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I was in a town square somewhere and I saw a lot of silver coins on the ground so I picked them up and put them in my pockets.

Some men in brown suits and hats like out of the last century came around me and suddenly Mikki was next to me to protect me.  She gave me a shot of something in case they tried to inject me with something (I saw one of them with a hypodermic needle)  She check me physically to make sure I was okay, then hypnotized me to protect me from their proposed onslaught.

The men in the brown suits then withdrew like a tsunami.  It seemed like there was 100 of them. 

The men next to me filled my pockets with cigarettes, and then the horde of nasty ugly men in the brown suits came marching towards me and all I had to do was stand my ground and keep saying mentally, "You can't come near me"  and when they got close enough I started spitting bits of tobacco off the end of my tongue at them.  They taunted me about where the tobacco was landing but they couldn't get within three feet of me.

I started waking up and kept repeating, "You can't come near me" until I couldn't see them anymore.

Mikki was by my side the whole time and I knew I'd be okay.

NOTE:  Early in the morning, Mikki called me on the phone and we started discussing dreams, and she said she had a bad one about a mob of men coming towards her and I informed her   I was next to you and they were coming towards me and you saved my life.

We didn't get to continue the conversation because her husband called her on the phone and she had to go, but obviously this was not a dream, it was an astral experience and the bigger question is "Who were those men and why are they mad at me?"



1-25-12 - DREAM  -  I was with my husband driving along a highway when we saw another car careening in and out of traffic very dangerously.  something happened to his car and he was forced to stop and to our shock, his pregnant girlfriend got out of the car and sat on the side of the road.

My husband stopped to help the guy and meanwhile the girl got into our car and somehow, our own car which was still running, got out of gear and started rolling down the road.

it wouldn't stop, and we were going downhill, so it just kept going no matter what I did with the brake petal.

I thought about scraping the car on rough grass or even against a tree, but there were little kids and animals alongside e the road and I couldn't take that chance, so went quite a way before I managed to get the car slowed down and then to stop.  My husband was miles behind us by then.

The girl and I sat there quietly for a moment to calm down and get acquainted.  She was trying to lose weight and I had just lost weight so I suggested she just give-up sugar and see how that went.  Since she was pregnant she didn't need sugar in her diet anyway and that's how I lost weight so easily.

I couldn't drive to get my husband and the girls boyfriend, so I had to walk back uphill.

There was a nasty old man there who practically chased me away, and then I met some kids.  One offered me a bottle water which looked nasty and he admitted that he had just gotten the water out of the river.  Ack!  It5 was antsy, so I turned it down.

I then met some other kids who had cookies and candy and nuts, so I turned down the cookies and candy and accepted the nuts.  I took three pistachio nuts of each per mile I was going to have to walk uphill - and it was quite a few miles. 

Somehow, the three nuts in a row in this container looked quite welcome because it was a lot of miles to go.


1-25-12 -  DREAM -  I have no idea where I was, but the dream was about either making of purchasing very soft sweaters, and then I saw a white haired man dancing with a white-haired woman.

I then saw five books which came in a slip case like  a set and each book had a pamphlet with it that was a synopsis of the book.

At the back of the book was a series of addresses where one could buy either the sweaters or the yarn to make the sweaters.

I had a hard time separating the addresses from each other, and I can only remember one address 5  -  45  - and Bourne  (I don't know if that a name, a city or a company.

NOTE:  Later in the day the dream popped into my mind again and I thought  -  THE BOURNE CONSPIRACIES,_Massachusetts;_ylt=A0oGdVrahyBPRH8AYDel87UF;_ylc=X1MDOTU4MTA0NjkEX3IDMgRhbwNhbwRjc3JjcHZpZANlQVpXN2tvR2RUQmEwR2lPVHFSQmRRYzRUUGJFalU4Z2g5UUFBT3k5BGZyA3NsdjgtYXR0BGZyMgNzYnRuBG5fZ3BzAzEwBG9yaWdpbgNzeWMEcHFzdHIDQk9VUk5FIElERU5USVRZBHF1ZXJ5A0JPVVJORSBJREVOVElUWQRzYW8DMgR0b1N0cmluZwNbb2JqZWN0IE9iamVjdF0EdmFsdWVPZgN1cmEtZnVsbFt5dWlfM18zXzBfMl8xMzI3NTMxOTk1NDQzMTRdBHZ0ZXN0aWQDREZSNQ--?p=BOURNE%20IDENTITY&fr=slv8-att&fr2=sfp&pqstr=BOURNE%20IDENTITY



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1-26-12 - DREAMS X THREE

I  was sitting the lobby of a very large building.  My jog was night watchman.  All I had to do was sit and read books to do my job.

The first two books reminded me Jean Auel's books, all about how to survive in an Ice Age and her books talk all about how t find specific herbs for medicine.  There is an entire education in survival and herbalism in her books.

The third book was the eye opener for me.  I was doing my night guard duty by paging through a very large awesome book with detailed photographs of a mausoleum somewhere made entirely of gold.

In DREAM TWO, I'm telling my friend Mikki about the dream I had about the book with the photographs of the mausoleum made of gold, and she tells me something that the angel named ROV said about that..  (I can't remember what exactly she said. unfortunately.

DREAM THREE:  I'm in a house with my kids and they are in the livingroom playing war games on a bright orange rug that is overlaying a blue carpet.  They had so many airplanes and pilots and tanks and guns covering the orange rug I told them that they had better not get one piece of that war off that rug or I was going to throw the whole thing out.

