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On Wikepedia, we see this Triple Goddess symbol

triple goddess symbol



Here are the moon symbols saying the same thing

moon goddess symbol




compiled by Dee Finney

Joe and I were discussing the dream of the Bull I had last night and our Bison/Bull dream page, and he mentioned the earthy-trigon, at which point I got so tired I had to lay down and take a nap. As usual, I had a vision as soon as I lay down.

I saw 3 white circles within each other and 3 women dressed in white sitting within the 3 circles.

I then went into a dream in which I was searching in the Bible to see if the earthy-trigon was in it.


3-17-02 - DREAM - I was in a small town somewhere. There was a small circus coming to town and they were riding horses and driving their animals through the center of town.

As the animals got closer, I saw this huge brown western bull with wide horns looking wild and it came charging up the street. It ran into the horses with the men riding them but that didn't stop him. He was so close, I got scared and turned to run away and ran into a woman standing close behind me.

I was pinned against the woman and the bull caught up to me, opened his mouth and wrapped his big black tongue around my head and wouldn't let go.

The three of us stood there together - my head inside the bull's mouth wit his tongue wrapped around my head, pinned up against the other woman's head.

I could hear the bull breathing down my neck behind my head and he wasn't letting go for any reason.

I started pounding the bull with my fist harder and harder but he didn't let go, so I finally grabbed his tongue and tried to peel it off my head and push him away and that wasn't working either.

Finally, I managed to sock him hard enough in the chest and he finally let go and pulled back and ran down the street.

Then I woke up and discovered I had dreamed it and started telling other people what had happened and they all told me it had happened to them too.


1989 - DREAM - I was going west on Small Rd. I came to the intersection of Calhoun Rd. (172nd St.) For some reason I stopped at a barn on the left side of the road on the west side of Calhoun Rd. (There is no building there) I went into the barn. There was a huge picture window on the north side of the building so I could see everything in that direction. On the west side of the building, there was a double set of doors which opened up. That was the direction I wanted to go, but I couldn't do it because there was a huge black curly haired bull laying at my feet and I had to get past him to go that direction. The bull turned his head and looked at me with his huge brown left eye. It glistened and almost seemed like love emanated from it. Out those doors to the west was a huge green sunny meadow. All I had to do was get past the bull.

8-8-97 Dream/Vision: The woman I was watching was out of control of her life. She went into a ceremony to bring it back under control. There was a huge creature across from her with a bull-like head. She sat on the floor, dressed all in red from head to toe. She wore red stockings and shoes as well. I saw it as very sexual. She had a bowl of water with a candle burning in it placed between her outstretched legs which were spread wide. She chanted a sweet song to the God/Goddess Shimeekah. Joe was sitting to my right in the crystal. I commented to Joe that her ceremony was very Shamanic.

The meaning of the bison dream became more clear when Joe read Isis Unveiled Vol II by H. P. Blavatsky. In her discussion of the Biblical patriarchs being Zodiacal signs, Blavatsky says that Adam, Cain, and Abel form the first triad. Cain presides over the Taurus Bull, which belongs to the earthy trigon. In the Persian 'Avesta', Ormazd produced a being, the source and type of all the Universal beings, called "Life", or "Bull" in the 'Zend'. Ahriman (Cain) kills this being (Abel), from the seed of which (Seth) new beings are produced. Abel means 'son'. Apollo was also 'Abelius,' of Bel. Cain means a "Hermaic Statue, a pillar, the symbol of generation."

The symbolism of the bison/Taurus seems quite similar to "death/destruction/creation", attributed to Kali and her consort Shiva the destroyer God. This is equated to a seed growing into a plant. The seed is destroyed in the process of the plant's growth.

Pythagoras calls three the perfect number, because it has a "beginning, middle, and end", and made it a symbol of Deity. A Trinity (means: threeness) is by no means restricted to the Christian religion. The Brahmins represent their god with three heads.
According to mythology:
1. The world was ruled by three gods [Jupiter/Zeus (heaven), Neptune/Poseidon (sea), and Pluto/Hades (the underworld)]. [Jupiter is represented with three-forked lightning (his thunderbolt), Neptune with a trident, and Pluto had a three-headed dog (Cerberus)].
2. The fountain from which Hylas drew water was presided over by three nymphs.
3. In Scandinavian mythology we have the "Mysterious Three"; that is, Har (High), Jafenhar (Equally High), and Thridi (the Third), who all sat on three thrones in Asgard.
4. (Greek) The HORAE were three sisters; Thallo (Spring), Auxo (Summer), and Carpo (Autumn or Harvest). They were also known as Eunomia (law and order), Dike (justice), and Eirene (peace).
5. (Greek) The FATES (also called the Moerae or Moirai) were three sisters; Clotho (the spinner, who spins the thread of life), Lachesis (the measurer, who allots the lifespan), and Atropos (she who cuts the thread of life).
6. The three Roman "Fates" were called the Parcae.
7. The three Norse "Fates" were called the Norns.
8. (Greek) The GRACES (also known as the Charites) were three sisters; Aglaia (Splendor), Euphrosyne (Mirth), and Thalia (Good Cheer). They were the personifications of beauty and charm (daughters of Zeus and the oceanid nymph Eurynome).
9. The Roman "Graces" were called the Gratiae.
10.(Greek) The FURIES were three sisters; Tisiphone, Megaera, and Alecto. Furies (or Erinyes) were goddesses of vengeance. Born from the blood of Uranus, they punished wrongs committed against blood relatives regardless of the motivation. They were usually represented as crones with bats' wings, dogs' heads, and snakes for hair.
11.(Greek) Anius (a son of Apollo) had three daughters; Oeno (goddess of wine), Spermo (goddess of grain seed), and Elais (goddess of vegetable oil).
12.(Greek)There are three Harpies. They are Aello (storm), Celeno (blackness), and Ocypete (rapid).
13.The Sybylline books are three times three (of which only three have survived).
14.(Greek) The Muses were three times three.
15.The Triple Goddess (many mythologies) represent Maiden, Mother, and Crone.
16.In astrology, a Trigon is the junction of three signs. The Zodiac consists of four trigons; the watery trigon (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), the fiery trigon (Aries, Leo, sagittarius), the earthly trigon (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), and the airy trigon (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).
17.The cardinal colors are three (red, yellow, and blue).
18.The kingdoms of nature are three (animal, vegetable, and mineral).
19. We have Faith, Hope, and Charity (three).


The concept of the Great Goddess as The Triple Goddess, young woman (Maiden), birth-giving matron (Mother), and an old woman (Crone), dates from the earliest ages of mankind. (These attributes were also ascribed to the three phases of the moon; the Maiden, which corresponds to the new moon; the Mother, which corresponds to the full moon; and the Crone, which is the waning moon. These aspects have been used for centuries by many civilizations.) This concept was embraced by many different mythologies from many different parts of the world. The Vikings had the Norns (Urdu/Verdandi/Skuld), the Romans had the Fortunae (Concordia/Salus/Pax), the druids had Diana Triformis, the Greeks had the Moirae, Graeae, Horae, etc.

The Maiden aspect represents enchantment, inception, expansion, the female principle, the promise of new beginnings, youth, excitement, and a carefree erotic aura. She is innocent in some ways, but also a seductress who recognizes the power of her sexuality. Maiden goddesses include: Anatha, Brigid, Nimue, Kore, Persephone, Gerd, Caer, Blodeuwedd. Her traditional color is white.
The Mother is ripeness, fertility, fulfillment, stability, and power. Mother is ripe, full-breasted, at the peak of her womanly powers. She is the one who tenderly rocks the baby, but she is also the lioness who hunts to feed her offspring and will fight to the death to protect them. Mother goddesses include: Aa, Ambika, Anahita, Asherah, Ceres, Coatlicue, Danu, Demeter, Hathor, Ishtar, Isis, Lakshmi, Luonnotar, Nintu, Sheng-Mu. Her traditional color is red.
The Crone is wisdom, retrenchment, repose, and compassion. She is old age, experience, accumulated wisdom and death. She is the gateway to Death, and the guide to Rebirth. Crone goddesses include: Annis, Baba Yaga, Cailleach, Greine, Hel, Maman Brigitte, Oya, Sedna, Skuld, Takotsi, Toci. Her color is black.
Goddesses who embody the triple aspect within themselves include: Brigid (Ireland/Celtic), Carmenta or Carmentis (Roman), Hekate or Hecate (Greek/Anatolia), Helice (Greek), Kali (India), the Morrigan (Ireland/Celtic).
The Primal Goddess, Maha Devi, in India was divided into three goddesses personified as Creator, Preserver and Destroyer (Saraswati, Laksmi and Kali). The three aspects of the Primal Goddess were represented by three kinds of priestesses: Yogini (nubile virgins), Matri (mothers), and Dakini (women elders).
The Morrigan; Celtic Goddess of Destruction/Creation. The Irish triple goddess: Anu (Ana, Nemain), the fertility maiden; Badb, the mother, producer of life; and Macha, the death-crone, symbolized as a carrion-eating raven.
Kore, Demeter and Persephone (or Hekate) created from the original Cretan Rhea.



by Dee Finney

Dream Interpretations

I see a lot of familiar symbols in dreams, such as three people, sometimes three males (sometimes with a female), or three females (sometimes, in each case, the dreamer is included). My theory is that this is related to various ideas about the Trinity. There is a Triple Male Trinity, and each of these have "Consorts," (or the Triple Goddess). Sometimes the Triple Goddess (the three Consorts) are combined into a single feminine figure. The three males along with the single female is said to be "The Perfect Four" (Blavatsky), or the 3 + 1 Quaternity (Jung).

Part of the Great Change, I believe, is the "Return" of the Goddess, corresponding to Isis, Ishtar, Shekinah, Sakti, the Virgin Mary, etc. This is "The Woman With Child," in Revelation 12, I think. In "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2, Blavatsky said the Woman in Rev. 12 is "Isis."

The "little girl," and "washing" is a frequent theme in today's dreams - and in myths. There is often a "problem" with the little girl. In some cases she is held hostage or put away for a time. At this point, my guess is that this corresponds to the feminine aspect (from the Goddess) within each of us. It is our dreaming/intuitive/right-brain side. In the time cycle, the male portion has been dominant. I had a coincidence back in 1990, when I wrote some notes with theories about Adam and Eve, based on dreams. "They" are ONE person, with a large male aspect, and a small, rib-sized, feminine aspect.

I "just happened" to pick up a book right after that - "The Gnostic Gospels," by Jane Pagles. Some 1,600 years ago, one of the Gnostics had a vision speaking of Adam/Eve as one person. Some two years later, I found Blavatsky's work. She calls Adam/Eve "the first androgen." The "Son" in the Trinity is actually a "Child," an androgen having both male and female attributes.

Further, the theory goes, some dreams and myths seem to portray man/mankind as male, and the dreaming/spiritual side of man/mankind as female. This goes along with the idea that we have a much larger Father/male/rational aspect in the time cycle. We have "forgotten," or put-away the feminine aspect for the cycle of time. The Great Change will bring a balanced condition.

A dream about putting shoes on the feet, may be very significant in terms of my theories about the Solar eclipse of 1999. It also reminds me of Cinderella, which had the Triple female symbolism in the negative aspect, as the step-sisters. The Prince uniting with Cinderella may fit with the idea of the duality balance at the end of the "stage play/film."

My dreaming friend, Catherine, had recurring dreams with this theme:

"While my double and I are swimming, a wild storm comes up and we are carried out to sea/the middle of a lake, beyond sight of land. We awake in the morning on a small island with two pine trees. We stay with the trees for awhile then return to the mainland."

In one of the dreams, she reports:

"In swimming back from the island I swim past three girls standing still on wooden poles sticking up out of the water . . . they wear pails on their heads and seem to have one leg amputated from the knee down . . . on second look they are wearing purple socks on one leg. This later tied into other dreams about a foot in each world, the purple/invisible foot entering the spirit world."

I felt that Catherine's dreams were connected to strange "coincidences" involving the two trees in Revelation 11:11, which stand up after three days and a half (see Humanity On The Pollen Path). The two trees are related to Joshua and Zerubbabel in Zechariah 3 and 4. They are the two anointed of the Royal Bloodline, the High Priest and King. I believe this carries a duality symbolism of the inside Self and outside self. In Arthurian/Holy Grail symbolism the two are combined in the Priest/King, which were called the Fisher Kings.

The "island" seems to be one of the symbols concerning humanity in the time cycle. In Biblical terms, this is the 3 1/2 days (or years, or "times"), where the two trees lie dead. Babylon symbolizes the divided condition, and that city was known as "The Island." Also, Revelation 16:20 says, "And every island fled away, and no mountains were to be found."

The "wild storm" may refer the consciousness or emotion in the time cycle, which is anger or fury, evoked by the Babylon harlot of Revelation 17. Interestingly, just before the verse about "every island" fleeing, Revelation 16:19 says, "The great city was split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell, and God remembered great Babylon, to make her drain the cup of the fury of his wrath."

Catherine's "island with two trees" dream where, on returning, she saw "three girls standing still on wooden poles" seems to connect the Triple Goddess symbolism to the other symbols related above.

The great solar eclipse on August 11, 1999, in my theory, connects with the symbolism of the "Royal Bloodline" of Jesus, as the legends say the "Grail," and/or son of Jesus was taken to Cornwall and on to Glastonbury . . . and became the bloodline of the Kings and Queens of England. Here's some sites about the subject:

The Hidden History of Jesus and the Holy Grail - Part 1 - Nexus Magazine

Lost Tribes Of Israel Study Maps - With Link to Each Volume

In Laurence Gardner's, "Bloodline of the Holy Grail," ("The Hidden History" site above is a lecture-review), on page 68, he says the tradition of the Royal Bloodline traces back to the Egyptian custom, where the Pharoah's simi-divine sister-bride used a substance made of Crocodile fat to anoint him. The word of "crocodile" in Egyptian was "messeh," which corresponds to the Hebrew, "Messiah - The Anointed One."

It is found at a later time in ancient Sumer - where Inanna (Ishtar) takes the shepard Dumuzi (Tammuz) as her bridegroom. Still later, this took the form Asherah and El Elohim in Canaan, then to Matronit and Jehovah.

Psalm 23 speaks of it as the Shepherd and the Bride - "Thou preparest a table before me . . . thou anointest my head with oil."

Strangely perhaps, it is through the females that the true dynastic inheritance was held through the bloodline. David attained his kingship by marrying Michal, the daughter of King Saul. In the biblical "Song of Solomon," the verses are about the love between a sovereign bridegroom and his bride. The potion used symbolically for the espousal was an ointment called "spikenard." Solomon, of course, was the son of King David.

Dreams of bicycles fits with a few things. I mentioned the bicycle as a duality symbol in my 1992 article that appeared in the Dream Network Journal. It's now on-line at:

Crop Circle Mystery

I do agree with most dream researchers - the best interpreter of a dream is the dreamer.

Best regards,

Joe Mason


4-13-90 Dream: I went outside and counted 21 jets way up in the sky leaving short white trails that gave away their position. They were heading East.

I went back into the house to tell someone about it. I went right back outside and saw a green circular light come up over the Northeast horizon. It looked like the moon hanging in the sky, but I knew that the moon always came up orange or yellow and then turn white. This round light stayed green.

I knew that when UFOs come everything turns hazy and you don't know what you're doing and you lose time.

I was imprinted with a list of instructions numbering 12 or 18. If they were followed in numerical order, they would be meaningless and nothing would happen. They had to be followed in reverse order.

I went inside the house where there were two other women. The three of us were to sit down together to write down these instructions in reverse order so they could be followed.

I then was looking through pads of colored paper . The instructions had to be written on fresh paper with no other marks on it and it had to be on the right color paper. I felt as though this was a test, but the three of us were to do it together.

by Dee


7-9-97 3.a.m. I put a Tantra Twin crystal under my pillow. I had an instant vision of a large door opening and I walked inside the door.

I then went into a dream where I entered a white house and was moving white furniture around within the room. It was like in a doll-house with no ceiling.

In the morning, I had more visions, the first of which told me that I would no longer need my friend Joe to give me messages on the Instant messages on my computer. I could get them for myself.

I then heard a male voice announce something which I missed, but then he also announced 1435 Chestnut. (This has to be analyzed)

I then dreamed all night that the crystal was being programmed with numbers and symbols. I knew that if Joe saw the numbers and symbols he would know how it was programmed.

Morning meditation: It was being interfered with by trash truck noise outside which was very annoying.

A voice asked me: "What's the matter?"

I said, "I locked myself out of that other door?"

I made another comment, then heard Joe laughing, "Well! You're going to have to do something about it sooner or later."

I then saw three women wearing white slacks. Each one was on a higher level. The first one had a blue silk shirt on, the second one had a pink silk shirt on, the third one had a white silk shirt on. All had long dark curly hair and all stood with their arms folded like guards. They were impassive. (Joe tells me these were Goddesses)

I found myself standing in front of an ancient door. It was large, weatherbeaten and battered. I was standing in a hallway like a hospital and could see a bright light down at the other end. A short man came rushing down the hall towards me and opened the door for me. The door opened and beyond it was all white light. I walked through the door.

On the ceiling was a huge crystal light fixture brilliantly lit with white light. I thought, "I am enthralled".

Moving towards the left I went past walls that created bays where various tools and machines were kept. On the far left bay which was brilliantly lit, the ceiling as at least 30 feet high and many tools were hanging from the ceiling from cords as well as stored on the floor.

I went to the right and crossed a hallway that led way down to the left with a bright light at the end. In this hallway, there were a series of boxes stacked along one side. I was told by a voice that there were 27 and these were my lives.

A spanish-looking workman dress all in blue came along, looking perplexed like he didn't know what he should do. He asked someone on my right, "What should I do?" On my right, I heard Joe's voice laughingly say, "You're going to have to show her sooner or later."

I then knew that he had 84 things to show me.


9-19-97 - Visions - After Joe and I made love, I closed my eyes and saw three women come across the street towards us. Each one had a little black purse. The one who seemed to be the oldest had a look on her face like she knew something was going on and she had to see what it was.

When they faded out, I saw four people going along a concrete divider/railing. Two men were on the right side, an older white haired man and a younger man. On the left side of the railing was a mother and her son four or five years old. They were looking at the divider/railing and running their hands on it like they were examining it.


9-20-97 - Visions - Following seeing the family in the previous visions, the word 'doric' popped into my mind.

Looking up the word 'doric' on the Internet, brought up pictures of the Roman Doric temple and myths and stories of Gods and Goddesses.

Vision - Following looking on the Internet, I had another vision . I saw the temple "Roman Doric" (which was a drawing of 'doric' type architecture.) I saw two people dressed in white enter the temple and go behind the facade of it. When they emerged, the man of the two brought out in his arms, a fan shaped array of white books of which I believe there were 12.



I went to the hotel I was going to manage. There didn't seem to be any bosses to ask questions of, but there were lots of people with needs and who needed help. Nobody was being fed to start with. I went to the kitchen and found meat half ground up for sausage, but the machine was dirty, the sausage half dried up.

I cranked the handle once and it was a mess, the old dried up meat was mixed with the new meat. I knew I'd have to throw out all the old meat and start over fresh.

For every task that needed a machine, I saw 100 machines standing there waiting to be used to do the job, but there was nobody doing the jobs and the machines were old and antiquated and not up to the task of the modern day life style.

Every time someone came up to me, I had to find a solution to the problem, find a machine to do the job and find a person who could do the job. This went on for hours and hours and I saw hundreds and hundreds of types of machines. They were all white and all lined up waiting for workers to turn them on to do their job.

I went upstairs and looked out the window where the sun was shining brilliantly. I felt like I had been asleep for years. I heard water running in the bathroom. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:30 a.m. and my mother was in the bathroom getting washed up to start the day and she had needs to be taken care of.

I went back downstairs feeling quite naked and undressed for work. A woman brought me a beautiful heavy brocade, multicolored robe to put on that one of her ancestors had worn. It was really heavy but when I put it on, it fit perfectly like it was made for me, and it felt wonderful to wear it.

Three women came up to me. One of them was black. They began to sing a song about God and how God had said he would provide a wagon for every task that needed doing. In my mind I knew that I had had a dream earlier in the night about a wagon my children had brought me full of books and I knew that if I looked in the Concordance to the Bible I'd find the answers to my dreams in that way because the symbolism was in the Bible.

I took the black woman by the hand, and she in turn took the hand of the next woman, and that woman in turn took the hand of the next woman. They continued singing about God, and I led them to the next room where my baby was being cared for.

I went into the room where my baby was and asked for the baby. The woman caring for the baby had him wrapped in a black towel. I took the baby from her to hold him. She started to hand me all kinds of other things to care for him, a pink diaper bag and hundreds of bottles of formula. I said, "No! You can keep all those things and throw away all the old formula, I will be feeding the baby from my own breast and nurse him back to health.

I told the singers to stand there and keep singing their songs and carried the baby with me to the kitchen where people were lining up to be fed.

There were workers appearing now also, and I gave each one a small task to do and overall the first step towards feeding the people would get done.

I heard a lion roar out the window and saw a magnificent lion roaring, sensing danger over the hill which was quite near. I knew there wasn't much time to get done what had to be done because something was on the other side of that hill coming towards us that we needed to be prepared for.

A man came and asked me for help. He said he needed a train engine to perform a particular task. I told him that all the trains we had were too old for the task, but I'd get him a new modern engine to handle the job.

At that moment, I knew why I had spent the last 11 years learning how to problem solve, because no matter what the problem was, I knew how to find the solution to it. I asked the man to bring me the yellow pages from the phone book, intending to find a train engine manufacturer, to make a new engine for the man.

Then I asked another person where the light switch was for the hotel and I went over and pushed the button and all the lights came on. We were now ready to start the day's work.



10-26-97 - DREAM - I was at a small school where we were going to be rehearsing for a stage play. One of the other people was a beautiful black woman. While we were changing clothes to put costumes on,s he kept admiring my breasts and telling me how beautiful they were. I thanked her. Her own weren't bad, just not quite so big. She went on and on about my beautiful breasts and I started to get an odd feeling that she meant to do me harm because of it. Finally, it became clear that she meant to kill me. I grabbed her purse and a small silver knife fell out of it. I picked up the knife and said I would hold it until the play was over.

My Mother and daughter came to be in the play too. I intended to go home with them. All of a sudden, a huge wind came up, like a hurricane, only stronger, and knocked all three of them down unconscious. I went over to the black woman to see if she was dead. Then I jumped up and down on her body a few times to make sure.

I went to the office to call 911 but the phone was dead. Then my Mother and daughter came back to consciousness and we went home.


10-30-97 - DREAM - I was getting ready for work and a series of people came through my apartment. A man named _____? came and hugged me. I had promised to marry him but I didn't love him. I loved someone else and wanted to marry that man but there were no promises between us (Joe). So, I knew it was better that I be alone (Gag):-) rather than marry someone I didn't love.

I went to work then, and came across a car with three old women in it. The car was perched on top of a rock pile of steps and the back wheels were hanging off into the air precariously. The women were trying to get out of the car without making the car fall off the rock steps. I asked them if they had called a two truck and they said, "Yes!"

I went into the office and the box came in and went into his office but I didn't see him. I was cleaning out cabinets and drawers because nothing fit where it had been. I took the cover off a box of envelopes to see if it would fit better. Meanwhile, I was hearing a male voice in my right ear giving me instructions, but I couldn't quite understand him. My immediate boss, Mr. Reich, came in and commented that it was good that I knew how to keep busy when the boss was in the office.

I opened another cabinet to see if there was room for the envelopes but the cabinet was full of musical piano rolls, all pre-programmed to play. On the floor to my right was a pile of pennies and other things I had to find the proper place to put them.


10-30-97 - DREAM - I went to a movie theatre on Teutonia Ave. and sat in the audience. In the seat ahead of me sat three fat women, each one sitting on the other's lap. The one on the top was "Roseanne (she called herself a 'domestic goddess') on her comedy show.

While I was there, I assisted people to find people who didn't want to be seen there and were hiding out. I met a man there and kidded with each other about feeling guilty for making other people face up to who they really were.

While I was with this man, I saw a bill that I had to pay extra for using Cute Ftp. (I'll have to check on this)


12-10-97 - VISION - I saw a symbol like a crop circle with a circle with 3 arms. They told me I was part of a trinity which made me part of the spiritual, dream, physical connection.

NOTE: On 2-21-98, we received a crop circle magazine in the mail, and lo and behold we saw this pattern which so resembled by dream. I had NOT known of it's existence prior to this. It had been discovered on Aug. 5, 1997. Here are the details of it:

DETAILS: This circle with three arms appeared in a field of ripe wheat in the field next to the 1995 double ringed circle in rape (Sx 1995/001) All crop was laid clockwise or away from the centre. Some stalks noticeably around the edge, were laid in the opposite direction, much like the Newhaven formation. A bowl-like depression was observed in the centre of rotation, a common occurrence often noticed in Sussex formations and not indicative of being man-made. Short, green barley stems growing within the formation were still standing upright. Although the pattern had been present for several days and was clearly visible from the road, it wasn't reported until one day before harvest. The full survey was carried out on what remained two days later.


7-5-98 - 12:10 a.m. DREAM - I was visiting someone. There was a piano there with a thick beige book on the music rack. The music was in the last 1/4 of the book an was written in all whole notes, played very slowly, with long sounding notes. The piano reverberated the notes and it sounded like an organ.

When I had finished played, I closed the book. Some girls came in then and wanted to know if I knew how to play. I said, "Yes!" and they said they wanted to hear me play something.

At first I hit a very discordant chord, but then I found the music in the book and I again was able to play the piano like an organ again.

I then went out in the lobby and sat on the couch waiting for Joe to come back from somewhere. While I was sitting there, I had a long tube which was see-thru but hollow. I was pushing this long, long tube farther and farther down my throat which made the tube go down the circuit to the other end of my computer circuit where the sound and information came from. In the office where the computer was, 3 women were working there. They saw the tube come out at the other end of the computer. One woman said to the tube,"Hello Dolores!" The sound echoed in my head really loud. Then the other two women saw the tube and they all three started saying, "Hello Dolores! Hello Dolores!" and their voices echoed in my head. It was so loud, I couldn't stand having all three women talking at the same time, so I started pulling the tube back out of my mouth and it was coiling up on the floor in front of me It was just too much sound for me to handle.

There was a young man, dressed in a light brown suit sitting on the couch next to me. He struck up a conversation. I told him the story of the tube going to the computer and the too loud sounds like it belonged to someone else. I was too embarrassed to tell him it was me.

It was time to leave there and it seemed this was a place where you had to be over 55 to live there. There were a lot of people sitting around, including the manager who said she had just come back from vacation. She said she didn't want to work anymore and wanted to be on permanent vacation. In my mind I was thinking that I hoped she would quit because then I could apply for her job.

The people were talking about their rent was going to go up when their leases ran out. One man had his wife sitting with him and she had a job at which she had gotten a 10 cent an hour wage increase. He wanted to know if he rent would go up. I told him that their total financial picture would be re-evaluated when their Lease was up and their rent might indeed go up.

Another woman who was a nurse said that her wage-increase had been 10 cents an hour and wanted to know if her rent would go up. I gae her the same advice, that her financial situation would be evaluated when her Lease was up and her rent might indeed go up.

When we were leaving and going down the stairs to the door, I could hear an old woman bitching how she never gets to go anywhere. She was bellyaching and bellyaching that she never go to go anywhere and this was while she was going down the stairs going somewhere with the rest of her family. We were standing at the bottom of the stairs laughing at her, because she kept complaining that she never got to go anywhere while she was actually going somewhere.

I went to visit my mother and father. My father had had two heart attacks in recent days, but he had forgotten what the pain had felt like and was doing okay and walking around like normal.

My mother said that the day before, my Father had not come downstairs at all, and she hadn't gone upstairs to feed him either. She had just let hi lay there because he was supposed to come down every day.

I was with my family then. We were visiting a house and it was time for the children to go to bed. Before they could go to bed they had to go to the bathroom. I seemed to be temporarily in charge of this little boy and I could feel that his pants were wet. I took him to the bathroom and opened the door and discovered an older woman was sitting on the toilet going #2. I kind of said, "Oops! Sorry!" but she was done and left the room. I pulled down the pants of this little boy who morphed into a little girl. I held her on the toilet and she did #2. I then took some wipette type things to clean her butt. I got her ready for bed. While I was doing this another woman came into the room and saw me cleaning the little girl's butt. I was hoping that the woman didn't think I had done something naughty with the little girl just because I had wiped her butt in getting her cleaned up for bed.

We went to the opposite side of the same house where I and my children were climbing this huge ornate and plush carpeted stairway. It was a stairway that curved up to the right. The carpet on the stairs was royal blue. The steps were not even, some treads were narrower than others. It was difficult climbing the stairs. We were more or less crawling up the stairs using our hands as well as our feet like climbing a mountain. Someone made the comment that only my children had the right to go up that stairway because they were of the right bloodline. Their cousins wouldn't be allowed to go up there because they didn't have the right mother.

When we got to the top of the stairs, it was very plush and ornate, persian tye carpeting, very thick and rich, and the rooms were huge. Someone commented that there were 60 rooms up there and I was hoping we'd get to see them all.

I came to a young girl about age 2 who seemed to be my daughter. She was sitting there spitting out a piece of candy. She had wanted to eat one that was shaped like a peanut and actually had peanut butter inside of it; and the one she had put in her mouth was just solid candy with NO peanut butter in it.

Later, I was with this same girl. She was driving a car and I was the passenger. (She was a young adult now) We were driving north on Teutonia Ave. She wanted to know how to spell the word 'peanut'. We were driving past a string of restaurants with other words like PIZZA, PITA BREAD, but I knew there was one with the word 'peanut' but we had driven past too fast. I told her to go around the block and I'd show her the sign that said the word "peanut." T

This neighborhood was very dark and I was afraid that something might happen, but she drove with confidence. We made a left turn onto Center St. We couldn't go around the block because 14th St. was a one way street going north. So we proceeded to 15th St. and made a left turn. I told the girl who was driving that my Father lived on 16th St.which was just one block over.

I then noticed that it was no longer dark but bright and sunny. The street was newly paved and there was a bridge ahead we had to cross.

We had to stop dead in our tracks though because in the center of the bridge were two young men, beating each other over the head with hockey sticks. They must have been from opposite teams because one was dressed in red and one dressed in blue.

We were too scared to go past them, so we turned around to go back. Our car had morphed into two secretarial chairs with wheels on the 4 legs. Behind us though, was a trio of hockey players with sticks, all dressed alike, but there were two boys and a girl between them.

We were scared because we didn't have any sticks to defend ourselves with.

I turned and looked back at the first two hockey players who were not standing arm in arm in the middle of the bridge.

I turned the other way and saw the trio of hockey players advance towards us in perfect unison, they skated in a line with their bodies moving in a curving S shape as their feet rolled across the pavement towards us.

I thought our best defense was to just stare at them in the eyes and as I did, I saw a reflection of myself but it was like it was a face from a different lifetime because the shape of the nose was different, straight and not sloped like mine is now and the hair was darker. The trio of hockey players and we two, my daughter and I, kind of slid past each other until they were on the bridge and we were back on Center St.

I wondered if these young hockey players had come across the river from the East side, and what their purpose was for coming across the river.

7-5-98 - VISION I then saw three old white haired ladies, standing in a corn field. The third one in moved to the end place. They wore old fashioned dresses.


8-18-98 - DREAM - I worked in a very large company. It was owned by a very rich powerful family. In my office were 3 wonderful computers One of the men showed me how to access special channels both on audio and video that no one else could get besides being able to do regular work. You could also play video films on these computers. There were various channels on these channels on these computers as well. One button was called FIND, and you push in that button plus one of the channels which were 777, family, sports, and four others I can't remember.

Joe, the maintenance man, asked me to print out some maps from the sports channels on boxing matches. There was one for each button below the sports channel. It appeared there were 12 levels. I started printing them out. Some were just one page, some were multiple pages except the bottom most one which didn't seem to have on programmed for it yet.

I began doing that when 2 women came in, one older and one younger. The older one, a grandmotherly type wanted to see a particular program on the computer. I attempted to access it for her without letting her know I was printing out the instructions for Joe. I suggested we try the family channel and showed her how to press FIND, and then the channel one wanted but we couldn't find what she wanted. I suggested it was probably on video but we didn't have that one handy, so the two women began to leave. I knew they were deposing the old woman. This almost seemed like a strictly structured family and when the younger woman wanted to take the leadership role, the old one had to be put away.

I didn't like knowing this information, but I was caught up in the drama of it non-the-less. what the younger woman didn't know was that the men in the family planned to depose the younger woman too and replace her with ME, because one of the 3 powerful brothers had a crush on me.

The old woman was deposed first in the huge basement of this building. I knew what was going on and had high anxiety over it, but had to do what I had to do and not give away the fact that I 'knew' at the same time. I also felt the need to 'cover up' what was going on at the same time.

I went down into the basement not to find the body of the old woman but to help hid the fact that she was deposed and began turning off lights in the various rooms so on one could see in.

The man who had done the deposing was there as well, and I went around turning off the lights while he went around doing what he had to do to distract others from knowing what he had just done.

The three powerful brothers had each a beautiful wife. The brothers were tall like 6'6" or so, dark haired, and muscular, and the wives were all tall and blonde like Joan Lunden, Princess Diana, and one other I didn't see.

The one who was married to the Joan Lunden type had a crush on me. All of the brothers knew this but the wives didn't.

Now that the old woman was deposed, the Joan Lunden type one had to do all her work and she was trying to get water delivered to her three houses which they owned, one of which was at 1919 W. Marina. I couldn't imagine how she kept three homes clean and running well, but that was her job.

While she was on the phone, I went to deliver the printed out sheets to Joe and was more or less waylayed by one of the three brothers. He had a crush on me and wanted to fool around with me and depose his wife and replace her with me.

At this point, I was naked from the waist up and when I went to the room where the three brothers were, I had to excuse my state of undress as I seemed to surprise them of my presence.

They understood then what was going on and helped the brother I was going to be with, but didn't say anything outwardly.

At the same time, I was trying to go home and avoid being a party to this double triad of people in this family, because I knew eventually, as powerful as these men were, I'd eventually have to be deposed as well.

The brother I was with was ushering me through the 1st floor hallway to take me to one of the homes. as we were walking through the hallway, I saw one of the other brothers usher his wife quickly into an elevator to take her upstairs so she wouldn't be aware of what was going on.

We came to another set of elevators on the other side of the hallway where only black people were using it. They had so many people in the elevator, they couldn't get the doors closed. So we helped push them farther onto the elevator so they could get the door closed and go upstairs.

We went farther along the hallway towards the back of the building and came to a place where there was a huge square blonde oak platform built on the floor and there were 12 men sitting on it. They seemed like regular men and their wives sat alongside the platform taking care of the little children. The men were sitting around doing the planning of what they were going to do while the women watched and cared for the children.

The people were all in the way so we couldn't pass through the corridor and the men didn't move to make way for us either, so the brother I was with challenged these men to a fight.

In a booming voice he said to them, "I'll take you all on one by one. The men looked excited to do this, like they expected to win over this tall man who was challenging them.

So, I helped clear the platform of all the men so the battle could begin, then I helped the women and children to leave so they wouldn't have to watch the battle.

I felt at this point like I was actually going to escape my still dreaded fate, but as we went around the corner to the back hallway, one of the women asked me if I would take care of her children. She said, "Nicholas really likes you." I had to say, "Yes!" I didn't feel I could refuse to take care of her little son and his smaller sister, but at the same time, I felt trapped and there was no escaping what was going to happen.


4-8-98 - DREAM - I was living in a house on the east side of town. Three women slept on one side of the hall and three men slept on the other side of the hall. The women were Barbara Bertinelli, Pat (my friend) and a tall regal looking woman who was my mother. She looked like a cross between Princess Diana and Princess Grace.

The man was Jack from One Life to Live, my husband Jim and I think E.R. but it probably was someone younger.

Our children lived in another house at 121 Robbins not far away.

It was 7:45 am. or quarter to 8. We were all going to be late for work because we didn't get up early enough.

I was looking for slacks to wear but the only ones there were 7 or 8 pair of brown and blue slacks laid out on a bench, each with a belt in the waistband.

Barbara Bertinelli came across the hall where I was and asked if anyone wanted her hair rollers and fingernail polish. The rollers were all yellow and held together by strands of long dark hair.

There were what looked like three rows of 4 rollers. I took them and placed them and placed them on top of a small brown book which was on top of a blue suitcase which was on the floor.

There appeared a big German Shepherd dog in a gateway between the rooms. He was like a guard dog. He did not belong to me. He came down into the room with us. When I put the rollers down on the book, Barbara questioned the wisdom of that, but I told her that I didn't have any dogs or children to disturb it.

The man I haven't identified said that there was a dog and a puppy in the house but he was giving it to the children.


5-8-98 - VISION/VOICE - I heard the words, "Politics from Heaven" A female asked, "Are you a minister?" Then I saw three white goddesses dressed in white lace and pearls with silver crowns upon their heads.


9-19-98 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. My picture was hung on the wall where the clock used to hang. when my sister was born, she had her picture hung next to mine. As the years went by, our pictures looked more and more alike because of the family resemblance. Later still, our cousins so-called picture was added. Now, we didn't really have faces, just outlines of ourselves that were so much alike, I felt rather strange to see the resemblance between the three of us. By the time so-called pictures of two more relatives were added to the collection hanging on the wall, we couldn't event tell who was who anymore. Then as more and more relatives were added, we didn't even have pictures or names anymore just chemical symbols more or less, but with just one or two letters different, because we were so alike we could just barely tell each other apart anymore, we didn't even get our pictures hung up, out letter symbols were just listed on a piece of paper. By then, I was feeling very distressed, we hardly were unique individuals anymore.


9-27-98 - DREAM - I was at home and wanted to go to the mall. For some reason I took my motorcycle. (Oh! yeah! They took my car away from me yesterday! :-) ) I got out on the highway and a truck pulled out in front of me with three girls in the back, standing up. They were out of control and came to a fast stop up ahead of me and all three girls fell out of the truck onto the highway. Two of the girls managed to scramble to their feet and get out of the way of traffic, but the third one (a blonde) wasn't so lucky and must have hit her head and was unconscious on the road. The guy who had been driving dragged her off the highway by the arm.

