1-1-2010 -  DREAM - I was creating a grid of stones upon a large rock.  Each stone had to be equidistant from all the other rocks  spaced perfectly apart.  I used a stick to measure the distances and it was very difficult because the rock was not perfectly smooth and it had multiple layers and undulations.  I also didn't seem to have enough stones to complete the work.

Another idea came to me for a concert that was going to be demonstrated that evening.  A friend of mine who I will call Steve, a teenager who played the horn was going to come into the school and demonstrate what a good musician can do. His father Ray had introduced us in the church we attended on Sundays.

I collected a variety of items he was going to have to start with to make music, a couple rocks, a cardboard box, a metal pail, two sticks, a scrub brush, another square sheet of metal, a washboard, just things one would find around the house.

My locksmith boss looked askance at what I was doing to collect such an odd assortment of things and expect music to come from them, but I knew better and I knew the genius of young Steve and what he could do.

Finally, the evening came and Steve arrived with his horn, and I showed him the array of things he could use to make music with. He nodded in agreement.

The students came in and sat down and Steve began to play music with all the things I gave to him, and then he brought out his horn to play and when he did, Gabriel blew his horn.

I turned around then, and the fish tank which was 4 x 4 feet square was behind me, and inside of it were swimming and gliding, perfectly equidistant from each, hundreds of tiny zebras, with their feet curled under them, looking perfectly happy and content.


1-2-10 -  One dream took place in Wisconsin. I was given a child that looked a small black panther by Joe's ex-wife Debbie.  I can't remember what  I did with it.

1-2-10 -  I had a dream about a schoolyard being refinished and painted with geometric shapes.  I wanted my daughter to see them, and I woke up before she did.


1-3-2010 - JOSH FOR MAYOR

DREAM -  I lived in an apartment building.  My roommate was a young woman who I had always been at odds with since early high school.  We weren't exactly enemies but we never thought the same way about anything. 

As it happened, her boyfriend and my boyfriend decided they both wanted to run for Mayor of our city. 

So, one Sunday afternoon, I was with my boyfriend and a group of our friends, and we sat around, rather kiddingly coming up with slogans Josh could use when he ran for Mayor.

The next day Josh went to work as usual.  He wore a suit, so he was in the business world.  Young, but idealistic about politics.

I put away all the slogans in my desk in a box because I thought this Mayor thing was all in fun.

My roommate's boyfriend had already come out publically and said he was running for Mayor that day, and when my boyfriend came home from work, he got together with his guy friends, and I joined them.  He gave me a kiss in front of them and he was like a foot and a half taller than me.  He had a beautiful face, blonde and blue eyed. 

The guys were talking about the politics of the city, and one of the guys said, "Josh!  You should run for Mayor!" 

Josh replied, "I don't just want to run for Mayor, "I 'have' to run for Mayor."

That meant I had to get those slogans back out of the box and type them up so we could have thousands of them printed.

I wanted to type them on pink paper, but there was no pink paper available in the office.  There was another woman in the office with me and my roommate, and knowing that both of our boyfriends were going to be running for Mayor, she asked both of us if we could remain roommates and so-called friends during this period of time, knowing our relationship.

We both said we could handle it.  We had always argued about everything - this would make it all the more interesting.

So, I found my box of slogans, got out my typewriter (it was small enough to carry to the other room).  I carried by typewriter into the next room which was an unused office that my roommate had started to clean for herself. 

Obviously, she had just gotten started.  The desk that I needed to put my typewriter on had dust on it so thick, it hadn't been used in 25 years.  She had moved it away from the wall, but hadn't even started dusting it yet.  I put my typewriter on the floor and went to get some dusting spray - this was going to be quite a job.

I didn't know where my boyfriend was, probably eating dinner with his friends, so if he was going to run for Mayor, I was going to have to do all the prep work by myself and meet up with him later so we could go have the printing of the slogans done so he could hand them out when he started meeting the public


1-3-10 - NAP DREAM -  I was living in a house, and taking a nap, sitting on the couch.  There was a window across from the couch - and a driveway outside the window and another house right across that driveway.  I heard a truck coming up that driveway, and I could it as it backed up to the houses' side door right across from my window.  The truck was red, white, and blue small stripes, and on the truck it said "Fairweather", and it was delivering soda water to the neighbors.   sitting next to me was my husband, and it was like there was a bus barrier wall between us, and I kept nudging him and telling him that 'Fairweather' was being delivered.

Finally, I noticed that he was gone, and I turned my head to the right so that my right ear was against the sofa.  It was as though I could hear noises through the wall and the back of the couch and it sounded like someone was having sex on the other side of the wall, so I quietly got up and walked around the corner of the couch.  I found myself in a wide hallway and someone evidently had dropped a large pot of dirt on the carpet, swept up the dirt a little and then tried washing the dirt off with a hose and the water just moved the dirt sideways into the next room. 

So, I followed the path of the dirt and rounded another corner into the next room and discovered my little about age 6 laying on a quilt on the floor, covered with another quilt. that had a big wet spot on the lower end.  I thought immediately she had wet the bedding and she said, "I'm never going potty in the bathroom again."

At that moment, her two older brothers, about ages 7 and 8 came out of the bathroom looking guilty about something.

I woke before I could ask her exactly what happened.

I opened my eyes and the sun was shining - but just for a moment, and the fog settled back in.


1-4-10 - DREAM - I was living in a tall building next to the ocean.  I looked out the window and saw a bunch of men playing in a tide pool on the beach.  To everyone's surprise, they were all wearing black tuxedos. 

When they were done playing, they came into the building and came up to my apartment to dry off and change clothes.  It was then I noticed that one of the guys was David Buchanan from One Life to Live TV show, one was my husband Edward who was jealous of David.  I didn't recognize the others.  The others changed clothes and left.

At the end I was cleaning up the bathroom and dripping blood like I had been wounded and everyone was concerned about my condition.


1-4-10 - DREAM - I was at home and didn't know what to do with myself.  Some of the guy's from work came over and it was soon apparent that there was no room for me at the table with them and I got pushed aside. 

I went towards the bedroom where my son and daughter were playing.  My son had a picture of a crop circle on a piece of paper on a stick and he was spinning it in the air with a light spinning up through the paper.

I then went into the livingroom and sat in a chair with my feet up in the air and I noticed my socks were bright orange and decorated like a Christmas tree.


1-5-10 - DREAM - I was visiting a bunch of people, mostly women and kids in an apartment building with a small pond in the back yard. Apparently this was in a large city that had a bus system and many other apartment buildings.

Out in the yard, there were a lot of little animals a birds that congregated around the pond, and the children played on quilts laid on the ground. There was also a picnic table near where the quilts were.

When I got there, they were all out by the pond and had been playing on top of one of the quilts that had a lot of doughy substance on it made of flour and water in a paste. 

One of the older women asked me if I would help them out and wash the quilt and I said I would, but before I did that, I noticed the doughy stuff had dried somewhat, so I shook the quilt and a cracker-like substance came off the quilt and all the little animals and birds came flocking around to eat the crumbs of the cracker-like substance.

I then took the quilt into the building and went to the basement laundry room with it.

