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4-28-04 - DREAM - I was in an apartment, laying in bed. It was the middle of the night, and my husband hadn't come home from work because there was an emergency and he had to stay until he got the problem solved. I was all concerned that maybe he was lying to me and was really out with some woman and if he was, I'd get my locks changed and divorce him. 
I heard a door slam next door and I thought my neighbor was leaving for work.  Right then a man came to my door. He was dressed in a black coat and hat, smoking a cigarette. He came to the door with a firefighter in a red, full fire-fighting regalia and hat.
I was scared to start with and asked the man who he was. He said, "I'm Ken Kerri." ( I was yelling in the dream and out loud in the physical as well) I asked, "What do you want?"  

He said, "I need help."

Then the firefighter left. I told Ken Kerri he shouldn't be smoking. He didn't comment on that, then I asked him what he needed and he didn't answer. He started walking down the hall to go outside and I yelled after him, "What do you need, what do you need?" He walked out the door into the dark without telling me exactly what he needed.
Right after the outside door closed, the door opened on the room across the hall. Robert Redford and Paul Newman came out side by side. Robert Redford glanced over at me and then they followed Ken Kerri outside into the dark.
Then my son Michael came to the door and told me that the school bus was going to pick him up at 3:30 a.m. because it was snowing outside and the roads were drifting shut with blowing snow.
I started to wake up and Joe poked me and asked me what I was dreaming. So I told him the dream and Joe told me I was yelling out loud. He told me who Ken Kerri was and that people all over the state look up to him for his books and teachings about water treatment.  Joe knows that because he is the maintenance mechanic at the Modesto Water Treatment Plant.
I never heard the man's name before and Joe said he had never mentioned it before either, so there was no way I could have known that.  I asked Joe what time it was - it was 3:30 a.m.

California rain flushes toilets in Robert Redford building

Friday, November 14, 2003
By Dan Whitcomb, Reuters

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — In the Robert Redford Building, toilets flush themselves with rainwater — except for the urinals, which use no water at all. The floors are made of bamboo and the carpets from hemp.

All of which help make it one of the "greenest" buildings in America and a glimpse into the environmentally friendly future, the actor said during a dedication ceremony in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica Thursday.

"This building to me is a model of our sustainable future," the Oscar-winning actor and filmmaker said as he cut an appropriately green ribbon on its terrace and the James Taylor song "Steamroller" played softly in the background.

Though the three-story, gray clapboard-style structure is largely unremarkable from the outside, Redford and the National Resource Defense Council activists who will work there call it a showcase of sustainable urban architecture.

The building's exterior appears to be wood but is made of a fiber and cement material. Much of the interior is lit with skylights and solar cells that provide about a fifth of its energy. Cool sea breezes augment the air conditioning, and special towers draw off heat.

The structure uses about 60 percent less water than most buildings because it captures rainwater from the roof, showers, and sinks and uses it to water the plants and flush the low-flow toilets. The urinals use a special cartridge to funnel away wastewater.

Inside, floors are made of bamboo because it is a fast-growing wood substitute. The carpets are hemp. State-of-the-art fixtures consume less energy and some of the furniture was donated by the props department of the Warner Bros. film studio.

The 15,000 square foot structure, originally built in 1917, was stripped down to its wooden skeleton and rebuilt as an example of urban renewal. It is completely free of formaldehyde and vinyl, and office machines that can emit fumes are confined to a room that vents to the outside.

Redford, a longtime environmental activist born and raised in Santa Monica, said the building symbolized a step forward for the conservation movement, which he said had been dealt setbacks by the Bush administration.

"We are now suffering through an administration that has, in a very calculating way, set out to undermine and destroy 30 years of hard work," he said. "There's never been a time in my life when I've felt so challenged as a country, so challenged on the environment, as we are now."

Source: Reuters
Robert Redford's true passion is our endangered environment. He starred in nature-honoring films like Jeremiah Johnson and The Horse Whisperer and narrated the poetic A River Runs Through It, which was not just about fly fishing, but about the beauty of unspoiled natural places. Even Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was not just an incredibly popular and entertaining movie but a tribute to the last days of the wide open spaces of the old west.

Redford has been a noted environmentalist since the early 1970s. He is a founding board member of the Natural Resources Defense Council and has been very involved in educating the general public and government officials about local and national environmental issues and current Congressional proposals to weaken environmental laws. He is the recipient of numerous awards for his work in the environmental and arts arenas as well as his advocacy on behalf of Native Americans. These include the 1987 United Nations Global 500 Award; the 1989 Audubon Medal; the 1993 Earth Day International Award; the 1994 Nature Conservancy Award and others.

Robert Redford has been concerned with solar power issues since 1975. He has criticized the Bush administration for remaining virtually silent about our long-term dependence on fossil fuels and has said that wasteful consumption of fossil fuels creates political liabilities overseas as well as air pollution at home. He said that drilling for oil in the Arctic and other fragile habitats is costly, dangerous and self- defeating. American rooftops should be the Persian Gulf of solar energy.

A economy based on solar energy would reduce air pollution and create jobs at home. Prolonging our dependence on fossil fuels guarantees homeland insecurity. Redford said if we want energy security, we must reduce our appetite for fossil fuels. The measure of our success will be the condition in which we leave the world for the next generation. He said: "Weaning our nation from fossil fuels should be understood as the most patriotic policy to which we can commit ourselves." This address from Robert Redford was recorded by Janet Clark of the Toxics Use Reduction Institute University of Massachusetts on December 2, 2002

FROM: http://www.jc-solarhomes.com/shows/redford/redPage/redPage.htm


Actor, director and conservationist Robert Redford has been a member of NRDC's (Natural Resource Defense Council) board of trustees for three decades. Recently, he sent out the email message below urging concerned Americans to unite in opposition to the Bush-Cheney energy bill, which would ravage our public lands, threaten our health and keep us dangerously addicted to fossil fuels. He urges you to contact your U.S. senators, and call on them to defeat this disastrous legislation. He also asks BioGems Defenders to help mobilize millions of Americans in protest by forwarding his message to at least four of your friends, family members and colleagues.

Dear Friend,

Over the next few weeks, President Bush and his congressional allies will try once again to ram their disastrous energy bill through the U.S. Senate. They fell only two votes short in November and they've vowed to make passage of the bill their top priority now that Congress has returned from recess. 

This bill may be the worst piece of legislation you and I will see in our lifetimes. It would pick your pocket, despoil your natural heritage, endanger your family's health and smother your hope for a more secure energy future. We ignore this bill at our own peril. 

Let me tell you our simple plan for thwarting this shameless attack on our environment and pocketbooks. If millions of Americans each took one minute to protest this bill, it would cause every senator who is tempted to vote for it to think twice about doing so. 

You can make this happen within the next few hours by doing two things:

First, go to http://www.savebiogems.org/takeaction.asp and send your two senators an email or fax, telling them to vote against this pro-polluter energy bill.

Then, forward my email to at least four of your friends, family members or colleagues.

I am emailing this message to 500,000 BioGems Defenders and other NRDC activists. If each one forwards this message to just four more people, we will generate a national tidal wave of opposition before this day is over.

And that won't be a moment too soon. This disgraceful bill would pick our pockets to hand out billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to the oil, coal and nuclear industries. That's their long-awaited reward for making big-time contributions to the Bush-Cheney campaign. They profit while the rest of us pay the price -- in tax dollars and environmental degradation.

This bill gives the energy giants a free pass to drill their way through our last wild places, burn more dirty coal, build a new generation of risky nuclear power plants and dramatically increase air pollution that would sicken the vulnerable -- especially children and seniors -- for decades to come. 

It would establish oil and gas development as the dominant use of our federal public lands, open national parks to the construction of electricity transmission lines, exempt polluters from core provisions of our clean air and water laws and waive liability for the producers of the toxic gasoline additive MTBE -- even though it has contaminated at least 1,500 public water supplies in all 50 American states.

You'd be hard-pressed to come up with a more backward-looking, wasteful and self-defeating energy "plan" than this one. At a time when the federal deficit is soaring and we're going to war in the Persian Gulf oilfields, the White House wants to stick us with the tab for prolonging our destructive dependence on fossil fuels, foreign oil and dangerous nuclear technology. 

This is not a national energy policy. This is corporate welfare, pure and simple. Estimates of the bill's corporate tax breaks range from $23 billion to well over $100 billion with loan guarantees included. No surprise there. Big energy companies cooked up this raid on the federal treasury during hundreds of secret meetings with Vice President Cheney's energy task force and their allies on Capitol Hill. 

It's one thing to gouge taxpayers. But to claim this rip-off is in the national interest, as the White House would have us believe, is a slap in the face to every working American.

Poll after poll shows that the vast majority of voters -- of both parties -- understand that we simply must reduce our out-of-control appetite for fossil fuels if we ever are to secure energy independence. That means turning American rooftops into the Persian Gulf of solar energy. It means producing cars that get 40 miles per gallon. It means constructing efficient buildings that use half the energy of the average American office without sacrificing comfort. 

Making this transformation to a super-efficient, low-pollution economy would save consumers upwards of a trillion dollars, spare our last wild places from destruction, improve our health, slow global warming and reduce our dependence on undemocratic regimes overseas. It's a no-brainer to anyone living outside the White House.

But unless millions of Americans speak out right now, the enactment of the president's energy bill will doom us to an apocalyptic future of blighted wilderness, poisonous air pollution, devastating climate change and endless wars over fossil fuels. 

Please make your voice heard. Go to http://www.savebiogems.org/takeaction.asp and tell your senators to obey the will of the American people, *not* the dictates of giant energy corporations! Call on Congress to create a sustainable and affordable energy path. 

And please be sure to forward this message to at least four other people. Believe me, millions of Americans are just waiting for a simple way to stop this madness and lend their support to a sane and hopeful energy future. 

Sincerely yours,

Robert Redford
Board of Trustees
Natural Resources Defense Council
. . .
BioGems: Saving Endangered Wild Places
A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council


USA: December 4, 2002

LOS ANGELES - Actor Robert Redford, in an op-ed opinion piece published in the Los Angeles Times, accused the Bush administration this week of "lack of leadership" for failing to wean the United States from dependence on fossil fuels.

The actor, a longtime solar power advocate, warned that the nation's wasteful use of gas and oil created political problems abroad and air pollution at home.

"Prolonging our dependence on fossil fuels would guarantee homeland insecurity," the actor wrote. "If you are worried about getting oil from an unstable Persian Gulf, consider the alternatives: Indonesia, Nigeria, Uzbekistan."

He touted San Francisco's $100-million bond initiative, passed last year by voters to pay for solar panels, wind power and energy efficiency for public buildings as the template for a pollution-free United States.

"American rooftops can be the Persian Gulf of solar energy," Redford wrote. "...wind and solar power generate less than 2 percent of U.S. power. We can do better."

The 65-year-old actor also demanded that the U.S. auto industry use existing technology to increase fuel economy standards to 40 miles per gallon.

"Phasing in that standard by 2012 would save 15 times more oil than Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is likely to produce over 50 years," Redford said.

Innovation in energy policy, he concluded, "would keep energy dollars in the American economy, reduce air pollution and create jobs at home." Reuters/Variety.


CFE open space TV Ad

Consider the case of the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company.

It owned thousands of acres of open space in Connecticut. But now BHC – and all of its undeveloped lands – are the property of a European conglomerate.

What will happen with all of this open space?

I don’t know.

But I do know that open space is too important to be lost.

That is why I am asking you to help right now.

The Bridgeport Hydraulic lands are just part of a statewide open space crisis. At risk are thousands of acres of open land owned by water companies and electric utilities. If you help, we can save these open spaces.

The Connecticut Fund for the Environment has formed a coalition of towns, environmental groups and legislators who are working to save our endangered open spaces. Call the Connecticut Fund for the Environment at 1-203-787-0646. Or visit them on the web at www.cfenv.org. Ask questions. Get information. Become involved.

But do it now.

Or someday, to see open space in Connecticut, you may have to go to the movies.

- Paul Newman

FROM: http://www.cfenv.org/script.htm

February 10, 1997

Nell and Paul Newman contribute $30,000 to Farm and Garden's Apprenticeship Program

By Jennifer McNulty

Food is a family matter for actor Paul Newman and his daughter, Nell, an Aptos resident whose organic pretzels and chocolate have made her name a household word, too.

Nell, founder of Newman's Own Organics, recently contributed $15,000 to a training program for organic farmers at the UCSC Farm and Garden. Her contribution matches a $15,000 grant from her father, who channels all of the profits from his successful Newman's Own line of salad dressings and pasta sauces to nonprofit organizations. Nell Newman and her business partner Peter Meehan also donate all after-tax profits to nonprofits, particularly organizations that support the environment.

"She was familiar with the program and challenged her father to match her $15,000 contribution--and he did," explains Ann Lindsey, coordinator of the Farm and Garden's Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture, a seven-month intensive training program for 40 apprentices that combines hands-on field work with lectures and classroom preparation.

The grant will fund salaries for assistant trainers in the apprenticeship program--a small number of graduate apprentices selected each year to stay on at the Farm and Garden after the course ends in October. The assistant trainers help operate the Farm and Garden during the winter months and serve as assistant instructors when the new class of apprentices arrives in April.

"This funding is critical to the success of the program, because the assistant trainers play a key role in the educational process," says Lindsey. "It also gives the trainers exposure to the full cycle of farm work, from soil preparation and propagation to cultivation and harvest. The grant will support what has become a key dimension of the apprenticeship program." 

FROM: http://www.ucsc.edu/oncampus/currents/97-02-10/newman.htm




February 13, 2003 

Old Blue Eyes in Peterborough

By Edward X. Young
Monadnock Ledger Staff

PETERBOROUGH — Legendary film stars Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward visited Peterborough Monday afternoon.

After the famous couple had lunch, they were briefly interviewed as they were leaving the Peterborough Diner.

What brought them to Peterborough?

“We came here because, after all, this is ‘Our Town,’” Woodward said.

Woodward was referring to Thorton Wilder’s “Our Town.” The Pulitzer Prize winning play was based on the lives of Peterborough residents in the early 20th Centuty. Recently Newman received acclaim starring in a revival of “Our Town” at the Westport Country Theatre in Westport, Conn.

The visit to Peterborough had nothing to do with professional reasons, the couple said.

Woodward and Newman have been residents of Westport for the past 40 years. They said their purpose was to enjoy the beautiful day and take in the sights of the colorful foliage.

Do they plan to return to Peterborough in the future?

Newman mysteriously responded, “We’ll be back sooner than you think.”

He declined to elaborate, saying, “You’ll have to wait and see.”

Earlier, the award-winning stars of the stage and screen were observed shopping at Maggie’s Market Place on Main Street. The store specializes in offering organic groceries and health foods.

Cashier Tina Blankenship said although she had her suspicions due to the hushed whispers of other customers shopping in the store, she was not certain that she was serving celebrities until they reached the register.

Blankenship said, “I knew for sure it was Paul Newman when I saw what he was buying. He purchased approximately $60 of food products bearing his name.”

Paul Newman runs Newman’s Own and Newman’s Own Organics, the Next Generation in partnership with his daughter, Nell Newman. As listed on the label of the products, “Paul Newman donates all of his royalties after taxes ... for educational and charitable purposes.”

Blankenship said the only product Newman bought that did not bear his name was a bag of Jelly Pebbles” gourmet organic jellybeans.

Blankenship added, “I also had no doubt it was Paul Newman when he let his sunglasses slip off of the bridge of his nose and he smiled and looked directly at me with those crystal blue eyes.”

Blankenship said Newman chided Maggie’s management for offering plastic bags to the customers, because Newman felt that was not the most environmentally sensible choice.

“When Paul Newman asked me where we kept the reusable netted grocery bags and I told him that we had them on a rack in the back of the store, he strongly suggested that I move the bags near the register and urge customers to use them to protect the environment and cut down on pollution and waste,” Blankenship said.

Blankenship said Woodward went out to get their own netted bag out of their car to carry out the groceries they purchased.

“Paul Newman then asked me where he could get a good hamburger in this town,” she recalled. “Joanne Woodward said she wanted something vegetarian. So I directed them to the Peterborough Diner, which is around the corner.”

Waitress Marti Gagnon at the Peterborough Diner had no idea she was waiting on movie stars.

“It was really crowded in the diner that day at 1 p.m. Also the guy [Newman] wore his cap and sunglasses the whole time during his lunch so I didn’t recognize him,” Gagnon said.

Gagnon confirmed that Paul Newman ordered a hamburger with all the trimmings; and Joanne Woodward ordered a salmon burger for lunch. The two sat at the counter.

Later, Woodward and Newman were seen window-shopping at the stores in Depot Square. They were later seen strolling down Grove Street past the offices of the Monadnock Ledger.