I looked up to check the light to see if it was red or green as traffic got moving again. My motorcycle wasn't acting right and then I realized I now had my foot on the gas at the same time I had the brake on. That felt stupid. Again I checked the light to see if it was red or green. I saw again that it was green. There was a huge intersection ahead of me with roads going in many different directions. I didn't know which road to take and my motorcycle wasn't acting right, so I pulled over across the street to where there was a mall and stood with my motorcycle in the street. I could see I was going to be in the way where I was because I was in the bus lane where they picked people up. I was pushing the motorcycle up hill at this point and it was hard but I had to figure out which way to go.

I turned the motorcycle around and tried to figure out which road to take to go back home because this was a divided highway and the roads went every which way. From my vantage point I could see a way to go around the block to the left and go back home and thought I would do that. So, I got astride the motorcycle to go again. The motorcycle was angled down toward the front at a strange angle. When I took a good look at it, I could see the front tire had a big hole blown in it which must have happened when I had to stop fast when I tried to avoid hitting the girls that fell out of the truck.

Now I didn't have any choice, I had to push my motorcycle all the way home against traffic. I made sure I wasn't in anyone's way and saw I was far enough off the road so I wasn't in anyone's traffic lane. It was a long walk, uphill all the way, and pushing my motorcycle all the way home.


10-5-98 - DREAM - The scene started on 16th St. and changed mid-dream to like Jackson St. apartments but the building was not like reality.

On 16th St. I needed to go up to Center St. and get my mail at a post office box on the street. To do that, I had to take a computer gadget with me that was quite large like the UPS guys use where they punch in some number and a lazer beam scans the item's numbers sticker before they deliver it.

I had just gone outside and the regular mailman arrived with regular mail, so I took that mail and went back into the house with it, then started out again up the street.

I was about half way up the block when friend of mine was coming towards me going in the other direction. (I'm calling her Alyse/Donna but I know it is something else I can't remember. After the dream was over I recalled that this is the same woman who jumped off the 3rd floor balcony in real life at my Jackson St. apartment building to commit suicide and I had held her hand while we waited for the ambulance. She had broken both ankles and both arms in the fall, but was otherwise uninjured. While she was in the hospital from her injuries and getting her mind back to thinking more clearly, we had moved her stuff to a first floor apartment so she couldn't do such a thing again.) (Her name was Linda)

She was walking along quite fast and she tripped and fell. She didn't cry out at all, but it was obvious she broke her leg. She got back up and tried to walk but it was too painful. I examined her leg closely. Her right leg was bent sideways at an odd angle right above the ankle. It was turning blue at one point and was already swollen. We were too far from her apartment to walk her all the way there, and I didn't want to leave her laying on the lawn either. So, I helped her to her feet and she hobbled back to my building and we stopped in a tiny room at the back of my apartment building. (We were now on Jackson St.)

There was tiny cubicle of a room. She sat on the floor and I planned to go get a rolling chair from my apartment and bring it back, roll her to where my car was parked, stash the chair in the trunk of my car, drive her around the block to her apartment, and roll her back upstairs on the rolling chair so she could decide if she wanted to call the ambulance or not.

It was getting chilly outside, so we traded her pink bathrobe for a white blanket that was there. I covered her with the white blanket and I put on her pink bathrobe. She curled up in a corner and I told her not to worry, I would come back for her.

That was easier said than done. When I got to my building's front door, it had changed. When I opened the front door, there were a series of 5 brown screen doors inside that slid sideways. Another woman had to show me how they worked. Inside the lobby, it was very dark until my eyes got used to the light. Inside the carpet was green with a colorful pattern on it. (like a Persian carpet) While I waited for the elevator, an older tenant came tumbling along the hallway, actually doing tumbling rolls and lips and ended up doing a backflip off of a bench and landed on his feet right next to me. He planted a kiss on my lips and from the look in his eyes, I knew he'd behave himself because he looked like he adored me. He had a reddish personage, reddish skin, ruddy skin. I can't remember what color clothes he wore, but I'd describe him as 'puckish' like a jester.

On the way to my apartment upstairs after I got off the elevator, I met numerous people with needs. Three old ladies came looking for along fluorescent light tubes. They said it was quite dim where they were. I sent them to the maintenance room across the hall that was divided into three sections. I directed them to the correct section which was brightly lit, whereupon they were prevented from entering by Jim, my assistant (he was from my New Berlin complex, not Jackson St.) Two other ladies came along who had just moved in and I asked them which apartments they had moved into so I could mark them off on my sheet. I went into my apartment to get the rolling chair and when I did, I got a vision of my friends vital signs like the ambulance had already arrived and as the vital signs came up on the screen, her ankles were called Mars Mars!


10-11-98 - DREAM - I was seeing several e-mails on a computer and it seemed it was a series of arguments about various subjects, but I was seeing only the titles of the arguments and not the arguments themselves.Then it got to the bottom and it said, 'STOP MAIL' STOP MAIL'.

I then went outside and the whole air was dark brown. I thought that was really strange so I looked up into the sky and saw a full, complete, total eclipse of the the sun. The sun was very small, so the moon covering it looked even smaller. I could see the golden corona of the sun around the moon which looked like a round dot.

Then suddenly, it looked like the sun exploded and dozens of small 5 pointed golden stars flew out of the sun in every direction.

I said, "Oh my God! The sun is exploding!" But after the stars flew out of the sun, the sun, still in full eclipse was still there.

I called it to everyone's attention who was nearby and then went back into the building.

My apartment was full of people. Everyone I've known in the last 20 years was there and lots of children I didn't know. Everyone was standing around talking and it had a party atmosphere.

An insurance agent of some kind came in and said he needed to see me. He showed me a sheet of paper with brown writing on it. It was the verbatim arguments of three women of which I was one of them according to him. I saw the names of the other two women and as I recall they were psychic-type women.

According to the insurance guy, I was determined the victor of the argument and as the one who was vindicated, I was being given an award.

He handed me a tall grey metal box that was very thin but wide and I opened it and it was an apartment key box with all the keys hanging on pegs inside. I thanked him and noticed that on the very bottom of this box were two extra keys and padlocks. They were very small less than an inch long. I asked what they were for. He told me they were for the two storage rooms in the basement that the outside contractors used for themselves that no one else had access to. He said that I may as well avail myself of the material there rather than use my own.

I was really pleased with that, so I went downstairs and opened the door. Inside, it was like a grocery store, not that there was a lot of stuff, but what was there was BIG, and on top was the biggest bottles of yellow mustard and red ketchup I've ever seen.

I went back upstairs where the children were getting out of hand. All the kids were in the bedroom on top of the bed and they were trying to do every thing all in the same space. Some were trying to get their homework done, some were trying to build things with legos, some were playing with dolls and some were searching through a big mess of toys trying to decide what to play with.

So, I had to separate the children depending on what task they were doing. The ones who needed to finish their homework were moved out to a white counter in another room, and the other children were moved to different areas depending on what they were doing.

Then I went back to where the older teens and the adults were still chatting and our grandson Ethan came in singing a little song, "Jesus loves me and I let him in." It had a 3rd line which I can't recall, but I asked him if he would sing it to the whole group. At this point I called him Bill and told the group that Bill wanted to sing for them. I picked Ethan up so he was at their level and everyone gathered around and Ethan sang his little song,"Jesus loves me and I let him in," plus the 3rd line I can't remember.

The instant he stopped singing, one of the women in the group whom I knew well, began to pass out what looked like menus and I thought it was for a pizza place. Then she sat down in front of the windows. She was blonde with curly, shoulder length hair, wore a peach colored dress and peach colored lipstick to match. As the sun streamed in the window behind her, she literally glowed with a translucent quality, that surprised even me. She began to tell the women that she had set up a shop at a place that looked like HALL on the sheet but she said Pizzaro where they could learn to look like her, and I woke up.


10-26-98 - DREAM - I seemed to be in a school of some type, one where I lived as well as learned, one where I also taught people and children younger than me.

There was work going on out in the yard and our laundry was hanging on the lines, large items like sheets and blankets. The workmen need the space to work in and shoved out laundry aside, but there was still a white bed coverlet that needed to go out on the line. It was folded in quarters when I found it laying on the ground between two buildings. I had to think about how to hang it up because I had no clothespin so I hung it over the line with half on each side and knew I would have to watch it so the wind wound't blow it away. I sat in the livingroom watching the shadow of the sheet on the wall, blowing in the wind outside in the sunlight.

As I sat there, I saw a little orange kitten come out from under a large livingroom chair. As I watched, 5 more came out, one at a time until there were 6, and then the mother appeared to care for them.

As soon as the cat and the kittens were walking into the next room of the house, a baby golden lion cub came tumbling out from under the same chair I knew it was a lion cub rather than an ordinary cat because of his rounded ears and he was chubbier.

As I watched, another golden lion cub appeared one by one until there were 6. They were very small but I knew they grew to adult size in two months and I knew the mother lion would appear in a moment to care for them in her way.

I noticed then that school was done for the day. I walked out into the lobby and saw some hand drawn pictures done by the students, hanging on the wall up by the ceiling.

I went outside and saw the students going every which direction to go home. But there were 3 boys who looked like brothers who stood closely together and they were waiting for a bus. I saw them originally standing on the main street on the other side of the intersection, but no bus came, so they came over towards where I was standing to wait for a bus.

A huge, oversized - silver bus came along and pulled up to the curb where I stood. He opened the door and waited for the 3 boys to get on. But the boys were hesitant to get on the bus by themselves and I walked over to help them. The bus driver got off the bus to help too and I told him that the boys shouldn't get on the bus without their parents.

While we were standing there, the bus driver came over to talk to me until the boys parents showed up. We went back into the building then and I was telling the bus driver the story of the 3 gods, then of the kittens, followed by the lions. The bus driver was so enthralled by the story, he kept getting closer and closer to me. It wasn't until then I noticed how huge this guy was ad that he was wearing a red and white striped polo shirt instead of a green bus driver's uniform. I got concerned about the bus and said, "Don't you have a bus to drive?" He got closer to me and said, "I'm just a student!" I was very uncomfortable having him be that close and expected him to go back out and drive the bus.

Meanwhile, I walked back into my livingroom. There, on a table were three packets of jewelry belonging to three young girls. They didn't seem to be interested in having the jewels once they got them and just let them lay around on the table. So, I began to put the jewelry back into the cases into the pockets where they belonged. I decided I would keep them myself if the girls didn't come back to get them.


11-1-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were living in a rented house out in the country. We didn't know it, but the landlord was selling the property and the Real Estate lady came over to discuss the deal with a guy who wanted it. He had obviously lived in the house before because he had a key to it. I started getting all upset because the man was going in and out of the house leaving his junk behind and dumping trash in the yard. I begged Joe to do something and ask the guy for the key, but Joe said to just ignore it. There were 30 days to move even if he bought the house and the deal wasn't even sealed yet because in the other room 7 black women were waiting to put in a bid on the house. I went into the room with them because I would much rather have them own the house than the mean man, but when they all got out their credit cards and wallets they didn't have enough credit or cash to buy the house. They wanted the house really bad though so I left them to figure out their finances and went back into the other room where 3 guys sitting on tall stools were in the middle of the room with the Real Estate lady.

The Real Estate lady introduced me to the 3 men and we stood in the room and put our heads together in a circle and exchanged loving energies. But, the Real Estate lady saw another couple in the corner. The girl was sitting on a chair right in the corner. She had dark hair and a huge dark eyebrows and no makeup.

I introduced the 3 men to her. I told them that she was the Queen of Oklahoma. They immediately surround her and put their heads together in a loving circle. However, I knew what they were up to. All the cared about was that she was a celebrity. She wasn't at all pretty, but she had a title.

I had been hired to do a mailing...stuffing envelopes. Three women came with the stuff...the envelopes and inserts. There were 2000 of them and they wanted them done by 8:00 a.m. they said they wanted people to 'have a choice'.

In the closet, up on a shelf, one woman found all the envelopes and some inserts. She said that if I ran out of inserts I could get them at the office downtown, and I wouldn't get paid until I turned in all the receipts at the bank across the street from the office. Again they reminded me that it had to be done by 8:00a.. in the morning.

Then they brought in some plastic shapes that also had to be stuffed into the envelops. Each envelope had to have a black and white paper brochure, a black plastic insert shape and a white insert shape. I didn't see what the shapes were because they were in rather opaque plastic baggies.

I also saw then that there was a pile of cake decorations for a celebratory cake on the counter and I would have to deliver that as well.

Women were taking samples of the inserts and envelopes and there were only a few left in the box and I knew I was going to have to work all night and then pick up extra at the office to complete the task. It looked pretty hopeless.

8:00 a.m. came so fast, it was hardly a blink of an eye and I was downtown picking up more inserts. I don't know if I did the mailing or if someone else was also working on it, because at 8:00 a.m. sharp, all over the streets, out of the gutters came popping these black plastic shapes out of holes along the street. It was an amazing sight to see.


8-19-99 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. A girl came in with some posters and cards and was showing them to me. They were pretty cool looking.

A man came in, asking for donations of money for a good cause and I came up with a couple handfuls of coins. The man wanted to just take them and I said I wanted to count it so I knew how much we were giving. I started counting dimes, then quarters and the coins turns to small mirrors that were wrapped in brown paper. It seemed that these mirrors were endless and I said, "Why would so many people give mirrors as a gift?"

Then the mirrors turned into small wall plaques, also wrapped in brown paper. (I collect these and hang them on my kitchen wall... they are sort kitchen type prayers)

Then I saw the girl's treasure. She showed me a plaque of three queens with crown on. It was faded by she loved it. All of a sudden she shrieked excitedly and said, "Look what someone gave me." She showed me the identical picture on an identical plaque with the three queens with crowns in full living color.

I then wondered if she would mind if I kept the faded one, because I would treasure it like she had.

I then had to go back to work and twice I discovered two couples having illicit romances in my office closet. I told them I wasn't peeking, but the man got mad. He said, "Why don't you tell people which apartments are empty so we can just walk in and use them?"

(Three reasons: Stuff gets stolen and people use them for illicit romance and bums and drunks sleep in them. )

In my mind I was thinking that 14 and 16 were empty and he lived in 15. I was thinking, but not telling him an answer.

Then the girl who had showed me the three queens came back and showed me her new treasures, . . . paintings had been done by a male artist friend. And while I was watching the paintings, I was hearing love songs playing. The last one was two eyes with tears coming down and a pair of red lips below them, and it instantly changed into a scene of an Native American Indian brave, naked from the waist up, with doe skin long pants. He was sitting cross legged on the ground.

I saw them and when I saw the third one, I opened my eyes thinking, "What a great idea!"






Brigit, or Brighid or Bride, then replaces the earlier image of the triple Goddess of the battle field. This image is more appropriate for an artistic society where Bards sung at courts. The three aspects of Brigid are all known as Brigit . They are Brigit, Goddess of Poets; Brigit , Goddess of Smithwork and Brigit, Goddess of Healing.

Her fame becomes international - as needed by a more interlocked international society - that has to defend itself against more widespread dangers such as that posed by the legions of Rome. The Brigantes of Gaul called themselves after her sons. Julius Caesar called her the "Gaulish Minerva".


Brigit is not just the White Mare and Cow. She is also the Crow, mistress of foretelling, and the Serpent. The Serpent with its shedding of its skin, was for long a very sacred image signifying the circle of life. When St Patrick is said to have driven all snakes from island, this is a boast that he has driven from Ireland the power of Brigit. (Likewise in England St George kills the serpent-like dragon.)

LINES 63- 64

Brigit as the Sun Goddess was honoured at sanctuaries where priestesses minded an everlasting flame. Brigit was also linked to the oak - a Sacred Oak stood by the fire sanctuary.


The anti-war role of the Goddess continued at this sanctuary. All weapons of war were banned from the vicinity of the Sacred Oak. It also became a boast of the sanctuary that Brigit had forced the dismantling of a nearby warlike centre Dun Ailinne "Ailinn's proud citadel has perished along with its warlike hosts. Great is the victorious Brigit"......


Brigit's fire sanctuary was in the City of Brigit now renamed Kildare in honour of her sacred oak (from Cill Dara meaning the Church of Oak ) Kildare remained a major spiritual centre for centuries after the arrival of Christianity. From it Brigit was said to rule the women, leaving the men to Patrick. Brigit was declared the patron saint of Kildare while Patrick became that of Armagh. Today there are many more places named after Brigit in Ireland than there are named after Patrick.


After the rise of Christianity in Ireland, Brigid was even said to have been made a Bishop - that is Christian monks in their accounts of Irish history accorded her a rank that made her not a Goddess but a priestess with power equal to that of the Christian authorities. She was reported to be frequently visited by bishops and to appoint the local bishop. This probably reflects the high power of the Abbess and Nuns who seemingly took over the role of her high priestess and priestesses (or who were the same women with a new title). These stories of female bishops show that women in the name of the Goddess had a higher sacred role here than in any other part of Christianity.

LINE 65 to 67.

The Kildare nuns tended the everlasting flame of Brigit while banning the sight of the flame from all men - as had Brigit's priestesses. Their abbess also kept the ancient anti-war aspect of the Goddess alive for among her titles was "She who turned back the tide of war." It was only about 500 years later that the fall of the Abbess from power was marked in the horrid ancient fashion also suffered by Goddesses by her being raped by a soldier in 1132 to render her unfit for office so she might be replaced by a woman chosen by the local king.. But the fires of Brigit in Kildare carried on being tended into the 13th Century. When in 1220 the Papal envoy Henry of London ordered the extinction of the fire, the enraged population forced the Bishop to order the relighting of the flames. This was not long after the English pope Adrian IV had granted Ireland to England.


Saint Brigid

Brigid’s Place is named for St. Brigid, a fifth century Irish Celtic saint who founded a monastery of nuns and monks based on the social concept of equality between men and women. The religious in this monastery were known for their wisdom and compassion, their hospitality and healing.

Brigid of Ireland—the patron saint of poets, blacksmiths, and healers—was born at Fauchart near Dundalk c.450. She was the daughter of Dubhtach, poet-laureate of King Loeghaire, and his bondmaid Brotsech. Because of the jealousy of Dubhthach’s wife, Brigid and her mother were forced into slavery. She spent her childhood serving the family of a Druid priest performing the burdensome tasks associated with running a household and a farm. Early in her life she became a Christian. Legend holds that she received baptism from St. Patrick, but this is unlikely. As an adolescent she returned to her father who commanded her to marry. Rather than obeying him, she chose to become a nun receiving the nun’s veil from Bishop Macaile of Westmeath. Afterward, gathering a group of women around her, she founded a nunnery at Kildare (Church of the Oak). Needing to have the sacraments performed, Brigid prevailed upon Conlaed, the leader of a nearby group of anchorites, to receive episcopal consecration and to move with his followers to a site adjacent to the nunnery. This seemingly “mixed house” based upon the Celtic social concept of equality between men and women was unique among Irish religious foundations. Brigid as abbess of Kildare influenced Irish church affairs and headed a network of nunneries as well. Kildare prospered under royal favor in the seventh century becoming one of the most magnificent churches in Ireland during this time. When Brigid died c.525, she was buried alongside Conlaed beneath the altar at Kildare. Three centuries later her body was translated to lie beside the remains of St. Patrick at Downpatrick, one of Ireland's most holy shrines. The shrine was despoiled during the Reformation and its relics dispersed.

Her first biographer Cogitosus writing c.650 attributed to her a number of miracles. Later “lives” added to these miracle stories. Her childhood miracles were associated with the multiplication of food such as providing butter for the poor. As abbess, with the assistance of angels, she caused cows to give milk three times the same day to enable visiting bishops to have enough to drink. Brigid was also credited with taming a wolf at the request of a local chieftain whose pet dog had been killed accidentally by a peasant.

Brigid’s cult spread rapidly throughout Ireland, and as Irish monks wandered throughout England, Wales, and the Continent, they carried Brigid’s cult into those areas as well. In England at least nineteen churches were dedicated to her, most notably St. Bride's Church on Fleet Street in London. Brigid is still venerated in Alsace, Belgium, and Portugal. Writing in the late twelfth century, Gerald of Wales noted a feature of her cult he witnessed on a visit to Kildare in 1186. There, a sacred fire maintained daily by twenty nuns (nineteen, after Brigid's death) burned continuously. The walls of the firehouse remained on the hill by the abbey church until the eighteenth century. Today, only the foundations remain.

One of Ireland’s most beloved saints, Brigid is known as the “Mary of the Gael.” She is most noted for her compassion to others, especially to victims of violence, the impoverished, and lepers. On one occasion she gave her father’s sword to a leper. Her father, unaware of her act of charity, became enraged and at a loss to control this daughter who gave away his wealth and possessions.

Plaited crosses fashioned from rushes are associated with Brigid. Her iconography depicts her with a cow lying at her feet. Brigid’s feast day is February 1, long held sacred as Imbolg, the Celtic festival of Spring.

—Priscilla Watkins


600000 people connected with European Royalty

Prince Friedrich of Prussia (1911-1966), m.1945 Lady Brigid Guinness (1920-1995)

A descendant of German Emperor Wilhelm I

Queen Victoria's Descendants



At 5:34 a.m. on 2-13-96 (a symbolically important day to me), I dreamed of being on a big bucket lift-like machine with two men, one younger than the other. The older man was guiding the machine. A repair had been done on the machine . . . the motor or generator had been changed. I questioned the older man about this. I asked which frequency drive he had used. I mentioned that a motor could be ruined by a wrong frequency. (end of dream)

I should mention a few things here, that I knew by 1996. In 1990 and 1991 I had a number of dreams with "electrical" symbolism. The physical reality is symbolically like a motor that is powered by a generator from another dimension. The generator is most often symbolized by a Mother Goddess figure. The Gem4 page tells of my dream of the "Gematrian Wheel," in which I made the "generator" analogy to the wheel, with its Gematrian numbers. Part of the idea is that the ten-part wheel is related to the Goddess Kali, and the Kali-Yuga time cycle, as indicated by the Bythorn Mandala crop formation of 1993, and its similarity to the Kali Yantra. The Bythorn Mandala was a ten-petal lotus, with a five-pointed star inside. A reversed (two points or horns up), five-pointed star is an esoteric symbol of the Kali-Yuga, according to Helena Blavatsky. The harlot of Revelation 17 and the related "ten horns," represent the same thing. The ten-petal lotus is also the symbol of the third chakra. Following the symbolic "logic," the next cycle should involve the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, which has the 12-petal lotus with a Star of David as its symbol. The 12 stars on the crown of the Woman With Child in Revelation 12, and The New Jerusalem in Revelation 21, also suggest the heart chakra. This apparently represents a change of generators and a new frequency.

Other dreams and coincidences connected the idea to the 1991 Barbury Castle crop formation, and a Sufi concept about how the reality is created:

Sufi Y and Triangle of Creation

Symbolically, the "Y" is the generating, birth-giving, "Mother," and corresponds to a "Wye" (Y) hook up of wires. The triangle is the "Trinity" motor of the physical reality, symbolized by a "Delta" (triangle) hook up of wires.

The Y is also related to the Triple Goddess, as a composite of three feminine "consorts" to the Triple Male Trinity. The two men and myself, in the dream, may be related to the Triple Male Trinity. With the Star of David, the up-pointing triangle can represent the feminine aspects, and the down-pointing triangle can represent the male aspects



Kali - Hindu Goddess of Transformation. The triple Goddess of creation, destruction, and rebirth, Kali encompasses three aspects of spirituality. She understands the mystery that death and birth are parts of the same cycle, that new life begins with the destruction of old forms.


Dee Finney and Joe Mason

There is no battle I couldn't survive,
feeling like this, feeling alive!

(To hear the sounds click here)

Kali, represented in her destructive
aspect as Chamunda, detail from an
album painting.
Kangra, c. 18th century

(Original Cast Recording of Jekyll and Hyde)

I was told by a 'light being' prior to sleep that I was going to have my buttons pushed in my dreams. I doubted that my dreams could be effected by such a suggestion, or that dreams could be 'implanted' by an outside source. However, I was proved wrong. What is even stranger is that Joe and I dreamed about the same subject at the exact same time from two different aspects. I present the dreams first:

1-1-99 - DREAM - Dee - I cannot remember how the dream started, but I was in a huge building with corridors and I wanted to find a bathroom. I ended up in a room where men were standing by their beds in almost full body casts and I knew I was in the wrong place. I wanted to find my own apartment and I was in the hallways and elevators with a variety of extremely short chubby women. I finally found my own place and I wanted to change clothes. I was hunting and hunting for something to wear and couldn't find anything. In my memory, I could remember having the clothes, ...pretty pastel blouses skirts and dresses, etc. But they were all gone. Finally, I realized my husband had taken them all and I got so angry, I went to find him to accuse him of stealing my clothes. I didn't actually see him, but saw a long lump under the bed covers I assumed was him. I started accusing him of stealing my clothes. I was getting angrier and angrier and I finally said, "Why did you steal all my clothes?" The voice from under the blanket said, "I wanted you to know what it was like to be 'normal'!" I said, "Since when is it 'normal' not to have more than one blouse and one bra (which I was wearing). I was so angry, I started slamming doors and knocking stuff off cabinets and tables in the kitchen. I opened the door to leave and go out into the dark hallway and then realized I didn't have my keys, my purse, or my shoes. I almost went back to find them, but realized that as angry as I was, my husband could have me locked up in a mental hospital and have them give me a shot to calm me down. I then went out into the dark hallway without anything I needed to feel safe and secure.

I woke up with my chest all hot and burning like I was going to have a heart attack. I was so angry. It reminded me of all the times I had been angry at him when I was actually married to him back in the old days of the 60's and 70's when I had to beg him to let me buy underwear even though I deserved it because mine were full of holes. I still feel angry when I think of how much under his thumb I had been. (That was the least of it. Believe me!)

As I was laying in bed trying to calm down and thinking about the dream, I heard Joe, who was laying next to me, calling me..."Honey! Wake me up! Honey! Wake me up!" This was not the first time Joe had been in a lucid dream he could not wake up from, so I jostled his arm and he woke up instantly.

This was the nightmare Joe couldn't get out of.

1-1-99 - DREAM - Joe - I was in a house and there was a woman who was doing things. It looked like a normal woman at first but then I seemed to sense that she was in disguise. As I started to see the 'Kali' aspect of the woman, it became more animated with line drawings, changing and transforming from one to another and the pace increased faster and faster. I became determined to find out what this was and expose it, so I concentrated more on it and as I did the scene transformed into a picture on the wall and I was filming it close up from about 3 feet away with a video camera. I was determined to capture all the information about it. The room was lit at this time and the picture was bright. The images kept going from one to another very quickly. Then everything started turning dark, the room became darker and darker, and the image became dark blue. The images themselves were lit up like neon in various colors and continued to transform. As the images appeared, they threw out flashes of light through the darkened room. At that point in the dream, it became more frightening and suddenly I was awake in the bedroom like I had awakened from a dream. The room was dark but flashes of light were coming from the wall at the foot of the bed. As the lights flashed on the wall, shadowy images appeared in the same type of transformation as I had been filming in the picture. After a bit, I realized I was still actually dreaming, that I hadn't really woke up. I started yelling to Dee, "Honey! Wake me up! Honey! Wake me up!", and she woke me up.

Dee continues:

A few minutes later, after I was awake, I saw a whole long list of serious subjects I could choose from to make a web page and I didn't want to take any of them, because it meant an extreme amount of research and I already have many pages started I haven't completed yet. A I lay in bed thinking about nothing in particular, waiting for another vision of worthy focus, the word Tamasisk kept coming into my head...exactly what Joe and I both dreamed about last night. Tamasisk means anger and fury.

The next day on 1-2-99, I again had dreams and visions about the same subject. The lucid dream consisted of myself picking up tiles that were colored pink and gray marble rectangles. They were labeled Tamasisk. I didn't touch any of them with my hands, but used a tool like a nail or something long like a nail and moved it from one spot where it was by itself and built a wall-like panel of 54 tiles together. They were 9 high and 6 wide. (I don't yet know the significance of the number of tiles)

(The Esoteric Alphanumerical meaning of 54 is LOVE. )

Not knowing the significance of what I was doing, I got tired of moving the tiles because it's boring even in the dream state doing repetitive things when there are no people or conversations involved, so I opened my eyes before it was done and rolled over in bed. When I did that, a voice in my head said, "Can't you even finish?" I came to the realization that this was a special project and even though I had rolled over in bed with my eyes open, when I closed them again, I could still see the rectangular tiles and finished moving the last four even though I didn't feel like it. It felt like a duty at that point.

I then fell asleep and had a couple dreams about cleaning the floors in my Father's mansion in which my Father provided the tools. There was a lot to do because the children had played alone in the house while my Mother and I had been away on an errand. It was a mess when we got back. A woman who lived there, who I think was named Ida (she looked like my aunt...a short chubby woman) came home from her vacation and was upset because the floors were a mess. I apologized, and we took the brooms my Father provided and swept out straw that the donkey outside had been using for bedding, and I vacuumed up the dust from around the edges with a small vacuum cleaner head on a long snake-like wand which vacuumed and polished at the same time. Kevin from "One Life to Live" TV show came to help and showed me how to give the floor a high polish using a dry string mop.

After I woke up from the dream, I was still extremely groggy, so I lay in bed thinking about the dream.

Again I started to see the Tamasisk tiles. Above the tiles appeared the name Coultrane.

A voice then said, "There are 19,000 co-creators."

The voice then said, "The co-creators are on the side like an island, and the island is Greek."

He then said, "Joe and you are a good team, and you are doing a good job." I said, "Thank you!' My state of alertness came instantly awake and I got up for the day, knowing that was all the information I was going to get.

Chinnamasta, representing Devi in her destructive and
creative aspects. She is flanked by her two yoginis, Dakini
and Varnini. Under her Rati and Kama, the female and male
principles, depict the transcendence of the phenomenal
world and the abolition of the experience of duality.

Rajasthan, c. 18th century.


One of the most terrifying aspects of Prakriti are violent emotional expressions. Tantra's basic basic philosophy is based on a dualism, and the terrifying image projects the negative aspect of the creative life-force. In the creative aspect, Sakti appears as an enchantress. In her negative aspect she is demystified and transformed. The image has a naked intensity, so fierce that the incommunicable ceases to be a mystery. Kali, one of the most important tantric Dasamahavidyas, in her negative aspect appears as a conglomeration of terrifying elements. Kali is the symbol of the active cosmic power of eternal time (Kala) and in this aspect she signifies annihilation: through death or destruction creation, the seed of life, emerges. Just as the destruction of the seed leads to the birth of the tree, so disintegration is a normal and necessary step of nature moving towards further progress or unfolding. Kali is the embodiment of creation, preservation, and annihilation. She inspires awe and love at the same time. As a disintegrating tendency, Kali is represented in black, so all names and forms disappear into her' (Mahanirvana Tantra) The density of blackness is also identified with the massive, compact, unmixed, Pure Consciousness. In Tantric hymns to the goddess Kali, she is described as 'digambari' garbed in space - in her nakedness, she is free from all covering of illusion. She is full-breasted, her motherhood a ceaseless creation denoting preservation. Her disheveled hair, 'elokeshi', forms a curtain of death which surrounds life with mystery. Her garland of fifty human heads, each representing one of the fifty letters of the sanskrit alphabet, symbolizes the repository of power and knowledge; the letters are nuclear sound-elements symbolizing the power of mantras. She wears the 'girdle of human hand': hands are the principal instruments of work and so they signify the action of karma or accumulated deeds to be enjoyed in subsequent births, constantly reminding one that ultimate freedom is conditioned by the fruits of one's action.

Kali, annihilation aspect of Sakti, standing on Rati and Kama,
who personify the primordial desire which gives rise to all creation.
The garland of human heads symbolizes wisdom and power. Her
blood-red tongue signifies the power of Raja-guna, the kinetic force
which gives impetus to all activities. The sacrificial sword and the
severed head are the symbols of dissolution and annihilation directing
the Sadhaka to shed his 'ego sense'. The girdle of severed hands signifies
one's Karma, action.

Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, c. 18th century.

Her three eyes govern the three forces of creation, preservation, and destruction. Her white teeth, symbolic of Sattva, the translucent intelligence stuff, suppress her lolling tongue which is red, indicative of Rajas, a determinate level of existence leading downwards to Tamas, inertia. Kali has four hands: one left hand holds a severed head, indicating destruction and the other carries the sword of physical extermination, with which she cuts the thread of bondage. Her two right hands dispel fear and exhort to spiritual strength. She is the changeless, unlimited primordial power (adyasakti) acting in the great drama awakening the unmanifested Siva, a passive onlooker. Their inseparable union reflects non-duality.

The image of a wrathful appearance can agitate the eye and transport the spectator to a supernatural world. From an aesthetic point of view they suggest a flight from reality and an awareness of a profoundly different world: the poignant, restless and aggressive. These images unveil reality so that it is stripped bare, and have the same mind-altering capability to induce extra-ordinary experience which arouses intense inward states of rich spiritual content. Their most characteristic feature is that of images which seem to have sprung from anon-rational source but nevertheless have a rational basis within defined limits.

For example, Chinnamasta, the beheaded goddess, holds her severed head; apart from its symbolic meaning, the dismemberment of the body ought not to be confused with actual distortion: the image is not dissociated from its meaning, which underlies and generates the image; where dislocation appears it is to heighten visual impact.

The terrifying aspects of these images are completely dispelled in the tantric asana forms in both sculpture and painting. In art we are confronted with an ecstasy of joy in all its plastic possibilities. These united male and female figures are drawn together in creative force towards the awakening of the inner spirit, new dynamic asana-forms. Filled with ecstatic conviction, they are no longer torn between the contradiction of life and social existence.

The interlocking figures represent the antinomic principles; they are symbols of transcendent union, which do not in any way convey the gross sexual intercourse depicted, which illustrates an earth-bound level of existence.

Terrifying images arouse 'tamasisk' the quality allied to the emotion of fury and awesomeness, diametrically opposed to these are silence and compassion, associated with sattiva, the quality of purity.


The four ages of the Hindu chronology contain a far more philosophical idea than appears on the surface. It defines them according to both the psychological or mental, and the physical stages of man during their period. Krita-yuga, the golden age, the "age of joy," or spiritual innocence of man; Treta-yuga, the age of silver, or that of fire- the period of supremacy of man and of the giants and of the sons of God; Dwapara-yuga - the age of bronze - a mixture already of purity and impurity (spirit and matter), the age of doubt; and at lat our own, the Kali-yuga, or age of iron, of darkness, misery, and sorrow. In this age, Vishnu had to incarnate himself in Krishna, in order to save humanity from the goddess Kali, consort of Siva, the all-annihilating - the goddess of death, destruction, and human misery. Kali is the best emblem to represent the "fall of man"; the falling of spirit into the degradation of matter, with all its terrific results. We have to rid ourselves of Kali before we can ever reach Moksha or Nirvana, the abode of blessed Peace and Spirit.

With that in mind, remember that after the Kali-yuga, we will again be entering into the next golden age of Krita-yuga.

The Hindu Calendar

The Hindu Calendar in Brief

According to Helena Blavatsky in her book "Isis Unveiled" on page 443 - Vol II, she states: The exoteric plan of the Bible was made to answer also to four ages. Thus, they reckon the Golden Age from Adam to Abraham; the silver, from Abraham to David; copper, from David to the Captivity; thence-forward, the iron. but the secret computation is quite different, and does not vary at all from the zodiacal calculations of the Brahmans. We are in the Iron Age, or Kali-Yuga, but it began with Noah, the mythical ancestor of our race.

Noah, or Nuah, like all the euhemerized manifestations of the Un-revealed One - Svayambhuva (from Svayambhu) - was androgyne. Thus, in some instances, he belonged to the purely feminine triad of the Chaldeans, known as "nuah, the universal Mother." Every male triad had its feminine counterpart, one in three, like the former. It was the passive complement of the active principle, its reflection. In India, the male Trimurti is reproduce in the Sakti-trimurti, the feminine; and in Chaldea, Ana, belita, and Davkina answered to Anu, Bel, Nuah. The former three resumed in one - Belita, were called:

"Sovereign goddess, lady of the nether abyss, mother of gods, queen of the earth, queen of fecundity."

As the primordial humidity, whence proceeded all, Belita is Tiamat, or the sea, the mother of the city of Erech (the great Chaldean necropolis), therefore an infernal goddess. In the world of stars and planets, she is known as Ishtar or Astoreth. Hence, she is identical wtih Venus, and every other Queen of Heaven, to whom cakes and buns were offered in sacrifice, and , as all the archaeologists know, with Eve, the mother of all that live, and with Mary.

Joe Mason states, "One of the ideas in my essay was that the harlot of Rev. 17 has the same meaning as Kali in the eastern traditions. We are nearing the end of the Kali-Yuga, the Age of Iron, and will return to the Age of Gold. The four metals associated with the "frightening image" dream of Nebuchadnezzar are the same in the Hindu chronology. Kali is thrown down at the end of the cycle. Kali (the harlot) represents karma or judgment, and it is this "beast" that is thrown down at the end of the cycle, as indicated by Rev. 17:11. It seems to be the "Swallower" of the Egyptians, an "eighth that belongs to the seven." The harlot symbolism seems to mean that we "pay" for the "fornication," meaning the duality bond in the time cycle. We "kings" of the earth give over our "royal power" to the beast until the words of God are fulfilled. (Rev. 17:11) Kali wears a girdle of severed human hands. As the instruments of our works, it indicates the karmic function. Kali invokes "tamasisk," emotions of fury, which corresponds to being drunk on the wine of the harlot. The 12 stars of Rev. 12, and the New Jerusalem fit with the idea of the Heart chakra level, which has twelve petals on the lotus, with a Star of David inside.

Century X-74 says, "The year of the great seventh number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves." In 1993, two individuals at the same work place told me that they had recurring dreams of dead people in coffins, including their own fathers, speaking to them. Their fathers are alive in real life. I believe the context of this is spelled out in Revelation 3:1,2, ". have the name of being alive, and you are dead. Awake, and strengthen what remains and is on the point of death, . . ."

In Ezekiel 9:2, six men came from the north upper gate, with weapons for "slaughter." With them was a seventh man, clothed in linen, with a writing case at his side. The seventh man marks the foreheads of those who will not be slain.

This type of symbolism goes way, way back. The original meaning was a purification process, after which one is pardoned. The Kali-Yuga is an age of "death or destruction creation," and is equated to a seed growing into a plant. The seed is destroyed in the process of the plant's growth.

It relates to the second remote viewer's perception "that there were subspace and physical beings who were watching something big and vast in a contented and pleased way. They were working to finish an important project. The project was enjoyable, almost like playing."

