Now, physics is coming to the same conclusions.

Sir James Jeans wrote "We live in a gossamer universe; pattern, plan and design are there in abundance, but solid substance is rare." "Even the elements of the atom itself are only waves of energy void of solid substance. The particles of the atom have no more tangible substance than a thought or a feeling. Gradually matter as a solid thing, has vanished from our concept of the universe - replaced by a basic atomic unit, composed of space and non material charges of energy. This non material nature of the atom is a most essential point in relating the physical universe to the Spiritual Dimension." "The Spiritual Dimension" Ann Beals

Many people, including myself, at times, see modern technology as a threat to our freedom and even our health. Everything that man seems to create can be used for good or evil purposes. So, it really isn't the technology that is the problem but it is the thinking behind it. Maybe instead of dreading, fretting, and worrying...and perhaps creating the very reality we fear, we should try and view certain technological developments, such as frequency medicine, computers, cell phones, security cameras, television, microchips....even the ability to control the weather, as a step toward overcoming the seeming limitations of the material world. When we see a trend towards using these technologies for nefarious purposes, each and everyone of us can always turn to the One Supreme Intelligence for harmonious solutions.

A friend once said to me, "Piece by piece, everything human beings have trusted is being revealed as completely untrustworthy: governments (services), finance (capital), industries (goods), schools, media, entertainment, medicine, etc. Everything with which we use to organize socially and politically is being stripped of value and rendered useless for anything but control through intimidation, coercion and indoctrination. We will have nothing upon which to rely for self preservation or social and political identity. Everything that humanity has willed into being is being used to ensnare us into consenting to slavery. We can not "will" this situation away. We can only surrender to God.

We can only empty our will to God's will, to God's Love and allow God's love to transform us. Once we are transformed with God at the conscious center of our lives, the world and it's affairs will be transformed by the energy of love, which is infinite and always there.

So , this is our task: to surrender our will, to allow God's love to fill us and overflow into our world. This and this alone is how the world is changed. "

It is clear to me that our world needs a different approach. This approach, that many are recommending, is not some ethereal head in the clouds type of approach but it is the same potent and loving approach demonstrated by Christ Jesus. He certainly wasn't wishy washy in his methods. He commanded the waves to be still and the storm to cease. He did cast out the money changers in the temple. He raised the dead. He healed withered limbs, fed the five thousand with only a few loaves and fishes, turned water into wine and passed through angry crowds unseen. He said "I of mine own self can do nothing, it is the Father in heaven that doeth the works"....and again, promised that we could do the same. The same power that was available to Him, is available to all mankind throughout all eternity. I believe this was one of Christ's most profound teachings to humanity. Many feel that Christ's crucifixion was not an example of defeat but that his resurrection was the supreme demonstration of the unreality of matter. He proved that Life is eternal and doesn't depend on material circumstances.

There is concern today that because we are seemingly composed of energy or certain types of frequencies, that our true nature can be manipulated ( through energy weapons), by those who wish to control. If we take a step back for a moment and look at this objectively, we will perhaps come to the conclusion that the seeming "powers that be" are trying to create fear and that it is really only the fear itself that we have to fear. Fear closes us off to our connection to God. God is spiritual. He is all good and he encompasses ALL. "In Him we live and move and Have our being". The Bible says we are made in His image and likeness. Therefore, we are also spiritual. Spirit is the opposite of matter. The two are totally separate. One cannot affect the other. In fact, if Spirit ( God ) is ALL then, like physics is now saying, there is no matter. Therefore, even energy is a form of thought. Ultimately material energy has no power over our true being....once we realize this. And this can translate into protection here and now. God/Good is the only power in control...but we have to acknowledge this, feel it and know it before we can see it becoming evident in our experience.

I would like to close with several paragraphs from "The Spiritual Dimension" by Ann Beals

" I began my search during the gentle world of the fifties - a world that has since given way to revolutionary changes. A new society has emerged, one that has shattered the values and ethics of the past, overturned educational and cultural patterns, changed business, government and economy. While we recognize that many of these changes threaten the future of humanity, there appears to be no solutions to them. There are no simple or immediate answers to the complex problems we face. But this does not mean there are no answers. In time we will discover that an understanding of the structure and content of the spiritual dimension will provide answers to those problems that are beyond the realm of science and technology. The discovery of this spiritual dimension marks the end of one age and the beginning of another. This new age will meld together science and religion into one harmonious whole, and transform the world consciousness. It will fulfill the prophecy of John in Revelation, when he wrote of the coming of a "new heaven and a new earth".

"I thought of this "new heaven and new earth early one morning as I waited for the sun to rise. Outside my window there was only the silent night. The winds whispered. The clouds drifted by. Nothing seemed to change. Then a soft light began to dawn, outlining various forms in deep shades of gray. The first rays of the dawn brought an iridescent glow to everything. Then the sun rose, revealing a landscape that was beautiful, complete, perfect in every detail - and yet so hidden in the darkness a short time ago. The change was effortless. In this transformation, the dawn had not created a thing. It had only brought to light that which already existed. As I watched this transformation, I thought, "How so like the coming of this earth's Spiritual Age."

Written by Marjorie Tietjen


9-24-10 - I meditated specifically on who the two men were with the white faces and pink polka dots were on their faces, and I saw a standing figure 8 made out of sky blue diamonds.

When I looked up that figure on google images, I found this article about the I AM

There IS MORE to Life!

El Morya as Master MORE, October 26, 2007

Gratitude, my beloved, is a God quality that is closely related to the Power and the Will of God. For when you know that you are right with God because you have accepted God's Will – not as the will of an angry being in the sky, but the will of your own Higher Being – well then you will naturally feel a deep sense of gratitude. For you will know that the universe as a whole is unfolding and evolving in close accord with the Will of God. And you will know that, as you stay in Oneness with that higher will of your being, whatever happens on Earth is within the Will of God, and thus you can meet whatever happens with gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunity to learn, but even more so, gratitude for the opportunity to transcend, to go beyond.

For, my beloved, if there is one thing I would impress upon you, one thought that represents what is the Will of God for planet Earth at this moment in history, then it is indeed self-transcendence. And more certainly, this is the Will of God for this nation of England, of Britain and of the British Isles. The self-transcendence that will blow away, like a mighty storm rolling in from the Atlantic, the gloom and doom of the consciousness that you are all well aware of and that you have discussed and addressed in this rosary.

So, my beloved, this is the Will of God—that Britain does indeed become a Golden Age society, an example for how a Golden Age society can be built. Not by the high and the mighty, not by the elite, not by the establishment. But by the true elite, the most spiritually aware people, being the forerunners for awakening the people themselves, so that a critical mass is reached where the people are willing to take responsibility for themselves and say: “We will stop complaining about what is, and we will change what is, for we know that we have the power of consciousness to do this.”

And so, my beloved, where does this recognition come from? Well, it does indeed come from the recognition of how the universe works—that the universe, the material universe, is a mirror that can only reflect back to an individual or an entire nation, what they are sending out through the power of their minds. For you see, my beloved, the greatest lie perpetrated upon the people on Earth is that the things that are physical are set in stone and cannot be changed by humankind.

This has taken on many forms, including what we expose in this rosary of the false trinity of the monarchy, the class system and the church, which denies the individual Christ potential of its own members, even its own leaders. So, my beloved, when you recognize this, you recognize that the people have come to believe in this lie. But more than this, they have come to believe in it because it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It seems to them that they cannot change anything because whenever they try to change something in the outer – be it through their own efforts or their government – they see that there is no real change. There might be some gradual changes here and there, but there is not the real revolution in society that they know from within is possible. And so that is why the people feel powerless.

But the key to overcoming this sense of having no power is the realization that we have given, namely that the universe will reflect back what you send out. And therefore, the key to changing a society is not to change the rulers. It is not even to overthrow the elite through violent means, as was done in France and has been done and attempted to be done here in Britain on many occasions. No my beloved, the real key to changing a nation is to change the consciousness of the people. And that change must begin somewhere—with some individual.

Revolution must come from the people
For, my beloved, you will not wake up one morning and see the London Times have a big headline about the possibility of changing society by changing people's individual consciousness. For surely, the establishment, the government and all aspects of society are more rigid and less fluid than the people themselves. That is why true revolution must come from below.

It has always been so, my beloved. For you will see that the greatest revolutionary in the Western world was Jesus himself, who brought forth a teaching that was completely revolutionary compared to what the people believed in Israel at the time of his appearance there. And so who were the people who accepted Jesus? Was it the temple priests and the scribes and the Pharisees? No, my beloved. For those who are in charge of the current system have always entered an unholy alliance of being those who first and foremost want to preserve that system. For they want to preserve their positions of privilege and power. And so it is always among the people that you have to look for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear a new revolutionary idea.

And thus, my beloved, it is exactly the same today. You look back at Jesus' life and you look at how few people he contacted in his lifetime. Yet you see the changes that have come about in Western society as a result of the ideas he brought forth. You could look at the end of his lifetime and say he accomplished little in the physical. But he did indeed accomplish what he came to accomplish, which was to start the process of changing people's consciousness.

