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There are 7 major planetary cycles and/or conjunctions that will energize the 11th sign of the zodiac--Aquarius--from now until 2087. Uranus in Aquarius -- 1996-2003 and 2079-2087. Neptune in Aquarius -- 1998-2012. Chiron in Aquarius -- 2006-2011 and 2056-2061. Jupiter conjunct Neptune -- 2009. Jupiter conjunct Saturn -- 2020 and 2080. Pluto in Aquarius -- 2024-2044. Jupiter conjunct Pluto -- 2033.

An age lasting 2,160 years doesn’t start on one day, in one year or even one decade! The Tibetan Master D.K.--discussing this concept through his channel Alice A. Bailey in Esoteric Astrology suggested that the "shift time" between ages might be estimated at 500 years accounting for the moving in and out of vast, cosmic vibrations and energies.


On January 24 and 27, 1994, the Hubble Space Telescope captured the images that went into this mosaic showing the pieces of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. These images were taken six months before the pieces crashed into Jupiter. Twenty nuclei are visible in this image; the 21st piece is located just off the right side of the image. Some of the nuclei were seen to further divide before impact; the fourth nucleus from the left is apparently starting to undergo such a division.

July, 1994: Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, named after its co-discoverers, was often referred to as the "string of pearls" comet. It is famous for its suggestive appearance as well as its collision with the planet Jupiter! The comet's original single nucleus was torn to pieces by Jupiter's strong gravity during a close encounter with the solar system's largest planet in 1992. The pieces are seen in this composite of Hubble Space Telescope images to be "pearls" strung out along the comet's orbital path. In July of 1994 these pieces collided with Jupiter in a rare and spectacular series of events.

This Hubble Space Telescope image of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 clearly shows some of the 21 fragments comprising the comet. The comet was torn into pieces when it passed within 25,000 kilometers (about 15,500 miles) of Jupiter's cloud tops on July 8, 1992. The disruption of a comet into multiple fragments is an unusual event, but the capture of a comet into an orbit around Jupiter is even more unusual. Calculations shortly after the discovery of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 in March 1993 showed that the comet was in orbit about Jupiter and would collide with the giant planet during its next close approach in July 1994. The collision of a large comet with a planet was an extraordinary event, one that had never been predicted and anticipated before in human history.

Scientists also collected a large amount of information about Jupiter when fragments of the dying Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashed into the planet in July 1994. The collisions stirred up the planet's atmosphere, heating interior gases to incandescence and bringing them to the surface. Scientists captured detailed images of these gases with telescopes located on the Earth and in space. They used spectroscopy to analyze the gases in order to verify and expand knowledge about the composition of the planet's atmosphere.

Jupiter radiates about twice as much energy as it receives from the sun. The source of this energy is apparently a very slow gravitational contraction of the entire planet, rather than the nuclear fusion that powers the sun. Jupiter would have to be almost 100 times larger to have enough mass to ignite a nuclear furnace.

Jupiter's turbulent, cloud-filled atmosphere is therefore cold. With hydrogen so abundant, hydrogen-based molecules, such as methane, ammonia, and water, predominate. Periodic temperature fluctuations in Jupiter's upper atmosphere reveal a pattern of changing winds like that in the equatorial region of Earth's stratosphere. Photographs of sequential changes in Jovian clouds suggest the birth and decay of giant cyclonic storm systems. New meteorological data may come in 1995, when the space probe Galileo will rendezvous with Jupiter.

Ammonia freezes in the low temperature of Jupiter's upper atmosphere (-125° C/-193° F), forming the white cirrus clouds-zones, ovals, and plumes-seen in many photographs of the planet transmitted by the Voyager spacecraft. At lower levels, ammonium hydrosulfide can condense. Colored by other compounds, clouds of this substance may contribute to the widespread tawny cloud layer on the planet. The temperature at the tops of these clouds is about -50° C (about -58° F), and the atmospheric pressure about twice the sea-level atmospheric pressure on earth. Through holes in this cloud layer, radiation escapes from a region where the temperature reaches 17° C (about 63° F). Still deeper, warmer layers have been detected by radio telescopes that are sensitive to cloud-penetrating radiation.

Although only the barest skin of the planet is directly visible, calculations show that the temperature and pressure continue to increase toward the interior, reaching values at which hydrogen first liquefies and then assumes a metallic, highly conducting state. A core of earthlike material may exist at the center.

The Jovian magnetic field is generated deep within these layers. At the surface of Jupiter, this field is 14 times stronger than earth's. Its polarity is the opposite of earth's, so a terrestrial compass taken to Jupiter would point south. This field is responsible for the huge belts of trapped charged particles that circle the planet out to a distance of 10 million km (about 6 million mi).


Novosibirsk State University 1996

The after effects of the explosion of self-luminous formations on Jupiter in July 1994 are considered to be a result of the relaxation of a swarm of plasmoids generated in the Solar System region of maximal energetic and material heterogeneity. A cosmophysical formation widely known as "Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet" is still far from having a reliable, single meaning, interpretation. And, the indefiniteness of an explanatory definition has tended to increase proportionally with the arrival of new information.

Current cometary theory versions of the July 1994 explosions on Jupiter [1,2,] lack credibility, as far as they go, because of their inability to explain the observed reactive forces; especially in the area of electromagnetics [3]. The application of the plasmic nature model of self-luminous formations, (currently in an advancing state of development) [4,5], however, moves the problem into an arena of much more plausible answers concerning the true nature and eventual consequences of the observed massive explosions. The huge amount of data that has been provided by surface, as well as satellite and interplanetary probes, (Galileo, Ulysses, and Voyager) regarding the Jupiter/SL-9 events is difficult, if not impossible to coordinate with luminous "cometary fragment", solid body, models. The observed chemical composition, and an input matter of less than 10,000 ton [3]) does not translate, or equate, to a composition of "dirty ice". Questions regarding the power mechanisms, and the sequence of explosions, are hard to answer using standard dirty snowball theory. The consequences of the series of "weak" and "strong" effects resulting from the impacts on Jupiter, are natural occurring events when the plasma model of comets is applied. Observations of the electromagnetic relaxation of the local electromagnetic field imply the equivalent of a short circuit between the planetary surface, and Jupiter's surrounding plasma (composed primarily of S02) by way of the comet's multiple nuclei. [4,8]

The electrical charged and magnetized clots of plasma made a vertical cut in the electromagnetic frame of Jupiter, and injected energy and matter into the top atmosphere which was a 1,000 to 10,000 times greater than the expected ice and dust chemical concentration of energy [6]; it was typical, however, of a plasma composition which exhibits an absence of water, and a small quantity of dust . As in the case of the 1908 "Tungusska meteorite" in Siberia, the massive forces unleashed on Jupiter by S-L9 resulted in an unusual breach of the physical vacuum homogeneity [7] via the anisotropy of interplanetary space. This leads to a number of natural consequences resulting in differing energy-saturation and chemical composition objectives. The injection of energy and matter by S-L 9's "string of pearls" plasma queue, has created a new and excited energetic state on Jupiter that is reflected in a number of new developments which include: A reflective light echo from Jupiter's moons, a variation in decimeter radiation readings, an excited and unusual state of seismic activities, an increase of brightness in the radiation belts, an excited "glimmering Aurora", a detection of flashes of X-ray's and ultraviolet radiation, an excitation of the auroral process in the Northern Hemisphere, and a decreasing luminosity of Io's plasma torus.[3].

We would like to emphasize that due to the magnetic conjugation between Earth and Jupiter, that a number of the processes occurring on the giant planet do, in fact, influence the state of Earth's magnetosphere. This magnetoconjugation is proven by the actual coincidence of their dipole axes, as well as the matching of the parameters and location of their non-dipole magnetic fields. There are four world magnetic anomalies (quadro-poles) on both Earth and Jupiter. It is then possible to reasonably hypothesize that the present alteration of Earth's magnetic fields by the extension of its of polar slits, and the vertical redistribution of ozone layers, is closely connected with powerful developments resulting from Jupiter's encounter with Shoemaker-Levy 9.


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8. Conversations with James McCanney 1/15/98. Addition to original paper.

Copyright 1998,

Feb. 2000

by Mahala

There was a supernova explosion in the galaxy next to ours on February 24, 1987. The energy from this explosion has been affecting us for a long time. This supernova caused many people to wake up in 1987, and start their search for wisdom. This also activated the energy for the Harmonic Convergence that occurred in August of 1987. There are many unseen events going on in our galaxy, and on our Earth, that are not always apparent to the normal population. One of the events that just happened was a dimensional blend that started on January 13, with a solar blast from our Sun.

The year of 1987 was also the year when the planet Saturn erupted into light. Some kind of event caused a ring of white light around Saturn and Astronomers wondered what had happened to that planet. We have to pass through the gates of Saturn to reach the outer planets of Neptune and Uranus. Neptune rules the female higher mind, and Uranus rules the male higher mind. Saturn has always been known as the hard task - master because we have to pass the tests from that planet before we can become enlightened by Neptune and Uranus. Saturn rules the limitations we feel in our lives. Because the light from the 1987 supernova will be coming to Earth this year, we will have the opportunity to start vibrating to Uranus, the planet of light.

Saturn (Satan) has been considered a karmic planet. It has been known to cause challenges in life. It is now possible to receive the rewards that Saturn brings when the lesson has been learned.

There has been a great cleansing going on in our solar system since 1987 when a great white turbulence was seen around Saturn. I believe this is when Saturn lost its power to control our solar system. Then in 1994 many comets crashed into Jupiter. This caused that planet to go through its change. Saturn rules governments and Jupiter rules religion. Mars and the Moon are considered dead planets because they went through wars long ago that basically destroyed them. The moon also went through some kind of trouble a few months ago when something happened to its orbit. I don't know what Venus has experienced. Maybe Venus has already gone through its cleansing.

Now something has happened to Mercury. On January 14, when Mercury was at its closest point to the Sun, something happened. It was apparently hit by a corona mass ejection, which caused a huge mass of something to leave Mercury. Where did this mass go? Did Mercury give birth to something? I think that planet just went through its change. Does this mean that Earth is next in line to go through its transformation?

There is also much concern about the fragments from comet Lee. This comet ejected three pieces when it went around our Sun last August. Where are those fragments? Were they caught into the gravitational pull of Earth? We are also moving through a part of space that is filled with much comet debris. This means there is the possibility of a large piece hitting Earth. There have been many small ones that have come into our atmosphere in the past two years. Is there a larger one out there ready to hit Earth? The Bible says a stone from heaven causes the world economy to fall.


Maybe the threat will come in the form of a planet killer ... a rock a few miles in diameter, there are some out there that are a few hundred kilometers across and we won't be able to stop it. If you go back through our history, you will see that there have been 5 major extinction events since the formation of the moon, which was created as a result of a planetary sized object impacting into the earth at about 4.5 billion ago. Goodness only knows how many near misses there have been but a Schumacher - Levy would have been quite adequate. The ancients talk about the return of Marduk (a planetary sized object) in 4600 years time. How accurate is their knowledge ?

The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter was a Planet destroyed in an atomic explosion over 18,000,000 years ago. In 1766, Titius of Wittenberg discovered a startling relationship in the spacing of the first seven Planets, which points to the former existence of Maldek. In 1772, this was published by the director of the Berlin Observatory, Johann Bode, and is known as Bode's Law.

Here is how it works: write the number sequence 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 192. Notice that after the 0, each number is doubled to give the next. Now add 4 to each number and divide by 10. The results are: .4, .7, 1.0, 1.6, 2.8, 5.2, 10.0 and 19.6. These are, within a few percent, the exact number of astronomical units (AU) each Planet is from the Sun! (One AU equals the distance Earth is from the Sun – about 93,000,000 miles.) The exception is at 2.8 AU, where we find the asteroid belt exactly where Bode's Law predicted a Planet. However, the Law doesn't apply to Neptune or Pluto.

By 1960, however, the majority of astronomers believed that the asteroids were debris from the formation of the Solar System 4 billion years ago.

Enter Professor Michael Ovenden, astronomer of the Department of Geophysics and Astronomy, and The Institute of Astronomy and Space Science at The University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada. He worked for 25 years to build a powerful case for the fact that the asteroid belt was a Planet which exploded millions of years ago!

His theory, The Principle of Least Interaction Action, correctly predicts the orbits of the major Moons of Uranus and Jupiter, and, to within 1 percent, the orbits of all the Planets from Mercury to Neptune. But only, in his view, if a large Planet existed in place of the asteroid belt approximately 16 million years ago when it was suddenly ‘dissipated'. The following is further evidence for this:

1) Meteorites, many of which are stray asteroids, often show a complicated crystalline structure that could have formed only if it had cooled slowly over millions of years. For a small meteorite from the asteroid belt to have cooled so slowly, it must have been part of a larger body, hundreds if not thousands of miles across.

2) Many meteorites are magnetised as if they had cooled in the magnetic field of a large rotating Planet.

3) Most iron meteorites show more than ten times the exposure to cosmic ray particles than other meteorites–commensurate with being parts of a Planet destroyed by a thermonuclear explosion. Cosmic rays originate in supernovas (exploding stars) and other apparently violent cosmic events.

4) Some scientists believe that tektites come from the asteroid belt. Certain Russian scientists say that only a thermonuclear explosion could have created the heat to form these glassy, molten rock and metal spheres that are found in a few areas on Earth, and that ‘intelligence' must have caused the explosion of a Planet.


Planetary Karma

Planetary karma is the accumulated karma of millions of people that lies like an astral smog over the Earth and can result in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornados and other disasters. If enough people change themselves inside and learn karmic lessons the easy way, planetary cataclysm can be avoided. But still the karma has to be expressed in some mitigated form. Perhaps instead of a meteor crashing to earth, a satellite reenters and burns up.

Vedic astrology or Jyotish is the "Science of Light", an ancient astrological discipline that originated more than 4,000 years ago during the Pre-Vedic civilization of ancient India. The "Rishis", a Sanskrit word meaning "seers", cognized through transcendental visions, the connection between the celestial bodies of our solar system and the human body.

The motion of the planets and their positions in relation to each other, acts upon us throughout our lifetime, just as the lunar phases push and pull the oceans and the seas.

According to the Vedic science of astrology, the planets and all the stars in our universe represent certain energies, and, in fact, do emit magnetic and electric fields. Vedic astrology held that each planet gives out its own, cosmic color, generating a particular energy and influence that propagates throughout the cosmos. The transmission of these colored rays through space, accompanied by the energy-giving properties of heat, magnetism and electricity, have an influence on the life of every living creature.

Vedic astrology deals with seven visible planets and two invisible ones: the SUN, MOON, MARS, MERCURY, JUPITER, VENUS, and SATURN, along with the two lunar nodes, RAHU (ascending lunar node) and KETU (descending lunar node). These nodes are the two intersecting points of the solar and lunar planes as seen from the earth.

Major Planetary Alignments

Fact is... astrologers don't have much practical experience in interpreting such a massive, intense archetypal gathering of planets within a single Zodiacal sign. You see... there was only one other time in the past five hundred years when planet Earth experienced a similar type alignment of the 7 visible planets - just one time when all 7 planets were contained within one single Western Tropical Zodiacal sign.

On February 4, 1962 - a similar planetary alignment occurred in the sign of Aquarius. I should mention here, that in modern times Aquarius has enjoyed the benefits of a very nice and overly idealized reputation when compared with the other 12 Zodiac Signs.

What's The Real Question?

In this Taurean planetary alignment (that the 1962 Aquarius alignment lacked), there was a planetary conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. Occurring approximately every 20 years, the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn are traditionally known for signaling "the turning over of power." Occurring in the sign of Taurus, this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction will kick off a 20 year cycle where humanity will turn its focus onto the good, the bad, and the uglier sides of Taurean energy.

The 2000 Taurus Alignment

The Unknown Visitors

The ancient Roman poet, Ovid, informs us that once upon a time... the gods were quite concerned that they were being ignored. So Jupiter (the chief ruling god of thunder) and Mercury (the messenger god) visited Earth disguised as poor, beggarly travelers. All the many people who refused Jupiter and Mercury shelter were drowned in a great flood and thus repaid for their godlessness. Conversely, those who openly welcomed the unknown visitors into their home were then honored with the fulfillment of their greatest desires and hopes.

The archetypal motif of the gods visiting earth disguised as poor, unknown visitors is quite common among differing cultural mythologies and religions. In the Judeo Christian tradition (for example), the unknown visitors are most often identified as being angels. In the New Testament Book of Hebrews - believers are strictly cautioned to be kind to strangers because you may be entertaining angels unaware.

In astrology, the continually moving ("transiting") planets of our solar system mysteriously serve as the "unknown visitors" and "messengers" of the universe. Through their changing patterns in the sky, the planets speak to humanity - using a symbolic language - in regard to the purposeful, evolutionary cycles of growth and life on planet Earth. The planetary movements contain valuable information on the soul growth of our world when looked at as a whole, and they also pass along important information for each of us on a very individual, private level.

If we could speed up these movements, we would see the energy (in any form you want to see it, be it as plasma, charged atomic particles, etheric matter, etc.) taking shape into many different patterns, colors and luminosities, probably looking like petals in a flower and just like the Chakras in the etheric body, which are nothing more than subtle particles spinning and orbiting at such speeds that we can see the shapes they build.

Waves of energy are constantly being created by the motions of planets and stars, and as we roughly explained in the section related to the One, the Frequency, Shape and Amplitude of waves create the difference between types of energy, forms and even dimensions. The understanding of wave dynamics is a key that opens the door to many of the great truths.

By changes in the parameters of rotation speed, orbital speed, angle of the axis, and diameter of the planet, different waves (in terms of shape, frequency and amplitude) are created which sweep the planets' own "bodyspheres" (the spheres made with matter of different planes, including the physical) as well as the matter that originates on the Sun, and which envelops the whole Solar System. And these differences will have important repercussions in the nature of the astrological and astrophysical influence of the planets.