On the stairs, I met some other women who were also headed down to the laundry room.  I knew there wasn't enough machines down there for all  of us to do laundry at the same time, so I hurried to get there first and get the quilt into the machine.

Little did I know that as soon as I left the room, they took the quilt out of the machine and put their own laundry into the water.

Meanwhile, I went back upstairs and out into the yard where the kids and Moms and grandmothers were still playing together.

But now there was a problem.  I saw a large plane come up into the air and seemingly hover a bit and turn around like it was scanning and photographing the area, so I quickly ducked under the picnic table in an attempt to hide from the plane.

I don't know why I had to worry about my presence there, but I didn't want to be photographed.

The plane came up into the air several times and each time I hid under the picnic table.

At some point I went into the building and looked out the window the window and saw a man of middle age or older standing at the bus stop and he had a large mustache as I recall and the little boy was about 7 years old.  I don't know what relationship they had with each other or why I was interested in them, but I watched them awhile.

Then my attention turned to a chubby woman and her daughter who came in to practice dancing together.  The Mom dressed in a one piece dress of an autumn brown made of what looked like feathers and the daughter's dress was more pink and they started dancing strangely like it was an Egyptian ritual of some kind.

I woke up while I was watching them.


1-7-10-      DREAM -I  was living in a very small town.  Houses were one story.  Across the street, the houses were close together.  there were 3 of them.

A woman who looked like Ellen DeGeneres lived down the street in a house in a small grove of trees.

She came down the street one day to one of the houses across the street where a man was dying of some kind of cancer.

She wrote a very macabre song and made a video about his cancer which she pictured as a pile of small wooden boards with sharp nails in them.  She revealed then that she had a type of blood cancer and she showed that in the video as red blood filled veins with black marbles like blood clots and she said that it ran in her family and all three of her family members, including herself had it.

I questioned her about the advisability of making such a macabre song and video about family tragedies.

Her reply was, "Death is inevitable, so why not enjoy that part of your life as well and laugh your way through it.?"

Having heard the song of death as she had written it, which was very cute, I started to believe that she might be right.

(They do say that laughter can cure cancer these days as well.)

She left and went home and then a young man from the neighborhood came along the street, so I asked him if he had heard the macabre death song and seen the video and he said he had, so I asked him if he had like it.  "He said, "In a way!"

I replied, "It was rather cute."

Just then two older teens came along the street and knocked on the door of the middle house across the street.

Nobody answered, so the young man who was standing in the doorway with me, called over to them and invited them to come over to our side of the street.

As they were crossing the street, the taller of the two boys asked, "Is there any good place to have sex around here?"

The young man who was now standing slightly behind me said, "Perhaps in one of the laundry rooms around here!"

As the boys got nearer and I realized it was three against one, I suddenly got scared of what they might be thinking, and I forced my eyes to open in the physical even while the dream was continuing.

I refused to close my eyes, and the dream faded into nothingness in front of me.


1-8-10 - DREAM - I was driving my car down the road, and there was an older woman and man in a white car ahead of me, and they were driving too slow, so I started to pass them.  As it turned out, I was next to them at the intersection and all of a sudden I was in the car with them.  We crossed the street and I escorted the women into a little church, a very plain place.  there were a lot of women in there, and each one went up to the altar  and prayed for herself to be rid of cancer.  All these women were standing in line to do the same thing.

I asked the women why they had to come to this little church to pray against cancer, and asked her why she could do the same thing at home in her livingroom.

She just rather shrugged her shoulders, and said, "Because this is what we do."

Either in the same dream or the next one, I was visiting a nutritionist who was giving me an anti-cancer diet. I recall that she mentioned "Yams" which I eat every day, also sweet potatoes, mixed with fruit. (A very healthy dish)

This might be a different dream, but I don't know.

I was coming up the sidewalk, and from the sides and cracks, I could see huge cabbages growing and pushing the sidewalk out of place.  I had a trowel in my hand to dig out the cabbages, but that didn't seem to be a large enough tool, so I went to find a shovel to do the job.

When I went through the large yard, two gardeners walked away from what they were doing, and left their trowels behind, so I picked up their trowels and went back to dig up the cabbages, using three trowels.  I had one green one, one silver one, and a blue one.

I no sooner got there and the gardeners came along complaining that someone had stolen their trowels, so I showed them the trowels I had to they could pick out theirs, which they did and went back to work.  They never mentioned the cabbages in the sidewalk that I could recall.

I went into the office, where evidently I was manager of an apartment complex.  I was just sitting down to do some paperwork, when the phone rang  A  old woman called on the phone.  I answered with the name, "Joanne" and she said she wanted to move from her second floor apartment to the first floor because she couldn't handle the stairs anymore.  I asked her what size apartment she was living in.   She said a two bedroom, so I told her I had a one bedroom available and she said she would take it.

Another woman came in and took the slip of paper I had been writing on.  The name Joanne was on top of the slip of paper and she was going to do the work that was on that slip of paper.

I got another phone call from a man who wanted to know how T.J. went up north, so I told him, but then I went outside and got in the car with him, to show him the road T.J. had taken.  It was a narrow road with tall trees on both sides, and very heavy traffic with modern cars, going both directions.

The man had a mustache and resembled Frank (Lorna's step-father).  He stopped the car in one of the narrowest parts to answer his cell phone.  I could see a parking spot ahead of little, but he stopped right in traffic.  I was afraid that the cars coming behind us were going to run right into us, but cars just stopped and waited for the man to get off the phone.

I heard him say to the other person, I just drove this way because it was a good place to propose marriage."

I started thinking to myself, "I don't even love this man, or even really know him, but I really want to get married and feel secure."


1-9-10 - DREAM - I was myself, but in the dream, I thought I was an astronaut in the beginning, and then saw myself as Stephanie from The Bold and the Beautiful TV show.

In the dream, I woke up and found myself sitting on the edge of a window sill, outside a tall building, overlooking a beach on the ocean.  I was pretty high up in the air.  The window had shutters on the outside with small knobs on to open them, but while I sat there, I was contemplating how nice it would be to walk in the sand along the water.  There were no people there and it would be so peaceful.  I was afraid to jump because it looked to be at least three stories down to the ground.  Seeing the knobs on the shutters then, I decided maybe I should try to open the window and crawl inside the building instead.  So, I pulled on one of the knobs on the right hand door and at the same time started sliding off the window sill perilously.  Finally I was hanging onto the knob desperately trying not to fall off the window sill and struggled with all my might to hang on. 

That when I saw it was a man's bedroom, and the man was laying in bed right on the other side of the shutter, and there was no glass in the window.  He raised up, startled to see me at the window, and he said, "Who are you?"  and I replied, Don't just lay there, help me get inside."

I was thinking it would take 4 men to haul me inside, when suddenly I was looking at myself from outside the building, and I was Stephanie from The Bold and the Beautiful - (she's very large woman)  and she was only 5 feet off the ground, and slid down to her feet and walked away.

I then drove home, knowing it was the 4th of July and there would be a big party going on at home, but I didn't feel like going because I had to work tomorrow and the kids had to go to school.  I was thinking about an argument I would have with my husband about going to the lake, that I went 4 times as much as he did whether he knew it or not, so when we got a divorce, I should get the cottage, which my own father had built.  (In real life, my sister bought it from my mother, then sold it to strangers rather than keep it in the family.  Those people tore down  the cottage and built their own - too sad to contemplate for me.  We loved that place.)

