the interview below fits with this dream I had today

9-23-15 - dream - red sky in the morning




out the back window in the other direction was a young man writing poetry on a pad of paper.

I then went out the front door to my car. I decided to go for a ride.

out on the highway, there was a lot of cars all going the same direction (I'm assuming it was south)
there was no traffic coming towards me.  it was a two lane road, and there two rows of cars all going the same way I was going.  they were a distance ahead of me.  the road was straight so I could see quite far.

I then noticed the color of the sky. there were no clouds, no sun, and no moon.  nobody had their headlights on, and I didn't see anyone's brake lights either.  they were going as fast as they could.

the sky in every direction was an odd shade of orange-red. 

I then noticed all the cars going slightly right in a curve and I thought there might be an exit, but all the cars were going the same direction so the whole road was curving that direction.

I woke up then, completely awestruck by the color of the sky .

why was the whole sky the same colored orange-red and no one had their headlights on and none ever put their brakes on either.  they were in a real hurry to get wherever they were going.


"red sky at morning, sailor's warning"

 crop circle


Chicoana Salta province. Argentina. Reported 1st November.




This is an interview with Kameran Fally, banker, physicist, religious scholar and political advisor to top levels of the British and Iraqi governments.

  (note:  this presentation has been corrected)  to obtain a copy of his 44 page presentation explaining in more detail his theory on the return of Planet X.  As an insider, he has access to information of the preparations by governments around the world for something that we, the general public are not being told.  In this video he explains his background, theory and the signs that governments are preparing at the highest levels for a significant event in the next two years.  He is also a remote viewer and has visions which he believes are also giving him information about this.  His conclusions are his own and Project Camelot cannot confirm or deny the information he puts forward here.  However, it is worth noting that much of the information in this video has been substantiated by various Camelot witnesses.  Yet, his timeline for the unfolding events is his own.

Understanding Planet-X/Nibiru and expected impact of Earth’s inhabitants through the new science of Astro-Planetology 1 Volume 1 Disclaimer • This is a non-commercial free public information presentation, that can be distributed freely without requiring the author’s permission provided that no parts are presented out of context. • The material in this presentation are not for the faint of heart and discretion coupled with personal responsibility should be used when sharing this information. The author does not take any responsibility if the information causes personal distress to the readers or has negative impact or their personal or mental health. If in doubt, refrain from reading or sharing unless sharing becomes clearly beneficial. • The presentation uses some images that are in the public domain to enhance the readership experience. The author thanks everyone who’s image has been used to the benefit of humanity as a whole. • All the information and predictions detailed in this presentation are only those of the author, who is sharing his opinions and not the opinion or policy of any third party. • The author is not responsible in any way, shape or form for the decisions taken (be they personal or commercial) based upon anything detailed in this presentation. It is up to the receiver of this material through their own research and investigation to arrive at their own conclusions. • The author emphasizes adamantly

The author emphasizes adamantly that all actions taken by the readership in the areas touched upon in this presentation, be done throw lawful and peaceful means. There is nothing in this presentation that merit the use of violence or the breaking of laws; instead it emphasises that people should fully cooperate with the authorities and the community to the betterment of all. • Absolutely no material used in this presentation has been taken from undisclosed official sources, nor has the author been party to secrete Earthly government sources. The author is not under any governmental security clearances, neither is the author sharing any materials from those who have such access. There is nothing leaked here. 2 Summary • A mini-solar system called Planet-X/Nibiru is currently

making an orbit around the Sun and will shortly come our way passing by Earth in its return journey. • The incoming system has and will continue to have an ever greater impact on Earth and its inhabitants. • A new science is introduced called Astro-Planetology in which the role of Planet-X is outlined. • An up-to-date history of the state of Planet-X is given. • Using knowledge we move from a state-of-fear to a stateof-joy and preparedness as we have a wider understanding of events taking place. • With this knowledge we have a better chance at looking after ourselves and be a blessing to those around us. • Earth and its inhabitants are moving into a new era.

