As of March 21, 2005, Dan B.C. Burisch has assumed emeritus status with MJ-12. Dr. Burisch has gone on the record and sworn that he was formally associated with Majestic 12 since 1986, and was professionally dissociated from Majestic 12 under emeritus status on March 21, 2005. He also swore that he was a party to negotiations of the Tau-9 Treaty and had physical interaction with an extraterrestrial.

Dr. Burisch found out that he was lied to by Majestic. They told him anything he said about what he knew would cause a 'butterfly effect' that meant his Lotus Model wouldn't be found by the right people, in the future. That turned out to be a lie, just to keep him quiet. When he found out he got real mad.

Dr Dan Burisch, Project Lotus And Disclosure Of The Extraterrestrial Presence By Michael Salla, PhD 4-10-4

On April 8, 2004, an article began to circulate among media organizations and the internet claiming that Daniel [Catselas] Burisch, PhD., a microbiologist who has worked in the ´black projects´ that deal with extraterrestrial races and technologies wants to disclose information of his classified activities to the US Congress http://www.rense.com/general51/dan.htm .

Such testimony would presumably disclose an extraterrestrial presence on Earth that has been suppressed from public knowledge for over five decades. Such testimony if it occurred, would formally begin a post-disclosure world where the general public would have to suddenly deal with a myriad number of issues associated with the extraterrestrial presence.

Dan Burisch is no stranger to those working on disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence due to a co-authored book of his titled, Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City Mars (1998) that released information on ancient artifacts on Mars to the public. This was the first instance of Burisch coming forth into the public arena with information that is not released through the national security system, and of someone with a conscience that wants to help in promoting disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence. More recently, Burisch is associated with Project Lotus which is based at Area 51, Nevada, and deals with the creation of life, and in particular with something called the ´Ganesh Particle´ http://www.rense.com/general33/searcasdh.htm

This mysterious particle is supposed to be the key to opening up the most powerful force in creation which is the ´seed of life´ itself, and has the ability to heal damaged cells. So we have echoes of the Epic of Gilgamesh where the hero Gilgamesh set out on a quest for the secret of immortality, and got tantalizingly close to success before being robbed by a wily serpent. As a modern day version of Gilgamesh, Dr Burisch comes across as a very principled and spiritual man who wants to make sure that this esoteric and scientific knowledge is used in a responsible way since it has nothing less than the original creative force behind it, and can be used either for creation or great destruction. This thus raises religious issues such as the ´Seed of Life´, ´Kerubim´ (angelic protectors), ´Book of Genesis´, etc.

Burisch is opposed by those inside the management system created to deal with extraterrestrials, the Committee of the Majority, who apparently want to manipulate this technology for the typical range of military-industrial uses that national security types are obsessed about in terms of credible ´threat scenarios´. Imagine any threat possible, and if you can justify it as plausible, then you will have resources literally thrown at you as the national security system comes up with the advanced technology to deal with the new threat. In the process, of course, one unwittingly enhances the very threat that one is trying to prevent. This self-fulfilling process has the unfortunate effect of mesmerizing national security strategists into believing the latest spin put to them by their ´strategists´ or ´corporate consultants´ who constantly dream up new technological responses to the latest threat scenario, and how this can be done without precipitating the very threat being prepared for. Thus grows the military-industrial complex, a powerful hydra that secretly consumes billions of dollars as effortlessly as former Tyco executives ratchet up ´necessary´ corporate expenses such as $6,000 shower curtains.

Dan Burisch has also worked with one extraterrestrial biological entity, a ´Gray´ he called J-Rod, with whom he had a close working relationship with at Area 51. This J-Rod essentially performed a ´mind-meld´ with him where he downloaded much valuable information on the genesis of life

The interesting thing about Burisch is that a number of independent researchers have been able to work with him and even had face to face interviews, etc,thereby leaking all this highly classified information out to the general community. These include researchers such as BJ Wolf, Bill Hamilton, and more recently individuals from the popular Godlike Production forum, Harry Dschaak & Sterling D. Allan. Clearly all these researchers have detected something of profound importance happening in the Burisch case, while their access to Burisch and the leaking of material suggests that they have insider support. Prominent individuals within the ´Committee of the Majority´ are facilitating access, and enabling the distribution of the Burisch material. According to Burisch´ssupporters, this is because Dan is insisting on the information being distributed to the public, otherwise he wouldn´t cooperate in Project Lotus which is essential since he apparently is the only microbiologist with the requisite knowledge to deal with the Ganesh particle. What is one to make of all the material that has been distributed on the Burisch case since it is enigmatic, very complex, quite long with a lot of rambling, and is possibly based on much disinformation?

Some of the major themes coming through the Burisch saga are that there are two factions of J-Rods or Grays. One faction is apparently helping Burisch in his research and is benign, and wants the knowledge disseminated in a way that helps humanity, and also assists the Grays/J-Rods themselves in repairing their own damaged DNA. The other faction of J-Rods/Grays is helping more reactionary national security types in getting more control of the Ganesh Particle so it can be utilized for the usual range of self-serving reasons around the usual formula of power, greed and exploitation.

So we basically have a scenario of deep conflict within the management system set up for extraterrestrials involving ´progressive controllers´ and their J-Rod allies, set up against reactionary extraterrestrial controllers and ´their´ J-Rods/Grays. In the meantime, many are putting their attention on this saga believing that the very fate of the planet is being decided here, and people are being subtly encouraged to take sides. Of course, that means supporting the progressives and Dan Burisch, in their difficult struggle against the reactionaries and their J-Rod allies.

This has echoes of the present Democratic and Republican contested elections in the US where we have a progressive John Kerry, pitted against a reactionary, George Bush, where the future of the US, and indeed the planet will be decided. Now there are certainly progressive elements in John Kerry´s policy platform suggesting a more internationally responsible US administration. However, both Kerry and Bush both are members of ´Skull and Bones´, and therefore one might not unreasonably infer that there is a deeper agenda here where two factions of the same secretive organization is battling for domination. I think that the Burisch saga has powerful echoes of this which is why I would assume many of us who have been following extraterrestrial issues for some time would side more with the progressives in this saga since we instinctively desire disclosure and accountability.

However, we need to be aware that there is a deeper agenda here. One where there is legitimacy and acknowledgement given to one faction of the elite controllers of the extraterrestrial presence, and the particular spin they are putting on the extraterrestrial presence. That there is a spin happening in all this is pretty apparent to me since the saga appears to hinge on two factions of Grays/J-Rods pitted against each other, and their respective human allies. In all this conflict, there is no mention of other extraterrestrial races who have been watching and interacting with humanity for millennia in some cases. No mention of Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, the Galactic Federation, etc., mentioned by numerous other researchers exploring the extraterrestrial presence http://exopolitics.org/Study-Paper1.htm> http://exopolitics.org/Study-Paper1.htm . Its as though we are being conditioned to accept that the only extraterrestrials that are relevant to the human condition are the J-Rods/Grays.

This in my view is a dangerous spin on the extraterrestrial presence that suggests that the ultimate goal is to justify disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence which will
enable one side of the extraterrestrial controllers to say that the ´good guys´ (progressives and friendly J-Rods) have won in ensuring disclosure, and that they need help in removing whatever residual threat posed by the losing reactionaries and their extraterrestrial allies. In that sense we would have the necessary formula for a repressive national security system that monitors, controls and exercises coercive power in which extraterrestrial groups are allowed to operate here, and interact with civilians.

