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12-9-11 - DREAM -  I was busy working on a computer, editing a BOOK OF RULES.  Every time I came across a rule that belonged to a different page, I set it aside to do another page.  This took a long time, but I no longer remember any details of the book. 

Guess I'll have to do it again for real. 

Wondering also if I've ever done this before.

After listing the web pages I've done about rules below, it came to me that there is no way we can remember all these rules.  It's no wonder we forget a few.

Evidently I did, with some dreams too. 


BOOK OF RULES. dedicated to Sonia Sotomayor. the first Puerto Rican Supreme Court Justice (nominee - 2009) compiled by Dee Finney




Brehan Law - The History - Everything Celtic - The Druids

Here are a few of the most interesting Brehon laws quoted from the book of Irish Traditional Law..


Their book of rules reads like a book of ethics filled with instructions to do things like help the weak, fight injustice, ...

DINOTOPIA - Codes, Rules and Regulation - DREAMS OF THE GREAT ...

DINOTOPIA - THE CODES, RULES AND REGS. according to the TV movie - DINOTOPIA. BY DISNEY "FIND THE LIGHT"  Finney 5-18-2002 ... BUY THE BOOK Pteranodons in ...


IMPRISONED - THE FIVE LAWS OF FREEDOM ... It had the final exam in the package so it was an open-book test to graduate. I was so excited to get this book.


BOOK OF REVELATION . ... Homeric Oresteia the soul of the murdered wife has no claim to vengeance, and Orestes rules unmolested in Argos.

End Times Prophecy at Fatima - DREAMS OF THE GREAT EARTH CHANGES

The book of Daniel says that there will be an explosion of knowledge in the end times and that people will move about quickly (Daniel 12:4). There ... new rules, new anti ...

LOT - Who Was he? What Is The Bigger Picture?

In the Book of Enoch, 7:10, we find: "Then they took wives, each choosing for himself ... Using "normal rules" of scriptural interpretation, we are ...


In this way when the sage rules, the people will not feel oppressed; When he stands before them, they will not be harmed. ... On the edge of each book, ...

The Book of Jubilees mentions the tower's height ... 18 The woman you saw is the great city that rules over ...

I saw a book titled "The death of the Two Tuscan Babies". Then I saw another one about the Russians. ... They were rules of conduct for people.

Page 169: Article II of the by-laws states: "It is an express condition of membership in the Council, ... In his book, FDR: My Exploited Father-In-Law, ...

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) & the New World Order

As described by Gary Allen in his 1976 book The Rockefeller File ... "These are the rules of big business...Get a monopoly; let society work for you; ...

Note 1: The typos on this page are the same as the book. Note 2: Emphasis added by italics in ... approved by the Pope. 3. a body of rules, principles, ...

"I was just wondering, having just read a book about WWII, about the ... They are not banned by the generally accepted rules of warfare.

In general, Mercury rules thinking and perception, ... He wrote an analysis of his style in a book, The Book of Five Rings. Recently, ...

The translations of the Lost Book of Enki, ... They banished Marduk from Nibiru anyway because he broke royal rules and married outside of royalty.

His book the Elements of Geometry set down how geometry was ... But even in physics where correspondence rules are used to 'explain’ by a four dimensional ...

"The Book of Knowledge, ... in the sense that the laws of conduct are not rationally justified to the believer but given as Divine Laws to obey.

The construction of the eye follows very precise laws. ... He appears in the Book of Enoch (chapters 9, 20, 40) as one of 4 (or 6) chief angels.

The adoption of the rubber ball into European sport altered existing rules of their games, and the seemingly original Indian nation of a cooperative team effort, ...

... The Book of Thoth is a philosophical text on the usage of Tarot and, ... and explanations on how to pronounce based upon modern rules, ...

"The Book of ZON" * Chance or ... follow simple assembly rules, in the form of chemical laws. No one -- neither God nor man nor aliens from outer space ...

In the book of Genesis, Satan is said to be a snake, and is made to slither on the ground forever for deceiving Eve. This is ... I know the lease laws very well, ...

... but were exterminated because they violated the laws of the earth ... attempt to harmonize the Genesis account with the book of Numbers and ...

On page 17 of the book it says that the word "tantra," comes from Sanskrit, and means "to weave." ... "Not until you go over the safety rules."

There are still rather strict rules concerning human sacrifice, as well as Animal Sacrifice. The ... An excellent book is entitled, ...

THE BOOK OF ESTHER. Note: Not all versions of the Bible have the complete text. Some Bibles ... and their laws are diverse from all people; ...

Revelation 22:19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take ... Their aim was to have their own laws, ...

The complete text of the book you are looking for may be on the Internet, ... Commentaries on the Laws of England, Vol. 4 of 4: Blackstone, Sir William:

I read the book again, ... Orthodox Jews -- following kosher dietary laws and other strict traditions -- worshiped at Mosaic Law synagogue. Reform ...

Last year Congress repealed the final laws that ... Questioned about his own alleged public lewdness at a 1981 Tailhook convention as detailed in a new book, ...

Shoes are in the rules. ... officer had a clipboard in his hand and was going down a list of details. Then he asked for the first man’s note book and started to ...

They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. ... In their book Vernetzte Intelligenz ...

This is a book of tremendous explosive forces! Erich von Däniken. ... on which occasion, Bernard wrote in the preamble of the Rules of the Order: ...

In part of the book he speaks of DNA, and explains many new concepts about it. It is part of the Tetragrammation, the four letters of the Divine Name, ...

The interpretation of the Book of Revelation which indicates that the Number of the Beast is required ... Pythagorus followed strict rules of ...

In the book of Enoch which didn't make it into the bible, ... and their laws and their functions. 34.1 And from there I went towards the north, ...

According to the selection rules of quantum theory 18 of the 28 conceivable transitions between the 8 states ... Electrical and Magnetic Systems Book: CRC Handbook ...

The laws of material nature are so strong that none of our material possessions can save us from the cruel hands ... Does the book of Revelation give the sequence of ...

My in-laws owned 120 acres and rented another 100 acres in order to eke out a living and one of ... Then he asked one of the teenage boys to read from their book ...

From his Mother (the passive principle) he inherits his body—that part over which the laws of Nature have control: his humanity ... THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD.

... all of the universal laws on which ... One of the central ideas of ancient metrology is explained by the much read and little understood Fifth Book of ...

As it is written in Liber AL vel Legis, the threefold Book of Law: "Every man and every woman is a star." ... a short collection of laws. P, ...

Author Charles Gallenkamp, in his book Maya: ... While human intentions are generally subject to the laws of physics, these laws are also influenced by mind.

  1. The laundry room had rules. ... On their sofa was lined up three coloring book pages - black and white - so someone could color them in.

When the Bible Code book came out by Michael Drosnin, I was very skeptical that it was possible for an ancient book ... a body of rules, ... Joey ...

I had been working on a web page about the book of Daniel prophecies and that ... 18 The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth ...

THE UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL LAWS OF CREATION. by Dee Finney ... the Book of Love will never be read, the Tree of Life will never be seen in full bloom, ...

(Book of Ezekiel) Chapter 37 1 ... Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (LII 2005 ed.) Rule 2002. Notices to Creditors, Equity Security Holders, ...

Did you know that only 27 states have laws that bar the use of corporal punishment in their schools? States ... The caning should be recorded in a book, ...'''

And they sang a new song, saying "Worthy art Thou to take the book , ... GOD THEN GAVE THEM NUMEROUS LAWS THEY HAD TO FOLLOW AND STILL THEY LIVED IN POVERTY.

I was going to take a nap and was laying in bed thinking about a little book I found at a rummage sale that promised to cure ... IF YOU BREAK THESE RULES ... ...

... no system in place for monitoring the illegal killing of elephants and extremely weak enforcement of existing laws, ... in her book which opens ...

Generation of a Hypercube from a Square Book: Robbin, Tony, Fourfield, N7433.8 R6 ... It consisted of an infinite number of "rules of thumb, ...

... I was seeing a book and each 5 lines explained a ... A wisdom which could only emerge as a living force without being reduced into a familiar code of laws. ...

This book instructed the citizens of Egypt to spend their lives preparing for the after-life ... THE 7 SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS. THE PROPERTIES OF THE NUMBER 42.

