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John Lear, retired airline captain, with over 19,000 hours of flight-time, has flown in over 100 different types of planes in 60 different counties around the world.

Son of Lear Jet inventor, Bill Lear, John is the only pilot to hold every FAA airplane certificate, to include airplane transport rating, flight instructor, ground instructor, flight navigator, engineer, aircraft dispatcher, airframe powerplant mechanic, parachute rigger, and tower operator.

He flew secret missions for the CIA in Central and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa between 1966 and 1983. He has flown as Captain and check pilot for over 10 different airlines.

John held 17 world records including speed around the world in a Lear Jet Model 24, set in 1966. He was presented with the PATCO award for outstanding airmanship in 1968, and the Symons Wave memorial. He was the youngest American to climb the Matterhorn in Switzerland in 1959 and in the 1970's owned and skippered the Americas Cup boat, the Soliloquy, out of Marina Del Rey.

In 1968, John raced a Douglas B26 Invader in the unlimited class at the Reno air races.  

He was a Senior Vice Commander of the China Post 1, the American Legion Post for Soldiers of Fortune.  He is a 20 year member of the special operations Association.

John is the current owner and operator of the only permitted gold mine operation Cutthroat Mining Corporation in Clarke County, Nevada. His efforts to clean up the Treasure Hawk Gold Butte mine won him the state of Nevada award for excellence in mining reclamation in 1999.  John is a MSHA (Mine, Safety, and Health Administration) and holds a blaster license from the Nevada certified mining instructor from the Nevada State Fire Marshall.

John's passion for the preservation and documentation of the history of the Gold Butte  has made him a authority on the area.

John has been a resident of Las Vegas since 1994 and was a republican State Senate candidate in 1980.

John has 4 daughters, 2 grandchildren, and lives with his wife in Las Vegas. - Las Vegas businesswoman, Mary Lee Lear in Sunrise Manor.

In 1988, John met and became friends with Bob Lazar, the government scientist who worked on the back-engineering of the propulsion system of the extraterrestrial UFOs at area S-4. That's just outside the infamous and ultrasecret Area 51.

In March 1989, Lazar took John to an area close to Rachel Nevada where he witnessed the flight of a flying saucer at the exact time Lazar told him it would occur.

Two weeks later on another UFO spying mission, John, Lazar and 3 others were caught by security forces - (that's CAUGHT folks) - and the next day, - the very next day - Lazar lost his job at the government program for that breach of security. Lazar has been branded by many as a fraud, a charge to which John responds, " Those who say that Lazar was a fraud simply don't know the facts of this incredible 12 month period.  I was there - they weren't."

During the late 1980's, John tracked down and found the Army Intelligence Analyst who read, probably by accident, the U.S. government report Grudge 13, which documented the history of the U.S. UFO coverup and details of saucer recoveries, disposition of their occupants, and handling  (That's HANDLING) of civilian witnesses.

The report included clear photographs of these recovered extraterrestrial craft and beings - (That's BEINGS) found inside. It further detailed how recoveries were made worldwide and specially designed transports to accommodate the craft.

John spent time poking around other UFO related areas to include Dulce, Secora, Aztec, Alamagorda, Albuquerque, Los Alamos and Bentwaters airbase near London.

Since that time, John has learned many incredible and interesting facts about the solar system and planets including the existence of huge structures, arches, bridges and domes on the moon, cities on Mars, huge extraterrestrial ships mining the rings of Saturn, the incredible but secret agenda of Apollo 17, to the huge rectangular opening in the south massif of the Taurus-Littrow Highlands called Nansen.

NASA Photo ID: AS17-137-21011 File Name: 10075963.jpg

Film Type: 70mm Date Taken: 12/12/72

Title: View of lunarscape at Station 4 with Astronaut Schmitt working at LRV

Description: A view of the lunarscape at Station 4 (Shorty Crater) showing
Scientist-Astronaut Harrison H. Schmitt working at the lunar roving vehicle
(LRV) during the second Apollo 17 extravehicular activity (EVA-2) at the
Taurus-Littrow landing site. (Lunar landing site: 20.2 N, 30.8 E )

This is the area where Schmitt first spotted the orange soil.
Orange soil is clearly visible on either side of the rover in
this picture. Shorty Crater is to the right. The peak in the
center background is Family Mountain. A portion of South Massif
is on the horizon at the left edge.
 (Apollo 17 samples)

NOTE: The Valley of Taurus-Littrow

The image linked here is a portion of Pan Camera frame AS17-2309 showing the South Massif at the upper right and the Sculptured Hills at the lower left. The North Massif is at the bottom right and Henry Crater is the rightmost of the three large craters in a triangular pattern at the foot of the mountain. This orientation is to facilitate comparison with features in the Station 6 high resolution images below. See also the labeled version of this frame. The distance from Station 6 above Henry to the LM is 3.5 km; to Bear Mountain, about 8 km; and to the outcrop noted in 21498 below, about 18 km. Scans by Ron Wells.

Apollo 17 Pan Camera frame AS17-2309 Details

The frame was taken on December 11, 1972 at 23:47:38.1 GMT during CSM Rev 15 from an altitude of 113.07 km. In terms of the mission time, the photo was taken at 116:54:38 -- just seven minutes before Gene and Jack started their watches for the first EVA. John Pfannerstill has scanned three portions of the frame.

In the central area around the LM, the largest crater is Camelot at the upper left. A labeled version highlights the LM and Poppie. In the area north of the LM, covering the EVA-3 traverse, Henry is the large crater at the foot of the North Massif just above and to the right of the center of the image. In the area west of the LM, covering the EVA-2 traverse, Nansen is at the lower left, Camelot is at the right edge above center, and Shorty is the sharp-rimmed, dark-edged crater at top center, about a Camelot diameter below the top edge of the image. Composite Version

Art Bell continues John Lears biography:

John Lear suspects that Venus does not have the sulfuric acid atmosphere with an 800 degree temperature that we've all been led to believe and instead is a planet very similar to ours, but with a similar, but much more technologically advanced civilization.

John Lear believes that the government has very good reasons for their continued coverup but refuses to discuss them.

He also believes that the government never, ever intends to released any UFO information and if forced to say anything, will obscure, tangle and weave a deceptive lie.

Asked outright if the public has a right to know these facts, John says, "No! They don't!"


"Because!" was his admittedly evasive answer.

Then why, after 10 years of silence, is John Lear talking once again, after almost 60 years, the majority of U.S. population don't believe that Roswell happened.

"I certainly do not represent a threat to this kind of security", he responds.


Start of Interview between Art Bell and John Lear:

A= Art Bell
J = John Lear

A - Other than the fact that we got in touch once again John, I really am curious. Why! After 10 years, why break your silence now? and Welcome!

J - Thank you Art, You mean I could have said, "No!" ?

A - laughs heartily - Yeah! Too late! laughs again. Yeah! You could have said, No! Sure!  I'm - I'm serious - Why after 10 years of not a peep, why now?

J - Well you know, the government in charge of this coverup, - uh - works so well at making your life miserable when you go around talking about this stuff, that I quit and my life - the quality of my life improved about 200%. But now, the coverup is so well in place, that they certainly would not be threatened by me going on the radio just once and saying what I know.

A - Yeah! Well, you lost jobs because of this, right?

J - Yeah - I lost two. I lost one with an airline and one with a government program that I really wanted. It was with Lockheed, and they went for my clearance and they were told by the airforce that now - under no circumstances would John Lear ever get another clearance. Now - I had a clearance up at the test site for some work I did with Dyn-electron - it was just monitoring below ground tests from the air with different airplane, but - uh - that clearance is still there, - not active - but they weren't going to renew it under any circumstances and they made it plain - so its cost me a little bit, but I managed to survive.

A - Um - all right! You know - before we launch into the whole spectrum of things we have to talk about John, uh - when you and I were on the phone the other day, you began to tell me about 9/11 and I'd really would like to talk about that. Uh - you have a perspective on the 9/11 thing that people should at least hear. I mean - everybody can make up their own minds about it, but you're a commercial pilot and there are certain things you know. So how about it?

J - Well! This is a sensitive subject, and I told you that I was hesitant to talk about it.

A - That's why I'm bringing it up first! (Art laughs again)

J - But whoever concocted 9/11, and it certainly wasn't Osama Bin Ladin, they had two objectives - one was to polarize American's opinion against Arab-Muslims and number two was to get the United States - trick the U.S. - essentially to get Osama out of Afghanistan because Osama - as bad as he was - he was shutting down all the heroin poppy fields and was causing a disastrous monetary loss to the illegal drug industry - and last year, which was a year after we went into Afghanistan, National Geographic did a special on TV, that ran for several months and documented the 500% increase in drugs flowing out of Afghanistan 'after' we went in there and eliminated Osama.

A - laughs - They actually did. I recall that. I remember that report! Um - so you are sort of charging that we went in there after Osama - after Osama to rescue the drug trade?

J - No! Well - that wasn't what 'we' thought - we were sort of tricked into doing that. We were tricked into thinking that Osama was responsible for 9/11, but to get a proper perspective on who 'did' the World Trade Center - uh - you have to understand what a magnificent feat of airmanship this was. It was 'disastrous' and was horrible for this country, but this was not accomplished by some guys who went to Florida and got some instructions on a Cessna or a Piper and this was not accomplished by somebody who had a right seat on a 727.

A - What about simulators? Flight simulators?

J - This had to be accomplished by pilots who got instruction - were taken to 'honest-to-God' Boeing 757 simulators which is - you know - the 757 and 767 the same cockpit essentially and you get the same rating and whoever concocted this whole thing knew that on a particular day that airplanes themselves could be switched because of maintenance problems and by selecting airlines that had that airplane, they had everything covered.

A - Huh! So it actually took a fair amount of skill to plow into those buildings?

J - I would say that it took about 200 or 300 hours for each pilot - and we're talking about  . . .

A - 200 or 300 hours? But you mean of simulator time?

J - Of simulator time! They had to learn how to step into the cockpit - and that's a whole thing - getting into the airplane, but that's separate from that - they had to get into the cockpit and pull the circuit breaker for the transponder - sit in the pilot seat, disconnect the auto-pilot from the flight management system - turn the airplane, push the throttles all the way forward, find Manhattan - then line up on a pre-planned course - doing 10 miles a minute - they were clocked by air traffic control doing 600 miles an hour at 700 feet above the ground and fly directly into the middle the center of the World Trade Center. Now that - you know and the air races only fly 400 miles an hour and that's difficult - but to fly an airliner like the size of a 757 at 700 feet - I mean that took some skill and that took a long time to train that - probably a year.

A - That's wild (unintelligible)

J - In addition to that - hitting the Trade Center was a feat - but hitting the Pentagon was even more of a feat because when you are going that fast there is a tremendous amount of air creating this lift and as you head towards the ground, that air reacts against the wing and pushes you up, so whoever - whoever hit that - trained to hit the Pentagon at the 3rd story was highly trained because when he came towards the ground - there was a tremendous amount of lift and you would have to trim forward and push with an incredible amount of strength to not be pushed up and over the Pentagon to hit the 3rd story.

A - But what about the plane that went down that didn't make it - that was probably headed towards the Whitehouse?

J - uh - Well that was shot down by an F-16 out of a base south of New York and uh . . .

A - How can you be so sure?

J - Well because there were parts found 5 miles away - uh - because there were eye-witnesses to it being shot down - uh - there is corroborating evidence somebody who was listening to a cell phone conversation at the time this was going on who said they heard the rapid - like the ... described it as a pilot rapidly turning pages - well - that's not what was happening - that was the cannon fire hitting the fuselage and that's what accounted for - what they called the 'smoke ' in the air in the cabin - well that wasn't smoke - that was the depressurization causing the condensation.

A - Well so you are saying definitely that you feel it was shot down . . .

J - But you have to understand the governments position - #1 - they couldn't 'possibly' reveal this information because - you know - it was something they had to do - the problem was that once the passengers got control of the airplane there was no way to communicate with air traffic control or communicate with whoever was directing the attack for the airforce.

A - Now you say Osama Bin Ladin wasn't responsible but there are video tapes showing Osama with his Lieutenant sort of laughing and joking - they didn't expect such a grand result and all that baloney - what about that?

J - He might have been told at the last minute, but if that's all we've got, people say 'how come we haven't got him'? But the bottom line is, we don't want to get Osama - we'd have to put him on trial and other than that video tape, we don't have a 'shred' - not a 'shred' of evidence against him.

A - Uh huh! Yet, it might be enough in a court of law!

J - In a world court?

A - You might be right! Well! Uh - I don't know - You've shocked me with some of your views. on the 9/11 business. No question about that! 100's of hours  - Where would they get simulator training like that? - that many hours . . .

J - Therein lies the problem. Because they 'certainly' couldn't waltz into any airline in the United States and get that kind of time - I mean most of the airlines in the US who have 757's use them 24 hours a day and they certainly aren't in the habit of renting - uh - to unauthorized people like somebody going in there saying 'Hey! give me 1500 hours of time" - Its just not going to happen. They would have to find another 757 elsewhere in the world and if you look around in the Middle-East and there's certainly none there because at least not in any Arab Country because they have airbusses - strictly airbusses - They would have to find 757's somewhere else.

A - How many simulators are there?

J - Well! There are lots of them - but uh - well - not lots of them - but there's certain around somewhere and they'd have to make a deal somewhere - obviously they got training because they couldn't do it without training .

A - But what we've been given by the media - by the mass media  - you know - they were down in Florida - getting a few hours on lighter aircraft - that doesn't wash at all . . .

J - No possibility!  If you talk to any pilot that knows anything about this and that was - and that was a feat with the (unintelligible) with the benefit with 19,000 hours in all the airplanes I've flown including air races - the Douglas B-26, I doubt that I could have done that the 1st time . . .

A - Really!

J - You are doing a mile every 6 seconds - so you had to learn where to line up, you know ... which reference points to get - you know - where to be at a particular time hit that building.  It had to be planned for a long, long time. So this is a tremendous amount of skill, and it took a long time to do, particularly  you know - they probably got somebody who didn't have thousands of hours - they probably had to train them from the ground up, and in this case it was relatively easy because they didn't have to learn how to take off and land - he didn't have to learn how do a single engine approach - he didn't have to learn to do a (unintelligible) or MBD approach, or anything like that ...

A - Just hit a building ...

J - Yeah!  

Stop for Newsbreak!


Subj: NEWSBREAK: Who Was REALLY Flying Those Planes on 9-11?

Date: 11/5/2003
From: safetrek@mcn.net




On January 12 Indian intelligence officials in Calcutta detained 11 foreign nationals for interrogation before they were to board a Dhaka-bound Bangladesh Biman flight. They were detained on the suspicion of being hijackers. "But we realized that they were tabliqis (Islamic preachers), so we let them go", said an Intelligence official.

The eleven had Israeli passports but were believed to be Afghan nationals who had spent a while in Iran. Indian intelligence officials, too, were surprised by the nationality profile of the eleven. "It appeared that they could be working for a sensitive organization in Israel and were on a mission to Bangladesh," the official said. 72 (emphasis added)

What were these 11 Israelis doing trying to impersonate Al Qaeda men? Infiltrating?...perhaps. Framing?...more likely. But the important precedent to understand is this: Israeli agents were once caught red handed impersonating Muslim hijackers.

-------------- article follows:




Hours after the 9-11 attacks, authorities began to find clues conveniently left for them to stumble upon. The Boston Globe reported that a copy of the Koran, instructions on how to fly a commercial airplane and a fuel consumption calculator were found in a pair of bags meant for one of the hijacked flights that left from Logan. 64

Authorities also received a "tip" about a suspicious white car left behind at Boston's Logan Airport. An Arabic-language flight training manual was found inside the car. 65

How fortunate for investigators that the hijackers "forgot" to take their Koran and Arab flight manuals with them! Within a few days, all "19 hijackers" were "identified" and their faces were plastered all over our television screens.

Then, like a script from a corny "B" spy movie, the official story gets even more ridiculous. The passport of the supposed "ringleader" Mohammed Atta, somehow managed to survive the explosion, inferno, and smoldering collapse to be oh-so-conveniently "found" just a few blocks away from the World Trade Center! 66

It is obvious that this "evidence" was planted by individuals wishing to direct the blame towards Osama Bin Laden. How is it possible that Arab students who had never flown an airplane could take a simulator course and then fly jumbo jets with the skill and precision of "top-gun" pilots? It is not possible and the fact is, the true identities of the 9-11 hijackers remains a mystery. In the days following the disclosure of the "hijackers" names and faces, no less than 7 of the Arab individuals named came forward to protest their obvious innocence. 67

That's right! Seven of the nineteen "hijackers" are alive and well. They were victims of identity theft, some of whom had had their passports stolen. They were interviewed by several news organizations including the Telegraph of England. Heres an excerpt from David Harrisons Telegraph story entitled:

Revealed: The Men With Stolen Identities:

"Their names were flashed around the world as suicide hijackers who carried out the attacks on America. But yesterday four innocent men told how their identities had been stolen.

The men - all from Saudi Arabia - spoke of their shock at being mistakenly named by the FBI as suicide terrorists. None of the four was in the United States on September 11 and all are alive in their home country.

The Telegraph obtained the first interviews with the men since they learnt that they were on the FBI's list of hijackers who died in the crashes in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

All four said that they were "outraged" to be identified as terrorists. One has never been to America and another is a Saudi Airlines pilot who was on a training course in Tunisia at the time of the attacks. Saudi Airlines said it was considering legal action against the FBI for seriously damaging its reputation and that of its pilots." 68

The story of these identity thefts was also briefly reported by ABC 69 and BBC (England) 70 The FBI does not deny this. Nobody denies this fact because it is easily verifiable. Instead, the US media and government just ignore this inconvenient little fact and keep right on repeating the monstrous lie that the hijacker identities are known and that 15 of them were Saudis.

CNN revealed that FBI director Robert Mueller openly admitted that some of the identities of the 9-11 hijackers are in question due to identity theft. Heres what CNN reported on September 21:

FBI Director Robert Mueller has acknowledged that some of those behind last week's terror attacks may have stolen the identification of other people, and, according to at least one security expert, it may have been "relatively easy" based on their level of sophistication. 71

This opens up a whole Pandoras box of unanswered questions. First and foremost of which is this: why would Osama Bin laden, the Saudi Arabian caveman, steal identities? To cover his tracks you say? Next question: why would a Saudi Arabian, attempting to cover his tracks, steal the identities of....fellow Saudi Arabians??? What would be the point? Why go you through the trouble of stealing identities that would point back to you? Why not steal Greek identities, or Brazilian identities, or Turkish ones? A much more logical conclusion is that non-Arabs stole these identities as part of a "false flag" operation designed to point the blame at Arabs, and Saudi Arabs in particular.

What kind of a corrupt character is FBI boss Mueller? He initially admitted that false identities were involved with 9-11, but then he allows the media to keep naming these innocent, and alive, Arabs as the hijackers? Why doesn't he correct them? More on the slimy Mr. Mueller later on!

Now I'm really going to rock your faith in the false religion of 9-11. In February of 2000, Indian intelligence officials detained 11 members of what they thought was an Al Qaeda hijacking conspiracy. It was then discovered that these 11 "Muslim preachers" were all Israeli nationals! Indias leading weekly magazine, The Week, reported:

On January 12 Indian intelligence officials in Calcutta detained 11 foreign nationals for interrogation before they were to board a Dhaka-bound Bangladesh Biman flight. They were detained on the suspicion of being hijackers. "But we realized that they were tabliqis (Islamic preachers), so we let them go", said an Intelligence official.

The eleven had Israeli passports but were believed to be Afghan nationals who had spent a while in Iran. Indian intelligence officials, too, were surprised by the nationality profile of the eleven. "They say that they have been on tabligh (preaching Islam) in India for two months. But they are Israeli nationals from the West Bank," said a Central Intelligence official. He claimed that Tel Aviv "exerted considerable pressure" on Delhi to secure their release. "It appeared that they could be working for a sensitive organization in Israel and were on a mission to Bangladesh," the official said. 72 (emphasis added)

What were these 11 Israelis doing trying to impersonate Al Qaeda men? Infiltrating?...perhaps. Framing?...more likely. But the important precedent to understand is this: Israeli agents were once caught red handed impersonating Muslim hijackers!

This event becomes even more mind boggling when we learn that it was Indian Intelligence that helped the US to so quickly identify the "19 hijackers"! On April 3, 2002, Express India, quoting the Press Trust of India, revealed:

Washington, April 3: Indian intelligence agencies helped the US to identify the hijackers who carried out the deadly September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, a media report said here on Wednesday. 73

Ain't that a kick in the ass?!! Did you catch that? The Indian intelligence officials that were duped into mistaking Israeli agents for Al Qaeda hijackers back in 2000, were the very same clowns telling the FBI who it was that hijacked the 9-11 planes! Keep in mind that Indian intelligence has an extremely close working relationship with Israels' Mossad because both governments hate the Muslim nation of Pakistan. 74

Now about Mohammed Atta, you know, the so-called "ring leader". There are a number of inconsistencies with that story as well. Like some of the 7 hijackers known to be still alive, Atta also had his passport stolen in 1999, 75 (the same passport that miraculously survived the WTC explosion and collapse?) making him an easy mark for an identity theft. Atta was known to all as a shy, timid, and sheltered young man who was uncomfortable with women. 76 The 5 foot 7 inch, 150 pound architecture student was such a "goody two shoes" that some of his university acquaintances in Germany refrained from drinking or cursing in front of him. How this gentle, non- political mamma's boy from a good Egyptian family suddenly transformed himself into the vodka drinking, go-go girl groping terrorist animal described by the media, has to rank as the greatest personality change since another classic work of fiction, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Atta, or someone using Atta's identity, had enrolled in a Florida flight school in 2001 and then broke off his training, making it a point to tell his instructor he was leaving for Boston. In an October 2001 interview with an ABC affiliate in Florida, flight school president Rudi Dekkers said that his course does not qualify pilots to fly commercial jumbo jets. 77 He also described Atta as "an asshole". 78 Part of the reason for Dekker's dislike for Atta stems from a highly unusual incident that occurred at the beginning of the course. Heres the exchange between ABC producer Quentin McDermott and Dekkers:

MCDERMOTT: "Why do you say Atta was an asshole?"

DEKKERS: "Well, when Atta was here and I saw his face on several occasions in the building, then I know that they're regular students and then I try to talk to them, it's kind of a PR - where are you from? I tried to communicate with him. I found out from my people that he lived in Hamburg and he spoke German so one of the days that I saw him, I speak German myself, I'm a Dutch citizen, and I started in the morning telling him in German, "Good morning. How are you? How do you like the coffee? Are you happy here?", and he looked at me with cold eyes, didn't react at all and walked away. That was one of my first meetings I had." 79

This is eerily similar to the way in which Zacharias Moussaoui (the so-called "20th hijacker") became "belligerent" when his Minnesota flight instructor tried to speak to him in French (his first language), at the beginning of that course. The Minnesota Star Tribune reported on December 21, 2001:

"Moussaoui first raised eyebrows when, during a simple introductory exchange, he said he was from France, but then didn't seem to understand when the instructor spoke French to him. Moussaoui then became belligerent and evasive about his background, (Congressman) Oberstar and other sources said. In addition, he seemed inept in basic flying procedure, while seeking expensive training on an advanced commercial jet simulator." 80 (emphasis added)

It truly is an amazing twist of fate that both Atta and Moussaoui both had American flight instructors who spoke German and French respectively. Even the great Mossad could not have foreseen such a coincidence! The real Atta would have been able to respond to his instructors German small talk and the real Moussaoui would have been able to respond to his instructors French small talk. Atta just walked away and Moussaoui threw a fit! Neither responded because neither could. They were impostors, whose faces were probably disguised by a make up artist. Their mission was to frame the two innocent Arabs who were probably targeted by the Mossad at random.

The imposter was able to create a new Atta by using Atta's stolen passport from 1999 - the same passport that floated safely to the ground with a few burnt edges on 9-11. These strange inconsistencies tend to give support to Mohammed Atta's father's claim that he spoke over the phone with his son on September 12th, the day after the attacks. 81 Could a group of professionals have abducted and killed the real Atta in the days following the 9-11 attacks? Mossad agents, posing as "art students" were arrested after conducting some type of operation in Hollywood, Florida, the same small town that Atta stayed in! 82 So what happened to the real Mohammed Atta? To quote his grief stricken father: "Ask Mossad!".

So who, if not the "19 Arabs" was on those planes? That's the million dollar question! There are a number of alternative scenarios. Could some Israelis have been fanatical enough to have volunteered for such a suicide mission? Odd as that may sound at first, it is not out of the realm of possibility. The fact is, hard-core Zionist extremists have proven themselves to be every bit as fanatical, (more so), than Arab extremists.

A nation which can produce thousands of bloodthirsty Zionist extremists, Irgun war criminals, Mossad terrorists who blow up occupied buildings, assassins who kill Israeli Prime Ministers in full view of policemen, and crazed killers who have carried sickening massacres of Arab women and children; would surely be capable of recruiting a few fanatics willing to sacrifice for "the cause". This theory becomes even more plausible when we consider that only the pilots would have needed to know that the planes were on a suicide mission.