When I got home, I saw some little pieces of colored felt on the carpet and knew that the party had already been going on there, and when I walked through the hallway, I heard some people talking, so I looked in the room which was open, and the room was all paneled - maybe 20 x 20 feet square with at least a 20 foot ceiling.  When I looked in the door, there was a podium made of wood, and at first I could only see an older man speaking.  He had thinning grey hair, medium build, and he was being funny while he talked about mundane things about his life.  Then his wife came into view, and she stood next to him, and they were both funny in telling about their life. She had graying reddish hair, and was very small - maybe only 4' 11" or 5' tall, very thin. 

I could tell they were telling these stories about themselves in an amusing way to someone else I couldn't see who seemed to be judging their ability to speak well, and then I heard her say, "and while we do this, we praise Jesus and talk about Him", and then I saw another white haired woman come into view and she seemed to be their promoter.  I recognized these people as being tenants on the first floor in my apartment building in several dreams I've had recently.

When the speech was over, I applauded, as they could see me standing in the doorway, and I waved to the white-haired woman.

I didn't go into the room, but walked down the hall and around the corner, and I went past another room where the door was open and I could see a man laying in a hospital bed, and he appeared to be quite ill, and he could hear those people speaking at the podium and I figured that the speakers were making him feel better by getting him to laugh a bit at their humor, and at the same time, hear about the message of Jesus.

I then went on down the hall into my own apartment, where I had to get the kids up for school and get ready for work.

When I went to their rooms to wake them up and get them fed, I went past the bathroom, and the door was open, and my son Bill was swimming naked in the bathtub which was quite large.  The water was blue and he actually had room to swim in the tub, and he appeared to be about 10 or 11 years old. 

I went back to my room to change clothes, and saw a pair of blue jeans laying there. Not wanting to walk around half dressed, I put on the blue jeans and when I sat down on the bed, and put my finger in my ear, and found an acorn cap stuck in the upper rim of my ear and couldn't figure out how that could have been there without my noticing it all this time.



DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere that had a number of steps leading up to the front door.

One day, a man came to the door wearing a yellow shirt. He was handsome and virile it appeared, but when he walked in the door he indicated that on the back of his head he could produce something nasty - like growths such as  reptilian would have. 

I told him that he couldn't do anything that would scare me as I had seen it all.  I gave him a kiss on his left cheek, and told him I would never kiss him on the mouth.

Right after that, a teen age girl arrived, and then an older chubby man.  The man looked familiar, like an old friend, but I don't know his name.  He told me I should touch two protuberances above his shoulder blades, and I assumed he meant he was sprouting angel wings - but I refused to touch him.  So the young girl did, and the old man told her that he was very sensitive there, so they went into the other room and had quickie sex standing up.  I could see her putting her pants back on through the doorway.

I made dinner then, and there was another younger man there  I hadn't seen earlier.  I made fish for dinner, which I said I had gotten out of the freezer exactly at noon as they were worried that it was starting to spoil.

After dinner, I went to do the dishes in the double sink, the right side being used for rinsing, the left side for washing.

The water started building up on both sides and refused to go down, even though I made sure the drains were open.

I finally had to stop running the water because it was about to run over on the floor.  Thats when I put my hand down into the drain and pulled out a yellow shirt, a pink sheet, and two other items and I knew they belonged to the first young man. All the items were clean because they had been in the drain below the rinse water.  They had been placed in the drain on purpose by the first young man and I knew it.

So, when I pulled the items out of the drain, they were merely damp, so I carried them over to the young man and told him I was going to iron them for him, indicating I knew they were his.  He didn't say much, but he knew that I knew he ha done it on purpose.

I then started looking for the ironing board behind the door in the pantry, and started looking for the broom as well. Two very large bugs the size of huge snails with high round backs appeared in front of me, and I snarled at them, "I'm witch number eight" and you'd better get out of my way.", and the bugs cringed at the sound of my voice.


1-11-10 - DREAM - I seemed to be in a military mental hospital.  I wasn't visiting any particular patient, but I had access to any room I wanted to go into.  I didn't see anyone in a hospital gown.  The men I was seeing were all wearing uniforms, but not necessarily military - some looked more like band uniforms.  I didn't see any young people either - they were all older, middle-aged or older.

I heard a man say, "Let me tell you what happened to me back in '83", as I was walking past his room.

I entered another room where I found a bottle of some kind of medication - the bottle being tower shaped - narrow on top and wide on the bottom.  It had the number 83 at the top, which I thought was coincidental, but then, in another room, I found the same shape bottle with identical writing on it except it had the number 59 at the top.  I wondered if that was a date?

I was walking through the hall looking for a place to sit down and write what I was seeing in this place, and came across two older women putting on their coats which I saw them take from a hallway closet.  They were what I would call 'dowdy' looking coats, brown tweed, very heavy for winter wear.  I knew it was raining outside, but it was cold.  As I was watching them, I saw a cat sitting on a counter, and then I saw a rat crawl under the cat and it made me very uncomfortable to realize that the cat didn't even bother to move when the rat crawled under it.  Eventually, the rat crawled out the front end of the cat and kept right on going towards the closet where the women had gotten their coats from.

I kept going from room to room, not finding any people, but not really a decent place to sit and write what I was seeing. One room was a bedroom, recently used, and on the bed was a tall stuffed toy of some kind - (not remembered exactly what it was - an animal - maybe a kangaroo or something)  so I went to find an unused room.  Down at the end of the hall, I found an office. The  lights were out, but there was sufficient light in the room to show that it was daylight out but no sun shining, and I could hear someone taking a shower in an adjacent room. 

I decided I would use that office to sit down and write what I was seeing and observing there.  Something about this place just wasn't right and I needed to tell someone.

GREECE - 1995 -


MIND TORTURE - 1950 - 1970'S




T.M. came to my apartment in the early morning to take me to work.  We sat on the sofa next to each other with our arms around each other.  I told him he had great energy and I put my forehead against his right shoulder. He told me that he had gotten a divorce.

T.M then drove me to work as we worked in the same place, however, I apparently didn't have a specific job as I spent the whole day walking the halls talking to other women.  One chubby blonde lady sat on a chair in front of her bosses desk all day just listening to him talk to her.

Towards the end of the day, I found a folder on a table in the hall that had documents in it about military burials. I didn't any specific dates, names, or places.  I knew that someone had lost these records and needed them.

I met T.M. at the front door along with another woman at the end of the day and T.M. drove us home. The car was a bare mattress - a large one, with no sheets or blankets on it.

The discussion entailed in T.M. revealing that he had become an alcoholic.  I told T.M. that Erv was an alcoholic, and T.M. went into denial, saying, "Nooo!!!, and I said, "Yes!!!!"  We went back and forth like that for a few minutes.  The other woman handed me a folder that contained articles about alcoholism, which I glanced at briefly.

I woke up and was thinking about the dream and I had a vision of T.M. standing in a hallway and two beautiful white angels came. They had wings as tall as they were.  Each angel took T.M. by an arm and walked him down the hallway away from me.


