compiled by Dee Finney

12-10-03 - DREAM - I was in the front of a church in the area where people who participate in the service sit. There was an Orthodox Catholic Church  (perhaps Coptic) it seemed.  A group of monks or priests came down the aisle of the church to teach some lessons, but there were no people in the church but myself, my husband who sat to my left and some other people to my right. We were all dressed in robes - rather like the monks/priests, but I was wearing white and the men each had their own colors- they weren't all dressed in ritual-colored robes.

The group of monks/priests approached us and the youngest monk/priest in the center, had short black curly hair and was wearing a two tone, two level set of robes of green and brown, held together in the front with a twisted golden rope-type cinch that hung down to his feet after going around his waist. He was barefoot in sandals.

He came over to where I and my husband were sitting. He stood immediately in front of me and with his Bible/Holy Book in his left hand, he reached over towards me with his right hand and tapped me twice on the forehead with the back of his second and third fingers.

I can't say I really felt something other than the tapping, but a sense of knowing came over me that I was going to stand up and speak to the group.

As I sat there and waited for the spirit to overtake me, I saw my husband go to sleep.

I wanted him to see what was going on, but the more I tried to get his attention, the harder he went to sleep.

Finally, the spirit overcame me, and I felt its presence within me and I stood proudly and raised my arms sideways, palms up and began to speak in the voice of a woman named Mary.

I started out, "I, Mary ....   "

I didn't remember what I said when it was over.

When it was over, I sat again, having done my part in providing the voice for the spirit. It was an awesome feeling to be allowed the privilege to provide the voice of Mary.

After the service, I was standing in the church next to my husband who was still groggy. He had missed the whole thing.

I wanted to tell him what happened, but as soon as I did, he fell asleep again, standing right where he was and I noticed he was darker skin colored - not caucasian.

Obviously he wasn't supposed to know so he wouldn't go around bragging that I was the channel of Mary.

Then as we walked home from church, we were in a sandy country with palm trees. The men walked ahead in a group - talking to each other. I walked by myself behind them. We were all wearing sandals on our feet.

My husband must have been an archaeologist, because I heard him telling the men, "I discovered the proof of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, and as we walked past a grove of palm trees, I too saw a palm tree that was so old, it was actually embedded partially in the wall of an adobe building and it crossed over another palm tree - perhaps that was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

I knew my husband would get his recognition in his own way.

The Apparitions Of Virgin Mary

At Zeitoun Church, Egypt

With Real Photos

Subj: Re: Channeling - Pro and Con

Date: 12/11/2003

From: Wdestiny44

To: Dee777


Well, now this is a special dream! I just got off the phone with my very good friend Lois. It's the first time I've talked to her since getting back from Egypt.

Needed (still needing) lots of time for integration of the trip. I was telling her a little about the trip including a special trip that 7 of our group took as a side trip one day to the Coptic Church known as "The Church of Mary at El-Zeitoun" (just outside Cairo). A friend of mine who was on the Egypt trip has a big experience with Mary while on another trip to Egypt in 1992.

Our tour guides were very accommodating this time in letting those of us who wanted to add this to our trip to do.

When we got back from Egypt, our American tour director send all of us a copy of a photo taken by someone from his 1996 trip to Egypt of an  apparition of Mary in the above mentioned church. She was just taking a picture inside the church and what came out is phenomenal! I don't know how to send pictures, but I did find a couple of sites you might enjoy. One is from a website that shows what the inside of the church  actually looks, minus the apparition(s).

The Apparitions of Virgin Mary at Zeitoun Church, Egypt, with Real Photos

Anyway, found your "dream sharing" very timely. Now, I'm actually gonna read what you sent.

Peace and love,

Sharon 444

In a message dated 1/17/2004

from: "Karen Revell" <>

Apparition of Mary Taken on November 14, 2003 in Egypt

Note: I have permission from the photographer to share the enclosed photo. However, if you share it with others, please keep the copyright and contact information directly under the photo intact. Thanks to Dee Finney for re-sizing the photo from the small one I originally received to the size contained in this post. And, special thanks to Maria for permission to share this beautiful photo, and to Pilar for being the inspiration to visit the place of this photo in the first place.

Following is a photo of a apparition of Mary taken by Maria Sancho Copeland, who was part of the group of 16 with whom I went to Egypt this past November (2003).

(c) Photo taken by Maria Sancho Copeland on November 14,
2003 at The Virgin Mary's Church at El Zeitoun, a Coptic church
near Cairo, Egypt. Her e-mail address is: (

The Sign above Mary's Head Means:

Peace be on God... The Angels bring abundance...

(Salam Laka Allah El Malaika Nama) in arabic

On November 14, 2003, seven of us made arrangements to take a side trip to The Virgin Mary's Church at El Zeitoun, just outside of Cairo, because of the desire and request of another woman on the trip, Pilar, who had a very powerful experience in that church in the early 90's ('91 or '92 I think it was) and she wanted to visit again on this trip.

Before we left for Egypt, Pilar and I talked about making special arrangements with the tour guides (or take a cab if we had to) to visit this church. It was not part of the itinerary.

"Guardian Travel" in Egypt bent over backwards to make our entire trip an incredible experience, working in conjunction with our equally wonderful U.S. tour director, John Davis of "World Light Travels." Anyway, I'm so glad we went to that particular church on that day. It seems that magic is always just around the corner!

BTW, I only had one picture left in my camera during the visit to the church, so I took it of the painting of Mary on the domed ceiling. It was beautiful, but it came out as a regular photo.