This book instructed the citizens of Egypt to spend their lives preparing for the after-life ... THE 7 SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS. THE PROPERTIES OF THE NUMBER 42.

Overrides the 10 th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and makes all state and local laws and ... There are currently no limits on blue book ...

The Bhikkhu and Good Conduct Rules. 1. A Bhikkhu must behave ... of the covenant of Dan. 9:27 to begin the 70th Week of Daniel was in the Book of ...

He has written a book titled "The Committee of 300", along with others, lectured on ... , that has set itself above the laws of all countries, ...

Project Sign redesignated Project Grudge / Blue Book in face of hostile Alien air superiority. ... for enforcing strict "No Trespassing" laws; ...

... which widened the scope of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and weakened 15 privacy laws, raised requirements for ... Book Review ...

There was one last book way up in the air on a shelf of its own. On the shelf in a wire basket was a book titled ... They were rules of conduct for people.

This was witnessed on many occasions and it must surely take more than auto-suggestion to flaunt the laws of physics . In ... Joseph Smith in the Book of ...

There was one last book way up in the air on a shelf of its own. On the shelf in a wire basket was a book titled, ... They were rules of conduct for people.

* Other sources state that the 'being' who gave the laws to Moses was Jethro ...the Lord of ... Typhon figures in the Book of the Dead, as the Accuser of ...

Here is the true problem with the Book "The Secret" ... One of the Three Major Laws, and it has 11 subsidiary laws. Fundamentally, this law ...

This corresponds to the legs of iron and feet of part iron part clay in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel (Dan 2:31-45).

From: Basic Rules of Chess : One Big Cheeseburger ... a book and he has long hair in a topknot and he wears a loincloth or animal skin. ...


  1. The Book of Jasher is mentioned twice in the Bible (Jos. 10:13; II Sam. 1:18). While it ... Especially using numerological rules "No one should be surprised", ...
From: Basic Rules of Chess : One Big Cheeseburger ... a book and he has long hair in a topknot and he wears a loincloth or animal skin. ...

I think this corresponds to the dream of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of ... The nature of the fish is directly related to the laws and rules of the clean and the ...

In 1992 Gore had authored the book ... "We must therefore transform our attitudes and adopt a renewed respect for the SUPERIOR LAWS OF DIVINE ...

... proceed at once to cause the offender to be arrested and punished according to the laws of the ... and recorded in the "land-book," as ...

Christ or the Messiah, the body 37, rules over the pyramids ... This form has exactly the same mathematical format as the Book of Revelations and Prof. Leahy forms:

The Ancient Rules of The Teltown Games... The Teltown ... In his book titled The Great Vision, Peter Dawkins explains as follows: ...

The laws of the other world are such that those who adhere by preference and free will to upward moving drafts of ... An entire book could be written on the ...

Remember the Universal Laws do not care for birthday or ... whose names have not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the ...

On a higher level, we may evoke a law of grace that supersedes the laws of karma. ... The title of the book in his left hand was: "Rod invitation"

The book was written in 1935 by John O'Hara, and when it was made into a movie, ... The fact that she rules over peoples, and multitudes, and nations ...

The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the ... Abaddon is the demonic king who rules over ...

The book is in six parts: I: To my sons, 1-7, II. The Praise of wisdom, 8-9, III. The folly of ... 15 By me kings reign and rulers make laws that are just;

I have a book called The Nature of Reality which was written, or channeled, by Hilarion and published in 1978. ... Pisces rules suffering, ...

In the book, “Words of the Master” ... There will be little or no understanding of the Divine Laws of Cause and Effect, self referral, inner ...

This is one of the Universal Spiritual Laws which tells of the power of numbers: The Law ... In Joseph Campbell's book, on page 37, ...

I had no idea that it had been a book so I asked her if I could borrow the booklet so I ... In Aleister Crowley's "The Book of The Law" his first two rules ...

On page 54, in the book "The Great Pyramid Decoded", by E. Raymond Capt, ... Because of the laws of adhesion, cohesion, attraction and repulsion, ...

If you do not trust mathematical and physical laws, as I have presented them in my paper ... from the Book of Lights (Book Nought/Thirteen: Chapter Nine):

  1. National security and telecommunications experts said that even if the N.S.A. seeks to adhere closely to the rules that Mr . Bush has ... In his book "Plan of ...
... lifeless laws and control them through your man-made 'CHIP' which is the ... I will raise you up on the last day and your name is written in the 'Book of Life'. ...

This is one of many universal laws or truths that can never be proven for sure. ... - a book given to you by a friend leads to a radical spiritual awakening ...

... but the last one I was shown a thick book with a list of companies that ... Zeus is the father of gods/ goddesses and man kind and he rules the ...

  1. It may have contained some celestial or mystic items of immense powers including the Laws for ... he became greatly fascinated with a selection from the Book of ... - Cached
  2. "Any movement toward a North American Union diminishes the ability of average Americans to influence the laws under which ... Robert Pastor's 2001 book "Toward a ... - Cached
  3. According to Helena Blavatsky in her book "Isis Unveiled" on page 443 - Vol II, ... in his LAWS XI 924 E for his model state: "That brother [ADELPHOS] ... - Cached
  4. For this reason Schauberger wrote a book with the title: ... Remember this is reverse engineering so let's stick with the known rules that govern aerodynamic space-time ... - Cached
  5. I received the book 'WATERMARK' by Joseph Christy Vitale. I haven't opened it yet. It's ... took upon themselves the burden of moral rules, ... - Cached
  6. This dream was: with regard to the Third Seal of the book of Revelation - The Black Horse Rider. ... IMPRISONED - THE FIVE LAWS OF FREEDOM.... - Cached
  7. That Lion is the Lion of Scotland, incorporated, according to the Rules of Heraldry, into the ... according to Shmuel Katz, in his book Days of Fire, ... - Cached
  8. There was one last book way up in the air on a shelf of its own. On the shelf in a wire basket was a book titled, ... They were rules of conduct for people. - Cached
  9. He authored one of the most progressive death penalty reform laws in the nation, under the guidance of former U.S. Senator Paul Simon. ... In his new book, ...

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  1. As I lay the carpet down, there was a yellow book under it, between my right hand and the carpet. As I ... I said, "That's my son-in-laws house. - Cached
  2. a disrespect for social norms and accepted rules of ... The group believed that the Biblical Book of Revelation referred to alien visitors who would ... - Cached
  3. I'd say 99.9% of the time I see the numbers on digital clocks---today though I saw it in a book and on tv. By the ... which also rules Sagittarius) ... - Cached
  4. The book of Ezekiel says that there are 4 wheels that travel along beside the living creatures and their ... One of the Spiritual Laws is The Law of Monadic ... - Cached
  5. The MtA book tells us that the most complex of ... Associated with the Air element Raphael rules over the day of Wednesday and the Planet Mercury The Planet ... - Cached
  6. ... the question is asked again: ''Who rules the world?" And in book as well as review given the usual bunch of flowery lies as an answer. 'The ... - Cached
  7. In this dream I was shown the rules for movement of ... It would serve a real group purpose if all of you would study what is said by Rama Prasad in his book, ... - Cached
  8. ... with separate rules for ... an updated look at his investment strategy order a copy of his just released book " The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear ... - Cached
  9. They knew each other and I was told that E.R. should research a book about the ... The nature of the fish is directly related to the laws and rules of the clean and ... - Cached
  10. The Book of Enoch and The Assumption of Moses are known to have existed, ... however the third list is quite different and consists mainly of religious/ritual laws. - Cached

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  1. ... Joe took a break from his computer and picked up the book Apokalypso by Thomas Jude Germinario. ... , rebellious kids to conform to the rules of the society.
  2. Throughout history (although the rules have been less strict recently in an effort to recruit more members), in Freemasonry you ... In this book he says, ... - Cached
  3. Consider now the following passage from the book of Revelations, where the Holy Spirit said to the churches: ... IMPRISONED - THE FIVE LAWS OF FREEDOM... - Cached
  4. LINDAY WILLIMS TELLS ABOUT THE RULERS OF THE WORLD. 12 people make all the rules. They ... The identify of the Beast does not come from the Book of Revelation but ... - Cached
  5. Another book was opened, which ... it can be cut very short for anyone who doesn't believe that the earthly world should be ruled by the same person who rules the Spiritual ... - Cached
  6. They want to replace rule by the Illuminati with rule by the conflicting “laws” of a book that out-contradicts and out-fairytales even the official story of 9/11 ...
  7. ... ex-King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece in the exclusive and picture-book pretty resort ... 1946 because the last king signed some fascist laws. ... - Cached
  8. Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, was called "Horus who rules with two eyes." ... A series of coincidences started when I opened "The Book of Knowledge ... - Cached
  9. In his book , Secrets of the ... so far as possible, purely human judgment may try its squares and angles by the most exacting rules of justice which it can command." ... - Cached
  10. ... one of the most respected scientists in the world wrote a book entitled Proofs ... against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self ... - Cached

