11-1-15  -  I don't know where I was but it was supposed to be home.   It was about a bird call contest but there was no sound in the dream either.

There wasa large dog cage in the room, and my dog Duchess got from one end to the other witihout even trying somehow, and I wondered how she did that  - it was a big surprise.

At the end, a woman I'll call Ruth said she could make the sound of a Scoobie Doo Juice, and I laughed and said she'd have to prove that one, and she did it.


My son Bill was the judge.


11-1-15 - DREAM -  I was living in a house with a woman I don't know.  My baby was crawling around on the floor, and there were three red snakes whipping around on the floor.  I hollered to the woman about the snakes, and she got out a bull whip like they use in a circus, and cut the snakes in half.  Now there were six red snakes whippiing around on the floor with my baby.

The woman said, "Your mother and you will have to move to my other house with me.

I was so upset, that I forgot to go to work, and remembered it later that I had a job to go do and didn't do it.

11-1-15 - NAP DREAM - I was asked to write an article on heath because I knew a lot about the proper way to eat, but I didn't know everything, so I asked if I could use a consultant.  I was told "yes", so I chose the best consultant I could find.

It was a larger than human sized purple frog.

11-1-15 DREAM - I was in an apartment building where people I worked with and knew well.

As I climbed the stairs, I kept finding things to sew with.

When I reached the top floor, that's where my friend Mary lived.

She was busy doing something in the other room, but on the table by the door were some small spools of thread and some loose pins. 

I grabbed all the pins on the table into my hand and the thread and went to the next apartment where another friend lived.

She waas busy doing something as well in the other room, but the table by the door was a large plastic bag, so I stuffed all the pins and sewing materials in the plastic bag.

I heard her say. "I'm going over to Mary's apartment."

So, I ran out the door with all the the sewing supplies in the bag and since the back stairway was right there, I started to run down the stairway as fast as I could.

Just then, my physical telephone started to ring and I was still running down the stairs in my dream.

I could actually see myself running down the stairs from outside my body and I didn't want to stop until I reached the bottom.

Normally, the phone only rings five times and then goes to the ansering machine, but this time it kept right on ringing until I reached the bottom step.

The dream and the phone ring stopped at the same exact moment.


11-2-15 - DREAM -  I needed a step stool for something, but I stood on it, the legs were bendable and the stool crunched down under my weight uselessly.

I knew my daughter-in-law Becky (Rebecca) had one just like it and I hoped the legs on hers wasn't bendable, but when I retrieved it from her house and used it, the legs bent just like mine, so I couldn't use her step stool either.

One thing led to another and Becky (Rebecca) and I got into a rhubarb contest - (I don't remember why)  and the contest was who could harvest and cut the most rhubarb in the same amount of time.

I won the contest.

Rebecca (also spelled Rebekah) (Hebrew: רִבְקָה, Modern Rivká, Tiberian Riḇqā ISO 259-3 Ribqa,(AssyrianːܪܲܦܩܵܐːRapqa) from the Hebrew ribhqeh (lit., "connection"), from Semitic root r-b-q, "to tie, couple or join",[1] "to secure", or "to snare")[2] appears in the Hebrew Bible as the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau. Rebecca and Isaac were one of the four couples believed to be buried in the Cave of the Patriarchs, the other three being Adam andEve, Abraham and Sarah, and Jacob and Leah.

The news of her birth was told to her uncle Abraham before Akeidat Yitzchak (the Binding of Isaac), the episode in which Abraham was told by God to bring Isaac as asacrifice on a mountain.

Many years after the Binding of Isaac, Sarah, Abraham's wife, died. After taking care of her burial, Abraham went about finding a wife for his son Isaac, who was already 37 years old. He commanded his servant (whom the Torah commentators identify as Eliezer of Damascus)[4] to journey to his birthplace of Aram Naharaim to select a bride from his own family, rather than engage Isaac to a local Canaanite girl. Abraham sent along expensive jewelry, clothing and dainties as gifts to the bride and her family. If the girl had refused to follow him, Abraham stated that Eliezer would be absolved of his responsibility.

The servant devised a test in order to find the right wife for Isaac. As he stood at the central well in Abraham's birthplace with his men and ten camels laden with goods, he prayed to God:

"Let it be that the maiden to whom I shall say, 'Please tip over your jug so I may drink,' and who replies, 'Drink, and I will even water your camels,' her will You have designated for Your servant, for Isaac" (Genesis 24:14).

To his surprise, a young girl immediately came out and offered to draw water for him to drink, as well as water to fill the troughs for all his camels. Rebecca continued to draw water until all the camels were sated, proving her kind and generous nature and her suitability for entering Abraham's household. The servant immediately gave her a golden nose ring and two golden bracelets (Genesis 24:22), which Rebecca hurried to show her mother. Seeing the jewelry, her brother Laban ran out to greet the guest and bring him inside. The servant recounted the oath he made to Abraham and all the details of his trip to and meeting with Rebecca in fine detail, after which Laban and Bethuel agreed that she could return with him. After hosting the party overnight, however, the family tried to keep Rebecca with them longer. The servant insisted that they ask the girl herself, and she agreed to go immediately. Her family sent her off with her nurse, Deborah (according to Rashi), and blessed her, "Our sister, may you come to be thousands of myriads, and may your offspring inherit the gate of its foes."

As Rebecca and her entourage approached Abraham's home, they spied Isaac from a distance in the fields of Beer-lahai-roi. TheTalmud[5] and the Midrash explain that Isaac was praying, as he instituted Mincha, the afternoon prayer. Seeing such a spiritually exalted man, Rebecca immediately dismounted from her camel and asked the accompanying servant who he was. When she heard that this was her future husband, she modestly covered herself with a veil. Isaac brought her into the tent of his mother Sarah, married her, and loved her.

According to Rashi, the three miracles that characterized Sarah's tent while she was alive, and that disappeared with her death, reappeared when Rebecca entered the tent. These were: A lamp burned in her tent from Shabbat eve to Shabbat eve, there was a blessing in her dough, and a cloud hovered over her tent (symbolizing the Divine Presence.)