Another very important wave-forming phenomenon is the motion of the planets and their moons along their orbit around the central star, and the motion of the star itself around the galactic center, carrying with it all the smaller moving bodies.

The wave-shapes created by these motions are easier to calculate and to traduce into waves that can be perceived with our senses (audio and light waves, for example), and which could have their own particular effects over subtle and dense matter. In the future, Astrology will evolve into the scientific application of different waves of energy proportional to those created by the planets for healing purposes and for producing certain effects of which we know yet nothing.

What appears to be "dense" is nothing more than oscillating particles repeatedly occupying the same space, so tightly grouped together and moving so fast that we cannot find that moment when there's a "hole" On the other hand, when vibrations increase their Frequency, matter becomes more energy-like and thus more evasive to the senses.

We could say that the Universe is just one primordial energy in various kinetic states. Motion creates attraction, cohesion and radiation, and is also the cause of disintegration, dissolution and decay. Not in vain the Supreme being of all, The Absolute Brahman, the Energy Alpha-Omega, is described in the Isa Upanishad as follows:

"The Spirit (Brahman), without moving, is swifter than the mind;.... Standing still, He overtakes those who run." (Isa Upanishad. 4.)

The following quote from The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky clearly resumes that which I am giving only certain details about:

"...Its one absolute attribute, which is ITSELF, eternal, ceaseless Motion, is called in esoteric parlance the "Great Breath," which is the perpetual motion of the universe, in the sense of limitless, ever-present SPACE. That which is motionless cannot be Divine. But then there is nothing in fact and reality absolutely motionless within the universal soul.". (Vol. 1, Page 1. Proem.)

The Supreme Deity as the fastest vibration in the Universe. A vibration that adding new harmonics to Its original Frequency, Shape and Amplitude (which basically remains unchanged) gives form to everything visible and invisible.

Astrology currently studies the influence that the planets exert when they are placed in different orbital positions, but it does so mostly from a geocentric point of view and without considering parameters like rotation speed, inclination of the axis, orbital advance, and how vital these are in terms that all movements combined produce particular waves in the energetic body of the solar system whose shape and frequency change periodically.

Our own zodiac is calculated by the (slowly shifting) position of the equinoxes, or the points where the orbital plane of the Earth intersects the plane of the equator - these points are referred as 0 degrees Aries and 0 degrees Libra).

The influence of the planets is normally considered by their position relative to our Zodiac, but the fact that all the other planets also have their own equinoxes, and as a result, their own Zodiacs, is not taken into account. The influence of a planet would be more accurately predicted by studying its position along its own Zodiac.


Even though we don't know much about changes in the planets' influences which depend on their own cycles, we still have good information regarding the basic nature of these cosmic entities, who are self conscious and at the same time they are only integral part and energy centres of larger cosmic beings, like our solar system and our galaxy.

Like everything in this Universe, planets can be considered as being triple in nature, and existing in three separate realms simultaneously, just like our own planet does. We call these three "dimensions":

1- The Physical World. It includes all planes from the Physical Plane to the higher Mental Plane. This is the plane where most of Humanity and the lower Kingdoms of Nature have their being. While our consciousness is focussed on this realm, the influence of the planets over our material nature and circumstances will be very strong, until that time where the aspirant learns about planetary cycles and tries to flow along with them and to make the most of these inevitable changes. By the time this is pursued, the aspirant is obviously making use of his higher mental faculties and is developing his intuition, which has its origin in the World of Souls.

2- The World of Souls. The Spiritual Triad. The higher Mental Planes, the Buddhic Plane and the Atmic Plane. This is where the Hierarchy is focussed. When the aspirant reaches this stage of development, he knows well the secret of his own Ego , the fact that planets are also self conscious entities and that everything, in all levels of existence, is interconnected. By "electrical affinity", the now predominant vibration of the aspirant's Soul will resonate with that aspect of His planet and other cosmic bodies that belong to the same sphere of existence. The effects of the planets over his material existence dissipates, and only that which is related with the balancing of past individual Karma (and planetary Karma as well) will have an effect on his material existence. At an advanced stage, the Initiate has contact with representatives of the different Planetary Logoi, and gets first hand knowledge about their natures.

3- The World of the Spirit. The Monadic Plane and above. This is the reign of Shamballa and the sphere of the fully awakened Monads. I have said many times that the state of being which is characteristic of Shamballa is beyond the comprehension of even advanced Initiates. One of the keywords is "Identification", a very high perception of the unity that pervades all existence. The Masters that have reached this level of "self perception" live on those spheres where the Divine Will holds sway, and they consciously cooperate with the Purposes of the different Planetary Logoi, as well as with the Solar Logos.

He have to emphasize the notion that the solar system is a living entity, and that the visible and measurable portion of it is only the physical vehicle of expression of this marvelous being. The physical Sun and planetary bodies are the physical counterparts of its energy centres, and are analogous to the chakras in the human form that we all already know so much about thanks to the popularization of sciences like Raya Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. The most important centres in human or cosmic beings are those which are the receptors of each of the Seven Rays, and as you can infer by now, there is a particular connection between certain planets (systemic chakras) and specific chakras in the subtle bodies of living entities like human beings.

The Seven most relevant systemic centres have their physical counterparts in:

The Sun.

The seven major systemic centres are also called "The Sacred Planets". In previous esoteric literature, a non discovered planet called Vulcan was considered among one of them and the Sun was treated separately. Vulcan was supposed to orbit around the sun even closer to it than Mercury, but all attempts to detect it were unsuccessful. The existence of Vulcan was theorized on the late 18th. and early 19th. centuries because of certain abnormalities in Mercury's orbit, but around 1915 Einstein explained this phenomenon and other similar ones with his Theory of Relativity.

The importance of the Sun as the center of Life for the whole solar system, and the Solar Logos, the super-being behind the manifestation of the whole system, . at any level (and every astrologer will agree), the Sun is the heart of the solar system. In the same way that the heart in animals and human beings constantly pumps blood to the whole body, the Sun is pumping energy in various states which reaches the furthest corners of the systemic body only to return back to be processed and pumped again (see the solar wind). The cyclic phenomenon called "solar spots" is analogous to the opening and closing of the valves in the heart. On a more spiritual level, the "deep cave of the heart" is also supposed to be the seat of the inner individual God, call it the Soul, the Christ Within, the Atman, the Monad, the Spirit or whatever you wish. At the same time, there's a sphere of being which is called "The Spiritual Sun", which is the equivalent of our planetary centre Shamballa, and which is the place where the Will of the Highest is focussed and distributed.

I've said that every planetary entity is triple (and then septenary) in nature. The three aspects of the Sun are usually referred as:

The Physical Sun Third Aspect The Mother or Holy Ghost Shiva Ray 3
The Heart of the Sun Second Aspect The Son  Vishnu  Ray 2
The Spiritual Sun First Aspect The Father  Brahma Ray 1

The planet Jupiter occupies a very interesting position in this scheme, having a particular relationship with the Sun. It is the second energy producing cosmic body in our system and radiates more energy into space than it receives from the Sun. For certain instruments (like radio telescopes), Jupiter is "bright" as a star. Dual solar systems (with two suns) are something very common in the Universe, and Jupiter would have been the second star in our system if it had gathered more matter around itself initially (it is said that it would need at least 80 times its current mass to initiate nuclear fusion in its interior, but I also read that 12 times would have been enough). Still, Jupiter is more than twice as massive as all the other planets combined (318 times Earth), and is just about as large in diameter as a gas planet can be. If more material were to be added, it would be compressed by gravity such that the overall radius would increase only slightly. A star can be larger only because of its internal (nuclear) heat source. Jupiter was called by the Egyptians "Amon-Ra", which can be translated as "Hidden Sun".

The numerical position (7) of Jupiter in the solar system is equally interesting, and further indicates a special relation with the Sun.

      Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Asteroids Jupiter
         1          2         3          4          5           6            7 

The space occupied by the asteroids belt as one where (by certain formulas, like the Law of Bode) one would expect a planet to exist, the asteroids belt could well be the remains of a planet that was destroyed, or that for some reason wasn't able to retain the matter that initially gathered. Its number (6) is also consistent with a process of disintegration, related with cosmic forces that stimulate discrimination, selection and purification. The esoteric meaning of the sign of Virgo is related to these phenomena. In any case, the area where the asteroid's belt is located is the focus of some of those systemic currents and forces related with the creation of planets, or systemic energy centres.

If we consider this arrangement a little further, we see that other relations between planets emerge.

S.  M.  V.  E.  M.  A.  J.   
1     2   3    4    5    6   7 

The connection between 
          Venus and Mars, who can be considered opposites (with the Earth in the 
          middle) and at the same time complementary, and whose symbols are employed 
          as graphic representations of female and male respectively, becomes 
          apparent. However, Mars is not one of the Sacred Planets.  

The Earth has a very peculiar position in this diagram, similar to everything represented by the number four in a septenary division. Reading the Fourth Ray, and the Buddhic Plane can throw much light on the nature of our planet, referred sometimes as "The School of Pain", and where so much suffering seems to prevail. But with this I am not necessarily suggesting that the Fourth Ray is the major Ray of Earth, which is not a Sacred Planet either. The reader must always remember that self-concious entities (planets included) are influenced by three major rays:

The latter is, of course, the most important of all, but which one prevails depends on the evolutionary stage of the entity in cuestion.

The diagrams and arrangements that I've just exposed can be further expanded so that more planetary relations become apparent, but I will leave that up to those dedicated students who would care to resolve the rest of the puzzle for themselves. I already gave all the clues (maybe more than I should). Keep in mind at all times that we are dealing here with energy centres.

Three other planets are considered to be particularly important as being the centres which represent the Holy Trinity. They are also called "The Planets of Synthesis" and "The Custodians of the Three Fires". These planets, and the aspects they embody are:

Saturn Third Aspect The Holy Ghost Shiva Ray 3 Fire by Friction
Neptune Second Aspect The Son  Vishnu  Ray 2 Solar Fire
Uranus First Aspect The Father  Brahma Ray 1 Electric Fire

The Three Fires mentioned here (and elsewhere in this web page) are just different esoteric names for the Three Major Aspects, but the scientific minded reader may be able to see an analogy between these terms and three different heat producing phenomena:

It is curious how either the first or the third process can trigger the second, which cannot be "self-initiated". For example, to ignite the tip of a match you have to rub it (friction), and electric sparks can initiate combustion (a lightning bolt on a piece of wood, for example).

It is also worth mentioning that Saturn has the fastest rotation speed of all three Planets of Synthesis (and is only second to Jupiter in the solar system), and higher rotation means increased friction. And, according to traditional astrology, Uranus rules over electricity.

by Esoteric Astrology Eduardo Gomez © 2003 (page no longer available

Example of Earth Planetary Karma

by David Wilcock

The Ra Material, one of a small number of sources of "channeled" psychic information that I consider to be very highly reliable, says that a "negative Ascension" can happen if a person is above 95 percent polarized towards service to self, with hardly any care for others whatsoever. This comes about by essentially becoming a killer of thousands upon thousands of people and tirelessly working for selfish, greedy and manipulative ends of the most extreme possible sort. According to Ra, the fourth and fifth dimensions can indeed have negative entities, but once you arrive at the sixth it is impossible not to become positively polarized. You fully reunite with the One at the end of the seventh density, passing into the Octave, or the Oneness of the All. More on the Ra Material, including excerpts, can be found at]

[As a further note, pay attention to the reference to the gladiators leaving their cages. This is an obviously direct parallel between the United States and Rome. This point was elaborated upon greatly in the following reading after this one, which occurred the next night. The readings seem to be saying that the United States must fall in a similar matter as Rome once did.]

For it is said that with these changes come the advent of peace. What we don't want is a repeat of the Northridge earthquake, and / or the Three Mile Island scenario. Phrased in common terms, it could be thought of as a travesty, as a traffic ticket left unpaid for, an account with the Divine that needs to be brought to zero balance. Nations against nations will not deflect the truth of each one of you as a being. Rather, see this as an opportunity to express your own creaturehood on a massive scale.

[Note: In the early part of the above paragraph, what they are saying is that another event like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or the Northridge quake could occur again, for the specific purpose of balancing out what we are creating here on the planet. This is obviously some very serious stuff for them to be saying, as it will involve major or epic-sized Earth Changes. The further implications are that both the events they listed were created by Higher Intelligence in order to balance our planetary karma, created by the negative actions of our governments. The point was made even clearer in the reading given on the night after this one.]

Your governments are simply fulfilling the promises made by each of you. Step beyond hearsay, and into a fully direct visual manifestation of what it is that hides within you in the lurking dark recesses of the mind that have not been acknowledged by most of you. It is largely psychological warfare in many of these cases, as such foreign policy arrangements do not presuppose the necessity of peace to arrive first instead of last. And yet now in Central Europe, conditions are taking action that will inevitably lead to further conditions of taking action.

We do see that there is a renewed possibility for the more unfortunate probability vortices to be made manifest in the present circumstances. However, understand that this is only indicative of the advancing speed and frequency of the planetary vibrations. It should not be viewed as an object of immense fear. When we delve into the broken areas in the tissues of the collective human organism, we must first diagnose the problem before we can operate on a level of finding a solution. As tonight's dream so aptly illustrated, it is necessary for each of us to stop playing our respective roles - in this case the vampire, the werewolf, et cetera, and instead embrace each other in the common bond of Mutually Assured Trust.

There is little time left for us to make these statements, as in the most severe probability vortices, the aftershock of these rapidly expanding events will be seen quite sooner than one had imagined. What do we mean by that? Simply this. The infrastructure cannot hold up when the pigeons start being fed to the people. You cannot have six of one and half a dozen of the other, and then have both measurements end up being obsolete when you are providing a tray for your enemies as well.

[Note: Here they appear to be using the metaphor of Psalms 23:5, which says, "Thou preparest a table before mine enemies…" indicating peace. I believe that the point of this very cryptic paragraph is to suggest that this war could produce a very sudden economic collapse that could severely deplete the food supply. Although this might not be the strongest possibility for our future, they are indeed telling us that the probability exists. Currently the US also sends food abroad in vast numbers, and this could only make the problem even worse - the question of either starving their own people or starving everyone else. Stock up, folks!]

Behind the outdoor garden fence, there lies a vista of awareness that is being shattered in the present moment by those who would seek to dampen its waters. Although there are many of you on this planet who are indeed aware of the expanding consciousness that is now occurring, these events of warfare do help to show you that there is another aspect to the story as well.

[Note: Remember that the garden is another frequent metaphor for Harvest or Ascension, often used in the Bible. This entirely new realm that we will be traveling into very shortly is the "vista of awareness" that they are speaking of.]


More from David on Jupiter:

Richard Hoagland’s Monuments of Mars (1990) documents how a simple four-sided pyramid known as a tetrahedron, when sized to fit perfectly inside a planetary sphere, will determine the most energetically active areas on a planet. The most obvious signs of this activity are the geometrically positioned Great Red Spot on Jupiter and the Great Dark Spot on Neptune.

The interlaced tetrahedron inside of a sphere, showing coordinate points. (Hoagland, 2000)

Heliophysicists have discovered that the Sun has an “octopolar” magnetic field. Such a field maps out all the coordinate points for an octahedron, which looks like two Egyptian pyramids connected base-to-base. There are four evenly-spaced points along the equator of the Sun that are known to emit showers of charged energy “particles” like a slowly-rotating lawn sprinkler. Four times each month, the Earth passes through another wave of these particles, which are either positively or negatively charged. If you connect the dots between the four points of this energetic emergence along the Sun’s equator and its north and south pole, the octahedron becomes apparent – and we can see there is energy streaming out of all of its points.

The lines of the geometric forms define areas with a lower degree of pressure than their surroundings, and thus higher pressures quite naturally rush out through these areas, much as we see in the points along the Sun’s equator or in the Great Red Spot of Jupiter. The “fluid,” in the case of the Universe, is a non-physical energy medium that we call the “aether.” Our Convergence series, especially the third volume, gives definitive proof of its existence and fluidlike properties.

In the geometry of vibration, all loose materials are caught up in the flowing pressure currents to collect at the points and lines of a geometric form. This is similar to how iron filings can be made to line up with the field lines of a magnet, thus making the geometry of the magnetic field visible. Another way of showing this effect is by spreading an even layer of sand over a large drumhead and then striking the drum in the middle – the sand will form into geometrically-spaced piles near the rim of the head. Sometimes lines are visible as well.


A report, published in the journal Science (March 27, 1998, pg. 2089) by seismologist Mr. Naoki Suda et al, stated that he and his team had found evidence that had showed Earth to be in a constant state of oscillation. He reported that the frequencies involved were between 2-7 mhz. (.002 - .007 Hz.) If you convert this 2 mhz to a wavelength, it equals 93,141,000 miles, which by coincidence is also close to the mean orbital radius of planet Earth [i.e. Earth’s distance from the Sun.] This spectrum of frequencies also covers 2 of the Sun’s resonant pulse wavelengths. (Solar Dia. x 2^5 = 27,680,000 miles, 6.7 mhz and Solar Dia x 2^6 = 55,360,000 miles, 3.3 mhz.) The same two frequencies are involved in the spacing of Earth from Venus (.3 AU) and Earth from Mars (.6 AU.)

Let’s take a leap here and suppose that one of a planet’s resonant frequencies is equal to its mean orbital radius and that it radiates this reflection wave into the interplanetary plasma. Could other evidence be found that could support this idea?

If we look towards the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, and its orbit around the Sun, we see that it affects two groups of asteroids known as the Trojans. [These groups] are 60 degrees in front and [60 degrees] behind [the orbital position of] Jupiter. (If you draw a straight line from the Sun to Jupiter and go at a 60-degree angle from the Sun to the point where it intersects with Jupiter’s orbit, [you find the Trojans on either end.]) As we know, a triangle’s internal angles must equal 180 degrees. If you draw a straight line from the Sun to [either of] the Trojans, then to Jupiter and back to the Sun, it forms a perfect equilateral triangle with 3 internal angles of 60 degrees. This all means that the Trojans are as far from Jupiter as Jupiter is from the Sun: 483.3 million miles.