Interestingly enough there was a good lookiing guy standing behind the sofa watching them play their war games.

IN DREAM THREE:  AGAIN, I'm telling Mikki about my night job doing night guard duty of the gold mausoleum and wondering where its located.  I suggest China and she says its probably Lebanon, and she starts saying the same thing she told me in DREAM TWO -  Rov says that .l... and I stop her and remind her that she told me that in an earlier dream. 

NOTE:  I wake up and think about my dreams and suddenly get pissed off.  ITS THE MATRIX AGAIN.  She and I are in too many dreams together to make this funny or just a coincidence.  It has to be part of the MATRIX.

I'm going to write about this on a web page:

I've got way too many pieces of this puzzle to let go of this and forget it.  I've dreamed this theme and heard too many times about this life being a stage play to just brush it aside anymore.  WE CAN CHANGE THE GAME ONCE WE KNOW WHAT IT IS ANF YOU FON 'Y LIKR YHR HSMR YOU STR IN.




1=26=12 - FOUR VISIONS

1..  I was watching a scene on a computer screen.  The scene was of two people smooching with each other.

I took my computer mouse and deleted her out of the picture.

2.  I was watching a scene with a man and a woman arguing, so I deleted the woman out of the picture.

3.  I was watching  scene in a gymnasium with a man and woman on a wrestling mat and the woman was on her knees on the bottom and the man was coking her so I deleted her out of the picture.

4.  I was watching three men walking arm in arm across a room, and simultaneously they said nastily,  "WOMEN!!!!"  and I saw that they were all three ROBOTS!


NOTE FROM DEE:   I was quite pissed off when I started this page, but I've calmed down since then, so I'll be more rational with the rest of the page. :-)




All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players:
they have their exits and their entrances;
and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

William Shakespeare

Nothing happens unless first a dream!
Carl Sandburg

3-15-08 - DREAM - The whole dream was set up like a stage play or a movie set. Everything was set up in grand scale.

A view from the sky showed all the farm fields ablaze with flowers blooming and even at a distance I could see they were carpets laid out on the ground like they had been newly purchased from a store.

The scene zoomed down into a large apartment building, but there were no walls inside the building. Where the hallways were supposed to be were wide walkways, and the furniture for each apartment was set up in squares and the sofas lined up against the walkways where the walls should have been.

There were people in each of these squares of furniture like they were living there and they were all actors in the play or movie.

Some of the people in their apartments were my relatives. My cousin Judy and my cousin Shirley had speaking parts in the play.

I was dressed up fancy, had my hair done in curls, and wore 3 inch high heeled shoes with tight fitting spandex light blue pants and a frilly lazy white blouse. Compared to the others, I looked like the star of the play.

We were supposed to be acting like this was real life.

My husband and I were supposed to carry two laundry baskets down to the public laundry in the basement.

The laundry room had rules. You couldn't start a load of wash after 10 p.m. and the place was packed at 6:00 a.m. starting time.

So we would fill the machines with our laundry at 10 p.m. and run down there again before 6 a.m. with our quarters and be first in line to start up the machines. If someone yanked our laundry out of the machines so they could be fist, so be it.

So we were walking along the walkway with our laundry baskets and people spoke to us as we passed.

My cousin Judy said to me as I passed by, "I went to see Joyce today!" (Joyce was her baby sister who contracted polio in the 1940's and was disabled all her life until her passing in the 90's. She lived in a lovely self-care nursing home after her parents could no longer take care of her themselves.)

I said in return, "I spent all day having my hair done and having my photos taken."

I knew after I said it, that it was the wrong thing to say. I should have asked how Joyce was doing to be polite.

We got down to the end of the walkway where it should have turned the corner before going down the stairs and the people in the end square expanded their living room into the walkway so I had to step over the end of their sofa and walk through their living room to get to the stairs.

On their sofa was lined up three coloring book pages - black and white - so someone could color them in.

There were three drawings facing me of soldiers in battle, one of each war. WW I, WW II, and WW III.

Across the top of each page, it said a title, "WE WERE TOO YOUNG TO GO TO WAR!"

I was stunned and shocked to see coloring books like that and I had to think about what might have happened to those boys.

We headed for the stairs with our laundry baskets and the scene ended.

The next scene took place in the afternoon of the next day. My husband and I had a meeting to attend at 2:30 p.m.

At the same time, I had an appointment to talk to a man in our apartment at 2:30 p.m. I was hoping he wouldn't show up so I could make my own appointment on time. My husband left for the appointment and I'd get there when I could.

Exactly at 2:30 p.m. an old brown lumber truck pulled up along the road and into our driveway and the man walked up to our door for his appointment with me.

He looked and was dressed like a movie producer I've seen on the Academy awards shows. A man in his 60's or 70's, big black mustache, black cap and coat.

Since there were no walls or doors inside our building, he could see me standing there.

Between him and me were standing laundry baskets piled high with various coats I had worn in the past. (past lives? past plays? past movies?)

I didn't know what to say to the man. I didn't have a script for this part.

Was he expecting me to hypnotize him, give him psychological therapy, heal him? I didn't have the formal training for any of that.

I would just have to talk to him like the actor I was, person to person. Maybe I'd find out what the next scene would be in our movie/play!

end of dream

NOTE: I made an effort to figure out what the 2:30 p.m. appointment means. It can't be a date because there isn't 30 days in February. Perhaps it meant an actual time to go into meditation and talk to that person. I was meditating every day but didn't see that person as I saw him in the dream. I also tried to find him in images and didn't locate him there either.