Wedding allusions[edit]

Some of the events leading up to the marriage of Isaac and Rebecca have been institutionalized in the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. Before the bride and bridegroom stand under the chuppah, they participate in a special ceremony called badeken (veiling). The bridegroom is led to the bride by two escorts and, seeing her, covers her face with a veil, similar to the way Rebecca covered her face before marrying Isaac. Then the bridegroom (or the father of the bride, or the officiating rabbi) recites the same blessing over the bride that Rebecca's family recited over her, "Our sister, may you come to be thousands of myriads, and may your offspring inherit the gate of its foes."[6]

According to the traditional counting cited by Rashi, Isaac was 27 years old at the time of the Binding of Isaac; Sarah, who gave birth to Isaac when she was 90, died after the binding when she was 127 years old, making Isaac around 37 at that time. News of Rebecca's birth reached Abraham when he was 85 years old, 15 years before Isaac was born. Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebecca,[7] 20 years elapsed before they had children. Throughout that time, both Isaac and Rebecca prayed fervently to God for offspring. God eventually answered Isaac's prayers and Rebecca conceived.[8]

Rebecca was extremely uncomfortable during her pregnancy and went to inquire of God why she was suffering so. According to the Midrash, whenever she would pass a house of Torah study, Jacob would struggle to come out; whenever she would pass a house ofidolatry, Esau would agitate to come out.[9] Thinking that she was carrying one baby who was displaying conflicting propensities, Rebecca sought enlightenment at the yeshiva of Shem and Eber. There she received the prophecy that twins were fighting in her womb and would continue to fight all their lives.[10] The prophecy also said that the older would serve the younger; its statement, "One people will be stronger than the other" has been taken to mean that the two nations will never gain power simultaneously; when one falls, the other will rise, and vice versa.[11] According to tradition, Rebecca did not share the prophecy with her husband.

When the time came for Rebecca to give birth, the first child to come out emerged red and hairy all over, with his heel grasped by the hand of the second to come out. Onlookers named the first עשו, Esau (`Esav or `Esaw, meaning either "rough", "sensibly felt", "handled", from Hebrew: עשה‎, `asah, "do" or "make";[12] or "completely developed", from Hebrew: עשוי‎, `assui, since Esau had as much hair as a child who was much older)[13] The second was named יעקב, Jacob (Ya`aqob or Ya`aqov, meaning "heel-catcher", "supplanter", "leg-puller", "he who follows upon the heels of one", from Hebrew: עקב‎, `aqab or `aqav, "seize by the heel", "circumvent", "restrain", a wordplay upon Hebrew: עקבה‎, `iqqebah or `iqqbah, "heel").[14] The Bible states that Isaac was sixty years old when the twins were born.[15]

The Midrash says that as long as they were young, people did not notice much difference between the boys. But when they reached the age of 38, Jacob busied himself in the house of study, while Esau busied himself with idolatry.[16] The descriptions of the two young men hint at their opposing spiritual natures: "The lads grew up and Esau became one who knows hunting, a man of the field; but Jacob was a wholesome man, abiding in tents".[17] The description of Esau as a "hunter" hints to his skill of trapping his father with his mouth; for example, he would ask Isaac whether tithes should be taken from salt and straw, making his father think he was scrupulous in keeping the mitzvahs.[18] Scripture notes that the attitudes of their parents toward the boys differed: "Isaac loved Esau because he did eat of hunting, but Rebecca loved Jacob".[19]

According to the Talmud, immediately after Abraham died, Jacob prepared a lentil stew as a traditional mourner's meal for his father, Isaac.[20] The Hebrew Bible states that Esau, returning famished from the fields, begged Jacob to give him some of the stew. (Esau referred to the dish as "that red, red stuff", giving rise to his nickname, Hebrew: אדום‎ (`Edom, meaning "Red").) Jacob offered to give Esau a bowl of stew in exchange for his birthright (the right to be recognized as firstborn), and Esau agreed. The Talmudic dating indicates both men were 40 years old at the time.[21]

At a later time, a famine struck the land of Israel and Isaac moved his family, upon God's command, to Gerar, which was ruled by Abimelech, king of the Philistines. Like Abraham before him, who called Sarah his "sister" rather than his "wife" so that the Egyptians would not kill him and take his wife, Isaac told the people of Gerar that Rebecca was his sister. She was not molested, but one day Abimelech looked through the window and saw Isaac "sporting" (a euphemism for sexual play)[22] with her. Abimelech called Isaac on his lie, and then warned others not to touch Rebecca. Eventually Isaac parted from Abimelech in peace.

At the age of 40 (the same age his father had been when he married), Esau took two Hittite wives, Judith the daughter of Beeri, and Basemath the daughter of Elon, who vexed Isaac and Rebecca to no end, as these women were also idol-worshippers. One reason why Isaac became blind in his old age was due to the smoke of the incense that these women offered to their idols.[23]

The deception of Isaac[edit]

Isaac became blind in his old age and decided to bestow the blessing of the firstborn upon Esau. According to the Midrash, Isaac had reached the age of 132, five years past the age his mother, Sarah, had been at her death. According to Genesis, Isaac had reached the age of 180. At this time, the Sages state that one should begin to think he might not exceed the age of whichever parent died first.[24] Isaac therefore sent Esau out to the fields to trap and cook a piece of savory game for him, so that he could eat it and bless Esau before he died.

Rebecca overheard this conversation and realized that Isaac's blessings should go to Jacob, since she was told before the twins' birth that the older son would serve the younger.[24] She therefore ordered Jacob to bring her two goats from the flock, which she cooked in the way Isaac loved, and had him bring them to his father in place of Esau.

When Jacob protested that his father would recognize the deception and curse him as soon as he felt him, since Esau was hairy and Jacob smooth-skinned, Rebecca said that the curse would be on her instead. Before she sent Jacob to his father, she dressed him in Esau's garments and laid goatskins on his arms and neck to simulate hairy skin.

Thus disguised, Jacob entered his father's room. Surprised to perceive that Esau was back so soon, Isaac asked how it could be that the hunt went so quickly. Jacob responded, "Because the LORD your God arranged it for me"; Rashi (on Genesis 52:46) says Isaac's suspicions were aroused because Esau never used the personal name of God. Isaac demanded that Jacob come close so he could feel him, but the goatskins felt just like Esau's hairy skin. Confused, Isaac exclaimed, "The voice is the voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of Esau!" (52:47). Still trying to get at the truth, Isaac asked him point-blank, "Are you really my son Esau?" and Jacob answered simply, "I am" (which can be taken as "I am me", not "I am Esau"). Isaac proceeded to eat the food and to drink the wine that Jacob gave him, and then he blessed him with the dew of the heavens, the fatness of the earth, and rulership over many nations as well as his own brother.

Jacob had scarcely left the room when Esau returned from the hunt to receive the blessing. The realization that he has been deceived shocks Isaac, yet he acknowledged that Jacob received the blessings as sworn, by adding, "Indeed, he will be [or remain] blessed!" (52:8). Rashi explains that Isaac smelled the heavenly scent of Gan Eden(Paradise) when Jacob entered his room and, in contrast, perceived Gehenna opening beneath Esau when the latter entered the room, showing him that he had been deceived all along by Esau's show of piety.[25]

Esau was heartbroken by the deception, and begged for his own blessing. Having made Jacob a ruler over his brothers, Isaac could only promise, "By thy sword thou shalt live, and shalt serve thy brother; yet it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt cast off his yoke from off thy neck" (Gen 27:40).

