12-1-15 - TWO WOMEN HAD TO GO TO THE BATHROOM AT THE SAME TIME. iN THE REAL - dream. they were told to use real thin papers to wipe up with so it would melt away when it touched the water.

dream 2 - a page about the two women going to the bathroom - the last two lines were written in pale gold.


VISION -  A computer screen with a warning acrosss the screen. I couldn't read it.  The screen itself was way to the left in the room, not directly in fron of me.

Thw next day, I got a warning email about the dangers of windows 10 software.


VISION 2 - A baby girl was born today.  Dec 1st. and named PICA because it was the first day.

PICA  is a type size of 12



12-1-15 - VISION -  I was thinking about telling TM and telling him about the US dollar being predicted to be devalued.

The IMF (the U.S. bank that prints our money) is approving the Chinese YUAN is going to be a registered trade financial dollar as against the U.S. dollar which would thusly be devalued.

As soon as I thought that, I saw a young Chinese woman laughing as hard as she could. and then a tall thin man, dressed in a grey suit, sitting on a chair, bent over with his head between his knees, probably crying for the IMF deal and what happened to the dollar automatically.



12-3-15 - THE PIZZA GAME.

DREAM  I played a game with Phyllis from the "Young and Restless" TV  show.

On day 1, the pizza cost $1.00

On day 2, the pizza cost $2.00

On day 3, the pizza cost $3.00.

This game was played for 100 days, with a $1 incrase in price every day up to $100 dollars.

Then the game changed.

On day 101, the $100 pizza was discounted by $1.

On day 102, the $100 pizza was discounted by $2.

etc. for the next 100 days.  The pizza sstill cost the same $100, but was discounted by the government because people couldn't buy it at that price.

I'm sure all items would be priced accordingly to devalue the dollar.



12-3-15 - DREAM - I had an argument with Kevin from a TV show. The next day he fell and broke his leg and I had to hug him and forgive him.

12-4-15 - DREAM -  I was living in a very large house with sparse furniture.  Some people arrived and were asking me questions about various things and I knew the answers but I wanted to write it down and paper to write was hard to find, as were pencils.

I walked outside and the owner of the property had given me a key to an old vehicle because the property was so big - walking would take to long from place to place.

When I went back from the main road, and I parked the vehicle close to the house, and heard a lot of rustling in the tall bushes growing there. All of a sudden, a whole herd of elephants came out of the bushes making a lot of noise and waving their trunks around.

The landlord was our current landlord Chris.


12-4-15  -  DREAM - I had been listening in my sleep to the television - a man describing what happened the morning of the shootings in San Bernadino, CA.

In the dream, I and my husband were moving all our belongings to a different house.

The first thing I wanted was my live plants, and my hand made quilts off the beds. 

I wondered what else I would need in the new house - like the knives and forks from the kitchen drawer, the food, etc.

All our money was moved into an account called  "Children's Financial".

Some ladies gathered together, and I thought they would help move our personnal things to the new house, but they weren't interested in doing anything - just sitting around talking about what happened.

It was very frustrating because my husband didn't think I needed my hand made quilts which meant so much to me, and then the ladies thinking nothing at all needed doing because of what happened.


12-6-15 - DREAM - This is about making an error in opening a voting envelope that invalidates the vote, promising never to make the error again, and then making the same error.

I recall having a similar dream before, but its really hard to describe when it regards opening the envelope with a knife and slicing it in the wwrong direction - to the right.





12-7-15 - THE TALKING HEADS.  This scene was on automatic, put on display as an example of what technology can do.

The scene was an office with the head of a beautiful brown, curly haired woman, bouncing around on the desk while she spoke, announcing what the 'talking head' man was going to talk about. The man was older and talked about the various cycles that a man goes through, and they are separated by specific time spans which was shown by a rod that comes down between the 'talking heads' of the man that were lined up on the far side of the room.  The woman had one head, the older caucasian man had multiple 'talking heads'.

I don't recall what they said.  I was too busy watching what they were doing in the demonstration.


12-8-15 - DREAM -  I don't know why but Donald trump was visiting our house.  While he was there, we were doing a 7 glass water cleanse of our bodies,

Thank God for two bathrooms. 

Some time during his visit, someone knocked on the back door.  I don't ever answer that door at night because the back outside light doesn't work.

Our front porch has a light, but there is no window in the door, so unless someone says who they are, I won't answer that door either.

All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door, and I didn't know what to do.


