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The 08-08-13 GATE OPENING




Sun enters Leo actual current sky map 10 August,
99 date sum as the final 99 of date pair July 31 = 99 to August 10 = 99.
These 10 days as a 99 bookend set always get my attention,
more so this Thirteen ( 99 ) year.
Sun entering Leo has been termed "Lion Gate", as a powerful portal.
Lion = 50...Sacred...Circle...Open ( as a portal open )
Gate = 33...Name.....Magic...Peak
total is 83...Galactic Code....Nexus....Splendid.
83 = Web of Life  ( which also reads "Day of Leo" )
August 10 = 99 + 83 = 182, which can read "Primary Portal", or "Mirrored Portal".
( Portal as a "magic circle" )
182 is 2 x 91...The Star ( Tarot # 19 )
91 also = Spirit



7-29-13 - DREAM - All I can remember is seeing a man, dressed in white, standing on what seems like the balcony of a white building with a clipboard, pencil and paper on it, overlooking something below him, making a decision about something.  He had thin short dark hair, and a narrow, thin beard around the edge of his jaw. It feels like it was about water.


The man with the clipboard reminded me of this:


AngelArchangel - Jehudiel – Jegudiel - Work Habits - Bible ...

What Kind of Work Habits Does Archangel Jehudiel Value? ... An older translation of this same verse expands on the its meaning: "I am Raphael, one of ... the Bible, as well: "For example, Revelation 8:2 speaks of 'seven angels who stand ... and a seventh who carries a writing case); and Tobit 12:15 has Raphael identifying ...


Raphael (Standard Hebrew רָפָאֵל, Rāfāʾēl, "It is God who heals", "God Heals", "God, Please Heal") is an archangel of Judaism and Christianity, who in the Judeo-Christian tradition performs all manners of healing. In Islam, Raphael is the same as Israfil.


The name of the angel Raphael appears only in the Deuterocanonical Book of Tobit. The Book of Tobit is considered canonical by Catholics, Orthodox, and some Anglicans. Raphael first appears disguised in human form as the travelling companion of Tobit's son, Tobiah (Greek: Τωβίας/Tobias), calling himself "Azarias the son of the great Ananias". During the adventurous course of the journey the archangel's protective influence is shown in many ways including the binding of the demon in the desert of upper Egypt. After the return and the healing of the blindness of Tobit, Azarias makes himself known as "the angel Raphael, one of the seven, who stand before the Lord" Tobit 12:15.[2] He is often venerated and patronized as Saint Raphael the Archangel.

Regarding the healing powers attributed to Raphael,[3] we have his declaration to Tobit (Tobit, 12) that he was sent by the Lord to heal him of his blindness and to deliver Sarah, his future daughter-in-law, from the demon Asmodeus, who kills every man she marries on their wedding night before the marriage can be consummated. Among Catholics, he is considered the patron saint of medical workers, matchmakers, and travelers and may be petitioned by them or those needing their services.[4]

The feast day of Raphael was included for the first time in the General Roman Calendar in the year 1921, for celebration on October 24. With the reform of the Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints in 1969, this feast was transferred to September 29 for celebration together with Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel.[5] In limited circumstances, the Roman Catholic Church still authorizes use of the 1962 calendar. The Church of England also celebrates "St. Michael and All Angels" on September 29.[6]

In the New Testament, only the archangels Gabriel and Michael are mentioned by name (Luke 1:9-26; Jude 1:9). Later manuscripts of John 5:1-4 refer to the pool at Bethesda, where the multitude of the infirm lay awaiting the moving of the water, for "an angel of the Lord descended at certain times into the pond; and the water was moved. And he that went down first into the pond after the motion of the water was made whole of whatsoever infirmity he lay under". Because of the healing role assigned to Raphael, this particular angel is generally associated with the archangel.

Raphael is sometimes shown as standing atop a large fish or holding a caught fish at the end of a line. This is a reference to Book of Tobit (Tobias), where he told Tobias to catch a fish, and then uses the gallbladder to heal Tobit's eyes, and to drive away Asmodeus by burning the heart and liver.[7]


Raphael is honored in Islam as one of the great archangels and is known more commonly as "Israfil" or "Israfel" in Islamic history.

According to the hadith, he is the angel responsible for signaling the coming of Judgment Day by blowing the trumpet (namely Sûr). According to tradition, the trumpet will be blown three times. The first blow of the trumpet will signal the beginning of Last Day and the second blow will signal the death of all living things and the third blow will signal the time when all the souls from all ages will be gathered for the Last Judgement. According to the Quran, an unnamed trumpet-angel, assumed to be Israfel, has been holding his breath, waiting for Allah's order to blow the Sûr.




12-25-01 - DREAM - I was sitting in the courtyard of my apartment building, next to my cousin Shirley. I looked at her and put my arm around her and said, "You know I loved you so much, don't you? "

She looked stunned, then said, "I guess I can understand why you like me, BUT, I have something I have to tell you."

I knew she wanted to tell me off about my prophecies because I been demonstrating the blue sailing ships and the 6 slayers on the same chalk-board to other people.  (Ezekiel - north upper gate - along with the man dressed in linen, with the writing case. He goes about the city and marks the foreheads of the people who are listed in the writing case)

Shirley got interrupted by a couple cats who were slithering underneath some weed growing next to her.

I stood up to figure out what to do with the cats, and when I turned back around, the whole area was wet with water. Someone had turned on the sprinkler system full blast and there wasn't a dry seat to be hand so I couldn't sit down again.

There was a small built Jewish man - dressed all in black like New York Hasidic Jews - he was sitting on the chair where I had been sitting and hew as kinda hunched over talking to Shirley.

My notebook with my dreams was all wet as well. 

I suddenly realized I was the manager of the place and I could control whether the water system was on or off, so I decided to go to the maintenance room and ask someone to turn off the outside sprinkler system until it was really needed.

I went inside the door and found myself inside a school. I saw teens in the distance raising their hands up as if to wave "Hello" and then realized they were just answering their ringing cell phones.

I walked down to the end of the hall and then realized I was in the wrong building. I found myself in a cafeteria area of many round tables with young girls sitting around them.

I excused myself as I got to the front window and walked around the last table.

One girl said, "Everyone ends up here at lunchtime." I then went back to the main building, visualizing what was going to happen, that it was noon and I'd knock on the closed door of the maintenance room and Joe and Kenny and Michael would be there and Joe and Kenny would hide because they weren't supposed to be there.




5-26-11 DREAM: I was at home in my apartment late at night, and phone gave a strange ring, and I answered it with 'Hello!" and the woman on the other end was looking for a cleaning service to help out some men who needed someone to clean a mahcine she called a SONAGRAM or SONATRIM or something like that.

I told her I didn't do that service, but she said it was just like a vacuum cleaner, and I had one of those with a hose on it, and that's basically all it was.

While she was talking, a window opened up and I was lookiing at two East Indian type men with black hair, the father being very tall with black hair and black eyes, with a beard and mustache well trimmed.  He was standing by a podium with a religious symbol on it similar to a Star of David or something, and his son was standing by a desk closer to me.

The younger man looked at me with his pitch black eyes, and in my heart, I said, OMG, OMG, OMG, his eyes were so black I knew he could see into my soul and I into his, and it was the kind of look you would be willing to die for if he loved you.  It was that incredible.  He seemed to be in his 30's and the father more like in his 50's, but still with pitch black hair.


6-12-11 - DREAM - I was working in an office that was divided in half in such a way that I came in through the front door, and the other office, the employees came in through the back door..  A lengthy bookcase was the dividing line.  The back half of the office was evidently a different company from mine..

I was aware that there were problems in that office as piles of things were falling down, and the accountant's office girl had stacks and stacks of check books at her feet.

I noticed that my own spiritual teacher worked in that office and I could see him glancing at me over the bookcase.  I was quite happy to see him there.

I stood up to ask if there was something I could help with because it worried me that things in their office were falling down, and they assured me that they could handle it.

I told them that if they had books to sell, that I collected old books.

One dark eyed, dark haired man on one end of the office said he had a book about air flight or aeronautics (not certain of the word he used)

A few minutes later, that dark eyed, dark haired man came into my office with another man and an older woman needing to look in my old dictionaries and encyclopedias, needing to look up an ancient country called  An UR.   I showed him which dictionary it would be in - a huge green dictionary which had ancient maps in it, and I showed him where in the book he could find it.

He said, "It all started in AN UR!"

I then let him and his companions to their research.


Joe Mason states: 


This year, a six-petal pattern appeared with smaller circles around the major one, which produced a Star Of David in the center. A strong clue, as I see it, of the apature opening, and the leap to the Heart Chakra by humanity en masse.

You can find information about the six-petal symbol at: and


Six: The combination of the meanings associated to number Three. Associated with the Hexagon. The Cube, a solid with six square faces. Associated with the six pointed star, the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Three Kings to Baby Jesus and for the Jewish; the Star of David, also known as the Perfect Hexagram

"The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number Three"


by William Butler Yeats

TURNING and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;

Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of i{Spiritus Mundi}
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert

A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?









Dear Ones,


We have called this time New Life Awakening – your spiritual journey through human birth into Homo Luminus – becoming an awakened being of Light in the fullness of your human form. You are in the process of incorporating your Divinity and your human-ness as a co-creator in the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.


As with all spiritual journeys, there are initiations, portals through which the devotee must pass in order to incorporate the next level of spiritual awakening. And so it is now as you approach the Lion’s Gateway from July 26 through August 12 – a two-week portal with extreme waves of Light that will activate the coding within your DNA to the next level. This will assist your integration of the 5D imprint that is a part of your Soul’s Destiny, if you are the one reading this work.


When we look at the Earth we see the sparks and flares igniting as the awakening codes are firing within each open heart on the planet. By the12th of August there will be a fireworks display the likes of which we have never seen. The Heavens are celebrating you and honoring your commitment to assist in this planetary awakening.