Still don't think Israel is capable of producing suicidal terrorists? Have you already forgotten the case of Dr. Baruch Goldstein?. Goldstein was a New York doctor and resettled in Israel. On February 25, 1994, Goldstein walked into a crowded Arab mosque in the occupied West Bank. With hundreds of worshippers kneeled in silent prayer, Goldstein sealed off the exit, and opened fire with a rapid-firing assault rifle, killing 29 and wounding many more. Goldstein, a father of four, was finally stopped and killed when the frenzied crowd overpowered him. With as many as 800 worshippers packed into the mosque, Goldstein surely could not have been expecting to come out alive. This was clearly a suicide attack. And what did Goldsteins mother have to say about her sons suicide attack? The Boston Globe revealed:

"The mother of Baruch Goldstein, the Jewish settler who massacred about 40 Palestinians in a Hebron mosque a week ago, says she is proud of her son. "I always thought to myself, When would someone get up and do such a thing? And in the end, my son did it," Miriam Goldstein told the weekly Shishi newspaper." 83

It gets even more sickening than that. Baruch Goldstein has become a folk hero among many of the crazed side-locked settlers who have encroached upon the West Bank. They have turned Goldsteins gravesite into a memorial and set up a website to honor his murderous deed! Look what these fanatics posted on the Goldstein memorial website:

Over the years, the grave has become a site of pilgrimage. Numerous people from all over the world come to pray and honor his (Baruchs) memory. 84

(emphasis added)

One has to wonder if some of Goldsteins admirers were flying those planes on 9-11. There is one interesting side note here which may or may not be of any significance. One of the two Israelis who died aboard the hijacked planes was Daniel Lewin - who was aboard the first plane to crash into the Twin Towers. The Haaretz News Service of Israel revealed that Lewin, was a one-time officer in the Israeli Defense Forces elite Sayeret Matkal commando unit. 85 Oddly enough, Lewins name is missing from CNNs comprehensive September 11 Memorial website.

Another possibility is that some other group of "patsies" was recruited for the operation. Perhaps some anarchists, or some leftover Marxists who thought they were going to bring down western capitalism. Or perhaps, the hijackers were another group of angry Arabs who weren't even aware of who their true handlers really were or what the broader strategic aim of the mission actually was. In the dark world of covert operations, agents are often kept ignorant of who it is that orchestrating the show.

Admittedly, these scenarios are speculative, but one thing that is not speculative is this: the hijackers were not the 19 men whose faces were shown on our TV screens!




Art continues the interview:

A - A lot of people listening tonight will have no idea of you and the year of Lazar - a lot of people of course are rather recent listeners and its been a decade although we have interviewed - I actually interviewed Bob Lazar not too long ago, John ...

J - Yes! I listened to it.

A - Ah - you did ... You heard it!

J - Yes!

A - Um - it might be really interesting to kind of get that period of time from you - for all the new listeners - there are so many ...

J - I served some time with Bob a month or so ago. I had an occasion to ferry an L 10-11 from where it was painted in the south - the name of the airport escapes me, but we took it up to Roswell - and as you know - Roswell is a - there is a huge airport - a repository for old airplanes - not old - well yeah - old airliners - there must be 200 of them there - just every kind you can imagine - L 10-11s, 747's, DC 10s, DC 9's ...

A - They are really kept there to avoid erosion that would occur elsewhere - right - its desert ...

J - Yeah - Mohave is one, Victorville is another - Roswell ... anyway - Well I went to Roswell - and coming back I took the bus from Roswell to Albuquerque and Bob picked me up and I spent a few days at his house and talked about old times and stuff ... and it was interesting, but how I got into all this was sometime in 1984-1985.  I picked up a book "Missing Time" by Budd Hopkins - ...

A - Of course!

J - and when I read it - I said, "Holy Smokes! This is true!" I mean - it gave me chills and at that time I was flying with American Transair, and I was based in New York and I gave Budd a call and ended up over at his house and uh - I spent a fascinating evening with him and ummm - and that got me really interested. And then ... Whitley Streiber wrote Communion and that was even more scary.  I remember reading that book - and I went to the store to get it and I got a call to take a flight from Las Vegas to Cleveland and I remember flying the 727 on the way to Cleveland and reading this thing and how scary it was ... but anyway I got interested in all this ... lets see ... what happened next ... I went on this little tour around Colorado, New Mexico - checking out all these rumours - it was just 'fascinating ' and then I started to give lectures - and I gave - and at that time I was on my soap box and ... "We 'deserve' to know this stuff." and at that time I had no idea how heavily involved the government was in this - I thought they were really just dismissing it.

A - You went at this almost like an obsession ....

J - It 'was' an obsession... and it almost caused a divorce - because my wife turned off the phone - I mean - changed my numbers and um - it was a very - very turbulent time. But anyway, in the summer of 1988, a guy called up, during all of this turbulence, and he said, "Hey! I'd like to get a copy of your tapes." I said, "No! I'm out of this. I'm done with it. It's just a mess.!" He said, "Well! If you ever need an appraisal of your house, I'll trade you. I'm an appraiser." I said, "I'll tell you what. I need my house appraised. I'll trade you the tapes for the appraisal."

A - laughs. "Oh yes!"

J - So, he came over and he brought this guy named Bob Lazar to hold the measuring tape. Well, we sat down and talked about UFOs and Bob started this rolling his eyes and Bob said, "I've never heard to much BS in my life." He said, "I worked at Los Alamos. If this were true, I would have known it. I have the higher clearance."  And, you know - people who have a II clearance say they have the highest.  So anyway, over the next few months, we got together and me and Bob and I kept feeding Bob information and like about October or November, it became apparent to him something was going on, and I think there was two or three things I had said ...  One - I had said there was a facility called YY-II -  a secret facility and that's where they keep the live aliens and I mentioned something else ... I forget what it was - but anyway, his friends at Los Alamos wrote him back and said, "Indeed there is a YY-II, but that doesn't mean their's an alien there, but there was a secret area ... but anyway ...Bob decided to re-enter the scientific community and Bob called Dr. Teller. I was there when he made the call and I reminded Dr. Teller of when he was at Los Alamos and asked him if he (Bob) could re-enter the scientific community. Dr. Teller said, "Do you want to work in Livermore, California, or do you want to work out there at Nellis?  Bob said, "I want to work at Area 51".  Tell said, "Let me see what I can do."  Well, the next thing I know is Bob has three security interviews down at EG&G Facility here and he mentioned to me after the second interview - they said, "Do you know John Lear, and what is your relationship with him?"  Well Bob said, "Well! I know him. He's a person who sticks his nose where it doesn't belong." And Bob said when he told them that - what he didn't tell them that 'he' likes to stick his nose where it doesn't belong.

A. - (chuckles)

J - So anyway, the next thing I know is in December of 1988, Bob shows up at my house in the evening and sits down. I'm wiped out - sitting down doing some paperwork and Bob sit in a chair in front of my desk and Bob says, "I saw a disk today!"

A - Here's where I want to stop you and ask you a quick question - you know - when Bob first came to you at the point you are talking about right now, what do you think his motivation was?  Because - of course ....

J - Well - he told me what his motivation was. He said, "I saw a disk today". and I said, "What are you talking about? I said, "Theirs or ours?" He said, "Theirs!" I said, "Did you go to Area 51?" He said, "Yeah! I just got back!"  I said, "Then what are you doing 'here' Bob? This is fantastic! ...obviously they followed you. I said, "Why don't you find out what's going on and 'then' tell me? And he said, "Because you have taken so much flack over this ...

A - Yeah!

J - ... so much ridicule.  I just wanted to tell you that I saw it."   That was his motive.

A - So you think he was coming to you ... privately ... at that point ...

J - Yeah!

A - Just saying, "Look! What you believe ... its true ... I can verify it! It's true."

J - Right!

A - So, it was just because you're friends. He saw your struggle.

J - Right!

A - And from that point?

J - Well! From that point - uh - you know - he kept - he was ... Well he worked from December 1988 to March 21, 1989, which will always be a date that we'll always remember and that ... the Tuesday before ... the 21st was a Wednesday. The day before ... I was over to his house and he said, "Do you want to go and see a disk fly tomorrow?" I said, "Well, how?" and he said, "I know a place we can watch it and they always test on Wednesdays at sunset because that is the time this road is least traveled." So I said, "Okay! Let's go."  So Gene Haupt and me and Bob got in my motor home and I think Bob's wife was with us and we drove up there - just south of the black mail box, which we didn't know about then.

A - The now infamous black mail box...

J - Right! I set up the telescope and here comes this thing - from behind the mountains where Groom Lake was and it flitted around and I'm trying to focus this 8" Celestron telescope which was very difficult.

A - Bad idea!

J - But finally I go tit and I saw a disk that was oriented about 45 degrees to the horizon and it was glowing - it was yellowish orange and it was glowing - and it was settling back down behind the mountains and I said, "Quick Gene - take a look, (laughs) and as I stepped back from the telescope, I hooked the tripod leg and go tit off ... off the focus and of course, there's a big laugh about that - a nd at one time I had those tapes - all those tapes, but I'm moving out of my house now and I stored everything in the garage as far as tapes and UFO books, all the documents and everything and somebody came and stole half of it, including my UFO books and everything and I don't know who it was and I don't' expect it ... you  know ... I think it was just an accident that somebody took that stuff and that tape is gone.

A - Well . a telescope of that power would actually give you pretty good resolution - if you really managed to get it and old the focus ..(unintelligible)  

J - Well, I saw it - it was perfect. No doubt about it.

A - How much could you see beyond a glowing disk, John?

J - That was it!

A - That was it! No further details of the craft itself? Could you even estimate from distance - the size?

J. - No!  So, we stayed around for another couple hours and nothing happened, os we went home and so the next Wednesday night, I was on a trip - an airline trip and I couldn't go, but I called Bob and I said, "What's going on?" and he said, "We're going fishing tonight!", which I new they were going up to Groom Lake, and uh - which I knew - that night, I think him,  Annie, Wyatt, Keeley, and George Knapp went and that was the night that George got the film that he got. The third night which was the following Wednesday- was March 6th. And that's when we went up and we had all the geiger counters and the cameras and everything and that's the night we got caught and we were going down the road that accessed to the back gate of Groom Lake, and I kept saying ...
"C'mon! Lets stop here ..."

A - How close .. how close were you allowed to get?

J - About 10 miles.

A - 10 miles - so you were how far inside that 10 mile point?

J - uh - I think we were about 10 miles and we hand't even come to the security gate - that's way up in the ridge area.

A - I guess - what I'm getting at - is ... were you in an area where you could legally be?

J - Oh yeah - absolutely!

A - All right!

J - But we were going further - and I kept saying, "Okay! Lets stop!" and then we saw some headlights in front of us and I said, "Okay! Let's turn around. There's no use in trying to push this issue." I said, "We're not going to be able to get out now," and as we turned around, I forget who was driving - I think it was Bob's wife's sister, and I said, "Don't get stuck in the dirt," and se we turned around and we head as fast as we can down this road and there were these jeeps or vehicles following us and when I told this story - I said there were 4 and Bob says, "No! There were only two." I forget how any there were... but anyway, we got to a point almost to the road and we decided they were too close behind us - so we ... Bob says, "Let's stop. I can't afford to get caught. I'm going to go out into the desert... you guys can do what you have to do" ... and so we got out..  Bob went into the desert ... I set up the telescope and these guys pull up - form a circle - they had guns ... They said, "What are you guys doing?" and I said, "We're just looking at the stars." and they said, "Well! How come you were running away from us?"  I said, "We thought you might be dopers." and he said, "Well! We're not", and he said, "We need to see some I.D."  So everybody had to give their Social Security and their driver's license number and we were there about 1/2 an hour. They checked everything and they gave us the briefing, and they said, "We can't kick you off here - this is BLM land, but we can make it awfully difficult for you if you stay."  And we said, "Okay! We'll go!" and so they leave ... remember this is at night ... it's extremely dark - wa out in the middle of the desert - and we had a trunk open which cast a light and I'm loading stuff and we wait about 15 minutes and Bob comes out of the desert and we sit there laughing and joking about seeing flying saucers and so on and so on ... unbeknownst to us - the security team stopped just about 100 yards and they were filming us and they had a parabolic reflector and they were recording what we were saying. So, we pack up everything and we go and get on the road just where it meets 278 - and as we get on the road - I think its Knights or Lincoln County Sheriff stops us and they pull up and got the lights going and got the bull horn. He says, "All right! Everybody out! Put your hands on the car," And so we got out and put our hands on the car and he comes over and uh - we were there about an hour and checks I.D. and he was talking to somebody and pretty soon he comes up and says, "Look! I have only two questions." He says, "One - where's the gun?" because we had mentioned that Bob went out into the desert with a gun - and he says, "I want to know why there are 5 people here and there were only 4 when security stopped you." And so nobody said anything and I have to admit that I made one of the monumental mistakes of my life - and Bob Lazar will never - ever forgive me for this ... but its my nature ... when he asked for the driver's license, I said, "Mine's in the trunk" and so we had to open the trunk with all the geiger counters and film in there and after about an hour hemming and hawing and not giving him an answer - to anything - he said ...   and I remember this officer's name .... its a French name ... and he still works there for Lincoln County and I see him from time to time. He says, "Look! I don't know why I've been told to do this, but I've been told to let you guys go, so pack your stuff and get out of here."  So we packed up our stuff and left ... and the next morning, Bob got a call from his boss ...

A - If I can stop you, John  do you think you were let go - was because of the Lazar name?

J - Right!

A - Yeah! Okay!

J - They didn't want any more ... publicity ... so the next morning Bob gets a call from his boss - and he said, "Bob! Don't go to work - I'm going to pick you up" and he picked him up and drove him up to Indian Springs which is the center for security for the test site, and they pulled him out of the car with a gun in his ear and they said, "Bob - when we gave you this security clearance - it didn't mean that you were supposed to tell 'all' your friends about the flying saucers - do you want to work here or not?". And he was non-committal. He came home and told us about what happened. I said, "Bob - are you going back to work", and he said, "Probably not!" and I said, "Why?" and he said, "the main reason is ... the last time I went up ..." he said, "When I got on that boat, I remember getting into that 737 and getting off and I can't remember what I did up there ... and I can't work under conditions like that."


A - Okay John! We left off where essentially Bob said, "Nah! I don't think I'll go back to work there ...

J - Yeah! The last thing he said was he could remember getting on the 737 and he could remember getting off, but he couldn't remember what he did there. ... I had done - so in the next day or so - on Saturday - No .. on Sunday morning, I had done some interviews with George Knapp - I can't remember what the show was called, but we discussed UFOs and everything and that night he called me and he said, "John! You won't believe it, but the phones are ringing off the hook here ... People want more.  What can we do for an encore?  I said, "Well, maybe I can get Bob to come on and so that I talked to Bob and that ... and then on Monday night he did the news show where he showed them - in 'shadow' telling that when he worked up there  ... working on extraterrestrial craft -

A - Oh! That was a big broadcast.

J - and then a few days later, George Knapp, Bob Stova - who headed Channel 8 came up and George Knapp said "I have Bob here and want to talk to Lazar and want to see if he's telling the truth and I wanna' go ahead with a special." He said, "I need to get Bob Stova's permission. " So we sat here for an hour or tow and they grilled Bob this way and that and then finally Bob Stova said, "Okay! Go ahead and do it," and then George then did a 6-part documentary on Lazar.

A - Yeah! Very famous documentary - uh ... Channel 8 stayed .. really stayed very heavily on that and that was it? ...

J - That was pretty much it. Bob gave the Lazar tape which said what he learned up there and uh - We kept in touch for many years and Bob did 'Desert Blast' every year until he ran 'Desert Blast 13' ... was the last one that we ran ... that was the largest outlaw fireworks show west of the Mississippi and uh - we didn't do it again for several reasons - one - because we did 13 shows with tremendously high explosive displays and there wasn't one injury.  Bob said, We've gotten away with this long enough - for 13 years - lets bring this to a close ...

A - I've got a computer here and people can send questions as we go along and somebody is asking, "Well! That proves that Bob knew the schedule roughly of what was happening up there, but that doesn't necessarily prove the rest of his story."  How confident are you that everything that you were told by Bob was right on the money?

J - You know - I'm confident that everything he told me was true and I've heard that argument  also several times ... that he knew the schedule - but also and that maybe he was just a cook up there - so if he was a cook ... that means that they told the cooks when they were going to fly the flying saucers.

A - laughs - Yeah! That's a very good point - a very good point. But I'm gonna ...

J - There is no way I can prove all that happened, but I can just say ... "I believe it!"

A - Of course! And you can say what you believe you saw with your own eyes.

J - Yeah!

A - Do you have ... How much of an idea do you have with regard to the capability of the craft you saw fly - ... 'fly' is the wrong word I guess ...

J - Well! Bob said it had tremendous capabilities - it could certainly travel outside this solar system and go to other solar systems. The fuel - he worked on the propulsion system.  When you go to work there - everything is so compartmentalized - other than of the original briefing that he got where he learned - he got to where he knew a little of what was going on - they don't allow you to work on all aspects of it - everything - he had to pick on e field and his field that he picked was to try to duplicate the propulsion with present-day technology - and of course its impossible ... they are hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us and uh .. although we can understand how it works, there is no way we can contain an anti-matter reactor .

A - John! Uh... Bob got his hand on element 116.  uh - crucial to the operation of the crafts - of element 116.

J - That is the fuel.

Element 116

Element 116 has no uses as only about three atoms of this element have ever been made.


The essentials

Name: ununhexium
Symbol: Uuh
Atomic number: 116
Atomic weight: [ 292 ]
CAS Registry ID: 54100-71-9
Group number: 16
Group name: Chalcogen
Period number: 7
Block: p-block

Here is a brief description of ununhexium.

Standard state: presumably a solid at 298 K
Colour: unknown, but probably metallic and silvery white or grey in appearance
Classification: Metallic

An isotope of Element 116 (292Uuh) was identified in the reaction of 248Cm with 48Ca.
It is very shortlived and decomposes to a known isotope of element 114, 288114Uuq.


Here is a brief summary of the isolation of ununhexium.

Results published on the 6th December 2000 concerning recent experiments at Dubna in Russia
(involving workers from The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russian Federation;
The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, USA; The Research Institute of Atomic
Reactors, Dimitrovgrad, Russian Federation; and The State Enterprise Electrohimpribor, Lesnoy,
Russian Federation) describe the decay of the isotope 292Uuh
(produced in the reaction of 248Cm with 48Ca) to 292Uuq.

24896Cm + 4820Ca 292116Uuh + 4 n

This decayed 47 milliseconds later as follows to a previously identified isotope of elements 114, Uuq.

292116Uuh 288114Uuq + 42He

Historical information

Discovered by: Yu.Ts. Oganessian, V.K. Utyonkov, Yu.V. Lobanov, F.Sh. Abdullin, A.N. Polyakov,
I.V. Shirokovsky, Yu.S. Tsyganov, G.G. Gulbekian, S.L. Bogomolov, B.N. Gikal, A.N. Mezentsev,
S. Iliev, V.G. Subbotin, A.M. Sukhov, O.V. Ivanov, G.V. Buklanov, K.Subotic, M.G. Itkis, K.J. Moody,
J.F. Wild, N.J. Stoyer, M.A. Stoyer, R.W. Lougheed, C.A. Laue, Ye.A. Karelin, and A.N. Tatarinov

Discovered at: Dubna, Russia

Discovered when: 2000

A - The fuel ... did he ... you remember ... you don't have to answer these if you don't want to, but did he bring element 116 to our home?

J - No! It was at his house.

A - It was at his house ... you saw it yourself ...

J - Yes!

A - Huh! ummm - what became of the ... element 116 that he possessed?

J - No comment!

A - No comment! Okay! Um... Let me ask you something easy ... maybe its not easy ... umm... you are a pilot ... you've been a pilot all your adult life I guess... correct?

J - Yeah!

A - Something a lot of us wonder.. is .. how many pilots see these craft? - uh - a lot of people ... I've noticed something John, we get a lot more UFO sightings - when Mars is getting close and people are paying attention to the sky ... most people go around - pay attention to what is in front of them - or the road or whatever - they have to - they don't spend a lot of time looking at the sky ... ah - but pilots do - they spend a lot of time looking at the sky and many of us wonder - how many pilots actually see these things?

J - That's really a misconception - because when you are a pilot and flying an airplane - particularly in this day and age .. you are concentrating on what is going on inside the cockpit - during the nighttime - even if you have the lights turned down - there is no way you can see out the windows - I mean- you can press our eyeball against the window and see stars but its not like you can sit in your normal piloting position and see outside ... you can't.  And then during the daytime - uh - you know ... your attention isn't outside - I mean - you look out occasionally from time to time - so most of your concentration is inside - you are talking to the air-traffic control - you're monitoring the instruments and paying attention to flying.

A - so then ..

J - But - but - so in answer to your question ... how many many people see? ... not many.  I've heard some stories of guys who see stuff outside and of course, I may have been a little different. I spend a lot more time looking outside - um - I remember one of the last flights I made with a cargo airline and where its very late at night and I'm looking out ... I see this thing go streaking across the sky and go straight up and I thought ' oh gosh, I wish the crew had seen that so then I didn't say anything - and then it happened again and then I thought - well Gosh - maybe it'll happen again, so I said, "Hey you guys - look at this ... and it happened three more times.  I was - I don't know what it was .. it came streaking about 1/2 way across the horizon, directly over the airplane and then shot straight up ...

A - Uh - (at a loss for words) uh - okay! There is a milliion things I want to ask you about, for example: uh - Richard C. Hoagland, in the early years had some shocking stuff, he said about things that are on our moon - just incredible things - tall spires, structures and buildings and things - just incredible stuff - and people laughed - they ought not be laughing at that, huh?

J. No! Richard C. Hoagland inspired me to look into that and I ordered some prints from NASA and of course - when you order picures of the moon from NASA, and they don't come from NASA - there are three separate places where they come from and to go back to the middle 60's when NASA really realized what was going on, they had the lunar orbitor series - there were five camera ships they sent to the moon with fabulous detailed photographs of the moon - and when they came back, they were chock full of these buildings and arches, domes, and buildings and of ... you know ... there were people who spent their entire careers airbrushing this stuff out and then taking a picture of 'that' picture and that's what you would get for public information and thats the picture that got sent out to the pubic.  Once in awhile you could order a picture and they forgot to airbrush - or they didn't know it, and one thing they could never have imagined in the 60's - that in the 90's computer technolog would make it possible that we could scan a photograph like that and enlarge it and find the airbrush marks and find stuff that they didn't see - looking at the print. You can go right down and see little tracks and all kinds of stuff.

A - So - you think they're just erasing this stuff, they have been erasing stuff like crazy - to protect us from the truth?

J - Well yeah! They are having a  really hard time keeping this stuff from the public. I mean, every time you send something to Mars, something happens, it doesn't work, they have an accident. etc. We sent Clementine to the moon, it took all these fabulous pictures and it spun out of control and the guys at NASA think - you know - can we do this? Do you think the public is going to fall for this every single time? And some guy would say, "Well! They have so far and ...

A - Well then - you've been following Richard's career to some degree?

J - Absolutely! What a guy!

A - All right! Like a year ago, John, he suddenly came up with these photographs of Mars and you know I've done qite a bit of flying - I'm surely not a pilot - but you know - when you look at these photographs - the more recent ones of Mars - even I sat here and went, "Oh my God!" - it's like I'm looking down - on a damn city - like a city - it looks like a city from the air and buildings everywhere - square shapes that don't make any sense on Marts from pictures that were imaged just below the surface. I don't know if you'lve seen these or not - have you?

J - Which ones are we talking about?

A - Umm - they're fairly ... within the year ... recent pictures - withi a year - imaged kind of - some of the ...just below the ground - you know

J - Yeah! Yeah! sure ...

A - My God! they ...

J - You know - there are some taken above the ground that are equally fascinating.

A - They are ...

J - We are running into the same thing with Richard that we run in with UFO people as ... Everyone believes their own research, but when they hear another story ... "Oh that guy is full of B.S.!!"  and uh - so you kind of have to do your own - as you research this.  Now the last thing I came across ... have you seen the city of Tithonia?  Cydonia

A - Yes!

J - Okay! now that stuff is fascinating. I called up that guy at Redstar and said, "Send me that stuff - and what is so fascinating about it - is I don't know if you can do this today, but you used to be able to go to Malin Space Systems and download it - the film - yourself and look at it yourself - you didn't have to go buy a CD.

A - Yeah! - Its incredible stuff. I mean - to me - from the air - it looks very city-like. John  that would imply a gigantic civilization at least at one time - was on Mars - without question!

J - Yeah! When Bob was wrking at the test site, one of the things he saw was close-up views of Cydonia - they were taken at very close range - he said that the pyramid on Cydonia - you could see doors and windows and ... you know - there was no doubt - that was a place where somebody lived - and so - he and I had an occasion to drive down to LA - to pick up his jet car and when we were down there - we drove over to JPL and we wetn to see the guy - who was head of - um - was it Voyager that went ... I've lost my memory - what was the name of the ... was it Voyager II?  that went to Mars?

A - Well! It was Voyager!

EDITORS NOTE:  Viking   1976 - Viking   Mars Orbiter Images   Mars Space Missions  Mars Lander Photos   Mars Missions

J - Okay! So we went to see the guy who was head of Voyager imaging and we said - "Bob has been up to Area 51 and Bob saw these close up photos and um - but the photos which are released to the public - we don't see this particular photo "  We said, "This photo we saw was taken at a very low altitutde, uh - and at a specific angle," and we said, "Did ... was Voyager ever tasked - sent at a lower angle to take pictures and the guy said, "As a matter of fact, we did task it to go lower, but we didn't take any pictures."

