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TOPIC:  11 AND 11:11:11

Joe Mason and I have written about 11 for many years and have pages and pages of e-mails received from hundreds of people who have seen the number come up on their clocks.

Not that this time is the only important one, lots of other numbers come up as well and Joe and I have tracked them all. A site search of our web domain shows that we have over 1,000 pages just relating to numbers.



Let me share an e-mail received on October 28, 2011 relating to the whole 2012 issue including 11/11/11.  It clearly lays out the importance oof numbers in our lives.  This was put together by our number expert  Norma Smith.


Mayan elders with the 13 crystal skulls gathered in Manhattan, NYC to
start the Oct 27 ceremonies at power points across the continent.

Very early hours of Oct 27 some people from Ga to New Hampshire were
wakened with strange noises, and some drastic happenings; an east coast
connection, and "nodal point of Time and Place" for the Oct 27 NYC

October 27 has a "start" and "ending" resonance pattern,
where October as 78 = Start, Renewal.
27 is 9,9,9. ( a finality, ending, perfection )
27 is also number symbol inverted Y, Unity from Diversity.
Letter Y is also #25 = All, and Tarot #25 is Strength, whose sum of 111
is also sum for New York, as well as Initiation ( meaning to begin
something ) and sum for Humanity, Perfection, DNA Template.
Initiation as 111, and our final number 27 as 9,9,9.

October 27 = 105...The World, Liberation, Mobility ( moving of the Mayan
elders with the 13 crystal skulls across country. )
105 also = DNA Molecule.
116 = Thursday, Powerful, Polarity, Sushumna
221 = Universal Harmonics

October 28 = 106, Collective. ( re "All", as Y and sum for 25 )
Friday as 63 = Whole, Know...also sum for Eleven of this '11 year, and
the forthcoming 11/11/11. ( 63 = Spine, the pathway of Sushumna, and
east coast of North America as upper part of this continent's shape of a
curved spine, where bottom ip of South America is the coccyx. )

Friday October 28 = 169, which is 13 x 13.
100 = Primary....Harmonics
69 = Message....People
69 is 3 x 23...End...I AM







Here is our numbera database page: 


at the number of petals a plant has directly corresponds

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11:11 AND THE

11:11 EXPERIENCES ON 8-11-99


11:11 Astrology Prophecy Results





The Mayan 11:11 Crop Circle

A special "11:11" type crop circle formation appeared
17 August 2010 at Lurkeley Hill near East Kennett, Wiltshire.
The glyph within the circle looked similar to one of the
illustrations on the left -- the fourth one from the bottom.
Each of the two glyphs on the bottom represent the Mayan
number eleven. Could this suggest the end of the Mayan
calendar on December 21, 2012, at 11:11 AM Universal Time?


From Joseph E. Mason
Concerning 11-11-11 (November 11, 2011)
10 October 2011

People of late have been noting the possible significance of the upcoming date of November 11, 2011, as it is the triple eleven: 11-11-11. Considering that the Mayan calendar end is at 11:11 AM, Universal Time on December 21, 2012, I thought it would be interesting to find how many days are between the dates. This is from timeanddate.com --

Duration calculation results

From and including: Friday, November 11, 2011
To and including: Friday, December 21, 2012

It is 407 days from the start date to the end date, end date included



Or 1 year, 1 month, 11 days including the end date

Coincidentally, the elevens are apparent. 4 + 0 + 7 = 11, and the 1111 relating to year, month and days. I recalled that someone had written that a verse in Revelation suggests 1111 by 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, and 1 year. I searched and found that it was Revelation 9:15 --

And the four angels were loosed,
who were prepared for
an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year,
to slay the third part of men.



This certainly seems negative, but I believe it indicates a positive result in the long run. Certain dreams and things indicate that being killed can symbolize a stressful death/rebirth, which actually means a big change in ways of thinking and being.