12-9-15 DREAM - I was in a large auditorium with a large group of of young woman who were doing a circle dance on the stage to a particular Christian song.

The young woman were dressed in white duck costumes - all alike except the head duck.  The duck wore a plastic bubble under her costume so that her butt was more outstanding and she would turn around on a specific word for emphasis.

The song is: from the album  STAND UP by Roy Fields also on

The whole house lost electricity at precisely 8:50 a.m. when I had just finished typing the dream.

When I went outside an hour later, there was an electric truck down on the corner and one of the guys was laughing hysterically.


12-9-15 - VISION - The whole thing was in black, so the shapes were outlined in silver.

a box with a circle in it, with a downward facing triangle.  It seemed there was clockwise energy movement within the box.


12-10-15 - NAP DREAM - I was with my first husband in New Berlin, WI, and we came home on Calhoun Rd. to our great surprise, there were two travel trailers parked in our yard, that were completely tan with no windows in them.

The family, husband, wife and daughter came running towards us to greet us and we didn't know who they were.  It was obvious they didn't know what the family looked like that they were visiting either.

After going through the 20 question game with them, they were looking for someone named Sullivan who lived on 66th and Greenfield.

I told them, we are near 166th, but not near Greenfield, and I couldn't the roads to get to Greenfield Ave, and said it 5 roads that way - pointing north.

As a coincidence, we originally lived on 65th near Greenfield.

But even more oddly, Donald Trump was standing in the yard and helped me count how many roads Greenfield Ave. was from where we stood.



DREAM - I don't remember all the details.

There was a very large group of women in a field, all dressed in long white dresses - they were practicing for war.

Later, I was talking with a man - and I had a large head of lettuce in my left hand, and a large sharp knife in my right hand.  I asked him if ihe'd like a salad, and I was going to shred the lettuce for the salad, but he hadn't answered me yet and I saw two large rotten spots in the lettuce so I cut it in half and pulled out two long black objects that I knew represented the two killers in San Bernadino from lasst week.

I said, "He slept at the Knessett."

The Knesset (Hebrew: הַכְּנֶסֶת [haˈkneset] ; lit. the gathering] or assembly; Arabic: الكنيست al-K(e)neset) is the unicameralnational legislature of Israel. As the legislative branch of the Israeli government, the Knesset passes all laws, elects the Presidentand Prime Minister (although the latter is ceremonially appointed by the President), approves the cabinet, and supervises the work of the government. In addition, the Knesset elects the State Comptroller. It also has the power to waive the immunity of its members, remove the President and the State Comptroller from office, dissolve the government in a constructive vote of no confidence, and to dissolve itself and call new elections. The Prime Minister may dissolve the Knesset. However, until an election is completed, the Knesset maintains authority in its current composition.[3] The Knesset is located in Givat Ram, Jerusalem.


Role in Israeli government

As the legislative branch of the Israeli government, the Knesset passes all laws, elects the president, approves the cabinet, and supervises the work of the government through its committees. It also has the power to waive the immunity of its members, remove the President and the State Comptroller from office, and to dissolve itself and call new elections.

The Knesset has de jure parliamentary supremacy, and can pass any law by a simple majority, even one that might arguably conflict with the Basic Laws of Israel, unless the basic law includes specific conditions for its modification; in accordance with a plan adopted in 1950, the Basic Laws can be adopted and amended by the Knesset, acting in its capacity as a Constituent Assembly.

In addition to the absence of a formal constitution, and with no Basic Law thus far being adopted which formally grants a power of judicial review to the judiciary, the Supreme Court of Israel has in recent years asserted its authority, when sitting as the High Court of Justice, to invalidate provisions of Knesset laws it has found to be inconsistent with a Basic Law. The Knesset is presided over by a Speaker and a Deputy Speaker.


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The Knesset is divided into committees, which amend bills on the appropriate subjects. Committee chairpersons are chosen by their members, on recommendation of the House Committee, and their factional composition represents that of the Knesset itself. Committees may elect sub-committees and delegate powers to them, or establish joint committees for issues concerning more than one committee. To further their deliberations, they invite government ministers, senior officials, and experts in the matter being discussed. Committees may request explanation and information from any relevant ministers in any matter within their competence, and the ministers or persons appointed by them must provide the explanation or information requested.

