by Dee Finney

8-7-88 - DREAM - I was invited somewhere to perform as a psychic. When I got there I knew that I had been invited there so they could kill me. They were going to use Edward/my husband to do it. I hid out but Edward found me and pulled out a "7"-shaped hammer to do it with. I grabbed it and saw that there was a hypodermic needle on the end of it. I started hitting him on the hand until I smashed his hand, then I hit him in the chest and I kept hitting him over and over and over until he was dead. Then I went back to the theatre where I was to perform and saw that they were charging a lot of money to get in - $300 to $500. I refused to sign the contract because I didn't want to perform for money.


9-25-88 - DREAM - The pastor of my church is basically a good man, but in the dream, his clothes were white accented with black and wore a black hat and black goggles. I couldn't recognize him unless he raised his goggles and spoke out loud. He walked around carrying a level and slide rule, judging those people he controls and he 'must' control of those people under him and he was deliberately trying to get control of me. I noticed that he was trying to corner me in a building when my car keys disappeared and I saw that his helpers were trying to trap me in a corner to get me. I managed to slip out of the building and get to a woman's fashion store with a lot of mannequins to hide out. I noticed that one thing he had done to lower my resistance was to see to it that I contracted every disease that his wife got. The only thing stopping him from getting complete control of me was my awareness that he was attempting to be my controller and that my key was missing. I knew that I had to find it first.

Finally, he caught me and knocked me down with a disease called 'the stinger'. I lay on the ground, knowing they were coming for me. I wasn't afraid, but I felt helpless, unable to raise myself up. I could see they were coming for me.

The next thing I knew, I was trying to straighten out a record on a turntable to play it. Others played imperfect records, but mine had to be perfect.

Later on, I was at work, I saw the pastor again but didn't recognize him until he raised his goggles which he had to do in order to talk to someone. I managed to slip away again, but I was feeling weak and groggy. I knew he still didn't have me under his control, because he didn't yet have the key. I also knew that I had to find my own key because I didn't want him to control me.

NOTE: Two days later, I came down with a horrible debilitating flu illness that laid me flat in bed for days.


1-29-90 - DREAM - Edward came home. He was real nice and I was pleased. He said he was going to sell our house and we would move to "Prince". I thought he meant Prince Albert, Sascathewan, Canada, but he didn't say that. He was outside, staining all the white parts brown. He said he would sign a contract as to what he would do. I asked him to say that he loved me, but he couldn't. Then there was another girl there and he wanted both of us to make love to him with our toes. I agreed, but went to the bathroom to get ready. I was wearing 4 black bras at the same time and white underpants with blue flowers on them.

There was another scene in the distance of a city blowing up and then of a bunch of building falling into the river that he owned. They said "Worth" on them. He said he figured out how to solve the problem. He just sold them to me and his problems were over.


9-20-90 Meditation:

A voice said, "When you see a coffee pot, does it do anything for you?" I answered, "No!" The voice then said, "Then you might as well stay away from it!"

I saw many cartoonish type characters like on playing cards. They were Kings, Queens, Jacks, on a sheet of paper. A voice said, "At least Nancy knows what to give me."

I called Malathion and Nancy so Nancy could give me the information. I could see black hair and black eyes looking over the edge of a table.

I was given a contract. The date after the signature was 1, 1, 45

Q. What is the contract?

A. I saw a globe of light on the ceiling. I saw myself take down the globe and put the contract into it and put the globe back.

The contract covered an agreement to move away from the area in which I was raised to start a community elsewhere.


12-26-91 - DREAM - I was with a tall white haired man on a big piece of land Another man was checking out boundaries and landmarks that went on a contract. The man I was with was wearing a black overcoat and we were holding hands. He was on my left and we walked so close that our arms were touching. We wanted to make sure the man knew that we were really together. The man went to check on one last thing. I said that he was making sure that the gravestone marker was in place. The tall white haired man and I went to the office. The elevator indicator said 1, 2, and 4. There was no 3. When we got up to the 2nd floor, the room was very plain. I said that the office where music is stored is always plain.

I was then met by a female attorney who said she was looking for a paper about Charles Manson. She told me that if we didn't find this paper, he might be let go. I carefully went through all the files that she handed me. It was not there. Then I told her that in years past, we had the original notarized paper, but something had occurred where the original had been required, so we xeroxed it and refiled it, but now we can't find it.

NOTE: In the year 2002, Charles Manson came up for a parole hearing again and was turned down.


1-12-92 - DREAM - I was praised for doing a good job on supervising the construction of a sidewalk and garage on a property and awarded with a contract to supervise the building of another sidewalk and garage. I knew then that I could do that for a living if I wanted to.


3-13-92 - VISION - I was given two contracts for new jobs. One was a white rose. The other one also was a rose (not red) but I couldn't remember the color, because it was just flashed in front of me and gone just as quickly.

See Princess Diana


4-12-92 - DREAM - I was working in an office. I was asked to get some copies made of some blueprints for a man who was trying to become the CEO of our company. There was something about him I didn't like, but I couldn't quite put my finger on. He was a shrewd business man and had been CEO of other companies and I wondered why he changed around so much. Then I found out that he wrote his contracts in pencil and there were tiny bugs crawling all over them, that he underbid jobs just to get them, and then he negotiated for the other side and would charge too much and wouldn't even come down a couple dollars and would cause the people who might buy his product to rebel and go on strike against his company. I saw a full page newspaper ad about him being in charge of a cosmetic company and I went to see him in his office. I saw that he changed his hairdo to suit the person he was talking to, so that they would like him. He had hundreds of photographs of himself ready to mail out. He thought he was quite a handsome man. I saw on the photographs a man who was overly tanned, swarthy and terribly wrinkled from over-exposure to the sun. He looked very familiar to me. His name was H. Ross Perot and his running mate's name was Walter "Heist"!

NOTE: H. Ross Perot ran for president in 1992

6-17-92 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. I wasn't feeling top notch. I was a little dizzy because my blood sugar level was messed up. I wanted to go visit my friend June but didn't feel good enough to walk there, but I was determined to try anyway.

I picked up the phone to cal her and a tenant was on the line complaining that she was going to sue the building because she was forced to sign a contract. I assured her that no one can buy, sell, or rent any kind of property without signing some kind of document.

I got off the phone and discovered that my ex-husband Edward was living with me. He came out of the bathroom laughing and the whole place smelled like ' pot ' (marijuana). He said he had gotten some bad stuff, but he was laughing anyway, so I started laughing with him, so I wouldn't make him mad, and assured him that it couldn't be all that bad if it made him feel that good.

I could tell he was feeling guilty for smoking it and told me he had bought it the day before. I told him that I had known it all along to assure him that I wasn't angry.

He lived in the apartment next to mine, and said that we ought to knock down the wall between the apartments. That as, we would be living together, yet we'd both have privacy to do what we wanted to.

I said that the landlord wouldn't like it, and it would cost over $800 but we could ask him.

I had to go outside to go somewhere and a white car with black edges on it went whizzing past. They were some kind of low-life people that Edward would hang around with, dope dealers and such, not really bad people, but who thought they could do what they wanted to anyway.

They were driving kind of wild and the cops went after them, having to drive through our basement parking lot. They were held up by some people who got in the way, and but the time we got outside, they were long gone. The cops were going to track them down and watch them though.

Then I saw the car coming back. I felt scared and tried to hide. I had a girl with me who couldn't walk because she was on ice skates. So I pulled her along on a sled of sorts with wheels on. She kept me from hiding because it was such a slow process.

A girl got out of the white car and opened up a cosmetic case which was full of pale colored powder. She said the demonstrators name was Ice Stalker Castanet and she would be along on Sept. 7th. She said that Paul (my boss) would want me to use the products. I figured that he probably would.


7-21-92 - MEDITATION - Babaji said, "I was supposed to show you this card yesterday." I then saw the same yellow post card with my name on it and the address was 1029 N. Jackson St.

After that I saw a lease or contract and under it were address cards such as I use for outside supplies when I order things to be done on the building.

NOTE: I almost got that job, but unfortunately, the company who owned the building sold it to another company and I left the city to work elsewhere.


9-16-92 - DREAM - I was in my office and my boss came in. He wanted to know when my anniversary date was. I told him we had just passed it. He asked me if I had a written contract. I said, "No! But we could write one up if he liked. He said he didn't really want to do that, but that I could have anything I wanted. "Just name it and it's yours," he said.

I said, "When the time is right, would you help me to get a car?", knowing that he knew people in the car business. He said, "It's yours!" He smiled and shook my hand. He left then and I saw that a tall, thin criminal was in the neighborhood, killing people. after some confrontation, I escaped and ran over to the Dodge dealership across the street and hid in a salesmans office. The crminal wouldn't follow me there and I was safe.

NOTE: This is really scary, looking back at this from the future, 2002, because this came true, although nobody died, they were in the hospital with severe cutting from a knife.. After I got my car in 1996, this exact situation occurred.


12-6-92 - DREAM - Marilyn and Chuck left, and I took over as Manager of Jefferson Court apartments. I hadn't given notice at my other place yet and it was to late to give notice, so I was going to start the new job and full time on February 1st and i was going to write up a contract stating that they had to give me enough time the 1st two months so I could handle both places at the same time. I began to meet the elderly people at the new place and saw that I was going to have to re-wallpaper and that she left stuff behind like canning jars, an insurance policy from Blue Cross-Blue Shield. I heard some kid rollerskating on the 2nd floor and I sneaked upstairs and bawled them out, then went back to work moving.

Part of the dream I listened on the radio to a man talking about Ampco, saying that my husband was so busy at work, that they had to go to him for meetings, rather than him to go to them.

NOTE: This dream came true also, although I didn't have to give up one job to do the other - I did all of it until the other buildings were sold. It was very good experience working with the elderly there, except for the part where I was required to open doors to find dead bodies in the morning.