There is another clue in Revelation 9:5 --

And to them it was given that they should not kill them,
but that they should be tormented five months:
and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion,
when it strikes a man.



With our current calendar, any five month period that does not include February has 153 days. The number 153 was known in pre-Christian times, and carried mathematical insights as well as symbolism. The number appears in John 21 as the number of Fish in the Net. The number 153 is called the resurrection number because it "resurrects" one-third of all numbers via the Trinity Function, determined by repeatedly summing the cubes to find those that result in 153. Summing the cubes of 153 result in 153, so that is the end of the line. This is an example of applying the Trinity Function to the number 792 >>


73 + 93 + 23 = 1080
1080 >> 13 + 03 + 83 + 03 = 513
513 >> 53 + 13 + 33 = 153
153 >> 13 + 53 + 33 = 153



"Resurrecting" one-third of all numbers may symbolically relate to the last line of Revelation 9:15 -- "to slay the third part of men" -- that is, one-third of the people will be Resurrected in the stressful manner.

Another interesting fact is that exactly 100 years prior to November 11, 2011, a very strange event happened. A record-breaking cold snap took place in the central part of the USA. This became know as The Great Blue Norther of 11/11/11. In many cities, the high and low temperature records were broken that same 11-11-11 day.

The event may have been symbolic of negative events ahead through the warring century. Dreams have made it clear to me that the relative amount of heat or cold can suggest a warm heart or a cold heart.

VIDEO OF 11:11:11

















The spiritual meaning of number eleven is quite diverse.

The number 11 is thought of as a "master" number in numerology because it is a double digit of the same number. When this occurs - the vibrational frequency of the prime number doubles in power. Meaning, the attributes of the Number One are doubled. So, the very basic & primary understanding of the Number One is that of new beginnings & purity. When we see this digit doubled as with the 11 - then these attributes double in strength.

In numerology the number 11 represents higher ideals, invention, refinement, congruency, balance, fulfillment, vision.

The 11 carries a vibrational frequency of balance. It represents male & female equality. It contains sun and moon both - while holding them both separate. Perfect balance.

Consequently, constant reoccurances of Elevens often signal us to be aware of our balance. Balance emotion, thought, spirit - balance of masculine, feminine, - work, play - joy, sorrow - - - Elevens are magical messages asking us if we are centered or out-of-whack.

When we add 1+1 (eleven reduced) we get two - which is also a balance number - two's also deal with equality, justice, calm, kindness, tact, and duality.

Those who recognize the spiritual meaning of number Eleven in their lives are obviously quite sensitive to many vibrational frequencies. The fact that this number is observed when the Elevens appear is indicative of a reflective, thoughtful and intuitive soul.

Elevens often present themselves to psychically connected people. I believe this is the Universe sending us a message to be a part of an event - yet maintain your integrity as you do so (again, balance).

If you observe the Eleven - as two straight lines side by side - together they serve as a full meaning - two figures forming one value - one image. However they do not touch - they are together yet separate.

As we deal with energy in our lives it is integral for us to understand that we are all at once a part of it - yet we have the option to separate. The spiritual meaning of number Eleven deals directly with our involvement with the progression of life and reminds us however, that we must not be a slave to our self-involvement.