There are four types of committees in the Knesset. Permanent committees amend proposed legislation dealing with their area of expertise, and may initiate legislation. However, such legislation may only deal with Basic Laws and laws dealing with the Knesset, elections to the Knesset, Knesset members, or the State Comptroller. Special committees function in a similar manner to permanent committees, but are appointed to deal with particular manners at hand, and can be dissolved or turned into permanent committees. Parliamentary inquiry committees are appointed by the plenum to deal with issues viewed as having special national importance. In addition, there are two types of committees that convene only when needed: the Interpretations Committee, made up of the Speaker and eight members chosen by the House Committee, deals with appeals against the interpretation given by the Speaker during a sitting of the plenum to the Knesset rules of procedure or precedents, and Public Committees, established to deal with issues that are connected to the Knesset.


11-23-99 - DREAM - I went to visit my sons Ken and Tom who were college age, somewhere between 19 and 21. (In real life they are 40 and 41 years old) The house was perfectly clean when I got there and they were in their room studying. I could only see their right arms as they sat at their desk. They both wore red and black plaid flannel long sleeved shirts. I was amazed how clean the house was, the livingroom floor was grass green shag rug. Their father's new girlfriend, who was tall and thin with black hair was there visiting also. I got upset that she knew more about what they were doing than I did. I found out that my son Ken had bought tickets for him and his wife Debe to fly to Pakistan as part of a fact finding group at 6 p.m. the same day. (The visit was taking place about 8 a.m.) He was going as part of a war prevention group. Ken came and stood in front of me as he told me that he had bought the tickets. I never saw his face... only the red and black paid shirt and blue jeans.  He said he had gotten a ticket with a coupon for Debe because it wasn't known yet if wives could go along.

I was very upset that this was happening and the black haired woman said, "We've known this was going to happen for a whole year already."

I then saw a newspaper article in the newspaper. It was on page 2 near the center fold in a long narrow column. The headline said, "A FACT FINDING GROUP HEADING TO PAKISTAN."  The article was about the group going to study the situation and try to prevent a war.

I was so upset by this news I woke up with a horrible headache in the back of my head. Strange thing... it only lasted 10 minutes.  The name Kenneth means "Royal Obligation" and the name Deborah means "bee".  (Bees sting) (Thomas...who wasn't going along means 'twin'. (Recall "doubting Thomas" from the Bible".)

Musharraf Bans Two Pakistani Groups

By KATHY GANNON, Associated Press Writer

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) - President Pervez Musharraf declared war on extremists Tuesday, banning two militant religious groups and announcing a harsh new anti-terrorist law.

Pakistan has been rocked by dozens of deadly attacks by rival Sunni and Shiite Muslims. The groups have assaulted places of worship and targeted individuals, including professionals with no known affiliation with religious groups. Hundreds have been killed in recent years.

``We want to stop this ethnic and sectarian violence. We want it stopped now,'' said Musharraf in televised speech to mark Pakistan's Independence Day.

Musharraf banned the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a violent Sunni group whose leader is believed to be hiding in neighboring Afghanistan. He also outlawed the Sipah-e-Mohammed, a Shiite group. The groups have been accused of assaults on mosques, funerals and drive-by shootings.

Musharraf, a general who seized power in a coup in 1999 and has declared himself president, also issued a warning to two other groups - Sipah-e-Sahaba, a militant Sunni group, and Tehrik-e-Jafria, an extremist Shiite Muslim organization.

Musharraf said the new anti-terrorist law, which took effect on Tuesday, gives additional powers to the judiciary and to the police, including in the search for weapons.

Previous governments have shied away from outlawing militant Islamic groups largely because their members are well-armed and likely to incite people against the government.

Some groups vowed to resist any government ban.

The Shiite Muslim Sipah-e-Mohammed group spokesman Akmal Naqvi said they fight the government's ban in court.

``We are being victimized. We will not close down. We will go to court. Our members will resist,'' Naqvi told The Associated Press.

The Sunni group Sipah-e-Sahaba, or Guardians of the Friends of the Prophet, warned the government against banning their group. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Inqilabi, a spokesman for the organization, blamed the violence on Iran training and arming Shiite Muslims.

Militant Sunni Muslims have been accused of killing several Iranians in Pakistan.

``Pakistan is confronted by sectarian and ethnic extremists,'' said Musharraf. ``Our society has become an intolerant society and unfortunately innocent people are being killed.''

Most of the victims have been minority Shiites.

Musharraf lamented the murder last month of Shaukat Mirza, head of Pakistan State Oil Co., the country's largest oil firm. Police said Mirza was shot dead because he was a Shiite, although he had no affiliation with any religious group.

