Predictive Outline of Ideas About the Great Change  
by Joseph E. Mason
with Assistance from Dee Finney


In 1992 I received a letter from crop circle researcher Pat Delgado. It was somewhat of a form letter, apparently sent out to the various people who had been corresponding with him. Pat suggested that the crop circles probably represent one area of a more grand phenomenon concerning changes coming to the world. He requested that we correspondents send any ideas that we might have about the crop circles and other phenomena that may be related. In response, I wrote an outline of my ideas and sent them to him. The ideas are based on my studies which are directed by dreams and coincidences.

The ideas in the outline turned out to be remarkably predictive. A number of astonishing coincidences happened after I sent the Outline to Pat, and more happened during and after we created this web page. These will be reported at a latter time. Dee typed in my original outline below. I have added a few hyperlinks to it.


written by Joe Mason
November 28, 1992

The following is a brief outline of some of the ideas that have come to me concerning a very great change coming to our world. In most cases dreams were involved, my own, or those of others. Often coincidences occurred, usually the accidental finding of a similar concept elsewhere, such as in myths or the dream of another person. I have a very large stack of material supporting these ideas. I have no way of knowing for sure if any of this is valid, but I do feel like I was led to them. My hope is that others will find more connections and verifications to some of the ideas through their own dreams, inspirations or studies.

  1. Truths will slowly be revealed that will drastically change the world view. Many are ancient teaching. There will be resistance to this, but eventually the symbols will be newly understood and fit into scientific discoveries.

  2. The change in world view toward unity and love will completely transform our world in unbelievable ways.

  3. We will learn that we are creating the reality here and have the power to have it as we wish. We are the Demiurge, the craftsman/builders, a sub-deity. This is depicted sometimes as a swastika with a "builder" symbol  ( right angled square) in each quarter. Counterclockwise represents a negative creation, and clockwise (going east) is positive. Similar symbols are four couples around a square, the octopus, which is negative, and the eight-pointed star, a positive, unity symbol.

  4. Our thoughts and beliefs create the reality. They are prime movers of the 'orgone' or low energy fields that form patterns around which physical matter coalesces. Time and cause/effect are part of the creation here. On a higher level of reality, this creation can be viewed as an eternal now, each moment created through rapid vibrations. The new beliefs involve a conquering of fear and belief in evil. Simply by believing that our existence is blessed and good, will lock-out evil, or negative activity. This is the 'giant' or "Titan" that will be defeated. The battle of good over evil is a question of what we chose to believe. Symbolically this is shown as a tree individually, or a great tree collectively. The Tree of Knowledge represents the beliefs that create the Tree of Life, that is, the reality.

  5. Our Oversouls, or Higher Selves, are involved in the creation. Each of us are reincarnational, or focus personalities of the Oversoul. Our other personalities exist in the past and future from our viewpoint. The Oversoul, a very powerful consciousness unit, is symbolized as a circle of interlocking rings that resembles a flower. Each 'petal' is a focus personality.

  6. The order of consciousness is a hierarchy. This can be viewed as a pyramid, with humans at the base, Oversouls above, on up to the One, or God at the top. The entire structure is God and Her/His manifestations, thus "All-That-Is" is a more true concept of God. (see Ephesians 4:6)

  7. All-That-Is is within each unit of consciousness and matter. Each unit is like a seed, containing the pattern of the All within it. The Creator manifests as dual, or male/female. This is across scales from subatomic to macrocosmic. The Feminine aspect generates, or gives birth to the Masculine. The Masculine is radiated out into space-time. The physical reality is the Male aspect or a part of it. The Spirit reality is the Generating, or Female aspect. Each aspect has a part of the other, that is, each male has part of the female and vice versa. The Yin Yang myth is true.

  Yin Yang Symbol  

  8. In the creation of mankind, the relative balance of the dual aspects creates the Son, in a Trinity, or three-part relationship. This is the meaning of the Barbury Castle pictogram.