Esau was filled with hatred toward Jacob for taking away both his birthright and his blessing. He vowed to himself to kill Jacob as soon as Isaac died. Here again, Rebecca prophetically perceived his murderous intentions and ordered Jacob to travel to her brother Laban's house in Haran, until Esau's anger subsided. She then convinced Isaac to send Jacob away, by telling him that she despaired of him marrying a local girl from the idol-worshipping families of Canaan (as Esau had done). After Isaac sent Jacob away to find a wife, Esau realized that his own Canaanite wives were evil in his father's eyes, and he took a daughter of Isaac's half-brother Ishmael as another wife.

Death and burial[edit]

Jacob lived with Laban for twenty years (Gen. 31:41), marrying Laban's two daughters and two maidservants. He returned to Canaan with his large family, servants, and possessions. As he did, Deborah (Rebecca's nurse) died and was buried at a place that Jacob calls Alon Bachuth (אלון בכות), "Tree of Weepings" (Gen. 35:8). According to the Midrash,[26] the plural form of the word "weeping" indicates a double sorrow, implying that Rebecca also died at this time. Her death was not mentioned explicitly for several reasons:

  1. She needed to be buried secretly. Had she had the type of burial she deserved, Esau would probably have attended, and there was risk of Rebecca being treated disrespectfully as the one who gave birth to such a wicked son.[27]
  2. She was buried in tragic circumstances: Isaac was blind and could not come to honor her properly; Jacob was away; and Esau refused to come because he still hated her for taking away his blessings.

According to the Talmud, the Torah's explicit dating of the life of Ishmael helps to date various events in Jacob's life and, by implication, the age of Rebecca at her death. Ishmael was born when Abraham was 86 years old (Gen. 16:16) and died at the age of 137 (Gen. 25:17). Isaac was born when Abraham was 100 (Gen. 21:5); at that time Ishmael was 14. Jacob and Esau were born when Isaac was 60 (Gen. 25:26); at that time Ishmael was 74. Right after Jacob receives the blessings and flees to Laban, the Torah states that Esau married "Mahalat, the daughter of Ishmael, son of Abraham, sister of Nebaiot" (Gen. 28:9), on which Rashi, quoting Megillah 17a, notes that Ishmael died between the engagement and wedding, so the girl's brother gave her away. If Ishmael was 137 at the time of his death, this means that Jacob and Esau were 63 at the time of the blessings.[28] The Talmud adds that Jacob spent 39 years in the yeshiva of Shem and Eber before proceeding to Laban, arriving when he was 77.[28] Rebecca's death after Jacob's 20 years with Laban indicates that Jacob was 72 when his mother died and Rebecca was either 120 or 134 (based on different Midrashim mentioned earlier about her age at marriage).

Leah's children were  1. Reuben
2. Simeon
3. Levi
4. Judah
9. Issachar
10. Zebulun
11. Dinah


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my dreams of becky



11-3-15 - DREAM  I was driving along a road and came to a structure that appeared to be a 4 story high set of open boxes.   I was told that it was against the law to call it a ghost town, but the whole thing was filled with large people's heads, and cars from the 20's and 30's.  All the heads, both men and women were equally old, the women having either braded or woven hair with sticks or twigs poked through the hair to hold it in place.  The cars were about the same size a the heads somehow and each box was the same size and I could see all the way through the structure.

I never did figure out what to call it, or how someone could live in the place - there was no furniture or way to live like toilets- jut empty boxes with heads in the them, all the same size.

It was pretty creepy.


11-4-15 - DREAM - I went to the doctor with my daughter and when she was done with the appointment, the nurse handed me a bill to pay that was dated at the top 1863. and the 8 was actually a human sized penguin.

I told the nurse that I wasn't going authorize a bill from 1863, and she took it back with her to the office, and when she gave it back to me, someone with the initals R H had initialed it athe bottom as paid.


Lincoln pardons his sister-in-law

On this day in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln announces a grant of amnesty for Emilie Todd Helm, his wife Mary Lincoln’s half sister and the widow of a Confederate general. The pardon was one of the first under Lincoln’s Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction, which he had announced less than a week before. The plan was the president’s blueprint for the reintegration of the South into the Union. Part of the plan allowed for former Confederates to be granted amnesty if they took an oath to the United States. The option was open to all but the highest officials of the Confederacy.

Emilie Todd Helm was the wife of Benjamin Helm, who, like the Lincolns, was a Kentucky native.The presidentwas said to be an admirer of Helm, a West Point and Harvard graduate. Lincoln had offered Helm a position in the U.S. Army, but Helm opted to join the Confederates instead. Helm led a group of Kentuckians known as the Orphan Brigade, since they could not return to their Union-held native state during the war. Helm was killed at the Battle of Chickamauga in September 1863.

After her husband’s death, Helm made her way through Union lines to Washington, D.C. She stayed in the White House and the Lincolns tried to keep her visit a secret. General Daniel Sickles, who had been wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania,five months prior, told Lincoln that he should not have a Rebel in his house. Lincoln replied, “General Sickles, my wife and I are in the habit of choosing our own guests. We do not need from our friends either advice or assistance in the matter.”

Rebel Helm? 1863

thomas henry huxley

Symbolic Penguin Facts and Meaning

Do you remember that Warner Bros. cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny and that cute littlepenguin bedecked in bowtie and top hat? Those of you who are old enough to remember what real cartoons were, might recall that episode called "8 Ball Bunny". The cutie-piepenguin implores Bugs to get him out of Brooklyn and back home. Resigned, Bugs agrees. Seemingly always prepared, Bugs cracks open a reference book to learn more about his new penguin pal. "Ooooh, I'm dyin!" just about sums up Bugs' shock at learning the little guy belongs in the South Pole. I won't spoil the ending for you, but I highly recommend watching this super-cute cartoon. You can view the cartoon here, if you like.

It's unfortunate the competing Tex Avery cartoon called "Chilly Willy" didn't do the research as Bugs Bunny had. Chilly Willy was featured in the North Pole hobnobbing with walruses and polar bears. This rendering of the penguinsituated the species in an incorrect habitat. Thus launched the myth in young minds that all penguins hailed from the North rather than the Southern hemisphere. Nope. There are no penguins in the northern hemisphere.

Okay, you've got me. I'm a cartoon junkie. But I like the good ones of yesteryear. Not the insipid drivel on the tube these days. But I digress...back to symbolicpenguin facts...

There are tons of little-known penguin facts that offer oodles of profound meaning.

Symbolic Penguin Facts

For instance: The penguin is indeed a bird. It has feathers like any other bird. The main distinction from their feathered friends is that penguins cannot fly. Most of you already know this, but it's a keynote for symbolic meaning. This feature of the penguin implies two symbolic points: 1) Evolution and 2) Unconventionality.