Most of Pakistan's 140 million people are Sunni Muslims who get along with their Shiite brethren. However, well-armed and violent groups belonging to both sects have emerged in Pakistan in recent years, and they routinely attack each other.

Copyright © 2001 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.



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12-12-15  SPIRIT QUESTION:  Does Germaine have to be 2nd?

I was assuming that Germaine was asking the question.

Precise answer.  Yes!  Jehovah is always first, followed by his son Yeshua - Jesus, Ben Joseph

12-12-15 - DREAM - I was on a wide dry sand beach near the ocean, where a man was displaying hundreds of alarm clocks for sale.

Many of them were very small and round, but not all of them.

I picked out the two largest square ones to purchse without asking the price.

I didn't heaer any of them ticking, but knew they were all battery operated.  They were not all set for the exact same time either.

The man explained to me, If all these alarms went off at the same time, you would have to clamp your hands over your ears and run away acreaming.  You couldn't handle the noise.

I nodded with understanding.


12-13-15 - DREAM -  I was living at Juneau VillageGarden apartments again but was not the manager this time.  Having been manager the last time, I knew the layout and procedures very well.

It was getting near twilight in the evening and I saw that someone had delivered many, many large packages and left them on the side lawn next to the building.  I read the names on all the packages and was disappointed that none of them were for me.

Then I noticed that many young trees had been planted on that lawn and large pices of paper were blowing around and wrapping themselves around the trees and is was very unsightly.

Knowing that the manaager in her office didn't have eyes to see everything going on, and there were no cameras out there, I decided to go to the office to tell the manager about the situation so she could get someone from maintenance out there to clean up the paper.

On my way through the yard I could see that people were picking up their packages, but still many left and wondered what would happen to those not picked up.

On the way to the office, I went through the parking garage that was empty of cars and wondered how sturdy the concrete was and how much water the basement would hold when the rains came.

12-13-15 - DREAM - RESTORATION.  I and some other people bought a large property that was over 100 years old and hadn't been touched in a long time. Nobody had lived in it for many years.

Obe of the men wanted to see my plans for the community, and I had a 3 ring binder in blue that had most of the plans in, but I knew I had another binder somewhere with information about the animals I wanted to raise, especially horses, and I didn't know where that one was.

Finally, I found it and it was a green binder.  Both 3" binders were pretty much full of paper as everything from the computer was printed out. I handed both binders to him at a desk he sat it.

Meantime I went around the house and property to see what had to be done.

One of the men wanted to rip out everything and start over with everything new.

To me, the property retored was more meaningful.  The wooden woodwork could be sanded and polished.  Weeds outside could be removed and the old trees preserved.  We didn't have to have everything new.

I found an old book that had the date 1910 in it.  It was very fragile and I could see that the air itself and bacteria was destroying the paper and ink, but I could still read it, and if I used a brand new sheet of paper I could carefully wipe the broken pieces of paper and ink and polish the paper just a little and still read the book.  It was too valuable to just throw it away because it was old. 


12-13-15 - NIGHTMARE:  I was with my first husband at home.  I complained to him that he had the home and I had nothing.  He decided to run off with my girlfriend and he left.  Then I really had nothing.

So I left the house and went outside.  Out in the streets were groups of people.  The groups all hung out dressed in the same color clothing.  There was a red group, a brown group, a black group, and a white group.  The red group was particularly nasty.  They had a bulldozer and drove it up to some guy also dressed in red and crushed his feet off and left him to bleed to death.

It was horrible to watch so I couldn't stay and neither did anyone else.

So I walked around the streets looking at all the other groups hanging out together.

They only hung out with people wearing their own color.

I never looked down to see what color I was wearing, so I had nobody.


12-13-15 - VISION - After doing the 1st mudra of the 12 spiritual dna (Tree of Life) someone said, "You can stop doing meth now" (I never did)  Then I saw a beautiful blonde woman with flowing shoulder length hair ending in curls.  She was smiling at me.  She wore a large glittering necklace and a large, thick robe with long sleeves that was floor length.  She was really beautiful.

12-14-15 - DREAM  I was on the 8th floor of a hospital and a very old man was having spinal surgery.  Then a very old woman was also having spinal surgery.  This was to straighten out their spines.

Then a very young woman was going to have some lind of female surgery to fix some kind of issue.

I remember looking out the window and saw how high up I was in the building.

I woke up with a kink in my side on the right side, so maybe that's why I had the dream.