Planet-X was first recorded 6,000 years ago by the Sumerians in Iraq. • Planet-X or ‘Nibiru’ meaning 'Planet of the Crossing‘. • It acquired its name as being an elusive planet. • Planet-X could be a brown dwarf or a dark star. • Our solar system is a binary star system. • Sumerians suggested it had a 3,600 year orbit. • Its orbit coincided with Noah’s flood and the Exodus out of Egypt. • It is overdue by now

Colour is RED (Iron Oxide) with a golden centre. • Generates red dust trail. • Possibly 5x Earth size. • Called “Fist Of God” due to dust reaching its moons. • Possibly a large sized planet with the crust and some of the mantel removed or boiled off. Possibly the core heating up close to the Sun and the iron from the outer-core is mixed with the water from the mantel causing the rust to be smoked out through super-volcanos on the surface.

Planet-X is known as the “Winged Planet”, possibly due to the rotational momentum of the planet spewing off the volcanic smoke and escaping more at the equators – giving the winged shape. • Here are a list of pictures of Planet-X as it made a pass as seen in the southern hemisphere. • Check-out Bob Fletcher Investigation site and youtube “2013-02-20 Ever Beyond Special with Alex Collier” for some background details. • Its real folks, its not a joke.

Overall Timing • To be seen by naked eye Dec 2015. • Appears from behind Sun Easter Mar-Apr 2016. • Dust diming Sun then moon (3+ days) Jun-Jul 2016. • Earth orbits for a bit clearing view to Sun Jul-Aug 2016. • Governments denying any impact all the way. • People becoming unsure as to what is happening. • Rio Olympics games 5-21 Aug will take place. • Dust catching up and covering globe by Aug 14 + days. • Darkness covering Earth 1+ years. • 1-5 years later Jesus comes down in a bright cloud clearing the dust from the planet’s path. • A reset of planet Earth takes place. A new age for humanity is about to begin.

The Effects Of The Passing • Little or no light from the Sun. • Little or no moon-light being visible. • No orbiting satellites remaining or communicating. • Total EM interference due to iron-oxide in dust. • Total global panic and halting of all major activities including trade on the planet. • Constant rain, weather changes, earthquakes etc. • Magnetic weakening à shifting à collapse à reversal of magnetic poles. • Little air transport (except propellers). • Little sea transport (except small-medium boats). • Collapse of outside farming and possible global famine.

Near Future Expectations • 2015 possibly a good year for business. • First ½ 2016 steep drop in business investments. • Dollar will artificially go up or hover till the end. • Possible controlled economic collapse by then. • Product range on the shelves continues decreasing. • Prices to be stable up-to Easter 2016. • No major halt to travel until Aug 2016 except for increased weather, volcanic activities, magnetic and GEO orbiting satellite issues. • Nonstop chaos in the Middle East 2nd ½ 2015 onwards. • Worldwide collapse Aug 2016 for 1+ years. 2-3 years slow recovery after the smoke/dust is lifted.

Astro-Planetology • A new field of science dealing with heavenly bodies as a form of conscious biological life forms: “Life At A Cosmic Scale”. • It models planets, moons, stars, galaxies and the cosmos as living beings acting within living processes. • Mapping their behaviour, inter-relationships and interactions with normal biological life-forms like other plants, animals, humans and ET’s. • Deals with their transition within time, space, dimensions and the ether as well as how Astrology is impacted.  Also covers consciousness, how it functions and interacts with and within the cosmos as well as associated moral/legal rights. • Knowledge feeding strongly into Exopolitics. • Eventually, all physical sciences to fall under this umbrella. • Compatible with most religious doctrines. • Leading to Astro-Husbandary, Geo-Engineering, Terraforming, Galactic Commerce, Astro-Theology, Consciousness Zones, etc.

Introduction To Astro-Planetology • Mounting evidence accumulating that Earth and some planets have consciousness. • Evidence point to our Solar-System acting according to processes, not just pure initial-state physics. • The process includes but not limited to heavenly bodies: – using propulsion to adjust their trajectories, – having sensors to monitor their environments, – cooperating as a family and flying in formation, – communicating with each other, – have their roles to play within the overall process, etc. • Evidence point to intelligences managing for some overall purpose – like the Ringmakers of Saturn. • A bigger picture now emerges expanding our understanding of the cosmos and how we and our consciousness might be integrated into it’s machinery. • Planet-X can now be examined under this intelligent management of the planetary system.

The Sun has up-to 8 magnetic N-poles. • Electric currents in rotating magnetic fields produce gravitational propulsion. • Field changes are similar to how 8- legged octopus propel themselves when swimming in the sea. • The Sun is alive, propelling itself magnetically while swimming in space.