Essentially, the national security system will have ensured disclosure on ´their terms´ where ´witnesses´, ´contactees´, and different extraterrestrial races would all have to meet the approval of the ´progressive extraterrestrial controllers´ and their J-Rod supporters. Essentially, a group of friendly extraterrestrials from the Galactic Federation or other interplanetary associations that never participated in the secret agreements reached between governments and Gray extraterrestrials
http://exopolitics.org/Study-Paper-8.htm http://exopolitics.org/Study-Paper-8.htm for example, could be claimed to be merely a front for the reactionary J-Rods and thereby proscribed from interacting with civilians. Any civilians caught communicating or contacting with extraterrestrials deemed to be ´unfriendly´, would be liable to imprisonment, repression, etc.

As you may have guessed by now, I´m very skeptical about the ´benign´ intentions of those within the extraterrestrial management system who are leaking information on Dan Burisch, and basically engaging in a public relations exercise to promote their perspective or ´spin´ to the general population. While I see some merit in what the progressives in the extraterrestrial management system are doing to promote disclosure, I also smell a trap and wish to alert others that we are being spun a tale that will legitimize enough of the present national security system so that it survives any disclosure announcement with minimal damage and calls for change. Furthermore, accountability would be limited to some ´scapegoats´ who are discredited and punished, and where there will be no real ´transparency´ since this would be deemed to be a national security threat. Essentially, we would have something akin to a Marxist-Leninist ´dictatorship of the proletariat´ or Platonic ´Council of Guardians´, that would be filled by the ranks of the elite controllers to guard us against ´reactionary´ or ´unfriendly´ extraterrestrials and their ´human assets´ wanting to destabilize humanity and enslave us. All of course to promote the continued operation and functionality of a secretive national security system that operates with minimal transparency and accountability. A further result would be to legitimize one faction of J-Rods/Grays as extraterrestrials that are worthy allies, despite the fact that these extraterrestrials participated for decades in secret agreements that involved human abductions, experiments and hybridization programs.

So in conclusion, while the Burisch saga indicates a struggle that appears genuine enough, and has progressive and reactionary components, we need to be alert to the deeper agenda that is playing itself out here and which has two important aspects. The first is to legitimize ´progressive´ factions among elite human controllers and Grays/J-Rods for a post-disclosure world. The second agenda is to create a national security system that excludes from interacting with humans and national governments those extraterrestrial races that never agreed to participate in secret agreements for reasons that appear to be highly principled and sound. If we remain alert of this underlying agenda, then we can still participate in the disclosure process which is very important, but in that way we ensure that the so called ´progressives´ don´t just put a spin on the extraterrestrial presence that results in them legitimizing themselves and their ´extraterrestrial friends´, and creating a superficially more transparent and accountable national security system. What we need to focus on is full disclosure of all the extraterrestrial races that are operating on Earth, and not just two factions of the Grays/J-Rods supposedly battling for the benefit or detriment of all humanity.

Disclosure that is made with the Dan Burisch scenario at its core, is something that is so highly contrived, that it would amount to little more than two small steps forward followed quickly by one large step back. At the end, we wouldn´t know if we were better off or not. After five decades of secrecy over the extraterrestrial presence, humanity deserves a more honest reckoning of what has been happening behind the scenes with the extraterrestrial presence, and an unambiguous step forward into a post-disclosure world.

Copyright © Michael E. Salla, PhD (April 10, 2004)
Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate among private individuals and groups, post on all Internet sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications. Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.

Correspondence Between Dr Dan Burisch & Dr Michael Salla, April 13, 2004 [Published also on Rense.com]

Letter From Dan Burisch - [Dr Burisch responding to Exopolitical Comment #12]
Dr Salla reports:

"So we have echoes of the Epic of Gilgamesh where the hero Gilgamesh set out on a quest for the secret of immortality, and got tantalizingly close to success before being robbed by a wily serpent."

Gilgamesh? Perhaps it is fitting for it was Gilgamesh that has been said laid the first stone for the temple of Ishtar, a name from which the word "Easter" may be derived. This man is truly thinking, or at least writing from inspiration! Whilst I am not the offspring of a goddess (lol!), being 3/3 humbled-human, it is said that he may have seen the abyss. Indeed, poor Gilgamesh. This abyss resides in the statement above, involving a quest for the secrets, as the Fruit of the Tree of Life is such that would bestow immortality. Thus, the fruit is guarded from all human beings, by the Cherubim, to be bestowed only by Christ as a gift. In this case, t though, the wily serpent is not conjured as the robber, but again (as was in Eden) as the tempter. It sets, within the darkest of human infatuations, as a swirling helix awaiting its two mates, through our empathy toward it. There it sets, being lost and awaiting its mating with the dualism of our present circumstance, begging for completion as the three columns of the Divine Sephiroth. Indeed, poor Gilgamesh, the wily serpent comes!

As to the next statement:

"No mention of Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, the Galactic Federation, etc., mentioned by numerous other researchers exploring the extraterrestrial presence (http://exopolitics.org/Study-Paper1.htm ). It's as though we are being conditioned to accept that the only extraterrestrials that are relevant to the human condition are the J-Rods/Grays."

Surely, I cannot account for the agendas others. Again, all I can say is what I have seen, read, and heard. I have to admit that I found it a bit disconcerting that Dr. Salla, with his litany of impressive origins and destinations, may have left from the list (not having been briefed on any "membership statistics" for any Galactic Federation), those from Orion. Those, as I have been told, (may) continue the spiritual side of humanity. But to speak of such things, may engender further accusations: such as being "spiritual" in the time of "great aspirations" of those that would place themselves above the stars of heaven. Indeed I know that it would have been important for me to justify everyone's agenda, but to do so would require that I lie to them. For as much as it would have made people feel better (as much as self satisfaction carries us through our lives), I have opted not to do that.

"Disclosure that is made with the Dan Burisch scenario at its core, is something that is so highly contrived, that it would amount to little more than two small steps forward followed quickly by one large step back. At the end, we wouldn't know if we were better off or not. After five decades of secrecy over the extraterrestrial presence, humanity deserves a more honest reckoning of what has been happening behind the scenes with the extraterrestrial presence, and an unambiguous step forward into a post-disclosure world."

Do I sense something? The term "contrived" gives this away. The block above would necessarily posit knowing the truth (if linked to the first and second sentences of it), for without that, the statement "more honest" should not have been uttered. But, I do agree, in part. One group is, in fact, attempting to mold the future of humanity, for evil purposes. I fear that is not what he meant though. Rather, I hear, "Disclosure that is made with everyone's (including Dr. Michael Salla's) scenario at its core, is something so important that it would amount to a giant step forward." Be careful though, as someone in that group may just be a Jedi and offer the Galactic Rights of the Wookie to the fore! Unfortunately, not everyone is right, as others may well argue of me. The democracy of the human does not instill the truth. I am not saying that there are no aliens, and positing just the extraterrestrials of an uncertain future. The size and complexity of our beautiful universe would strongly argue for their existence, only that my work has not involved them. The "Tau-9 Conference for the Preservation of Humanity" is an event, for humans (not aliens), where our own dirty laundry, created by our unwashed hands, will be sorted out. It is okay, Bill. If you have to placate them, do it. You will see them relax and enjoy themselves and their philosophy. I have been working as hard as my body and spirit will allow, for them too, even so that they may enjoy themselves with their musings. It is not just for the people that would agree with what has been said.