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  1. Behold, the Lord GOD comes with might, and His arm rules for Him; behold, ... His trip comes after publication of the tell-all book by Burrell, which has put ... - Cached
  2. The book terms this our Thought Adjuster and reminds us that Jesus' Spirit of Truth ... But it has had to do so within a fixed set of universe laws in respect to ... - Cached
  3. Then I had a vision of a book ... violate law and order in the universe by assimilating normal matter and compelling it to live by Q-ball rules. What Do We ... - Cached
  4. From 1947 to 1969, the service's Project Blue Book at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, ... It is founded on the belief that God's laws, as described ... - Cached
  5. ... with Tobias is described in the Book of Tobias in the Catholic Bible. ... ... We should see some escalating news regarding the passing of certain laws, ... - Cached
  6. ... precisely the percentage prophesied in the Book of Revelation. ... Americans are called to enact this promise in our lives and in our laws.
  7. The fulfillment of the Biblical Book of Revelations is now taking place. ... the real Mt. Sinai (Jabel el Laws in Saudi Arabia), ... - Cached
  8. Crutcher's book is an uncensored look at America's most ... the Anatomic Gift Foundation maintains it's playing by the rules and is just making the best of ... - Cached
  9. In the office was a book designed for this place, but it wasn't quite right. It was ... The man said these were the numbers of the Laws and they were from Section 1. - Cached
  10. A predictive book called "Futility" was written some years before, ... And he already had the idea that other laws, with different behavior, ... - Cached

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  1. This book was not a condemnation of Machiavelli’s philosophy. Paul ... Without fear of arms, the state cannot enforce the laws…to this end, ... - Cached
  2. The Harlot in the book of Revelation in ... of unlawfully reversing its position on tighter arsenic rules and ignoring a June 22 deadline set by Congress ... - Cached
  3. W. S. Sadler wrote a book about headaches, ... The question that now arises is how the revelators could fulfill their assignment without contravening the laws of ... - Cached
  4. In his book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, ... permitted by "the laws of Nature". But nothing is more common ... - Cached
  5. ``It is not Congress but these overly restrictive agency rules that are repressive, ... Schenck writes extensively on such programs in his book, ... - Cached
  6. ... and his grandson Texcocan king Netzahualcoyotl dictated laws to ... sources behind him that the plagues described in the book of Exodus shook ... - Cached
  7. IMPRISONED - THE FIVE LAWS OF FREEDOM. Phillip K. Dick ... The book and screenplay differ markedly in that, in the book, Smith and ... - Cached
  8. Joe found out while reading a book on art that Samuel B Morse was an incredible artist. He ... Three in four Americans favour tough anti-encryption laws, ...
  9. It has been well documented by Webster Tarpley and Antonin Chaitkin in the book, “George Bush: An ... This is a nation of laws, ... - Cached
  10. ... and out of print book on the astrology and prophecies of the Mayan peoples. ... ... Uranus rules over electricity. ... much of the planet's water, ... - Cached

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  1. Another sync happened when I found a book about ... Our government absolutely can not allow the citizens of this great country to become aware of what laws actually ... - Cached
  2. ... and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed; to protect and guide all sovereigns and nations (especially such ... In my book, ... - Cached
  3. ... I used the figures of Bruce Cathie from his book "The Harmonic Conquest of Space ... You asked about the 'rules/procedures' for computing or determining ... - Cached
  4. Slightly differing versions have previously been published by Zula Brinkerhoff in her book "God's Chosen People in America ... could be caught-up in the new laws. ... - Cached
  5. ... because there are no set rules as yet in metaphysics. ... But certain things happen at certain times. There was information provided in the Book of Revela ... - Cached
  6. Book of Numbers 11:31 ... Crow - Sacred Law Crow teaches us to know ourselves beyond the limitations of one-dimensional thinking and laws. - Cached
  7. ... Kruger correlates atoms and molecules to tones by applying analogies between the spin of an atom and harmonical laws. As he wrote in his book, ... - Cached
  8. steal this book by abby hoffman a great steal!!!! ... rule one: there are no rules - the true survivalist safe areas. sba disaster assistance. security/self defense. - Cached
  9. The time dragged on and I needed to get out of there and go to the book store on 70th and Greenfield because they had some Native Indian books I needed to ... - Cached
  10. The book ends with the assassination of Simon by Ptolemy, and of ... Antiochus then tries to suppress public observance of Jewish laws, in an attempt ... - Cached

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  1. In the heat of hysteria, Congress is pressured to pass more guns laws. The hysteria and anger towards guns, propelled by the ... The above book, ... - Cached
  2. Hence it is that the third Book in the Bible is Leviticus, ... We can only observe the wondrous working of supernatural laws, and admire the ... - Cached
  3. The identify of the Beast does not come from the Book of Revelation but from the Book of Daniel: ... For people who disobey my laws and do not listen to it. - Cached
  4. I sat on the couch and spotted a thin, dark grey hard covered book laying there. ... is required by the rules of Hebrew grammar governing the use of shewa. ... - Cached
  5. He rules now from the highest places. ... As I explain in my book Apokalypso – Prophecies of the End of Time (AuthorHouse 2004), ... - Cached
  6. The little book in my hand then became a tall, slim ... Many want to change My laws stating that they are passé and that the Church should be more modern. - Cached
  7. The answer to this question is in our book: Who's Who of the Elite. ... It is wrong to break our laws. (2) Many innocent people will be killed or wounded, ... - Cached
  8. Under the Constitution and the laws of the United States ... He is completing a book on "The Road to 9/11." Visit his Web site . CONCENTRATION ... - Cached
  9. In his book "The End of Money ... the globalist bureaucracy has pressured seven Caribbean nations into agreeing to change their financial privacy laws so that the ... - Cached
  10. Apparently, when it comes to the great drug war, the entrapment laws no longer hold. ... While compiling his book, A Terrible Mistake: ... - Cached

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  1. Zeus is the father of gods/ goddesses and man kind and he rules the sky, weather, ... The one in the book is similar to the Sri Yantra, ... - Cached
  2. The name Bible, or "the book," also derives from Byblos. Text taken from: ... , in accord with the rules in Leviticus and the Talmud. However there ... - Cached
  3. Enforcement of the "rules" seems to be symbolized in some dreams as police, security guards, or the like. ... Book Review - Day of Two Suns: ... - Cached
  4. The book by Begich and ... by "an administration" of oil insiders who made a killing as this hurricane broke all natural laws of hurricanes and veered into the ... - Cached
  5. Governor Keating's brother wrote a book about a Federal Building being blown up there by terrorists. Then it happened. ... Many of the laws on the books, ... - Cached
  6. One book reported a client saying that we can choose to be imprinted with any life at all if it is of ... when strict rigid religious laws prohibited any outlet of ... - Cached
  7. There was one last book way up in the air on a shelf of its own. On the shelf in a wire basket was a book titled, ... They were rules of conduct for people. - Cached
  8. ... whose book attacks Obama, said ... born” citizen to serve as President of the United States violates Plaintiff’s rights to Equal Protection of the laws in violation of ... - Cached
  9. As it is written in Liber AL vel Legis, the threefold Book of Law: "Every man and every woman is a star." ... Fire rules the mid-finger and the intestines. - Cached
  10. It was a phrase in a book written during this period that gave rise to the idea that ... Although all cat games have their rules and rituals, these vary with ... - Cached