Woodward won an Academy Award for her 1957 performance in the title role in “The Three Faces of Eve.”

After many nominations, Paul Newman finally won an Oscar for his reprisal performance of Fast Eddie Felson in the 1986 Martin Scorsese film “The Color of Money,” which was a sequel to the earlier film, “The Hustler,” which also starred Newman.

FROM: http://www.mledger.com/2003/archives/2newman_10-24-02.shtml




Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver


Climate change threatens California water supply

Wed May 9, 2007 1:39PM EDT

By Leonard Anderson

BERKELEY, California (Reuters) - California's tallest mountain range, the Sierra Nevada, may lose nearly all its snowpack by the end of the century, threatening a water crisis in the nation's most populous state, a leading scientist and Nobel laureate said.

California could lose 30 percent to 70 percent of the snowpack to the ills of greenhouse gases and global warming, Steven Chu, director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the 1997 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, told Reuters.

A "bad scenario" of atmospheric carbon could mean the loss of 70 percent to 93 percent, Chu said in an interview, citing published climate models.

California depends on the snowpack to generate hydroelectricity, help irrigate the biggest agricultural economy in the United States, fill reservoirs, and support wildlife and recreation on the state's rivers.

"I think that's a much more serious problem than the gradually rising sea level, unless Greenland just completely melts," Chu said. "This is a huge water supply concern for California and the Southwest."

Water levels in the snowpack now are at 29 percent of normal, the lowest in 20 years, and water districts are pleading for conservation and more storage to counter future dry years.

Climate change may lead to more severe drought and higher flood peaks that could mean the loss of one-fourth of the snowpack by 2050, according to California's Department of Water Resources.

Water officials are also worried by dry conditions in the Colorado River Basin. The river is a big source of water for Southern California but has had below-average precipitation for seven of the past eight years.

Chu and the Lawrence Berkeley Lab at the University of California are researching a range of new energy programs to counter the effects of global warming and climate change.

In the short term, ridding the world of wasteful energy habits could mean big gains in trimming carbon levels.


"If I were emperor of the world, I would put the pedal to the floor on energy efficiency and conservation for the next decade," Chu said.

Tackling energy waste in residential and commercial buildings is a high priority for Chu. He said new designs and technologies in that area could go a long way toward improving heating, ventilation and lighting systems and reducing energy consumption.

"Get rid of the wasteful habits and inefficiency and that by far and away will show the biggest gains in the short term," he said.

Chu lists examples of "hybrid thinking" to deliver more energy efficiencies such as cogeneration plants that capture waste heat while producing electricity, but says the dominance of coal-fired electricity is a big obstacle to progress.

Coal accounts for half of electricity generation in the United States and despite the push to develop alternative, sustainable energies, it is likely to remain the "default" fuel for the next 50 years, he said.

"I hope not but we need something for 50 years to transition off of fossil fuel. Fusion won't be there for 50 years, it may not ever be there," Chu said.

Chu will oversee new energy programs at the Berkeley Lab under a program with London-based BP Plc, the third largest Western oil company, which has committed $500 million over 10 years to support a bioscience research institute to develop new biofuels for transportation.

BP is partnering with the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Illinois to develop new energy sources while improving the environment.




Prozac Found In US
Surface Water & Fish
Popular Antidepressant Also Affects Unborn Babies
By Maggie Fox
Health and Science Correspondent

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- One of the most popular antidepressants, best known by the brand name Prozac, can affect the development of babies when pregnant women take the drug, according to a government report released on Tuesday.

Normal doses can cause babies to be born lighter and sleepier than normal, or make them jittery or cause respiratory problems, the panel appointed by the National Toxicology Program said.

"These effects appear to result more readily from in utero exposure late in gestation," the report, issued for public comment, reads.

The report is a summary from a working group of experts who studied dozens of medical studies using the drug, known generically as fluoxetine.

"The observed toxicity may be reversible, although long-term follow-up studies have not been conducted to look for residual effects," it adds.

"The evidence suggests that developmental toxicity can also occur in the form of shortened gestational duration and reduced birth weight at term."

The experts also noted several reports that found fluoxetine could affect a patient's ability to achieve sexual climax -- both male and female.

It can get into breast milk and is found in the blood of newborns of mothers taking the drug.

The report, available on the Internet at http://cerhr.niehs.nih.gov/news/fluoxetine/fluoxetine_final.pdf , says
fluoxetine is widely used and can now be found in the environment.

"Fluoxetine has been reported in U.S. surface waters, presumably derived from urine and feces of people on therapy," the report reads. One researcher found fluoxetine in bluegill fish.

"The presence of fluoxetine ... in wastewater/groundwater/sediment should be investigated," the report recommends.

But the report noted it could be more dangerous for an expectant or new mother to be seriously depressed.

"Mood disorders are common in women of child-bearing years and it has been estimated that 15.6 percent of women meet criteria for major depression during the third trimester of pregnancy," the report reads.

The panel also said more study was needed to find out how and why antidepressants such as fluoxetine can stimulate production of new brain cells. That could also affect a fetus or newborn baby in unexpected ways, they said.

Prozac is made by Eli Lilly and Co. and is also available in generic form.

Copyright © 2004 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved.

Public Extermination Project

From: http://legitgov.org/

A specifc public works project became "classified" following 911. This project, which  has been on-going throughout the U.S., has lethal capabilities for innocent U.S. citizens.

Public Extermination...


There has been intensive media attention since 911 to the resultant war on terrorism and our aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. The media has, however, failed to report a shocking post 911 “project” here in the U.S.

Following 911, there began intensive and concentrated infrastructure work that has lethal capabilities and intent. In an extremely non-forthcoming governmental atmosphere, I have been able to document a small portion of this work, which was ongoing in Los Angeles County in the spring of 2004.

Through the use of t-valves, the government can regulate, on an individualized, residence by residence basis, the introduction of another substance into the water lines. As fluoride goes in at the plant, we are not dealing with the capability to add fluoride. It is quite a bit more nefarious than that.

In the first interview in May, 2004, with Engineer Mike Downs and Head Engineer Julie Spacht, Department of Water and Power, downtown Los Angeles office, the two engineers issued a blanket denial that t-valves were used in any capacity by DWP. Spacht stated that she had never heard of t-valves, and asked, somewhat disingenuously, whether I could draw one so that she could see what they looked like.

Several days later, I happened upon surface work by DWP contractor Spiniello Co. The work involving t-valves is generally done under the street; however, the surface work on La Brea Avenue between Washington and Venice Blvds. revealed a t-valve in front of every house.

When I informed Downs that I had the valves on film, it seemed to jog his memory. When I asked him to state in writing the DWP policy on t-valves, he submitted a fax (Exhibit A) stating that t-valves were never used in mainline construction (note the capitalization and bold type used for emphasis).

Photograph 1 is a t-valve on mainline construction on Washington Blvd. and Harcourt, under the authority of DWP.

According to Spiniello workers, every single t-valve is being replaced by ones that respond to computer commands. The Spiniello foreman at this job site revealed that the main computer is in a centralized location.

Photograph 2 features the replacement t-valve. It is manufactured by Tyton. The picture was taken at the above site, prior to installation.

We must now consider why DWP, through Downs, is misstating fact about something as seemingly benign as regulatory valves. As a rule of thumb, there is generally no cover-up unless there is something to hide.

I have secured a sample directly from a DWP water line. It is simply toxic, causing extreme cardiac discomfort. However, it tastes just like water.

In order to fully understand the implications here, we must comprehend the larger context. Students of history are aware of the striking similarities between 911 and the Reichstag fires in Hitler’s pre-war Germany. Briefly, Hitler had his own troops burn down the German Parliament. Hitler then blamed the fires on the Communists, in order to obtain the powers to govern under a bogus “state of emergency.”

911 and the resultant Patriot Act have essentially duplicated the political situation here in the U.S. The media has dutifully reported the increased incidence of surveillance, the governmental intrusion into library and bookstore records, and other losses of civil liberties. However, the media has failed to explicate that we have also lost the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” More specifically, the right to life. Ask any civil rights lawyer. If you can still find one.

The tie in the t-valve project now becomes clear: our government is denying the capability of making additions into the water system when the work is ongoing. If the introduction of a toxic substance into the lines were planned, would they admit it? It might cause a generalized panic.

For those concerned how our own leadership could possibly be involved in such a questionable matter, one needs to understand the ongoing relationship between the Bush family and Adolph Hitler. It has been well documented by Webster Tarpley and Antonin Chaitkin in the book, “George Bush: An Unauthorized Biography,” that our President’s grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush, was funneling millions of dollars into Hitler’s war effort through Union Bank Corporation. In October, 1942, the government seized UBC under the Trading with the Enemies Act, declaring the bank to be a Nazi front. Prescott Bush was at that time a director of UBC. For those who are interested in further documentation of this, I refer you to chapter 2 of the above cited book.

The Bush-Hitler connection did not end with the seizing of the bank. It simply became more covert and less easy to detect. It was continued on through Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society with massive Nazi connections, into which both Presidents Bush immersed themselves at Yale.

It is important here to understand that using water as a medium for poisoning had its genesis in the Nazi prison camps, where the first introduction of the hotly debated compound sodium fluoride was used as a form of hippocampal dulling.

According to Charles Perkins, who was appointed post-war head of the German chemical giant I.G. Farben, “The real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children’s teeth…The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination, control and loss of liberty…The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff. This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies…Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual’s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him.”

His remarks were reinforced by Dr. E.H. Bonner, who was the great Albert Einstein’s nephew: “Even in small quantities sodium fluoride is a deadly poison to which no effective antidote has ever been found.” For those wishing a more complete reading on this subject, please reference “The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben,” by Joseph Borken.

It is necessary to reiterate here that in the case of the Los Angeles DWP sample, we are not dealing with fluoride. This report touches on the Nazi use of fluoride as an example of using the water system for purposes that were contrary to the welfare of those imbibing the water.

To recap, there are definite similarities between 911 and Hitler’s Reichstag fires.

Because of 911, we have lost the right to live.

An introduction of another substance into the water lines could prove deadly.

According to Mike Downs, the water records became “classified” the week after 911.

He is attempting to deceive this reporter by denying that the valve that simply has the capability to introduce another substance into the water system is even used by DWP.

Add to this galmaufrey the extensive relationship between the Bush family and Adolph Hitler and his spiritual descendants, and the picture comes into focus.

Through the use of t-valves, concentration camps become unnecessary. The U.S. government now has the capability of exterminating whoever they wish through its own water system. No muss, no fuss, no heart-wrenching scenes of rounding people up and transporting them off to a highly uncertain future.

When they are ready for the Big Kill, when they have determined which residences will receive “death water” and which will be bypassed (the function of a t-valve in front of every residence), a switch will be thrown and what Hitler began will be accomplished.

In this context, the reason for the “oops-no-weapons-of-mass-destruction” war in Iraq becomes transparent. We now have a base with proximity to Israel. When Israel, the refuge established for the Jewish people after the horrific events perpetrated by Hitler, gets hit and expunged from the planet, we will face, once again, genocide. This time it will occur in the flagship for democracy in the world.

Hitler had his showers; Bush has his water lines.

God help us all.


Janet C. Phelan
August 7, 2004

There have been enormous obstacles to obtaining any documentation for this story. Within 24 hours of my first request for water records at Santa Monica City Hall, I was forced to resign from my position as columnist for the Santa Monica Daily Press.

Nevertheless, I continued on. The first request produced the letter from Joseph Lawrence, Assistant City Attorney, featured in attachment B. A reading of the Public Records Act indicated that Lawrence was misstating the PRA in his refusal to give records. In addition, his declaration that there were no documents responsive to the request is also dubious, in view of the fact that at that very time there was water line work in progress at the Santa Monica Pier, two blocks away from Lawrence's office.

My second request produced the letter featured in attachment C. This letter from the Santa Monica City Attorney's office misstated ths substance of my request. I had requested work orders on t-valves since September 2001, not in September 2001.

Recognizing that I was getting smoke blown at me, I filed a request with the City Clerk, Maria Stewart, to address the City Council concerning misstatements of the PRA and non-responsive communications from the City Attorney's office.

Ms. Stewart denied my request to be put on the agenda, and offered a slot under item 14, which requires no response from the City Council.

I then approached the City Manager's office concerning inaccessibility of appropriate channels to address this matter. That office produced the letter in attachment D, stating that my request for obtaining the work orders on t-valves was denied because of homeland security.

Despite the refusal of records, an on-site DWP worker offered to let me view blueprints he had in his company truck.

A perusal of the blueprints for the Washington-LaBrea area substantiated my hunch. There was a t-valve demarcated in front of every edifice. The worker also assured me that in the case of a multi-unit building, there was a t-valve for each individual unit.

There was also a second line.

In order to make an addition into the water system, a second line would be necessary.. The worker explained that this line was merely a conduit for transporting water great distances.

However, there were service lines connecting the second line onto the main line, as well as to the lines branching off onto the side streets, which calls into question the assertion that the second line is merely a transport line.

With the DWP worker's permission, I photographed a blueprint. The prints came out somewhat fuzzy, although the demarcation of two lines was clear.

I then secured the services of a professional photographer, and we arranged to go to a Spiniello work site to commit the blueprints to film, hopefully with greater resolution. When I called Spiniello, located in Santa Fe Springs,California, to inquire at which lcoation a crew would be, I was refused that information. The supervisor refusing to reveal where the DWP contracing company was working the first week in August, 2004, only identified himself as "Greg," and would not reveal his surname.

Considering the enormous difficulties in obtaining information on public works water projects, the documentation for this story is at this time not as complete as this reporter would have wished.

However, we have offered photos of valves that simply have a certain capability, and the denial by DWP that these are used at all in the capacity photographed.


FROM: http://www.fourwinds10.com/news/06-health/D-holistic/2004/06D-12-19-04-public-extermination-project.html


Sherry Shriner

Radio Broadcast - Reality Radio Network -

 August 1,  2005 - 1st hour

Transcribed by Simon Keen, a listener in Israel:

Sherry Shriner Radio Broadcast - Reality Radio Network - 01 August 2005 - 1st hour

 Hello folks and welcome to the show. 

 I have had a couple of weeks off to walk away from everything and relax somewhat. 

 You know it's been a lot of attacks lately and it looks like I took the right time off.  You know I don't force my beliefs on anyone but apparently those who disagree with what I do believe and think and teach, think they should spend all of their time on forcing their beliefs on me and everyone else.

  You know folks I don't teach anything that isn't of the Lord.  If people disagree they should seek the Lord instead of their own head wisdom and attacking me and everyone else, who has taken the time to seek Him directly and learn from Him.  If they don't agree they need to move on.  We don't attack people and we certainly don't stalk them and become hateful cowards against them, neither do we want them in our home.  And so why would people complain they're kicked out of our e-mail lists and our yahoo groups and our forums because they're obnoxious, rude, hateful and condescending. 

 You know as far as I'm concerned it's good riddance of them.  My moderators have full control to run the groups and lists I own and run and I will stand behind what ever actions they take.  You know you wouldn't invite someone into your home who was obnoxious and rude you would tell them to leave and so that's what we do and we show the hateful crowd the door and basically that's what all of them are. 

 You know I hear from everybody, the Islamic crowd who personally would like to tie me to a stake and set me on fire for coming against Mohammad and their idea of Allah.  I hear it from the prophet yeehaw crowd for coming up against him and his charade of calling down UFOs.  I get death threats from the new age crowd for exposing their Satanic doctrines and leaders they call Christs and Ascended Masters.  I get it from the church crowd for exposing Pauline doctrines and how he divided early Christianity and steered the early believers away for the past 2000 years, away from the true teachings of the Lord and what He commanded His disciples and apostles to teach and do.  And the church was replaced by Paul who negated all of them and took over Christianity with his double forked tounge and mind replacing the truth with lies.

  You know when Jesus left He commanded His disciples and apostles to do and preach all that He had commanded them.  Them, Paul wasn't there when He said that.  He commanded His disciples and apostles to continue on what He had taught them and then Paul introduced himself on the scene, the church accepted his teachings and did away with everything that the Lord had commanded the early apostles to teach.  So there is a big division in the church.  And so those who want to ride Paul's coat tails instead of the Lord's, come up against me for revealing and exposing all of that. 

 And so I get it from everyone, the Satanists, the New Agers, those who call themselves Christians, the church crowd, just everyone folks and I hear it from everyone. 

 And then there's the minority the handful that Yahweh has set aside that do know the truth and recognize it when they see it and hear it on my websites and radio shows.  And I hear from these people every day who thank me for standing up and standing in and hanging in to reveal the truth in all things as the Most High leads me to it.  You know it gets tiring, but what keeps me going is my supporters in every country across the globe, Israel, Australia, Europe the United States, Africa, they're everywhere.  And these are the ones the Most High has me reach and keep informed because they know Him so they know who I am in Him. 