1-13-10 - DREAM -  I was T.J.s brother.  Our parents weren't home and T.J. and I were just messing around the house.  Outside in the backyard I knocked over a little tree and I told T.J. I was going to blame him.  T.J. could already drive, and when we ran through our one story house, T.J. was mad that I was going to blame him for the knocked over tree.  I managed to get all the way through the house without being caught, but then T.J. drove after me with his brown van, and he tried to cut me off and I saw that the truck said, "HARASS" on the side.  I was really scared T.J. was going to kill me, so I ran back into the house, and opened a small drawer in a dresser in the livingroom, where I found a whole drawer full of 50c pieces of silver dollars with the walking Lady Liberty on them.  There was a stack of small plastic baggies in the same drawer, so I grabbed one of them because a baggie could hold more coins than my hand could.  I dropped a bunch of the coins, but I didn't have time to stop and pick them up, so I just ran out of the house, leaving a trail of dropped coins behind me.


1-13-10 - NAP DREAM - I was working as a dispatcher - rather like a locksmith.  All I did was answer the phone at home and then call the locksmith where to go to open a car or home or whatever the job was.

I was sitting at home with my family, and the phone rang in the other room.  Supposedly it was my home file, and the call was from the government wanting to ask questions about my business.  My son said it was from the e-file office.

He brought me the telephone despite me telling him I didn't have time to talk to the man.

My son brought in a small brown square telephone, rather like a cellphone, but it had a small receiver on it  I attempted to ignore the phone.  I set it on top of a music player so the caller was forced to listen to the music, but I didn't talk to him.

Finally I could hear someone trying to talk to me, so I picked up the receiver and said, "Hello!"

The caller said he was from the e-file office, and he wanted to know my bosses name and location.  I said, "I don't know!" I told him, "I don't handle any money.  I don't see any people.  I just answer the phone - thats all I do."

The man said, "I need to know who your boss is so I can talk to him."

I repeated, "I don't know who it is."  I finally hung up.  I didn't have any answers for him.

A pretty, blonde woman came to the door, saying that she had a job for me.  She gave me her phone number, and I assume the job was to open her car.  I forgot to get her address where the car was."

My grandmother was there, wanting to know who the woman was - thinking it was a relative.   I told her it was a neighbor.

But, because my grandmother was so inquisitive about the woman, I realized I didn't even have her phone number, so I ran to the door to all her back because I had no way to tell my boss where to go or what to do.


1-14-10 - DREAM - I was living in a strange house with my husband and kids.  In the kitchen, I was afraid that I wasn't giving my children enough bread, but one of my sons went to the refrigerator that was humungous and came out with 4 loaves of French Bread to prove that we had enough bread.  I felt relieved.

Then my husband came home from work, and I went out to greet him and talked really sweet and he reacted like he despised me and walked away, taking some groceries into the house (most likely bread).

So I went upstairs to the bathroom to take a shower and perfume myself in an effort to seduce him back into loving me again.

The room was like a livingroom - but there was a ceiling shower right in front of the window, and to floor showers that shot water up into the air a few feet away.  I turned those spigots on so the water could warm up.

There was carpet on the floor with pile 6 inches thick just outside of the shower space.  I saw black and white weasel's crawling through the carpet pile, back and forth, back and forth.

Then the kids came into the room, then my mother came into the room and answered the telephone and started taking a message for me. 

I was wearing a beautiful blue floor length silk and satin robe made of blue multi colored fleur de lis on it. I was trying desperately to get my arms out of the robe so I could take a shower and I couldn't get it off.  Meanwhile the weasels were still going back and forth, then my husband came into the room with some kind of papers on a clip board to correct for work, and it was then I noticed the water pressure had gone back down to just a drizzle.

I tried getting more water pressure, and it wouldn't go as high as it was before, and there was no way to take a real shower.

I woke up and started thinking about the dream so I would forget it, then decided I'd better get up and go to the bathroom.

As I threw off the quilt and covers and tried to get out of bed, my whole body was in pain, especially my lower back and hips, and by the time I got to the bathroom, I was already peeing my pants, and I sat on the toilet, almost in tears from the pain and lack of control of myself, wondering how I'm going to live 30 more years like this.

Of course then I had to wash up and change clothes because everything I had on was wet with pee.  I really wonder how I can endure 30 more years of this kind of life.


1-14-10 - 8 p.m.  NAP DREAM - I was working in an office somewhere.  From where I was I could hear ex-President Clinton making a speech talking about needing a particular type of berry to make a drug for a disease that was running rampant in some foreign country.

As it happened, I was growing that particular type of berry and I had a bushel of them picked.

I could hear President Clinton talking and he needed some samples and a photograph of these berries by 7 p.m.  I knew that a young woman was coming to our company to get the sample and get the photographs of the berries before 7 p.m., but I also knew that another government group was trying to stop President Clinton from getting what he wanted.  They were also on the way to where I was to stop the young woman from taking the photographs and delivering the berries I now carried in the basket in front of me.

I was looking at the berries, wondering when the young woman was going to show up and getting nervous about the timing, when I decided I would do the job myself.  At that same moment, I heard a knock on the door at the other end of the office, and a man's voice asking for me by name.

I had to think quick, and I knew there was no time for photographs, so I grabbed the basket of berries and jumped down the stairs to get to where President Clinton was speaking.  I had to deliver the berries myself and there was no time to get the photographs. 

I knew there were photographers in the room with President Clinton, so I ran like hell across the hall to the room was President Clinton was with the basket and my foot was about to enter the room with the basket of berries in front of me just as I woke up.

And when I woke up, I could hear Wolf Blitzer talking about President Clinton making a speech about Haiti.  I asked Joe about the speech and Joe said it was about giving aid to Haiti and getting their farms growing again, etc.

How valid was this dream?

NOTE:  The next day, it came to me strongly that this was the Acai berry.  I couldn't stop thinking about it.


1-15-10  - NAP DREAM -  I was outside in my yard.  I was inside a cage about 4 ft. square, but 8 feet high.  At my feet were two birds, one was a green parakeet and the other was a green parrot.  Neither one of them flew, but just walked around on the ground.  I was steering them around with a tray that looked like a knife, fork, and spoon tray from the house. 

They could have climbed up the side of the cage, but they didn't, just kept walking around my feet.


1-16-10 - DREAM -   I was in a school, and on the stairway, my whole family gathered to cheer me on because i was given an award for studying 'animal husbandry' for raising chckens and ducks.  When this was over, one of their friends, who was as tall as myself followed me into another room and called me "Momma".  I wheeled around and told him, "Don't call me Momma", and he got a shocked look on his face.  I said, "I don't want to be known as 'Momma'.  He said, "Okay" but continued to hang around me anyway.  I don't even know who he was.

Later, I was on a computer and I came across a video game that was very futuristic, with men wearing uniforms like astronauts or aliens. I was intrigued by it.  I recognized names of the characters like 'Git' and 'Drag'.   A few minutes later, a woman came into my office and she was carrying a small paperback booklet with the same characters in it.  I had no idea that it had been a book so I asked her if I could borrow the booklet so I could write to the manufacturer and get a copy.