The Gyroscope within Your Being

To integrate and ground these new light codes, you will need to strengthen the Gyroscope in the heart of your being so you can stay in True Balance. You do this with your preparation and intention, as well as with the assistance of the Masters and Archangels working with you. As you let these Waves of Light clear the last vestiges of old energy from your mental/emotional fields, you will awaken higher frequencies in your physical body while anchoring the power of Light on the earth. Consider the fact that you do this work not only for your own spiritual evolution, but for that of all humanity, even though they may be currently unaware of this opportunity.


As you hold and anchor the new frequencies on the great interconnecting Web of Life, you become a magnetic Beacon of Light. You are attracting your soul community who resonate with the vibration of your being. As you come into contact with these people, you have never felt so at home, and these new frequencies will also have that familiar quality of Home as well. It will nourish you at a whole new level. There are many hundreds of thousands of souls walking with you through the Lion’s Gateway from July 26 – August 12.


The collective consciousness will take a quantum leap into Love as the pure feminine energy expands throughout the world.

A Gift for You: A New Partnership for Your Life

When these codes are fired within your being, a true Spiritual Activist will commit to a designated interval in life that allows the integration of the new frequencies. In ancient times, devotees were required to create an “anusthan” – a special time where they did a specific spiritual practice, through the beginnings and endings of an initiation period to integrate the new teachings. Living in the world has now become a vast spiritual ashram in which your life reflects the ceremonies of initiation. As with ashram life, you are never alone in this process.


Your Soul Community is with you in ever-strengthening numbers, offering boundless support on every level. The Archangels are orchestrating this awakening, and your Angelic teachers and Masters are available to you in a real and personal way as never before. And now there is a new partnership being offered – the nurturing presence of Nature is opening to you in a way you have never experienced.


This Gift from Nature is being offered as a reward for your willingness and intrepid spiritual warriorship. This Gift is from the Universal Presence of Nature – the forces who constitute the Earth’s evolution, this great Presence is offering to be your Partner in Life. With the assistance of the elemental forces of Nature, you will be able to walk through the fires of your initiation with Gracious Assistance. The Realms of Awakening Light and the Presence of Nature offer you a powerful Nurturing and Grounding Force to ease the process of this powerful Initiation into Awakening Life.


There are many levels that can be utilized simply and gracefully. Here are a few suggestions:


1. Spend as much time as you can with trees, flowers, gardens, flowing waters and let Nature soothe and nourish your delicate nervous system that has been so over-stimulated by the forces of Awakening Light.


2. Keep live plants and flowers in the place where you live so you can continue to receive from the over-lighting Angels within each plant.


3. Hold the Sacredness of the Earth in your heart and mind. Speak and more importantly, listen to what Nature is offering to you at this time. You are being gifted from the most gracious, nurturing arms of the Mother of all Life. She is offering to hold you and nourish you through your awakening. You are being gifted a sense of Safety in your heart that will assist you in your Earth life.


4. Consider the use of Essences of Flowers, Gem Elixirs and energetic Essences of Light that can bring you into harmony with the essence of Nature. If appropriate, use Aroma Therapy and other supportive natural systems of healing, balance and stability. If you have used them in the past, you will find they have taken on a new frequency of Awakening Light.


5. Most of all, keep Hope, Faith and Trust alive as you walk thorough yet another initiation portal into new life awakening in the 5th Dimensional Realms where you now live. You are so loved and cared for in this process. As Beacons on the Web of Life, you are the ones who are bringing the awakening Light into manifest consciousness, and it is Good.


Stand in the truth of your Heart. Let Beauty, Harmony and Love permeate to the very cellular structure of your being and step boldly through the Lion’s Gateway into the new patterns of Awakened Life that await you. And so it is.


Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel

Copyright: July 15, 2013



THE INCOMING WAVE OF LIGHT & THE LION'S GATE 2013 The New Earth Energies July/August 2013 ~ ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through Celia Fenn

by |


Beloved Family of Light, we come to you at this inspiring and tumultuous time on Planet Earth. After the shift of the 2012 Portal, the Earth continues to shift into New Patterns and Ways of Being. The Indigo Generation is moving forward to accomplish its Mission of breaking down the old systems and making space for the New! There is a deep desire for Peace, Community and Freedom, that is manifesting now on the Earth. The work that was done in the past on the Higher Levels to create Peace and Harmony is now beginning to manifest into Physical Form as change on the Earth.


This period from the Spring Equinox in March 2013 and into the Northern Summer has been a period of Chaos and Upheaval. The Indigo Energy has emerged in countries like Turkey and Brazil, and those who govern still do not fully understand the nature of the protests and challenges. They are still thinking and reacting in the old third-dimensional way to a challenge that is coming from a different level, from Young Adults who are “wired” for the Fifth Dimension and Inter-Connection. Their aim is Community, Democracy, Sharing and Change by Non-Violent means.

As you move towards the Lion’s Gate of 2013, the incoming Galactic Energies will intensify the process of change and the influx of the New Light Codes for the New Year. It will be as though a Door of Opportunity will open and change will be rapid and far-reaching in your World.

The Lion’s Gate 2013

Many have asked us, what is the Lion’s Gate and why is it named for the Lion? Well, it refers in part to the fact that the Sun enters into the sign of LEO at this time, and these energies are integrated into the Earth under the energy of the Lion, the Feline Energies of Sirius which are fierce and proud and very “royal”. The “Gate” or “Stargate” is a period of approximatley two weeks in which a vortex opens and a wave of intense Light from the Galactic Center is recieved on the Earth. This “wave” contains the new Light Codes for the Evolution of the Earth for the next year/cycle, and so it is known as the Planetary New Year.


The Star system of Sirius has always worked closely with the Evolution of the Earth, assisting where possible. The Sirians assisted in the etsblishment of the Ancient Egyptian civilization after the Atlantis trauma had destroyed all previous civilizations. The Egyptian civilization carried the “Star Wisdom” and “Creation History” of the Elohim, which was transmitted to the Earth by the Sirian Wisdom Keepers. In Ancient Egypt the Sirians were the Mediators between the Galactic Council at the Central Sun and the people of Earth. Each year, between the 26th of July and the 12th of August, a new wave of Galactic Light from the Central Sun would be directed towards Earth and magnified by the Sun in conjunction with the Heliacal Rising of Sirius in the North. The Sirians would accept this energy into the Pyramid complex at Giza and then transmit the Codes into the Earth Grids, allowing for a peaceful and fluid transmission of the Energies. After the Giza Stargate was closed, the Earth transmissions were still mediated via Sirius, but they were not received coherently by the Earth, and so the Earth’s evolution was slowed and even distorted for a while. However, in the last ten years, the Earth has ascended into the Fifth Dimension and has “graduated” to Full Member Status of the Galactic Council, and now the Lion’s Gate transmissions are being received directly by the Earth and by the Council of Elders and the Earth Keeper Council and distributed via the new Crystalline Earth Grids. In this way, the Evolution of the New Earth will follow the “directions” of the Light Codes that are received from the Galactic Council and the Great Central Sun.


This process is quite new to your Earth, and while the Sirian Light Emissaries are standing by to assist, they are leaving the management of the incoming wave to the Earth Councils and the Family of Light. So, Beloved Family, what you are feeling now is this incoming Wave of Light as it approaches the Earth and is integrated into the Earth Consciousness.

The Wave of Light 26 July to 12 August

Beloved Family of Light, this incoming Wave of Light will effectively “Recalibrate” the Planetary Frequencies for Higher Levels of Consciousness. This means, of course, that the old third-dimensional “illusion” will continue to crumble and break down. To those who still hold to the Third Dimensional Consciousness, it will seem as if chaos is breaking out everywhere, and they will become paranoid and angry and despairing. To those who can see and feel with the Higher Consciousness, it will seem as if a new dawn is breaking and that a new way of life is rising, as of course, it is.


What can expect at this time? We think that the Key word will be “intensity”. Everything will seem very intense to the point of being surreal. In your personal lives, whatever is still remaining of your old third-dimensional consciousness will need to be removed and replaced by something at a higher vibration. This may be difficult if you have an emotional attachment to the old energies. However, if you simply release and allow the changes, then they can be achieved with the minimum of disruption and hardship. The idea is simply to TRUST the PROCESS and allow whatever needs to happen.


For those of you who have activated your Light Bodies, it will be a simple matter to integrate the incoming Light Waves into your Light Body. At the same time, the Physical Body will once again be moving into DNA upgrades to allow the physical form to align with the new Light Codes for further Evolution in the New Earth.


This influx of Energy may mean that many of you will feel intensely CREATIVE and will be flooded with new ideas. Remember, you do not have to act on all of them immediately, you are simply accepting the Flow of Abundance and Light in this New Wave. Choose what seems best to you. You may also feel physically energized, and feel a desire to change your diet and exercise patterns to bring your body to a higher frequency. You may also find, perhaps, difficulty in sleeping and a feeling of being over-energized and anxious. Do not worry, this will pass as you integrate the incoming Light Wave.

Important Dates in July/August

These will be the Key Moments in this Process:

25th and 26th July : the “day out of Time” and the “New Year”

8th August…….the 8/8…the Peak moment of the Stargate/Vortex transmissions

8th-12th August…..Culmination of the “gate”….

19th-23rd August……Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius and integration of the new Solar/Lunar Codes

The New Human/Human Angel Light Body Template and Activation for Receiving the Incoming Energies

Beloved Ones, as you enter into this Golden Wave of Light, it is important that you simply remember to remain in your center – which is your Heart, and to keep the Light Body radiant and clear. Remember that in your Multi-Dimensional state your “center of gravity” is your Heart. Breathe from your Heart, breathe Light and Love from that center that is your Sacred Heart.


Then, remember always to GROUND yourself by connecting into your Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet, and then into the Earth Heart at the center of the Earth and allow your Heart to synchronize with the pulsations of the Earth as it pulsates in harmony with the Cosmic Pulse of Life.