Earth has 2 magnetic N-Poles. • Fields shift between min & max magnetic positions at a 4 yearly cycles. • Electric currents in rotating magnetic lines produce gravitational propulsion. • Field changes are similar to how rays swim in the sea. • Earth is alive, propelling itself magnetically, swimming in space within the vortex around the Sun.

Earth has an outgoing and incoming electric/magnetic fields. • The fields interacts with the surrounding space changing it in the process. • There is a grid of Ley-Lines to channel these fields into and out of Earth. • Earth – like an electric-fish measures the difference in strength along the grid to feel its way in space and listen to chatter. • Planet Earth is a conscious being, feeling its way and is aware of its environment

The Sun acts as the lead in the vortex. • The Sun guides the system around the galactic-disk through a loop motion. • The vortex sucks energy from space and the planets get a share. • The planets work together using rotation, direction and tilt to get a share with Jupiter as the lead, Venus assisting Jupiter by pushing the flow towards the outer planets and Pluto plugs the flow at the end. • The Solar-System acts as a single terrestrial body with the planets and Sun as organs

Sound is vibration carried through space on VLF (very-low-frequency) Radio waves. “Natural Radio” are audio-frequency radio signals of objects in 200Hz to10+ kHz. Best heard between 400Hz and 5kHz. • The Sun and the planets need to know where they are and what each other are doing; preparing them for what’s to come and coordinating their actions as per polar-shifts described later. • To create stars, planets or moons, then we need the new body to not only understand the chatter, but also to get involved in it. Furthermore, the other bodies need to recognise and adjust to the newcomer. • Given enough time and will, we can start understanding the language of the cosmos.


Real colour of Venus? Smoke-white [NASA] or blue-cloudy [Russian]. • Conditions on Venus? Russian ground images looks like normal Earth landscape. • In 1989, Mariner 10's Venus photos were colour-enhanced to give Venus's natural colour. • For Venus habitation to be close condition to that of Earth, then: Cloud Reflectivity = [Earth_Sun_Distance / Venus_Sun_Distance] / [Venus_Earth_Ratio] % = [150 Mkm / 108 Mkm] / [95%] = 132% Venus only need 32% more cloud cover reflectivity than Earth to get similar ground temperature. This looks the case in all Venus pictures and that’s why it looks so bright in the night sky on Earth. • Could there be life on Venus? The condition on the night side is much cooler than the day side. Also, there is little magnetic fluctuations on the planet, making EM conditions livable. • Lucifer is called the “Morning Star”, which is Venus. Hence, Lucifer comes from Venus. Lucifer is Jin (Electromagnetic being), hence Venus is a very good habitat for Jins feeding of Sun’s magnetism. • This explains why there is a cover-up about Venus, since the New World Order worship Lucifer and therefore human’s are not welcomed on Venus and explains all the deceptions about the weather conditions on Venus.


The Sun generates solar-flares throwing out sizable amounts of electrically charged particles and streams of matter. • This is both a valuable resource and a hazard to the local and nearby galactic travel lanes and polluting the electric charge of nearby space. • Saturn has a strong magnetic field surrounding it. This is used by the “Ringmakers” to trap particles by laying rings of boulders and crush asteroids from the Asteroid-Belt catching the stream of solar matter in its path around Saturn. They later come and mine the ring and re-turf them for another round. • When a lot of solar activities take place, new rings are laid down and other planets are used like Jupiter, Uranus or Neptune, taking into account the motion of moons around the planet. The Ringmakers know of such events since they listen to the solar-chatter taking place between the Sun and planets. • Koran calls this process “The Dusters”.

The Sun loops around a companion star as they traverse the galactic-plane. • When it crosses the plane (say on 2012), the galactic magnetic field fades then later changes to the opposite direction. • The Sun becomes least active when swimming at the galactic-plane (as per low activity of Solar-Cycle 24 starting Jan 2008); then it flips its magnetic poles when the galactic fields encountered change. Then it continues swimming like an octopus as described before. • The Sun coordinates with its planets regarding the magnetic polar shift. It is expected that all planets shift polarity synchronously. • Only those planets that have upright rotational axes need to change their polarity, Uranus and Pluto might need not flip.