Can you really imagine the governments that are "in the know" telling the world the truth? What does that mean, telling the world? Everyone? Hand it to the United Nations? Does it mean getting everyone's input or acquiescence, or just those that have struggled within the community of UFO researchers, or those members of the Cult of Great Men? Further, could one speculate as to how, given the time line we have, humanity (as a whole) could come to a decision? What rubric would one set to meet, how would one mediate to equanimity, what process would give way to total equality? Look at our world. Bear witness to our own history, present conditions, and to the structures and strictures we have built around ourselves, ostensibly for self protection, on both personal and global scales. Ought we to have everyone suspend their (let's say) religious convictions, in order that they may deal with the issues? If not, how? We have 8 years for a solution to be found. This solution, in toto, will not cure the ills of humanity, but it will, with the help of God, put a band-aid over some of its errors. Sadly, as much as I believe in the involvement of everyone in the destiny of humanity (and I really do) by the time the debating would end, it would be too late. Sometimes reality dictates that some must simply stand up and act. They (as I) are available for judgment afterwards. We'll see, on the morning of December 22, 2012. I hope to watch the Sun rise and know that all the work, of those now toiling, is being greeted with laughter by those that have always "known better." That is enough for me and all I ask in return for my small part: to know.

Do I believe that people should be told? However possible, sure. I think they should be told everyone's perspective, even those of poor insiders that struggle daily, while trying to help. It is not truth that I hear and read most of the time, but fear. With truth, we always step forward, sometimes painfully, but yet ever forward. We should listen to everyone, and debate credence from their statements. While we should act with caution, we should not be afraid to step forward, for fear of the boogeyman waiting in dark places. Such fear of the boogeyman does not serve humanity, but is simply another excuse not to act, to keep ourselves where we are, comfortable in our positions of self-grandeur. We know who that serves. We should not lose sight of the truth and the struggle for it, not even by means of the hatred for government, no matter how much it has lied to us ñ and it has.

I have appreciated reading Dr. Salla's words, wish him all the blessings from God, and ever look toward to having the opportunity to chat with you in person again. You may communicate this letter to whomever you wish. I do wish for freedom, and even as my bus pulls toward its destination, I hope for it. I feel a little work left in me. May God grant this world peace and love.




[What follows is a response by Dr Salla]

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Dear Dr Burisch,

Thank you for kind response to my short article [Exopolitical Comment #12] and I'm glad that you enjoyed the Gilgamesh metaphor for the unique situation in which Providence has placed you. As you know, what sparked the quest for immortality by Gilgamesh was the death of his good friend Enkiddu. Enkiddu was the only individual of King Gilgamesh's contemporaries that matched the King in strength and manly virtue, and in their mutual friendship Gilgamesh had found something that went beyond the superficial loyalty and fealty of his subjects, and had found a `true friend' in the sense of what the Greeks called `philia' or brotherly love. With the death of Enkiddu,
Gilgamesh set off on his quest for immortality so that he and others would never again have to experience the loss of a `true friend'. So what we have in the Gilgamesh myth is a story of deep friendship, of overcoming the frailties of human life, and even the mitigation of human suffering. So we have here echoes of Prince Siddartha who
set off on his own noble quest to mitigate human suffering.

Dan (I hope you don't mind me being informal here since I hope we can continue to correspond) I wish to inquire about your `friendship' and experience with J-Rod where he performed a kind of mind-meld with you where your mind was flooded with information on the origins of life. No doubt this information has played an important role in your subsequent research into the Ganesh particle, and appears to be something that you highly value.
Perhaps, more significantly this information appears to be very highly prized by the controllers within the institutions of the Committee of the Majority/MJ 12 which puts you in this unique position of perhaps being the catalyst for disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet. My question about your mind-meld encounter simply is did J-Rod ask your permission? Did he enquire as to whether you would accept the information he wished to
share with you? In that sense, was he being a `true friend' in passing on that information to you? I ask because I have observed a distinct pattern in the way the J-Rods or `Grays' as more commonly known, interact with humans. The reports on the human and J-Rod interactions are quite varied ranging from the most sublime of spiritual experiences, to what many would consider to be exploitative. Nevertheless, the one common thread in these interactions is that the J-Rods simply don't ask permission when they initially interact with humanity. Permission or consent,
typically comes after the first interaction which is forced or a result of compulsion upon an unwilling human subject.

Now you might inquire what's the relevance of asking permission if what is gained is mutually beneficial and uplifting, and isn't the result an important criterion for friendship rather than the process of asking first? My response is asking permission is demonstrating a respect for human free will, a recognition that the choices we make are the ingredients of human maturity as a species, rather than the end results of our human labors. By simply interacting with humans
where the J-Rods took unwilling human subjects into their ships, downloaded their advanced information into humans, performed their `biological improvements', and a variety of other `mutually beneficial' projects, all typically done without first asking permission, the J-Rods were demonstrating a remarkable absence of a characteristic that is an important criterion for true friendship.

You may ask whether I'm setting a rather high standard for how extraterrestrials might interact with humanity, and whether we should just accept that mode of interaction chosen on by the J-Rods for passing on their information which in the end is `mutually beneficial'. I raise this issue since I do question whether the J-Rods can be `true friends' for humanity, and also wish to propose that there are another extraterrestrial races that have demonstrably
shown a greater capacity of being the true friends of humanity.

You may not be aware that on February 20-21, 1954, President Eisenhower met with a delegation of humanoid extraterrestrials commonly described as `Nordics' which I will hence use as a `general description' for those extraterrestrial races that physically appear sufficiently like modern humans as to blend in without being recognized. The evidence for the Eisenhower-Nordic meeting has been quite sparse as might be imagined given the secrecy over all things extraterrestrial, but when all this disparate information put together it makes for a compelling case that such a meeting took place. I have subsequently learned that the meeting was even filmed. I've compiled the evidence that I could find into an article on my website: http://exopolitics.org/Study-Paper-8.htm

A significant fact is that the meeting occurred eleven days before the testing of the largest Hydrogen bomb ever by the US. The Bravo Test took place on March 1, 1954 at Bikini Atoll, and had a 15 megaton yield. The meeting with the `Nordics' did not go well since they apparently asked that the U.S. end the testing of the hydrogen bomb, yet offered no technological assistance in return, but only `spiritual advise', and believed that humanity had still not
reached sufficient moral maturity for the advanced technologies the `Nordics' possessed. It appears that the Nordics were not interested in reaching an agreement with the Eisenhower administration based on `mutual assistance' agreement, since they presumably were not motivated by what the national security agencies had to offer. The Bravo Nuclear Test indicated that national security officials, in particular those within the Committee of the Majority, thought that they could get better terms from another extraterrestrial race that would be more open to participating in an agreement based on `mutual assistance'. The treaty you refer to you in your reply –"Tau-9 Conference for the Preservation of Humanity" was I believe one aspect of this process. Now in exchange for their technological assistance, the J-Rod/Grays were given the right to conduct a limited biological program based on a variety of
conditions that have subsequently been disputed by both sides in terms of compliance and led to military conflicts according to a number of whistleblowers such as Bob Lazar, Phillip Corso, Phil Schneider, Bill Cooper, Michael Wolf, et al. You are in a better position than I to comment on the accuracy of what has occurred and the contents of the treaty, but I would like to offer some comments about what I have observed from the nature of the interactions between the `Nordics' who first met with President Eisenhower and the human contactees who have subsequently reported on the Nordics.

The contactee reports between the `Nordics' and humans typically follow a pattern that can be found in such classic cases as George Adamski, Billy Meiers, Enrique Rincon and more recent cases such as Jay Solomon. I have subsequently heard from others who choose to remain anonymous about their contact experiences. Based on my
research I believe that there is an active military-intelligence campaign to suppress information on these `contact' cases, as opposed to `abductions' involving J-Rods which by and large are allowed to be disseminated in UFO circles. This suppression of contactee reports makes it difficult to gain a sufficiently large sample of cases on which to draw firm conclusions. Nevertheless there is enough information that points to the `Nordic extraterrestrial' contact experience having the following characteristics for the contactee: 1. heightened interest in extraterrestrials; 2. establishing telepathic communication with `Nordics'; 3. physical meeting with Nordics; 4. subsequent physical sightings of Nordic ships; 5. voluntarily going on board of a extraterrestrial ship; and 6. Nordics give assistance to the contactee to disseminate his/her experiences to a wider audience.