Then also, remember to connect with your Soul Star Chakra which is above the Crown Chakra and where your Soul is seated. Draw that energy through the Crown Chakra and into the Heart, so that it ignites the Divine Spark in the Heart. Feel how your Soul and Spirit blend with the Divine Spark to create the Divine Flame of your Angelic Being in your Heart.


Then also, feel how your Solar Chakra opens to absorb and integrate the energies from the Sun and distribute them in your Light Body. Also, the Galactic Chakra allows the Waves of Light from the Galactic Center to be integrated into the Light Body and to fill the Light Body with Radiant Light of the Divine.


The Divine Energy and Radiance is integrated and shared on the New Earth Grids of Light – from Heart to Heart!


Feel how that Radiant Light is passed around the Planet on the Heart Grid from Light Workers to Light Warriors to all Family of Light as the New Earth manifests!


And know that no matter where you are and what you are doing – YOU are a Beacon of Light and a Radiant Shining channel for the incoming Wave of Light!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.




Doorway of Opportunity

WTC Mel and Mike's picture

Submitted by WTC Mel and Mike on

Period of Activation:  July 26th through August 12, 2013


We, at Walking Terra Christa, want to acknowledge the energies of the Lion’s Gate so we and others can have a clearer definition of what these upgraded frequencies represent within the 4th dimensional world we live in.  This information resonates with the messages that Lord Adama and the Team of Light have shared in the past few weeks that we are about to be hit with some very intense vibrational changes.  The following transmission is being guided by the Elohim Councils of God and the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace that represent the 12 Rays of God.  We thank them for their message of love.



Greetings My Beloveds,


We thank you for taking the time to receive these energies of understanding.  We have come together with the Elohim and the Elders in group consciousness to assist the divination of light in order to have an understanding of what we are expressing in these moments.  It is important that we have a general knowledge of the changes that are already happening within the planet in order to fully grasp the conditions that you will be receiving in the next couple of weeks.


Each of you is at a time when changes will occur within you and you will go into a deeper part of your essence.  It is all part of the plan that has been set since December of last year.  It is important to realize that the energies that are existing upon the planet are in need of great assistance but it must come in stages of growth.


When it was decided that many levels of humanity could survive a transitioning planet, the increments of the upgrades needed to come during very important times instead of bulldozing the energies all at once.  You see, there is so much more that needs to be healed within GAIA and in order to accomplish the goal that is intended, it must be done in a certain manner.  Each of you has assisted with this transition due to energetic healing and psychic advancement in many souls upon the planet.  2013 was to be a year in which transition would be the main focus but must be acquired in stages that would create a synchronistic outcome.


If we look back upon this year, it truly has achieved its worth with the transformation that has occurred within the planet.  But, yet, there is so much more that needs to be done and we will continue to assist with the transition as much as possible and with the least of tragic events involved.  This also depends upon the group consciousness of each location and how the energy will affect their environment.


The Gate of the Lion represents a doorway of an energetic surge just as the Lion is roaring its way through the jungle.  It could be likened to the massive amount of debris that needs to be cleaned up.  It also will assist each individual soul to move to a higher state of existence in their own consciousness and physical reality.  It is important to understand where you are standing presently before the occurrence on July 26th before we enter this doorway of extreme acceleration.  Reflection will be needed through this occurrence of light so it is important to have an inner inventory of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations that are happening within your physical vehicle.  ALL WILL BE CHALLENGED THROUGH THIS PROCESS.  It will depend upon each individual’s growth, how much foundation they have created, and how strong an individual can be while riding through the storm.


Let us describe what exactly the Gate represents through energetic exchanges.  We, of the Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace, represent the 12 Rays of God.  We are the deciding factor of emitting the Rays of God into each Ray Chohan, Archangel or Elohim so that it can then be sent to each Initiate or Chela upon the Earth.  Rays of Light coming into the planet will occur within these dates.  Those that are balanced within their knowledge and ability to handle the rays will experience a much better outcome than those that do not.  It has been decided from the entire God Force and Creation of Oneness that the rays need to be emitted into the earth’s atmosphere.  Someone that has never experienced the Rays of God and its power will feel like they are walking through a wind storm.  It will emit the frequencies of God’s essence through each of the qualities represented by:  Will and Power; Love and Wisdom; Creative Intelligence; Harmony and Balance; Science of the Light; Inner Devotion; Ceremonial Structure and Magic; Higher Cleansing accessing the Higher Self Energies, Attraction of the Light Body; Blending the Masculine and Feminine Divine by Illumination of Light; Bridging the Old into the New; and Accepting the Christ Consciousness.


It is important to realize that each of our rays will help to activate energies within the earth to ascend into a higher consciousness level to receive the Christed Self in every living being.  So individuals that have never stood in God’s light will be feeling this profusely within their physical world and it may affect them adversely.  Those of you that are fully activated in some or all of the rays will feel an euphoric effect within you.  It will help you to move further into your highest aspirations.  It will assist you in your initiation process and move some of the challenges that have been in your way. 




We, of the Elohim Council of God, as the Seven Rays are here to assist you ground the energies.  Each initiate will be asked to go deeper into their self-awareness to comprehend and understand these frequencies of light.  You are the grounding force to help others to accept the changes that will be occurring.  We want you to know that we are here for the asking especially for the first seven rays of God that will assist you in accepting the higher frequencies within your physical body.


So if you are ready to move into a new initiation, you will do so.  If you have been challenged by certain conditions in your world, they can be removed.  What you think, you will receive.  Your thoughts will be very astute and the energy will come back to you.  It is a time to utilize your tools to the fullest extent because you are being asked to stand in the power of God’s Light to accept your Divinity.  As you do this, it will ground it more fully into GAIA.  More souls upon the planet will be able to handle the frequencies by you accepting it within you.


This does not mean you will not be challenged as you will.  Acceleration can come quickly through these phases.  As you go through your initiation phases, more DNA is acquired.  But it can only happen by allowing the changes to occur within our full body system.  Receiving all strands of the 12 can only be acquired after the 7th initiation.  What is happening through this process is that when you receive activation from others, they do not give it to you, it comes through the Elders of the Rays of God, into your Monad and Soul essences, combining your I AM Presence, and only then, if you are completely ready to accept them physically.  Some individuals have them acquired in the higher consciousness but NOT IN PHYSICAL FORM.  There are very few lightworkers walking upon this planet fully activated.  It can happen but there can also be disastrous results within the four body system.


So what will happen through these changes of the Lion’s Gate is that your Emotional and Mental bodies will become more aligned to prepare for the blending of the Masculine and Feminine Divine.  Your Etheric body will be clearing intensely of the timelines that do not fit this essence.  So if you are going through dramatic changes through this period, know it is probably from the Etheric Level.  Whatever you need to be cleared, ask for it to be and it shall.


Ways to help yourself:


  • Gathering with others in meditations;
  • Being in nature especially water is helpful.  See yourself moving through the process;
  • Grounding with GAIA by walking barefoot on the ground, on rocks, within a meadow;
  • Breathing deeply the Rays of God as they are being emitted through the wind and atmosphere;
  • Accepting that you are changing and adjust to it constantly;
  • Know that nothing stays the same so when you have to physically change a condition, move with that process;
  • Accept the responsibility that you are a Divine Being of Light and that you are here to help others.  This is the first step in taking the job that has been given to you by your Higher Self to help;
  • Hold the light within increments of time on a daily basis.  Once a day is very good; more is better;
  • Connect with The Great Central Sun through the process by sitting in the sun for 5 minutes at a time.  During this time reflect to RA the Sun God and Helios and Vesta, our Solar Logos for assistance;
  • Just Be the Essence that you are Becoming.

If you would like to connect to us as the Elohim Masters of God in group consciousness we will be with you; separately we can help you out with particulars:


Ray 1 – Hercules and Amazonia for Strength and Courage;

Ray 2 –  Apollo & Lumina for Expansion of the Higher Mind;

Ray 3 – Heros & Amora for Devotion of Self Love and Deep Compassion;

Ray 4 – Purity & Astrea for Resurrection to create Balance and Harmony;

Ray 5 –Cyclopea & Virigina for Unwavering Patience accepting details to fall into place;

Ray 6 – Peace & Aloha for Forgiving Love and Grace;

Ray 7 – Arcturus and Victoria for transformation of sacred living.


As both the Elders and the Elohim, we want you to know that the time of procreation is now upon GAIA.  We thank you for your assistance, and now that our creation will be your creation as we are ONE together, One Heart, One Mind, One Essence of Light.

Blessings and Joy to each of you in these moments of Light That We Are.


As an addendum from Walking Terra Christa we would like to share some information that may assist individuals through this process is intuiting the 12 Rays of God through the color frequencies:


1-Deep Blue;

2-Golden Yellow;

3-Deep Pink;

4-Crystalline Light;

5-White mixed with Green and Gold;

 6-Ruby Red with Gold;

7-Violet with Deep Purple;

8-Seafoam Green;

9-Blue Green;


11-Pink Orange; and


You may breathe in the colors through your 12 chakras as each of the rays blend into the chakras and on the 4th dimensional chakra grid they become the chakras (Ray 8 through 12) or call upon the Ray definitions that were given in the message from the Elders.

If you need any assistance during this transitionary time, we would be happy to assist you at Walking Terra Christa,





Sirius:The Lion’s Gate – 8/8

by Stephanie Azaria

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As we round the corner into the lair of the Lion (the month of Leo) we find ourselves face to face with our ancient future and our ancient past. Reflections in our world mirror our inner needs on all levels bringing to the surface all that has been buried alive.


Emanations from the light behind the sun rearrange our brain waves, readjusting the thinking patterns that have kept us hostage in an elliptical orbit of humanness. The giant sunspots and coronal mass ejections we are presently seeing are but a glimpse into the life force of this Superior dark Sun that extends her super magnetic vibration into all parts of our known and unknown solar system. Lifting us to a point of open eyes within all the seeing cells of our natural state. Just like celestial acupuncture we receive injections of knowing that cannot be explained away. We finally find the passion to do, to be, to believe to create without a shadow of doubt.