Within one week of arriving home from Egypt, Maria had emergency surgery, and due to a long hospital stay and recovery, didn't even begin to look at photos of the trip until New Year's eve when she sat down with her niece to do so. She took several disks of digital photos.

While in the church, she did feel a presence and just before leaving the church was drawn to take a photo inside the church. She was hoping that the man in the photo, who is looking down at a plaque, would move but when he didn't she just snapped the photo and headed to join the group who were already boarding the bus to go back to the hotel where we'd have dinner and begin packing for our trip back to the U.S.

When we arrived back home from Egypt, those of us on the trip got a lovely surprise in the mail. John Davis, our U.S. tour director, sent each of us a photo of an apparition of Mary taken in 1996 (as it turns out, ALSO on November 14th at the SAME church) by Shirley Broom, a woman on his 1996 trip to Egypt.

Since this particular church is known for past apparitions, thought you might also enjoy the following additional information.

Here is what the church looks like without the apparition:

Click here:

For those who have not seen this, here is the page on the Great Dreams site for the "Mary" dream that Dee777 had in December 2003. She included in this article a note I sent her on December 11, 2003, three weeks before I knew about Maria's photo but after I had received the 1996 apparition photo.


As you can imagine, the Egypt trip was very powerful and although I have wanted to share about the trip, it has been difficult to find a starting place. Guess this is as good a place as any! Will share more in small doses as the integration process settles down.

In closing, here is the site information for both World Light Travels here in the United States and Guardian Travel in Egypt. They are fantastic organizations and I HIGHLY recommend them both. Travelling with them is like being with very dear friends.

Click here: World Light Travels

Click here: Home

Here's another option for those who might like to see Egypt in May 2004. Julie Gillentine has taken several groups to Egypt and, to tell you the truth, if I had the sheckles, I'd go back in a minute with her group this coming May. She will be including the Sinai area and St. Catherine's Monestary (places I'm been drawn to travel to one day). She has also written one of the best books I've ever read, because the symbology used was so personally powerful. She is a very good well as an astrologer.

Anyway, check out "Messengers: Among the Stars, Stones and Legends the Ancient Wisdom Dwells" by Julie M. Gillentine.

See info on this and her other books as well as the upcoming Egypt trip at the following website. She also works with "Guardian Travels" while in Egypt.

Click here: Queen of Cups Home Page

In closing, if anyone knows what the words say above the pillars in the photograph, I'd appreciate knowing. Hopefully, one of our Egyptian friends will see this and let me know.


FROM: Sharon 444

Apparition of Mary 11-14-03 at Virgin Mary's Church at El Zeitoun, Cairo

Hi, I received the photo from the apparition of Mary in a copt church near Cairo. My husband is Egyptian. He says the writing means :

Peace be on God... The Angels bring abundance...

(Salam Laka Allah El Malaika Nama) in arabic...


Sarah and Moustafa


The one thing that really scares people is the Ouija Board. I NEVER recommend using one. Some famous mediums/channelers started with the Ouija Board, but I'm not going to reveal which ones. Check out these two links. If these stories don't stop you in your tracks, then go ahead and get scared on your own. We aren't recommending it.

 Ouija Boards - Pro and Con

As for channeling - there is a variety of types - ranging from automatic writing all the way to the other end with full body possession. The problem with channeling information from a dead person is whether or not the information is worth having, OR getting the information correct.  There is no point channeling information from dead people unless the receiver gets it correct.

The information can come through a letter at a time, a word at a time, or as what I call 'thought packets' where a whole idea comes in one big glop and then you have to get it down on paper or on a tape recorder and hope you got the words correct as they were meant. In the case where there is full body possession, there is no worry about getting it right, the worry is - will they give you your body back when they are done talking to your guests or audience.

One problem is this.  Are you going to consult a medium/channeler just for major problems, or will you depend on the channeler for every decision you make in life and use him/her for a crutch instead of making your own mistakes. Besides that - the channelers advice may not be what you want to hear either. Sometimes they are way too spiritual - or sometimes not spiritual enough.  Depends on where you stand on that issue.

In order for a medium to allow the 'source' to come through them, there is a certain thing called 'permission' which allows the communication to take place at all. Depending on how practiced the medium is also depends on how far the 'source' can get through to give the information, or take over the medium's body. If no permission is given - it can't happen.

Unfortunately, some people are so anxious to be channelers that they let anyone who is dead come through whether they are good guys or bad guys. People can get in big trouble doing that.  And sometimes they give permission just so they can get attention and then don't know how to get rid of the dead guy.

Another problem is this.  The dead guy can say he is anyone he wants to name and you can't prove whether it is really him/her or not.  Whether they  say they are an Ascended Master, Jesus, God, or just your grandfather, always be wary about what they say in contrast to who they say they are.

A friend of mine can channel beings by leaving her body and have her consciousness go elsewhere, but she can also channel a  being by just listening to them and passing along what they say.  But even though she has this ability, she doesn't like to do it very often because when she is gone from her body and someone else is using it - she has lost that time on earth that is really hers to enjoy.  She says, "I don't want to be someone else's telephone to the spirit world!" So that is another consideration.  If you get into full body channeling - you are gone from the body and you can't get that time back.

On the positive side,  people have channeled music, poetry, books, paintings, sculpture, etc. Beings who once lived on earth and died before they finished what they started are sometimes very eager to finish their work and do so through a person who is alive on earth and has the talent/gift to do the work. Such is a great blessing to participate in.

How To Do Automatic Writing

11-8-03 - DREAM -  I was at an apartment building and my friend Dianne was standing outside talking to some woman about finding a crystal glass egg cover - because hers had gotten lost.