Now this appears to be a classic contact pattern and the thing which strikes me as most significant in this process is that the `contactee' is asked for permission by the `Nordics' when moving through these various stages which is indicative of a high degree of respect for human free will. I believe this is very significant and indicates that the `Nordics' display a key characteristic that indicates that they are capable of being humanity's `true friends'
in the sense of philia or brotherly love. This of course contrasts with my earlier comments about humanity and the compulsory nature of the initial interaction with J-Rods, and leads me to your own rather unique situation.

You are not doubt aware of the way in which information about your experiences has been allowed to leak out to the general public, and in the way in which you have been allowed to be interviewed by phone and in person by individuals outside of the compartmentalized network of black projects. This is quite unique and I have never
heard of any other case where this has occurred, and suggests that you are indeed the subject of an `insider' supported initiative to disclose the extraterrestrial presence on terms that might be considered to be favorable to the Committee of the Majority. One can read many motivations into this but what I see is that this as an effort by the Committee to legitimate the historic decisions they have taken to work with the J-Rods, and establish agreements based on mutually beneficial projects.

I am very concerned that the result of a disclosure done in this way will be to legitimate the `spin' on human - extraterrestrial interactions that puts the Committee of the Majority in a favorable light. I suspect that the Committee does not intend to release information on the failed diplomatic negotiations with the `Nordics' involved in the 1954 Eisenhower meeting, or at the very least cast this in the light of an obscure group of extraterrestrials not willing to participate in mutually beneficial projects. This would be most unfortunate since in my view, it is these extraterrestrials that have shown they are most capable of being humanity's true friends, since they recognized that the fruit of any technology agreements would not be beneficial to the human condition simply because we were not yet morally mature enough to deal with this technology. Subsequent history has show the truth of this since all
the technology achieved through interaction with the J-Rods/Grays has been kept secret, and we still for instance consume fossil fuels when there are alternative technologies that are secretly available.

Public disclosure is more than just revealing information on the secret extraterrestrial presence on our planet, and of the `mutually beneficial' projects that have been embarked upon. Disclosure is a rite of passage which marks an important milestone in human maturation where we enter into the greater galactic community. If the general public is given information about extraterrestrials that is sanitized of any mention of the earlier meetings that occurred with the Nordic extraterrestrials, or casts a negative light on them for their refusal to participate in `mutually beneficial' technology programs, then that would be most unfortunate. What we would have instead is a sanitized disclosure process based on a utilitarian principle of `mutually beneficial' projects, that resulted in much abuse by the Committee of the Majority in terms of how the fruits of these projects were dispersed. The J-Rods are complicit in this by virtue of their participation in these agreements, even though it was the decision of the Committee of the Majority not to distribute these technologies. This might be simply viewed as the J-Rods respecting the will of the leaders of the secret political committees set up to interface with the public, yet the behavior of the J-Rods in the abduction process suggests they are not champions of human free will.

I hope that by sharing these ethical and exopolitical insights with you, you may incorporate some of these into your efforts to promote a more transparent disclosure process. It appears that you have been chosen by the Committee of the Majority to play a significant role in disclosure of the most important event in recent human history. I
hope that the fair mindedness and great integrity you have shown in your responses both to me and to others, influences you in giving some of the issues I have raised a fair hearing in what lies ahead. I feel that Providence has placed you in a unique position and that you have the necessary gifts to promote an outcome for the highest
good of all. I wish you well in your efforts.

In peace and friendship

Michael E. Salla, PhD

Another document has surfaced with data that corroborates the data in the Q94 document. When I have it you will know it. Too many of the wise men have aged and passed away. Edward Teller was one. Last year was another. Now since then, two more. And more is happening than anyone here knows. The assembly of the chosen has begun. We were here before you and chose to be here now before the end of this age. Now my work with the Good Doctor has completed this cycle and a new one has begun for those I have waited for sent an emissary to tell me of their return. Watch for changes to come. I will reveal that which I have kept hidden and others will come to reveal as well. A wall that was black is black no more. Peace


Addendum: From Bill's site 04-11-05

"As of March 21, 2005, Dan B.C. Burisch has assumed emeritus status with MJ-12. Dr. Burisch has gone on the record and sworn that he was formally associated with Majestic 12 since 1986, and was professionally dissociated from Majestic 12 under emeritus status on March 21, 2005. He also swore that he was a party to negotiations of the Tau-9 Treaty and had physical interaction with an extraterrestrial.

Dr. Burisch found out that he was lied to by Majestic. They told him anything he said about what he knew would cause a 'butterfly effect' that meant his Lotus Model wouldn't be found by the right people, in the future. That turned out to be a lie, just to keep him quiet. When he found out he got real mad.

Now, Don Deppeller is trying hard to get the Canadian government to let him stay in Canada, because he's been so involved in Dr. Burisch's case he's afraid of retaliation. It looks like Dan decided to do something to help Don Deppeller with his court case. And why not? His secrecy oath never got renewed after 1995, and he doesn't have to worry about people in the future suffering because of the butterfly effect and he doesn't answer to anybody now except God and his conscience......BH"



Tau 9 personified and displayed wide open

1947 brought an interesting event in that, for the first time in perhaps thousands of years an Alien craft was brought down by Human endeavor and technology

Though , bringing it down was more by accident then actual attempt by Military to do so nonetheless, it did come down and crash. There were actually more then one craft brought down at that time period and all of them, were in and around Whitesands missile range

What brought them down was Tesla Technology experiments.

This alone, caused a situation that these Alien visitors had not been faced with for a very long time, if ever

7 years later, again on Whitesands, another ship appeared and landed, landed by pre-arrangement with our Military

The bodies of the dead Aliens recovered during the late 1940´s were returned to the Aliens, BUT,,,, a very interesting and TOP SECRET AGREEMENT was entered upon between those Aliens and our Military Intelligence and other top ranking officials of the United States Government.

This Agreement, was a pact, a treaty as they refer to it.  It was Titled: Tau 9 Treaty

In this treaty, certain exchange agreements were made between the two parties. One agreement was to allow this Alien Race to continue on with their projects and experiments involving Human beings here on this planet.

This is very involved , so what I will address, is simply that portion that I myself was involved in as far as the Aliens and the Game they set up for myself and others pertaining to Lost treasures.

This, is all I can address as far as first hand experience allows me to do so. and that is where I will attempt to keep it focused.

First,,, Understand that this Alien Race, did indeed at a past time, have Human slaves here, and did have them mine gold and other minerals, smelt these into bars and store them for future retrieval by these Aliens.

Understand also , that Gold on this planet is not all that rare at all, it never was. Only that most of that mineral that was easiest to mine and obtain, had been mined Aeons ago by your Ancestors for that Alien Race.

These Aliens who signed Tau 9 with our Military were the selfsame entities that had that Gold Mined and to their mindset,,, they own it all, and have over years and years, used it as bait in an ongoing game they like to set up and watch.

This will get beyond most folks belief from this point, and will even bounce their belief system around on the court of the mind,,, so, either hang with it,,,, or bail out now please.

These Aliens, in the interaction with the U.S. Military proved through Holograms and other Evidence, which showed the ancient events of Earth and its people,,,, that the Aliens had indeed played not only God , But Satan and evil on both sides of the fence in almost all Human religious systems and paradigms.

Reading through your ancient text dealing with Religions, will give you clues as to the veracity of this,,., that is if you can see what is meant in the text as veiled as they are at times.