Now my beloved, in today's world we have a very different situation than the one faced by Jesus, and there are two main reasons for this. Number One is that in the Piscean age, it was necessary that there was only one person who was the representative of Christ on Earth. For the consciousness of the people was so low that there were not very many people on Earth at that time who could manifest and demonstrate personal Christhood. That has changed, my beloved, for over the past 2,000 years, many, many people – including all of you here – have volunteered to embody specifically to build your Christhood and build that Christhood at the present time, where it was the plan and the Will of God that many people should step forward and demonstrate that Christhood.

So there are indeed many people in embodiment who are very, very close to manifesting and expressing their Christhood. Some are doing so without knowing it, without having the words to put on what they are doing. But others just need that little bit of an awakening, as some of you have expressed here that when you find a teaching that rings true in your heart, then you know it and you feel that you have come home.

Well, my beloved, the other condition that is different today, compared to Jesus' time, is of course the means of communication that are so much better today. And this means that there is a potential that when the people who are ready to manifest Christhood step forward and do so, they can communicate their ideas, they can express their Christhood in a way that can spread much further than what you saw in Jesus' lifetime.

Indeed, you also have the added advantage that those who express their Christhood in this age will not be nailed to the cross after three years and thus be taken off the Earth. You can stay here as the representatives of the Living Christ for the rest of your natural life-span. Some of you even beyond the life-span that would be natural if you did not express your Christhood.

What is unreal has no power over what is real
And so, my beloved, despite the fact that you feel the weight of the mass consciousness, that you feel the inertia of the mass consciousness, that you feel the opposition both from the mass consciousness of the people and the elite – who will use all means available to them to stop a revolutionary change in Britain and elsewhere – well, despite you feeling this weight, I must tell you that it is all unreality. For you see, my beloved, the basic truth about life is that that which is unreal has no power over that which is real.

And so the only thing that is required is a change in consciousness, where you realize you have the spark of reality, the spark of divinity, within your being. You can connect to it and when you do, you will know that no matter what they do to you in the physical, they have no power over you. Was that not what you saw in Jesus? Where despite the fact that they mistreated him, tortured him and nailed him to a cross, they had no real power over him. They could not stop his Oneness with God.

Thus, my beloved, the Will of God is that the people are awakened to the fact – as some of you here have already said – that so much in their present society is based on unreality. Not only in Britain, of course, but in every nation on Earth. But given where we are, let us take a look at British society. Is there indeed anything that is real?

Well, there are indeed many things that are real in British society, but often that which is real has been cleverly mixed in with that which is unreal, to the point where it has formed a new construct where the seeds of reality are like diamonds that have been embedded in the lead of unreality. And thus, people either cannot tell the difference or they think that the diamonds of reality – that they see sparkle – must of necessity be embedded in the lead of unreality. And thus they feel it is hopeless to separate the two.

But you see, my beloved, nothing is hopeless—nothing whatsoever. Nothing is hopeless for those who are willing to change themselves, and all of you are willing to change yourselves or you would not be here right now. And I must assure you that even though you sometimes feel alone, there are millions more who are also willing to change. They just have not yet made that conscious contact with their own inner being, with the higher reality within themselves, that you have made. And that is why they could use examples and teachers who are not afraid to stand up and express that there is a higher reality, that there is such a thing as reality beyond the unreality of duality, where everything is so mixed in that you cannot tell the difference. Or that you think one cannot exist without the other, for you think that the diamonds form one polarity and they must have an opposite polarity which is the unreality. So you think the two are in a dualistic relationship.

Yet the real essence of the message of Christ is that there is a fundamental difference between God reality and the dualistic "reality” that is in a polarity with unreality. There is something beyond, my beloved, and that something is the reality in your own Being that Jesus described as the key of knowledge. Why "the key?" Because it is the key that gives you access to the kingdom within you. And thus, when more people are alerted to the reality that the kingdom is within them – and they are willing to look for that kingdom in themselves – well then you will see a change in the individuals. And as more and more individuals are awakened to this, you will begin to see a cumulative effect spread through the collective consciousness.

The collective consciousness is easy to change

For you see, my beloved, the collective consciousness might seem to be very rigid and inflexible, but this is in reality an illusion. The collective consciousness is very soft and very pliable and it will naturally gravitate or be pulled in any direction, where a strong enough force exerts a pull on it. And what you see right now is that for a very long time, the collective consciousness of Britain has been pulled downward by the false trinity of the very consciousness that is still represented by the monarchy, the class system and the Church of England.

And this has been happening for so long that the people think this is the only force that they recognize. And that is why the collective consciousness seems to be rigid. But I tell you that the moment another force emerges and gains critical mass, well, instantly you will see the mass consciousness be shifted and pulled towards the stronger force.

My beloved, look at the iron filings that you spread out on a piece of paper, and look at it as a representation of the mass consciousness. Now you put a magnet on one side underneath the paper, and gradually the iron filings will start being pulled towards the magnet. Some will be pulled directly to the magnet, others will be aligned to the magnetic field itself. Yet now take a stronger magnet on the opposite side of the paper, and, my beloved, is there some magic force that will keep the iron filings at the weaker magnet?

No, my beloved, they will immediately shift towards the stronger force. And so it is with the mass consciousness. Because the mass consciousness really has no will of its own. That is why, as you have discussed, it feels as if the people do not want to change. They want to just complain about those who oppress them. They do not want to take responsibility for themselves and their nation. Well, does that not show you that these people are simply so overwhelmed by the mass consciousness that they have surrendered their individual wills to the mass consciousness?

And you might think that the mass consciousness has some kind of will, but it really is not so. It has inertia, but the mass consciousness should not be confused with an actual non-physical entity such as a demon, a discarnate, a mass entity or a fallen being. For my beloved, the mass consciousness has very little sense of individual existence and thus has very little will power. It is always pulled in the direction of a will that is stronger than its own.

And so, really, the reality that I want to impress upon you is that the people themselves are not actually resisting a change in consciousness, a change in society. They are simply gravitating towards the strongest force that pulls upon them. And when the spiritual people, the top 10 percent of the most spiritually aware people, have enough of a united vision that they can exert a force that is stronger than the united – and in many cases not so united – vision of the lowest 10 percent, well then – instantly – the people will start shifting. It can be no other way, my beloved.

This, then, should give you great hope, for some of you earlier expressed the sense that even though you are spiritual people, you feel hopeless to change the consciousness of the population at large, because they seem so stuck in the old patterns. But you see, my beloved, what is it that you see in the people? Is it not that they are not willing to take responsibility and start with themselves? Well, my beloved, will you not then look in the mirror and see that many of you still have a remnant of that consciousness in your own Being, where you feel like you want to make an effort, you want to play a part in bringing forth a better society and a Golden Age, but you still think that the bringing forth of that Golden Age depends on how other people respond rather than how YOU respond?

And you see, my beloved, that is the lie, the lie that is embedded in the mass consciousness; that someone else must make the decision; someone else must do it for us; Jesus must come and save us; the king must rule the nation; the church must tell us what to believe about God; the government and the ruling elite must take care of all practical matters in society, for it is too complicated for us to understand and deal with.

And so, my beloved, I am not here trying to make you feel guilty. I am simply trying to give you the realistic assessment that part of being the forerunners for a shift in consciousness is that you have all volunteered to take on certain facets of the mass consciousness—and transmute them in your own Being. And when you do so, you will make the best contribution you can make to producing a shift in the collective consciousness.

Christhood depends on nothing outside yourself
Therefore, let go of the sense of hopelessness! Let go of the sense that your Christhood depends on other people or institutions in society. For, my beloved, the reality demonstrated by Jesus is that individual Christhood depends on nothing outside the individual.

Look at Jesus. At one point or another almost everyone around him questioned the sanity of what he was doing—even his mother, who had a very high vision that he had a special mission to fulfill. So did his brothers, so did his disciples from time to time, almost all of them failing to see the greater vision. Yet Jesus withstood the onslaught of all of them – the people, the Scribes and the Pharisees, the high and the mighty as well as the low who pulled upon him to be their king and throw out the Roman occupiers – he withstood all of them and manifested his Christhood anyway.

Of course, this cannot happen, my beloved, unless you are willing to look at the ego and overcome that ego. Because otherwise it will be inevitable that your ego will pull you into a false “Christhood,” an imitation of Christhood, that makes some people think that they are the saviors, that they are the wise ones who know best how things should be done, and thus they are the saviors of the people. This is what you saw in Peter, where he would argue with Jesus and tell him how he should conduct his mission. This is indeed the consciousness, my beloved, that started with Peter, was institutionalized by the Catholic Church and was directly responsible for the emergence of the period called “the Dark Ages” in Europe.

Understanding the Dark Ages in Europe
For what happened in the Dark Ages was that people's individual creativity was squashed, to the point where few people dared to stand out and bring forth an individual contribution and new ideas in art, literature, philosophy, religion or inventions of a practical nature. And, my beloved, see how this very consciousness created the idea that people can be divided into two separate categories—some who are above the population, who form an elite.

Jesus might be at the top but was there not always a church hierarchy of the false preachers, the wolves in sheep's clothing that Jesus warned his followers about but that they did not heed? And therefore, those wolves took over the Christian church and turned it into an institution that suppresses the people and makes them the blind followers of the elite—who are themselves the blind followers of their egos and the non-material forces beyond who are ruling their egos.