The Lion in Century III-52 is also of much interest. I believe it is related to "the kings of the earth" in Revelation. In the cycle ruled by the "harlot," which I believe is related to Kali, the kings fornicate with the harlot and become drunk on her wine. This seems to refer to anger. Kali is said to evoke "tamasisk," meaning anger. When the New Jerusalem comes in Rev. 21, the kings of the earth bring their glory into it. There is no longer a need of sun and moon for light.

Rev. 3:11 says to "hold fast to what you have, so that no one may seize your crown." In The Gospel of Thomas, saying 7, Jesus says, "Lucky is the lion that the human will eat, so that the lion becomes human. And foul is the human that the lion will eat, and the lion still will become human." The film, "The Lion King," seems to carry symbolism about the cycle of time, and has a correspondence with the Egyptian myths. "Scar" is the evil brother who slays the father lion, which is similar to Typhon-Set killing his brother, Osiris. According to Blavatsky, the story of Cain and Able was adopted from that story. The scar on the eye of the evil lion may hint at the mark of Cain. The young lion corresponds to Horus. He returns to the desolated kingdom and defeats the evil uncle in the final battle. Then the rains come, greening the earth again. The line in Century III-17, "When the monarch will chase his nephew," could refer to Typhon-Set as the King in charge, and his nephew, Horus, the rightful King. In "The Lion King," the young lion is chased away by Scar. The symbolism, I believe, is saying something about our time cycle in a symbolic way, and new ideas are coming in inspired stories, as well as dreams, and other ways.

The Hopi say that the Sacred Symbols will be newly understood, in the time of purification. A "twin" departed long ago, who is called Pahana, which translates into "white man." He is expected to return soon, carrying the cross and the swastika, as the symbols of the feminine and masculine energies. Interestingly, Quetzalcoatl was also a white man who departed by sea, promising to return.

The swastika is also a symbol of Shiva and Kali, the Destroyer god and goddess. About seven years ago, I saw a counterclockwise swastika in a dream. Energy was flowing out from the center into the arms. A voice said, "These are the forces going out from the center to experience negative manifested events, in order to learn. It is generally square, and you circle counterclockwise." In the following months, I learned that the swastika is a very ancient symbol.

It was said that when it is going clockwise, or east, it is a symbol of good luck.

About two years ago, my friend, Paul, wrote to me, saying that he had been having "twin theme" dreams. In one of them, he was at Twin Lakes in Minnesota. I wrote back to him, telling of various twins in mythology. I mentioned the Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux, and how they were the protectors of sailers and ships. I mentioned that St. Paul once sailed on a ship called the Castor and Pollux. (Acts 28:11).

I recalled that Minnesota also has the Twins baseball team, and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis AND ST. PAUL! It was very curious that the name St. Paul came to me at that time. I looked up some names in the dictionary. The twin city was named after Minnehaha Falls and the Greek word for "city." Minnehaha was the girl Hiawatha married in Longfellow's, "Song of Hiawatha."

It all seemed to fit so well. The Twin Cities could symbolize the Red-Man/White-Man mix, in the Great Change.

When I got online near the end of 1996, I did a search for Hopi legends. I clicked on one of the links, and came to an article by David Yarrow. He tells an amazing story that happened over a period of years. Almost everything seemed related to material I had gathered. David and I started communicating via e-mail, and later I called him on the telephone. We had a very long talk, and I was amazed again. When I mentioned that some of his story involved the city of Minneapolis, he immediately started telling me the same symbolic story I was about to tell him.

He also said that the city was located above two great plates in the earth that come together, and that Hiawatha was sent by the legendary "Peacemaker" of the eastern tribes, as a messenger.

The story of Castor and Pollux, I think, has important symbolism. Pollux was fathered by Zeus, while Castor was born to the same mother, a Queen, in the normal way. Therefore, Pollux was immortal, and his brother was mortal. After many adventures, Castor was killed in a battle.

Pollux prayed so fervently, that Zeus allowed him to share his immortality with his brother. But, they would have to spend half of their time in Heavenly Olympus, and the other half in Hades. In one of the myths, they go back and forth together. In another they change places, so that they are eternally separated, and never together.

Although I have never been a Christian, I have had many coincidences with various parts of the Bible. It's too long to tell fully here, but one of my dreams seemed to be related to the story of Judah and Tamar in Genesis 38. It's a very strange tale, but to me, it contains important symbolism. Tamar was married to Judah's oldest son, who was killed by "God." She married the second son, and he was also killed. She was promised to the third son, but Judah delayed the marriage. Tamar devised a plan. She dressed up as a harlot, and propositioned the unsuspecting Judah into having sex for a price. From the union was born a pair of twins, in a strange, breech birth. A hand came out of the womb first. The midwife tied a red thread on the hand, and then the hand pulled back into the womb. Then, the other child, the one without the thread, was born first.

The first born son, Perez, is listed in the chronology in the first part of Matthew. His descendants include Kings David and Solomon, and finally Joseph, the father of Jesus. Some say God was the father, but I do believe that is symbolic.

The "harlot" symbolism is very important here. In the battle of Jericho, Joshua and his troops are helped by a harlot, who lived with her family in the walls. In Revelation 17, the great harlot of Babylon is seated upon many waters, which are peoples and nations, that is, everyone. Judah is related symbolically to the lion, and to being the ruler, or king. (see Genesis 49:9,10). He stoops down, couched as a lion, and as a lioness, i.e., like a sphinx. The scepter, the ruler's staff, will not depart from between his feet, until he comes to whom it belongs.

All of this, I do believe, is related symbolically to parts of Revelation. In Revelation 17, the kings of the earth fornicate with the harlot, and become drunk on her wine. They give over their "royal power" (king-ship) to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. When The New Jerusalem comes, the kings of the earth bring their glory into it. (Rev. 21:24).

The wine of the harlot is also the cup of staggering, and the fury of God's wrath. Some seem to take this as meaning that God is angry with mankind. I think not. It seems to mean we have been given this male/aggressive, negative attribute to deal with and to overcome. In Revelation 12, it is said that Michael and his angels were defeated in the war in heaven. The dragon/serpent/Devil/Satan and his angels were thrown down to earth. The earth came to help the woman with child, by swallowing the river which poured out of the mouth of the dragon.

When I first read this about five years ago, I felt it was related to one of my dreams. In the dream, I saw a crop formation that had appeared the same week that Iraq (ancient Babylon) invaded Kuwait. It looked somewhat like a swastika, but also like a bird, with a triangular tail. It reminded me of the American eagle on our national seal, looking to the left, toward the arrows of war. In my dream, energy was flowing down the triangular tail. A voice said, "The garbage is discharged here on earth."

In early 1993, I had a string of amazing dream-coincidences. Part of it involved a book called, "The Tantric Way." Kali, of the eastern religions, seems to have the very same meaning as the harlot of Revelation 17. One of the depictions is the book, shows the dark-skinned Kali seated upon a reclining, copulating couple. The male is dark blue, wears a crown, and is on the bottom.

A white-skinned female is on top of him. This is similar to the kings of the earth fornicating with the harlot, or a daughter of the harlot. Kali holds scissors in her hand, which I believe symbolizes the cutting or dividing force, i.e., like the "Babylon" symbolism.

From dreams, I had made the interpretation that the harlot also represents karma or judgment. I believe we have more to learn about the meaning of this. It seems to be more of a learning experience, than a reward/punishment system. The "fornication" with the harlot or daughters of the harlot, seems to represent a duality bond in the time cycle. The symbolism means we "pay" for the "sex," meaning karma.

Kali wears a girdle of severed human hands. As the instruments of our works, this indicates the karmic function. Kali evokes the feeling of "tamasisk," which means fury. It seems to have the very same meaning as the wine of the harlot. I found it interesting that tamasisk and Tamar are similar words.

Near the end of September 1993, I sent an essay about some of these ideas to John Crowe, of the Cosminar organization in Sussex, England. Two weeks later, the Bythorn Mandala crop formation appeared. It was VERY similar to a yantra to Kali, depicted in "The Tantric Way."

The five-pointed star inside the pattern, had two points facing North. According to Blavatsky, such a star, with two points, or horns, pointing upward, is an esoteric symbol of the Kali-Yuga time cycle, also known as the Age of Iron.

Getting back to the dog/wolf symbolism, I believe it can be related symbolically to this fury/anger symbolism. In the time cycle, which I believe is related to the lower three chakras, the negative side of the dog/wolf is the condition. The change is a leap to the heart chakra level, and the "virgin birth" of the spiritual man out to the animal man. This is the transmutation of the warring attribute, sometimes symbolized by the white dog or wolf.

In my article about Revelation 11:11, I explained some of the symbolism indicating humanity's leap to the heart chakra level of consciousness evolution.

There are many other things I could add, but this e-mail is starting to become a book, so I'll just mention a few more things.

In the Babylonian myths, the father and mother gods produced a son, Bel (Lord) Marduke, to do battle with the evil goddess. He blew an evil wind into her mouth, to hold it open, then fired in an arrow, which killed her. From the body of the evil goddess, he created the world. He brought order out of chaos. Marduke also chased down the Storm Bird, Zu, who had stolen the tablets with the fates of men, and retrieved them. This battle that began before the creation of the world, seems to be related to our battle in the cycle of time. A "storm" can also be symbolic of anger or fury.

Another pair of twins in the Bible are Esau and Jacob. Esau, who was born first, was red and hairy. Jacob tricked Esau into giving up his inheritance in a strange way, involving a bowl of red beans. Jacob fathered 12 sons, who are related to the twelve tribes of Israel, and probably to the Zodiac signs. According to Blavatsky, the story follows the symbolism of the Egyptian myth of Osiris, who was killed by his brother, Typhon-Set (or Typhon-Seth). The story of Cain and Able is also similar. In Egyptian beliefs, Typhon-Set, who was red in color, represented the opponent force. It was more laughable than fearful or evil. Blavatsky said that Typhon-Set became "Satan" to later religions, and that the word came from "satin," which meant "opponent."

As I see it, our feminine aspect can be symbolized by the daughter of the harlot in the time cycle.

In the Great Change, the aspect becomes the Holy Spirit. The Mother Goddess is also shown symbolically to change, or be replaced. In Revelation, the harlot is replaced by The Woman With Child in Revelation 12.


Tantric Gods and Goddesses

Fury, Mother Mary, and the Earthchanges

The Time of Trouble - Book of Daniel

The Complexities of Time

Oshun - Goddess of Love




compiled by Dee Finney


The Vedic mantra maintains that the Absolute Truth has no legs and no hands
and yet goes faster than all and accepts everything that is offered to Him in
devotion. The latter statements definitely suggest the personal features of the
Lord, although His hands and legs are distinguished from mundane hands and
legs or other senses.

"Brahman, therefore, is never impersonal, but when such mantras are indirectly
interpreted, it is wrongly thought that the Absolute Truth is impersonal. The
Absolute Truth Personality of Gohad is full of all opulences, and therefore He
has a transcendental form of full existence, knowledge and bliss.

Kali, annihilation aspect of Sakti, standing on Rati and Kama,
who personify the primordial desire which gives rise to all creation.
The garland of human heads symbolizes wisdom and power. Her
blood-red tongue signifies the power of Raja-guna, the kinetic force
which gives impetus to all activities. The sacrificial sword and the
severed head are the symbols of dissolution and annihilation directing
the Sadhaka to shed his 'ego sense'. The girdle of severed hands signifies
one's Karma, action.

Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, c. 18th century.

8-14-2001 - DREAM - My relatives all gathered together for a party 'to be counted'
The unfortunate and upsetting part of this was the everyone had their hands and feet
cut off in order to be counted. (This was completely bloodless and unseen) The hands
and feet had to be counted separate from the body. The hands and feet were each
worth "1" but the body, separated from their hands, feet, and head was worth "6".

During this process, two men who were old friends showed up in sweatsuits totally
stuffed with 'bullshit'. That was so disgusting, I told them, "GET OUT!". They
acted like it was a joke but I didn't find it funny.

After they left, I started to line up the limp bodies, headless, handless, and footless
, which were totally bound in sweatsuit material, sitting up on the couch.

Then a rich black man showed up. He was driving the most beautiful bright red
convertible car. He parked it next to a brick wall. A friend and I went to see what
kind of car it was. The first name I saw on the car was 'Williams'. Then I thought
I saw the name "Suburu", by the rear license plate, but my friend said, "No! I think
it says it's an ISHI".

NOTES: "SUBARU" is a Japanese word meaning "unite." It is also a term identifying
the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation Taurus that includes six stars visible to
the average eye. According to Greek mythology, Atlas' daughters turned into this
group of stars.

The name William means: Resolute Protector

A vehicle: The Vehana symbolizes 'the physical body" of the dreamer.

The name ISHI is another name for the God Shiva.



The Age of Kali for the Hindu is the natural ending of the world in the fourth age . It is one of a series of changes, each of which marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another creation. The central figure in the story is Vishnu, the preserver God, into whose self the world is absorbed before being born again. Vishnu has already saved humanity on a number of occasions, symbolically appearing as a savior in many different forms. Vishnu incarnates in 10 avatars, of which there have been 9, the last three have been: 7. Rama 8. Khishna 9. Buddha It is said that He will appear again , as Kalki 'the avenger', riding a white horse , destined to destroy the present world (the corrupt age of the goddess Kali) and to take humanity to a different, higher plane (the golden age of Krita).

The Rider On The White Horse


ichchha — the will.

indriya — organ of sense or action.

Isha — a form of Shiva. Shiva — the special incarnation of the Lord as the demi-god in charge of the mode of ignorance and the destruction of the material manifestation.

karma — work, action, the law of cause and effect; material, fruitive activity and its reactions; also, fruitive actions performed in accordance with Vedic injunctions.

karma-yoga — the path of God realization through dedicating the fruits of one's work to God.

karmi — one engaged in karma, fruitive activity; a materialist.

karmaphala — the result of an action.

karmendriya — an action organ, e.g. the hands or feet.



Though Kali is associated with divinity, She has also been called 'Queen of the Demons' (and deservedly so). Her role could be compared to that of Persephone/Proserpine of the Greeks, who descends into the Underworld to rule there during half the seasonal and cosmologic cycle. Kali seems much more in control over Her destiny than the Greek goddess, however.

Let us begin, then, with this story to which I make mention (perhaps one of the first known concerning Kali):

The gods and the titans engaged in a great battle. There was one particular titan who was too powerful for the lesser gods to defeat. Durga, the Warrior/Mother goddess, was then called upon for aid. She arrived in splendour, riding a lion into battle, Her ten arms each bearing a magical weapon, Her ten faces each displaying a serene calm. She became the center of a cyclonic force of destruction.

Durga wounded the asura king (who was Her main opponent and the hub of his army). From his wounds the blood flowed to the ground, yet where each drop touched the soil a 'clone' of him appearred. The more quickly and fiercely She attacked, the faster his reproduction took place.

In the heat of Her frenzy, Durga called forth Her most powerful (and gruesome) aspect. From Her brow emanated Kali, the Destroyer. Kali was as black as the night, draped in a tiger's skin, was wearing a necklace of skulls, a skirt of severed hands, and had a gaunt, ghoulish contenance. She was the very essence of wrath. With the fierce passion of a mad mother protecting Her children, She began to eat the asura army.

Kali's intense hunger and lust for blood were the necessary elements for victory. She gobbled up the new forms of the asura king, slurped up the blood escaping from his wounds, finally devouring him whole. The army, defeated and demoralized, quickly dispersed and peace was again restored to the realm of the gods.

In many ways the asuras were the manifestation of malevolent masculine energies. They are most often depicted in male form and almost always as feral, animal-like beings. They are the brutish, coercive aspects of the Cosmos.

In this story Kali is a savioress despite the gruesomeness of Her appearance. She enters as the Queen of Battle in order to quench the demon-fire that ravages the heavens (and by fallout, our world). Her main strengths are Her passion and Her ability to take others into Herself: to consume. This is an important point. Kali is the powerful, hungry feminine. The consumption of the masculine is therefore necessary and transformative.

When a battle is forced (by asura-energies), it is our ability to take in, to absorb the very being of our adversary which makes real peace possible (preferrably by our understanding of their position and thus our ability to negotiate, rather than our ability to predict their behavior and react aggressively in response).

If and when consciousness devolves into combative conflict (as it has many times in the past and shall likely continue), then 'consuming our adversary', in the spirit of 'knowing our enemy', is the best method of successful resolution. Direct confrontation only breeds others in succession who will readily assume the role of adversarial leader in the event of a temporary triumph.

When ravaging masculine energies threaten the sacred, Kali comes to the fore here so as to quell the activity of that war, matching the wild masculine passion with Her feminine counterpart, and renewing a harmonized equilibrium.

Kali is the mask of Death, drinking the Elixir of Life (blood) and reconciling polar energies. She is the goddess of our time (in many Hindu cosmologies we currently live in the 'Kali yuga', or 'Age of Kali' -- a time of disintegration and moral depravity).


by His Divine Grace

Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada:


agaty-eka-gatim natva
sri-caitanyam likhyate ’sya


Let me first offer my respectful obeisances unto Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who is the ultimate goal of life for one bereft of all possessions in this material world and is the only meaning for one advancing in spiritual life. Thus let me write about His magnanimous contribution of devotional service in love of God.


A person in the conditioned stage of material existence is in an atmosphere of helplessness, but the conditioned soul, under the illusion of maya, or the external energy, thinks that he is completely protected by his country, society, friendship and love, not knowing that at the time of death none of these can save him. The laws of material nature are so strong that none of our material possessions can save us from the cruel hands of death. In the Bhagavad-gita (13.9) it is stated, janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi-duhkha-dosanudarsanam: one who is actually advancing must always consider the four principles of miserable life, namely, birth, death, old age and disease. One cannot be saved from all these miseries unless he takes shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is therefore the only shelter for all conditioned souls. An intelligent person, therefore, does not put his faith in any material possessions, but completely takes shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord. Such a person is called akincana, or one who does not possess anything in this material world. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is also known as Akincana-gocara, for He can be achieved by a person who does not put his faith in material possessions. Therefore, for the fully surrendered soul who has no material possessions on which to depend, Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the only shelter.

Everyone depends upon dharma (religiosity), artha (economic development), kama (sense gratification) and ultimately moksa (salvation), but Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, due to His magnanimous character, can give more than salvation. Therefore in this verse the words hinarthadhika-sadhakam indicate that although by material estimation salvation is of a quality superior to the inferior interests of religiosity, economic development and sense gratification, above salvation there is the position of devotional service and transcendental love for the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the bestower of this great benediction. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, prema pum-artho mahan: "Love of Godhead is the ultimate benediction for all human beings." Srila Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami, the author of Caitanya-caritamrta, therefore first offers his respectful obeisances unto Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu before describing His magnanimity in bestowing love of Godhead.



prema-dhama-devam eva naumi gaura-sundaram

The eightfold symptoms depicting the moods of pure dedication would decorate and radiantly enhance the beauty of the Lord's bodily parts.

Sometimes He appeared like a tortoise who had withdrawn his limbs into his shell, and at other times His body appeared elongated due to His joints becoming dislocated. Sometimes Lord Gaurasundara's figure was as tender and aromatic as a lotus flower. At other times the Lord's body would appear red, yellow, or brilliant with the white hue of the jasmine flower.



Vishwa-Karmas, the descendants of the Pancha Brahmas, were involved in the "architecture of the world". Thier work was classified as follows:

Manunaam loha karmani
mayanaam daru karmani
twasthanaam karuka karmani
shilakarantu shilpabihi
vishwajna swarna karma cha
pancha brahma mayam jagat.

Descendants of Manu -> Iron
Descendants of Maya -> Wood
Descendants of Twastha -> Copper, Bronze
Descendants of Shilpi -> stone
Descendants of Vishwajna -> gold

Thier tools depend on the yuga, as described below.

krutha yuge manashuddhi
tretaya yugam drushti rupakam
dwapare mantra saamarthyam
kali yuge kara sadhanaha.

In Krutha yuga -> from purity of mind
In Tretha yuga -> from sight
In Dwapara yuga -> from mantras
In Kali yuga -> using hands

However, this age of Kali is coming to an end. Vipras are gradually losing thier hold over the people. They have given up Veda Adhyayana, and have taken up Para Vidya (means all other professions, including western education). At the arrival of Kalki, they will be so poor and powerless as to not have enough to eat and wear. This process is evident in India, where there is an uprising against the upper-castes, mainly vipras. (incidentally, this upper-caste lower-caste business cropped up in kali yuga under the stewardship of vipra brahmins; before this, all castes were equally respected to thier service to the people).

In addition, just before the arrival of kalki, Vipras will lose control of Sringeri Mutt, and Vishwa-Karmas will get control of it. Also, Vishwa-Karmas will be restored to thier past glory.

Meanwhile, the original vedas have been written and hidden under a Tamarind tree in Kandi Mallaya Palli in Andhra Pradesh. Kalki will get it out for the benefit of the people.

Brahmin Cosmogonic Cycles of Creation and Destructions

Brahma is the cosmic dreamer who alternately sleeps and wakes for equal Periods of time. The days and nights of Brahma are calculated to Brahma years, and the Brahma years are calculated to one Brahma lifetime. At the end of a Brahma lifetime all creation dissolves into the body of the cosmic dreamer. One Brahmin Cycle is as follows:

Age 1 - Kruta Yuga = 400 divine dawn years + 4,000 full divine Years + 400 twilight Years (4,800 years).

Age 2 - Treta Yuga = 3,600 divine Years (including dawn and twilight)

Age 3 - DvaPora Yuga = 2,400 divine years (including dawn and twilights)

Age 4 - Kali Yuga (which begins 2/17/3102 BCE and continues to the present age) = 1,200 divine Years.

Added together, this makes 12,000 divine years in all, or one Great Cycle ("Mahayuga"). A Mahayuga calculcated in terms of human years = 4,320,000 years.

One thousand Mahayugas = one Brahma daytime.

One full day and night of Brahma is calculated as the equivalent of 4,000,000 divine years * 360 or 8,640,000,000 human years. (Just as in our system the 24 hour day contains 86,400 seconds and each second is the length of time of the human heart beat).

360 days and nights of Brahma = one Brahma year.

100 Brahma years = one Brahma lifetime. Calculated in human years, one Brahma lifetime = 311,040,000,000,000 human years.


The image is from the Book of Daniel (2:31-40) (in the Bible) Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image.

This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible. This image's head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay.

Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces. Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshingfloors; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth.

Interpretation of the Dream

Thou, O king, art a king of kings: for the God of heaven hath given thee a kingdom, power, and strength, and glory. And wheresoever the children of men dwell, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heaven hath he given into thine hand, and hath made thee ruler over them all. Thou art this head of gold.

And after thee shall arise another kingdom inferior to thee, and another third kingdom of brass, which shall bear rule over all the earth.

And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise. And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters' clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay.

And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure. ---Daniel 2:37-45

Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings. And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end. And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him. ---Daniel 7:23-27


Bhagavad-gita (7.7):

There is nothing higher than me, O Dhananjaya (Arjuna)! (5d)

6. Krsna is considered supreme most because of being the cause (of all), the ground of qualities like all-pervasiveness, consciousness, joy, etc., the possessor of the eternal Laksmi, and so forth.

Among those, (his) being the cause of all as the Svetasvatara (5.4-5) says:

That one deity, the Lord who is to be worshiped, alone oversees the natures (effects) and the causes (of the world). (6a) And who, the cause of the universe, matures nature and transforms all things to be ripened. (6b) (His) all-pervasiveness, consciousness, and joy as (stated) in the Katha Upanisad (4.4):

Thinking of the great and all-pervading self (atman), the wise man does not lament. (6c)

7. His having a form of consciousness and joy is understood by means of that word "self" (atman) [in the previous citation] because of its derivation as the goal of the liberated. So say those who know it.

The Vajasaneyin (Yajnavalkya in the Brhad-aranyaka Upanisad, 9.28) said:

Brahman is consciousness and joy, the giver of results to the giver, the highest resort [of the knower of Brahman]. (7a)

And in the Gopala-tapani Upanisad:

That one Govinda (Krsna) is the embodiment of (eternal) existence, consciousness, and joy. (7b)

8. The possession of form of him (Krsna) who is consciousness and joy is to be grasped like a musical mode (raga) and also, because of his glorification with words like "solidified consciousness (vijnana-ghana)," his possession of form (is established). By this it is shown tangentially that there is no difference between him and his body.

The all-pervasiveness of even one who has form as (stated) in the Svetasvatara Upanisad (3.9):

The one stands in heaven erect like a tree. By that person is all this pervaded. (8a)

9. From the statement that though he is situated in the heavens he pervades everything, he (both) has form and is all-pervading and he is also that because he can be visible simultaneously to many meditators.



Does Nostradamus mean Kalki when he refers to "Anti-Christ"?

Here is what what Veera Brahmam says in his Kaala Jnaana.

He says Kali Yuga will last for 5000 years after the passing away of Krishna, after which evil will have spread through out the world, setting the stage for the arrival of Kalki. He says all these things will take place before his arrival again.

What are the Signs of his arrival? VBS gives some clear signs of the arrival of Kalki, whose name is Veera Bhoga Vasanta.

1. There will be a rain of fire. Following this a strange thing will happen. 20 feet tall humans will appear and claim to be Kalki. (this is in India).

2. A huge comet will be born in the south; several people will die due to this.

3. Mammary glands will be born to the males of Cow, Goat, etc. and people will get milk from them.

4. Tigers will disappear completely from the forests.

5. The Sun will appear like a green colored human being (?)

6. Moon will be seen on a new moon day.

7. Wealth will arrive from other countries to India and India will be very rich and powerful.

8. Stones will break and fly about like crows and eagles; Stone horses and chariots will start to run.

9. Blood and pus will flow out from stones.

10. It will rain blood.

The following refers to the World War I:

"After 5017 years of Kali Yuga, during the year pingala, a terrible war will start .."

Considering 3102 BC as the year of beginning of Kali Yuga puts the end of Kali Yuga at 1898AD. 5017'th year of Kali Yuga means 1915 AD which was when World War I was taking place.

Other that this mention of the war, VBS mentions various events which have taken place during the past 100 years or are set to take place.

Chakravartin cakravartin (Sanskrit) [from chakra wheel, cycle + vartin turning, one who governs] Sovereign of the world, universal ruler; a title applied to several Hindu emperors, but referring particularly to Vishnu, who in the treta yuga in the form of a universal monarch protected the three worlds. At the end of kali yuga, legend states that Vishnu will appear again under his form of the Kalki-avatara, or Maitreya as the Buddhists say, reforming or doing away with the wicked and inaugurating a realm of spirituality and righteousness.

Equivalent to the Hebrew Enduring King

(Enoch 36:3). "Through each of these small portals pass the stars of heaven and run their course to the west on the path which is shown to them. And as often as I saw I blessed always the Lord of Glory, and I continued to bless the Lord of Glory who has wrought great and glorious wonders, to show the greatness of His work to the angels and to spirits and to men, that they might praise His work and all His creation: that they might see the work of His might and praise the great work of His hands and bless Him for ever. "


































Does the book of Revelation give the sequence of events ?

Revelation 6:2-8. Prophecy is present in the symbols: the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

The white horse represents a powerful, conquering religious deception. (Some assume that the rider of this horse is Jesus Christ, but a comparison with the description of the returning Christ in Revelation 19:11-16.

Note: See the White Horse of Hindu Kalki as well.

The red horse (the color of fire and blood) and its rider clearly represent warfare. The black horse and rider depict famine (note the comment about the outrageously high cost of food). The sickly colored pale horse represents the sickness and disease that inevitably follow warfare and food shortages.

How will the conditions represented by these four horsemen impact humanity?

". . . And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth" (Revelation 6:8).

According to this prophecy, war, violence, starvation and disease may take hundreds of millions of lives. These disasters will also affect animals, which will also take a large toll of human life through predation and spread of disease.

How does Revelation depict the sequence of events that will precede Christ's return?

"And I saw in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne a scroll written inside and on the back, sealed with seven seals" (Revelation 5:1).

The book of Revelation depicts the events through a series of seven "seals." In the time of the apostle John, who wrote this book under the inspiration of Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:1-2), official correspondence was customarily fastened with a wax seal. To read what was inside, the seal had to be broken and the scroll unrolled. This is what John saw in vision.

What do these seven seals symbolize?

Revelation 6 describes the opening of the first six seals, which depict major events and trends. You should read this entire chapter carefully. The first six seals are:

First seal (verse 2): religious deception (compare Matthew 24:4-5).

Second seal (verses 3-4): war (compare Matthew 24:6-7).

Third seal (verses 5-6): famine (compare Matthew 24:7).

Fourth seal (verses 7-8): disease (compare Matthew 24:7).

Fifth seal (verses 9-11): tribulation and persecution of true Christians (compare Matthew 24:9-13; Luke 21:12-19).

Sixth seal (verses 12-14): an earthquake and heavenly signs (compare Matthew 24:7; Luke 21:11).

What is unique about the seventh seal?

"When He opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets" (Revelation 8:1-2).

The seventh seal is divided into seven "trumpets," which reveal further events leading up to Jesus Christ's return. " The seventh seal is comprised of these seven events.

The first six trumpets plagues are:

First trumpet (Revelation 8:7): devastation of earth's vegetation.

Second trumpet (verses 8-9): devastation of oceans and seas.

Third trumpet (verses 10-11): devastation of rivers and fresh water.

Fourth trumpet (verse 12): sun, moon and stars partially darkened.

Fifth trumpet (Revelation 9:1-11): a satanically influenced military power.

Sixth trumpet (verses 13-19): an enormous rival military power.

What happens as a result of this sixth trumpet plague?

"By these three plagues a third of mankind was killed . . ." (Revelation 9:18).

Another third of earth's inhabitants will die at the hands of this massive 200 million-man army (verse 18). This is in addition to those who have lost their lives earlier.

"But the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone, and wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk. And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts" (verses 20-21).

Incredible as it may seem, even after man has brought utter disaster on himself and after God begins to punish him for his rebellion and sins, man will still choose to defy his Creator. He will continue in the same direction that will bring mankind to the brink of extinction.

What happens when the seventh trumpet sounds?

"Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, 'The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!'" (Revelation 11:15).

"For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first" (1 Thessalonians 4:16).

According to this prophecy, war, violence, starvation and disease may take hundreds of millions of lives.

The blast of the seventh trumpet announces the triumphant return of Jesus Christ to earth. "The kingdoms of this world" come under Christ's dominion as the Kingdom of God is at last established on earth! At the same time, "the dead in Christ will rise"; God's faithful servants throughout history will rise from their graves to eternal life with Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:51-53).


















666 & Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: The Three Magi at Humanity's Crossing of the Threshold







Unfortunately, Princess Diana's death was seen by me in a dream three days before she died.  It is said she was pregnant with Dodi Fayad's child when she was 'murdered'.  Dodi Fayads father is still trying to prove this 'fact'. 


The original "Mother Goddess" after whom a slew of deities including Queen Semiramis, Isis, Diana and others were fashioned was Ninkharsag.


The commander of the Annunaki was Enlil, half-brother of Enki. The book of Genesis and Exodus and were based on The Levites (initiates of the Egyptian mysteries); based on Sumerian stories and accounts. Between 11,000 and 4000 bc catastrophes were visited upon the earth, destroying the advanced civilizations of the Golden Age. The Anunnaki are said to have arrived 450,000 years ago. Their leader was the winged albino-white Draco.


NOTE FROM DEE:  I can tell you that the Anunnaki's who are alive now look exactly like humans except they are larger and more beautiful and extremely peaceful people.  The bad ones who originally created humans to mine their gold died in a war about 150,000 years ago.  Though their spirits are still active and still reincarnating here on earth and other planets, their influence is not good.


Those who are alive now, live 500 years and come to earth to 'help us' though not physically.  We have polluted this planet way too much for them to exist in the physical, so they work through psychics and other people through dreams and visions.


I have personally met them in this way.  They have the most beautiful eyes you can imagine which change color with their moods.  They do not ever express anger - only sadness and disappointment. 


The Anunnakis do not use metal of any kind and their atmosphere is as pure as it can be  without any kind of pullution.  They get around the Universe to work in the physical through the assistance of the 'grey's, whose transport is done through the use of 'wormholes' which belies the science that our little minds can conceive of.  See:
THE DREAMS. 4-15-00 - DREAM/VISION - I had a dream vision of a cross of stars leading to the Sirius star system. 4-15-00 - Dreams of stars and then missing ...


The owner of this seal can be identified from the cuneiform inscription which translates:
'Seal of Mushezib-Ninurta, governor, son of Ninurta-eresh,
ditto, son of Samanuha-shar-ilani, ditto.'
Samanuha-shar-ilani was ruler of Shadikanni
(Arban in eastern Syria), in 883 BC, and an Assyrian vassal -
subject to the firm control of Assyria,
and enjoying the wealth and security that such political domination provided.

During this period, seal designs were often cut on hard stones using cutting-wheels and drills.
The image is similar to two wall reliefs from the throne room of King Ashurnasirpal II
(reigned 883-859 BC) at Nimrud. The king, shown in mirror image, is protected by
guardian genii sprinkling holy water from a bucket using what may be a fir cone or sponge.
A stylized tree stands in the centre, symbolizing nature and the land of Assyria.
Above is a god in the winged disc.

Length: 4.9 cm
Diameter: 1.7 cm

Found by H.C. Rawlinson and acquired by The British Museum around 1852

D. Collon, First impressions: cylinder seals in the Ancient Near East (London, The British Museum Press, 1987), pp. 76-7, fig. 341

A.H. Layard, Discoveries in the ruins of Nineveh and Babylon (London, J. Murray, 1853), p. 603

From what star constellation are the reptilians said to originate?
What is the difference between reptilian full-bloods and reptilian hybrids?
Full-bloods are reptilians using a human form to hide their true nature; hybrids are reptile-human crossbreed bloodlines who are possessed by the reptilians from the forth dimension

Where did the white race and the reptile-aryan crossbreeds emerge from after the flood?
The Caucasus mountains

What were the Aryans who left the Caucasus to rule India called?
The Khattiyo

Where did the Jewish race originate from?
The Caucasus mountains

What do lions symbolize to the Aryans?
The sun

It is inauspicious to begin an article with an oxymoron such as "cycle of human evolution." You know things won't improve.

The term human evolution refers only to phylogeny (Stirling failed to consult a dictionary). Perhaps what he really wants to say is cultural development.

"Almost 6000 years ago" (4000 BCE) falls within the Chalcolithic (or Eneolithic) in Mesopotamia, which is currently the countries of Iraq and northeastern Syria. Notice it's Mesopotamia, because Sumerian was a language and Sumer was a culture. Sumerian disappeared as an official language during the Agadian (Akkadian) period (2371-2230 BCE).

"Almost 6000 years ago" coincides with the building of a very simple temple at Tepe Gawra (Notice to archaeology wonks: I'm using the Middle Chronology). Ubaid culture evolved into the Warka (Uruk) culture; Warka culture provided the earliest sample of writing in Mesopotamia.

About 5500 years ago (3500 BCE) Sumerian-speaking people came out of the hills, settled along the Euphrates River, and built a large temple of mud brick at Eridu. Almost 5000 years ago (about 3000 BCE) Sumerian-speaking people added to existing structures to create monumental architecture (such as the White Temple in Kullaba and the temple at Eanna). They also began establishing city-states and urban areas.

The boundary of the cultures of Sumer and Agade, according to the Sumerian king-list, consisted of the area south of Baghdad defined by the Tigris, the Euphrates, and the Persian Gulf. Influence of these cultures extended to Ebla in the west, Nineveh in the north, and Susa (in Elam) in the east.

Unu (what Agadians called Uruk) was the largest of the urban areas in Mesopotamia around 3000 BCE, a total of 5.5 km2.

Zechariah Sitchin has done a good job researching the Sumerian records. One might start by reading that first.

Kingship and Ritual

The scholarly model of development away from monarchy in most of the Greek mainland is rooted in an overly uncritical acceptance of fabricated king lists and of the relevance of the Roman and eastern models for Greek practice. This acceptance stems from a desire to credit ancient Greek accounts of their own past, but also from a modern prejudice that traces a teleological development from monarchy to various forms of republicanism. The construction of mythico-historical kings satisfies a desire for tidy origins, as well as for an original focus of authority from which subsequent developments are diffused. We must, then, always ask whose interests are served by a model of original kingship and hereditary descent of authority. If aristocratic elites in the Archaic and Classical period fantasized about royal descent, this served the dual purpose of reinforcing their elite status and communicating to non-elites the (relatively) more egalitarian nature of elite influence in the polis. Thus attempts at dominance by powerful members of the elite can be cast as reversion to a superseded past. The contrast between legitimate hereditary kingship and illegitimate and tyrannical usurpation of power may thus be seen as a contrast between a quasi-official historical construction and the harsher reality of authoritarian government.

Second: ritual and cult. If Morris' emphasis on the chiefly ritual importance of the wanax is sustainable (even if it is not the whole story), the centrality of cult is a major area of continuity between Bronze Age and later notions of monarchic rule. Ritual kingship casts a shadow down as far as the Athenian archôn basileus and the heroic honors paid to ancient city founders. In most later conceptions, it is the gap between the human and the divine that is significant, as we see in much of the poetry of Pindar, and also in the vase paintings cited by Morris. Religious and temporal power do not coincide. Yet the figure of the tyrant complicates this divide. Sicilian tyrants such as Gelon and Hieron were anxious to become city founders, by fair means or foul, and the Emmenids of Acragas may have used their hereditary priesthoods as a springboard for the acquisition of temporal power. Peisistratus' charade as favorite of Athena, escorted into the polis by the goddess in her chariot, is also relevant here. We start, it seems, with a ritual king who does not embody our conception of monarchic rule. While this tradition continues, we are also presented with an authoritarian ruler (the tyrant) who attempts to draw to himself the trappings of religious legitimation. This change of emphasis lies behind the Zeus-like powers of the tyrant in tragedy and comedy, as detailed by Seaford and Henderson. The Prometheus Bound shows that if a tyrant can be conceived as a god, a god can also be conceived as a tyrant.