12-29-92 - DREAM - I was in an office working. I found a contract for an award dinner that was supposed to have been held in 1989, but had been delayed and was only going ahead now. I felt a twinge of guilt for not completing the work in 1989, but it would have been wasted anyhow, because the whole thing had been delayed. I looked over the contract to see what enclosures I needed, one was a check and the other was the name of the person it was to be sent to.

My friend Alice came in and brought me a green placemat and on the edge she wrote a date that concerned our spiritual teacher. But, after she left, I looked for the date and couldn't find it. The date was hidden in amongst all the intricate flowers and leaves on the placemat, which I could either embroider or use as is, because Alice had painted all the ribbons gold.

I was studying the placemat, looking for the date when the telephone rang. Alice said the 'the teacher' had gone into a private room to say some special prayers ahead of time instead of waiting for the group to come together. That didn't bother me, but it bothered one of the other girls so much that he had't waited for the group to come together, that she quit altogether.

When she left, she turned in a green index box which contained the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all of our members.

I then studied the intricate placemat again, looking for the date, but could find nothing but the letter 'M'.

I planned to embroider it and I knew it would take a long time to complete because it was so intricate, but I would do it, because it would be so beautiful and by doing so, I would find out what the important date was.


3-6-93 - DREAM - I was at home in New Berlin. We had a new neighbor, a woman who smoked cigarettes and moved fast as though she were perpetually angry. She kept her grass and hedges closely trimmed and neat.

I went out into my own yard, where we never mowed or clipped anything. There were flowers blooming everywhere, short ones, tall ones, higher than my head, flowers of every imaginable size, shape and color. If we had mowed, we would have none of these.

I decided to go across the street to a house we owned but rented out to others. I wanted to demonstrate how friendly a neighborhood we had, that doors were never locked and visitors were welcome any time. The only time we knocked on each other's door was when a husband and wife were home alone and one might interrupt lovemaking by walking in.

So, I went into the house across the street. Cannot remember the intial conversation, but I remembered having a typed a many-paged contract and put it into a manila colored file folder. I didn't remember where I had put it but it was time to sign it.


8-19-93 - DREAM - I was in bed in my 16th St. house. My son Bill came in, wearing an Air Force blue uniform. He was on his way to work. I then got up and went to the closet to get something to wear. The closet was empty. I asked my mother where my clothes were. She said she thought that there was a lot of them in the downstairs closet.

I went downstairs admiring all the antiques we had. I wanted to show all these to Joe.

But when I got to the bottom of the stairs, everything was different. Contractors had come in and remodeled the kitchen , blocked in and plastered and painted the stairway. Everything was different and brand new.

Bob, the painter was talking on the phone and there were a couple other painters and worker contractors there too.


8-19-93 - I was moving out of a house and my ex-husband was loading up the car. This must have been a rooming house or something because a man and a young boy came to empty and clean some commode containers. I told him that we did that ourselves.

I was getting ready to plant a small garden and I wanted the rows to run north and south.

We were cleaning up and getting ready for a dance party to be held at 10 a.m. A man came in carrying a huge accordion. I teased him about the time only being 10 a.m. and he said that he had nothing planned so he came early to join us.

The lady who had planned the dance party was working all day at the Brass Bell as we were going to telephone her to tell her of the accordion player joining us. The other musicians were hoping they would get a recording contract out of it.


5-2-94 - DREAM - This was a repeat dream I had earlier and in the dream I knew I had been given this information before. (I didn't write it down) Large books were given to me with names of people all over the U.S. I was to give gifts to all these people, then I was shown that the gifts should be appropriate to the person i.e. not everybody gets the same gift.

I was then given a list of star names that went with the star chart from yesterday.

I tried to call my friend Alice for some advice on this and all she would say was, "The Nestle horses are in the hallway."

I then went to work in an A-C office. My job was to send out contracts and letters for signature. I knew I should make copies of them before I mailed them out. I went to a file cabinet where the copies made in a drawer came out way too large and were yellow and almost impossible to read. So I knew I had to go down the hall to another section where the copies would be white and the same size as the originals.

My Aunt came in then and told me that she wanted to see me because she had many things to give me and they were piled up in the corner of her room.

NOTE: (I knew this was my Aunt Doris though she looked much, much, younger) She died in 1997. She was sick for a long time.


10-15-94- MEDITATION - I saw a contract where I sold either shares or something to my soup (Cabbage soup) I said, "It's so simple. The contract said, "Just Soup!"

NOTE: Interestingly enough, someone wrote a series of books called 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'



3-7-95 - DREAM - I was living on the corner of 16th and Bartelt which was actually Clark St. I was planting flowers along the entire length of the house. The garden was at least 6 feet wide and 100 feet long. When it was all planted and watered, it was solid flowers of every imaginable kind. I signed a contract for all the bouquets of flowers to be exactly 11 inches across.

I was living in the same house and I heard an alarm going off in the basement by the water pump but nobody would go down and shut it off. A tall man came by and asked me about it and I was tempted to let him come in and shut it off, but I was afraid to let him in the house so we let it continue ringing.

A woman came then and asked me to sign up for a weight loss program for $345.00. I asked to see a brochure and she didn't have any. She just wanted me to give her the money. I hollered at her and refused to sign up. I told her she would never be available to call on the telephone anyway if I was tempted to eat a cookie.

Then I went back outside to work in the garden. The house and yard was very long. I was at the back end of the property and my little son was at the front of property screaming at the top of his lungs, "Mama. Carry me! Mama, carry me! Mama, carry me!" so I walked all the way up to the front and said to him in a very loud voice so the neighbors could hear me, "Mama, Carry me?" I picked him up and carried him with me.

6-22-95 - DREAM - I was working in an office and writing a contract. It had to be done by October, so there was plenty of time to be careful with the wording.

On my desk was a 3 line phone. There was no privacy on it ... the voices bled over onto the unused lines. I wanted my own white one-line phone.

I hung around with my friends for awhile, then went home to a room I had just moved into the day before.

I saw that the front door was open. I couldn't believe I had been so careless. I went to my room and saw that everything had been stolen. Even my clothes and pictures on the walls was gone. The robbers had been so violent they even broke the dresser drawers in their hurry.

I was devastated to lose everything, but I knew that if I went through what was left behind, and saw what was there, I could re-buy what was missing.

I blamed it on my ex-husband Jim.

Then Edward, my second ex-husband came along. He had a small baby to care for and he said I could move in with him. I knew I had to move again that day, but I knew too that if I went to live with him to take care of his baby, the risk to him harming me again was very great.


10-19-97 - I was working at a very large company and went to a certain department to search for a particular blueprint. At the same time I was posting dreams on a computer and each time I did, the computer disk would revolve and I could see that the postings were forming a football shape. I was so excited about this, I wanted to show Joe what was happening.

Meantime, a tall, thin girl was waiting for me to get her the blueprint and I had been spending my time posting dreams instead. I felt guilty and went over to the next aisle to get the blueprint which was still in a square box cube, the was it came and I hadn't done my job with it yet.

I opened up the box to get the blueprint and inside was a burned frying pan. I opened the lid and found two scorched chicken wings in it.

I apologized to the girl and said to her, "Tell your boss I'm such a bad cook, I even burn restaurant food."

I then went to another department because I was getting ready to move. My apartment was on Wisconsin Ave. where NWML Insurance Co. is, and I was moving to the penthouse of the building East of it across the street from where I currently was.

People were asking me when I was going to be home to have my open house party.

I had the key to my apartment already so I was anxious to get going. I started packing up my clothes in a neat pile inside a brown wicker basket that was football-shaped.

I wanted to get going so I made a flimsy excuse about not wanting to inspect an apartment for the 5th time and told my boss, "I quit!" It was my last day anyway but it was 5 o'clock and I wanted to get going. I saw the contract Lease and it was signed in red ink. The apartment they wanted me to inspect was #10 and it was past the intersection where 96, 97, and 98 was at the EL of the building. I wasn't willing to walk past that intersection.

My sons came over. There were 3 of them and for some reason, each one had to change clothes and I saw their huge penises. (This represents the triple male trinity)

One son had lost so much weight he had lost 14 inches off his waist and his clothes were in shreds up to his waist and yet he didn't want to change them for a smaller size. At his belt, his clothes were like this: ^^^^^^^ . I told him to take a shower and change clothes. I was ready to move.

#3 - DREAM - While I was moving, the mail truck pulled up in front of the building. they had like a mini-office on the truck. I asked if they had any mail on the truck and they looked at all the names and if I knew any of the names they would appreciate it if I would deliver it for them. I looked at all the names and the only name I knew was OSTRANDER.

Just as I said I knew the person named OSTRANDER a guy who claimed to be OSTRANDER came on the truck. He opened one of the packages. It was a clock. I could not see the face on the clock. Before I left, the postman gave me a big electronic gadget which plugged into the cable outlet with two big prongs so I could see cable shows for free.

#4 - DREAM - I was driving my car to the new apartment. You drove the car standing up in the middle of the front seat. A seat belt held you in place which went from you to a holder on the left seat which was numbered 108 to a holder on the right which was numbered 108. The strap formed a triangle. In front of the driver was a round gadget into which he typed his dreams while traveling.

#5 - DREAM - In order to move, I had to register my traveling number. Each person carried an electronic gadget which plugged into a place at your location.

I had had to turn it in at DOT when I moved and I was now at the DOT again to pick up my new counter.

At the first desk I went to, I found my old counter to which they had attached a silver key.

I picked it up and walked towards the second desk where you registered. I was waiting my turn when a tell, dark, foreign man took ahold of my arm. He talked with a European accent. He said, "I watched you in the last place and I was very impressed how helpful you were to the man there, so I want to help you now and give you a clue. When you get a new number, you throw away the old number."