And so throughout the dark ages this consciousness spread throughout Europe. And I can tell you that if you look at how the plague, the Black Death, spread throughout Europe, I can assure you that at higher levels there was a similar spreading of the black cloud of this consciousness that the people are inadequate—that they do not have a divine spark and a Christ potential. That they cannot rule themselves and bring forth something unique from within themselves, but that they must always look for someone else to do it for them. This is, then, what gave rise to a monarchy based on the incredible illusion that it was appointed by God to rule the people, to rule its own people, and that the people were actually given to the monarchy by God as its slaves, as its subjects, and that the monarchy could do whatever it wanted.

For you see, my beloved, the Catholic Church had already given up the willingness to tune in to the higher Will of God, thereby institutionalizing the dualistic will of man, the dualistic will of the ego, as the ultimate authority in society. And so it was just a matter of time before the monarchy fell into the same trap of thinking that it was the ultimate authority in society. And then you saw the ultimate power struggle between the monarchy and the church. And this is what Saint Germain has already described previously in our series about restoring the Word—that the church and the church hierarchy formed the established power elite, and the monarchy and noble class who owned the land formed the aspiring power elite. And the power struggle between them went on for some time, but then finally had the “resolution” that the British monarch now declared himself the head of the Church of England, thus bringing all three into a certain unified state, where now the perverted trinity of Father, Mother, Son was complete.

And that is indeed, my beloved, why you see – as some of you have already seen – that the British people are indeed very downtrodden, more so than many other nations. Although I will tell you that there are other nations on this planet, where the people are even more downtrodden than what you see in Britain. For my beloved, why am I standing here speaking these words in Britain? It is because I know that the British people have the potential to shake this off, to rise above this consciousness and indeed bring forth a Golden Age civilization in this nation. Yet, my beloved, for this to happen I must tell you that the British people must be willing to do what Saint Germain said at our last conference in California—question everything! Everything, my beloved.

The missing link in history
For what is it that the elite has done to suppress the people? Yes, you will look back at history and say that the king had some real physical power and he used it ruthlessly. Nevertheless, let me tell you that there never has been a regime on this planet – be it the British monarchy, or the Communist Party in the Soviet Union, or the emperors of Rome – there never has been a regime that had enough physical power to suppress the people with physical power alone. For had the people come together at a critical mass and stood up against that physical power, then the powers would have fallen. And this you have seen in a number of nations around the world.

So therefore, physical power is not enough to suppress the people. And that is indeed the missing link in history, where historians tend to look back, and they look only at the material circumstances, thinking that the cause of everything that happened in the world must be found in the material realm. But I tell you that the cause of everything that happened in the material realm is found in the consciousness of the people, the collective consciousness. And thus, my beloved, I tell you – truly – what they have used to suppress the people is the Word, the perversion of the Word of God.

The Word of God is the consciousness of Christ that allows you – as I started out this discourse talking about – that allows you to discern between what is real and what is unreal. And so, in order to suppress the people, they must take away that key of knowledge. They must create this false reality, where they have now created two dualistic polarities that seem to be inseparably linked in a dualistic struggle for supremacy. Yet both of them are lies.

And so this, my beloved, is one realization that needs to be brought out at this time in Britain and elsewhere, for it is the essential realization that must be spread before a Golden Age can dawn—namely the whole nature of duality. And this, my beloved, is of course why we of the Ascended Host have brought forth the new book, The Art of Non-War, which is written in a way that is more universal than any other book we have brought forth through any dispensation whatsoever. Thus, it has a potential to reach the people and awaken them to the basic dynamic of the duality consciousness and how it prevents them from discerning what is real and what is unreal. So every action they take, every idea they believe in, does not really lead to change because it merely perpetuates the dualistic struggle which is the very root of their suffering and their limitations.

But that dualistic struggle starts in the consciousness, for the elite themselves could not perpetuate the dualistic struggle unless the people responded. And that is why you see the unholy alliance between those in the power elite who want power, and those among the people who do not want power but want to give away their power and have other people make decisions for them. So that they do not have to face the potential of making wrong choices, but can criticize those who make choices no matter what choices they make. And yet even this can shift almost as in the blinking of an eye. And it will shift when enough of the top 10 percent process that state of consciousness in their own beings and overcome it once and for all.

Overcoming possesion
And so, my beloved, what is the key to overcoming this consciousness in your own being? Well, my beloved, there are some of you here that are aware of the potential that people can be possessed by a force that is outside themselves. This might be something you call a demon, an entity, a discarnate soul or whatever you want to call it, my beloved. The essence of such possession is that something enters your container of self, your four lower bodies, and once inside it starts to rule the roost and cause the Conscious You to withdraw and say: “I can no longer be in command of myself,” or perhaps it doesn"t even say that, but without realizing it, it gives away its power.

And so, my beloved, what is the key to overcoming this? For I am sure you can see that in a sense, everyone who grows up on Earth is possessed by something from outside themselves. For have I not said – and do not many of you know – that you have taken on elements of the mass consciousness. And the mass consciousness is also an alien energy that enters your energy field and now begins to pull on your thoughts and emotions and your sense of self.

So, my beloved, we have given you the image of the figure eight flow. And the upper figure of the figure eight represents the spiritual realm, and the lower figure, the material realm. So, my beloved, what is in the upper figure of the figure eight of your own being?

[Audience answers: "Your I AM Presence"]

Your I AM Presence is in the upper figure, and in the lower figure is your four lower bodies, your container of self, your soul, whatever you want to call it.

But, my beloved, what is supposed to be in the center, in the nexus of the figure eight? Your conscious self, as we have called it. It can be called other names for it truly does not matter. But what I want to point out to you is this. For any outside force to enter your lower being, there must be room for that force to enter. There must be a division in your being. For if there was no division, nothing could enter.

Do you see, my beloved, your I AM Presence is one, is one with its source, your Creator. So nothing from the Earth can enter your I AM Presence because it is undivided. There is no space, no opening, for any lower vibration to enter. Yet in your lower being – once you have become a house divided against itself by believing in the dualistic lies – then there is room for outside forces, ideas and energies to enter. But you see, my beloved, there is only room because your conscious self has not taken responsibility for itself, for your lower being. It has not taken the responsibility to be the Christ in your being, and therefore be the mediator between your I AM Presence and your lower being. For when your conscious self occupies that position in the centre, in the nexus, then you will be as above so below. You can be here below all that you are above. And thus there will be no division below, as there is no division above.—and nothing alien can enter.

Well, what is the key, then, to overcoming the division? You see, my beloved, you have been divided because you came to believe in a dualistic lie. And there are innumerable dualistic lies—so many that we could not possibly expose them all. But they all spring from the one lie, which is the essential lie, that there can be a division in infinity; that the Infinite can be divided into parts, where one part is separated from the whole and therefore one part is separated from another part.

And this lie comes in as soon as your conscious self descends below the nexus of the figure eight. You see, my beloved, at any point below the nexus, there is distance. Now, distance does not necessarily mean division, for it is indeed possible – as you have talked about earlier – that the Father and the Mother can be united in a true polarity of Alpha and Omega, Yin and Yang.

It is only when the two become opposites through the dualistic mind that you have division. So it is quite possible to have the distance that you see in this realm of time and space without there being division, for there is still Oneness. But where must the Oneness come from? It must come from your conscious self occupying its rightful position in the nexus. Not by being down here [points to lower half of figure eight] and identifying itself with any lower self-concept, any divided concept of self.

And, my beloved, the idea I wish you to ponder is this. In mathematics you have the concept – well you have two important concepts – one is the symbol for infinity which is the figure eight, but you also have the concept of a single point, or a singularity as it is called. Well, my beloved, the singularity is a point that has no extension in space. What does that mean, my beloved? It means it is beyond space, for space implies extension, which means that there is more than one point—there is distance. And this is when you can have two points which are now separated by a distance.

But you see, my beloved, your conscious self is what gives you self-awareness, but listen carefully now. Your conscious self is an extension of the Being of the Creator. But here comes the mystery for you to ponder. Your conscious self is pure awareness. It does not have a sense of identity as being this or that. It simply IS, my beloved.

You see, you have had – for many years – the concept of the I AM and the I AM Presence. And listen carefully—this is a perfectly valid concept that we have given you for a reason. For we know that once you have descended into duality – and have accepted a sense of identity as being separated from your source – well, you cannot in one jump overcome that sense of separation. So we have given you the concept that you have a spiritual identity that is anchored in the spiritual realm—and thus cannot be destroyed or distorted by any false identity you have taken on in the lower part of your being in the material realm.

And this is indeed to take the awareness of the conscious self and redirect it from feeling that it is centered down here [in the lower part of the figure eight] and gradually bringing itself closer and closer to this nexus point.

But you see, my beloved, when your conscious self ascends to the nexus, it does not disappear. But the sense that it is separated from the Allness of the Creator, from the Infinite, that sense of separation disappears. For that separate sense of self is what dies and what Jesus talked about when he said: “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it. But he who is willing to lose his life for my sake shall find it.”

And so even the concept of the I AM is a concept that – although valid at a certain level of consciousness – needs to be transcended in order for you to go beyond a certain point on the spiritual path. For do you see, my beloved, that there is the "I" and there is the "AM." And do you see that right there, there is a distance, which is what implies the potential for a division. For you see the "I" that is the mediator between your higher and lower being, can come to say: “I AM not this up here, expressing itself through this below—no, I AM something down here, defined as being separate from what is above.”