 And so through all the muck and all the hatred and all the lies and all the slandering against me that takes place, I will stand through it all and keep exposing what needs exposed, teaching what needs to be taught, standing firm in the Most High as His mouthpiece in these last days.  You know I got an e-mail request to comment on the Harry Walter and Zeph Daniel interview that they had.  And I didn't really want to give it two seconds of my time, I didn't hear the interview, I didn't listen to it.  I've been on a break the past couple of weeks and the whole thing from my perspective if things were said about me so be it.  You know I'm sure it was an attempt to slander me if anything else.  I don't agree with either of those two on various things.  I can agree to disagree with others on doctrines while the same others simply can't.  They keep it going and going and going, to divide to keep dissension and hatred going, and I want nothing to do with it or them.  You know Harry Walter was a co-host of this show and he resigned.  He didn't agree with an article I wrote on the Serpant Seedlines so he resigned.  Since then he's been distorting things I say, distorting events as they happened lying outright about various things, and I'm not going to feed into his game.  You know it's his own charade, his personal agenda for some reason against me and Reality Radio Network to keep his own traffic going to his website, it's all he's looking for. 

 You know he's not a real pastor, he's not certified by God or man, just a screenwriter from Philadelphia who insists on being called Pastor Harry (his real name is Richard Landes), and at the time I did my show I didn't really care since titles for man don't really mean anything to me anyway.  But it's obvious from his actions he's not speaking from the Lord either.  You know the Lord doesn't set up someone to be a pastor to come against His own.  Harry reads and studies scripture like anybody else, but then he expounds his own views on them.  He doesn't hear from the Lord, he doesn't seek the Lord on the truth.  He expounds everything he teaches and believes from what his own viewpoint is.  And those types of folks are a dime a dozen.  You know Zeph Daniel believes in the serpant seedlines, so what they discussed I've no idea unless Zeph's changed his beliefs again which seems to happen quite a bit over there.  You know there's the belief of the day week or the month.  So whatever folks, I don't want to get into it.  I didn't hear the interview myself.  It's not fair for me to comment on it since I didn't hear it and I have no interest in hearing it.  There's nothing either of them have to say that I would be interested in hearing.  So unless somebody has a specific question on something they said I can address, then fine.  But as far as I'm concerned this whole thing just keeps going and going, it's worse that the easter bunny, I wish somebody would just take the batteries out, with this whole thing on Harry.  It's over, it's done with.  He was on the show, he resigned.  It's over, get over it.  You know he needs to get over it and move on.  People agree to disagree on doctrines and views all the time.  I don't have anything on my website about him.  I've talked about,,, I've had to address this situation over and over again, because he can't just move on.  Some kind of handicap, bitterness, hatred, anger whatever, I don't know what the deal is.  We simply agree to disagree on a doctrine and that's the way it is.  So why would it upset him so much when if somebody actually believes in this doctrine when Gen 3:15 states it clearly, and I have articles on my website about the Serpant Seedline.  That's his own problem and he's going to have to learn to deal with it.  I'm not going to deal with it on this show anymore.  The lies and the distortions, I've never taught a white Israel, I've never taught that.  And some of the other things he is saying that I have taught, that I teach, I don't.  So clearly anybody could read my material to understand and learn what it is the things I do teach and say instead of saying what I say.

  Obviously they don't read my material if they're quoting it wrong, otherwise it's just a vendetta to purposely lie against me.  And so that's all it is, and so you guys are going to have to read them on your own.  Read through me websites, see what he's saying and take it from there.  Because I can't hand hold all of these little arguments all over the internet, these slanders and distortions about the things I do teach that are obviously wrong.  I never tell anybody to follow me, I tell people to seek the Lord.  I don't want people following me.  I don't have a following. 

 You know I just teach what the Lord reveals and people can go to my websites or not, you don't have to choose to go to my sites, you don't have to choose to read the material.  But the thing is with mine is that the Lord just leads people to my stuff to where some of these other people use desperation attempts and tactics to get interest to get people to go to their sites and believe what they have to say.   Because they have nothing but head knowledge and those people are a dime a dozen.  You know everybody could read a book and then expound their own views on it.  And people do that all the time and then call themselves experts and pass themselves off as experts (as Harry does), whatever.  You decide, decide for yourself.

 Listener call-in line tonight 260-356-2611.

  Like I've said I've been off for the last couple of weeks.  I needed a break.  It was good to get away and in the middle of summer and chaos was starting with school again.  And I know a lot of you have kids and it's that time to starting thinking about getting ready for school again.  And if your kids are in sports like mine are, I've got two in football and one in cheerleading, next year I'll have three in football... it just gets chaos this time of year. And so I'm a little bit behind on news and what's going on, I didn't even keep up with that while I was taking a break.  I didn't want to hear anything.  I didn't want to hear what's going on, the world's going to hell in a hand basket if I'm here or not.  You know I'm working 24/7 or not these things are going to happen and everything that could happen or possibly going to  happen in the future is on my websites.  I mean it's in the articles I've written it's in the articles I've posted.  I've got 19 websites of information and people stumbling on them everyday, the Lord leading people to these websites everyday.  And just clearly those who come against me on the attack, and that's the way it's going to happen.  I didn't pay attention to it, but I think the people around me get more affected by it than I do.  I clearly could just brush it off and walk away, I don't even pay attention to it.  But I do have listeners who will ask for clarifications on things.  You know so this is one of those times I'll spend time clarifying things.  I don't keep doing this and keeping it up because it's not worth my time to have to defend myself, ask the Lord why.  And clearly you're going to have to understand that when the Lord stands someone up, I'm not saying things that tickle other people's ears and I do go against a lot of common views because they're wrong. They're not right they're wrong. 

 The church's been deceived and in deception for thousands of years, hundreds of years.  That's why we have over 56,000 denominations alone, just with the Protestant denominations because of all the disagreements over doctrinal issues.  It happens.

 A lot of things happening this week with prophet Yeehaw travelling the nation.  A warning to go out to coast to coast listeners about, to the up and coming spokesperson Benjamin Creme, last time people listened to him. "People were complaining of loud ringing in their head and some were hospitalized.  You might want to warn your listeners." Yeah so I'll put that out there.  I guess I don't know what's going on over at Coast to Coast, but if he's going to have Benjamin Creme on his show, and I've stated this before folks, don't listen to these people, don't even watch them on TV.  They do have a lot of mind control capability.  I've seen it in the Bible codes plenty of times.  I've been warned about it by the Lord Himself not to watch these people.  And so I guess that's what's happening, a lot of people who listened to one of Benjamin Creme's interviews on Coast to Coast, a lot of people got hospitalized from a ringing in their heads.  And it's going to get worse, that's the icing on the cake, not even that it probably just of piece of the cake, an ingredient because, this stuff isn't going away.  It's going to build and build and build, it's getting a lot bigger we're getting closer to a lot of things to start happen.

 Tonight I wanted to go over Matthew 24.  You know I didn't really know what I wanted to do tonight on this show.  And certainly didn't want to think about it while I was on break.  And so I started thinking about it today, and Matthew 24 just kept coming to my mind, and so that's what I'm going to talk about tonight.  If not then the Serpant Seedline if I get time, the first or second hour, go over the Serpant Seedline doctrine, a lot of people confused over what that is.  And so a lot of clarification, you can also read this off my websites, I have it on my websites, and it's in one of my books as well.  I have two books out now, "Bible Codes revealed, the coming UFO invasion", which came out earlier in the year.  And now I have out "Aliens on the Internet", which is a book that came out just a couple of months ago, maybe one or two months ago.  So I have two books out that are loaded with info, and all of the info that is in those books are articles on websites, so can just read it for free on my websites you can just go through and read those articles I have.

 You know there's a lot of people some believing that this prophet, calls himself prophet Yahweh, I just call him prophet Yeehaw, that he could be Maitreya.  And it's a possibility because whenever they throw a card down and you think you know what they're doing they change the cards, they change the deck they get a new one.  But the standard quota always comes about.  These beasts are coming.  They call themselves christs they cause themselves Sananda Immanuel, the one that looks like Jesus of the Bible.  Maitreya is supposed to be a world teacher.  Saint Germaine is supposed to establish a new economic system here, in the world.  The call it NESARA.  And so you know there's just a lot of things.  I spend all of this time, all the past year, week in and week out on my website and on these radio shows warning you of what's coming.  And I know a lot of people listening to the archives of these shows, getting about 50,000 to 100,000 people a month listening to the archives of these radio shows.  And this is global. 

 This isn't just the United States and in fact my biggest audiences are getting to be overseas.  It's just outstanding, it's spectacular.  You know 3 or 4 or 5 years ago the Lord said You will speak to the nations and the nations are definitely listening.  And as we get towards the last day the attacks are going to get greater because of that.  And I'm used to it, sometimes you need to just walk away.  So that's basically what I've done the last couple of weeks.  I'm behind on e-mails.  Trying to get caught up on those, I appreciate hearing from a lot of you, a lot of support, outside of the just what I call the jerk e-mails,  I get those as well, and I read about a sentence of them and just delete them.  But you know the moderators of my lists have been kept busy.  And you know what I do appreciate them I thank them for standing up.  When I need to sit down they can stand up and take over things and so I appreciate that. 

 Might have to start transcribing these shows.  In the last radio show I was looking for.. made an announcement on getting someone to transcribe these radio shows for the deaf crowd.  I'm hearing a lot from them, there's a huge deaf population on the internet and they want to know what's being said during these radio shows.  There's no transcription of them, and I certainly don't have time to go through and type out all of these shows.  So if anybody else, if you're more than a one-hand pecker on the keyboard and it wouldn't take you a week to do it.  Even then whoever wants to stand up and be a transcriber for these shows it would be appreciated, otherwise I can't offer that.  I can't possibly take on anything more myself.

 I have not done any transcribing for speech reversals lately.  I think the last one I did was George Bush in his supreme court announcement and that's on the website hiddenspeech.com.  You can hear it there.  I'll probably get more into that this week.  Fox news always has...the thing about a lot of these clips on the internet is that they're short and I need longer clips.  I need to be able to sit and go through.  The longer someone talks the more reversals they're going to give obviously and so I just need longer clips. 

 So a lot of you if you can send me links to clips on the internet of people that you're interested in hearing if anything's being said in reverse.  And I am more interested in stuff happening now, stuff that's being recorded now.  From the Pentagon, from the White house because that's the kind of focus and direction I'm heading into right now.  What they're saying,  Tony Blair, George Bush, Dick Cheney, you know these people who are in the news all the time.  You know presidential leaders, leaders of countries and military leaders especially on the war in Iraq.  And these are the ones that are the top of the game of the illuminati, and so these are the ones we want to target. 

 These are the ones that have the information, these are the ones that say things they don't realize they're saying in reverse and expose their agenda.  And so I definitely want to stay on target and track of these people.  The Maitreyacrowd, the new age crowd, this Benjamin Creme and all these, I mean they're waiting in the wings for the cue, for the green light to go, and that's the only thing that's keeping them back and right now what we're looking at is the new world order playing their hand and their agenda.  And so it's a back and forth thing, and by hearing them speak and doing backward reversals on what they're saying, hopefully we'll find extra nuggets and gems of what their real agenda is at the time.  Because we know that they throw out a lot of bunny trails for people to go down and they're on the road forward  and everybody else is searching and focusing on bunny trails and rabbit trails.  I've probably spent a lot of time exposing these rabbit trails just so you know what they are.  So you are familiar with them if they come back, if they come into play in the news.

 Listener call-in line 260-356-2611.

  I put an article out on my list last week about a church being built in Jerusalem.  What's interesting is that they're building a new church facility in the heart of Jerusalam.  They're calling it the Pavillion which is a new state of the art facility located right in the heart of Jerusalem.  And I've always seen in the Bible codes the word pavillion.  Pavillion, pavillion, pavillion and I was thinking what is this pavillion?  Because if it was a temple it would just come out and say it was a temple even in the codes.  And so I was trying to think maybe it was a masked term for some kind of makeshift pavillion in the desert that Maitreya puts together.  Or is it referring to a congressional building, you know congress?  So it was interesting to see this thing hit the news about this huge state of the art church facility going up in Jerusalem called the Pavillion.  It's this paviliion alone which is really a pet project of TBN. 

 I know they built it, based it on Psalm 27:5, "for in time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavillion, in the secret place of His tabernacle shall He hide me.  He shall set me high apon a rock.  And so based on this verse they have built this huge pavillion in the heart of Jerusalem.  And of course I don't know if this is the same one, that there is any relation to the pavillion that I've seen related with Maitreya in the Bible codes.  But it's this pavillion in the Bible codes that a lot of death is going to take place.  Maitreya uses it to hatch people up.  I've always called him a hatchet man, and he's going to use it for that purpose.  It's going to be his stomping ground, he's got this pavillion the he's going to be operating in. 

 And so you never know folks, it's just one of those things that you just keep an eye on.  One of those things that just pops out of nowhere that you don't expect to see, and all of a sudden it's there.  Is it pieces of the puzzle coming together, I don't know.  You know, but just one of those things to keep an eye on, this huge pavillion being built in Jerusalem.  Especially if it's got the funding and the backing of anything related to TBN, which I call The Beast Network.  And this whole article, "A Church After God's Heart Grows In The Heart of Jerusalem. " The name of the article can be found at cbn.com, in the cbn news division of that website.  And again it was probably, the middle east section, posted last week about this pavillion going up. 

 And so yeah real interesting.

 Listener call-in line 260-356-2611 for those who want to call in.  I've lost contact with a lot of people, taking a break and that's fine I think I was in need of one.  A lot of you may catch these on archives and so listener call ins, I've lost contact with them.  So hopefully it will get back into a routine again.  One of the things I wanted to bring up in regards to the Serpant Seedline.  And that being part of the illuminati is that the leader of the earth's illuminati is called Pindar.  And Pindar is a member of the 13 ruling families.  And this Pindar is always male.  This title Pindar is an abbreviated term for pinnacle of the draco also know as "penis of the dragon".  And symbolically this represents the top of power. control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion and fear.  The holder of this rank reports to the pure breed reptilian leader, in the center of the earth.  Pindar is also purely reptilian.  His father is supposedly the father of Prince Charles or Pindar is supposedly the father of Prince Charles and also has connections to snow dragons, which is the white draco race.  And these snow dragons live in the Lybian desert.  And I've talked about that kind of before, about the white reptilian race in the Lybian desert.  I don't know if this is related or not. 

 But it's interesting because I'm looking at some of this information on Pindar.  And this is the top earth ranking leader of the illuminati.  You'll hear  a lot of disinfo, you'll hear a lot of stuff, women run all the witchcraft, racism, Satanism and all this crap.  It's always been a male in charge.  I don't want to to get steered away by disinfo, steered away by what you hear.  This isn't pinhead.  Pinhead is that guy, I can't remember the name of that movie he was in, but you know who pinhead is.  That's who I was thinking of when I saw this Pindar.  But the more pieces to the puzzle.  The 13 illuminati families, very organized, have kept their blood lines pure, have kept them clean from contamination from being pure human.  Because they like their alien hybrid contamination, and their leader being Pindar.  So that's information for no reason, other than giving you some information on it.

 I want to go over, I want to start this before we go on break here in about five minutes.  But the Lord lead me into Matthew 24 today, so I've been looking through this, and I want to read through this on comment on some of this because so many people jump ahead and don't understand what they're reading, take things out of context.  So I just wanted to read through it.  I want to start with verse 4.  "Jesus answered and said unto them, "take heed that no man deceive you for many shall come in my name saying I am Christ and deceive many." That's what you're hearing, we're seeing know.  We've always seen that with cult gurus who come and go and say that they're Christ.  Jim Jones comes to mind, Maitreya and all of these guys, the entire new age, the calls themselves Christ, that they can ascend to godhood and become Christ.  "And you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, see that you be not troubled for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.  For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes and divers places.

  All these are the beginnings of sorrows, then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you, and you shall be hated of all nations for My Name's sake.  And then shall many be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate another.  And many false prophets shall arise and shall deceive many." I want to stop here and back up a little bit.  "You shall hear of wars and rumors of wars", and that's what we're in now - we've been.  "All these things must come to pass the end is not yet.  Nation shall rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom.  Famines, pestilences, earthquakes in various places, and these are just the beginning of sorrows".  Everything that we are seeing now, with the wars, pestilences, famines, these are the beginning of sorrows.  You might want to look at it as the beginning of the feel judgments.  "They shall deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and you shall be hated of all nations for My Name's sake." And this is talking about a world wide persecution against believers. 