His face then turned into an electronic type of gadget which keeps time or counts things. I woke up before I saw any number though.


11-1-97 - DREAM - I was in a large public building that had apartments in it. It was my job to inspect the apartments and made sure they were ready for new people to move into them.

This was Saturday night and I made arrangements with the current tenants to show their apartments on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. though my usual hours were 9 a.m.

There were contracted workmen in the hallway doing major repairs discussing how some people couldn't work in spaces that were 4 or 5 inches wide and wanted to know who had made the last major screwup. Damage was so bad that no one had figured out how to fix it yet. I saw a hole in the wall that was about 3 feet x 3 feet with a black screen over it. I had to admit it was a woman who had done the damage and her name was Mary.

I had to go to the bathroom out in the public hallway by the front door and when I got there I heard a man screaming. It frightened me so much, I ran back up the hallway as fast as I could and it seemed slow motion. I felt as though I was the half-crazed man myself crying out in agony. To get back into the main hallway, I had to go through 6 arched doorways to get through without making oneself into a squashed image of oneself. I had to rip the curtain from the door to open the door. All the doorways were back to back so that by opening one, you still had the rest to contend with. Each of these doorways had a curtain on it of a religious figure bigger than life yet obscuring the door itself. I managed to get 5 of them open and the last one had a picture of a huge eye pasted on it. I had to pull the picture of the eye off the door to find the door itself and yanked it open to find myself inside the building which was now a chaotic shambles of its former self.

The crazed man had beat me there somehow and tore all the furnishings into shreds everywhere I looked.

I came upon a stunned woman and asked her if 911 had been called. She aid that the man had hurt his hand early in the morning and had been treated for his injuries but now the anesthesia had worn off and he couldn't stand the pain.

I realized that so much damage had been done by the half-crazed man that it would never be the same again.

The image that came to mind was of Christ with nails driven through the palms of his hands.


12-17-97 - DREAM - I was working in a large company We were moving from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor. We took all the white cabinet doors with us. I was out in the hallway and some men came by who were also moving their offices upstairs. They were talking the white doors which were gilded with gold with them. That made me know it was okay to do what we were doing.

The accountant came by and delivered a ledger for our new business. She was in a hurry so she put it on the floor in the hallway. It was about 6" thick and 3 feet long and 1 1/2" high. The cover was gold and so were the edges of the pages. Our business contract was on top.

I had to go to the bathroom and decided it would be easier to run to the bathroom which was right there and then pick up the ledger. I opened the door to the bathroom and the man with the white door followed me into the ladies room. He had passed the men's room to follow me, so I had to remind him that he had followed me into the ladies room. I then went back into the hallway and picked up the ledger to take it with me.


3-19-98 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. There were some outside contractors doing work on the house and in the yard and in the neighborhood. I was just about to go to the bathroom when one of the workmen came to the front door. He was dressed in green and blue work clothes - blue pants and green shirt. He said that they were about done but wasn't quite sure how our lot lines were laid out; they wanted to make sure that when they inspect the land and made it perfect that they didn't extend into the neighbor's land. So, I showed him the lot lines on the north and showed him how they started at the NW corner and went all the way up the hill to the NE corner. That was the hardest line to determine. As I looked out the window with him, I could see that there were electrical and telephone poles and lines strung from the house all the way up to the NE corner. Some of the T shaped cross bars carried as many as 12 lines on them. 6 on each side.

He looked kind of amazed at how far the property line went. He said, "We may as well finish the papers now. He got a huge blue folder out that opened up towards the top. His name as contractor was way at the top. (I can't remember what it was.) On the bottom page were two places where I had to sign. I could see where my name "Dolores Bauer" (my first married name) was already on the top line and I signed my name "Dolores Finney" on the bottom line and on the top line to show who I really was. He signed it also. Then he closed the notebook and handed me my book of instructions. This book was like a calendar size that you carry with you. It was thick black leather.

His boss then came in and when I looked up, we were in my 16th St. house in the parlor by the stairway going upstairs. He said, "We are all done, the crew is just making the final touches to the livingroom". We opened up the sliding doors to the livingroom (they slid into pockets in the walls). There were two men standing on step ladders in the livingroom with lights in their left hand inspecting and ceiling and touching up the ceiling paint to make sure there were no imperfections.

They were just finishing up when Kevin from the TV show 'One Life to Live' came in from the kitchen, saying, "Are we almost done? The women in the family would like to get the serving tables set up now." Many women in the family were bringing out trays of food to set up for a banquet. I walked to the front door with the workmen, the two bosses, clutching my book of instructions in my hand and waved goodbye to them as they drove up 16th St. to the north.


9-16-98 - DREAM - My husband was building an addition onto our lake cottage but all he had done was frame it in and move all the rough lumber and old school parts to the new building and nothing was inside was done, it was just laying around loosely like a storage room. School desks were laying over on their sides and walls weren't finished. I needed to go to the bathroom and there were two of them but one of the toilets was in front of a huge window with no curtains and when you turned the light on, a heater came on with it and leaked water on the floor at the same time.

To get to the other bathroom which my mother had used, you had to brush aside cobwebs and tread carefully over loosely laid grids on the floor between the desks laying on their sides.

The whole place smelled like cats had been using it to go potty in and I was hoping that once it was painted and carpeted it would cover up that smell.

Outside, there were a lot of women with their children. We were all sitting around, talking about how hard it was to raise children and not say the wrong things to them to damage their egos or feelings. We were all rather laying around on cots and I needed to get dressed for work, but there were little girls there with their mothers and it was important that I say the right things to them.

A caterer and milkman had come in to make deliveries. (The caterer had brought meat sandwiches on a platter and were drying up. A girl tasted it and didn't get sick but I thought it best to have fresh meat brought in. A lot of salt was spilled along the edge of the meat platter. I tasted it and it was very bitter.) I turned on the lights so a contract could be signed between us and him because he was bringing in new milk every day and we wanted to make sure we got the right amount.


10-11-98 - DREAM - I was seeing several e-mails on a computer and it seemed it was a series of arguments about various subjects, but I was seeing only the titles of the arguments and not the arguments themselves.Then it got to the bottom and it said, 'STOP MAIL' STOP MAIL'.

I then went outside and the whole air was dark brown. I thought that was really strange so I looked up into the sky and saw a full, complete, total eclipse of the the sun. The sun was very small, so the moon covering it looked even smaller. I could see the golden corona of the sun around the moon which looked like a round dot.

Then suddenly, it looked like the sun exploded and dozens of small 5 pointed golden stars flew out of the sun in every direction.

I said, "Oh my God! The sun is exploding!" But after the stars flew out of the sun, the sun, still in full eclipse was still there.

I called it to everyone's attention who was nearby and then went back into the building.

My apartment was full of people. Everyone I've known in the last 20 years was there and lots of children I didn't know. Everyone was standing around talking and it had a party atmosphere.

An insurance agent of some kind came in and said he needed to see me. He showed me a sheet of paper with brown writing on it. It was the verbatim arguments of three women of which I was one of them according to him. I saw the names of the other two women and as I recall they were psychic-type women.

According to the insurance guy, I was determined the victor of the argument and as the one who was vindicated, I was being given an award.

He handed me a tall grey metal box that was very thin but wide and I opened it and it was an apartment key box with all the keys hanging on pegs inside. I thanked him and noticed that on the very bottom of this box were two extra keys and padlocks. They were very small less than an inch long. I asked what they were for. He told me they were for the two storage rooms in the basement that the outside contractors used for themselves that no one else had access to. He said that I may as well avail myself of the material there rather than use my own.

I was really pleased with that, so I went downstairs and opened the door. Inside, it was like a grocery store, not that there was a lot of stuff, but what was there was BIG, and on top was the biggest bottles of yellow mustard and red ketchup I've ever seen.

I went back upstairs where the children were getting out of hand. All the kids were in the bedroom on top of the bed and they were trying to do every thing all in the same space. Some were trying to get their homework done, some were trying to build things with legos, some were playing with dolls and some were searching through a big mess of toys trying to decide what to play with.

So, I had to separate the children depending on what task they were doing. The ones who needed to finish their homework were moved out to a white counter in another room, and the other children were moved to different areas depending on what they were doing.

Then I went back to where the older teens and the adults were still chatting and our grandson Ethan came in singing a little song, "Jesus loves me and I let him in." It had a 3rd line which I can't recall, but I asked him if he would sing it to the whole group. At this point I called him Bill and told the group that Bill wanted to sing for them. I picked Ethan up so he was at their level and everyone gathered around and Ethan sang his little song,"Jesus loves me and I let him in," plus the 3rd line I can't remember.

The instant he stopped singing, one of the women in the group whom I knew well, began to pass out what looked like menus and I thought it was for a pizza place. Then she sat down in front of the windows. She was blonde with curly, shoulder length hair, wore a peach colored dress and peach colored lipstick to match. As the sun streamed in the window behind her, she literally glowed with a translucent quality, that surprised even me. She began to tell the women that she had set up a shop at a place that looked like HALL on the sheet but she said Pizzaro where they could learn to look like her.

and I woke up.


11-2-98 - VISION - ' VISIONING' ' A CONTRACT' I saw a paragraph that started with "A quasar of the solar system depends on this information we are attempting to give to you. You are receiving well. We just need to do more of it. You can send it out on the airwaves. When the time is right ... Art Bell ... Schmart Bell. That is nothing. Yours is universal ... his is local. You will be notified when the time is right.

He will literally be eating out of your hand one day. This is good. Some day you will have enough information to put together a book. It will be published and the world will come knocking on your door.

Your pain is such that it keeps you at home where you belong so we can speak to you. We don't need you running around in the world making money. We need you at home listening to us speak to you.