Evolution: According to paleontological records, the penguin may have flown the friendly skies initially. But, after millions of years of evolution, the penguin's wings turned into fins as they adapted to watery environments. In this light, thepenguin reminds us we can evolve too. And we don't have to wait millions of years to do it! The penguin's ability to adapt (over time and in its current environment) reminds us that we can adapt too. The penguin encourages us to do what we can to live, survive and find contentment in the world.

Unconventionalism: The penguin is a bird that does not fly. If that isn't unorthodox, I don't know what is. This is a symbolic touchstone. It's a metaphor that tells us we don't necessarily have to perform the way we are expected to. For example, I have a musician friend who finds himself swinging in a family treeof lawyers. For two generations, his family has been practicing law. He too was groomed for the legal scene. He even went to law school. But it just didn't sing to his soul. Music was his true calling. Although everyone expected him to be a lawyer, he chose a different path. Even though we may be tutored, nudged or expected to be one thing - we can chose the unconventional route if it suits our well-being. The penguin reminds us we don't have to comply with presumed or mandated behavior.

Another neat symbolic penguin fact that deals with adaptation is water consumption. Penguins can drink salt water. It has to do with a specialized gland that filters out salt. This is a metaphor encourging us to do the same. Penguinenergy reminds us we can filter out impurities in our lives. This was a bigpenguin lesson for me. The penguin helped me learn how to ingest a negative event in my life. Then it taught me how to process it in a way that squeezed out the adversity yet still retain the benefit from the event. Perhaps the penguin can help you with that too.

Symbolic Penguin Facts

Penguins are highly social and communicative creatures. Each penguin has a distinct call that identifies their mate or baby. It's like you or me calling out "Hey Ralph!". In other words, they communicate well within their social structure. They prefer to be in groups. This is partly for social connection, partly for survival, and partly for warmth. They huddle in groups to stay warm. In fact, they rotate their group formation, allowing the outer penguins inside the inner circle. That way, everybody gets a chance to be in the middle of the warm "group hug!". It doesn't take a symbologist to draw a parallel between social penguin behavior and our own. The penguin encourages teamwork, social connection, unity, and working for the good of the many rather than the needs of the few.

Symbolic penguin meanings are many and varied. Here's a quick list to keep in mind as you work with penguin energy...

Quick List of Symbolic Penguin Meanings

Dreams, intuition and "liminality" are included due to the penguin's habitat. They live anywhere between 50-75% in the water, and the rest of the time is spent on land. Water is symbolic of dreams, emotion and intuitive insight. Taken a step further, the penguin's vision is better underwater than on land. This is symbolic of having psychic/intuitive vision. It implies a depth of insight that is uncommonly sharp. Penguin energy can help us hone our sixth sense. Thepenguin encourages us to see what's going on in the unknown, murky waters of life with enhanced, extrasensory perception. This vision may come through meditation, dreams, or precognition. Whatever the means of insight, the penguinis a great guide in this other-realm of obtaining knowledge.

I talk a lot about the concept of "liminality". This term describes a space that is neither here, nor there. It is the threshold, the razor's edge. An example of liminal space might be twilight. It is neither day, nor night. It is the in-between space. Because the penguin effectively straddles both land and water, it too is neither here nor there. Why is this a big deal? Ancient prophets, mages and shamans will tell you it's a huge deal. Being in the space "in-between" is thegateway to spectacular wisdom and vision. When you are in that space between black and white, you are in the gray, where anything can happen - anything can be revealed. All this talk of liminal space is simply another example of the penguin's ability to be a guide in the realm of spirit and intuition.

Most (not all) penguins chose a mate, and they keep that partner for life. This is a metaphor for faithfulness in a partnership. It might mean monogamy, or it could simply mean sticking with a good friend for the duration of a lifetime. No relationship is perfect. I'm quite certain penguin-partners have their fair share of squabbles. Nevertheless, penguins remind us long-term, solid partnerships canbe achieved.

Speaking of mates, another aspect among the litany of neat penguin facts deals with childrearing. When it comes to their babies, the penguin goes outside convention again. How so? Well, the males sit on penguin eggs while the females go fishing for food. Furthermore, the male will not move from that nest - no matter what. In some cases (Emperor Penguin), that's about two months! It's not until the eggs hatch and the baby is born that the mother takes over the nurturing role. All this adds up to reinforce the theme of unconventionality inpenguin symbolism. It also adds up to symbolic meanings of: Protection, Endurance, Care, and Gender roles. If you have an unconventional family structure, then the penguin gives you a high five...err...I mean, high fin. LOL. Thepenguin topples the idea of what "should be", and makes its own way to meet its needs and the needs of the group. Ergo, the penguin is a great guide to encourage us to do the same if it benefits our well-being.

Symbolic Penguin Facts

Another check off the symbolic penguin facts list deals with coloring. They're black and white coloring is a type of camouflage called "countershading". It's quite ingenious really. This countershading masks the penguin from above andbelow. From above, predators often overlook penguins because their dark-colored backs blend in dark waters. From below, predators are confused as the penguin's white belly blends in with the reflective water's surface. How clever is that!? It's like penguin's have a built-in Invisibility Cloak. lol. This can be a metaphor for adaptation, resourcefulness and protection. It can also point to the symbolic concept of liminality I talked about earlier. Translated to our lives, the penguin's countershading might encourage us to blend in for protection. It may suggest a need to operate "under the radar" so that we can work, live, play without fear of outside threats.

The penguin is a beautiful symbol of renewal. Why? Because like most birds, the penguin molts. At certain times of the year, it loses its feathers only to grow them back. This has a very phoenix vibe to me. Symbolically, it speaks of renewal. It's a metaphor for dying to ourselves, letting go of fears, false beliefs, etc. Once released, we are able to grow new feathers of freedom, confidence, joy and hope. That new growth comes back stronger and more protective than ever.

I hope you have enjoyed these symbolic meanings and metaphors gained from penguin facts. I further hope this article might encourage you to tap into penguin energy for personal enhancement and insight. To be sure, this bird is a real helper and a true guide.

As always, thanks for reading. But don't stop here. There are fathoms more the penguin has to offer in metaphor and meaningful connections. Please do keep researching and meditating on this fascinating creature; especially if you feel a kinship to the penguin. You'll be glad you did.

If you liked this article on symbolic penguin facts, be sure to check the links at the end of this page for more symbolic frolic.

May all your penguin paths be revealing.



11- 4 15 - I was out of body - not sleeping.  I couldn't identify who I was with, but they were questioning the timing of my dreams from the dream to them coming true.