A - (Art chuckles)

J - Now here's the beauty of this thing and this is how a coverup works - he knew that it went lower, but even he didn't have a high enough clearance - even though he was head of imaging - that that picture was taken.

A - Uh - John - why do you think that all of this is being withheld from us?  The whole thing - why?  Why are we being protected from this information? I mean ... On the one hand, people call us and say ...'I can take it ... " the fact that Brookings said that peeople would be disturbed and all that baloney ... I want to know." So the question is , who are we not being allowed to know? Why? Why keep it all secret?

J - The answer is - and that isin the form ... I'd like to do soemthing with you , but we'll need a good 10 or 15 minutes because what I'm going to do is say ... "Art Bell - the government has chosen you because of your vast experience with th epublic and what you think they can handle and we decided - that we are either going to release all this information or not - but we are going to tell you everything we know and you decided - Yay or Nay!"

A - Yeah!

J - and that this would be 'YOU' Art Bell - it will you YOU!

A - Yeah! I would think that I was being set up - John!

J - Really!!!

A - Yeah! Big time set up -

J - When we have 10 minutes of clear time - I have written the briefing you are going to get from the government and then after that briefing - that comes with slides and videos and of course you can't see them, but I'll talk you through them and then after ou see them - I'll say - Art -  Yay or Nay!!

A - while laughing - Art says - So you are going to give me a briefing, huh?

J- Yes!

A - Okay! We'll do that in a few minutes. - uh Apollo 17 - Apollo 17 - or will that - can you give us a brief - I mean - was there some mission with regard - was there something about Apollo 17 that wasn't fully public?

J - Yes! Apollo 17 landed in the Taurus Litrow area, (see above at the beginning of this interview) which is extremely dangerous - um - there is mountain peaks that go 8 to 10 thousand feet - a round area - but what they were tasked to do on the second day was to go to Nansen and Nansen is a large, obvioiusly constructed opening inside the south masif and they wanted to take a look at it - so essentially its been covered up, but thereis a website where you can read the whole thing, see the pictures of Nansen - you get exact - what the astronauts said, which its very, very interesting what they said - uh - what I'll do at the end of ths broadcast - I'll going to e-mail you about 10 or 15 websites - that we are talking about - that you can pass them on if you wwnat - and maybe you can look at Apollo 17 and Project Redstar and all the rest of them.

A  - All of this - uh - an Apollo mission - our space proram in genereal - How much of this would have to be hidden? Now - of course its worth mentioning - that we have not gone back to the moon ... not with men as one would have expected by now ... or Mars or anything else ... its like ... its kind of like ... I don't know - were' being kept home.

J - Right! We were told to stay away - we were given that edict by the aliens - they said, "You will NOT come back here - and ... i'm not sure exactly which particular Apollo series it was and we said, "Look! We've got all these Saturn 5's - it will be hard to keep that from the public," and they said "Okay! - one or two more and 'that's it!" Apollo 17 was the lsat one and the NASA excuse was , "We don't have any more funding and we can't do it and they have - still had 3 remaining Saturn 5's fueled and ready to go and they were 18, 19, and 20.

A - The threat - that stopped us - what was the 'or else' part?

J - It was just '"or else" and you know - I don't know exactly what was said, and I didn't talk to anybody who heard the threat - it was just enough threat - that "Don't come back here - you're not welcome."

A - Yeah!


A - laughing - I've been set up before , but it doesn't hurt to listen - laughing - you know - its kind of interesting - over the years of doing this program, - so many years now - I've often wondered why I've been allowed to do it at all (laughs) so let's say the government chose me - they were going to use me as an outlet to release this information - lets just say they did that and they took me to a briefing ...

John Lear's Disclosure Briefing

As presented on the 11/2/03 show:

Art Bell: Let's say the government chose me. They were going to use me as an outlet to release this information. Let's just say they did that and they took me to a briefing. Then what John?

John Lear: They whisk you to Washington, DC, you get limo-ed to this building, beautiful building, you go up into this room. They say, 'Art, you're the guy and if you give us the go ahead, we are gonna release everything we know to the public. If you decide to go ahead, all major networks will be provided with information on all aspects of the cover up and no type of information will be withheld. Because of the deal for immunity for all participants of the cover up provides that nothing, no artifacts, no piece of information be withheld.'

So here's what happened, Art. We'll use some videos and stills. Our first UFO recoveries were in the late '30s. We made a couple in the beginning of the '40s and then came Roswell, which the public found out about. We got 2 live aliens from Roswell. One died shortly there after and one lived till 1956. And we found out so far there are 18 different alien species that we know about monitoring Earth. Some are good and some are hostile, most are indifferent. We found out that we are the experimental product, if you will, of an alien race who we never met and we don't know who they are. All we know is that the Greys are cybernetic organisms, glorified robots if you will, who work here at the behest of their employers monitoring us through abductions. We were never able to find out what the experiment is all about except that we have been externally corrected about 65 times. And they, the aliens, refer to us as "Containers." There's been speculation that the souls our bodies contain is the reason for the experiments. But nothing's been proven or determined.

Since 1938 we've lost over 200 aircraft due to UFO hostilities and thousands of soldiers in all kinds of different actions with aliens. Since that time several hundred thousand civilians have disappeared with no trace. Several thousand of those were eliminated by us because of their chance encounters with the aliens which we could ill afford to have publicized.

A slightly more frightening phenomena known as "human mutilations" have occurred on a regular basis and are similar to "cattle mutilations". In that the human or humans are taken from the street, so to speak, and returned to the same area about 45 minutes to an hour later with their rectums cored out, their genitals removed, eyes removed from their sockets, and completely drained of blood. In all cases it appeared that the mutilation procedures occurred while the persons were still alive and conscious. One of our scientists speculates that apparently the human specimens had to be alive for the samples to be worth anything. Abductions occur on a daily basis throughout the United States to at least 10% of the population.

When we were first made aware this we protested to the little grey being we had held in captivity at the YY-2 facility in Los Alamos, but a deal was struck that in exchange for advanced technology from the aliens we would allow them to abduct a very small number of persons and we would periodically be given a list of those persons abducted. We got something less than the technology we bargained for and found the abductions exceeded by a million fold than what we had naively agreed to.

In 1954, President Eisenhower met with a representative of another alien species at Muroc Test Center, which is now called Edwards Airforce Base. This alien suggested that they could help us get rid of the Greys but Eisenhower turned down their offer because they offered no technology.

At this point it became apparent to all involved that there was no such thing as a God, at least how the public perceives God. Certainly some form of computer recorder stores information and an occasional miracle is displayed by the aliens to influence a religious event. This so unnerved Eisenhower that he had "In God We Trust" put on paper money and coins and put in the Pledge of Allegiance to reaffirm the public belief in God. Shortly after this it was determined in meetings between the US and the Russians that the situation was serious enough that a cold war should be manufactured as a ruse to divert attention of the public away from UFOs towards some other scary threat like the H-bomb. It was also decided to keep the ruse secret from any elected or appointed officials within both the US and Russian governments as it took so long to vet these officials and the ruse was easier to manage if the top people didn't know about it.

In the late 1950's NASA was formed to compartmentalize, containerize, and sanitize information from all space platforms and vehicles. We sold NASA to the public claiming that all information would belong to them but they got very little and even that was highly sanitized.

Our first efforts were to keep the public from learning about Venus. A very similar planet to Earth and it's population is very similar to us just technologically advanced. We have learned a lot from them starting with the Russian Venera 1 and US Mariner 2, we made Venus look like a lead melting, volcanic surface, spewing sulfuric acid into a pressurized atmosphere 90 times that of Earth. And as often the case we over did it and we wondered why nobody asked how a parachute survived a descent into 800-degree air. We set up operations in Pine Gap, Australia to preclude any prying eyes figuring out what we were up to. We regularly eliminated through extreme prejudice anybody who was part of the operation and made the least little tiny threat about disclosure or dissatisfaction with the operation. Any space mission that included Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Mariner, Voyager, Clementine, and all the rest. All data initially came transmitted to Pine Gap then it was relayed to JPL or wherever after sanitizing. We had a little trouble with amateur radio operators but we figured out how they could intercept these signals but we managed to deal with that.

When the Russian threat began to fade we introduced Vietnam which kept the public occupied for over ten years. The cover up and personnel to run the operation began to get bigger and bigger and required more and more money. We were forced to inflate the defense budget, which soon not enough. Then we got into the drug business which was still not enough. We were the ones that looted the savings and loan industry and Wall Street to boot. It is so out of control now most people want immunity and want out. But there is so much secrecy and so many double and triple blinds in place that it's unlikely that this thing can ever be dismantled. And even if you give us the go ahead to spill the beans to the public it's unlikely they will get anything more than "yes, we recovered a flying saucer and yes, there was an occupant" but that's all we're gonna tell ya.

So go ahead and roll the tape for Mr. Bell. What you see here are what human mutilations look like. That one was a male about 27 years old. That one is film of dead aliens being pulled from the wreckage of a craft that crashed in Olancha, California in the '50s. That craft you see over there was over 250ft. in diameter and had to be buried on the spot. That site is in Utah near Dugway Proving Grounds. The object you're looking at now is the as the Kecksburg Acorn which was brought to Wright Patterson in the middle '60s. There's Frank Drake trying to force information out of a being tied down to a stretcher. He was supposedly from Tao Ceti.

These pictures you're looking at now are structures on the Moon. That's the tower in Sinus Medii and it's over seven miles tall. And that thing over there is what we call the Colossus of Oguram(sp) in Mare Crisium. We don't know what it does but the machine itself is bigger than Brooklyn, New York. Now those are videos of the domes covering the craters. As you can see, some are in a very advanced state of decay.
Interview with Art Bell, Hoagland/Ken Johnosn

These are 5 second slides of the 18 different alien species we are looking at. That one there is the most gruesome looking. The guards at one facility are carefully indoctrinated over several months being shown pictures similar to but not exactly like the alien. Only when he'd been acclimatized, so to speak, of the horrible looking beings are they allowed to stand in security positions. Before these acclimatizations were done, we had two guards die of a heart attack as the aliens came down the hallway unexpectedly.

And this last clip is of the Kennedy assassination. You've heard of the second gunman theory? Well, this is the second camera that recorded exactly what happened and we had 4 gunmen. And the bottom line was that Kennedy had to go. He insisted on releasing what little alien information we had told him about and he was trying to withdraw troops from Vietnam which we were using as a diversion for the public. After Kennedy we never told any President anything. Nixon knew because he was briefed as VP in 1952. That's how we knew where to take Jackie Gleason to Homestead Air Force Base to see the alien bodies we had in storage there.

And that's about it. What say you Art Bell? Do we brief the public? Yay or nay?"

A - I guess ... my first response would be - having heard even one quarter of that information - if I really heard it from a legitimate government source ... that I was about to be killed ... I would assume I would be in mortal danger ... I mean - its just - uh - any portion of that information would get a person killed if they knew it - much less - I - uh - its just ludicrous John, I would never be put in such a sitatuion. I would never be at such a briefing, because such a briefing is never, never and will never be made - EVER!

J - Well, art! Here's the deal - ... is people want to know - the say, "I can take it - tell me."  I mean - the public can take it - Well - do you want to release it or not?

A - Now wait a minute - are you saying ... Well - well -they can't - I agree ...

J - You have been given this briefing... the government has decided ... "Look , We're tired of covering this thing up..."

A - This assumes that I really believe that they would release it as opposed to killing me! Right?

J - They aren't going to kill you if they give you this briefing - they would just say - "Here it is."

A - No! Once I said, "No!"  "Yes or no" - Well I suppose, "No" Once I said it, then I'd have to be killed, wouldn't I?

J - No! No!

A - Well - other people have been killed because that was part of your briefing. +++

J - Yeah! But - well that was just up to 1972 - up until 1972, there was 572 people eliminated from the program because they disagreed wtih the way it was going, but after 1972, they don't kill them anymore.  What they do - I don't know! I have my suspicions - of what they do!

A - Why do you imagine ...

J - Don't bring that into the argument ...

A - Why do you imagine they let people like you on radio shows like this and saying these things?

J - The government ... the coverup is so firmly in place now that its not a threat to them.

A - It doesn't matter!

J - uh uh! I mean ... how many people are we talking ? It doesn't matter. People think its interesting and then they go on with their business.

A - All right!

J - My point is, if you knew the whole story, you wouldn't be pushing for disclosure.

A - No! I wouldn't - of course I wound not!  I believe that Brookings was accurate - In fact I believe even more than that . I spent all these years - getting e-mails and talking to people in the Bible belt - John! I've talked to a lot of them. I know how the fundamentalists feel... and it would turn us UP SIDE DOWN!

J - I agree with you. Last night I talked to the guy who is heading up the Disclosure Project in Washington, D.C. I read him the exact same thing I read to you ... and he said, "Yeah! Go for it! Let's do it! We have a right to know" ... and I'm wondering "How can you possibly think like that?"

A - Um! How can he? I've asked thes ame questions.. really I have, and ou get a wonderful speech in return - that also makes sense - you know. You get the patriotic angle - you get the ... you know ... we're a part of all that's happening - about these profound issues - they 'so' profound ... we really have a right to know and the argument 'sounds good' - it really sounds good.  I also know what would happen if this information got out.

J - You're 100% right. And that's how I believe. And they bring up the argument, "Well! I'm tired of the government lying to us - and that's what a government does - they lie to us.  They lie to us continually - but in this particular issue - they are correct!

Here are the web links that John Lear provided in support of his data:






John Lear - UFOs and Aliens
edited by Branton

(INPUT 001)

During the late 1980's and early 1990's, John Lear, a Lockheed L-1011 Captain and son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet, started coming forward with some startling revelations concerning the subject of aerial phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects. During his lecture at the 1989 MUFON conference in Las Vegas, titled 'UFO COVERUP, HISTORY AND CURRENT SITUATION' during which he spoke to an audience of over 400 of the nations leading UFOlogists, Lear made some startling comments.

One man who we will refer to extensively elsewhere claims to be a deep level intelligence operative within the U.S. Government who has access to some very sensitive and top secret information concerning the government's involvement with 'alien' studies. This individual, who refers to himself only as 'Commander X', made the following comments concerning John Lear and his possible intentions and motives for his outspokenness.

"...One can't help but be impressed with the name John Lear. After all, his father, William was the famous aviation pioneer who built the Lear Aircraft Company, which today holds down many defense contracts and employs thousands.

"Lear - the son - is also highly regarded in aviation circles, having flown a variety of over 150 test aircraft, and having won every award granted by the Federal Aviation Administration.

"Until a few years ago (early 1980's) John Lear had little or no interest in UFO's--he hadn't thought terribly much about the subject, which seemed 'way out' to him. Then he chanced to talk to a friend who had been stationed in England when a UFO touched down at a military complex there, and was seen by U.S. servicemen on duty--small creatures and all. Intrigued, Lear began asking around and found some of his former associates in the CIA--for whom he had flown a number of missions--willing to confirm that government leaders knew a great deal more about UFO's...then the public was being let on.

"Lear discovered to his utter amazement that the U.S. military actually possessed craft (ie. aerial craft of unknown origin - Branton), some of the vehicles were even in partially working order. Apparently, the Americans had initially gotten their hands on these... disk-shaped devices as far back as the late 1940's, upon recovery of a 'saucer' that the Nazi's had somehow captured during World War II. Apparently, some of the lethal 'death weapons' we subsequently developed were based on facets of this (recovered) technology.

"Furthermore, Lear believes that any number of flying discs 'fell' into our hands when they crashed in the southwest in the late 1940's and early 50's.

"Scattered around the various crash sites were the bodies of small humanoid beings, the EBE's. At least one alien was found still alive and he, along with his badly burned bodies, were flown to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, home of the infamous 'Hanger 18'; this final destination, the so-called 'Blue Room', (is the one) which Senator Barry Goldwater has not even been permitted to penetrate.

"Lear's scenario also includes the suspicion that the government has made secret deals with the 'aliens', actually exchanging humans for advanced technological data. Supposedly, the government was to be provided with a list of those being abducted so they could maintain a vigil over them after their experience and make sure that they were not being harmed in any way. Unfortunately, the 'aliens' took advantage of the situation, taking away tens of thousands for God knows what purpose, and implanting small transmitters inside their brains (ie. of those who were fortunate enough to be abducted and RETURNED - Branton) which can be activated for some sinister 'mission' at some prearranged future moment...

"According to friend and foe alike, John Lear wears a variety of masks. Sometimes what he has to say lacks credibility, but just when you think you've caught him with his jump suit down, evidence pops up that what he has to say may not be so totally off the wall. For example, others with military connections have recently come forward to verify part of his amazing saga..."

(INPUT 002)

In late 1992, Art Bell of the CBC Radio Network (Phone #'s: 702-385-7213; 385-721; 383-8255) in it's "Talk Of The West - Coast To Coast AM", KDWN - Las Vegas, interviewed John Lear and Rod Madley. The following are highlights of the subjects discussed over the 6-hour interview period which ran well into the morning hours:

-- Lear, the 49 year old Jet Pilot holds 18 world speed records, including a speed record for round-the-world flight in the Lear Jet in 1966. He has worked for 28 different Aircraft Corporations.

-- He was initially 'turned on' to UFO research after Gen. Gordon Williams confirmed to him the landing of a 'grey' craft at Bentwaters AFB, England.

-- According to Robert Lazar, while working at Los Alamos, N.M., he learned that files in a restricted 'library' there revealed that PROJECT GRUDGE (Blue Book) was still in existence as of 1988, although it had supposedly closed down in 1949. Lazar was hired at S-4 with the help of long time friend Dr. Edward Teller, who referred him to EG&G. Bob's superiors stated that any revelations he made about UFO's could only be worded as 'his opinion', whereas DIRECT revelation would be a technical breach of his security clearance.

-- At one point John Lear and a group of investigators went out to view and video-tape the 'disks' which Bob Lazar had said could be seen test flying at a certain time and place. While on PUBLIC BLM LAND the group was chased by 10 Wackinhut 4x4 'Broncos' and apprehended. They demanded to see their identifications at (machine) gun point. They were later hassled for about an hour by the Lincoln Co. Sheriff's Dept.

-- Indian Springs, NV., is the headquarters for all security at the test site.

-- When his superiors learned that Lazar told Lear and others of the 'test flights', they took him in and with a gun to his head demanded to know why he did it.

-- Ron Madley, a 'Cadcam' (computer design) administrator for a Houston, TX., engineering company, refers to 'events 1-6' of NASA shuttle films taken aboard the space shuttle DISCOVERY and others, some of which were shown on national television in the Fall of 1992.

-- According to Madley, his father Carl knew several astronauts who stated that at EVERY SINGLE SPACE SHOT at Cape Canaveral (Kennedy) at least one UFO was seen by either ground personnel or the astronauts, at or just after the launch. This was confirmed by a Dr. Gary Henderson. Carl Madley was one of the first Lear Jet pilots, and experienced a UFO sighting which was witnessed by others wherein he intercepted a flying disk, which played 'cat and mouse' with him for several minutes. Afterward he was interviewed by (govt. agent) J. Allen Hynek, who confirmed the UFO sightings by the U.S. astronauts.

-- Event 2-3 were the incidents that were broadcast publicly, and were only a small part of the entire file. The events were recorded by cameras mounted outside of shuttle, debunking the theory that the 'flashes' were a reflection from inside the cabin. The 'events' were named in the order they were found when the film was studied, not necessarily in chronological order. Event #1 was seen late one night by a computer engineer at the Goddard Space Flight Center. While looking at a live picture in the 'big screen' he saw, according to Madley, "several little flickering lights and a larger object pulsating towards the rear of the shuttle. The camera then panned down into the cargo bay and after several minutes of no motion [it] zoomed into an area of the UR satellite. The ground controller commented to the astronauts about Camera-D getting 'hot', and that they could either return control of the camera over to ground control or they could switch cameras. After a discussion ensued they finally got control of the cameras...they panned the cameras back and the objects were gone."

-- "Events 2-4 were filmed by a man in Maryland off of a down-link from NASA (as part of a College project). Event 2 is essentially a night scene over the earth that occurred on Sept. 16th (1992)... what you see as the lights on the planet at night are going around on islands and continents... you see several small white lights that appear on the screen. The main event that people see in this is an object that appears at the edge of the horizon and appears to almost track or follow the horizon as it goes up. After several seconds of this the object abruptly makes a right-hand turn, approximately a 45 degree angle... a very sharp turn. And then leaves the atmosphere apparently and goes out into space... this is the event most people have seen... nationally... then you see what appears to be one or two streak of laser-like objects coming from the bottom of the screen, up and towards this object and one other that's on the right hand side. These are fast-moving... streaks... moving much, much faster than any of the other objects in the view."

-- "Event #3 is interesting, it's a shot of the 'day' side of the earth from high orbit... it shows a multitude... probably a couple of dozen objects that are flying in all different directions across the screen. Everybody that I've shown this to, and I've had the opportunity over the past 5 months or so to show this... people working both at Johnson Space Center in Houston, I've shown it to people at Sandia, people at a couple of Air Force bases... and basically their comments to me are universal, these people don't know one another, and they'll explain: 'My God that looks like STAR WARS!' And I said 'the Defense Program or the movie?' and they say 'the movie!'"

-- "The interesting thing in event 3 we've found... is one of the larger objects... coming from the lower left to the upper right hand portion of the screen... as it gets about a third of the way up from the bottom there's one of these fast moving streaks that comes in from the right-hand side of the screen and intersects the path that this object is on, in fact it intersects it at the exact moment that it is in line with it, and you see what appears to be another 'piece' of either the first object or the second object break off and start travelling off into the lower right. If the object was hit this doesn't make any sense because the object should now be tumbling in the other direction but it isn't. This has led some of the people I've shown it to suggest that perhaps the object... ejected something... perhaps some sort of a defense maneuver. But it does appear that something has been hit and we've caught that on film." (Note: If the 'beam' weapons were part of the SDI 'Star Wars' program, one might wonder HOW the 'officials' were able to tell whether they were Hostile-Grey or Benevolent-Human occupants? Although the 'human' occupants encountered are at times less then friendly, they are by average far less threatening than the 'reptilian-grey' species. Just what is the present 'official' attitude on the Greys? HOPEFULLY this was not a case of elements in the one- world (Illuminati) government who have been 'taken over' by the grays, attacking a relatively 'benevolent' human group AS THEY HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO DO IN THE PAST. Whoever the 'good guys' or 'bad guys' are, 'us' or 'them', it is certain that a 'STAR WARS' is actually taking place 'out there' - Branton)

-- "Event #6... I went down in April to the Johnson Space Center," Ron Madley alleges, "the only branch of NASA that is keeping and recording all the missions. The public and the press have a building that they would go to at NASA for information... Fortunately I know that the film and all the photographs are not really kept in that building... the films are archived and kept by a PRIVATE corporation that has contracted out to NASA on-site and they're kept in another building at NASA.. Jim Oberg through his incompetence has been a real help here because it was HE who actually let me know which building it was that had all the material... I know the exact times and days of the sequences I needed... I was getting the runaround basically, so I thought well, the fastest way to do this... is cut out the middle men and go directly to the source... so at this building... where all the photo labs are, I essentially walked in and explained what the situation was... they proceeded to let me upstairs and into a secure room where this video was kept... I found the first 4 events with no problem at all, and they were pretty incredible, I was very impressed with the quality... event 5 was discovered and located by a man in Nebraska who was listening to his short-wave radio and heard one of the astronauts exclaim: 'WHAT'S THAT! WHAT IS THAT?'... In the segment of film... at the moment where this should have been there was a JUMP in the TIME CODE and a change in the picture... the total time was about 14 MINUTES that was gone... I've never seen that happen before... I had gone in fully believing NASA's explanation (i.e. that the objects were ice, debris or the firing of 'attitude adjusters')."

-- "Event 6... is a color shot over the earth in the daytime, and for 3 seconds we see an object go from left to right across the view... The object appears at first to rotate or flicker as it goes across... out of the 87 frames in which the object... should be there, there are 14 frames in which the object disappears completely... the object stops and starts at it travels through space, it is NOT a constant motion."

-- One man working at Sandia informed Madley that event No. 6 was an 'alien craft', based on the flight performance of UFOs which they had investigated. They showed him a film they possessed showing a similar object.

-- According to Lear, Bob Lazar stated that the alien craft could bend the 'fabric' of space and travel at speeds exceeding that of light. The theory stated that they could somehow 'lock on' to a distant point in space and through some gravimetric wave amplification 'bend' the space-time fabric and enter hyperspace, and essentially 'be' at the distant point which they had locked on to. The subspace travel would be instantaneous because of the zero-time factor, and the majority of the 'time' would consist of acceleration and deceleration of the craft.

-- Madley stated that he has a copy of a NASA document that refers to the date and times when the 'event-5' film was 'checked out' and studied by others. It stated that 4 U.S. Representatives, including a Dr. Pipps, studied the films on three occasions. On the first visit Dr. Pipps referred to it as the 'lightning' film. The second visit to the film library (also to check out the event-5 film) was, according to the document, in regards to a 'Congressional Inquiry', whereas the stated purpose of the third visit was written down as a 'UFO Congressional Inquiry'. Madley stated that a Helen Bentley, a U.S. representative from Maryland, was behind the inquiry. When Madley tried to contact her she was not at all cooperative, although she admitted her involvement when he pressed the issue and presented her with the evidence (letters signed by her, etc.).