The first point above shows us that the behavior of the Earth, in terms of its own rate of harmonic pulsation, is intimately connected with its distance from the Sun. This can only be possible with a “quantum medium” that exists between them in space. Then, the “triangle formation” that Stoneking mentioned between Jupiter, the Sun and the Trojan asteroids suggests that geometric forces are at work in the energy fields we are discussing, which falls in line holographically with what we have observed at the quantum level.

Divine Cosmos

A special issue of Scientific American devoted to the Cosmos shows that the magnetic field of Jupiter is larger than the sun. Even though these magnetic effects do not apparently hold sway in three dimensions, we cannot automatically assume that there are not higher – dimensional effects involved. It will become clear in following chapters that a planetary magnetic field is far more than a simple question of north and south; it could be likened unto a gigantic, geometric crystal of hyperdimensional energy, interwoven with its planetary counterparts in a giant web

The Grand Cross of August 17-18, 1999

Although apocalyptic prognosticators get excited about big conjunctions, like the one approaching in Taurus on May 5, 2000, these have historically been markers of a changing of the guard, rather than precipitators of actual events. The conjunction is classically the mark of the end of one cycle and the start of another. The massive "Super Conjunction" of February, 1962 was an example of this. Not much happened on the conjunction itself, but within 18 months, John Kennedy was shot, then the war in Vietnam escalated and soon, people were walking on the Moon. The Grand Cross is, instead, a configuration found in the middle of the cycle; the power point of the cycle.

The likes of the configuration that will be occurring in August of 1999 has not been seen in recent times. There was a weaker version of this configuration on January 11, 1910. This was in cardinal signs and included 7 major planets and 1 of the asteroids. The Grand Cross is part of a "crossing over" to a new era or age. It is to be noted that the first air transportation service, utilizing dirigibles in Germany, was established on this date. It is easy to see how the advances in technology transformed the world from a horse-and-buggy condition to the high-tech world we live in now. The Grand Cross coming this next August is much more powerful and features 9 major planets, the Moon's nodes, Chiron and 2 of the 4 asteroids in fixed signs. It will take someone with more sophisticated computer software than I have to research how long it has been since this configuration was last seen. It will affect everyone and everything. The Grand Cross can occur in any of 3 modes; cardinal, fixed or mutable. These correspond to the 3 gunas of the Vedas or rajas, tamas or sattva. This one is in the tamasic, or fixed signs. These are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The fixed signs have long been recognized as crucial in the experience of mankind. The Sphinx is a composite of the fixed cross. It has the head of a man (Aquarius), the front paws of a lion (Leo), the body and rump of a bull (Taurus) and the wings of an eagle (Scorpio).

Here is the lineup:

In the earth sign of Taurus, we have Jupiter and Saturn. These two giants classically rule the everyday, down-to-earth concerns of society. The stock market, housing, crop abundance or failure, money and the sense of comfort or anxiety over these things are under the influence of Jupiter and Saturn. In the Grand Cross, they represent the Earth and her relationship to humanity. All of the planets can operate in positive or negative ways. Here we have either the reverence for Mother Earth and her resources or the final destruction of plant and animal species, the fouling of air and water and, possibly, Her revolt against this disrespect.

Opposite these two, in the water sign of Scorpio, we have the Moon, Mars, Chiron and the asteroid Juno. Here we see the pressures brought about by the New World Order. The police state. Repression, control, the wounded psyche of a frustrated, confined society in fear over crime, change, and the reluctance to part with the "old way" of doing most everything. Even though this may be the area that precipitates the crisis envisioned by this planetary configuration, there is the least amount of staying power here. It may be that some action by the ruling elite will trigger the situation, but there is little here to sustain it. On a positive note, here we have the courage to pour forth energy and healing from the millions of light workers out there, and the inclination to step forward to teach and heal those who are feeling fright and suffering.

The Important 5040 Cycle

Now then, we come to "a very difficult point," as some of our friends are always saying! The ancients in my judgment knew of the planets Uranus and Neptune, but they did not include them in their astronomical works. We Theosophists know why. It would be extremely interesting, but it would take me a week to explain this why. I will merely add that all these astronomical ages -which is what these Hindu yugas are -- all these astronomical cycles and key-figures, are based on the calculated key-numbers of Jupiter and Saturn, 12 and 30, as factors. Yet a very interesting fact comes forth. How many Jupiter-years does the planet Uranus contain? I mean, one year of Uranus comprehends or includes how many Jupiter-years? 7, practically exactly. How many Jupiter-years does the planet Neptune contain, in other words one Neptune-year? 14 Jupiter-years. If you are following these thoughts carefully, the conviction will grow upon you that the periodic times of all the planets are time-connected, connected by time-periods; and my own conviction is, although I never have had time to work this thing out, that some Theosophical mathematical 'sharp' could go ahead and even find that the planets Uranus and Neptune would be included in still larger time-cycles.

One of the most important cycles mentioned even by Plato in his Dialog called The Laws is 5040 years. This figure is remarkable for several features, amongst which is that it is divisible by 58 different divisors among which are the key-numbers I have been speaking of this evening, to wit 5, 6, 12, 30, 60, and of course 36, 72, and 360; but what is noteworthy about this cycle of 5040 is that it is likewise divisible by 7, giving us the quotient 720 -- in which we see the key-number 72 again, x 10.

Furthermore, this figure of 5040 is arrived at by multiplying by each other the simple arithmetical series of the first seven digits taken in order, to wit: 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 = 5040. This remarkable number or cycle, so specifically mentioned by Plato in another connexion, was of course known to the ancient astronomers, astrologers, and mathematicians; and by using this figure or cycle, we find that the year-period of every planet, whether the 7 sacred planets known to the ancients, or those including the others supposedly unknown to the ancients, to wit, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, used as a divisor will divide into 5040 without remainder. In other words, 5040 is a cycle which contains the planetary years of all the planets in the solar system, and thus links them up through having as one of its factors the number 7 -- a most interesting fact, and one worthy of study.

From: "The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number 72"



Dying Comet Gives Rare View of Space


WASHINGTON (AP) - It was like watching an autopsy on a comet. Comet Linear, falling toward the sun last summer, peeled off layer after layer, revealing its structure and composition to astronomers watching with some of the world's most powerful telescopes.

The half-mile-wide comet shed mountain-sized chunks of rock and vaporized tons of ice as it shattered and then disintegrated during a final plunge into the sun, said Hal Weaver, a Johns Hopkins University astronomer and co-author of a study appearing Friday in the journal Science.

``We think watching it come apart was a lot like seeing how the comet was put together in the first place, played in reverse,'' said Weaver, leader of an astronomy team that observed the comet.

Weaver said an analysis of Linear's breakup supports the idea that comets may have supplied a primitive Earth with the water and organic chemicals to form life.

He said study of three other comets, Halley, Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake, had cast doubt on the comets' role because the chemistry of water on those objects was different from that of the Earth's oceans.

But the characteristics of Linear's breakup suggest it had a different water chemistry, Weaver said. ``This is the type of comet that could have done the job'' of providing Earth with the water and organic chemicals needed for life, he said.

Linear's breakup originally was estimated to be about a half-mile across in size and contain some 660 billion pounds of ice. Measurements of the debris, however, can account for only small percentage of the rocky material and for only about 7.2 billion pounds of the ice, Weaver said.

``If you add up the many pieces that broke off, you come out way short of the original mass estimate,'' he said. ``So there is some missing matter here.''

While astronomers do not know what caused the breakup, Weaver said the comet's fragility surprised them.

``The forces that took it apart were gentle,'' he said. ``It was not like there was a stick of dynamite that blew it apart. The forces were not that powerful.''

This supports the traditional view that comets may be ``cosmic rubble'' piles that are only loosely held together, he said.

Researchers also were surprised at the ratio of ice to dust and rock in Linear. Since the 1950s, astronomers have believed comets were ``dirty snowballs,'' objects that were about half ice and half dusty rocks.

Weaver said the analysis of Linear suggests that it had about 100 times more solid rock and dust than ice.

``Comet Linear was more like an icy dirtball than a dirty snowball,'' he said.

Astronomers also noted that the ice vaporized at much higher temperatures than expected. This suggests the comet formed closer to the sun, perhaps around the orbit of Jupiter, Weaver said. Most comets are thought to have formed on the distant fringes of the solar system, where temperatures are much colder.

Weaver said that comets formed nearer the sun are more apt to contain frozen water whose chemical composition more closely resembles that of the Earth's oceans. This would support the theory that comets supplied much of the planet's water, he said.

On the Net: Journal Science:




Saturday, Dec. 16, 2000.

Asteroid Could End World Monday

By Kevin O'Flynn

Staff Writer Russian scientists warned this week that life as we know it could end as early as Monday, if any one of the massive asteroids whizzing through the cosmos should happen to be making a beeline for Earth.

"There is a threat to humanity," said Vadim Simonenko, deputy head of the Institute of Technical Physics.

Simonenko was among the impressive array of experts attending a news conference with a title straight from a 1950s B-movie: "Asteroid Danger: How to Save the Earth From Cosmic Catastrophe."

The conference, held Thursday at the House of Journalists, brought together astronomers, physicists and nuclear experts to urge global cooperation in saving the world from a devastating asteroid collision that could leave millions dead or even wipe out civilization entirely.

With asteroids measuring up to 10 kilometers in diameter and traveling at speeds of up to 20,000 kilometers an hour, Earth would stand little chance if it was hit by a big one.

The Thursday gathering — including Simonenko, whose institute is a part of the Russian Nuclear Center — called for the organization of a world body to scour space for incoming objects and destroy any potentially dangerous flying objects with nuclear missiles.

In the case that preemptive measures fail, the citizens of the world should be prepared to relocate to the moon, the scientists added.

"After a collision with one of these asteroids, there'll be only fragments left of Earth," said Alexander Bagrov, senior scientist at the Institute of Astronomy.

Bagrov added that current technology allows experts to detect incoming objects no earlier than three days ahead of time — hence the suggestion that the day of reckoning may come as early as Monday.

Bagrov, a tall, thin balding man with a moonlike face, led the rallying cry of the doom-mongers, telling grim tales of other planets done in by asteroids.

Five billion years ago, he said, the planet Phaeton — located between Mars and Jupiter, the area where the orbit of most asteroids lie — exploded into millions of bits after being hit by an asteroid 1,000 meters wide.

"And [Phaeton] was many times bigger than Earth," Bagrov warned. "After a collision with one of these asteroids there'd by only fragments left of Earth."

The asteroid that destroyed Phaeton also went on to cause the demise of life on Mars, when one of the fragments of the shattered planet whacked into Mars, causing it to sink into a grim nuclear winter that killed all life forms and turned it the bright red color it is today.

The only trace of life left on Mars is a "face with tears on its cheek" visible on the planet's surface, Bragov said.

Comets and asteroids have been slamming into Earth since time began. A huge asteroid that hit the planet 65 million years ago is believed to have killed off the dinosaurs.

But it has only been in the last 10 to 20 years that scientists have started to seriously consider the threat that asteroids, comets and other so-called NEOs, or Near Earth Objects, potentially pose to contemporary civilization.

"Ten years ago it was thought fantastic," Simonenko said of the concept that life on Earth could be wiped out by a NEO hit.

Everything changed, however, when an American scientist proved that a huge crater in the state of Arizona was caused by a meteorite and not, as previously thought, by volcanic activity.

Scientists now agree that there are millions of asteroids out there that have a chance of hitting the Earth.

If an object of more than 10 kilometers in diameter hits the Earth then there's not much chance of anyone surviving, according to a British task force that earlier this year published research on NEOs. Luckily, the chance of that happening is about once every hundred million years, the research said.

More dangerous are smaller objects of one kilometer or more which could destroy cities, change the climate and cause huge tidal waves all over the Earth.

There are roughly 1,000 such asteroids, roughly half of which have been identified as unlikely to strike the Earth.

An ongoing project at NASA hopes to identify an additional 40 percent of the asteroids within the next decade.

Even smaller objects — those under a kilometer — would still cause devastation equivalent to a number of nuclear bombs, but few of these have been detected.

Russia has already been hit by two large asteroids in the last 100 years.

In 1908 an asteroid crashed into Tunguska, a remote area of Siberia, causing devastation across an area the size of London.

Nearly 40 years later another asteroid hit Sikote-Alin, also in Siberia, smashing more than a hundred craters into the land.

If one of these asteroids had hit a city then millions of people would have died.

Alone, Russia has little funding to devote to NEO studies.

According to Anatoly Zaitsev, the head engineer at the Scientific Production Association, a manufacturer of satellites, an international body is needed to track all flying objects and act quickly with nuclear missiles if needed.

Zaitsev said that there is also a need to discuss the practical and moral problems associated with NEO vigilance.

Do you really want to tell the citizens of Perm that a meteorite is headed for their town square, he wondered, pointing to the rash of suicides and general panic caused two years ago in the United States when the Haley-Bop comet came unusually close to Earth.

If the big one does come, Zaitsev added, people should be prepared to evacuate the planet — potentially relocating to the moon.

But how will we choose who goes, someone asked.

"Ah, that's the problem," Zaitsev said.

Article from the Moscow Times:

12/23/97 Prophecy by Goro Adachi

•I am a little concerned and suspicious about this Anthrax vaccination that the Pentagon has ordered to be used for all 1.4 million active duty men and women in the U.S. military (involving six shots taken over 18 months), reportedly because of the possibility of germ warfare. First, the possibility that the vaccines used in the Gulf War contributed to the controversial Gulf Ware Syndrome is not ruled out - so it's possible that this Anthrax vaccine will cause more soldiers to be sick and the illness might even spread into the general public. While this is just a possibility, what I noticed that may add to the speculation is its possible symbolic connection to the "Elysian Fields" model I developed. In the model, there is a rivalry between 'Saturn', the original ruler (of Earth), and 'Jupiter' (and 'Mars'/'Venus' to some extent), the "intruder", which overthrew Saturn - and this has to do with "ETs" (mainly the "Jupiter"-related factions) interfering in Earth affairs resulting in "contamination" of human DNA and/or spirituality. And I also illustrated in 'The Elysian Fields' that the model, in conjunction with the implications of the Nile, seems to be 'followed' in various symbolic ways repeatedly in history. Now, the fact that the decision about the Anthrax vaccination announced in mid-December came just before the period called 'Saturnalia' (which is thought to have evolved into our Christmas) which is from Dec. 17 through 23, PLUS the fact that the big (currently #1) movie, "Titanic" (mythologically, Saturn was the most important of the Titans - the first gods), opened Dec. 19 - right in the middle of Saturnalia - and in which 'Titanic', the Saturn force, hits an obstacle and sinks, made me think that all this may be one of those ritualistic, symbolic events 'planted'/orchestrated ultimately by "the Cabal" (the hidden puppeteers). The sequence and the timing of those events appear to depict the motif of Jupiter-related faction overthrowing 'Saturn' (represented by Titanic sinking) through or resulting in 'contamination' (which seems to be represented by the Anthrax vaccine in this case). It is also interesting that the Titanic was on its voyage to the United States (NYC) from England, because in 'The Elysian Fields' I symbolically associated England with 'Saturn', and U.S. represented a "New World" / Earth that came to be controlled by the Jupiter-related faction(s) - thus the Titanic sinking and failing to get to the United States nicely depict the "Saturn" faction losing control over Earth symbolically.

So, in this symbolic context, I feel it may not be too farfetched to hypothesize that the Anthrax vaccination stuff represents the 'contamination' aspect of the mythological 'drama'/pattern

by Goro Adachi


Q: What are some of the effects on planet Earth if an asteroid - the 1950 DA or a much larger one - were to hit planet Earth?

A: Something the size of 1950 DA (1.1 kilometers) moving at its encounter velocity of 14.25 kilometers per second would have 100,000 megatons of energy to dissipate upon impact. The crater would be about 10-20 kilometers wide. Molten material would be ejected, perhaps to temporarily orbit the Earth, then reenter and trigger fires around the world. If it hit in water, the tidal wave would inundate most adjoining coastal areas. Dust and steam would be injected into the atmosphere for some period of time.

Q: Have the studies regarding asteroids and other objects hitting Earth indicated that as the years go by, they are getting closer and closer to actually hitting Earth?

A: No. Each asteroid's path through space is different, and there is no tendency for them to all get closer to the Earth. Most asteroids are in the belt between Mars and Jupiter. They will remain there for hundreds of millions of years or more and never come anywhere near the Earth.

Q: Have most scientists, including you personally, now concluded that asteroids killed off the dinosaurs? If not that, what did in your opinion?

A: Many have, because of the suddenness of their disappearance, the presence of the iridium layer in the rock laid down at the time - iridium normally being more common in asteroidal material - and the discovery of a large impact crater off the Yucatan peninsula that seems to have been created at the same time the dinosaurs disappeared and was made by an object large enough - more than 10 times larger than 1950 DA - to have caused the global extinctions that evidently occurred. That said, one shouldn't close one's mind to other possibilities if there is evidence to support them, or there is an explanation that better fits the evidence we have. But the conclusion regarding the dinosaurs is reasonable.

Q: Can an asteroid potentially destroy or seriously damage any of the nine planets, including Earth, in the solar system?

A: An asteroid or comet could make the surface of the Earth very difficult for life. But if you mean "shatter" a planet, then no, there are no known asteroids big enough or moving in such a way that that could happen. Events like that may have happened during the formation of the solar system and the Earth's moon billions of years ago, but not now.

Q: What are some of the current studies, or future ones, that you plan to work on?