According to Zechariah Sitchin, who has written many books on the Sumerian tablets, the term "men of renown" in the Genesis passage should read, from its Sumerian origin, "men of the sky vehicles". This puts rather a different complexion on the whole story and makes a great deal more sense of it. The reference to "heroes of old" is also relevant. The word hero comes from the Egyptian term, "heru, which, according to researcher Wallis Budge, was "applied to the king as a representative of the Sun God of Earth." The precise meaning was "a human being was neither a god nor a daemon." The term has the inference of a crossbreed race. The writer Homer (8th-9th century BC) wrote that "the heroes were exalted above the race of common men". The poet, Pindar, (518-438 BC) a very relevant name for readers of "The Biggest Secret" by David Icke - used the term, hero/heru, to describe a race "between gods and men". It is extremely likely that Horus or Haru, the Egyptian son of God and a mirror of the much later "Jesus" came from the term heru, which means the Sun God's representative on Earth, the hybrid or Aryan race. (p 72 - Children of the Matrix" by David Icke.)

Morris' focus on cult is chiefly picked up by Seaford's treatment of the tyrant in tragedy. For Seaford, one crucial aspect of the tyrant is his perversion of ritual. We see this both in the stories associated with historical tyrants such as Polycrates, and in the abuse of ritual by tragic characters such as Clytemnestra. The abuse of the sacred forms part of a larger pattern in which the destruction of the royal family and the institution of polis cult becomes a structuring principle in Greek tragedy. The contrast with Morris' picture of the Bronze Age situation is instructive. There, kingly authority is ritual authority. In the later period, however, ritual becomes a tool in the pursuit of power, and is often perverted by that pursuit. Seaford's tragic tyrant exists in a problematic relationship with ritual, and successful polis cult is only possible once the tyrant has been expelled. Thus religious legitimation and power has been detached from the king and attached to the polis. It seems reasonable to consider this a symptom of the considerable transformation in governmental structures after the Bronze Age. Even if, with Morris, we find traces of communitarian government in the earlier period, it is clear that there has been a reconfiguration of attitudes towards the individual figure of authority. But the area in which the tension between individual and community is played out remains constant, and that area is ritual.

Another important characteristic of tyrannical power is wealth. Seaford points out that tyrants are greedy for money and the power it allows them to exercise. Yet tyrannical greed may have a positive counterpart in lavish expenditure, and here again, the importance of religious factors is striking. As Morris notes, the capacity of sanctuaries in the Archaic period to attract tyrannical largesse and the concomitant power and influence wielded by such sanctuaries, reminds us of the religious significance of kingship in the prehistoric period. Historical tyrants, both Greek and foreign, seek legitimation and negotiate power in their relationships with these sanctuaries. Just as tyrannical greed is intimately connected with impiety in the world of tragedy, so tyrannical expenditure upon offerings and religious building projects attempts to realign the tyrant and re-embed him in the religious sphere. In the tragic imagination, as Seaford suggests, the use of money may mark a failure in reciprocity, but on a pragmatic level it enables successful diplomatic exchange and marks pre-eminence. Thus it is that the Athenian demos engages in quasi-tyrannical expenditure with its massive use of public moneys, a phenomenon analyzed in Lisa Kallet's fascinating essay. The demos both taxes and spends in a demonstration of its pre-eminent power; its role as economic patron forestalls challenge from members of the elite, who do not have the resources to match it. The symbiotic relationship of tyranny, wealth, and expenditure (studied by Kallet and Seaford), taken together with the implication of the king or tyrant in religious concerns (as we see in the essays of Morris and Seaford), goes far to explain the extraordinary magnificence of the fifth-century building program on the Athenian acropolis. While Kallet rightly sees this as an instance of public patronage, it is significant that this patronage, to use Morris' words, marks "the convergence of polis and shrine."

The third area where Morris' treatment of kingship is significant for this volume as a whole is that of regional geographic variation. This concern manifests itself in the remaining essays in two ways. It emerges as an awareness that we can best understand Athenian developments in light of a broader Greek context. Thus we note that robust forms of kingship established themselves chiefly on the margins of the Greek world, while the communitarian model had greater force in the heartland. Nevertheless, a network of economic, military, and diplomatic relationships ensured lively exchanges between widely varying constitutions. My own essay explores the notion of "constitutional slide" as a function of the close proximity of differing forms of government. The richness of constitutional variation allows both Plato and Isocrates to criticize democratic tyranny and construct political structures based on ethics rather than on the number of people in whom power was vested. Regional variation mandates an awareness of multiple audiences and permits the development of "amphibolic" readings of texts as diverse as Isocrates' Panathenaicus and the funerary monument of Dexileos, the object of an unsettling analysis by Josiah Ober. Ober rightly points out that tyranny in the Classical period was a concern to poleis other than Athens. Our tendency towards Athenocentrism often predisposes us to ignore this wider context, but to do so is to ignore an important area of cultural exchange. Tyranny could remain a concern in Athens because the Athenians had frequent contacts with kings and tyrants in a politically unstable world. But it was an exportable concern, as Ober's investigation of the Erythrae decree concerning repairs to the statue of a tyrannicide shows. Athens liked to export democracy to the subject cities of its empire, but its hatred of tyranny, and the concomitant iconography of resistance to tyranny was just as real an export.


In the Bible.. after the deception, God says that from then on, the serpent would have no legs and crawl around on his belly? Doesn't this imply that at the time the serpent DID have legs.. kind of like a reptoid?

Genesis 3:15 "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise they head, and thou shalt bruise his heel."

Is there a race of reptoids co-existing with us? Is there a secret group, running the world who worship a reptoid? Is it just one of MANY reptoids? Is it the leader of the reptoids? Is it a completely different being, separate from those reptoids? Do those reptoids even exist? Are the reptoid race nothing more than Mankind's perceived evils personified into a form which is the personification of evil in the Bible? Is it the Bible which makes them Reptoid and not, say.. arachnid?

So would Eden be real? Not in the literal sense, but an actual place that man was banished from because of these reptoids?
Pindar.......the lizard king

It is said that the
garden of Edan was not on this planet and that we have been planted and the reptoid were our jailers?
On the subject of Reptoids and such, are any of you familiar with the statuettes from the Jarmo excavation? Reptilian people doing ordinary things, nursing babies, etc....and they also made them of regular people, so, combined with the ordinary activities they are depicted doing, not likely to be idols or anything of the sort....
Some basic info here:

It's 7000 BC actually, and in probably largely destroyed by now
The stories about reptilian visitors extend from India, to Mexico, to China, back to North America, and Russia, and even many parts of Africa and South America.
There are a lot of links to Jarmo and these lizard people and many other early cultures of the with similar traditions. The Jarmo statuettes are the closest thing to hard evidence. It goes without saying, in a world full of skeptics, any bits of hard evidence are priceless.

If you want to know more about Pindar or these Reptilians go to David Icke's website

David Icke's Biggest Secret book has a photo of this statue.. This one is also from Iraq, but from the Ubaid area. It appears to be a reptilian suckling one of its offspring. The Ubaid period was from 5500 - 4000 B.C.

A reptile statue found in graves of the Ubaid people who lived in what is now Iraq up to around 4,000 BC. This culture predates the Venus cataclysm which probably forced the surving reptilians underground or into another dimension.






by Joe Mason and Dee Finney

We love synchronicity and coincidence. Dream interpretation books may be helpful to some, and we look at various opinions. Dreamers can find the symbol meanings by checking a number of ideas, and thinking it over carefully. Our own interpretations are often different from standard ones, and we give opinions as an additional source to consider. We hope others will contribute to the interpreting.

It is fun to follow the path of dreams and attempt to put a few puzzle-pieces together. The idea of categories of dreams (garbage, prophetic, diagnostic, universal, etc.) has been around for a while. The Greeks spoke of dreams that come through either the Gate of Ivory or the Gate of Horn, depending on if they are true or false. I read of another grouping about two days ago - basically three divisions for daily life things, thought/concepts type things, and the big spiritual type of dream.

The "masculine-feminine.PRINCIPLE, the brain hemispheres, DNA, etc., are entirely supported by people's dreams. Prophecies can be exaggerated, especially the gloom and doom prophecies. There is flooding, earthquakes, fires, but they are minor in scope compared to the dreams and seem to be mainly symbolic. The trend is that some of the disasters do happen, but they are much more minor than expected. But, the symbolism, is quite big and important. It's all about the changes happening. It is an "inner" thing, which will be manifested more slowly in time. Some of the events are on another plane and do not necessarily manifest in the physical realm.

There is a great dream about this on one of our Prophecy pages, called Wheels of Creation. World prophecies can be very different than expected, and many have been fulfilled. For example, a coincidence that led us to the theory that most of the apocalyptic destruction have already happened in this century. A symbolic event foretold it, like a portent - the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

There are layers of illusion. We are in the land of Maya, as the ancients from the East said. Dreams seem to give it a "stage play" or "movie film" symbolism. We are like actors who have forgotten that it is a "play," and do not remember the "script," even though we help write it every night in the dream state.

In the search for "The Truth" look at it as trying to find out what the "script" is all about, rather than the Ultimate Truth. That is quite an accomplishment in itself!

We have been seeing symbols for some time, like the "movie," "water," and "underground" symbolism. Our reality seems to be portrayed sometimes as being like a stage play or film. One woman was told in a dream, "Yes! The world is like a stage play, but a VERY important one!" It seems to be a very old idea. I read that Plato said something like this - reality is like watching shadows on a curtain. You have to watch very closely to figure out what is going on behind the curtain. It seems similar to the Eastern teaching that we are in the land of Maya, illusion. Shakespeare said, " "All the world is a stage and all men and woman are merely players."

"Dreams at the Dawning and Phantom of the Opera."

There are many myths about the underworld, like the Greek Persephone. Another is about the 12th labor of Hercules, where he had to kill the three-headed dog that guarded the gate of Hades. The dog would let anyone in, but would let no one out. Some myths, like the Babylonian one about Ishtar, have seven steps down to the Underworld. I "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2, by H. P. Blavatsky, two ancient depictions are shown that are almost the same. One is from India, and the other is Kabalistic. A triangle is at the top, labeled "AUM" in one depiction. It has a Father Ray and Mother Ray. Below this is a circle with a Star of David type diagram. Below that is a circle, labeled "World of Maya, or illusion" in one depiction, and "Hell, the Objective World called Earth." The underground or "Hell" could be saying something about the earth reality.

In the Hopi creation myth, three chambers are shown underground. The Creator first put insects in a chamber and told them to figure out the meaning of life. They couldn't do it, so Spider Grandmother came and helped them to climb to the second chamber, where they became animals. Same thing, and they went to the third chamber and became humans. Finally, Spider Grandmother came again, this time assisted by birds, and the people reached the surface and sunlight. Then Spider Grandmother taught them how to weave.

About seven years ago there was a dream posted to an on-line board called, "Queen Diana Dream." In the dream she went to a Diana Ross concert. She went back stage and got a ticket or pass from a man at a desk. She went through a door, down a hallway, and into another room. There was a small door in the room. She went through, and was on a slide going down. Lights shined on and through her, examining her. "No shit is allowed down here" she realized. She saw others sliding down on slides. Then, she was in a boat with Queen Diana, surrounded by her loyal subjects.

Even the "shit" may compare to a ticket building looking like an outhouse. This is an important type of symbolism , which appears often in various forms. It can be a play on the "food-for-thought" symbolism. These thoughts/beliefs have been consumed and digested, and all the nutrients removed. It is time to dump them. The meaning of the ticket or pass in the Diana dream seems to be a little different. She took the ticket and went underground. In another theatre dream posted, the dreamer refused the ticket, but watched safely from above. Deciding to take the ticket or not shows that we choose to come to the land of Maya, and are not forced to do so.

In the Bible, this is expressed in Daniel 9:27, where a covenant is made with many for one week, and for half of the week . . . something negative happens. The "covenant" is like a contract or agreement, or like taking a ticket. This refers to the seven chakras, and the critical midpoint of 3 and 1/2. It is the point between the lower three chakras and the Heart chakra.

See: In the Hopi myth there are three chambers underground before the fourth step to the surface.

Diana is the Roman goddess Artemis. She is the moon goddess and twin of Apollo. She is associated with a triple goddess symbolism, one of which is Hecate, who is of "Hell." Diana Ross who was in the dream is one of the three singers of "The Supremes."

Princess Diana was killed in the underground pass. They say it was once a Pagan place of worship to the goddess Diana. The people shortly started calling her "The Queen of Hearts."

Our friend, Jeff, dreamed of riding on a bicycle up a hill outside the water treatment plant where he works. His wife came running with a telephone in her hand, saying he had an important call from the lady engineer. He couldn't hear the lady engineer very well, but knew she was telling him not to open the big valve yet that lets the purified water into the city. The woman who had the Diana dream reported another one about the same time. In that dream, she saw a house in a barren valley. There was a pole next to it that showed high-water markers. She could see that it flooded every once in a while. She said something about it representing her stressful state of mind at the time, and that a flood was coming on.

Some dreams, have more of a Noah/Pisces type of flooding. Others, like Jeff's, has more of an Aquarius-like Water Bearer kind. In any case, it is about the change to a new age.

People in the theatre dream are not paying attention to the water coming, and thinking the film was "real." It fits the situation we see today so well. So few are paying attention to dreams or much else other than the mundane-life things. So many think that is all there is to life, that there is no spiritual thing going on. This fits with a verse in Revelation, the one about "You have the name of being alive, but you are dead. Awake and save what is on the point of death." It goes on to say that some have not stained their garments, and will walk in white. (Jeff had a dream where his white pants got stained because of a backed-up urnal). Hades is the Land of the Dead in the Greek myths, yet the people are still animated, so they are not "dead" in the extinct sense.

There are dreams which hint that the Great Change will happen very abruptly, but probably will not really happen "in the blinking of an eye," or "in one night," as Nostradamus said. But, it will happen a lot quicker than most people think. The idea of people being caught by surprise and running about chaotically or in panic, has appeared in a lot of dreams. It's in the Bible too, about coming like a thief in the night. Drowning in dreams can be like a spiritual baptism. The person is "re-born" afterwards. The few good swimmers seem to be those who are familiar with the spirit/unconscious/dreaming realm. And going with the flow, of course, is pretty obvious.

People really do need to "turn around" and see what is really happening. Everyone has a telephone (dreams) to the other reality, but few pick it up.


About three years ago, a voice in my dream said, "The Phantom of the Opera is God." This seemed outrageous, but I knew what it was talking about. I had heard the song from Andrew Loyd Webber's musical with the line, "The Phantom of the Opera is there, inside your mind." It was related to the painting on the Sistine Chappel by Michelangelo of God reaching to touch Adam's finger. I had read a new interpretation of it, saying that it is not God giving life to Adam, because he is already awake. It is God giving rational intelligence, because God is shown within a structure shaped like a human brain. You can view the Sistine Chappel painting at: It was also related to Revelation 17:17 - "For God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and giving over their royal power to the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." This all tied into an idea sometimes portrayed in dreams, that our world is like a stage play, where we actors have forgotten what is going on behind stage and what the script is about. Unconsciously, in the dream state, we do know, and help write the script. We are learning to be conscious co-creators, as symbolized by the (Royal, Lion) King.

Here is an e-mail from a dreamer friend:

Another dream Date: 11-30-97 From:

I like your interpretations..pretty much the same as mine. I mostly relate 'hell' or the 'underground' as most earth reality in the 'mass mind'..maya worlds. This includes the lower astral planes as well..sub-3.5? We cannot maintain forms on any of these worlds without a certain amount of maya-illusion. We do not necessarily have to be in the grip of 'mass mind'. The 4th chakra-HEART is the KEY PORTAL for the changing & enlightening.

I like the DIANA symbolisms. I also thought a lot about that event & mother THERESAs. Both were caring people on opposite ends of the feminine aspect. A friend and I got this information during meditations: "One was RICH,one POOR in 'things'. One was an earthly VOLUNTEER,one felt TRAPPED by birth & royal circumstances. She left earth YOUNG. The other was trapped in an AGING FORM etc. They did also represent similarities. The RELIGIOUS NUN was so ingrained with her discipline thought that she is having MORE DIFFICULTY ADJUSTING on the 'other side'..old programs. She was shocked at what she is learning & unlearning now. Of course she had a wonderful heart.. Diana had NO TROUBLE adjusting. She is FREE,except for concern for her children."

The answers to prayer do manifest..but not always as you think. Promises ARE kept. There are GREATER PROMISES that are now fulfilling . They do superceed what man can think to ask for. It is a GIFT..This gift of CONSCIOUSNESS-the Christ essence,the HEART opening connections-as 'SPIDER WOMAN' weaving the world..UNITY-balance of M-F principle. The POLE SHIFTS WITHIN..) In 1949(4 yrs.later.Heart?) a group of 22 earth masters were secretly called from all over the globe. 22 is the MASTER no. of manifestation & great responsibility. They were given airline tickets to Redding Calif. They never knew who paid for or arranged all this. They came in at night & given lodging. The next morning they were taken by jeep,deep into the forested hills around Mt.SHASTA. They were circled in meditation in a clearing when a great wind came,blowing trees flat to ground. A round SPACESHIP appeared out of the VORTEX wind. They were in awe. They were sitting about .5 mile from the ship,but were shown everything clearly in their minds. They were shown 2 babies that shown so brightly they appeared as TWIN SUNS..male & female . They were told that this was the answer to the prayer in 1945..a MESSAGE OF HOPE for the world..BALANCED ENERGIES..a BLEND of HEAVEN & EARTH. They understood the babies to be from a 'earthly mother' & a 'space father'. This was a dimensional ship & the babies were taken back into the ship. They disappeared in a vortex...The prayer had been answered with a manifested message. The 22 had varied reactions to this..

Our Egyptian teacher carried this close to his heart until he passed away in 1976 at well over 100yrs. The coptic brotherhood has revered this date since 1949. This event was to be SYMBOLIC in nature,although some didn't understand that at the time,or even now. It was given as a reality,the promise to aid earth in this time was already in process when they prayer was made. The Creator KNOWS the needs of creation. Consciousness awakens AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT.. The EVENT was planned & given as a NEW BIRTH OF TWIN SUN as one action on NOV.11,1949(7X7)at 11am... 11:11:11th hour. 11 is creative & mystical..harmony..Christ consciousness to some. The WEB weaves this round the world. LOVE is the heart sign..the glue that keeps the web whole in patterned forms. 4 is the no. of earth. 7 is the no.of Saturn.the outer boundary of form structure. 7+4=11. The world is now in the '13th' hour (overtime),as given to me..13 or 4+9 relates through URANUS,a very erratic,electrical function. This relates to the AQUARIAN vibration. SATURN also is an old ruler of AQUARIUS,so there is the MIDPT of manifest FORM between the principles of Sat-Uranus. There is a portal gateway to be passed through. The asteroid CHIRON orbits between these planet forms. Chiron was half man-half horse & HEALER. He shot ACHILLES in the HEEL..Vulnerable spot! I have another significant dream to relate. I'll e-mail it separately..HAPPY TRAILS! ,,not trials.. Jan :)

This is Joe's reply to the above e-mail:
Subj: Feathers and Things -Date: 12-01-97

Dear Jan, I'm pleased that you find my ideas of value. I am certainly enjoying your material. I like Art Bell too, but haven't had time to listen for a while. I wish he would present the dream and crop circle side more, and the myth/religion connections. I wasn't surprised that our interpretations are similar. When I talked to Dee about your dreams, she had the same feeling I did . . . "They don't need interpretation, they are obvious." That may be an overstatement, but we see so many similar big dreams, that we are rather biased.

I like what your wrote about Diana and Mother Theresa. Sounds right. An online friend, Maureen Roberts, just wrote an article in The Dream Network Journal, where she was there at the crash scene, and helped Diana in her transition to the other world. Maureen is a shaman woman, as well as a PhD.

Your comments about not being able to maintain forms without a certain amount of maya-illusion, reminded me of a dream: -------

Back around 1991, my friend, Jeff, told me the dream where he visited a house to buy Avon perfume. An oriental man was with him. It was raining hard. Jeff wrote a check and put it on the porch. A really big man let them in. The oriental man removed his head, and held it under his arm. They were taken into a bedroom which had a split-level, with the bed on the higher level. Another very big man was there, who looked mean, and started to chase them. They ran to the living room. The first big man was guarding the front door, holding a knife, and would not let them out. So, they ran round and round. After a while, the big man at the door said, "Look, I really don't agree with the other guy, so I am going to let you out." Instantly, the knife transformed into a feather. Jeff said it was strange, because when that happened, he realized that he knew it was a feather all along, but for some reason saw it as a knife. A short time later, I read in "The Sacred Symbols of Mu," that the feather was chosen to represent "truth," because it can so easily be blown away. It sure fit with Jeff's dream....i.e. the truth will set you free! '----------- The part where an oriental man removed his head, I felt, was saying something similar to your concept. I think oriental can mean foreigner or stranger to us western people, in terms of other realities. It fits with the "twin" theme that I see so often. Do you think it is the same as the Divine Ka, or Double?

I thought of this dream when I read your great story about the feather in Egypt. Loved that one! I did not know about the Heart Chakra being the Key Portal in the great change, but, of course, it makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for the info. Thanks too for the info about the council of spiritual leaders meetings in 1945 and 1949. No wonder you had that Mt. Shasta dream! I should have known I was missing a piece of the puzzle.

I have been quite attracted to the Coptic Gnostic teachings. Dee has found that her dreams of late seem to fit some of the ideas. The idea of a Messiah coming and that that our prayerful wishes may manifest differently than we think, may fit with one of my speculations. The idea is that the Messiah may represent many people, perhaps all. Humanity making the transition to the Heart chakra level, can be symbolized by the "virgin birth" of the new baby.

Revelation 12 has the Woman With Child, who is taken to a place for the 3 1/2 time cycle. (1260 days = 3 1/2 years on the Jewish calendar and "a time, two times, and half a time" = 1 + 2 + 1/2 = 3 1/2. Near the beginning of Revelation it says the Son Of Man spoke with a voice of many waters.

In Revelation 17, in a different context, it says the waters are peoples, and multitudes. From the mouth of the Son of Man comes a double-edge sword. So, it could be that this is something that will be spoken by the many that will cut through the old belief systems. Something like that. In Jeff's dream the knife turned into the feather of truth. That's the way I see the double-edged sword . . . it's the "truth" about the real nature of the movie film coming at the end of the cycle.

The Hopi creation myths has similarities. After the third step, birds were sent along with Spider Grandmother. Birds are said to be the Deity (or Messengers thereof) into the field of time. And, of course, they are covered with feathers.

In the Aztec myth, Mother Earth is made pregnant by feathers floating down from Heaven. The two babies, male and female, as Twin Suns, sure fits with some major ideas, and other dreams.

Dee has dreamed at least twice of the twin babies. The birth from a "space father" and earthly mother may fit with the virgin birth idea too.

The numbers you mentioned fit some things well. Some have had dreams of going past a place, like a school for a class reunion, and went too far. They had to turn around and come back. Perhaps this could fit with your "13th hour - overtime" idea. The astrological and mythical connections are great. Thanks again, Jan.
Best wishes,

Here are some Nostradamus Quatrains that seem to fit this time cycle and to Princess Diana:

C2, Q70

The dart from the sky will make its extension,
Deaths speaking: great execution.
The stone in the tree, the proud nation restored,
Noise, human monster, purge expiation.

C3, Q11

The arms to fight in the sky a long time,
The tree in the middle of the city fallen:
Sacred bough clipped, steel, in the face of the firebrand,
Then the monarch of "Adria" fallen.

C3, Q91

The tree which had long been dead and withered,
In one night it will come to grow green again:
The Cronian King sick, Prince with club foot,
Feared by his enemies he will make his sail bound

C9, Q83:

"The sun, twenty degrees into Taurus,
there will be a great earthquake.
The great theater, filled, will be ruined.
The sky, heaven and earth will be dark and obscure,
as the unbelievers call on God and the Saints."

C10, Q72

In 1999 and seven months
From the sky will descend a great terrifying King
Who will resuscitate the great King ANGOLMOIS.
Before and after, Mars reigns happily.
ANGOLMOIS = SANG + LION + SOLOMON. Blood of the Lion, Solomon.

SANG = 9 + 1 + 2 + 3 = 15

LION = 5 + 8 + 7 + 2 = 22

15 + 22 = 37

SOLOMON = 9 + 4 + 5 +4 + 6 + 7 + 2 = 37

The number 37 is the diagonal numbers on the Magic Square of the Sun in Greek Gematria. You know, where the numbers 1 through 36 are put in a grid.

The row numbers add to 111 and the total for the numbers is 666.

Nostradamus C10, Q74 seems related: "The year of the great seventh number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves."

Century 2, Quatrain 28 "The last son of the man with the Prophet's name Will bring Diana to her day of rest. At a distance they wander in frenetic grief Delivering a great people from ruin." Fayed's father, self-made billionaire Mohammed Al-Fayed, owns London's fabled Harrod's department store, the Hotel Ritz in Paris and has 11 homes around the world. Mohammed Al-Fayed had been friendly with Diana's father, the late Earl Spencer.

Another sync happened when I found a book about Nostradamus, published in 1987. This quatrain had an interesting interpretation:

C9, Q83 The sun, twenty degrees into Taurus, there will be a great earthquake. The great theater, filled, will be ruined. The sky, Heaven and Earth, will be dark and obscure, as the unbelievers call on God and the Saints. This was interpreted to be a big earthquake during a sports event, with thousands of people in a stadium. So, at least two years prior to the earthquake, this guy hits it right on the money!


We were all saddened by the tragic death of Princess Diana, who truly was a Saint. Unusual in her astrology was that she was born with a cross-shaped astrology pattern, but there was a bent cross pattern at the time of her death (which was also 1 day away from a partial solar eclipse on Sept. 1, 1997); these astrological patterns seem to symbolize princess diana 's life and her concern for humanity, and her tragic death when so young. Diana's birthday horoscope (July 1, 1961) has a roughly cross-shaped pattern of planets: Venus at 24 degrees Taurus and Neptune at 8 degrees Scorpio are the arms of the cross, there is a grouping of planets in Cancer, Leo, and Virgo at the top of the cross; and another grouping of planets in Aquarius and Capricorn at the bottom of the cross.

At Diana's death, August 31, 1997, there is a bent cross pattern, the bottom of the cross being planets in astrology signs Aquarius and Capricorn, the left arm Mars in astrology sign Scorpio and Venus in Libra, the right arm Saturn in Aries, but the top of the cross, the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, is bent off to the left.

Also, Diana and Prince Charles were married on July 29, 1981, and two days later there was a solar eclipse. Dec. 9, 1992, it was announced that Diana and Charles were formally separated, and that night there was a very dark lunar eclipse.

There seems to be a connection of Diana and Charles to eclipses, which indicates great importance for humanity. Also unusual, within two weeks of the birthdate of Prince Charles in November 1948, there was a solar eclipse where a bright comet was seen during the eclipse in Africa. This is extremely rare, the only other cases of a bright comet being seen during a solar eclipse in the last 100 years being in March 1997 with Comet Hale-Bopp, and in 1882 during a solar eclipse in Egypt. This may indicate that Prince Charles has an important destiny for the world, far more important than just being King of England. I think that this may indicate that England will have a future role in defending the world from the Forces of Darkness, as england defended the world from the Forces of Darkness during World War 2.

Note that within a few months from the 1882 solar eclipse/comet, Franklin Roosevelt was born, who helped save the world for democracy during World War 2. And note the "rose" theme with Roosevelt's name, and with the rose being the symbol of England. So it is interesting that there was a bright comet seen during an eclipse in March 1997.

In Revelation (King James Version) 1:11,18 there are words that Christ tell to the author of Revelation, John: "I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last;...I am he that liveth and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death."

Greek, which is the language of the Bible's New Testament including Revelation, has each letter as also a number. Alpha is one, and Omega is 800.

The great tragedy in the U.S. in 1996, the crash of Flight 800, would correspond to omega (800). And following Diana's death, the United Kingdom flag, the Union Jack, flew at half-staff for the first time ever; "union" meaning one, this would correspond to alpha. So there were two great tragedies, the death of Diana (the great tragedy of 1997) and Flight 800 (the great tragedy of 1996) corresponding to Alpha and Omega. A connection between these tragedies: Flight 800 was flying to Paris after leaving New York, and Diana's death occurred in Paris.

And it is interesting that the great American writer Ernest Hemingway died July 2, 1961, in Idaho, within a day of Diana's birth in England, at the time of a cross-shaped Astrology pattern. (Note-- July 2-- in Revelation 7:2 an angel rises from the East, and also note that Bruce Willis lives in Idaho-- he has been in so many important movies lately, such as saving mankind in "Armageddon".) Hemingway lived for some time in the Florida Keys, Key West-- could that have a connection to the "keys of hell and of death" in Revelation? Ernest Hemingway's 100th birth anniversary is July 21, 1999, and one of the books he authored was "For Whom the Bell Tolls"; could that be a day the "bell tolls" for this world? That is shortly before the solar eclipse and cross-shaped Astrology pattern that occur in August 1999, which seem to indicate ominous events for this world occur then.

It is interesting also that July 21 is the anniversary of the Civil war's Battle of Bull Run, and the Bull Run in Spain was Hemingway's favorite sport. And July 22 is the Catholic Day of Mary Magdelan, and July 23 is the anniversary of the discovery of Comet Hale- Bopp. Somehow, Princess Diana and Ernest Hemingway, two of the great people of this century, are the key to future events. Consider the astrology patterns:

--an approximate cross-shaped pattern of planets on the date of Hemingway's death and Diana's birth

-- the bent cross pattern at the day of Diana's death, August 31, 1997. And this was 3 years after an unusual Astrology pattern on August 31, 1994, a grand water trine of 3 planets forming an exact triangle in 3 water signs.

-- the rare Grand Cross pattern occurring a month after the 100th anniversary of Hemingway's birth, the Grand Cross is on August 18, 1999. And it is a bent cross, making it a Satanic cross, as there was a bent cross pattern on the day Diana died.

The wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones, Countess Sophie horoscope:

And there was the wedding of Sophie and Prince Edward on June 19, 1999. Concerning this wedding, consider that: -- Countess Sophie looks enough like Diana to be a virtual clone. We are likely to see Countess Sophie become tremendously popular with the public, as Diana was, and the public which misses Diana greatly will look to her to be the the new Princess Diana. --Note that the wedding was June 19, and the Cassini space probe passes by Venus again on June 24, four days later. Venus being the Goddess of Beauty, Sophie represents Venus.

--Sophie lived for a while in Australia, connecting her to the Southern Cross concept .

--Note her name "Rhys" is similar to "rose", as Diana was called "England's rose". Could "Rhys" also mean "rise", meaning Diana will rise and return as Sophie? Sophie was born January 20, 1965, and it may be significant that the great English leader Winston Churchill died 4 days later on Jan. 24, 1965. Sophie and generally the English royal family and England itself may have an important destiny in the near future. Let us remember that in the early years of World War 2 Churchill and England stood alone facing the gates of Hell, saving the world from a new Dark Age. We may see a similar situation in the near future.

Note that Prince Edward is now the Earl of Wessex and Sophie is Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex. A previous Earl of Wessex was King Harold, the Anglo-Saxon king who died at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, when the Normans invaded England. That was the last time England was invaded by a foreign power. This historical link of the Earl of Wessex title, a title that has not been used for centuries, is a link to early England and the days of King Arthur, knights and chivalry. Winston Churchill was certainly one of the great communicators of this century, and Sophie's birthdate four days before the death of Churchill explains her own work in the area of communications and public relations. The most interesting astrology pattern was not on Sophie's birthdate but 4 days later on Jan. 24 1965, the day of Winston Churchill's death.

Checking the astrology pattern for 1/24/65 London 12 noon, and I would connect it with both Sophie and Winston Churchill, there is a powerful grand earth trine of some of the planets in a triangular pattern in the 3 earth signs: Taurus (Jupiter at 16 degrees) Capricorn (Mercury-communications 15 deg., Venus 15 deg.) Virgo (Uranus 14 deg., Pluto 15 deg., Mars 27 deg.)

So I am not surprised to see Sophie described as down-to-earth and liking the outdoors, with 5 of the planets within 1 degree of 15 degrees, 5 of the planets are in an exact Grand Earth trine. In a grand trine the energies multiply, so Sophie will have tremendously high earth energy. I expect the world will see great achievements by Sophie in the future, and she will be a great communicator, especially since she looks almost like a twin of Princess Diana.


Princess Diana died tragically on August 31, 1997, from injuries resulting from a car accident in Paris, France. On the Catholic calendar August 31 is the day of Saint Rose of Lima, Peru, which is an interesting because the rose is the symbol of England, and Diana was referred to as England's rose. And Diana was truly a saint, because of her efforts to help the ill and poor. Also, as I have said previously, it is interesting that Diana's birthdate astrology pattern for July 1, 1961, (which is one day away from the date of Ernest Hemingway's death) shows a roughly cross-shaped pattern of planets:Venus at 24 degrees Taurus and Neptune at 8 degrees Scorpio are the arms of the cross; there is a grouping of planets in Cancer, Leo, and Virgo at the top of the cross; and another grouping of planets in Aquarius and Capricorn at the bottom of the cross. Also, considering the Astrology of the date of Diana's death, August 31, 1997, there is a bent cross pattern, the bottom of the cross being again planets in Aquarius and Capricorn, the left arm Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Libra, the right arm Saturn in Aries, but the top of the cross, the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, is bent off to the left. The cross at Diana's birth, and the sadly bent cross at the time of her death, appear to astrologically represent her life and tragic death. The August 31, 1997 bent cross pattern may also be a sign of the rise to power of the Antichrist in the near future.

Date: Friday, 05-Sep-97
From: Chris Mastrangelo
Subj: _Synchronicity: Diana's Life/Death and Solar Eclipses_

Are you ready for some synchronicities?

I started looking back at a biography of Princess Diana, and the significant dates and events in her life. Then as I also do on Fridays, I started looking at my astronomy web sites that I check regularly. I had mentioned in an email a few months ago that the "Millennium Eclipse" on August 11 1999 will pass over the most populated areas of Europe including England. So I was browsing that information when I noticed that the last eclipse of the same "Saros cycle" as the 1999 eclipse took place on July 31 1981. That reminded me that the royal wedding took place in July 1981 Also, so I looked up the exact date. WHOA! Wait a minute- further checking revealed even more startling "synchronicities" to be described in detail below. But here is the summary:

The ROYAL WEDDING took place less than 24 hours before a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!

Prince William was born the SAME DAY as a partial SOLAR ECLIPSE!

Diana died on August 31. On Sep 1 there was a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!

Eclipses take place every six months on average, so it is not at all unusual that SOME significant event would take place on the same day or within a day or two of any particular eclipse. What is amazing that in the case of Princess Diana, the three most significant days of her life ALL took place within a day of a SOLAR ECLIPSE! Her wedding day, the birth of her first child, and the day she died!

And as I have mentioned before, even her NAME is a synchronicity- Diana is the name of the Roman Goddess of the moon. And eclipse takes place when the earth, moon, and sun are in alignment. In the case of a SOLAR eclipse, the MOON is between the sun and the earth, blocking the sun and casting a shadow on the surface of the earth.

=== Here is some background information so ===

=== you can verify these dates for yourself ===

Source #1: A biography of Princess Diana, at this website:

Source #2: Partial Solar Eclipse : September 2,1997

Source #3: Eclipses in History and Literature

Here is an excerpt:

Stonehenge, Babylonia, Egypt -- each culture developed a unique approach to eclipses. But only the Babylonians discovered the long-range prediction cycle, the saros. An eclipse cycle can also be used to go backward in time. This technique has proven useful to historians in fixing exact dates of past events.

Stonehenge was an ECLIPSE COMPUTER! Why were the ancient Druids so concerned about the timing of eclipses? Yes, they were superstitious, and believed eclipses to be a bad omen, linked with the DEATH of KINGS. Understanding the lunar calendar also helped to understand the universe and man's place in it, and to determine a schedule to plant and harvest crops.

On July 29, 1981, before 2,650 guests and a worldwide television audience of 750 million spectators, "Shy Di," the new shining hope of the people, rode to St. Paul's Cathedral in a glass coach for the wedding of the century;

Now to the real business...


The Royal Wedding took place on July 29, 1981. Less than 48 hours later, a total solar eclipse took place that was visible in Asia. 1981 Jul 31 T 0.579 108 02m02s

The next eclipse in the same "Saros" cycle (145) occurs in 1999 and passes over England and many of the most populated cities in Europe. 1999 Aug 11 T 0.506 112 02m23s

I have called that eclipse the "Millennium Eclipse" because it is the last total eclipse of the 20th century. There are NO TOTAL solar eclipses in the year 2000 at all (they are all partial). The next total eclipse, and the FIRST TOTAL ECLIPSE of the Third Millennium occurs on Jun 21 2001 !

That's right, you guessed it- on Prince William's 19th birthday! Will HE be seated on the throne by then? Or will Charles be King?

*** Prince William born June 21 1982

THE royal family welcomed the heir apparent and first of two sons, William Arthur Philip Louis, into the world on June 21, 1982, and Diana's hands-on mothering skills stood her in good stead with the royal family and a watchful planet. By the time Prince Harry arrived on the scene a little over two years later,

1982 Jun 21 Partial Solar Eclipse

On June 21, 1982, there was a partial solar eclipse that was only visible in the South Atlantic, but it took place on the solstice, near the prime meridian which intersects Greenwich England, and was occurring during the period of the grand conjunction of planets that occurred in 1982, while Mars was between Jupiter and Saturn and all three planets were contained within 15 degrees around the ecliptic.

1997: Princess Diana dies August 31 after midnight Paris time, 1997 Sep 1 Partial Solar Eclipse; Saros=125

Less than 48 hours AFTER the crash, a partial solar eclipse took place, visible in the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand.

Don't think I am trying to deceive anyone about the Sep 1/2 issue. The time of MAXIMUM eclipse occurred at approximately 00 hours GMT- midnight in Greenwich, but local noon on the other side of the planet. So the eclipse began on Sep 1 and continued into Sep 2.

*** One last footnote ***

Biography of Diana's life. Diana had her day in media court in November of 1995: on a BBC news show, Panorama, she soberly admitted that Charles' affair with Camilla had incited in her "rampant bulimia," that the Hewitt affair did in fact happen, and, furthermore, that she wouldn't "go quietly."

A Total Solar Eclipse took place Oct 24 1995; two weeks later, a total lunar eclipse. During those two weeks, Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated in Israel, and NASA released the pictures of the Eagle Nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. I had forgotten that the BBC interview with Diana also occurred that month.

We are in the midst of such an "ECLIPSE SEASON" now! In November 1995 I was reminded of the verse from the New Testament (Matthew 24: Lines 29-30).

Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.

And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory."