Before and after Shakespeare, others had the same idea:

Life's like a play: it's not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The Comedian Mel Brooks said: "Hope for the Best. Expect the worst. Life is a play. We're unrehearsed."
-- Mel Brooks

Life is a Stage.

Aug 25th, 2006 by Ian Gardner
"Life is a stage ..............." said Shakespeare. Well, it really is.

On a stage people get dressed up in costumes, change their appearance, suppress their true character and take on the part of another character. They then act the stage part using what they learned and practiced in preparation for the play.
So it is in spiritual life because each life is a play wherein we dress up as a character, change appearance, suppress our true character, take on the part of a new character and act out what we learned in the period/s between other lives.
Dan said
I fully agree that our life is a stage where we are acting the role of our life. The problem that we very often are forgetting this. We should remember that there is ‘someone’ behind this character, someone who is playing a specific role. And the purpose of this play is to enrish the soul of the actor, to expand our horizons without becoming one with our role.

Look behind the scenes…

So very true. Here's a quote from Carl Jung that you might appreciate as well. “This whole creation is essentially subjective, and the dream is the theater where the dreamer is at once: scene, actor, prompter, stage manager, author, audience, and critic.”
Dan, Exactly.
DreamWeaver, he was right of course, nothing can be separated from another thing.

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NOTE: Is that a coincidence or not?

Israel Regardie

In consulting the works of the ancient Kabalists and Medieval Hermetic Philosophers, we find the phrase "The Microcosm of the Macrocosm" being applied continually to man. These spiritual scientists conceived man to be a smaller world, fashioned in miniature exactly along the lines of the greater world, the Universe, the Macrocosm. They further postulated that "That which is above is like unto that which is below." Consequently the laws that are seen and known to operate in the Universe, correspondingly must work in man. Therefore, in first considering this subject of Reincarnation, let us examine the world around us and endeavor to place it on the basis of one law, observed to prevail in Cosmos - the Great Law of Periodicity. Occult Philosophy lays down the postulate of the Eternity of the Universe in toto as a boundless plane, that is, as space, periodically the playground of numberless universes incessantly manifesting and disappearing. The Absolute Universality of this Law of cycles, of flux and reflux, of ebb and flow, which physical science has recorded in all department of nature, and alterations such as those of day and night, life and death, sleeping and waking, summer and winter, are facts so common, so perfectly Universal and without exception, that it is easy to comprehend that in then we see one of the absolutely fundamental laws of the Universe, for these two are the world's eternal ways.

Our earth in the spring discards its white blanket of snow and emerges forth from its period of rest - its winter sleep. All activities are exerted to bring forth new life everywhere. Time passes. The corn and vegetation are ripened and harvested, and again the busy summer fades gradually into the silence and inactivity of the winter; again the snowy coverlet enwraps the earth, but her sleep is not forever, for she will reawaken to the song of the new spring, which will mark for her a little further progress along the pathway of time. So with the life of man. Is it conceivable that this law, so perfectly universal, so cosmic in its scope should be inoperative in the life of Man? Shall the earth wake each year from its winter sleep; shall the tree and the flower live again; shall all these examples of this great law continue to be observed and man die? It is inconceivable and impossible. It cannot be. The same law that impels wakefulness in the plant, and stirs it to new growth will wake the human being to new experiences to the distant goal of perfection. Therefore under this same Universal and therefore Spiritual Law of Periodicity, operating on and through man, he faithfully follows the similar fluctuations of being, Birth, Youth, Maturity, Decadence, and Death, to enter Birth again, to be moulded to a better purpose, perhaps, than has been possible in the old one.

"If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time, will I wait until my change comes." This appeal was uttered by the Prophet Job of the Old Dispensation, and his very cry "If a man dies, shall he live again" is indicative of the dissatisfaction of mankind, then, as well as now, with the biblical allotment of three score years and ten for the expression of consciousness. To all appearances, man flits like a firefly out of an eternal past, only to be extinguished for an eternal future, after a life of expression that in comparison, in these latter days of science, with even our materialistic concepts of space and time, is actually of shorter duration than the spark of an electrical discharge.

Nature requires millions of years to produce a grain of sand - when we review all the processes that have lead up to its present state as such. The California Redwoods are silent but eloquent symbols of nature's creative handiwork, enduring for centuries and in the estimation of some of our modern biologists for even thousands of years. And yet Man, the epitome of all the creative forces in Nature is assumed in the cold estimate of materialistic science to be merely the evolution of a speck of protoplasm, growing like an artificial laboratory culture until after reaching maturity, it is annihilated - to be seen no more for ever. In the lifetime of a single man, thousands of animals, fowl and fish, hundreds of thousands of vegetables have given their lives in the support of his existence. Thousands of animals have given their lives in the work of experimental scientists in their endeavors to improve man's physical condition. Multiply this in the case of one man by the countless myriads of individuals that have trod the surface of this earth since the dawn of the human races. What a prodigious waste of energy? What a crime against the lower kingdoms? - if 35 to 65 years is to be the average life of an individual and the only expression that he is to be permitted to have after the whole earth has given of its best to train and to equip him for constructive work. It is unthinkable to those who stop to think of it at all. There must be some compensatory condition, and since the beginning of the human kingdom, its thinking members have sought that compensation. It is found in Reincarnation.