 Basically though the heart of this persecution, because He's talking to His disciples, He is talking to those who would become His bride, the Israel the true Israel, those who accept Him.  Would be persecuted.  Another way of seeing this folks is that this isn't just a church persecution.  We're also going to see this rising up in our own churches.  You're going to see, like I see it now.  I get it all the time from the church crowd.  Because the church crowd right now is the most hateful crowd out there.  They're the most vindictive, the most vicious.

  Any one of these people that are trying to save the world coming on my forums and lists, would be the first ones to hang us up on a tree and nail us.  I mean they would hang you upside down, nail you burn you in a thousand different ways.  They're vicious.  It is going to be the regular church crowd today that will come up against this remnant of true believers in the Lord, the ones who don't go along with the modern agenda established by the Roman Catholic Church some 1500 - 1800 years ago. 

 When they decided what was going to be believed and what wasn't going to be in the churches.  What was tossed in and what was left out.  Who was going to replace what.  You know they've mangled everything.  If you study what the early church believers taught, what the early church fathers taught.  The disciples themselves and what Jesus told them before He left, compared to what's being taught now, it's two different things.  And all of these people involved with the systems there like the TBN, the churches, the followers of Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson all of these beast prophets, all of these churches today. 

 The churches with the self help guru seminars, masked in religious terminology.  These are the very ones who will come up against the real believers of the Most High, and most of the real believers of the Most High today aren't even sitting in churches.  Most of them aren't, they've left them, they've left them along time ago.  And there's going to be a real division a war between the churches themselves.  Church believers who don't buy into the system that they have tried to put everybody in mind control under since they've been born.  Since you've been born they have tried to mould you into their box of what to believe and what not to believe, what is true and what isn't.  We're going to take a break here folks and we're going to come back in about 2-3 minutes.  Listener call-in line 260-356-2611 for those who want to call in, and we'll be right back.


 And welcome back everybody.  I've got a guest calling in tonight, and this is something I worked out for last week and couldn't get it through.  And didn't know if it was going to happen for this week or not.  And apparently it has.  Janet Phelan, I'm going to switch tracks here tonight, Janet Phelan is calling in and what she has is a lot of information.  And we were talking earlier in the week about how they are poisoning our water supply.  And just getting this information out has been a real hassle for her.  She's suffered a lot of harassment persecution.  I know I sent her a phone card to this show and it came back with the postage ripped off and I wasn't real sure this interview was going to get off tonight.  But she's on the line and I'm going to bring her on and we're going to go ahead and do this interview tonight.  Welcome Janet to the show.

 Janet: Hello Sherry, I'm so glad to be on this show.

 Sherry: Yeah, I sent you an e-mail earlier today, I don't know if you got it.

 Janet: No I had not gotten the e-mail but I didn't get the phone card, but I made other arrangements.

 Sherry: Yeah, I sent you an e-mail because I sent it and it got sent back with the postage ripped off.

 Janet: That's very strange.

 Sherry: Well they do that to my stuff.  I used to do the orgone orders myself and it was one of the typical harassments I'd get.  Doesn't even leave the city, they'd rip if off and then tell me "how did you mail without postage on to begin with".  You know so it's one of the things I deal with around here.  But I'm glad to have you on the show tonight.  Why don't you tell our listeners who you are and some of the work you've done.

Janet:  Okay.  My name is Janet Phalen.  I have been a reporter for over 25 years.  I have written for the Los Angeles Times, the Long Beach Press Telegram, Santa Monica Daily Press.  I've had some things published in We Magazine and other publications both regional and national.  And actually I just got, just today I the advanced copy of my first book which is a book of poetry entitled "The Hitler Poems", and actually it's not about Hitler it's more about George Bush.  But that just came in, my advanced copy came into day.  I have been a reporter, I was on board the Santa Monica Daily Press.  I was working there as a columnist and I was aware, I had been aware for some time there had been plans in place to use water as a weapon.  And I know that when you start talking about this stuff, people will immediately consider you to be of diminished mentality, so I knew that I had to document this.

 Sherry: Conspiracy theory.

 Janet: to substantiate it.  So I went over to city hall in Santa Monica, in my nice little reporter get up.  And said, "gee we've been digging up the streets a lot lately, could I see the water records?"  And within 24 hours I didn't have a job anymore.

 Sherry: Wow.

 Janet: I didn't,,, no hint of conspiracy, nothing you know... never hinted I though anything unusual was going on, but that was the end of my job.  And at this point it seems to be the end of my mainstream media career.  This particular system which they have been working on at least since 911 if not before, the water records became secured a week after 911.

 Sherry: Everybody's net grids or just Santa Monica?

 Janet: Oh actually... I researched this in Santa Monica and in Los Angeles.  Because I'm here on the west side of Los Angeles, however the system is everywhere.  Everywhere in the United States of America.  It is referenced in the Patriot Act under the extension of the biological weapons statute.  Now there are a lot of problems about 911.  A lot of people are making similarities to the Weitzberg fires and we certainly see the administration behaving in a very aggressive way towards a non aggressing countries.

  But at this time we don't really see a solid extermination plan in place.  We see things lining up that suggest that that a...it's a test of social Darwinism is now in play.  You know they're getting the safety nets.  We getting you know... there's no affordable housing in LA that's for sure.  You know we have a lot of other things going on fiscally that would seem that we are facing you know a very tough time.

  That the fittest or the  economically successful will survive and those who are not successful may not.  But although there are hints of concentration camps and hints of this and that, there has not yet surfaced a solid data of an extermination vehicle.  This system is an extermination vehicle, it is a targeting vehicle, so that with this system with the water supply they can target an individual residence and skip  over other residences.

  And when I was researching this, I was looking into this for quite a while before I kind of surfaced and made that request for the records.  And I wanted to make sure that I knew exactly what I was looking for.  And there's a particular valve that they use in water works, it's called a T valve.  Now this particular valve has several capabilities. 

 It has the capability of shutting on or off water.  It also has the capability because of it's structure, of making an addition into the water system for the residence in which a T valve is in front of.  Now according to the blue prints, and I did get a look at blue prints although the agencies that order the work would not let me see blue prints.

  They would not even admit they knew what a T valve was, and that was very shocking because they have been using T valves for on and off water turning for over 50 years.  However they have a particular capability.  With a T valve in front of every single residence, which is what we certainly have in LA, and what appear to have across the country, you can make a targeting addition into the water supply. 

You have a street with like number 1, number 3, number 5, you numbered residences on one side of the street, you can go into number 3 and skip number 1 and 5, or you can turn them all on and do 1, 3, and 5 or you can skip the entire block.  Now unfortunately the department of water and power professes to lie to me and they lie to me in print.  My first interview at DWP, department of water and power in downtown Los Angeles.  I met with the head engineer for new water work.  Her name is Julie Spacht.  And with the head engineer for the western district of Los Angeles.  His name is Michael Downs.  And they were very glad to show me all kinds of maps where all the reservoirs were, they're not really interested, they're not worried about terrorists dumping anything into reservoirs.  But when I asked the question about a T valve they went cross-eyed and stupid, and Julie the head engineer for new water works in Los Angeles, told me she didn't know even what they looked like and could I draw her one so she could get a look at what these strange T valves are.  They've been using them over 50 years.  At this time they are replacing every single T valve in Los Angeles with ones that respond to computer commands.

 Sherry: Now what is it exactly?  Is it a fire, water hydrant?  How can you tell if you have a T valve in front of your house?

 Janet: First of all it's under the street, you can't tell unless you see a blue print.

 Sherry: Because I've just had, they've done water works under the pipes here just last year.  In front of mine, nobody elses.

 Janet: Well they're doing it everywhere I'm not surprised they did it there Sherry.

 Sherry: Nobody elses house just mine.  And I know I've been battling being poisoned off and on all the time.

Janet: Well people are not being poisoned by the water at this point because they're working on this system and there are other things that have to line up globally before this system gets put into play.  There are certain populuses that will be targeted by this.  It's shocking to say this, because of the enormous support that our government seems to advent for the State of Israel, but this is an anti-semitic administration.  And one of the reasons I believe that we are in Iraq beside you know everybody's yelling about oil, but that's a good decoy excuse.

 Sherry: Yeah.

 Janet: However I do not believe that it's about the oil, that's a great perk you know, but I believe we need those bases.  We have built at least four bases there now and we have the capability to launch an attack on another country.  Now let's say we launch an attack on Israel, let's say this anti-semitic administration, and believe me it is.  Let's say they launch an attack on Israel.  They blame it on Ben Laden.  We lose, the American Jews lose their safety net.  Israel was established after the horrific events of WWII and Hitler, and we all know that, I hope we all know by now, the listeners know that Prescott Bush was the money man for Hitler.  Our president's grandfather was the money man for Hitler in the US.  Now suppose they hit Israel and blame it you know on Ben Laden or whoever the scapegoat of the moment is.

 Sherry: Yeah.

 Janet: Then what would happen to American Jews?  The US wont be there to save us this time.

 Sherry: Yeah.

 Janet: That is one of the population centers that is at risk, there are other populations that are at risk also.

 Sherry: You realize that they're building a huge base in Israel now.  50 square miles this base is over in Israel.  They've been putting together,  they have a target date.  It has to be done by October of this year.  I've always been waiting for the betrayal, because people want to say that the Zionists are running our government.  Zionists aren't real Jews, they're the Serpant Seedline, they're Satan's people and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if the United States attacked Israel.

 Janet: I think Sharon is deeply in bed with this.

 Sherry: Yes. He is.

 Janet: I think..... Hitler was part Jewish so we have some very confusing affiliations here.

 Sherry: Hitler was Edomite, he had this Edomite bloodline in him.  The same one George Bush has.  All of them are connected by Edomite bloodline.  Anyone in power right now in the State of Israel is not a true Israelite.  Not what we would call a true Jew.  They're Edomite bloodline Jews, they're Satans seedline and that's why I get so attacked when I come out with this information on the seedlines that are really behind the scenes running everything.

 Janet:  There have been books written you know with the titles "What is a Jew?"  There are people, there are bad Christians, there are good Christians.  There are bad Jews, there are good jews    (talking together, can't hear what's being said)    who turn on their own and sacrifice their own for their own wellbeing.  And it seems the Jews who are in power right now have a little bit of a character problem.  They have little bit of an issue about you know standing up for life.  Jews are actually supposed to be you know more invested in life that in the hereafter, that is one of the trademarks of Judaism, that you are actually concerned with the sanctity of life.  Well I wouldn't say that is true of Sharon.

 Sherry: Well he's... they're all in the NWO agenda together.

 Janet: Right.

 Sherry: And it's his job to destroy the Nation of Israel which is what he's doing.

 Janet: It's exactly what he's doing.

 Sherry: He's doing his job, and it's the people over there that are helpless to stop them, as much as we are helpless to stop the Bush administration here from destroying America.

 Janet: Right.

 Sherry: You know they can't do anything.

 Janet: People don't understand that there are a lot of things happening, and it's very difficult to connect the dots.  If we needed a base in the Middle East to attack Israel, Iraq would be perfect.

 Sherry: Yeah well right now they're building their own in Israel.  They've got their own going up, it's a huge storage facility. 18, 20 warehouses, pictures that Barry Chamish put up.  I don't know if you've kept up with some of the info he's put out lately.

 Janet: No, I've missed that.

 Sherry: Right, so they're exposing this base that Americans are building in Israel now and eventually it supposed to be given over to the UN to control.

 Janet:  The UN is kind of an interesting phenomena.  Some people say that Hitler actually accomplished his aims, because he got the UN established.

 Sherry: Well every time they do something they do it to... WWI we got the League of Nations, WWII we got the United Nations.

 Janet:  WWIII we get the NWO.

 Sherry: You'll see what comes out...something's brought about as a result.  I think we're looking at the masses.. I was just talking about earlier before break the coming persecution and how we haven't seen it yet like we're going to.  First I think it will start off between the churches themselves, amongst the churches, believers.  Believers against believers and it's going to spread out.  Eventually we're going to see the concentration camps coming into being.   And we've warned about that on this show.  And there's many people on the internet who have been warning about concentration camps being built for the NWO agenda.  I've been warning that the aliens themselves will be the ones running these things.  And of course you go from agenda to agenda to agenda to agenda.  But you've stumbled on to one aspect about this whole water supply thing that's very interesting.

 Janet: I've been aware about the warnings about concentration camps and I do know that if this system does get activated, they'll be able to wipe out the people if they need to without putting them into camps.  So I don't know about the camps.  I've looked at some of those websites, and it's not something that I've documented myself and as a reporter I accept and look at new information, but I have documented this business about the water system.  Just to get back to that for a moment, when I approached Santa Monica about this, and I had already been bereft of a job and was doing this freelance.  The first letter that I got back from the city of Santa Monica, remember I did both cities, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, they're adjacent.  First letter I got back and it's on the website, and by the way the title of the article is "Public Extermination Project".  If you Google that title the article will come up so you can see what I am talking about.  When I went to Santa Monica city hall about this, I got a letter back, a very curious letter back from the city's attorney's office after I made my request for records.  And unfortunately once again we have a letter replete with lies.  The first statement in that letter which is on the website, issued by Joseph Lawrence who is the assistant city attorney in Santa Monica stated, that were no documents responsive to my request.  And my request at that point was very broad.  I was requesting records on waterline work from 2000, September 2001 on.  Now he stated that there were no documents.  However during the period of time I was requesting this, at that very day I made that request, they were digging up the street two blocks away from Joseph Lawrence's office doing water work.  So if there are no documents responsive to that request, I think Ben Laden is out here on the west coast, commandeering city crews and digging up the streets, because if they're aren't any records it must be a terrorist attack.  Right?

Sherry: Yes.

 Janet: So that was lie number one.  Lie number two in that letter.  He quoted basically stated, restated or actually attempted to restate the Public Records Act.  And he said that the Public Records Act in California is not meant to facilitate research.  Well excuse me I don't believe Joseph Lawrence has read the Public Records Act, because that's exactly what it's meant to do.  It is meant to assist in information gathering.  And what is information gathering?  It's research, so basically he lied twice.  And then he just kind of made a grab for something and said that, "well you know certain records can't be released because it would impede efficient government operation." So first of all there are no records.  Second of all he wont release the records he doesn't have because the Public Records Act doesn't mandate it.  And then he sites another decision saying he doesn't have to because it will impede efficient government operation.  Which is a jaunt.  You know he was really reaching for every excuse possible.  You know it's very shocking when public servants start to massively betray the popular.  And we see it happening at the highest levels of power, we're also seeing it in city governments.  They're protecting information, they're protecting information that has federal implications.

 Sherry: Right.

 Janet: Because as I said this particular system appears to be attempted to be legalized in section 8:17 of the Patriot Act which is the extension of the biological weapons statute.  Now I found that particular section of the Patriot Act after I wrote the article.  It was before the first interview I did on this which was on KPSK last year.  It was right before the interview, I was thrown into the Patriot Act and I seized on the wording there and it was shocking.  Because basically what they are saying they're legalizing a system where you can set up a delivery system for the delivery of toxins.  Now what are toxins?  Toxins are poisons, so they're legalizing a system which can poison people.  The next question when I saw this, I said oh my goodness there must be an error here, they must be talking about some king of wartime issue.  So I scrolled down section A:17 to the list of restricted persons who may or may not be involved in these delivery systems and toxins.  And they're not talking about a military operation.  The only restricted persons are those with a felony record and those who have been judged insane.  So I guess nobody at DWP is considered a criminal or insane, although people who would actually authorize or work on this system and lie about it, I would say are both criminal and insane.

 Sherry: So you're saying that this whole thing is buried in terminology of expanding biological weapons?

 Janet: (Made a noise indicating agreement)

 Sherry: And so within this whole cause of delivery systems of biological weapons, they are actually referring to just establishing water lines?

 Janet:  It doesn't talk about water, it says delivery systems and toxins.