-- Lear states that ONE of the reasons for the initial cover-up may have been due to the governments inability to provide an ENTIRE answer to the UFO question (the fear of opening up a 'Pandoras Box') and the economic, political and especially RELIGIOUS complications and questions that might arise as a result.

-- Some of the 'Element 115' in the government's possession is in Los Alamos and some is at the 'Test Site' according to Lear and Lazar.

-- Lear stated that some types of 'Greys' have 4 fingers with no thumb (some with and some without 'webbing'), some have 3 fingers, some six fingers. Some types of greys have no 'toes' but have 'sock-like' feet. 'Some' types have 'colorless' blood which does not carry oxygen and which does not contain 'cells' as we know them. This description came from a government surgeon known by Leonard Stringfield who performed 'autopsies' on alien cadavers.

-- Lear states that the 'greys' can manipulate a human soul (or astral form?), remove it from it's body and do all manner of 'experiments' on them (Note: Some abductees have in fact reported having had their spirit-astral forms 'jerked' from their physical bodies while inside alien craft by the greys, who were sometimes accompanied by shadow-like phantasmical or paraphysical beings - Branton).

-- The Dulce (pronounced Dul-see) base has been called "Section-4" by some of the individuals who have formerly worked there.

-- AIDS was intentionally engineered, and released through laced smallpox vaccines in Africa, and laced hepatitis vaccines in America, etc.

-- There were several firefights with alien craft and their (grey) occupants in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war, many of them reliable incidents although hushed-up by the government, "...one that we have a lot of knowledge of is one that occurred in Cambodia, and what was frightening to our side [who were] fighting these [creatures] is in the disk... were parts of human beings, arms, legs, heads, that kind of stuff."

-- The host, Art Bell, mentioned an incident which was reported to him that allegedly involved a drilling project not far from the 'Test Site' and 'Area 51'... "and they got down 2000 feet plus, the story goes, and began to bring up human flesh, fresh flesh and bones..." (Note: this is not the only story of it's kind. One older account involved a drill bit that broke into 'empty space' somewhere in North America, exact area uncertain, and pulled up flesh and hair from what appeared to be a hairy animal or humanoid creature - Branton).

-- The 'Horrible Truth' became evident to the Government during the 'Dulce' incident, when our very top, TOP scientific staff were killed. Due to the former false views of the alien question which had been reinforced by the 'grays' themselves, the government had commissioned a guarded release of information concerning the seemingly non-threatening gray-aliens... that was BEFORE the so-called 'Dulce Wars' broke out. Because of the way information seeps down from the higher to the lower echelons they were unable to prevent Spielberg--and others who had been commissioned or inspired to make movies or documentaries about 'friendly' little aliens--from producing their warped version of the greys, the abductions, etc. Lear believes that the reason Linda M. Howe's project [involving MJ-12's release of information] came to a mysterious halt about the same time the 'Horrible Truth' or the 'Grand Deception' was discovered, was probably due of those revelations.

-- Lear referred to a video describing the whole Robert Lazar story and related information on the 'bases', etc., which is available from Tri-dad., 1324 S. Eastern., Las Vegas, Nevada 89104.

-- One of the technical 'marvels' that Bob Lazar allegedly saw at the test site was a generator the size of a small ice chest that put out a tremendous amount of energy (in the '100 megawatt' range).

-- There is one top-secret weapon the U.S. government has developed which is so devastating that there are 'certain alien groups' that are trying to suppress it.

-- One caller who allegedly held a 'Q' clearance confirmed--via a friend of his with an even higher 'Cosmo' clearance who worked at the Nevada Military Complex--that 'two' alien groups contacted the government. One was human-like and offered to help us with our spiritual-social development but refused to give the government technology - the government refused their offer; and the next was the 'Greys' which offered technology in exchange for the government keeping their existence secret from the public, etc. According to John Lear the second group turned out to be LIARS and did not deliver the technology [or installed it only in so-called 'joint' underground bases which THEY controlled. The main source of U.S. government technology apparently came from crashed disks (mostly 'grey'), some of which were blown out of the sky by the U.S. military].

-- Wickenberg, Arizona is an apparent site of an underground base, 'abduction' activity, etc. The government allegedly took control of a mine in the area some years ago.

-- Earlier in the century 1 in 40 citizens reportedly experienced 'abductions'. As of the early 1990's the figures are closer to 1 in 10, according to Lear.

-- There are 'tunnels' and base complexes that connect China Lake, California City, Norton AFB, Edwards AFB, Tonopah, Groom Lake, Nevada Test Site, Los Alamos, Dulce, Norad, Oklahoma and to the East. Lear spoke of a friend whose father was or is a hydraulic engineer on the tunnel digging machines which are 28 ft. in diameter.

-- Lear stated that he got within one week of interviewing a man who allegedly worked in the 'base' on Mars, before he 'disappeared'.

-- Reference to possible 'alien' influence behind the Trilateral Commission and the 'New World Order' as well as Adolph Hitler's Third Reich.

-- Reference to 'Casey & Associates' in Seattle, Wa., founded by an individual who was involved with several top 'government' programs, and his knowledge of the secret governments intended use of mass genocide as a means of population control.

-- There are apparently two types of entities which have gone by the name of 'THE ORANGE': 1) A human like type with (reddish) orange hair; and 2) a reptilian type.

-- One woman called in reference to an underground base at the Palloma Ranch 50 miles west of Phoenix (where she lived), which was located near the world's largest nuclear power plant. Much of the plant is underground and utilizes 'migrant' workers in underground installations. She allegedly heard that there was an underground connection between this facility and the 'La Palloma' ranch in California. She also referred to 'patients' at a hospital where she worked who spoke of 'people with lasers' that had chased them through several states, one of the patients was in a very bad condition, had a high temperature, etc. One being came into the unit in a long white coat trying to pass itself off as a doctor and talked to the woman and a fellow worker 'through telepathy' and 'told' them if they pursued it they 'would be dead.' Before 7 A.M. the two patients were removed from the hospital.

-- 3000 feet below the Test Site there is allegedly a huge cavern which can hold 25,000 combat troops, and 500 feet above that there is allegedly another area which can hold 500 officers. Many of the bases were excavated by 'clean' nuclear explosions.

-- Lear refers to evidence that intense conflict exists between at least two of the alien species (the two most common, the 'Nordics' and the 'Greys'?).

-- Attacks by the 'greys' on people while in the dream state, via electronic or radionic rays.

-- Reference to a 'lattice resonator' allegedly captured in an underground base in the Hartz mountains of Germany in 1945.

-- How the aliens use cold fusion in order to 'pack' the molecules into tight and seemingly impenetrable forms, as part of the construction of alien craft 'hulls'.

-- According to Bob Lazar the greys are 'terrified' of the human race, possibly explaining why they're so intent on hiding their true nature from the masses.

-- Reference to an underground base near Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.

-- One woman told of a conversation that was 'overhead' between two older men. Part of the conversation included the statement that they had to get back to 'their space station'.

-- EMS - Emergency Broadcasting System hardware used to manipulate human behavior.

-- Suppression of information by MUFON and other large 'infiltrated' UFO organizations.

-- 'Crop Circle' phenomena in 27 countries.

-- Military test craft capable of mach 5 to 15.

-- The so-called 'Locust' or 'Preying Mantis' type entities seen with the saurian greys during encounters.

-- Strange underground drilling and mechanical noises heard under Sierra, California and throughout the Rocky Mountains, etc.


by John Lear

Aliens at Area 51?

The following statement is a "working hypothesis" written by John Lear on December 29, 1987 and revised on January 14 and again in March. This revision is dated August 25, 1988.

John Lear is a Lockheed L-1011 captain for a major US airline and has flown over 160 different types of aircraft in over 50 different countries. He holds 17 world speed records in the Lear Jet and is the only pilot ever to hold every airman certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. Mr. Lear has flown missions worldwide for the CIA and other government agencies. A former Nevada State Senator candidate, he is the son of William P. Lear, designer of the Lear Jet, the 8-track stereo and founder of Lear Siegler Corp. Lear became interested in UFO's in the summer of 1986 after talking with United States Air Force personnel who had witnessed a UFO landing at Bentwaters AFB, near London, England, and three small aliens walking up to Wing Commander Gen. Gordon Williams.

Michael Corbin, August 25, 1988

Other "SUPPRESSED", "HIDDEN", "DENIED", "COVERED-UP" information!


by John Lear

The sun does not revolve around the earth.

The United States government has been in business with little gray extraterrestrials for about 20 years.

The first truth stated here got Giordano Bruno burned at the stake in 1600 for daring to propose that it was real. The second truth has gotten far more people killed trying to state it publicly than will ever be known.

But the truth must be told. The fact that the earth revolves around the sun was successfully suppressed by the church for over 200 years. It eventually caused major upheaval in the church, government and thought - a realignment of social and traditional values. That was in the 1800's.

Now about 400 years after the first truth was pronounced we must again face the shocking facts. The "horrible truth" the government has been hiding from us over 40 years. Unfortunately the "horrible truth" is far more horrible than the government ever imagined.

In its effort to protect democracy, our government sold us to the aliens. And here is how it happened. But before I begin I'd like to offer a word in the defense of those who bargained us away. They had the best of intentions .

Germany may have recovered a flying saucer in 1939. General James H. Doolittle went to Sweden in 1946 to investigate reports of "ghost rocket" UFO's - 1000's of which had been sighted over a 7 month period.

The "horrible truth" was known by only a very few persons. They were indeed ugly little creatures: shaped like praying mantises and who were more advanced than us by perhaps as much as a billion years. Of the original group that were the first to learn the "horrible truth" several committed suicide - the most prominent of which was Defense Secretary James V. Forrestal who jumped to his death from a 16th story hospital window. Secretary Forrestal's medical records are sealed to this day.

President Truman quickly put a lid on the secret and turned the screws so tight that the general public still thinks that flying saucers are a joke. Have I ever got a surprise for them.

In 1947 President Truman established a group of the 12 top military and scientific personnel of their time . They were known as MJ-12 . Although the group exists today, none of the original members are still alive. The last one to die was Gordon Gray, former Secretary of the Army, in l984. As each member passed away, the group itself appointed a new member to fill the position. There is some speculation that the group known as MJ-12 expanded to at least several more members.

There were several more saucer crashes in the late 1940's: one in Roswell, New Mexico; one in Aztec, New Mexico; and one near Loredo, Texas, about 30 miles inside the Mexican border.

Consider if you will the position of the United States government at that time. They proudly thought of themselves as the most powerful nation on earth having recently produced the atomic bomb, an achievement so stupendous that it would take Russians 4 years to catch up and only with the help of traitors to democracy. They had built a jet aircraft that had exceeded the speed of sound in flight. They had built jet bombers with intercontinental range that could carry weapons of enormous destruction. The cold war had brought economic prosperity and the future seemed bright. Now imagine what it was like for those same leaders, all of whom had witnessed the panic of Orson Wells' radio broadcast, "The War of the Worlds," in 1938. Thousands of Americans panicked at a realistically presented invasion of earth of beings from another planet. Imagine their horror as they actually viewed the dead bodies of those frightening looking little creatures with enormous eyes, reptilian skin and claw-like fingers. Imagine their shock as they attempted to determine how these strange saucers were powered and could discover no part even remotely similar to components they were familiar - with no cylinders or pistons, no vacuum tubes or turbines. The stories are legendary of transporting crashed saucers over long distances, moving only at night, purchasing complete farms, slashing through forests, blocking major highways, sometimes driving 2 and 3 lo-boys in tandem with an extraterrestrial load a hundred feet in diameter.

On April 25, 1964, the first official communication between these aliens and the U. S. Government took place at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. Three saucers landed at a pre-arranged area, and a meeting was held between the aliens and intelligence officers of the U. S. Government.

During the late 60's or early 70's, MJ-12 representing the U. S. Government made a deal with those creatures called EBE's (extra-terrestrial biological entities, named by Detlev Bronk,original MJ-12 member and 6th president of Johns Hopkins University). The "deal" was that in exchange for "technology" that they would provide to us we agreed to "ignore" the abductions that were going on and suppress information on the cattle mutilations. The EBE's assured MJ-12 that the abductions (usually lasting about 2 hours) were merely the ongoing monitoring of developing civilizations.

In fact, the purposes for the abductions turned out to be:

Insertion of a 3 mm spherical device through the nasal cavity of the abductee into the brain. The device is used for the biological monitoring, tracking and control of the abductee.

Implementation of a post hypnotic suggestion to carry out a specific activity during a specific time period, the actuation of which will occur within the next 2 to 5 years.

Termination of some people so that they could function as living sources for biological material and substances.

Termination of individuals who represent a threat to the continuation of their activity.

Effect genetic engineering experiments.

Impregnation of human females and early termination of pregnancies to procure the crossbred infant.

The U. S. Government was not aware of the far reaching consequences of their deal. They were lead to believe that the abductions were essentially benign, and since they figured the abductions would probably go on anyway whether or not they agreed, they merely insisted that a current list of abductees be submitted, on a periodic basis to MJ-12 and the National Security Council. Does this sound incredible? An actual list of abductions to the National Security Council? Read on, because I have news for you.

The EBE's have a genetic disorder in that their digestive system is atrophied and not functional. Some speculate that they were involved in some type of accident or nuclear war, or possibly on the back side of an evolutionary genetic curve. In order to sustain themselves, they use an enzyme or hormonal secretion obtained from the tissue that they extract from humans and animals. (Note: cows and humans are genetically similar. In the event of a national disaster cow hemoglobin can be used by humans.)

The secretions obtained are then mixed with hydrogen peroxide and applied on the skin by spreading or dipping part of their bodies in the solution. The body absorbs the solution then excretes the waste back through the skin. The cattle mutilations that were prevalent throughout the period from 1973 to 1983, and publicly noted through newspaper and magazine stories and included a documentary produced by Linda Howe for the Denver CBS affiliate, were for the collection of those tissues by the aliens. The mutilations included genitals taken, rectums cored out to the colon, eyes, tongue and throat all surgically removed with extreme precision. In some cases the incisions were made by cutting between the cells, a process we are not yet capable of performing in the field. In many of the mutilations there was no blood found at all in the carcass, yet there was no vascular collapse of the internal organs. This has been also noted in the human mutilations, one of which was Sgt. Jonathan P. Louotte at the White Sands Missile Test Range in 1956 who was found three days after an Air Force Major had witnessed his abduction by a "disk shaped" object at 0300 while on a search for missile debris downrange. His genitals had been removed, rectum cored out in a surgically precise "plug" up to the colon, eyes removed and all blood removed with again no vascular collapse. From some of the evidence it is apparent that this surgery is accomplished in most cases while the victim, animal or human, is still alive.

The various parts of the body are taken to various underground laboratories, one of which is known to be near the small New Mexico town of Dulce. This jointly occupied (CIA-alien) facility has been described as enormous with huge tiled walls that "go on forever". Witnesses have reported huge vats filled with an amber liquid with parts of human bodies being stirred inside.

After the initial agreement, Groom Lake, one of this nation's most secret test centers, was closed for a period of about a year sometime between 1972 and 1974, and a huge underground facility constructed for and with the help of the EBE's. The bargained for technology was set in place but could only be operated by the EBE's themselves. Needless to say, the advanced technology could not be used against the EBE's themselves in case of need.

During the period between 1979 and 1983 it became increasingly obvious to MJ-12 that things were not going as planned. It became known that many more people (in the thousands) were being abducted than were listed on the official abduction lists. In addition it became obvious that some, not all, but some of the nation's missing children had been used for secretions and other parts required by the aliens.

According to some, there was an altercation between the U. S. military and the aliens at the Dulce laboratory. A special armed forces unit was called in to try and free a number of our people trapped in the facility who had become aware of what was really going on. According to one source 66 of the soldiers were killed in the effort and our people were not freed.

By 1983 MJ-12 must have been in stark terror at the mistake they had made in dealing with the EBE's. They had subtly influenced, through Dr. Hynek, (formerly with the Blue Book project, who had allegedly broken ties with the Air Force in the late 60's but who in reality continued to be their informant in his cover capacity of Director of the Center for UFO Studies) "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "E.T." (now admitted by some members of MJ-12 to have been a "drastic mistake") to get the public used to "odd looking" aliens that were compassionate, benevolent and very much our "space brothers". MJ-12 had, in effect, "sold" the EBE's to the public, and were now faced with the fact that quite the opposite was true. In addition, a plan had been formulated in 1968 to make the public aware of the existence of aliens on earth over the next 20 years to be culminated with several documentaries to be released during the 1985-1987 period of time. These documentaries would explain the history and intentions of the EBE's . The discovery of the "Grand Deception" put the entire plans, hopes and dreams of MJ-12 into utter confusion and panic.

Meeting at the "Country Club", a remote lodge with a private golf course, comfortable sleeping and working quarters and its own private airstrip built by and exclusively for the members of MJ-12. It was a factional fight of what to do now. Part of MJ-12, which had now become military top-heavy, wanted to confess the whole scheme and shambles it had become to the public, beg their forgiveness and ask for their support. The other part (and majority) of MJ-12 argued that there was no way they could do that - that the situation was untenable and there was no use in exciting the public with the "horrible truth" and that the best plan was to continue the development of a weapon or plan of containment that could be used against the EBE's under the guise of "SDI" (the so-called Strategic Defense Initiative which had nothing whatever to do with a defense for inbound Russian nuclear missiles). In fact, the real definition of purpose for SDI reads "the plotting, tracking and acquisition of articles in deep space." As these words are being written, Dr. Edward Teller, "father" of the H-bomb, is personally in the nuclear test tunnels of the Nevada Test Site, driving his workers and associates, in the words of one, "like a man possessed". And well he should be for Dr. Teller is a member of MJ-12 along with Dr. Kissinger, Admiral Bobby Inman, Lew Allen - to name a few members of MJ-12.

Before the "Grand Deception" was discovered and according to a meticulous plan of release of information to the public, several documentaries and video tapes were made. William Moore, a Burbank, California based UFO researcher who wrote "The Roswell Incident" (a book published in 1980 that detailed the crash, recovery and subsequent cover-up of a UFO with 4 alien bodies) has a video tape of 2 newsmen interviewing a military officer associated with MJ-12. This military officer answers questions relating to the history of MJ-12 and the cover-up, the recovery of a number of flying saucers and the existence of a live alien (one of 3 living aliens captured and designated or named EBE-l, EBE-2 and EBE-3) being held in a facility designated as YY-II at Los Alamos, New Mexico. (The only other facility of this type, which is electromagnetically secure, is at Edwards Air Force Base in Mohave, California). The officer names names as previously mentioned, plus a few others: Harold Brown, Richard Helms, Gen. Vernon Walters, and Dr. Theodore von Karman - to name a few of the current and past members of MJ-12.

The officer also relates the fact that the EBE's claim to have created Christ. The EBE's have a type of recording device that has recorded all of earth's history and can display it in the form of a hologram. This hologram can be filmed but because of the way holograms work does not come out very clear on movie film or video tape. The crucifixion of Christ on the Mount of Olives has allegedly been put on film to show the public. The EBE's claim to have created Christ - which in view of the "Grand Deception" could be on effort to disrupt traditional values for undetermined reasons.

Another video tape allegedly in existence is an interview with an EBE. Since EBE's communicate telepathically, an Air Force colonel serves as an interpreter. Just before the recent stock market crash several newsmen, including Bill Moore, had been invited to Washington, D.C. to personally film the EBE in a similar type interview and distribute the film to the public. Apparently, because of the market crash, it was felt the timing was not propitious. In any case it certainly seems like an odd method to inform the public of extraterrestrials, but it would be in keeping with the actions of a panicked organization who at this point in time didn't know which way to turn.

Moore is also in possession of more Aquarius documents, a few pages of which leaked out several years ago and detailed the supersecret NSA project which had been denied by them until just recently. In a letter to Senator John Glenn, NSA's Director of Policy Julia B. Wetzel wrote, "Apparently there is or was an Air Force project by that name (Aquarius) which dealt with UFO's. Coincidentally, there is also an NSA project by that name." NSA's Project Aquarius deals specifically with the "communications with aliens" (the EBE's). Within the Aquarius program was Project "Snowbird", a project to test fly a recovered alien aircraft at Groom Lake, Nevada. This project continues today at that location. In the words of an individual who works at Groom Lake "our people are much better at taking things apart than they are at putting them back together." Another saw a saucer being trucked into the Nevada Test Site in March of 1988. Still another informant witnessed a saucer being buried at that location (for God knows whatever reason) during the second week of August 1988.

If the government felt they were being forced to acknowledge the existence of aliens on earth because of the overwhelming evidence such as the Hudson Valley sightings during the past 4 years, the Wytheville, Virginia sightings in October and November of 1987, the Gulf Breeze, Florida sightings in which documentary evidence in the form of stereoscopic photographs and video tape were taken between November of 1987 and May of l988, the Lake Superior sightings of 1987 and the sightings in and around Las Vegas, Nevada and the Nevada Test Site, and taking into consideration the "Grand Deception" and obviously hostile intent of the EBE's - it might be expedient for MJ-12 to admit to the EBE's but conceal the information on the mutilations and abductions of humans and animals.

The enormity of the problem must be driving more than a few "at the top" to drink. But what about the rest of us? Most of those reporting sightings are being viciously ridiculed by government sponsored "debunkers" such as Philip Klass, former Avionics editor for Aviation Week and Space Technology, NASA scientist James Oberg and a host of others. When the truth does emerge, if it ever does, how is this shabby, dishonest treatment of totally sane, normal and patriotic citizens going to be justified?

Now you ask, "Why haven't I heard about any of this?" Who do you think you would hear it from? Dan Rather? Tom Brokaw? Sam Donaldson? Wrong. These people just read the news. They don't find lt. They have ladies that call and interview witnesses and verify statements on stories coming over the wire either AP or UPI. It's not like Dan Rather would go down to Wytheville, Virginia and dig into why there were 4000 reports of sightings in October and November of 1987. Better that Tom Brokaw or someone else should risk their credibility on this type of story. Tom Brokaw? Tom wants Sam Donaldson to risk his credibility. No one - but no one is going to risk their reputation on such outlandish ideas regardless of how many people report sightings of 900 foot objects running them off the road. In the case of the Wytheville, Virginia sightings, dozens of vans with NASA lettered on the side failed to interest newsmen. And those that asked questions were informed that NASA was doing a weather survey.

Well then, you ask, what about our scientists - what about Carl Sagan? Isaac Asimov? Arthur C. Clarke? Wouldn't they have known? If Carl Sagan knows, then he is committing a great fraud through the solicitation of memberships in the Planetary Society "to search for extraterrestrial intelligence." Another charade into which the U. S. Government dumps millions of dollars every year is the radiotelescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico operated by Cornell University with, guess who, Carl Sagan. Cornell University is ostensibly searching for signals from outer space, a sign maybe, that somebody is out there. Its hard to believe that relatively intelligent astronomers like Sagan could be so stupid.

What about Isaac Asimov? Surely the most prolific science fiction writer of all time would have guessed by now that there must be an enormous cover-up. One current hypothesis is that, on the available evidence, it appears that the EBE's are trying to regenerate their own species at our expense. They have apparently suffered either some kind of nuclear holocaust or they may be on the back side of a bell-shaped evolutionary curve where in essence they are "devolving" instead of evolving. In any case, according to several autopsies of aliens that have leaked out, the EBE's have an atrophied digestive system and other physical problems. This would account for their attempts to cross-breed with us as outlined in "Intruders" by Budd Hopkins (a detailed study of an Indianapolis woman who, over several years produced 7 cross-breed alien children, none of whom she was allowed to keep - not that she wanted to).

Whatever the answer, these facts are indisputable. The extent and number of persons reported missing every year is a closely guarded government secret. Since 1980, at least 20,000 children have been reported missing each year. Cattle mutilations (over 14,000 since 1973) are regarded officially by the government as a "hoax". Human abductions are officially regarded by the government as a "hoax". The latest polls show that 88% of all Americans believe that intelligent life on other planets is probable and that over 20 million Americans have seen what they believed to be a UFO. But the U. S. Government officially dismisses "flying saucers" as a "hoax". What do you think?

The best advice I can give you is next time you see a flying saucer and are awed by its obvious display of technology and gorgeous lights of pure color:


Update on Current Events

A Public Briefing given by John Lear May 14,1990 in Las Vegas, Nevada

What I'm going to do today is just bring you up to date on some of the stuff that I know that's going on. Obviously, if you came here today, you know that what they call the "phenomenon" is real - it's going on. It's very frightening. I don't have to convince anybody here about what's going on, so instead of going through the usual background of all of this, I'll just start off with a list of what's been happening in the last six months - the stuff that I know that's going on.

To start with, I'd like to start with the issue of missing children. If anyone was at the Bud Hopkins talk at the Spring Valley Library, you will remember that Bud has always made a point of saying:

"My field is abductions, that's all I do, I don't get into any of the other research, I'm not qualified on it, I haven't done the research and so I just stick with abductions. By the way, the Meier case was a fraud; the Adamski case was a fraud; there's no missing children; and Bob Lazar is a fraud."