12-14-15 - NAP DREAM - I was at my Father's house on 16th St.  I was out in the alley by the side gate, and out of the garden near the gate, I saw movement under the ground.  A moment later, this huge creature, about the size of a St Bernard dog, but with scales and a wart hog face and tusks came out of the garden and hopped out of the gate and ran up the alley.

I followed it, and half way up the center alley, it hopped over the top of a wooden gate there.

I ran back to my Father's house to call the cops about the danger, and I no sooner hung up, a little black boy, about 4 years old, really skinny came down a different stairway, perhaps from the attic.

He wanted to go outside and play and I said he couldn't, so he insisted on going across the alley to his little friends house, so I let him do that and told him they would have to stay in the house there.

Then a woman in a black and white dress came walking into the alley from  the street - a white suit-like top with short sleeves and a black skirt - a blonde woman.  She said she wanted to see Joe.  I thought she might be an insurance agent or something.

Joe was then on the phone I had use to call the cops, so I yelled up the steps to Joe that he had a guest and let her go inside the house, and I went back to the alley.

By now, the little kids across the alley came out the door of the other house, and I shoved them back in the door and told them not to come out again.

Just then the cops came, dressed all in black uniforms. There were at least two, maybe three of them.

They asked me what the problem was, and I showed them the shape of the wart hog on top of the garden, and explained that what came out of the ground was three times that size.

Then I took them around the corner to the center alley and took them up to the wooden gate the creature had hopped over... and ran back home and woke up running home.  I was really scared.

To see a warthog in your dream suggests that you need to take charge of your life.

he warthog is a wild animal measuring 3-4.9 ft. in length and 25-33 in. in height. The female warthog weighs at about 45-75 kg and are basically a bit smaller than the male species.  A warthog can be identified with its tusk sticking out of the mouth and twisting upward.  The lower tusk which is a lot shorter becomes sharp due to the rasping of the two tusks every time the warthog closed and open its mouth.  They use their tusks to defend themselves from the enemy and also a functional tool in finding a food to consume.

The warthog is a symbol of being vigilant.  It’s ability to sense the presence of danger and the courage to face it.  The warthog is constantly reminding us to have the nerve to defend our self from dangers. They can be very dangerous animals and are known to attack animals much larger than themselves, even humans. Because of this, they can be deemed animal spirits that represent taking on a large project or something “bigger than you can chew”. Often, they represent overcoming difficult odds if you are willing to fight on the side or right or when being attacked. They can often be strong defenders for men in court or child-custody cases.
The warthog also have the capacity to find the truth. Like their abilities to sniff out food, in a spiritual sense they are seen as sniffing out truth from a dirty situation. No use in hiding your real attitude with a warthog, he will sense it if you are just using him for your advancement.  Moreover, he can sense the good in someone; warthog are a bit nitpicky when choosing their friends.  But it’s better to have a few true friends than be surrounded with fake ones.
It also wants to teach us that we can change our weakness into strengths, a good example would be “fear”, because of fear, we are being more cautious in our work resulting in a greater outcome.  This is often a challenge and for this reason the warthog also represents challenges being overcome.  When this animal totem appeared to you, it means that your life has been so boring and it needs some challenge and excitement. It is a good time to go out on a limb or reach beyond your normal comfort zone. You probably are feeling that you’re life has been so predictable thus seeking for a new source of excitement.  Go for it, creating a change in your life can bring you more challenging trials that will make your day more thrilling.
Remember that a warthog is also a warrior; it will show courage in the face of peril, telling us to face our problem even if it means that it will hurt us and cause some destruction.  Come to think of it these trials can help us develop and grow into a better person.  Remember to turn your negative attitudes into positive ones.
A warthog is a peaceful creature at heart, but if you disturb it, it won’t think twice to show its ferocity and face you head on a fair battle.  A warthog is a nice friend but a fierce enemy; it is ready to defend its family and friends in front of any threat.  It will risk its life just to make sure that his love ones will be safe.  What a great way to be around the company of a warthog.
Warthog shows up as a spirit guide when...

Call on a Warthog as a spirit guide when...


12-16-15 - DREAM - I was with two elderly white-haired women who were preparing for a gathering. The whole discussion about who was cold or not.

I woke up with feeling cold on my back for lack of blanket.

12-16-15 - DREAM - I was living in a small apartment. more like a trailer.  I was taking care of a boy who looked about 10 years old.

We had a married couple come over and they decided to buy some food for dinner and they bought 4 things which I didn't look at.

The boy had to go to the dentist and have teeth pulled every so often during the day.  Just before dinner time, I looked into the boys mouth and his lower fron 8 teeth were missing.  The others were large and bent with blood veins or mottling going up them... rather like wolf teeth.