King Solomon asked his God for wisdom
His God was impressed, since Solomon did not ask for the shallow substance of RICHES AND KINGDOMS,
So,,, his God Gave him an Extra

He gave him OPHIR

Ophir, literally, is where the major portion of the smelted gold bars is stored it is all stored via the geometry of the Goldenmean.  "PHI"  and this is coded in Latin in the old testament thusly  first and last letter of OPHIR joined, spells "OR"

Latin for Gold

The middle three letters spell Phi

Golden PHI = golden mean.

The Land of Ophir is in the southwest United States for the most part, or at the least, the Major store-house´s of the smelted Gold bars are there

But, OPHIR actually may be claimed to be the entire area of this Hemisphere and is laid out to the Golden mean.

Now, King Solomon did send his ships here, and they did retrieve GOLD BARS FROM HERE

Yes, they 4 tons every three years that King Solomon's men brought to their King, was already smelted into bar form ,,,, they did not MINE the GOLD, they simply retrieved the Gold Bars that had been mined and smelted and stored Aeons before even their time.

The Aztecs, which lived right here in New Mexico and other southwestern states, had also, recovered some of that Gold of OPHIR and departed later to Mexico, sending for more gold from time to time.


Excerpted From: http://www.godlikeproductions.com/bbs/message.php?page=8&topic=3&message=84664&mpage=1&showdate=4/6/05


I really would have liked to asked Dan a few questions that could clear up in my mind the dialectic going on between the factions. I´ve learned the bio-stratus double spiral was used to bind some of these intelligences. Dan and his adding another strand to their bio-chemistry might liberate them from this dimensional level where as, they may gain the potential to invade higher dimensional spaces. They may have not been invited with these up coming changes. They may be taking advantaged of the situation we´re in. Dan´s overall achievement would have helped mankind with our disabling pathologies. And now its told his gift is going to the rogues in 2005? After learning the treaty is called Tau 9, I remembered Paul Bennewitz telling me that these ebe´s worship a being called Ta or Tau, and their very idol and symbol oriented. At Dulce he photographed a head sculpture next to a cliff at their base. I´ve seen it. Would that mean the Dulce ebe´s are the rogues receiving Dan´s gift?

Another concern, but now its too late, are the artificial time warps of earth the same as what he calls manmade stargates the same and one item? Because if so, the artificial time warps were to be used by the whole light beings to materialize physically so they could help liberate man from the earth. That´s just one of the ways we´ll be leaving these zones of destruction. I think a portion of our population were supposed to leave through these zones. If they are the same, was Majic told the truth about their functions. I believe they were instructed to find and destroy them to help off set continental shifting. But is this true or is their destruction really for keeping the higher brotherhoods from materializing here? Where are you Dan?



How I Met Harry


A little reminiscing here.

I thought I would give a brief history of how I met Harry, and how that lead up to our trip to Vegas and our encounter with Dan and BJ.

Harry and I met for the first time in January, 2004.

He called me out of the blue one morning saying he was in town and that he had some important documents and that he would like to talk to me for a few minutes.

He said something about young Craig Wallace, who I had recently composed a page featuring his presentation about an "electrostatic-inertial confinement plasma device" at an energy conference in Salt Lake. That is how he had found out about me.

He told me about Dan Burisch and Dan´s theory about the J-rods being our progeny come back through time to fix a critical turning point in our history. I didn´t dismiss it out of hand, but it was quite a pill to swallow.

He had specifically accepted a job running a truck route down this way so he could meet with me.

He came several times and we spoke about various things.

I learned to appreciate his ability to present concepts, and it wasn´t long before I decided to approach him about being my running mate in my candidacy for the Presidency of the United States.

During this time he gave me the link to a video presentation of an interview by Bill Hamilton of Don Burisch, along with a transcript to read along. My wife and I listened to it together.
or mms://137:44.35.100/aded/hi.asf (high bandwidth)

The link has now been replaced by a NPR interview with Richard Clarke on March 24, 2004.
[On a side note, I find it notable that I happened to listen to this very Clarke interview the day after it took place, and I created a feature page at PatriotSaints.com to cover it -- and in creating my summary site at GreaterThings.com today to cover the Burisch situation, I included a link to that write-up from the right-hand column. I show Clarke´s book, "Against All Enemies," and below it is text that reads, "Bush was warned." Now the same link (URL) that once was the Hamilton-Burisch interview, is now hosting the Clarke interview. Synchronicity -- a feather-drop from the angels.]

The Hamilton-Burisch interview transcript can be found in a number of places:

I´m glad I was able to see the video as well, because it added gravity to what I was reading on the page. Maybe one of you knows where we could see the Hamilton-Burisch video.

In watching the video and reading along in the transcript; I could tell that Burisch is a bona fide brilliant microbiologist, and that he is no fake. He knows his stuff. I knew he was not a raving lunatic. That was what pushed me past the point of viewing what Harry had been saying as being "interesting" to it being gravely serious and real -- not that I believed every last word was unsullied truth, but that the general presentation was based on actual events of which Burisch was testifying in the interview.

That night was when I made the leap and wrote the press release: Presidential Candidate Calls for Open Disclosure on U.S. Involvement with Extraterrestrial Frontier - Sterling D. Allan calls for U.S. government to come clean with the American People about the extent of their interaction with extraterrestrial visitors, and to involve the citizens in the dialogue about how to respond to our stellar neighbors.

It was because of this press release that Steven Bassett, founder and chair of the X-Conference, coming up on April 17-18, invited Harry and I to be VIP guests at his table at the banquet.

I don´t know why it is that the insider who invited Harry and I to meet with Dan in person selected the two of us, but there are hints that it had to do with this willingness on our part to stick our necks out, not just in running an unlikely race for the presidency, but also in making a stance for disclosure on the extraterrestrial / treaty matter.

While there are millions of people capable of traveling to Vegas and showing up at a certain spot at a certain time, there are nearly so many who would do so considering (1) the potential danger in doing so, and (2) the skepticism that there may not even be such a person there to see us, and that someone could just be playing an elaborate hoax on us.

Regarding the danger, we all know stories of people who disappear or who meet untimely deaths when they engage in things that get too close to striking the nerve of the Powers-that-be, whose might is perceived to be overwhelming in contrast to our seeming puny strength.

Regarding the skepticism, we know that people have strange ways of getting jollies. The computer virus and the computer hoax are examples of "prank phone call" kind of mindless wastes of time and resources, creating a temporary false hope followed by embarrassment when the person realizes they have been had. I have to admit that on the first trip down, I did not have enough information to believe strongly that we really would be meeting someone named Dan Burisch. Part of the reason I went was because I enjoy hearing Harry´s stories. He´s fun to listen to.

So, on April 5, on our second trip to Vegas, somehow things were lined up just right, and we were able to go in and have one of the most incredible experiences of our life.

It wasn´t so much the content of what was spoken as much as the context. The content alone was worth it, but the context is what made it an event that will be one that the grand kids will enjoy hearing for generations.

Driving home, listening to Harry go on about this and that, I said, "You know, Harry; we ought to do a radio show together. I think people would really enjoy listening to you give your take on things, whether its stories of past girlfriends, or time in jails in Honduras, or just principles of good governance."

As you get to hear Harry on the radio in the coming days, I think you will agree that we ought to have him on the air on a regular basis.

Any of you know of a radio station with a couple of spare hours two or three times a week?



Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:)

Hello everyone again,

I talked on the phone with ART BELL (again) and he won´t run the story. Says it´s a very interesting story, but no one will believe it.
I pointed out that it´s a true story, based on real people, albeit ´ordinary´ people, but it wasn´t enough. I posed that he might at least invest an hour and run it passed his listeners and let them decide, and he said quote: "Not on my show!" Said that he had a REPUTATION to uphold, and I had to smile thinking about where I first heard of Nancy Lieder. I pointed out that the press release was not aimed at attracting anyone in particular and he said "Well you got ME!" like that was something. I promised him we would continue to provide insight for anyone so inclined, and that we would seek disclosure through natural means without damaging anyone's precious REPUTATION, bid him good day, and hung up on him.

I think of the article produced on rense by Michael Salla, and I´m smiling. We all know how easy it isn´t to write a lengthy article on the subject of Dan and ET´s but I thought he did great. We may not have all the facts, and we may not have Dan, but we are not through yet either.

I appreciate all of you for taking time out of your daily lives to bump this tale along it´s path, especially Sterling, who has logged in hundreds of free hours away from his first loves of family and science to plug this story. I am sure glad I didn´t know or include Art Bell in our journey to Las Vegas, as you can see, the wrong thing would have happened.

Some A/C wants to know why I lied, claims to have the goods forthcoming, etc... (yawn) You´d think by now such a question could at least have more nouns in it, or at the very least the goods would precede the revelation?? (sigh) Maybe I am Brian Gibson, Sterling is my brother, and I have 5 daughters instead of 5 sons..

I am so grateful for the remoter who challenged the RV dude. Greggus posted something about Dan being upset right after our visit there (pages back) but I felt like that was not even the case. (Sorry greggus) We don´t see you for volumes and then you drop in and post something like that was and is still confusing. I am also glad we won´t lose sight of Dan no matter what they tell us about his location or status. I love the man Dan and he knows it. I forgot to say that I did get him a 2 fluid oz bottle of heart medicine (called HRT and pronounced HART) from Young Living research ranch at Mona, UT on my way down along with another essential oil called "Humility" to dab on his temples, crown, and heart. He accepted these oils graciously, and had Marcia smuggle the larger bottle out in her purse. When he saw the tiny bottle of Humility, he said "I´ll take all of this I can get" and slipped it into his pocket. Saje told me that Dan visited her in a dream wanting to know how to use the HRT, which she happily advised him. I had forgotten to give him the instructions at the table.. sheesh.

The subject of his sweatshirt came up when we were teasing about us possibly being shipped off to S4 to become the next bone marrow donors, as his shirt said something about a place that does bone marrow research, (Navy blue) to match his hat.

Forgive me if these details are taking so long to get posted.


Excerpted from a Godlike Production that no longer exists

Area 51 Microbiologist
Dr. Dan Burisch Ready To Talk
Dr. Dan Burisch, who is in lock-down, working with the Lotus project, seeks immunity to stand before a Congressional hearing or other appropriate public body, to disclose his first-hand knowledge, with proof, of U.S. government involvement in designer viruses and other black-ops.
LAS VEGAS, NV USA (PRWEB) April 8 2004 -- Dr. Dan Burisch has first-hand knowledge of the U.S. government´s involvement in funding the creation of designer viruses for use in biowarfare and other applications. He is also intimately privy to other covert operations that violate normal standards of human ethics.
Because such involvement could implicate him for war crimes charges, he requests full immunity before making such disclosure. The terms of his agreement prohibit that he should specifically request such an appointment for disclosure. He has stated that if subpoenaed he will disclose what he knows, answering specific questions directly.
By splicing together components of various organisms, microbiologists today are able to create new living organism with specific outcomes, both in terms of target as well as resulting disease.
Burisch stated that microbiologists have a way of encoding their "signature" into the designer DNA they create, whether in short sequences or those long enough to encode an entire virus.
As a possible scenario, for example, the signature could be comprised of a short segment of base-pairs that bear the microbiologists mark in such a way that other microbiologists can see the signature and readily identify it.
Because Burisch does not yet have such disclosure immunity granted, he spoke hypothetically, saying that if there were a microbiologist involved in such activities, that the microbiologist could place his signature on the resulting organism, unbeknownst to those authorizing the project. That signature could then be called forth from all progeny organisms as evidence of the laboratory origin of the organism, and of the exact microbiologist who created the organism.
This would then provide unambiguous proof more telling than finger prints in a crime scene. In this case, such finger prints are placed there intentionally with the intent of providing retrospective proof of the deed.
Burisch would also like to press for disclosure of other matters of which he has first-hand knowledge and evidence.
The revealing of his signature will also prove that Burisch is indeed a Ph.D. level microbiologist -- a title that was erased when he was inducted into his present covert operation. That erasure was so complete that one could hardly find evidence that Danny B Catselas Burisch ever lived if it were not for the Internet and private sharing of documents of evidence. Catselas was his father´s last name. He had his name legally changed to Burisch with a recent marriage to a woman by that last name, who is also a principal in the covert operations.
He is presently working on the Lotus project at Area 51 north of Las Vegas, in a secret extra-budget operation under the umbrella direction of a non-elected shadow international governing body that has covert ties to the U.S. government and with extra-terrestrials.
The Lotus project involves studies of what is called a "Ganesh particle" which is capable of repairing damages cells. The Ganesh particle itself, which gives off light, has characteristics of being a living intelligence.
Burisch has witnessed an extra-terrestrial being first-hand at Area 51. That exposure included touch, probing, measuring body function, communication via hand signals.
Burisch is witness to human subjects being held against their will for experimentation per covert treaties between the U.S. government and extra-terrestrial governing bodies. The treaty, called Tau-IX, allows for abduction, removal of blood and reproductive samples and tissue; and does not control whether humans are maimed, tortured or that they might expire.
Burisch does not believe that these activities should be held back from the knowledge of the American and International lay community. His desire for disclosure is shared by others of his colleagues.
There are even those among the directorate who are helping to leak information from inside the covert operations out into public domain.
A primary vector for this disclosure has been taking place on an unmoderated forum at godlikeproducions.com under a thread about Dan Burisch that is now in its fifth volume, with over 10,000 posts in all. There, those on the "inside" of the covert operations ,who are defecting against their obligations to non-disclosure, post information to the forum where it is openly analyzed for authenticity and catalogued.
This forum thread commenced approximately six months ago and recently had been losing momentum due to lack of concrete information. Even with the occasional patch in to Burisch with a web cam, there was no way to prove that the web cam footage was not taken at a prior date.
Those on the forum were not even sure Burisch was actually alive, and that it was him that they were conversing with on these privileged disclosures on rare occasion.
As someone in the know has watched this process, he recently decided to actually let two people from the "outside" have an in-person meeting with Dr. Dan Burisch. Per a request made by a major forum participant, Harry Dschaak (forum name: harrdrawk), an invitation was extended for him and write-in U.S. Presidential Candidate, Sterling D. Allan (forum name: wallrace), to have an in-person meeting with Burisch.
A first attempt was made on April 3. The meeting was to have taken place in front of the UNLV campus Leid library at 10:00 am. The two outsiders were coming in under the cover of being inside directorate. This cover was exposed prior to the meeting when it was determined by security that there were no inside directorate coming into Vegas on the day appointed.
A second and successful attempt took place two days later at another location, where a window of one hour stretched into three as the two outsiders identified themselves with a pass code that only could have been given them from someone trusted on the inside.
On the following day, Allan reported on that encounter with a post to the GLP forum. That was then followed up the next day, April 7, with a leaked message in which Dan Burisch responded point-by-point to Allan´s report, as requested by an individual named "J1 (Majesty/Directorate PD/SF, Washington, D.C.)".
The leaking of that document constitutes perhaps the most unambiguous source of information regarding this covert operation that has yet been obtained.
Within minutes of that post being made, the forum went down. But those who intimately watch the forum immediately got on the phone with each other and made a copy of the relevant page and circulated it among their mailing lists.
When asked if this is the biggest development since the forum thread commenced six months ago, Dschaak, Allan´s running mate, replied, "No, this is the biggest thing to happen since the JFK assassination. We are on the verge of alien disclosure -- something we have been seeking for decades."
Dschaak is in process of assembling a brief list of questions that should be posed to Burisch in a hearing. Over the past six months, GLP has accumulated a list of key questions to ask based on the intelligence they have been gathering.
The above press release is found at
Dan Burisch´ leaked reply to Sterling Allan´s report.
Allan´s report of the April 5 meeting with Burisch
Back-up copy of Allan´s report of his meeting with Dan Burisch
Back-up copy of Burisch´ reply to Allan.
See: Forum > Thread about "Burisch"
http://www.angelfire.com/pe/peter7/project_otus/DanBurischForumLibrary.html Peter7´s library of GLP posts and key documents.
Allan/Dschaak Campaign site.
Skywatch International, hosted by Bill Hamilton, who interviewed Burisch in a room at UNLV on Sept. 18, 2002. He also visited with Burisch in March of 2004, but was under non-disclosure in that communication, as part of the project.
Harry Dschaak
phone: 208-548-2448; cell: 208-431-9346
email: harry.dschaak@allan2004.com
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Excerpted from Godlike Productions page 48