The solar system lines up celestial body by celestial body, stopping only for a moment to pay homage to earth and her inhabitants observing the shifts and changes within the evolving species that calls earth there home. All buried landmasses within our consciousness come to a place of buoyancy, circumnavigating our linear flat world thinking. Exposing on a stellar level that which lies beneath all of our longings and choices. We finally stand up for what we believe and what believes in us.


The blue light from the star Sirius shines down onto all of our choices Stellar gateways open via earthen conduits allowing us to be lifted to a place of innate knowing. Everything we do or do not do will be felt in all sectors of heaven and earth.


It is time for the Solar Lion via the SPHINX to rise from her enigmatic posture of guardian and unleash what has been subjugated to human restriction. A full positioning of this event transpires within the secret chamber of the left hemisphere of the brain for females and the right hemisphere of the brain for males. Like an unexpected tsunami the ocean floor parts to release a surge that will clear the mental shorelines of non-belief. Fractions of self and soul that had once been fluid through time and choice come running home with open arms and an open heart. Settling into all of the cracks of our personal universe filling them with what needs to be seen.


Emanations from the stars reach down to work there healing magic upon all of us. The light behind our Sun lifts her skirt of light exposing her Nubian body of light for all to see. The dance of the seven veils of time eternal cleverly keeps most of her concealed. Finally the children of earth have earned the right to see the truth of the Cosmos.


On August 8, Solar power will move into material form to be seen and felt. Uniting the two hemispheres of the brain in a cosmic fusion. Birthing a level of light that even the blind will be able to see. So powerful is this solar vibration we will have but one choice as it enters our energy field. The choice is to just allow it to pass through you like a solar wind, not holding on to any part of it. Like a cool breeze on a hot day just allow the solar emanations to encircle and embrace you without trying to corral them and tie them to the fence of humanness. Just this minute action will shift the future into a place that can been seen and felt.


The 8:8 STARGATE is symbolic of the human DNA kept separate and secret purposefully. the symbiotic relationship that humanity has had with earth life will shift into direct alignment with a time passageway. This time passageway is allowing a new seeding to occur that increases mental capacities, IQ and the ability to remember (near and far). For some time now the human brain has been in the shop being repaired. Too much information has been painful and not received or digested properly. Seeming to have Teflon coating the brain has been resistant, not wanting anything to stick to it. Each new set of thoughts triggered dormant fears that needed to be released and replaced with new strands of awareness.

The star Sirius rises every midsummer this rising is associated with new thought, new light, and new beginnings. It rises before the sun purposefully after being in stellar hiding for about 70 days. Sirius houses the Great White Brotherhood, the Lemurian Elders as well as the Christ Consciousness. It is now time to come from a point of high solar vibrations and allow this new light to shine on places within the psyche and history of earth that needs cleansed.


We stand at the base of the mountain of Creational maturity on our sojourn home to the Light. Everything in the universe opens its cupboards to show what has been hidden on all of its shelves. It is a personal choice as to how to wear this energy and wisdom. It has been laid at your anointed feet with a great love by those that have taken all of your evolutionary possibilities to heart.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan







Pure grand trine energy is about harmony and ease, the line of least resistance. Trine people have a real charm about them, seductive and languid, like falling back onto a giant, pluffy, triangular marshmallow.


However the grand trine could easily also be the most over-rated aspect pattern of all. It all depends very much on the state of the rest of the chart and also the planets involved in a grand trine.


If the trine should contain some powerful stars this will make it less likely to disappoint and give it some real power. Sugar-coated describes the trine quite well, transits can pass us by quite easily because we didn’t notice the medicine going down. To make the best use of them is to probably to break some bad news on a trine transit. It will go down better. But they don’t cause any good luck by itself, we still have to make it happen.

So what do we make of someone with a grand trine in their chart.  First of all trines do not spell out instant fame and success or even necessarily great talent. They show three planets who are passing energy around each other in an easy,  unquestioning way. The energy goes round and round without interruption, ad nauseam….Hence the reputation of tines being lazy. For this uninterrupted current can get quite trance-like, comforting and euphoric.

The trine is rather like a massage, soothing out all those knots in your back. Sooooothing, very soothing, until your whole body becomes like jelly. It can get hypnotic. So the danger with grand trines is that they can become complacent, they don’t really have much will or drive inside them. What makes a grand trine really fly is when it contains an opposition inside it, giving it some back bone. This is known as a Kite which I will talk about in another post. A person with a grand trine may actually have chosen to incarnate and just be. This is the person to exude calm and harmony over fraught situations. They don’t want to shake things up, trines like to make you a cup of tea and say “There, there” They are happy being the sofa everyone snuggles on at the end of a hard day and there is nothing wrong with that.

Grand Water Trine 2013

In between the tough and crusty bread of eclipses in 2013 we get some creamy trines, which will give us a respite from all the exorcising, soul bending yoga and crucifix bearing. We ease into them with Saturn Trine Neptune. It promises to turn your dreams into reality. BUT as Jamie wrote; “this does not necessarily mean the most ideal manifestations…. If your dream is slaughter and mayhem, then this transit should work just as well for you, as it would if your dream is to start an organic community garden in your neighbourhood.”   A joyful, wishful June 11 and July 19 then, especially Decan 1 water signs and to a lesser extent Decan 1 earth signs.


Grand trine 2013


The highlight of the year is a magical grand water trine on July 17. Planning a wedding? This is the day.  It will be wonderfully romantic and  Saturn will help crystallise wishes. But keep in mind trines are about being not doing, so don’t waste this golden opportunity by blissing out too much. In the mundane world, Jupiter trine Neptune brings social justice and the urge to show compassion in sensitive human rights cases.  Our sheer faith in future rainbows will keep us focused on doing whatever it takes to get to the pot of gold. Looks great doesn’t it? Lets hope Saturn makes sure Jupiter keeps his promises.


There is understanding between different cultures and the ability to think philosophically. We have spellbinding Lilith conjunct Jupiter as part of the trine, which is good for women and their influence in both conventional and “New Age” type religions. Lucky decan 1 water signs get energised the most by the huge optimism generated here and can help motivate the rest of us. But anyone with a personal planet or angle between 2º- 6º should benefit greatly from this as well, even by square or opposition since you will get a balancing or karmic adjustment from another part of that grand trine. So great all round for mind expansion and spiritual bliss. A nice change from self flagellation then..

Healing Trines

Grand trines used at a high vibration can be incredible healers. On the negative side, a grand trine in the chart might indicate a person who takes the easy path and gets away with things. That could by why the trine has a lucky reputation. The native may just attract good luck, things fall into their hands without them even trying. The problem I think is that of not appreciating either the gifts they have or the good luck because they have not actually worked for it. Again this is why they are sometimes ignored; it’s just too easy.


Trine people may trigger anger from others because they appear to not even recognise or enjoy their good fortune. This can infuriate a square person who would give anything for the good looks, inheritance or freebies the trine person has had thrown at them. They can also attract jealousy also for the same reason.


There is no question that a grand trine can be a wonderful talent that can be used beneficially once it is recognized. The key is making the most of the three planets contained therein and remember to snap them out of their trance once in a while. The fire/assertive planets are less likely to zone out however, so a Jupiter/Mars/Sun trine is more likely to be a high achiever than a Moon/Neptune/Venus.

Grand Trine Celebrities

Grand Trine


Kylie Minogue has a sexy electric DC/Lilith/Uranus trine, which is quite obviously effortlessly magnetic. 


Joan Baez made great use of her gift of a Mars/Pluto/Eris trine being a folk singer and activist. Her strong vibrato uses the trine to harmonising difficult subject matter into something more palatable.


Cilla Black has a long and successful career as a TV personality with Mercury/Juno/Neptune she was most famous for her for her matching-making program “Blind date”.


Bob Geldof Vertex/Moon/Eris A popular activist.


 Evel Kenevel Venus/Pluto/Eris Daring and dashing.


 Reginald Kray AC/Sun/Lilith Trines used in the negative manner, to entrance and hold mesmerised. 


Jane Mansfield Vertex/Ceres/Pluto. Sexy and voluptuous with pulling power.


 Donald Trump  DC/Jupiter/Uranus. Lucky and unexpected cash good fortune through others.


Tina Turner Sun/Pluto/Eris. Isn’t it just! 


Oscar Wilde AC/Chiron/Uranus.The charming eccentric.


 Robin Williams AC/Moon/Uranus. Professional Loon.


 Sean Lennon Sun/Ceres/DC. Famous Dad passes on his gifts. 


Russell Crowe Mercury/Ceres/Uranus. Gifted Actor. 


David Tennant (Dr Who) Moon/Ceres/Pluto. Regeneration and time-cycles! 


Rose West DC/Sun/Eris. 


Alison Goldfrap Vertex/Ceres/Pluto.


Courtney Love Sun/Juno/Chiron. Dark seductive trines. 


George W Bush AC/Lilith/Eris. Warrior Queen… 


Fidel Castro Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter with Eris/Uranus in a stellium. Certainly not an inert trine there. 


Nick Clegg Proud owner of 3 grand trines. Moon/Lilith/JupiterAC/Juno/Eris Vertex/Saturn/Neptune. Mr lucky pants.
 *All aprox 1 deg 30′ orb.


I note the high frequency of Eris and Uranus, it seems there has to be one activating/aggressive type planet in there to make the trines more famous and successful. Of my friends I noticed more in the way of Chiron/ Neptune/Venus and these where not particularly ambitious and quite happy with their lot.


Aspects  Grand Trine.




Predictions for 2013-2014

 Let’s take a look at my predictions for 2012-13 and see what actually happened:

Here’s what I predicted:

-        More uprisings and riots.

There were riots in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Israel, Greece and Spain.

-        An escalation of natural disasters. There was an avalanche in Afghanistan, epic fires in Colorado, and a 7.7 earthquake off the east coast of British Columbia, Canada causing a tsunami in Hawaii.