NOTE: My third book on the Pole Shift will be in the book stores this week. (April 2002)


12-12-98 - DREAM - I was walking down a city street and came to a big stone wall.On one of the stones was written the word 'SURVIVE'. I looked at the word and said to my male companion, "Oh! My God! That's one subject I don't have in my program!" We rushed off to a building where I used to work to make sure I got the word in the program on my computer.

When I was in the office, my old boss came in. (A high ranking Jew) He didn't remember that I didn't work for him anymore and asked me to go get a contract he had forgotten from his office. Rather than explain anything to him, I looked at the name on a piece of paper, (Carlson?) and walked down to his office. He had told me that the contract he wanted was in the topmost drawer on the right.

When I was in the office, there were many sets of file drawers with some cards, but none that was big enough to hold contracts. Whether out of curiosity or out of desperation, I began looking in those drawers for the contract and saw that he had had someone type up lists and lists of names on these cards and there drawers and drawers of them. I never did come up with the contract.

As I was walking back down the hall, I saw another one of my old bosses. This one was female. she was explaining to a guy that she dressed in a certain way so that if she was asked to return a stolen piece of cloth from a restaurant table, she'd still have another to cover herself with.

In this case, she wore two large golden orange table napkins folded and crossed over her breasts like a summer halter-type bra and crossed in the front like an X. Over this she wore a matching golden orange shirt I heard her explain to her male companion that when she went into the restaurant and they made her give back one of the napkins, she'd still have the other one to cover herself with.

I always though she was a very wise woman and always taught me everything she knew so that I could do it and she did have to. That made me wise with knowledge and more valuable to the company so they paid me more too.

So, I decided to do exactly as she did and then I'd always be a success because she was and I too fashioned myself a bra of two crossed napkins of golden orange and a blouse of the same color.


12-14-98 - DREAM - I lived on the East side of Milwaukee. There was a lot of junk on top of an old silver sink sitting on a diagonal on the corner. There was a lot of junk on it. Several people came by who I knew. I helped them pick out things they might need like a big can opener.

I went to my apartment, there were lots of people there. They were all in process of sorting things out. A little boy baby I was caring for needed his diapers changed. When I took off his diaper which was like see-thru plastic. There was more poop showing outside than there was inside the diaper.

My ex-husband showed up ... he sat in a bathtub full of soap water in the kitchen. He looked pale and weak. He said he had contracted some kind of disease that started with the letter "M" but sounded like "Bosnia". I can't remember what it was. He said he was getting better.

He went upstairs then and I followed him but was waylaid by a little girl I was taking care of who wanted to take her toys upstairs to play with. I let her take her toys upstairs to play with. I let her take a table and some books, but I wouldn't let her take any of her red-plastic gardening tools. I told her they belonged outside.

Then my father showed up in a 1922 Model T. It needed some repairs, but it was huge and it ran perfect. I was thinking maybe he'd let me drive it. It had some rusty grid-like parts on the roof but was as big as a room in a house inside.


12-31-98 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen which was like a TV. On the screen was a beautiful country club scene. It must have been on a river because there was a real high long bridge in the distance. It was so beautiful there.

Bob G. the painter stood on my left and another man stood on my right and we were ooohing and aahing over how beautiful it was. Bob G., the painter said, "Oh! I wish we could be there now." I was trying to scroll on the screen with the mouse to bring the picture in better and the picture was rolling fast. Bob said he wished he could see it better. I got the picture to zoom in and stop rolling and the other guy and I were telling Bob that we had tried to buy property there but there was something wrong with the contracts because of some inspection problems and the deal didn't go through.

NOTE: The dream ended then because Joe came home from work in the physical and made noise that woke me up.


1-26-99 - DREAMS/VISIONS This is strictly for the West Coast. Others needn't worry, but should send light to the situation if you can. I would ask that everyone pass this along to anyone you know on the West Coast. Last night, I had 6 identical dreams In the dream, I was staring at a control panel of indicators, buttons, and charts about disasters, especially earthquakes. When the earthquake hit, even the indicator that said 'earthquake' shook violently.

The fact that I had the dream 6 times is VERY important. That means it's highly likely to happen.

After I woke up this morning, I had a series of at least a dozen visions. Each one was about the types of quake disaster that is going to occur.

In one, a tectonic plate dropped slightly. In the next, the plate dropped and quivered, and what looked like solid rock, turned to gravel and rolled around. In another one, the tectonic plates turned on edge like this: /////. In another one, I saw cars on top of roadways, raise up in the air 50 feet or more. In another, everything got all jumbled up like jackstraws.

I was told that there will not only be a lot of damage, but many deaths. When the earthquakes hit, there will also be tidal waves which will kill many more people along the coastline.

For some reason, there is also going to be heavy cross winds which will cause damage to anything airborne at the time.

NOTE: In April 2002, the winds were over 100 miles an hour straightline and many houses were destroyed in several states.

Let me tell you this also. Many people have been getting warnings from spirit to leave, and you haven't listened. Those of you who have gotten the warnings know who you are. NOW is the time to heed the warnings while there is still time.

Not all types of quakes will hit the same place. These quakes will happen all along the west coast. A BIG shift is coming. Watch the little quakes now. That's where the indicators will show where the big ones are going to hit. We already know that Los Angeles will be one place. Little quakes are good. The are pressure relievers. It would be worse if there were none.

Also be aware that 7 volcanoes are going to go off all at once also. They will be devastating as well. These volcanoes are all linked underneath the surface of the earth. These also will be along the West Coast.

I already know that many people will hide their heads and not heed the warnings. I was shown that too, but those of you who have the awareness will know that this is the time to go. You have 6 weeks to make the move. Make it less if you can.

Here are the visions:

#1 - I saw a man in a beige trench coat take a big step to the left over a sinking sidewalk plate.

#2 - I saw the same man in a beige coat take a step forward and to the right over the same sinking sidewalk plate, which was now deeper and the concrete had turned to shifting sand and gravel.


#4 - VOICE - There is a developing situation which CNN and a large magazine media will break. I saw numerous pictures on two side by side pages. There were 7 of them. Each page I turned over was developing the pictures as I went. I flipped them all back to look at them again, and they continued to develop. (Perhaps there are two situations developing)

#5 - VOICE - ZUCKO - (ZUKO) I saw a huge land mass rise over 50 feet with a car balanced on top of it.

#6 - VISION - I saw a full drawer of kitchen utensils slamming shut and all the utensils were jammed every which way out of alignment at the front of the drawer.

#7 - VISION - I saw the same drawer pulled as far out as it could go with all the same kitchen utensils still jammed way to the front. The back of the drawer was empty. Then I saw a hand move a single large mixer beater to the left corner of the back of the drawer and a large mat on the right back corner which laid down on the empty space and draped over the top of the utensils. A voice said, "If everyone is dead, what good is it?"

#7 - VOICE - "This is it"... sue market (Sue Marquette) (SUE MAR KET) ( I don't know what this means, but a man called up on the phone the same evening and threatened to sue us for publishing a derogatory paper about him on the web) (We removed it)

#8 - VOICE - "The gentlemen in the Senate is hiding something. It'll be the gentlemen from San Francisco. The information is about to be released. What is the strategy?" ????

#9 - VOICE - When the wind current meet each other, the antique flyers in multiples. "

#10 - I could hear rock and roll music playing. A voice said, "Take the music away from the yard." I saw a stick raise up a whole pile of plates in a sink. All were tilted ////.

#11 - VOICE - "It's time to leave." I saw a man scrambling to get out of bed and out of his house. The voice said, "It's the water level."

#12 - I saw three men bend over way down, hiding their heads. Then I saw three other men with dark hair and dark moustaches. A voice said, "If you don't want to! then "If you don't have to!" I assumed the sentences belonged to each type of men.

#13 - I saw like a pit forming in sand. It was circular. A voice said, "Can Arizona offer any darkening?" This was a 5 pointed star but with rounded ends.

#14 - VOICE - "The timing is off."

#15 - VOICE - "The Kings with the contracts will lose."

#16 - VISION - I saw a black hand held radio communicator with the antenna broken off. (I assumed that was the end of the communications and got up to write everything down.)


3-17-99 - DREAM - This seemed to take place in the future. In the dream I was able to incorporate the information into it's proper place on both a website page AND in what seemed to be the physical. It all had to do with Native American spirituality practices and caring for the land. It was very detailed but I can't remember the details now.

At the end of the dream I was renting an apartment to a young woman. I had a lot of food on the kitchen table and kept the young woman hungry for what I to offer her. I didn't offer her a contract until she was desperate to have what I had.

Also see: Native American Wisdom


3-21-99 - DREAM - I can't remember the details of this dream but we were going around inspecting things and when we finished, we sat down to sign a contract for it. I had seen this contract before. A large yellow legal pad was on the left and the contract was on the right. Joe took the pen to sign the contract and I was going to sign it after him.


5-23-99 - DREAM - I was working in a large office. There was nothing to do. The desks were empty. This was a maintenance supervisor's office. The contractors who were to do the work said they were going to have to go out into the city and find work because we weren't giving them anything to do. The boss came in and sat at the desk behind mine. There was a woman sitting at the desk behind him and another desk with a woman sitting there next to mine. All of our desks were empty. I told the boss, "We ought to find out what apartments are going to vacate in the future so we know what work is coming up because the maintenance crew is making noises about leaving us. There won't be anybody here to do the work if they leave."

The woman behind my boss was nodding, "Yes! I agree!"

My boss said, "I'm really glad you were promoted to this office."

My boss obviously had no clue how to run a maintenance office. I used to manage who complexes including supervising maintenance so I knew the whole operation.




10-3-99 - DREAM - I was living in a house that had a couple offices in it and the basement was being finished off. There was a lot going on it the same time.