The Sun’s magnetic field and the photonic pressure caused by sun-shine creates a shield around the solar system with a bow-wave ahead of the Sun’s path. • While magnetic reversal is taking place, this protection could be lost. • Hence, just prior to the Sun’s magnetic reversal, it needs to generate in the last part of the solar-cycle, extra light and magnetic pulses to provide a buffer in shielded space to compensate for the time the magnetic reversal takes to complete. • This predicts that an elevated level of activities in Solar-Cycle 24 will take place as the Sun clears the galactic plane followed by a lull while the reversal is taking place; then momentarily the activities will increase to allow the Sun to course correct.

The Sun leads the solar system in formation due to the gravitational effect of its large mass and light emissions. • The other planets flock around the Sun in zero-sum game where their distance, motion and mass cancel-out when tugging the Sun. • The Sun is better positioned to detect incoming intrusions like Planet-X. • If the Sun feels the tug of an incoming body, then it alerts the planets and takes a course correction. The planets then heat-up in readiness. • All the planets then have to catch-up with the Sun and compensate for the change as well as mitigating the tug felt by the incoming body on each given planet. • The planets will then have to move quicker or slower accordingly.

Planets’ Course Correction • As Planet-X was entering the solar system, the Sun felt it’s tug and alerted the planets. • The planets then revved-up their interior cores explaining why all the planets started to heat up simultaneously. • Like a winged bird, the magnetic fields generated by the planets started changing to compensate for the changes necessary in their paths. • When the planet’s interior core heats up, the fluid above the core also heats up causing the surface of planet to start expanding. • This expansion leads to surface stretching causing volcanos, quakes, rumblings, sink holes and surface weather changes. • The planet will not settle down until the incoming body has left and the all-clear is given by the Sun. • As the Sun is also revving up, it expels a large amount of material. • This then prompts the Ringmakers to start working and placing new rings around Saturn and possibly other planets.  Ringmakers resources are stationed in the asteroid-belt and can be seen moving in place around the different planets in preparation of the solar activities taking place during the course correction.

Special Properties Of Iron-Oxide 32 • The smoke/dust given off by Planet-X is full of iron-oxide, most likely in “nanoparticle” form. • Its colour is red and is often called “iron rust”, hence the colour of Planet-X and its debris. • It is ferromagnetic easily magnetisable and when ultra-fine becomes “superparamagnetic”, which is used in magnetic tapes. • Utilized by some bacteria in their microbial degradation processes. • Iron-oxide nanoparticles are used in fertilizers, waste product decomposition, electromagnetic shielding and sea phytoplankton fertilization. • In space, Iron-oxide is an extremely efficient oxygen carrier, since the magnetized iron in space clump together shielding and protecting the oxygen within its molecules from evaporating in space.

Negative Effects Of The Smoke On Space • Blocks the Sun, the moon and star-light, causing darkness and loss of navigation. • Blocks all space electromagnetic communications, even solar-flares and magnetic activities. • It will render all space platforms including satellites useless and possibly be destroyed. • Satellite phones and TV transmissions will not work except those underground using fibre-optic cabling. • Space and atmospheric flights will be difficult to achieve. • Constant meteorite showers making venturing outside a safety hazard. • Iron meteorite burn when falling into atmosphere producing a focused energy cone of infra-red and microwave bursts causing skin blisters for those unprotected in the open. This severely affects the electromagnetic “Jin” beings who will need to be under constant shelter. • The Jin’s constant sheltering could cause haunting incidents to be on the increase due to their agitated state of imprisonment caused by the space showers.

Positive Effects of The Smoke On Space • Protects Earth and other planets’ surfaces from being burnt by solar-flares and harmful radiation while their magnetic fields collapse during a magnetic polar shift; shielding the inhabitants until the magnetic fields are fully re-established. • All space objects and junk will experience bombardment and drag from the smoke, making them loose altitude and eventually fall down to Earth clearing Earth’s space. • Destroys all military and spying platforms orbiting Earth or at least rendering them useless. Major war will be halted due to loss of GPS, space surveillance, communication and air-cover. Space or atmospheric flights will be difficult to navigate. • Electromagnetic entities (Jin) who are obsessive about controlling activities on Earth will be forced/compelled to leave space and other planets and land (or be cast-down) on Earth. This includes Lucifer and his band having to evacuate Venus (Morning Star) and take shelter in lower part of the Earth surface; probably using the underground city sized bases build by their followers. • All star-gate travel will be uncertain due to high magnetic flux in space and due to ironoxide interference. Also remote viewing will not work prevented by the “Wall”, be they for past, present or future. All astrological charting will be useless due to magnetic flux. • All magical incantations will be broken due to loss of access to local medium and loss of spirit/Jin control.