I've had dreams come true the same day, 3 days, all the way ro three months.  It's only recently that I've been given specific dates to worry about, but not told the exact event.

In the extreme, in 1981 I had a vision of what looked like the pole shift, and that is happening so gradually, it took over 20 years for airporrts to change the direction they called their runways as having changed.

11-5-15  DREAM - I was working on a black computer screen and shifting everything to the extreme left.

That sounds rather political in the negative sense.

11-5-15  TURNING THE HEAT ON  - I had to put a blanket over my head because the smell from the furnace was bad at first.

So I started seeing things with my eyes closed - all related to Joe.

He brought me a huge diamond - the kind that goes into a ring.  Earlier I had seen him run out of the bedroom, really angry and said to me. "SAY YOU!!!"

This time he ran out of the bedroom and gave me something else.   Then a third time, I saw him run out of the bedroom and give me something.

I can't remember what. But they were nice things.

11-6-15 - POLITICAL DREAMS.  I was looking at a black computer screen where cities were indicated and they were all shifting upward and to the left and moving very quickly.

DREAM 2  I watched my daughter vote on a white board and her vote was done with a pencil low down, and around the dot, she drew a circle, indicating she would still change her mind and since her vote was in pencil, she could jusy erase it in the future.

11-9-15 - DREAM -  I went to visit a husband/wife preacher church - a very famous man.

I had heard that his wife might not be there, but I didn't want to bwlieve that.

When I got there, I was handed a beautiful brlochure with all the programs they offered.

Then the preacher walked out onto the stage,. and the fiirst thing he sad was, "You might be here to visit my late wife Deb.

I was shocked beyond belief, not only was his wife dead, but he said his wife's name was Deb and I thought she had a different name.

11-10-15 - DREAM  I was shown an envelope with the date 9-2-__ on it and I spent the whole rest of the night looking for that date on the right article it was referring to.

After I woke up, I searched our own website and found this page WHEN IS IT TIME TO FLEE THE CHURCH and it is about the three James - Bakker, Swaggert, and James Jones.

Confidententially, I was yelling at James Bakker on TV yesterday while he was preaching.

He was totally unfeeling about the people who are being hurt in the near distance and he only cares about the people who are buying his stuff because the disasters show that Jesus is coming back.

And its clearly evident from watching the show that he only cares about the peoplewho are going to live with him and totally agree with him about what he wants.

He has said more than once that he does not want anyone to have a different opinion than him, that if they don't agree, they should get out.  More recently he doesn't even allow his guests to speak so he an sell more products.

11-10-15 - DREAM - I got into a car to go somewhere than discovered the road looked like a writhing snake.  There wasn't even any space for our car in that heavy traffic.  We couuldn't even go that way.

11-10-15 - NAP DREAM - I was outside a house that had large windows on the front of the building and I was in my car.  There was another person coming as well who was supposed to come there right before me, coming from the opposite direction whose job it was to open the window for me.

I was shown that if you opened the window too soon, and tried to fake the timing by wiping thedust from the bottom, there were tell-tale trace marks in the dust that you had done that, so I had to wait until the other person indeed opened the window so I didn't do it too early.

As it was, the other vehicle came - in a truck similar to UPS and then I came from the other way and waited until the window was opened by hin before I completed the job correctly.

11-11-15 - DREAM At first I was working in an office that had a lot of tables with telephones on them, but there weren't people at all the phones like one normally sees. 

I tried to dial out and the telephone on the table by the wall started making the dialing sounds I expected to hear from my own phone.  That got very confusing to deal with so I went outside and found myself on a farm that had a lot of chickens on it walking around.

Then I saw some weasels over aways, and I worried about the chickens being eaten by the weasals, but what happened shocked me.  A weasal came over to the chicken closest to me and crawled inside its butt side and started nursing on its internal nipples it somehow had.

Everyone started laughing because the chicken was all puffed up with the body of the weasal, and they laughed and said, "That's one chicken who is going to have stretch marks on the inside."

11-11-15 - NAP DREAM   Three young boys were great friends.  Two of the boys were brothers and the third was their best buddy.   The third boy always wore a red towel tied around like he was superman. 

One day, the three put on their swimming trunks and went out on the river on a wooden raft.  They got a long pole to push the raft out onto the water.  The river was running fast that day, and as luck would have it, one of the brothers fell into the water and hard as he could, he tried to swim, but the current was too fast and took him dowmstream away from the raft. 

The other brother expected their super-hero buddy to jump in and save his brother, but it was only then that the red-caped zuper=hero admitted he couldn't swim and couldn't save the other brother.

He just stood there on the raft and clenched his hands together in fear, and later all he could do was cry.

11-12-15 - DREAM -  I was looking at a colorful chart of various vegetables and how much sugar they each contain.  (obviously dieted related)

11-14-15 - DREAM - I was standing on the banks of the Mississippi river and the dark water was only two feet from flood stage.

As I watched a flock of goats climb up a thick vine on the side of a block building to the roof, I said to myself, "I'd better call the leader and tell her that the river will flood if it goes up two more feet.

11-15-15 - DREAM  I was visited by TV star Neil Winters and his daughter who brought her little baby girl for me to babysit while they did some errands.

She was an adorable chubby little brown baby, and she wanted to wear little girl panties instead of a diaper, and fortunately, I still had some little girl panties stored from my own baby girl (lets nor forget how many years ago that was :-)

It was kind of fun taking care of a little baby girl again.

11-15-15 - DREAM - I was in a woman's kitchen with an armful of freshly picked vegetables from her garden.  I carried them all into the kitchen to wash them and cut them up so they could be cooked as diced for dinner.  My daughter Jeanne was with me. She was a young adult age.

The front of my blouse ended up dirty from carrying the vegetables in my arms.  I put them all into the sink to wash them.  There was a lot. I also noticed what looked like milk near the collar in front.  I didn't know how it got there and it didn't come off. Then we all set to work to do the dicing of the carrots on the table.

When that was all done, I had 16 carrot seeds and 8 pepper seeds on the table which I could grow for another crop.

The woman and I were laughing about the difficulty my daughter had cutting up the carrots, and the woman looked the seeds and said "23 anything = Syria."



 news search

here is 23 in crop circles 

11-15-15  VISION - I was watching CNN giving details about the terrorism in Paris.  My eyes got tired, so I paused the show and closed my eyes. Suddenly I was seeing a large crowd of people, all looking upward with eyes wide open.  It was dark outside, and everyone was wearing winter coats. It was apparent they were looking up at something coming towards them, yet none of them tried to run away or anything.  They just stood there and stared upward.  Eyes wide open!

















11-16-15  two dreams of triangles.  The first dream was about long skinny triangles and I was trying to find one with the number 151 on it.

