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The spontaneous materialization of a neutron.

"Space is not the final frontier;
the mind is the final frontier"
Richard Moody Jr.

2D strings, of string theory are, simply,
a cross section through a 4D, toroidal Anu.
05/01/05 Robert Grace

Einstein's theories affect on science is analogous to sitting on a donkey backward,
trying to describe the head while "precisely" analyzing its rear end.
05/05/05 Robert Grace

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Impossible Correspondence
Last Update: 02 Aug 2005


If you choose to accept this mission, of piecing together bits of information from 40,000+ authors and multitudes of websites, into a coherent musical theory describing the Harmonics of Universe, relating to human and atomic activity, the choice is yours. Only the most innocent minds can attain this goal, as it is innocence that knows all things are possible and has no knowledge of the phrase "it cannot be done".

The Files will seem incomplete to a specialist seeking comprehensive data, because they are incomplete in that way. Only quotes of information that are intuitively corresponding to a whole picture, are included here.

Using these quotes, links, files and the Email Correspondence Section 99 Electrons and Mythologies, your job is to form the comprehensive ideas of The Forth Wave. The First Wave is religions Creation Theory. The Second Wave is the Evolution Theory. The Third Wave is Hyper-Dimension Theory. Finally, the Forth Wave is seeing from the 4th dimension.


To understand matters harmonics and harmonize with it by copying existing Universal systems.
Influence it with dissonance to disturb the harmonic system or
Cancel a system against itself to tap higher harmonics (scalar).

This work is a supplement to understanding the works of:

Nicola Tesla (scalar), John Worrell Keely (levitation), Maurice Chatelain (Maya), Dee Finny (The Code, dreams, gematria, crop circles, number, esoterics) Barbara Hero (harmonics), Ray Tomes ( universal ratio), David Wilcock (Aug 11, psychic forecast, Edgar Cayce), Maurice Cotterell (Maya), T. Townsend Brown (gravity), Michael Morton (The Code, gematria), James Furia (The Code, gematria music), Tom Bearden (scalar), Jose Arguelles (Tzolkin), Bruce Cathie (grid harmonics), Buckminster Fuller (synergetic system order), Gary Val Tenuta (The Code, alphanumerics), Christian Lange (Schauberger Technology), Luigi Di-Martino (Mirror Music), the authors of psychotronics and most important, those who contribute their Technology of Sharing.


I give full credit to each author whom I have quoted, some extensively, some not so, for these reasons- Their summations are indispensable as:

A basis by which the whole can be visualized.
The Author's insightful text can be cross-referenced and
A basis for my notes and text comments.

All Author text that is stated matter-of-factly, are most accurately agreeable with the "common thread" (Correspondences) after all attempts were made to eliminate, sift, refine, prove, order and integrate, by every means possible, over 27 years. The "common thread" can be defined as that construct of Unity, that the human mind can perceive as the induced (inducted, initiated) whole, the hidden order and Correspondence between micro, bio and macro levels of Universe.


I've thumbed through and read in detail, about 6 books a day x 365 = 2,195 books a year x 18.5 years = 39,510 books, plus all World Bibles, all religious document finds such as the Nag Hammadi and Kaballah, all Scientific American Magazine archives from 1946 to 1998, innumerable Scientific Journals to 1998, related, archived Nasa documents to 1998, all related, archived microfiche documents from NASA indexes to 1998 and all relevant, archived past, bound magazines and internet documents relating to science, religion, metaphysics, esoterics and even occult, selecting what I considered facts and conclusions, and am still studying internet documents for updating, 6 years after finishing the book reading. I have a saying: "If it's there, I'll find it and read it". I am not associated with any government or organization, mainly because no one has ever asked. I would like to learn more about electronics and hands-on testing of systems developed by a lab dedicated to a peaceful purpose such as KeelyNet. I have no agenda, limits or reservations as to what I study. I am a seeker. After many years study I take the neutral position between the extremes of opinion and position. Neutrality will 'attempt' to befriend all, no matter who it may be. Neutral will seem resistant only if the extreme argument is not neutral. Neutral reflects any other position without resistance. Neutral will always reflect the most accurate center of the question.


To provide maximum Correspondence of concepts between various Author's.

It is an attempt to put all concepts in order, interrelating the micro, bio and macro worlds of inner / outer universe. I still don't consider it being finished or complete.

The path by which the reader chooses to learn is, as much as possible, given to the reader.


All information was kept until eliminated by deductive reasoning and inductive (intuitive) reasoning, or psychic sense. If you demand I parrot the Scientific Method to you, I will remind you to memorize the Intuitive Method in 7 steps:

  1. Collect facts,
  2. Analyze in detail,
  3. Intuit the holistic, holy Whole (root word holo), and,
  4. Be scrupulously honest in your search and be seduced by nothing.
  5. Be as hard on your intellectual honesty as any one else will be later.
  6. Integrate the seen and unseen, the inside with outside, the higher with lower, mind with matter, duality and Unity, 2 with 1, 1 with 0, 0 with everything.
  7. Be prepared to change your belief system daily.

Chronology of Method:

    First, the collection of scattered facts from 10's of 1000's of books organized into the first 98 files of the File Index.
    My (Notes:) in the form of a sentence or two, here and there, or a paragraph or even a page of thoughts were added during the File Index construction.
    The hyperlinks, were added to point to the already organized conclusions of other authors.
    Files 99 are the emails between friends, over the years.
    Finally my own brand-new, original conclusions, in carefully constructed files 100-174 were added to explain a new physics and correction of old physics concepts.

Theories which were so obsolete or not possibly related to most of the remaining information, were eliminated, except for related short facts. All so-called facts were kept until eliminated by not being able to relate them with other valid facts. The more a fact could relate to other facts, the more chance it had to remain, unless it had a connection I knew of intuitively. It was then noted and related to a valid fact, sometimes taking years to find a Correspondence. I found some books, virtual tombs of so-called facts, orders, hierarchies, heavens, beings, levels, gods, angels and much discourse, but in no way connected or Corresponded to any common scientific, historic or advanced theory in any specific way. It was then eliminated. In the case of the word angels, I found a seeming connection to the word angle, as in arc-angle / arch-angel.

Theories which seemingly conflicted, such as Creation / Evolution, were either both eliminated or integrated, but moreover, the postulates and attacks of each were used to modify the postulates of the conflicting theory, (It's called listening to your enemies or, being neutral.ized (1 eye: seeing both sides), until a third theory or concept emerged. In the case of Creation / Evolution, both are not totally invalid but are highly obscure and I had to derive a second theory from both, and integrated them which changed both considerably.

"Many a persons valid theory have all been offered for perusal over history". Quartum Organum.

In 27 years of study, I found, the "magically chosen, endorsed and elevated" theories of science and religion, are the most incorrect and are generally 180 degrees out of sync with what we might call "truth".

We see science with its "particles" for example, and religion with its literal interpretation of esoteric cosmic principles.

Beautiful children, it "just ain't so". Why don't you apply that mind of yours and figure out just what is correct.

"Like science with its nebula, religion has its divinity on the wrong end of being". Quartum Organum, pg. 34.

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