In that month, we had a solar and lunar eclipse, the assassination of a world leader, the Israeli Prime Minister no less, and a funeral to which every nation sent representatives. There were also other "Signs in the Heavens." But it was not a complete fulfillment of the verse which says "and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn." It was a precursor of events yet to come.

This week we had Diana's death, a solar eclipse, and I JUST heard on the radio that Mother Teresa died today also! There are so many ironies-:similarities and differences. But in the sense that "all the tribes of the earth" will be in mourning at the same time- the outpouring of grief and sympathy for Diana in the UK and US is much more than anyone ever expected, and much more than there was for Rabin. Yes, they are very different situations and circumstances, I know. Yet all Anglicans, Protestants, and most of the English speaking western world regardless of religion was touched in some way by Diana. Now Mother Teresa, who was very old and sick- her death is not as shocking, but the mourning and tributes by Catholics will also be great. Mother Teresa has been called the world's only living saint, and is expected to be canonized; while in a sense, Diana after her death is being "canonized" by the same media that hounded her in life.

I'm just a little nervous- what else will happen between now and the total lunar eclipse on Sep 16 (visible only in Asia, sorry)?

They say these things "happen in threes." The whole western hemisphere is in mourning. If there is also the death of a significant person in Asia (Mother Teresa was in Calcutta India, but she is renowned more in the west) then I will be especially nervous.

Chris M


REV 12:6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

This verse always baffled me- in that I could not reconcile it with anything to do with Diana, in her life, or even now after her death. The number of 1260 days, or 42 months, or 3.5 years; It is HALF the number given for the "tribulation" also. I would like to say that 3.5 years ago was the date of the royal divorce, but I think it was official only last year- how long ago was the SEPARATION officially announced?

From 8/31/97, going BACK 1260 days is 3/20/94; going forward is 2/11/01.

Did anything significant happen in the Charles & Diana saga in March 1994? The BBC interview in which Charles admitted having an affair with Camilla took place in June 1994; I believe the separation announcement came AFTER that, but I could be wrong. Someone please confirm.

The eclipse of 8/11/99 takes place 710 days after 8/31/97.


9-8-97, 6:05 p.m. CNN, on Larry King Live, just told the story about Diana's funeral, where there were white lilies on the coffin, and someone from the crowd threw up a single carnation. It stuck there, and stayed all the way to the end.


Tuesday, 09-Sep-97

Re: Words of Nostradamus (In search of the Grail?)

Interesting prophecy. When I was driving home from Golden Lake, I heard on the radio that Princess Diana died... what! I turned the radio louder, I was just past White Lake, my very first thought was.... they did it (the palace, the family) to save face, for her not to be embarrassment to the Royal Family.!!!

However, as I further listened and followed the story on t.v., when I got home, it appeared very much to be a car accident. I then was surprised to why I thought such a thing, but it was my first impression.

From Nostradamus to this in today's Citizen....

---Diana's horoscope chilling in its predictions

(.....Astrologer and numerologist Elizabeth Potier wrote for the August and September issues of Elle magazine....)

......The first words of the August horoscope for Cancer - Diana was born on July 1 - is horrifically stark. "This month, life seems to come to a screeching halt," it reads. She died Aug. 31 in a car accident.

September softens the blow, without being any less applicable.

It says: "This month,, although the emotion and creative price may have been high, don't look back because you are moving into a period of positive transformation and you're on the right road to your rendezvous with destiny.".......

......For Prince Charles, a Scorpio born on Nov. 14, parts of the August prediction read: "This month, Pluto goes direct and grants you freedom....All this dynamic activity in your solar chart can also cause confusion, conflicts and exhaustion However, if you don't let your ego overrule good judgement, August could change your life forever.".......


Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997

Subject: Re: Ponder the following Quatrain from Century I, Verse 43 of Diana, Century 2, Quatrain 28)

Regarding the information you sent about Nostradamus, Century 2, Quatrain 28

Has anyone noticed that Nostradamus may have foretold Princess Diana's death as a catalyst for change in Great Britain??? Ponder the following Quatrain from Century I, Verse 43 of Nostradamus' "Centuries":

"Before the change of the Empire comes, There shall be a strange accident, A field shall be changed, and a pillar of Porphyre shall be transported upon the chalky cliffs."

I think the first two lines could be the strange accident surrounding Diana's death, and that after her death there will be a change in the British Empire. Already many are talking of changes to come. I think that "a field shall be changed" could mean a number of things: the transformation from the grounds to an ocean of flowers by the grieving public; her work on solving the problems associated with minefields; or it could be that the field of players involved in the British monarch will be changed. I think that the last line refers to the transportation of Princess Diana's body back to England. A Pillar is defined as "one occupying a central or responsible position (not to mention the fact that the accident involved hitting the 13th pillar in the tunnel); and Porphyry is a purple colored stone containing large crystals. Metaphorically, Nostradamus probably used Porphyry to describe Diana since purple is the color of royalty (crystals seem to indicate that also), and stones have been used to describe lifelessness. Moreover, "Chalky Cliffs" are well known to be that of Dover, England. This all seems to fall into line with the death of Diana --- the only thing we don't know now is --- just what changes to expect as a result.

Or, how about this:

Before the change of the Empire comes, There shall be a strange accident Perhaps investigation will show that the accident was "strange" because it was "no accident" It will come out that the royal family arranged the accident, causing a public uprising that will effectively destroy the British Monarchy!!!

I'm no expert on anything and especially interpreting all the prophecies of Nostradamus but I would be interested in hearing from you or anyone else that can dissect this much better than myself to see if there is something to this Quatrain also.


The Roman Diana should be identified with an Indo-european sky-god who, according to G. Dlrumezil, secured the continuity of the human race and provided kings with their successors. Diana was also the protectoress of slaves. From about the fifth center C, she became identified with the Greek goddess Artemis. . Diana was also the goddess of the Latin commonwealth.

Diana is also a moon-goddess. Her name is possibly derived from 'diviana' ("the shining one"). She was originally worshipped on the mountain Tifata near Capua and in sacred forests (such as Aricia in Latium). Her priest lived in Aricia and if a man was able to kill him with a bough broken from a tree in this forest, he would become priest himself 1. Also torch-bearing processions were held in her honor here. Later she was given a temple in the working-class area on the Aventine Hill where she was mainly worshipped by the lower class (plebeians) and the slaves, of whom she was the patroness. Slaves could also ask for asylum in her temple. Her festival coincided with the idus (13th) of August.

The Latin designation popular in Europe since the Renaissance, for the goddess of the hunt, in Greek Artemis, who by this time had only allegorical or symbolic meaning. Statues of Diana with the crescent moon in her hair, bow and arrows in her hand, accompanied by hunting dogs adorned especially the gardens of the baroque period. On occasion, the legendary scene is represented in which ACTAEON, having observed Diana bathing, is transformed into a stag and torn apart by his own hunting dogs. (From Ovid's Metamorphosis)

As Artemis , the archer of the golden bow, Bowman's sister, (Iliad 10) racing through the forest with her accompanying nymphs and her hounds, ever ready to shoot her arrows, is "the wild goddess of the woods." She is at her most merciless with women who yield to the lure of love. She both points the way to chastity and bars the path to pleasure. She was surnamed "Lady of the Wild Beasts". As a huntress she slaughtered the stags and does, symbolizing the pleasure and reproduction aspect of sex. When such creatures are young and unsullied she protects them as she protects pregnant women, too, for the sake of the children they are carrying and to whom they will give birth, for although a virgin, she is also the goddess of childbirth.

To punish Agamemnon's offence, she demanded the death of Iphigenia, but at the very altar set a doe in place of the girl, whom she swept up into the clouds to make her her priestess.

The crescent is explained by the fact that the early Italian goddess Diana was originally the goddess of the moon and only later were the myths relating to Artemis, the mistress of the animals (potnia theron) carried over to her.

As the sun, what better image could be found for Jupiter emitting his golden rays than to personify this emanation in Diana, the all-illuminating virgin Artemis, whose oldest name was Kiktynna, literally the emitted ray from the word kikein. The moon is non-luminous, and it shines only by the reflected light of the sun; hence, the imagery of his daughter, the goddess of the moon, and herself, Luna, Astarte, or Diana.

As Artemis, daughter of Zeus and (Thetis) Leto, twin sister of Apollo, Artemis the moody and rancorous virgin, "forever untamed", is depicted in mythology as the antithesis of Aphroditie. She cruelly punishes any slight to her dignity, for example by transforming the offender into a stag to be eaten by his own hounds. On the other hand her faithful worshippers, such as Hippolytus, fatal victim of his own chastity, are rewarded with immortality.

The Cretan Diktynna, she wears a wreath made of the magic plant diktamnon, or dictamnus, the evergreen shrub whose contact is said at the same time, to develop somnanbullism and cure it finally; and as Eileithyia and Juno Pronuba, she is the goddess who presides over births; she is an Aesculapian deity, and the use of the dictamnus wreath, in association with the moon, shows once more the profound observation of the properties; it grows on Mount Diete, a Cretan mountain, in great abundance, on the other hand, the moon, shows once more the profound observation of the ancients.

Diana seems to have lived on not only in garden sculpture but also as a mythical figure in Italy. The American mythologist Charles G. Leland (1824-1903) reported in his book Arcadio (1899) about a cult of "WITCHES' (sterghe) who revered Diana and appealed to her as a great goddess. "Diana! Diana! Diana! Queen of all magicians and of the dark night, the stars, the moon, all fate and fortune! You, mistress of ebb and flow, who whine at night upon the sea, throwing our light upon the water! You, commander of the sea, in your boat like a half-moon..." (from a hymn appearing in a legend in which Melampus has his mother ask that he be given the art of understanding the language of SNAKES)" >>

As Artemis, protective, yet sometimes to be feared, holds equal sway over the human world, presiding over the birth and growth of living creatures. She was turned into the moon goddess wandering like the Moon and sporting in the mountains, while her twin brother, Apollo became the Sun god. Artemis-Selene is connected with the cycle of fertility symbols. Hostile to men, she was to play the part of protectoress of woman's life cycle. Her cult has therefore been considered as deriving from that of the Great Mother Goddess of Asia and the Aegean, with its main centres at Ephesus and Delos.

Some psychoanalysts would see Artemis as symbolizing the jealousy domination and castration complexes in the mother. Together with her antithesis Aphrodite, she comprises the total image of womanhood, so deeply divided in itself, in so far as she has failed to reduce the tensions born of the twofold complex within her nature. The wild beasts which accompany Artemis in the chase are those instincts intrinsic to the human condition which must be brought to heel if one is to reach that "City of the Righteous" according to Homer, so beloved by the Goddess.

There is no evidence for a cult of Artemis in the strictest sense in Gaul before the Roman period, but that it became extraordinarily widespread is witness by the way in which Church Councils and other ecclesiastical bodies and authorities reacted against it as late as the sixth and seventh centures AD. It is likely that Diana, symbolizing the virginal and queenly aspects of the oldest Italic mythology, absorbed the cult of a continental Celtic goddess whose name resembled hers and must have been close to the Irish form De Ana or Goddess Ana, mother of the gods and patron of the arts.


Princess Diana and her soon-to-be husband, Dodi Fayed, were fatally injured in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel.


The site is ancient, dating back to the time of the Merovingian kings (ca. 500 - 751 A.D.), and before. In pre-Christian times, the Pont de l'Alma was a pagan sacrificial site. Note that in the pagan connotation, at least, sacrifice is not to be confused with murder: the sacrificial victim had to be a willing participant.

In the time of the Merovingian kings, the Pont de l'Alma was an underground chamber. Founder of the Merovingian dynasty was Merovaeus, said to be descended from the union of a sea creature and a French queen. Merovaeus followed the pagan cult of Diana. In Middle English, "soul" (Alma) has as etymology "descended from the sea." "Pont," has as a Latin root "pontifex," meaning a Roman high priest. (See also pons, pontis -- bridge; passage.) "Alma" comes from the Latin "almus," meaning nourishing. One translation of Pont de l'Alma would be "bridge of the soul." Another would be "passage of nourishment." All true European royalty is descended from the Merovingians, which are believed to be descendants of Jesus Christ.

During the Merovingian era, if two kings had a dispute over property, it was settled in combat at Pont de l'Alma. According to legend, anyone killed there goes straight to Heaven and sits at the right hand of God, watching over all his foe was to do. The person killed in combat was actually considered to be the "winner," since he became God's eyes on earth and even could manipulate events.


The current British royal family are impostors. The House of Windsor is a fraud. But the lineage of Lady Diana Spencer goes back to Charles II of the House of Stewart. The House of Stewart is of *true* royal blood. Diana's sons, William and Harry, have 3-quarters true nobility in their blood.

Princess Diana was in a powerful position. Two main factions vied for control over her: (1) the New World Order faction, founded on an alliance between King William III (Bank of England, modern system of finance, and "national debt" all beginning during his reign) and later, the Rothschilds, and (2) the true nobility of Europe.

*Within* the New World Order faction, there are smaller, warring factions, exemplified by Rothschilds vs. Rockefellers. The plan of the New World Order faction was to marry Lady Diana to an American. Even though Bill Clinton has bastard roots in the Rockefeller clan, he is rejected by them and is aligned with the Rothschilds. Bill Clinton was the designated future husband for Lady Diana, with Hillary Clinton to be eliminated through divorce or even murder. The Rockefellers were furious; in no way would they allow a marriage between Bill Clinton and Lady Diana. In Great Britain, Prince William would be on the throne by age 25; if Prince Charles did not abdicate, he would be assassinated. Then, Prince Harry and the living Lady Diana would have moved to the U.S. Harry would become a U.S. citizen and go into politics, becoming perhaps a U.S. Senator. By then, whoever controlled the two boys -- Prince William and Prince Harry -- would control the world.

But in her last visit to the White House, circa January 1997, Lady Diana informed Mr. Bill Clinton that in no way, shape, or form would she *ever* marry him. (While in America, Lady Diana also met with John Kennedy, Jr.) Diana chose, instead, to marry for love. (Jackie Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis for power; he could protect her.)

Dodi Fayed, beloved of Lady Diana, is a cousin of Adnan Khashoggi, a CIA asset involved in sales of arms to Iran -- he and Oliver North. Adnan Khashoggi is part of the Saudi royal family. Through marrying Dodi Fayed, Diana would have been marrying into the Saudi royal family. She might have had to convert to Islam.

British intelligence (MI-6) arranged the deaths of Lady Diana and Dodi Fayed. It was imperative that the Saudi royal family not have control over Diana.

But even within British intelligence there are factions. A rogue faction in MI-6, powerless to prevent the assassination, arranged for the deaths of Lady Diana and Dodi Fayed to happen at Pont de l'Alma. Cleverly, it was known that a death at that historic location would not only "send a signal"; it would eventually lead to the creation of a "Saint Diana." In Roman paganism, Diana is "Queen of Heaven," a triple-goddess. "Al-mah," in mideast language, means "moon goddess." One aspect of the Roman triple-goddess is the "lunar virgin." The *al-mahs* served as maidens of Diana, the lunar virgin. In France, the Cult of Diana was so powerful that it wasn't until the Middle Ages until the French gave up worship of the pagan goddess. The *true* Knights Templar (not to be confused with impostors) are sworn to protect the Merovingian blood -- i.e., that of the *true* royals, such as Lady Diana. Before too long, Project Blue Beam holographic imaging will be used to create "miraculous appearances" of Lady Diana. Children at various locations will be randomly selected to witness "saintly apparitions." These children will receive a "message" from "Diana." Some of the children will claim that "Diana" has given them healing powers -- and what is more, these children *will* be able to "heal." Locations of these "miraculous appearances" will become known as places of healing and sacred shrines. "Saint Diana's" two children, William and Harry, will become akin to two living Jesus Christs, walking the earth. It will be the start of "the new religion." Who controls the new religion controls the world.

Reply from Joe Mason:

Thank you Chris, for the VERY interesting information. I wish I could tell you all the connections I see, but it would take a book.

Part of it involved a dream that was reported in a dream network in 1990, titled, "Queen Diana." It was obviously an important dream. It was about Diana Ross and a concert where the dreamer went back stage, and down a slide where she was examined by light. She went on a boat on a river underground with Queen Diana and her loyal subjects.

Some years later, I found the stories of the Divine Twins, Apollo the Sun God, and his Sister, Artemis, the Moon Goddess, who was called Diana by the Romans.

She is associated with a Triple Goddess symbolism, which is universal and found sometimes in dreams. I realized then, why Diana Ross was used as a symbol in the dream. She was one of the three "SUPREMES!"

Artemis felt exposed when the hunter, Acteon, came upon her in the woods, while bathing. She changed him into a stag, and he was chased down and devoured by his own faithful hounds.

I found this story just after receiving a dream from my friend, Steve. He saw deer in a winter forest. Wolves were chewing at their hindquarters. The deer did not seem to be afraid, as they did not run. The last thing he saw, was a deer walking off on just its front legs, as the entire hindquarters had been chewed off.

Prior to this, there were two dreams of people with the lower half of the body missing.

I believe this kind of symbolism is about the karmic function. The removal of the lower half is showing the lower animal instincts of the lower chakra levels.

Princess Diana was hounded by the hunters/photographers, and felt exposed. You might say she was chased down and killed by her own hounds.


The woman who had the Queen Diana dream, also reported one called, "Fawn on a Bridge." Another person had a dream in the same letter of a "Lost Bambi."

Artemis/Diana was the protector of animals, especially the young ones. The primary animal associated with her was the deer. 1981 Jul 31 T 0.579 108 02m02s

It may just be another one of those coincidences, but 108 is the number of names of the Goddess in India. Related numbers, such as 1,080, are associated with cycles of time. Typically, it is multiplied by four. So, could 108 x 02 x 02 = 432?

This number appears in various forms, with various zeros on the end, such as the 432,000 years or our age, known in the east as the Kali Yuga.

I have an article about the number at the Pufori site:

It's under Articles, Dreams & Prophesies.

You may want to take a look at another article I have there, where I tell of the coincidences involving the Solar eclipse that will take place over England on August 11, 1999, while the planets are aligned in a Grand Cross, pointing to Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These are the Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation.

The title of the article is, "All About Revelation 11:11." Good luck to you all, and please let me know of any further developments you find in the Diana story. Something tells me "the gods" are trying to tell us something.

Joe Mason


Dee's Dreams -

After Princess Diana's accident yesterday, I felt compelled to go through my dream journal and see if there was anything in it that could point to the tragedy. Many of them had clues I could say now that might be involved, but the most pointed one was on 8-25-97.

DREAM - I was being driven in a car by a woman. We came out of a large garage area and went down a narrow lane like an alley with walls on both sides of us. We turned the corner and came upon a dark car that had crashed so badly it was bent in half with the top crushed down. Only one man was able to walk away from the crash.

DREAM - On 7-29-97, I dreamed that I went out into the street and met some mean men who were going to attack us. One of them had a black head mask on. We were able to get rid of them only momentarily. The back mask, meaning their true intentions were hidden. A lie was in the works.

DREAM - On 7-17-97, I dreamed that I was in a house with a lot of toys on the floor. One was a blonde Barbie doll. I pushed it aside with my foot. In the next room was a long dark tunnel and a man was pulling a purple car through it. I went into the next room and opened the closet. Inside the closet was a huge purple book with the title "Future Possibilities".

If it is said or written it can be taken literal. The purple book is also a symbol of a royal decree.

The tunnel is the "transition" and in these case she was killed in a tunnel which is a manifestation of symbols in physical form. Really important messages that affect large numbers of people are frequently given both in dream and physical form.

These different rooms simply mean different events.

While none of these dreams had her name on it, and none had all the clues together, it looks like an ominous picture developed through a series of events.


Byron's Dream -

Casper in the Tunnel 09/02/97

Casper in the tunnel at crash site where road is blocked, plays with children there. In this dream from last night it was as if I were standing in the tunnel where Diana's car crashed. There was cars parked across the road to prevent people from coming near the crash site. There someone in a "Casper" costume was entertaining the children of all ages trying to keep them busy to keep their minds off of the accident.


Byron's Dream - Ghost Writers 09/02/97

Politician looking man talking to women behind a bus, papers in hand. Talks about "ghost writers". Climbs into the back of a big bus with his papers and takes a seat near the rear. I was standing in the back of a bus watching a man in a suit with a hand full of papers talking to some women. He was telling her about "ghost writers" and showing her some of the papers he held in his hands. There was a door in the back of the bus and the man turned, entered the bus and took a seat near the rear of the bus.


Date: 97-09-08

Dee's Dream - I don't know if this will be helpful or not, but I had a brief dream as I was waking up yesterday of watching two triangle shaped white planes taking off up into the sky.

I wanted to catch up with them but could not because they were rising into the sky so fast.


After I woke up, I opened up the newspaper and saw that President Clinton had compared Princess Di and Mother Theresa for their compassion and love for mankind. I instantly knew that Princess Di and Mother Theresa were the two planes that I saw going up to Heaven together.


From Joe 2-7-98

I met Maureen Roberts on-line in 1997 when I found a great dream she had posted called, "The Sun is ill." Maureen is a shaman as well as a Ph.D. In the latest issue of "The Dream Network Journal," (Vol 16, No. 3, on page 40), she reported a night of dreaming about Princess Diana after hearing of her death.

Maureen was overwhelmed by the emotions evoked by the event. In the dream she helped Diana in the after-death transition. She took on the woundedness of Diana. She felt an indefinable sense of oneness, sorrow, patience and compassion.

The place of the dream seemed like a sort of neutral ground. There were baths, pathways, and towels there, sort of like an ancient Greek garden. It was a quiet, peaceful place featuring lots of off-white stoneware and buildings.

Maureen pointed out that one of the phrases that has become attached to Diana is "Queen of Hearts," as if we now prefer to see her as a mature version of the Princess who has turned her suffering into compassion for humanity.

Maureen has an Arthurian Tarot pack in which the Queen of Hearts is the Grail Queen. The description sounds like Diana:

"She is intuitive and sympathetic, her compassionate nature embraces all; she imparts the gifts of love to all who encounter her; her depth of emotion marks her as the upholder of the Grail"

She is depicted standing before a doorway in a cliff wall with the ocean beyond. She holds out a bowl from which five streams of blood-red wine flow.

Maureen reflects that it seems the Grail King, who is wounded because of the illness of the land is being superseded by a Grail Queen myth, personified as Diana. The Grail King retreats to his Castle, but the Grail Queen does not; instead she transforms her pain into the healing of others.

Maureen speaks of related symbols and myths, such as the alchemical bath of transformation such as Christ sitting in the round bath of life, flanked on either side by the alchemical King and Queen, the Sun and Moon, pierced through the side with a spear. It is similar to Jung's "mysterium conjunctions," a marriage, or union through which the soul finally regains its lost wholeness.

A new myth may be emerging, she feels. The myth must now be made the conscious responsibility of each of us toward a suffering world, not by making Diana into a saint, but by embodying what she did: simple compassion for suffering humanity. Diana rescued herself from her pain and transcended it through serving humanity. "So can we," Maureen says.

A few nights after the Grail Queen dream, Maureen had a dream in which Diana was taking on a new role: Teaching Dancing! It is as if she finally has the chance to do what she always wanted to do. She offered to teach Maureen how to dance!


6-24-99 - DREAM - This may just be a coincidence but what a coincidence:

I was headed East along a highway in order to meet a train. I got sidetracked at a huge building I've been in before. It was similar to a place I used to work but in other ways was like a place where I used to live. The time was mid-afternoon. I decided to get the mail in. I lived on the 3rd floor and the mailbox was on the ground level. I had three sets of tiny silver keys. Each set was different but thee were two of each which looked identical at first glance, but were just a tad different from each other.

I was barefoot. I was looking to see which pair of shoes to put on so I wouldn't cut my feet or get glass embedded in them. I prefer slip-ons but I didn't see any so I picked up a new pair of blue jogging shoes. They looked amazingly like Joe's new shoes.

Before I got them on, I began to hear music and I had to dance to it. It was great fun, but I was dancing alone. The music ended and I saw my friend Diane arrive. She's a very tall woman, blonde; very goddess-like.

She was in the next room. I was going to ask her to dance with me, but she put on a record of an Irish tune that was even livlier and I went in that room to dance with her to HER music. But, when I got in there, she was gone, so I began to dance to the music by myself.

Another tall, blonde woman came in the room and said, "I'll teach you how to dance to THIS music." she took me by the hands, then slipped her right hand around my back, holding my right hand with her left hand. I put my left hand around her back.

As the Irish music played, we danced eight steps in a circle to the right as she counted, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8"...then we circled to the left 8 steps as she counted..."1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8".

The pattern we formed looked like this:

When the dance was over, a large black woman came in. She was going to be living with the tall, blonde woman I had danced with, upstairs across the alley from me in my 16th St. house.

NOTE: Another coincidence which I never looked at before in my whole 60 years of life. My address on the street was 2621 which equals 11. The address of the house across the alley was 2617 which equals 7.

Which might make this experience make sense which I had on 6-16-99 in which a female voice said,
"7 - 11:11 includes Victory!"



Subj: Re: dreams last night
Date: 97-08-31

Awful news...

Yes, I did have dreams, one on Saturday morning 8/30/97, about 14 hrs before Diana died:

AN EVENT I am at a gathering to discuss, to experience, to learn of the recent death of a famous white/light haired woman who was a character. She sits in a chair and the seat revolves and she says words as the chair passes a mirror. All must dress up, wear fancy dresses, a huge gathering. A new car connected with a business partner who is good natured, well- liked but may be a bit on the shady side. EOD

The revolving chair may be a symbol for royalty, the throne. I have subsequently learned that The Mirror was one was of the tabloids that ran front page headlines about Diana's recent tryst with Dodi Al Fayed, I believe the front page showed Diana in an embrace and was headlined THE KISS. In the dream, the words the light haired woman had while passing the mirror may be referring to Diana's run-ins with the sensational press. The dream was very strange and I did not get it all and left me with an uneasy feeling.

Sunday morning 8/31/97 after staying up to 4:30am listening to the various news reports I slept a few hours and had the following dream:


A man is serving fancy food dishes that he had prepared for public consumption. He has done this before and is doing it again, human body parts of part of the food preparations and he is being very careful not to reveal the pieces of bodies that were used to cook up the dishes. The number of dishes prepared in this way is a small number, less than 7, may be only 4 or 5. I know he has been careful, but I wonder if he can get away with it to the very last dish without someone suspecting the true origin of the flavoring and ingredient used in the preparation. I look very closely for pieces of flesh that might be in the the several servings. It looks as though the chef has gotten away with it, no visible pieces remaining.EOD

I think this relates to the cannibalistic papparazzi, serving up pieces of flesh and getting away with it.



Subj: Re: dreams last night
Date: 97-08-31

Reply 08/31/97 To the Children of the Light, I love you all more than I can say. We are but a few of the chosen and we must work together taking the images we each see making pieces of the puzzle and taking them each one looking closely and placing them one by one into the slots to see where they fit. Just as the prophets of old have done over the years reading their dreams as messages from above. Teaching our children who have the gift to follow in our footsteps. Taking not those things the world holds of value but rather those things which come from above.

You are each a ray of light from a brighter star above into a world filled with darkness and deception. Each of us having certain gifts and like gifts as well.

The beast has always been here and has always despised those who exposed his deeds upon this earth. The beast is powerful and as the book of Revelations says having 10 heads and rising up from the sea. Sending forth after those children of light to destroy them in his hatred. When the time is right I am given little bits of things like this which I will share with all of you.

There is no doubt these messages which you have sent to me are talking about the events we speak of. The death of Princess Diana is another landmark in time, just as TWA Flight 800, the Gulf war and the Challenger Disaster before that. Each one marking certain events throughout time pointing toward the eventual destiny of this world and those who ride the sea through the storm.

From L

Interpretation and Comments: I would say your understanding of these dreams is very good. I do believe they have to do with our dear Princess Diana. I say that with a tone of affection for reasons which some of you may all ready be aware of. You see there are many things that go on in government in the world which the majority is not aware of. When the US went bankrupt it literally sold out back to Great Britain. When this happened they put the gold fringe on the American Flag. When this happened the original United States of America that had become independent was no longer independent. It owed the mother country big time. The gold on the flag means "Admiral "T" law applies" It means that we (The United States of America) are literally controlled by a foreign government. And as such one of the greatest deceptions of all time took place upon the people of the United States of America. Since that time people have claimed their rights as original citizens of the United States of America and have had followings which have brought the government down upon them killing many of them even their children in the name of "the Law" in an effort to prevent the truth from becoming public knowledge. (I'm not saying I agree with some of these groups the way they went about what they did just saying they knew their rights as Patriots and as original citizens of the U.S.)

Princess Diana understood the inner workings of the world government and threatened to make that information known to the world if certain demands were not met. As such she became a threat to world "peace" as far as certain powers were concerned. I think all of you are aware of the tensions that existed between her and the Royal family but may not have understood many of the reasons for these things. People who find that truth and make that truth public frequently end up dead. Diana had not yet gone public with the information she had as far as I know but I have reason to believe the Royal family had consider having her "removed" more than once. I don't believe they did, I believe what happened was in fact an accident but then again who really knows ? There is without a doubt powers that be who can bring about their will without deliberate intervention. In other words "shit just happens sometimes" and people blame it on luck, but was it really bad luck or was it planned by unseen forces ?

A friend of mine who has done research on this subject for many years said "we beat the Britts and then turned right around and sold our country back to them for a price." They didn't want the American people to be aware of all the going's on but the Masons and certain other powers that be went to work in secret societies to literally run the world. We are in fact all ready involved in a One World Government that operates as transparent as the devil does inside the church in the name of God.

Our government absolutely can not allow the citizens of this great country to become aware of what laws actually apply and do not apply to them. If they must they will kill anyone who threatens this system of new government. Diana was a huge threat because she stood in public view for the entire world to see. Where she was the cameras were and the world saw her. If she said anything the world would know about it in moments and she was a huge threat. She was in that sense a child of the light as we are and I for one regret her passing. You may also be aware that I would not have said this except now that she is gone and now is the time for the rest of you to know these things and talk about it here in these messages and with your friends and family.

>>CANNIBALISTIC FOOD PREPARATION A man is serving fancy food dishes that he had prepared for public consumption. He has done this before and is doing it again, human body parts of part of the food preparations and he is being very careful not to reveal the pieces of bodies that were used to cook up the dishes. The number of dishes prepared in this way is a small number, less than 7, may be only 4 or 5. I know he has been careful, but I wonder if he can get away with it to the very last dish without someone suspecting the true origin of the flavoring and ingredient used in the preparation. I look very closely for pieces of flesh that might be in the the several servings. It looks as though the chef has gotten away with it, no visible pieces remaining.EOD

Interpretation and Comments: The death in this dream is evident as human flesh is served. It is news and a cover-up of the truth all in one.

The "flavoring" and the "ingredient" represent the twisted truths and the lies being served up to people by the media.

Could this also mean that Princesses Diana was murdered ? That her death was staged under conditions that we are not physically aware of ? Please tell us your thoughts on these things. I wish we all had a really secure encrypted mail system but I am not sure how to bring that about. I want to post all this on my Dream Link (personal) web site but I won't put anyone else's names on the pages unless they tell me it's ok to do. I hate junk mailers and all that but you all know that.

One last thing, if you don't all ready have a radio that can pick up government frequencies you had darn well better get you one or several if you can and keep them handy and hidden. There is a very good reason why they outlaws 200-400 MHz (military frequencies) and are doing their best right now to outlaw any radio that can pick up these frequencies. They have something to hide and they do not want us to know what that something is. There are other frequencies outside of these which you will also want to listen to. I can help you with some of that.

Love in light (truth and light)



Subj: dreams last night
Date: 97-08-31

I guess some of my dreams from last night could have had something to do with Diana's death. They were just so strange and foreign that I couldn't place it and didn't really try very hard.

I was one of two men trying to lift a huge tree out of a pool of icy water in a foreign looking land. There were some other trees there and we tried to lift them also but gave up seeing how they were frozen in the ice. The only one that wasn't frozen in the ice is the one we returned to and tried and tried to lift it out of the water but it was too big for us to lift and we finally gave up.

All of my dreams were dark from last night. The women in the strange house that lived upstairs and the pile of cloths at the foot of the crooked or winding stairs. Diana's life has been a set of winding steps.

Dreams like these are so hard to track until you see the news that brings them to light.

She was trying to get away from some photographers (who were also arrested) when the crash happened in a tunnel.



Subj: Princess Diana dead after Paris car crash
Date: 97-08-31 08:21:09 EDT

Princess Diana dead after Paris car crash Companion Dodi Fayed, chauffeur also killed August 31, 1997 Web posted at: 6:24 a.m. EDT (1024 GMT)

In this story: Princess suffered head, internal injuries Witnesses heard crash Car destroyed Diana, Fayed dined earlier in evening Fayed lived lavish lifestyle Related stories and sites

PARIS (CNN) -- Britain's Princess Diana died early Sunday at a Paris hospital after suffering massive internal injuries in a high-speed car crash. She was 36. Her companion, Harrod's heir Dodi Fayed, and their chauffeur died at the crash scene.

Diana, Princess of Wales, died at 4 a.m. after going into cardiac arrest, doctors told a news conference at Paris' Hospital de la Pitie Salpetriere.

The death was announced at 6 a.m. by Dr. Alain Pavie, head of the cardiology department.

Prince Charles will fly from Scotland to Paris Sunday to accompany the body of his former wife on its return to Britain.

Diana and Charles' two sons, Princes William, 15, and Harry, 12, were vacationing with Charles at the royal family's Scottish home at Balmoral. Buckingham Palace said Charles had been notified of the accident and had told the children.

"The death of the Princess of Wales fills us all with shock and deep grief," said British ambassador Michael Jay, who was at the hospital.

The princess' death came after she suffered massive internal injuries, including lung damage, Christopher Dickey, Newsweek's Paris bureau chief, told CNN.

Diana also suffered severe head injuries, hospital officials told CNN.

Ambulance workers managed to revive her at the crash scene, but her heart stopped beating on arrival at the hospital, said Dr. Bruno Riou, head of the hospital's intensive care unit.

Surgeons opened Diana's injured chest, closed a wound in her heart and massaged the heart for two hours in a vain battle to save her life, he said.

"We could not revive her," Riou said.


A fourth person in the car, one of the princess' bodyguards, was seriously injured in the wreck, police said.

The high-speed crash occurred shortly after midnight in a tunnel along the Seine River at the Pont de l'Alma bridge less than half a mile from the Eiffel Tower, while papparazzi --the commercial photographers who constantly tailed Diana -- were following her car on motorcycles, police said.

Diana's car was traveling at 80 mph through the narrow tunnel, a French official said. The driver apparently lost control of the car, according to French radio, which quoted witnesses as saying the car slammed into a concrete support post, then bounced into a wall.


Several motorcyclists were detained for questioning after the crash, police said. A badly damaged motorcycle was taken from the scene of the accident by police. Seven photographers were in custody, police said. At least some of the photographers took pictures before help arrived, French radio said, adding that one of the photographers was beaten at the scene by outraged witnesses.

Dickey said police were expected to press the investigation.

"This kind of pursuit of celebrities here in Paris is something I think the French government has never been terribly happy about," Dickey said. "I think they'll pursue this very, very actively indeed."

Witnesses heard crash An American witness, Mike Walker, told CNN the car in which Diana was traveling "looked like it hit the wall."

Two other Americans visiting Paris heard the crash and ran to the scene. Joanna Luz and Tom Richardson, both of San Diego, told CNN they were walking along the Seine when they heard a bang and squealing tires under the bridge.

They described the car as a dark blue Mercedes, with the passenger side airbag deployed, facing oncoming traffic.

They also said they believed at least one cameraman was following the car, saying that what appeared to be a professional photographer was on the scene less than 15 seconds after the crash.

"His equipment was very professional -- his camera was a foot and a half tall," Luz said. "It definitely was not a tourist camera."

Early calls to British newspapers found none with reporters assigned to follow Diana in Paris. However, CNN Paris Bureau Chief Jim Bittermann said that would not be unusual; the British papers often rely on freelancers who are willing to go to great lengths to get an exclusive photograph of the princess.

Car destroyed Dickey was at the scene when the Mercedes was removed from the tunnel. Its windshield was cracked, its roof collapsed, and the front of the car crunched back to the windshield.

A wrecking crew had great difficulty recovering the car, Dickey said, because even the wheels wouldn't move. "Only the trunk of the car appears to be intact at this point," Dickey said. In the end, the car was lifted out with a crane.

Bittermann said the highway, one of several high-speed arteries into the center of Paris, typically has very little traffic around midnight Saturday.

There is no barrier between incoming and outgoing traffic, Bittermann said; if a car went out of control it would be nearly certain to swerve into oncoming traffic.

The crash trapped several people in a pileup, Radio France Info reported. Police cars and vans with flashing lights filled the site outside the tunnel and officers blocked off the area.

The car was apparently traveling without an escort.

Diana, Fayed dined earlier in evening

Reports said that Diana and Fayed, 42, dined at the Ritz Hotel in Paris before the accident. Fayed's family owns the Ritz Hotel chain; the car's chauffeur was also reported to be a Ritz employee.

Diana, whose divorce from Britain's Prince Charles became official last year, had been on vacation in the south of France with Fayed last week. It was believed to be her third romantic vacation with Fayed.

Speculation surrounding Diana and the Egyptian millionaire had been rampant ever since she was spotted embracing Fayed on a Mediterranean cruise earlier this month.

Fayed and the princess are said to have met about 10 years ago, when he played polo against Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne.

Fayed lived lavish lifestyle

Films that Fayed produced or co-produced include the 1981 Oscar-winning "Chariots of Fire," "The World According to Garp," "F/X" and "Hook."

Reportedly a multi-millionaire, Fayed had homes in London, New York, Los Angeles and Switzerland as well as a garage full of luxury cars. His 1994 marriage lasted just eight months.

Fayed's father, self-made billionaire Mohammed Al-Fayed, owns London's fabled Harrod's department store, the Hotel Ritz in Paris and has 11 homes around the world.

Mohammed Al-Fayed had been friendly with Diana's father, the late Earl Spencer.

Diana had been due back in Britain on Sunday to see her sons at her London home at Kensington Palace.

Paris Bureau Chief Jim Bittermann, Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Date: 97-09-01 11:45:56 EDT

I'm not sure if this has to do with Diana or not but it makes me think and wonder what if. Diana wouldn't have ever spilled the beans about the world government, she knew they would kill her if she did. She may have also known it wouldn't have made much difference had she said anything one way or the other. She had enough things in her own life that would have created complications enough to get her killed. Like having to many lovers just for one thing. High profile people in their own countries and each having enough eyes on them to make life threatening problems.