A: We observe three or four asteroids with radar every month. This weekend, we have an asteroid called 1999 GU3 scheduled. Earlier this week, asteroid 2002 FD6 went past and was observed using the Goldstone planetary radar.



David Wilcock,

Research Director

March 2, 2002

With the work of Dr. S.V. Smelyakov and Y. Karpenko on the Mayan Calendar [6], we may well have the "smoking gun" to prove scientifically that a fundamental energetic change is occurring throughout the entire Solar System at this time, fostering a crucial link between the local effects on the Sun, Earth and other planets and the effects upon the consciousness of humanity. Since distant ancient times, all of these prophesied changes have been associated with the culmination of a 25,920-year master cycle known as "precession". In Shift of the Ages [10], we demonstrate how this cycle can be seen in the long-term activity of the Sun [3] as well as the rotation of the Earth's axis. We also show how the Mayan Calendar cycle, at 5,125 years in length, is exactly one-fifth of the precession. [10] John Major Jenkins, one of the speakers at our upcoming event in Louisville, KY on April 26-28, 2002, has demonstrated that on Dec. 21, 2012, the end-date for this cycle, the long-term "precessional" orientation of the Earth's axis is perfectly aligned with the center of the galaxy. [4] And now, Dr. Smelyakov et al. have added dramatic new evidence to the case in their paper entitled "The Auric Time Scale and the Mayan Calendar." [6] This article you are now reading is the very first account of this groundbreaking study to be published worldwide, other than the paper itself, which has remained completely obscure from the Internet-based metaphysical culture at large. This is almost certainly due to its degree of sophistication, making it almost indecipherable to those not educated in physics and mathematics.

Smelyakov's discovery is based on his earlier investigations of the ratio known as "phi" or the Golden Section and how it unifies and correlates the following phenomena [6]:

all the fundamental phenomena in biology (cell and physiological rhythms)

cyclical events in botany (vegetative cycles, etc.)

cycles in zoology (counts of head of livestock, number of fishes caught, etc.)

meteorological cycles of the weather

the physics of the movements of the Sun and the Earth

the ebb and flow of human emotion as seen in financial market activities (Kondratiev cycle [2] and others)

events through history such as wars and levels of population

cycles of criminal behavior

earthquakes and other epic natural disasters

cycles of sudden variation in Carbon-14 radiation content in tree rings

Those who have studied sacred geometry or read my books and / or others on the subject are well aware of the importance of the phi ratio, which has a value of 1.6180339. This ratio can be easily seen in the relationships between common "Diatonic" musical frequencies as well as the natural proportions of growing bacteria clusters, plant life, animal life and the human body. When drawn geometrically, it appears as the classic spiral shape that we so often see on the seashells at the beach. Furthermore, the importance of phi was enshrined in many ancient structures throughout the world. As a ratio, it perfectly balances the forces of expansion and contraction, which can be demonstrated geometrically or mathematically, and its connection to music shows that it is a fundamental characteristic of the behavior of vibration. [10, 11]

Smelyakov and others assert that the vibrations of phi actually ripple through the very "fabric" of time and space itself, due to its innate harmonic characteristics. In our upcoming book The Divine Cosmos, we explain how Russian scientists have determined that what we call "space" is not empty, but is rather filled with an energetic medium that Nikola Tesla suggested "behaves as a liquid to solid bodies, and as a solid to light and heat." The mysteries of the Universe, all the way from the "flat" formation of the known Universe to the anomalies of galaxy formation, the structure and function of our Solar System and even the world of quantum physics can all be unified together in a single, coherent model once we reintroduce this medium, which the ancient Greeks referred to as "aether." As seen in our second book Convergence III [11], many further mysteries of consciousness, life and the existence of "psychic" phenomena are explained by aether-based models as well, and the above list of "phi"-related cycles certainly adds to what we know that the research has already determined.

If we were to vibrate a fluid, then we would see wavelengths appear with the simple phi relationship occurring between them. Similarly, the phi relationship can be observed in the Universe, such as in the cycles of our Solar System. It appears that we have "ripples" of energy in our Galaxy that we move through in set intervals of time which are based on phi and which the Mayans were well aware of [10, 11], as we shall see in this article. Smelyakov has determined that our entire Solar System operates in a unified, harmonic fashion that he terms "the Solar-Planetary Synchronism," (SPS,) and its values are all related to each other by the phi ratio. This work allows us to predict the exact orbit of a hypothetical planet "Proserpine" past Pluto as ~510.9 years in length [6], as well as unifying the movements of the Asteroid Belt and the various cycles of solar activity with all other known harmonics (orbits) in the Solar System. Furthermore, as we said, the same cycles can be shown to affect human life and the movement of economic trends as well.

These connections between various celestial and terrestrial cycles are discovered by taking a basic time unit and then expanding or contracting it by various exponential powers of phi, where phi^0 is equal to 1, phi^1 is the classic ratio of 1.6180339 and phi^-1 is .618. Overall, Smelyakov calls the various powers of phi the "Auric series," and assigns this series the letter F. Thus, F is a geometric progression as follows: F = {…phi^-2, phi^-1, phi^0, phi^1, phi^2, …}, and this cycle can potentially expand infinitely in either the negative or positive direction.

So, to see this Solar-Planetary Synchronism in action, we begin by taking a given cycle in our Solar System and assign it to the center of the Auric series at phi^0. One example would be to take one Earth year for this basic cycle. If we were to do so, we then discover that phi^5 is 11.089, which is very close to the established value of 11.07 Earth years for the basic "sunspot cycle." This example shows us that the standard 11-year sunspot cycle is what Smelyakov would call the "fifth phi-harmonic" of the Earth's orbit. Obviously, most people would not expect there to be any connection between these two cycles, since the Sun and the planets are supposedly "separate." In the new model, they are very much integrated by the "aether." [11] This is but one of many examples that show how our Solar System works as a miraculously unified system, but in mainstream physics models that exclude the existence of an "aether," these connections are left unseen or ignored.

Smelyakov explains that most of the "phi-harmonics" that can be found in the Solar System are based on either the Earth's orbit of 1 year or the basic Sunspot cycle of 11.07 years. [6] Either of these cycles can be used as the central point upon which to calculate the harmonics of phi. When this is done, Smelyakov says that by taking various powers of phi or various powers of 2 x phi from these "seed" cycles of time, we get "most known basic periods in Nature and society from biology to geology, including economical cycles." [6]

Dr. Smelyakov's literally Earth-shaking discovery involving the Mayan Calendar cycle was found by a process similar to the above, where a given time cycle with a given start date is then divided into "a sequence of intervals [within it that have a] duration decreasing [by phi.]" Here, it is important to remember that the entire cycle decreases to a certain final moment at the end of the cycle. Even though the "phi"-based series F can theoretically extend infinitely in either direction, when you are dealing with a series that is exponentially decreasing in duration, the cycle does converge on one end-point, simply representing smaller and smaller intervals of time in that moment. This would be the same as how the central point of the spiral on a seashell is theoretically infinite in its imploding "recursiveness," yet you nevertheless can clearly define where the end of the seashell's spiral is.

What Smelyakov then did was to apply the "Auric series" F on the Mayan Calendar cycle. In doing so, that infinitely-converging end point would cluster around the Dec. 21, 2012 date. [6] Once this is done, we see that this imploding "phi" cycle has clear effects on celestial objects in interplanetary space and the behavior of lifeforms in time -- and this might explain why the Mayans stated that "time would collapse" at the end of their Calendar cycle. [3, 4] These connections have previously been intuitively suggested and explored by the late Terence McKenna in the "Timewave Zero" model, but there is still controversy over whether his discoveries are indeed scientifically sound. With Smelyakov's additions, any remaining mystery is cleared away and a far more discrete, verifiable model is introduced to support the basic premise of an "imploding cycle" centering around 2012-2013.

As we said, typically Smelyakov would take the value of the Earth's orbit at 1 year or the value of the Sunspot cycle at 11.07 years and then plug it into the center of the Auric series [phi^0] to locate other cycles. With the Mayan Calendar, the same process was performed, except that the total length of the Mayan Calendar at 5,125.3661 years was used as the central time unit for the Auric series, and the various "harmonics" of phi, in years, were then calculated. The commonly-agreed start time of August 6-13, 3113 BC was used as the origin of the cycle. And indeed, Smelyakov found "abrupt world-wide changes" at each of the cycle hit-points that were determined by this system. [6] The overall set of categories that Smelyakov correlated to the Auric series are as follows:

Global natural cataclysms [on Earth] and phenomena in Space [supernovas of nearby stars within our own Galaxy];

The coming of Great Teachers of humanity, as well as outstanding philosophers and scientists;

The originations of calendars (as systems for measuring Time/Space);

Demographic trends (specified by the population of China as an indicator of world trends);

The formation and interaction of worldwide religious/philosophical systems and States.

At the end of this paper, we shall see the integration of these categories in the excerpted Table 10 from Smelyakov's work, detailing what occurs in each "cycle hit point." Overall, we can see that we have a combination of cataclysmic changes with overall effects in population, and in the quality of spiritual consciousness of humanity as seen by the coming of great teachers, philosophers and scientists as well as the formation and interaction of new religious and philosophical systems. Thus, when a cycle that has demonstrable connections to spiritual consciousness is then seen to converge in our near future to an "Omega Point" of greatest energetic intensity, there is compelling evidence that this event shall correspond to a major change in human consciousness at large. [6] This would then appear to be the literal fulfillment of the various prophecies of Ascension from many various spiritual traditions, Christianity notwithstanding.


In order to give a complete background to the studies of history and neatly show the overall ebb and flow of population levels and cultural centers, Smelyakov focuses on the population [demographical] statistics for China, since they have accurate census data that has remained unbroken for more than 2,000 years. [6] Indeed, he found that all of the most important demographic changes in China clustered quite precisely around the "hit points" as specified by the Auric Series of the Mayan Calendar. The overall phases of civilization as seen in the Auric cycle development include:

1. Prolonged processes of condensation of centers of civilization;

2. Relatively short periods of founding of new cultures in some of the above centers;

3. Violent flourishing and expansion of the new cultures separated from the "parents";

4. Rapid and unexpected decay and contracting or disappearing of the "parent" civilizations.

Since these effects are already well-established, we can indeed expect "a lot of global surprises" in socio-political arenas in the next few years. Two "bifurcation points" of extreme change in 2003 and 2008 have been established from ''s studies of more local cycles of planetary movement as well as the statistically-estimated timing of the most significant population changes in China. There is no doubt that dramatic changes have already come into view since the publication of Smelyakov's work in 1999. The accuracy of his cycle predictions are further enhanced by the fact that in December 2000, he correctly pinpointed the Sept. 11th date (within a ten-day window surrounding Sept. 16th) as an "extremely dangerous" time for humanity, associated with airplane or other crashes, economic failures and warfare. [7, 8, 9] Even the nations involved in the problem, including the USA, Israel and Afghanistan, were included in is prediction, which was mentioned in The Mountain Astrologer magazine. [5]


Smelyakov also demonstrates the correlation between the Auric Time Series of the Mayan Calendar and major earthquakes. Prior to the 20th century, there was no Richter scale for measurement, and the severity of a quake was only mentioned by the number of deaths that it created. The National Earthquake Information Center of Russia has listed the top 21 most destructive earthquakes in the world from 856 AD to the present, and all of them occur during one of the "cycle hit points." Furthermore, the "imploding" nature of the cycle is seen by the fact that out of a total of 21 earthquakes, fully 9 of them occurred in the 20th century. [6] This strongly suggests that conventional methods of earthquake prediction and analysis need to be abandoned and a more unified "aetheric" view considered. [11]


Dr. Smelyakov et al.'s study shows that the Mayan Calendar, once properly understood, is not seen as simply a linear cycle of time but also as a focal point for an exponential "imploding" cycle of time based on phi. [6] Based on our upcoming published research, we feel that this cycle delineates our movement through areas of progressively higher aetheric vibration in the Galaxy. Each time we move into a new layer where the vibration of the "zero-point energy" medium of space increases, there are direct, dramatic physical effects.

This cycle has directly caused the last three geomagnetic pole inversions on Earth, a reliable succession of extremely powerful earthquakes and the triggering of "supernova" star explosions in nearby areas of our own Galaxy. [6] Almost every religious teaching in the world originated during one of the cycle points, including Krishna, Vyasa, Zoroaster, Gautama Buddha, Fu-Si, Lao-tzu, Confucius, Pythagoras, Plato et al. and Christianity. [6] Practically all known ancient civilizations created calendars during these times as well, including China, India, Iran, Babylon, Egypt, Maya, et cetera. [6] And now with the work of Dr. Aleskey Dmitriev [1], we have also seen how the entire Solar System is showing signs of an ever-increasing energetic charge.

It is utterly remarkable that the Maya would be able to encode this cycle so clearly into their Calendar, with its connections not only to the linear phenomenon of precession but to an exponential phenomenon based on "phi" that has such clear energetic effects on both the material plane and the arena of consciousness. It is even more remarkable that this cycle would ratchet forward with ever-increasing intensity into the moment wherein the Earth's precessional position is in perfect alignment with the center of our Galaxy. [4] The mysteries of how and why all these cycles relate will be unveiled and integrated in our upcoming final book, The Divine Cosmos.

By combining the effects of geo-cosmic change with the overall flourishing of humanity in the cultural and spiritual sense, we see that as the cycle continues to exponentially accelerate its energetic rate of vibration into the 2012-2013 "singularity," we can expect ever-more rapid increases in human awareness, leading up to a discontinuous mega-event where "time and space collapse" as we know it. We believe that there is no reason to fear this change, as what we are moving towards is a literal shift in the basic characteristics of matter, energy and consciousness.

In our second article on this website entitled "A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension," we have demonstrated a connection between these energetic changes and the evolution of life on Earth. The work of Dr. Vladimir Poponin, Dr. Glen Rein and others show us that our DNA is actually an energetic "field effect" that appears to be an innate characteristic of the "vibrations" of space-time now around us. As these outer energetic changes occur, there are changes in life as well -- and as we demonstrated in Convergence III [11], once these energy increases reach a critical threshold there is a literal transformation of matter into a higher "density" or dimension of energy, thus rendering it invisible to those in our own "third density" or dimension. Though this seems quite impossible to believe, there are ample cases of human disappearance and / or invisibility and other anomalous effects on matter in the presence of high-intensity energetic fields. This includes "vortex" effects such as those documented in the Bermuda and Devil's Triangles, as well as lesser-known anomalies associated with tornadoes. [11]

From our research, it appears that the Ancients knew of this coming time quite well, and referred to it as the dawning of a Golden Age for humanity, the likes of which have never before been imagined. All of us are being given an opportunity to experience a collective initiation, as Gregg Braden would say, wherein we have the choice to move out of fear and into trust that the prophecies given to us are indeed accurate. These prophecies include the words of Jesus of Nazareth, who said, "As I do these things, so shall ye do them, and greater things…" [John 14:12.]


The following is the complete contents of Table 10 from Smelyakov and Karpenko's paper, detailing the exact nature of the various types of events that have clustered at each point in the Mayan Calendar-based Auric Series. [6] Further context and detail can be gained by downloading the complete paper itself. The numbers that we see before each paragraph begin with the number of the harmonic of phi in question, from -- 2 to 10, followed by the estimated number for population in China at the time, represented as a figure that indicates how many millions of people existed at the time. The third number is a value as a year which shows the exact point where the population spontaneously increased in size over a short period, based on the Chinese census data. The final fourth number in bold is the actual date for the cycle hit as calculated by the Auric Time Series. Certain special time periods and / or the omissions of some of the numbers are all explained in Smelyakov's paper, and for the sake of brevity we have not included these explanations.


Table 10. Separation Epochs of Auric Cycles for the Mayan Calendar and their Synchronism with Global Geocosmic Phenomena, Demographic Trends, and Development of Consciousness

-2 3.85 11,434 BC 11,446 BC

Epoch of termination of the last glacial era (XII-th millennium BC) Flash of Supernova; Geomagnetic inversion (second to the last); Intensification of earthquakes and volcanic activity (XIII-XI millenniums BC)

Change in surface of Central Asia (XII-th millennium BC)

-1 6.22 6294 BC 6296 BC

Flash of Supernova; Geomagnetic inversion (next to the last); Growth of concentration of precipitated uranium (VIII-VII millenniums BC)

Birth of Zoroaster (6194 BC -- by Aristotle)

Epoch of ruin of Atlantis (by Platon)

Epoch of "Creation of the World" (by Augustine et al.)