The 1991 Barbury
Castle Pictogram

It's the subatomic consciousness unit, or smallest particle of matter in our creation. Larger gestalts of consciousness and matter are built up from these units. The central circle represents the One Deity. The two rings are the Dual aspects. These are the invisible energies creating the Triangle, or three-sided pyramid.

The north circle, a male/sun symbol, is the Masculine aspect within us. The southwest circle is the feminine aspect, or Holy Spirit. Adam and Eve are the equivalents; they are one, and within us. The ratchet spiral represents the son in a cycle of time. In dreams and myths the relationship of the aspects is often shown as mating or marriage. This is the meaning of the Virgin Birth and is symbolized by the "Y" within the Triangle. I saw this in a dream as the part of the woman's body where the legs meet. It's the Generating world giving birth to this one.

Applicable myths are the Pythagorean Tetraktys, Tao Teh Ching 42, the Christian Trinity and similar teachings found world wide. Ancient glyphs show this as a circle with ring inside a triangle, a "Y"-shape, Eye in a triangle, the letters "AUM" in a triangle representing "the Father and Mother engendered the son, Man." The animal symbol is the face of the bison or ox. The horns represent the dual aspects, like antennas. (see Psalms 92:10) The Salvador Dali painting "Christ of St. John of the Cross" has this symbolism.

Christ of Saint
John of the Cross

   9. The great change involves a change in the Duality balance. This is multidimensional and all encompassing. It's part of a universal, pre-ordained Plan. It is considered an evolutionary leap for mankind. We are going from a male dominant to a more balanced condition of the two aspects. Our "lost aspect" is a question of "forgetting." It was there all along, but we "forgot" it for a purpose for a cycle of time. The change involves an "awakening," or "remembering" of the lost aspect.

In terms of the human mind, rational, analytical thinking is a male attribute. Intuitive, psychic abilities are a feminine attribute. The change will increase the feminine abilities, bringing new knowledge about the nature of reality. A joining of the realities, spiritual and physical, will be achieved.

  10. We will learn that the dream reality is essential in the creation of daily reality. Events here are planned there. Infinite idea potentials exist there that can be manifested here. We unknowingly operate there nightly, planning individual and collective events. The great change will involve coincidence or simultaneities that seem accidental. They are planned in the dream state and contain symbolism. As we begin to learn the symbolic language of the dream-world, we will understand the meaning of events in daily life. An ancient symbol of our collectiveness is the spider, as placing  a thread between each of us. The modern dream symbol of this is the computer, with each of us hooked up to the central control system.

  11. This world of ours has been involved with an experiment of consciousness for a cycle of time. We have been working with the Father, or Masculine aspect; the aggressive, thrusting outward attribute, that can become negative and violent. The great change involves a transmuting of this warring attribute to the positive. This is accompanied by the death of the Male War Gods, or a belief in them, and an awareness of the Mother/Father Deity. The ancient symbol of the Dual deity is a circle bisected by a line, which has appeared in many crop patterns. Major symbolic numbers are nine and multiples (18, 36, 54, 72, 108, 144, 432), 28 and 128.

  12. The warring-cycle, on a large scale, probably started with Sargon I of Akkad, (now southern Iraq) about 4,320 years ago. (432 is a cycle of time number) Babylon is a symbol of disunity.

  13. A period of stress on a global level started with WW1 in 1914. This was the beginning of the apocalyptic cycle. A symbolic event preceded this in 1912, the sinking of the Titanic.

  14. Another pair of symbolic events occurred in the late 1960's; the moon landing and the great leap of Bob Beamon in the Olympics in Mexico City. They symbolized the great evolutionary leap for mankind. The Gulf War also contained symbolism.