Let's just take a look at your dream and see what general symbols I can find in it.

Dream - I was playing an organ that had music controls I wasn't familiar with. I couldn't shut the music off, not could I change it.

First of all we can't really be sure if this dream is a viewpoint or personal dream. That job will be up to you to look at the symbols and either say it is or it isn't. If it isn't about you personally then it is most likely a high level viewpoint information dream about someone else.

I should have done a step by step on my dream about the trees in the frozen water. There was only two or three of them in the water and one had sunk below the water, one was still floating and one was standing but frozen where it was and could not be moved. The one that had sunk was the guy who died, the one floating and starting to sink was Diana (life on the edge) and the one standing must have still been someone involved in the accident who didn't die. Trees frequently represent the lives of people. Even in the bible this symbol was used, but just because a tree is cut down does not mean the person will die and so these are complex symbols. We may gain the general information but may not always be certain of the outcome or end results.

Playing an organ and things having to do with music are things directly related to spiritual things manifesting themselves in the physical. As with so many things in our lives spiritual and supernatural things constantly manifest themselves in the physical. While all these things are evident many dreams to not make reference to the supernatural forces unless the dreamer themselves are in tune to certain of these powers and the message being delivered to someone who may have some kind of understanding of the message.

Like saying things that happen in the physical are nearly always the results of something in the spiritual yet when dreams speak of these things they use symbols that may not reflect the spiritual or supernatural implications of those events. The only time these spiritual symbols, like musical instruments (remember the harp and the angels) appear in dreams is when the message is speaking specifically of the relationship between the supernatural and the physical.

So here in your dream we see the symbols being related to so we know the dream is speaking about the relationship between spiritual and physical things having to do with this dream subject.

Now we see a literal set of symbols, not being familiar with the controls is to say not knowing how to control or relate to the event or thing being spoken of in the dream.

Something new, something leaving the dreamer confused as to what is going on perhaps and how to effect changes on these events.

Not being able to shut the event off is also mentioned. This could be to say the set of events being mentioned by the dream are predestined, all ready in motion and can not be changed.

The TV show, One Life To Live came on and the female part had a substitute for the final episode of that character.

TV shows in my dreams are frequently symbolic of the spiritual relationship between dreams and the physical. Like saying the dream is a form of one way communications from the spiritual to the physical having both audio and video. Like saying the dream is speaking about itself in the message. This is a dual symbol now and you have two things referring to the relationship between the spiritual and the physical. When you have more than one symbol pointing toward the same implications you can fairly well bet you are on the right track. When symbols conflict with each other however you can bet you are on the wrong track. Here we see the musical instrument and the symbol of the TV (dreams) both relating to the connection between the supernatural and the physical.

Characters in dreams who are portrayed as being actors are intended "To Show" or to make a special message easier to understand. It means they can have more than one implication in the dream but something about their character is intended to make a point to the dreamer. Like saying that we saw "Captain Kirk" in a dream is to say something of higher design or heavenly, spiritual, supernatural influence is being implied. We don't look at the guy playing the part, we look at the part being played. Then we look at the reasons why this character was chosen and we can see a second set of symbols. Like the type of character that Kirk is may also include the fact he is in charge of a research vessel looking for answers but also commanding a certain amount of supernatural power. He is a guy who frequently breaks the rules and comes out on top anyway. His business is in the heavens.

But you saw a women in the dream and women in dreams have different implications than men. More often than not when women are seen in dreams the implications can apply to a wide variety of non human subjects. Meaning they are more likely to be symbolic of a something rather than a someone. Male symbols in dreams are about half and half. Sometimes symbolic of a something and sometimes symbolic of a someone. Female's in dreams are more like 80 to 90% more likely to represent something that someone puts their efforts into, like jobs, family, hobbies, etc. I sometimes dream about this young attractive women who I have a kind of love lust attraction for and she is symbolic of my Dream Link book. There are others similar to her who represent my work on other books or other projects each one depending on how much I enjoy or feel the need to satisfy myself with these activities. Placing my efforts into each one accordingly. As such the female symbols are not human but symbolic of something else.

Now we take the symbol of the "substitute" being put in place in the dream event. Meaning just that, something is being taken out and something else is being put in to replace it. An example of this might be to say I was working on one thing, or job and for some reason quit that job and started another job. So the one is being substituted for the other.

If the symbols are speaking of humans, and they can be, and if speaking of Diana it could be saying that now that she is unable to do the job she had been given someone else is going to take her place. This kind of thing happens all the time. I could give examples from my own life where I lost supernatural jobs (things God called on me to do and then I was to slow getting them done) and someone else took my place and did the job their way. I'm slow sometimes because I want to be right while they were motivated by the need or the greed for the money and did the job their way instead. Not caring to be accurate but just wanting to get something published and get the check coming in.

It started out that the woman had on a silver bra top and Indian type apron over her lower parts, and she was making backward strokes underwater and she looked beautiful.

Each part of the human body (as a symbol) has special significance. The ability to produce fruit, two areas of the body are self evident. The breasts and the bosom and crotch area. At times like this I must stop and clear my mind to see the meaning of the symbols, like the silver bra can have several meanings but only one of these will be correct in the context of the dream. To say it was shiny would be to say it attracts attention and very well it may but to say it is silver is to imply a certain task having a certain value. Meaning the product of the efforts has value, and is important. Having to do with the breasts has to do with the ability of someone to produce those qualities and efforts required to "raise" the child product. Reason for the effort and purpose for the intended outcome or final product.

Now the symbol is in place you watch the flow of that symbol into the dream to find out if the dream is saying "something good" or "something bad" about it. The apron frequently implies food service and food service usually has to do with information being spoken of in the dream. Then we apply the symbol of "Indian" to the apron. Now in my dreams when I see the symbol of an Indian it can represent real Indians or it can represent Spiritual things as the Indians were very spiritually oriented people. So it could be saying the information being dealt with is either about Indians or about something of a spiritual nature. Since we all ready have two symbols crying to us "spiritual" I would say the message is something having to do with spiritual things.

Now we see the progress of that symbol as being... "making backward strokes underwater " is to say the progress is not forward but rather backward. Sometimes backward symbols in dreams like "backing up" means literally to back up in relationship to the dream subject. This symbol can have several implications depending on what the dream is talking about and would take to long to give examples for each and every possible meaning. In this dream however the backing up or backward strokes is to say the progress of the dream subject has taken a turn for the worse. The substitute is not doing the job correctly. Is not getting the job done. I know this because of another symbol in the dream having to do with the breasts getting smaller. The two symbols compliment each other to bring the meaning forward. If though she looked beautiful she is in serious trouble. The trouble may not be apparent as yet since dreams can foretell things that are not yet clear or evident to us.

The farther away from the camera she got, the more flat chested and fatter she got so by the time she reached the far end of the pool, she was totally wrong for the part and she knew it.

An actor should be in front of the camera in order to do their job well. This symbol is moving the subject away from the public view and as such is not doing their job. That thing of value that is to be done (the bra area) is not being done, it is depleting. At the same time the actress is getting fatter or larger. In some ways these symbols may conflict with each other but when you can come to a combination of understanding of the symbols that agree with each other you know you are on the right track again. For example the size of a body in a dream can have two, even three meanings but only one of the meanings will be correct. For example fat represents a kind of gluttony while large may represent a kind of importance or power in respect to the symbol, or subject being spoken of. In this dream we are seeing negative symbols and fat and greed and gluttony are frequently related. Like someone is being paid off not to do a job rather than to do that job they have been given.

I find that rather funny in a sad kind of way because my dad has a lawsuit going where he was hurt real bad and put in the hospital over it. He was hurt on the property of a company that makes construction explosives and transports it all over the U.S. In order to get anything out of them at all to help cover the cost of his injuries he had to sue them. He has had to change lawyers because it is cheaper for the company to pay my father's lawyer off (under the table) to keep the case out of court. They did it with the first lawyer and they have done it to the second lawyer now. So now my dad's lawyer is lying to him in order to keep the case out of court and my dad gets nothing. This is a perfect example of the symbols you have seen in this dream. Lawyer has job to do but instead of doing it, he paddles backwards, gets fat on the money the company gives him my dad gets nothing and the job doesn't get done. Every symbol you have seen even the apron having to do with the information being spoken of could be a valid symbol in the events I just mentioned. Meaning the lawyer is lying to my dad about the case.

Now the symbol of the pool is that of being involved in something. Very general symbols, all of them but very valid if the dream subject becomes known.

The pool and TV disappeared and she and I were facing each other. She looked embarrassed and then angry at me because I had watched and caught her doing something she wasn't suited for. She started to say something to me in an angry tone.

The purpose of the pool and the TV symbols in the dream is complete so they vanish. We see the guilty party is caught in the act and angry about it. A set of confrontation circumstances is in place.

I stopped her from talking and took her by the hand and said, "Wait! Before we talk, let's be friends. I pulled her towards me noticing her chubby face and freckles and we hugged. Then, I told her to sit in my favorite orange swivel chair and told her that I had done some really strange things in my life too.

Then we see a reconciliation evolving from the events.

The chair is the symbol of "putting something to rest" a time of not being active yet still being aware of the dream subject.

Now if you can find something in your own life that matches these symbols you know you have had a personal dream. If not you may have a viewpoint dream about someone else.



Subj: Diana update.
Date: 97-09-01

Princess Diana's funeral set for Saturday Latest developments: Coffin at St. James's Palace Attempts at heart massage failed Photographers who trailed car in custody Mourners gather at Kensington Palace Offering condolences via Web Related stories and sites September 1, 1997 Web posted at: 5:34 a.m. EST (1034 GMT)

LONDON (CNN) -- The world will say good-bye to Princess Diana on Saturday, with a public ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

She'll then be buried at Althorp, the Spencer family estate in Northampshire, Buckingham Palace said Monday. There has been no announcement yet if the ceremony is to be officially considered a state funeral.

On Sunday, Prince Charles brought the body of the beautiful woman he once took as his princess bride back to London, as the nation and the world mourned her death.

Her body was taken to a private mortuary and then to the Chapel Royal at St. James's Palace, where both Charles and Diana had offices before their divorce.

Earlier in the evening, Diana's coffin -- draped with the official flag of the British royal family -- arrived at Northolt Royal Air Force base near London about 16 hours after the princess died from injuries suffered in a violent car crash in Paris.

Charles and Diana's two sisters looked on at Northolt as the coffin was placed into a hearse by an honor guard.

Diana's new companion, Dodi Fayed, and the chauffeur of their car were also killed in the accident in a Paris tunnel early Sunday morning. A bodyguard in the car was seriously injured.

They were reportedly being pursued by photographers -- as Diana was throughout her public life. Her brother, Charles Spencer, said earlier in the day: "I always believed the press would kill her in the end."

Charles went to Paris with Diana's older sisters -- Lady Jane Fellowes and Lady Sarah McCorquodale -- to retrieve Diana's body from the Salpetriere Hospital, where doctors had desperately tried to save her.

At the hospital, the prince and French President Jacques Chirac thanked doctors for their efforts. A British Embassy spokesman said that before Diana's body was taken away, her sisters spent a few moments alone with their sibling.

Physicians said the 36-year-old princess died from internal bleeding stemming from major chest, lung and head injuries she suffered in the accident. Attempts at heart massage failed

"Diana's body arrived in a condition of serious hemorrhage and shock. Shortly thereafter, she went into cardiac arrest," said the hospital's Dr. Bruno Riou.

"An urgent surgery showed a severe wound to the left pulmonary vein. Despite the closure of this wound and the two-hour external and internal cardiac massage, no official respiratory circulation could be established, and she died at 4 a.m. Paris time," he said.

Fayed's body was flown to London, where he was buried Sunday.

The bodyguard, identified as Trevor Rees-Jones, suffered a head contusion, a lung injury and facial injuries. He was in intensive care in the same hospital where Diana died.

His condition was described as grave but not life- threatening. He could play a crucial role in helping police find out exactly how the car crashed.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles said in statements early Sunday that they were "deeply shocked and distressed by this terrible news."

The Prince of Wales woke his and Diana's children, Princes William, 15, and Harry, 12, and informed them of their mother's death. The boys had been spending the summer at the royal retreat at Balmoral Castle, Scotland.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said, "I feel like everyone else in this country: utterly devastated. ... She was a wonderful, warm human being."

Across the nation, for millions of Britons, the mourning has already begun for the queen they never had.

In St. Paul's Cathedral, where Diana was married 16 years ago, the vast nave was filled for a special evening service, attended mostly by people in casual weekend dress. Flags flew at half-staff across the kingdom. All soccer games -- the national sport -- were canceled. The airwaves were filled with "God Save the Queen," the national anthem.

Photographers who trailed car taken into custody

The Mercedes crashed in a tunnel at the Pont de l'Alma bridge along the Seine River. Immediately afterward, police detained seven photographers who reportedly were pursuing the car for photos.

On Sunday afternoon, police announced a further step: The photographers had been placed in formal custody, and the probe would be handled by a special police unit usually assigned to high-priority terrorism cases.

Bernard Dartevelle, a lawyer for Dodi Fayed's father, Mohammed Al Fayed, said Sunday the family may file a civil lawsuit when the results of an investigation are complete.

The car was traveling at 80 to 85 mph (128 to 136 kph) before it slammed into a concrete abutment in the narrow tunnel, careened into a wall and was crushed like an accordion, police said. According to witnesses, papparazzi -- the commercial photographers who constantly followed Diana -- were pursuing the car on motorcycles.


Police seized two motorcycles and a motor scooter believed used in the chase. France Info radio said at least some of the photographers took pictures before help arrived -- and that one of the photographers was beaten at the scene by horrified witnesses.

"Serious questions will need to be asked as to whether the aggressive intrusion into her privacy has contributed to this tragedy," said British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook. Mourners gather at Kensington Palace

In London, people gathered outside Diana's Kensington Palace residence before dawn. Some sat with their heads in their hands and wept. Flowers from mourners adorned the palace gate.

One man lit two candles at Kensington Palace.

"I just feel disbelief more than shock," said student Fiona von Schank, 24, who brought two roses. "It's amazing that this woman who finally seemed to have just about found some happiness has now died so tragically."

Diana and Fayed, the 42-year-old son of the billionaire Egyptian owner of London's prestigious Harrods department store, had arrived in Paris on Saturday afternoon on a private visit. They had dined at the Ritz and were headed to a villa owned by Fayed in a posh district in western Paris, France Info reported. Fayed family spokesperson Michael

The royal family's Web site,, invited users to offer condolences. The site opens with a color photograph of Diana smiling and dressed elegantly with a bouquet of wildflowers. The caption is simple: "Diana, Princess of Wales 1 July 1961 - 31 August 1997."


Subj: Casper in the Tunnel 09/02/97
Date: 97-09-02

Casper in the tunnel at crash site where road is blocked, plays with children there. In this dream from last night it was as if I were standing in the tunnel where Diana's car crashed. There was cars parked across the road to prevent people from coming near the crash site. There someone in a "Casper" costume was entertaining the children of all ages trying to keep them busy to keep their minds off of the accident.



Century 2, Quatrain 28

"The last son of the man with the Prophet's name

Will bring Diana to her day of rest.

At a distance they wander in frenetic grief

Delivering a great people from ruin."


Re: Synchronicity: Diana's Life/Death and Solar Eclipses
Date: 97-09-08 10:56:56 EDT
From: C.M.

I read your website and found some interesting symbolism, but I would like to ask if you have more details on the symbology linking the woman in Rev 12:1 with the feminine/goddess?

(REV 12:1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars)

I have always identified the previous passage from Revelation with Diana- the woman sitting on the moon (Diana is the name of the Roman Goddess of the Moon and of the Hunt as Charles Spencer pointed out). The woman with a crown of twelve stars on her head- look at the picture that is appearing on magazine covers and many website tributes...

(REV 12:2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.)

Diana's greatest role was giving birth to the heir to the throne of England.

(REV 12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.)

William will "rule" the UK, and if he has HALF of the personality of his mother, when he is READY, he will be a major media personality, who will have great influence over people even outside the UK, as Diana did.

NEW INFO: I saw on the Today show this morning an interview with Richard Branson (Virgin records and airlines) who is planning to start a new Diana foundation, record a tribute album to be released this Christmas, and a major benefit concert next summer- all proceeds to go to the foundation that will help with the causes Diana cared about- AIDS, landmines, etc. He said this: WILLIAM will be GROOMED to take over the role of HEAD of this foundation, AS SOON as he is able, possibly within a YEAR or LESS!!!

That means that NEXT SUMMER, when they hold the concert, which will be televised world wide I am sure, WILLIAM will probably be the EMCEE, and the list of performers will include the Rolling Stones, ELTON JOHN, and MICHAEL JACKSON!

He will be the ultra cool "KING of HEARTS" even before he takes the throne of ENGLAND!

(REV 12:6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.)

This verse alway baffled me- in that I could not reconcile it with anything to do with Diana, in her life, or even now after her death. The number of 1260 days, or 42 months, or 3.5 years; It is HALF the number given for the "tribulation" also. I would like to say that 3.5 years ago was the date of the royal divorce, but I think it was official only last year- how long ago was the SEPARATION officially announced?

From 8/31/97, going BACK 1260 days is 3/20/94; going forward is 2/11/01.

Did anything significant happen in the Charles & Diana saga in March 1994? The BBC interview in which Charles admitted having an affair with Camilla took place in June 1994; I believe the separation announcement came AFTER that, but I could be wrong. Someone please confirm.

The eclipse of 8/11/99 takes place 710 days after 8/31/97.

Chris M

P.S. Here is the full text from the Bible website...

I am not sure if this is the King James version.

REV 11:18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldst give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldst destroy them which destroy the earth.

REV 11:19 And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.

REV 12:1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

REV 12:2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

REV 12:3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

REV 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

REV 12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

REV 12:6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.


7-29-99 - I began to be obsessed with playing solitaire on my computer all of a sudden recently. Subsequently, I began to have visions about Kings and Queens: This may be a coincidence, but then again, maybe not.

6-18-99 - VISION - (This may not be connected, but I'm writing it anyway, just in case:

I saw this list:


A picture of Stonehenge (which is in England)


NOTE: Those are the same numbers as the tall, blonde woman who was going to move in across the alley from me.

6-24-99 - VISION - A car went by outside with loud strange music. I opened my eyes because it sounded so close. When I closed them again, I saw a king on a large gold throne, dressed in royal robes. I saw him hand a large golden goblet to a man standing in front of him.

6-28-99 - VISION - This was a layout of a game of solitaire like I had a passion to play all afternoon and evening. However, it had an impossible layout on it.

The 7th position was empty, yet there was a King of Clubs, Queen of Diamonds, Jack of Spades, and 10 of Diamonds on the 4th pile which could have been moved into the 7th spot, but wasn't. But stranger yet, in the 6th pile, was a red 3, 6, 9 of hearts with the 9 on top.

6-28-99 - VISION - I again saw the cards, but not in a layout. Then I saw the Queen of Hearts. A voice said, "The Queen may be another suspect in the village, but I don't see a place for her."

7-4-99 - VISION - I first heard three loud knocks on the right temple of my head. I then heard like a fireworks bomb go off in my left temple and saw many white pieces of a puzzle jumbled together over a partially worked game of solitaire which had three rows starting with Kings and Queens.

7--15-99 - VISION - I saw the King of Spades all by itself.

At this point I began to have a series of dreams and visions about the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife who was pregnant and hadn't told anyone, Joseph Kennedy (the grandfather) along with his 4 sons, and of Loren Bessette who was scared to face what was coming. (This portends to be another hidden conspiracy which remains to be ferreted out in the future) The crash occurred on 7-17-99.

After the bodies were found, on 7-21-99 - I had a vision of a dark haired man standing on the ocean floor. He asked me if I knew who I was. I told him I did. Then he asked me if I knew my name. I said, "No!" He said, "Ah hah! You have found me! The man was wearing royal robes. He pulled back a sheet that was covering some large rocks, revealing a tall white seashell standing on end. He pulled the seashell over which revealed a large round coin-like shape, with the profile of John F. Kennedy, Jr. on it, in pure silver. He said, "I am the King of the Sea!" Two days later, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Loren Bessette were cremated and buried at sea.

7-22-99 - DREAM - (this also relates to the future) I was working in a huge office. Everywhere I went, I carried communication radios with me. Some had visual capabilities as well. The one I carried said, "King of Hearts" on it.

I had an errand to run, so I left the office and went outside. There was a big pattern of green and black clouds in the sky towards the West. An old woman said, 'Oh! Isn't that pretty?" I said, "No! It isn't!! Those are dangerous chemicals someone shot out of an airplane!" We looked the opposite direction and a similar pattern was in the East as well. But beyond it, I saw painted in the sky, an elaborate painting of three wreaths of white roses. In the center wreath was a giant sized white rose, and in the two outside wreaths, they each had a young olive tree. Surrounding the wreaths was a dark blue sky surrounded by sparkling stars of glitter.

A friend of mine was standing nearby and we commented how beautiful it was. I had to laugh then, because I could see we were living inside a large box and although everyone could see that, they went on with life like it was nothing unusual.

I took care of my errand which was to fix some plumbing which was stuck, then went back to my office where I found children making colorful, and glittery decorations for Christmas. Not to be outdone, I turned on the large overhead lights and began to work on my own glittery decorations for Christmas which was coming soon.

NOTE: This is not the celebration of the first Christ's birthday, but the second coming. (The Holy Grail)

7-27-99 - VISION - As I lay in bed remembering a dream, I had a vision of a medieval type scene. Three Kings stood close together, seemingly holding one large black snake. A woman, dressed in a fancy gown bowed to the ground at their feet.


Subj: Fwd: More on Diana
Date: 97-09-06

Subject: More on Diana

Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10 Num. 93


("Quid coniuratio est?")



By Sherman H. Skolnick

More and more, Paris is becoming a center of political assassinations.

ITEM: In July, 1996, Amschel Rothschild was murdered, just as he was about to become the new head of the Rothschild worldwide banking empire, tied to the Vatican. Most of the American press were silent: some said it was a heart attack; others, a suicide. He was found with a bathroom cord tied around his neck, connected to a towel rack. In checking it out, however, the Paris police discovered the rack came right off the wall! Hence, it was murder, not suicide.

Rothschilds and Rockefellers have engaged each other in bloody financial wars for many decades. Rothschild was murdered on the anniversary of the murder of John D. Rockefeller III, 1978. Recently, we repeated the exclusive details.

ITEM: February 1997: A long-time, major financial supporter of Albert Gore, Jr., was murdered in Paris: Pamela Harriman, U.S. Ambassador to France, widow of Averell Harriman of the major banking and railroad fortune. With her help, Gore had joined with top U.S. military leaders, who had fled to France, to arrest their Commander-in-Chief, Bill Clinton, for treason.

ITEM: Various western intelligence agencies arranged to assassinate Princess Diana, in Paris. She was killed on a sacred section called Pont l'Alma -- from that is derived the word "Pontiff," that is, "Pope." The ancient section is where most every royal family in Europe comes from. According to legend, a person killed there goes straight to Heaven, as a representative of Jesus.

According to unreleased witness reports, a vehicle (on purpose) tapped or hit the rear of Diana's Mercedes, one of the heavily-built models, reportedly made bomb- and bullet-resistant. A slick had already been spread ahead of her car, which then hit an intentional, heavy obstruction planted in the tunnel roadway. The second car had intelligence agents from the super-secret Committee of Twenty-Six, headquartered in Bristol, England, made up of covert operatives of the United States and the United Kingdom, skilled in murder disguised as auto accident. Informed of this in advance, French Intelligence took a "hands off" posture and delayed the arrival of the Paris police to the murder scene. The local authorities in Paris reportedly have "smoking gun" video evidence made by "Papparazzi" on motorbikes (that is, celebrity-chasing photographers), reportedly showing the political assassination details. French authorities have proof to blackmail Bill Clinton, both on the murder of Diana as well as the cover-up of the missile attack on the Paris-bound TWA Flight 800, in which 60 French nationals perished, including 8 of the French Secret Police.

Diana and her intended Arab husband were set to shift billions of dollars from the West, to banks in Germany and Austria. The princess was crushed between the East and the West: between the Pope and the failing, degenerate British monarchy, the House of Windsor. Newsfakers here and overseas continue to call it a so-called "auto accident." Stay tuned.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Arrest In Vienna

Documents Detail Plot to Murder Princess Diana

On April 22, 1998. 68 years old George Mearah was arrest in Vienna, Austria by the FBI, the CIA and the Austrian Security Police. The official reason for the arrest was the attempted extortion of millions of dollars from the father of Dodi Al Fayad.

A statement from Harrods, (owned by the father of Dodi Fayed), said: "The case follows a two week enquiry by Mr Mcnamara, Harrod's Director of Security, in Washington and Vienna into allegations that British Intelligence sought the help of the CIA in a plot to assassinate Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed.

"Working with the full cooperation of law enforcement authorities in the United States and Austria, Mr. Mcnamara was also investigating the alleged existence of documentary evidence of such a plot.

"There are no further details at present as enquiries are continuing in the United States and further charges are anticipated."

A quick reading of the short story, which was carried by AP, UPI and AOL UK, seemed to point to a bumbling attempt by an Austrian, living in the United States, to extort money from Mohammed Al Fayad, in exchange for classified intelligence documents purporting to show a conspiracy between British Intelligence and the CIA, to murder Princess Diana.

An interesting statement made by the Kurier newspaper in Vienna said," Mearah showed two documents at the Vienna meeting which had appeared genuine and proved Mr. Fayed's theory that the Establishment was trying to block Dodi from marrying Diana because he would become the step-father of a future king."

A closer reading of the article raises many questions. The first being, if the documents are phony, then why are the FBI and the CIA involved. If extortion was taking place on Austrian soil, committed by a Austrian, who was targeting a European citizen, why are the United States intelligence and investigative agencies and bureaus involved? Which, if any, United States laws were broken?

Upon rereading the article a third time, a veiled reference to where the documents came from was discovered, IE, from inside the United States intelligence community. Could the purported extortionist have stolen these documents from one or the other of the United States intelligence units? And if he did, how could a bumbling outsider have accomplished this feat?

If, indeed the documents which Mr. Mearah was trying to sell to Mohammed Al Fayad were stolen from the United States intelligence agencies and bureaus, then the reason for the U.S. involvement becomes clear. From second and third hand reports, coming from unnamed Sources in French Intelligence, the purloined documents appear to have originated with British Intelligence, (MI-6). The document appears to be seeking the cooperation of the CIA in the "neutralization" of Princess Diana,

The story, as reported by the wire services, left a lot out. According to an unnamed French Source, there is far more to the story than is being revealed. The French source believes that the whole operation is an attempt to "surface" documents which will expose the murder plot which was cooked up by British Intelligence.

An investigative reporter, living in Northern California, confirms the French source and adds additional information. According to the California Source, units from Navy Intelligence, Faction 2, appear to be involved. This piece of information confirms reports we have received regarding known member of Faction 2, such as Gunther Russbacher, Oswald LeWinter and others whose names cannot be named, but who have recently faded back into the shadow world, as if they have been called back to work, or as they say it in the game, "...gone operational."

Faction 2 is a loosely woven group of intelligence operative from many different countries who oppose a New World Order under the United Nations and the international bankers. Gunther Russbacher was the highest ranking intelligence operative and member of Faction 2. to ever break his cover and go public with the truth. His book, "The Fed and the Well Fed" was one of the first contemporary books to expose the connection between the Federal Reserve Bank and the nonprofit corporations which control the think thanks. These think tanks, such as the Ford Foundation, PBS, and Council of Foreign Relations, shape and mold every aspect of human life, opinion and thought in the United States. Soon, if their plan for Global Government is put in play, they will be able to influence the entire world. Russbacher tried to warn the people of the United States. For his attempt he was punished severely.

Russbacher was imprisoned for six years for trying to wake up the American people. He was brutally beaten and tortured. He was subjected to unnecessary open heart surgery, which was meant to kill him. His attorney, Paul Wilcher, was murdered for trying to expose the truth about Waco, the truth which he had received from Gunther Russbacher and Russbacher's Faction 2 SEAL team. Russbacher's wife, Rayelan was kidnaped, drugged, hypnotized, entrapped in a failed FBI sting operation, and had numerous attempts to kill or harm her.

After six years of standing by her man through thick and thin, Gunther was released and Rayelan looked forward joyously to rejoining him. Within one day things had changed. Gunther went from loving his dearest wife with all his heart, to barely knowing who she was. Rayelan states he was subjected to intense mind control, or he was given a chemical such as scopolamine, which changes a person instantly. According to Rayelan, Gunther went crazy. He was no longer the man she loved. In truth, she barely recognized his voice. She felt he could have been replaced by a double.

Rayelan later found out, from former FBI Director, William Sessions, with whom Russbacher had worked on counter terrorism, that her husband was traveling with Jane Ryder, a respected BBC film producer who was partnered, both romantically and business wise, with the late, great documentary film producer, Allan Frankovich. Frankovich died suddenly, within weeks of the Russbacher-Ryder union.

According to Sources within British Intelligence, Russbacher is running an international intelligence operation out of Bristol, England. Russbacher married Jane Ryder in December of 1997. His divorce from Rayelan will not be final until August of 1998.

Russbacher was born in Austria, on July 1, of either 1939, 1942, 1944 or 1946. His wife has seen all four birth certificates. He was born on a red marble alter, in the crypt of a small church outside of Salzburg, Austria. The dome shaped crypt where he was born contains the bodies of all the Knights Templar Grand Masters. Russbacher was born in some kind of templar ritual. In August of 1994, on his fifth wedding ceremony,

Russbacher took his wife, Rayelan to this church and remarried her, kneeling at the base of the 1000 year old alter, in a Templar ceremony. When the ceremony was over he said, "I did this so that no man will ever be able to separate us."

Shortly after the Death of Diana, a Spanish newspaper began implicating Russbacher and the Bristol Intelligence unit in the death of Diana. Some unusual coincidences were shared by Russbacher and Diana. Russbacher was born on July 1st. Diana was born on his birthday. She died on August 31, his 8th wedding anniversary to Rayelan.

When confronted with the possibility of her husband being the murderer of Princess Diana, Rayelan replied, "It is technically possible. My husband's team specialized in killing people in unusual ways, like automobile accidents." Rayelan further stated that she did not know if the man who was living in Bristol and was married to Jane Ryder was the same one that she was/is married to. Rayelan knows for a fact that there are two Gunther K. Russbachers who are approximately the same age. She believes Jane could be married to the real one, whose mind has been altered through drugs and hypnosis. Or she has been taken in by the phony one who is trying to tred on Gunther's reputation.

Rayelan says that it is possible British intelligence kidnapped Gunther Russbacher, did a mind drain and reinserted all the information into the double. She further stated that gunther's new father-in-law is an MI-6 agent, and has been for over 40 years, maybe longer. With the electronic machines developed by NSA, thought transference is not impossible.

When Rayelan was in Salzburg at a secret Templar lodge used by the Hapsburgs for secret meetings, she was told that the Hapsburgs have been cloning themselves for over a hundred years. Since Gunther Russbacher is one of the highest ranking Hapsburgs, naturally he would have clones prepared for him.

A few days ago, in investigator from the Midwest called Russbacher at his Bristol number to inquire about he arrest in Vienna of a purported member of Russbacher's team. Russbacher screamed hysterically, "I can't talk to you people. You're all terrorists." He slammed down the phone. When Rayelan was reached for a comment she stated, "The Gunther Russbacher I was married to would never act like that. He was the essence of calm, cool and collected. He was James Bond incarnate, even when he was drunk."

Rodney Stich, the author of Defrauding American, added a new twist to this strange puzzle when he said that Gunther Russbacher had called him in a panic. Russbacher stated that the other Gunther Russbacher was trying to shake down Mohammed Al Fayad so they had to kill him. It appeared, according to the Russbacher who was still alive, that the dead Russbacher had somehow stumbled into an operation which was being orchestrated by Adnan Khashoggi, and he presented himself as the CIA/ONI operative Gunther Russbacher for the purposes of authenticating the documents. He was killed because someone discovered he was the fake Russbacher.

Rayelan Russbacher filled in a little more of the puzzle when she explained that her husband Gunther and Adnan were old friends. They were both arms dealers during the early 80's, and according to Khashoggi, Robert Walker, one of Russbacher's CIA aliases, was responsible for Khashoggi's enormous wealth. Rayelan also reminded us that Khashoggi was involved with Imelda Marcos in a spectacular trial in NYC involving gold and intrigue. Khashoggi stated that all he did was provide transportation for moving the gold. Jerry Spense, the famous lawyer for Randy Weaver, represented Imelda Marcos and won the case.

Russbacher and his wife were also involved in moving gold from the Philippines. Russbacher told his wife that he was entrusted with moving the Austrian Treasury from where it was hidden in the Philippines, back to Austria. Rayelan was told that the gold was the gold that Hitler had stolen from Austrian in 1939. She said that while they were to be in Vienna completing the gold deal, that Adnan had loaned them his apartment in Vienna,.

Khashoggi's involvement in this current arrest in Vienna for purloined classified documents should be obvious. According to sources in French intelligence, the documents were stolen from the FBI shadow unit number 5. This is the FBI's counter terrorism unit. This is the unit for which Gunther Russbacher worked under the supervision of William Sessions and Rudolph Guiliani. Khashoggi, a long time CIA asset, worked with FBI Section 5 providing them information on groups he had supplied weapons. Though this association with the FBI, Section 5, Khashoggi made many friends. Some of these friend joined with Khashoggi in his current operation which is code named "Submarine". (A source from Europe supplied the real name of the operation. It was named after a submarine that was known for its difficulty in surfacing. I failed to write down the name of the submarine, and so for purposes of this article, I have renamed it "Operation Submarine.")

According to a researcher out of Chicago, with Sources in intelligence throughout Europe. The man, George Mearah, is actually Oswald Le Winter. Le winter is one of those shadowy covert types who just happen to pop up in unexpected places with unexpected information. In the mid eighties he was known as Razin, the informant who fed Barbara Honneger misinformation regarding October Surprise. Russbacher was also associated with the October Surprise, as was Adnan Khashoggi.

Le Winter also was privy to the O.K.C. bombing. One week before the bombing, Le Winter told a NYC columnist that a terrorist attack was going to take place on April 19th. On April 17th, 1995, Rayelan Russbacher received a call from her husband. He told her that all out war had broken out. He advised her to be very careful what she said in the next few days. Both Russbacher and Le Winter had inside information, probably from the same Source.

Le Winter has the reputation of being a CIA disinformation specialist. He would be the perfect operative to use in "Operations Submarine". Just as submarines have to surface, "Operation Submarine" is all about surfacing documents that were buried so deep no one ever thought the would see the light of day.

According to the article about the extortion of Mohammed Al Fayad, the subject was arrested by the FBI and Austrian Police. An Austrian newspaper was given copies of the documents. The documents purport to show that British Intelligence tried to enlist the CIA in the murder of Diana. The CIA flatly denies any involvement in her murder. And Rayelan Russbacher believes their denial. The CIA is now in possession of documents which state that British Intelligence had been ordered by someone to "neutralize' Diana.

If the United States intelligence units wanted the truth about the murder of Diana and Dodi to finally be known, "Operation Submarine", orchestrated by Dodi Fayad's loving Uncle Adnan Khashoggi would be the perfect vehicle.

Khashoggi, Le Winter and Russbacher go way back a long way. The only question that remains is: Which Gunther Russbacher is dead. The real one, or the double. And if the real one had died, which "wife" will inherit his billion dollar commission from the Austrian/Philippines gold deal. Maybe if Rayelan Russbacher is lucky, Adnan Khashoggi will let her know if she is a wealthy window; or just another old wife" who was dumped for a younger model.

Commentary by Ru Mills

Editor, Rumor Mill News



10-9-97 - DREAM - I am sitting in the back seat of a car with Princess Diana. The car is heading East. She is expressing concern and worry that the royal family is going to commit her to an institution. I tell her that that won't happen. I tell her that there are plenty of people with money who would help her out.


Insights: The dream appears to express the dreamers understanding of the fear that Diana experienced prior to her death around of the Royal families influence to control her. In that the dreamer is acting a friend or counselor attempting to quell her fears, suggests perhaps that the dreamer might be trying to reconcile her desire to have helped the Princess.


Here is an e-mail from a person who was interested in the conspiracy of the Diana death:

Subj: Re: Synchronicity: Diana's Life/Death and Solar Eclipses
Date: 97-09-08
From: R

Nice piece of work

UK papers today saying they Will Not publish private shots of the Princes on their front pages, presume that mean their front pages, so the sports sections are under threat?! ha!!



To: R

Subject: Macbeth of the Media? Macbeth in Paris

The UK bloodline of Diana goes back far beyond that of the House of Windsor / Hanover.

The People want a son from Charles. The Husband of the Queen has friends in "high places" including the Secret Services and is a Greek, It is rumoured He has other children outside the Royal marriage bed. As horse enthusiasts the senior Royals have an avid interest in bloodstock

Phillip tells his son to marry Diana, his son admitted that he complied.

Diana likes "to make people happy" so why is Her husband two- timing her? Pregnant, She throws herself down the stairs as a protest (?) six months after the marriage ("whatever that is")

After the blood line unites in their two sons, Charles still does not break with Camilla PB. But Diana grows in the public eye, she has an affair of her own and moves out. Rounding upon those that rejected her she uses her wits and contacts to turn the tables on the Establishment. She is then followed and discredited for and by her contacts with other men. This is not unusual as the ex Duchess of Andy also got the same treatment.

Her press secretary meets an untimely demise?

She searches around for an image with which to voice herself, she takes on a load of different charities only to bring concern when she cuts that list to a few, these are mostly to do with children but one is more directly aimed at those she hates, the Arms Trade and those who surround it. The Establishment.

She meets Dodi, son of Muhammed, a man attached to the arms trade through the S of Brunei and to some extent Koshoggii. Is She preparing to "move in" and involve herself at the highest levels?

The al Fayeds and Brunei's are "at war" with Tiny Rowlands of Rio-Tinto infamy. A reknowned racist and anti-humanitarian, Rowlands bears a grudge from losing the battle for Harrods.

al Fayed contributes money in "brown paper bags" and assists to bring down the Conservative Govt with a number of cash for questions sleaze cases . The Labour Party has a landslide victory. Conservatives are "unhappy".

But She was to marry a moslem!! Are you sure?