I knew then what to make for dinner - mashed potatoes.



I was with some people who needed their furnace piping changed up over the roof.

A lot of people needed this to be done and it was relatively easy to do.

One had to pull the pipe down to remove it, and the new, clean one pushed upward to reconnect the top portion through which the gasses from the burning furnace went up into the air over the house.

It was very dangerous to have furnace gasses circulate within the house.

That is also why we have carbon monoxide alarms over furnace grates inside a house.


12-17-15 - DREAM - I was with a small group of young women visiting a women's prison.  While I was there I boticed si=ome young women prisoners who were extremely obese, and it came to me that I might be able to volunteer to help women like that with their diets so they could get their self-exteem back.

12-18-15  EXPERIENCE WITH AN INDIAN - My intention was to go to sleep, but when I closed my eyes I saw this wild Indian dancing around in the room, waving a short colorful knife in front of him.   I freaked out, opened my eyes, turned my head to look a different direction, closed my eyes and again saw the wild Indian fancing around waving this colorful knife.  Again I freaked out - this happened at least 5 times.  I stopped trying to sleepm,  jumped out  of my chair and went back to my computer to listen to worship music for a couple hours.  I stayed aawake all night.  Because Joe channels an Indian while he sleeps, I stayed awake while Joe was sleeping and went to sleep after Joe was awake and at his computer. That's when I felt safe again. 

12-20-15  DREAM.  I was evidently in California, where the land was smooth and green - no trees - and went into a very large open spansed building with another young woman and a man who looked like a very young man I will call Mr Schwarzenegger because of his young muscular yet lithe body.  The woman was similar in build.   If this was an exercise room, there was no equipment, just wide open space where one could move easily and quickly.

At the end of the dream, I offered to make a morning coffee break, but did not use coffee beans - it looked more like an Aloe leaf I was cutting up.  We were all excited to drink this concoction, because we were so healthy.

Aloe vera is more than a craze discovered yesterday which appears to benefit the body in many ways. It has been here long enough to become nature’s most guarded secret.

Many people grow aloe vera in their kitchens and even more use shampoos and facial creams enriched with aloe verajuice. The plant of immortality, as it was dubbed by Egyptians, is famous for its soothing and curing properties and for its strength; it can survive in the most severe temperatures, as well as in droughts and in rain forests. The aloe vera juice is stored in the fleshy stem and is used in numerous cosmetic, medicinal and health treatments, not to mention that it is a great rejuvenator.

Here are some of the most important benefits of the aloe vera juice:

Alkalizes the body

The foods we eat influence the body’s healthy balance between acidity and alkalinity, but with the help of the aloe vera juice, the negative effects of the acidic food are reduced considerably. Because not all types of food respect the fact that their structure should be 80 per cent alkaline and 20 per cent acidic, this natural juice alkalizes the organism and staves off illness.

Maintains oral hygiene  

Regular consumption of aloe vera juice boosts oral health and hygiene, studies have showed. This juice [as well as the gel from the plant] has the ability to reduce gingivitis and plaque formation and provides a relief for mouth ulcers.

According to a study from the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology, the local application of aloe vera juice has positive effects on the periodontal health after dental procedures such as root canal and scaling.

Maintains gum health

As mentioned above, aloe vera juice has numerous benefits, especially regarding oral health and hygiene. Applying this plant’s fresh gel directly to the gums reduces both pain and inflammation. It curbs gum bleeding and fights infections, while leaving your mouth clean and fresh. This explains why there are so many toothpaste and mouthwashes made of aloe vera extracts!

Promotes weight loss

There is no such thing as a magic formula to help you shed the extra pounds, but if there were, the aloe vera juice would be the main ingredient. Although it does not contribute directly to weight loss, there are many benefits of this plant that make losing pounds a secondary effect.

Aloe vera juice removes toxins, boosts the immune system and maintains a healthy digestion, and ultimately enables the body to shed body mass.

Has therapeutic benefits

If you have common ailments such as ulcers, dermatitis, constipation, acne, eczema, mild burns, mild digestive complaints, mild gastric conditions or sunburn, the aloe vera juice will help relieve the body of pain associated with them.

Has anti-ageing properties

Active aloe vera is widely known to help boost the overall suppleness of the skin through fibroblasts. The plant’s nutritional content stimulates the skin’s fibroblasts [which produce elastin and collagen] and helps the skin rejuvenate. It is also famous for its ability to soothe inflamed skin.