From the Totem Pole our American Indians to the hideous effigies of Deity in Asia; from the Chinese Joss to the beautiful Altar in the Christian Cathedral, the same fact is in evidence, that from somewhere down through the remote and obscure ages, humanity has been invested with the truth - the truth that there is another life, and another opportunity beyond this present life, and those millions who have delved deepest into truth have found beyond doubt this truth of reincarnation.

Now, being forced to admit that reincarnation is a necessity in nature, and granting we admit of the existence, and immortality of the human soul, we find that this doctrine of pre-existence and rebirth is the only one yielding a logical and self satisfying explanation of the phenomena of life. This doctrine, which is an extremely simple doctrine, rooted in the assurance of the soul's indestructibility and immortality, implies a persisting and expanding intelligence, through all changes of embodiment, the latter being but a means towards the great aim and purpose of the Intelligent man within, the gaining of what the ancients called All-Knowledge. It teaches that the soul enters this life, not as a flesh creation, but after a long course of previous existences on this earth, in which it acquired its present inhering peculiarities, and that it is on the way to future transformations, now being shaped by the soul. It claims that infancy brings to this earth, not a blank scroll for the beginning of an earthly record - nor a mere cohesion of atomic forces into a brief personality that is destined by its own nature to dissolve again into the elements - but a definite immortal character that is its own, due to long experiences, acquired through self induced and self devised efforts throughout long series of incarnations.

What is the Universe for, and for what final purpose is Man, the Immortal Thinker here in evolution? Centuries ago, the Fraters Rosae Crucis stated that it is all for the experience and emancipation of the Spirit, for the growth of the soul, as well as for the purpose of raising the entire mass of manifested matter up to the stature, dignity, and position of conscious godhood. The aim for present man, and also the three kingdoms below him, in his evolution and initiation into complete knowledge, and in this Rosicrucian concept is evolution carried to its highest power, and to its logical conclusion. It makes of man a God, and gives to every part of nature the possibility of being the same one day; there is strength and nobility in it, for by this scheme, no man is so originally sinful that he can not rise above all sin and attain to the highest.

Men, in general, accept evolution as a proven law of growth, the evidence being drawn solely from observed changes in physical forms and species, but this general view considers only external evidence of the operation without any understanding of the inner and actuating cause. The word "Evolution" really means an unfolding from within outwards, and had not our scientists been so materially inclined they might long ago have arrived at a knowledge of the truth. The Rosicrucian doctrines make clear the operation of evolution and carry it to its highest point of logic by showing that the impelling force is Intelligence, which itself at the same time is evolving to greater and greater heights by means of temporary forms of expression. Thus we find that Rosicrucianism postulates a dual evolution, a physical line - that of the evolution of form - and a spiritual line, that of the evolution of Intelligence and Consciousness, and from this, we have to admit that this double line of evolution can only be carried on through reincarnation, for what happens to the spiritual element in Man after death. To dwell in a monotonous heaven - as postulated by Theology - is illogical, therefore after a period of rest, in accordance with that law of Periodicity or Rhythm - previously mentioned - the Spirit returns to earth to resume its further progress.

The object of life, then, is the gaining of all knowledge, and the acquirement of experience, the scale of which we find to be enormous. Knowledge infinite in scope and diversity lies before us, and we have much more than a mere suspicion that the extent of the field of truth is vastly greater than the narrow circle in which we are confined. We also perceive that we have high aspirations with little or no time to reach up to their measure while the great troop of passions, desires and selfish motives war with us and even among themselves. All these have to be conquered, and subdued, and as we know that one life expression is insufficient to do this, and to acquire all that we know we must acquire, we must conclude then that a series of lives has led to our present condition, and that the process of coming here again and again must go on for the purpose of affording us the opportunities needed.

Through some process of reasoning, some persons have arrived at the conclusion that reincarnation is injust because we suffer for the wrong deeds performed by another in some previous incarnation. But this is based on the incorrect notion that the person in the other life was someone else, but in every life, it is the same person. When we return to earth life, we do not take up the body of someone else, nor another's deeds, but are like an actor who plays many parts, the same actor inside, though all the costumes and lines differ in each play. Shakespeare was correct in asserting that Life is a Play, for the great life of each Ego is an Immense Drama in the Scheme of Things, and Nature is the great stage on which this drama is played, and thus each new life and each new rebirth is but another act in which we assume our part and put on another dress, but through it all, we are still the self same, Immortal Ego.

While this doctrine - coupled with its twin - Karma - may seem stern and implacable to some, they are not really so, for they are essentially optimistic, and give us a great deal of encouragement. Reincarnation gives man an opportunity to try, try again with the assurance that each sincere and earnest attempt brings its reward in time. So those who sit despairing in the dark places may take courage. Those who are perplexed and filled with doubt may know that there is a solution to all their troubles and difficulties. The mother bereft of her child; the husband or wife left desolately alone, may find consolation for they will meet again to take up the broken threats of affection and weave them into new and fairer looms of progress. Thus the heart finds complete satisfaction and the intellect more than its fullest scope in these teachings of the Ancient Fraters of the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis.


“Life is a challenge, meet it! Life is a dream, realize it! Life is a game, play it!
Life is Love, enjoy it!”

Sri Sathya Sai Baba quotes

The worst mistake you can make is to think you're alive
when you're really asleep in life's waiting room.
How do you know waking life isn't just a shared dream with 6 billion people? The only difference is that one person out of 6 billion people perceiving the same things has very little influence on reality. Whereas in a dream you are the only person perceiving it so you have total control over it.

just something to ponder....
If life is a dream, whose dream is it? Will we awake when our life end?