0 10.07 3113 BC 3113 BC

The last geomagnetic inversion (3.2-2.9 millenniums BC)

Total Solar eclipse at vernal equinox (3306 BC)

Beginning of the Kali Yuga (about 3100 BC)

Beginning of the Mayan Calendar (3113 BC)

Emergence of Sumerian civilization and Babylon (about 3000 BC): in those times they were provided with the star ascending tables and (at least, since 2500 BC) they used the Solar-Moon calendar

Up to the epoch of 3000 BC (since 4000 BC), the heliacal rise of Sirius in Memphis was the "exact" calendar for the annual flooding of the Nile River

Krishna, his era and record of the legend -- over 3000 BC

Vyasa, founder of Vedanta (about 3100)

Fu-Si (about 2852 BC) and his heirs had found and expanded the Chinese Empire up to the Eastern Sea and ordered the calendar that was later improved more fully during succeeding centuries; as well, Fu-Si discovered the trigrams that were further developed (See below) into the I Ching in the Age of Confucius

Yudistir (died in 3101 BC) -- founder of the Indrapresht, on the ruins of which Delhi was built in the XVII-th century (See Akbar, below)

1 16.28 1147 BC 1146 BC

Significant intensification of tectonic activity coincides with a growth in the concentration of precipitated uranium (about 1200 BC)

The Golden section of the Mayan Calendar (from the end to the beginning), 1155 BC

Fall of Troy (1194 BC)

End of the age of the creation of the Mahabrata (1500-1200 BC)

The discovery of Tibet and China by the Europeans

Beginning of the Iron Age (1200-1180 BC)

Ramses II (1314-1200 BC) establishes the Calendar of "lucky/unlucky" days

X 550 BC

Coming of the Great Pleiad of the Initiate Adepts and thinkers:

Gautama Buddha (621-544 BC)

Historical Maitreya (V­th century BC), Mahatma, successor of Gautama Buddha

Zoroaster (VI­th century BC)

Pythagoras (570-496, or 582-507 BC), Initiate, the most known of the mystic philosophers

Plato (427-347 BC), Initiate, the greatest European philosopher of the pre­Christian Age; he reflected the ideas of Vedanta and Pythagorean concepts

Herodotus (birth about 484 BC), the most exact of the historians, the founder of the European historical science

Anaxagor (about 500-428 BC), famous Ionian philosopher; one of those who firstly disclosed the secret Pythagorean concepts

Anaximander (610-546 BC), the first who put forward the concept of the evolution of human beings

Lao­tzu (VI­th century BC)

Confucius (551­479 BC)

Destruction of the Jerusalem's Temple, Babylonean Capturing (588 BC);

Final fall of Babylon (539 BC), being one of the richest countries and the hearth of science and culture

Greece makes the Eleusics (viz. initiations) the source of profits (520 BC)

The Phoenician expedition was the first to go around Africa (in the middle of the VI­th century BC), and was surprised by the anti­clock­wise movement of the Sun that they observed

Iran established a Zoroastrian calendar similar to the Egyptian type (VI-V centuries BC)

Solon (640-560 BC) established (in 593 BC) the first regular Solar­Moon Greek calendar which was edited by Meton in 432 BC

Phales of Miletus (625-547 BC), the first in Europe to be known by name who was recorded as predicting a Solar eclipse

Creation of I Ching (VI­th century BC) -- the number-one book in the history and culture of China, which is closely associated with the binary structure (2^6 =64) of the Mayan Tzolkin

(Y) 2 26.35 69 AD (56) 71 AD

Engendering of the Christianity; first persecutions of the Christians

Apostle Paul

Buddhism in China (65); great Chinese movement to the West

Worldwide Hebrew massacres (65)

Destruction of Jerusalem's Temple (70)

Eruption of Vesuvius (79)

Migration of Huns; Starting of the Great transmigration of peoples in Eurasia

The age of Sak (78) -- beginning of count of days in the national Indian calendar being officially accepted in 1957

Apollonius of Tian (Birth in the beginning of the 1st century AD, lived for about 100 years),

Initiate, earnest devotee of Pythagoras, the most famous historical personality of the "Age (viz. century) of Miracles'"

Simon Magus (1st century) -- the second, after Apollonius -- a famous Gnostic and magician who was called "The Great God's Might"

Claudius Ptolemaeus (end of the 1st century -- middle of the 2nd century) -- the creator of Almagestum and geocentric system which were used in astronomy until Copernicus, and the author of the Tetrabiblos, which still has an outstanding role in astrology that has steadfastly remained valuable right through to the present

3 42.63 820 AD 823 AD

Earthquakes in Iran in 856 (200,000 victims) and in 893 (150,000 victims)

The miraculous disappearance of the people of the Mayan Empire (830)

Beginning of the Kiev's Rus (See below)

(944 AD) Z (944 AD) 1035 AD

Flash of Supernova (1054)

Birth of the historical Quetzalkoatl (Kukulcan) (947)

Igor's (Kiev's famous duke) campaign against Byzantium (944),

Baptism of Kiev's Rus (988)

Starting of Indian and Himalayan campaigns of Mahmud (1001-1013)

Tibet­China war (1015)

Mongolia establishes the calendar relevant to Chinese analogue (1027)

4 69.98 1285 AD 1287 AD

Earthquakes in Asia Minor in 1268 (60,000 victims) and in China in 1290 (100,000 victims)

Dissemination of Zen­Buddhism in Japan (XIII­th century)

Invasion of Mongols in China, Japan, Java, Punjab (1276-1293)

Foundation of the Parliament in England (1265); Origin of the Ottoman Empire (1288), Moscow (1276) and Lithuanian (1293) Princedoms

Proscription of Hebrews from England, Christians from Palestine (1290-1291)

Decay of new Maya

5 111.61 1572 AD 1574 AD

The most terrible (relative to victims -- 830 000) earthquake on record in the world, China, 1556

Dreadful epidemic of the plague in Europe (1563) during a great conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

Flashes of Supernovas: in 1572 (Tycho Brahe) and in 1604 (Kepler)

Europe: beginning of Renaissance, development of capitalism, Reformation and dissemination of Christianity over the world, establishing of world­wide empires, great geographical discoveries of 15­16 centuries

Asia: flourishing of the Mogul empire of the emperor Akbar (1542-1605) being called "the Solomon of India"

Flourishing and reformation of Moscow and Lithuanian Princedoms into kingdoms (1547, 1572, respectively); subjugating of Siberia by Ermak (1582)

Massacre in Vassi (1560), uprising of Huguenots in France (1567), Massacre of St. Bartholomew (1572), Religious riots in Japan (1571), London's punishment (1588)

Dissemination of heliocentric world outlook: Copernicus (1473­1543), Tycho Brahe (1546­1601), Giordano Bruno (1548­1600), Galileo (1564-1642), Kepler (1571-1630)

(1718 AD) (1718 AD)

A series of most destructive earthquakes: Caucasus, 1667 (80,000 victims); Italy, 1693 (60,000); Iran, 1727 (77,000)

Storm of Potala (1717); Manchurian Dynasty subordinates the land of Tibet (1720)

The reformation of Russia into an Empire (1718-1721), the first general census

The discovery of Easter Island and its monuments (1722) -- the only remains of Lemuria

The creation of a physical and mathematical foundation for the sciences: Newton (1643-1727),

G.W. Leibnitz (1646-1716) et al.

6 180.60 1749 AD 1752 AD

A series of most destructive earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons: India, 1737 (300,000 victims); Portugal, 1755 (70,000); Italy, 1783 (50,000)

The commencement of the industrial revolution and the flourishing of materialistic science, the disappearance of feudalism in Europe and the formation of colonial empires

Beginning of raids of Ahmed­Durran to India, riots in Mongolia and China (1747), intestine

wars in Java Island (1750). Seven Year's war, British­French wars in America, India; taking of

Pandishery by British troops (1750-1763)

Discovery of Uranus (1781)

7 292.21 1859 AD 1861 AD

Beginning of the age of triumph of materialism, pragmatic ideology and science

Helena Blavatsky (1831-1889) -- publication of the Secret Doctrine

Abolition of serfdom in Russian Empire (1961), the last serfage in Europe and on the 1/6 part of the land

Wars, revolutions, riots occur in many places on ideological and religious grounds (1845-1875)

Theoretical prediction and discovery of Neptune (1846)

(1901 AD) (1901 AD)

The epoch of beginning of the last evolutional cycle (1901-2013, viz. the XX­th century)

within the 7­phase Auric structure of the Mayan Calendar, which defines the period of continuous and accelerating reorganization of the world as a unitary System, both in material and ideological spheres

The period of the most destructive earthquakes (See Para. 12.3)

"The twentieth century has laid up for the humanity very strange events, and it may even happen for this century to be the last one" [15]

8 427.88 1926 AD 1929 AD

The age of Pluto -- symbolizing the development of nuclear power, world wars and world­wide cataclysms in both material spheres and the realms of consciousness

Discovery of the planet Pluto (1930) in this cycle is directly accompanied by the reaction of the

Pluto the Sovereign of the underground kingdom: during the period of 1920 to 1935, we see 5 of the 21 most destructive earthquakes over the 1140 years of registration, which seized

about 650,000 lives. We see the world­wide economical crisis, the world war that killed about 50,000,000 people, and the ideological split of the world community into two "superpower" systems with the looming threat of nuclear war

9 765.08 1968 AD 1971 AD

Earthquakes: Peru, 1970 (66,000 victims), China, 1976 (from 255,000 to 655,000); Iran, 1990 (50,000)

The age of the collapse of consciousness, seen by the inability to adapt to the consequences of this frontal breach into unprecedented spheres of knowledge and technology, which makes humankind the hostage of its achievements. Firstly, this is seen with global computerization and informatization of life; it is also seen with the exploration of Space (flights to other planets, space stations, militarization of the space). Then, we see the ecological and technological crisis, and the problem of the exponential growth of knowledge and technologies exceeding the human ability to monitor the consequences; there are epidemics in developed countries (AIDS, etc.)

Dissemination of the Eastern philosophy to the West, and Western logic and technology to the East.

[1987 AD] Flash of Supernova SN1987A in 1987 AD (See Para.12.3)

Intensification of technological, natural and ideological cataclysms: Chernobil Catastrophe, problems with utilization of chemical and nuclear wastes, heating of the atmosphere, seismic/volcanic drift of the Pacific platform, growth of ozone holes, etc.

Ruin of the communist world. Continuous political and armed world­wide confrontation on ideological and religious bases.

10 1238.05 1994 AD 1997 AD

The establishment of a "new world order" presenting misbalance on the background of the demographic "explosion" and global (natural, social, and technological [11-13]) cataclysms, the development of which is intensified with the coming of Saturn to the sign of Taurus (March 1, 1999)

Unprecedented (since WWII) military action in Europe begins exactly at the comet Hale­Bopp Time Focus on March 24th , 1999, which was previously manifested by military conflicts and riots in Albany (1997) and Kosovo (1998)

[Note: It is remarkable to point out here that one of Dr. Smelyakov's most serious Hale-Bopp time foci was for Sept. 16, 2001, +/- 5 days. This data was published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine in the winter of 2000. Smelyakov associated this period with "a series of events of extreme nature", and suggested that the countries involved would include the USA, Balkans, Central Europe, Moscow, India, Israel, Japan and Afghanistan. He indicated that there would be marked splashes in mental collisions, political disorders and military operations. The "splashes" that Smelyakov had referred to were seen as air and space crashes, fires and other technogeneous catastrophes. He made this prediction in the winter of 2000, saying that the time around the 16th was "dangerous."]

11 2003.26 2010 AD 2013 AD

The end of the Mayan Calendar


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The Fibonacci Numbers: - Connections within the Mathematics and Calendrical Systems - of Ancient Mesoamerica

Astronomical cycles do not fit neatly into whole-number counting systems created by humans. For example, we must use decimals to express the tropical year at approximately 365.2422 days, the lunation at about 29.5306 days, or the average synodical revolution of Venus, which is 583.92 days. We tend to assume that it is necessary to use fractions or decimal placement in order to express these kinds of astronomical figures, but that is simply a prejudice based on our familiarity with the Western method of counting. Long before modern scientists gave us such "precise" measurements, the ancient Mesoamericans evolved a numerical system that could handle most astronomical calculations; in fact, all the planetary cycles could be incorporated within their intricate calendrical system. They succeeded in bringing these cycles into relation with one another and, most importantly for the Maya, into relation with their sacred (astrological) calendar of 260 days. And they performed this astonishing feat without any knowledge of fractions or the decimal system. No wonder the Maya called their calendar "divine!"

The Mesoamericans, like all civilized peoples of the world, developed and abided by a calendar based on the approximate length of the tropical year (365 days). But they also used a second calendar unlike any other in the world. Known variously as the tzolkin (Yucatec) or tonalpohaulli (Nahuatl), it was 260 days in length, and served as an astrological almanac or sacred calendar for all peoples of ancient Mesoamerica. It is even still in use today in some parts of Mexico and Guatemala. This calendar guided the daily rituals and cultural achievement of the people, but it also formed the basis for interconnecting the various measurements of cyclical time.

Despite the importance of the 260-day calendar for ancient Mesoamericans, no explanation has been generally accepted as to how, why, or exactly where this time-keeping method began. One astronomer has suggested that its origin was due to a 260-day span of time between zenith positions of the sun during winter at the latitude of Mesoamerica (around 15 degrees North).[1] But this theory credits a disproportionately large amount of influence to an incidental measurement; it is rather like saying that most of the art, religion, mathematics, and astronomy of an entire culture is based on the geographical address of its capital -- on two days of the year. The theory also ignores the mathematical genius of the Mayan people and their absolute dedication to astro-numerology.

The fact is that the ancient Maya discovered a mathemagical key that linked nearly every known astronomical cycle. With the number 260 and its component divisors (13 x 20, 5 x 52, etc.), they could interconnect all the apparent time sequences of observable celestial cycles -- solar, lunar, eclipse, Venus, Mars, Mercury, even the cycle of precession. The 260-day calendar was used to denote multiple interrelated systems; for example, it could be brought into phase with the 365-day calendar once every 52 years, which was an important cycle for the Maya. This period of 52 years is called the Calendar Round, the hunab (Maya) or xiuhmolpilli (Nahautl).

In the Dresden Codex (one of the few surviving codices from ancient Mesoamerica) are tables giving multiples of 780 days (260 x 3), which correlate with the synodic period of Mars (779.936 days). Elsewhere in this codex is a table with a base of 117 days, which is close to the synodic period of Mercury (116 days) and is also connected to the rhythm of the 260-day calendar.

One of the great intellectual feats of the Mayan sky-watchers was the construction of a table for predicting when solar eclipses might be visible. This was accomplished without the knowledge that the sun crossing the moon's path creates a solar eclipse (an event taking place every 173.31 days, called the eclipse half-year), because supposedly the Maya did not know that the earth revolved around the sun. Nevertheless, they calculated that three eclipse half-years were approximately equal to two rounds of the 260-day sacred calendar (3 x 173.31 days = 519.93 days). We know this from the Dresden Codex table where 69 dates are given for solar eclipses that would occur during 33 years.[2]

The Maya observed that the synodical revolution of Venus averaged 584 days, but they wanted to incorporate this cycle into their 260-day calendar, which was composed of twenty day-signs that had coefficients numbered one to thirteen. The most significant day of Venus in the 260-day calendar was 1-Ahau, also called One Flower. The Maya wanted to know how many synodical revolutions were necessary before Venus would reappear as a morning star (the heliacal rising after inferior conjunction with the Sun) on the sacred day 1-Ahau. They recognized that five synodic periods of Venus (approximately 584 days) corresponded to eight so-called Vague Years of 365 days, as well as being close to 99 lunations. They figured out that, in 104 Vague Years (two times the Calendar Round, which coordinates the 260-day count with the Vague Year), there are 146 of the 260-day counts, 65 Venus periods, and 219 times the eclipse cycle. Thus,

2920 = 8 x 365 = 5 x 584

37,960 = 104 x 365 = 65 x 584 = 146 x 260 = 219 x 173.31

This was a neat solution, but astronomical measurements are much more complex. Since the average synodic cycle of Venus is actually 583.92 days, after 65 revolutions calculated at 584 days, there is an accumulated error of 5.2 days. This means a gradual displacement of the true helical rising of Venus at the start of the 104 Vague Year count from its official position, the day One Flower in the 260-day count, so that the helical rising of Venus would miss the predicted date by five days. How did the Mayans solve this problem of drift?

In the Central Mexican codices that contain Venus tables, there are five sections that present 65 Venus periods or 104 Vague years. The astronomer John Teeple found that these tables contained indications of corrections, made by subtracting a few days at the end of the 57th and 61st Venus periods.[3] Making these alterations brought the final Mayan accuracy to an error of only one day in 6000 years.

The duration of the solar year as determined by modern astronomy is 365.242191 days.[9] Analysis of monument dates and codices shows that the Maya understood the tropical year to be 365.2422 days in length (they did not express it in that form, of course, since they did not use fractions or decimal places, but the indications are clear, as we shall see). This amount is more astronomically accurate than the Gregorian calendar which is currently in use (365.2425 days). The Mayan measurement contains an error of one day in 6729 years, while the Gregorian calendar has an error of one day in 3236 years. The Gregorian Calendar, adopted in 1582, was devised by the Italian Luigi Lilio (Aloisius Lilius); he proposed the intercalation of 97 days in 400 years (which amounts to an average year of 365.2425 days). No one knows how this figure was derived.[10]

The Mesoamericans used sequences of additive numbers in their astronomical calculations, as is apparent in their five-part Long Count dating system, composed as follows. (Because 20 and 13 are involved, the great cycle can also be expressed as 7200 tzolkin, so that the great cycle begins and ends on the same name day, 4-Ahau, also called Four Flower.)

1 uinal = 20 days

1 tun = 18 uinal = 360 days

1 katun = 20 tuns = 7200 days

1 baktun = 20 katuns = 144,000 days

1 great cycle = 13 baktuns = 1,872,000 days (about 5125 years)

Note the use of the term "sequences of additive numbers," rather than "multiples." There is a subtle difference here that may assist us in getting into a Mesoamerican "headset." Multiplication is really a special form of addition. "There is no evidence showing that the Maya ever used their notation for multiplying numbers, or even that they ever multiplied two numbers, with or without their notation."[16] Many important numbers of astronomical significance can be created from additive functions. For example, if you add the numbers one through twenty-seven, you get 378, the synodic period of Saturn (in days). Adding one through 39 equals 780, the synodic period of Mars. As we have seen, adding the numbers one through thirteen gives 91, the number of days in a season.

One particularly important calculational value was the 819-day-count.[18] In Classic Maya inscriptions, it was one of the ongoing cycles specified by a Distance Number that was counted backwards to a particular tzolkin name day that had a coefficient of one. Because 819 is divisible by 13, this coefficient always remained the same. In Mayan hieroglyphics, there are "verb" glyphs that usually accompanied such a count, such as the God K who was commonly associated with the 819 count. According to some sources, God K was a rain god, possibly related to Mercury. Another connection with the 819-day-count was the period of forty days, symbolized in the texts by images of footprints. In the mythological passage from the Chilam Balam of Chumayel called "The Creation of the Uinal," there are images of footprints used to measure the world,[19] and this period of 40 days (twice the uinal) is still called by some modern Maya "one foot of the year."[20]

There is much evidence that multiples of 364 days, particularly 20 x 364, were used by the Maya. The quantity 20 x 819 (or 45 x 364 = 16,380 days) was also used. The 819 days is equivalent to three tzolkins (39 veintenas) plus 39 days (or 20 x 41, minus one), which means it could function as a "footstep." In 819 days, the trecena coefficient and that of the Lord of the Night (a multiple of nine) remains the same, but the day name (and the kin coefficient in the Long Count) drops by one.