 Sherry: Toxins. (both talking together for a few seconds)

 Janet:  Sherry, what teed me off, is when I was researching this, at one time I was in the presence of an FBI agent, who referred to.. who knew very well what I was looking at and looking into at that time.  He referred to it as a delivery system, he referred to the water work as a delivery system.  So when I ran across that verbage in the Patriot Act, it stopped me cold.  Because there it was.  This is a nation of laws, we are supposed to be governed by laws.  Now if they wanted to do something really appalling, because this is a nation based on the constitution and the Bill of Rights and a whole compendium of laws, they would try to legalize it wouldn't they. And that is what they have done in section 8:17  of the Patriot Act, they have legalized a system which can produce mass death.  Now I called the department of justice when I found this section, I called the department of justice.  I spoke with somebody in the press office there, named Mark Covalo who is now no longer there.  And I referred to it on the line I have a question about the Patriot Act, (unclear).  So I asked him about section 8:17 and he was very nervous and I asked him, I asked him basically as a slam down question.  Is this system meant to legalize the inducement of death being termination of life?  At that point Mr. Covalo simply blurted out, why don't you call the house judiciary committee, they passed the damn thing.  And he would not answer any more questions.  He got off the line and will not return my calls.  He has since left the DOJ, his replacement also will not return my calls.  So I called over to the house judiciary committee.  I got the council office, and basically asked the same question, and the man on the other end of the line started stuttering really nonsense.  He said no we're talking about masks, masks to prevent toxicity.  I said no there is nothing there about masks about delivery systems for toxins.  I said no are you talking about a system that can result in the termination of life.  He had to get off the line, had to take another call, hung up.  In fact I can't get anybody at the house now to return my calls.  Sounds to me like we've got a covert operation.

 Sherry: Oh yeah and you've got a lot of heat for uncovering this.  We're going to have to take a break and we're going to come back in five minutes for the second part of the show.  Can you hang on for five minutes?

 Janet: Absolutely Sherry.

 Sherry: Okay, what we're going to do folks is take a break for five minutes, and we'll be right back with the second hour of this show.  We'll be right back.

Second Half of Show


Sherry Shriner

Radio Broadcast - Reality Radio Network -

August 1, 2005 - 2nd hour

Transcribed by Simon Keen, a listener in Israel:

Sherry Shriner Radio Broadcast - Reality Radio Network - 01 August 2005 - 2nd hour

And welcome back everybody, I'm Sherry Shriner.  Welcome back to the show. 

 With me tonight is Janet Phelan and she is a news reporter from California who uncovered in the Patriot Act authorization for local governments and counties to install delivery of toxins, to revamp our water supply systems.  To exterminate and kill massive amounts of populations.  And tonight we're talking about it.  Welcome back to the show Janet.

 Janet: Hello Sherry.

 Sherry: And we talked about in the last half hour about this public extermination project that you stumbled upon as a news reporter in Santa Monica, California.

 Janet: Right, Once again for those who are just coming on to the show.  If you Google the title of the article, "Public Extermination Project", you can read the article.  I also want to say, for those who would like to contact me about this, my e-mail is jcphelan10@yahoo.com.  I also would like to very briefly Sherry to thank Tim White in Denver Colorado for suggesting I contact you about this.

 Sherry: Yeah.

 Janet: He has been very helpful in trying to get the word out about this particular project, this particular article.  This article seems to be a test by the left as well as the right.  It seems to be kind of a litmus test of people's true intentions, who are involved in political work now.

 Sherry: Right, There is no left or right, just one big agenda.

Janet: Well..

 Sherry: Everybody working together.

 Janet: Unfortunately it seems like not for everybody, but for many people that seems to be true.

 Sherry: Yeah, Tim's been a long time friend of mine.  He's been on this show.  Yeah and he was the one who told me about you, put us together.  So this is another kink in their armour I guess.  Just one more thing to expose about them.  They're just.. every time you turn around, they're coming at you with something.

 Janet: Well lately it does seem like that.

 Sherry: Yeah.

 Janet: I was alive, I was eleven years old when J F Kennedy was shot, and my father who was an investigative reporter and best selling author, was involved in researching the Kennedy assassination.  And he didn't think there was a conspiracy.  My father was, my father would not take,  would not go into camps so to speak, political camps.  He considered himself a liberal.  But he like to research and understand things himself.  And you know I was very young at the time and I listened to my father and he really didn't think there was a conspiracy, but he certainly found them in other places.  His article on Richard Nixon was credited with the Nixon Huges loan, was credited by governor Pat Brown in California.  With costing the governmentorial seat to Richard Nixon and granting enough votes for Pat Brown to get that seat.  However I did not grow up with a conspiratorial background.  I was kind of disinterested in those things, I thought they were preoccupations of idle minds.  So I don't go looking for conspiracies but I certainly have stumbled on one.

 Sherry: Yeah and this goes in line... I think a lot of people have been aware of possible attack of the Minnesota water system.  That's just always kind of been out there.  Probably a rabbit trail to keep everybody away from where the real focus areas are at the moment.  I know that St. Paul in Minnesota and Twin Cities in Minnesota have come up as possible places for biological terror attacks via the water system.  And so to hear what you've been describing going on in California where they can install T valves in front of peoples homes, where they can target one residence or one street or one area, neighborhood at a time and poison them through the water supply.

 Janet: Right.

 Sherry:  And this is something that could be happening nationwide.  Have you seen it happening anywhere else?

 Janet: Apparently it is, apparently the project is a nationwide project.  I've been getting e-mails and contacts now from people all over the country saying, "they've been doing the water works in front of my house" and "they've been doing water works down the street."  It seems that there's been a lot of infrastructure work since 911.

 Sherry: Yeah you know one of the things I noticed two years ago was when they came out with this, every state was given money to improve their bridges, infrastructure  money, to reinforce all the bridges no matter how big or small.  So that it can hold all these military vehicles that are going to be here.

 Janet: Right.  It's going to get very scary in the next few years.

 Sherry: Yeah.  In our town  they have reinforced all these little heebob bridges out here, and widening them for what's going to be military vehicles when they start transporting and picking people up in the country in the cities and transporting them to these camps, during martial law, during lock down.  I mean we're going to have a NWO whether we agree with it or not, whether we want one or not, and right now they're just legally masking it in all of the legislation that is coming out.  And you stumbled on it in section 8:17 of the Patriot Act, legalizing them to deliver toxins in our water supply.

 Janet: Right in essence that's pretty much guts the due process clause of the Bill of Rights.  You cannot be deprived of life or liberty or possessions without due process.  Well apparently the due process is section 8:17 of the Patriot Act, apparently that was our due process.

 Sherry: That was our due process?

 Janet: Right.

 Sherry: Here drink some water.

 Janet: Yeah, have a glass of eternity.  Now the way this toxicity is working, some people have become hip to this and saying, "Well I just won't cook with the water " Well unfortunately with the kind of toxins they're using, it seems that showering will be dangerous.

 Sherry: Really?

 Janet: Showering, because the skin is also a sense organ and with the toxins that they are apparently using with is that they can in through the skin and cause the some kinds of problems.

 Sherry: Do you have any types of the name of the toxins they are using or plan on using?

 Janet: Yeah I would sure like to know that.  I have been attempting to get all of the samples of this stuff.  I've been actually just came from a house tap, but that's a whole other story.  I have a sample.  I have been attempting to get this tested.  Now I am not apparently able at this point to get this tested, because the chemists, the lab I have approached are refusing to test.  The one lab that I did get to agree to test this.  There were some peculiar things going on about that.  I was taking the bus to the lab, you know we had set this up for the next day.  I was talking the bus to the lab and I had to go to a bus depot where several buses in several different lines left.  Now I'm waiting for the bus and I'm very dressed down.  I'm wearing jeans and a T shirt and I have a little satchel with my water sample in it.  And someone walks up to me and goes, "so you're a freelance writer".  And I go, "no no I'm just waiting for the bus".  He says, "oh yeah you write poetry to huh".  Well actually yeah I do and that book  that I have that I mentioned that just came out is a poetry book.  And I'm looking and I'm thinking, "hmm have I been made?"  And the woman says to me, "and you're getting on the number 10 line".  Well as I said it was a depot, several bus lines left, it was the number 10 that went to the lab.  So I figured at that point, that maybe there had been attention paid to my visits.  By the time I got to the lab it was pretty clear I was not going to get a test of this.  So it pretty much shut down on me right then and there.  So I do not have the sample tested.  I don't know how to, I think it would be very useful to do so.  Now interestingly enough, as we know there have been a bunch of unusual deaths recently among microbiologists and other scientists who are working on particular projects. In February 2005, this year Lisa Ungara (unsure of the spelling), who was a chemist in (placename is unclear) which is on the east coast, whose job was water testing was found dead at work.  Her body dumped into a tank.  So maybe that's why I can't get it tested.  I'm not sure.

 Sherry: Yeah, they're shutting down any kind of access.  Are there any kind of home water.. I guess those wouldn't really work, get your own kind of home kits or something?

 Janet: The thing about that is there are some things that filter out micro-organisms, but we don't know what this is.

 Sherry: Yeah.

 Janet: We don't know if it's arsenic, we don't know if it's.. we don't know what it is.

 Sherry: I wouldn't be surprised if it's not arsenic because I've seen it come up lots of times in the Bible codes, in relation to coffee.  And I'm thinking how can they poison our coffee?  I see the term arsenic all the time, so it wouldn't surprise me.  Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

 Janet: Well whatever it is, having gotten curious and well actually this is the whole story about how this happened, but I did envibe some of the stuff and it does attack the cardiac functioning.  That it goes,   they're not messing around, they're not, it's not like something slow going like cancer, it goes straight to your cardiac functioning.

 Sherry: So a lot of these people that are being targetted would just drop over in cardiac arrest.

 Janet: I'm sorry, what?

 Sherry: They would just drop over of heart attacks.

 Janet: Yeah.  They would drop over of heart attacks and strokes.  Actually after I envibed it and I realized that I got very sick, I went to the doctors immediately like emergency and my blood pressure would just rest at about 110 over 70 was 280 over 200, and that was from drinking water.

 Sherry: From drinking water.

 Janet: That was from drinking water and that was when I got curious about what would happen if I drank some.  Yes it will cause cardiac failure or stroke.  And since the person can't live without water, you can go without food for quite awhile, but water and air are the two basic necessities for human life on this planet.  So if they mess up the water what are you going to do.  Most people won't realize what the problem is, they'll just die.  Some people will figure out pretty quickly that something's going wrong and maybe able to do something to help themselves.  You know like go elsewhere.  It's a very evil plan because basically they're allowing people to kill themselves.  If they drink water, people will be killing themselves rather than someone coming to your door. like a storm trooper knocking it down and plugging you full of bullets.

 Sherry: Yeah they don't plan on coming after you, they just plan on coming in to clean up.  They have the clean-up crews (talking together) taking all the dead bodies.

 Janet: There's going to have to be an awfully big clean-up crew for this mess.

 Sherry: You know I mean well we've heard of where they've stockpiled millions of body bags outside of certain cities.  You know that stuff being going around for years and now you're seeing why.  It's not just a four o'clock massive bombardment of soldiers taking people out of their homes, just walk in and clean people up because they're already dead.

 Janet: They have all these waste trucks, if they can pick up garbage now then I guess they can be picking up people.  I hope it's my fervent hope that by disemminating this information, somehow the information can reach a critical mass along with the RVMs and something can be done.  Because if everybody knows or critical mass, amount of people know this is going to happen, maybe they won't be able to pull it off and that is the reason I am trying to get on the air as much as possible about this.  In the hope that maybe somehow or another this can be diverted and life can be saved.

 Sherry: I've seen it over and over again, people don't think well you're just one person who cares what you have to say it's not going to affect their agenda.  They're bigger they're more powerful it's more of them than you.  But I've seen it over and over again that if you expose what they are going to do, they switch tactics.

 Janet: Well they probably would switch tactics, they probably have some backup plans.

Sherry: Well they always do.

 Janet: They probably do.  But all I can think about is that human life is precious and holy and that the government does not have the right to take life.

 Sherry: Right.

 Janet: And they're doing it left and right.  They doing it, they're coming at the people who know.

 Sherry: And they're committing treason.

 Janet: They're coming at people who are attempting to expose them.  Kill the messenger, kill the messenger.

 Sherry: Yeah well they always come after the messengers.

 Janet: Right, oh yes they do, they do.  Speaking of this messenger who now is unable to work in conventional media, there has been some retaliation.  I do want to speak a bit briefly because it is part and parcel of this situation.  My apartment has been seized, my bank account has been emptied out, my safety deposit boxes where there was gold, diamonds and all kinds of stuff have been gone into and my assets have been seized.  People are not aware that this level of retaliation can actually happen but it can happen and it needs to be stated because I believe it adds credence to the information.  There has been a real shutdown an attempt to shutdown of my ability to continue doing what I am doing.  Just to mention that may add credence to the weight of this information.

 Sherry: You really got to wonder why they do the things they do because so many people, myself and Tim and Larry and you and so many people that worked everyday to expose the NWO, they really give us no option.  Because you cannot go out and get a job.  I have three college degrees, I was in news, my background is in news.  There are very many others who have degree or special skills and cannot get jobs, and they really leave you no choice but to go ahead and spend your time exposing them.

 Janet: Well actually I believe they create the monster they intended to supress.

 Sherry: Yes they do (speaking together for a few seconds)

 Janet: because your information has lead you into a place where,   You know I've had a jobs since this has happened and they show up, you know they show up and they threaten the boss.  So they leave you no option but to come at them with the truth.  Because I believe that the pen is the only accessible weapon.

 Sherry: Yeah.

 Janet: Or the words over the radio, same thing basically.

 Sherry: Yeah.  And good for us that you know we've got the internet for now.

 Janet: Yes.

 Sherry: When they shut the internet down there goes any form of really viable communication.  We've heard threats, now they're coming out with the new internet, testing it in colleges now.  The next one that's coming out.

 Janet: Really.

 Sherry: Yeah, and I've heard that the next one, you know they make it sound like oh it's faster downloads and whatever, but what it's basically going to do is make it illegal for anyone to have an information website that isn't licensed by the government.  So all of these websites that people like me have up will come down.  You can be thrown in jail for putting up an information,  that has news or information on it, if you're not licensed by the government to have it up.

 Janet: Well they're really trying to control everybody and everything.  You know the thing about the vitamin supplements and legislating away our right to take vitamin C, basically legislating away our right to control our own lives.

 Sherry: Right.

 Janet: These are obssessive control freaks.  Now the ultimate control is to decide who lives and who dies.  That is the big control and apparently they are going for the big control.  It's very sad because it is a total perversion of life, it is a total perversion of the capabilities that we are given as human beings to respect life is gone

 Sherry: Yeah.  And how people could be so fooled to thinking that our government is still protecting and defending the constitution of American when they've passed acts like the Patriot Act with all these hidden clauses and intents and purposes in it.  You know of this section 8:17 is taking place in Santa Monica, California.  That they've got it going, implemented in every other city in every other state.

 Janet: Right exactly, this Santa Monica law is a national law.

 Sherry: Yeah this is national, the Patriot Act is national which mean every city is going to have to set this up, and they probably already have.  I mean I've seen water works done here.

 Janet: I think so, actually it appears so.

 Sherry: Yeah.  And it really gives you no choice, people have to leave their homes and head for the country just to survive when it gets down to it.

Janet: Or head for the mountains.

 Sherry: Yeah head to the mountains, that's where we're going to be.

 Janet: That's what they always say, when the end is near head for the hills.

 Sherry: Yeah, and then they're going to chemtrail you to death.  They'll be targetting the hills.  Everywhere you turn, there's another disaster waiting, there's something waiting. You know I took the last two weeks off as the world's going to go to hell in a handbasket if I'm here or not.  I needed a break, I took two weeks off,  I've been hammering this stuff for years.  You know day in and day out, 19 websites, 2 radio shows and it just gets to you.  It's just like, "is it doing any good?"  Then you hear from people.  But certainly it's a seesaw, you know attacks on one end and the people you can help on the other and I know it keeps us going.  Keeps everybody going exposing these agendas.

 Janet:  The thing is right now there are core issues I mean some people are dealing, I know the larush people are trying to deal with the monetary system, other people are still hammering away on 911.  The core issues right now are life and death, they are life and death issues and I believe that if all the concerned citizens and all the people who are marching and writing letters, all of which is very very good hearted but seems to be very ineffective right now.  If they could mobilize around core issues which are life and death issues that maybe we would be able to make an impact.

 Sherry: Yeah, well people since 911, I mean I don't think it's a secret, not much of one that the government was involved.  A lot of groups, a lot of people involved in exposing the government's participation.  And it's almost like they,   to the point where, "yeah we did it, so what what are you going to do?"  What are you going to do about it,  I have seen anything that's really been effective for people to do to stand up and protest.  I mean the media won't cover it or they lie about the numbers, they lie about everything.  People pretty much believe what they see or hear on television and nothing else.

 Janet: I know.

 Sherry: The mass majority aren't going to go onto the internet and find out the truth and the ones who do end up on the internet just feel completely powerless to do anything against it.