"The Standard" prints that the car was not up to standard and that it had been stolen in the past.

After the wreck al Fayed issues "shoot from the hip" writs against the papparazzi, and attempts to prove (to the international community?) with the release of a film of the driver parking his car that he was sober and not drunk. A representative says that the samples of blood may have been contaminated.

Film shows the driver "lecturing" the concerned couple. The high drama of the situation may have "overtaken " him?

Tripoli and Baghdad make statements that are predictable in the extreme and based upon not intelligence, (they just ain't that good) but on prejudice and guesswork.

With or with Royal knowledge and approval.

I want to get things clear here.

Is anyone saying that there was a conspiracy that stemmed from the Templars and the NWO that oversees the Sacrifice of the Bridge? That Special bridge where so many French royals had met their deaths.

That Diana was "set up" from the onset?

All the rest of our incoming seems to be related as to how any sacrifice took place and who arranged and executed the event.

Aside from the factor that we may never know, there is but little Real evidence to consider atm Only the many questions that need to be asked and answered

The People's want. They wanted Diana, the Queen weeps, the Princes look brave and courageous, the Duke helps lay flowers, the Queen speaks of talent and admiration and Charles (The King of Nothing) hovers.

But the Crown have been a horny old bunch of male b'stards for a number of generations, and for hundreds of years.

Check out the Royal Borough of Richmond, just down the road from here where Henry the 8th hung out a'waiting for the signal from the Bloody Tower that his ex had just become permanently his ex and her head had unfortunately become detached from her shoulders.

Henry VIII (Henry Tudor), succeeded by daughter: Elizabeth I (Elizabeth Tudor) who, being childless, names the son of her Scots cousin Mary, Queen of Scotland, as her successor, hence is succeeded by:

James Stuart (Stewart), James VIII of Scotland, crowned James I of England....

Please deliver your answers in a brown paper bag marked



Certainly keep this one close to that eer, heart hey? ;-)

The Media And the Bell tolls for thee?

The gun carriage moved out of Kensington Palace, through Kensington Gore and turned through Queens into Hyde Park, cries of "Oh Diana". Many people are openly weeping at the sad and lonely sight for this nation, nothing but eight mounted policemen, the twenty-two red and black coated members to the Welsh Regiment and the Royal Horse Artillery, all moving at a funeral pace .

Covered with a version of the Royal Standard Her coffin makes its way to Westminster Abbey. This is probably the most massed moment of Genuine sadness this country has ever known.

A woman with a bloodline that takes her back to the Stuarts, the line preceding the Tudors those gathering inside the Abbey may be strangely unaware that this is the strangest and most disturbing sight they will ever witness.

They will only see the recordings of the people praying, weeping, running to keep up with the carriage, throwing flowers, wishing that this was not happening at all.

Prime Ministers, Ministers, Kissinger, the media, fashion and music are represented all gather for something quite unique in a place where we are told there will be a thanks-giving for Her life and in a place where her son, one day, will be crowned King.

It is here also where Her angry brother Charles Spencer who along with the Archbishop and Dean of Westminster will address both the congregation and the nation.

But there will be no rendition of the new poem by Poet of the Nation, Mr Hughes is a Welshman who wrote a short verse that refers to armaments having killed her.

The sad procession works its way through the morning streets filled with grieving people, they are all here from the fat stars of opera to the ernest charity workers forgiving Her for cutting them out of her agenda.

For the crowd there is but little to see, a few extra arches that have been opened, sixteen horses and a few soldiers is all there will be. Nothing worth shouting about at all really, not in terms of a British State / Royal funeral.

"And the stars spell out your name"?

George Michaels and Elton and boyfriend all make their way into the ancient abbey. She had some Real Low-lifers for friends, and this is Her day not mine. But Sheesh! I find it very horribly strange that the music of this nation is represented by such a Carrion.

The New lyrics are nothing but mediocre, more like a "candle up the butt". Another billion seller for a conglomerate? Criminal.

And the Queen stands waiting at the Gates of the Palace for the coffin readying themselves to watch the passing of Diana.

The whole Royal family departs from protocol and lingers at the Gates. This is a gesture to associate themselves with the crowd and in being seen as being sympathetic to public grief.

"No one who knew Diana will ever forget her". "There are lessons to be learned from her life". "I share in your determination to cherish her memory" are words from the Queens speech of yesterday, and it seems as if the process of humanising the Royals may have just begun. The Queen bows as the coffin passes.

Quite suddenly in the background a lone piper in the crowd brings the first music to this occasion. An unusual decision for an individual musician to make but significant of the Lady herself. The people stand twenty deep on the pavements of this city listening to the long and solitary lament.

Phillip, Charles and their Sons wait silently and then join the body of their mother down the Mall leading to Horse Guards Parade followed by 500 charity workers. The future King, William keeps his head lowered through the whole journey.

Now unable to walk, the Queen-mom who was made unhappy by their divorce will join them all the Abbey, No bands no glitter, just the sound of the guardsmen's feet crunching on the gravel under the dark shadows of Horsemans Arch. No shouts, nothing. Even for this historic nation this is a very strange procession indeed.

But as the Queen leaves her Home for the first time the crowd applauds while the Union Flag is raised to half mast above the Palace.

At Parliament Square the crowd and the Service awaits the moment wherein the Queen of Hearts will be take Her leave of us all. She will be buried on a small island on a lake at the Spencer family home, a lone and tranquil spot for a woman dedicated to bringing happiness, fairness and intelligence into a darkening world of hate, greed and envy.

The National Anthem, "God save the Queen" is the first official music we hear as the coffin carried by the representatives of the State, on its military shoulders, is lowered and settles into position.

"Without love I am nothing" says Tony Blair, a man who is being complimented on his responsibility of action, "Love never faileth, while knowledge and prophets fail" "When I was a child I spake as a child, but when I became a man I put away childish things"

I think we All, us who read each others thoughts from day to day and believe that we too can make the world a better place through our use of the Net and our intelligence, can relate to this event.

"For Her We dared to feel affection" "In Her death she commands the sympathy of millions"

But in my own words, and in terms of genuine emotion, and whether she be "silver spooned" or not I don't know of a single person of whom this death has not challenged.

Her brother Lord Spencer affirmed that we were united in our need to pay our respects, "The tens of millions of people watching this broadcast, is more of a tribute than I can ever offer". "A symbol, a standard bearer, very British but transcending nationality. Classless, She did'nt need a Royal title."

"So young, only now you have gone do we appreciate what you mean to us all". "There is a temptation to rush to canonise your memory, to do this would Not be mischevious nor Sparkle with a boundless energy which your own self could never contain. Your intuition was your Greatest gift. Without your Sensitivity we would not have more feeling towards lepers, Aids, landmines.

Lord Spencer went on to talk about her insecurity, and whose childlike qualities released her from her "unworthiness" .

"Last time In saw her on July 1st, her birthday , she sparkled, but in March she came to S Africa, we got away from the papparazzi, we went back to our childhood, and we had'nt changed at all."

That She was "No doubt looking for a new direction and away from the sneering media, trying to bring her to the ground. That Her genuine goodness is Not respected by the opposite end of the spectrum. In future, I will make it our task to Protect Her sons from the media."

"I pledge that your Blood family will steer these fine young men to be as Open as you had planned, we understand their Royal role and we will arm them for the years ahead."

"You would expect nothing less from us all."

"Thank god for the small mercies you have shown, I am so proud to have called her my sister."

This most moving tribute brought spontaneous applause from the congregation probably lasting through the many centuries of oppression and this nations history....

Millions of people on the route applauded Her passing when her coffin left the Abbey and lit by a pale midday sun, moved away.

"Time is too long for those who grieve".

I wish you all a health and happiness with which to remember Her

Flowers lay at Your feet,



(c) Noon 6th sept 1997


Subj: Re: Diana and the Message

Your reply was greatly appreciated. However it seems that my relationship with the "Conspicay Buffs" will soon suffer. I am getting excuses from them for continuing to publish conceptual rubbish. Only time will equate with what facts there are available

Many thanks


                        =============read this

Konformist they come? The RavenTribe. Trevor Rees-Jones the Princess's 
bodyguard injured in the accident had ten hours of facial surgery on 

His internal injuries are improving. But it will be a while yet before 
this man is able to talk to the Investigation Team. 

Meanwhile as nothing will stop those from the international "community" 
equipped with idle minds and nimble keyboards from trotting out the same 
ald sort of conspiracy balderdash, 

(a great english word that..) for us all to feed upon like ravens around 
a glittering corpse. 

Sheesh, I may have to spew up, (technicolor yawn).



(With all due respect, The Konformist is open to ridicule no matter what 
I do. Rob Stirling Thats not true.. its cause and effect, you produce the facts and figures correctly and they cannot argue, well they can but they then leave themselves open to ridicule. YOU MUST NEVER do the work of the enemy for them. When the Korporate Media attacks little fish, it is >called "journalism".  When others points finger at the Elite where 
they belong, it is called "reckless hysteria mongering.")

Not so, with me you have not a "little fish" although you may think 
so. Carry the message in a way wherein Everyone can relate, and you gain
deserved credit. Don't cha think?

Any thing New must also feel new.

Don't  be afraid (at least for a month or so) to go "respectable" on 
this one

Think about it..


                     Words from a (male?) groupie :

"NEW INFO:  I  saw on the Today show  this morning an interview with 
Richard Branson (Virgin records and airlines) who is planning to start a 
new Diana foundation, record a tribute album to be released this 
Christmas, and a major benefit concert next summer- all proceeds to go 
to the foundation that will help with the causes Diana cared about- AIDS,
landmines, etc.  He said this: WILLIAM will be GROOMED to take over the 
role of HEAD of this foundation, AS SOON as he is able, possibly within 
a YEAR or LESS!!!

That means that NEXT SUMMER, when they hold the concert, which will be 
televised world wide I am sure, WILLIAM will probably be the EMCEE, and 
the list of performers will include the Rolling Stones, ELTON JOHN,and 

"He will be the ultra cool "KING of HEARTS" even before he takes the 
throne of ENGLAND!"


After reading the unamended version of the above and returning  from the 
bathroom wherein I had be puking up my talented, experienced and educated
musicians guts..

I thought of my family and that I would post this Common sense..


97-09-08, you write:

( Your reply was greatly appreciated. However it seems that my relationship
 with the "Conspicay Buffs" will soon suffer. I am getting excuses from them for continuing to publish conceptual rubbish.
 Only time will equate with what facts there are available)
Dear R. 

I don't buy conspiracy theories usually, but I do like to hear them.  Often, very 
good "evidence" is presented, showing connections that are just too "coincidental" to be accidental.  

As I have followed my own coincidences for about seven years, I have 
an alternate theory.  The events are planned in the dream state, and 
the coincidences are part of symbolic messages also imparted in 
dreams and other ways.  

For one example, read this:

Part of the logic is that such coincidences are just too much for human 
beings to pull off without being exposed at some point.  Here is another 
example which you probably know well:

There is a similar thing going on with various numbers, such as this:

I am focusing my attention on the symbolic aspects of the Diana story, 
as it relates to mythology and symbols.  Key ones are "King, Queen, 
Royal Power, the rightful heir to the Throne, the heart, the Trinity," 
and others.  

The idea is that a greater message is within the story, as regarding 
mankind and the future.    

I do see something in the story that may be a trend in the future.  The 
common people stood up and let their feelings and desires be known, and 
those in high places listened and responded.  

I see something similar in the Internet/WWW story.  We no longer accept 
being spoon-fed the news by the media.  We ARE the news.  The media will 
have to change their ways a bit, if they wish to maintain any credibility.

This makes me think of some other connections.  The Hindu Yugas, or Ages,
are associated with four metals, gold, silver, bronze, and iron.  We are 
now in the Kali Yuga, the Age of Iron.  The frightening image in the 
dream of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel has the same metals, which 
Daniel interpreted to be Ages.  The Greeks had the same thing, except 
brass was used instead of bronze.  

Nostradamus used the idea:  

Century V-41 
           Born in the shadows and during a dark day, 
           He will be sovereign in realm and goodness: 
           He will cause his blood to revive the ancient urn, 
           Renewing the age of gold for that of brass. 

Another one, I felt, might be related to the Hale-Bopp comet symbolism:  

Century II-46 
           After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared 
           The Great Mover renews the ages: 
           Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague, 
           In the heavens fire seen, a long spark running. 

Here's a quote from Edith Hamilton's, "Mythology, Timeless Tales of Gods 
and Heroes:"  

"The fifth race (after various gold, silver and brass) is that which is 
now upon the earth:  the iron race.  They live in evil times and their 
nature too has much of evil, so that they never have rest from toil and 
sorrow.  As the generations pass, they grow worse; sons are always 
inferior to their fathers.  A time will come when they have grown so 
wicked that they will worship power; might will be right to them, and 
reverence for the good will cease to be.  At last when no man is angry 
any more at wrongdoing or feels shame in the presence of the miserable, 
Zeus will destroy them too.  And yet even then something might be done, 
if only the common people would arise and put down rulers that oppress 

I thought of this and many other things as I saw the people in England 
standing up and showing their great hearts.  We in America and other 
places around the world stand with them with One Heart.  

It was a stirring moment that brought tears to my eyes.  The great Lady, 
The Queen of Hearts, sparked our compassion for the oppressed, the 
downtrodden, the rejected, the miserable.  It is a bolt of lightning 
that strikes the core of the Heart.  

God bless The Queen of Hearts and her loyal subjects.  

Light Upon Light, 

Joe Mason



compiled by Dee Finney

3-14-05 - DREAM - I was in highschool with Antonio Vega (from One Life to Live TV show and his companion who was an attorney. It was the last afternoon before graduation. and the last 1/2 day of school. We were sitting there watching two women's group advisors walk through a large room where all the girls met in their various groups. It was their job to tell the groups of girls how to behave and what to do.

Then we talked about going to school the next morning which was not a required day in school, but it was the last day during which the seniors walked around with their school annuals and got autographs from their fellow students and said their goodbyes.

The last day was actually a 1/2 day from 8 a.m. to noon.

We decided to look at the clock and see what time it was. The clock read twenty-five minutes past 11 (on an analog clock)

We couldn't believe that was the correct time and we went into a panic and jumped up to go find a different clock and see what the real time was.

We still had to take showers and get dressed for the last day of school and we weren't ready.

We went to the building where the showers were. It looked like a big old white barn. It was very roughly built of white vertical boards.

Someone in charge of the showers didn't want us to use the building and we were being barred from it. We were standing outside the building waiting to be let in. We didn't want to miss the last day of school.

. This is the position that Antonio Vega, his companion and I
were sitting in the room.

The clock time in the dream is the same angle at the Northern Cross.

I was told in a previous dream that I originally came from Altair.

Top-north, bottom-south, left-east, right west
Image: adapted from Sky and Telescope

Cygnus, the Swan (the Northern Cross)

Scientists announced that the two giant clumps of dust in the ring surrounding the star Vega may be planets. Vega is located 25 light years away in the constellation Lyra and is the brightest star in the summer sky. The planets are apparently trapped in this dust ring.

Observations of Vega in 1983 with the Infrared Astronomy Satellite provided the first evidence for large dust particles around another star, probably debris related to the formation of planets. This discovery likely inspired Carl Sagan to place the alien listening post at Vega in his novel "Contact." In our Solar System, dust particles created by asteroid collisions spiral in toward the Sun. The gravity of the planets affect the distribution of these dust particles.

VEGA (Alpha Lyrae). One of the most famed stars of the sky, Vega is the luminary of the dim but exquisite constellation Lyra, the Lyre, which represents the harp of the great mythical musician Orpheus. Its name derives from an Arabic phrase that means "the swooping eagle." Vega is one of three brilliant stars that divide the northern heavens into thirds, the others Arcturus and Capella, and with Altair and Deneb forms the great Summer Triangle, lying at its northwestern apex. At magnitude zero, it is the sky's fifth brightest star, falling just behind Arcturus and just ahead of Capella. It is also one of the closer stars to the Earth, lying just 25 light years away. Though its proximity helps make it bright in our skies, it is also inherently luminous, 54 times brighter than our Sun. Vega is a classic white main sequence star, like the Sun quietly running off the nuclear fusion of hydrogen deep in its core, with a surface temperature of 9600 degrees Kelvin. Its color and apparent brightness made it the basic standard against which the apparent magnitudes of all other stars are ultimately compared. Because it is 2.5 times as massive as the Sun, it uses its internal fuel much faster and will burn out in less than a billion years, less than 10 percent of the solar lifetime. Vega was one of the first stars to be discovered with a large luminous infrared-radiating halo that suggests a circumstellar cloud of warm dust. Since Vega seems to be rotating with its pole directed toward the Earth, the dust cloud probably represents a face-on disk that may not be unlike the disk surrounding the Sun and that contains the planets. Several other stars similar to Vega (Fomalhaut, Denebola, Merak, for example) possess similar disks, and astronomers speculate that they may indicate the existence of planetary systems, though no planets have ever been detected. Even if they exist, it seems unlikely that life would have developed to any degree because of the short lifetimes of these hot stars.

Written by Jim Kaler. Return to STARS.


In the constellation of Lyra is Vega, which is the fifth brightest star in the sky. It is associated with the asterism known as the summer triangle. Vega (also known as Wega) draws its name from the Arabic word waki, translating in to English as eagle. This association with an eagle (or other birds of prey) remains in many mythological interpretations. The star is also known to be associated with the harp, or known as “the harp star”. It was given this name by first century Roman scientist Pliny the Elder.

Pliny’s name of the Lyre refers to the constellation as the harp or lyre as created by Hermes the Roman Messenger God. In the mythology, Hermes, son of Zeus the almighty, found an empty turtle shell, and found that it had wonderful acoustic sounds as he beat on it with a stick. He than affixed a number of strings taut across the opening of the shell, in a such a way that is was similar to stringed instruments we still use today.

After Hermes created the lyre, his brother Apollo, the Sun God came upon it. (Apollo is the God of music and a noted athlete.) There is more than one story to how Apollo got the lyre from Hermes. It could have been a trade, in which Hermes exchanged the harp for a golden scepter from Apollo, which he then used give wealth and prosperity to mortal men. A second version of the story tells that the harp is a gift from Hermes to Apollo, to quell Apollo’s anger with Hermes for attempting to take his cattle. (This crime Odysseus’ hungry crewmen paid with their lives).

The harp became a family heirloom and changed hands again when Apollo gave the harp to his son Orpheus. Orpheus, being a prodigy, mastered the instrument such that rocks, streams, and trees were enchanted by his music. He charmed the angriest of men and the wildest of beasts as well.

Orpheus' abilities served him well in winning the heart of Eurydice, the woman he romanced and wed. Some time after Euridice married Orpheus, she went walking in the fields with her sisters. A shepherd approached her, who was enchanted by her beauty. Eurydice tried to escape, but was but received a lethal bite of a poisonous snake.

Taking his harp with him, Orpheus went into the underworld hoping to retrieve his bride from death. While singing a loving ballad about his wife , he convinced Pluto to release Eurydice from the underworld, Pluto agreed that he would release her, only under the condition that Orpheus could not set eyes upon her until they reached the upper world. Orpheus had a hard time obeying that condition and took a look backward to see his beloved wife, breaking the rule set by Pluto, so Euridice had to return to the underworld.

After losing Eurydice a second time to the underworld, Orpheus stayed alone from women for the rest of his life. A group of young women who were trying to get Orpheus' attention decided that his lack of interest in them was not normal, struck him down with javelins and knives. They then dismembered his corpse because they were so enraged. Orpheus' head and lyre were tossed into a river that was nearby, and his arms and legs were buried in another location.

The story of the nine muses is that they carried the harp to the heavens, placing it among the stars. Zeus is also said to have sent a vulture forth to retrieve the harp from the river. The latter story seems to unite both the harp and the eagle associations with the constellation.

In an Asian story, the Star Vega is told as a "weaving girl", in a romantic relationship with a neighboring "herd boy", represented by Altair of the constellation Aquila. The two 'beings' in heaven neglected their duties and were then divided by the Celestial River, the Milky Way Galaxy.

DENEB (Alpha Cygni). One of the truly great stars of our Galaxy, Deneb serves a three-fold role among the constellations. Its very name tells the first. "Deneb" is from an Arabic word meaning "tail," as this first magnitude (1.25) star, the 19th brightest as it appears in our sky, represents the tail of Cygnus the Swan, a classical figure seen flying perpetually to the south along the route of the Milky Way. As the constellation's luminary, the star is also Alpha Cygni. The reversal of Cygnus makes the asterism of the Northern Cross, with Deneb now at the top, the cross seen rising on its side in early northern summer, standing upright in the west in early northern winter evenings. Deneb also makes the western apex of the famed Summer Triangle, which also incorporates Vega and Altair. All three of these white class A stars (Deneb an A2 supergiant) have similar surface temperatures, Vega, at 9600 Kelvin, the warmest, Deneb radiating at 8400 Kelvin. Though Vega and Altair are really quite luminous, they are first magnitude primarily because they are close to us, averaging only 25 light years away. Deneb, on the other hand, may be as far as 2600 light years. Based on that distance, its awesome luminosity of 160,000 Suns makes it about the intrinsically brightest star of its kind (that is, in its temperature or spectral class) in the entire Galaxy. If placed at the distance of Vega, Deneb would shine as bright as a well- developed crescent Moon. Deneb is a true supergiant, its diameter, calculated from its temperature and luminosity, is 200 times that of the Sun. Direct measurement of its tiny angular diameter (a mere 0.002 seconds of arc) gives a very similar value of 180 solar. If it were placed at the center of our Solar System, Deneb would extend to the orbit of the Earth. While far from the largest star in the Galaxy, Deneb is one of the biggest of its kind. It is evolving and has stopped fusing hydrogen in its core. Just what it is doing, however, we do not know. Having begun its life as a star of some 25 solar masses, its fate is almost certainly to explode sometime within the next couple of million years. The star is constant in its light, but its spectrum, its light as seen when stretched into a rainbow, is slightly variable. Blowing from its surface is a wind that causes the star to lose mass at a rate of 0.8 millionths of a solar mass per year, a hundred thousand times the flow rate from the Sun. Deneb is among the most magnificent stars you can see with the unaided eye. (6/19/98, 8/2/02)

Written by Jim Kaler. Return to STARS.


Hyginus tells that Zeus was fallen in love with the goddess Nemesis, but that she didn't want to have anything to do with him. To overcome her resistances, Zeus changed into a swan and asked Aphrodite to change into an eagle and to pretend to chase him. Nemesis, pitied by the escaping swan, gave him protection by taking him on her lap: too late she understood that in those borrowed plumes there was the king of gods.

Of this myth there is a different version, told by Heratostenes. He says that Nemesis, to escape Zeus' loving proffers, changed into many animals: but Zeus stubbornly pursued her, by changing each time into an animal which was greater and faster than hers. When Nemesis changed into a goose, Zeus assumed the features of a swan, finally succeeding in reaching her.

ALTAIR (Alpha Aquilae). First magnitude (0.77) Altair, the 12th brightest star in the sky and the Alpha star of Aquila the Eagle, is also the southern anchor of the famed Summer Triangle, which it makes with Vega and Deneb. The Arabic name "Altair," reflective of the constellation itself, comes from a phrase meaning "the flying eagle." Though the constellation does not look much like its name, Altair itself is flanked by a pair of stars (the Beta and Gamma stars Alshain and Tarazed) that really do remind the sky- gazer of a bird with outstretched wings. The trio of stars has in fact been taken for an airplane with wing lights slowly flying across the sky. Though three of the stars of the Summer Triangle are all white in color and hotter than the Sun, all are also individuals. A class A (A7) hydrogen-fusing dwarf with a temperature of 7550 degrees Kelvin, Altair is the coolest of the three (with Vega and Deneb nearly equal at 9500 Kelvin). Altair is also the least luminous. From its distance of 16.8 light years, we find it to be 10.6 times brighter than the Sun, as opposed to 50 times for Vega and an astounding 200,000 or so for much more distant Deneb. Like the Sun and Vega, Altair is "on the main sequence" of stars, fusing hydrogen into helium in its core. Yet the star is not without its own striking characteristics. It is moving across the sky against the background of distant stars more quickly than most, and will displace itself by as much as a degree in only 5000 years. It is also a very rapid rotator. Its equatorial spin speed, while certainly not a record, is still an astonishing 210 kilometers per second (and may be greater, since the axial tilt is not known), as compared with the Sun's 2 kilometers per second. With a radius 1.8 times that of the Sun, the star has a rotation period of at most only 10 hours, as opposed to nearly a month for our ponderously spinning Sun. Altair's high speed has even caused it to become distorted. Observation with a sophisticated interferometer, from which the angular size of the star is measured, reveals a 14% oblateness. Even with its high rotational velocity, however, Altair is far from its rotational breakup speed of 450 kilometers per second.

Written by Jim Kaler. Return to STARS.


Altair has called "The King of Birds", "The Rising One", "The Star of Mighty Virtue", the "Armor-bearing Bird of Jove" (Jove is the Roman Jupiter or Greek Zeus), in this god's conflict with the giants. The English called it "The Flying Grype".

Notable stars in Aquila: Epoch 2000
Longitude Name Nature Mag. Position Lat. Dec.
19 Cp. 48 Dheneb Mars/Jupiter 3 Eagle's tail 36N 14N
00 Aq. 56 Tarazed Mars/Jupiter 2.8 Eagle's back 31N 11N
01 Aq. 46 Altair Mars/Jupiter 0.77 Eagle's breast 29N 09N
02 Aq. 25 Alshain Mars/Jupiter 3.9 Eagle's neck 27N 6N

In classical myth the eagle was the bird of Zeus who returned his master's thunderbolts and carried to him the souls of heroes. In The Royal Art of Astrology, Robert Eisler explains how, at the funerals of' Roman emperors, an eagle was lightly fastened to the top of the pyre so that as soon as the fire had singed its fetters, it would break free of its bonds and fly away - apparently bearing aloft the soul of the departed. The location of Aquila by the side of Aquarius, and its flight across the Milky Way towards the east was thus said by some classical authors to represent the ascension of Ganymede (identified with Aquarius) to Zeus. Modern scholars prefer the theory that this constellation's name was assigned when it was near the summer solstice - the bird of greatest elevation being chosen to assume the symbolism of the summit of the Sun.

The imagery of the eagle has always been identified with the qualities of strength, courage, nobility and dignity, which accords with Ptolemy's belief that its stars are of the nature of Mars and Jupiter. Manilius illustrates the Martian trait in his description of those born under its influence:

He that is born in the hour of its rising will grow up bent on spoil and plunder, won even with bloodshed … Yet, should perchance his aggressiveness be enlisted in a noble cause, depravity will turn to virtue, and he will succeed in bringing wars to a conclusion and enriching his country with glorious triumphs.

The main star, Altair, is named from the Arabic Al Tair meaning 'The Eagle'.Lilly, adhering to Manilius, says that this 1st magnitude yellow star represents "a bold, confident, valiant person, never yielding, guilty of bloodshed, of distempered manner,. &c ". But he also adds that when the Moon is directed to it there is fortune in great measure and a time of marriage and childbirth.

The other notable stars include Dheneb, a 3rd magnitude star which shines with a green glint and whose name comes from Al Dhanab 'The Tail'; Tarazed a pale orange 3rd magnitude star in the back of the eagle; and Alshain a 4th magnitude star otherwise known as 'the Eagle's neck'. The attributes of these stars are similar to Altair but, being of less brilliance, their influence is not so strong.

The Semitic language of the Arabs; spoken in a variety of dialects Arabic words al-nasr al-tair, which mean the flying eagle.

Altair, along with β and γ Aquilae, form the well-known line of stars sometimes referred to as the shaft of Aquila.

In Chinese Mythology there is a love story of Qi Qiao Jie In which Niu Lang Altair and his two children (Aquila -β and -γ) are separated forever from their mother Zhi Nu (Vega) who is on the far side of the river, the Milky Way.


ZHI-NU: Goddess of Weaving, Spinning and Crafts.

The daughter of the JADE-EMPEROR, she spends all her time spinning beautiful silk robes and lacey garments for the Heavenly Host. She also makes the finest gossamer clouds and her tapestry of the constellations is a work of art.

Her father was so pleased with ZHI-NU's diligent work that he married her to the Heavenly Official In Charge Of Cowsheds. (That may not sound like much of a reward, but then you haven't met him.)

The two of them fell headlong in love and pretty soon she was getting behind in her spinning duties. So they were whisked off into the sky and separated by the Milky Way. You can still see them there; she is Vega in the constellation Lyra and he is Altair in the constellation Aquila.

Now they are only allowed to meet once a year, when a flock of magpies swarm into the sky and create a bridge for them to cross. For the rest of the year they live apart and she is the Heavenly Spinster in more ways than one. This is what comes of a marriage made in Heaven.

Now some versions of this tale assert that ZHI-NU actually came down to Earth and had her clothes stolen while she bathed in a river. The culprit was NIU-LANG, a humble cowherd who was amazed at her beauty and fell instantly in love.

Without her clothes she could not return to Heaven - at least, not without some very awkward questions being asked. So she decided to marry him instead as he was sweet and gentle, and not bad looking for a mortal. Of course Heaven found out eventually, and whisked them off to the stars as before.

It doesn't really matter which version is true. The end of this story is far more important than the beginning, as all Chinese lovers will testify. The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is when ZHI-NU and NIU-LANG cross the magpie bridge. Their stars burn brightly in the Heavens, lovers hold hands and gaze into the night sky, and Chinese Valentine's Day begins...

From: Chinese Mythology

Note to the Reader: When I first had the dream, I went onto the internet to look up the number 11:25. It was a 'time' on a clock in the dream, but numbers in my dreams are usually referring to the Bible so I typed in 'Bible 11:25'. The first link on was the verse John 11:25 which is Jesus talking about his own resurrection to Martha at Bethany..

A few minutes later, Joe took a break from his computer and picked up the book Apokalypso by Thomas Jude Germinario. He had the page marked where he had left off and the exact point where he had stopped reading previously was also verse John 11:25 on page 332.

Then when I researched the star Vega, and saw the map of Vega, Denab, and Altair, I saw that the Star Denab, in the Northern Cross Constellation, which is part of Lyra Constellation including the other two stars called the "Summer Triangle" the Northern Cross is exactly placed as a clock hands would look at 11:25. Also, the placement of Vega, Denab, and Altair was exactly how the three of us in the dream were seated in the dream in relation to each other.

Coincidences like that are way too big to ignore. Most people will either just laugh and move on, but to us it is a clue to look further into the meaning. This page and the page about the three Marys which is linked below is the result.

There are many lessons to learn in life - and these coincidences lead to them if we but look.



The Three Mary's:

From: Apokalypso: Prophecies of the End of Time by Thomas Jude Germinario:

Page: 331: St. Martha, who is, traceable back to the tiny hamlet of Les Stes. Maries-d-la-Mer. Local Tradition holds that St. Martha landed on this remote Provencal shore in the year 45 AD, accompanied by the "three Mary's". The 'three Marys" were Martha's sister Mary Magdalene, Mary Jacobe, mother of James the younger, and Mary Salome, mother of John the Evangelist and James the elder. As the folklore has it, Martha and the three Saints Mary were forced to flee the Holy Land in a small boat, sans sail, oar, rudder, or food - but with the Lord's protection, thanks to which they made port near Marseilles. Most versions of the story add Martha's brother Lazarus, who Christ had raised from the dead, and Joseph of Arimathea, in whose tomb Jesus' body was laid - along with a twelve-year-old mystery girl named Sara - to the boatload of holy exiles who disembarked at Les Stes. Maries-de-la-Mer.

All three women were beloved companions of Christ who had followed and served him since the beginning of his ministry in Galilee. At the hour of Jesus' Passion, when virtually all of his male disciples were hiding in fear for their own lives, the three Marys courageously stood by him at Golgotha as recorded in the gospel of St. Mark. And Mark's gospel also bears witness to the singular honor conferred upon the three Mary's as the first to whom his Resurrection was made known.

It was the faith of the dead man's sisters. Martha and Mary Magdalene, which brought this definitive miracle to fruition:

Jesus said unto her, "I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believeth in this? She saith unto him, Yea, Lord." John 11:25-27

Page 333: Our Savior ascends into Eternal Reality from our of the Cup of the Female principle, upon which has descended from the Holy Spirit. He is truly, as St. Gregory envisioned him, "a man encompassed by a woman". This is the sublime purport of the Grail that heresy strives relentlessly to pervert and obscure. Hence, the sisters of Lazarus stand for the archetypal Sister-Bride, in whom is preserved the collective Life of humanity. Their brother, the lapsed Male principle, lies "four days dead." - corresponding to Mani's four "Great Months". In the affirmation of the Sister-Bride - in the 'Yea, Lord" spoken by Martha in Bethany - is realized the Redemption of fallen Man. In the opening of the feminine gate through which the Infinite form of the new Adam may emerge upon the plane of manifestation.

But there are those, unwittingly inspired by the Shadow of the dead Adam, who would prefer their Messiah to appear as a temporal king. And appear he will. His coming is foreshadowed in the very next passage of Mark's gospel following the excised tale of Lazarus. There we read of the "sons of Zebedee" - that is, the sons of Mary Salome' - demanding that Christ promise to appoint them his chief ministers, when he assumes the throne of Israel. Jesus' stinging rebuke to Mary's sons should ring in the ears of the "Christian' hypocrites of our times who seek to wrap themselves in his garments as they pursue political power.

Leadership with service

When the other ten heard this they began to feel indignant with James and John, so Jesus called them to him and said to them,

"You know that among the gentiles those they call their rulers lord it over them, and their great men make their authority felt. Among you this is not to happen. No, anyone who wants to become great among you must be your servant, and anyone who wants to be first among you must be slave to all. For the Son of Man himself came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Mark 10: 42-45

Joe Mason writes on the feminine aspect of creation.

We love synchronicity and coincidence. Dream interpretation books may be helpful to some, and we look at various opinions. Dreamers can find the symbol meanings by checking a number of ideas, and thinking it over carefully. Our own interpretations are often different from standard ones, and we give opinions as an additional source to consider. We hope others will contribute to the interpreting.

It is fun to follow the path of dreams and attempt to put a few puzzle-pieces together. The idea of categories of dreams (garbage, prophetic, diagnostic, universal, etc.) has been around for a while. The Greeks spoke of dreams that come through either the Gate of Ivory or the Gate of Horn, depending on if they are true or false. I read of another grouping about two days ago - basically three divisions for daily life things, thought/concepts type things, and the big spiritual type of dream.

The "masculine-feminine.PRINCIPLE, the brain hemispheres, DNA, etc., are entirely supported by people's dreams. Prophecies can be exaggerated, especially the gloom and doom prophecies. There is flooding, earthquakes, fires, but they are minor in scope compared to the dreams and seem to be mainly symbolic. The trend is that some of the disasters do happen, but they are much more minor than expected. But, the symbolism, is quite big and important. It's all about the changes happening. It is an "inner" thing, which will be manifested more slowly in time. Some of the events are on another plane and do not necessarily manifest in the physical realm.

I realized that one's wife, in a dream, can refer to the feminine aspect of the self, the dreaming, intuitive, right-brained aspect. Various dreams and myths have a theme where the male and female are separated in some way. For example, in the East Indian story of Rama, the hero must battle the evil demon and the Titans who are holding his wife, Sita, captive. After a long struggle, Rama and his warriors, with the help of the Monkey King, defeat the opponents, and he is re-united with Sita.

The feminine aspect can change in various ways, just as the East Indian Goddesses have various "aspects." I feel this may be why Nancy, in the dream, went upstairs, only to be downstairs - outside, after I descended the stairway. This seems to be showing two aspects of Nancy, and/or my own feminine aspect.

A dream of a woman in red, represents Kali, who corresponds to the harlot of Revelation 17. She is one of many aspects of the Mother Goddess, Sakti. With each cycle change, there is apparently a change in the feminine aspect. Dreams seem to give hints about the change from the Kali/harlot stage of spiritual evolution to the age of the Holy Spirit.

I had a dream in June 1991,

I saw a "Y"-shape that was also a woman's body where the legs meet. Three energy lines moved from the center, two outward and one downward. Then I saw it again but this time there were just the two outward energy lines. As I saw this, a voice said: "Some say there are three ways of unfolding the world. We say two".

The Barbury Castle triangular formation appeared the next month, although I did not know about it until September 1991.

I found this quite amazing, because the meaning of the Chinese Great Y has a very similar meaning. The downward-pointing, central triangle of the Sri Yantra is related to the feminine aspect of Deity, and related symbolically to the "yoni," which means vagina.

A booklet from the Anthroposophic Press offered "The Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century," by Jesaiah Ben Aharon. It tells of "the occult significance of the 12 years 1933-45 in the Light of spiritual science. The ad states, "Since the beginning of the Michael Age and the end of Kali Yuga, two central spiritual influences stream increasingly into the consciousness of man.

The first is the Michael power, which guarantees the new human faculty of pure, logical thinking and individual experiences of freedom, and the second is the new supersensible perception that has enabled man to perceive the appearance of the Christ in the etheric realm since 1933."

Page 11 tells of "From Jesus to Christ," by Rudolf Steiner. He says there is an awakening to the new revelation in our time: "Christ as the Lord of Karma."

Page 39 tells of "Sophia: The Wisdom of God," by Sergis Bulgakov. He shows how "the Divine Sophia, in whom all things are created, is present in the Holy Trinity itself and how, as the 'creaturely Sophia' she works together with Her divine counterpart in the work of the Holy Spirit for the redemption of the world."

This fits my view of things, and helps clarify things. The "Y"-shape in the Barbury Castle pictogram is the Mother Deity and seems to be Sophia, or other Mother Deity names. The Holy Spirit is the southwest circle, which is an aspect of the feminine Deity within us, and within each consciousness unit. The two are represented as Mother and Daughter. Kali is an aspect of the Mother Deity, the aspect operating in this karma/judgment time cycle. It reminds me of "tough love," a method of getting young, rebellious kids to conform to the rules of the society.

In relation to the above, see:

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The son in the Trinity is often represented by an androgen, having male and female attributes. Mercury, and his Greek counterpart, Hermes, have this. One representation is a key and keyhole, which appeared on the west and east of the 1992 Dharmic Wheel (or Charm Bracelet) crop formation. There was a triad glyph as the eighth step, which was similar to the Barbury pattern. At the center was a circle inside a quartered circle, which Michael Green said is the god, Bel, the Light behind the light. Bel was a name given to Marduke, which means, "Lord." He was also a son in a Trinity.