Bud's a nice guy but he speaks of things that he doesn't know anything about. The Adamski case WAS true. I know it because I talked with the CIA guy that went down to interview him. he was down there for a couple of days and they told him enough that there's no doubt that Adamski had all the experiences that he talked about.

As far as the Meier case, when I first got into what they call "UFOlogy", I was told that the Meier case was a fraud, the pictures were faked, etc. I really believed that, and on one of the first George Knapp interviews that I did I said that the Meier case was a fraud. After about a year, I started checking around to make sure I was on firm ground. I called all the guys I knew in the field and asked them what their best evidence was that Meier was a fraud. They would say things like, Oh, uh somebody else said that. Then you trace it further and no one seemed to know who was the one that started it. There was a lot of talk that the photos were hoaxed and that he had models in his garage....the bottom line is that there was no evidence that it was a fraud. In fact, Lazar worked on a machine identical to one of the craft in the Meier photos.

As far as Lazar is concerned, Hopkins said don't believe what government scientists tell you . I have been involved in the Lazar case for about two years and there's no question in my mind that everything he says happened up there actually happened. There are a number of things that happened to him that we're not telling the public, and with good reason. First of all, they wouldn't believe it, and secondly it would not really add that much more to the case. Bud was on a little shaky ground there. As far as the missing children issue is concerned - Hopkins, in order to prove his case, looked around the audience at the Spring Valley Library (about 250 people) and asked: "Does anybody here know of a missing child?" Of course, no one raised their hand and he said, "I rest my case." That's patently ridiculous. There are quite a number of missing children. There's an interesting book out called "A Good Night's Story". I heard about it from Bob Oechsler, head of the MUFON section in Maryland, and the story is printed like a children's book and it's about children being abducted. Copies are going into every library and school. It has nothing to do with aliens or anything, but if child abductions is not a big problem, why the wide distribution of the book? There is a telephone number that you can call to order the book, 1-800-444-BLUE. I don't know what's behind it.

I'd like to talk a little about Dulce. The question is: "Is this true, does Dulce exist?" I like to have four independent confirmations about whatever I look into. The fourth confirmation came in several months ago from an aerospace engineer who worked for the Air Force, mainly in designing aircraft and rockets. He was deeply involved in the Space Shuttle program. He said - yes, that in fact he had been at Dulce, that it exists. He visited the facility for something other than genetic engineering. The name that he knew it by was "Section B". So Dulce does exist. About six months ago, Gabe Valdez' brother found some of the above ground ventilation shafts for the base on the top of Mount Archeleta. They were going to wait until the snow clears, which is just about now, before attempting to investigate further. I understand that the ducts were rectangular, horizontal, and about 30 feet wide. One of the guys that worked on the Meier video did some very sophisticated frequency analysis of the area and he said: "Whatever is under there puts out energy of a city the size of New York." There's just all kinds of stuff going on under there. That's the update on Dulce.

As far as the Greys are concerned, there are all types of Greys. They are definitely cybernetic organisms . They are not a "species" themselves. They work for someone else. There are several different levels of them. There are many instances that indicate that they don't function independently by themselves. They operate from higher orders.

In one particular abduction case, somebody had grabbed one and by the movements of the arms they could see that the Gray had been programmed to fend off an attack by moving its arms in a certain way. All it really had to do was turn around and back away. It points out that they are being programmed.

I would like to cover the incident where the astronauts were supposed to have said that they had an alien spaceship in visual contact. Apparently after very thorough research by Bob Oechsler and his group in Maryland, it turns out that this transmission was sent from a 12 square mile area which included CIA headquarters and the NSA facility at Fort George Meade. Apparently it was a test of some kind to see "if the public would bite". I really don't know what it was, but that's the area that it was sent from. It was a very sophisticated transmission. It was Blaha's voice, but it was not coming from the Discovery. I thought that was interesting.

I would like to briefly talk about Bill Cooper. George Knapp did a very brutal 20 minutes about Cooper. There are a number of things that are very suspicious about Bill, but I would like to tell you that I believe that Bill Cooper did have access to information in 1973 when he was in the Navy, and that the information did include some information about some of the dealings with the aliens. It was my understanding when I first met Bill, that when he was stationed at Pearl Harbor he had the key to a classified area. He would go in there at night and read some of these briefings. That's what he told me. Later on, he started saying that he was part of an intelligence briefing team. I don't think he was; at least that's not what he told me. Also, in the beginning he limited his verification of what I was saying by saying " Look, I can only support 50% of what you're saying It later became 150%. Nothing is black or white - it's all shades of Gray. Cooper did have access to some information in 1973, but not as much as he would like you to believe he did. You can take that for what it's worth. He has done some very strange things. He has threatened me on at least four occasions. He thinks that I'm with the "Agency" and involved in disinformation, so that's his deal.

The other day, a guy came up to my house who was out in the forest with Charles Halt the very first night of the Bentwaters incident that something landed. There was a rectangular object that landed, and he actually jumped on top of it. He said he could look down inside the object . He has never made any public statement at all . I never thought that I would ever get to meet him. He did in fact confirm that the incident did in fact happen.

As far as an update on AIDS is concerned, AIDS was developed by the Navy in 1972. The specific doctor that developed it was a doctor by the name of R. M. Donner. The initial AIDS research was financed by Congress. July 1, 1969 is when they had the hearings. This is a copy of the DOD appropriations report for 1970. It was chaired by Robert Sykes. The testimony reveals exactly what they wanted - a biological virus for which there was no known immunity. They finally got it developed in 1972 and started doing experiments. The biggest experiment was in 1977/78 when they released it in Africa, which is now 100% infected. In the United States, in 1978/79 AIDS was released to the white male homosexual population through the Hepatitis B vaccine. The reason they wanted to start with the white male homosexual population was that they wanted to get it to spread very quickly, and they thought that people would not worry about it if they thought that only drug abusers or homosexuals were involved. That's what happened. The Navy goal WAS to infect 75% of the world's population by April of 1991. Those are from top classified government documents. What's interesting is that by the present rate of infection, 75% of the population will not be infected by the April 91 target, so what we're looking at is other ways the government may have of spreading this disease. I am kind of happy I don't live in California, where those helicopters are flying up and down spraying for the Medfly.

Whitley Streiber - I heard the other day that he's become a recluse, that he's destroyed emotionally by the reception of "Communion" and his second book "Majestic" - even though it's an excellent book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good outline on what the Government did in 1941 when they recovered the saucer at Roswell. It's an excellent book. One of the interesting things about the book is the two autopsy reports in the back. They are absolutely the truth. I don't know where he got those - the original reports about the two aliens. Whitley used to call me all the time in the middle of the night and chat for two or three hours up until about a year ago.

A little more about Bob Oechsler. Oechsler has done a lot of research in the Chesapeake Bay area. There's really something big going on there. Basically, it appears the HQ of MJ-12 is back on Kent Island or somewhere back there. A lot of EMP research and engineering is going on. A lot of underground activity - all kinds of stuff. What's interesting is that about a year ago he ran into Admiral Inman, who is supposedly one of the MJ-12 members. Bob stopped him and asked to be put in touch with somebody in MJ-12. Inman took Bob's card and looked at him with kind of a half smile and said, let me see what I can do." About 6 months later he called and set up a meeting for Oechsler to go and see General Stafford, who is head of some kind of organization at the Pentagon. Oechsler went to see him and went down some ramps under the Pentagon and into this one corridor where he was required to walk through what he thought was a metal detector, but when he walked through it he felt real dizzy and walked in Stafford's office still kind of reeling from this thing. He asked Stafford, "what in the world was that?". Stafford said, "Don't worry about it, I had a headache for six weeks after first going through that thing." Bob had a lot of strange things happen to him. Supposedly in September 90, there is going to be another release of government information about UFOs or aliens. Here we go again. Supposedly Oechsler's going to be a part of it. Supposedly they're going to show a saucer and a dead body. I've heard that so many times I don't believe it. Oechsler is supposedly being briefed on some of the things the government is doing. He was sent down to Ellington AFB near Houston and shown a government research laboratory that we have down there that was 40 feet long, 20 feet wide and it was a zero gravity chamber. It had a very bright light at the top and everybody was floating. Oechsler is not quite sure where this lab is. He was taken there in a black helicopter that did not look like any of the helicopters we have in inventory. It was very smooth and looked like it was molded in one piece. Oechsler said that it sounded like a helicopter until it was 25 feet off the ground and then there was dead silence. He didn't hear a thing. He estimates that it was near Pensacola where there was a large platform and a number of buildings. He was taken into the building and shown the primary SDI facility, which was a great big room, and suspended on the ceiling was a 25'x25' three dimensional video "presentation". On it was represented the southeastern portion of the United States and then there was a grid pattern that came up to what was represented as 300,000 feet. There were "vortexes" represented here and there in the gridwork. There were little dots labeled "ASC's". We don't know what that means. You could see flights of some type enter these "vortex" areas and apparently go underground, but if one went down in a different area, it would split up into eight blips. Interesting. There were only men in there, no women. Everybody had on black pants with a white shirt buttoned up to the collar with a tie. No one smiled. Oechsler doesn't know what the place was. He was just shown it and given no other information. He tried to get in touch with General Stafford after that, but so far no luck.

The aerospace engineer that I spoke of confirmed that Dulce existed and that we do have a base on the Moon. I have several other sources that confirm the base on the Moon. They go there regularly. I don't know what they do there, but it does exist. He also confirmed the existence of the base on Mars. It's already there.

I have come up with some information during the past month about the Challenger accident from an individual who has worked at Cape Kennedy for a number of years. Apparently, the Challenger was blown up by the Russians. It was a KGB unit that did it. They did it using 11 Libyans who had access to the protected areas. An explosive charge was put on the strut that held the SRB to the main fuel tank and it ignited, banging the SRB against the fuel tank. It was the only launch where all the Russian trawlers pulled out several hundred miles into the ocean away from the Cape. There was also a video and radio link that was held aloft by a balloon, and the night before the launch the cable was cut so they couldn't get any pictures on launch day of the SRB strut area. There were also a number of other things that happened. Apparently, the Soviet Chernobyl incident was caused by the United States in retaliation for the Challenger incident. Now I am looking into that, and I will let you know what I find out.

I went to a very interesting talk by Bill Hamilton, who's here tonight, and after the talk we went on a very interesting mission to check out the Lockheed skunk works near Los Angeles. This skunk works has done a lot of secret work. As you've read in the papers, they're moving Lockheed to Georgia to do a lot of the work down there. They are also closing down the plant at Burbank, saying that they are going to move it down to Palmdale, but we think they are moving operations to the Tehachapi mountain area, where there already is an underground facility in the western portion of the Antelope Valley. There was a lot of activity going on there. We think that saucer craft are being produced at this underground facility using other types of technology. Bill is here today and brings the information that the silo doors at this so-called "Tehachapi Ranch" have been seen to open and a saucer shaped craft has flown out of it. I would have liked to have seen that Sunday night.

The other day I was over Bob Lazar's house and we were looking through a classified book on nuclear bomb technology up until 1960, and we were discussing how many bombs have been exploded in space. Up until 1960 there were at least four. The first one was in August 1958 and was called TEAK. It was a hydrogen bomb exploded 252,000 feet over Johnston Island. What's interesting about this is that I don't think we had that kind of "capability" in those days of launching things like that. I took out my Jane's "All the World's Spacecraft" and went back and found out that after Sputnik was launched we had (as far as the public was concerned) quite an effort to get something up there ourselves. That was the Redstone and Vanguard rockets. It turns out that the first launch was successful but every one after that failed. We just couldn't get anything off the ground. All that stuff was just a ruse, because a year later we were launching hydrogen bombs over Johnston Island that weighed two tons. The public was told that we couldn't even get a three pound object into space. Apparently there was a classified launch facility in the Pacific.

With regard to the South African incident, it appears that it was a hoax perpetrated by James Van Gruenen, who has a history of hoaxes. We don't know what the final outcome was. Van Gruenen even offered one producer a chance to meet an alien from the "Space Council". This producer contacted me and I told him to check Van Gruenen's background.

I got a call from Linda Howe a couple days ago, and she told me that there was A discussion by Vice President Quayle about reorienting the SDI toward shooting down an incoming asteroid, and that it was in a paper. She's supposed to send me the article. What is interesting is that we've heard this story for the last two or three years about an incoming asteroid. It's obviously under intelligent control. It's putting out radio emissions. Supposedly it's on the edge of the solar system now, heading this way. I have at least three confirmations that it does exist. The code name is supposedly "Wormwood". One of the confirmations came from a friend of a guy in the CIA. They were out one night and the CIA guy was drinking heavily And was very depressed. His friend asked him what the matter was, asking "Is it the thing that is coming in from space?" The agency guy dropped his glass and said, "How do you know about that?" That's one of them. If we are reorienting SDI in that way, that opens a lot of questions about what is going on.

Other "SUPPRESSED", "HIDDEN", "DENIED", "COVERED-UP" information!

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JOHN LEAR 4033 Acapulco Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada

89121 new address 1414 Hollywood Blvd. Las Vegas,

Nevada 89110

October 7, 1988

Dear Bill,

Enclosed is the Bill English/Grudge 13 report. Feel free to correct any typos or anything else. I have enclosed the original handwritten notes transcribed from the audio cassette in case you need to refer to it for clarification. I have made very few editorial changes, most of them because I didn't understand what Bill was getting at. I will leave a number with you where I can be reached in case you have any questions. I would like to get this in the library as soon as possible and don't want you to have to wait to get a hold of me for clarification.

3 nights ago a friend of mine who was formerly with the SDI program at Los Alamos came over to chat. 3 of his friends who were still at LANL had driven to Las Vegas 2 weeks ago to see him. They handed him the enclosed paper titled Notes from WX and explained that the space based SDI research had been totally dropped and that now they were working on the earth penetrator. The purpose of their visit to my friend was to find out what was going on as they didn't believe the cover excuse of the Russian underground facilities. My friend spent 4 days carefully briefing the group on some of my research and ideas. The group went back to LANL did some checking and decided that I was probably correct. They found a lot of things that substantiated my ideas. They also found the YY-II complex. The 3 were MIT graduates, highly motivated for duty, honor, country and were shocked to find out that most everything had been a charade. They made the statement that they felt they had been on KP for the last 6 years. They felt deceived. I thought you might find the enclosed piece of paper interesting in view of the current newspaper stories about SDI.

Also enclosed is an anonymous letter reportedly written by a gentleman involved with the Alpha teams. The correct name may be 'Plato'.

Also a copy of a magazine article about me (which I hope doesn't bore you to death).

Also the transcript Jesse Marcel made about Roswell and a few letters from his son.

Gordon Coopers letter to the U.N. A packet of Goldwater's stuff. My Westcott file. A copy of the alleged Aquarius document and AFOSI response. Sen. Glenn's NSA letter. Greenwoods notes about Gerston. Dr. Walkers (possible MJ- 12 associate) response to Steinman's letter. (Dr. Walker did not respond with a letter but merely sent Steinman's letter back to him with the notation "Must reply did code (-1)".) Maybe you can help us decipher. The McCampbell/Bennewitz' notes (take with a grain of salt). The Area 51 letters.

Bennewitz' Project Beta (take with grain of salt, last page missing). Mystery chromosome file. Sarbacher letter. Eisenhower briefing. Cutler memo. W. B. Smith memo. Air Force Academy physics book excerpts. Stringfield stuff. Aquarius document. JMP letter. Ft. Dix McGuire incident. Gary Stollmans statement. Senator Richard Russel file. President Reagan's speeches. Halt memo. EBE renderings. Weitzel memo. Ellsworth memo. Mathis affair letter from Steinman (take with grain of salt.)

I realize you may have a lot of this stuff or that you may not be interested. I try to 'file everything, believe nothing' so if you see some thing that looks completely idiotic before you say, "I hope Lear doesn't believe this stuff," remember that nothing is ever black or white...its all shades of gray. There may be a grain of truth in some of the ridiculous things.

I'll check with you on Saturday night.

Best Regards,

JOHN (signature)

A series of PROJECT GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK reports have been released over the years in connection with the USAF's investigation into UFO's which was supposedly terminated with the release of the Condon report in the late 1960's. Reports 1 through twelve of GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK were generally innocuous and contained no classified or truly sensitive material. There was a final report, #14 which was widely circulated and about which an entire book was written: FLYING SAUCERS: AN ANALYSIS OF THE AIR FORCE PROJECT BLUE BOOK SPECIAL REPORT NO. 14 by Leon Davidson: the fifth edition was published in 1976 by Blue-Book Publishers; 64 Prospect St., White Plains, New York 10606. Missing from public view, however, was report #13.

Several years ago, Bill English, son of an Arizona state legislator and former captain in the Green Berets had been assigned to an RAF 'listening post' north of London as an information analyst. English was, in the course of his duties, asked to prepare an analysis of the elusive GRUDGE 13 report. On his discharge from his work at the 'listening post' he returned to the United States and began to do a little UFO research on his own. English had been no stranger to the UFO phenomenon. In Viet Nam he was a member of a Special Forces investigative team that went in to retrieve a B-52 that was forced down by a UFO and all the occupants killed. Communications had been received from the B-52 before it went down to the effect that it was "...under attack by a UFO..", A "...large light...". The plane was found intact, sitting in the jungle. There was no swath indicative of a crash landing. Only the bottom of the fuselage showed any damage, there was no damage to the underside of the engine pods. Although the plane was completely intact the entire crew had been mutilated.

English, through contacts he still maintains has determined that the US Government 'most definitely' supports a 'project dealing specifically with UFO's and captured aliens'. According to what he has learned, the US government captured a trio of aliens, and that as of mid 1981, one of the beings was still alive in captivity. English also claims that "at one point in the early 1950's until the mid 1960's the Air Force maintained relocation and debriefing colonies for people who had experienced close encounters of the 3rd and 4th kind. They were isolated for all intents and purposes for the rest of their lives. He doubts that these colonies are still in existence.

English dictated 2 audio cassettes outlining what he remembered from the Grudge 13 report. These audio cassettes were transcribed into hand written notes by another person. The information contained therein indicated what had been suspected all along: that the US government was involved in the greatest deception in the history of mankind and that not only did flying saucers exist but that the government had several in secret storage and had captured at least 3 live aliens.

The following is a summary of what Bill English remembers from what he read during that day in June, 1977 of PROJECT GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO 13.


In Box, diplomatic pouch under lock and key system. Lock had been opened, pouch was easily accessed. Standard diplomatic couriers pouch marked American Embassy Couriers, contained pouch serial number JL327Delta (JL327D?). Inside a publication with red tape which indicated code red security precautions and an Air Force disposition form. Disposition form was standard white page copy, title was 'Analysis Report'. Further down was "Analyse enclosed report under code red measures. give abstract breakdown and report on validity. Observe all code red measures. Analysis required immediately'. Underneath were a series of dashes then the letters NDF then another series of dashes. Below that, lower left hand corner were the initials WGB.

Publication was withdrawn from pouch. It measured approximately 8" by 11" with gray cover. Heavily bound, paper back style similar to technical manuals. Across the center front it read, "Grudge/Blue Book Report No. 13". It was dated 1953-(1963). In the lower right hand corner was AFSN 2246-3. In upper left hand corner was the word 'annotated'. Across the front upper right hand corner to lower left hand corner was red tape indicating code red security measures. Across the front was stamped in red ink 'Top Secret Need To Know Only Crypto Clearance 14 Required' Inside front cover upper left hand corner were hand written notations in ink which we re blacked out by black felt pen.

Inside cover sheet was basically the same information as the cover. Second page was title page. Next page after that was an appendix with numerous notations made in it. Notations dealt with inserts of what appeared to be photos and additional notes. At bottom of third page it read G/BV Page 1 of 624 pages. Title page was subject letter. Complete list of appendix not remembered. Title. Some notes on the practical applications of the Worst Nemo equations.

Table of Contents, Part 1. "On the design of generators to accomplish strain free molecular translation". Part 2, "The generation of space time discontinuums, closed, open and folded". Part 3, "On the generation of temporary pseudo acceleration locas". Part 1, Chapter 1, "design criteria for a simple generator and control system referring to equation 17 appendix A". Part 2 Chapter 1, "Continuation of Einstein's Theory of Relativity to final conclusion". Part 3, Chapter 1, "Possible applications of Einsteinian theory of relativity at conclusion".

Part 1, chapter 2, reports of UFO encounters, classification "Close Encounters of the 1st kind", subtitle sightings and witnesses. Part 2, Chapter 2, "Close Encounters of the 2nd kind", subtitle UFO sightings witnessed within close proximity. Part 3, Chapter 2 "Close Encounters of the 3rd kind", subtitle UFO encounters and extraterrestrial life forms witnessed and personal encounters. Subtitle, "Colonies relocation thereof". Case histories. Chapter 3 Part 1, titled "Military Encounters with UFO's". Part 2 Chapter 3, "Military Reports Concerning sightings on Radar and Electronic Surveillance of UFO's". Subsection 2, Analysis Report, J. Allen Hynek, Lt. Col. Friend. Appendix continued on for about 5 pages. Opening subject page consisted of a report of the findings as written by Lt. col. Friend and his analysis.

Must stress at this point that the version seen was annotated. There were inserts that were added to this copy after it had been initially printed. Sections remembered very vividly are the photographs and the reports concerning captive sights of various UFO's to include Mexico, Sweden, United States and Canada. There were also what was then classified Close Encounters of the 3rd kind. It was made very clear that these people whom it was determined had genuine CE 3's were move in the middle of the night by Air Force personnel and relocated to various sites in the midwest and northwest parts of the United States. In many cases these people experienced physical ailments from exposure to various types of radiation.

One case especially noted and remembered very vividly was entitled 'Darlington Farm Case' out of Ohio. Case apparently took place in October 1953. Man, wife and 13 year old son were sitting down at dinner table. As they sat there the lights in the farm house began to dim. Dogs and animals raised ruckus on outside. 13 year old boy got up from dinner table to see what was going on. Called his mother and father to come loo k at the funny lights in the sky. Father and mother go t up and as they got up the son went outside into the yard. Father and mother went out onto the porch. When they got out on the porch one of the dogs broke loose from leash beside house and came running around front. Boy began chasing it out into the open field. As mother and father watched the light came down from the sky. They described it as a round ball of fire and it began to hover over field where boy and dog had run to. As they stood a nd watched, the mother and father heard the boy start scream ing for help whereupon the father grabbed his shotgun which was right next to the door and began to run out into the field with the mother following. When the father got to the field he saw his son being carried away by what looked like little men, into this huge fiery looking object. As it took off the father fired several rounds at the object, to no avail. They found dog, its head was crushed but no sign of boy or any other footprints of the little men w ho apparently carried him off. Father immediately called Darlington police and they immediately came out to investigate. The official report read that the boy had run off and was lost in the forest which bordered the farm. Within 48 hours the Air Force made the determination that the family was to be relocated and the mother and father were picked up by Air Force Intelligence and all personal belongings and possessions were loaded into U.S. Air Force trucks and moved to a northwestern relocation site.

The mother was in shock and had to go through a great deal of psychotherapy and deprogramming as did father. One interesting aspect about this case was classification under the Air Force report which read it was a genuine CE 3 and that for the good of the national security the mother and father had been relocated to relocation zone Z21-14. Not sure whether this indicated map grid coordinates or latitude longitude. According to the report there were at least 4 relocation sites across the United States. Depending upon which type of encounter these people had, the report indicated that there were extensive medical facilities available at these relocation sites to deal with all medical emergencies up to and including radiation poisoning. The report mentioned a site located in the Utah-Nevada area, but no indication of its purpose or what it was for.

Report gave a clear indication of reports of human mutilations, most notably was a case witnessed by Air Force personnel in which an Air Force Sgt. E-6 by the name of Jonathon P. Lovette was observed being taken captive aboard what appeared to be a UFO at the White Sands Missile Test Range in New Mexico. This abduction took place in March of 1956 at about 0300 local and was witnessed by Major William Cunningham of the United States Air Force Missile Test Command near Holloman Air Force Base.

Major Cunningham and Sgt. Lovette were out in a field downrange from the launch sites looking for debris from a missile test when Sgt. Lovette went over the ridge of a small sand dune and was out of sight for a time. Major Cunningham heard Sgt. Lovette scream in what was described as terror or agony. The Major, thinking the Sgt. had been bitten by a snake or something ran over the crest of the dune and saw Sgt. Lovette being dragged into what appeared to him and was described as being a silvery disk like object which hovered in the air approximately 15 to 20 feet. Major Cunningham described what appeared to be a long snake-like object which was wrapped around the sergeants legs and was dragging him to the craft. Major Cunningham admittedly froze as the sargeant was dragged inside the disc and observed the disc going up into the sky very quickly. Major Cunningham got on the jeep radio and reported the incident to Missile Control whereupon Missile Control confirmed a radar sighting. Search parties went out into the field looking for Sgt. Lovette. Major Cunningham's report was taken and he was admitted to the White Sands Base Dispensary for observation.