Spiritual Meaning of REVELATION 11:11
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AR 510. Verse 11. And after three days and a half the spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet, signifies that these two essentials of the New Church, at the end of the former, when the New Church is beginning and progressing, are vivified by the Lord with those who receive them. By "three days and a half" is signified to the end and the beginning (n. 505), thus from the end of the present church to the beginning of the New, in this case, with those among whom the New Church begins and progresses, because it is now said of "the witnesses," that "the spirit of life entered into them, and they stood upon their feet." By "the spirit of life from God" is signified spiritual life; and by "standing upon their feet" is signified natural life agreeing with spiritual life, and thus vivification from the Lord. The reason why this is signified, is, because by "the spirit of life" is meant the internal of man, which is called the internal man, which, considered in itself, is spiritual, for the spirit of man thinks and wills, and to think and will in itself is spiritual. By "standing upon their feet" is signified the external of man, which is called the external man, which is in itself natural; for the body speaks and acts what its spirit thinks and wills, and to speak and to act is natural; that feet signify things natural, may be seen (n. 49, 468). What is specifically meant by this expression, shall be explained:-Every man who is reformed, is first reformed as to the internal man, and afterwards as to the external. The internal man is not reformed by merely knowing and understanding the truths and goods by which man is saved, but by willing and loving them; but the external man, by speaking and doing the things which the internal man wills and loves, and, in proportion as this takes place, in the same proportion man is regenerated. The reason why he is not regenerated before, is, because his internal is not before in the effect, but only in the cause, and, unless the cause be in the effect, it is dissipated. It is like a house built upon ice, which sinks to the bottom when the ice is melted by the sun; in a word, it is like a man without feet to stand and walk upon. It is the same with the internal or spiritual man, if it is not founded on the external or natural man. Such then is the signification of "the two witnesses standing upon their feet after the spirit from God entered into them"; and also of similar expressions in Ezekiel:--

Jehovah said unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, and when I prophesied, the spirit entered into them, and they stood upon their feet (Ezek. 37:9, 10).

In the same:--

A voice speaking unto me, said, Son of man, stand upon thy feet; and the spirit entered into me and stood me upon my feet (Ezek. 2:1, 2).

And in the same:--

I fell on my face, then the spirit entered into me, and set me upon my feet (Ezekiel 3:23, 24).

This is what is meant also by the Lord’s words to Peter:--


Peter said, Thou shalt not wash my feet only, but also my hands and my head. Jesus said to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, and the whole is clean (John 13:9, 10).


AR 512. Verse 12. And they heard a great voice out of heaven, saying unto them, Come up hither, signifies that these two essentials of the New Church were taken up by the Lord into heaven, whence they came, and where they are, and the protection of them. By "a great voice from heaven" is signified from the Lord, for a voice from heaven is from no other source; "come up hither," signifies their being taken up into heaven, whence they came, and where they are, and their protection.

AR 513. And they went up into heaven in a cloud, signifies the taking them up into heaven, and conjunction there with the Lord by the Divine truth of the Word in its literal sense. By "ascending up to heaven" is signified their being taken up by the Lord into heaven, as in (n. 512); in the present case, also, conjunction with the Lord there, because they ascended "in a cloud," for by "a cloud" is signified the literal sense of the Word (n. 24), and by this there is conjunction with the Lord, and consociation with the angels, see The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the Sacred Scripture (Sacred n. 62-69).

AR 514. And their enemies saw them, signifies that they who are in faith separated from charity heard them, but remained in their own falsities. By "seeing the two witnesses" is signified to hear these two essentials of the New Church, and also to see the confirming things from the Word; because they saw them "ascending in a cloud," and by "a cloud" is signified the sense of the letter of the Word (n. 24, 513); that, nevertheless, they did not receive them, but remained in their own falsities, is evident from this, that no more is said than that "they saw," and it follows that "there was a great earthquake," in which they perished. By "enemies" are meant "they who were in the great city, which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt," who were those that are in faith separated from charity, as may be seen in (n. 501, 502, and following numbers).


AR 511. And great fear fell upon them that saw them, signifies commotion of mind and consternation at Divine truths. "Fear" has various significations according to the thing which causes it; here "great fear" signifies commotion of mind, and consternation at Divine truths; for Divine truths have these effects with the evil, for they terrify them when at the same time they hear of hell and eternal damnation; but that terror soon vanishes, together with the faith that there is any life after death.

Author: E. Swedenborg (1688-1772).