Magnetic Pole Shift - Explained • Planets change the position and strength of their double twin N-S magnetic poles to swim in space in flock formation with the Sun. • When the Sun dips under the galactic-plane, the direction of the galactic magnetic flow changes in the opposite direction. • The Sun needs to flip its magnetic poles to compensate for the change, so it signals the planets to get ready for magnetic poles first. • Earth and other planets, need to collapse their magnetic fields before changing in the other direction. • This produces a window of vulnerability for the planets’ inhabitants to extreme exposure to the Sun’s output. • The smoke from Planet-X – rich in iron – temporarily blocks all harmful rays from the Sun, giving the planet a chance to collapse their magnetic fields and re-establish them in the reverse direction. • Meanwhile, the fall of iron nanoparticles onto the planets’ atmosphere, generates enough infra-red and microwave radiation to compensates for the loss of the heat from the Sun. • The iron also helps planets to redesign their magnetic ley-lines, refill their oxygen supplies and more as detailed below.


Chemtrails are chemicals sprayed across the planet by planes working for World Government containing Barium, Aluminium and other nanoparticles including Morgellons. • It causes poisoning of light-spectrum, air, ground, water and all lifeforms on Earth. • The Smoke destroys all present and past affects of Chemtrails rendering them void as explained below. • Iron-Oxide acts as cloud seed clearing air around the planet. • It also combines with Chemtrails chemicals nullifying them. • It also sprays on all water/land surfaces washing the chemicals away. • It also is breathed-in and in water as forced human/animal detoxification of their body and the expulsion of Morgellons. • Once the smoked is cleared by the Saviour, the light pollution is removed and the glorious full colour spectrum is back in the sky.


The Smoke’s Effect On Land & Sea • The land, water and air are negatively impacted by human activities causing the poisoning of the biosphere with O2 levels at 17%. • Iron-Oxide is a fertilizer causing explosive growth of Phytoplankton trapping CO2 and releasing O2. • Planet-X’s last pass caused release of 34-38% of O2 from both the sea and the smoke itself. • Nanoparticle of Iron-Oxide is an agent for decomposing surface and water waste including nuclear and chemical pollutants. • Phytoplankton causes explosive growth in sea-life supporting humanity’s survival after the smoke is cleared and during the agricultural famine. 38 Smoke Effect On Earth

Earth’s crust contains magnetized iron, enabling Earth to have enhanced and focused magnetic field projection into space. The magnetized crust join into ‘Ley-Lines’ and worship sites historically were located along them. • When Earth’s magnetic field collapses, the falling iron nanoparticles will cover and seep into the surface equally causing the nullification or degradation of the previous ley lines. Monuments might not be located on ley-lines afterwards. • When Earth’s magnetic field is reversed, the iron nanoparticles will be magnetized along the newly established lines collecting more and going deeper along those lines, firmly establishing the new ley-lines. • If Earth then decides to perform land polar shift, then it will use those newly formed magnetized iron deposits as a lever to twist the surface into a new orientation and the continuing iron deposit will re-drawn the new ley-lines. • The smoke does Earth’s disk-drive-reformatting bringing it into it’s new era. Negatively used monuments will no-longer hurt Earth due to surface ley-line migration. The new lines will not be distinguished for at least a generation.

Likely Effect Of Smoke On Earth Inhabitants • During partial darkening in June/July 2016 for around 3 days, people will be in confusion about what has taken place and what is about to take place. • The governments will continue denying any impact on the public till the very end. • When the sky darkens completely during the Rio Olympics, all trade and travel will likely come to a hault and martial law could set in everywhere around the world. • Hunger sets in, culminating in riots in most of the city centres. Gang tribalism will set in as those who live away from family will cluster together in a tribal fashion. • Families and friends start living together to support each other during very difficult global times. • People will start flocking together to prayer meetings asking God for forgiveness. • Constant rain, flooding, high air humidity and drop in temperature to be expected. Agriculture and crop harvest failure. Water purification necessary. Animal husbandry in open pastures becomes difficult. Food stocks not protected from the elements will start rotting. • All space telecommunication fail except fibre-optics telecommunication and long/medium wave radio that will remain but heavily loaded. Live video streaming might be blocked, so youtube and other social media will likely be blocked to preserve bandwidth. Mobile 4G will be active but might be controlled by the state. • Government prepared bungers will be opened for public use and rationing will likely be available but in limited amounts. Electricity and fuel might be rationed and manufacturing will be shutdown to conserve fuel. • No one outside of religion