And this is where division creeps into your being. So the only solution to this, my beloved, is that your conscious self, which is the "I," comes to realize that the "AM" is only a tool that it is temporarily using to express itself in the material world. But the "I" begins to realize that rather than being that lower identity, it is MORE than that lower identity.

For do you see, my beloved, the letter "I" is a single line, and again in mathematics, a line has no extension in width. So you see now that there is no division, no horizontal division, in a line. So when your conscious self realizes that it is not this or that, it stops saying "I AM this' or "I AM that" in the world, but it actually comes to say "I."

You see, my beloved, the concept of an I AM Presence is useful, but if you begin to think that you are the I AM Presence, well, even that is a slightly dualistic concept because you might see a division between the "I" and the "I AM Presence." But what you need to come to is the point where you are just the "I" and you know that that "I" is One with the All, with the infinity of God. For the "I" is not a finite being. My beloved, the "AM" here below is a finite being but the "I" is not.

Now listen carefully. Even the I AM Presence is a finite being, not in the material realm, but in the spiritual realm which is also part of the world of form. And, my beloved, how is the world of form created? Well, it is created out of the Creator's Being. But it is created because the One Creator, the infinite Being of the Creator, expressed itself as the two polarities of Alpha and Omega.

For you see, my beloved, the world of form has form, does it not? And you see on planet Earth many forms that are separate from other forms because they are defined by their differences. If there were no differences, there would be no expressed forms. All would still be the unexpressed Oneness of the Creator. So the Creator must divide itself into the two polarities. And yet those polarities are ultimately – although they are expressions of the Creator's Being – they are finite. For they have extension, differences.

Again, differences and distance does not mean division, for nothing in the spiritual realm is divided. But it still has extension in what we might call spiritual space—not to be confused with physical space. And so, my beloved, people are so conditioned to thinking in terms of the world of form and differences. And in order to raise them up to a higher state of consciousness, they had to be given certain concepts that they could understand with their minds—as they were in a very divided state when, for example, Genesis was released on this planet.

Understanding the name of God
So now you have the concept of Moses going to the mount and communing with God, or rather with a representative of God. And Moses knows that the people will not accept him unless he gives them something concrete that they can use to picture this God that he met on the mountain. So he asks God to give him a name. And God uses the name I AM or I AM THAT I AM, but you see – as we have said before – this is not really a name. It is a riddle, a Zen koan, my beloved, that you can contemplate. And you see that even the concept of I AM THAT I AM is a concept that is adapted to the consciousness of the people in a dualistic state.

What is really being said here? I AM THAT I AM is implying that at any moment I AM Being whatever I want to Be. And thus, when you understand the reality here, you understand that God is really saying: “I am not a static God. I am not a dead God. I am not a graven image. And no matter what graven image you create on Earth, you cannot fit me into that mental box. For your mental box must be finite, but I AM infinite.”

And so what God was really saying is that at any moment in time, I will be what I AM. And you all know that the more correct translation of the original text is: I WILL BE WHO I WILL BE. Yet the consciousness of I AM THAT I AM is valid, because we have given you the model of the upper and the lower and that the lower being needs to come into alignment with the upper. And how do you do that?

You do that by realizing that up here [in the higher part of the figure eight] is the I AM THAT I AM, and down here [in the lower part] is your sense of identity, your sense of I AM—I AM this, I AM that.

And what you need to do is to come to a point where you can say: “I am THAT I am, up there.”

That, however, is not the end of your spiritual growth. It is, rather, the beginning of the true spiritual path, where you realize that there is more to your identity than can be defined in the material realm.

And so you need to reach beyond the material realm. And indeed, you have something to reach for, you have something to unite with, where your sense of identity down here can become One or identified with the Being up here, so you know “I AM here below all that I AM above, for I am THAT I AM.”

Yet there is a higher level, and this is what we have brought forth in the teachings on IS. For as I said earlier, your conscious self is not the I AM down here [the lower part of the figure-eight], but neither is your conscious self the I AM up here [the upper part]. Your conscious self is a state of pure awareness that can never be identified with anything in the finite world. And even your I AM Presence is in the finite world.

So when you truly attain enlightenment, Christhood, Buddhahood, Oneness with God, whatever you want to call it, well then the "I" of your conscious self stops identifying itself as this or this. Well, what does it identify itself as?

Well, my beloved, it identifies itself as the All. And this is when you have the symbol of the "s' around the "I", which symbolizes the figure eight, where your "I" is in the center, but it really is no longer in the center, for it realizes that the mathematical symbol of infinity drawn as a figure eight—yes it is has a single point in the centre, but the entire periphery of the figure eight is made up of single points.

And really, my beloved, when you realize that a single point has no extension in space, then you can realize that a single point is not really a point. For if there is no extension in finite space, how can you say that here is a single point that is separated from the Infinite? For if it was separate, it had to be in the realm of the finite world and thus it had to have extension in space.

And so you realize that the single "I" is everything at once. And that is when you will know what Jesus said: “And the king shall say, inasmuch as ye have done it to the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

[You will also know what Jesus meant when he said that when your "eye" or your "I" is single, your whole body is full of light.]

Loving God with ALL your heart, mind and soul
That is when you can fulfill the requirement that Jesus gave as the absolute requirement for Christhood. For when he was asked by the Scribes and Pharisees about the greatest points of the law he said: “To love god with all your heart, soul and mind.”

Because, my beloved, how can you love God with all your heart, soul and mind? Well, you can only do it when you realize that you ARE God, that there is no longer separation. For if you see a separation between yourself and God, you simply cannot love God with ALL your heart, mind and soul. It is not possible.

So then you have fulfilled the Alpha aspect of the equation of Christhood. But the Omega aspect is to love your neighbor as yourself. But how can you do that, my beloved? Only when you see your neighbor AS yourself, as your greater Self. For if you see a distance between yourself and your neighbor, you are not truly loving your neighbor AS yourself. And you are not truly loving yourself if you are seeing a distance between yourself and the Creator. For only in Oneness with your Creator, will you experience the fullness of God's love, which is an infinite, unconditional love.

And so, there is always a higher teaching that can be released. And what you will see, my beloved, is that there are always those who will cling to the old, for they have taken the old teaching and put it in a mental box, and now they are comfortable. Well, who is comfortable, my beloved? Only the ego can be comfortable with any mental box in the finite world. For the "I" can never be fully comfortable until it is one with infinity.

And so you always see that those who want to stay with the old, who want to stay where they are comfortable, are still blinded by their egos no matter what they might think. No matter what clever, intellectual arguments they might come up with, they are still blinded by their egos, for they have not truly been willing to look for the beam in their own eye, even though they have a teaching that talks about the ego and the need to look for it.

It is entirely possible to understand that teaching only with the outer intellectual, analytical mind, and therefore take the teaching and turn it into a mental box that gives the ego that sense of security because it feels it has even the spiritual path under control—even Christhood, it has under control. And that is precisely what you saw Peter attempting to do with Jesus.

Peter recognized that Jesus was beyond a normal person but he was not willing to follow Jesus and attain Oneness with the Living Christ. He wanted – until the very end – to put the Living Christ in his own mental box. And even though he let the Living Christ expand his mental box that little bit, he would not take that final step of throwing away the mental box by letting the mortal self die and being spiritually reborn—being born of water and of Spirit.

What does it mean to be reborn of water and of Spirit? Well, several things. But one certainly is that being born of water is that you come the understanding with the mind that you actually need to surrender the lower self. For in coming to that understanding the "I" of the conscious self can then separate itself from the mortal self because it realizes that if the mortal self dies, the "I" will not die. It will be reborn into its true identity as One with the All.

And when, my beloved, you give up that finite identity and merge into the infinite identity, then you are not an "I" located in the nexus, thinking “I am this, and I must express that down here.” Because there is no distance. You are everywhere, above and below. And so you are just letting the I AM Presence flow through your nexus into the four lower bodies and express itself through those four lower bodies without the "I," the conscious self, having to think about this or even feel that something from outside of me up there is flowing through me here and expressing itself down there. Because it has stopped thinking that "I AM here and only here." It knows it is everywhere in the consciousness of God.
And that is when the "I" becomes the "Is' for now the energies, the ideas, the reality from the spiritual realm can flow through you into the material realm.

But not only flow through you, but also be expressed by you because you are now fully conscious of everything you do. And in every situation you are not thinking: “Oh, I don"t want to be in this situation, I wish it was over.” You are simply there with the Allness of who you are, expressing that, and thereby transcending and transforming the situation so that other people are raised up. And so that the you have mastery over the material realm. And so the matter light is raised up, is freed from the imperfect matrices that have been put upon it through the duality consciousness. It can be instantly set free, whereby the water is turned into wine, the dead are raised, the sick are healed.

This is what you saw in Jesus. Jesus had united, he had become the IS and that is why God could manifest these so-called miracles through him—that are not miracles, they are simply the natural state of the Ma-ter light expressing the reality of the Father, rather than the unreality of the duality consciousness. And as I said with the mass consciousness that can be pulled here and there, the matter light has volunteered to express any form that God's co-creators impose upon it.

But this does not mean, my beloved, that the matter light has no consciousness. It does not mean that the matter light enjoys taking on the negative forms that you saw in the movie of violence, and images that are not in harmony with the higher principles. The mother light would at any moment gladly shake this off and instead instantly manifest the higher reality of God.