I told her that she should look at the Good Will because they had lots of old glassware there and that she might find a cover to match her glass egg dish which was about 9" across from end to end.

While we were talking, an outdoor exhibit of what was at the Good Will - was on the lawn nearby. I started pointing out examples of glassware patterns that I grew up with that they had. I also saw examples of large books of wallpaper and large examples of large books of fabric samples. I found that fascinating and wanted to get something like that just for fun. But I was standing n line to ask the woman in charge for a book I wanted that told about a particular author that started with the letter P who lived in Europe in the Middle Ages. But when I was standing in line, I suddenly couldn't remember what his name was.

So I was going to write his name down and it wouldn't come to mind, suddenly the man's own handwriting started to appear on the paper - coming through my own hand - I as actually channeling the man's writing without knowing what he was writing - it just appeared on the paper but I was writing it in a whole different handwriting than my own. 

While I was doing this, I heard a separate thought in my head say, "Just go with the flow!" .... and I did.



Channeling is a process whereby an individual (the "channeler") claims to have been invaded by a spirit entity which speaks through the channeler. The channeling craze began in earnest in 1972 with the publication of Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, her husband. They claim that "Seth," a very wise "unseen entity," communicated his wisdom to Jane, who dictated to Butts while she was in a trance. Though Roberts, a somewhat accomplished poet, was obviously very literate and widely read in many religious and occult traditions (including Jung), her advocates portray her as communicating ideas beyond her ability. They take this as proof she was inspired. This is true: Roberts and Butts were probably inspired by the depth of human credulity.


There is no solid evidence for the beginning of channeling.

The Revelations of Biblical lore, and numerous reported incidents of mediums or channels receiving spiritual messages have, repeatedly throughout history,offered communication from and about supreme beings. From the Book of Revelation, chapter 1, verses 1-2: "The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place.

Themis offered divine advice to her audience when asked "we implore you, tell us by what device our wreck and ruin may be repaired"...certainly an eternal struggle, and one modern gods and goddesses tackle daily today, and not always for $2 a minute. Apollo, among other titles a god of prophecy, had his oracle at Delphi, and freely shared every prophecy he received

Eighteenth-century Anna Leet (1736-1784), widely known for her communications with the souls of the dead, and for spreading the belief in the possibility of doing so, has been considered to have "sown the seeds for the birth of Modern Spiritualism," a major nineteenth-century paranormal activity, through her teachings. Similarly, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1722), and Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910), AKA "the Poukeepsie Seer," were two of the earliest and most widely followed spirit communicators.

The Swedenborgian Movement of the 1740s, Anna Leet's "Shaking Quakers" communicating with souls of the dead shortly thereafter, Andrew Jackson Davis and his "mystical medicine" 6 of the 1840s, and two incredibly influential little girls from Hydesville, New York, all added to a burgeoning fascination with every thing psychical. Kate and Margaret Fox gave a new meaning to having an audience "rapped" around their little fingers: when they first heard "rappings" in their parents' home, they were (naturally!) alarmed, but quickly became the darlings of an enormous group of followers convinced that the two genuinely relayed messages from "the deceased after their bodily death".

The thousands of pages of Cayce's works housed at the ARE earn the channeler the (dubious) distinction of being the "most prolific channel in American History" and perhaps most notable for all that, simply because he dabbled in such diverse areas in his readings.

Just in time for the cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, psychic Jane Roberts began receiving messages from the young boy entity "Seth" and by most all scholarly accounts, set in motion a revised and expanded psychical revolution that would eclipse the relatively minor success of her channeling predecessors.


from the Nag Hammadi


There is much scholarly debate as to when Gnosticism began, whether it is pre-christian or post-christian. Essene Nazoreans see the origins of Gnosticism existing before the Christian era within the ancient Palestinian sect of Nassaraeans mentioned by Epiphanius. Echoes of this pre-Christian ethos can be discerned within the older strata of modern Mandaean writings. (These older gnostic teachings were transferred into Mandaean circles via Zazai's codification about 272 A.D. )


The Path of "Aumenite Gnostics" was restored to the earth on January 25, 1981 under the auspice of Sons Aumen Israel. (Sons Aumen being a direct translation of the Hebrew "B'nei Aumen", and Israel being a translation of the Mandaean "Yaqif", or Jacob, signifiying the non monastic membership gathered around the B'nei Aumen Temple complex.) This Path seeks to understand and encorporate the many wondrous teachings of the Valentianian Branch of Gnostic Christianity.

9 Aumenite Gnostic Grades

(1 Overseen by the Presiding Abba/Amma of Sons Aumen Israel )
2 The Master
3 The Electi
4 The (Stewards) (Hearers)
5 The Saint (Hearers)
6 The Sage (Hearers)
7 The Sibling (Hearers)
8 The Novice (Hearers)
9 The Postulant (Hearers)
10 The Probationer (Hearers)


Mary Magdalene

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene
By Jean-Yves Leloup; Found in 1945 at Nag Hammadi in the Egyptian desert, it is a short but complex Coptic text that appears to render the voice of Mary Magdalene. This volume contains English translations of Leloup's French version of the original and Leloup's extensive commentary, which discloses the theology that inspired the lost gospel.

The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail
By Margaret Starbird; A key resource that focuses on The Cult of Mary Magdalene and her role in the story of Christ and in early Christianity.