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  1. ... and no one answered the door at the home of his in-laws. few neighbors recalled ... but she also picked him out of a book of photos. What's worse ... - Cached
  2. They banished Marduk from Nibiru anyway because he broke royal rules and married outside of ... I was reading a book titled 'Lessons' by Michelle Lavigne ... - Cached
  3. I show Clarke´s book, "Against All Enemies," and below it is text that reads, "Bush was warned ... TWENTY-FIVE RULES OF DISINFORMATION ... - Cached
  4. Failure to comply with is a violation of applicable copyright laws. Click Here => Downloading ... In this, David Booths last book, ... - Cached
  5. The number, 666, of course, is in the Book of Revelation (13:18), and is well known throughout the world. ... rules over the pyramids (Cheops constructs) ... - Cached
  6. According to the Book of ... Islam or with our constitution … this area is being reviewed and amendments are being proposed to make these laws more ... - Cached
  7. Dead end and as terrible as it is and as mentioned in my book "The Power ... power and ignorance rules this lost world but the real ... - Cached
  8. ... the seventh trumpet in the Book of Revelation, calm ... the prophet will bend the Washington rules on his quest for destined power by transcending all the usual ... - Cached
  9. The book God Speaks shares his teachings and aspects of his life. ... but it is unfortunate indeed that the laws of Christ and his Teachings, ... - Cached
  10. In a part of the book, ... They ask, "Is the present meant to learn to deal with the ancient and eternally valid laws of the mental cosmos with awe?" - Cached

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  1. "The main line of inquiry we are following is violation of the rules of operating civil aircraft," FSB spokesman Sergei ... then this torn-up book fell ... - Cached
  2. Killer Laws. The greater part of human actions have their origin not in logical reasoning but in sentiment. -Vilfredo ... John Day, in his book Molech: ... - Cached
  3. [Qur'an 33:56] May God bless him and grant him peace and mercy. 0 people of the book, do not go beyond the ... • The Antichrist rules for a long period of time. - Cached
  4. I would hope that it wasn’t for book ... Confederation will take over the area of infringement and restore galactic legality regardless of the local laws that ... - Cached
  5. The little boy was complaining that there was nothing to read in the library. I asked him, "Have you read every book in the library?" He said, "Yes!" - Cached
  6. If this were done, the Hopi warned, the balance of natural and universal laws and forces would be disturbed, ... In their book Forest of Kings, ... - Cached
  7. Fact is that there are universal laws of order that govern all ... In the biblical book of Revelations the size of the New Jerusalem is some ... - Cached
  8. In her book "The Mayan Code", author and ... not be permitted by "the laws of Nature". But nothing is more common ... - Cached
  9. In his book Antiquities of the Jews, ... for each one seemed to have his own little vision that he followed and his own rules; and all ... - Cached
  10. Neptune rules the female higher mind, ... due to its innate harmonic characteristics. In our upcoming book The Divine Cosmos, ... - Cached

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  1. You disobey the rules." The little boy looked up at her and said, ... book on physical education that "A conditioned man, who exercises regularly, ... - Cached
  2. ... I found a book written by the man who called himself R.C. Christian. ... Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. 6. - Cached
  3. I picked up the book by David Icke, ... truth of that “nature and cause” would mean the end of a corporate federal government and all of its laws since 1930. - Cached
  4. King James version of the book of Revelation describes as the moon turning ... Gabriel rules over the day of Monday and the Moon The Moon rules over the ... - Cached
  5. It is the law of love that rules mankind. Had violence, i.e. hate, ruled us we should have become extinct long ago. And yet, the tragedy of ... - Cached
  6. He also wrote a wonderfully informative book -- Apokalypso - Prophecies of the End of Time. ... all of the universal laws on which manifestation is based. - Cached
  7. Aside from the Book of Revelation, ... Esau's two wives were a great deal of annoyance to his parents Isaac and Rebekah. As with in-laws in ... - Cached
  8. "And so it appears that in the Book of Genesis there are two contrary theologies represented in ... The rules as well as the rituals of such a society put ... - Cached
  9. I am not all that familiar with The Book of Revelations but I do recall the part about people wanting ... Chiron rules the process of complete letting go of old ... - Cached
  10. Each one of us were studying the car laws and each one of us was marking the book in a different way so we could see how far we had studied the manual.

Search results

  1. Source: World Almanac; Book of Facts, 2000 . This autumn, ... The rules pertaining to investigators are important to a democratic state. - Cached
  2. Book of Revelation Chapter 12, all of it, ... Many of these manipulations of life cells and DNA splicing represents man playing God in violation of My laws. - Cached
  3. This is from Anna Hayes first book in the ... and as such will always require a large degree of faith in that which violates all natural laws and human ... - Cached
  4. His first book, "HANDBOOK FOR ... up ALL of the jobs in the state. When Member Haynes states that this is an initiative to reinforce our laws, he is ... - Cached
  5. The book "The Assassination of Indira Gandhi" by Ritu Sarin describes the event in detail. See also. Sikh Extremism; 1984 Anti-Sikh riots; Operation ... - Cached
  6. ... which can be acquired quite rapidly by fervent hearts who will study and apply the teachings recorded in our book on The ... of the laws of God ... - Cached
  7. This instance provides us with most of the rules for martial law that we would use today, ... I have a special on this here little red book. - Cached
  8. ... (The Prophet has read the books because he thought that a book with that name ... could come together without destroying laws and theories. ... - Cached
  9. The Book of Joel also was clued in a previous prophecy dream ... Your ancestors knew this when they made laws to govern themselves and hired policemen to ... - Cached
  10. I thought clearly of references to the Anti-Christ in the Bible's book of ... One of the most important cycles mentioned even by Plato in his Dialog called The Laws is ... - Cached

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  1. The "Book of Enoch" from the Dead Sea scrolls says how these men married Earth women, ... The UAE is an Islamic state that follows Shariah laws) ... - Cached
  2. The Book of Jasher makes it very clear that Abram serves Yahweh, ... — the monotheistic concept of one God that rules, controls, designs, etc., ... - Cached
  3. According to the Laws of the Greater Reality, ... Joe Mason, contributed this excerpt from Moira Timms' book, "Beyond Prophecies and Predictions" (p. 256): ... - Cached
  4. The four Yugas are symbolised by the same four metals in the same order as in The Book of Daniel. We are now in the Kali-yug, the Age ... Who really rules earth? - Cached
  5. That source is the Book that ... and that He is presently allowing humans to develop their own ways of living—contrary to His laws—and to reap the ... - Cached
  6. The little girl busies herself with coloring in a coloring book, and when I was ready to feed her, I went to ... IMPRISONED - THE FIVE LAWS OF FREEDOM - Cached
  7. Under anti-doping rules Kenteris faces an automatic two-year ban if he ... asked for her name to be scratched from the record book two days ago and ... - Cached
  8. ... we soon all break God's laws ... The Sword of Laban and Its Possible Pre-Laban Origin," two consecutive articles in Journal of Book of Mormon Studies ... - Cached
  9. Does TMs vision of the dragon relate to the book of Revelations in ... sovereignty for purposes of double jeopardy and can enforce its own laws ... - Cached
  10. But it's not clear whether state rules would allow the ... write a book or simply create a comfortable ... - Cached

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  1. Oxford Book of Light Verse, The. W. H. Auden, ed. (1938) Oxford University Press. ... the company has had a steady stream of violations of state forestry laws. - Cached
  2. ... “Because you insist on doing these things and have not kept the covenantal rules I gave you, 23 I ... they are written in the book of ... - Cached
  3. The yellow pages in the OKC phone book ... "The state of Oklahoma is regarded as a separate sovereignty for purposes of double jeopardy and can enforce its own laws ... - Cached
  4. "We had not progressed very deeply into the book when we found, ... The better way to go would be to act now to establish some rules of the road for space-faring ... - Cached
  5. 'If the Nuremberg laws were applied today, then every ... If you pick up a book on American history and look at the Vietnam War, there is no ... - Cached
  6. (Correspondences, Book: Origins of Man and the Universe). "Radiation is carried on by kinetic space, ... in accordance with the laws of energy, ... - Cached
  7. Raphael rules over the day of Wednesday and the Planet Mercury The Planet Mercury rules over the Tree of Life Sephirah 8 ... In the book, Jesus Christ, Sun of God, ... - Cached
  8. Science rules the day and the mystery of existence is all but gone, the world is a well oiled ... The publication of Robert Sellar's book, ... - Cached
  9. I saw a book open and on the right hand side, the title on the page was the words: AND LATER ... and restored the laws that were abolished, the ... - Cached
  10. Moses came down from Mt. Sinai with a new code of laws written on ... The Persians kept a book concerning the abduction of women and the wrongs that Asia and ... - Cached