Fights against constipation

Drinking aloe vera juice will regulate the digestive system and get not only diarrhoea, but also constipation under control. This natural juice fights against bad bacteria and has healing and soothing properties which can help with painful symptoms.

Boosts vitamin and mineral intake

The aloe vera juice is an explosion of vitamins and minerals. This juice contains vitamins A, C and E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, folic acid, choline and over 20 different minerals. Here are just a few: calcium, sodium, potassium, selenium and iron, plus fatty acids and eight essential amino acids.

Reduces acne and blemishes

When combined with a gel, aloe vera juice helps combat acne and blemishes. It offers the body the vitamins and nutrients it needs, it reduces inflammation and fights bacteria and infection.

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12-20-15 DREAM 1  - I had a whole bunch of dreams of people what were playing a game, and at the end of the game, I realized I hadn't written down the names of any of the winners. I kept a really long journal of all that.

I woke up and realized what a big mistake I had made.

DREAM 2 - I went to work womewhere and met a young woman who was keeping a journal, and when  she left the room I looked at her journal, and along with her writing, she had photographs of the same people I had journaled in my own book.  She came to the same wrong conclusion I had.  She hadn't written the peoople's down either.

What did that mean?  Did we dream about the same people, or did we know the same people.  Either way - what was happening was really weird.


12-21-15 - DREAM - It started out with me working on a computer. duplicating what I saw, so all the words and letters were the same.  There could be no errors.

When I was done, I looked out the window and there was a small hill nearby, full of people who all resembled each other, like one grand family. There were quite a few people, men in tweed suits and women in dresses. but nobody was really outstanding as the head of the family. They pretty much looked all the same.

Finally, one man came forward and introduced hinself.  He said that his aunt Audrey was the head of the family.  He said they had an amazing family.  They all ate the same food, all drank the same drinks, all wore very similar clothes.  He said he belonged to the ideal family because they never argued over anything.  They all thought alike about everything.

I invited him into my Father's kitchen, and while we were standing there, I casually put my hand at the center of his back, and I swear there was a knob in the center of his back.  I immediately asked myself - "Was he a robot"?





2-22-15 - DREAM - On two separate computer screens. I was helping to fill in a story about New York City skyrises that were already written, but couldn't be seen intil I blewe smoke into tubes that were the bildings themselves.

As I blew smoke into the high rise tubes, the story became clear and could be seen, starting at the top and filling the tubes downward towards the bottom.

12-23-15 - EXPERIENCE AND DREAM - I was practicing how to astral travel and asked to go to the high delta consciousness.

I ended up with some people and we determined that the sound I wanted to use was E D C B A which ended up being:

E reflecting

D absorbing

C highly absorbing

B extremely absorbing

A extremely absorbing.

I didn't understand that.

I also had a dream where I went up an elevator to the 8th floor to meet my new teacher and other students.

(I don't recall what we learned there.


12-23-15 - DREAM - I was with a man who had a Texas accent and he said he wanted to buy a plant that had "Slick Rawling's juice in it.

I also was hearing all kinds of Hill Billy accents of people in my head and they were all looking at tall trees.

I must have been lookung to buy something there as well.

NOTE: I found an obit for 'Slick Rawlings' in Texas and his grave marker says:  HE LONGEST LIVES WHO MOST GIVES - HIMSELF FORGETTING.

What a treasured man he was to his family and friends.

When I did a google for Slick Rawlings, I also found Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, doing "White Rabbit"  a special theme in my dreams.





DREAM -  I was working for A-C (I started in 1973) I got a list of drawings I had never seen before that had to be delivered to another office around the corner. 

One of the drawings I had never seen before I wanted to see it for myself before we delivered it to the other office.  It was for a special pipe filter. It was very expensive to make.

I told the woman who had the drawings that I wanted to see them myself in person.

I actually woke up and said out loud ""I've been here over 10 years!"

I fell asleep again and the dream continued.

The drawings were delivered to me by a tall, handsome guy I recognized as an actor from the 1950's.  I think it was William Holden but can't be positive.

I then had to have the drawings delivered to the other office around the corner and decided to go along with the delivery boy myself to make sure the drawings got there safely because the pipe filter itself was woth over $2 million dollars.

The delivery boy arrived and it was Michael Jackson, wearing his famous dance outfit - tight black too short pants, white ankle sox and black dance shoes. He also wore only one glove.

He took the drawings and we went out to his delivery bicycle which was black painted metal.