1-18-10 - DREAM -  I seemed to have a new boyfriend, and we were moving to a new place to live.  We were driving in a large U-Haul truck.  We came to an intersection, which I was glad was very wide because of the truck.  It was rather a Y shape, and there was an arrow painted on the road going toward the left, which we took.  The highway was wide and smooth, but had a drop off on the right into a wild forested, bushy type land.  I was glad the road was so wide, but that didn't last long, and the farther we went the narrower the road got, constantly going left in a curve and the bushes were encroaching and then actually on the edge of the road, and finally the road was getting narrower and narrower.

The scene changed and we were in the apartment, and it was morning - the clock said  8:50 a.m.  (10 minutes to 9).  We were sitting crosslegged on the bed, wearing just underwear.  I said, "I'd better get to work.  I don't want them to think I don't want my job."

I leaned over to give my boyfriend a kiss.  (He didn't look like Edward, but was a great deal like him - young and handsome) As I kissed his face, he didn't kiss me back and he allowed me to kiss him with no response at all.

The next thing I knew, he was sitting crosslegged on the floor in front of my purse and he said, "Where's the cash?" 

At first I thought he said, "Where's the trash"?  and I thought he wanted to help clean up the place, but when he repeated his question, he clearly me said, "Where's the cash?" and he handed me my red wallet, out of my red purse. (My real wallet is blue - but my purse is really red)  I said to him, "Please don't go into my purse without asking." and he said "Okay!"

He hovered over me as I opened my wallet and showed him how much cash I had.  I thought I saw the flash of a 100 bill, but I knew those were hard to break without buying something sizeable early in the morning, so I handed him  three $10 bills.  I said, "Try to make this last all week, knowing how tough that would be.

A few minutes later, he was gone from the apartment and I was standing in the kitchen, planning to put the glass globes on the light fixtures which I had washed.  They were dry, but they still looked greasy and were streaked. I was going to have to stand on a chair to put them up as well, especially the one in the center of the kitchen ceiling. I really needed to rewash that one.

As I was holding the glass globe light fixture, I noticed a bandage on my thumb. I pulled the bandage off and beneath the bandage was a triangle shaped wound where I had cut myself.  I was afraid the flap of the triangle would lift off the wound, so I tried to be very careful of it.

Then I saw another - larger shaped triangle shaped wound on my hand, which looked puffy - not red - yet it looked like it might have something under the flap of skin.  I patted it tenderly with my index finger of my other hand and hoped it would stay covered without the bandage on it.

I rather forced myself awake at that point, but the dream was continuing with my eyes open for another moment and I let it fade, realizing this had not been a 'good' dream.

For some reason, I started thinking about the planet Mercury at the same time.



    9-25-88 - DREAM - I had just moved into a new house. The hallways were dripping from the rain and I was running around trying to find dry hats for my ...

    I was moving into a new house. An old man had killed a woman and buried her .... I discovered that he person who had moved out hadn't removed any of the ...
  1. THE WINTER OF 2002/2003

    11-25-02 - DREAM - My family had just moved into a house that was situated on the ... The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates Newark, ...

      This is similar to the experience of moving from a house where you lived in for many, many years into a new house. As much as you want to move into the new ...

      In 1953 we moved to a new house in a different part of the city. ... In my dream, I was looking high up into the sky and I saw the Earth. ... -

      A huge tractor moved the house off the lot it was on, but the new lot wasn't ...... 7-6-98 - DREAM - I went to visit my friend Alice who had moved into a ...

      When the vision was over, it went into the next part of the dream. .... They also mentioned they were looking for a new house and had already contacted a ...

      I went back into the house and a little boy came to the door. ... 3-20-98 - DREAM - I had moved into a new apartment and when I got up, the place was full ... -

      "The House" dreams fit well with my research, which is based on dreams and ...... At that time, the planets will move into a Grand Cross in the heavens, ..... Crucifixion of the coccoon is fundamental to emergence of new life ...

      NOTE: Joe and I were notified a few days later that a rental house would be available for us to move into in 3 months. -


        10-27-93 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house, saying goodbye to all my friends because Edward was coming home. Then I moved into my old 66th St. house ... -

        The houses in my dreams are usually a compilation of places I have lived or ...... 10-17-98 - DREAM - Joe and I moved into this new apartment building. ...

        1-11-92 - DREAM - I was moving from my New house to the east side. ... I noted that the woman who had just moved into the house, taking our place, ...

        I was moving into a new house. An old man had killed a woman and buried her ..... 9-20-97 - Dream - I was at work and my boss moved me upstairs to work in ... -

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        Overwhelming emotions were flooding into his mind so fast and voluminous, he knew he couldn't handle it. ... 2-25-98 - DREAM - I had moved out of my apartment but went back for a ... In the house, to get upstairs to the balcony where Hitler was, ... One of the girls was going home to New Berlin where she lived. ...

        So we sneaked into her house when she wasn't there and saw lots of boxes under ..... 3-20-98 - DREAM - I had moved into a new apartment and when I got up, ...


1-19-10 - DREAM -  I was observing two world-type globes with grids on them.  Within the grids were horizontal and vertical sentences.  After observing these sentences, I decided I would remove a set of them from one of the globes so the load wasn't so heavy to do.


1-19-10 - DREAM - I was in someone else's house and I had a set of 'heat-rocks'.  I was placing these 'heat-rocks' in various rooms in the house without the people knowing it.  These 'heat-rocks' were hand-sized and pale tan in color.

At some point, the family came home and I hid so they wouldn't know I was there.  However, I didn't have any clothes on, and I went into the man's bedroom and grabbed his bathrobe which was dark blue and put it quickly on so I wouldn't be naked if they caught me.

The daughter then did catch me in the house and I was still placing 'heat-rock's in one of the rooms. I acted like I belonged there, and took something off of her dresser and admired it verbally to her to throw her off the track of why I was there.

I can't remember how this dream ended.  Apparently I acted like I belonged there when they saw me.


1-20-10 - WHAT A WEIRD NIGHT.  I woke up at 4:20 a.m. my left nostril blocked and smelling burnt toast really strong.  I wondered if Joe was up and making his breakfast, but he never eats that early - never.  I couldn't get the smell of burnt toast out of my nose.  All of a sudden I could hear my friend Michelle talking to me in my left ear - so loud - like she was right in the room with me.  She said something and then laughed.  (I can't remember what she said)  I thought about calling her on the phone to ask her if she remembers talking to me this morning.  You never know!

I then fell back asleep.

DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house which was getting remodeled on the east side - off the kitchen.  There was plastic sheets nailed to the edges of the windows and a new door because the work wasn't done and the plastic was to keep the wind out.  I wondered if he was ever going to finish it.   My husband was sitting there on a chair by the windows, and he said that two of the boys had missed detention in May because he had been in the hospital with a heart attack.  (That had never happened in real life)  There were plants and flowers all over the house.  Apparently, I hadn't been there for awhile and had just returned, but I was a senior in highschool and had to get ready for school and water the plants because nobody had done it. 