  15. The film "2001: Space Odyssey" symbolically portrayed the great change. An unknown intelligence, represented by the obelisk, controls evolution from apes to man, developing rational intelligence. When the obelisk is found on the moon millions of years later, it communicates to space that it is time for the next evolutionary step. The computer, HAL, represents the collective selves not connected, an artificial intelligence with no heart. The astronaut Dave's experience represents the lone spiritual journey. He goes to the heart of the craft and disables HAL. The computer breaks down and sings, "Daisy, Daisy . . . on a bicycle built for two." The Daisy is a symbol of the Oversoul and the bicycle, the aspects balanced. Daisy-like crop patterns appeared in 1991, along with a flower profusion in England. Bicycle-like crop patterns appeared, such as those at Pepperbox Hill and the "insectograms." The film ends with Dave transformed into a baby in a bubble heading back to earth. A new cycle of evolution begins.

  16.  East is the direction of enlightenment. When you awake from the dreaming and things "dawn" on you, the sun is rising in the east and the morning star, Venus, shines for awhile. The two lights are the symbolic equivalent of Adam and Eve, that is, a large male/rational aspect, and a small female/intuitive one. In the film, "2010," the sequel to "2001," the earth receives two suns. Symbolically, this is the balancing of the aspects involved in the great change.

  17. There may be an actual equivalent to the obelisk. Recent satellite photographs revealed a perfect ring of circles at the Yucatan. They are the Sacred Cenote holes, or natural wells. The wells are now thought to mark the spot where the great meteorite struck 65 million years ago that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and other large species. Core samples revealed crystallized quartz 1,100 meters below ground.

Scientist J.J. Hurtak claims to have had a spiritual visitation in 1973. He wrote "The Keys of Enoch," telling of a great evolutionary leap for mankind. A map of the Yucatan is shown in the book, called "The Sacred Grid". Lines are drawn between megalithic sites revealing a three-part triangle. It's quite similar to the Barbury Castle pictogram. Dr. Hurtak was told that this area had triangular grids of crystal and is a communication point with the heavens. It will be involved in a grid shift and alignment effecting the changes here.

Sacred Grid

The Sacred Grid

 Some dowsers say that the energy grid is associated with naturally sited, underground quartz. There may be a seven-mile wide crystal underground at the Yucatan functioning like a radio oscillator, effecting the energy grid.

  18. The Pleiades and Orion are major symbols in the great change. (see Job 38:31) The Pleiades, commonly called the Seven Sisters, has six readily visible stars, with a dimmer seventh, known as "the Lost Pleiad." This is associated with the seven days of creation, which are not yet completed.

I dreamed of a similar concept, then later found it in  "The Keys of Enoch." After six aeons of time, six fields of light come together, so that on the seventh day, the transmutation is added by the Seventh Ray. This involves subatomic levels of body chemistry. The north circle in the Barbury Castle pictogram may represent the six fields of light coming together. The "ratchet spiral" may represent the six aeons of time. The Seventh Ray may be the Southwest circle, or it could come through the center of the north circle, which is like an aperture.

This July (1992) I sent these and other ideas to Roberta Ossana, editor of "The Dream Network Journal." She called me on the telephone and shared a dream she had three weeks prior. In the dream, she visited a house with a large family. Seven sisters came out, and one was a foot taller than the others. There was a mother and father and one son with a wife.  The son did volunteer work at a prison. His wife was going to be accepted into the family of women and is easily assimilated. The mother said, "Soon, my husband will retire, and we will own the bank." In my opinion, Roberta paid a dream visit to the Adamic Household.

  19. An important symbol of the change is the Tau, depicted as a "T" with two trees and a flower on top, or as a split-trunk tree with three branches at each end. The two trees, I believe, represent the dual aspects and the two ways to knowledge, rational and intuitional.

  20. The change may be related to the seven chakras. We have been operating in the lower three and will enter the fourth, the heart chakra. This is associated with a symbolic lightning strike, and may enable us to reach the upper four chakras. The critical level is three and a  half, that is, the point between the third and fourth chakra. This is shown symbolically in many ways, such as the Egyptian seven nodal points with the 'swallowers' mouth between the third and fourth, the Chinese coiled serpent with three and a half turns, and the 35th year as the mid-point in the life of a man of three score years and ten. (the approximate age of Jesus at crucifixion, and Buddha when awakened.)