The Goddess in the Gospels : Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine
By Margaret Starbird; This books chronicles Starbird's personal journey in writing Woman with the Alabaster Jar, and demonstrates with more evidence that Mary Magdalene was understood to be the "Goddess" in early Christianity, and that the "Sacred Marriage," embodied in Christ and Mary Magdalene, was once at the heart of Christianity.

Magdalene's Lost Legacy: Symbolic Numbers and the Sacred Union in Christianity
By Margaret Starbird; A new book that looks at numerological evidence to further the theory that Yeshua and Mary Magdalene were wed.

The Moon Under Her Feet: The Story of Mari Magdalene in the Service of the Great Mother
By Cysta Kinstler; Fiction. The story of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen and Christ re-envisioned within a Goddess Culture. Based on careful scholarly research with extensive notes. This book changed my life!

Mary Magdalene: Beyond the Myth
By Esther De Boer; The author examines not only Gospel texts, but also writings discovered in the Egyptian desert during the last century, to present a vivid, fascinating, and attractive picture of Mary of Magdala--disciple, apostle, and human being .

I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena
By Flo Calhoun; A moving, first-person account.

Mary Magdalene, The First Apostle : The Struggle for Authority
By Ann Graham Brock; Brock shows that any given early Christian writing portrays authority as being concentrated either in Mary Magdalene or Peter, but not both. Mary Magdalene is consistently elevated is writings from which formal leadership roles are absent. Paul is involved in a tug-of-war between these two.

Let Her Keep It: Jesus' Ordination of Mary of Bethany
By Thomas Butler; Butler proposes a "two story line" reading of the Gospel of John, in which chapters 11-13 are taken to be keys to Jesus' inauguration of a new form of universal ministry. Mary and Martha are, the author concludes, included in this new form and intent of ordination for all of Jesus' disciples.

Mary Magdalen: Myth and Metaphor
By Susan Haskins; A fascinating journey through history and its texts (poems, plays, paintings, films) to see the many images of Mary Magdalen. What Haskins emphasizes as she reveals how each era has fashioned Mary Magdalen according to its own specific interests and desires, is that these differing representations consistently negate Mary Magdalen's powerful position in Christ's ministry.

The Making of the Magdalen: Preaching and Popular Devotion in the Later Middle Ages.
By Katherine Jansen; Highly readable, learned, full of interesting material gleaned from primary archival research, and amply illustrated.

Mary Magdalene: The Image of a Woman Through the Centuries
By Ingrid Maisch; An interesting, informative study!

The Resurrection of Mary Magdalene: Legends, Apocrypha, and the Christian Testament
By Jane Schaberg; Schaberg moves from contemporary feminist concerns, through the vast array of legend, apocryphal writing, and biblical reverberations, back to the "real" Mary Magdalene. She concludes that Magdalene was denigrated because she was a powerful woman, close to Jesus and perhaps to John the Baptist as well.

The Secret Identity of the Beloved Disciple
By Joseph Grassi; The 4th Gospel named John is widely believed to have been written by an anonymous disciple, an eyewitness whom Jesus loved. Grassi presents evidence that this disciple may have been Mary Magdalene.

Daughter of the Shining Isles: Magdalen Trilogy, Vol. 1.
By Elizabeth Cunningham; Sheer fun, sheer fiction! A Celtic Mary Magdalen meets Jesus at the Druid college in Wales

The Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspect of the Feminine
By Nancy Qualls-Corbett; In antiquity, human sexuality and the religious attitude were inseparable. The Sacred Prostitute: Eternal Aspect Of The Feminine is solidly based on Jungian psychological principles and powerfully illustrates how our vitality and capacity for joy depend on restoring the soul of the sacred prostitute to its rightful place in our conscious understanding.

Women in Christianity

The Feminine Face of Christianity
by Margaret Starbird; Starbird notes the early pattern of gender equality in the early Christian community, noting the "sister-wives" who accompanied male disciples on their missionary journeys, forging a new understanding of the "sacred marriage" at the heart of the Christian Gospels. She also gives us the rich heritage of stories about women’s generous service and encouragement for the inner journey, ranging all the way from little-known early saints to Mother Theresa.

The Women Around Jesus
by Elisabeth Moltmann-Wendel; A look at the biblical texts, artwork, and contemporary responses of Christian women to the women in the new testament through a freeing psychological point of view.

Mary Magdalene and Many Others: Women Who Followed Jesus
by Carla Ricci; Ricci addresses an overlooked but significant presence in the Gospels--that of the women who followed Jesus. Citing Luke 8:1-3, Ricci describes a group of women who unswervingly followed Jesus from Galilee to Jerusalem, through his passion and death, to become messengers of the resurrection.

Women in Scripture: A Dictionary of Named and Unnamed Women in the Hebrew Bible, the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books and the New Testament
By Carol Meyers; This splendid reference describes every woman in Jewish and Christian scripture--with or without names-- plus female dieties and personifications. Amonumental reference work that resurrects women from anonymity, this is essential for all public, academic, and seminary libraries

Sarah the Priestess : The First Matriarch of Genesis
By Savina J. Teubal; Recommended by one of our readers as an insightful look into Genesis and into Sara.

When Women Were Priests : Women's Leadership in the Early Church and the Scandal of Their Subordination
By Karen Torjesen; Torjesen examines multiple sources of ancient data to show evidence that women were preachers, prophets, pastors and patrons in the early Christian movement. Some of these can be found in the Bible itself.

Enduring Grace : Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics
By Carol Flinders; Reflections seven women mystics (Saint Clare of Assisi, Mechthild of Magdeburg, Julian of Norwich, Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Catherine of Genoa, Saint Teresa of Avila, and Saint Therese of Lisieux), intimate yet objective.