Prior to Barbury, I wrote a speculation that Adam and Eve represent One person, with the dual aspects, based on dreams. The primary dream was told to me by a co-worker. He was on a starship in space, and a VERY important message was about to come in. But, it could not come until he ejected the garbage first, which he then did. A doctor appeared, and led the crew into a bedroom. He began working on a yard-high mound of a jelly-like substance at the foot of the empty bed. Suddenly, the dreamer saw a human-sized hand puppet, a male/female pair, with only one hand-hole. They fell back into a vat of water, and he knew they HAD to change.

Shortly thereafter, I read "The Gnostic Gospels." One of the early Christians had a vision that Adam/Eve are one person.

Some years later, I found H.P. Blavatsky's "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2. She shows the relationships involved in the concept of the Trinity, from various cultures, which she traces back to ancient India. She calls Adam/Eve the "First Androgen."

She shows some basic forms of it. The first is a Father and Mother with a Son, who is androgen. Next, comes the Triple Male Trinity. They have female "Consorts," that are usually composited into one feminine Deity. Together, they are "The Perfect Four." In the Babylonian system, it is Anu, Bel, and Hoa (the moon). The feminine Deity is Mylitta or Ishtar. According to Blavatsky, the feminine Deity in the Christian Trinity is the Virgin Mary.

After reading this, I got a book called, "The Four Gospels," a translation of four of the Gnostic Gospels found at Nag Hamadi. One was "The Secret Book of John." He had a vision about the Creation. A Father/Mother/Child spirit appears and explains. The Father created the Feminine First Power. She produced "the triple male."

Page 276 of Sacred Symbols of Mu shows another triangle glyph, with the letters A, U, and M, in the corners, which is more than 2,300 years old. The ancient Hindu book, Manava dharma Sastra, states:

"In the beginning the Infinite only existed called Aditi. Infinite dwelt A U M whose name must precede all prayers and invocations."

James Churchward continues . . .

"A U M conveys identically the same meaning and conception as the Mysterious Writing and Niven's Mexican tablet No. 2379. The difference between these and A U M is in the form of the writing. The Mysterious Writing and the Mexican tablet are in the old temple esoteric numeral writing. The Hindu A U M is written in alphabetical symbols which reads:

A - Ahau Masculine - Father
U - Feminine - Mother - She
M - Mehen The engendered - The Son - Man"

The concepts conveyed in The Tantric Way speak of the vibration "as sound." This seems to be related to the chant, "Om," or "Aum."

By the time I found The Tantric Way in early 1993, I had come to realize that symbols of the male-female duality were quite major in dreams and crop circle formations. The duality, in my research, seemed to be related to the concept of the Trinity, in terms of Father, Mother, and Son. The Son aspect, it seemed, had a dual, male-female nature, as well.


The six-petal daisy came to me through dreams, as it is made up from interlocking circles in a ring. It has appeared many times in various forms as a crop formation. In my case, it also represented a closed aperture, like that on a camera. The north sun symbol in the Barbury Castle formation was similar. My dream-coincidences indicated that it would open, letting in the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day of Creation (we are not Man yet). It is the Lost Pleiad of the Pleiades, and the Angel that rises from the Dawning Sun in Revelation 7, to mark the foreheads. (those who have stayed awake).

The Hopi depict a 12-petal sun flower in their Creation myth of Spider Grandmother. She teaches us how "to weave" after the fourth step (Heart chakra), and emergence into the Sunlight. Tantra, in Sanskrit means, "to weave." The Lotus of the Heart has 12 petals, and I believe it is related to the New Jerusalem.

That same year, a six-petal pattern appeared with smaller circles around the major one, which produced a Star Of David in the center. A strong clue, as I see it, of the apature opening, and the leap to the Heart Chakra by humanity en mass.

You can find information about the six-petal symbol at: and and

Dave is transformed into a baby (re: Rev. 12) in a bubble, heading back to earth. A new cycle of evolution is about to begin.

When I saw the sequel, "2010," I was a bit disappointed, until I woke up to the symbolism of the two suns at the end. The Sun and the Day Break Star, Venus, correspond to Adam and Eve, in my dream interpretations. We were created with a much larger male/rational/left-brain aspect. We only have a rib-sized portion of the female/intuitive/dreaming/right-brain aspect. As we awake from our dreams in the morning, and things "dawn" on us, the two lights are up there in the sky (at times). As the sun rises, the Morning star fades into invisibility overpowered by the sun, that is, our feminine side has even less function in daytime.

The symbolic meaning of two Suns becomes clear. Our Venus aspect will grow to match the Sun aspect. This is symbolized in a number of other ways in the crop formations, and in dreams. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus said in saying 22, that one must make the male and female into a single one, in order to enter the Father's domain. The most clear crop pattern that had this symbolism had the female sign of Venus joined together with the male sign of Mars.

Deathwalking with Diana

The facts of Princess Diana's life and death are well-known to us all, so I shall not dwell overly much on them here. The thoughts that follow are a tentative attempt to come to terms consciously with what has undeniably been an archetypal event of tidal wave proportions. It has splashed millions, if not billions of folk emotionally and mythically - particularly those who are open to being so touched through dwelling near the ocean - the foremost symbol of the unconscious. Only those in emotional deserts, or in psychological graves, or on unreachable mountain-tops, it seems, have remained immune; indeed, many have been surprised, even caught off-guard by the depth of their personal response. The entire tragedy has, I believe, given further impetus to what Jung prophesied would be the incoming dominant of the emerging Aquarian Age, Eros, the feminine principle of relatedness. (Perhaps it's no coincidence, then, that the Aquarian Age, in one astrological system of dating, begins 'officially' in 1997). At the same time this event has placed, ironically through a death, another nail in the coffin of the waning Piscean dominant of patriarchal hierarchy and its distantly enthroned God.


Many biblical passages use the word vine as a metaphor for the chosen people of God. "A vine thou didn't bring out of Egypt" (Ps. 80:91), "The vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the House of Israel and the mean of Judah are his cherished plant" (Isa. 5:71) Several passages refer to the vine as feminine. "Thy wife is like a fruitful vine" (Ps. 128); "Your mother is like a vine planted by the water, fruitful and branchy... but she was torn up...and now she is planted in the desert...she is now without a royal branch, a ruler's scepter" (Ezek. 19:10-14) This transplanted royal vine is understood by biblical scholarship to refer to the royal Davidic line of Judah, the line of the princes.

The Bride in Canticles carefully tends the vines. In Isaiah 5, the rebellious vineyard brings forth wild grapes. Psalm 80is a prayer for the restoration of the vineyard. "Take care of this vine and protect what your right hand has planted." In Mark's Gospel, Jesus tells the parable of the vinedressers, caretakers of the vineyard (Israel) who beat the servants of their master when they came to inspect the condition of the vines and then killed the master's son. No one who knew Jesus of Nazareth and who "had ears to hear" was in any doubt as to the identity of that 'faithful son". He was the legitimate heir to the vineyard of Judah.

The transplanting of the Davidic "vine" would have come as no surprise to the Zealot fundamentalist friends of Jesus. They knew it had been prophesied (Ezek. 17). It had happened before, when the people of Israel were taken as slaves to Babylon. But it could also happen again. in light of the danger to the vine of Judah, the royal bloodline, it is likely that the friends of Jesus took strong and perhaps desperate measures to protect the family of Jesus. It would have been their top priority."

End of quote


Kiara Windrider says: The Egyptian calendar pointed to September 17, 2001 as a time for planetary initiation (See Moira Timms, Beyond Prophecies and Predictions). The tragic events of September 11 unfolding with the Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks sent ripples of shock across the world, setting off a great chain of consequences that continues to build. Could these two events be related somehow?

The Pyramid end-date is also related to electromagnetic changes within the Earth, and the balancing of long-range karmic cycles, eventually shifting from karma to grace. Could this time represent a possible choice point for human evolution?

In an astrological chart set up for 1:30 a.m. on September 17, 2001 over Giza, an interesting Star of David was formed, representing the descent of the Aquarian Age, and the ascent of the wounded feminine. It signified a major turning point in patriarchal consciousness.

Excerpt from:

On May 5, 2001, Dee Finney had an incredible vision during meditation that is related to the above writing:

Note: The line was all red.
I have made it red and white to make
it easier to be seen.

5-3-2001 - MEDITATION -

I suddenly had a vision of the world like a huge blue ball and a red line came
shooting out of one spot in Egypt and going up and spinning into a spiral...
not like a tornado sideways, but a large ball spiraling of red string arcing up
and then spiraling down and around into itself. The spiral was almost as
large as the earth itself.
Then out of the spiral, came shooting another red
line that went up and divided and came falling back down towards earth.

I lay there thinking about what that might be ... like a volcano spouting red
lava ... a voice said, "It is nothing less than the power of the pyramid taking
over today."

See automatic writing for today Topic is the Ark of the Covenant

More on the Pyramid at Giza


A medieval legend insists that there was a "dark child" on the boat, a child who is called "Sarah, the Egyptian." Ii is speculated that she might be the daughter of Magdalene for several reasons deeply rooted in the Hebrew Scriptures. She might be symbolically "dark" for reasons associated with the "hidden" bloodline of the princes of Judah, whose appearance, described as "brighter than snow and whiter than milk," is now "blacker than soot, they are unrecognized on the streets" (Lamentations 4). "Sarah" means "princess" in Hebrew.

A second prophetic Scripture dear to the hearts of the people of Israel would likewise be fulfilled in her: "Out of Egypt I called my child" (Hosea 11:1). Perhaps the child Sarah was called "the Egyptian" by virtue of the fact that she was actually born in Egypt. But in stating this, it is realized that we are talking about people who "coined the myth" rather than any physical reality of an actual "flesh and blood" child of the union of Magdalene and Christ.

Written traces of the "Grail heresy" of the bloodline of Jesus in Europe cannot be found until the Middle Ages, but folk tales of the little lost princess are much older. Is this "folk memory" the custodian of a suppressed and hidden truth? Or was it only a "myth," a story too dangerous to be told? Among others, Emma Jung, the wife of the famed psychologist Carl Jung, and their friend Marie-Louise von Franz, believe that the oral tradition of the "sangraal" ("blood royal" in Old French) circulated in Europe throughout the Dark Ages.

The Gnostic "Gospel of Philip" mentions Mary Magdalene as the "consort" of Jesus, one of the women who was his constant companion, his "koinonos." This is significant because Roman Catholic tradition declares that the Apostle named Philip evangelized Gaul. Perhaps here again we are looking at "myth" rather than hard empirical evidence. The Apostle Philip probably never even set foot in Gaul, but rather, it was this "Valentinian" treatise, the Gnostic "Gospel of Philip," with its pointed references to the intimate union of Christ and Magdalene, that was honored in Gaul. The intimate relationship of Christ and Mary Magdalene was so highly honored that a cult of Mary Magdalene grew up across the Mediterranean from where the Gospel of Phillip had originated--among the Gnostics in Alexandria. Was this because the people of Gaul already knew the story of the archetypal Bride and Bridegroom--the "Beloveds"--of the Christian story?

The "Gnostic" Christianity that grew up in Egypt was far more egalitarian and liberal than that of Saint Paul and his "orthodox" friends. Could that be because Mary Magdalene once resided there among them? Or was it merely her MYTH that had lived there?

The evidence that Mary Magdalene and Jesus together provided the model for the "hieros gamos" (Sacred Marriage)in Christianity is found in the Gospels themselves. The numbers coded by gematria in her name indicate that Mary Magdalene was the "Goddess" among early Christians. They understood the "numbers theology" of the Hellenistic world, numbers coded in the New Testament that were based on the ancient canon of sacred geometry derived by the Pythagoreans centuries before.

The Greek epithet "h Magdalhnh" bears the number 153, a profoundly important value used among mathematicians to designate the Vesica Piscis--the ()-shape identified with the "sacred Feminine' in the ancient world. This symbol, the "vulva," has obvious attributes of feminine regeneration and the "doorway" or "portal" of life--the "sacred cauldron of creativity." It was a very ancient ancient, even archetypal symbol for the Goddess. It was called the "holy of holies" and the "inner sanctum." Almonds were sacred to Venus. The symbol abounds in cave art of ancient peoples discovered in shrines where the fertility of the earth and the female was honored. It was no accident that the epithet of Mary Magdalene bore the number that to the educated of the time identified her as the "Goddess in the Gospels."

Excerpted from: Mary Magdalene and Sarah

The Christian Version of Creation

Mother of God, Mother of All Christians

In the same way as the woman who bore you is called your mother and not the mother of your body only, Mary is the mother of the whole person of Jesus Christ, who is God (cf. Colossians 2:9). The Church proclaimed this truth in the Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D.:

Therefore, because the holy virgin bore in the flesh God who was united hypostatically with the flesh, for that reason we call her mother of God, not as though the nature of the Word had the beginning of its existence from the flesh (for "the Word was in the beginning and the Word was God and the Word was with God", and he made the ages and is coeternal with the Father and craftsman of all things), but because, as we have said, he united to himself hypostatically the human and underwent a birth according to the flesh from her womb.

--Third letter of Cyril to Nestorius

Similarly, the body of believers, the Church, are Christ's body (cf. 1 Corinthians 12:27-31; Ephesians 4:1-6, 15-16; Colossians 1:18; etc.) and since Mary is the mother of Christ, she is also the mother of all us believers. And, as if these facts would not be enough, Jesus himself gave us Mary as our mother as he hung dying on the cross (cf. John 19).

The Japanese Explanation of Creation

The Hebrew Creation Narrative

Mariology - Mary as Mother of God

The Blavatsky Explanation of Creation

The Seven Creations - Blavatsky

The Black Madonna is revered throughout the world, particularly in France, Poland, Italy and Spain. She is the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Crusades and holy pilgrimages

The Black Madonna is honored as a true Goddess figure, and has been since Christianity entered Europe. She is honored by many as Isis, Gaia, Kali, Mary, "the Other Mary" (Mary Magdalene), Diana, Sheela Na Gig, and the Ancient Primal Earth-Mother Goddess.

For many European Christians, the blending of their ancient Goddesses with the Blessed Virgin Mary has been a well accepted fact of their faith for centuries, there is no conflict. The Black Madonna, be She called Isis, or Mary, or Kali, or Diana, embodies all the aspects of Female Divinity for many millions of people.

According to Helena Blavatsky in her book "Isis Unveiled" on page 443 - Vol II, she states: The exoteric plan of the Bible was made to answer also to four ages. Thus, they reckon the Golden Age from Adam to Abraham; the silver, from Abraham to David; copper, from David to the Captivity; thence-forward, the iron. but the secret computation is quite different, and does not vary at all from the zodiacal calculations of the Brahmans. We are in the Iron Age, or Kali-Yuga, but it began with Noah, the mythical ancestor of our race.

Noah, or Nuah, like all the euhemerized manifestations of the Un-revealed One - Svayambhuva (from Svayambhu) - was androgyne. Thus, in some instances, he belonged to the purely feminine triad of the Chaldeans, known as "nuah, the universal Mother." Every male triad had its feminine counterpart, one in three, like the former. It was the passive complement of the active principle, its reflection. In India, the male Trimurti is reproduce in the Sakti-trimurti, the feminine; and in Chaldea, Ana, belita, and Davkina answered to Anu, Bel, Nuah. The former three resumed in one - Belita, were called:

"Sovereign goddess, lady of the nether abyss, mother of gods, queen of the earth, queen of fecundity."

As the primordial humidity, whence proceeded all, Belita is Tiamat, or the sea, the mother of the city of Erech (the great Chaldean necropolis), therefore an infernal goddess. In the world of stars and planets, she is known as Ishtar or Ashtoreth. Hence, she is identical with Venus, and every other Queen of Heaven, to whom cakes and buns were offered in sacrifice, and , as all the archaeologists know, with Eve, the mother of all that live, and with Mary.

The Second coming: The Second Coming is not a return of Christ but a new arrival of female that is strong, loving, divine, wise and powerful.

Sacred geometry is subtle. It uses shapes (circles, triangles, spirals, etc.) that work subliminally on the unconscious mind. It also uses archetypal symbols, numerology, cosmology, astrology and mysticism to foster a relationship to the universe and to God.


Isis is the lady of the Pyramid, Nun-Hathor and Atum-Ptah gave her the custody.

From Isis comes HOR, and the Akeru Aku: the 7 Sphinx Masters. And from them the Shemsu Hor, of which Christ was one in lineage. Isis gives birth to the divine child, BY the BA (Soul, Dove), BA-BY. And Tehuti enabled that birth to succeed, both in wining with the moon, and by providing the Wizardry to resurrect Ausir Wassir Osiris in the dark. From which emerged Iosos (Horus) on the 25th of December.

Isis was the first Virgin Mary. As Lady of the Pyramid, the MeRu. The Lady of the Lake (Avalon, Arthur, ArkHor, Art-HOR, and MRlin), Queen of Hearts. Mary comes from Egypt. Mother of TutankAton (later TothAnkAmon) and Moses was Mery Kiya (Miriam). Mary comes from Mer, which is both a lake and a sea, in cross linguistics, and has both meanings in Egyptian. Mer was also the Pyramid itself, recall. And Isis was the lady of the mount of the east, Mt Manu (as it was called). She was Sirius, SEPTet, and her sign is the M of Virgo the Virgin of September, when Sirius disappears from the Egyptian skies.

The Mery's were the high Priestesses, and so Jesus was born from a Virgo Mary on the Horus day.

Magdala, is a Hebrew word meaning Tower. It was the name given to Miriyam, one of Yeshua's female disciples, who in all likelihood was his wife. She was called Mary of Magdala, or Mary Magdalene. We also believe she was co-Messiah with Yeshua. God-the-Father and God-the-Mother both chose to incarnate themselves upon the earth together in order to draw their created selves (all of us) back to Them. And now they are returning.....


Six Marys are to be distinguished in the New Testament:

(1) the mother of Jesus; always clearly identified by the context.

(2) Mary Magdalene, a woman of Magdala, " out of whom went seven demons" Luke 8:2 She is never mentioned apart from the identifying word "Magdalene."

(3) The mother of James (called "the less," Mark 15:40) and Joses, the apostles. A comparison of ; John 19:25; Matthew 27:56; Mark 15:40 establishes the inference that this Mary, the mother of James the less, and of Joses was the wife of Alphaeus (called also Cleophas), John 19:25 and a sister of Mary the mother of Jesus. Except in ; Matthew 27:61; 28:1 where she is called "the other Mary (i.e. "other" than her sister, Mary the Virgin); and John 19:25 where she is called "of Cleophas," she is mentioned only in connection with one or both of her sons.

(4) Mary of Bethany, sister of Martha and Lazarus, mentioned by name only in Luke 10:39-42; John 11:1,2,19,20,28,31,32,45; 12:3 but referred to in ; Matthew 26:7; Mark 14:3-9.

(5) The mother of John Mark and sister of Barnabas Acts 12:12.

(6) A helper of Paul in Rome Romans 16:6.

The Black Madonna - The Return of the Feminine

Jay Weidner

"In the beginning all was the void and all was black. God saw this and said 'Let there be Light'. And there was light."

The Book of Genesis

I. Metaphor

In order to understand the Black Madonna it is necessary to think in metaphor. The people of the past thought this way. Long before 'materialist science' arrived on the scene people did not dissect everything, they did not try to break everything up into tiny fragments.

When they examined something, when they attempted to understand the world around them they did through the act of metaphorical thinking. They would approach a subject by finding it's simile or attempt to understand it through the act of understanding things that were similar to it.

This way of thinking runs contrary to the way that we think today. It also reveals a past that we may not be able to comprehend in a fashion that makes sense to us. When one realizes the power of this way of thinking it sheds an entirely new light on the people of old times. It makes one realize that their legends stories and myths may be something much different than we have been led to believe.

Maybe western mythologists have not been completely correct in their perceptions of what these ancient people were telling us. Maybe they think they understand what the myths and stories were saying but possibly they are
wrong. Maybe something else is being said. Maybe something we can't yet understand is being conveyed to us. It is only through this re-understanding that we can begin to comprehend what it is that we are being told.

When people of the past attempted to describe the world around them they did it through the means of comparison. When they examined something they described it in the poetic, metaphorical terms of emotion and myth - they didn't break it down into long words that run on forever. It is important to understand this because it is impossible for us to begin to realize what they are saying without this understanding.

This is a difficult concept for us to accept today in a culture that believes that it is the smallest of objects that makes up the larger whole. But this way of dealing with the surrounding universe is a faulty way.

Scientists have broken water down to its atomic material. They will tell you that water molecules essentially are made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. But if this is so then why can't they create water by mixing two parts hydrogen with one part oxygen? The fact is that they can't do this. It is impossible. So what does all of this mean? Nothing much except to prove that breaking something down into it's essential components is an exercise in futility.

Yes we can say that water is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen but how are these atoms combined to make this substance we call water? No one can say.

I say all of this not to prove that science is silly, or even that it's presumptions are wrong. I say this because there are very real mysteries to these ideas. Science would like us to believe that these mysteries have either been solved or that they are on their way to being solved. This is not true. There is much more to be found about nature and her machinations then we can ever know.

Therefore maybe the ancients were on to something when they decided to view the surrounding world through the prism of metaphor and simile. Maybe they understood that there is something about the human mind itself which allows these comparisons to be not only right but possibly even more accurate than science itself.

This idea of metaphor and simile can help us understand the way that these people thought. Therefore we can understand how they looked at the world. If we can understand how they looked at the world then possibly we can even begin to understand them more completely.

This idea of metaphor begins to take further shape when one considers that many of the texts and myths handed down to us are not what they appear to be about. When one considers these ancient stories it becomes apparent that the interpretations we once thought were accurate representations of what these people are saying may very well be wrong.

Let us take for instance the story of Jesus and his ordeal. For a moment let us shed the precepts and imprints of our own past history with this story. For a moment let us consider that this story came out of sophisticated and long tradition - that of the Hebrew people. Let us also consider that the Dead Sea scrolls - found in Qumran in 1947 - reveal that the Essenes were a deeply esoteric group within the Hebrew tradition.

Might it not be possible that they may have created the story of Jesus to tell us many other things then the idea that he was on a mission of compassion and was later executed for this mission. This is not to say that the myth itself may not be true, this is not to say that there may not have even been once a man named Jesus who performed miracles and rose from the dead. But let us take an excursion through the possible mindset of these Essenes and their Hebrew tradition.

Myth is built on metaphor so what is the metaphor of the Jesus story? What are the similes between this story and other stories and situations that this group may have wanted to send down the stream of time? Taking this thought experiment to its logical conclusion we must begin top speculate on what is similar and metaphorical about the myth.

First off there is the metaphor of the son and the sun. Jesus in Hebrew means Jesse or 'Fire'. Let us - for a moment assume that instead of 'son' they are referring to the 'sun'. Then let us consider the twelve apostles. Do they represent more than just twelve men? For a moment let us consider that this actually refers to the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Now for a moment let us consider Jesus' mother Mary. Mary in Hebrew means sea or seawater, she is also associated with a crescent moon. It is well known that the moon controls the tides and therefore seawater. Is it possible that Mary is a metaphor for the moon? So let us consider what we have here. We have Jesus, or Fire, moves through the twelve men or signs. Just as our sun moves through the twelve signs of the zodiac.

What is the missing astrological element? The moon of course. And along comes Mary to fill this void. Does this mean that the story of Jesus, Mary and his band of disciples is the story of some kind of astrological situation? Is it possible that this is what is appening - at least on a metaphorical level? I think so.

This is what I mean by re-thinking these myths in a metaphorical way. This is in no way meant to denigrate the Christian religion or anyone's belief in Jesus, Mary and the disciples as real men. The point that is being made is that there are metaphorical links to this story that are just as important as the human links. The names, and the numbers of their names, of these people involved in this story are important.

Actually they are too important to be ignored - for it was within the names and the numbers inside the structure of these myths that a true understanding of what they are about can actually occur.

This is just an example of how to re-read a common myth. Once one understands the true nature of the myth then one can go inside the myth and begin to understand all of its levels. What are the implications of re-reading the Jesus story as a metaphorical myth about some astrological event? The implications of this are not for this time and place.

The example was only used to reveal the inner workings of myth and help you, o gentle reader, in understanding the many multifaceted levels of these experiences. Once we begin to re-educate our minds into the correct interpretations of these stores can we begin to understand ourselves, our past and who we actually are.

This way of thinking can be difficult and sometimes impossible for our modern minds to comprehend. It can drive us up a wall as we consider the many faceted reality that this kind of thinking introduces. But there are many levels to reality and it is a big mistake to believe in openly one kind of fundamental reality at the expense of all of the other realities that are just as or maybe even more important.

II. Black

With this new understanding of metaphor let us begin to recomprehend new concepts in light of this awareness.

We will begin with the color black. Black is the color that contains all colors. If you took all of the colors of the rainbow and combined them your resulting mix would be black in color. Black is the color that contains all colors. Metaphorically speaking then - it is possible for black to represent all things in their beginning stage.

Black is the color, or the substance, from which all things manifest. Out of the black depths of space - stars, suns and planets form. The universe was once, according to scientists, a place that was dark and void of light. There was a black dust that hung like a mist throughout the universe. Slowly this dust coagulated into larger pieces.

Soon the pieces begin to collect and grow, compression and gravity were the result. Over time enough of this material eventually formed into a dense sphere. This sphere began to compress and pressure within it's core beginning to manifest. Soon the core began to collapse in on itself.

Eventually this collapsing state began a nuclear reaction. This nuclear reaction spread throughout the mass of this compressed sphere and ignited it, turning it into the first star, the first sun. Out of this dark, dense and black
material - light was formed.

In alchemy the matter that was there before all other matter is called the 'prima materia'. This was the original substance from which all alchemical transmutation manifested. The prima materia is the cause of all effects that occur after it is formed. It is the base matter. From the prima materia comes the first substances and from these substances comes the first minerals.

The alchemist task is to somehow separate the different aspects of the prima materia into its own material spectrum of substance.

This process is similar to the creation of diamonds. Black coal is the prima materia for the construction of diamonds. Over thousands of years through the alchemy of time, pressure and gravity the black coal, the prima materia becomes the diamond. Through the prism of this construct the white light of the sun shines through. This light is broken up into the spectrum of colors that make up our world. So, through the process of the alchemy of our planet, the black coal is compressed into the multifaceted crystal that shines the colors of black through it's prism.

But now these colors are not coagulated and mixed into the color black - they have been separated now and shine with their own radiance. This is a great example of metaphor and how it relates separate items within the same universality.

It can be said that the process of time and compression brought forth the diamond. The alchemical earth created this substance from the basest of matter. Within the confines of this matter was the diamond. It was always there it just needed time and gravity to transmute.

Another metaphor to be understood is that of the lotus. In order for the lotus to grow strong and to produce a beautiful flower it is necessary that its roots to ground themselves in manure. The darker the excrement - the better the lotus will grow, the more astonishing will be it's flower. This is why the lotus is considered the most sacred of plants in the east. It is only through the action of the emergence of the flower from the black shit can the importance of this metaphor be understood.

In western traditions there was once a vast pilgrimage that took place in Europe. Pilgrims made their way towards the town of Compostella in Spain. The word Compostella comes from the same root word as compost. Compost is the living, black material that is made from rotting fruits, grains and other organic matter. From this compost - life and light will emerge. When the pilgrims came to the Cathedral at Compostella they were being 'composted' in a sense. After their emergence into the dark confines of the cathedral and the spirit - they were ready to flower, they were ready to return home with their spirits lightened.

The New Age seeks to denigrate the dark. They speak of only the light. But they misunderstand the true significance of the dark and of the black. They fail to realize that there can be no light without dark. They fail to see that the light can only be perceived through the background of darkness. This misunderstanding is a great one and needs to be overcome if they wish to succeed in a pursuit of truth.

Within black is all things. All things manifest from the black.

III. Al-Kemi

The ancient name for Egypt was Al-Kemi. This meant 'The Black Lands'. This is the word from which we get the word 'alchemy'. The reason they named their fabled land this title was because the yearly inundation of the Nile river deposited rich and mineralized soil to the banks of Egypt.

The people of Al-Kemi or Egypt became dependent on this black alluvial soil. Out of this black rich soil grew all of the crops, grains, and other commodities that this great culture depended upon. Also out of this culture came the knowledge of a sacred science. This science remains a mystery to us today.

It was once called alchemy. No one seems to know what was exactly what this science entailed. All that is known is that the Egyptians spent allot of time and resources on this 'science'. The most intelligent people of that society were the sacred scientists. They studied all aspects of our particular localized universe. They studied and understood the human body and spirit, the nature of matter, the knowledge of plants and minerals, the lore of the
stars and much more.

Today alchemy is regarded with some disdain by modern scientists. They believe that the old alchemists were fooling themselves with their endless experiments and rituals. For what can actually be gained from such senseless
activity? But scientists make a big mistake with this presumption. Would intelligent men and women really spend their lives endlessly searching for something that could never be attained? It seems highly unlikely.

What seems more likely is that these people were seeing the world in different terms then we do today. With the idea of metaphor as their driving intellectual force it is possible that we do not completely understand this ancient process. The alchemists were obsessed with the prima materia. They called it the black virgin. For it's color was black and it was a virgin in the sense that no alchemical transmutation had yet been performed on this material. It is difficult for us today to begin to grasp what they were referring to when they used the terms 'prima materia' or black virgin'.

There are many theories. Some say it was coal, others say it was black sand from the Sahara desert, others say it was the volcanic black obsidian that came from the near east. Whatever this black virgin was it was the beginning of the alchemical process. It was the material that was used to transmute and create entirely new materials. Hence the legend that the alchemists could turn lead into to gold.

The process remains a mystery to all but the most serious of adepts. But what does seem clear was that the alchemists had the ability to change this prima materia into something that flowered or separated the light. It has been speculated that they were attempting to communicate with the matter itself. The goal of alchemy may remain mysterious but what it absolutely certain is that the Black Madonna's, that were placed inside the great cathedrals of Europe were meant to represent - at least on one level - this prima materia, this black virginous quality that was so much prized by these alchemists.

IV. Eve

The study of mitochondria DNA is the next metaphor that bears exploring. The mitochondria DNA is part of the DNA chain that can only be passed down from woman to woman, from mother to daughter. Using this process
scientists can actually follow the generations of women backwards through time. Through this process they can actually find the very first woman.

Scientists in the 1980's did just this. What they discovered was that the very first human, the very first woman, the mother of all humanity existed about two hundred thousand years ago. She was also black. This brings up all sorts of controversy but the basic point remains the same. The very first woman was black. So even in the realm of human interaction the metaphor that all things come from black and later separate into different colors is shown.

This recalls the book 'Voices of the First Day' by Robert Lawlor. In this book he postulates the theory that the very first people were the aborigines in Australia. They are, of course, black. He theorizes that the subtle energies from space come down through the north pole of the earth.

These energies travel down through the center of the earth and come out at the south pole. These energies then sweep upwards over the top of the earth's surface. He believes that life itself also emanates this way. The aborigines believe that they have lived in Australia for the past 200,000 years.

Geologists and continental drift theorists have shown that there was once one supercontinent named Pangea. Pangea eventually broke apart and began moving northwards. Which is the situation we have today with most of the land masses gathering close to the northern part of the planet. The land masses appear to be following these south to north energies that flow over the earth's surface. As the first people were created from these forces they begat the people that followed. In this way it is shown that all men come from the people of the first day.

Scientists and western mythologists refer to this first woman as Eve. She is actually Isis. She came to teach the arts of civilization. She is the first mother. She is the progenitor of all that is too come. All things manifest in Isis and all things are co-created with her.

V. Madonna

The Black Madonna is symbol of all of the above and much more. She is Isis and she is Eve, she is the prima materia and the black lands, she is alchemy and she is the mother of all of human creation. From the depths of the darkest of space and the from the primal blackness of the mud of the earth she was formed. Manifesting into all colors and realms she casts her light of compassion, love and forgiveness into the very being of humanity.

She is what makes the spirit rise out of the animal form. She is the being who represents all of the aspects of nature which are rising up out of creation. She is the being who symbolizes the transcendent nature of all of life. It is through her suffering, her desire, her compassion and her willingness to teach that the human race can reach towards a less mundane role. She is all that is and all that shall ever be.

ISIS is the true manifestation of all that is good in humanity. She is the woman that lives inside all of women. She is the true being of worship for it is only through her ultimate martyrship that we as men can grow.

Inside of each of the great Gothic Cathedrals of Europe, and especially France, are statues of the Black Madonna. She is made out of black obsidian. In the beginning she was painted white but now the paint has flecked away leaving the original black rock underneath. In this we have a beautiful metaphor that explains the Black Madonna's origins and what she represents. Her original being is made of volcanic, black rock that comes from deep in the earth.

She is Mother Night. Thus she arose directly from the stuff that makes up our planet. She is then painted white and dressed in white and blue clothes. She holds the son, exoterically represented by the baby Jesus but esoterically he represents Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris. Black Obsidian is very likely the prima materia of the alchemists. It is from this important substance that gold and other transmutations could be performed.

Out of this dark and black aspect comes the white surface, black becomes white. The transmutation of matter is complete. But if the white is left alone for a long period of time - it begins to turn back to the black. Just as the white inside of an apple will turn brown and black if left alone in the air. White is a moment in the process but only just a moment. Soon all things fall back to their primordial essence. Soon all things turn back to the black.

Thus Isis, or the Black Madonna, represented one aspect of her being when she was formed from the black obsidian. She became another aspect of herself when she was painted white. Today she sits in the cathedrals with her body and skin black but she still wears the white clothes of her former self. She today symbolizes the dual aspects of the age of iron. She is both the black volcanic earth and the soft white cotton of civilization. But soon the fires of nature shall burn away the white clothes and this will leave the maiden black again, just as she started.

According to the great alchemist Fulcanelli there is a Black Madonna in the crypt, or the basement, of every Cathedral in France. He says that she is the secret Isis who must stay hidden through this age. One day perhaps she will be taken out of the crypts and take her rightful place at the head of the altar. Perhaps some day the ruby light from the rose window at Chartes Cathedral can shine again on her face as it was originally intended.

But the Madonna in the crypt is still serving a useful purpose, albeit a hidden one. She is always placed nearby the well that lies at the bottom of each Cathedral. It is a little known fact that the great Gothic Cathedrals were built over the sacred wells and groves of the earlier Druids. Thus their architects were secretly upholding a tradition that connects these Cathedrals to the very core of the spiritual nature of the Druid people who once populated Europe.

The lady by the well is very important to the proper spiritual construct of these edifices. The well is the representation of the female earth, the dark matter of our planet. The subtle energies, known to the cabbalists and alchemists as telluric forces, flow out from her and rise upwards towards the floor of the cathedral.

The Black Madonna in the crypt is the first to greet these female earthly telluric energies. These energies rise up to greet the male telluric energies of father sky. These energies are received by the giant steeples of the cathedrals. These steeples act like amplifiers as they gather up the male energies and bring these downwards towards the floor of the Cathedrals.

These steeples are symbolic representations of the stone monoliths that once dotted the landscape of Europe. These stones, or these steeples, are working in tandem with the earth's telluric energies coming up from the wells. Together these energies would meet on the floor of the cathedrals where the members of the parish would meet. Gregorian chants would be written to resonate and transmit these subtle energies more clearly. At the core of this symbolic revival of the mother goddess, of Isis, was the giant rose window which sat at the center of the path of the sun. The light from father son was diffused by the red colored glass and this symbiotic transmutation would cause a heightened awareness and a birth of consciousness within the people experiencing this. This was the secret magic of the architects of these buildings.

The Knight's Templar, fresh from their esoteric reinvigoration in Jerusalem most likely funded and designed these Cathedrals. Some believe that the Knights had been secretly converted to a form of Sufi influenced Islam during their trip to the Holy Lands. The Cathedrals do bear a remarkable resemblance to the mosques of Islam. The Knights may have taken this knowledge of the Sufi's and used it in conjunction with their own Druid belief system.

In this marriage a new view of the world, human beings and the surrounding universe began to pervade Europe. After a long drowsy sleep - the continent began to open. This brought many unforeseen tragedies as well as many advances in technology but the ultimate end of this awakening may not happen for a while. It sometimes takes a long while for an experiment to unfold.

The Black Madonna thus represents the return of a female power. This power is not concerned with equality within corrupt institutions like the military and the corporate world. This equality is a spiritual union. A tantric union of opposites embraced in love. That is the ultimate quest of Isis and the Black Madonna. As she is from the earth so are we from the earth. As she returns to black so will our bodies one day return to the black soil of this planet. As our sun came out of the dust of darkness to light our solar neighborhood - so it too will one day die in its own embers. So it will also fade back into the darkness of female creation. The light must come from the dark. And one day the light returns to dark. This is the metaphor that rules all of creation.

This is the tantric union of dark and light. The Black Madonna not only represents all of this but she is also a symbol of the vast and important knowledge that our ancestors attempted to leave behind. If one is presented with the Book of All Knowledge but does not know how to read it - what good is it?

That is the dilemma that we are presented with today in our modern world. Our ancient fathers and mothers, our blood and flesh, left us a plethora of symbols and images to help us understand the larger universe and our
place in it. We have lost the ability to understand these images and we have acquired a terrible case of amnesia. From which recovery is not guaranteed. In this amnesiac state we began to misperceive these symbols and writings. Without the true understanding of metaphor we began to think that our ancestors were ignorant, dumb and imprecise. What a horrible thing to have happen to one's own flesh and blood.

The symbols of the cathedrals, like the symbols of India and Egypt reveal a vast knowledge that frequently surpasses our own. Only in an age such as ours could such foolish notions manifest. The arrogant turn ignorant as they drown in the ocean of their own foolishness.

Now, at the end of the Kali Yuga, these symbols may become understandable again. Now as corporate culture replaces nature we can only imagine what the past was telling us. As we view the world through the virtual lenses of a corporate paradigm it is little wonder that we have lost our ability to understand who we are. The old world fades quickly away with the downward spiral of pollution from this age. The earth, the female, the soft touch of life have all been denigrated and corrupted by this age of insanity.

The Black Madonna is all that we have left of this long legacy of Isis. She still stands today in the Cathedrals of France. Today, still active and alive, the spirit of the goddess, the Black Madonna can still be knelt before, she can still be asked for forgiveness and for compassion. Her spirit has never died in Europe. Surely this is a miracle! How wonderful that her image still stands and is still worshipped in the some of the most beautiful buildings on our little planet!





JAN, FEB, MAR, APR  2012