Change is always possible
So again, nothing is hopeless. Change is possible. That, my beloved, is what the power elite do not want you to believe, and they especially do not want the people to believe it. They want them to believe that status quo cannot be changed, or certainly cannot be changed beyond certain boundaries. And this, my beloved, is the lie that Jesus challenged and that we need those in physical embodiment who are also willing to challenge.

And this implies many things. You do not always have to come out strongly and give a teaching like I have given today, which surely, as they say, will blow many people away, as I know some of you are holding onto your seats here.

[Audience laughs]

Nevertheless, there are many more gentle ways to awaken people to the fact that change is always possible. Look at history, my beloved. Look at how much society has changed in a thousand years. Think back—go to one of the museums you have in Britain and elsewhere, and see how people lived in the Stone Age. And then see how you live today, only a few thousand years later. And then see how much has happened just within the last century, just within your lifetime. How computer technology has transformed society.

For, my beloved, should not a realistic assessment make you see that change is indeed possible? And that change can have many levels? And is it not possible to help people see that the reason why society is at a higher level today than in the Stone Age is that there has been an expansion in consciousness, and that it is the expansion in consciousness that drives all progress?

And then, my beloved, it is not that difficult to make people see that because the expansion of consciousness has become one-sided in the West, where people have forgotten spirituality – partly because of the perversions of Christianity that took Jesus' true teachings away from the people, and then because of the consciousness of materialism – well then, people have become unbalanced and that is why you have a one-sided progress. Where you have technological progress – as Jesus recently explained in the answer to a question LINK – and the technological progress itself creates problems which people cannot solve because they do not have the corresponding expansion in their spiritual awareness. My beloved, this is not, as they say, rocket science. It is possible to make many, many people understand these concepts, when you make them your own and express them in your own words.

And so, my beloved, I have spoken for a long time, which shows you that I have had a great desire to once again be able to speak freely on this island of Britain. Having spent several lifetimes here;* having been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to awaken the British people to a higher way, to higher principles. I have a very strong desire to see these people become awakened to their true potential for expressing a Golden Age in this nation.

El Morya is no more
And so I have more to say, but that will follow in the days ahead. For now I want to give one last announcement. For you see, my beloved, the Ascended Masters do not stand still. But we know that a certain percentage among our students like to stand still and take our teachings and turn them into a mental box. And in order to avoid this, we sometimes shake things up a bit.

So, I will now give you another seeming mystery. For even though I say I have much more to say in this nation, this is indeed the last time that El Morya will speak on this planet through any messenger whatsoever.

For as of this very moment, El Morya and Master M are no more, for I AM MORE.

And thus, from now on I will express myself only as the Master MORE, for that is a more accurate reflection of who I AM.

And I desire you to know the fullness of who I am and not a limited image that was very much adapted to the collective consciousness of a century ago, or even a decade ago. For it has now been 10 years since I said I could no longer sponsor a previous dispensation. And although some who call themselves the chelas of El Morya have barely transcended themselves in those 10 years, well, I have exercised my free will to transcend myself over and over again. So I am indeed much more, and this is what I desire to express to those who are willing to throw away their mental box of El Morya and come with me into the infinite Being that I AM—that they might discover the Infinite in themselves and that we may be One in infinity instead of some false concept of Oneness that is still based on the consciousness of distance.

For there can be no true Oneness when there is distance. So if you want to know me, you must become all that I AM. And I am willing to impart all that I AM to anyone who is willing to let go of the lesser self and become THAT I am. And then become the "I" that is the "IS." For when you become the IS, then it is indeed possible that the Ascended Master MORE might flow through you at any moment, into any situation, in order to set someone free from the illusion of less.

My beloved, I thank you for your kind attention, for your willingness to be here in the critical number we needed in order to have the maximum flow between us and the British people, and beyond that to the people of Europe.

For as I have been speaking, much has been happening at inner levels and I can assure you that the vision earlier of angels** through your song, well, there have been myriad angels working at higher levels to send energy through your four lower bodies, to anchor it in the material realm.

Thus, a great change has begun, and I trust you will all be open to continuing this in the coming days so that we might see what can be achieved, when we come together in the flow that IS God.

* The ascended master El Morya was embodied as Thomas Becket and Thomas More, both of whom took a stand against the English king and paid with their lives.

**Before the dictation, the participants had sung a song that was the result of a co-operative effort of putting new, Aquarian-age, words to Battle Hymn of the Republic. One participants had a vision of myriad angels descending during the song and carrying the light released through the song to the spiritual realm, returning it to Earth multiplied.



Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels


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crop circle 8

figure 8 of blue diamons



Matthew 12:3 But he said unto them, Have ye not read what David did, when he was an hungred, and they that were with him;

12:4 How he entered into the house of God, and did eat the shewbread, which was not lawful for him to eat, neither for them which were with him, but only for the priests?
12:5 Or have ye not read in the law, how that on the sabbath days the priests in the temple profane the sabbath, and are blameless?

12:6 But I say unto you, That in this place is [one] greater than the temple.

12:7 But if ye had known what [this] meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice, ye would not have condemned the guiltless.

12:8 For the Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath day.

12:11 And he said unto them, What man shall there be among you, that shall have one sheep, and if it fall into a pit on the sabbath day, will he not lay hold on it, and lift [it] out?

12:12 How much then is a man better than a sheep? Wherefore it is lawful to do well on the sabbath days.

12:13 Then saith he to the man, Stretch forth thine hand. And he stretched [it] forth; and it was restored whole, like as the other.

Holy Table

This image of the Shewbread Table is from page 130 of a Golden Dawn book titled:
Golden Dawn Enochian Magick by Zalewski


This diagram is an image of the mystery of the Rose of Creation. The twelve outer circles symbolize the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each circle contains a permutation of YHVH, a tribe of Israel, and a Hebrew letter. The four inner circles represent the four archangels presiding over the four quarters and the four Kerubic signs. The Lamp in the center represents the Sun.




Did Titus take the Ark to Rome?

The Romans captured the city of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Titus took the vessels from the Temple and brought them to Rome. There is a carving of the lampstand or Menorah, the Table of Shewbread, and ritual trumpets on the Triumphant Arch of Titus in Rome. There is no carving of the Ark of the Covenant. Josephus in the Jewish War writes, "Most of the spoils that were carried were heaped up in discriminately, but more prominent than all the rest were those captured in the Temple at Jerusalem-a golden table weighing several hundredweight, and a lampstand, similarly made of gold but differently constructed from those we normally use....After these was carried the Jewish Law, the last of the spoils....Vespasian made up his mind to build a temple of Peace....There too he laid up the golden vessels from the Temple of the Jews, for he prided himself on them; but their Law and the crimson curtains of the Inner Sanctuary he ordered to be deposited in the Palace for safe keeping" (Book VII, Chp.V, 5-6; Translation by G.A. Williamson, New York: Dorset, 1959, 385-6).

About these temple vessels in Rome G. A. Williamson comments, "They were seized by the Vandals and taken to North Africa in 455, recovered and removed to Constantinople, the capital of the eastern empire in 534, and then, reputedly, sent to a church in Jerusalem, where they remained till the seventh century. They disappeared at an unknown later date" (Ibid, 456). With the conquest of Islam the vessels could have been taken any where under their control.

In Josephus' description of the Temple, there is no mention of the Ark of the Covenant. The Holy of Holies was empty. Josephus states, "The innermost chamber measured 30 feet and was similarly separated by a curtain from the outer part. Nothing at all was kept in it; it was unapproachable, inviolable, and invisible to all, and was called the Holy of Holies" (Book V, Chp. V, 5; Williamson, 304). It seems that there was no Ark of the Covenant in the Second Temple.




 temple shewbread

Within the Torah, the Showbread is mentioned exclusively by the Priestly Code and Holiness Code,[1] but certain

 sections of the Bible, including the
Book of Chronicles, Books of Samuel, and Book of Kings, also describe aspects
 of them. In the Holiness Code, the Shewbread is described as twelve cakes/loaves baked from fine
flour, arranged in two rows/piles on a table standing before God; each loaf/cake was to contain two Omers of flour (Leviticus 24:5-6). The Biblical regulations specify that cups of frankincense were to be placed upon the rows of cakes, and the Septuagint, but not the masoretic text, states that salt was mixed with the frankincense; the frankincense, which the Septuagint refers to as an anamnesis, (a hapax legomenon), constituted a memorial (azkarah), having been offered upon the altar to God (Leviticus 24:7-9)


According to the Book of Chronicles, the Kohathite clan had charge of the baking and setting in order of the bread,[

 suggesting that there were secret extra requirements in preparing the bread, known only to the Kohathites.
Since leavened products were prohibited from the altar, and the cakes/loaves are not described as being offered upon it, it is possible that the Showbread was leavened; however, as they were carried into the inner part of the sanctuary, it is highly probable that they were unleavened.

The cakes were to be left on the table for a week, and then be replaced with new ones on the Sabbath, so that there were always fresh loaves on the table, and those that had started going stale were removed; the Biblical text states that the Jewish priests were entitled to eat the cakes that had been removed, as long as they did so in a holy place, as it considered the bread to be holy. It appears that consumption of the bread wasn't the exclusive preserve of the priests, as the narrative of David's sojourn at Nob mentions that Ahimelek (the priest) gave David the holy bread, at his request.