Archangel Metatron, ‘The energy wave and activation of 11/11/11 will be extremely powerful as it will focus the thoughts and actions of all light workers to 2012. Many people will receive a boost in their energy, awareness and spiritual abilities. The energy wave of 11/11/11 will focus upon truth, the discovery, expansion and development of the Creator’s truth within each individual, encouraging an expression of truth to emerge. While experiencing this energy wave we encourage humanity to begin to place their intentions for 2012 into their hearts and the creative heart of the Creator, in order to manifest with power the strength, enlightened consciousness and love of humanity to create a new cycle on the Earth. The time for truth, manifestation and self discovery is truly among us. Many souls are being called to certain areas of the Earth using the energy of these areas to heal mother Earth and remind the individuals of their past and purpose on the Earth. The energy wave of 11/11/11 will encourage a powerful healing and activation process of truth and love for the Earth and humanity. It is your divine right to absorb these heavenly energies that will be sent from the Creator during this period of time. Now is the time for personal purification but 11/11/11 will see a heightened process of purification with many souls gathering together to begin to dissolve the general karmic history of the Earth. We ask only that you allow yourself to surrender to the light of the Creator at this time and follow the callings or intuition of your soul.’

feom "  http://www.omna.org/Egypt_11-11-11.html


Spiritual Awakening Symptoms


If you experience any serious symptoms, you
should ALWAYS obtain medical advice, even if
you think you are experiencing awakening symtoms.....Remember, if you are having heart attack or stroke, the sooner you get medical attention, the better your chances are for survival, and optimal recovery, so you NEVER want to take chances with
your heath.

Physical Symptoms

-Energy in your head, especially at the crown-
Pressure, headaches, some at the base of your skull, tingling, itchy or crawling sensations, vibrating, energy erupting over your head like a shower, or pouring through the crown described by some as "sprinkes." Sharp chronic pain in the head, neck and shoulders. Cranial expansion.

-Tiredness- feeling dragged out, and tired all the time.

-Skin Eruptions- These can include rashes, dry skin, boils, eczema, acne, hives, warts, and shingles.

-Changes in sweat and tear glands- People will notice they are either sweating more (releasing) or less then
they previously did, and your tear solution may be slightly denser.

-Changes in body color, and at times different, unusual marks will appear. Color of the whites of your eyes
may also change, and may show a "rosiness".

-Muscle aches and Pains.

-Joint pains- Which may often affect each
joint in your body, at different times, with no
explainable cause.

-Changes in weight- Some people have lost
weight, however the majority has gained weight
over recent years.

-Changes in eating habits-
Some people feel they are not as hungry as they used to be, or may go through fazes of eating huge amounts. People may have strange cravings, eat alot of certain things, or feel "unsatisfied" with anything they eat.

-Food intolerances and food allergies.

-Nausea and vomiting.


-Sinus and Ear Disturbances- Discomfort, drainage,
headaches and infections- This is signs of cellular

-Fevers and sweats, especially in the middle of the

-Thick white residue on your tongue that you
cannot get rid of.

-Increased Weakening of the Immune System-
This is caused by changes in the endocrine system,
and central nervous system- Many new strands of
disease and imbalance has been occuring.

-Increased Sensitivity of all your senses:
Senses become more acute:

--Sight- People experience blurry vision, hazy vision, sore eyes, seeing showers of 'sparkles' glittering in the air, see things and colors much more vivid, see auras around living objects, things seem to disappear, including yourself, seeing a "redness" when you close your eyes, colors or geometric shapes. Seeing things in other realms, which may come across as a shape in the air, or a shadow out of the corner of your eye. Seeing objects which seem to "melt", move or shimmer.

--Hearing- Seems like you can hear people
"talking" or music down the street, but you cant hear the words, or when you listen to someone speak, you cant hear the words (this is called audio dislexia).
You may also hear beeps, tones or electronic "morris code", or you may hear a "buzzing" or the sound of
white noise in your ear, and other things include ringing, bees buzzing, whoosing, or roaring.
Sound may be amplified, or you may have trouble hearing. You may hear people talking, but you cant
understand what they are saying, as it sounds like
a foreign language.