-        Water issues worldwide. We saw widespread flooding in Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Romania, North Korea, Nigeria, the UK, Spain, a typhoon in the Philippines and Hurricane Sandy.


-        Rising unemployment into double digits in many countries. Spain and Greece are over 25% and an average of 11% in the 27 EU member states. US is reported at 8% but probably closer to 12%.


-        Governments taking more control over our privacy. On November 20th, the Senate rewrote a bill which now allows the feds to read private emails without a warrant. This law increases government access to emails and other digital files. This rewrite was done quietly and secretly. It now allows more than 22 agencies to access Americans’ email, Google Docs files, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter direct messages without a search warrant. It also gives the FBI and Homeland Security more authority to gain full access to Internet accounts without notifying either the owner or a judge. I am expecting sneaky controls over our freedoms and our privacy to encroach on us gradually and without our being aware of it until it’s too late.


-        More QE. i.e. money printing. In September of 2012, the US embarked on QE3, another huge round of borrowing and money printing.

-        Pension plans going bankrupt. E.g. The US Postal Service is broke and cannot pay into their pension fund, teachers retirement funds have gone broke, public pensions in many countries are underfunded and in danger of going under.


-        More focus on banks and financial institutions, a tightening of their regulations, more bailouts, more greed and more fraudulent activities. And that’s exactly what’s happened.


-        Growth of new technology, mobile phones and social networking. Apple launched its IPhone 5 in September, Smartphones, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest have all seen accelerated growth. There were advances in Iphones, android phones and an upsurge in the use of mobile apps.


-        A rise in anti- immigration laws and regulations.  Since 2010, when Arizona introduced draconian immigration laws, 35 other states have tried to introduce similar rulings.


-        Price of gold and silver continuing to rise. Whilst precious metals didn’t perform as well as I expected, they have still risen nearly 5% this year and it is only a matter of time before gold reaches over $3000 an ounce and silver is at $100 an ounce.


2013-2014 - Important Astrological Aspects


-        There is a great deal of Water activity with Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter going into Cancer on June 25th making a Grand Trine in Water.


-        All three Mercury retrograde periods are in Water signs.


-        Intense Cardinal activity happening building up to the Grand Cross in December, one of the most powerful astrological aspects with Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra.


The ongoing square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is very much in force during 2013. Remember that Uranus rules uranium and Pluto rules plutonium so there is a likelihood of increased nuclear instability and nuclear accidents.


This is going to be accentuated when Jupiter goes into Cancer at the end of June 2013 as Jupiter always increases and amplifies everything, so you can expect even stronger dissonance with respect to the economy, politics, weather changes especially earthquakes and volcanoes.


The USA has Jupiter and Sun conjunct in Cancer (July 4th, 1776), so the second half of 2013 and the first half of 2014 is its Jupiter return. Expect to see issues around Homeland security, the safety of US citizens, and a search for belonging and security in general. The positive and negative issues will be highly polarised.  


It will be a year of opposites: war and peace, moving forwards and moving backwards, safety and vulnerability, balancing business and personal, home and work, emotional ups and downs, periods when a great deal is happening and periods that seem as though nothing is happening, holding onto the past and yet striving towards the future. The Cardinal signs signify that we need to be responsible for our own destiny and not rely on our governments to provide stability and security for our future.


Let’s not forget the powerful Grand Trine in Water with Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. This is particularly strong during July 2013 but lasts energetically until mid-2014. This will bring increased confidence especially by lawmakers and governments in our economic and political systems. There could even be an upswing in the economy and the US dollar could go up in value. If it does happen, it will probably be short-lived and by the middle of 2014 if there has been an improvement in the economy, it is likely to be followed by a sharp drop a year or so later.


Neptune in Pisces for the next 14 years indicates more flooding, tsunamis and excess water especially in coastal areas. There could also be issues with water purity and contamination.


On February 9th, Mars is conjunct to Neptune which could be very favourable. It could be an opportunity to achieve something you have been dreaming of.


On 21st March, Mars goes into Aries and will be conjunct with Uranus. This is a combustible combination and could lead to explosions and sudden riots, upsets, surprises. It can also indicate war.


On 21st July 2013, Mars conjuncts with Jupiter in Cancer which adds more power to the T-square with Uranus and Pluto. I expect this to bring more sudden changes with respect to governments, control issue, power, the economy, social issues.


On December 7th, Mars goes into Libra which completes the Grand Cross with Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer. This is extremely powerful and will be the beginning of even more vast changes. Mars usually stays in a sign for about 2 months, but this time it goes retrograde on March 1st 2014 and stays in Libra until July 26th 2014. So we can expect another 6 - 7 months of opposing energies where agreements are hard to find and where progress is restricted. This can be happening not only on the macro level, but also on the micro level in your own life. You may feel as though your life is not moving ahead, as if you are in a holding pattern and you don’t know what action to take. When you take action there may be little or no apparent results. Keep in mind that the earth is in the middle of all these opposing and squaring planets and you may find yourself trying to look forward and being pulled backwards, deciding to take a risk and then backing out of it, changing your mind frequently, your location, your job and your relationships. It will take a huge effort for you to break free of old, destructive habit patterns and to move into a new, more uncertain yet happier life. 


Old structures that are no longer working for you will be pulled down. You may feel lonely, isolated and abandoned, but try to remain strong and realise that the reason that this is happening is because subconsciously you wanted more for yourself in your life. The old relationships that were draining and not fulfilling, the job that you hated, the lack of purpose and direction you felt in your life….all this had to change for you to be happy and feeling as though you were fulfilling your destiny on the planet. You will have the opportunity to move to a higher vibration, but to do that you will have to let go of the old and to be ready to move into the unknown and to have faith in the new. It will be a particularly powerful time for the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (and this will apply if it is your Sun, Moon or ascendant sign), and also for all the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. 


Summary of Predictions for 2013-2014:


-        Worsening global economic crisis with more demonstrations and civil unrest

-        Youth protesters will turn violent even though we have had mainly peaceful protests so far

-        Higher unemployment

-        Stock market earnings slide lower

-        Multiple investigations of banking corruption and fraud

-        Rising oil and food costs

-        More failures of large insurance companies

-        Extreme weather patterns from very hot to very cold

-        Gold and silver to be very volatile with even more price manipulation, sometimes going lower and then much higher

-        More power outages and for longer

-        Survival kits will become a necessity

-        Alternative power sources will become more mainstream - more use of green technologies: solar power plants, rooftop solar panels, wind farms, geothermal uses, hydrogen power plants

-        Greater paranormal activity – more reporting of visitations from other beings

-        Space exploration increasing and the uncovering of greater knowledge

-        More people power using Twitter, Facebook and other social media concerning customer service. For the first time ever the consumer will have the power when rating a restaurant, hotel, airline, computer, products and services in general

-        Increase in military threats especially in the Middle East and this could be very explosive towards the end of 2013 when Mars is square to Uranus

-        Despite the crisis, some industries will grow. E.g. certain medical areas such as: regenerative medicine growing new bones, cartilage etc.

-        Growth in certain food industries, catering, food technology

-        New types of restaurants and food outlets

-        Greater knowledge and research placed on nutrition and diet

-        Healing and health products become more prominent

-        Focus on locally grown food and its preservation

-        Advances in water purification techniques

-        Energy efficient housing construction market growing e.g. passive houses

-        Security businesses could see massive growth – physical and/or virtual

-        Breakthroughs in oceanography and our understanding of the sea

-        3D printing become more accessible and getting closer to becoming mainstream

-        Traditional newspapers becoming obsolete – new forms of media where we the people are the reporters, not the controlling few who sift the news and keep us uninformed


I am anticipating that overall economically, times will get worse over the next few years. Some economists are forecasting an upswing in the economy from the middle of 2013. And indeed with the grand water trine and Jupiter in Cancer, this is possible for a brief time. However, we should not be misled into thinking that the crisis is behind us and that we can confidently invest with security. With Uranus strongly featuring for the next 6 years, we will have to learn to expect the unexpected. I didn’t expect gold and silver to drop as sharply as they have done over the last few weeks. However, markets never go up in a straight line. If they did, everyone would be able to make a fortune. I am anticipating greater volatility and uncertainty in the markets with wider swings from high to low than ever before. If you are a good trader during these times, you could make a fortune. However, you could also lose a fortune. But the opportunities will be there.

The key through all this hardship is going to be compassion and love with people coming together and helping one another through the changes. We can choose to make this a pleasurable and joyful time or we can make it even more difficult for ourselves. The choice is ours. I vote for helping one another, looking out for different ways of doing things, thinking outside the box, sharing our knowledge and expertise, working together and creating a new, exciting and better future for us all.





The Watery Grand Trine of 2013


A Grand Trine occurs when three (or more) planets form a triangle and is generally thought to be a harmonious alignment. Trines work well together – they support each other and create ease but can also inspire laziness and complacency.  For this reason Grand Trines work best when combined with the more stressful aspects (such as squares and oppositions).  People generally think of trines as “good” and the stressful aspects as “bad,” but it’s the challenging aspects that motivate and strengthen.  Trines can encourage weakness and self-indulgence without the added balance of a more stressful influence.


A Grand Trine in water began in June and will be in effect for the entire year.  The primary planets involved are Jupiter (expansion and meaning), Saturn (restriction and structure) and Neptune (inspiration and spirituality).  Jupiter and Neptune together govern the spiritual life – Jupiter seeks meaning and encourages us to discover belief systems that give our life meaning, and Neptune inspires us to experience divinity first-hand through creative expression and spiritual bliss.  Saturn grounds these lofty matters into reality and requires that we take concrete steps towards spiritual growth.


Jupiter is in Cancer (I promise to have my article up soon!), Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, all water signs which emphasize the feelings and emotions.  Jupiter and Neptune tend to bring out the weakness of the Grand Trine since Jupiter is all about feeling good and Neptune seeks the path of least resistance in its journey towards cosmic bliss.  Saturn holds down the fort, grounding and requesting that we create structure in the journey towards comfort and relaxation.