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:)

Bill Hamilton if you are still reading here,

I have quite a lead for you maybe. George Noory is running a "Full Disclosure" line tonight. He had a guy on that talked about Germans being on Nellis Air Force Base. He said that they wear black uniforms with their country flag on it, and below the country flag was an unusual symbol. I have read your publications about Dr. Dan and have heard the same thing from a couple of my sources.

What strikes me is that they are German and the weird symbol? Didn´t Dr. Dan and others say that the Germans at Dulce wore an inverted triangle with a Tau "T" in it? It just all came together for me! What is the name of the upcoming conference? The T-9 right? Many posters (I think even Dr. Dan said it) called the T-9 conference the TAU 9 conference.

I think this weird symbol is from the Dulce complex. You may have an inside ability to contact George Noory to maybe find out who that guy was. I was surprised that Noory didn´t question the guy more about the "weird symbol" he mentioned, but maybe it just got by him.

My sources online have told me that the Tau-9 is going down near Los Alamos and that they are sidetracking people to think it is happening in Israel. If it is going down near Los Alamos then they are going to need much equipment there to house the aliens right? That type of equipment might be found at Area 51 right? Then maybe the Germans are at Nellis to protect equipment that is being shipped to Los Alamos.

I hope this gives you some help. The guy that talked online also said he thought the Germans would pop off a nuke in Vegas in the next Bush term, but I think that is disinfo he heard. At least I hope so.

From: Anonymous Coward

Excerpted from Godlike Productions - a page no longer available


A. C. 3/15/2004 5:45 pm EST

Re: Mystery of Dr. Dan Burisch !!!IMPORTANT!!! Volume 4:)

From: "Bill Hamilton"
Date: Sun Mar 14, 2004 8:02 pm
Subject: Another Meeting with Dr. Dan

I have had another meeting with Dr. Dan B.C. Burisch.

For all of you who have been following this saga of which I have become a small part, I have had another even more enlightening meeting with Dr. Dan and another. However, this time I am not going to say much outside of what he is working on because our meeting was observed, recorded and photographed by seemingly more sources than I had anticipated even though I had my own people present.

Dan has become the real focus of both wanted and unwanted attention. Dan is someone I relate to very well and enjoy his good sense of humor and quick wit and now consider my friend. I am even trying in some small way to contribute to the project and thus had a project briefing. Believe it or not there are those behind the scenes who favor the idea that some of this information be released to the world. I hope so, but they have concerns that I deeply sympathize with as we have all found out that there are "fruitcakes" and "nutcakes" out there who will do all in their power to swerve all of us off course in their misguided attempt to interfere with human destiny.

I have, even in UFO research, been primarily interested in new science, new discoveries, and any attempt to unravel the mysteries of life and the universe that we are all an integral part of despite the forces of suppression and those who want to keep us under an evergrowing darkness.

Dan has conducted an enhanced replication to Lorenzo Spallazani´s famous experiment, wherein the notion of a biogenesis was sent to its rest. Results from this ´enhanced´ replication confirmed Spallazani´s original results. Dan has also produced protocells that differentiated into cycling eukaryotic cells. Also, some of the results he obtained are suggestive of neurogenesis, something which will be of great interest to an M.D. associate. The results of these experiments and replications of been forwarded to the higher ups (the 12).

The work is what is exciting. But, Dan is careful. Why? Because so many want to acquire his methods and results and prevaricate its use. You can put any scientific findings to do greater good or evil in the world.

We are now finding out there is more in that microscopic world beyond our senses than we have dreamt of in our philosophy and that the dimensions of life are greater than our best scientists have even imagined.

Dr. Dan is not in the best of health due to a heart condition and I am only hoping and praying that he has many years left to complete his mission in life.

Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc.
Website: http://www.skywatch-research.org Fiat Lux et Veritas



>>>Received 05:45et from the Office of Dr. Dan BC Burisch, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

"To the fellow members:

At 00:00hours, March 16, 2004, I accepted the most kind offer of near term retirement, from the Maji.

The retirement will become effective, at 00:00hours (GMT) March 16, 2005. In so doing, they accepted my terms: all the Chinese food I can eat, coffee I can drink, and slides I can consume while playing with my microscope. I have accepted a generous placement of secluded retirement: one that would make most jealous. It was chosen by me to be in a location not shielded from any mistake that humanity may have made in its attempt to prevent a future we have the capacity and responsibility to avoid. I accept my responsibility and share with humanity its destiny. I hope I can relax for my remaining years and look at nature's beauty. Yes, my health is bad, but I can only hope to accept with dignity that part of the suffering of the Christ that He may allow me. My retirement will come after the completion of the Lotus Model, a project that has been entrusted to me, for fulfillment, to that level. I trust in the God of Creation and his angels, to continue His protection over this project and those who seek to understand the beauty without their corrupting the perfection, by touching. I truly thank and love all those with whom I have worked, and to all those that have helped me in the endeavors of this project. To all those who have looked in on me and honestly offered their help: thank you, I love you. You have freed me in the way that is most important. For that, I owe you all, greatly.

The Lotus Model will come in the form of a "paper", bound with two letters- one addressed, by name and date, to the person that will find it, should we avoid catastrophe. The second, will be addressed by name and date, to the person that would find it should we have failed in our great quest. Together with the "paper" and letters, the image and data files will be included.

Following retirement, the Maji will make decisions as to the future of the project, if any. They have come to understand the seriousness of the Cherubim, in this matter. So, I am confident they will make decisions, carefully.

So, there you have it! It will be time for this scientist to just...fade away. With everlasting confidence in Almighty God, I wish upon all who read these humble words, written by a humbled man, the Blessings of the Beauty of the Cosmos, the protection of the Christ, and the comforting protection of His angels.

I love each of you. Dan"<<<


Date: 09 Apr 04

Pursuant to a directive from the Maji, I am being moved by security to seclusion due to recent events.

Due to the pace that must be kept in order to complete the production of the model, such ordered seclusion is incompatible with my continuing in the position as Director of Project Lotus. The necessary information, in order, has been provided to Ms. McDowell, and she is also in possession of all my private notes regarding the philosophical issues that will be interwoven into the model. She is to be allowed immediate and total access to my diary archives, which span from 1986 to present. Therefore, with the kind permission that was granted from the Majestic 12 at 22:30 hours UTC this date, I am submitting my announcement of immediate retirement from active service. Once security indicates that I am safe from the drama that is playing out regarding the Tau-9, I presume that I am to be moved to my permanent place of retirement. In either case, my first order of business is to get some rest, get a new cat (as my current one can't be brought with me), and dredge up an unused scope from the labs so that I may be able to watch some protozoa for awhile. : )

Just looking at the beauty God has given us, that sounds so nice. But, you know, that is all it has ever been about- just observing. I am so blessed.