--Enhanced sense of smell, taste and touch.
Some people have begun to be able to taste
the chemical additives in certain foods, or some foods may taste more intense and pleasurable. Some people become sensitive to touch, and can become tactile defensive.

-Falling, having accidents, breaking bones-
This may be Spirit's way of giving you a message
to slow down, or that something is out of balance.

-Arms, hands or feet "tingling" or falling asleep.

-Women may notice a lessening of blood flow, and menstral cramps during their periods. Women will
have an easier time with childbirth, with less pain
and labor.

-Heart Palpatations- Racing heart, pain in the sternum- can be an opening of your heart chakra- Always check these things out with an M.D.

-Other Chakra Openings:
-Third eye chakra- Will cause nervous twitching
of the muscles in your forehead or eye, tingling
feelings, or feelings of energy shooting from your eye
-Thymus chakra- Sharp pain in the thymus gland
which is an inch below the V in the collarbone
-Hand Chakras- Increased vibrations, heat, energy surges from the center of the palms

-Faster hair and nail growth.

-Feeling your body vibrate in various places
during meditation or upon awakening, or at odd
times during the day.

--Misc Physical symptoms: such as experiencing flu-like symptoms (the vibrational flu) backaches, headaches, neck pain, digestive problems, muscular spasms and cramps, racing heartbeat,
chest pain, numbness, involuntary vocalizations, or body movements. Some may even experience old health issues that may reappear for healing.

Emotional Symptoms

-Sudden Waves of Emotion- This could be anything....sadness, and crying at the drop of the hat, unreasonable anger, irritation, or RAGE. Glorious JOY, feelings of bliss, happiness or gratitude that brings you to tears, or cause a lump in your throat.

-Depression- Wondering why you are here?
Sometimes feelings of wanting to "go home"

-Becoming easily irritated, impatient, and
intolerant of other people or situations.

-Old issues come back up in your life,
ones you thought you may have resolved, and others you havent yet. You will begin to resolve these issues, either with the person in question or with a "surrogate" who will show up to help you
with them....This is usually not easy to do.

-Emotional and mental confusion: Feeling like
your life is "out of control", and chaotic, or feels like it is in "a mess."

Spiritual Symptoms

- Changing Sleep Patterns- These include:
waking up at a certain time every night (ie; 3am)
Waking up every 2-3 hours (called Triad Sleep)
Getting hot flashes in the night, or night sweats,
or hot feet. Also some people are finding they
dont need as much sleep, and others are sleeping MORE, up to 10 hours or more a day, and others are feeling exhausted all the time.

-Dreaming- This includes more intense, vivid,
and dreams that seem more "real". Many people
are also experiencing alot of "catastrophe"
themes in their dreams also.

-Waking up feeling tired, like you have "worked"
all night, or been "someplace else" with other
people, doing something "important" This could
be that you are going to a different "plane" during
your sleep to do something important, or
astrally projecting. Others report getting mystical messages or information.

-Disturbances with Energy- You may find you
are blowing out lightbulbs or breaking glass from
across the room. Other electrical disturbances
can also happen when you are around your tv, radio,
or computer.

-Episodes of having intense energy that makes you want to get up and get doing something.

-Power surges- These can be felt with overwhelming heat, or some even get cold out of
the blue. It can also be felt with
"waves of energy rolling through you".

-Changes in prayer, meditation, or even
religious beliefs. These include having more
trouble concentrating during meditation, no
longer feeling the need for it, not feeling the same sensations, feeling like you are no longer in
contact with "God", "Spirit" or your guides.
You may no longer resonate with your religion,
and may begin to look in another direction.

-Changes in sexual desire.

-Forgotten memories may re-surface- Body memories,
suppressed memories from this life, and memories from past and parallel lives may begin to come back
to you.