30 KEYS/span>

30 Keys To Happiness

For many of us, the goal of life isn't ultimate wealth, a massive amount of stuff, or the perfect car. It's happiness, plain and simple.

Some people may be created happier than others, with enjoyment of life programmed into their hardwiring. For others, getting to happiness isn't always that simple. You weren't programmed that way.

But like any programming, yours can be changed. Rewrite your life program to include as many of the following tips as appeal to you, and the ultimate goal of happiness can be yours. If you've already achieved complete happiness, well done!

  1. Experiment to find out what makes you happy. Different things make different people happy. If you aren't sure what your hot spots are, experiment. Try different things out. Find out what you enjoy most. The answers just might surprise you. Try a few of the following for starters.

  2. Surround yourself with others who are happy. If you are around angry, depressed or sad people, it will transfer to you. You can't help it. But if you're around people who are happy, that will also transfer to you. You'll also learn their habits, and learn to react the way they do when something bad happens. Slowly weed out the negative influences on your life and replace them with positive ones.

  3. Count your blessings. When something bad happens to you, try not to focus on it. Instead, take a minute to count your blessings. Everyone has good things in their lives, whether it is health or loved ones or whatever.

  4. Gratitude sessions. Along those lines, it is a good practice to have a daily gratitude session. Think about what you have to be thankful for, and silently thank those who have done something good for you in some way. If you have time, take the time to call them or email them to thank them.
  5. Think solutions. Instead of thinking about problems, move to the next step: how to solve it. When someone says to me, "Oh, this is so hard," or "Oh, I can't seem to do this," or "Man, we don't have any more of that," I just ask them, "Well, what's the solution?" If you develop solution-oriented thinking, you'll be much happier.

  6. Connect with others. As much as possible, spend time with those you love, and with others who you enjoy. It could be a simple phone call, or a short visit. Or take a day with the person or people you'd like to spend time with. Have a conversation, do things together, be intimate.

  7. Accept things. We are often unaware of it, but we usually want things or people or ourselves to change. And that's a sure way to lead to unhappiness, because we cannot control the world. We have to accept things as they are, try to understand them, even love them. Including and most especially ourselves: accept who you are, allow yourself to be yourself, try to understand and love yourself. Then do the same with the others in your life.

  8. Take time to savor life. Instead of rushing from one thing to another, resolve to have less to do each day, less appointments and fewer tasks. Then do each thing slowly, with mindfulness and ease, and try to be present in the moment. And truly enjoy whatever it is you do, from talking to eating to walking to just sitting.

  9. Notice small things. Along the same lines, try to notice when you feel good, or you're not suffering, or you are tasting something really delicious, or you feel something cold or hot, anything. Noticing the little things will help keep you focused on the present.

  10. Treat yourself. Take a few minutes each day to give yourself a little treat, whether that's something like chocolate or berries, or a bubble bath, or walking barefoot in the grass, or taking a nap. Whatever it is, treat yourself. You deserve it.

  11. This shall pass. When bad things happen, and you're having trouble accepting it, think to yourself the same thing the ancients did: "This, too, shall pass." And it will. And you'll survive.
  12. Volunteer. When you give to others, whether that's money or the stuff you no longer need or your time and love, you become happier. It's true. Take 5 minutes today to call a charity and volunteer to donate some time sometime this month. It will make a big difference in your life.

  13. Follow your passions. If you do what you love to do, especially for a living, you wil be extremely happy. This is one of the best things you can do. If it seems impossible, don't give up. Others have done it and you can too.

  14. Look at your achievements. Instead of looking at what you haven't done, or what you've failed at, think about what you have done. Many times that's much more than we realize.

  15. Laugh. Just the simple act of laughing can make you happier. Watch a funny movie, tell jokes, read a book by Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, go to humor sites on the Internet. And laugh your head off.

  16. Realize that you deserve it. You deserve happiness. That simple statement is actually profound for many people, as they don't believe they really deserve to be happy. It's often unconscious. If you feel that within yourself, you need to first realize that you deserve happiness. Repeat it if necessary.
  17. Get into the flow. There is a state of doing known as Flow, which is when you completely lose yourself in a task and forget about the world around you. It leads to happiness, and productivity. Set yourself up for it by clearing distractions, giving yourself a challenging (but accomplishable) task, and making it something that you like doing. Then try to lose yourself in that task.

  18. Have a goal. Too many goals will lead to ineffectiveness. Try to choose one goal and really focus on it. And work to accomplish it. Goals lead to happiness, if you make progress on them.

  19. Get inspired. Take time to read blogs or books or magazine articles about success stories related to what you want to do. It will get you energized.

  20. Celebrate. When you do something right, when you accomplish something, when you feel like it, reward yourself. Celebrate. Have fun, and pat yourself on the back.

  21. Autonomy. Try to have at least one area in your life where you have autonomy. It's best if this is at work, but if not, find another place, such as a hobby or civic activity. You need to be in control of what you do to be happy.

  22. Spend time doing something you love. Make room in your life by eliminating some of the commitments you don't really like doing, and replacing them with something you truly love.

  23. Show little acts of kindness. Each day, try to be kind to others in little ways, opening doors, smiling, giving up your place in line.

  24. Exercise. Just a short walk or run could lift your spirits and reduce stress. Nothing difficult. Just get outside and move.

  25. Catch negative thoughts. Monitor your thoughts. When you catch negative ones, try to think of something good instead. Corny, but it helps.

  26. Jealousy doesn't help. Many people obsess about others who are successful or happy. That gets you nowhere, fast. Instead, be happy for them. Then focus on yourself, and what you do right.

  27. Stop watching and reading news. Sure, this sounds like a head-in-the-sand suggestion. But really, if you give this a try, you won't miss a thing. And instead, you can focus on reading books and listening to music that lifts you up.

  28. Learn something new. It's strange how many of us are afraid to try new things, or admit we don't know something. But learning new skills or new information is one of the most fun things there is to do. Give it a try.

  29. Check out nature. Go and watch a sunrise or sunset. Watch the water, whether that's a river or ocean or lake. Watch the stars, or the clouds. Watch animals. Watch people. Watch children. And be inspired by it all.

  30. Laugh some more. When you are in the middle of a bad situation, look around you, realize the absurdity of the situation, and just laugh. In a year, no one will care. In two years, you'll be laughing at this anyway. So laugh now, and be happy now.

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Forgiveness is non-negotiable.  If you do not forgive you will not heal yourself.  If you do not heal yourself you will suffer and know pain.  If your inability to forgive persists over a long period you will begin by being ill-at-ease within yourself, and eventually you will be diseased and this could lead to long-term suffering, and possibly the death of your body, with your Soul passing over into Spirit.

Now, what was it that was so terrible that you could not forgive either yourself, someone else, or something else?

You have free will.  We will not interfere in your choices, however, We are always, and all ways, available to guide you in your choices.

Because the inability to forgive is so poisonous to your well being We are going to give you 30 keys to understand and apply forgiveness so you can grow through the experience, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically, by not harming yourself.

1. For Giving is For Receiving healing for yourself now.

2. To forgive is not about the other person, people, or events that may have damaged you in some way.  It's only about for giving you an opportunity to heal by replacing the fear you have with love.

3. Everything you do you do for yourself.  You may think it's for others but ultimately it affects you either positively or negatively.

4. Your ultimate personal empowerment is your ability to change your mind.

5. Whatever caused the situation in your life that requires you to change your mind and "let it go" via forgiveness has already occurred - in the past.

6. It is most probably not occurring now.  It happened in the past.  The past is tense!  The past is over - it's history.  The past is never coming back to affect you - only if you let it.

7. The past is only a thought in your mind.  You can empower yourself to change your mind about the past and how it is affecting you right up to this present moment of Now.

8. If you allow this past to persist into the present moment of Now then your Now moment will be poisoned and your future moments will be damaged by this poisonous environment.

9. It is now time for giving you the opportunity to heal yourself by changing your thought processes.

10. It is now time to select your memories.  Only select the memories where love was present in your life.  Let go of the memories where fear dominated your life.  You have the power to change your mind.  You can move miraculously, from fear to love.  You can look at every situation now with an attitude of thoughts, words and deeds being "What Would Love Do Now?"

11. How long do you want to suffer for?  Something was done in the past but it's not being done now to you.  See the people, or situations, that are showing up now.  The people have probably moved on, grown up, seen the mistakes they appear to have made in the past.  If they are not negatively affecting you now, other than you affecting yourself with your negative memories about them, then see them for who they are now, not as they were in the past.  Now it's your opportunity to change your mind about them and see them as they are now allowing yourself to move from fear to love.  For giving you the opportunity to heal yourself, in love, with love.

12. What about when it was you who damaged yourself.  How do you forgive yourself for something you did in your past?  You change your attitude.  Your attitude is that you made a mistake.  Lighten up on yourself - it wasn't a mistake, it was a "learning experience".  You found out what not to do.  You learnt from it.  It's only a mistake if you did not learn from it and you repeated it.  For giving yourself a pat on the back for learning from it.  For giving yourself an opportunity to grow from it.  For giving yourself an opportunity to come from love, love of yourself.  For giving yourself an opportunity to heal yourself, in love of yourself.

13. What about when you did it, and possibly still do it, continually, mistake after mistake, after mistake.  We will get to that in the next point.