The search for Sgt. Lovette was continued for 3 days at the end of which his nude body was found approximately 10 miles downrange. The body had been mutilated; the tongue had been removed from lower portion of the jaw. An incision had been made just under the tip of the chin and extended all the way back to the esophagus and larynx. He had been emasculated and his eyes had been removed. Also, his anus had been removed and there were comments in the report on the apparent surgical skill of the removal of these items including the genitalia. The report commented that the anus and genitalia had been removed 'as though a plug' which in the case of the anus extended all the way up to the colon. There was no sign of blood within the system. The initial autopsy report confirmed that the system had been completely drained of blood and that there was no vascular collapse due to death by bleeding. Subcomment was added that this was unusual because anybody who dies or has complete loss of blood there is vascular collapse. Also noted was that when the body was found there were a number of dead predatory type birds within the area who apparently had died after trying to partake of the sergeants body. There were a number of extremely grisly black and white photos. From all indications the body had been exposed to the elements for at least a day or two. The New Mexico sun in the desert is extremely hot and debilitating under normal circumstances.

In this section of the report it also indicated that there were numerous occasions in which a UFO tracked alongside of a fired missile and on one occasion said missile was observed being taken aboard a UFO while in flight. The speeds indicated were absolutely phenomenal. (English's father had told him privately that on more than one occasion he had personally tracked what they termed as 'foo fighters'. English's father was an electronic engineer by profession and was fairly well versed on electronics engineering and design and on more than one occasion he was involved in telemetry programming of missiles. English's father is currently a state legislator in Arizona.)

The report also indicated that there were a number of recovery teams that were activated specifically for the purpose of recovering any and all evidence of UFO's and UFO sightings. Most notably recorded in publication was what they called Recovery Team Alpha. It was reported that Alpha had been extremely active in a number of areas and on certain occasions had travelled outside of the continental United States. Alpha wa s based out of Wright Patterson Air Force Base and was on the move constantly.

Further information in the report consisted of such things as reported sightings and where air force planes had been destroyed or had combat encounters or had been attacked by UFO's. Also there were autopsy reports of various human mutilations.

About midway through the report came a section which dealt specifically with photographs. Each photo was labeled and appendixed to certain reports. A number of photos in there dealt with a recovery program of some type that took place in the southwestern part of the United States. They did not give a location name but they did give grid coordinates for that area. There is no clear indication to exactly where it was. The photos dealt with special teams that were called in to recover a crashed UFO. It also dealt with alien bodies and autopsy reports, autopsy type photographs, high quality, color, 8 x 10, 5 x 7.

Photo number 1 showed an alien being on an autopsy table which is a metal with runnels and traps underneath to trap fluid and feces. Body appeared to be an little short of 4 feet. Table was about 7 foot. No clothing on body, no genitalia, body completely heterous, head was rounded cranium, slightly enlarged, eyes almond shaped, slits where nose would be, extremely small mouth, receding chin line, holes where ears would be. Photo was taken at angle, side view, looking at body from 45 degrees elevation, left hand was visible, head was facing to left, body was right to left position (head on right, feet on left), eyes were closed appeared oriental-looking and almond shaped, left hand slight longer than normal, wrist coming down just about 2 to 3 inches above the knees. Wrists appeared to be articulated in a fashion that allowed a double joint with 3 digit fingers. Wrist was very slender. There was no thumb. A palm was almost non-existent. The three fingers were direct extension from the wrist.

Color of the skin was bluish gray, dark bluish gray. At base of the body there was a darker color, indicating body was dead for some time. Body fluid or blood had settled to base of body. This indicated that body had been examined before beginning autopsy.

Picture showed beginning stages of autopsy, following standard procedure, body was slit from crotch to just under chin and green viscous liquid was in evidence. There were internal organs but these could not be identified. Photos thereafter concerned specific areas of internal organs of what appeared as small cluster of a multi-valve heart or at least 2 hearts within the cadaver. No ac curate description of autopsy report or what was found within corpse accompanying photos. Indication that there was no stomach or digestive track per se. Later analysis showed that fluid within body was chlorophyll-based liquid which apparently dealt with photosynthesis or similar process. The report theorized that nourishment was taken in through mouth, however since there is no digestive track or anything of this nature, the waste products were excreted through skin.

One section of report did specify t hat cadavers were extremely odorous, but this could be accounted for by either deterioration or a number of things, but theory was that waste was excreted through pores of skin. They could only theorize in report because there was no xenobiology.

A report by Dr. J. Allen Hynek was recalled vividly which indicated that he had also studied the information provided by this particular case and that he felt that it was indeed a genuine UFO capture and subsequently the alien was part of UFO. Dr. Hynek was non- committal but did however sign the report. Also indicated in report that he did not view bodies personally, but viewed photographs and accompanying reports from autopsies.

Other photos dealt with a number of bodies which were vivisectioned in various ways. At one point, a head was removed from body and photographed and autopsy was performed on head. The cranium was opened and brain matter was  photographed and evident. Interesting thing about photo was that there was a ridgebone or dividing partition-type bone running directly through center of skull, from front to back, as though dividing two brains, one from the other. This seemed apparent from the picture. The skin was completely removed from cranial structure and the skull was laid bare as much as possible.

At one point the skull was cut directly in half and photo showed under developed esophagus and nasal cavities. No clear photo of eye orbs as we know them, just photos of complete vivisection of skull itself.

Numerous photos of flesh of the being starting with cutaneous and subcutaneous microphotographic plates. Appeared to be cellular studies done under microscope and electron microscope type photos. Extreme magnification of tissue samples.


This concluded Bill English statement which was transcribed from 2 cassette tapes. I obtained this handwritten memorandum in August of 1987 from Paul Bennewitz during my visit with him in Albuquerque. In September of 1988 I received a call fro m Bill English. I asked for a chance to meet him and discuss the Grudge 13 report. He said that this could be arranged but that the meeting would have to be on his terms for security reasons. He explained that there had been several attempts on his life by persons unknown since he had made the cassette tapes about 6 years ago. We arranged a meeting at a small airport in Virginia on September 16. I was to sit in the lobby with by black flight bag and for identification purposes I told Bill what I would be wearing. I had no telephone number for Bill.

As I walked in the small airport lobby after a 3 hour drive from Richmond I immediately noticed 2 gentlemen who seemed 'out of place' for this locale. Both were wearing pin striped 3 piece suits, both had on dark glasses. One was a black gentleman. One was stationed inside the lobby door looking out at the parking lot, one was leaning up against an airline counter. I sat down and after a few minutes was approached by a tall, bearded man in jeans and a heavy jacket. He asked if I wanted to have a drink. We walked outside and he introduced himself as Bill English. We drove in Bills car into town to a local bar. About 5 minutes after we ordered and had started to talk, the men I had seen at the airport came into the bar and sat down. We left for Bill's house and never saw the men again for the next 2 days.

During the next 2 days I stayed with Bill and his wife and 2 children in a small trailer in the middle of a field at his farm. I asked him endless questions concerning the Grudge 13 document, how he happened to see it, what happened to him after he saw it and literally thousands of questions about the content of the document. My impression of Bill English was that he was totally honest, that he stood behind his statements and recollection of the Grudge 13 papers, that he was a devoted husband and father to his wife's 2 children. That Bill English was ready to come forward and enter into any debate regarding the legitimacy of the document and his recollections thereof. Of Bill's compassion for his father and his fathers feelings concerning Bill and the reasons for their occasional disagreements. I have tremendous respect for Bill and what he has tried to do in getting this information out to the public. It has been at tremendous personal risk not to mention the ridicule by sponsored agents such as Bill Moore who has stated that the Grudge 13 papers are a fraud. (How would Bill Moore know?)

What follows is additional information about the Grudge 13 papers that I obtained from Bill during my visit. In addition to the following Bill painstakingly drew many sketches of the photos of different types of flying saucers, the equipment obtained from them including a sketch of the football sized nuclear generator and sketches of the autopsy photos.

From my notes taken during our 2 day meeting: Bill described a photo taken of 3 live aliens. Very clear photo, aliens standing against white tile wall, looking confused as if they had been shoved, were looking in different directions. Report said that aliens had contacted a U.S. Intelligence Agency for initial 2 meetings, one at Holloman one at Homestead.

U.S. Air Force relocation personnel (for persons involved in close encounters) were referred to in report as 'men in black'.

Major Cunningham was initially accused of murdering Sgt. Jonathon P. Lovette. Charges were later dropped.

Bill English's place of employment in England was RAF Security Services Command, RAF Chicksands.

Entire Grudge 13 report was written as if report was geared toward preparation of defenses.

Report told of ultrasonic weapons found in Germany at the end of WW II that could shatter 4" thick armour.

Report told of sensitive military and industrial areas at which personnel experienced missing time.

Report told about missing time experienced with personnel associated with North American x-15 rocket plane project.

Report stated that there were 17 different extraterrestrial species accounted for up to the time of the report.

Extraterrestrial s were referred to as A.L.F.'s, Alien Life Forms in the report.

Report referred to one UFO that was recovered and test flown. The UFO blew up as the 2 Air Force pilots aboard attempted to leave the atmosphere. English recalls the date as the mid 50's.

Report refers to flying saucer program as Project 'Red Light' and that a secret installation had been constructed in the middle of the Atomic Energy Commission testing ground in Nevada.

At the time of the report 11 alien cadavers were being kept at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

That additional alien cadavers were being stored at 4 to 5 other medical institutions.

That 2 flying saucers of extraterrestrial origin had been tested in the wind tunnel at Langley, Va.

That at the time of the report, 1 damaged disc was at Elgin Air Force Base in Florida.

That at the time of the report there had been 2 UFO incidents at Ft. Riley, Kansas.

That at the time of the report a detachment of the Alpha recovery team was based at Randolph Air force Base.

The report discussed civilian and military personnel who had been terminated 'to eliminate potentially dangerous elements to the national security'.

That General James Doolittle had been mentioned several times in the report with the notation that "His (Doolittle's) predictions might be correct". There was no indication of what those predictions might have been.

A short segment containing the quotation, "By presidential order, certain aspects of research had been undertaken."

This report about Bill English and the Grudge 13 papers was prepared by John Lear, 1414 Hollywood Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89110, telephone number (702) 438-8181, on October 7, 1988.

This report was typed onto disc verbatim from the original document which was sent by John Lear via Federal Express and arrived on October 8, 1988 by Bill Cooper. I Bill Cooper do swear that no changes were made and do swear that this is an exact verbatim copy of the original.

*********************** **************************************


I, William S. English, do hereby state and affirm that I have met with Mr.John Olson Lear, on September 16-17, of 1988, and that we discussed my original report on my viewing of the Grudge/Bluebook Report 13, in June of 1977.

I Further state that whatever opinions Mr. Lear form or express on this matter are entirely his own, and that I stood behind my statements made originally when I came forward with this matter, and that I continue to stand behind my statements to this date.

I further state that anyone saying that they have an admission from me personally that this was a hoax is a liar and that if I was in fact perpetrating a hoax I could have found a better way of doing it. Instead I have chosen to allow time to either prove or disprove my claims on the information on this matter. Time it seems has proven the validity of my statements. I welcome the chance to defend my position in either public or private debate and will continue to stand behind by original report.


William S. English (signature)

William S. English September 17, 1988 Gladys, Virginia

I Bill Cooper do swear that I typed this verbatim on to disc on October 8, 1988 and do swear that no changes have been made and do swear that this is a verbatim copy of the original.

From: joseph.daniels@homebase.com (Joseph Daniels)

Subject: Underground Alien Facilities

Date: 24 Nov 92 02:26:00 GMT

Organization: Home Base BBS - St. Thomas, Ontario - 519-633-7253

I've been reading that there would be a number of underground facilities |for use by aliens in Arizona and New Mexico. Notably these facilities |would have been constructed underneath Native American Reservations. Is |there anyone out there who happens to know which reservations? Also I |would be interested to see if some of you, living in Arizona and New |Mexico, who have more information on this.

Here is a file I found on InfoNet that might answer some of your questions. UFO skeptic, Jacques Vallee is interrogating the Ex-Naval Intelligence Officer, Bill Cooper.

(Vallee's questions are in Capitals and Cooper's answers are not. Valle is quite skeptical and is trying to make Cooper 'slip up', but in my opinion Cooper does a good job of answering all the questions.)

* * *

THE BILL COOPER BRIEFING from the book "Revelations" by Jacques Vallee

I've read your recent interview (in the MUFON Journal) where you say you don't believe in MJ-12, so it made me wonder why you wanted this meeting. - Bill Cooper


They do, but go on...


I became involved in the UFO question as a Naval Intelligence Man. In the period of 1971-72 I was ordered to brief several high-level officers about the contents of certain documents that were given to me. Those briefings had to do with the fact that a number of UFOs have been captured by the military and that their occupants have been working along with our scientists. We have entered into a treaty with them.


I was under Admiral Clarey, as a member of the Intelligence briefing team.


They were classified Top Secret/S.I.


MAJIC, with a "J", was the code word. I am sure they changed it now.


There were several briefings, all of which took place at the Headquarters for Pacific Operations on the island of Hawaii. The building overlooks Pearl Harbor. The first briefing was a two-and-a-half-hour general overview, then there were periodic updates as new information came to light.


Because in their operational capacity, they had and immediate need to know. One, they might be required to recover some crashed disks in the future. Two, the UFOs might be misconstrued as offensive Soviet devices and fired upon, so they had to be aware of their existence.


During the Vietnam War a UFO shot down a B-52. There were also cases when our troops were attacked by things they first thought were helicopters. There was some speculation at the time that the Russians must have entered the war on the North Vietnamese side, so it became a pretty serious matter.


There was an incident in which I was an actual witness, involving the recovery of a craft that was later listed as a Soviet sub. I was in the command center when it happened, and I can assure you it was real.




No, but I know two different men who were assigned to guard crashed disks and who have spoken to me.


Once, in the late summer of 1966, I was on watch on board a submarine, the USS Tiru, SS-416, on the way to Seattle, and three of us saw a disk as large as an aircraft carrier rising out of the sea two and a half miles away on the port side. It rose and was lost in the clouds, then it came back down again.


Not really, the water would glide around it, as if it was drawn by a force field.


There must have been, given the information in the documents. The text stated that the first secret project was established at Eisenhower's orders in 1953. Ike asked Rockefeller to help him in setting up an organization that could conduct a study without government agencies or Congress being aware of the situation. Rockefeller established it under the "Jasons", an elite intellectual group. The task force was composed of twelve men, including Kissinger, Dulles, Brzezinski, George Bush, and eight others, who became known as the the MJ-12 under operation Majority.


At a place called the Country Club. This way they could mention it openly without anyone knowing what they were talking about. It was a piece of land in Maryland which Rockefeller had set aside for the Jasons. It was only accessible through the air.



With UFOs and with the Aliens. There are four types of aliens. There are two kinds of "Grays", including one race, not commonly seen, that has a large nose. Then there are the "Nordic" types, tall blonde Aryans, and finally the "Orange" ones.


I remember seeing several points of origin mentioned: Orion, the Pleiades, Betelgeuse, Barnard's star and Zeta Reticuli.


Since 1964.


They needed the government to keep their presence secret. Remember, we had one of the Aliens in our custody. Our radar affected their navigation system and threw their craft off- balance.


With a small nuclear reactor the size of a football. They use a space-time fold. I'm not a physicist, so I don't understand that. Apparently they have the ability to cloak themselves, to go invisible.


In the early days it was pure magnesium. We couldn't duplicate it at the time, but now we could duplicate it in space, that's why there is so much interest in growing crystals in orbit. They use alloys that we can create on Earth but not with the same pliable structure. Do you know any of the astronauts? Ask any of the Apollo astronauts about the moon. What they saw there. There is an Alien base on the dark side of the moon.


He died in 1952 after being ill for one year. The government tried to save him. They broadcast messages into space, asking that his people come and help. The result of that was the Holloman landing, on April 25, 1964, when another Alien came to work with our scientists. He gave us lots of information. The Aliens were desperate to have their presence on Earth kept secret. We agreed to that, in exchange for their technology. The Aliens were given permission to conduct abductions. They said they needed to do them on medical grounds. They were supposed to give MJ-12 the list of the humans they abducted. Then we began to realize they lied to us.


At Area-51. Everybody thinks it is under control of the Air Force, because it's at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. But in reality Area-51 is under the Navy. The Navy has operational control of field activities on this project. That also includes Area-2, which was originally built as an underground storage area for the Atomic Energy Commission.


Groom Lake is at Nellis, same thing. There is an Alien Technical Group at Nellis, and there is another one near Dulce, New Mexico, on an Indian reservation.


That's what the documents stated. It turns out there is a large magnetic anomaly where the base is. Perhaps ground-penetrating radar would show what's inside, allegedly it is all honeycombed with tunnels. The document explains how to get in, where the doors are.


No, it's not guarded. That would only attract attention, they would have to explain what it is. But once you go in, you never come out. I can take you there if you want.


The thickest one was a book, about three-quarters of an inch thick, called "Grudge/Blue Book Report Number 13". People think Blue Book was under the Air Force, but it wasn't. Blue Book was under Grudge, which in turn was assigned to the Air Force to run. It had to do with abductees and implants.


It was an outline on Operation Majority, which also covered Blue Book.


There is a man named Bill English who is in hiding near Albuquerque, and who has seen the same things I did. He is afraid for his life. They have already tried to kill him twice. The government blew up a van in which he was riding with two other fellows. They died, and he's lucky to have escaped. The only reason nothing happens to me is that I talk to people, I disseminate all the information I have. You must realize that for a long time I kept it all inside, because I thought it was in the interest of the country, and I had a high sense of duty. I don't have that sense anymore. It's all wrong. Too many people have been killed because of this. It's completely illegal, and we have been betrayed by the Aliens. We live under immense danger now.


He was a captain in the U.S. Army, Special Forces. He was assigned as an information analyst at a British base. The document came in the regular pouch. He was not supposed to see it, it was an error in routing. So he was kicked out. Attempts were made on his life. He was ridiculed. Some people even said he was on LSD!


It was part of the damned contingency plan, a deliberate attempt by the government to confuse people. Perhaps I shouldn't say this, but some of the participants are informers for the government.


To lead people away from the truth. All the Majestic-12 documents that Moore has presented were obvious fakes. It was done to discredit the people associated with that research. The whole thing read like a chapter in his book about the Roswell crash, there was nothing new in it. The pictures of Aliens were not right. And Majestic-12 was not formed by Truman, as they implied.


The truth is so incredible...Look at this magnificent ship. (They were aboard the Queen Mary) Imagine the Queen Mary sailing past an island where the population was still living in the Stone Age. What would they say about it? That's our situation with respect to alien craft.


They need to make sure the government would keep their existence from the public.


Mentioned? He was the co-author of the damned thing!!! Hynek was completely involved in it, in the study of the abductions and the implants. He even made the statement that one person in forty has been abducted and has received an implant. Of course, many more people have simply been abducted. The scary part is, what if the people who are in the government have all been implanted already?


And all I can tell you is what was in that document. Hynek's name was on the cover, and inside there were pictures of the Holloman landing, photos of Aliens, autopsy tables, and details of Project Red-light, where we actually try to fly their craft, and Project Snowbird, a cover for Red-light using conventional technology, and so on. By the way, their craft don't crash when they are disabled, they settle in the impact crater where the dirt has been pushed aside.


There was no follow-up because they already knew what those things were. But they still had to explain then to the public. One of the documents said specifically that he cases they can't explain should be referred to Philip Klass, who works in cahoots with the intelligence community. You know, things are never what they seem to be anymore.


Nobody knows. When an attempt is made to remove them, the person dies.


(No Answer)


I have seen the report myself and Hynek's name is on it.


The information should be disseminated to the public, as widely as possible.


Yes, Bush must know, as a former member of MJ-12. Previous presidents were only told what THEY wanted them to know. The President would have to blurt it out in the middle of a press conference, before they were aware that he was going to say anything. Don't you see? If the information was released, the intelligence community would collapse. Nobody would ever trust those people again. As you know, Reagan classified everything about UFOs. Nobody who does any work with the government can talk about the subject, even if they do unclassified work.


Reagan ordered that no one doing any kind of business with the U.S. government must discuss UFOs.


There is a document about Project Aquarius that deals with the history of the Aliens and their interaction with Homo sapiens for the last twenty-five thousand years. This interaction culminated with the Basque culture and the Assyrians. But Project Aquarius was closed. Their planet has turned into a desert following a war they had with another race. They have been devastated, they are in evolutionary decline, their digestive system is atrophied. They come here in search of new genetic material.


The government believes it!


They told us they lived four hundred and fifty years. The live Alien who was left on Earth after Holloman was named Krill. He gave lots of information, scientific data, some of which was published in the open scientific literature under the name O. H. Krill, after being sanitized. Very advanced stuff. Krill is still alive. Their biology is well-understood. They are air-breathing creatures like us, although the heart is connected to their lungs as a single organ. Their digestive system is atrophied. They are chlorophyll-based, plant-like, if you will. They absorb nourishment through the skin, and they excrete through the skin too.


They have two brains, separated by a bone partition, but going into the same spinal cord.


Look up the name Dr. Guillermo Mendoza. He nursed the one Alien who died. He was a biologist, not an M.D. By the way, they did feed the Alien ice cream, which he could eat in small quantities through a membrane in his mouth, and he did like strawberry. And he was partial to Tibetan music. That part of the Seligman "Cover-Up" documentary was true.


Among themselves, they communicate telepathically. They use a translation device with us. When they first came, they contacted our scientists in binary code. You know, I'm not a religious man. But if you look at the Bible. The Angels could be the Nordic types and the Grays could well be the demonic ones. After all, the Bible talks about a pact with the Devil in the last days, after Israel is reinstated. Leading to Armageddon.


The information they gave us wasn't just scientific data. They provided much on the occult side. They claimed that had a lot to do with our religion. They spoke about witchcraft and cults on Earth.


I am going to get the information out. I have resigned from my job. To begin with, I'm organizing a symposium at Anaheim. The profits will be used to build up a reward fund for those who want to come up and reveal what they know. Then I'll take the symposium to all the major cities.

       --- . SLMR 2.1a . InfoNet London (519)649-1453

From: rxa21@po.cwru.edu (Ranjit Annamalai)

Subject: Brief summary of Roswell crash please...

Date: 14 Feb 93 10:48:18 GMT

Organization: Case Western reserve University

I have read stuff here before about the roswell crash but right now my mind  is taking a vacation in strange dimensions and so I was wondering if someone  could give a brief recap of what happened??


simplify his reply, "The first moon landing was May 22, 1962 ... or excuse me, that was the first landing on Mars. I'm sorry, May 22, 1962, was the winged probe that used a hydrozine propeller, flew around approximately three orbits and landed on May 22, 1962, was a joint United States/Russian endeavor. The first time that we landed on the moon was sometime during the ... probably middle 50s, because at the time when President Kennedy stated that he wanted a man to set foot on the moon by the end of the decade we already had a base there."

"What about Mars?" came another quick question.

"We have a base on Mars also," Cooper calmly replied.

"When did that happen?"

"I don't know the exact date but I know the project's name, it was 'Adam and Eve.'"

"How long have you known about this?"

"Well, I revealed it publicly for the first time on July 2, 1989, and within three weeks of the time I revealed it publicly, the government, to get the American people not to listen to me, came out and said that they planned to build a base on the moon and a colony on Mars. Now, three days previous to my speech, representatives from NASA said, 'We can never have a colony on Mars, it's impossible that there's a colony on Mars because Mars is a dead planet.' And it's not a dead planet, they've lied to you about Mars."

From 2fjhsave@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu Sun Mar 4 1990

From: 2fjhsave@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu


The UFO Conspiracy

Information concerning the U.S. government's cover-up of alien activity on Earth, according to Milton William Cooper

Compiled by David E. Stewart
1301 W. 24th St. Apt. M20
Lawrence, KS 66046

The UFO Conspiracy

Table of Contents

The Milton William Cooper Speech .............................. 3
Appendix A: Operation Majority .............................. 16
Appendix B: For More Information ............................ 23
Appendix C: Musings ......................................... 25

This document was created using Microsoft Word 5.0 on a Tandy 1000TL (IBM compatible) computer. The information contained herein comes mostly from the alt.conspiracy section of Usenet, a worldwide computer messaging network accessed via the University of Kansas Digital Equipment Corporation VAX 8650 computer system. Other information was obtained by the editor via personal phone calls and other research.

The Milton William Cooper Speech

Editor's note: What follows is a transcript of a 45-minute lecture given by Milton William Cooper on November 17, 1989, at the "Whole Life Expo" in Los Angeles, Calif. His speech was transcribed word-for-word from a microcassette recording.

"For those of you who don't know who I am, I was raised in a military family. My family, my ancestors, since they came to this country, have been government people. We have served in the military, we have been patriots, we have fought in all the wars, we care about this country and believe in the constitution of the United States. We know, as many people don't know, that the Constitution of the United States of America is the United States of America! And that's why we've always been ready to do the things needed to preserve and protect it. "When I left home I went into the Air Force, the Strategic Air Command. As a child I'd heard stories from my father and pilots, other pilots, my father was a pilot, about Foo Fighters, UFOs, strange craft that were not made on this Earth. And as a kid, you hear that in passing, and it's neat, and you giggle about it, and you go out and play 'Space Man,' and you forget it. "When I was in the Air Force I met men who had participated in alien crashed-craft recoveries. Now this intrigued me, it interested me, but it was usually after quite a few bottles of beer that these stories would come out, and sometimes the next morning I couldn't remember what the heck the guy said. "When I left the Air Force I went into the Navy, and this is where everything began to happen for me. I had originally intended to just go from service to service and do something that very few people have ever done before. I was a very adventurous, very crazy ... young man, and I thought that that would be a pretty exciting life. I volunteered for submarines, and while on the submarine USS Tyroot, SS-416, on a transit between the Portland/Seattle area and Pearl Harbor, which was our home port; the Pearl Harbor sub base, as the port lookout I saw a craft, saucer-shaped, the size of a Midway class carrier, aircraft carrier, for those of you who don't know how big that is; it's huge, come up out of the water approximately two and a half nautical miles off the port bow, which is about 45 degrees to the left of the pointy end of the submarine. It tumbled slowly on its own axis, and went up into the clouds. It appeared to be moving slowly to me at a distance of two and a half nautical miles, but in reality it was moving pretty fast because it came up out of the water, did a few tumbles, and it was gone!