One researcher[21] has noted that the Maya could have used the 819-day-count as a means of tracking planetary positions, because the synodic periods of the visible planets can be integrated thus:

819 = 780 (one Mars cycle) + 39 (or 3 x 13)

= 2 x 377 (one Saturn cycle) + 65 (or 5 x 13, or 1/4 of a tzolkin)

= 7 x 116 (one Mercury cycle) + 7

= 2 x 399 (one Jupiter cycle) + 21 (or 3 x 7)

Adding together these four equivalents of 819, we get several useful calculational formulae:

819 x 4 = 364 x 9 = 63 x 13 = 117 x 7 = 21 x 39 = 13 x 7 x 9

We also note that 819 days can be linked to the cycle of Venus:

819 x 5 = 7 x 584 (one Venus cycle) + 7

And thus we see the value of the quantity 4 x 5 x 819 (or 20 x 819), which brings the cycle of Venus into alignment with the other planetary cycles. If we use 585, the Mayan calculational cycle of Venus, instead of 584, we see even more exact connections. (584 days is technically the mean synodic period; the cycle actually varies between 581 and 588)[22]

See:  for more understanding of the ratios

Time-Phasic and Space-Phasic Planets:

Further Mysteries of the Telektonon Decoded

The discovery of the Law of Time defines the homeostasis of the biopsychicfield of life the biosphere as the biomass constant. The telepathic coordinationof the biomass constant is made possible through application of the Lawof Time's 13:20 frequency instruments, the Thirteen Moon Calendar and theTelektonon. Through the Rinri Project, the 13:20 frequency coordinationof the biomass constant brings the holonomic topocosm's genetic memory psibank into conscious manifestation. This is an event of supreme evolutionarysignificance and augurs what is known as the biosphere-noosphere transition,the advent of the planetary mind of fourth-dimensional telepathy.

The reality of the planetary mind of fourth-dimensional telepathy was broughtinto being by the revelation of the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time. In the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time , the noosphere is demonstratedin its active form as the Chronosphere, the psi bank in motion, which establishesthe perfection of the 832 weeks/832 DNA Codon permutations of the sixteenyear Telektonon Cube of the Law, AD 1997-2013. The whole system definedby the holonomic topocosm resonant field model of Earth Ascendingfinds a very precise fulfillment in the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time. Theroots of the Rinri Project and the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time are to be discovered in the holonomic field maps of Earth Ascending

Holonomy, the investigation of the Law governing Whole Systems, statesthat the whole is in the part, every part reflects the whole, every partis holy. The tzolkin, thought of as the sacred calendar of the Maya, isthe foundation of Earth Ascending . The binary triplet, the perfect52-unit pattern woven through the Tzolkin grid, revealed to Tony Shearerby a Mexican shaman, is demonstrated (Map 2) as nothing less than the cosmiccode itself, the matrix of the psi bank.

Correlated with the sunspot cycles, the psi bank is shown to be a fieldof eight tzolkins in four sets of two in inverse relation to each otherwhich straddle the globe in tandem with the electromagnetic field. Mathematicallyinterwoven into the field of four (x2 tzolkins) psi bank plates is a 64-unitpattern whose weave defines the intricate structure of the 64 DNA code wordsas they are pulsed by the psi bank grid. This visualized mathematical patternof 260 (x8 = 2080) unit timing grid over which is superimposed the 64 unitDNA grid, constitutes the hitherto unknown evolving memory bank of the biopsychicfield, pulsing its codes in accord with the third field of resonance, thegravitational field. This, in essence, describes the resonant field modelof Earth Ascending , a model which owes much to the little knownmathematician and mystic, Charles Henry (1859-1926), whose galactic signature,4 Night, signifies the closing of the Quetzalcoatl Project, July 25, 1997.

In The Mayan Factor , the tzolkin was further demonstrated to bethe Mayan great cycle of the 13 baktuns-260 katuns, the map of human history,from BC 3113 to AD 2012 . In this way the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17,1987, the fulfillment of Quetzalcoatl's prophecy of Thirteen Heavens(AD843-1519) and Nine Hells(AD 1519-1987) was given a precise context for definingthe end of the cycle, the cycle itself being the 13-baktun cycle of humancivilization. According to Earth Ascending, the 13-baktun cycle is the thirdterm in the holonomic equation, "Man transforms nature." In actuality,the Harmonic Convergence also closes the entire cycle defined by the riseof homo sapiens some 26,000 years ago, hence the tremendous significanceof the Harmonic Convergence for signaling the end of time as we know it.

The Mayan Factor also hypothesized that as the 13 baktun cycle, the tzolkinalso defines the measure of a type of galactic synchronization beam throughwhich the Earth has been passing. The astrophysical discovery in 1986-87of anomalous types of galactic beams seemed to confirm this hypothesis,though no astrophysicist would ever take the Mayan Factor seriously. TheMayan Factor also accorded a planetary significance to the 20 solar iconsdefining the lateral weave of the tzolkin's 13 x 20 grid. Following thepulsation of the heliocosm, for each planetary orbit one icon or seal wasassigned to the sun's in-breath, another to the sun's out breath. The asteroidbelt (Maldek) was considered the fifth of the planetary orbits.

Four years later the Dreamspell Genesis (19991) established a complete psychocosmologyof the planets whose elaborate sets of relations to each other are codedinto the tzolkin. By the distinguishing mathematical codes of fourth dimensionaltime, the tzolkin was further defined as the Harmonic Index, a matrix of20 wavespells, five castles, five time cells and 65 harmonics. Winter solstice2012, the end of the thirteen baktun cycle is not the end of the world,but only the end of the cycle. July 26, 2013, galactic synchronization,was determined as the commencement of the next 26,000 year cycle. Everythingoccurring on the planet since the Harmonic Convergence, and before, wasdiscovered to be a malfunction of operating in the wrong time. A 12:60 timevirus which, somehow connected with the planets Jupiter and Saturn, hadto be overcome by a return to the correct timing frequency, now mathematicallydiscovered and defined as 13:20. The perfect instrument of this frequency,already located in the binary triplet cosmic code, map 2 of Earth Ascending, is the calendar of 13 moons of 28 days each.

The Telektonon of Pacal Votan (1993-95) formalized the relation of the planetaryorbits as the two flows: galactic karmic and solar prophetic. The Dreamspellcosmology had already defined the relation between Earth and Uranus. Nowin the Telektonon the relation between Earth and Uranus was further definedas the 28 day biotelepathic cycle itself. The galactic karmic flow of thefour planets between Earth and Uranus defined the Tower of Babel: two oppressorpower planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and one destroyed and one dead planet, Maldek and Mars. This configuration created an amnesiac wedge betweenEarth and Uranus. The oppressor planets also define the power of the G-7( Galactic Night, Saturn 7th orbit , Abundance turned into materialism)and false spirituality (Vatican) Seed Jupiter.

In the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time (1997), further mysteries of the Telektononare decoded: the 65 harmonics of the tzolkin define a Bi-phasic Time-Spacematrix in which the 64 DNA Code words are placed in perfect radial inverserelation to each other in 32 binary sets (Codon Coda, Book of UniversalLife). The left hand side, Harmonics 1-32 are time phasic (ratio of 13 timeto 3 space triplets); right hand side Harmonics 34-65, are space phasic( ratio of 13 space to 3 time triplets). The 33rd harmonic represents thevoid rune of non-ego. The same time space phasic symmetry of the DNA Codonsholonomically coded into the tzolkin is perfectly reflected in the definitionof the two sides of the Harmonic Index according to time phasic and spacephasic planets, thus giving further definition to the Dreamspell-Telektononplanet cosmology According to the wavespell positions on either side ofthe center of the 33rd harmonic, five planets are time phasic, and fiveplanets are space phasic:

Time Phasic Planets Space Phasic Planets

Neptune Wavespells 1, 10 Venus Wavespells 11, 20

Maldek Wavespells 2, 9 Jupiter Wavespells 12, 19

Earth Wavespells 3, 8 Uranus Wavespells 13, 18

Pluto Wavespells 4, 7 Mercury Wavespells 14, 17

Mars Wavespells 5, 6 Saturn Wavespells 15, 16

Contemplate the symmetry of these pairs. Now locate these planets on the two flows of the Telektonon Board. Do you understand now why time phasicEarth can no longer be tyrannized by 12:60 space time and needs an immediatereturn to true time? On Blue Self-Existing Night and Yellow Overtone Seed,may the power of the oppressor planets be transformed! May the Planet ArtNetwork flower everywhere, overcoming the G-7 power of the Syndicate for Material Evolution with the power of true 13:20 time!

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Chatelain and the Nineveh Cycle

Mayan Sacred Calendar

John Major Jenkins Interview

JMJ: The "key" to Mayan time is the sacred cycle of 260 days, the tzolkin. The word "tzolkin" is derived from the Mayan term "chol kij" - count of days. This cycle is a combination of 20-daysigns with a number from 1 to 13. So 13 and 20 are the critical numbers of the tzolkin "key." They advance together in the following way. Today is October 24th, 1995. Daykeepers among many different Mayan groups will tell you that today is 2 Eb. "Eb" refers to the daysign generally translated as "tooth". Tomorrow will be 3 Ben, and the day after that is 4 Ix and so on. After 260 days we get back to 2 Eb. 260 is a key number which refers to processes in the heavens as well as on earth. For example, the Maya say that it corresponds to the cycle of human gestation - that's a biological reference. It also corresponds to the time between the planting and harvesting of corn at a certain elevation in the highlands - that's agricultural. It also times religious shrine ceremonies in the hills around Mayan villages. Daykeepers and other calendar-priests go to certain shrines on certain days in the tzolkin calendar to perform shrine offerings and commune with Nantat, the ancestors, and El Mundo, the Earth Lord. This is, you might say, a religious use. Its celestial or astronomical uses are astounding. It is used to track the phases of the moon. Also, 2 cycles of 260 days equal 520 days and this equals 3 eclipses. So the Maya predict eclipses by using the tzolkin in this very simple way. Likewise, they track Venus with the tzolkin, and the time between the eveningstar appearance of Venus and its appearance as morningstar is 258 days. The other time cycle used by the Maya is the vague solar year of 365-days known as the "haab". While the tzolkin is the mysterious multidimensional "key", you might say that the haab is the mundane or "secular" calendar, primarily used to schedule secular holidays and so forth. The framework of days created by the combined tzolkin-haab is like a loom on which the movements of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter - even Uranus and Neptune can be tracked. It is a sacred-secular or solar-lunar synthesis. The full tzolkin-haab cycle is completed once every 52 years. This was the Calendar Round and the Aztecs observed the Pleiades pass through the zenith at the end of each one of these. The ceremony revolving around this event was called the New Fire Ceremony.

In general then, the tzolkin is the "key" to both terrestrial and celestial processes. It's kind of the common modulator or common denominator of the two realms. This is how we can understand Mayan astrology. They discovered the numerical and ritual key. Most important in the astrology of all this is the reference to the human gestation period. As such, our own basic and shared rhythm of unfolding is seen to be intimately related to the cycles of the planets, moon and sun. This is more than just planets "influencing" us - rather, we share the same rhythm of unfolding that the planets do because, ultimately, everything springs from the same source. Everything, on some level, has been imparted with the same rhythm of unfolding and is therefore related by a form of synchronistic correspondence. According to the Maya, the common source is the Sacred Tree - the Axis Mundi.

RP: How much of an influence was José Argüelles on your work?

JMJ: Initially, The Mayan Factor (1987) kind of gave permission to interpret things in a visionary way. Some of Argüelles' early ideas are insightful and valuable. For example, the term "Harmonic Module" for the tzolkin speaks for its deeper meanings. His work with the 8 x 8 magic squares and the numbers 64 and 260 led me to some interesting discoveries regarding one of the "core principles" of the tzolkin, the Golden Mean. Strangely, however, Argüelles never really explored how the Golden Mean operates within the tzolkin. The mathematics get pretty intense. So, The Mayan Factor was part of my early reading, and I suppose it influenced that first travelogue, Journey to the Mayan Underworld, that I finished in late 1989.

In all fairness, Argüelles was early on a clear visionary voice, and for whatever reason he did appeal to so many people that the infamous Harmonic Convergence in August of '87 was something of a phenomenon. However, things have changed and it seems José has taken some wrong turns. In The Mayan Factor there isn't much of a distinction made between his visionary myth-making and what should be called ethno-historic fact. As such, there is a credibility deficiency due to lack of documentation. I think there is a place for visionary speculating, taking a study such as the Mayan calendar beyond what we can read about in academic books. A complex system of symbols and applications such as the tzolkin encodes certainly can be worked with in such a way. However, you are obliged to distinguish between what is surely "Mayan" and what is derived there-from. If you don't, then you're cooking a pretty messy stew. So a lot of people are confusing what José Argüelles says with what the Mayans say. This is especially irresponsible because the Maya are still here! This translates into appropriation and disrespect for a living tradition. As such, José's words are now treated by his followers with a kind of cultic inviolability, when in fact they have increasingly become misconceptions which serve the dubious agenda of one theocratic leader. José has entered the game of spiritual politics and as we know, politicians just tell people what they think they want to hear - rarely the truth.

RP: You write in Tzolkin that "The tzolkin structures a hidden dimension, closer to the sacred spirit realms." Do you mean by this that the tzolkin "informs" the haab, lends to it patterns of influence and manifestation? Could the tzolkin be the source of the morphic resonance postulated by Rupert Sheldrake?

JMJ: I don't know if the tzolkin "informs" the haab, but you're right in saying that the tzolkin is the source of a morphic field. But it takes the ritual feedback of ceremony to keep it rolling. And it is the key-rhythm or cycle which links us to the greater cosmos. When you track the tzolkin and follow the 13 x 20 daycount for long enough, observing carefully how it patterns events in your life, you begin to see how seemingly unrelated events - unrelated in space as well as time - are really very closely related. From the viewpoint above the linear march of time, events separated by years can be seen as two faces of the same transdimensional event. It seems strange but it's very human, because our minds are really multidimensional. We've been taught to forget that. The tzolkin is the subject-object interface, and because on one level its operations are mathematical, one can argue very solidly how this works. In my work, it has to do with the Golden Mean. This is a unique ratio which isn't just a mathematical curiousity. It gives rise to spirals in seashells, pinecones and other basic biological patterns. It is the principle of regeneration, of patterning based on building off what came before. As such, human reproduction is a process ruled by the Golden Mean. The key here is that, like the tzolkin, the Golden Mean is also found in planetary cycles. In fact, it was really the key to 17th-century cosmologist Johannes Kepler's Harmony of the Spheres model of the cosmos. Contrary to what latter-day historians of science usually say, Kepler's model worked perfectly well for all the visible planets. The point here is that the tzolkin number 260 is directly related to the Golden Mean. The Golden Mean is usually approximated as 1.618, and is symbolized by the Greek letter f ("PHI"). Here's the connection: 100f2 = 261.8. As far as theorems go, this is tolerably close to 260. The Mayan sacred number 260 is, I believe, referential to the principle of the Golden Mean. I explore all this very thoroughly in my book Jaloj Kexoj and PHI-64 (1994). So, yes, the tzolkin provides the logos-pattern or Morphic Field which human beings can choose to synchronize with by performing ritual in tune with the inner dynamics of the 13 numbers and 20 day-signs. In doing so, we can understand our deep interweaving with the cosmos.

RP: In your booklet series called The Center of Mayan Time, you discuss the Mayan Long Count end-date (December 21st, 2012 A.D.). What is this about?

JMJ: Many researchers have tried to figure out why the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21st, 2012 A.D. The Long Count calendar breaks time into cycles labled baktuns, katuns and so on. The full 13-baktun cycle of the Long Count lasts just over 5125 years. Scholars have been able to place the beginning and end of this cycle in relation to our own calendar, and that's why we know for sure the end date in 2012 A.D. Most researchers have thought that the beginning commemorates some mythic event, a convocation of gods or something, and that the Long Count's placement is thereby derived. But the end-date has always intrigued me, because it does end on the winter solstice. This tells me that the Maya targeted the end-date as the occurrence of some event rather than the beginning. But why 2012? The answer is startling in its simplicity, but has gone unexplored by Mayanists. The Maya were intent stargazers; Mesoamerican astronomy is so complex there are thousands of volumes in libraries on this topic, thousands more to be written, and we just don't know yet what the limits of their astronomical knowledge was.