Intuition and flow are of primary importance now and will help to soften the intensity of the push for change that is creating disruption for many of us if we remember not to seek the easy way out through spiritual escapism (Jupiter/Neptune).  In August and September Chiron will join the trio and facilitate the healing of wounds and softening of the hard edges that keep us stuck.


The Grand Trine will begin to fade in late September and October of 2013 as the square formation between Uranus and Pluto tightens again for the fourth time (there are seven total alignments, truly an astonishing number in a major cycle such as this one).  The gentleness of the Grand Trine can help us to rest and rejuvenate as we prepare for the next phase of the cycle.  This period can be best utilized through meditation, yoga, creative projects, art, music – any kind of structured expression of the spiritual and creative life.


Trines and triads, trinities and triskelions – the symbol of three has been an important one since the beginning of time, representing the interdependence of all of life.  The One and Duality are both contained in the Three, and all other numbers, and therefore life, come from this one fact.


Enrichment of the inner world enables us to better integrate the changes in the outer world over which we often have no control.  As we deepen our connection to our own spiritual experience and creative inspiration, we gain in understanding and wisdom that will help us to best utilize the groundbreaking forces at work right now.




ACCORDING TO: Michelle Knight


Get ready for one of the most magical and positive events in astrology! On the 26th June 2013, Jupiter will move out of Gemini and enter Cancer. Soon afterwards, the giant planet which is associated with expansion, adventure and luck will form a Grand Water Trine between guardian angel Saturn in Scorpio and spiritual Neptune in Pisces. This trine will remain in what astrologers call ‘in orb’ for several days – in fact it will be in effect from July 9 until July 27 with the ripples continuing outwards for some time after that.



If you have planets in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, especially between 1 or 9 degrees of each sign (one of our highly adept astrologers can explain this for you), then you are set to benefit from this the most. This also applies if you have a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces ascendant either as a natal ascendant or as a Solar Return or Progressed rising sign at those degrees (again, please consult an astrologer if this all sounds like astro-babble to you!). However, for all of us, this grand alignment should bring a positive turn of events in the areas of our chart the planets will take up position in. You’ll be able to find out more from your weekly and monthly astrology forecast for this time.


Jupiter has been in what is known as its ‘detriment’ in Gemini. Basically this means that it’s not at its happiest in there. However, it is exalted in Cancer and this will allow Jupiter to shine its blessings on the sometimes difficult and unpredictable events generated by Uranus in Aries. Neptune occupies its own sign of Pisces while Saturn sits in Scorpio – sign of transformation. Saturn is neither in its dignity, exaltation, detriment or fall in this sign so we can say that as far as the influences of the Grand Trine go – Jupiter and Neptune have the upper hand here. However, Saturn in Scorpio is an extremely powerful aspect as Scorpio is all about power and control and Saturn is all about structure and will. Therefore, what Saturn wants to teach us here is to learn to use power effectively – not abuse it! This is particularly applicable when we look at what is happening in the world right now with a lot of established structures such as corporations, financial institutions and government bodies (Saturn) as well as the media and big business (Jupiter), being outed for mis-use of their power. Neptune is asking us to seek a more spiritual, empathic and caring approach to these issues.


On both an individual and collective soul level this Grand Trine can bring us the magical flow of cosmic and spiritual truths which bring untold benefits into our lives when we apply the feminine/yin messages of Cancer to our current issues both personally and globally. We should be seeking emotional connection, nurturing, compassion and gentleness when faced with challenges.


If you have refused to sacrifice your relationships or emotional health in pursuit of career advancement, gratitude for more consumer ‘things’ or inner soul work just to go along with the crowd then congratulations. You are one of the souls who will reap the rewards of this amazing and magical time. Those of us who have listened to their inner voice, tuning into spiritual truths and acting whenever possible out of a desire to heal and share will be unlocking an entirely new phase of soul enlightenment as what they have wished for will seem to magically ‘appear’ all by itself. Those who have been willing to sacrifice others for their greed and ambition and who have engaged in destructive, exploitative and profit-at-any-cost actions however, will find themselves in a different place entirely!


This fabulous Grand Trine also wants to awaken us to an increased awareness of our connectedness to each other and our planet. We are one family and we have but one home – Earth. You may also find if you have had difficulties with your early life or birth family that this transit brings about a healing as we not only let go of these wounds but attract a new ‘family’ of like-minded souls and a new ‘home base’ to share with them.


While other transits point to challenges in the future, this rare Grand Water Trine gives us blessings and protection to weather any rough tides ahead.



the auspicious Divine Alignments, including a Grand Sextile occurring on July 29th, that continue to unfold and unveil energies that are supporting your evolutionary experience.

The Blue Lioness Awakens :: Humanity Sleeps No More!!



Cyndi Sylva, Estaryia, Catalina Angel and many others Divine Light Tuners  holding the Blue Lion Codes :: The Dance of the Sacred Awakening


The lion was the symbol of Ishtar (detail of the Ishtar Gate)
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Alaska the CROWN chakra (see Gillian Beth-Louthan's article)
Gillian is in the BLUE Ridge Mtns of Tennessee, the oldest in the world

I was there last summer with MOM (MyOwnMastery) for 17 days in the 
Shenandoah Nati'l Park, SkyLineDrive

Here I AM at SkyBridge in Half Moon Bay, Kalifornia

MOM now is up in Sitka, Alaska, she is a Bullock (maiden name) hence animal Kingdom/grounding
Sitka is the New ArchAngel in Russian (the old Alaskan Capital)
where I received the ArchAngelique Codings in June 2010


> Many are feeling intense energies which seems to have began yesterday but today it was very strong. It was extreme sadness, deep ancient cellular grief centered around male female relationship. It felt like a rebirth of the feminine stepping back into their power and the males reaction to the projection of those energies. This process was very intense and hard to assimilate best advice is taking some space and alone time with compassion for the process. There are eighth dimensional beings involved in this process. There are star gates opening assisting in the Earths birthing process along with entire spiritually and technologically advanced beings, Star Nations also assisting in this process. On a darker note the chemtrails have a new batch of biologicals in them which resemble strep throat. People all over the US are coming down with his and the throat feels as if it is swollen shut making it very hard to swallow. Many are using different remedies I used colloidal silver and swished some olive oil in my mouth which worked wonders. I also did a cleanse right after ward using apple cider, epsom salts, followed by olive oil and grapefruit juice. Be sure to be close to the porcelain God because the bathroom needs to be handy. This is my own personal process and I am not a doctor or give advice.
> At 7:50 PM a very large mother ship flew over the ranch with over 10 witnesses in a daylight sighting. It vanished over Mt Adams in pixelated sparkles. The night before was filled with ships powering up and putting on quite a show. The night was filled with multiple ufos and a massive powerup in the West. Thats it for now. Hang in there not long now before the end of tyranny. Be well.
> James Gilliland

Posted by Alice C on July 23, 2013


Sirian Archangel Hermes: The Star of David Alignment, channeled by Sirian Archangel Hermes, July 22, 2013 at


Alice C: This is one of many recent channelings that are highlighting the significance of the upcoming planetary alignment of 29th July 2013. More information on the alignment can be found at


Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now as planetary energies and alignments in this timeline are creating a portal to bridge my consciousness to your own. This message you read now, you were drawn to read and it is not a coincidence you and I now share this same space. I come to share with you some knowledge of astrology and how this directly affects your concepts of time and space.


The alignment of which I refer, is known to most of you as the star of David alignment, or grand sextile alignment. As more become aware of this rare alignment and spread information related to it, the power of conscious thought given to it increases. The alignment is not rare in that it forms a hexagon, what makes this alignment prominent are the planetary positions within the great wheel of the zodiac, which will not again reach these coordinates and degrees for a very long cycle of time. Indeed, many cycles of creation will come and go before this energy again aligns to your planet.


The zodiac itself, was a gift from heaven. Thoughts and dreams were bestowed upon the great astrologers of your history, thoughts and dreams of the stars, visions of giving those stars a name and a form. Thus, astrology was born into the minds of mankind, and over cycles of time, empires and kingdoms arose that each presented their own interpretation of the stars, such as Egypt, Greece, Rome and Mesopotamia. Each was unique in that the astrologers of their time and space were each bestowed with thoughts and visions that would be accepted by their people and kingdom, names and forms that were familiar to them.


This is how mankind learns, through its own interpretation of the divine creation. Many of the stars and constellations you are now coming to learn more of, such as Sirius, Pleiades and Arcturus, all go by many other names and forms. The ancient Greeks observed the Pleiades constellation as the seven sisters, this is directly related to the fact that at that time, the people of Greece could easily relate to this vision, and the astrologers of that time such as Plato were bestowed with visions of seven sisters for that very reason.


Another example of this is ancient Babylon, where a 13th zodiac sign was introduced, the sign of Ophiuchus. This was due not only to the peoples acceptance of it, but also due to the tilt of the planet at that time focusing the constellation into the night skies in alignment with the already existing 12 signs. Now, as this sign once again begins to make its way into the accepted zodiac and peoples minds, one can see how time goes in cycles, history repeats, and in this great time of change and enlightenment, much like in ancient Babylon, you are taking part in the creation.


When one enters into infinite time awareness, one begins to see that the accepted names of the stars and constellations are only accepted due to the fact that they previously existed. Humans are educated to give all things a name and a form, this is what the term manifest refers to directly. To manifest is to give name and form. Infinite time awareness reveals these truths and the affirmations that follow guide light workers to be able to explain such concepts with clarity and confidence.


The energy of astrology is an ancient form of magick. Astrologers began to see that life on this world manifests in cycles of time. By being able to give their own names, forms, and energy to the stars and heavens, and the acceptance of the people, they became immortals. Forever acknowledged in the chronicles of history for bringing the heavens to the earth in a way that mankind could not only comprehend, but utilize for a greater experience. With the advent of the great wheel of the zodiac, and the acceptance of the people, astrology quickly became a desired tool of kings and queens.