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  1. The word “slaughter” is nearly always used of slaying the sacrifices in the book of Leviticus ... in seeing his subjects submit to his wicked laws, ... - Cached
  2. ... be an easy way to reliably enforce whatever rules we adopt and the biometric ... , the book ... - Cached
  3. BOOK OF DANIEL - REGARDING REPROACH & THE ANTI-CHRIST. ... Neither have we obeyed the voice of the LORD our God, to walk in his laws, which he set ... - Cached
  4. ... also set down in a book the gospel that Paul used to preach. ... One of the first popes elected under these new rules was Gregory who gave his name to the ... - Cached
  5. ... (Book of Changes)." The authors of the Table 2 PDF recalibrate the end/beginning date of the Mayan Calendar as: ... ("Some New Laws of the Solar System".) ... - Cached
  6. On a higher level, we may evoke a law of grace that supersedes the laws of karma. ... Robert Bauval in his book The Orion Mystery (co-authored by Adrian Gilbert) ... - Cached
  7. AMERICAN PORTS. CONSPIRACY OR COINCIDENCE? Is it a conspiracy or a coincidence? There is a ... In a new book, ... - Cached
  8. The idea is that the formation represents the dream of the "frightening image" of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of ... at the exact time when you learn the rules, ... - Cached
  9. Contact notification and public health laws. problems with late stage treatment ... Mein Kampf- Hitler's biographical book is a good guide to Hitler's psyche. - Cached
  10. what works and what doesn’t work, and of the four rules of the universe which we already have, the final one is balance. Well, we’re ... This book right here ... - Cached

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  1. She picked up a book of mine. ... China is holding itself accountable. The laws of cause and effect take care of themselves (as do all universal laws) ... - Cached
  2. ... and yet just because we are not advanced enough to understand we put out a 'new' set of physical laws to ... references would involve a book on this ... - Cached
  3. ... for they are worthy." He who conquers shall be clad thus in white garments, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life; ... - Cached
  4. The question of whether the "laws of physics" apply differently from galaxy to galaxy dependent upon ... for instance in Dr. Sam Treiman's book "The ... - Cached
  5. Excerpted from The Book of Knowledge, the Keys of Enoch: Key 106: 17 - 20, page 55. 17: And ... which means 'one who rules, subdues, and governs'. - Cached
  6. puppy mills and dog abuse- new laws coming into effect revelation - the eighth gate and the bowls of plague royalty ... a dreamer's bible book review - Cached
  7. Debate also began anew on safe-sailing rules in a country prone to storms — Fengshen was the ... Some of the following excerpts are from the book ... - Cached
  8. (Because) to have their names written in the Lamb's Book of Life, ... When evil---satan and all spirits that follow him---rules most hearts and minds, - Cached
  9. The book is a length poem to opium's splendors, full of ... mainly Muslim country, has some of the world's toughest anti-drugs laws. But the ... - Cached
  10. The Book of Joshua: 6: The Fall of Jericho: 1 : Now Jericho was straitly shut up because of the children of Israel: none went out, and none ...

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  1. In the Book of Haggai, ... The government uses press laws governing libel to intimidate journalists who are critical of its policies. [69] - Cached
  2. We can know the laws regulating psi information. Classical causality is violated for individual atomic events. ... (Correspondences, Book: Quartum Organum). - Cached
  3. Gradual abolition laws are passed in the northern states: Vermont, Massachusetts, ... In 1892, she published a well-received book on the racial problem.
  4. There is ONE AND ONLY GOD and ONE TRUTH. -- The very first book of Hindus named RIG-VEDA proclaim ... they are breaking laws of Old Testament ... - Cached
  5. 9-10-90 A book came out about the New Madrid Fault and a dire prediction that when a special alignment of the planets ... My in-laws left to go to a doctor ... - Cached
  6. Over the past months, I have also been reading a well-researched book about the events at Fatima, which ... We will not bore you with cosmic laws, ... - Cached
  7. The book "TRANCE Formation of America" is an autobiography by Cathy O'Brien with Mark ... They determine what our rights are and which laws have effect, ... - Cached
  8. (Note: This so called riddle will be made plain after we apply the book, Quartum Organum, to it. ... and think to change times and laws: ... - Cached
  10. laws in order that Christian religious beliefs and symbols, like the cross for instance, will become outlawed...unlawful. Holy ... In his book, 'The Body Electric ... - Cached

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  1. In the book of Ezekiel, there are these ... The book was published two years prior to the San Fransisco earthquake. ... www.greatdreams ... THE FIVE LAWS OF FREEDOM. - Cached
  2. This coming process of planetary service through the third divine center is only truly effective when Aquarius rules and when ... as stated in Mr. Sinnett's book, ... - Cached
  3. The Queen has a new tabloid book out about ... ... They banished Marduk from Nibiru anyway because he broke royal rules and married outside of royalty. - Cached
  4. In his l963 book THE DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN David Irving noted that "Ninety four tons of bombs had been dropped . . . By ... Under blackout rules, ... - Cached
  5. The article, which is actually chapter five of a book, makes extensive ... I call on My people to follow My laws and that of St. Peter's successor, ... - Cached
  6. Hades's name means "the unseen one" because he rules over the abode of ... destruction described in the book of Revelation ... - Cached
  7. In the North is a book on whose back and front are A.M.B.Z ... And the marvel is that with those four letters you can get a complete set of rules for doing ... - Cached
  8. There is no place in the Laws of the Universe for antigravity, ... This book demonstrates that using "Conventional Wisdom", "Conventional Logic, ... - Cached
  9. Later in the book (Biggest Secret), Icke says that "Pindar, the 'Marquis de Libeaux' travels in a white limousine ... Cicero wrote in his Laws: - Cached
  10. ... for it breaks all the rules as 37 crosses over the equality = function without losing equivalency, ... The first sentence of Jung's book, Synchronicity, reads, ... - Cached

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  1. I saw a book cover. The title was 'The Pablo Of Godhood" ... and fulfill the requirements of the laws of immigration (which are liberally applied). - Cached
  2. Further, Saturn rules the cardinal sign which initiates the Earth trine--the third octave of which is Mercury's Virgo. The ... Book-knowledge (Gemini) ... - Cached
  3. “According to Halachah, classic Judaism's laws and customs, for example "compassion ... His most recent book is "Second Chance: ... - Cached
  4. It also exists as an outlet for members and staff to discuss how current laws and regulation ... the author of a forthcoming book on the history of ... - Cached
  5. Inside the back cover of the book was listed 5 other churches with ... The writer of the forwarded message below cites the applicable federal "laws" ...
  6. The laundry room had rules. ... I closed my eyes and immediately had a dream/vision. I saw a book open and on the right hand side, ... - Cached
  7. Mathematical systems are sets of elements that interact according to the rules of an ... All of this is reported in great detail in the best-selling book Holy ... - Cached
  8. ROBERT: Dave, reviewers of your book The Conscious Mind claim that you see consciousness almost everywhere you look in the universe. ... the rules are different. - Cached
  9. ... because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, ... In the late 1990s, the Guides predicted in her 1999 book, The World To ... - Cached
  10. Many attempting to explain the book of Revelation incorrectly take a purely ... broke off whole pieces and worked according to rules and instructions. They wore ... - Cached