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter:
A Woman's Journey from Christian Tradition to the Sacred Feminine

By Sue Monk Kidd; The author takes the reader on her journey from traditional Christian wife and mother to a woman who argues for a feminine face of God. Kidd comes to the Goddess through Jungian practice instead of through Wicca, creating her own icons and rituals along the way.

Womanchrist: A New Vision of Feminist Spirituality
By Christin Lore Webber; The author leads us on her journey as she "re-envions and re-constructs a Christian spirituality of women's mysteries."

Books About Mary

Our Lady of the Lost and Found: A Novel of Mary, Faith, and Friendship
by Diane Schoemperlen; What would you do if Mother Mary showed up in your living room one day and asked to stay for a week? This book presents a reverent but down to earth view of Our Lady. "Virtually everything that's been said about me has become true," Mary tells the writer she befriends. This is one of the best books I've read in a long time!

Mary the Blessed Virgin of Islam
By Aliah Schleifer; A look at the special role that Muslims give to Miriam. An enlightening read!

In Search of Mary : The Woman and the Symbol
by Sally Cunneen; Cunneen seeks to unravel the complex tapestry surrounding Mary as the historical woman of Nazareeth, the Virgin and Mother elevated by the church, the hidden Black Madonna, and the Feminine Divine who influences the lives of women and men today.

365 Mary : A Daily Guide to Mary's Wisdom and Comfort
by Woodeene Koenig-Bricker; A wonderful meditation book that focuses on integrating Mary into our daily lives. Written from a liberal Christian point of view, this book doesn't always match my personal worldview, but I have been enjoying it nonetheless!

Circle of Mysteries : The Women's Rosary Book
By Christin Lore Weber ; (One reviewer writes) As a Christo-Pagan, I found it especially moving, since there are very few books which express profound mysteries in language and imagery which honors both the Christian and Pagan paths.

Mary: Shadow of Grace
By Megan McKenna; A devotional book containing stories and discussion of Mary's shadow side.

The Cult of the Black Virgin
By Ean Begg; The first scholar to document the existence of Black Virgins and to tie their origins to earlier Goddesses.

Longing for Darkness
By China Galland; The true story of a woman's search for the divine feminine in the form of the Black Madonna. The author investigates the meaning of darkness in divine images of the east and west.

Gifts of Grace: A Gathering of Personal Encounters with the Virgin Mary
By Lone Jensen; Powerfully written accounts of little-know apparitions to ordinary people across the borders of country, race, and religion. Wonderful bedside reading.

Meetings with Mary: Visions of The Blessed Mother
By Janice T. Connell; A comprehensive guide to the best-known apparitions of Mary, around the world, through the centuries.

Miracles of Mary: Apparitions, Legends, and Miraculous Works of the Blessed Virgin
By Michael S. Durham; A beautiful art book filled with gorgeous color renderings of Mary, ancient and modern; also includes a delicious sampling of legends and beliefs about Our Lady from around the world, throughout the ages.

Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and Cult of Virgin Mary
By Marina Warner; An easy-to-read scholarly resource written by a former Catholic. A bit on the critical side, but contains a wealth of information.

Dictionary of Mary
by Catholic Book Publishers; The ultimate guide to all things Mary as defined by the Catholic Church. Includes prayers, litanies, doctrines, and history. A very useful and interesting book for all Mary devotees.

Catholic Customs and Traditions : A Popular Guide
By Greg Dues; An easy-to-read catalog with relevant information on Mary and the history of the church. A handy reference for all who are interested in this subject.

Mary, Mother of All Nations: Reflections
By Megan McKenna; A beautiful book containing 31 full colour icons with reflections upon each one.

Mary Through the Centuries: Her Place in History and Culture
By Jaroslav Pelikan; An objective, academic overview written by a Yale scholar.

The World's Great Madonnas: An Anthology of Pictures, Poetry, Music, and Stories Centering in the Life of the Madonna and Her Son.
By Cynthia Pearl Maus (Out of Print; Try your library). The title says it all!


Derek Acorah - England

ABRAHAM - through Esther Hicks

ALEX - through Michelle LaVigne Wedel

Alexander - through Ramon Stevens

Rosemary Altea

Amaritha - through Elena Diana

George Anderson

Archangel Raphael - through Mary LaSota

Alice Bailey  - (1880 - 1949)

Annie Besant

Helena P. Blavatsky (1831–1891)

Sylvia Browne  

Ken Carey

Edgar Cayce - ARE (1877-1945)

Florence Cook

Gerard Croiset

Jeanne Dixon

Helen Duncan

John Edward  

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Arthur Ford

Eileen Garrett - (1893 - 1970)

Kuthumi - through Ruth A. Craig

Ramtha - through J.Z. KNIGHT

Charles W. Leadbeater

Gladys Osborne Leonard - (1882 - 1968)

Barbara Marciniak

Ruth Montgomery

The Niburians - through Jelaila Starr

Stephen O'Brien

Leonore Piper - (1857 - 1950)

Jach Pursel, channel for "Lazaris

Lyssa Royal


Dr. William S. Sadler 1875 - 1969
Channeled the Book of Urantia

Rudi Schneider

Ron Scolastico

Jane Roberts & Seth (info)
SETH - through Jane Roberts

Rudolf Steiner

Lori Toye

Ena Twigg

James Van Praagh

Chico Xavier  - Brazil - 1910 - 2002

The Zetas - through Nancy Lieder


Directory of leading figures in the British psychic/MBS field - including psychics, astrologers, authors, researchers etc - with experience of working in TV, radio, magazines and newspapers.