 Janet: I want to say why I am on the air.  That I sent over a copy of the article "Public Extermination Project" with the relevant section, section 8:17 of the Patriot Act along with a letter deliniating a request.  And I sent this to my congressional representative who is Henry Waxman out here in Los Angeles.  The request stated that under unusual circumstances a private citizen may under sponsorship of her representative address a joint session of congress.  Now I also stated in that letter that I was requesting that Henry Waxman would sponsor me to do this.  I stated that following the upheaval in this country after the attacks of 911, I do not believe the US congress intended to legalize genocide, unfortunately it appears to have been the case.  I sent this letter over to Henry Waxman over a month ago.  He has been completely silent.  There has been no response.  I am urging those who are listening to the program who support my efforts, to call Henry Waxman's office either in Washington DC in Los Angeles and support my request.  He is an elected representative, he was not elected to have his citizenry killed.  He was elected to uphold the constitution and the Bill of Rights.  He needs to be held accountable.

Sherry: Yeah they're still being elected as we know to uphold the constitution and not uphold the Patriot Act.

 Janet: Right.

 Sherry: There is a law in the constitution that negates and says any law that's passed that runs contrary to the constitution is illegal.  And so this whole Patriot Act, basically based on the constitution is illegal in itself, cannot be enforced because it's illegal.

 Janet: There are a couple of laws that seem to negate either the Patriot Act as a whole or parts of the Patriot Act.  One is (unclear) 18 section 242 which is deprivation of civil rights under color of law, which is exactly what the Patriot Act is.

 Sherry: Right.

 Janet: There is also a law the actually makes genocide illegal, but section 8:17 of the Patriot Act seems to be running counter to that, being the expansion of the biological weapons statute applies to domestic issues.  So we have almost irreconcilable conflicts in life.  Somebody needs to stand up and address this.  Henry Waxman is a democrat, he also happens to be Jewish, but he is a democrat and he needs to stand up and state that he did not get elected, he did not run for office, he did not work to uphold the constitution in order to avert his eyes while plans are being made to kill citizenry.

 Sherry: Right. So if everybody contacted their own, some kind of massive effort getting together.  Because you know this is got to be happening in every state now.  People probably see...

 Janet: Somebody needs to bear the burden of stepping forward.  Robert Foster has been attempting to do some things.  There are isolated pockets of efforts by other members of the legislature but they are mitigated, they are weak and they are not in concert with enough force and enough other parties involved to make a difference.

 Sherry: Right, and they're probably afraid they're going to end up on a small airplane ride.

 Janet: Well, you know that's always, my representative actually's probably afraid of the airplane ride, which is probably why he's not responding.

 Sherry: Yeah.

 Janet: He needs to have some guts.

 Sherry: Ron Paul, representative Ron Paul, did you address him?

 Janet: Not yet, he is not my representative.

 Sherry: He's the one in Texas though, he's the one that you'd go to to say, "hey this is going on too far".

 Janet: Okay.  Well I'm getting a very short list of names.

 Sherry: There's always two.  There's Cynthia McKinney in Georgia and Ron Paul in Texas, and Ron Paul is the one that's been the patriot hero, that has stood up against this Patriot Act and has come to the defense of constitutionalists.  And if you made him aware of what's going on, he might be able to do something about it.  But yeah the list is very small of people could even contact that would go to bat for the citizens of American.

 Janet: Right, it was very interesting Sherry is that while there has been definitely a right wing coup, it seems to have been another kind of coup because people don't seem to have the guts that they used to have and I refer to it as a spiritual coup.  It seems that, by the fact the American Revolution and I keep thinking where are all the power of ears.  There are many people who know exactly how serious times are, exactly what is going to happen and they're averting their gaze at this Henry Waxman.  They are not being held accountable, they are not standing up and they are basically on a little treadmill of business as usual while they know very well that we are going head long for disaster.

 Sherry: Yeah.

 Janet: Where are all the power of ears?

 Sherry: One of the problems is that people think that the churches will stand up, that if something is really bad that the churches would stand up and do something.  And I've been hammering it out for years that these churches are already owned and controlled by the beast prophets of Satan himself.  They've been dumbed down into submission of the NWO agenda, their owned and controlled by their own leaders and that's why you're not going to get anything out of the church community to stand up and fight.  And there's no power leaders in the church communities today because they're all waiting for someone else to do it, and they're not going to.  The leaders that are leaders in positions today are there to keep the people dumbed down.

 Janet: Well one of the problems of the churches although not the only problem is that there are gate keepers in churches.  The people in power in the churches, generally tend to know what the issues are, and generally tend to know what is going to happen.  And they're not standing up at the pulpit or whatever week after week and explaining it to people.  They are once again going along the treadmill of business as usual.  And there are many people,  the flock, the flock some of them know some of them don't know.  But it seems to be a lot of concern among people, if they stand up they will end up in deep trouble and maybe on that airplane ride.  So people are exerting their sense of self protectiveness and in so doing they are abandoning in a sense other people who don't know and who are at risk.  And so when I speak of a spiritual coup I'm speaking of a rising up of the "what about me.  It might hurt me", and people are becoming much more grounded in the "me" and less concerned about other people, which is not a spiritual stance.  So it is evident in the churches, it is very evident in the churches.  I was going to that Shir Shalom which is one of the reform congregations of the jewish faith in Santa Monica.  I had an appointment with rabbi Comestaniales who is the rabbi there.  And Rabbi Comestaniales (spelled like it sounds) is every week protesting the war in Iraq.  Well I had a little appointment with him and I went and showed him some photographs of T valves and asked him if he knew when this system was activated.  And he looked very frightened and he said he did not know.  And when  I saw how frightened he looked I thanked him, I left.  I came back two days later for Friday night services, I was yanked out of the sanctuary by security and was told not to come back.  That is exactly what happened, not to come back.  So that was a gate keeper issue.  I don't believe, I mean I've known about this, I've never talked to anybody at the congregation about this, but I had known about this project.  Maybe he was afraid I was going to start wording out their plans for genocide through the water system.  I don't know what he was afraid of.  But he certainly didn't want me coming back.  So I didn't come back.  That is a gate keeper issue and that is a corrupt gate keeper issue.

 Sherry: Oh there's plenty of those.

 Janet: Well yeah I know.  That's a synagoge, that's a church basically so the churches are now...

 Sherry: Most of them aren't even in churches today, most people that do follow the Lord, the teachings and commandments of the Lord, find themselves very incompatible with churches today (speaking together for a few seconds).  Anything, any kind of numbers, I just watched an interview the other night that Joel Osteen on CNN, and he did not,  he wasn't talking about the word of the Lord he was talking about self help.  He's a self help teacher that mixes it with religion and how his father would be so proud.  That he took a 16,000 congregation and now he's reaching a 100,000 a week or whatever.  You know we're just not seeing churches today that preach the gospel, we're seeing self help seminars one after, you know week after week after week.  And funding these beasts, giving them your tithes and offerings and keeping them with lavish lifestyles.  And the Bible describes the last day church, church of Laodecia where the Lord is standing on the outside of the door of them and He's not welcome inside of them.

 Janet: Oh very much so, very much so.

 Sherry: Yeah that's what a lot of churches are, so we're not going to get help from the "religious communities" because they're all owned by the NWO agenda.  They're being run and dominated by them.  Their leaders are in positions of power of the entire communities per say.  In general I'm still a fan of just the small mom and pop church on the corner.  I'm a fan of those, but when it comes to those, we have no leadership, we have no general leadership today for believers none.  You can find that on the internet, but you're not going to find it through the Joel Deans, the CBN's, the TBN's because they're all sold out to Satan and the NWO.  And we don't have it in congress, the political right wing.  I hear this right wing and left wing.  There's no wings they're all just out on the edge, they're all working together for the NWO agenda.  And so it's not a matter of it but when all this suddenly comes crashing down on everybody.  Everything we've been stating together over the years is going to happen.  The camps, the martial laws, the persecutions, and now we've got deliberate planning of mass genocide through our water supply.  And all of this is the result, if you look back at it, of 911.

 Janet: It all comes back to 911.

 Sherry; Yes. It all comes back to 911.  People say that 911 is going to be the basis of WWIII, it's going to be the basis for death itself.  Billions of people.  We're in the Middle East, we're not going anywhere.  We've got bases in Iraq now.  We've got one going up in Israel.  Just a matter of time, if they don't get their way with Iran, then they'll go into Iran, otherwise they'll just step aside and install their own leader, then we can bypass Iran and just go straight to Syria and North Korea.  You know it's just a matter of time.  The NWO has wanted a nuclear holocaust over in the Korean Peninsular for a while now.  It's the whole basis of the next phase of their plans, is a Korean war.  So we're just looking at stages here, phases.  What phases are we going into now?  But this stuff that hits home, this stuff like.  Because you've seen the water works people, the city water crews doing this kind of work that you're describing.  And it hits home then when you see it done already.

 Janet:  Well I must say that the men working on the streets do not know what they are doing.  They do not know the implications of what they are doing.

 Sherry: They're just get work orders.

 Janet: They are simply replacing valves.  The foremen don't know.  But the people up in those tall buildings in downtown LA who are planning the work and issuing the orders know very well what they are doing.  So once again we have a kind of need to know basis for information, and the guys on the street don't need to know that they're actually constructing a death machine.

 Sherry: Right (talking together for a few seconds)... how you recognize it.  How could they specifically target, how they do it, how they target an individual home.  Something from their end of something that's been installed on the streets itself.  Or they just push a button inside their own headquarters and they can target a home.

 Janet: Well see, the way I believe this is going,   I'm not sure but I the way I believe this is going to work is, they have profilers.  They have files on every single American.  And they know what your (unclear) is, what your income level is, what your political persuasion.  They've got files on everybody so I believe at this time they are constructing lists.  You know those who will be saved and those who won't be saved.  Those, to use another biblical term, those who will be passed over and those who won't be passed over.

 Sherry: Well according to their plans about 5.5 billion will be passed over or killed I should say.

 Janet: Those that will not be passed over.

 Sherry: not passed over

 Janet: Will be targeted, right, right.

 Sherry: 5.5 billion.

 Janet: Right.  Well they're making the decisions right now.  So the way that I understand it works is, they're not going to say, "we're going to do Mr. Jones right now, next week we'll do Mr. Smith, the week after that we'll do Yaakov and his wife down the street."  I believe and I'm not sure that I understand that maybe when it gets activated it's going to be everywhere at once.  They are going to turn on the lines.  And I believe that that is when martial law will be declared, because we'll have people dying everywhere

 Sherry: Wow.

 Janet: People will be racing around.  The problem with this Sherry is that they have been able to do some things with public water as well, and that is another aspect to this story.  There's something called access control technology.  Let's say you want to get into a government building that is more or less secured.  If you had been fed into a system already.. Okay, access control technology involving biometrics.  Your photograph is taken, it is digitalized and scanned and fed into a computer system.  You stand in front of a facial recognition system, if you have been fed into the system already the door to the secure building will open.  This is something they have been doing for years.  The same system works with public water.  If they have facial recognition systems aimed at public water and in many places, not all places, but in many places they do, People who will figure out very quickly that something wrong with the water in their house, will go outside some place else to get water but maybe it's just not going to work out, because they're not messing around with this.  They have put billions of dollars into this system.  This is going to be I believe one of the, not the only, but one of the major pushes for depopulation.  People are not going to be able to rehydrate.

Sherry: So the massive rush is going to be on for well water.

 Janet: Well, yeah, I mean really....get your little filtrations systems that will get out the amoebas and stuff and head for the hills.

 Sherry: But the problem is, you don't know what they're using to..

 Janet: I'm sorry.

 Sherry: I'm sure that they're controlling every infiltration system out there putting in stuff that they won't be able to detect.  This is a billion dollar delivery system that they're putting in place.  They're going to be able to beat it, they're going to protect their own system make sure it works.  So anything we come with, isn't going to be able to beat them.

 Janet: Well in terms of this toxin no, but there are still places in the country where there's pure running water.  You know streams and so on but as long as you have, there are little filter systems that will take out amoebas and stuff.  I am not talking about poison or arsenic, I'm talking about well water, running water you know things like that.  Beyond that I don't know.  It's looking very grim and I don't like to say but it's looking grim.  I like to say that people need to know what's going to happen so they can protect themselves.

 Sherry: Yes, if anybody has a question for Janet you can e-mail me or IM me a question for her at sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.  You can send it via yahoo messenger, sherrytalkradio or you can send it via e-mail at sherrytalkradio and I'll keep an eye on this if anybody has questions you can send them to me and I'll as them over the air for her to answer.

 Janet: Right or people could e-mail me directly.  Once again it's jcphelan10@yahoo.com.  So you could e-mail Sherry or e-mail me directly and I would be glad to respond.  If we have any hackers out there, any really good hackers that think they may be able to find a back door to this system.  Hey I'm at the computer e-mail me right now.

 Sherry: I do have a question from a listener.  They're asking if you could briefly mention the legislator regarding vitamin C.  I think that comes down to the bills that were just passed that outlaw a lot of these alternative medicines.

 Janet: What was the question exactly about that?

 Sherry: Could you briefly mention the legislator regarding vitamin C?

 Janet: The codex legislating away the ability to buy supplements and vitamins.  Yeah.  I believe you will be able to get 200 mlg of vitamin C anything more than that you'll have to go to a physician and that's a gate keep in order get it.

 Sherry: Yeah and what's that a flintstone?

 Janet: A what?

 Sherry: A flintstone pill?

 Janet: Yeah well.  The people I know, actually today I got an e-mail from someone I know in Los Angeles who says she's spending all her expendable income right now to stock up on vitamins.  She was just making, mass, mass purchases.

 Sherry: Vitamins have a shelf life.

 Janet: Well I guess she didn't realize that.

Sherry: I've never been one into these kinds of medicines anyway, but I certainly don't believe that anybody else should be limited and taken away from them.  I've never been a pill taker.  And especially once I found out that a lot of these vitamins do have shelf lives, so how can you stock?  How do you stock for years ahead of time if you wanted to prepare for years ahead of time, because they have a shelf life to them.  And research, that's what I've read vitamin C a lot of these pills, the potency level drops after 30 days on them.  So I don't know.  I'm not an expert on it.  But I watched the bills and kind of keep my eye on what's being passed and stuff.  But there are so many things that I can't get into because of other things and other areas I have to pay attention to.  So I bring people like you on this show, and Tim knows a lot of people, Tim White, and he puts me in touch with a lot of people, "you've got to have this person, and this person".  This shows never been an interview oriented show, which is why I don't interview I just have conversations.

 Janet: Yes you certainly do and it's very comfortable speaking with you.

 Sherry: My main goal on this show has always just been to get information out there and I give my guests free reign of what they want to say.  I don't limit them, and I've been on radio shows where they lead you by the leash and they give you 10 seconds to answer a question and then they jump on commercial break,

 Janet: Right I have too.

 Sherry: Yeah you can't teach, you can't get information out.  You can't carry a train of thought and they're breaking it and saying we've got to go on break.  They make you very uncomfortable to where you can sit back and start explaining something.  You know they keep you on a leash the whole time.  And that's why my show, when I bring guests on they just pretty much have full reign of what they want to say and how long they want to say it.  We have a timeline here, but I certainly don't put anyone on a leash.  And this shows always been more of a information based and even the call-in the call-in questions we get and the listener call-ins have always been civil.  It's never been a hate based show.  I've never had to sit here and defend myself on the air against anybody.  Certainly on my own yahoo groups and lists and you know how the attacks go, the disinfo agents get a hold of your groups and where you hang out and they just make it miserable.  Or just the hate crowds.

 Janet: Oh I know, I know that they're everywhere.  One simply needs to smile sweetly and keep walking.  That's my tactic as far as that goes.  The thing about information is I believe that information is curative.  I believe that information is medicinal.  I believe that if we do not know, if we are in the dark or choosing not to access information we have no way to protect ourselves.  We have no way to become free and only enough information and the proper information will allow us to be free.  And it was Jesus who said that the truth shall set you free.  I believe that.  And I'm not making any money off these interviews, I'm not making any money these days at all.  But I feel this story is so important.

 Sherry: Has anybody mainstream picked up on it?

 Janet: Oh this is what happens when the story tried to go mainstream.  There was fellow named Fred Agalar, he had been working at the LA times for about 15 years and he and I were talking quite a bit when I was researching this.  He urged me to send over the finished article at the LA times, he was going to bring it to the attention of the Times.  He brought it to the attention of the Times, Fred Agalar is no longer at the Times.  That's what's happening to this story vis a vis mainstream media.

 Sherry: Well you know what, if you e-mail me with the project information stuff, I'll put that on my websites.

 Janet: Great.

 Sherry: I don't have anything on my website with regards to water attacks.  I do have information on some of the Patriot Act stuff, but nothing that pin pointed the particular extension you stumbled on.  For installing delivery systems for mass genocide basically.

 Janet: Right.  The verbiage is very very shocking.  It's basically legal if you do it peacefully.  So they're talking about peacefully poisoning.  Peacefully poisoning people that sounds like the height of Satanism.  I mean hell if you're going to kill people get violent about it, be upfront about who you are.  Come with the storm troopers, give us a chance to defend ourselves.  Don't peacefully offer us a glass of water.