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  1. The book of Ezekiel, Chapter 39 tells us in numerous verses that the war will be there. It couldn't have ... IMPRISONED - THE FIVE LAWS OF FREEDOM. - Cached
  2. Both books are still available on, Barnes & Noble, Alibris, and all other book stores. You can ... NUTOPIA has no laws other than cosmic. - Cached
  3. This is what I found: In the book "Dream Feather by Viento Stan-Padilla, a little Indian ... DINOTOPIA - Codes, Rules and Regulation. In fact, ... - Cached
  4. ... natural laws are just approximations. We can change our mazal-fate by pleasing God, since He is free. God ... Prophecy from the Book of Revelation: - Cached
  5. ... under strict and chivalrous laws of engagement -- is one ... and the author of the must-read book The Language of Empire: Abu Ghraib ... - Cached
  6. 2-19-03 - DREAM - I was in Wisconsin - up north, supposedly with the women who were my in-laws. ... Lester was shown a book of photographs by the FBI, ... - Cached
  7. (if interested, refer to Bucky's Synergetics book, chapter on numerology.) ... Since both electromagnetism and gravity operate by inverse square laws ... - Cached
  8. Look for his new book, Overthrow a Fascist Regime on $15 a Day: ... Rules require that at least two people jointly control every step of the process. If one ... - Cached
  9. ... and published her second book My Way of Life in 1971 ... UNAMSIL is working with the Government to strengthen the laws that protect women and, ... - Cached
  10. Barbatos rules thirty legions of demons and has four kings as his companions to ... or Key of Solomon is an earlier book on the ... - Cached

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  1. The book is called The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows ... though there was widespread agreement that South Korea needs new laws to curb cloning ...
  2. He was wearing a black preacher's coat, and he said he needed to carry the green leather book, ... the women's movements are limited by the rules of society. - Cached
  3. The book also clearly ponders whether a focus of power in one person is healthy for a society. The book leaves the ending ... - Cached
  4. I said to the kids, "Here comes the book man." The car was full of books like a library on wheels. I encouraged all the kids to get books. ... LAWS MORAL ORDER. - Cached
  5. ... not everyone likes the landlord because of rules we had to follow. ... so I took a large book of maps and tried to rip the cover off of it, ... - Cached
  6. In his book Timaeus, Plato describes a reflective surface consisting of two mirrors meeting at a right angle. ... (formulation of the general laws of nature), ... - Cached
  7. I had to find a book on whales. I didn't even know the names of different kinds of whales. I was ... Facts About Federal Wildlife Laws. Florida Aquarium. ... - Cached
  8. You offered me a book ... But even in physics where correspondence rules are used to 'explain’ by a four dimensional geometry the cosmic space-time structure, ... - Cached
  9. Bianca's Dream Book: ... Rage Dreams Socialized rules inhibit expression of this bittersweet assault. This image comes from at the end of a larger... 10/24/97: - Cached
  10. To systematize and arrange (laws and regulations) into a code. 2. To convert (A MESSAGE, for example) into ... Staying with the book of Daniel, ... - Cached

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  1. The book ends with a note of the ultimate blessing, “The Lord dwells ... They do not care about God’s laws or about his promises. And ... - Cached
  2. ... sacred geometry and music were inextricably linked since the laws of the former govern the mathematical intervals that ... We'd written a book and it had sold ... - Cached
  3. ... (Christ ?..reference the book THEOMATICS by Jerry Lucas where he specifically assigns the value of Christ as 37). ... rules over the pyramids ... - Cached
  4. Fox's Book of Martyrs, Ch.IV: 10,000 in Paris; 6,000 in Rouen; 100,000 nationwide. Motley ... In his 'Rules for the discernment of Spirits'. . . - Cached
  5. If you think you don't need this protection, get the book: ONE SECOND AFTER . ... EMP grounding gets very tricky, and the ordinary rules for grounding do not apply. - Cached
  6. The grid seems related to a "map" called "Psi Bank Warp and Holonomic Woof" mentioned in a book called "Earth Ascending," by Jose Arguelles ... - Cached
  7. He started out by saying, "I want you to read the book I wrote. There ... THE FIVE LAWS OF FREEDOM... Luke 8:40Now when Jesus returned, a crowd ...
  8. Her time in hell relates to our time in the 3 1/2 cycle, where Kali/the Harlot rules. WE, must rescue her to bring ... The book, however, ... - Cached
  9. (Jesus said, "I will teach women to be men", in the book of Mary Magdalene. I picked out a bright green thin T shirt, I knew ... Hypocrisy rules the world. - Cached
  10. Most Christian libraries are not complete without Foxe's Book of Martyrs, which contains ... and all laws and regulations must be consistent with the ... - Cached

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  1. God declares in the first vision of the book (ch. 2) ... It rules our personal power, will, and autonomy, as well as our metabolism. - Cached
  2. Jesus Christ, Book of Luke 17:20-21. ... and an unconscious part which rules over all and determines a reality of which we have little, if any, ... - Cached
  3. On 2-6-2001, I was reading a book titled 'Lessons' by Michelle Lavigne-Wedel and Alex. I was ... (many European countries now have laws against doing so, ... - Cached
  4. I will protect all who belong to Me, and whose names appear in THE BOOK OF LIFE. On the day of My return, My precious remnant will welcome Me; ... the laws of nature. - Cached
  5. In his classic book 'The mind of Mnemonist', Luria recalls how he first uncovered the key to S's extraordinary abilities. ... THE FIVE LAWS OF FREEDOM. - Cached
  6. ... Archangel Uriel rules Ministration and Peace. ... ... The book "Seeds of Fire” is adding ammunition to his efforts to get the ... - Cached
  7. Changing weather patterns; basic laws of nature will be disrupted Satanic demons will appear in broad daylight. ... No one has written a book "5/5/2000 ... - Cached
  8. One book reported a client saying that we can choose to be imprinted with any life at all if it is of ... when strict rigid religious laws prohibited any outlet of ... - Cached
  9. In 1991, according to the 1993 World Almanac and Book of Facts, ... (See Posts 33 [Children and Legal Drugs] and 34 [Why Ritalin Rules]).
  10. On a global scale Gemini rules ... disaster – and the retrograde motion on November 2nd – two days before our local tragedy which burned the Mayflower Book ... - Cached

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  1. A UFO book was ripped to shreds and laying all over. Then I saw a photograph laying on the bed. I ... The Moon rules over the sidereal sign of Cancer. ...
  1. (Note: In book, Worlds-Antiworlds by Alfvén, ... they behaved in accordance with the rules of electromagnetic interactions (musical interactions also). - Cached
  2. Neptune rules mysticism, mystery, fog, water, drugs ... Lost Book of Enki (Mobius) Date: 4/13/2002 From: surge ... We ... - Cached
  3. 4-16-09 - DREAM - I was in an airport waiting room, waiting to go somewhere on a plane. Across from me, sitting on the window sill were 6 or 7 pilots ... - Cached
  4. James Hunter in his book Cultural Wars argues ... Please note however that laws may change in some countries and we cannot ... - Cached
  5. Despite numerous attacks by the Secondary World aliens for breaking the rules and conditions, Brian succeeded ... To order the book now on internet click ... - Cached
  6. ... which defy our laws of logic, ... the Americans documenting it at that period in time in "Project Blue Book"." David Kingston ended ... - Cached
  7. All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast -- all whose names have not been written in the book of life ... Comprehensive laws ... - Cached
  8. Daoism is based on a book written by Lao Zi who lived around the ... The preceding aeons have been marked by our races rising perception of the laws of ... - Cached

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  1. There is an excellent book out on the end of the Aztec Calendar (August 13, ... when strict rigid religious laws prohibited any outlet of human "frolics". - Cached
  2. Many of the laws that limited the right of blacks to vote lasted even longer than that. 1917 New ... In his book The Emerging Republican Majority, ... - Cached
  3. INSERT PHOTO FROM MU BOOK ... I took my little booklet outside to see if I could read what time I started in the rules but I could read the rules. - Cached
  4. My son broke two laws by throwing food away. This was the 'food' law. ... The largest book opened oddly - as it had a 3 way cover and inside it said, "Satanist". - Cached
  5. hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. Rev 13:1-3. ... all of the universal laws on which manifestation is based. - Cached
  6. But as an image involved with the laws of optical foreshortening, again the body on the Shroud is perfectly proportioned. ... In his book, The DNA of God?, ... - Cached
  7. He quotes from every book of the canonical New Testament except the Epistle to Philemon. His is ... He showed us by His works that there are spiritual laws, ... - Cached
  8. Their agenda is also clearly stated by Brzezinski in his book, ... and stated that 'I was quite confident that I was at the time meeting the rules applying to ... - Cached
  9. Even simple registration laws meet with massive resistance. ... The Book of Genesis, tells us that Cain became a husbandman while his brother Abel tended flocks. - Cached
  10. ... author of the book ... "I'm more convinced than ever that the real hope for humanity is not in the laws we pass but in the Lord who provides his ... - Cached