"I then reported it to the officer of the deck. I didn't tell him what it was that I saw because my Daddy didn't raise no fools and in case nobody else saw it I didn't want to be the only looney on board the ship. So I asked the officer of the deck to help me cover that area, and he did, which is common for officers and lookouts to help each other while on bridge watch because they all hang together if something bad happens. After a few seconds of watching, the same craft, or another craft exactly like it, came down out of the clouds, tumbled again on its own axis, and went into the water. Ensign Ball, who was the officer of the deck, was literally shocked! What could I say? Seaman Dejeralimo, who was the starboard lookout, had also witnessed this, and Ensign Ball called the captain to the bridge who was followed by the chief quartermaster who brought a 35MM camera, and we watched for between seven and 10 minutes the same craft, or different craft that looked exactly alike, enter and leave the water. It was an incredible show. I don't know if they knew we were there, or if they even cared, but the craft did not glow, they were metal, they were machines without a doubt, they were obviously intelligently guided, they were huge, and having been in the Air Force and the Navy and knowing what it takes, I knew without a doubt, and know it today, that that machine was not made on the face of this earth. Because there's nothing that man can make, that can fly through the air at a speed like that, tumble on its own axis, and enter the water and effectively fly beneath the sea.

"If you've ever been aboard an airplane and then gone aboard a submarine, I know there's probably some of you in this room who have visited a submarine at one time or another, you can readily see just without even any of the technicalities involved how difficult such a thing would be to do. Where would it be built, that size? It was absolutely incredible. It changed my life because then all the stories that I'd heard all my life I knew were true, and I began seeing the world in a different light.

"It wasn't long after that I was trained by Naval security in intelligence. I was sent to Vietnam. I was assigned as a patrol boat captain, first in DaNang harbor, given a crew, given a multi-million dollar patrol boat. My job was to gather intelligence from the people who lived around the harbor and the fishermen who transited the harbor, and maintain the safety and security of the harbor and the shipping. After about five months I was sent up North to the DMZ, to a place called Qua Vieaf [sp], on the Tacan [sp] river. Our base camp was at the river mouth. We were only three miles south of the North Vietnamese border and our job was to patrol the Tacan river from the river mouth to Dang Ha [sp], and then up the Quang Tree [sp] cutoff to Quang Tree city, again to get to know the people on the bank, gather intelligence, and to patrol every night and maintain the safety and security of the river and the river traffic.

"It was while there that I discovered that there was a tremendous amount of UFO and alien activity in Vietnam. It was always reported in official messages as 'enemy helicopters.' Now any of you who know anything about the Vietnam war know that the North Vietnamese did not have any helicopters, especially after our first couple of air raids into North Vietnam. Even if they had they would not have been so foolish as to bring them over the DMZ because that would have insured their demise. Our troops were fired on occasionally by these 'enemy helicopters,' enemy troops were fired on occasionally by these 'enemy helicopters,' and occasionally people would disappear. And on one instance that I know for sure at least one entire village disappeared one night because of alien activity. The reason they used the term 'enemy helicopters' in messages and dispatches was that in Vietnam you could be overrun at any time, no matter where you where.

They did not bring crypto encoding equipment into Vietnam, I'm talking about the machinery. What we did is we had crypto tables, and once we every 24 hours those codes would be no good. So that's what we used. We also, because of the inability to use crypto transmitting equipment, had to devise code words such as 'enemy helicopters.'

"When I left Vietnam I was eventually attached to the headquarters staff of the Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet at Macalappa, [sp] Hawaii, which is a little hill overlooking Pearl Harbor, it's a beautiful white building up there, and I was specifically attached to the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet.

"It was during this tour of duty that, in the course of my duties, documents were placed in my hands that were so unbelievable and so incredible that it took me quite a while to adjust to the fact that what I was seeing was real. Now for those of you who don't understand how I could come to see this information, let me give you a little short course in security clearance and the need to know and how you get to see classified information if you're in the military or in the government, it doesn't matter which, the rules are the same. "No. 1, you need a security clearance, and you've got to have clearance at the level that the information you want to see is classified at. In this instance it was classified 'Top Secret, Magic, Restricted Information,' which I came to find out later is the highest security classification in the Nation. To get that type of clearance, all you have to have is a Federal Bureau of Investigation background check, which takes about six months and they send federal agents to your home, to your old schools, to all your teachers, to your friends, to everybody you put down on your security clearance forms, to all your old addresses, your neighbors, everybody that you've worked for, and it's embarrassing because they don't tell them what they're checking on. They just show them their identification and start asking questions and that's when you find out who's your friend and who's not, because a lot of people get scared and think, 'Bill just robbed a bank and I'm not talking to him anymore.' "Now once you get that it's called a 'B.I.' and for those of you who have received a copy of my service record look on the first page, the DD-214 where it says 'Security Clearance,' you will see the term 'B.I.' That's a 'Bureau of Investigation'  clearance. Now at that point, you have the clearance for everything including Top Secret and above. What determines what you get to see is your need to know, and the job that you have determines what your need to know is.

"I was assigned to the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet, who had to know everything concerning his area of operations which was one half of the Earth's surface; the Indian ocean, the Pacific ocean, and all the land masses in between. Believe it or not, if we go to war, if we ever go to war, it's the United States Navy that strikes the first blow and attempts to keep the enemy at bay while we can get ourselves together, at least historically. Nuclear weapons have kind of done away with that concept, but military commanders like to talk about it anyway.

"Because of this, and you have no conception of the amount of material and information that an area commander has to know; it's unbelievable, and he has to keep track of this, he has to keep on top of it. He has to know what's happening; he has to make the right decisions. Because it's almost humanly impossible for anyone to do that, they have what's called a briefing team, and it's our job to make sure that he has the correct information, all the time, on a 24-hour basis. And every morning, between 8 and 9 a.m., we would give a briefing which covered everything that happened in the previous 24 hours, and everything scheduled to happen in the next 24 hours, and all the pertinent intelligence reports that we had received since the last briefing that he needed to know and that his staff members needed to know. Occasionally we would get messages marked 'Top Secret, Magic, Restricted Information,' and it would be coded in such a way that all you had were answers to questions which you didn't know what the questions were so you really didn't know what the message was all about.

"But eventually I found myself in possession, holding two documents; one called 'Project Grudge,' another one called 'Operation Majority.' Project Grudge contained the history of alien involvement since around 1936, and it began talking about Germany's involvement with a crashed disk that they had recovered in 1936 and were attempting to duplicate the technology. They were not successful despite what all these Nazi hunters want to tell you. If they had been successful, we would not have won the war, because you cannot beat those weapons! You cannot out fly those craft, you can't even think about it with conventional air- craft. If Germany had been successful, we would now have a German flag up in front of this podium.

"They did make some headway. When we went into Punta Mundy [sp] we captured documents, we got some scientists, we got some hardware. The Russians also got some documents, some scientists, and some hardware. It wasn't until 1947 that we were able to capture a craft, a whole craft, not all together but it was everything. And that occurred near the city of Roswell, New Mexico. There were dead aliens recovered from the craft. In Project Grudge I saw photographs of these dead aliens, of the craft; I saw photographs of live aliens; I saw photographs of autopsies, internal organs; I saw photographs of the alien designated 'E.B.' [or Ebe], which was held in captivity from 1949 until June 2, 1952, when he died. I saw the history of what they had been able to at that time put together, from incidents in the 1800s, which involved aliens and their craft.

"I saw the names of projects. I saw a project that was to fly recovered alien craft that had been recovered intact and undamaged, and some of them were recovered intact and undamaged, and how that happened I have no idea. It was called 'Project Redlight,' and first was conducted from the Tonopah test range in the Nevada test sight and then was moved to a specially built area, ordered built by president Eisenhower, called 'Area-51,' code named 'Dreamland,' in the Groom [sp] dry lake area of the Nevada test sight, by secret executive order. It doesn't exist officially, if you ask anyone, or if you write letters to the government they will tell you it doesn't exist. However if you go out there at several places and see it, fly outside the boundaries and look down and see it, you know it's there, but according to the government it doesn't exist.

"The project to fly, test fly these craft, was ongoing until sometime in 1962 when a craft blew up not far from the test sight, in the air, and the explosion was seen over a three-state area. The pilots were killed, they had no idea what had happened or why the craft blew up, but they put Project Redlight on hold until a later date when the aliens supplied us with three craft and personnel to help us learn how to fly these craft. That project is ongoing, and we now have not only alien craft that we are flying, we have craft we have built, using the captured technology, and some of the UFOs that people report seeing in the United States, and maybe even elsewhere, are flown by United States personnel.

"That may come as a shock to you. We have technology way beyond the limits of what we have been told. A lot of our development technologically, since the end of World War II, has been due to the exchange of technology which occurs in the area called 'Area-51' on a regular basis ... ongoing.

"When James Oberth, Professor Oberth retired, many of you don't know who he is ... not too many space people in here. Professor Oberth was probably one of the greatest rocket scientists and space commentators that ever lived. When he retired, the government gave him a special award, there was a press conference, all kinds of ceremony, and when he got up to speak he said, 'Gentlemen,' and I quote Professor Oberth, he said, 'Gentlemen, we cannot take credit for all the technological developments that we have had in the last decade. We have had help,' and that's where he stopped.

"One of the reporters raised his hand and said, 'Professor Oberth, can you tell us what other country helped us?' "He said, 'It was those little guys from out in space,' and then he got down and would not comment any further. Now this occurred in 1959. I can go on and on, but time doesn't allow it.

"I will tell you ladies and gentlemen that there are all kinds of things going on all the time, we are making rapid progress in exposing this. Since I have begun talking, people have been coming out of the woodwork at a rapid rate, who know and have pieces of this puzzle, and are helping us to put it together, because I don't have all the answers. I saw an awful lot of material, I have remembered an awful lot of it, I have probably, in my remembering, made some mistakes, and I guarantee you they're minor ones, if I have.

"We have just recently, for those of you who didn't believe that the Jason Society of the Jason Scholars, the secret group, existed, we now have a letter from the Pentagon, with 51 names of the Jason Scholars, an admission from the Pentagon that they hold the highest security clearances in the nation, an admission from the Pentagon that they hold the protocol rank of Rear Admiral, and are treated as such on any military installation or in any government office. There are six Nobel Prize winners on that list, there are the elite of the elite of the scientific world, they are the only ones who really know the truth about the technology today and about the real science of physics, because the one that we're being taught all the time ... If you send your kids to college to learn physics you're wasting your money because they're teaching them stuff that doesn't work, it's not true, it's not real. Gravity is not what we think it is. There is a Unified Theory! We already know what it is; it's what makes these craft work. It's absolutely incredible what's going on.

"How many of you keep up with Billy Goodman's show on KVEG out of Las Vegas? For those of you who don't, I would try tuning in on any night between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. It's 840 on your AM dial, and the subject every night are those subjects that no other media person in the United States will touch with a 10-foot pole, every single night except Saturday night. It's the only show that you can call in and talk to another caller, you've got three minutes to say whatever you want to say as long as you don't cuss or swear or slander anyone, and every night they're helping to expose this.

"When John Lear and I first said what was going on out at Groom Lake everybody said, 'You're nuts, there's nothing going on out at Groom Lake!' The listeners of the Billy Goodman radio show put together an excursion and went up to Groom Lake and they all,  ever since, every night, they go up there and watch them test fly the alien craft ... every night! The first night they had 100 people there. And 100 people saw four alien craft fly, doing things that no airplane and no helicopter can do. Now they don't tell us anymore that there's nothing happening at Groom Lake. What they tell us now is there's no such thing as aliens, it's all government secret projects. That's OK because we'll prove that wrong too eventually, it just takes a while. Because where we were ... it's not where we're at, and I'm really happy about that.

"Now, if you want to see what's happening right now, keep watching your movies, keep watching your television commercials, your alien programs on television, read Whitley Streiber's  Majestic, which is a part of the contingency plan called 'Majestic' to test the reaction of the population to the presence of aliens on the Earth. And I have just finished my study of Whitley Streiber's book Majestic, and I'm going to tell you right now that most of the documents in there, that he says are fiction, are real documents that came right out of Project Grudge. It is part of the government's campaign to leak information out in ways that they can always deny that it's real. There's only one thing wrong with the information in that book, the stories of the characters in there I know nothing about.

What I'm talking about are the supposed government documents that he has in that book. I'm telling you tonight they're real. Those are some of the same documents that I saw in Project Grudge back between 1970 and 1973, and where we have wondered before, now we know that Whitley Streiber is working for the government. And we had a suspicion anyway because in the front of his book he states that he got information and was helped by the research team of Moore, Shanderey, and Friedman. William Moore has publicly admitted on July 1 that he is an agent of the United States Government, and we know that the others are too.

"This is going to come out, and the reason they're doing it the way they're doing it is they know eventually you're going to find out that it's all true and real. They're desensitizing you so that you're not shocked, so that there's no collapse of society as we know it, so that the religious structure doesn't fall to pieces, so that the stock market doesn't go crazy, because these were their original fears. Now, there's nothing we can do about the last one because it's already happened, there will be a segment of the population that worships the aliens, even though they're no different than us; they're just from somewhere else, and they may look a little different. They are not gods. But there are already people worshiping the aliens and they predicted this would happen when they slapped the secret stamp all over all this stuff.

"You know, there's really nothing wrong with what's been happening except for three things. [Cooper forgot to mention the third thing, or was sidetracked, or included it into the second thing.]

"No. 1, when they decided to keep it secret they needed to finance it, they couldn't tell the public, so they couldn't tell Congress. They decided to finance it with the sale, importation and sale, of drugs. Now in the documents that I read, in Operation Majority, it specifically stated that when George Bush was the president and CEO of Sapata [sp] Oil, he, in conjunction with the CIA, organized the first large-scale drug importation into this country from South and Central America by fishing boat, to the offshore oil platforms of Sapata Oil, and then from there into the beach, thus bypassing all Customs inspections and law-enforcement inspections of any kind. They are still bringing in drugs, to a limited extent, in this manner. Another manner is by CIA contract aircraft which, one of their bases of landing is Homestead [sp] Air Force Base in Florida. We have affidavits >from air controllers who have vectored the planes in, who have made sure that they're not interfered with in any way. We have affidavits from personnel at Homestead Air Force Base who say the planes have been met by Jeb Bush, who is George Bush's son. We have affidavits from people who work in the Gulf of Mexico, in the offshore oil business, that yes indeed, the drugs are coming in, at least some of them, from the offshore oil platforms."

From the audience came a clear statement, "Just say no?"

"Pardon? Right! Just Say No! Well that's what we're going to do ladies and gentlemen with your help. We are going to say no, no more! And you have to do it, you have to act. You either have to act or watch your country go down the tubes. "Now, that's one of the things that's wrong. The next thing that's wrong is, to keep the secret, they killed a lot of people who tried to leak it out. And if I hadn't done it the way that I did it, you wouldn't be seeing me anywhere standing or walking on this Earth now. They killed President Kennedy and during the workshop, for those of you haven't seen the tape, I will show you, on the tape, who shot the president and why. Between '70 and '73, in Operation Majority it stated verbatim that President Kennedy ordered MJ-12 to cease the importation and sale of drugs to the American people, that he ordered them to implement a plan to reveal the presence of aliens to the American people within the following year. His assassination was ordered by the policy committee of the Bilderbergers. MJ-12 implemented the plan and carried it out in Dallas. It involved agents of the CIA, Division-5 of the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Office of Naval Intelligence. President Kennedy was killed by the driver of his car, his name was William Greer, he used a recoilless, electrically operated, gas-powered assassination pistol that was specially built by the CIA to assassinate people at close range. It fired an explosive pellet which injected a large amount of shellfish poison into the brain, and that is why, in the documents, it stated that President Kennedy's brain was removed. If you've studied the case, you will find that indeed his brain disappeared. The reason for that is so that they would not find the particles of the exploding pellet or the shellfish poison in his brain which would have proved conclusively that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the assassin. In fact, Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a  shot, he was the patsy."

Mr. Cooper paused briefly, and a lady in the audience asked the obvious question, "Why haven't you been assassinated?" "If they were to kill me right now, what would you think?" Cooper posed.

"That it's the truth," several people claimed.

"I've got them right where I want them. If they touch me, everyone who has ever heard me talk is going to be absolutely en- raged and is going to know that  everything I've said is true. As long as they don't touch me there's going to be some of you who are always going to be wondering. But eventually we're going to bring enough proof out, and if you're here during the workshop you're going to see an awful lot of it that's going to prove to you that it's true. It's real. And it's happening!

"Okay, I've tried to cover a lot of stuff, just briefly, because there's no time in 45 minutes to get into anything very much."

Mr. Cooper then announced the scheduled workshop session the following day in which tangible proofs could be seen but the transcriber was unable to attend. He then opened up the floor to questions and answers.

A muffled question was barely heard coming from the front of the room, which in essence asked, "What about all the people in the press and others who were in Dallas and who saw the assassination? Couldn't they tell where the shot came from? Why didn't they come forward? There must have been plenty."

"There was, we know that there was at least 18 who were all murdered within two years of the event. The odds of that happening are 1 in 300,000 trillion," Cooper replied.

Again a muffled question, "Why did the driver have to shoot Kennedy?"

"Because the other fools missed! There were a total of three shots fired at President Kennedy, one hit him in the throat and didn't kill him and two of them hit John Connelly [sp]. The one  that was fired from the grassy knoll hit the president in the throat. The other two shots came from directly behind the limousine, not the school book depository building, and hit Governor Connelly. Governor Connelly, in intelligence community circles, is known as a 'can do' man, because he took two hits and still kept his mouth shut."

"How is it that the driver, sitting on the front, left-hand side of the car was able to blow off the right side of Kennedy's  brain when the bullet actually entered in, and it would have been  virtually impossible ..." another person asked.

Mr. Cooper seized the gist of his question and injected,  "For those of you who have been listening to all these talk show hosts, whose job it is to be a talk show host, and who have not done any legitimate research into this, if you come to the workshop, I will show you, on the tape, how it was done. You will see that Kennedy was, in fact slumped over against Jackie, his head was turned [this direction], it was very simple, it was easy and you will see it with your own eyes."   Another muffled, off-mike question from a member of the audience inquiring why no one else had come forward with the information Mr. Cooper was disseminating, and why those who knew it had kept it secret for so long was quickly answered, "It hasn't  been, I'm talking about it now. Bill English was talking about it eight years ago, but everybody laughed at Bill English. John Lear's been talking about it for three years, and everybody laughed at him. Now there's so many people have been talking about it, people are starting to listen, and it's about time.  Because it's about time we that we quit being fools, and that's exactly what they think we are, and we prove it to them every  day."

The next question dealt with the alien technology and asked in essence, "Hasn't any one else [other than the government] come  up with the energy technology that the aliens have?" to which Mr. Cooper answered, "There's been quite a few people who've come up with it and they've all been stopped, and they'll all continue to be stopped. Because once you have it you have free energy. Once you have free energy they no longer have power over you. You understand? That's why they stop it."

Another question asking, "In the film of the assassination, which was examined greatly by experts, why didn't they conclude that Kennedy's driver shot him?" to which Cooper asked, "Examined by whom greatly? Most of the film that you can purchase has that segment cut out, and you can always tell it by the person running in the background, they'll run up to here ... all of a sudden they'll be down here ... running. You will see in most of the clips that you've ever seen on television, or in the movies, or that you're able to get your hands on, you'll see William Greer start to turn like this ..." then a muffled comment from the audience, then Cooper answered, "That's because they clipped it out! And on a lot of them, I'll bet you most of you, every time you've seen the clip on television, never looked at the driver anyway. If you're really honest with yourself, and with me, you know your eyes were right on Kennedy."

A woman asked if any of the alien technology was being used in present-day military equipment and was answered, "Yes, there's  a lot of alien technology contained in the Stealth bomber, that's  right. The Stealth fighter was flying for 10 years before you even knew it existed."

As the hour drew late another question, more clearly stated, was asked of Mr. Cooper, "Before you let us all out of here, there's a bunch of us here wondering what can we all do to help bring this all out?"

A single word, "revolt," issued from several listeners simultaneously, but Cooper responded, "Don't revolt. What you need to do is what you should have been doing all along. You need to get involved with your government. The first thing you need to do is purchase a copy of the Constitution, which I know that most of you don't have anywhere in your house, and if I were to go around this room and ask each person what the Constitution says, most of you couldn't tell me what the Constitution says from your grocery bill. And that's the truth! And that is your country!

So if you don't know what your Constitution is you're dead already, so the first thing you do is you get a copy of your Constitution. The second thing you do is you learn it! The third thing you do is you start calling your senators and your representatives, and the President of the United States and you start leaning on them, and you tell them, 'Unless you straighten up the government, and unless we start getting the truth, and I mean the whole truth, and no more of this baloney, this is the last job you're ever going to have, period. And I'll do everything in my power to make sure that comes true.' And then write them, frequently, saying the same thing. And then when they're in your area, in their area offices, take a little delegation and go see  them, and make them understand that they're going to be living in poverty because they're not going to have a job anymore come election day. You see, the secret government may own the executive branch, but you people, all of us, we own the Congress, and the Congress makes the laws, and the Congress can impeach the entire executive branch! You also have the right to petition the government for a redress of injuries. So you are powerful, you've just forgotten that you're powerful, you've forgotten that that vote that you haven't been doing every time election comes around, that vote has abdicated your power. That vote you did not cast abdicated your power and gave it to those who are subverting the Constitution and are ruining this country."

A gentleman then asked, "What was traded to the aliens for their technology?"

"People and animals," replied Cooper succinctly. Another man asked, "Is the Soviet Union in on any of this?" "The Soviet Union and the United States of America have been close allies since the end of World War II and have been closely participating in the secret space program all this time. The Soviets have the same thing we have, yes. What you see happening in the Soviet block right now is not the result of people standing up and saying, 'We want to be free.' It's the result of the international bankers saying, 'You tear down these barriers, and  you meet the West half way, give your people some freedom, the West is going to take some freedom away from their people so that we can put together a one-world economic system ... and have all the power. That's what's happening! If you don't believe it, stick around and watch it!"

A dubious woman then asked, "Why was the shellfish poison necessary? A lot of his brain was blown off anyway." Cooper: "The shellfish poison? If you go to kill someone, one thing I've learned, I learned it real good, I learned it especially good when I went to Vietnam; just because you shoot someone doesn't mean they're going to die. And if they don't die, they're going to be mad. And if they've got a gun, you're dead. So you want the first time to be the last time. So if you really want to kill somebody you don't play around. If you really want to kill somebody ... you kill them, you don't play, you make sure that when you shoot them, they're dead. That way they can't hurt you, can't hurt you at all."

Regrettably, the next question was totally unintelligible, but thankfully Mr. Cooper had a good public address system to amplify his reply, "The first moon landing was May 22, 1962 ... or excuse me, that was the first landing on Mars. I'm sorry, May 22, 1962, was the winged probe that used a hydrozine propeller, flew around approximately three orbits and landed on May 22, 1962, was a joint United States/Russian endeavor. The first time that we landed on the moon was sometime during the ... probably middle 50s, because at the time when President Kennedy stated that he wanted a man to set foot on the moon by the end of the decade we already had a base there."

"What about Mars?" came another quick question.

"We have a base on Mars also," Cooper calmly replied.

"When did that happen?"

"I don't know the exact date but I know the project's name,  it was 'Adam and Eve.'"

"How long have you known about this?"

"Well, I revealed it publicly for the first time on July 2,  1989, and within three weeks of the time I revealed it publicly, the government, to get the American people not to listen to me, came out and said that they planned to build a base on the moon and a colony on Mars. Now, three days previous to my speech, representatives from NASA said, 'We can never have a colony on Mars, it's impossible that there's a colony on Mars because Mars is a dead planet.' And it's  not a dead planet, they've lied to you about Mars."

"My name is Dave [unintelligible], I'm a representative of the Crystic Institute, and I'd like to know why it was that when we sent a representative down to your home, at your request, you failed to produce any documentation to substantiate your allegations."

"In the first place it was not at my request, I have never contacted the Crystic Institute in my life. I was on the Carol  Hemingway Show, she contacted the Crystic institute, she told Daniel Shehan [sp] that I had just said something about Bush and drugs on her show. He called me and told me he wanted to send an  investigator, in fact he told me to even help the investigator because he was new at the job, his name was Wayne Nelson, he is a very good gentleman, he stayed at my house for two days, slept overnight on my couch, I gave him everything I had. I never told Daniel Shehan that I had any documents and I never told Wayne Nelson that I had any documents. In fact what I told Wayne Nelson, and I quote, 'Wayne, if I did have the documents I couldn't admit it and I don't know you from Adam, and I don't know Daniel Shehan from Adam and what makes you think I would give them to you.' Who am I going to give them to and how quick are they going to disappear, that was my thought. Wayne Nelson also came to my house with a stack of documents this thick already substantiating the presence of aliens and extraterrestrial craft on this planet, and they are keeping it a secret, because they're afraid somebody'll laugh at them and they'll loose their credibility.