 Sherry: Yeah, yeah.  It's always something every time you turn around.

 Janet: I know, I know.

 Sherry: Get me back to the aliens, they shall see them coming.

 Janet: I do feel that I have discussed this to the extent where I need to at this point.  I would like to thank you for having me on the air.

 Sherry: Well I appreciate it having you here.  I know it's been hard trying to get this together.  I wasn't even sure this interview was going to go off tonight, because

 Janet: Well I had a plan B (talking together for a few seconds) I have mail that doesn't come through.  I have all kinds of stuff going on.  Maybe there might be a problem with the phone card, so a very good friend in Westwood who was very supportive of what I am doing and at this point is making plans to move to Spain, because she feels this country is becoming unliveable, has agreed to let me use her phone and I'm standing actually in her kitchen area looking at the piles and piles of boxes as she empties out her home.

 Sherry: You literally, I mean your life's pretty much come to a halt just trying to expose this information.

 Janet: Well when one begins to be retaliated against, when there begins to be obviously a massive energies directed at one and there certainly have been at me, one realizes that one is on the right track and one needs to stay on that track.

 Sherry: Yeah.

 Janet: And that is what I have decided to do.

 Sherry: And it's vicious and people just think you're always saying you're being attacked and you're always doing this and that, and they don't understand it until it starts hitting them what it means.  Most people don't, most people take people like you for granted, they don't realize the sacrifice involved.  And that goes for everybody trying to expose this NWO agenda.  They don't realize the sacrifices and the things people go through just to be able to sit on the internet and sit on internet radio shows and talk.  They don't realize it.  They take it for granted, and one of these days it's all going to come down.

 Janet: If nothing is done it will all come down, but I keep hoping that information will reach a critical mass and there will be a mobilization of efforts.

 Sherry: Well I'd like to thank you for being on this show, I'm going to wrap this up.

 Janet: Thank you so much Sherry for having me on the air.  I'm very pleased to be able to speak with you.  It was a pleasure having the opportunity to get the information out there too.

 Sherry:  All right.

 Janet: Thank you and we'll be in touch.

 Sherry: Okay, thanks a lot Janet.

 Janet: Okay.

 Sherry: Right bye.

 Janet: Bye.

Sherry: And I'll have her information on my website at sherrytalkradio when she sends me it, I'll put a page up and we'll get this information out.  Just something incredible that stumbled on, that she found out about and she's been working to expose how the Patriot Act has sneakily put in acts inside of it that allow for massive delivery systems of genocide.  They're going to be using our water systems to poison and kill people.  And this is all legal, it's being masked and hidden inside the Patriot Act.  Not something that a lot of people are aware of.  And certainly her life coming under massive retaliation and harassment for trying to get this information out.  And naturally I'll do what I always do when it comes to this stuff, I'll put it on my websites.  Plenty of them.  Put it out there, some people just can't be intimidated it makes us stronger and we'll get the information out.  And that's how you can honor people who do spend their lives and do put their lives on the line to inform others.  And I see it all the time, I see it everyday in a lot of people doing the same thing and the way you can honor them is keep their work going, keep it alive, get it out there.  Get the information out there.  I'm not sure how we can protect ourselves against it, but knowing what they're doing is half the battle.  Just knowing it.  Sometimes you start exposing their tactics, they do stop them, they do switch them and change them.  And I don't think everybody in America today and around the world wants to have to  worry about if the glass of water they poured out of the kitchen sink is the last one they're ever going to have.  I'm going to work and get this information out even or the more. 

 That wraps up the show for this week folks, be back next week Monday night 8 o'clock with listener call-in.  We'll pick that back up.  I'll pick that back up with Matthew 24, I want to get into that.  And what I'll do is address more again, seems to be a hot topic of this show, the serpent seedline.  Exactly who they are, how they tie in to the illuminati and how everything is all connected.  If you look at everything I've written, it's all pieces of the puzzle.  It's just all pieces and it all comes together.  And so everything's connected.  There's nothing new here that I've ever written about on any of my sites any of the articles because they all just fit in together.  They're pieces of the puzzle and when you start putting the puzzle together, you realize just exactly how everything does operate and who's running what, who's doing what, who's part of what.  And so that's going to be it. 

 We're going to wrap it up for tonight.  I'll be back next week at 8 o'clock.  Tomorrow I'll be on the air with "Aliens in the News" at 1 o'clock central 2 o'clock eastern time.  aliensinthenews.com you can check that site out.  And certainly listen to the archives of this show at sherrytalkradio.com.  Download, record them onto CDs pass them around.  This show is global being listened to in over 140 countries right now.  And so just get the information out there any way you can.  You can record them on CDs and pass them around.  You have my full permission to do so. 

 We'll see you next week folks, have a good week.  God bless.

Drinking Water Fresh from the Sewer

Voice Staff Writer

The cliché "Don't drink the water" weighs heavily in the minds of Tijuana tourists and residents. But two artists from the Midwest have made it their mission to get people to drink the water.

Inspired by the scarcity of the city's clean drinking water, Steven Badgett and Matt Lynch -- working together as the artistic collective SIMPARCH -- have enlisted the sun and do-it-yourself principles to purify Tijuana's untapped tap water.

The "Dirty Water Initiative" is one of 22 commissioned public projects for the bi-national art exhibition inSite_05, on display now through mid-November. However, its purpose is much more than mere artistic metaphor; it's functional, too. 

Using the simple concept of solar distillation, Badgett and Lynch conceptualized a "de facto public fountain" to provide one practical solution to handling an abundant, though widely unused resource: freely flowing, untreated wastewater.

This "monument to water," which currently lives on a portion of the red-brick pedestrian walkway on the Tijuana side of the San Ysidro Port of Entry, consists of nine single basin, glass-top, stainless steel stills connected by pipes. At the end of the row of stills sit approximately five dozen or so large, clear blue, plastic water bottles -- or "carboys" -- the sort seen atop office water coolers.

As tap water is piped in, the sun heats it up in the black silicon-lined basins. The water rises to the top of the still (evaporation) and then funnels down the angled piece of glass (condensation) before exiting the basin. Each still is outfitted with a float (like those inside a toilet tank) that allows the dirty water to stay in while the clean water drips out into the carboys.

Lynch estimates that one still can produce about 4-8 liters of clean water a day, "depending on the clouds," enough to supply one family with a day's worth of drinking water.

Although the "Dirty Water" installation officially opened Aug. 27, the idea for the project arose over the course of several visits to Tijuana during the last two years. As Badgett and Lynch explored the city, taking tours of water treatment and municipal waste facilities, a greater interest in water issues started to soak in, particularly the lack of infrastructure and adequate sewage systems.

"… We wanted to put ourselves in the U.S.'s backyard to see for ourselves how people were living. Dealing with the 'vital substance' seemed a good way to do this and to gesture towards a correction of the problem, however minor," said Badgett.

According to a report released by the California Water Resources Control Board, 76 percent of Mexico's population is connected to sewage collection systems. However, only 23 percent of all raw sewage receives treatment.

With inSite's help, Badgett and Lynch collaborated with U.S.-based nonprofit, community development organization Fundación Esperanza. Through the organization's guidance, the two artists visited different colonias, or informal communities in Tijuana, where they were able to witness firsthand how people with very limited resources were dealing with water.

Borrowing the idea of basic solar distillation technology and design from an acquaintance in New Mexico, they began building and testing their own prototype stills in these communities.

The two spent about a month, split into two trips, living and working in the colonias, where differences in water conservation ideology were readily evident.

"One community (La Morita) we put one of the stills in, had water supplied, but no sewage system. Because they had water supplied, there was more waste of the water used than reused," said Badgett. "In another colonia (Lazaro Cardenas), water is trucked in and stored in barrels … they were a lot more frugal in how it was used."

The two also were influenced by the Ecoparque, a 2-acre green parcel of land in Tijuana along the highway to Tecate, that Lynch describes as an example of how to reuse wastewater creatively and rationally. The space, like many hillsides in Tijuana, was previously brown but thanks to a system of filtration and aeration, wastewater that would have gone into the sewer system is instead repurposed for plant irrigation.

The "Dirty Water Initiative" expands on the Ecoparque concept by making contaminated water fit for drinking.

"We'd like to see people doing more for themselves … in terms of limited resources, being more resourceful, to be conscious of use" said Badgett. "Our works involve keeping in mind a second use, doing a permanent thing rather than just the metaphorical concept."

At the end of inSite_05's run in mid-November, Badgett and Lynch will relocate each still to the colonias.

"Our hope is to inspire others to see how well they work and how easy it is to build their own," said Lynch. "Simple solutions engineered well can be just as effective."

Please contact Claire Caraska directly at claire.caraska@voiceofsandiego.org with your thoughts, ideas, personal stories or tips.

Waste Management pollutes on L.A.'s dime

By Cynthia Despres and Ellen Mackey, Guest Columnists

Congratulations, Los Angeles. You are assisting Waste Management Inc., one of the largest and most lucrative waste managers in the world, as it expands profits on your dime.

It turns out that W.M.'s Bradley Landfill in Sun Valley extracts about 50,000 gallons of leachate per week, tests it for chemicals, then drives to the nearest sewer connection and pumps the leachate - untreated - into our sewer lines that go to the Donald C. Tillman or Hyperion reclamation plants, and thus into the Los Angeles River and the Pacific Ocean.

And everyone is OK with this?

Leachate comes from water percolating through landfills; it may contain undesirable or toxic chemicals. Modern sanitary landfills are constructed to collect and treat leachate before it is released to the environment. A quick Google search indicates that, indeed, most decent landfills at least neutralize leachate before sending it off to be treated by the local citizenry. Not here.

When a senior geologist from the Landfill Unit of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board was questioned in a recent community advisory committee meeting about the fate of the leachate, he stated flatly that WM was operating within its permit.

What? How did that happen? Who allowed that to happen?

A 1988 Texas A&M University study revealed that "there is ample evidence that the municipal waste landfill leachate contains toxic chemicals in sufficient concentration to be potentially as harmful as leachate from industrial waste landfills." The Texas study shows that even though municipal landfills may not legally receive "hazardous" wastes, the leachate they produce can be as dangerous as the leachate from hazardous waste landfills.

Doctors Kirk Brown and K.C. Donnely at Texas A&M examined data on the composition of leachate from 58 landfills. The data they reviewed showed 113 different toxic chemicals in leachate from municipal landfills and only 72 in leachate from hazardous-waste landfills.

Additionally, a breakdown of the chemical contents found that in both industrial and municipal landfill leachate, 32 chemicals cause cancer. In industrial landfill leachate, 10 chemicals cause birth defects, compared with 13 in municipal landfill leachate. And in industrial landfill leachate, 21 chemicals cause genetic damage, compared with the 22 genetic damage-causing chemicals found in municipal landfill leachate.

There's also evidence that landfill leachate from our local landfills contain radioactive elements. According to a 2003 study, Bradley Landfill's leachate contained tritium at 20,100 picocuries per liter over the drinking-water limit - that's 1,000 times the normal background level.

What effect is all this leachate and the chemicals it contains having on the sewer lines, the treatment plant and the effluent that is released into the Los Angeles River and then the ocean?

So the question we should be asking is: Why are we subsidizing profits for W.M. while paying to harm ourselves? We suggest that Los Angeles ratepayers stop subsidizing W.M. Personally, we're not interested in donating to W.M. We think the company's ability to dump leachate into our sewer lines should be withdrawn.

The environmental impact report for the proposed expansion of the Bradley Landfill is due to be released any time now. We will be interested in the water quality section that discusses this topic.

Cynthia Despres is acting president of the East Valley Coalition/One LA. Ellen Mackey is an ecologist who lives in Sun Valley.


Underwater Ticking Bomb?


July 30, 2007 1:17 PM

Alexandra Bahou Reports:

 The oceans may have become ticking time bombs after years of U.S. military dumping have gone almost virtually unregulated, according to government documents. 

Legislation on the books for this fiscal year requires that the secretary of defense issue a yearly report naming the location and quantity of the dumped military munitions in U.S. waters. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 also mandates sampling and water analysis be done around the disposal sites selected by the secretary. The size of the dump sites as well as the types and quantities of military munitions should also be identified.

"The U.S. Army and DoD (Department of Defense) are working deliberately with other federal agencies to verify locations and dates of military sea disposal operations," an Army spokesperson said of the upcoming report to Congress.

But the problem isn't new. From World War I to the early 1970s, the United States Army has admitted to dumping an estimated 64 million pounds of nerve and mustard agents into U.S. waters alone, according to military documents.

"You can think these munitions are glorified metal containers, but they are corroding and rusting out over time," said Cal Baier-Anderson, a health scientist with Environmental Defense. "When they're (munitions) on the shoreline, they can be unstable. You don't know what's in them."

The weapon disposal sites range from the New Jersey coastline, where the first dumping of the "Cut Holes And Sink 'Em" operation placed 4,577 one-ton containers of mustard agent and 7,380 rockets of nerve gas into the ocean, to the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan, according to U.S. Army Research.

Click Here for Full Blotter Coverage.

"The real issues have to do with corrosion and how long the containers remain intact," said Lenny Siegel, the executive director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight. "It's more the older chemicals that are going to be the problem, such as lewisite, which tends to be persistent in the environment."

Countless amounts of chemical weaponry have been dumped and sometimes sank encased in large, sealed vessels, according to documents issued by the U.S. Army Historical Research and Response Team.

During one disposal event alone in 1946, 191,906 cans of imitation mustard agent were dumped into the Pacific Ocean. Another disposal event in 1955 accounted for one or two barges of "unspecified" toxic munitions into the Gulf of Mexico as stated by the Off-Shore Disposal of Chemical Agents and Weapons Conducted report by the United States in 2001.

"The depth and size of designated sea disposal sites makes locating individual munitions or containers particularly challenging," said an Army spokesperson. "Another complicating factor is that these sites were also often used by others for disposal of materials ranging from garbage to industrial waste."

There is also a worry that these ordnances will be fished up or collected unexpectedly, as in the case of the Delaware driveway incident, where Army munitions were inside clamshells which were dredged up and used to pave many driveways in the state.

"I think, from a human standpoint, one of the worst things that can happen is if this affects a fishery," said Craig McClain, a postdoctoral fellow at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. "Fisheries used to be primarily confined, but now they are moving into deeper water. It begs the question as to the economic impact to these things too. If it [chemical dumping] affected a fishery, then the whole area could become a dead zone."

Despite growing concerns, some environmentalists say nothing is getting done in terms of inspection or clean-up along coastlines known to have once been used for military weapon disposal.

Bob Schoelkopf, the founding director of the Marine Mammal Standing Center in New Jersey, says he was shrugged off by an Army representative after asking the military to take a look at the Atlantic City coastline. 

"We thought it would be a good idea to get shorelines inspected," said Schoelkopf. "No one ever said they would look into it...our mission isn't to watchdog the government. We brought up the concerns, now it's up to someone else to carry the ball."

Carrying the ball may not be that easy, according to some environmental officials. Experts say trying to determine where the munitions have drifted over the years is a complicated task.

"Even if you can pinpoint where they were dumped, the shifting sand and water current moves stuff around," said Baier-Anderson. "It's a tough situation."

According to a spokesperson for the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense has been engaged in a "comprehensive research effort" for the past 20 months to try to assess the impact of sea disposed munitions and the potential consequences of the weapons on the ocean environment. The Army and Department of Defense are working with other federal agencies to provide an update on disposal site locations, according to the U.S. Army spokesperson.

But even if the munitions are located, some environmentalists say the recovery process can be extremely dangerous and not even worth the risk.

"The question always comes up that if there is no release of the munitions, is it worth the risk to pull it up and treat it," said Siegel. "The answer isn't clear. We don't want to risk exposing people to ordnances unless there is a fairly present risk of danger." 

The question of whether or not to pull up these sunken canisters continues to baffle and concern environmentalists, politicians, government officials and the general public.

"With the initial breach of these canisters, the local impact on the biological communities will be quite high," said McClain. "Do I think something should be done? Yes. Do I know what should be done about it? No."   

Apr 12, 2007

Siezing Water:The Water Restoration Act of 2007

The Water Restoration Act of 2007, along with others, gives the federal government complete control over every waterway, river, stream, lake, aquifer, creek, slew, swamp, underground spring and even the rain that runs off your roof. Why? Well to better protect you from polluters and to ensure water safety, and of course “national security”.