As of 03:00 hours UTC, Marcia Ann McDowell, M.A. has been directed by the Majestic 12 to have been appointed Operational Director of Project Lotus. I wish her the best and know that she will complete the placing together of the "blocks" for the model in her usual smooth style. May God grant her the necessary wisdom to bring this to fruition and may the One Creator of the universe give to her the protection of the Cherubim while doing so.

Gosh, it came so quickly and I thought I had so much to do! But, isn't that always the revelation? So, it is time to just...fade away. May God Bless you all!

Truly in Christ, DBCB"


AS OF ==>> 3/31/04 Page 20 Vol. 5

Anonymous C. 3/31/2004 1:17 am EST

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:)

Dr Burisch has planted seeds from the 'Tree' in the Lotus Process. And yes, others have taken liberties with this knowledge that Dr Dan refused to do. They have begun to genome the Ganesh Particle DNA. 'Reversine' apparently is a synthetic molecule which can reverse a developed cell to the stem cell level. Advanced Cell Technologies is an organization which sought to profit from Ganesh Particle technology. Recently, we received notice that research from Los Alamos will be used to create life by engineering the molecular components of life forces into different patterns. As Dr Dan said, 'the genie is out of the bottle.' Can't say he didn't warn us!

What will Dr Burisch's research be used for? It is part of T9. The aliens get the right to 10 million humans a year and the working Lotus Protocols for genetic manipulation of mankind into alien hybrids. What do we get? Well, only the military knows for sure. Bigger bombs? Stargates? Coordinates for off world terraforming operations? Wow, why bother to 'tell all the world' our leaders have sold us out to Satan for their continued success?

Whatever good could come out of this research will never see the light of day for the benefit of mankind as those who control the information will utilize it for the manipulation of us all.

But which tree has Dr Burisch cultivated? The 'Tree of Eternal Life,' or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? I think the latter, and this Tree will kill those who eat its fruit. It will kill in spirit those who think they know, rather than the essence of life itself. There is no way to cure the cancer except thru death and the dying experience, the very fact of material existence which those who manipulate life forces through knowledge are trying to avoid to save a dying race of J-Rods which are not worth the time of day, let alone the fate of a single human being.

Oh, about fertilizer, it is used so much that now the oceans are dying off in its surface runoff. Great, we need more genetically modified crops to feed the cattle to give them all sorts of unheard of diseases. Lichen killing elk? Impossible. What about man? Just so long as the flowers grow the graveyard won't seem so empty.

Excerpted from: http://www.angelfire.com/pe/peter7/project_otus/StatusUpdate.html




The United States Government and Extra-terrestrial Entities ...
www.greatdreams.com/uforprts.htm -

... speaking engagements in struggling UFO conferences, their incomes grow. ...
1948 with the Greys contacting the US Government to form a treaty with them. ...

... First treaty with Greys aboard US naval ship off Balboa. ... CIA act of 1949
enables CIA to function outside the law in order to keep UFO problem ...
www.greatdreams.com/cnsprcy.htm -

Extraterrestrial-Aliens.com - The Alien Presence On Earth.
... Polls reveal that over 90% of the American people believe in UFO's and 95% of
these people believe the government is keeping this knowledge from the ...

... which make convenient names that many who read UFO books can identify, have
been corrected. ... The treaty with Antichrist and start of the Tribulation? ...

... withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002 to develop a missile
shield. ... Greer's CSETI UFO Disclosure News Conference Set For May 9 . ...
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... so that the technology behind the UFO can be withheld - until the right time.
... and to enact and implement international treaty and legal standards ...

... Eastern European Mutual Assistance Treaty ... PERSONAL AND SPECIAL UFO REPORTS ...
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The Mental Destruction of Paul Bennewitz
... original Dulce story and told it to UFO researcher Paul Bennewitz have since
... had a treaty with the US government that allowed them to build a secret ...
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... Yet thousands of witnesses in a paranormal event such a UFO sighting is
completely unacceptable ... UN TREATY DATABASE. http://www.un.org/Depts/Treaty ...

... not only defected from the peace agreements of the Treaty of Altair, ...
who have been in contact with several prominent people in the UFO Movement, ...
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... See, they had a crashed UFO which was deliberately crashed, by agreement ...
a noninterference treaty and get what technology we could from them-make ...
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... so that we didn't have to admit that Roswell was about a real crashed UFO.
... Versailles Treaty of World War I, and at the same time defend Germany. ...

... unmarked and illegally operating under the Treaty on Open Skies. ... A great
deal of UFO research has also led to the conclusion that various...species ...
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... UN TREATY DATABASE. http://www.un.org ... Jeff Rense's Radio Program Various
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VATICAN'S BALDUCCI VS RUSSO - UFO ANNOUNCEMENT ... If signore Russo is holding out ...

... They were going to be studying the same thing I was - the Apache Treaty. ...
I told him he was looking at my UFO books and that was the best they had ...
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John Lear - UFOs and Aliens
... Two weeks later on another UFO spying mission, John, Lazar and 3 others were

... I have been told the name of the Treaty but I am not yet permitted to disclose
this, ... The Big Picture Behind the UFO Movement - By Anna Hayes. ...
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Reptilians - The Connection to Dulce - by Branton
... He is the director of abduction research for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON),
one of ... (D) A copy of the new treaty complete with signatures. ...

... The Chinese-North Korean Defence Treaty only provides -- obligates China to
... North Korea will be the first country to shoot down a UFo with a ground ...
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... by Joshua Gulick that explains micro-layered UFO antigravity propulsion, ...
And Protection Of Patent Rights; And Part IV - Patent Cooperation Treaty. ...
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... N. latitude, the Roswell UFO crash occurred at 33 deg. ... although the peace
treaty ending the war was signed in Europe in December 1814. ...
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... The Mexican UFO wave, says Geoff Stray, started on the ... ... Mexican UFO
wave; accurate earth change predictions claimed - however, they ... ...
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... We looked out the window and saw a UFO shaped object coming towards the house.
... by Treaty just the past Saturday, so there was nobody in this field. ...
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The 11: 11 Coincidences of 2003 - Master Number 555
... In Daniel 9:27, a treaty is made with Israel for 7 years The man who signs
... with UFO sightings ( I am expecting this to be aLOOOOng -Term project.) ...
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... As Carl Jung has demonstrated in his pioneering study of the modern UFO, ...
in arms control during the period (Salt I, ABM Treaty, Salt II etc. ...
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... the peace treaty ending the war was signed in Europe in December 1814. ...
know how the sailing ship fits in with Israel, though it does fit with UFO. ...

... by Treaty just the past Saturday, so there was nobody in this field. ...
The people that came looked familiar like UFO researchers I've seen on TV, ...
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... Under the International Civil Aviation Organization treaty, the investigation of
... At Filer's Files, a site for UFO enthusiasts, a headline proclaims, ...
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... interest in "flying saucers" and "UFO's" -- that its premises were valid. ...
In 1903, Panama and the United States signed a treaty by which the United ...
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Dr. Eugene Mallove - Cold Fusion Expert
... He advocated a Green Peace Treaty and a Global Green Democracy. ... To hold
open, secrecy-free hearings on the UFO/Extraterrestrial presence on and ...
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Terror in the Skies
... Their best customer: a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation spy charged with
... BARRY CHAMISH - UFO WAVE IN ISRAEL ... bouncing head in their apartment ...