I took a tall blue plastic pitcher and went to get water and there was a double set of water spigots in a room off to the side of the kitchen.  There was a large brown dog at the first set of spigots trying to get water but it wasn't turned on, and then another brown dog at the second set of water spigots.  I managed to turn on the second set of spigots from the knobs on the first set of spigots, but it was hard to control and water was squirting everywhere from both spigots and the dogs were getting water, but then I couldn't turn off the spigots either and I wondered if I had to get my husband to help me turn off the spigots.  A few more turns and finally the spigots got turned off, and I took my plastic water pitcher and went to water the plants in the kitchen and then in the living room - they were everywhere and I hoped I wouldn't miss any. 

I was very diligent with the plant watering, and my daughter was talking to me while I was doing this.  Oddly enough, she apparently was older than I was and she said she had been visiting friends, and near the wall were flower vases filled with Liatris blooms  dozens of them, long fronds of white flowers that were like fronds of roses - absolutely beautiful.  I asked her where she had gotten them and she said a friend had given them to her when they were either at a play about Beethoven, or were actually visiting Beethoven.  I could actually see Beethoven dressed in a black suit standing in a doorway - it was so real. 

I needed to water all the plants outside as well, but I needed to pee first, so I did, and wiped myself with a piece of cloth, and then to my embarrassment, a son I didn't know I had, grabbed the cloth I had in my hand and it turned out to be a one piece suit of corduroy, and he said he wanted to wear it - and he didn't notice it had a pee stain on it.  I saw him standing over aways - a boy I didn't recognize - wearing a one piece suit of blue corduroy, and he wanted to wear the red one. 

I woke up feeling very embarrassed.


1-21-10 - DREAM - I seemed to be in Avila, FL  on Sep. 17, 1949  according to a newspaper I saw in the dream.

I went to a car shop or small factory on that date.  Evidently I was either seeing history being made or re-writing history to erase karma. I can't really tell.

In the car shop, I and another woman grabbed a man and threw him to the floor, and I very deliberately lay on top of him and dug my right elbow into his left rib cage, while the other woman did the same thing with her left elbow on his right rib cage.  Apparently we were trying to get a confession out of him for something really bad he had done - like kill someone.

Also in this shop, I saw a little girl in a pink dance dress - dancing in front of us.  And another little girl thought she was there for a birthday party, which I what I told the boss who came to find out what we were doing there.

I went outside then and a car pulled up, full of men, and a young man who looked like my son Bob got out of the car, and was somewhat dragged over to a building on the corner by several men and went to a stairs going up to a porch on which there was a gold flag pole hanging out over the green lawn.  I heard him say he was looking for Bob Benson.  When he got up to the porch, he met a blonde woman, and then he started shimmying out on the flag pole, and told her to 'go for the gold' as she started trying to grab him and stop him, and when he got out to the end of the flag pole, with her weight on the pole behind him trying to grab him, the pole fell end first into the 'snow' below him, which I thought perhaps cushioned their fall, otherwise they might both have been killed. 

That's when I saw the newspaper with the date.

Right after that, a car pulled up to the curb with a lot of guys in it.  They just sat there.  Then another car came up, also full of guys and pulled up to the first car.  The driver of the second car said to me,  "Did you see this car scratch my car?"   and I responded,  "I didn't see a  thing!"  and the car pulled away again,

All the people in the dream looked familiar to me, but I've never been to Florida, so I don't know how I would know them, unless I was someone else in the dream.

and I woke up.

NAP DREAM -  I was thinking the date Sep. 71, 1949  and had this vision  -   "20 businesses"

In the dream, I saw a Greensheet - comic page - and on the lower right hand side was an advertisement box, it said,  "The Dream Threat That Should Have Been On "    Above the title was the website.  Before I looked, I was sure it was going to say,  '',  but when I looked, it said,  "".

Evidently, the threat had something to do with a Mom opening up a bank account for her daughter, and then allowed other people to put money into the account without her knowledge.

1. theste  
its all gonewrong... blame theste
by m0yda Sep 17, 2004


1-21-10 - NAP DREAM -  I had a new baby - several weeks old - a boy.  I was expecting people who were going to come over and see the baby - more like I was going to put the baby on display for them so they could critique him and my care of him.

Like many babies, he would wake up, fall asleep, wake up, fall asleep, etc. and every time he woke up, I would have to adjust his position, and he would wriggle around and I'd adjust him again.  Finally he fell asleep, and I had him laying face down on my chest with the blanket over him.  Just before the guests came to the door, he woke up and wriggled again, and slid down to the floor where he was laying on his back smiling at me.

He started moving his hands around like babies do, and then he made an incredible precocious jesture for a baby - he moved his fingers in a typical gesture that can only mean  'gimme, gimme, gimme' like an older child can do.  Then he fell asleep again.

The guests arrived at the door, and I didn't want to move the baby, so I just told the people to come in, and most of the women went into the far corner to talk to each other, but one woman came right over to see the baby.

I started gushing to her about how precocious the baby was, and started describing the hand gesture the baby had made, but in the dream it was difficult because I was half awake - because the mailman was at the door knocking, and I was struggling to quickly wake up and still remember the dream, so the motion I made was in slow motion.

But, at least I remembered the dream, but I'm slightly embarrassed by the first gesture the baby made.  :-)


1-22-10 - DREAM -I  was in a large building with many stories - I think it was a school.

I was on one of the higher floors and the hallway became very narrow - overlooking an empty space that went way down to a lower floor - probably the first floor lobby.  I didn't look down and was afraid to walk on the very narrow part until I saw other older people do it - going the other way past me.

I finally walked on the narrow part and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and went to a classroom.

I then helped power-wash an old powder blue car with a water hose because the car had been parked so long in one spot, it was really dusty.  I then suggested priming the car with grey primer and then repainting the car with fresh paint.

I woke up humming the new song by Adam Lambert - "What do you want from me?"


1-23-10 - DREAM - I moved into an apartment building to be manager.  It was a very friendly but strange building.

Immediately, eight dogs came into my apartment and a bunch of cats and got into my food and strewn it everywhere.  (I woke up with a stomach ache.)

Because of this, I decided I would ban all dogs from the building and then I revised my thinking to  -unless you could carry the dog in one arm.

There was a black, full size poodle, a large schnauzer, a mutt which somehow got into a wire cage and couldn't get out again - the cats started playing in a bowl of mashed potatoes on the floor.

It was a mess.  The dogs just tore up the place.

In the morning, the maintenance crew came in to clean up and a whole bunch of women and everyone made themselves at home and sat around and chit chatted with each other.

One was a nurse and she had a dish towel or something wrapped around her neck.

Inside the apartment was a wire cage room with a tent-like roof on it which made it a little darker than the rest of the room.

I looked inside and there I found a mother and her daughter and the daughter was practicing some dance steps.  The mother said she would like to keep the theatre and I agree it was a nice idea.

I went into another room and an older man was sitting there, working on a small green convertible car.  He aid, "Everybody knows Ray Stoner!'

As I started to wake up, first I saw a page in a magazine advertising 21 books a new bride would like to have - books a 18 year old would understand

Then I saw an ad for "Steven's University."

Note:  We know Ray Stoner personally.  Steven's University is actually a group of on line Universities where people can study for degrees just sitting at home on their computers.