"It would be easy to reduce 'Life Is a Dream' to its fatalism versus free will paradox, but Cruz's translation strikes the chord of an even more reverberant and often-ignored theme: in the spiritual battle between destiny and self-determination, forgiveness, not willfulness or witchery, is man's only hope.
Mia Leonin, drama critic for the Miami Herald

Waking life is a dream controlled!
George Satanyana

Dreams are true while they last , and do we not live in dreams?
Alfred L. Tennyson

Dreams are the touchstone of our character...
Henry D. Thoreau

The Art of Spiritual Dreaming
by The Spiritual Traveler

What is the art of spiritual dreaming? Is the experience of spiritual dreaming distinct from dreaming, in general?

Spiritual dreaming can be defined as dreaming that has the effect of awakening the individual to his or her true nature. To ask whether spiritual dreaming is distinct from our normal dream experiences is really no different from asking whether any spiritual experience is different from all the other experiences we have in life. Life is a spiritual experience, and therefore all our experiences in life have something to teach us spiritually.

At the same time, we can distinguish between experiences in our lives that have uplifted us, or have taught us a lesson, or have jogged our memory of who and what we are, and more mundane experiences. And if we have whetted our spiritual appetites, and consider ourselves spiritual seekers, or ready for spiritual experiences, we will be hungry for those kinds of experiences -both in our waking life and in our dreams. So the art of spiritual dreaming simply reflects that hunger for spiritual experience.


How can you determine whether at this moment we are sleeping and all our thoughts are dreams, or whether we are awake and talking to one another in the waking state....


In the allegory of the chariot and winged steeds, given in the Phaedrus, he represents the psychical nature as composite and two-fold; the thumos, or epithumetic part, formed from the substances of the world of phenomena; and the thumoeides, the essence of which is linked to the eternal world. The present earth-life is a fall and punishment. The soul dwells in "the grave which we call the body," and in its incorporate state, and previous to the discipline of education, the noetic or spiritual element is "asleep." Life is thus a dream, rather than a reality. Like the captives in the subterranean cave, described in The Republic, the back is turned to the light, we perceive only the shadows of objects, and think them the actual realities. Is not this the idea of Maya, or the illusion of the senses in physical life, which is so marked a feature in Buddhistical philosophy? But these shadows, if we have not given ourselves up absolutely to the sensuous nature, arouse in us the reminiscence

of that higher world that we once inhabited. "The interior spirit has some dim and shadowy recollection of its ante-natal state of bliss, and some instinctive and proleptic yearnings for its return." It is the province of the discipline of philosophy to disinthrall it from the bondage of sense, and raise it into the empyrean of pure thought, to the vision of eternal truth, goodness, and beauty. "The soul," says Plato, in the Theaetetus, "cannot come into the form of a man if it has never seen the truth. This is a recollection of those things which our soul formerly saw when journeying with Deity, despising the things which we now say are, and looking up to that which REALLY is. Wherefore the nous, or spirit, of the philosopher (or student of the higher truth) alone is furnished with wings; because he, to the best of his ability, keeps these things in mind, of which the contemplation renders even Deity itself divine. By making the right use of these things remembered from the former life, by constantly perfecting himself in the perfect mysteries, a man becomes truly perfect -- an initiate into the diviner wisdom."

Hence we may understand why the sublimer scenes in the Mysteries were always in the night. The life of the interior spirit is the death of the external nature; and the night of the physical world denotes the day of the spiritual. Dionysus, the night-sun, is, therefore, worshipped rather than Helios, orb of day. In the Mysteries were symbolized the preexistent condition of the spirit and soul, and the lapse of the latter into earth-life and Hades, the miseries of that life, the purification of the soul, and its restoration to divine bliss, or reunion with spirit. Theon, of Smyrna, aptly compares the philosophical discipline to the mystic rites: "Philosophy," says he, "may be called the initiation into the true arcana, and the instruction in the genuine Mysteries. There are five parts of this initiation: I., the previous purification; II., the admission to participation in the arcane rites; III., the epoptic revelation; IV., the investiture or enthroning; V. -- the fifth, which is produced from all these, is friendship and interior communion with God, and the enjoyment of that felicity which arises from intimate converse with divine beings. . . . Plato denominates the epopteia, or personal view, the perfect contemplation of things which are apprehended intuitively, absolute truths and ideas. He also considers the binding of the head and crowning as analogous to the authority which any one receives from his instructors, of leading others into the same contemplation. The fifth gradation is the most perfect felicity arising from hence, and, according to Plato, an assimilation to divinity as far as is possible to human beings." (See Thomas Taylor: "Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries," p. 47. New York: J. W. Bouton, 1875.)


What appears to be external reality is really all in your head. Why, that sounds like a dream.

While you're still reeling from that, think about this. Have you ever had a dream at night that seemed just as real or even more real than your daily experience?

If so, then you know the only way you could tell the difference was that this dream (or reality) had more memories you could hook into it.

However, from the shaman point of view, memories are only other dreams.
If you've not had such a realistic dream, you may have heard or read about people - mystics, drunks, schizophrenics, people taking drugs, who are sleep deprived, sick, the elderly, children, or shamans - who have had what psychologists and psychiatrists like to call "hallucinations" that for them were every bit as real, or more real, than the dream we call ordinary experience (hallucination means "your dream doesn't match my dream").