In the second dream, the triangles seems to be all the same size sides, and the most prominent numbers were 46 and 54

11-17-15 - DREAM - I bought a web page program that came in a box.  It seems that it came with lots of information titles. all about weird things that happened in the states the Republican presidential candidates came from.  I recall two specifically, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.  But the program was not about them, but about their states.

Another problem with the program that it was too many columns wide and I was trying to narrow it down to four columns which I wouldn't do in real life.  I would make it all in one column, but I didn't want to make it too long either.

I can't remember even one topic, just that it was about weired events in their states.

11-17-15 VISION - I saw a book, about 12 x 10 inches - and it opened to a chapter later in the book.  The title of the chapter was "sad".  I instantly thought, "Oh no!".  "George Herbert Walker Bush is gong to die."  That was the link to Jeb Bush from the previous dream.

11-18-15 - DREAM - I was living near a beach and there was a very steep hill planted with trees that went right down to the sand and water.  I knew it needed to have twice as much thickness, so I planted double the thickness of trees.  It was now REALLY  thick.  Practically no breeze could get through them.

11-18-15 - TWO DREAMS.  i was in a very large building.  A woman dressed in white with exceptionally long white shoes with large bulbous white toe points came walking down the hall towards me and knocked on a door on my right.  

Two women, dressed in white, picked the woman up in basket gashion, one on each side of her, and I followed them into the room, and they placed her sitting up in a large white baby bed with the sides up and she said, "This is not my first death."

dream two.  The same woman. same white dress and shoes, again came walking down the hall towards me, knocked on the door on the right, and this time 4 women, dressed in white picked her up in basket fashion and placed her sitting up in a large white baby bed with the sides up, and I had followed them into the room, and this time, she said, "This is not my second death."

This time I recognized that she looked like Carol Burnett, the actress,comedienne.

11-19-15 - DREAM - I was watching Jeb Bush and his family building a new brick house into an oceanside cliff, where it would either stand strong against all weather and storms, or the cliff itself could crumble and fall into the ocean and take the house with it..

11-19-15 - NAP DREAM.  I seemed to be in Milwaukee, but the streets, houses and cast of characters are all different than reality.

The streets were wide and well paved. the houses were all two story plus attic, and trees lined the streets taller than the houses. I'm going to date this dream as 1964, because of the age of my youngest brother who I saw with my Mom and Marty saying "Hello" to some people across the street where I was visiting.

In the beginning of the dream, I was riding a bicycle in tandem with my friend RA in this old, all white neighborhood.  There was a lot of traffic going down the streets, but I didn't look at any of the cars to identify them, except they were large sedans of all colors.

As I was riding along the street with RA, I said to him, "I predict that a cop is going to stop you", noting that we were of differing racial heritage.

A moment later, a cop came along on a bicycle and stopped RA to ask him for ID.  I kept going around the corner and expected him to follow me a moment later.  He never did show up again in the dream.

On the opposite side of this block, I pulled my bike over to wait for RA and to visit a relative I never did get to see.  I'm guessing it would be Lester, my Mom's brother, though he never lived in this sort of house that I recall in real life history.

When I got off my bike at that house and walked up the 4 steps to the little sidewalk between the two houses that were only about 5 feet apart, I noticed that my Mom, a youngish Marty, and my 4 year old brother John were across the street saying "Hello" to some people I didn't know.

When RA didn't come around the corner, I started walking up that little sidewalk and had to stop and step over a young woman I want to call Bonnie, but it was probably my cousin Joyce who was crippled by polio, and someone had placed her crosswise on this sidewalk with a pillow under her head. 

I had to step over her to continue up the sidewalk to the back yard, and as I did, I bent over to give her a kiss on the lips in greeting, and she raised her head to give me a kiss in return.

This was very difficult for her to do, so I put one hand under her back to help support her weight as she raised herself up.

That put me a little off balance, so I stepped back, and gave her another kiss to show my appreciation for her efforts, which made a situation, where I had to step over her a third time, and lift her up a bit again to kiss her a third time in order to get to the back yard.

At that point she was a little upset to have to make so much effort to kiss me each time I stepped over her, she said, "Tell my brother that when I come to his house, I expect him to provide me with a "keyed" gateway.", to which I said "Okay"!

In the book of Revelation which I am studying, I found this in a commentary by Immanuel Swedenborg:

John was shown a Holy City coming down out of heaven from God. The city is called Jerusalem, and perhaps as John saw it from the high mountain, it had some likeness to Jerusalem in the land of Palestine, which he had so often seen from the Mount, of Olives. The Jerusalem that John had known stood on its hills, with strong walls and towers, and high arched gateways by which the pilgrims entered. The city that John now saw had its wall "great and high," but the wall was of a precious stone, and its foundations were of twelve precious stones of beautiful colors. The city that he saw had its gates; but these were gems, each gate was of one pearl. Three gates were on each side of the city, always standing open as if to welcome all of every kind who would come into this beautiful home. The tribes of Israel used to be seen gathering at Jerusalem for the feasts, and in the city that John saw the names of the tribes were written on the gates.

11-20-15 - DREAM - I was living in a house with a big picture window overlooking the highway.

One day, there was a big red smear on the highway and everyone talked about it, but nobody knew what it was.  Everyone called it "The Donald".

After awhile, the cars driving over "The Donald" wore the red smear off the highway and everyone eventually stopped talking about it.

11-20-15 - DREAM - The time period has to be about 1960 and I'm living in my New Berlin house, and the driveway is coming up from Calhoun Rd. before the state built Highway 15 and changed our yard configuration.

I know I already had three kids by 1960, but I didn't see them in the dream.

There was a sidewalk from the garage to the house, but it was longer than normal, and it was coated with ice.

i was having a terrible time walking because my Father had said earlier in the week, if you walk with your knees bent on ice, it'll be less likely that you will fall.  Now, I couldn't hardly walk at all, just stomp along because I had forgotten how to walk like a normal person.  I had been asked to go to the State Fair, and couldn't go because I couldn't see myself stomping all over State fair like an idiot because I couldn't walk normally anymore.

So, I finally made it into the house, and went to the livingroom, still stomping, and very angry that I couldn't walk normally anymore.

My friend Nancy was there, standing stark naked in the room, and she looked like she had lost at least 100 pounds even though she was stilll chubby, because her chest looked like she had little fat boy boobs, instead of grown up boobs.

I didn't mention that she looked like a little boy, I just commented that she must have lost a lot of weight, and that pleased her.

Hanging off of a doorknob, in the livingroom (there was never a doorway there in that spot) was two braown shopping bags my Father had brought over and they were full of ice cubes that were steaming away until they vanished.