      Michele Knight
      Well-known media clairvoyant as seen on channel 5's "Housebusters" and "Mystic Challenge". Michele is astrologer for 19 magazine and         has written two books on astrology. She is currently appearing on "Mystic Challenge" on UK Living satellite channel.

Sasha Fenton
Internationally acclaimed astrologer, media personality and best-selling author with book sales in excess of 5 million copies. Titles include "Sun Signs", "Moon Signs", "Understanding Astrology" and "Tarot in Action!" Sasha Fenton is co-founder of Zambezi Publishing.
Russell Grant
Russell Grant has presented numerous TV programmes over the last 25 years, including "Breakfast Time", "People Today", "World of Wonder" and "Postcards from Britain". He remains a popular guest on quiz shows, chat shows and game shows.
Derren Brown
Psychological illusionist Derren Brown reads minds but claims no psychic powers. He uses a combination of perceptual manipulation, suggestion and subliminal persuasion to create a thrilling and thought-provoking new form of psychological entertainment.
Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D.
Biologist and author of a number of books and more than fifty scientific papers dealing with extrasensory perception. His books include "A New Science of Life" and "The Evolutionary Mind". He is former Director of Studies in biochemistry and cell biology at Cambridge University.
Zak Martin
World famous psychic acclaimed for his powers of psychic detection and criminal profiling on behalf of police forces throughout the world, and for his predictions of world events. Author of several books, including the top-selling guide to psychic growth, "How to Develop Your ESP".
Rosa Derriviere
Italian-born clairvoyant with more than 10 years experience in the UK and abroad. Varied experience in media and corporate work. Recently featured on C4's "10 Ways to Contact the Dead". Resident psychic on Christian O'Connell's breakfast show on XFM. Tel: 0208-8934237
Matthew Manning
Healer and author of a number of books, most notably "The Link", which describes poltergeist activity which took place around Manning when he was just 11 years old. Matthew Manning has been the subject of numerous television programmes and newspaper and magazine articles.


Course in Miracles


The Book of Knowledge - J.J. Hurtak

Swedenborg Books

The Urantia Book

Noetic Science on Channeling

Channeling Links

General Channeling Information/Resources:

The Spiritual Connection

A popular and informative page discussing Channeling news, including links to other related sites.

"What is Channeling?: Mediumship and the New Age"

Channeler Marina Michaels has compiled a very practical and conversational article offering just the material her article's title suggests: information about Channeling, what it is, how to do it, what she's learned and the reality versus the myths of available Channeling lore. (The main page, "Sonic Net is also an interesting basic "Independent Website on Spirituality.")

The Channeling Page

Another good source of information from and about channelers, providing basic concepts on Channeling, and links to channelers and chat groups.

The Gale Group Biography Resource Center

A general on-line biographical reference tool loaded with personalities,with particularly comprehensive information on leaders and practitioners of religious movements (much of it attributed to J. Gordon Melton).

"Don't touch that dial!"

An interesting and initially balanced (with a decidedly anti-cult skepticism at conclusion) article by Eric Pement (1988), subtitled "The New Age Practice of Channeling," offering broad historical and social overview of Channeling and its rise to popularity in recent years. Notable for its full discussion of the topic--and for the fact that it was accessed by direct link from a popular Channeler's page.

The Watchman Expositor

An outstanding and impartial source of information regarding many current events in new religious movements, with a particularly comprehensive description of Channeling.

Mystic Planet Presents Channeling

Includes lots of links to Channelers, and messages from some of the best-known entities in Channeldom.

About.Com's "New Age: Channeling" Page

Information tool "About.Com" weighs in with their very complete and impartial, almost encyclopedic reference site about Channeling, Channelers, the history, controversies and major entities of the practice.

"The Best of the Alternative Web"

Llama links touts itself as being "alternative," and does indeed offer vast amounts of information about alternative movements, including Channeling and related paranormal activities. A fun, informative and colorful site offering links to pages on many new age topics.

Specific Channelers and Channeling-Based Groups:

The Urantia Book On Line

The sacred text of the Urantians, a group guided by spiritual channelings, is the Urantia Book, and this site allows electronic access to the entire text, along with links to further information about the movement.

Swedenborg and Channeling

An article (actually a thesis paper presented at a recent Cesnur conference) discussing the history and controversies revolving around Emanuel Swedenborg and the rise of Swedenborgianism. A long and scholarly paper, but one loaded with historical analysis on a central figure in the re-emergence of mediumship, and worth reading for anyone interested in the subject.

The Michael Teachings Page

Suggestions and coaching from the entity Michael's channelers on "how to channel," how to get Michael's books, and some recently received channelings from Michael.

The Seth Network International Home page

Offers brief update for and about the activities of followers of the late Jane Roberts and her primary entity Seth, and refers anyone interested to links to a Seth-heavy bookstore, Seth followers mail list, and information about the Seth conference in October 2000.


Home page for the ReCreation foundation--Neale Donald Walsch's organization-- discussing the group's beliefs, news, and Walsch's answers to queries about his phenomenally (commercially) successful dialog with God.

God Channel

A site representative of the many pages available discussing transmissions from God.

Ask Merlin Channeled Psychic Readings

A variant of other channelers, Merlin combines a broad range of new age ideas with the more magical elements of consciousness to create this hybrid-Channeling/Psychic business and page. One stop new age/metaphysical shopping...