This is related to Revelation 11:11. The two trees lay dead for three and a half days and then a breath of life from God enters them, and they stand up on their feet.

The meaning of the "swallower" seems to be about reincarnation. If you are still in the lower three levels of consciousness development at the time of your physical death, you must be reborn and try again. Above level three, you go on to more advanced realms of consciousness. The great change may involve an en masse advance beyond the third level. At that point, "death will be no more," that is, you will not experience the death/rebirth of reincarnation.

  21. At this time, in the sleep state, we are reading our Akashic records, the accumulated knowledge from past lives.

  22. The future of Man is an en-masse achievement of a Christ-Self level. We will be Trinitized Powers with miraculous abilities. We will manifest loving kindness and forgiveness. It may be considered as the ability of the focus personality to knowingly use the powers of the Oversoul.

  23. A symbol of our condition in this cycle is "prisoner or hostage."  It is prevalent in dreams and was a Gnostic concept. (also see Isaiah 42:7 and 42:22)

  24. A symbol of the higher abilities is "King" or "Royal Power." (see Rev. 17:17 and 21:24)

  25. Another tree symbol is the tree held by the Dreaming God, or The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. In the great cycle of time, mankind has experienced many "trees," both good and negative. It was all for a purpose involving the knowledge of good and evil. The Tree of Life represents all the good and positive that can and will be manifested here, as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, or The New Jerusalem. It is God's Dream for mankind.

We have been prevented from grasping the Tree of Life until now. It is now available and we each must grasp our share.

  26. The shares of the Tree of Life are being revealed now through crop patterns, UFO activity, art, channeling, events, simultaneities, etc., and primarily dreams. There is much confusion and contradiction, but it will begin to become more clear in the coming years, as pieces of the puzzle are put together. In the process, myths and religions will be explained and newly understood. We will realize that we are One and part of the Creator's manifestations.

  27. Other dimensions of reality are also involved. The UFO's and E.T.'s are primarily from these other dimensions. Marian apparitions and similar phenomenon are from these other dimensions. Our beliefs about them strongly influence how they appear to us. A more direct contact will be the norm in the future.

  28. Strange phenomena will increase and may take various forms, such as clouds forming symbolic patterns, objects raining from the sky, and spiritual apparitions.

If anyone reading this wishes to see the details of how the ideas came to me, I am willing to present them. Some of it is strongly convincing in my opinion, because it came in dreams of people who were not aware of the concepts at the time. Also, the coincidences constantly happened, as if to confirm the concepts. There is a definite predictive pattern. It is my wish to find a serious scholar to look into it.

                                                                                                                   Joe Mason
                                                                                                                   Oakdale, California

[end of original 1992 Outline set to Pat Delgado]


Many of the details of these 28 points are discussed on various pages of the greatdreams site. My articles are linked from my index page. A short version of my primary theory about the leap to the heart chakra is in this article --

Crop Circles With A Heart

The long version is here --

Humanity On The Pollen Path

The Chakra System crop circle formation appeared in 2004, which was a strong verification about the leap to the heart chakra. A Kundalini-like crop formation appeared in 2007, which had three and a half turns (see item 20 above) and suggestion of 11:11 in the groups of circles.

I wrote of the "Communion Message" in an article about the 2010 crop circles. It fits with item 22 (". . . achievement of a Christ-Self level. We will be Trinitized Powers"), above, and item 26 ("We will realize that we are One").

The Yin Yang myth, as mentioned in item 7, has been verified many times in the form of Yin Yang type crop circles. In relation to items 7 and 8, there is now related information about how the creation is created, as expressed in the crops --

Concerning Item 15 -- the events of 9-11-2001, may have been symbolically related to the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Also see the Youtube Video.

On 24 July 2009, a strange beam of light suddenly shot out of the Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza. It may have shown the  "communication point with the heavens," as stated in item 17, above.

Other related articles are linked from the crop circle page and the coincidence page. Many of these concepts come to people in dreams when they don't even know anything about these changes coming. Coincidences constantly happen to these people and myself to confirm these concepts. There is a definite positive pattern.

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