I had decided to write a book about sports but nobody knew it yet. I was able to telephone my bosses to get advice from them, there were 3 phones and when the connection was made, conversing with them, actually brought them into physical manifestation into the house. I was attempting to press three outfits to wear and I had an ironing machine which did this automatically. It had a sticky cloth which was on a roller and drew the cloth upward into the machine, pressed it and the cloth came out of the presser roller on the front feeeling warm and freshly pressed. The machine announced what it was doing in a female voice in German. It said three words one of which was 'hein" as it rolled the clothing out. One of the outfits was bright red like a silk coat.

I was also cooking dinner and while the meat was cooking, I was preparing fresh vegetables to go with the dinner. I had placed some celery into a plastic container in the refrigerator and when I got it out and starting removing it from the container, I saw that it was embedded with bugs in all stages from eggs to larvae to crawling bugs, including microscopic sized crawly things. The lettuce wasn't any better. So I had to throw it away without anyone knowing, I had planned to serve it.

My daughter-in-law Debe came in the back door and smelled the meat cooking and I knew the overall smell was wonderful though nobody knew about the bugs.

I had a narrow necked vase I intended to fill with water. I reached out the window with the vase in my right hand and had to put my left hand out the left window next to it. There was a painter standing right there working on the outside of the house. The vase I had was Etruscan with beautiful colorful figures painted on it. I dipped it into the soil at the base of the house and the soil was almost bright red and somewhat like sand. As I dumped the sand out of the vase, it broke up into sections like the figures on the vase had been made of individual pieces and glued together. I placed the figures in a row and saw how beautiful they were, and I knew there were more vases in the soil along the base of the house and the painter assured me that the broken vase was more valueable than when it was whole.

Someone brought me a candle while I had my hand stuck out of the window. The candle had just been poured and set and the man placed the figure of a small man on top of the candle which was two inches wide and about 2 inches tall.

I decided the candle would look better with a female figure on top of it and when I pulled the male figure off and replaced it with the female figure which was wider. I noticed that the inside was still somewhat melted and not set yet. The inside of the candle was red but the outside was a bluish color ... aqua.

Right after that my boss and I went out to the garage Somehow we both sat behind the wheel of the car. I stuck my left leg out of the window so he could see how beautiful and shapely it was. However a teenage boy went by and commented sexually on what I was doing, so I pulled my leg back into the car.

I went back into the house and the contractor's trucks were arriving to pour concrete in the basement to make a new white floor.

A young teen boy to my right said, "Oh great! When it's done I can ride my bike down there", and I knew he'd have to ride his bike in a figure 8 the sign of infinity.

I also knew then I wasn't going to write my book about sports, but about the 'danger's of sports'.


1-15-00 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but all the people seemed to be from Wisconsin. Some of the people are deceased, and some not.

There is a theme of going through events twice, once for practice and once for real. The first time was to get past the fear, the second because you know you can do it without serious harm because it must be done.

At first I was in the country, going down a road. There were numerous brown horses along the road and I was afraid that they would get out of control. The second time I went down the path, the brown horses were all laying down alongside the road in the mud after a rain. I was disgusted to see them wallowing in the mud.

I was then high on a hill waiting for a flight in a white airplane. I've always been afraid to fly ever since my Father wouldn't allow me to join the rescue organization for young people when I was 14 that went up in planes to look for lost people.

While I was in the plane hangar, it was raining outside so the plane couldn't go up. I was standing near the entrance to the hangar with another person and began sliding down a steep hill standing up. I ended up at the bottom of the hill thigh deep in mud.

Nobody bothered to watch or to care how I was. When I came back up the hill to the plane hangar, I had to walk through an area that had thousands of glittering icicles hanging down like stalagtites in a cave. I had to bust them off as I walked through the area so they wouldn't cut me. It wasn't until I was completely through this area that others noticed I had been gone and they marveled at the broken ice, but not at what I had survived.

NOTE: On Sunday following this dream, there was a show on TV where they showed a new cave just found and being protected and they entered through a square doorway just like in my dream and showed all the stalagtites that were hanging down that took millions of years to form. See what I did above compared to real stalagtites that no one can touch because it takes so many years to create drop by drop with water.

continuing dream:

Then the engineer I used to work with (now deceased) Don Waalkes asked me to go out to the plane with him. (The name Don means Chief or Lord and Don was Chief Engineer where I worked) . I asked to see the contract I had to make sure I was authorized to do this. I tried to read the fine print, but we did this so fast, I couldn't find any statement one way or the other about this. The other men who were there were questioning whether I should be doing this instead of them. They were acting jealously like they should have been chosen for this privilege and not them.

We got out to the plane and I was taken inside the workings of the plane where the motor was and saw all the hoses that delivered oil to the motor to make sure that the pistons and other working parts got the right amount of oil. A woman engineer showed me how this all worked.

When we got back to the hangar-like area where the men were standing, we were in a first aid or hospital-type area. An old white haired woman was in a bed and a man was sitting next to her as a visitor. The hospital brought her a food tray and they were nice enough to feed visitors also.

I saw that the woman was given a soda-cup-sized red jello. The visitor got the same. Along with the jello was a gift pack of small items you could use while at the hospital in case you didn't bring your own things and you could take this home with you later.

I looked through the visitors gift pack and saw that there were feminine and masculine type things in it. Since the visitor of the old woman was a man, I went through the pack and took out all the feminine things like perfumes of various kinds since the man didn't need them and I felt I had earned them.

However, there was a man there from my hometown whom I wanted to give a gift to and I offered him a bottle of men's cologne called "Sunbeam". He turned it down at first until I finally said he should take it as a souvenier and I emphasized the word souvenier a second time.

After I woke up, I was again seeing the pattern of the icicles like they were on the ceiling, but this time it was just the pattern I was seeing and it was dark gray. The pattern was somewhat geometric but indescribable, not a specific shape one could point out and say it's name.

I was then told to take this pattern and turn it sideways and go through it again. I don't know why this was necessary, but it fit the pattern of doing it the first time to get past the fear, then doing it again because it was necessary.


2-13-00 - DREAM - I was somewhere where I saw a huge dark brown round table with 8 legs. It had a feature where a portion could be unhinged and let down and the remainder stood on 4 legs and the other 4 legs folded under the table and it didn't take so much room.

My attitude was that I would do anything to get that table and as it happened it belonged to a young good looking man. I told the man I would even marry him to get the table. He didn't seem to care one way or another but wasn't against it.

Instead of getting married though, we went to sign a contract that was more like we would be married until one of us whistled, so it was called a 'whistle contract'. We went to the lawyer's office and he was out of the forms. He said all we had to do was write it out in longhand. I found a pen that wrote in red, but it didn't write very well so I had a hard time scratching the ink onto the paper.

Before I even got done writing the contract, the young man said that he was going to go spend the weekend with some college kids. He didn't even ask me if I wanted to go along. He called me Honey when he left, and I sat there thinking, "Oh well, maybe getting married wasn't such a good idea afterall."


5-28-00 - Series of dream/visions

A contract paper with two little girls dressed in black and white at the top which were dancing.

A yellow contract paper

A white contract paper that was dated 1989 and the paper went on and on and on like a roll of paper and there was nothing on it.


6-5-00 - DREAM - I was going for a job interview in a brand new red truck. I had gone this way only once before but I was the passenger that time and hoped I'd remember how to get to this place.

I got to the intersection where the freeway started and had to make a right turn, go a block to the right, then the freeway started. I got to this spot, made the right turn and saw that a bunch of rescue vehicles were ahead of me with sirens and lights going so everyone else had to make way for them which we did. But, when we came to a stop as fast as we did, the truck in front of me had to stop really fast and as I came up behind him, I found that there was a huge green grass mower in front of my truck that wasn't attached and it swerved and ran into the back of the other truck.

The other truck was made of rubber so it didn't get scratched and it was a reminder to myself never to buy a truck made out of rubber. But, here I was with a loose grass mower on the front of my truck and would have to take it back home and miss the job interview.

As luck would have it, as I was standing there, trying to figure out what to do, my second husband Edward came along and I asked him if would mind taking the mower back home. He was walking, so it wouldn't be too difficult. I hadn't gone that far. He stood there and agreed to do this for me and smiled and said, "You know I dream about you a lot." I said, "Do you? That's nice!" Thanks for doing this for me." He said, "No problem!"

I then looked to see where my truck was and it had somehow gotten about a half a block ahead along the street and I would have to walk there.

There was an old man walking the same direction, with bent knees like an old man does. I started walking the same way ... with bent knees ... and stooped over. I thought to myself, "Oh no! ... I don't have to walk like an old woman. Young women walk with straight knees and not bent over and I made the effort to walk like a young woman. It took me a few more steps and I made myself walk straight with straight knees and springier step and I even felt younger when I did.

By then I was ahead of the old man and I don't know which way he went.

I got up to my truck which was now a van and when I got there, there were two women sitting in my truck and both of them looked exactly like me. The only problem was ... they were both dead. I shook them and shook them in case they were on drugs ... but neither of them moved.

I didn't know what to do at first. I couldn't just pull them out of my truck and go on my way. I was going to have to call the cops and deal with this.

I went up to the sidewalk and saw that several buildings in a row were burned out. Completely burned out inside. I was looking inside these houses along the street, looking to find someone home who could call the cops for me. Finally, a woman looked out the window and asked me if she could help. I told her my problem and that I would need to call the cops.

The woman said she would call and was trying to figure out what the number was to the police station. I said, "Just call 911. That will get them here the fastest." She said she would.

I then got into a conversation with the women and they invited me inside their building. It turned out to be a charity home of some kind and they were telling me how they needed money to remodel. They were showing me around and I saw that their basement floor needed repainting. It actually looked like a big contract written on the concrete with a fancy green edge and gold scrolling and the contract written on the concrete in the center of it. It looked pretty neat.