-Memory loss- As you begin to live more and more
in the "NOW", you lose the ability to reference the

- You begin looking younger :)

-Events that completely change your life such
as death, divorce, change in job status, loss of
home, illness and other catastrophes oftentimes, several at once....This may cause you to slow down, simplify, change and re-examine your life.

-A desire to break free from restrictive patterns such as life-draining jobs, consumptive lifestyles,
and toxic people or situations. You begin to
"let go" of people who no longer resonate in your

-Introspection, solitude, and loss of interest in
group activities.

-Bursts of creativity.

-Becoming more intuitive or empathic to others,
experiencing altered states of consciousness,
clairvoyance, out-of- body experiences, and other
psychic phenomena.

-Synchronistic Events are happening more and more- which is Spirit's way of telling
you if you are going in the right direction in your life.

-Perception that time is accelerating, that you never have enough time to do what you need to
do, or that you have big time gaps during the
day- Our perception of time/ space is being

-Communication with Spirit- communication and channeling with angels, your spirit guides, ascended masters, and other divine beings.

-A sense of impendingess- Feelings that something is "going to happen". This can create a sense of anxiety.

-A deep yearning for meaning, purpose, and
spiritual connection in your life-
The material world can no longer fill this longing.

-A sense of "ONENESS" with ALL- Being flooded with
compassion and unconditional love for all life, feeling a part with everything.......

- A feeling that you are somehow "Different",
that you no longer "belong" or "fit in."

-Knowing / Living Your Purpose- Finally knowing what you came to earth for, new skills and gifts are emerging to help you with what you are meant to do.

-Teachers seem to appear just when you need
them- which can appear as people, books, movies, and events. Keep in mind, the teachers
can appear positive or negative, depending on
what you need to learn.

-You find a spiritual "track" that appeals and makes sense to you on the most profound levels.

-You are moving through learning quickly, with personal and spiritual issues much more rapidly-
You sense you are finally "getting it."

-You begin to see/sense invisible presences- Some people report feeling surrounded by beings at night,
or having the sensation of being touched or talked to.
Some will wake with a start, or feel their body or bed
vibrate. You may see beings from other dimensions.

-Feeling closer to animals, rocks and plants-
Realizing that they are all part of the ONE.

-You may begin to get visions, see numbers or symbols of spiritual importance to you- realizing that everything has a message-
Noticing numbers such as 1:11, 11:11, 4:44, 5:55, etc

-Having increased integrity- Speaking your truth,
learning to say "no', becoming who you are, and
leaving relationships where you can not be yourself.

-You begin to come into harmony with the seasons
and the cycles of the earth.

-You may begin to see a person's true form, seeing a loved one with a "different face" ( from a past life or parallel life, or actually seeing someone before you actually meet him / her.

-Beginning to connect/ find your soul families, twin flames and soul mates.

-Physically manifesting thoughts and desire more quickly and efficiently.

-Left-brain fogginess- Difficulties with organization,
problem solving, decision making, sequencing, analysis, mathmatics, memory lapses, placing
words in wrong sequence, unable to read for long
periods, inablility to focus, forgetting what you were going to say, impatience with linear forms of communication, a feeling of spaciness, feeling scattered, feeling bombarded with words, talk, or
information, and a reluctance to write.

-Dizziness- Which may probably man you are ungrouded.


This list of spiritual awakening symptoms have been compiled from various sources including:

Body Changes July 2003
from The House of David Teaching Center
(sorry no address for this one)
and from my own personal experiences :)




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Numbers are used in Scripture, not merely as in Nature, with supernatural design, but with spiritual significance, which may be summarized as follow (The whole subject may be studied in Dr. Bullinger's work on Number in Scripture) :--

One. Denotes unity, and commencement. The first occurrences of words or utterances denote their essential significance, in interpretation. Words that occur only once, in the originals, are emphatic and important. First day, Light. The first occurrences of all important words and expressions are noted in the margin.

Two. Denotes difference. If two different persons agree in testimony it is conclusive. Otherwise two implies opposition, enmity, and division, as was the work of the Second day. Compare the use of the word "double" applied to "heart", "tongue", "mind", &c.