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  1. She placed a book inlaid with precious stones. she lid the candles and the perpetual lamp. ... if you refuse his evil rules or desires, death will be your fate. - Cached
  2. I've recently discovered Michael Tierra's recipe for garlic oil-it's in his book, The Way of Herbs (Pocketbooks ... and he made a system of rules of ... - Cached
  3. ... THESE SATURATIVE AND POTENTIAL LAWS UNIVERSAL. HANDS ON THE TIME PIECE, EACH HOUR DOESN'T CEASE, ... This is why the story was written in the book of Genesis. - Cached
  4. Fifth, you must check that you are working within the 'rules of the game'. ... Her first book is perhaps the best one, dealing with a number of cases. - Cached
  5. Madame Hillary never wrote a book, ... churches are "rigidly controlled through a body of rules enforced by a state bureaucracy which is headed by the so -called ... - Cached
  6. I took my book and walked into my apartment where my children and my Father were all sitting on stools which were against each of the four walls. I was still ... - Cached
  7. I speculated in the 1995 edition of my first book, Who's Who of the ... into a range of issues that would bring about uniformity in laws on foreign ... - Cached
  8. I was looking through the accounting book for #106 for Marcella, ... that she was far too willful and did things that were against their rules. ... - Cached
  9. Constance Cumbey, in her book which exposes the New Age Occult Movement, correctly ... The wizard is portrayed as someone who rules and is benevolent. - Cached
  10. There is nothing wrong with following a fascinating story or reading a compelling book for that ... the Supreme Court heard arguments that some state laws, ...

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  1. And you broke rules, and you kind of stuck it out. You’re just... You’re like...You’re just... I don’t ... It’s like Blue Book used to be. - Cached
  2. The Hidden Agenda of Magnetic Laws are precisely what the ancients used to erect their monuments, ... As a child I viewed the Bible as a science book. - Cached
  3. As I went to the book shelf, I started at the top to choose which books he could take with him. ... "I'm in the happy stage of making up the rules," she says, ... - Cached
  4. I telephoned Michelle LaVigne, my dearest friend, who wrote the book, "The Alien ... Codes, Rules and Regulation Click on map to get larger version.
  5. ... so perhaps the name came from a book. ... and, third, to ascertain the laws of propagation of currents through the earth and the atmosphere. - Cached
  6. The Huron tribe is only mentioned a few times in the book, ... and the rivalry ... The Natchez Indians Marriage Rules The Natchez Moved On The Natchez Hierarchy. - Cached
  7. It is difficult to get this message across when certain members of a certain group decide to break laws to get ... He admitted in a book that he and Terry Nichols ... - Cached
  8. ... I was editing the cover of a crop circle book, ... I couldn't stop though because I was going to learn the 5 rules of freedom. ***** DEES DREAMS AND ... - Cached
  9. From Greene's book "The Elegant Universe" page 9 ... and intersecting wave-pulses are created which follow the laws of music and vibration, as we said. - Cached
  10. I got a little black book with my poems in. ... But if drivers had done a better job of following the traffic laws regarding inoperative traffic signals, ... - Cached

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  1. The book was bright red and hanging dangling off the board by a thread. ... UPS changed its rules and now requires all handguns to be sent by next-day-air ... - Cached
  2. These psychic beings are well described by Barry Long in book, ... they still obey the respective laws of the Idea of the Sun in which they reside. - Cached
  3. Editor Khalid Mahmood and 15 of his staff were arrested under public safety laws. * * * * Pakistan seals newspaper that offers reward for death of American . - Cached
  4. The New Book of Knowledge ... claim to have found that parts of the brain obey quantum laws of behavior which they believe could be the basis for telepathy. ... - Cached
  5. ( See B. Cathie's book, ... Both the city and attorneys for developer Michael Baumann have disputed the accusation, saying all applicable rules were followed. - Cached
  6. Note that Whitley and Art Bell wrote the book, ... Monsanto and others are forcing Asian countries to draft new laws to mandate payment of royalties to the ... - Cached
  7. Many countries said they wanted to study the operational plans for the force and the rules of engagement before making any ... One text book assures us ... - Cached
  8. LINDAY WILLIMS TELLS ABOUT THE RULERS OF THE WORLD. 12 people make all the rules.... BOHEMIAN CLUB. ... wrote a book entitled "Revelation: ... - Cached
  9. ... , and wrote [it] in a book, and laid [it] up before the LORD. And Samuel sent all the people away, ... the statutes and judgments and laws, ... - Cached
  10. Readers leave his book Homecoming, now out of print, stunned and outraged. A quote from Tony J. (at page 30) makes the ... Breaking hospital rules. - Cached

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  1. Isolated investigators in different areas have discovered here and there a few seemingly restricted laws, and ... The 27 x 27 Magic Square Book: ... - Cached
  2. In OPEC's 2007 annual book, ... rules, and regularities in earthquakes, or are they inherently random and chaotic? Maybe, as Berkeley seismologist ... - Cached
  3. 32*37=3D1184 or 1 / 2 Christ's number from the book THEOMATICS ... makes the mind that imagines the form that rules the matter that creates the universe as a ... - Cached
  4. Your last comment capped it off nicely with a phrase from my own sci-fi book! ... Johannes Kepler, the father of the 3 laws of planetary movements said, ... - Cached
  5. All institutions, laws, religions, churches and powers are nothing but a sham and a trap, the ... whose book, The Song of the Greys, is a strange ... - Cached
  6. She wants to use her new book as a springboard to the White House next ... Keep in mind the currently in- place rules following the outbreak of "Legionnaires ... - Cached
  7. Historical Book The Age of Reason By Thomas Paine. Age ... "All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.". --Marbury ... - Cached
  8. LAWS MORAL ORDER Awareness: Compassion: ... The Book of Joel also was clued in a previous prophecy dream last month. "The Barked Tree" ***** 8-24-99 ... - Cached
  9. 1-1-2001 - VISION - (I was going to take a nap and was laying in bed thinking about a little book that promised to cure Arthritis and Rheumatism. ... Moses Laws. Iriquois Laws ...
  10. ... owner of Anchorage's largest independent book store, ... about the federal laws governing wreck and the procedures to follow upon discovering wreck. ... - Cached

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  1. current Western politics that rules through fear. The claim that ... who shows in his latest book ... - Cached
  2. GET THE BOOK: "HUNT ... that wormholes and alternate dimensions are perfectly consistent with known laws of physics. If so, then it isn't much of a leap to ... - Cached
  3. Excerpts from the book are available on-line. (Doug Brugge, ... Laws and Treaties with the Cherokee, Choctaw, Flags of the Native Peoples of the US. - Cached
  4. ... , is working on legislation that would change election laws and give ... These efforts have been graphically described in a recently released book ... - Cached
  5. ... some argue that if the water was held in place by forces and laws of physics with which we ... The first heaven shall be rolled up like a book and shall ... - Cached
  6. The main shop I liked the most had become a book store and they were displaying many books of Native American culture. The photographs ... Rules and Regulation - Cached
  7. Wintu Book. Table of Contents. The Native People of Northern California and Southern Oregon consist of several Tribes, known as the Shasta Nation ... - Cached
  8. ... provides that corporate business activity is protected under the Economic and Industrial Espionage Laws of the United ... book he wrote, “The ... - Cached
  9. ... (Book of Revelations 666 and 144), Islam (57 cyclic), Hebrew, ... laws of squares or contradictory theory to his.....a typical scientific response. - Cached
  10. In a particularly stunning passage from the book American ... They said the government's violation of its discovery rules for turning over evidence violated McVeigh ... - Cached

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  1. The book "TRANCE Formation of America" is an autobiography by Cathy O'Brien with Mark ... They determine what our rights are and which laws have effect, ...
  2. Since both electromagnetism and gravity operate by inverse square laws ... Reference for four fundamental forces the book by Michio Kaku, "QUANTUM THEORY: ... - Cached
  3. In a book, in the index, towards the back were the names of the 3 wires, but ... and empowered corporations to challenge domestic public interest laws, ... - Cached
  4. And we sell his book here, too. New York Online Access to Health ... THE HEALING EDGE-to push the envelope of accepted rules and treatment of life threatening diseases. ... - Cached
  5. ... said in a book ``Russia's Restless Frontier,'' published this year ... and shot at least one man to demonstrate the penalty for breaking their rules. ... - Cached
  6. Nick Begich wrote the book, ... an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self ... - Cached
  7. May-be you know the book occult ... does the picture we get always correspond with another set of events that could happen according to the physical laws of ... - Cached
  8. ... Russian man came and I saw that he was using some kind of small black radio communicator and wasn't following the rules the ... I was looking in a book at ... - Cached
  9. ... and I went to a restaurant where we saw that the restaurant was open and the key which was a long Master key and a book of receipts ... out the laws of the ... - Cached
  10. In his recently published book Winning ... The candidate also spoke of the need to provide health coverage for every American child and to enforce environmental laws. ... - Cached