The Urban Shaman

Eastern philosophies have long taught that life is a dream, and Western esoteric wisdom has held that life is an illusion. Nevertheless, most of us go on living as if our life experiences were real. What good does it do us to know that life is a dream or an illusion?

Life As A Waking Dream is a unique method of uncovering the deeper meaning of life. Everyday experiences are viewed as messages from the real Self, giving instruction and guidance that tells us what life skills we need to develop, what qualities we need to cultivate in our self-expression, and what new choices we need to make to bring greater harmony to our lives. By studying our life experiences as if they had been dreams, we uncover the keys to more creative and powerful living. Some of those keys are identifying a clear purpose, developing a strong sense of self, learning to recognize and cooperate with the yin and yang polarities of energy, and interpreting symbols that appear in our waking dreams. With practice we can learn how to live more lucidly and even how to wake up to the reality behind the illusion. You don't have to remember your sleeping dreams to do this form of dream-work!!


June 2006

Dream or Reality?

What’s the difference between dreams that give us fear, orgasmic passion, or joyful delight and reality when we are awake? Maybe the answer to the greatest questions about how we came to be can be most simply explained with a simple song. “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream.”

What is reality? Perhaps the grand massiveness of our universe is intertwined into what makes us alive and that the illusions we perceive as reality and dream are one in the same. One is merely longer, persistent and familiar.

This hypothesis causes us great concern if we are but merely dreaming while we think we are awake. If that is true, one day we will awaken. We might even wake up in another dream. If we awaken from what we have for so long perceived as reality and find that a perpetual state of misconception was our individual inference, will we be alive in a different dimension?

Where will that state of awareness be? What will “reality” look like? Maybe

we’ll be trees in a park with children climbing us. Maybe we’ll fly through the sky as birds with dinosaur below. Maybe we’ll be ten years old again. Maybe twelve. Maybe we’ll be an arousal before conception in someone’s mind.

Each individual’s perception of existence may not be what everyone sees. Perhaps life is a dream to some and reality to others. For whatever the purpose or design of this fantastic imagery, there is something in being said of each fanciful inhale of air and the sound we make when we exhale.

The experience of the dreams we have at night and the realities we believe we live in the day make us a part of a universe larger than anything we have yet measured. Somehow we fit into this divine structure, if only a molecule in relative size to only a diminutive portion of the universe.

Each individual being’s reality has a reason for that perception at that particular moment in whatever time relevant to the needs of the universe. For simplification, God. The titled that cannot be titled.

The purpose of this note for life’s thoughts is to stimulate a conscious reverence for being alive. Make this dream of reality good.

In dream, life or death, make good choices and awaken to Heaven.

Today's thought:

“Earth’s crammed with heaven,

And every common bush afire with God.”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning



Dream from the night of March 28/ morning of March 29, 2000


I dreamed I was an actor in a play.

The play was called "Grabbing the Consciousness of Man"

I was a young woman actor, probably about 25 or less years old. I was thin, with long, straight auburn colored hair and bangs.

The scenes from the play that take place with the doctor seem like they are on a dimly lit stage with a live audience in front. The other scenes seem like a real event (i.e. No stage, no audience).

The plot of the play was this: There was a man (assumed doctor) who was to hypnotize me to send me to this other place to find the "Pie of Human Consciousness". I was to get the pie and bring it back to find out what the "secret ingredient" in it was.

In the first scene, I am laying on a table or platform like bed. The doctor, who is dressed in a suit that you would see on someone from the late 1800's is standing near me. He tells me he's going to hypnotize me to send me to get the pie. He does so and the scene of the play changes.

I am now in a boarding school. I am one of 6 students in the school. The teacher is a stern, but nice looking nun. She tells us it is time to eat. We each get a plate of food. On the plate is a small steak, a piece of chicken breast (no skin) and a scoop of rice. We were told we have to eat everything that is on our plate or we can't have our dessert. Dessert is a slice of the pie of human consciousness. It's a creamy looking yellow custard pie. It looks very yummy. More yummy than any pie I have ever seen.

Each of us sits down with our plate. The girl in front of me is named Leeza. I call her Leez. She and I chat about nothing that sticks with me. Then the teacher tells us that there is an extra plate and asked us if we want some more food. Both Leez and I say we do. So we agree to split the plate. We share the rice evenly then I ask her if she wants the chicken or the beef. She takes the chicken. That leaves me to eat the beefsteak.

The steak was very chewy, and it took some time to eat it. So she was done first. When I finished and went to get my slice of pie, it was gone. I then realized that Leez had eaten MY slice of pie as well as her own. I was very upset.

I went to the teacher and told her that all the pie was gone and I didn't have any. She told me that there was one slice of each of us and that was all. I tried to explain to her that Leez ate my slice, but she didn't listen. So I didn't get any pie. I was very upset.

At this point the man on the stage brings me out of the hypnotic trance and I am once again on the stage. I tell him that I saw the pie but I couldn't get the pie because Leez ate my slice. I told him that I was so close to getting it, but it was stolen from me. He and I are both very upset and disappointed.

He tells me to lay back down and puts me under a hypnotic trance again. This time to find Leez and maybe to get my pie back if she hasn't eaten it all.

I find myself standing in this city. There are chain link fences everywhere. I have to make my way through this maze of chain link fences, finding and opening gates to get through. Finally I come around to a place where the teacher from the boarding house is standing. I tell her that I'm back there looking for Leez.