14. OK, so some of you are already convinced and are ready to forgive in the understanding of "for giving you an opportunity to heal in love of yourself".  However, others of you are not.  Your grievances run deep.  You want justice, you want vengeance, you want revenge, you want blood to spill, you want the other person to suffer like you have suffered, only worse.  Forget about forgiveness, I want them to be in pain like I have known pain.  Forgiveness is for weaklings.  I want to hear them scream in pain! 

Even if it's me who hurt myself, I want "me" to scream in pain.  Welcome to the world of addiction.  No one can hurt you like you can!

15. So, let's discuss pain and where it comes from.
PAIN - Past Anger In Now, or if you prefer
PAIN - Personalised Anger Internalised Negatively.
Either way it hurts!
Where does the pain come from?
Let's start at the beginning - Who You Are?
You are a Part of God.  God is Love.  You are Love.
When you deny yourself love, when you are denied love from another or when you deny love to another, you know pain.  The emotional pain you feel is the denial of love.  It's painful when you are not Who You Really Are - which is Love.  If you are not Love then you are Fear.  When you are Fear you are afraid.  Being afraid causes emotional distress.  Enough emotional distress and pain is felt emotionally.  Feelings are the language of your Soul.  Your Soul is Love - when you are not Love your Soul cannot show you Who You Really Are.  When you are not Love/Soul you are Fear/Afraid/Painful.

16. In your denial of feeling Love you are in pain.  This is the pain you feel when either you, someone or something else, has hurt you - by denying you love.  They did this damage by words or actions, or both.  They abused you, angered you, made you feel worthless.  They denied you love, made you full of fear, made you afraid, caused you pain - made you believe that you were not worthy of love.

17. So now you want justice, vengeance, revenge, blood.  You want them to suffer pain like you have suffered pain, even worse.

And then what?  After you have extracted everything you want from this vengeful action how do you think you will feel - full of love or full of fear?  Can you sleep with one eye open for the rest of your life waiting for them to exact their counter revenge?  Are you going to be full of love, or full of fear?  If it's fear and its bound to be, living in fear, afraid, will simply worsen the pain you have been feeling.  Now you will know pain for a very long time.  An eye for an eye can make the whole world blind!  This is bad enough when it's between you and someone else.  But when you exact this revenge on yourself it's like self-mutilation.

18. So if We can't convince you spiritually, We have to use tactics you can understand better.  If you continue to choose to deny love to yourself and to others, then for giving yourself endless pain is definitely not forgiveness - it's madness!  The Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Karma, will be instantly in action as you trade blow for blow with your adversary.  No one wins a war, the "winner" is the one who loses less than the other "loser".  Both are losers, both suffer pain, both know fear and death, affecting generations to come.
When so much fear abounds, so much hate, so much anger, so much retribution, it breeds so much unhappiness, so much dis-ease, so much disease, so much death.
All it took was for love to be denied. 
How easy it is to change - Love your neighbour as yourself -think, act, say, do "What Would Love Do Now?"

19.    If you choose love, pain will disappear.    If you deny love, pain will be present.  In every moment of Now you are choosing to offer love or project fear.  It's your free will.  Our guidance will always be to choose love because love is all there is - everything else is an illusion.  If you choose to live in the illusion, you choose to live in fear, then you will know pain.

20.    Now you can understand that everything you do you do for yourself.  If you choose to for give yourself an opportunity to heal in love you need to forgive yourself or the other person/people or things.  By choosing to forgive you only have to open your heart and give them forgiveness.  They do not have to even be aware of your forgiveness.  Everything you do you do for yourself. 
When you offer your forgiveness simply pray for their well-being and sincerely state "I forgive you for (----------)".  This will release the fear from you, the pain from you and allow you to return to Being Love - Who You Really Are.  You will know love, freedom, lack of pain.  You will know happiness and, in time, bliss.

21. Now that We have shown you, at a practical level, why and how to deal with forgiveness We would like to return to our Spiritual roots and show you some more Spiritual understanding and applications of forgiveness.  As you return to Being Love this knowledge will elevate your Spiritual growth when you understand and apply it.

22. To err is human, to forgive is divine, is an old, true, saying.  The forgiveness We talk about is for giving you an opportunity to heal and for giving you an opportunity for receiving love, love of yourself, and to know God's love.  For you to return to being Who You Really Are - at Soul level - Pure Love.

23. How do you deal with yourself or the other person or people or things which denied you love and damaged you that you required forgiveness?

We need to remind you of Soul Contracts so that you can distinguish between a person's Soul and their body in the physical earth's plane of existence.  Please go to the Book of Evolving Relationships - Lesson 46 - The Three Commitments to Yourself - No.1 Trust the Process.  This lesson explains Soul Contracts.

Accepting that you have referred to this lesson then you can see that the Soul is eternal and the body is a temporary housing of the Soul for this journey of the Soul to the Earth's plane of existence.

This body is a mask, a costume, an illusion, a charade, a part in a play acting out Soul Contracts in a pre-determined manner so that Spiritual growth for all Souls involved here can occur.

The body that is the attacker, the abuser, the damager, etc., is only playing a character part in the illusion of life's play.  The Soul occupying this body is very courageous to agree to play such a negative person's role.  The physical body and its mind, personality and Ego is even more courageous in possibly choosing to become a "pariah" in their community for fulfilling this role.
In terms of your Soul Contract you had to be attacked via the denial of love so that you could grow spiritually and they had to attack you to experience their own denial of love.

Their Soul Contract also requires them to grow spiritually and by being the attacker they also have the opportunity to reject being denied love and, in their way, moving from fear to love.  Their seeking of forgiveness from the person/people/things they denied love to, in their attack of them, is also for giving them an opportunity to heal, in love, and in love of themselves.  In this way they have the opportunity to remember to Become Who They Really Are, Love, a Part of God.  Only their seeking of forgiveness can assist them.  Your prayer for their well-being and forgiveness of their words and/or actions provides impetus to their healing providing they take responsibility and also seek forgiveness by approaching you directly or via a silent prayer involving opening their heart, praying for your well-being and asking for your forgiveness of their words and/or actions.

Everything you do you do for yourself.

24. In dealing with the other person's physical body, mind and ego in terms of forgiveness you have a number of choices.  If it is possible for you to do you can embrace them physically in love or by words.  This is only possible to do if the other person/people/things are sincerely, genuinely remorseful of their words and/or actions which denied you love in their attack of you.

If that is not possible to do you can then accept what was done to you, release them in love of yourself and pray for their well-being, whilst granting them forgiveness in the spirit of for giving yourself an opportunity to heal, in love of yourself.
You can choose to ignore them, however.  What you resist persists and ignoring them keeps some poison in your body and mind.  It is better to move to acceptance and best to move to embracing them physically as detailed above.

If you choose to resent them, this will turn to hate and anger soon enough.  This negative energy will turn inwards in your body and mind affecting your balance and your health.  The longer it's there the worse it becomes.  The entire purpose of dealing with this issue at body and mind level is for giving you an opportunity to heal yourself, in love of yourself.  You are not responsible for the other person/people/things.

25. Now We will show you how to acknowledge this at Soul Level.

Each Soul entering into a body comes with a certain level of consciousness.  This level of consciousness, or awareness, or awakedness of God's presence in their life, of being a Part of God, is the Soul's journey of growth towards Perfection/God/Light.  Each Soul has to grow and enters a body lifetime after lifetime for this purpose of growth.  Every Soul in every body has a different level of consciousness.

This may be difficult for you to accept, however it's true -everyone is doing the best they can do from their current level of consciousness.
That is why you have saints and sinners, and people in between on the earth's plane of existence.

Those people who consciously choose to grow spiritually have the opportunity to give and receive love and so improve or increase their level of consciousness during this lifetime.

This increased level of consciousness also brings an increase in responsibility in terms of the Law of Karma(Cause and Effect).

We continually tell you not to judge people because you are not aware of their level of consciousness.  In the Bigger Picture We can see, Soul Contracts are being played out perfectly for the growth of Souls by experimental means on the earth's plane.

You would not expect a 6 year old starting school to write school leaving final exams.  Then why expect a Soul, in a body, with a low level of consciousness, to be a saint?
Everyone is doing the best they can do from their current level of consciousness.  Do not have unrealistic expectations of people, learn acceptance of "What Is!"

26. At Soul level there is no such thing as the need for forgiveness.  There is nothing to forgive - only gratitude and thankfulness that people or things have played their assigned character parts to enable you to grow spiritually through their interaction with you, thereby increasing your level of consciousness.

If you look back at your life and you will see that when "bad" things happened to you, they forced a re-think from you as you changed direction and eventually found new and, possibly, better opportunities for growth being presented to you. 

When the young bird's parents kick it out of the nest to fly and grow, it appears to be cruel and unkind.  With the ability to fly and feed itself the young bird obtains a new-found freedom, reaching new heights, and a new life creating its own nest and family.

You must learn the ability to change your mind and see the actions of others not as being "denying of love" but as an opportunity to kick you out of your "comfort zone" and force you to CHANGE - Clearing Healing And New Gifts Emerging - and then to grow Spiritually, emotionally and in other ways as well.
If you can grasp this concept then there is no one and nothing to forgive - only people and things to be grateful for in terms of your growth in consciousness.
You then know that, with faith in God, everything happens for the best, in the long run.