The Kryon Channelings Page

A rather homegrown page, and an excellent example of the hundreds of channelers with electronic resources devoted to sharing the messages they receive, their own definition of "channelling" (sic), and detailed explanations as to why theirs is an authentic and plausible entity/spirit/voice/being/prophecy. This page, from Lee Carroll, offers readings much like installments in a drama series, perhaps exciting continued interest in a cast of channeled characters (as in: "Wo returns!").

Connecting with your soul

This channel offers a "program" that will help the purchaser of the program to make contact with his "higher self." One of hundreds of on-line businesses angling for the favor (and business) of new agers.

"A Spiritual Beacon on the Internet"

Channelings from "the Assembly of Light," information about "The Prophecy Stones," and some sample readings.

Purchase a "How-to" Manual...Sort of

This site markets itself as offering "everything you need to know about mediumship and spirit channeling"--as long as you buy the "ten lesson study guide," when in fact it is the homepage of The First Spiritual Temple, a "Christian Spiritual Church," and much of the "how-to" information is found in the religious movement's online literature and teachings. There is much good information here about mediumship, spirituality, Spiritualism, and spirit communications.

New Heart - Dedicated to Healing the Relationship Between Spirit and Will

Lady Kadjina Archives


Michael Articles & Channelings - Channeled by Shepherd Hoodwin

Maitreya Channelings

Channeling Links



... 1904: Aleister Crowley in the Book of the Law, dictated to him by a discarnate Egyptian entity, proposed April 1904 in Cairo.when the channeling occurred


... All Channeling pages no matter what the name of the page is, will be found under CHANNELING Om the 'C' page


... 1990s. Alexander Material - from a discarnate spirit teacher who has been channeling through his human host, Ramón Stevens. Alexandria ...


... - extensive site for Theosophical resources. Blue Rose Productions - Orpheus Phylos channeling, prophecy from Archangel Michael. ...


... Channeling: The Process. Chris Hamilton - Australian channel for Astara, What is Channeling? ... Nature of Channeling, Channeling - A Natural Skill Easily Learned. ...


... Marcia's Garden Of Light Group Sight. Channeling. Shaman Stories and poems. ... Metaphysical Links - channeling, ACIM, FAQs, healing, Native American, pagan. ...


... not wrong ... just slightly inaccurate. That rate of prophecy is better than any psychic I've ever heard of. Dr. Coleman doesn't do channeling. ...

POLAR AXIS SPIN - The Current Location Of The Spin Axis

... POLAR MOTION - A PROPHECY - THE SCIENCE. ... touch it from angles and manipulate it as she wished during the channeling session ...


... My friend has just started communication on a channeling/walk-in format, in the past 2 weeks and he has found the experience to be really positive in nature.


... Channeled Books, ...Guides Ascended Masters Ascension Chakras Channeled Books Channeling...


... 4. Divine instruction coming from a deity source, only given to that particular group usually through channeling or 'divine inspiration'. ...


... two hours. This was closely followed by the channeling of a still unpublished book that we witnessed over a period of weeks. ...


... The "problem" is, in my view, that these concepts come from channeling, or something similar.
... ( ...


... Watkins also offers original insights into the process of channeling and addresses the question: Where is Seth now that Jane is no longer living? ...


... Crystalline Children Channeling from the Ascended Masters June 4th, 2002. Anshallah, antui nahadre entu ansham.


Channeling, Mediumship, Paranormal Phenomena, Life After Death THE DEVELOPMENT OF A CHANNELER or I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS ...


... and. Color Visualization ... More about Blue. Blue and Health. Indigo is used for Intuition, Channeling, clairvoyance, secret. ...

The Pleiades and the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day

... salvation, dolphin. channeling. Skanda. Links. ...


... Arts_1 | Astrology_21 | Ayurvedic_6 | Blood Banking_1 | Books Spiritual_11 | Books Health_14 | Breathing_7 | Cancer Resources_31 | Channeling_13 | Chiropractic ...


... The Bolontiku communicate with their votaries through what we would call channeling and prophetic dreams, to the Maya ...

Ascended Masters - Who They Are

... An expert in communication and channeling Vywamus is specifically focusing the energies of joy, laughter and self love to aid Earth and humanity


... 1) a mystical brotherhood; 2) a tunnel entrance to a secret city inside Mount Shasta; 3) Lemuria; 4) the concept of "I AM"; 5) "channeling" of ethereal spirits


... the gods. Here is his article The 12th Planet - a return in 2012? Earthsong 2012 Lightworkers,healing, channeling,. Earth Pole Shift ...


... with UFOs, Sanskrit texts describing domed craft and aerial wars, paranormal events, NDSS, OBE, ESP, channeling mediumship, ghosts ...


... Soul Clearing - An Integral Aspect to Ascension. The Emotional/Spiritual Body. Channeling Criteria. LSD and the Third Eye. ELOHIM REFERENCES. ...

Predictive Outline of Ideas About the Great Change

... being revealed now through crop patterns, UFO activity, art, channeling, events, simultaneities ... of these 28 points are listed on various pages

The Mandelbrot Set Crop Circle Formation

... I later flipped open the book, Channeling (by Jon Klimo) and read of a channeled ...

DAVID WILCOCK - PART VIII - The Breath of the Divine and “Superstring ...

... Virginia, had a published reading on pg. 165 in the book "Channeling" by John Klimo. Russell claimed that the messages came ...


... In Eskimo shamanism, the medicine man drums until the spirits come in and speak through him, in a kind of possession or channeling. ~~~~. NAVAJO. ...


... Joint focusing on "affected" zones supposedly enables channeling of the client's "true healing intention" to ...