She tells me that Leez is dead. I was shocked. I said what happened. She said that Leez did in fact take and eat my pie like I said she had. And that the pie was poison to her and it killed her. She said that each person is only allowed one slice of the pie of human consciousness. And that slice is the only one that they can have. The only one that is right for them. Every other slice is poison to them. So by stealing my slice and eating it, she was killed.

I was saddened, and said that my slice was gone forever now that Leez ate it.

The teacher said no. That my slice was right there. She pointed. I looked where she pointed and there was my slice of pie. I picked up the slice and started to shout "Brown! Brown! I have the pie! I have the pie!"

The man on stage woke me up from the hypnotic state. It seems that his name was Brown, but up until this time I did not know that. I told him I got the pie.

He was excited and said, "Where is it?"

I held out my hand and the pie was still there. I don't know how I brought it back from the hypnosis, but I did.

There was a rumble in the audience.

Brown said, Quick, taste it and tell me what the secret ingredient is. What is the secret ingredient to human consciousness?

A hush ran through the audience as I sat up and then bit into the pie.

As I did, a light came on from the back of the stage (like back lighting). And a man walked out into the light. He was about the height of the man named Brown. He was blond, middle aged and very good looking. He was dressed smartly in a 1800's type of suit. He had a cane with him. He stepped into my view. Brown didn't seem to see him but Brown looked on at me with awe.

"What is it? What is the secret ingredient to human consciousness?" Brown asked again with anxiousness in his voice.

I looked at the blond man in front of me. He smiled. "It's God!" I said with awe referring to both the man and the secret ingredient.

The audience clapped and roared. The Actor playing God, Brown and I went to the front of the stage and took our bows.

The curtain closed and we went back stage. We congratulated each other on a good job and the Brown actor left.

I was standing back stage with the man who played God. He had the air of God about him. His energy was awesome to be near. I knew also that he was the author of the play I just performed in.

He said to me that he had wonderful news. The play had been going so good that it had been extended and that as well as that there would now be Saturday and Sunday matinee performances. I was very excited about that. He said I was doing an excellent job and he was pleased.

For some reason at this time I kneeled down at his feet and started to kiss his boots. He put his hand on the back of my head and said, "I am very pleased I created you. I could not have made better." I assumed that he was talking about the character in the play. I looked up and said thank you.

Then he helped me to my feet and said, "Come on, I'll buy you lunch."

I took his arm and we walked out together. I was very happy that the creator of the play was pleased with me.


8-4-77 - DREAM - I dreamed that I was in a movie theatre with a group of people. We had one sheet over all of us. Other groups did too. The theatre was packed. My group jumped up (without me) and ran with the sheet to another set of seats across the aisle.

By Joe

NOTE: Dee had this identical dream on 8-8-98. In her dream the whole group had a sheet over them and were ordered to get up with the sheet over them and then get back down again. Dee didn't want to cooperate with the group and left the room. (See below for the continuation of her dream)


6-25-89 - Meditation: First, I sensed I was surrounded by people. Then, I began to see people around me. I could only see them from the neck down, like their heads were in a heavy fog. They deliberately showed me their feet so I would know I could trust them, since their feet were not cloven. All these people were male it seemed. I sensed a number 20 something. I was thinking it was probably 29, but I was guessing because that was the number I was trying to confirm. All these people backed away from me then and formed a line and walked single file through a door into an auditorium. I followed them up to the door, but I was reluctant to go in, so I stood at the doorway. The doorway had an exit sign over it. The auditorium seemed to be both an inside room and an outside room. I sensed both, but I could see bushes or potted plants farther away. The auditorium was full of people all facing one direction. They may have been sitting on chairs, but I wasn't sure because of the foggy nature of the scene. There were both men and women there. In front of the people was a group of men numbering seven. They were sitting cross legged (not lotus) on a low platform, facing the people. Then, all the women in the auditorium got up and began to file out past me. They went through a hallway where I was, which looked like my apartment front lobby

by Dee


9-27-89 - Dreamed I was in a huge building setting up a business. The woman were all dressed in pale beige dresses and wearing high heeled shoes, and I was carrying a beige lamp. The bulb had just been taken out and I was carrying the lamp to set it down for later. I crushed the shade under my elbow and my body because I was so pressured, but I fixed it. There was a swarthy man getting in the way and causing havoc. I went into the basement and he was taking over and there were signs of animals (cats, birds, etc.) everywhere. The cat was a huge orange male and looked rather grubby. I told the swarthy man that I would kill the cat if it got in m way. I went through the basement to the other end where the chubby caretaker was and asked him if he hadn't noticed that the swarthy man was taking over. He said that he hadn't. I told him that all we had to do yet was to establish a musical theatre and we'd be all set to go into business.

by Dee


2-28-92 - DREAM - I was in a big house I owned. I was under investigation by both the police detectives and some bad guys. (I didn't know who) But all these people were trying to find a book I had, but they were sure I had. I had actually hidden it well, behind a lot of other stuff way back under a stairway. I wanted to get the book out, but I couldn't let anybody know where it was. The house was full of people, all looking for the book and some gang members tried to gain entry to the house. They wanted to kill me to prevent the publishing of the book, not knowing it was already done. I pointed out the gang members to the police and they got rid of them, but there were still subversives in the house so anxious to get this book, they would do anything to get it.