There were some workmen there and they told me that there was a problem with the electrical connections, so as a favor I decided I would help them because they were helping me and I got down on my knees to wash the floor for them and discovered all kinds of wire pieces and loose wire nuts and screws and other kinds of screw-type connections that go on wires in buildings.

I got all the little pieces together and was picking them up with a paper towel and stood up with them to talk to a woman to show her what I found. Just then my first husband showed up and I thought maybe he could give me a ride to my job interview, but he just walked through and didn't want to hear about my problem. He rather looked at me like he was saying, "Don't tell me your problems, I have problems of my own."

He left and I was talking with the women who were now taking me into their confidences and telling me about the fires in the other buildings. I had managed large apartment complexes myself so I knew about the problems with loose wires and safety procedures and know how dangerous that can be.

One of the women said, "We would go to these other buildings when light bulbs went out and every time we did, a fire would start." And then she smiled. I thought to myself, "Oh oh! There is something wrong here. You don't get fires from loose or blown out light bulbs." I started to get the impression that the women who ran this place were scamming the insurance company for the money so they could remodel this building. That's why I was finding all these wires and screws on the floor when I washed it. They were about to do the same thing to this building.

I looked at the floor and their contract and knew that it would be easy to paint over the contract with white paint so someone else could get a contract. These women were just scam artists.

I went back out to my truck, hoping the cops were there by then and they hadn't arrived yet. However, I discovered that the two dead women weren't dead at all. They weren't even sitting in the same place as they had been when I looked in the truck the first time.

I grabbed one by the arm and dragged her out of the truck, asking her what they were doing, trying to pretend to be me. I was really angry that they were trying to use my truck to scam the insurance company just like they did with the buildings and the fires.

Now I was really angry. Not only did I find that these were women were scam artists and had to be dealt with, now I had to deal with the cops and prove who I was because these other women looked just like me and I was going to miss my job interview.

Bummer !!!!!


9-7-00 - DREAM - I was looking at lists of things that had already been done on a computer screen, looking at the links. Then when I came to the end of the list, there were like chapter titles of a book and I was trying to decide if it needed to be saved or not and left them there.

The scene changed and I was laying in bed with the covers over me except for my head, and an older man and a younger woman came in and stood around waiting for something that was going to happen. They went from window to window and then to a lamp which they turned on to see, which would be the best light to look at something the man held in his hand written on paper. It seemed strange that they had come to town two days early and were just standing around in my bedroom.

A couple times, my children crawled into bed with me and snuggled under the warm blankets, but eventually, I had to get up and go do the laundry which was stacked in a corner.

I finally got up, and was trying to decide what to wear because I wanted to change the color of my clothes. I chose a green pair of slacks but there was a stain on the bottom of one leg so I couldn't wear that, so I stayed wearing what I had on until I could do the laundry.

While I was walking around, a very young girl looked at my closet doors and said she would like to build huge fish tanks there, but another man I couldn't see told her that the piping from the bathrooms was in the wrong place to do that.

The first young woman was then standing behind a counter like a perfume store clerk and I walked by and just said, "Hi!" I didn't notice if she replied.

I then went to a desk and was going through some records of old patterns and discovered that one had been destroyed and needed to be remade. It was for an impeller.

I then started to wake up and had a vision of a contract on white paper. I couldn't make out what the title was, but below it said, by Jane Roberts, November, 2000. (Scroll down to the Seth material. Someone is now channeling Jane Roberts)

I woke up instantly, thinking ... "WOW!"


10-13-00 - DREAM - I was working in an office in a large building. I had so much work to do, it wasn't funny. I also felt that I hadn't finished something important ... that perhaps there were purchase orders in a drawer that I hadn't typed and sent out. Too, I suspected that my boss was sitting on more purchase orders and was waiting too long to give them to me to type and would expect them all to be done at the last minute.

An outside contractor came in. This was an engineer and he had been given permission to look through all our files and blueprints to work on a special project.

The boss was gone and all my attention was now on making sure my work was done and clean up the floor and make sure everything was completed for the week. It was almost noon on Friday, and almost time for the Christmas break. So everything had to be done.

The engineer contractor set up his own computer which was different than anything I had ever seen. The case was black with red print on it, and little red lights on it. The case was also more flat ... similar to a VCR type case and had an opening in the front where the software went in. I didn't see a screen on it. It was more like a copier that I could tell, whatever you put in, you also got out only in duplicate.

The engineer was trying to find some specific records of work that had already been done. Our company was really old and there were numerous cabinets full of old records. But our particular Compressor department only had two cabinets. Four drawers on the left cabinet marked 'A' and 1 open drawer like a shelf in the right cabinet, marked 'B'.

I pointed out to the engineer where to look and he found a large blueprint folder in the 'B' shelf that was what he was looking for. He got a brilliant smile on his face as he removed the file and took it to his section of the office to work on the problem he had come to solve.

While he started working I went through all the stuff I had next to my desk on the floor which I thought was work I still had to do. There I found bread, cheese, sausage, but not work to do, so I was really done. I finished cleaning this up and got up from my desk and went to the front lobby. In the front lobby was a decorated and lighted Christmas tree, and I saw that there were two coat hangars on the floor, a plastic one and a metal one and several pencils. I picked those up at the same time a black woman came in off the street and tried to use the elevator.

I knew the elevator was not working and the elevator operator/repairman had gone home for the day already. She started to complain that she couldn't use the elevator and threatened to tell someone about it. I knew it was useless to complain. She would just have to walk up the stairs like everyone else.

I went back to my office where I discovered that numerous dark-suited men were now sitting in the office. I opened the door and recognized some of the men as men I had worked with in the engineering offices prior in my life, but not all of them. Some were strangers to me.

The engineer said to me, "Don't you work for ... and named the President of the Company?" He said the name and the names were long. It wasn't Clinton or Bush or Gore. I think the initials were E.M. He said it like the men had told him the name and he was angry about it. I said, "I work for him indirectly ... there are many bosses between me and him." That seemed to satisfy him.

Then he complained that his software wouldn't load so he couldn't work on the blueprints he needed to work on. With all the men sitting around behind me, I went over to where his computer was and said, "Let me fix it for you." I saw then, but hadn't realized earlier, that he was sitting on a pillow on the floor instead of a chair which was standing right there. There was a wooden chair with a red leather seat on it right in front of him which he could have used. The computer was also sitting on the floor, so sitting on a chair would be inconvenient to use.

So, I moved the blueprint file and his other work and sat down on the pillow. Before I could even begin to load his software, I had to sort out the stuff he had been already working on. On top of the computer was an assortment of see-thru paper holders, yellow on top and plain clear under them. Here I found old long grocery lists from the store stuffed in. On the left where the printer was, I saw that he had started to print but the paper was weird. It started out as regular size sheets of paper, but the paper was shrinking down toward the end of the paper and hard to read. It seemed to be more of a printer problem than a computer problem.

I looked closer at the paper he was using to print on and it was toilet paper. I looked at him, and his skin was now Arab colored rather than the white skin he had earlier. I laughed at him and popped him on the elbow with the back of my left hand and said, "You are printing on toilet paper!!!!!!!" He looked rather sheepish at me and embarrassed. He didn't seem to realize that what you put in is what you get out, but you still can't use toilet paper to print on.


10-20-00 - DREAM - I was seeing rows of wooden boxes on a wall, which had long sheets of paper in them that were not stacked but rather rolled loosely because they could not be folded. The sheets were longer or shorter according to how much needed to be written on them. These were the truths that were to be brought to the people over time.

Somehow I was then taken to the city where the woman who wrote these truths down was living. There were nasty people with Black Skin who were hunting for her and she hid amongst the poor people so no one would discover who she was.

I saw the black people at the curb driving up in a silver car. They started to get out of their car, looked at me and decided I wasn't the one they wanted. They were distracted by another black woman who was just getting out of her car in front of them with a big smile on her face.

So I continued on up a hill through a mowed section of grass where many people were laying out ... like hippies ... each one wrapped in a quilt or blanket. They lay like street people, huddled in the damp grass in their quilts. The one I was looking for was to be wearing a yellow quilt and it took me a bit to find her. I finally did find her and walked around her to sit beside her and see who she was.

I stepped around her prone body in the quilt and somehow became her ... like I stepped into her body.

I then got up and went into a large office where I had a new job. I went into the office where they assigned me to a large wooden desk next to some huge windows over looking the city. It was near to noon time and the other girls left for lunch. I was still barefoot but I guess no one noticed it when I came in.

I left the desk where I had been originally assigned and went to one at the back of the room where there was more room to write. A sign on the desk said, "Journalist". There was a lot of markers, fingernail polish bottles, and lipstick samples on the desk, and I pushed them all aside so I could write about the rolls of paper I had seen earlier.

The boss came over to the desk and said that I hadn't signed the contract yet for my employment. I looked at the large sheet of paper and my name was at the top along with numerous other names and signatures of people who had recommended me for the job.

He was right. My name was on the paper, but not my signature. So, my boss found a spot at the bottom of the contract and wrote ... original signature lost ... signed his own name and then I signed my name next to his and dated it 1981.

The other girls began to come back from their lunch and saw me sitting at the 'Journalist' desk. They looked a little surprised, but then accepted the fact that I would be sitting there. I looked for a place to put all the markers which were in an array of rainbow colors and saw that there was a cabinet on the right side of the desk where numerous new markers and other supplies were kept.

There was a space in front of the cabinet which another girl said I could keep a child during the day and when I said I didn't have a child, they said they would think of something else I could keep there, like my dog or something. There was a piece of green shag carpeting there on which someone could sit.

Some other girls came in then to make arrangements to order ahead for dinner and they included me and I ordered, "French, and orange juice". I didn't really know what was going to be 'French' but others had also ordered it and I was certain it would be fine, whatever it was.