Three. Denotes completeness, as three lines complete a plane figure. Hence, three is significant of Divine perfection and completeness. The third day completes the fundamentals of creation-work. The fourth, fifth, and sixth days are the counterpart and repetition of the first, second, and third, and correspond respectively. (See the structure of Gen. 1, p. 3.) The number, three, includes resurrection also; for on the third day the earth rose up out of the deep, and the fruit rose up out of the earth.

Four. Denotes creative works (3+1), and always has reference to the material creation, as pertaining to the earth, and things "under the sun", and things terrestrial.

Five. Denotes Divine grace. It is 4+1. It is God adding His gifts and blessing to the works of His hands. The Heb. Ha'aretz (the earth), by "Gematria" (i.e. the addition of the numerical value of the letters together) is a multiple of four, while Hashamayim (the heavens) is a multiple of five. The Gematria of Caris (charis), the Greek for Grace, is also a multiple of five. It is the leading factor in the Tabernacle measurements.

Six. Denotes the human number. Man was created on the sixth day; and this first occurrence of the number makes it (and all multiples of it) the hall-mark of all connected with man. He works six days. The hours of his day are a multiple of six. Athaliah usurped the throne of Judah six years. The great men who have stood out in defiance of God (Goliath and Nebuchadnezzar and Antichrist) are all emphatically marked by this number.

Seven. Denotes spiritual perfection. It is the number or hall-mark of the Holy Spirit's work. He is the Author of God's Word, and seven is stamped on it as the water-mark is seen in the manufacture of paper. He is the Author and Giver of life; and seven is the number which regulates every period of Incubation and Gestation, in insects, birds, animals, and man.

Eight. Denotes resurrection, regeneration; a new beginning or commencement. The eighth is a new first. Hence the octave in music, color, days of the week, &c. It is the number which has to do with the LORD, Who rose on the eighth, or new "first-day". This is, therefore, the Dominical number. By Gematria (see above), 'JJjjIhsous (Jesus) makes the number 888. It, or its multiple is impressed on all that has to do with the Lord's Names, the Lord's People, the Lord's works.

Nine. Denotes Finality of judgment. It is 3x3, the product o 989 f Divine completeness. The number nine, or its factors or multiples, is seen in all cases when judgment is the subject.

Ten. Denotes Ordinal perfection. Another new first; after the ninth digit, when numeration commences anew.

Eleven. Denotes disorder, disorganization, because it is one short of the number twelve (see below).

Twelve. Denotes Governmental perfection. It is the number of factor of all numbers connected with government : whether by Tribes or Apostles, or in measurements of time, or in things which have to do with government in the heavens and the earth.

Thirteen. Denotes rebellion, apostasy, defection, dis-integration, revolution, &c. The first occurrence fixes this (Gen. 14:4); and the second confirms it (Gen. 17:25). It, and its multiples, are seen in all numbers, and in the Gematria (see above) of all names and passages that are associated with rebellion, &c.

Seventeen. Denotes a combination of spirit and order (10+7). It is the seventh prime number (as 13 is the sixth prime number).

Other numbers follow the laws which govern the smaller, as being their factors, sums, products or multiples : e.g. 24 is 12x2, a higher form of 12.

25 = 52. Grace intensified.
27 = 33. Divinity intensified.
28 = 7x4. Spiritual perfection in connection with the earth.
29 = 33. Intensifying of Divine judgment.
30 = 3x10. Divine perfection, applied to order.
40 = 10x4. Divine order applied to earthly things. Hence, the number of probation.

The four perfect numbers, 3, 7, 10, and 12, have for their product the remarkable number 2,520. It is the Least Common Multiple of the ten digits governing all numeration; and can, therefore, be divided by each of the nine digits, without a remainder. It is the number of chronological perfection (7x360).

FROM:  http://levendwater.org/companion/append10.html