I went into another room and the dining table was all set for a banquet in honor of me for writing this book. Everyone looked so somber, I said, "What is this? A wake?" Everybody kind of settled down a little and I saw a young woman come in whose name was "Phoebe Snow". She was an obscure author and she had agreed to write my life story just to get her name in print. Nobody knew who she was yet. (Actually Phoebe Snow is a well known black singer.) ( A white young female in the dream)

I was going to introduce her to the other people at the dinner, but I saw that some people were still looking for the hidden book. I still wanted desperately to retrieve the book that was hidden under the stairs , but too many people were hanging around watching me.

I went into a smaller room near the stairs with a man, dressed in a long sleeved green shirt. He was a psychic like me. He believed in me and my story. We stood in front of a mirror in which we were going to conjure up some spirits. He held my right hand with his left hand and we started swinging our arms wildly and breathing hard and bouncing up and down to bring up the spirits. The spirits started to become visible in the mirror when a young, black-haired woman came walking in the back door.

I started hitting her in the face with a fly swatter. I was angry at her for spoiling our psychic conjuring. I saw that she carried two fly swatters, but I got her first.

I left then to go to a movie to get away from everyone. I walked up 16th St. to Center St. and to Teutonia Ave. to the Milwaukee Theatre. I sat towards the back. The movie hadn't started yet and I was getting hungry. There were a lot of young black kids there and someone threw something at me. I had a big white pillow with me and somehow I suddenly had a book in a gray paper bag in my hand. It puzzled me how I got it. I got up and went into the lobby. There were still people in the lobby and they rushed in to take my seat.

I went to the ladies room. It was filthy and everybody was aghast at it's bad condition. We found one open toilet that was clean, but it had no seat. I waited until another girl took her turn first, laughing and telling her that if she didn't die, I wouldn't either. But when my turn came, I couldn't go. I was anxious to see what the book was that I had in the bag.

by Dee



by Dee Finney

11-26-00 - I was living in a nice house or apartment. During the early morning hours, I heard three descending tones quite loudly coming from my radio. Those tones reminded me that not everyone had the same communication that I did, and what remained was going to be shut off.

Everyone's house had a large grey box in their houses where the electricity came in. If this was shut off, nobody would have communication with the outside world through their radios.

There was an election going on in which the outcome was to be a certain way and when it was over there was another box inside everyone's home that was going to be shut off. This second box was small and was colored red. Once the lever in the red box was shut off, nobody would remember that there was something to remember that they weren't supposed to know. This was the ultimate mind control box.

I went into my own livingroom and realized that there were certain radio stations on my radio that nobody needed to hear so they were shut off and wouldn't be heard anymore. People with televisions which had 'V' chips in them will know and computers with children controls on them will understand that 'control' is coming.

I wanted to tell the people this news but who would believe me? It wouldn't be long before someone came to the house to shut off the little red box and even I wouldn't remember what it was to tell.

But I was expecting a couple of women to come to visit at lunch time so I would start with them and see how it went. During the morning I busied myself with cleaning a little, sorting laundry, etc. I was really tired by the time noon came close and my visitors would arrive.

Finally, the first guest arrived, and I didn't want to tell just her so decided to wait until the other woman arrived and would tell them together so I waited.

To my surprise, more than one woman arrived ... several came together. I wasn't prepared for more guests and I felt a little guilty that my house wasn't perfect. I knew that their house wasn't perfect either, but I didn't want mine to be worse than theirs.

But, more people started coming into the house. These people were all dreamers ... they would understand my story if I put it into the form of a dream. But they all had dreams of their own to tell and I wanted to be polite and listen to their dreams. I would get my turn. So the women started to tell their dreams in turn.

One of the men sat by the radio and I heard him sing the three descending tones so I wasn't the only one who heard them. I could now tell my story and it would be believed.

Then some men dreamers came and I was about to tell my story which was now going to be in the form of a dream, but one of the men started to tell his dream and I still couldn't tell my 'dream'.

All of a sudden it was noon, so I asked everyone if they would like some coffee. I wasn't prepared for that, so went to make the coffee. My friend Cary, who was a psychologist said that she wanted her coffee with a special raw egg cracked into the center of the cup. She had already picked out the egg and it was in the refrigerator.

I told her that was fine, but then I had to find the perfect cup so it had room for the egg. That set me out on another search through the cupboards for othe perfect cup for her before I could tell my story which was now a 'dream'.

As I went through the dish rack and cupboards, I was finding beautiful crystal, fancy dishes like gravy boats, and vases, sugar and creamers, but no coffee cups that would hold a raw egg in the coffee. Finally I found a dish that was more a soup cup but it would at least hold the egg.

I then went to make the coffee. The coffee pot was in the livingroom because it was fancy and had a long spout on it and was for serving coffee to guests.

But I hadn't used the coffee pot in quite some time and when I picked it up, to my dismay there was a spider making a web in the spout. I was horrified so took the coffee pot to the sink to clean off the spider web. It seemed the more I pulled the faster the spider worked and I found fresh cedar boughs in the crook of the handle and it took me a long time to finally get the spider web off the coffee pot.

But I looked into the spout of the coffee pot and I saw three tiny snails and then some tiny fish in it. I couldn't serve coffee this way so I took it to the sink to pour hot water through it and rinse out the snails and the fish.

My son Ken was sitting in the livingroom under a bright light and I warned him that I was pouring hot water so he wouldn't get scalded by accident.

But when I shook the spout to dislodge the snails and the fish, they grew even larger and now I had an angel fish and an oscar in the coffee pot spout.

I shook it even harder and the fish turned into a large black and white cow.

I was never going to be able to serve the coffee so I could tell my story which was now a dream, and I got so frustrated, I woke up.




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