Now, in 1969 a book came out called Hamlet's Mill and the authors explored the role of a subtle celestial process called the precession of the equinoxes in the development of Old World astronomy and science. They mention the fact that at the turn of this coming millennium, there will be a rare alignment in that astronomical cycle. The winter solstice meridian will coincide with the Galactic Equator - the Milky Way. In other words, the winter solstice sun will be right on the Milky Way circa 2000 A.D., and the alignment has been slowly converging for thousands of years. Precession is a subtle, very slow movement of the heavens, and it takes at least 100 years of observational records and a great deal of careful attention to notice it. My point is that the ancient skywatchers who devised the Long Count some 2100 years ago had discovered precession, and looked to the future alignment as a likely World Age shift. They calculated the event and fixed their creation mythology to it. There are two more celestial features right near where the sun will be on the end-date in 2012 A.D.: 1) The "dark rift" which the Maya call "the road to the underworld." This is a dark area running along part of the Milky Way caused by interstellar dust clouds; and 2) The Galactic Center. In many mythological contexts, the "dark-rift" is understood to be the birth canal of the Great Mother, the Milky Way. It is the birth place of the next World Age. The celestial cross defined by the Milky Way crossing over the ecliptic is also important, and this was recently identified by Mayan scholar Linda Schele as the Mayan Sacred Tree. The heart of the four directional symbolism is the fifth direction, the center. This is the navel and source of creation. And again, the "dark- rift" runs through all these features. All of these mythic symbols are different, but are very close together in the sky. When the winter solstice sun, who is a "First Father" deity, comes along and gets born, you have a rare celestial event highlighting a unique era in human civilization. The strange thing here is that this "womb of creation" imagery seems appropriate in real terms because the nearby Galactic Center is really the birth place of everything! The question is whether this is all fairy tales or are there real effects of the alignment? The field orientation of the earth, sun and greater galaxy are definitely inter-related. This may be more about immediate field shifts rather than cause-and-effect energy emanating from the Galactic Center. Maybe it's a little of both. When the solstice meridian passes through the Galactic Equator, a rare era in the earth's journey is engaged. How does this effect human society? Maybe it sets the stage for earthquakes and volcanoes and pole shifts and so forth - the recurring Atlantean cataclysm mythos may be based in this 26,000 cycle. Maybe it's just a paradigm shift, a cycling of psychological dominants as Jung would say.

See:  Interview with John Major Jenkins

Esoteric Astrology

Practicing the Art of Sacred Time


The axis of each planet in our solar system has a different angle of inclination: Mercury 0°, Venus 177°21', Earth 23°26', Mars 25°12', Jupiter 3°07', Saturn 26°44', Uranus 97°46', Neptune 27°52', and Pluto 119°37'.3 Venus, Uranus, and Pluto are therefore 'upside down' to some extent, and have a retrograde rotation about their axis, i.e. they rotate clockwise as viewed from 'above' the solar system. The sun's axis is tilted at an angle of 7°15' to the ecliptic. The moon's axis is tilted at an angle of 1.5°.

Although the general view is that during the Phanerozoic (the last 540 million years according to science, or the last 250 million years according to theosophy15), normal climatic zonation has prevailed on earth, and there is no evidence for significant departures of the obliquity beyond the supposed current limits of about 21.5-24.5°, this is not universally accepted. According to some scientists, palaeoclimatic and palaeontological data suggest that in the Mesozoic and early Cenozoic the earth's tilt was only 5 to 15°.16

Like several other scientists, Williams maintains that many of the other planets are subject to significant changes in obliquity, and he rejects the view that plausible physical mechanisms for substantial changes of obliquity are unknown. Such mechanisms are said to include tidal torques, dissipative core-mantle coupling, planetary impact, resonant axial-orbital precession, and a twist of the orbital angular momentum vector. Some scientists hold that the inclinations of planetary spins axes have undergone large random, or chaotic, variations, due to the gravitational pulls of the other planets. On the basis of detailed orbital calculations, J. Laskar, F. Joutel, & P. Robutel17 reached the following conclusion:

None of the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, the Earth and Mars) can be considered as to have primordial obliquities, and all these planets could have been formed with a near-zero obliquity. The obliquities of these planets could have undergone large-scale chaotic behaviour during their history. Mercury and Venus have been stabilized by dissipative effects, the Earth may have been stabilized by the capture of the Moon, and Mars is still in a large chaotic zone, ranging from 0° to 60°.

Other estimates of the variation in Mars' tilt are 15-35°18 and 11-49°.19 Regarding the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune), Laskar et al. argue that their obliquities

are essentially stable, and can thus be considered as primordial, that is, with about the same value they had at the end of the formation of the Solar System. Nevertheless, chaotic behaviour of the obliquities under planetary perturbations could have occurred in an earlier stage of the formation of the Solar System . . .

They believe that in the absence of the moon and the torque it exerts on the earth, the chaotic zone for the earth's axis would extend from 0° to 85°.

Palaeomagnetic data provide an indication of a location's latitude with respect to the former magnetic pole, and it is simply assumed that over long periods of time the magnetic poles will tend to coincide with the geographic poles. However, the geomagnetic field at the present time deviates substantially from that of a geocentric axial dipole. The magnetic axis is tilted by about 11° to the rotation axis, and on some planets much greater offsets are found: 46.8° in the case of Neptune, and 58.6° in the case of Uranus. In the earth's present magnetic field, the magnetic latitude may therefore deviate from the geographic latitude by as much as 2000 km. There is also strong evidence that the geomagnetic field had long-term nondipole components in the past, though they have largely been neglected. If there were stable magnetic anomalies of the same intensity as the present-day East Asian anomaly (or slightly more intensive), this would render the geocentric axial dipole hypothesis invalid. It is also possible that the magnetic poles have wandered considerably with respect to the geographic poles in former times. Geological, palaeoclimatic, and palaeontological data provide powerful evidence against continental-drift models, and therefore against the current interpretation of palaeomagnetic data.2

Palaeomagnetic studies show that some rocks have been magnetized in a direction opposite to that of the present magnetic field. The scientific consensus today is that this means that the global geomagnetic field at the time the rocks formed had a reversed polarity. In at least some cases, however, other explanations are conceivable, such as self-reversal and the existence of regional magnetic anomalies. For instance, a set of palaeomagnetic anomalies from northern and central Europe, eastern Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, and New Zealand, with dates clustering around 12,500 BP, has been interpreted as a global geomagnetic fluctuation (the Gothenburg flip), but the event is apparently not recorded in sedimentary sequences of the same age in southern Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, and western North America.3 Even today there are isolated spots of opposite magnetic polarity in both the northern and southern hemispheres.4 Whether they occur or not, magnetic reversals should clearly not be confused with inversions of the axis.

In addition to the magnetic axis, three other earth axes can be distinguished: 1. the geographic axis: the line joining the north and south poles, the points of origin for the lines of latitude and longitude; 2. the rotation axis or axis of instantaneous rotation: the line drawn through the earth about which it is actually rotating at any instant; the points where it cuts the earth's surface are called the rotation poles; 3. the axis of figure or axis of maximum moment of inertia: the axis of symmetry of the earth's spheroid, determined by the distribution of mass within the planet.5

For everyday purposes, these three axes are so close together that they can be thought of as coinciding. In reality, however, the axis of figure is not exactly coincident with the axis of rotation, and this gives rise to tiny polar motions. These motions produce slight latitude variations, which can be measured as the difference between the geographical latitude and the true astronomical latitude, as measured from the rotation axis. Two discrete periodic oscillations can be distinguished:

The Chandler Wobble, has about a 14-month period [428 days], and the other has a 12-month period. The combination of these two wobbles causes the poles to trace spiral paths out of, around, and eventually back into their mean positions over a period of about 6.5 years. The separation between the actual and mean poles was exceptionally large in about 1952, when they were separated by 12 m (37 feet), or 0.37 arc second (0.37"). Their maximum separation during the 6.5-year period averages about 0.25".6

The Chandler wobble is thought to be related to earthquakes, surface wind loads, solar activity, and geomagnetism. However, there is disagreement on whether the wobble excites earthquakes, is partly caused by them, or whether they both have a common cause.7

The only perfectly stable state of rotation for a planet occurs when it rotates about its axis of figure. An internal redistribution of mass, or a comet or asteroid impact, drags the axis of figure away from the rotation axis, creating an unstable condition. The rotation axis then tries to realign itself with the figure axis; the figure axis precesses about the rotation axis in an ever-decreasing spiral until the two axes again coincide. Strictly speaking, the position of the figure axis is never exactly constant: the weather systems, ocean tides, and even the movement of animals and humans all alter the earth's mass distribution and therefore the position of the figure axis.

This slight axial wobble is not in dispute. However, the occurrence of systematic, large-scale migration of the geographic poles or 'true polar wander' is highly controversial. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, polar wandering was frequently invoked to explain the evidence for former higher temperatures in the polar regions and former ice sheets at low latitudes. Although nowadays such phenomena tend to be explained primarily in terms of continental drift, some scientists believe that polar wandering has also taken place. Opinions differ on the extent to which changes of mass distribution in or on the earth can alter the position of the spin axis and at what rate, depending mainly on the assumptions made about the inner structure of the earth.



Unseen Celestial Companions

SPECULATION ABOUT the existence of unseen celestial companions dates back far before the discovery of Pluto in 1929 — and even figures in more recent fringe phenomena such as the 1997 “Heaven’s Gate” tragedy and talk of a new “Planet X.” This latest hypothesis, however, is aimed at answering nagging scientific questions about how particular types of comets make their way into the inner solar system.

Some comets, like Halley’s Comet, follow relatively short-period orbits — circling the sun in less than two hundred years. These comets are thought to originate in the Kuiper Belt, a disk of cosmic debris that lies beyond Neptune’s orbit.

The best way to think of the distances involved is in terms of Astronomical Units. One AU is the distance from Earth to the sun (93 million miles or 149.6 million kilometers). Pluto, the most distant of the planets, is at 39 AU. The Kuiper Belt extends from 30 AU to perhaps 1,000 AU.

Even further out is the Oort Cloud, a spherical haze of comets surrounding the solar system at distances between 10,000 AU and more than 50,000 AU. That’s where long-period comets such as Hale-Bopp are thought to come from. For some time, astronomers have noticed that the directional patterns of these comets are not completely random. And after years of study, some researchers are reporting that the patterns hint at something big out there perturbing the cometary paths.


The END of THE world

7/21/2003 - 4:46 pm EDT

Danger next month as Mars and asteroids approach closer to earth

Keeper of the Objects

With a shoestring budget, asteroid and comet watcher Brian Marsden looks out for Armageddon from the skies--and not without controversy

By Steve Nadis


# On national security: "There´s a lot of concern about security these days, but does it go beyond terrorism and extend to outer space?"

# On the power of fear: "I think a good scare is occasionally helpful."

# Of 42 near-Earth asteroids with nonzero impact risk, only one object, 1997 XR2, warrants careful monitoring. See

Every day our neighborhood appears a bit more crowded--and dangerous. The band between Earth and Mars hosts swarms of swift-moving asteroids, some of which might eventually threaten our planet. The inner solar system is home to an estimated 1,000 to 1,500 asteroids a kilometer or greater in width, with perhaps a million rocks 50 meters and larger. Asteroid observations pour in at the rate of 15,000 or more a day.

The burden of keeping track of near-Earth objects (NEOs)--asteroids and the occasional comets that pass through our vicinity--falls on Brian Marsden. Since 1978 he has directed the Minor Planet Center (MPC) at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Mass. Sky watchers from all over the world send putative sightings to the MPC, which operates on behalf of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). The MPC processes and organizes data, identifies objects, computes orbits, assigns tentative names and disseminates information on a daily basis. For objects of special interest, the center solicits follow-up observations and requests archival data searches. "We are the focal point," Marsden says. "All the observations come here."

Marsden has served as the referee for all NEO sightings over the past 25 years--a period in which the total search effort has grown from a fledgling survey or two into a productive and efficient international network. At times this role has put him in the middle of controversy. Perhaps the most notorious incident occurred on March 11, 1998, when Marsden indicated on the MPC Web site that an asteroid discovered in December 1997 (then named 1997 XF11 and now called asteroid 35396) would make a close approach in 30 years. "The chance of an actual collision is small," he wrote, "but one is not entirely out of the question." That phrase set off a media circus that ranked among the 20 top science debacles of the century, according to Discover magazine.

Marsden admits that his word choice was "ill advised" but insists the calculation was correct at the time. He emphasized its uncertainty in the original notice and asked for more data. When the computations were redone a day later, incorporating orbital information from an old photograph, the threat vanished.

COLLISIONS with even small NEOs pose a threat: an object only 100 meters wide flattened these trees in Siberia in 1908.

"Much as the incident was bad for my own reputation, we needed a scare like that to bring attention to this problem," Marsden remarks. "Many wondered whether I´d survive, but I´m still here." More important, he says, the field itself has prospered. In the wake of XF11 publicity, NASA increased funding for asteroid searches from $1 million to $3.5 million annually. In addition, groups at the University of Pisa in Italy and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., began doing routine risk evaluations of potentially menacing objects. To date, the confirmed NEO total includes about 2,250 asteroids, a dozen comets that complete their orbits in less than 200 years, and 1,000 long-period comets (on orbits 200 years or longer) that pose no immediate concern.

It´s a far cry from the early 1960s, when Marsden started adding to the list of some two dozen known NEOs with detections he made as a Yale University graduate student. After earning his Ph.D. in astronomy in 1965, he took a job at the Smithsonian, where he has worked ever since.

When Marsden began studying minor planets, "nobody cared about asteroids. They were dismissed as ´vermin of the sky.´" Now the study is a bona fide field, thanks to automated search programs such as the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR), run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory, and NASA´s Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT), which collectively account for 90 percent of all NEO detections. The MPC is hard-pressed to keep up with the tide of incoming data, especially with a volume of main-belt asteroid observations 100 times as great as that for NEOs.

Despite the workload, the MPC staff consists of only 2.5 people, including Marsden, who would like to keep the center running 24 hours a day. But that is not feasible: MPC gets just $130,000 a year from NASA, despite the agency´s increased spending on NEO surveys. Other income, from subscriptions and donations, is not enough to cover the 80- to 100-hour workweeks. "Here we are saving the world, and they expect us to do it on our own time," Marsden quips.

More draining than the task at hand, however, is the time wasted on arguments. "There´s a lot of infighting in this business. Not everybody likes everybody," he says. Besides the XF11 affair, which soured his relationships with several colleagues, Marsden has taken heat over access to information. He would rather not release data for tentative, single-night asteroid sightings--"one-night stands," as he calls them--both to ensure the data´s reliability and to conform to the policies of leading programs such as LINEAR, NEAT and Spacewatch, which do not want unsubstantiated data made public. Astronomers who are anxious to see everything blame Marsden for impeding the information flow. "Brian follows the rules [set by the IAU], but the rules are flawed," Lowell Observatory astronomer Ted Bowell complains. He states that Marsden and others "often post orbital predictions without sharing the data that led to the calculations. I find that scientifically unacceptable."

Despite such criticism, the IAU recently extended the Smithsonian´s contract for running the MPC through 2006. As for beyond that, rumors swirl about "hostile takeovers," in Marsden´s words. Grant Stokes, who heads the LINEAR program, thinks that moving the MPC to a new home would be a mistake. "Brian and his center service the observing community wonderfully," Stokes says. "It´s hard for me to believe this effort could be duplicated elsewhere."

Marsden tries to ignore the squabbles as he looks to the future. One day, inevitably, there will be a NEO on a collision course with Earth. With luck, it will be small and won´t cause much damage. If it is spotted years or decades in advance, there might be time to intervene. "This is one threat we can do something about," he declares. Various defensive strategies have been proposed, including nudging an approaching asteroid with a nuclear blast or darkening part of the object´s surface so that the thrust produced by radiated heat changes its orbit. Marsden is not sure how much money should be spent exploring these options but insists that "we have to do more than the dinosaurs."

Until now, the focus has been on large asteroids, a kilometer or bigger. The goal of the Spaceguard Survey, funded mainly by NASA, is to find 90 percent of these objects by 2008. More than 650 asteroids have been identified so far, perhaps half the total. (Astronomers estimate the total based on discovery rates from previous surveys.) Still, Marsden remarks, "we should begin planning the next step." Looking for 200- to 300-meter-wide objects is often proposed as a sensible target, but that would require new telescopes and roughly 10 times as much money.

Marsden turns 66 this month and would eventually like to hand the reins over to MPC´s associate director, Gareth Williams, his partner since 1990. There´s no timetable for a transition, says Williams, who admits he has "very big shoes to fill. Brian has been preeminent in the field since the 1960s." NASA Ames astronomer David Morrison, chair of the IAU´s NEO working group, also lauds Marsden´s efforts. Given Marsden´s long tenure in the NEO field--starting out as he did when there was no "field" to speak of--Morrison is skeptical about talk of his impending retirement: "I think he´ll do it forever." That is, of course, if the world doesn´t end first.

Steve Nadis is a science writer based in Cambridge, Mass.


7-16-03 - If you've never paid much attention to comets and asteroids before, you will be wise to pay attention to this prophecy. It comes from a psychic with great gifts.

A series of comets (a string) is coming inward towards the sun. The time frame to watch for will be early 2004, so there is still some time to prepare for this series of events. Some of these comets are going to hit the sun and will be of little consequence to us personally. However, one of these comets is on a tragectory to hit the moon. A large chunk of the moon will break off and come down and hit the earth. But that is not the worst - a comet will be close enough to the earth's trajectory to hit it directly - so we will be hit twice.

The time frame - according to the source will be approximately nine months from today. 7-16-03 - which makes it approximately March 15, 2004, the Ides of March.


10-4-94 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin. I had an infant son . He said to me, "I had a dream!" I said, "What was it?" He said, "I was a student at Arizona University and I knew that between August 18th and 21st a huge comet was going to hit the earth."

NOTE: Since I had this dream AFTER the 'string of pearl's hit Jupiter, does this mean that another 'string of pearl's is coming in the future?


DREAM OF CME - In 1984, as I was praying and crying out to God, I was taken in the Spirit to what seemed to be at the time, a different world than what I was accustomed to knowing as Earth. Everything around me was in a state of destruction and panic. I could hear people screaming and crying, as I knelt between automobiles that were turned upside down and smoking as if they had been burning. It looked as though God had set me down in the middle of a War Zone.

As I looked toward the Heavens I could see the Sun, (which did not hurt my eyes to look at, for all around me was darkness and yet I could see the Sun), and two planets. The Sun was shooting off enormous explosions of fireballs, and as I watched it, I could not understand what was happening nor could I understand where I was or why.