... ALIEN-UFOS.COM. Alien Writing Translation - Channeling by Ingrid Bennett. All Things Alien. American Tabloids Have Big UFO-ET Week. ...


... Early Christian writers, such as Adamantius Origenes [Origen (c. 250 CE)], who obviously have no knowledge of how channeling or spirit messages are received ...


... channeled material Ascension, Soul Ways and Its Meaning - presents many views on Spiritweb Ascension Group - Australian golden eagles channeling from ascended ...


The Ziriya Board. Talking Board. . PRO. (FOR). CON. (AGAINST). ...


... Most of the remarks about 11:11 seemed to be nothing more than new-age drivel about channeling, enlightenment, etc. ...


... Picture is on this page - ... of any of the following information, some of which was obtained by channeling or opinions


... we are in and have provided clues over a long period, but it is difficult to penetrate to the heart of the "big picture" with so much "channeling" coming in on ...


... Subj: Re: FULL NEWS OF WTC AT ... So I went into my relaxed detached state of mind that is conductive to channeling ...

The American Tragedy: A Symbolic Event, Part Two

... dimensional consciousness? Other questions arise. There has been a tremendous increase of channeling, or mediumship in recent years.


... My own dream voice, I think, is similar to channeling. I awoke one morning, speaking the words aloud. ... The increase in channeling is another. ...


... Barriers & Flows: Some Insights from the French Acupuncture World. BUDDHIST LINKS. MARY - MELORA CHANNELING. SAMAHDI HOME PAGE. SUNNATARAM MEDITATION MONASTERY. ...


... classroom, writing down my dream, but embedded in my deak was a little glass insert and I was writing on the glass with a stylus and was channeling the Apache ...


... A doctor was three. He pointed up the aisle for me that in the psychiatry, there was a book on Channeling. That was the one I wanted. It was Maroon in color. ...


... I went to sleep thinking about Jane Roberts and whether someone is channeling her and whether a new book is coming out about her and that I would check on the ...


... (Scroll down to the Seth material. Someone is now channeling Jane Roberts) I woke up instantly, thinking ... "WOW!" ***. ...


... Another woman said, "There is growth there!". A woman's voice sounding like she was channeling someone said, "As long as I see his light ... the yellow ...

The Astrological Background and Origin of New Age Spirituality

... into the human mix (the image of Aquarius pouring out the Urn of saved souls-- read this as: reincarnation, past-life remembrances and channeling of spirit ...


... and..somehow i was telling them something...BEYOND my ordinary if i were, myself, channeling it, or receiving inspiration, from a higher level ...


. 3-10-96 - MEDITATION - I asked about BF and her channeling of "K" of the 6th Density Light Beings. I saw BF come up to me and greet me. ...


... New World Order, Personal Growth, Spiritual, ESP & Psychic Awareness, Inner Child & Rebirthing Work, The Paranormal, Channeling, Teleportation, Healing


... A few years ago, I read an account of a class of students with a MEDIUM, channeling her Guide; these students were learning of Spirit, through the teachings of ...


... 3-10-96 - MEDITATION - I asked about BF and her channeling of "K" of the 6th Density Light Beings. I saw BF come up to me and greet me. ...


... The people on bicycles represent the tunability to what shall happen and they shall be accordingly overwhelmed by the circumstances. A CHANNELING BY BASHAR ...


... fifth-dimensional consciousness. A CHANNELING FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. BY Ronna Herman <>. July, 2001. As you ...


The personality may or may not be aware as it often occurs while sleeping, meditating or channeling. There may ...


They regard this as an intrusion for she lives upon their territory. They also inquire about the channeling. I feel strange ...


... We have been here since the beginning." "We have built and destroyed civilizations." "We are your family." "In a short time, this [channeling from their end ...

Revelation 11:11

. This was closely followed by the channeling of a still unpublished book that we witnessed over a period of weeks.


... time-travel and cloning,HAARP,chemtrails and CIA channeling programs. The Secrets of the Mojave by Branton. ...


. ... Spiritual Information. Kryon Channeling -


... She found our "Code of the Ancients" ... Phenomena such as the Ouija board, the pendulum, and channeling, are probably ...


.... accuracy of any of the following information, some of which was obtained by channeling or opinions ...


... Date: 12/7/2000. My mother and I have started channeling various guides who are giving us some pretty cool info. ...


... my deak was a little glass insert and I was writing on the glass with a stylus and was channeling the Apache ...


... The Bull Shit stuff like, Ashtar command, "channeling" Entities telling you what to do, the NWO, UFO invasion fears, Satanic Magick, Elder "Aliens" picking you ...


... spiritual, metaphysics, phoenix, angel, angels, Touched by an Angel, new age, rose, roses, millennium, seminar, seminars, lectures, channeling, prophecy,. ...

Humanity On The Pollen Path - Part One

... Joel said that the material did not come from channeling . . . ..


... This relationship expresses itself not only through "channeling", but above all through some "rendez-vous" on various particular sites in Provence (France). ...


... So, I went on without it. 2-22-98 - This is a discussion between Joe Mason and David Wilcock who is channeling a spirit entity . .


... placed the crystal skull on a small turntable so that Carole would be able to touch it from angles and manipulate it as she wished during the channeling session


... Thus it is but a stepping stone, a means of channeling of the creative and divine forces that are represented


... In the book Channeling by Jon Klimo, on page 165, he quotes Walter Russell from a book published in 1947 of messages "of God ...


... The Return Of Satan/Lucifer - Human Cloning. Trionic Research Institute. Ufos/Aliens. The Dreamkeeper Channeling. The RA Material. ..