"We need some patriots in this country, not people trying to make a name for themselves, trying to expose some drug runners, because those are just the bag-men. The real crook is in the White House! And you can tell that to Daniel Shehan!"

"Why didn't Jackie Kennedy report [the source of the lethal shot]?" asked another audience member.

"Who's she going to tell? The Secret Service just killed her husband, and they're assigned to protect the president. Also, who had her children? The same Secret Service had her children at the time."

"Wasn't the craft at Roswell, New Mexico, destroyed and all the aliens killed?" another young man asked.

"All the aliens were dead but the craft was not completely destroyed, it was severely damaged yes."

On an unrelated note an older gentleman asked, "Does that mean that Alternative-3 is true?"

"Alternative-3 is absolutely true and so is Alternative-2."

Then a man in his late 20s or early 30s raised his hand, said something unintelligible, and was apparently recognized by Mr. Cooper, who asked him to take the podium and address the audience.

"What I said was that I thanked him [Cooper] very much for coming forward and saying something. A lot of my friends out here know that I was involved in the United States Special Forces, UFO Tracking and Research from the years 1971 to 1975.

My name is Richard Murray, I was based out of the 71st Tac Control Flight, McDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida. We were 'Mobile Radar Command,' that was combat and war ready. We could be loaded on aircraft within an hour and many times were taken into areas [to] set up radar. A lot of times we were set up  around England [sp] Air Force Base because that's where they have the 'Altered Temperature Weather Control,' where they can test various aircraft for their shrinkage and their dimension change during altered temperature. So, you know, I was told to shut up twice in 1982 and they finally threatened my parents life so I stayed quiet, and, that's when Wendel Stevens was taken off the streets ... Just like that! And I hid for quite awhile, and decided to come back out when I heard that you're [Cooper] of such high rank as you were, and I felt just in saying that your credentials are true, and that what you have to say, everything you've said here today, I've heard before behind closed doors.

And you've really tied the link for me to the Kennedy killing. And there's a few more links that have to go on with the Columbia Cartel and the money laundering. I think there's more than one cartel involved, and they're shutting one of them down so one can maintain a power, it just seems to be the way it works."

A muffled question then came from someone in the audience regarding the person referred to as "Colonel Stevens."

"Uh, Colonel Stevens is out of jail now," replied Murray who was quickly asked another question I couldn't hear to which he answered, "I sure hope to hell so, he is a wonderful man, and I give him my utmost respect, and it was one of the saddest days in my life to see what happened to him happen to him. But I don't care what they say about Wendel Stevens, in my heart you can't discredit that man to me. I don't care who the hell you are. I won't listen to it, I don't give a shit if he was screwing babies. You know ... that doesn't ... he's not that kind of a man, I don't care what you say, I know him personally."

The lecture was then essentially over. The "Alternative-2 and Alternative-3" that were referred to briefly are (just guessing now) two government contingency plans to 1. Declare Martial Law and invalidate the Constitution on the premise that a terrorist group had entered the country with a Nuclear weapon with plans to detonate it in a major city. All dissidents would be rounded up and placed in concentration camps and the press and media would be nationalized. All this if the information becomes public before they want it to or if the aliens attempt a takeover, and 2. Another contingency plan to contain or delay the release of this information, the details of which I am probably wrong about anyway.

Mr. Cooper is a man who appears to be in his late 40s, of medium height and weight, and was dressed casually during the lecture. His hairline was receding slightly, and he carried himself with confidence and purpose. Bill Cooper, as he was called by several in attendance, is not a professional speaker. His presentation lacked the polish of repeated deliveries which all the other lectures had during the Expo, but what it lacked in fine tuning was easily made up for in its content.

Appendix A: Operation Majority







NOTE:  William Cooper was shot to death at his home over an IRS case in the year 2002.

This file contains the absolute true information regarding the alien presence on Earth and the U.S. Government's involvement with the aliens. This file contains only the information as I saw it and only my information. It does not contain any information from any other source. It was necessary for me to issue the information previous to this release in a manner which would deceive the government until someone was able to independently confirm my identity, my employment, my service record, my intelligence background, the identity of the person to which I gave the information in 1972, his acknowledgment of the information and when it was given to him, that the information is correct, that I have not seen him since 1974, and that I have not communicated with him in any form since 1976.

This was necessary because this file is my death warrant if MJ-12 continues to operate in a manner consistent with its history.

All in the last paragraph has been independently verified by two different people who have no connection with each other. I will only list one for obvious reasons.

Tony Pelham, journalist
Las Vegas Bullet
300 West Boston
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102.

The original information that I first released was not much MAJI that I was not a threat long enough to have independent verification of the facts before I risked death. [TRANSMISSION GARBLED]

I wish to make it absolutely clear that I do not consider myself a hero. I believe that most of you would do the same thing if you knew the truth. I gave an oath that I would uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and I take that oath very seriously. I am doing no more now than I did when I fought in Vietnam. I am doing my duty.

Please make copies of this file and send it to your congressman, your senator, the attorney general of the United States, and the Supreme Court. Send it also to everyone you know. Attach copies of the Bill English file and John Lear's file. Send anything else you may have which tends to support the information.

I, Milton William Cooper, 1311 S. Highland #205, Fullerton, California, 92632, 1-714-680-9537, do solemnly swear that the information contained in this file is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I swear that I saw this information in 1972 in the performance of my duties as a member of the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander In Chief of the Pacific Fleet as a Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy.

I swear that I underwent hypnotic regression in order to make the information as accurate as possible. I swear that I can and will take a lie detector test or any other test of any reputable person's choosing in order to confirm this information.

I swear that I can and will undergo hypnotic regression conducted by any reputable and qualified doctor of any reputable person's choosing in order to confirm this information.

I will not, however submit to any test or hypnosis by anyone who is now or has ever been connected with the government in any capacity for obvious reasons.

The following is brief listing of everything that I personally saw and know from 1972 and does not contain any input from any other source whatsoever.

MAJESTY was listed as the code word for the President of the United States for communications concerning this information. OPERATION MAJORITY is the name of the operation responsible for every aspect, project, and consequence of alien presence on Earth.

GRUDGE contains 16 volumes of documented information collected from the beginning of the United States investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Identified Alien Crafts (IACs).

The project was financed by CIA confidential funds (nonappropriated) and money from the illicit drug trade. Participation in the illegal drug trade was justified in that it would identify and eliminate the weak elements of our society. The purpose of Project Grudge was to collect all scientific, technological, medical and intelligence information from UFO/IAC sightings and contacts with alien life forms.

This orderly file of collected information has been used to advance the United States Space Program. MJ-12 is the name of the secret control group. President Eisenhower commissioned a secret society known as THE JASON SOCIETY (JASON SCHOLARS) to sift through all the facts, evidence, technology, lies and deception and find the truth of the alien question.

The society was made up of 32 of the most prominent men in the country in 1972 and the top 12 members were designated MJ-12. MJ-12 has total control over everything. They are designated by the codes J-1, J-2, etc., all the way through the members of the Jason Society.

The director of the CIA was appointed J-1 and is the Director of MJ-12.

MJ-12 is responsible only to the President.

MJ-12 runs most of the world's illegal drug trade. This was done to hide funding and thus keep the secret from the Congress and the people of the United States. It was justified in that it would identify and eliminate the weak elements of our society. The cost of funding the alien connected projects is higher than anything you can imagine. MJ-12 assassinated President Kennedy when he informed them that he was going to tell the public all the facts of the alien presence.

He was killed by the Secret Service agent driving his car, and it is plainly visible in the film held from public view. A secret meeting place was constructed for MJ-12 in MARYLAND and it was described as only accessible by air. It contains full living, recreational, and other facilities for MJ-12 and the JASON SOCIETY. It is code named "THE COUNTRY CLUB." Only those with TOP  SECRET/MAJIC clearance are allowed to go there.   MAJI is the MAJORITY AGENCY FOR JOINT INTELLIGENCE.   All information, disinformation, and intelligence is gathered and evaluated by this agency.

This agency is responsible for all disinformation and operates in conjunction with the CIA, NSA, and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

This is a very powerful organization, and all alien projects are under its control.

MAJI is responsible only to MJ-12.

SIGMA is the project which first established communications with the aliens and is still responsible for communications. PLATO is the project responsible for diplomatic relations with the aliens.

This project secured a formal treaty (illegal under the Constitution) with the aliens.

The terms were that the aliens would give us technology.   In return, we agreed to keep their presence on earth a secret, not to interfere in any way with their actions, and to allow them to abduct humans and animals.

The aliens agreed to furnish MJ-12 with a list of abductees on a periodic basis.

MAJIC is the security classification and clearance of all alien connected material, projects, and information.

MAJIC means MAJI Controlled.

AQUARIUS is a project which compiled the history of alien presence and their interaction with Homo Sapiens upon this planet for the last 25,000 years and culminating with the Basque people who live in the mountainous country on the border of France and Spain and the Syrians.

GARNET is the project responsible for control of all information and documents regarding this subject and accountability of the information and documents.

PLUTO is a project to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space tel [TRANSMISSION GARBLED]

POUNCE is the project formed to recover all downed/crashed craft and aliens.

REDLIGHT is the project to test fly recovered alien craft.

It is conducted at AREA 51 (DREAMLAND) in Nevada. It was aided when the aliens gave us craft and helped us fly them. The initial project was somewhat successful in that we flew a recovered craft, but it blew up in the air, and the pilots were killed.

The project was suspended at that time until the aliens agreed to help us.

SNOWBIRD was established as a cover for project REDLIGHT.

Several flying saucer type craft were built using conventional technology. They were unveiled to the press and flown in front of the press. The purpose was to explain accidental sightings or disclosure of REDLIGHT as having been the SNOWBIRD craft.

LUNA is the alien base on the far side of the Moon.

It was seen and filmed by the Apollo astronauts.

A base, a mining operation using very large machines, and the very large alien craft described in sighting reports as MOTHER SHIPS exist there.

NRO is the National Recon Organization based at Fort Carson,  Colorado. It is responsible for security for all alien or alien craft connected projects.

DELTA is the designation for the specific arm of the NRO, which is especially trained and tasked with security of these projects.

JOSHUA is a project to develop a low frequency pulsed sound generating weapon. It was said that this weapon would be effective against the alien craft and beam weapons.

EXCALIBUR is a weapon to destroy the alien underground bases. It is to be a missile capable of penetrating 1000 meters of Tuff/hard packed soil such as that found in New Mexico with no operational damage.

Missile apogee not to exceed 30,000 feet AGL and impact must not deviate in excess of 50 meters from designated target. The device will carry a one-megaton nuclear warhead. ALIENS: There were four types of aliens mentioned in the papers.

A LARGE NOSED GREY with whom we have the treaty, the GREY reported in abductee cases that works for the LARGE NOSED GREY, a blond human like type described as the NORDIC, a red haired human like type called the ORANGE.

The home of the aliens were described as being a star in the Constellation of Orion, Barnards star, and Zeta Reticuli 1&2.

I cannot remember even under hypnosis which alien belongs to which star.

EBE is the name or designation given to the live alien captured at the 1949 Roswell crash. He died in captivity.

KRLL OR KRLLL OR CRLL OR CRLLL pronounced Crill or Krill was the hostage left with us at the first Holloman landing as a pledge that the aliens would carry out their part of the basic agreement reached during that meeting. KRLL gave us the foundation of the yellow book which was completed by the guests at a later date. KRLL became sick and was nursed by Dr. G. Mendoza who became the expert on alien biology and medicine. KRLL later died. His information was disseminated under the pseudonym O.H. Cril or Crill.

GUESTS were aliens exchanged for humans who gave us the balance of the yellow book. At the time I saw the information there were only three left alive.

They were called (P&#'s) Alien Life Forms. [TRANSMISSION GARBLED]


The aliens claim to have created Homo Sapiens through hybridization.

The papers said that RH-blood was proof of this.

They further claimed to have created all four major religions.

They showed a hologram of the crucifixion of Christ which the government filmed.

They claim that Jesus was created by them.

ALIEN BASES exist in the four corners area of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada.

Six bases were described in the 1972 papers, all on Indian reservations and all in the four corners area. The base near Dulce was one of them.


The documents stated that many military and government personnel had been terminated (murdered without due process of law) when they had attempted to reveal the secret.


The documents stated that many craft had been recovered. The early ones from Roswell, Aztec, Roswell again, Texas, Mexico, and other places.

GENERAL DOOLITTLE made a prediction that one day we would have to reckon with the aliens, and the document stated that it appeared that General Doolittle was correct.

ABDUCTIONS were occurring long before 1972.

The document stated that humans and animals were being abducted and or mutilated. Many vanished without a trace. They were taking sperm and ova samples, tissue, performed surgical operations, implanted a spherical device 40 to 80 microns in size near the optic nerve in the brain and all attempts to remove it resulted in the death of the patient. The document estimated that one in every 40 people had been implanted. This implant was said to give the aliens total control of that human.


This plan called for a public announcement that a terrorist group had entered the United States with an atomic weapon. It would be announced that the terrorists planned to detonate the weapon in a major city.

Martial law would be declared and all persons with implants would be rounded up along with all dissidents and would be placed into concentration camps.

The press, radio, and TV would be nationalized and controlled. Anyone attempting to resist would be arrested or killed.


This plan called for the use of MAJESTIC TWELVE as a disinformation ploy to delay and confuse the release of information should anyone get close to the truth. It was selected because of the similarity of spelling and the similarity to MJ-12. It was designed to confuse memory and to result in a fruitless search for material that does not exist.


The source of the material was an Office of Naval Intelligence counter-intelligence operation against MJ-12 in order for the Navy to find out the truth of what was really going on. The Navy (at that time or at least the Navy that I worked for) were not participants in any of this. The different services and the government conduct this type of operation against each other all the time. The result of this operation was that the Navy cut them-selves in for a piece of the action (technology) and control of some projects. As you can see this file is only a little different from my previous file.

Only some names were scrambled previously to confuse the government long enough for someone to verify that what I have said is the truth.   I have added information in this file that puts me in absolute danger. I have sent a copy of this file to people all over the country and will continue to do so.

Please get this file into as many hands as you can and maybe that will protect me but I doubt it.



I wish to thank all those people who have aided me in reaching this point and for their patience and understanding. I owe you all more than I can ever repay. Finally, it does not matter who is right and who is wrong or if a project name is in the wrong place. It does not matter who is working for whom or what is really what. It should be obvious by now that something sinister and terribly wrong is going on involving the government and the UFO phenomenon.

We must all band together and expose it now.   I have done my part in the best manner that I could.   I can add nothing else except my testimony in Congress or a court of law that what I saw and have written in this file is true and that I saw it. Everything in my previous file that does not conflict with this file is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and some of it is from sources and research. You may combine the files to get the entire picture. Throw out only that information that conflicts with that contained in this file.

There will be no further additions or corrections to this information either now or in the future.  My file is complete and stands to be judged by history. Sometime in the future the exact papers that I saw will surface, and you will all see this exact information contained within them.

Milton William Cooper

Jan. 10, 1989

Appendix B: For More Information

Cooper's home address and phone number:

1311 S. Highland #205
Fullerton, Calif. 92632

That phone number connects you to an anonymous answering machine.

This information was taken from the Bill Cooper answering computer on 1-213-281-8222.

For materials and bibliography, send $2 (no mention made of to whom you should make out the check) and a 45-cent self-addressed stamped envelope to:

19744 Beach Blvd. Suite #301
Huntington Beach, Calif. 92648

To talk to someone about ordering or available materials, call Stan Barrington at 1-805-948-1255. He'll even call you back. Here's what he had to offer as per my phone conversation with him on Feb. 27, 1990:

The real Kennedy assassination tape, $18. This is the unedited Zapruder film that clearly shows the driver killing JFK. On VHS tape. Video of Cooper speech and workshop from Sedona, Ariz., $32. This is a videotaped speech and workshop from Cooper that also shows the Kennedy tape (not very clearly, though). I think this is basically the same deal as the above transcript. On VHS tape. "Secret Government," $12. Details, in 28 pages, the workings of the secret subgovernment in the U.S. since 1947.

"Operation Majority," $12. Details the goings on and structure of Operation Majority, the people who run all UFO-related activities.

"Jason Society," $12. List of 51 scientists, last updated in 1987, who work for Operation Majority. The group is still trying to find the last three scientists who are Jason Society members.

For any of the above, send a check to:

Stan Barrington
2059 E. Ave. I #11
Lancaster, Calif. 93535

Barrington says that the target date for one-world government is 1992.

To invite Cooper to speak or be on TV, call Jeff Patterson or Scott Reid at 1-213-657-8004.

Cooper's manager is Michael Callan, at 1-213-550-8368.

Cooper was in Atlanta on Feb. 25. For information call Sam Matthews at 1-404-435-4233.

This is the journalist whom Cooper mentions in his Operation Majority file. This person supposedly can verify the facts:

Tony Pelham
Las Vegas Bullet
300 West Boston
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

For the book Alien Magic by William Hamilton, which has all kinds of pictures from a secret lab, write:

Robert Girard
P.O. Box 83183
Stone Mountain, Ga. 30083-0023

Appendix C: Musings

There is some thought that the U.S. Air Force, in conjunction with the Canadians, has standing orders to deny any UFO sightings to the public.

Timothy Good, in his book Above Top Secret, states: "Cooperation between the United States and Canada in the reporting of UFOs was laid down, for example, in the Canadian-United States Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings (CIRVIS) JANAP 146 (E), issued in March 1966 by the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as the Canadian Defense Staff.

This publication lists instructions for the reporting of 'information of vital importance to the security of the United States of America and Canada and their forces, which in the opinion of the observer, requires very urgent defensive and/or investigative action by the U.S. and/or Canadian armed forces.' Sightings within the scope of JANAP 146 include 'Unidentified Flying Objects' as distinct from 'Hostile of unidentified single aircraft or formations of aircraft,' and there are lengthy and elaborate instructions for reporting UFOs" (Good, 192).

And later he states: "Because of reports like these [UFOs], airline pilots became subject to military restrictions contained in a Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication (JANAP), drawn up by the Joint Communications-Electronics Committee, and promulgated by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and could thus find themselves liable to a prison term of up to 10 years and/or a fine of $10,000 if they discussed their sightings with the media or public" (Good, 283).

* * *

Stan Barrington offers a document about "Operation Majority, which concerns the dealings of MJ-12. The following discussion, taken from the alt.conspiracy section of Usenet, focuses on the validity of those documents: "What is the latest status of the MJ-12 documents (concerning authenticity)? I know that Klass did his usual debunking job, but also read that Friedman produced all the supporting evidence Klass had demanded (similar typefaces in use on other documents of the same era, etc.). Has the U.S. Government taken a formal position on the MJ-12 documents? What evidence, pro and con, has been produced on the authenticity issue since their release. What are the details of the release? Any and all information will be appreciated. Thanks." The reply was: "I don't know about the U.S. Government's position, but Klass has done a pretty good job of showing that there is at least some fraud in the papers. In particular, he has shown that the supposed signature of Harry Truman on one of the critical papers is identical to the signature on another document in the National Archives, except that it's (if I recall correctly) 3.6 percent larger. It is impossible for two signatures to be identical unless one is a photographic copy of the other, and interestingly, most copying machines do a very small expansion of what they copy to prevent edge effects--a blow-up of exactly 1.2 percent. So it would appear this supposed signature is actually a third-generation photocopy of Truman's signature. Handwriting experts have confirmed this. I believe it's written up in the current (Spring 1990) Skeptical Inquirer, but I can't find my copy at the moment so I can't say for sure." I don't know who Klass or Friedman are, (although Friedman may be the same person that was mentioned as a helper in Majestic by Whitley Streiber, and also mentioned as a government official in the speech) but the Skeptical Inquirer is a respected paranormal debunking newspaper put out by James "the Amazing" Randi.

It also seems to me that the idea that Truman's signature is a photocopy of another one in the National Archives is a bit odd. There must be thousands of Truman signature in the Archives, and thinking that someone could find the one that exactly matched a 3.6 percent enlargement is laughable (but then again, those same people find the idea of a huge UFO cover-up laughable).

* * *

Whitley Streiber is a strange character in this whole affair. He is the writer of Wolfen and The Howling, two horror novels. Lately, he turned to writing about UFOs. His first book on the subject, Communion, deals with his personal experiences with abduction by an unknown intelligence (Streiber always tries to avoid the word "alien," so he can leave the options open that these are humans that are traveling through time or even an unknown earthly intelligence). His second book, Transformation, is not as familiar to me, but I have heard that it is more of the same as Communion, except that it is less well- supported and deals with a sort of religion of the unknown. Streiber contends in that book that the "others" (as he calls them) gave him a sketchy design for an anti-gravity motor that relies on rotating magnets.

His third book is Majestic. Milton William Cooper mentions it in his speech. This book follows the Cooper speech closely in many regards; in fact, sometimes it seems like one is stealing >from the other because they are so close. Streiber writes this book as fiction, but at the end there is a section in which he says that the book is based on truth and that the government is hiding information from the public. He insists that this truth must be brought out. However, Cooper says that Streiber is working for the government. He offers some proof to this claim, but he doesn't really say why the government would hire Streiber to write Majestic, or whether he was hired before he wrote Communion and Transformation. All Cooper says is that Streiber is testing the waters, leaking the information in a way that the government could deny.

I think that if Streiber works for the government, then it is mostly likely because the government thinks that people will not believe anything he writes about UFOs, given his history of writing horror. Thus, the government has Streiber write something that is based on truth, and everyone thinks it is coming from such a bad source that it must be false.

* * *

This from Keith Rowell in Oregon:

"You folks interested in Streiber's claims should check out the book Report on Communion (Morrow, 1989) by Ed Conroy. "Conroy is a San Antonio-based freelance reporter who wrote some early articles for the local newspaper and then continued to explore and investigate till he ended up with a book. He basically concludes that Streiber's claims are true as far as we now understand the UFO phenomenon, which is very far from adequate at this time. (The scholarly and scientific establishment has yet to honestly and openly embrace the problem of the UFO. Conroy's book is opening the way for the investigative media people, though. Things are changing as the UFO issue just refuses to go away.) You will all hear more and more about the reality status of UFOs as we go through the 1990s. Intelligence establishment secrecy is being slowly broken down and the scientific/scholarly community is slowly putting up less resistance as the years go by.

"My opinions are based on 15 years of reading the UFO literature and four years or so of more or less active participation in the UFO community. It is very hard to understand what is going on in the UFO community without paying very close attention to it. The normal sources of news and information cover this group of people in a very inconsistent and sometimes downright biased way. You're just going to have to get your feet wet on this one; otherwise, you'll just being talking through your hat.

"I'll be happy to send via electronic mail my representative UFO bibliography to anyone who wants it. Lately, new (and significant) UFO books are added practically monthly in the past few years. UFOs are hot again. We seem to be in a peak of activity again.

"The latest significant book is by Ed Walters on his Gulf- breeze UFO/photograph experiences, being distributed to your local bookstores as I write this."

Date: Thu, 18 Feb 93 03:00:39 EST

From: mcgrew@dropout.rutgers.edu (Charles Mcgrew)

Subject: Re: cooper/aids

I .wanted to ask if anyone heard about his idea that AIDS laced smallpox vaccines were used in Africa,, and AIDS laced hepatitis B vaccines used in the states.. This seems pretty ridiculous,

... well, its not Cooper's idea, but it is one theory. If you can find the March 19th, 1992 issue of (of all things) Rolling Stone, there is an informative article about the polio/aids theory.

In sum, some of the polio vaccines of the 1950's were grown in monkey kidney cells. Some monkey virus' can "jump the gap" between monkey and humans (for instance the lethal "Monkey-B" herpes virus, which is still occasionally killing people (mostly from monkey bites), and "SV40", a known immunity-dampener, found in 1961.) All of the widely-used polio vaccines of this era potentially carried monkey viruses of one sort or another.

From 1957-1960, the theorized infected polio vaccine was given to up to half-a-million people in the Congo. (Since the HIV virus wasn't isolated until 1983, it is not surprising that it "got by" in the late 1950's.) One of the heaviest occurences of aids is in this area (the first known occurence of HIV was from blood drawn in 1959, analyzed in 1986 -- from Leopoldville (now Kinshasha, Zaire)). Albert Sabin (developer of the "sugar cube" polio vaccine) found a rogue virus he never did identify in 1959 in the vaccine use in the Congo (produced by Dr. Hilary Koprowski, one of several polio vaccine makers at the time).

However, the vaccine was give by oral spray, and most experts  will swear up, down, and sideways that you can't get HIV by swallowing it (on the other hand, if you have a lesion in your mouth, or inhale the spray, so that the virus could get directly to blood, you might become infected.)

So anyway, its possible.

His argument is population control,, ... there is positively no evidence for this.  ... from CDC in atlanta.

This would seem to be a retelling of an old disinformation story that originated with an East German biochemist, whose story (1983-6) was that hiv was a disease that "got away" from a Ft. Detrick, Maryland biowar lab. (See Charters and Tugwell's "Deception Operations".) As time has gone on, the story has mutated a bit, it would seem.













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