1-23-10 - I had multiple dreams, all about myself, growing plants, not having any clothes in my closet to work in, had lots of clothes, but none my current size because of weight loss and weight gains, style changes, etc.  At the end I was low on blood sugar and couldn't drive my car because it had no gas, and a grandmother type of woman gave me some root beer to drink to bring up my blood sugar, and then I woke up.


1-24-10 - DREAM - I was in the country at a home on a slight hill.  The woman was showing me that someone was cutting off certain plants in her garden. It wasn't hard to find the plants that were cut off -  as they smelled different than the other ones.  They weren't all planted in one row however, so we had to look from row to row to find them.

I observed a man who I was told lived across the street - down the hill from this woman.  When he went into his own driveway, he tore down the front gate to get into the driveway.  I was told, "that's the way he is."

I also assumed it was him who was cutting off the plants.

NOTE:  I never saw the face of either person in this dream.


1-25-10 - DREAM - I was in a very large building in a city somewhere. I knew there was something wrong with the reason why I was there, and I knew I was being watched.  I only trusted one guy there who I was being watched, and he had military gear with him - it was army green. There was a sense of something romantic and sexual between us, but we couldn't let that be known either. 

There was a second guy there who spent all his time looking out the window down toward the street - and I knew he was being watched also, but he was also watching me.

I felt tired and went into a smaller room where there was a cot so I could lay down, and the guy I trusted put his gear down on the floor next to the cot.  He left the room again to go do something , and I picked up what looked like a newspaper, but all the sheets were bright yellow, and I kept repeating, "I know I'm dreaming this, I know I'm dreaming this!"

I was aware I knew something, and possibly had something secret - something small but important - and it was hidden somehwere in my gear, but I couldn't even talk about it to the guy I trusted because at that point even the walls might have had ears - if you know what I mean.

I was even trying to figure out what I was hiding - I knew it was something, but even I didn't know what it was. And who was I hiding it from?  I felt too groggy to figure it out.

I finally had to go to the bathroom  -  I noticed that the ceiling was 12 feet high at least, and the walls were concrete with layers and layers of paint on them, so it wasn't a new builidng.  The bathroom was really large but old and I was followed into the bathroom by two guys and then by a couple black women who may have been cleaning women, but I couldn't trust anyone. 

There wasn't any real toilet paper in the bathroom, just old newspaper, crumpled up, and I even found  a little dead mouse in the paper which looked like it had been used to wipe up something from the floor.  It was really nasty there.

I woke up feeling really groggy - more tired than when i went to bed.


1-28-10 - DREAM -  I was manager of an apartment building in downtown Milwaukee -  Juneau Village to be exact.

I went to my apartment upstairs and discovered there was an electrical problem in a little blue box high up on the walll near the front door.  Bob the Painter said he would take a look at it for me.  I thanked him and went back to the office .downstairs.

The next morning, Bob the Painter came into the office very upset.  He said he had been suspended from his job because it had taken him so long to do his job.  The boss had supposedly accused him of drinking and sleeping on the job.  

That was always possible considering his background, but I told him I would defend him and stand up for him. 

He thanked me, and I decided I should walk home.  (The logistics here don't make sense.)  I went outside to walk home and the first street corner I came to was 30th Street, and I was walking East and had to traverse a huge forested park going downhill. 

Apparently I woke up a bit, but I was still sleeping and back in the dream, I was in my apartment picking up stuff Bob the Painter had left behind.

Right next to his painting stuff, were some papers face down on the floor, which I picked up and right on top it said:



1-29-10 - DREAM -  I was living in a house in the country.  The sun was shining.  Evidently it was afternoon, and was my birthday.  I planned to call over the teenage boy from next door to come over and play his guitar for my party.  Then I remembered that his older brother played the drums and considered having him come over to play for the party too.



I was living in a nice house.  The sofa I had in the livingroom did not have separate cushions, but had panels of brocade flowered fabric with gold threads sewn in about a foot wide  sewed to strips of light brown leather about an inch wide between them. 

The teacher came to critique my livingroom furniture and redecorate it - and to assign me a new task.

The teacher was a tall, handsome, broad man, a bit older than myself.  He wore a plaid blue and white flannel shirt - the type a cowboy might wear - with jeans. so he was not pretentious in any way.

The light was not on in the livingroom, but there was reflected light from the other rooms to see by.

The teacher looked at the sofa and he said that the brocade part of the sofa was appropriate but it needed more golden threads and he took a broad paint brush and he brushed the fabric and gold threads came out so that the brocade of the fabric had twice as much gold threads as it had before.

Then he gave me a new task and I saw it imprinted on the gold threaded brocade fabric.

The words were:    "TEACH THE CHILDREN
                               THE BOOK OF THE LAW"

I sensed that it meant  "Do unto others as you would
                                   have them do onto you."

I was going to make dinner for the teacher then and was going to make my famous potato salad for him.

But before I did that, the teacher and I sat down to chat together, and a woman came in, wearing a rose colored dress and prepared him for me - opening his shirt and using spinning paddles on his nipples to arouse him, I then opened my shift and bared my breasts and I lay on his chest and we exchanged heart energy. 

NOTE:  In Aleister Crowley's  "The Book of The Law"  his first two rules are:

                              "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"  "AL 140
                              "Love is the Law. Love under Will"   AL 157


1-31-10 - DREAM -  This whole dream was about buying an unusual used coffee pot that looked like a long purse about a foot and a half long and about 8 inches tall.   I brought it home and spent hours trying to figure out how it worked.  There was a great deal of yellowish powder underneath the place where the coffee grounds went, so I took it outside and let the powder spread in the wind.  Someone told me that the wind was strongest coming from around the corner of the barn.  I think it was from the northwest.  I was careful not to let the powder get on anything or on any animals.

I went back into the house and put the strange coffee pot on top of the stove and the collected the little parts that went into the coffee pot including a small spiral circle made out of metal which I found on top of the stove burner, and it was red hot so I had to let it cool down again before I could even place it into the coffee pot. 

At this point, I and another woman who was there still hadn't figured out exactly where the coffee ground went or where the water went into this strange pot.

I went upstairs to get something, and I must have fallen asleep, because when I came back down, the family had had a party of some kind.  There was a coconut cake on one counter at the end of the kitchen 1/3 eaten, and a yellow cake on the table,  that was part way down the kitchen - also 1/3 eaten.  I looked at the calendar because I didn't remember it being anyone's birthday. The calendar said September 14th.

[We determined that these cakes represented the crown chakra (the white coconut cake) and the left sphere on the tree of life that represents the third chakra - [Netzach (Venus) ]

I knew that nobody would celebrate September 11th with cakes so I was aware it was after 2001. 

At that point several dogs came into the room which I had also purchased.  One was a tiny white ball of fur, really cute, and the other one was a light cocoa brown fuzzy dog - not skinny  - so it wasn't a poodle, but about the size of my own dog Lily - maybe a little smaller. 

The lily-like dog was on top of the counter behind something - like a cage - and when I reached for the dog to get it off the counter, it ran to get away from my hand and got caught suspended in the air, hanging by one toe nail from an electrical outlet which was about 3 feet above the floor near the counter. 