I heard a noise outside and went to the back door, and there were two really tall men out there with cameras, dressed all in black tuxes, getting ready to take photos of a wedding that was going to be held in our driveway.  I looked down the driveway, and there was a white wedding tent in the driveway.  I didn't know these men, and hadn't anything to do with a wedding in our yard, so I told them angrily to GET OUT! and showed them with my thumb which way to take their stuff -  out the driveway.

The ice was gone now and all of a sudden I could walk normally.

When I looked back at the men, now there was a whole group of photographers standing there, now they were going to take photos not only of a wedding but of a graduation as well.

I didn't know anyone graduating either, and none of this made any sense at all.

I woke up angry, that this whole thing was just too weird, especially about not being able to walk like a normal person, and just stomping all over the place in order to get anywhere.

11-20-15 - NAP DREAM - The timing was probably spring of 2016, but not in the house I live in now.

When the dream started, I was doing something at the front door of our house, and my husband was inside.

When I went inside, there was a whole crowd of older people inside who I didn't know. My husband was giving them a tour of the house.  I watched them as they were leaving, and I asked a  white haired woman who they were and she said they were touring gardens in the neighborhood while they were taking gardening lessons at a nearby conservatory.  She said that they were at our house to see our garden and learn how to grow worms the best way and had heard that I knew how to do that best.

She went out the door, and a group of men were following behind, and when they got to the door, they couldn't figure out to open it.  They actually locked it instead, while fiddling with the door instead of just turning the knob and pulling on the door.

So I volunteered to open the door for them, and while they were all moving aside to let me get to the door, I said to them, "You know I gardened in Wisconsin for 20 years, and now I'v been here for almost 20 years, so I'v basically been gardening i various climates for almost 40 years.

They perked up their ears and instead of leaving the house, they all started asking questions and sitting down on the nearby chairs.

So I started giving them a brief class on the dos and don'ts of raising healthy worms, because you need good healthy worms in a garden to grow healthy food.

Lesson learned. :-)

11-21-15 - DREAM - I had received an email about three events which are going to occur in Greece.  They were labled A, B, and C.

I wanted to forward this e-mail to other people, but before I did that, I wanted the events were in the proper order, A, followed bt B, followed by C.

For some reason, the event labled A didn't want to stay in the beginning of the e-mail, so I struggle with that issue and woke up without forwarding the e-mail to others. 

11-22-15 -  DREAM - i , two girlfriends, and our boyfriends (3 couples) and a guide were going on a trip somewhere.  I can't remember for the life of me who our guide was, or where we were going, but we were really excited.

For this trip, we were all dressed the same, and had to wear earphones attached to our sweaters it seemed, though at the last minute, our guide said, "get your earbuds in".

To wear the earbuds, we had to dip then in some substance like wax or honey and stick them in our ears, though it seemed we attached them to the collar of our sweaters.

The earbuds kept getting detached for some reason, so we had to keep reattaching them.

Finally we were about ready to go, and the guide told us to "get your earbuds in" and I woke up.

But while I was trying to remember the dream and who the other two girls were (we were all teens)  I had a vision of two boys names, (Robert) and (Dennis) and the words  (recovered) with each one.

11-22-15 - DREAM -  I was living in California, but working at Allis-Chalmers (its located in Wisconsin)

I was visiting a male cousin who was  a guitar player.

He said he had played a gig at a bar the night before and the piano player literally blew the roof off the place because he brought in his own portable piano that was so incredibly loud that everyone was raving about it.  He said the brand name of the piano ended in the letters NU.

I got so excited because I wanted a piano like that so I could play gigs too.  I told him that if I could get a piano like that, I would buy any guitar he wanted up to $1,000.00.

I was supposed to start work at at A-C, but I got so emotional, I started to cry.  I didn't feel capable of going to work I was crying so hard.

But, I finally stopped crying and decided to call my boss and tell him I'd be right there.

So I dialed, 874-7714 and a woman answered and I didn't recognize the voice, so I said, "Is this Allis-Chalmers?"

The woman said, "Yes!  This is Helen!"

I said, "Okay! I was supposed to start at 5 pm but I was feeling ill, but I feel better now, so I'll be right there."

Helen said, "Okay!"

We both hung up and I woke up.

I looked at the clock and it was 5 minutes to 4.

I was actually an hour early.

874-7714 is a real number in many states and including China. It's also in my own area code and is in my own town.  I'm too chicken to call the number but his name is George.

8+7+4+7+7+1+4 = 34 = 7  (good number)

11-22-15 - MEDITATION:  I asked to meet one being from Atlantis before it went down.

I didn't see anyone, but suddenly my right heel started to burn and hurt so bad I had to quickly take my shoe off to make the pain stop.

11-23-15 - DREAM - I was with another woman and she was putting on fresh fingernail polish.  When she was done, she wasn't happy with the color.  She said, "This was supposed to be purple."  It was actually several shades of blue.  I thought maybe a third coat on top would make the blue turn purple.

I decided to put on fingernail polish, intending to make mine purple, but it was done, it was pale sky blue.

Neither one of us could make our nails look purple.

11-24-15 - DREAM - I was at my Father's house on 16th St. in Milwaukee.  I was looking out the window and started to see a long string of missiles being driven past in the street.  They were all dark blue and grey with some kind of star on the sides.

Then my 4 or 5 year old son started to scream really high pitched.  OMG!  I never heard a child scream that scary.  "They are coming after me!"

I woke up and it was 4:40 a.m.

When I was wide awake, I checked the colors of various countries and none matched at all, not even slightly.  Spirit told me to look up Chinese YUAN - so I did, and the #50 bill was very similar to the color of the missiles. Evidently, there is going to be a problem with the money debt arrangement the US has with China soon.  We owe them a LOT of money, and China was given ownership of all of the US national Parks until we pay them.

Later, a voice said to me, "We all know about Jerry Brown and our fans!"  After some research, that turned out to be the band Eagles-Death Metal whose band was playing during the Paris attack at their concert.  They are going to have a personal interview on TV very soon about what happened.  Jerry Brown lowered the California flag in honor of those who were killed in Paris.

it was nice of that band leader to come and visit me.

11-24-15 - VISION - the date 8-13 ....  I couldn't read the year.

I searched my own website for the date and found this dream.

8-13-15 - DREAM - I was on a hill with President Obama while he was making speeches, and he was acting angry and unhappy with me.  I saw three black blotches on the side of a hill - in a triangle - with point down.

NOTE:  TODAY - 11-24-15 - a Russian plane was shot down and three men killed by Turkish militiary which used a U.S. developed missile launcher calleld a TOW -  Russia vows REVENGE against Turkey and says it was like getting stabbed in the back by them because Russia considered Turkey - a friend to his country.  They shot down the Russian for being over Turkey air space for 3 minutes and they shot the pilots while they were parachuting down from the burning plane.