The Smoke And The Economy • Less trade takes place as Planet-X becomes more visible in the sky until all trading halts completely. • Panic and confusion holds as the Sun and the Moon darken temporarily during June/July 2016. • Governments will continue denying any danger to the public and an artificial economy sets in till the end. • Bank holiday will be enforced for the duration of the emergency (i.e. 1- 2 years). So take out cash and convert to food and tradable assets. • Manufacturing to be at a standstill from Aug 2016 due to raw materials shortage, power cuts, money flow and transportation issues. • Currency and foreign exchange to be fully managed for the duration. Local currency is always the best one. • International transportation to be crawling due to fuel shortages. • The planet will be living without fiat currency for at least one year. This will give the people the taste of how to live without money and how the current economy is a false one. Once the people wake up to this concept – through bitter experience – people’s consciousness will be raised to accept the dumping of cash and the adopting of cash-free economy based on high humanitarian ideals of love and compassion

Life In The Underground Bases • The elite and their servants will be - by then - in the underground bases and will suffer equivalent pains as Earth starts shaking having to suffer each other’s negative presence. • As the people above have their spiritually being lifted, those underground will remain stuck in their old ways; this is due to their deceit in setting up the bases and using stolen public funds. • Those at the bottom of the ladder will be trodden upon and will be treated as a slaves to the system. • Since the military will be managing the bases, then expect to be treated inhumanly and expect your rights, dignity, decency and humanity to be the last on their minds. • If they had secrete societies above the ground, they will have secrete societies below the ground. If they performed human and child sacrifice above ground, then expect them to be equally done below ground. • When Our Lord descends in his cloud of glory clearing the heavens and letting the sun-shine through, you can guarantee that all above the ground will be filled with joy watching him descend, while those below ground will have no clue as to what is transpiring above. • When Earth splits into 3rd and 4th frequencies, most of those going to 4th will be the above ground ones, while the Kabal will keep those mingling with them in the 3rd density underground; there to stay for 20,000 years to relearn their lessons. If you go down, then you will go down and visa versa.

Advice To Authorities • Plan for lock down taking place starting August 2016 lasting for 1-2 years. • Plan for famine after the clearing of the smoke/dust to last another 3 years. • Closedown manufacturing to conserve energy except for essential items. • Use the holographic model to manage the running of society. • Provide free transportation for at least 1 month enabling population to reach their optimal location. • Encourage relatives to live with each other and neighbours to look after their streets. • Rely on religious and social institutions to disseminate information. • Use the private sector for holding extra reserves. • Use superstores within cities to hold ration stocks and schools for temporary accommodations and ration dispersal. • Ensure that ration contains the following minimum items: – Fresh drinking water. – Food supplements: Vitamin C, Vitamin D (2500 min), multi-vitamins. – Carbohydrates, dried fruits and dried milk, preferably in sealed containers. – Light/heat-rich candles to cover for power cuts. • Grains, flour and the likes need to have extra protection from humidity and the elements. Pre-prepared food items are better then raw materials. • Expect large scale flooding, so storage needs to be either in the high ground or have flood protection in place. • Declare force-majeure on all trade and banking transactions, with no enforcement of closures and the likes. Declare that no rents to be paid and no mortgages will be due and no billing to take place for utility services for the duration of the emergency.

What’s Next • It depends on you, be informed and be prepared. • There is more to come, but before then taken in the above information and question yourself: – How can I find out if this information is true. – If it is, what do I personally need to do. – Who do I need to bring on board with me. – How can I most benefit those around me. – How can I connect to the creator in my hour of need. – What are the practical steps I need to take. • Reconnect with family and those around you. • We are entering a new and glorious age, so be physically, mentally and spiritually prepared.



Please see the disclaimer he has written which has been posted to the end of this video for further clarification on Kameran's own position with regard to this information.


This is a wild and uncompromising ride into the illuminati playing field where they are using this interview along with the Taylor Swift video/song "Bad Blood" to announce the split in their ranks and a declaration of war between them.

This is my 2nd interview with Kameran Felly. A Kurd and an Englishman who worked for many years in high level finance for the Illuminati - City of London.

He is expanding on his last interview, in great detail regarding Planet X and the current financial war impacting all aspects of our lives.