Astrologers and Magicians became Prophets, aware that time is cyclic and history repeats, and began to use this knowledge to become rich and powerful. As time continued, mankind began to stray away from the original teachings that the heavens had intended, and instead began to utilize the concept of astrology for its own personal gains. False prophets began to manifest, with promises of salvation for those who followed their prophecy, this continues even today in your timeline. The dark cabal knows well the magick of astrology, and they utilize it in their occult rituals for their own purposes as well.


That which is above is like that which is below, the heavens and the earth are one in the same, it is merely the perception of the individual that creates duality and separation. The fruits of heaven fall to the earth, and the grain of the earth is harvested back into the heavens, just as the breath of your lungs expands and contracts, so does the symphony of multiversial creation.

I wish to speak now of how you can contribute your own form, name, and energy to the upcoming alignment. A seed of consciousness is planted in the minds of those who observe it, the seed will grow according to the energy, polarity, and vibration given to it. The choice is yours, as you have been blessed with free will. Within the great wheel of the zodiac aligns this hexagon, which is multidimensional as are all forms. It is also the cube and the tesseract. What do these shapes mean to you? What does the energy of the planets and constellations mean to you? For that is all that will matter. Let no other tell you what will come, what should come, or what may come. It is your mind that will manifest the fruits from the seed. The alignment serves as a metaphorical garden of heaven, the soil is prime and ready to nourish the seed, all that remains is the time and energy you shall give to it.


Always remember, that names and corresponding forms are given by creator man, not by heaven. Heaven sees you all as you are, as you began to be, nameless, formless. All that you now see and experience, was also once nameless and formless. You only call your closest star “The Sun”, as that is the name it was given by man. What would you call it, if you were to give it a name? Would it still be “The Sun”? I ask you to consider these things and dwell upon them as it serves as a tool for spiritual development. A true creator does not accept pre conceived names and forms for their creation, a true creator gives them their own name and form.


In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!


Star of David – Merkaba – Grand Sextile Portal on July 29th 2013!






On July 29th, 2013, we will experience a RARE Star of David/ Star Tetrahedron configuration in the heavens!


It is actually two Grand Trines, one in Water and one is Earth (all feminine) which create this configuration called a Grand Sextile or Star Tetrahedron.  Many names and much symbolism tied into this Sacred Geometry.


The essence is that this mystical configuration of Sacred Geometry opens a portal of energy that is accessible for those who choose to tune in to it.  That is the key.


>>>> As with everything, nothing magical is going to happen on it's own. It is up to us to bring the magic, to add our magic to creation. <<<<<


This energetic portal is an opening in the subtle realms so to tune in to it, all we need is our relaxed awareness.  It is simply an opportunity to find a moment of connection of prayer.