I woke up and then began to see writing on a long sheet of paper, much of which looked to be Latin. I saw the words, "In the order of Vitalae" and "From the 12th Luminal". It seemed that the light was not on in the room as I looked at this sheet of paper, but when I turned on the light, the rest would become clear as well.

I had to get up and write this down because the beginning of the dream was beginning to fade and I didn't want to lose it.

11-1-00 - DREAM - I was living in a new apartment building on the East side of Milwaukee. I had just moved in and didn't start work until Monday, so I had nothing better to do for several days except to watch TV. I was sitting there watching a blue screen with repetitive pictures like a close up of a game show.

My door was open and a little boy ran in and ran back out. Then he ran in again to see what I was doing and ran back out again. So, I followed him the second time to see where he was from. He was small - around a year old, maybe a little older.

I followed him across the hall into another apartment where a young blonde man sat with his two sons. There was a one year old and another one about 7. The young man was trying to write in a green covered notebook journal and juggle the one year old at the same time.

He saw me walk in and didn't question who I was. He was very friendly. I asked him if I could hold the young one year old so he could write and he said, "Yes!" He handed me the young boy and I sat on the couch holding the child a long time, patting his back, shifting his position several times. This was like real time ...

Finally, the young man stood up and walked across the room, where I noticed that there were 3 young men in a computer room working together on some project together.

I made note that on Monday when my new contract started that I would go around the building and see who else lived here and if there were noise complaints or whatever.

Meanwhile the young one year old lost his diaper and I was holding him bare butted. I saw that he had some teeth, so I counted his teeth. He had 15 teeth, most of them really tiny, barely broken through the skin. The older child, the 7 year old showed me his teeth also and he had a mouthful of teeth that looked like shark's teeth, in multiple rows so that if the front one broke off, one from behind would move into the space.

I was hoping that I could spend more time with this family of boys and their Dad, and he seemed to be getting ready to go somewhere and have lunch. I was hoping I would get invited because I had nothing better to do, but he said that he was going to a friend's house to help them work on a church garden. He described the project and it sounded like a huge church with even huger gardens.

Meanwhile the one year old said he didn't feel well and was still missing a diaper, so I asked the young man where the diaper bag was. He took me to another apartment which was his. I hadn't realized that the first apartment belonged to the 3 computer geeks. So, he pointed me in the direction of the diaper bag but there was nothing in it. I told him there was no diapers there, so he told me to through all his drawers ... that I was sure to find a diaper somewhere.

He had several highboy type dressers with short drawers in height. I opened them all, starting from the top ... just in case. I saw one drawer full of jewelry ... he had a lot of gold jewelry. The second drawer was all ties ... these were all gold and black striped on an angle ... a real surprise for a young man to wear. The third drawer was all some other clothing ... maybe more ties, maybe underwear ... I don't know ... but this was also all gold and black striped on an angle.

In the lower ... taller drawers, there was a lot of stuff, maybe junk, maybe boys clothing, I don't know but no diapers. Meanwhile, the one year old and his brother had found a pair of red and black plaid shorts to put on the infant so he wasn't wearing nothing all this time.

I never did find a diaper for the infant. All the while I was looking through the drawers, I was thinking about the contract I had signed to manage this building and that I would have to report to work at the bosses office on Monday which is what he required ... and it was Ralph.



I was in someone elses house, helping them getting ready to move. I didn't know who I was helping until the very end. I went in one room where two sets of cabinets were. One set of cabinets was all covered with sticky brown fingerprints and I said perhaps we should clean it first, but I was told that the old cabinet wasn't going, only the new one.

I looked in the drawers of the new cabinet, and they were all full with sand, grit, and stones.

I went out in the yard where there was a tropical garden. I had a shovel to dig up the plants that would be going, but I realized that it was too cold where we were going to take these plants with us. I found a white statue of an American Eagle on a pedestal, so I took that along as well.

Back in the house, the people were making sure that they had their winter clothes because it was going to be cold where we were going.

The men all left early, leaving the women to do all the work of the move itself. I had a feeling they were going to bring a surprise back with them, but didn't know what it was.

Finally, we were about ready to leave, and I walked outside and there stood George Bush, Sr. former President, wearing his heavy winter blue ski jacket. He was leaning over signing something. Whether it was an autograph or contract I couldn't tell, but we were ready to go.


11-29-00 - DREAM - I went to a place where the 'gay' votes were being counted that hadn't been counted before. To do this, each vote was a white bead and there were thousands of these ... they were blown into the air by puffs of air and allowed to land wherever they did. Nobody really cared who got them.

I don't know what place this was, but it seemed to have a church-group type atmosphere. The women were nice, but didn't explain anything to me, just expected me to participate, no matter what.

They handed me a two page contract to sign in tandem with another woman who hadn't read it either and expected us both to put our names on it without knowing what it was for. I walked away from that one. I don't know if the other woman signed it or not.

They asked me to take a pink jacket to a dry cleaners on 10th and ___ which was about 6 blocks away to have it imprinted with a black and pink flowered print. I knew this was a test of some kind to see how I would react. I took the jacket, and was looking for my brown walking shoes when another woman came up to me and said she would go in my place. I gave her the jacket grateful not to have to walk that far in a strange neighborhood I knew might be dangerous.

They were gathering gifts for someone named Barbara, but they didn't tell me what it was for. Everyone brought a small gift and put it in the corner.

They asked me to sing with them ... songs I didn't know. I don't know how I did this, but I ended up singing the song like it was an opera and I was on stage ... I had a powerful voice I didn't even know I had. They applauded me at the end and when I got up and went into the other room, all the other women were sitting in rows, crocheting some kind of white mandala with white thread.

I then saw that they had shopping carts full of huge sized coloring books and everyone of them said Christmas on the top. I thought I might like to have one of those, but I woke up before I could take one.


3-13-01 - DREAM - I was moving into a new bright apartment, and taking over as manager. It was already furnished, but I soon found out that the furniture was being rented.

A blonde woman was the bosses wife. She was quite a bit shorter than me and we were discussing the job. I don't recall specifically what she said, but I put my hands around her neck with both thumbs on her windpipe in case she was going to tell me she didn't want me around. She begged me to stay, and started to cry, "I really need you!" So, I took my thumbs off her windpipe and hugged her.

Then another stocky/chubby man came in who was in charge of the rental furniture. This was the first time I knew about that cost of the furniture. The guy stuck the contract in my face and showed me that the stove, refrigerator, and washer cost $90.00 a month.

I told him the price was way too high. I asked him the price of the bed, which wasn't on the contract. He said, "A bed will cost you $125 a month!" I told him, "That's way too much." I had not intention of paying him any money. I figured I could sleep on the floor and go without the appliances if necessary. I'd figure out a way to eat and do laundry without paying such a high price.

My boss, who in other dreams is representative of a reptilian, said to the guy in order to try to get him to bring the price down, "Well, we can always go to the Nordics!"

I knew that wasn't going to sway this guy, but I wasn't going to pay the price to rent this guys furniture, no matter how pretty it looked. (It was all chrome)

7-22-01 - DREAM - I was living in a house I've never lived in before, but my ex-husband was re-painting the entire inside of the house black. It looked really nice so I didn't question it.

I rather felt like I was in a semi-stupor and didn't really notice what was goin on.

I had a housekeeper because I was too busy playing with my kids to do housework.

A young women with dark hair, who was one of my overseers or something noticed a pipe that went from the 1st to the 2nd floor and started twisting on it until it came dislodged. I grabbed it from her and put it back together.

My husband told her that it was an air pipe and it was inspected every 20 days by an outside inspector. I thought the pipe was more likely a communication tube between the 1st and 2nd floor.

The housekeeper was kind of perturbed with me because I never did any housework, but I told her it was more important that I play with my kids than do housework.

At the same time I spotted a couple of used menstrual pads on the floor and kicked them aside. She aid, "The least you could do is pick up the things you don't use anymore," so I picked them up and threw them away.

I went into the bathroom and found that the clothes hamper was full of water, which my husband had done. I picked it up and dumped the water down the sink. There was no laundry to do.

I went to turn the light on in the bathroom and the light didn't come on. I tried two different switches and neither one worked. I had to assume that my husband had turned off the fuses and I'd have to turn them back on myself.

An older man came into the house then, wearing an overcoat. He showed me a contract with 4 names on it. He asked me if I had ever seen it before. I said I didn't remember.

He said that the woman who had taken the air pipe apart was leaving an was being replaced. I didn't have much choice in the matter, but that was okay with me. She as rather destructive and unknowledgable.

We went into an office that was down a few steps from the rest of the house. The young woman scratched out her name and initialed it with another fake name she made up like ' green turtle' or something. The attorney said that was okay with him.

I was rather glad to see her leave since she had pulled my air/communication pipes apart.

Then my new overseer came in. It was a black man ... the newscaster Bernard Shaw. He scrawled his name in large letters over the top of everyone elses. I was rather appalled that my contract was so unprofessional looking, but the attorney said it was still legal.

Then the attorney handed me my contract and Bernard Shaw (who I call Bernie like they did on CNN before he retired) and I walked back up the stairs to the main house side by side. (He was on my right side.)

I then looked out the window and saw a tow truck with a black car hoisted up to take it away. I was afraid it was my car, but when I looked closer, I realized it was my landlord's car. It looked more like a hearse than a tow truck and the car was hoisted half way inside. (He is very sick both physically and mentally these days, due to old age)

I then looked around the corner and saw my own car. It was light aqua in color with a white stripe on the side like the 1957 Chevrolets had. It was a station wagon.

I then went outside and saw that my husband had repaved the whole parking lot which was large enough to be a church or mall parking lot. There stood my aqua and white car and 4 others (who I assume was my housekeeper and overseer) There was room for lots more cars as they were angle parked in painted rows.