27. You can now thank the other person's Soul for everything that was done to you which appeared to be classified as "A Denial of Love" but in reality was a wonderful growth spurt for you in many areas of your life. 
"Thank you the Soul of (name of person) for enabling me to grow through this process and achieve (-------------), (--------------), (--------------), etc."

28. As We spelt out in Trust God Now by not judging anything but by learning to accept What Is Now and to Surrender to God's will in your life, you then learn to know that :

God will give you what you need (not want) when you need it for the higher growth of your Soul.  Learn to accept God's timing for you now - it is always perfect.  Know that your inner security comes from being a Part of God, not from the decisions of man.  Trust God Now.  God knows what you need now.

29. If you believe that We/we are all One then the only forgiveness required is for giving One and All the opportunity to know Love - by giving and receiving love in your every thought, word, deed, by being conscious always and all ways of "What Would Love Do Now".

30. We end where We started - For giving is for receiving healing for yourself and love for yourself.  Everything you do you do for yourself.  However, you are Part of God and therefore everything you do you do for God.  For giving God love and for receiving love from God.  This is the ultimate key of for giving.

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The number 130 is the number of imperfection, and often failure or outright curse. The 60 + 70 = 130 pattern therefore implies: "A ('7') perfect ('6') Man under a curse (= '13') taking upon Him our failure/sin," (i.e., Jesus died as our substitute on the cross.) 

The "13th" {13 x 10 = 130}. The "purim", as recorded in the book of Ester, was cast on the 13th of the first month to destroy all Jews, and the curse fell on the 13th day of the last month, and the last month might have been "the 13th month" if that year happened to have been a leap-month year, see the book of Ester. And 13 months on the 360 calendar is 390 days!


Yet the most innovative perception of Lilith offered by the Talmud appears earlier in ‘Erubin, and is more than likely inadvertently responsible for the fate of the Lilith myth for centuries to come:

"R. Jeremiah b. Eleazar further stated: In all those years [130 years after his expulsion from the Garden of Eden] during which Adam was under the ban he begot ghosts and male demons and female demons [or night demons], for it is said in Scripture, And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years and begot a son in own likeness, after his own image, from which it follows that until that time he did not beget after his own image…When he saw that through him death was ordained as punishment he spent a hundred and thirty years in fasting, severed connection with his wife for a hundred and thirty years, and wore clothes of fig on his body for a hundred and thirty years. – That statement [of R. Jeremiah] was made in reference to the semen which he emitted accidentally." (‘Erubin 18b)

Comparing ‘Erubin 18b and Shabbath 151b with the later passage from the Zohar: “She wanders about a night night, vexing the sons of men and causing them to defiles themselves (19b),” it appears clear that this Talmudic passage indicates such an averse union between Adam and Lilith.

When Adam had lived 130 years, he had a son in his own likeness, in his own image; and he named him Seth.

Commentary on Gen 11:26

Life Begins at 130 (Genesis 46:1-47:12)
“Life Begins at 130,” for it is at this age that Jacob comes to grasp the essence of knowing God and serving Him. In our lesson we shall attempt to underscore the factors involved in this turnabout in Jacob’s life.

God is good to Israel in Egypt (Genesis 47:1-12)

1 Then Joseph came and told Pharaoh, and said, My father and my brethren, and their flocks, and their herds, and all that they have, are come out of the land of Canaan; and, behold, they are in the land of Goshen.
2 And he took some of his brethren, even five men, and presented them unto Pharaoh.
3 And Pharaoh said unto his brethren, What is your occupation? And they said unto Pharaoh, Thy servants are shepherds, both we, and also our fathers.
4 They said moreover unto Pharaoh, For to sojourn in the land are we come; for thy servants have no pasture for their flocks; for the famine is sore in the land of Canaan: now therefore, we pray thee, let thy servants dwell in the land of Goshen.
5 And Pharaoh spake unto Joseph, saying, Thy father and thy brethren are come unto thee:
6 The land of Egypt is before thee; in the best of the land make thy father and brethren to dwell; in the land of Goshen let them dwell: and if thou knowest any men of activity among them, then make them rulers over my cattle.
7 And Joseph brought in Jacob his father, and set him before Pharaoh: and Jacob blessed Pharaoh.
8 And Pharaoh said unto Jacob, How old art thou?
9 And Jacob said unto Pharaoh, The days of the years of my pilgrimage are an hundred and thirty years: few and evil have the days of the years of my life been, and have not attained unto the days of the years of the life of my fathers in the days of their pilgrimage.
10 And Jacob blessed Pharaoh, and went out from before Pharaoh.
11 And Joseph placed his father and his brethren, and gave them a possession in the land of Egypt, in the best of the land, in the land of Rameses, as Pharaoh had commanded.
12 And Joseph nourished his father, and his brethren, and all his father’s household, with bread, according to their families.

Well, we see that Joseph's plan works. Pharaoh asks Joseph's family about their occupation, and they say shepherding. Pharaoh awards them the land of Goshen, and ends up letting them have charge of his cattle as well. This land was probably located just east of the Nile River up near the Mediterranean Sea. Pharaoh and Jacob hit it off from the start. Jacob even gives a blessing to Pharaoh. Incidentally, you will notice that Jacob identifies himself as being 130 years old in verse 9.

As a matter of fact, verse 9 is quite helpful in assisting us with several calculations. Here we are told that Jacob is 130 years old at this point in time. From that, we are able to do some interesting calculations regarding the age of Jacob and Isaac back in Genesis 27 (see notes) when Jacob left Isaac and Rebekah for his twenty-year stay in Haran. At that time, Jacob was 77, and Isaac was 137. See the notes on the passage in Genesis 27 to see how those ages are determined.

Now for the implementation

Nu 7:1-89. The Princes' Offerings.

84-88. This was the dedication of the altar—The inspired historian here sums up the separate items detailed in the preceding narrative, and the aggregate amount is as follows: 12 silver chargers, each weighing 130 shekels equals 1560; 12 silver bowls, each 70 shekels equals 840: total weight. A silver charger at 130 shekels, reduced to troy weight, made 75 ounces, 9 pennyweights, 168.31 grains; and a silver bowl at 70 shekels amounts to 40 ounces, 12 pennyweights, 2121.31 grains. The total weight of the 12 chargers is therefore 905 ounces, 16 pennyweights, 33.11 grains; and that of the 12 bowls 487 ounces, 14 pennyweights, 204.31 grains; making the total weight of silver vessels 1393 ounces, 10 pennyweights, 237.31 grains; which at 5s. per ounce, is equal to £383 1s.d. The 12 golden spoons, allowing each to be 5 ounces, 16 pennyweights, 3.31 grains, amount to 69 ounces, 3 pennyweights, 135.31 grains, which, at £4 per ounce, is equal to £320 14s. 10½d., and added to the amount of the silver, makes a total of £703 16s.d. Besides these the offerings comprised twelve bullocks, twelve rams, twelve lambs, twenty-four goats, sixty rams, sixty he-goats, sixty lambs—amounting in all to 240. So large a collection of cattle offered for sacrifice on one occasion proves both the large flocks of the Israelites and the abundance of pastures which were then, and still are, found in the valleys that lie between the Sinaitic Mountains. All travellers attest the luxuriant verdure of those extensive wadies; and that they were equally or still more rich in pasture anciently, is confirmed by the numerous flocks of the Amalekites, as well as of Nabal, which were fed in the wilderness of Paran (1Sa 15:9).

89. And when Moses was gone into the tabernacle of the congregation to speak with him—As a king gives private audience to his minister, so special license was granted to Moses, who, though not a priest, was admitted into the sanctuary to receive instructions from his heavenly King as occasion demanded.

then he heard the voice of one speaking to him—Though standing on the outer side of the veil, he could distinctly hear it, and the mention of this circumstance is important as the fulfilment, at the dedication of the tabernacle, of a special promise made by the Lord Christ Himself, the Angel of the Covenant, commanding its erection (Ex 25:22). It was the reward of Moses' zeal and obedience; and, in like manner, to all who love Him and keep His commandments He will manifest Himself (Joh 14:21).

Chapter 130

130:1 A Song of degrees. Out of the a depths have I cried unto thee, O LORD.

(a) Being in great distress and sorrow.
130:3 If thou, LORD, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, b who shall stand?
(b) He declares that we cannot be just before God but by forgiveness of sins.
130:4 But [there is] forgiveness with thee, that thou c mayest be feared.
(c) Because by nature you are merciful therefore the faithful revere you.
130:7 Let Israel hope in the LORD: for with the LORD [there is] d mercy, and with him [is] plenteous redemption.
(d) He shows to whom the mercy of God belongs, that is, Israel, to the Church and not the reprobate


The Epistle of Barnabas [ca 130]: This letter, probably not authored by the NT Barnabas, repudiates the claims of Jewish Christians at the time who advocated adhering to observance of the Mosiac Law. Argued that Christ provided salvation and man is no longer bound by the Law. Compares holy life to unrighteousness.

  • The Epistle of Polycarp to the Philippians [ca 130?]: Polycarp was a church leader (bishop) in Smyrna, Asia Minor. Exhorted the Philippians to holy living, good works, steadfast faith. Interested in ministry and practical aspects of daily life of Christians.
  • The Martyrdom of Polycarp: The earliest preserved Christian martyrology, probably from the latter part of the second century (not too long after the event). Records the tradition of the trial and execution (burned at the stake) of Polycarp.


Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Quran and in the Bible

SURA  4 - 130

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