President Obama was at the time meeting with the President of France (Hollande) because of the Paris terrorist attacks by ISIS, and the 8-13-15  dream was also about speeches about ISIS, so there is a big connection because the vision and the dream and today's events as well.


11-25-15 - DREAM  The whole dream was about moving cross country to change jobs and get a big pay increase, but working for the same people.  Strewn on the highway, like paving were newspaper articles about the value of money being changed, so that the pay increase vs the value of money being changed was necessary to stay even.

We weren't actually in a vehicle while moving, it was us standing up on the highway while moving because it was necessary and had to be done.  We took all our electronic equipment with us - the whole family - everyone had to move at the same time.

The highway had long curves in it, so one had to be careful to keep one's balance and stay upright.

It was exciting, but necessary - and we all had to do it - not just me.

 11-26-15 - DREAM - I went to nightschool to take lessons in voting.  There were mostly women, but not all.

I made friends with a couple women my own age, and one of them, who was new to me, I asked her for her email address which she wrote down on my class notes which were on a little strip of paper.

I started joking around with my friend and said, "Wait until you are at least 50, and then run for President, and you'll be guaranteed to win because Hillary will be at least 100 by then."  I grinned and started to laugh because the people around me thought I was beiung serious.  I actually pushed my class notes against one guy's chest and said, "I'm just kidding" because he was aghast at what I had said.

I then went outside and took a class break, and I was confronted by a huge reddish colored steer with big horns on his head.

I didn't want him to come near ne, so I kept a row of loose bushes between him and me at all times, and I had to keep moving the bushes around because that steer was determined to get on my side of the bushes.

Break time was over then so I went back into the building, but I couldn't find my classmates again.  Then I discovered I didn't have my class notes with the new friend's email on it, and I hadn't turned in my class notes either at the end ofclass.

So I had to climb up the stairs to turn in my class notes, and it was exactly 100 steps back to the ground floor.

I finally made it to the top step and woke up, trying to figure out where I was.

11-26-15 - I was working on a colorful web page and making sure I had the words Hurclean Nation in the right places.

it was about ISRAEL -

  • State of Israel proclaimed - May 14, 1948 - On this day in History, State of Israel proclaimed on May 14, 1948. ... the birth of their new nation, especially after word was received that the United States had ...
  • Netanyahu Won, but He Lost His Image as National Leader - Haaretz Mar 18, 2015 ... Netanyahu won, but Israel was brought to its knees ... Benjamin Netanyahu's Herculean effort to keep his seat was translated into an ...
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  • note:  on the news, during the Thanksgiving parade, someone mentioned that the security team in New York City was called The Hercules Team.  I wondered if all large cities were affiliated with the Hercules Team. That would make us a Hercules Nation.

    11-27-15 - THE WEDDING SINGER.

    I was living in an apartment building and was the unofficial manager, which meant I didn't everything including security and inspections of empty apartments before they were rented, etc.  I was making $100 a week plus a free apartment so I was getting b all right.  However, the official manager came back from wherever she had been traveling and took over her job again, and that left me with no income and no place to live as well.  I knew I'd have to go out and get a job real quick so I'd have an income.

    When I went back up to my apartment later, In the newspaper, right on the front page, center - was an article that someone was looking for a female wedding singer.  I'm a good choral singer, but I don't do solos, and couldn't make myself do a solo if I wanted to because I get too scared to sing solo.

    But one of  men in the building was a hunk of a young guy and a fabulous singer, and he could easily apply for that job, and I planned to suggest it to him. It didn't matter that the people wanted a female wedding singer, I knew they would fall in love with him and his voice as soon as they met him and he could get that job.

    I told one of the other people I worked with about the idea, and they suggested that instead of going out and getting a job, I just move in with that guy, and I could take care of his apartment while he went off on singing gigs.

    I was too shy to do that, even though I would have made a good match with him and could even sing with him.

    What a dillema - all those ideas and too shy to act on any of them... BUT - I did have to get a paying job.

    11-28-15 - DREAM  We lived in a low spot in the  valley, and there was a hill to the right of us where the water came from, and a hill on the other side of the road down aways, where there were other family members living on a higher hill.

    Our kids got assigned a writing assignment at school, and our kids did a really good job on it, and there was a lot of paper to keep together so we decided to bind the pages together on the one side, using reeds of weeds from the ditch in front of our house, which strangely acted like musical strings when they were wet and you rubbed your hands on the sides and they made musical notes. 

    The lady who lived on the hill to our right had younger kids than ours and her little toddler boy came down to play with our kids and I had to watch him because he liked the shiny scissors I was using to cut the reeds to size.  So, while she was there, she heard the sounds the reeds made when the kids rubbed the wet reeds with their hands.

    We had to be careful about the mud and water out front of our house because it was deep enough to stop vehicles if they drove in it.

    Meanwhile, the kids took their writings to school and won an award for them and the kids up the hill the other way got mad because their kids didn't win any prize.

    They went home and told their mother they didn't like our kids and they called our kids "The Jews!" in the valley.

    Meanwhile, the lady on the right of us decided she would put a stop to our prize winning book writings and she went to the government to get the rights to the water so we couldn't use the muddy reeds to make music.

    11-28-15 - I was listening to the Guillermo Maldinado show about being Thankful.  I was getting tireder and tireder and paused it when this statement was on the screen:

    "I will never leave you, nor forsake you."

    While I was resting my eyes, spirit said to me, "They call them "the nowers"

    11-29-15 - DREAM - I taught myself how to make blueprints from which to make embroidery patterns or paint by number patterns, and it is so simple and easy, I taught my husband and his male friend how to do it too.  If they could understand it, anyone can, including kids.  That's exactly how I taught myself, from a child's embroidery pattern in a book.  Once you have the concept, you can design anything and print it.

    How exciting is that?  You just use wet ink, in reverse, on your patterm, then flip it over and press down.  You can do it in black on white, white on black, or even in colors.  So cool.  Once you do a simple one, you can do it as fancy or complicated as you like.

    11-3015 - DREAM - I lived in an apartment building, and on the first floor we had a meeting room with a small library in it for the residents.  Once a month we had a book exchange, and if you brought in a book, you could take a book in exchange for free.  That a pretty popylar event and fun to talk to the residents as well.

    On this particular day, a man in uniform came in and had to do some manual labor for something, and to do that he had to take his shirt off.

    We took an instant liking to each other, and I put on his sgirt to keep it safe and warm.  We both knew what that meant later when he came back to get his shirt.  Meanwhile, the other guys knew what that meant and they stayed away from me, because they knew who and what he was.

    So, all day, I wore the shirt, and wemt about my business, rather enjoying the looks of the other people who also knew what my wearing of the shirt meant.

    However, the dream never ended and I woke up, still wearing the shirt, feelinf safe and secure and warm.

    It was a nice feeling.