The whole parking lot was paved with what looked like dark blue and white abstract design. There may have been a specific design but from my perspective I couldn't tell what it was. I would guess Fleur de lis but I can't say for certain)

I then went into an office building and lots of people were crossing in to go up an elevator. I was just watching from the lobby.

I saw President Bush come in with Laura Bush who looked young enough to be her own daughter. the people were so eager to get on the elevator, they didn't leave any room for the Bushes, but then some realized that the Bushes had just lost one of their daughter and they made room for them. Someone handed Laura Bush a yellow rose which she accepted with a look of interminable sadness on her face and they got on the elevator and I woke up.

5-2-01 - DREAM - I was working in a large office like A-C where I used to work. I was processing paperwork to make parts for what seemed to be pumps and compressor like I did before. I was looking for the pattern cards to record the information as to who or which company would make the parts. These cards are all light green and there were drawers and drawers of them. The numbers were incomplete on the cards. The largest part started with the number 502 - which was an impeller number.

I was given a number earlier. It was something like 583153, but I can't swear to that.

I then left for awhile and went home, then went back. My boss, Carol and another woman came in. They had been visiting some people I used to babysit for. they said there had been a fire there. I tried to describe a young blonde boy I used to sit for, but of course he was all grown up now.

Carole said to the other woman, "Well! I guess we have to give this to her!" (Note I didn't see either woman's head, only from the neck down)

Carole handed me a small green paper brochure about 5 x 7 inches sideways, which opened up. Inside, written in darker green was a contract. She also handed me a green fountain pen which wrote with dark green ink.

I was wishy washy about signing ti. The first page with the big print was about making a better world for all people and I thought I may as well sign it. But, on the right hand side , in much smaller print, I saw the words, "I wish to see the changes which will bring about the necessary .... " and without knowing specifically what changes those would be, I didn't want to sign it.

I woke up before I was forced to decide.

I then saw a vision of a sandstone building.

The pillars were light yellowish white and were set inside the entranceway. The building itself was dark sandstone. it didn't look like brick or block. It looked like it was hewn out of a solid block. The entrance behind the pillars was dark. I couldn't see the door itself.

I'm assuming this is about the Ark of the Covenant, but I can't be certain.

I did an automatic writing meditation on the subject:  Spirit Speaks about the Ark of the Covenant

5-29-01- DREAM - I was with Michelle. Cannot remember what we were doing.

NOTE: we signed the book contract yesterday and faxed a copy to her and the book file is being sent to the printers today.



11-13-01 - DREAM - I went to visit my friend Wendy because I heard she had written 4 books on Tarot energy.

Personally, I had started to collect writings on Tarot energy, so this was really interesting to me.

When I got there, there were a lot of children around, playing on the floor and I started to get sidetracked.

I woke up, got up and went to the bathroom and went back to bed to sleep in a different direction because I felt that the dream was about to get nightmarish.

When I went back to sleep, I was in a store to buy rollerskates. I had a catalog in my hand which showed that the rollerskates were $69.99 and were marked down 60%. That was a fabulous sale so I wanted to make sure I got them at that price. So I sat down to fill out the order blank t order the skates and I saw that doing this was like signing a contract. I felt intimidated by this.

This now meant I was working for the store. The boss come into the office where I was. It was Richard, my old boss. We had a discussion about putting the proper amount of stamps on the envelope, the we both left.

another dream - same topic:

11-13-01 - DREAM - I went inside the house and we had a visitor with a little girl who wore nothing but pink and red together. The mother told us that the girl would wear other clothes to play in, but always had to have the pink and red on at the same time.

We followed the little girl down the hall. We went into the livingroom where my own child was playing, who was wearing yellow clothes.

I knew I saw her walk right through the glass window and come back in. I was astonished that she did this.

As I woke up I was told I now had the Tarot tarondrum.


11-14-01 - DREAM - I was in the kitchen with my kids. I saw some loose paint and plaster on the walls and decided to take it upon myself to peel the loose stuff off and replaster up to a certain point. I began to peel the loose stuff off the walls which meant we had to pull the poster and maps down off the walls because they were in the way. However, a piece of paper that looked like a written contract got kinda mangled in the process and I had to try to straight it out.


11-24-01 - Some details are missing

DREAM - I was with G.H. a long time friend, who announced in a recent dream that he was IOESUS/JESUS.

I don't remember why this happened, but he transformed into an object like a pumpkin or orange gourd, which then transformed into a blue ball of cord, which I separated into 3 long blue cords. (The trinity?)

I was working in my office and was told to set up a meeting in the conference room for 9 p.m. That set up a situation where nobody had the correct form to fill out, as everyone who attended the meeting would have to sign the form. I was shown a variety of forms including a contract and finally I said I would design my own form using a ruler.

At noon the next day, I met with a couple of other women. We were supposed to go to school. Out in the backyard of the business where we worked were 3 schools, each one farther from the building. the first one was brick and glass, the one farthest was dark brown and I knew instinctively I didn't want to go there.

A woman with long blonde hair arrived in a car. The guard asked who she was. She didn't seem to be able to describe herself. I then became her and I was sitting there I the car working on untangling my hair so I could think better.

I was walking down a long hall, smuggling a black gun and black purse in the large black bag. As I ran alongside another woman who was helping me, the gun turned into a communication radio with an antenna and the black purse turned into a white purse and the large black bag turned into a white one.

Sounds like 'transformation'.


3-25-02 - MAGICKLAND

I was walking down a city street. It seems that perhaps I was a newspaper reporter, otherwise this wouldn't make any sense.

I met a handsome, thin man, dressed in a brown suit. He was outside of an underground garage entrance. I knew this man and he trusted me and it seemed we might have a relationship going, but at least a friendship. We walked into the garage together, past some cars, and he was going to show me something - a secret of some kind.

But there was some noise by the garage entrance, so the man said we had to get out of there.

I got back out on the street and saw the President. (This was not Clinton or Bush, but looked familiar. He was white skinned) He was medium to short stature.

He was smiling at me as though he knew me. I turned to look back at the man in the brown suit to introduce them and saw him huddled closely with a short, thin, black man, head to head, who I knew was a criminal. All of a sudden I realized that the secret I was going to be shown was a bomb that was going to go off when the President walked into the garage.

At that instant of recognition and realization, I turned back around and said to the President and waving my arms at him, I ran towards him saying, "Get out of here! Get out of here!"

The President turned quickly, ran towards what looked like a mailbox, stuck his head and upper torso into the box, and I knew he was quickly slipping a rubber mask over his face and when he pulled his head back out, he would no longer look like the President and he would be safe from the bomber who was out to get him.

Once the President was safe, I turned back around to face the man in the brown suit, who acted like there was nothing wrong. The black man was gone. So, I pretended there was nothing wrong either and the man in the brown suit started acting romantic with me and I fully expected him to ask me to marry him.

But as circumstances occurred, we went back to his apartment and I caught him in a secret, private clinch with a black woman, who looked like Whoopie Goldberg, only thinner.

So, for me, that romance was over.

I was asked to take care of a young baby and this was fun for me. I thought I was doing a good job, and I sat down and held the baby on my lap. The baby started to whimper and I looked and the baby's leg was bent backwards unnaturally.

I freaked out, hoping I hadn't broken the baby's leg. I was so scared about this, I picked him up and put him in his crib with a bottle and he seemed okay, so I relaxed a bit.

Another baby was given to me to care for who was a little bigger, but not much. Then the other baby was done with his bottle and I carried the second baby with me to go get the first baby. So I was carrying our baby and tried to pick up the other baby at the same time. This wasn't working out too well and the 1st baby started slipping out of my arm.

I quickly put both babies down on the changing table to try to get a better grip on both babies. At that instant, both babies got twice as big and it came to me that this was what mother's of twins went through, which I had wished for all my life. Suddenly I was glad that wish hadn't come true, though I had kids only 11 months apart.

Then it suddenly dawned on me that the only way that first baby couldn't have been hurt was that his leg bent unnaturally backwards, because he was reptilian. That freaked me out even more, but relieved my guilt at hurting the baby.

I woke up, got up and went to the bathroom and went back to bed and found myself in the same place with the story continuing.

I was writing about the previous events for publication, possibly a T.V. show.

Joe was now there and he showed some of my other writings to the producer of a T.V. show which included some material I had written about myself on page 72 of my book.

The producer liked it so much, they decided to rewrite the T.V. show to include the story of my life.

I woke up as I was walking into the front door of a school.

NOTE: These are the dreams from page 72 of my book:

11-10-90 - I was in my 16th St. house. Nothing was going right. I was on the verge of crying, but still trying. I put my kids to work to help out because it was so terrible. I was so frustrated. My youngest son was really depressed. I tried to find him something to do, because he said he couldn't find anything that he was capable of doing. Event that he couldn't do, so he went to bed and cried himself to sleep.

I decided to get out of the house for awhile and went across the street to visit. To make a long story short, I was asked if I would take in problem children. I agreed to take in very young children or infants.

Just before I woke up, I was shown a contract I had signed. The number was 3332977.


11-03-90 - Meditation:

Q. Will there be an earthquake on the New Madrid fault?

A. The voice said, "It will occur December 2 between 1 and 2 .m. It will not affect Wisconsin. After it occurs, the land will settle down again.

NOTE: There was a very small earthquake at the time predicted herein. There was no earthquake on the 3rd and 4th as the doomsday author had predicted.

Since then, there have been numerous small quakes and there is much concern that if a large quake hits this area, the damage will be devastating since this area's building codes are not anything like they are in San Francisco which has strict laws on such things.

See the dream above on 3-18-02

also New Madrid Quakes


January 24, 2004

... While I was with them, someone handed me four blank contracts that were written by hand, but the name was blank where you would fill it in like, "I _____ ...