1-31-10 - DREAM -  Today was my birthday and I knew it was September 14th.   My daughter brought a woman to the house who had evidently been tracking me for a long time.  She knew me by every name I had in the past but didn't know where I lived.  She started giving me gifts from years past, but now that she knew where I was,  One envelope she handed to me, also had the name Barbara Kosick on it - a girl I went to high school with. 

She wanted me to join her mailing list so she could send me papers that she collected from everywhere - mostly political, and she wanted me to join her group too. 

I had started out in the kitchen by the table, but she was handing me all these gifts that I had to move to the living room, and everyone there - it must have been a huge party - except that my husband was making out with a woman dressed in white on another sofa on the other side of the room.  People were admiring my gifts and saying how beautiful they were -  they were extraordinarily gaudy - with sequins and bright colors.

A man with bright yellow orange curls was watching me.  He was quite chubby with a big belly when I first saw him, and he started following me around which bothered me, but I noticed that he was getting thinner and more handsome and he cornered me in a hallway and said, "You know I love you!"  By that time I wondered if he might really be telling the truth and that he might be my next husband. 

But the next man who met me in the hallway said that I should be dead because I looked in the mirror where he worked and everyone knew about it.  That rather worried me that someone might actually want to hurt me fatally for looking in the mirror, which everyone does every day.

I started seeing things at this party that reminded me of my life and I started to think that this dream was my life in reverse, but there was nothing normal here, just strange things - and I kept seeing my husband making out with the woman in white on the sofa and she was quite beautiful.

Then I went outside and I saw a black stallion and behind it were two lions making love -  looked like two males actually - one was sniffing the other ones butt and then that one turned around and they started nuzzling each others noses like they were kissing.

When I turned around there were mother lions laying on the ground everywhere with baby lions and when I raised my eyes, I saw thousands of lions out on the plains, and now in front of me were hundreds of leopards with spots on them, also mothers with young ones with them. 

I went back in the house, and the house was full of animals also, all kinds of them, all cute as can be and they all started behaving like they wanted to be with me now that they knew who I was.


September 14 is the 257th day of the year (258th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 108 days remaining until the end of the year.

9 + 1 + 4 = 14 = 5

2 + 5 + 7 + 14 = 5

September 14th - 9 x 14 = 126 - and if you add a 0 become 1260 days which is an important biblical number

Lions and Leopards are apparently the flag and history of the flag of England.

    Battle of Hastings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Battle of Hastings (14 October 1066) was the decisive Norman victory in the Norman Conquest of England. It was fought between the Norman army of Duke ...

    Joe and I talked about the numbers of the 2 cakes.  One cake was at the north end of the kitchen, made of white cake with white coconut sticking out of the frosting at every angle - resembling the Crown Chakra.  It was 1/3 eaten by someone.

    The second cake was on the East wall - towards the other end of the kitchen. It was a yellow cake with yellow frosting and that cake was 1/3 eaten as well.  It could refer to the Emotional Chakra or the sphere on the side of the Tree of Life  Netzach = Victory

    If we do the numbers on the cakes for a moment.

    2 cakes     = 2

    1/3 eaten
    1/3 eaten    =  2/3

    2 less 2/3 -  1 1/3

    I have to wonder if its close enough to the Bible prophecy to be considered.


    1,260 Days

    by Wayne Blank
    In the prophetic book of Revelation, which was successively delivered from God to Jesus Christ to The Apostle John (Revelation 1:1) while John was on The Island Of Patmos, there is a repeated reference to a specific period of time - 1,260 days, which is equal to 42 months, or 3 years. Whether or not all of the references are for the same 1,260 days is widely debated, but what is certain is that, whether they are variously concurrent or consecutive, it will be a time of great turmoil on the world, to be followed by The Return Of Jesus Christ.


    "They Will Trample The Holy City"

    "Then I was given a measuring rod like a staff, and I was told: "Rise and measure the Temple of God and the altar and those who worship there, but do not measure the court outside the Temple; leave that out, for it is given over to the nations, and they will trample over the holy city for forty-two months." (Revelation 11:2 RSV) (see Jerusalem, The Place To Watch and Temples)

    "My Two Witnesses"

    "And I will grant My two witnesses power to prophesy for one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth." These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands which stand before the Lord of the earth. And if any one would harm them, fire pours out from their mouth and consumes their foes; if any one would harm them, thus he is doomed to be killed. They have power to shut the sky, that no rain may fall during the days of their prophesying, and they have power over the waters to turn them into blood, and to smite the earth with every plague, as often as they desire." (Revelation 11:3-6 RSV) (see The Two Witnesses, Are The Two Witnesses Here Now?, Butch and Sundance, and Down Without A Fight?)

    "The Woman Fled Into The Wilderness"

    "His tail swept down a third of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth. And the dragon [see That Old Serpent and Did God Create The Devil?] stood before the woman who was about to bear a child, that he might devour her child when she brought it forth; she brought forth a male child, one who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her child was caught up to God and to His throne, and the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, in which to be nourished for one thousand two hundred and sixty days." (Revelation 12:4-6 RSV)

    "The Beast"

    "Men worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast [see Emperor], and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?" And the beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months; it opened its mouth to utter blasphemies against God, blaspheming His Name and His dwelling, that is, those who dwell in heaven. Also it was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them. And authority was given it over every tribe and people and tongue and nation, and all who dwell on earth will worship it, every one whose name has not been written before the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb that was slain." (Revelation 13:4-8 RSV)

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    See The Seven Seals


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1-31-10 - NAP DREAM -  I gave a party for some young people.  I don't recall what the event was for, but the young people ate their food on TV trays and sat on three-legged stools on the landings of a winding spiral stairway.

After the party was over I watched as the young people were leaving.  One of the youngest girls had slept in a bed and peed in the center of it and then just walked away.  I caught her leaving and told her in no uncertain terms to go get a roll of paper towels and go clean the bed off.

As I was ascending the stairs, I saw that the young people had just walked away from their stools and TV trays and spilled orange juice all over the floor of the stairway lending.  I tripped over one of the stools at the top of one of the landings and got so mad I just kicked the stool another level down the stairs.

However as I got near the top of the stairs, I met a very young girl coming down the stairway* - about age 7  - and she stopped when I was passing her and she told me she was trying to help her grandmother and asked me if I could carry the orange juice container I had for me back to the kitchen.

I thanked her and handed her the orange juice container which was a white Tupperware container - like I use in my kitchen.  It would hold nearly a gallon of orange juice.  She was carrying another one down the stairs.

Some young people were trying to pass me going up the stairs, and were on an adjacent stairs that didn't go all the way to the top unless the crawled up some wooden slats that were very narrow.  I could already see the living space at the top of the stairs and I was aware that across the living space was another winding spiral staircase just like this one, but I wasn't going to tell them about that staircase because they were too careless about this one.  As it was, I was going to have to get a map and a pail of water and wash the stairway down - all the way to the kitchen.


Joe remembers the movie Joe and the Volcano where the Jewish people on the island where the volcano was and all they drank was orange juice. Netzach (Venus)

This last dream seems to be about dna - and drinking more water perhaps to flush the impurities out.  The dna are the winding spiral stairways in the body.