>>>>>>  Visualize  PEACE  <<<<<


Let us use this moment to meet in our hearts, in the place of intention, the place of the dreamtime, and hold a vision of


~~~~~  PEACE ~~~~~ for our planet.


Here are the Astral insights on the astrology and symbolism of this  >>>>  STAR TETRAHEDRON <<<<<<<



First from the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
Any major astrology configuration is a gem of an opportunity. I’ve often mentioned, one must consciously work with the energy and  potential  of the astrological configuration to really notice it manifesting in one’s being or life. This is especially true of “Grand Trine Aspect.”.

“On July 29th, 2013 there are two ‘Grand Trine Aspects’ joining together, one of the water element and the other of earth element. It is called the ‘Star of David’ aspect in astrology.” “In sacred geometry is it called a ‘Star Tetrahedron’ a 6 pointed star and Spiritual or metaphysically it is called a Merkaba (energetic light-body) on a planetary level.”

 “Both earth and water elements in astrology are considered “yin” in vibration and yet water and earth elements compliment one another so that we can bring the subtle into tangible form.” “…the two “Grand Trine Aspects” join together providing the ‘Star Gateway through which the subtle inspirational energy is able to manifest creating a fertile and fruitful experience on a planetary level. We join together both our higher feelings and physical sensations in an effortless way…”

“Similar to how water makes the earth’s soil fertile for seeds to be planted, take root and  feel nourished, we also need the earth to provide the stable, solid environment and a proper container for the water to be held and used wisely. In Nature, this process occurs naturally without much effort.”

“With the Star of David Aspect, we are invited to also see how gracefully this energy has the potential to materialize in our body, being and life. This is an opportunity to tangibly feel joy and bliss through our every day life knowing each step in alignment with our Soul is lifting us onto higher ground.”

“We need this energetic ‘Star Gateway’ or opening for the higher fertile energy to pour in more fully into the physical reality. New frequencies are already pouring in for those who are sensitive to sense and experience them. With the Star of David aspect or planetary Merkaba (light-body), there is potential to spin-off density through higher vibrational spin for greater healing and evolution.”

“There is a complimentary ‘Star Gateway’ or Star of David aspect happening in August 2013 but more on this later.  With the two Star of David Astrological aspects, there is great potential for balance and harmony within the heart energetic space between the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.”

© Copyright 2013, Dipali Desai.. All Rights Reserved.


This is what Carol Ann Ciocco has to say about it:

"The celestial Star of David is an astrological aspect that 'looks exactly like the Jewish Star many would recognize...

The Star of David is not limited to the Jewish faith and the Kabbalah, however, as it also appears in the Buddhist, Theosophical, and various other Eastern and Western traditions.  It is fair to say that it is a symbol of integration (linking heaven and earth, as above, so below) and spirituality. 

Mary Fortier Shea

"... The Star of David is a multidimensional Stargate, which helps us to bring Spirit into Matter, to manifest Heaven on Earth, and to balance Masculin and Feminine.  In keeping with its multidimensional nature, the Star of David is also known as a Grand Sextile and a Star Tetrahedron - intricate and lovely sacred geometry celestial configurations.

The energies of these ancient symbols will be pouring down on us now.”

 ”The Star Tetrahedron has great esoteric meaning and is key to the evolution of Humanity. This Star-form exists as an etheric vehicle around the human body and is closely tied to the Enlightenment process…”



Tune in close to this date for some more inspiration and insights on this fortuitous configuration!

Infinite Blessings~~~


Aluna Joy Yaxkin shared a link.


This is Marcus Mason's latest on the powerful grand trines and squares that are powering through July. Powerful times we are in indeed ~ Love sent to you all today from the heart of Scotland.

Six-pointed Star and Grand Cross
July 22nd - 29th
Chart for 25th July at 10.32 UT

You may have seen various astrological descriptions about the six-pointed star in the heavens that occurs, depending on who you are reading, at the royal birth on July 22nd, or on July 25th, or some say on July 29th.

As the planets, and particularly the Moon are constantly moving, and opinions differ as to how wide an ‘orb’ (ie: how many degrees) to allow for planetary aspects, there is not actually one day when this pattern is exact. I would say that it extends, broadly from 22nd to 29th July, but that the focus of will be on July 25th, when the Moon is exactly sextile (60 degrees) to Pluto, and midway between Neptune and Chiron, in Pisces. So, bearing in mind that this is an evolving pattern, spread over several days, and not just something that occurs on one day, here are my thoughts:

Following around the zodiac, the planets at the points of the star are: Moon’s South Node in Taurus, sextile a conjunction of Pallas Athene, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury in Cancer, sextile Venus in Virgo, sextile a conjunction of Saturn and Moon’s North Node in Scorpio, sextile Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn, sextile a conjunction of Neptune (retrograde), Moon and Chiron (retrograde), sextile Moon’s South Node.

There is also a Grand Cross between Moon’s South Node in Taurus, square (90 degrees) a conjunction of Vesta and Ceres in Leo, square the conjunction of Saturn and Moon’s North Node in Scorpio, square Juno (retrograde) in Aquarius.

They key to the whole thing lies with this Grand Cross, as that is providing the energy and inner momentum for the creation of any blessings that the six-pointed star will bring us. In other words, these are not blessings that will just fall into our laps – we will have to work for them, or at the very least, be willing to challenge our old patterns of behaviour, particularly our fears and any negative patterns of relationship that we are attempting to bring with us into the new energies and frequencies of the time.

Saturn and the Moon’s North Node in Scorpio show the way; we must be willing to plunge into the depths of our emotions and our unconscious patterns to face our fears, face our shadow, and go through a rebirth. This may involve re-appraising many of our long-established relationships (Juno), particularly those which are in any way fear-based, or unequal. As we let go of those old patterns (South Node), then we can move into an expression of ourselves that truly comes from the heart (Vesta) and that nurtures both ourselves and others (Ceres). If we try to hold on to our old patterns, beliefs, fears and prejudices, then that will not happen.

But if we can let go, then the blessings and grace flowing to us from the six-pointed star will become manifest in our lives, bringing insight, wisdom, courage, know-how (Pallas, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury) and discernment in all of our relationships (Venus in Virgo). This will enable us to move effortlessly through what we fear, or have kept hidden, which may have been undermining our true creative potentials (Saturn and Moon’s North Node). This, in turn will reconnect us with our spiritual power (Pluto) and bring healing, individually and collectively (Moon, Neptune, Chiron).

Quincunx (150 degrees) aspects from these last three to the Sun in Leo will bring a sense of urgency and an awareness of the importance of this time as a turning point, as we begin to emerge from the spiritual doldrums and uncertainty that many have been feeling since the December 2012 Solstice.

Meanwhile Uranus in Aries is quincunx the Moon’s North Node, pushing us and daring us to break the mould, break free of any self-imposed restrictions and stand uncompromisingly and fearlessly in our truth.

heavenandearthcommunity - Blog

Heaven and Earth is a community of people offering their gifts in service to Mother Earth at this time of great change.


Polona Somrak's photo.


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

On July 29th, we will have a peak of the Diamond alignment, which some astrologers also call the Soul alignment. It happens around 12 PM GMT, but its meaning and impact will go on for a few months, and the influence will be felt well beyond just this year. This will be a very rare formation of a Star of David, the so-called Star of Merkabah or the six-pointed Star. We will also have the first quarter Moon on that same day. What is this all about, really?

I wanted to do some automatic writing about it, but Spirit keeps showing me the importance of the fact that this needs to be a sacred intimate experience for each and everyone of us. I was not guided to do an automatic writing prior to this peak of the alignment, but I might do it after it happens. I feel I still need to experience something else before I can write about it, as I do not yet hold all the pieces of this grand puzzle. That is why I AM leaving into the wilderness again, to be by myself in Nature for two days and focus on the feeling side of life and to receive new guidance and directions. Many people are saying many different things about it, but I always share only through direct experience and inner knowing.

I feel this experience will be deeply personal and unique for each and everyone of us, but there are some commonalities that I can share about. One of them is the simple fact that this alignment is very rare in astrology. In the past, they often used to associate it with the birth of a "king" or a very "special" Being. But this time, we are going deeper, and we know that it's about the personal and the collective Christed consciousness within each of us ... the Divine Love Essence of who we truly are and what is beginning to re-emerge within us ... what we are starting to embody. And we are remembering that we are all very special and unique.

It is also no coincidence that the Star Sirius is now the brightest and the most influential in our sky, because this alignment is also deeply connected with the Sirian alignment, gateway and activation. There is a Sirian alliance involved here as well. But mostly, I feel that this is about us moving from a five-pointed Star Being (the Human template) to a six-pointed Star Being (the Divine Human template)... an integrated whole ... a conscious Divine Human Being embodying Christed consciousness. This is the return of the true Human genome. We were adding the fifth element of the ether, which follows all the other primary four elements, and now we are adding the sixth one, which is Light body. It is also no coincidence why many say that the Sirian collective that is deeply associated with Earth, is a six-dimensional group collective.

With this, we are bringing forth all of our Soul fragments and merging them into One. We are also connecting to all of the primary DNA contributors of our true Human genome and integrating this into our DNA matrix ... so all of the Star Beings and nations/families who have contributed to this Cosmic soup, for the Divine Human Being of Light to be created. This is now being restored, but again ... in a completely new way. This also has to do with our embodiment of the perfected balance of the Divine feminine and masculine ... the sacred marriage within, which can later also manifest as that ultimate sacred partnership without ... so externally. There is great Union taking place with this. And we are remembering the unique shining diamond that we are!

There is also something else and something deeper going on, but let us all welcome the element of a surprise and leave it up to the Divine to surprise us with something amazing and magnificent.

All we need to do is show up and be ready!

Within Divine Love, Polona




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Thank you Karin for sending this out.  Very, very good information of how we can use this wonderful, magical portal that happens tomorrow at 3:48 MDT.


Indeed, so much truth has come out in recent years as to the real treatment of women and the lack of respect worldwide for women and children.  This is our opportunity to embrace the feminine.  A matriarchal society is one that is a BALANCE between the female and male polarities.


Please take time tomorrow to anchor the matriarchal energies.


Love, blessings and great healing within all space, time and dimension,



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In a message dated 7/28/2013 8:44:22 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Thank you Karin for sending this out.  Very, very good information of how we can use this wonderful, magical portal that happens tomorrow at 3:48 MDT.

Indeed, so much truth has come out in recent years as to the real treatment of women and the lack of respect worldwide for women and children.  This is our opportunity to embrace the feminine.  A matriarchal society is one that is a BALANCE between the female and male polarities.

Please take time tomorrow to anchor the matriarchal energies.

Love, blessings and great healing within all space, time and dimension,
"Sparkling Brilliance In The Name Of Love, Truth, Connection, Creativity & Divine Essence"

    ShekinaRose, Angelic Priestess of Light,
has been anointed by Mother Mary in the Rose Ray,
and is a Divine Song Messenger of Mother Goddess     
         SHEKINAH, in the 'Language of Light', 
        528 Hz Miracles,  Love & Transformation,
       the Ancient Solfagio Angelic Frequencies,
          that will assist you in activating your
      'Divine Original Blue Print', your God DNA,
          putting you in your 'Divine Power'.

Amazing Discovery"

In amazing discover a Physicist analyzed Shekina's voice and verified that not only does her vocals contain the 6 pure tonal notes of the whole lost ancient scale of the frequency of 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair), they also include the breakthrough mathematical equations of Creation by scientist Mark Rodin.


Upon hearing Shekina Rose voice transmissions, many individuval report having instant healings and awakenings. This level frequency of sound can heal cancer, raise Chi or Om Energy beyond comparison and awaken the soul to its highest potential.


Hi Daphne


 I don’t have sight past the 8th August as I have not finally made up my mind about it as a departure point. Had  thought I would - without question - take this opportunity and had already received initial instructions on what to do  - then something came which is likely to change my timings – extend the stay for a bit.


As far as I am aware there are many gateways and potential times of transcendence which will vary from this point onwards through a specific period of time. It’s just a question of choice. Previously I had wanted to be on the first “boat” out. I align with Sandra Walters that there will be some transcending in this forthcoming gateway. We won’t “miss” anyone as it will just get woven out of space and time.  


Concerned about whether I would miss the boat if I did not go now, I asked for information yesterday on an exit I could take at a later date and was told Yes - and that I would find it quite amusing! So the 8th for me is the beginning of these transitions that will last until some point in 2016. This is in all in relation to New Earth planes 1-32 (no duality) and held by Gaia.  Perhaps the 2-3 generations time-frame Inelia Benz speaks of applies to the other new earth planes – the ones that Tara will hold. Initially, these will still have varying degrees of duality.


The choices were made long ago as to where each of us has chosen to go – exact timings are just a point of refinement so that we can fully align as truth with our choices.


So it’s a gift really to have the choice in terms of our own timing. That’s my take anyway. Either way - we are moving into a fifth dimensional transitional phase – which will be fun and offer the opportunity for enormous growth.


What I find is interesting about the financial news is that there are as many positive stories about the economy improving as there are about it getting worse. Likewise across most issues. In this way when the split manifests (3D Diehards who want full-on duality vs those wanting to exit duality)  both realities will hold and the game can continue.


 Best wishes and love, NICOLA


Hi Daphne


Yesterday morning I received a transmission through the Elohim into the light language I use – in the afternoon I went into our woods to translate it.


In essence this is a letter of forgiveness from Source via the Elohim for all humans and possibly other beings who have inhabited the planet since its creation and damaged, plundered, lacked respect for, misunderstood, polluted, destroyed our natural environment and mistreated and misunderstood the planet’s nature beings and star sisters Tara and Gaia and the enormity of what they have done for the planet.


Whilst reading it there were several places where I cried and it was all very emotional. I responded on behalf of all of us - that never again will this be done and offered up a deep and heart-felt apology. It’s a chance for a clean slate – we can start again.


I have not translated it yet –  but you should be able to get the energy from just reading it and/or putting your hands over the words and be able to do the same. I felt a very deep healing afterwards.


Best wishes and love, NICOLA


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    (Danny Van den Berghe) Four Pillars Software including Flying Stars Calculations, information on Feng Shui, the Yi Jing, and Chinese Astrology. Feng Shui ...

  • Dee Finney's blog June 19, 2013 page 522 THE STAR VEGA ...

    Jun 19, 2013 ... In astrology, certain stars are considered significant. Historically, all of the various heavenly bodies considered by astrologers were considered ...


    This number hums with the astrological nature of the planets Saturn and Hades, and the zodiacal sign Capricorn. The number 17 also means: Young goat, ...


    Prince Charles Astrological Chart If you look at the physical birth time chart, you will see Leo rising. ... Vedic Astrology Predicts Prince Charles to become King.

  • A NEW LOOK AT 2012......2039? - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes - Similar to A NEW LOOK AT 2012......2039? - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes

    Chatelain discovered that the Mayan Calendar was actually based on astrology, though he himself simply termed it "planetary conjunctions." Thus, this gives ...

  • Hyper Dimensional Physics - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes - Similar to Hyper Dimensional Physics - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes

    Richard goes on to connect Hyperdimensional Physics as the real astrology of planet angle (angel- Greek or Hebrew angelo or angleo?) dynamics affecting the  ...

  • The Destructive Dissonance Theory

    Astrology seems to have two major classes- Zodiac of Signs (Planets affecting humans, judged invalid for, among other reasons, sign shifting) and the Zodiac of  ...


    Oct 9, 2010 ... Feb 1524 A group of London Astrologers said the end of the world ... I lead Galactic Tantra seminars and am a Cosmic astrology consultant.

  • Dee Finney

    Classical astrology also meshes well with the hexagram, and it is a versatile and ... It is associated with the seven planets of classical astrology and to other ...

  • TWO SUNS - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes - Similar to TWO SUNS - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes

    Jewish astrologers maintained that when there was a conjunction of Saturn and ... In ancient Jewish astrology, the constellation of Pisces was known as the ...

  • NIMROD - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes - Similar to NIMROD - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes

    A portent in the stars tells Nimrod and his astrologers of the impending birth of Abraham, who would put an end to idolatry. Nimrod therefore orders the killing of  ...


    Other Pope's Astrology Charts. ~~~~~~ Now the Truth can be told of the Rabin Assassination. • The Jewish Post of New York - Rabin News • 11/05/95

  • JAKOB BOEHME -visionary - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes - Similar to JAKOB BOEHME -visionary - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes

    Oct 12, 2008 ... In the later Middle Ages forms of Western esotericism, for example alchemy and astrology, were constructed on Christian foundations, ...


    Astrology and astronomy are one, as are the 12 frequency generators aligned to each of the dimensionally progressive schoolrooms on a divinely orchestrated ...


    New Bible Codes Discovered. Besides astrology, Pytagoras taught geometry as part of that science and of ... Astrology, though denounced by many and scoffed ...