He did a few fancy spins on his bike and I ran along side him and we went around the corner to the other building where we found the other woman still in bed.  She said she didn't expect us so early.

That was obvious! Another guy appeared at her door right after Michael and I arrived.


 12-24-15 - THE FIRST AND THE LAST - DREAM - In the beginning I was attempting to create a new document by copying an old document label. I never did figure out what country I was in.

The document was in English but it wasn't in America.

Then I and a younger women were put together wwith two men who both looked like they were dying of some disease.

We were both photographed lying next to these men on a bed.

The men were of differing ages.  I don't know what country they were from.  They were both dark haired, but I don't know what country they were from either.

Evidently we were participating wtih the men to save their 'seeds' in our wombs.

This was not done physically with the men, but more or lless surgically with the men by a doctor and nurses using what looked like honey mixed with plant pollen or something.

We werre photographed lying nexxt to the men afterward.  Then we got into a car and driven down a rugged black topped road in a marshy area where there were manyh thousands of reeds growing.

We were told that tradition was that we had to count the reeds as we passed them, which was impossible because there were thousands of them.  But we did as we were told for tradition sake.

It was rather scary driving along that road as it was very marshy and I was afraid the car could go off the side and get mired in the water and mud I had no idea where we were.

NOTE: I researched reed traditions and found two.

Tule Reed Boat


iraq Ma'des - Marsh Arabs juntion of Trigris and Euphrates rivers.


12-25-15 - DREAM - I was in a garage made of concrete where golf games were set up.  However, instead of one ball at a time played, the balls were  arranged in groups of 5 such as   *       *


                                                                  *       * 

and then they were mechanically transferred to the ground 5 balls at a time and played on the ground from that position.

There were lots of people in the garage, mostly men, but some women too, all at the same time, ready to play this game.

It was actually quite dizzying to see this game played 5 balls at a time like this.


12-15-15 - DREAM -  I was in a car with my husband Jim and we were going to drive to Washington State to show a man named Ben how to get there

Jim told Ben to follow us in his car.

I then said, "I know how to get there, why don't I drive Ben's car up there?

My husband furiously turned to me and said, "Who said you were going?"

I was too stunned to answer.

(This might have been political?


NOTE:  Several days ago, I had a freaky experience where when I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I could see a wild Indian standing in front of me waving a knife in the air.  I opened my eyes, turned my head in a different direction and closed them again, and the Indian was in front of me, agains waving a knife again, but the knife was a different color handle... first red, then blue.  I tried several more times to open and close my head and facing a different direction, the the Indian was always there, waving the knife, so I jumped out of the chair and refused to close my eyes until several hours later.  At that time, the Indian was no longer there and didn't return.

I asked a couple women whethere the Indian was a real person or demonic - and they both said demonic.

Last night, whole Joe was standing near me, 5 books slid off a pile, revealing a book about the Essene beginning of Christianity.  That sort of thing usually happens when you are supposed to learn something new, but in this case, the information was VERY disturbing as none of is even closely resembles what is in the New Testament - the names of the people were even different, the timing of events different, and the book stated that the book of Revelation shoould have been the first book - not the last.

I got a phone call then from one of the women mentioned in the indian event and she immediately started praying for me in a strong Catholic prayer and said I was under attack spiritually.

I hadn't considered that, but the book was indeed very disturbing to read.




12-27-15 - NAP DREAM - Joe and I was living in the same time as Mikki and Paul.  We lived about 2 blocks apart.

Mikki was going to sit on a green bench that was under a tree by the road until Paul came to pick her up and take her somewhere, but it started to rain out so she came into our house.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad so Mikki stood in the livingroom with Joe and I quickly excused myself.

I ran into the bathroom and pulled my pants and sat down to pee and woke up at the same moment and had to pee really bad.


12-29-15 - DREAM -  I was with a dark-haired, thin woman, somewhere in California.  We were outside, walking in an area similar to an orchard with tall trees - perhaps like walnuts, not short like almonds - and we were near the ocean, but couldn't see it from where where we were.

The only way I can decribe what happened where we were felt like the whole state was put through one of those old fashioned wringers likw women used back in the early 1900's.  A horrible twisting and rolling feeling is the only way I can describe it.   I've never felt anything like that before.  There was no place to hang on to.The land was like pulled out from underneath one's feet - indescribable.

12-30-15 DREAM  I was reading on a computer screen   " Oh my .......  and changing it to  "Oh my ......  for more emphasis......