Here’s the real deal. Oil which has been deemed the worlds most valuable commodity (remember that word) is quickly being replaced by water. Water is the new “gold”. Under the Public Trust doctrine, the government is prohibited from converting something such as water (a human right…we can’t live without it) to a commodity. It must remain in a public trust, meaning that it is so important to our survival that it should never be subjected to markets, trading or private interests. In other words, it should never be reclassified as a commodity. But this Act lays the groundwork for removing from the Public Trust this basic human right which is a necessity, and will facilitate it being reclassified a “needed commodity”. Enter the multi-national corporations.

What is under way is the effort to classify water as a commodity and not a right. All of this actually started with NAFTA and then CAFTA. Both agreements, which are not enforceable as they are both unconstitutional have been parts of a puzzle that until recently seemed not to make any sense at all. Both are focused on giving multinational corporations the right to lay claim to food production whether it is agriculture or animal ranching, to force out family farms, to patent their new “frankenseeds” and put the resulting GMO food on our grocery shelves without labeling the foods as altered.

The corporations can now sue the government (and have) if it acts in any way to prevent it from making profits it believes it is entitled to. This ability to sue for impaired profit making can be the result of environmental regulations, of Federal laws which may prevent the corporations from hiring illegal workers, or issues of eminent domain in which an individuals’ land stands in the way of corporate profiteering and the courts have not acted to protect the interests of the corporation. The corporation then claims “trade illegal” provisions of NAFTA and CAFTA and our federal laws and regulations are put aside, along with property rights.

All that was left to capture from the public was the water supply. CAFTA goes a long way in establishing the privatization of water supplies, including in-land navigated waters and the right to use and access the water supplies.

If the federal government is not able to gain total control of all water from whatever source, it is highly unlikely that water can be taken from the status of Public Trust and moved to one of a commodity, which is exactly what the Water Restoration Act of 2007 will enable.

If CAFTA protections and provisions for corporations and the provisions within CAFTA that put the rights of investors above those of the individual, or human rights, cannot come into play, it will be nearly impossible to expose our water supply to global markets. CAFTA’s primary aim is to protect and promote investors regardless of the cost to individuals or communities.

Water is not only a basic human right, but also a natural resource. Inland states like Minnesota have Public Trust Laws (in addition to federal doctrine) which maintain the use of waterways for drinking and for recreation purposes. Every lake here has public water access due to the Public Trust which everyone contributes to in one way or another. No one can claim land at the bottom of a lake……its commonly held. No one can claim private ownership of lake fish stocks, or other natural resources resulting from the lake’s existence. This applies to rivers also, including the Mississippi which runs through the state.

The Water Restoration Act of 2007 would federalize all inland and coastal waters from any source. This act is needed to set the stage for the privatization guaranteed to corporations under CAFTA and would effectively convert the entire water supply from any source into a commodity.

As it is, any corporate agriculture business operating in any area is allowed to bypass water treatment plants, sewage treatment and the associated costs and to tap directly into underground aquifers even at the cost of depleting the water supply to the surrounding communities. GMO seeds, especially “traitor” seeds require as much as three times the normal amount of water to activate and to grow, but any efforts to limit use or regulate disposal even by monetary assessment have been unsuccessful. The corporate rights now exceed that of the individual or community. CAFTA clearly states repeatedly that “investor protections” must be a priority.

Using the NAFTA provisions, along with even more detrimental CAFTA provisions, the World Bank along with the United Nations are active in the effort to convert the worlds’ water supply into a commodity to be controlled by private investors via global trade and investment agreements. If these efforts are successful, water will no longer be a community or individual right and resource necessary to maintain life, but a globally traded commodity subject to markets and your ability to pay.

The World Trade organization in collusion with provisions of NAFTA, have been instrumental in converting water into a tradable commodity and as such subject to international trade policies which favor no one but the giant corporations. In each instance of corporations attempting to overturn domestic environmental laws or regulations, the laws have been rendered null using the “trade illegal” provisions of both NAFTA and CAFTA which declare that the right of the corporation cannot be superseded or infringed upon by laws or regulations that hinder the amount of profit they estimate can be attained.

The World Bank already has established a system whereby credit or loans will not be issued to Third World countries and even less stressed countries, unless they agree to allow foreign investors access to privatize the water supply. In Bolivia this resulted in mass demonstrations that finally forced out a subsidiary of Bechtel that had privatized the water supply, increased costs three-fold minimally, dispensed with upkeep and left ¼ of the rural homes without access to water.

England has privatized their water system and costs rose 45% overnight, all but skeleton crews remained of the maintenance sector and the quality of water has dropped significantly.

In one Canadian town several people became ill and one died from an ecoli contamination in the water supply. This occurred after the supply had been privatized, and the owner of the water supply knew of the contamination. The public was never notified until after people became ill.

In March of 2000 at the Hague, a meeting occurred where water executives stated that as long as water was coming out of the tap the public had no right to any information as to how it got there….. Or its quality.

Here in the States, private investors have in some places succeeded in taking over community water supplies, in other places the communities have fought back against the sale of publicly held supplies realizing that this most important element of human survival should never be under the control of private corporations whose one and only duty is to make a profit for investors.

As water has historically been deemed a human right and necessity, so much so that the Public Trust Doctrine was put on paper, how could anyone in good conscience believe water is, or promote water as, a tradable commodity? How can there be so many callous and greedy individuals running around out there who would willingly see another human thirst to death just so they can make a buck? Apparently there are many.

The Water Restoration Act 2007 relies heavily on promotion based on protecting the water supply from pollution, from terrorists, and of course “national security”. The truth is it has nothing to do with any of these things. The WRA will allow unfettered pollution with no recourse for communities or individuals and “trade illegal” treatment of local and state laws. Before the entire water supply can be sold off to private interests the federal government must gain control of the entire water system. This is what the WRA will do.

This Act would be more aptly titled “The Water Confiscation Act” as this is exactly what is intended. All it is set to do is to strike down the Public Trust Doctrine and facilitate the conversion of water from a basic human right into a commodity. The only threat to “national security” here is from the government and the massive corporations who are behind it.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. After all, the Security & Prosperity Partnership refers to people as “human capital”. I wonder how long it will be before they refer to us as a “needed commodity” and trade and sell us on the global market.

Control the food, control the water and you control the people. I believe it was Henry Kissinger who first made this observation when speaking about the importance of depopulation through the use of eugenics. Obviously good old Henry realized that overtaking the food and water supplies would go a long way in deciding who had a right to life.  



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... whole continents, and terrible damage to the environment and ecology ... radioactive downpour
because much of the water in the ... http://www.greatdreams.com/33drm.htm. ...

... sign language chimpanzee, Washoe, first saw a swan, she called it a 'water bird ... who
will be coming to the sanctuary with a safe, enriching environment in which ...

Dowsing with Your Pendulum
... You can accomplish water divining, improving water quality, and locating people and
objects . ... you get may not be like the names used in your environment today. ...

... Water is a garment of health. ... which will vibrate from the mental plane throughout
the entire cellular structure of body, out into the environment, and finally ...

... POPs - Persistent organic pollutants, migrate by air and water, plus waterways are ... indigenous
peoples around the world who depend on their environment for life ...

... http://www.greatdreams.com/shuttle-STS107.htm. ... understanding how and why certain bodies
of water are drying ... You approach working in the station environment in a ...

Visitor Inside Mt. Shasta
... to the dream on this page: http://www.greatdreams.com/holograms.htm. ... There was even
water available there. ... because of the need for a more stable environment, etc ...

Galileo Mission May End in a Blaze of Glory
... We would go into an environment where the radiation would be steadily and very ... Last
year, NASA's Lunar Prospector dove into the moon in search of water. ...

... soil compression, removal of underbrush and its location near salt water and urban ... is
dangerous because it has shown it can adapt to this environment and is ...

... support the theory that comets supplied much of the planet's water, he said. ... that
comets augur change ­ both inner change and change in our outer environment. ...

... He accepts the existence of such processes in any environment and thus a state ... tripped
a hidden wire which triggered an artificial torrent of water which would ...

... have to balance the forces of the mind, body, spirit, and environment. ... http://www.greatdreams.com/dt1.htm. ... The
triangles are labeled, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth ...

SPIRIT MESSAGE - Number 21 - Be Prepared!!!
... coast. Be prepared to live for 6 months with provisions, water, or
electricity, especially water. Pumping stations will not work. ...

... PROPHECY. ENVIRONMENT. FEMA WEBSITE. ... People would walk around it, marvelling at its
big pools of water, its little pools and the water flowing between the pools. ...

ET Government Considering "Major or Epic Land Shift"
... we gave just before this sentence also corroborates this concept of Ascension, with
the metaphor of humanity entering into a pool of water - a new environment. ...

... NAFTA also paved the way for abuse of the environment. ... Many areas Iack
basic services like electricity, running water, and drainage. ...

... Other worlds. The loss of fresh and brackish water has changed the environment
for the microscopic animals and algae living in the area. ...

... cases, it is a swim from the water, back to ... On The Pollen Path http://www.greatdreams.com/plpath1.htm. ... They
establish a basic working environment within which ...

... I hadn't realized that Chicago's skyline was on the water, much like NY's ... attack,
but it certainly can't be ruled out in the current environment,'' the official ...

... This friendly environment emboldened General Draper to pull off a stunt with his
military ... We were standing in a pretend stream of water that ran through the ...

... the bottom layer, though frozen through was softer and the melting water along the ... No!"
The automobile was the most dangerous thing to have in the environment. ...

... See: http://www.greatdreams.com/nov-events.htm. ... Love of God, the safe and beautiful
multidimensional environment that you exist in ... Living Water and George Prins. ...

... They had been taught that there would come a time when the world would be covered
with smoke and the water would no longer be clean. ... CHANGE AND THE ENVIRONMENT. ...

Cinnamon Buns and the BeaST
... allow you to interact with the environment once you ... them; and also had exceeding
little water, so that ... FROM: http://www.greatdreams.com/crop/mickey_mouse.htm. ...

... Water: Some suburbs already have backups at treatment facilities. ... Some Italians
have worried that new power plants could damage the environment - a position ...

... spot - is justified by the federal government's multi-state water storage and ... were
possible only by the solitude, quietness, and pristine environment found in ...

EXTREME WEATHER - SUMMER 2000 - A New Prophecy by Edgar Cayce - A ...
... BONN, Germany (AP) - Drinking water has been contaminated. ... start the new millennium
on a happy note,'' said Pokotoa Sipeli, the minister of environment for Niue ...

... He was praying while facing the water. ... Yoga Malika - Concerned with the ills of mankind
and the environment, answering questions pertaining to these issues in ...

China May Put Man in Orbit
... support systems work with an actual crew onboard -- air, water, food, temperature ... year
and collect data on geology, soil conditions, environment and resources. ...

... off on his wings and dragged the rabbit out of the water after him.". ... Computational
neuroethology (CN) is the study of a systems behavior within an environment. ...

... it. The tank was as tall as I was. There was a water tube in it that
made the water change to clean the fish's environment. I thought ...

... three dimensional reality overlays that emerge into the surrounding objective environment. ... hazards
including smoke from fires and candles, water from floods ...

... of self-aware intelligence in-harmony-with its environment. ... and accidentally tripped
a hidden wire which triggered an artificial torrent of water which would ...

Brehan Law - The History - Everything Celtic - The Druids
... third year roads must be cleared of brambles, brush, weeds, and water to make ... and
the national programme to survey and record the historic environment as part ...

... is not a good thing, it is terribly destructive to the earth's environment-- but
it ... As the water from frozen Antarctica spreads across the earth, so will the ...

... I do believe that as we change within and expand, our environment mirrors those ... This
water element followed into the eclipse itself - the eclipse being viewed ...

... Pray over the water you sprinkle on the seeds. ... Spirit Message 2 weather, water,
bacteria, parasites, Colloid Silver, gasoline, wind up/solar radio. ...

... slide like a water slide only it didn't end in water. ... page, but not a page specifically
with news about the environment. http://www.greatdreams.com/environ.htm. ...

... I'm pro-affirmative action, I'm pro-environment, pro-education, pro-health care ... were
both impressed by Clark's detailed stands on air and water quality issues ...

... The environment ministry said the fire is outside the area designated a ``core ... Aerial
tankers and helicopters joined more than 30 engines and water tankers to ...

... It all happened when water flooded tracks in Oakland County's Holly Township. ... That
all illumination comes from within, and even in the environment of absolute ...

... different ways, but I felt it was very strange that the water was coming ... last March
and also last October -- and even in a hot humid environment bronze shouldn ...

... If you care about your health, if you care about the environment you will ... with a
real record and experience to safeguard California's air, water and coast.". ...

... that will attempt to record noises from the spacecraft and the Martian environment. ... the
planet at more than 400 mph to test technologies and search for water. ...

... http://www.greatdreams.com/lgmnwil.gif The long man of ... But critics say she compromised
water pollution protections ... a "mixed record on the environment, but on ...

... of waking around the block to get a drink of water and going ... See http://www.greatdreams.com/gem1.htm. ... greed
and profit at the expense of the environment as the ...

... Beavers are amazing aquatic engineers capable of changing their environment to fit
their needs ... open their eyes and begin to float in the water that continually ...

... we must all become keen-eyed and observe the signs that the environment is sending
us. ... In some stories the first thing to emerge from the water is a blue lotus ...

... SAGE (Semi-Automated Ground Environment) actually refers to the manner in which
radar ... Some 237,000 cubic feet of contaminated ice, snow and water, with crash ...

... http://www.greatdreams.com/sound.htm. ... so often, and that meant I needed to drink more
water. ... Vaguely it seems there was something about the environment and the ...

The Changing of the Guard - Part One: Corporate Media ...
... will be responsible for care and maintenance of their water, sewer, childcare ... fresh
High School graduates unable to compete in a more selective environment. ...

... Aided by the dryness and rarefaction of the air, the water evaporates as in a ... would
hold the entire world hostage to the thieves of the environment and the ...

... Even more, I ask you to take a crucial step and protect our environment in ways ... energy,
which can be used to power a car -- producing only water, not exhaust ...

... With violent storms you will see homes lost to wind and water damage ... The children
should be sent to a good moral environment so their faith can grow closer to Me ...

... My first thought was that I would try and use the water to destroy the homes ... I find
myself so sensitive to our environment, that I am unable to watch television ...

... These include Chairmanship of the International Institute for Environment and Development;
the ... since its formation, and brought the carbon and water which made ...

... Spirit Message 1 - earthquakes, volcanoes, Niburu Spirit Message 2 weather,
water, bacteria, parasites, Colloid Silver, gasoline, wind up/solar radio. ...

SPIRIT MESSAGE - 17 - Pakistan and India - Nuclear War - The Mars ...
... Spirit Message 1 earthquakes Volcanoes Nibiru Spirit Message 2 weather, water,
bacteria, parasites, Colloid Silver, gasoline, wind up/solar radio. ...

... The chaos of war, recession, and terrorism will create the right environment for
tribulation and ... The vision of a cave with light and water is an example of how ...

... Some will lead to water. Some will lead to truth. ... Do you seek to develop physical
awareness of your environment in order to be suitable for interaction? ...

... Jacques Benveniste, following his research into the 'memory of water' and its ... High
level meetings between the Ministries of Defence, Environment and Agriculture ...

Spirit Message: Mercy Killing, Forgiveness and Love
... Sananda. Spirit Message 1 earthquakes. Volcanoes. Niburu. Spirit Message 2 weather,
water, bacteria, parasites, Colloid Silver, gasoline, wind up/solar radio. ...

... The inhabitants of the St.Jean Baptiste borough delivered water, baking soda ... mediations
and described the FTAA as "neo-liberal, environment-destroying, racist ...

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child - Speaking of Discipline
... Sananda. Spirit Message 1 earthquakes. Volcanoes. Nibiru. Spirit Message 2 weather,
water, bacteria, parasites, Colloid Silver, gasoline, wind up/solar radio. ...

... 'We have some water stockpiled,'' said Scott Garner, assistant fire marshal
in Brunswick County. ... 'They'll stay in their own environment.''. ...

... seizure of community and private assets including food, water, vehicles, as ... international
treaties covering every area of life, economics, the environment... ...

... Would create a more cooperative environment in which the Secretary could work with ... have
become the highest and best use of their land and water," said Karen ...

... of water may symbolically stand for the sacred Ganges----even water poured from a ... In
this happy, protected environment Siddhartha developed great intelligence. ...

... Bitter food and poisoned water. ... The Buddhist monastery is an excellent example
of such a spiritual social environment, and the tradition is carried on by the ...

... If just one person gets a message to clean up the environment, how much impact does
that ... 4-22-98 - DREAM - "The barrier code is 555 over 2266 on the water pipes ...

... But since you are like lukewarm water, I will spit you out of my ... countries to share
technology with poorer countries, to respect the environment, to cancel or ...