At that time, I heard a noise behind me and as I turned around, I discovered lying behind me was a very large lion, yet I wasn't afraid. Instead I felt peace and knew it was there to protect me from the people that was running past me screaming and crying in a state of panic.

As I looked again at the Sun, a man (which I have seen several times in visions) walked up and knelt beside me. While I felt as though I had always known this man, I have never met him. I then stated, "I don't understand!"

He smiled and replied, "You don't remember, do you?

I answered, "No."

As I looked back at him, he placed his hand over my eyes and said, "You will."

At that very instant, I was back on my porch at my home, left with many years of unanswered questions. On June 1, 1999, I was driving my Aunt to the doctor, when I saw a quick flash of the Sun that I had seen in my vision in 1984. At that very instant the Holy Spirit said, "Remember!"

A couple of days later I found out that on June 1, 1999, there was a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) and the astronomers did not know for a while if it was headed for Earth or not. If it had, we would of only had a couple of days' notice before it would have hit Earth with Solar winds and could have possibly caused disruptions in utilities, communications, etc. I now believe God showed me in 1984 a major CME that would hit Earth and cause major destruction. The lion, I believe represented The Lion of Judah, and that he would be protecting me and all of his Children that are hearing and obeying Him. I pray that this gives confirmation to someone that might also have heard from God about possible event(s) that soon may happen. God never surprises His Children. He always Warns us of what is to come.

Love and Faith, Gilda

Rev. Gilda Langston


5-1-94 - DREAM - I was in an office working on a project, deciding what should be saved, what should be shredded or hidden.

A man came and gave me several sheets which had a variety of 4 digit numbers on it. The man said these were the numbers of the Laws and they were from Section 1. I knew I needed to learn these. He also gave me the sheets for the Laws from Section 2, but I didn't look at them. I put several sheets of paper into a sort of shredder and when I did, the hopper was full and pushed out a single sheet of paper from the back. I looked at it. It was a copy of a star map which I already had the original. I decided it was important enough to keep the copy too and placed it in the lower left hand drawer of my desk.

The stars were in clusters like planets circling a main star. There were many of them on the paper.


10-11-98 - DREAM - I was seeing several e-mails on a computer and it seemed it was a series of arguments about various subjects, but I was seeing only the titles of the arguments and not the arguments themselves.Then it got to the bottom and it said, 'STOP MAIL' STOP MAIL'.

I then went outside and the whole air was dark brown. I thought that was really strange so I looked up into the sky and saw a full, complete, total eclipse of the the sun. The sun was very small, so the moon covering it looked even smaller. I could see the golden corona of the sun around the moon which looked like a round dot.

Then suddenly, it looked like the sun exploded and dozens of small 5 pointed golden stars flew out of the sun in every direction.

I said, "Oh my God! The sun is exploding!" But after the stars flew out of the sun, the sun, still in full eclipse was still there.

I called it to everyone's attention who was nearby and then went back into the building.

My apartment was full of people. Everyone I've known in the last 20 years was there and lots of children I didn't know. Everyone was standing around talking and it had a party atmosphere.

An insurance agent of some kind came in and said he needed to see me. He showed me a sheet of paper with brown writing on it. It was the verbatim arguments of three women of which I was one of them according to him. I saw the names of the other two women and as I recall they were psychic-type women.

According to the insurance guy, I was determined the victor of the argument and as the one who was vindicated, I was being given an award.

He handed me a tall grey metal box that was very thin but wide and I opened it and it was an apartment key box with all the keys hanging on pegs inside. I thanked him and noticed that on the very bottom of this box were two extra keys and padlocks. They were very small less than an inch long. I asked what they were for. He told me they were for the two storage rooms in the basement that the outside contractors used for themselves that no one else had access to. He said that I may as well avail myself of the material there rather than use my own.

I was really pleased with that, so I went downstairs and opened the door. Inside, it was like a grocery store, not that there was a lot of stuff, but what was there was BIG, and on top was the biggest bottles of yellow mustard and red ketchup I've ever seen.

I went back upstairs where the children were getting out of hand. All the kids were in the bedroom on top of the bed and they were trying to do every thing all in the same space. Some were trying to get their homework done, some were trying to build things with legos, some were playing with dolls and some were searching through a big mess of toys trying to decide what to play with.

So, I had to separate the children depending on what task they were doing. The ones who needed to finish their homework were moved out to a white counter in another room, and the other children were moved to different areas depending on what they were doing.

Then I went back to where the older teens and the adults were still chatting and our grandson Ethan came in singing a little song, "Jesus loves me and I let him in." It had a 3rd line which I can't recall, but I asked him if he would sing it to the whole group. At this point I called him Bill and told the group that Bill wanted to sing for them. I picked Ethan up so he was at their level and everyone gathered around and Ethan sang his little song,"Jesus loves me and I let him in," plus the 3rd line I can't remember.

The instant he stopped singing, one of the women in the group whom I knew well, began to pass out what looked like menus and I thought it was for a pizza place. Then she sat down in front of the windows. She was blonde with curly, shoulder length hair, wore a peach colored dress and peach colored lipstick to match. As the sun streamed in the window behind her, she literally glowed with a translucent quality, that surprised even me. She began to tell the women that she had set up a shop at a place that looked like HALL on the sheet but she said Pizzaro where they could learn to look like her. ...and I woke up.


10-18-98 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that was showing me prophecies about the sun. The first one was dated 4-14-98 and the following one was dated 5-15-98. The one for 5-15-98 said, "The sun is going to do something it's not supposed to do."

I tried everything I could to pull up these files, but I couldn't get them to come up. I got frustrated and got up from the computer and found out that my boss was questioning my loyalty to the work I was supposed to do. To test me, they sent two good looking men to my apartment to tempt me. Neither one actually came into the apartment but appeared at different doors. I ignored both of them.

I was told then that a phone call had come in for me across the hall. I went across the hall to take the call. I noted that all the furniture and the phone was black ebony. I also noticed that I had a feeling that I had to keep this phone call a secret from prying ears.

I picked up the phone to take the call. Rather than hearing someone speak, I saw the message in the air like it was a typed paragraph. It said, "Practice typing the letter to "The Earl of T______. You will be asked to type this letter verbatim in the future. You will be tested on the sun information for the 4-14-98 and 5-15-98 dates."

After I woke up, I was thinking about this dream and a vision appeared as a typed paragraph, "When the sun does not feel like its out there, or back there, or will not be there, people go crazy."

NOTE: I looked up previous dreams from 4-14-98. It was a web page about Avebury, England. I did not record anything on 5-15-98. (I obviously could not remember the dreams that night) I then went on the computer and looked up the sun activity for those two dates. On both dates were violent explosions on the sun. The recent dreams about the sun are posted above, of the sun coming up and going back down, and the other one of a total solar eclipse where the sun exploded and many stars shot out of it.


3-19-99 - MEDITATION - I saw a black.. 8 quart. kettle. Inside the kettle, written in red on the side was written: "LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA". It was written in Greek Style letters. A voice said, "The other half of the information is at MIT!" I then saw the layout of the sun and planets:

Here is the layout:

The Sun is in the center. With a clock layout:

Saturn was at 6 o'clock

Jupiter was just below 9 o'clock

5 planets all the same size were lined up between 9 and 12.

There was no voice with the vision. But it felt ominous.

Strange to have all the planets all on one size.

(It is not the 5/5/2000 layout.)


3-21-99 - SATURNALIA - VISION - I saw a guy with a hooded cape. He was flying and said, "Everybody has the opportunity to fly to Saturnalia."

I my friend Michelle measuring 1/2 of some salt on one side of a balance scale. She said, "Half of the salt goes here." (She was putting it on outside half of the scale. It was on the side away from her.)

A man said, "Here is the key! Where is your back, Sir?" He reached down and moved several books from a pile on the floor.

(Brotherhood of the RosyCross? Manly Hall's book was about the Rosicrucians and the Kabbalah)

A woman carried in a 7 tiered white wedding cake. The voice said, "She doesn't know where anything is, she's at work."

Earlier I saw a whole bunch of pictures of people. the page after page of cartoons from the Sunday newspaper.

A voice said, "You were too busy to see this earlier." I saw a page of colorful drawings of people and symbols.."Astrological?" (See the Manly Hall book again)

A man said, "I'm going to keep you on the payroll and give you something every 1/2 hour."

A man said, "I can't forget this!" It looked like he spilled a bag of marbles but when they rolled out in a line they looked like the sun with all the planets in a lineup above it on one side.

A man said, "Can I take you on a trip somewhere?" I said, "It depends on where!" I saw him laying out a map on a card table. He was spreading it out and showing me star systems. He said, "We have to go back and start in 1989! We have to find the SS movement and the tie to 11:11." Then I heard, "There was a tie to the link 12 years ago." (1987?)

He said, "Let's not forget the men in Africa and Australia." He closed their book and said, "thank you, thank you!"

Now I saw the Orca (whale). He said, "Let's not miss the Aquarium. We missed the conception."

But we kept looking through our files for more. And we found more! 1998 was an interesting year. On November 21st of 1998 SOHO went into ESR (Emergency Recovery). The last image on the site was our old friend ORCA. As we looked closer at the "ORCA" images we realized that there were actually two bodies in the picture not just one. At the time we had no explanation for the second object in the images. The shape of the larger one does appear to match that of Phobos. The trail behind it appears to be twisting as if rotational. The other body below also has a twisting trail behind it. The twisting and "Yin Yang" appearance of the two bodies would provide a modestly stable orbit for the two bodies. ORCA was also seen on June 26 of 1998. That same month the principle investigator on the LASCO PROJECT DIED!




3-5-00 - MEDITATION - I had been researching the subject of an extraterrestrial group called the HATHORS. While searching for this, I got really tired. There was a connection to Orion and to Venus. They can't both be right... but maybe they can.

However, when I lay down, I had two visions of Star Charts. I couldn't read anything on the first one because it was light blue on white. The second star chart was also light blue on white, but I could read the word BIOS next to one of the stars or planets on the chart.

NOTE: Pythagoras developed a modern theory of vision much simpler than that of Plato. This theory maintained that light is emitted from luminous bodies, can suffer reflections, and causes the sensation of sight when it enters the eyes. He was the first Greek to realize that the morning star and evening star were both the planet Venus. Pythagoras postulated that the Earth was spherical, and added more crystalline spheres to Anaximander's model, one for each planet, to account for the motions of the various planets.

Venusian lava flows extending for hundreds of kilometers. Some of Venus's volcanoes may still be active. Image credit: NASA's Magellan Mission to Venus.

Venus is indeed warm, but more so than early sci-fi authors suspected. The surface temperature is ~860 F (460 C) -- hot enough to melt lead! The air is thick and steamy, too. The atmospheric pressure is about 90 times that of Earth. And the steam .... it's sulfuric acid, a corrosive mist that floats cloud-like through Venus's 96% carbon dioxide atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that traps infrared radiation beneath Venus's thick cloud cover. A runaway greenhouse effect is what makes Venus even hotter than Mercury! The clouds also hide a forbidding terrain, strewn with craters and volcanic calderas. There are no rivers, lakes, or oceans on Venus -- like Mars, Venus is bone dry.

Like the Moon, Venus has a full range of phases. It can be "Full" when Venus is on the far side of the Sun, "New" when Venus is between the Sun and Earth, and a crescent at points in between.

Venus will become New on March 30th. Its darkened night side will face Earth as it moves almost directly between our planet and the Sun -- a situation astronomers call inferior conjunction. During the days around inferior conjunction, when Venus is as close as it can be to us, its whisker-thin crescent will appear through the lens of a 34-power telescope as large as the Moon does to the unaided eye!

Velikovsky wrote about a number of planets especially Venus changing orbits and causing the Earth to stand still at the time of Joshua.

Worlds in Collision

The general thesis of Worlds in Collision is that the Earth underwent vast cataclysms in early historic times. The planet Venus, says Velikovsky, is only 3500 years old. It was expelled as a comet from Jupiter, creating the Great Red Spot as a sort of Caesarian scar, then repeatedly passed close to Earth, stopping its rotation, re-starting it, changing its axial tilt, causing the Plagues of Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, and other disasters chronicled in the world's mythologies. The geologic effects on the Earth were, as one might imagine, immense: tsunamis, great movements of the crust, earthquakes, vast outpourings of lava. Organic chemicals drifted down from Venus to supply the Israelites with manna and fill the world's oil reservoirs. (Golda Meir, late Prime Minister of Israel, once remarked that it took Moses forty years to lead the Hebrews through the desert to the only place in the Middle East that had no oil!) Finally, Venus settled down into the most circular orbit of any of the planets. A few centuries later, Mars went on a smaller rampage, passing close to Earth and causing various disasters. Velikovsky developed these theories at length in Worlds in Collision and its sequels, Earth in Upheaval and Ages in Chaos.


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Constellation Eridanus -Is it connected to Eridu - the first city ...

... that he is not ruling out other possible explanations for the observed clustering of the comet orbits ... NOTE: See this page: ...


... to the Pole Shift that will occur beginning in 1990 that will take several years." (The 1997 object was Hale Bopp Comet). ... ...

Impossible to nudge earth into different orbit!

... The plan would entail sticking a fusion-powered rocket or solar sail on a 62-mile-wide asteroid, or comet, to nudge it out of orbit — a simple "engineering ...




COMET ENCKE. PERIODIC 3.5 YEARS. ... THE TAURID STREAM. Comet Encke 2p Perhelion was May 23rd Closest to Earth June/July Mag 6. Comet Encke Photo - Oct. 24, 1993. ...


Discover the Truth regarding all the speculation of a 'New World Order', 'Millenium', 'Y2K', 'Comet Lee', 'Armageddon ...


... The vibrational effects of the Jupiter/comet collisions, the disturbing increase of solar emissions and the recently discovered pulses from our Galactic Center ...

NASA Unveils Plans for Comet

NASA Unveils Plans for Comet. .. Deep Impact is scheduled to be launched in January 2004 and will arrive at comet Tempel 1 on July 4, 2005. ...

Thoth Identity

Civil War battle broke out and all the Titans were scattered. 4. Comet appeared and destroyed 30 of their worlds/planets (60% of their population). ...

Osiris, Egyptian god of the underworld and of vegetation

... When a comet appeared in July 44 BC, four months after his murder, it was thought that his spirit was ascending to take its place in the heavens. ...


... Even those of you who think you will wait until the scientists see a big comet coming, will be missing the fact there will be many more tragedies coming than ...




... QUESTION NUMBER THREE: The American government has learned beyond any doubt that an errant, killer comet will strike the earth in the near future.


... NOTE: The earth was hit by several meteors, and Hale Bopp Comet came by and we went through it's tail, but we don't know if that is going to cause any dire ...


... me, "I had a dream!" I said, "What was it?" He said, "I was a student at Arizona University and I knew that between August 18th and 21st a huge comet was going ...


... who also plays the mother of a son named Elliot (not the same as in ET-The extraterrestrial) discovers a bunch of asteroid fragments following a comet into the


... The Minister said: "The risk of an asteroid or comet causing substantial damage is extremely remote. ... The comet's tail always points directly away from the Sun. ...


... He once observed Venus as looking like a comet! ... These beams of light were pointed towards the Sun, and gave Venus the appearance of a comet with two tails! ...

Baffling Lunar Illusion

... moved in six months. This suggested that the object is not a comet, since it probably would have moved.


... It takes the Earth a few days to get through the debris trail left by the periodic comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle that produces the Leonid meteors. ...


... me that in the original book, the destination was Saturn, rather than Jupiter, which is very interesting concerning the Companion to the Hale-Bopp comet. ...


... On Monday, October 14, 1996, Odem High School cheerleader Amanda A.saw "a bright light above the O (school) moving very slowly--way too slow to be a comet


... This Guy is talking <wipe-out> Mind can conceive a Cosmic Impact by a comet or asteroid which permanently turns out the Lights for the Human Race!! ...


... Loosely defined at Sao Paolo, Brazil rather looks like an aircraft carrier shooting off a rocket? SUMER. *The incoming NASA will ID as a "Kruetz" comet. ...

DAVID WILCOCK - PART IV - The Nineveh Constant

... With this one number alone, you can calculate the exact time it takes any planet, comet or celestial object in the Solar System to make one full cycle around ...


... Vulcan). The comet swarms are defined by number and period. Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages) - Weird Research, Anomalous Physics. ...


... me that in the original book, the destination was Saturn, rather than Jupiter, which is very interesting concerning the Companion to the Hale-Bopp comet. ...



DAVID WILCOCK - Part Two: Prophecy in Stone

. One of the most powerful and transformative celestial events worldwide in astrology is the arrival of a comet. Longstanding ...

SKYWATCH ALERT - NASA Decides Observatory Fate



... The small boy says, "Look! I see the comet!" I look ahead of me, in the sky, and see a strange spiral shaped object in the heavens. To my left is the comet. ...


... was apparently triggered by the arrival of Easter, and by the closest approach to earth of the comet, which they ...


... It is not as if I had predicted that, say, a comet would approach Earth in 1997. ...


... Whoever the makers of the "Comet's Tail" crop formation might have been, the analysis here shows ...


Astronomy News Astronomy News. ... Stardust Comet News Comet News Stardust project and of Comets News in general. ...

Getting Ready for Impact with 1998 OX4? - Now also 2001PM9

... I mentioned here a few days ago that Great Britain had appointed a special Task Force and that they were about to identify Asteroid/Comet collisions

Revelation 11:11

... me that in the original book, the destination was Saturn, rather than Jupiter, which is very interesting concerning the Companion to the Hale-Bopp comet. ...




... The electrical discharge between the comet and sun represents the moment of completion of conception


PROPHECIES ABOUT THE NEW MILLENIUM. ... predicts that a comet will crash into the earth in 2012 and annihilate all life. ...


... During this last approach, the comet split into 6 fragments, labeled as A -F. Thus far, Fragment-A (the ... COM: WTO (WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION) SEATTLE PROTEST. ...