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  1. I went into a book store. Inside the store, a man in a large wheelchair was being interviewed by a reporter. ... • WACO: The Rules of Engagement - Home Page - Cached
  2. ... one and all; from those who wrote and promoted the laws to those who participate in it. ... and receive most acclaimed pro-life book FREE ... - Cached
  3. Did you read his and many serial killers' Astropsychology profile in my book "The Power of the Dragon"? 2 ... Note that Gemini rules DUALITY ... - Cached
  4. The ignorant and the prepotent will dictate the laws to the wise and to the humble person. ... published by Beykirch in 1849 in his book "Prophetenstimmen" ... - Cached
  5. It looks a little bit too much like the plane posited by Bill Sweetman in his book: "Aurora: the ... and seemed to be defying the laws of gravity and aviation as ... - Cached
  6. Killing Custer A review of the book by Blackfeet-Gros Ventre author James Welch. Red Horse A Lakota account of the battle. ... Charlie's Rules: - Cached
  7. "According to her book, ... demonstrators blocked a road in protest of new laws that would have eased the process for foreign companies to acquire land title and ... - Cached
  8. This act was designed to make sure that it would not constitute a violation of the antitrust laws for a cooperative ... passage from John Steinbeck's book, ... - Cached
  9. From the book the " The God Particle" by Richard Lederman, page 93..... ... setting up the rules that the formation of geometric entities follow, ... - Cached
  10. 7-17-05 - I had just been reading Kitty Kelly's book ... What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws, by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano - 2004 "The ... - Cached

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  1. The book is Neihardt's recreation in English of the ... for each one seemed to have his own little vision that he followed and his own rules; and all ... - Cached
  2. ABOUT THE BOOK ... He pushed for changes in welfare laws before President Clinton and Congress took up the issue on the national level.
  3. This rules out an airplane. If we ... In his highly-praised book, High Velocity Leadership: The Mars Pathfinder Approach to Faster, Better, Cheaper ... - Cached
  4. RW No one has written a book "5/5/2000 - Ice, ... Samael rules over the Planet Mars. Mars rules over the Tree of Life Sephirah 5 (Geburah - Severity) , ... - Cached
  5. Our fathers gave us many laws, which they had learned from their fathers. ... as you can all read the Book? -Sogoyewapha, (Red Jacket), Seneca 1752-1830 - Cached
  6. Opposition to the war in the United States grew quickly during Nixion’s 1 World Book Encyclopedia pp. 391,392 presidency. ... The laws to abide - Cached
  7. This rules out a background of many similar features from which we might pick out just ones that fulfill our expectations. ... Alfred's Book. - Cached
  8. ... all previous storms that winter seem trivial," Edmund Morris wrote in his book, "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt." Judging ... parking rules ... - Cached
  9. In the Book of Revelation, commentary | 1. To Show What Must Come. states ... cial/levitical laws. | | 2. Taught with Authority. ... - Cached
  10. 07/15/04 The Similarities of The "A" Laws and The Anu Theory. 07/13/04 The De Witte Aether Experiment ... 6 years after finishing the book reading. - Cached

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  1. ... not to bring any of the diseases that he brought onto the Egyptians provided they obey the laws of God (Exo 15:22 ... The book of Revelation should be a ...
  2. I clutched the book to my chest as a maintenance worker brought in an entire room of huge old fashioned lamps of a variety of shapes and ceiling lights.
  3. ETS energy and "propulsion" systems utilize principles and laws of the physical universe not yet fully appreciated ... (see Hubble's book 'Friends in High Places"). - Cached
  4. ... they had made in dealing with the EBE's. They had subtly influenced, through Dr. Hynek, (formerly with the Blue Book project, ... - Cached
  5. hole entropy formula from Lee Smolin's book " THREE ROADS TO QUANTUM GRAVITY ... Later our "A" Laws will make it perfectly obvious to you why this must ... - Cached
  6. The man said these were the numbers of the Laws and they were from Section 1. ... They showed me a picture of a light blue and purple book.
  7. #3 - Dream - I was in a library. I pulled out a large picture book to quiet the children. ... It now had 9 twelve inch rules sticking out of it. 8-14-97 - Dream. - Cached
  8. A World Government: to enact the laws required to satisfy the needs of all peoples. It will ... title of book excerpt by Henry Kissinger, ...
  9. ... and large companies have strict rules about those things and the rules are followed strictly, ... I saw a book cover. The title was 'The Pablo Of Godhood" - Cached
  10. My book already had a couple words in the ... Another little boy was playing in water in the sink and I was about to do the same with him so he'd know the rules ... - Cached

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  1. So-called "cowboy" hunters often flaunt collecting laws. "There are some ... who is writing a book on Colorado meteorites - Chris Peterson, of ... - Cached
  2. (Editor's note: This book includes graphic descriptions of sexual molestation in abortion clinics, and is not suitable for young readers.) ... [of these laws] ... - Cached
  3. ... his insightful book "Tzolkin" - the 260-day cycle has ... There were reasons but there were no laws ... - Cached
  4. I also had some book reports to do and was feeling anxious that I hadn't finished my work yet. Alice came over and I was telling her how much work I had left to do. - Cached
  5. By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States ... we must resist the urge to close this book before it 's ...
  6. In his 1996 book, I Was Wrong, ... shortly thereafter issued a press release saying that Jones had broken no laws. Amidst growing pressure in the United ... - Cached
  7. 4-12-08 - JESUS RULES THE ROOST! ... 4-30-08 - NAP DREAM - I was reading a paperback book and about 1/2 way through the book, the page said , ... - Cached
  8. he description of Jacob's ladder appears in the Book of ... It is only after awakening of Ajna chakra that the laws of cause and ... - Cached
  9. ... (using FEMA school lockdown rules.) ... it belongs in the Guinness record book for a number of world-class “firsts” that I’m sure its editors have never ... - Cached
  10. ... since the criminals named in his book have been returned to national power and prominence. ... Who is enforcing those laws, especially the drug laws ... - Cached

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  1. The book is actually a plan for how to build a machine. I'd like to be able to hire a ... CODES - RULES AND REGS. TERRORISM - THE MILITIAS - THEN AND NOW ... - Cached
  2. i have read dunns book where he suggests ulta-sonic drilling because of the way the quartz is cut relative to the surrounding granite, ... over which the Monad Rules. - Cached
  3. ... from his book, The Big Glow: ... both in regard to the obligations of an Occupying Power and in the requirements of the laws of war. Those ... - Cached
  4. ... to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries for price fixing in violation of U.S. antitrust laws. "What you have ... - Cached
  5. I went to a used book sale, looked at all the titles which were of various psychiatric conditions and put them ... One of my sister-in-laws told me to call her, ... - Cached
  6. See a random page in this book. Download Kassandra Report 2007 9-11 beppe grillo big ... - Cached
  7. This book was like a calendar size that you carry with you. It was thick black leather. His boss then came in and when I looked up, ... You disobey the rules." - Cached
  8. Massachusetts had some of the weakest drunk driving laws of any state in the country. The state was ... He wrote a book about his experience called Turnaround: ...
  9. SURPASSING THE WILDEST DREAMS OF GEORGE ORWELL IN HIS BOOK 1984 Just ... Police stopped more than 2,500 people in Surrey under anti-terrorism laws – but ... - Cached
  10. On a higher level, we may evoke a law of grace that supersedes the laws of karma. This ... ( - Cached

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  1. ... a professor at UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management and author of a recent book on school ... Strikes’ and other important criminal laws ...
  2. Here Euclid wrote his famous book on geometry and Ptolemy analyzed the movement of the ... laws of antimiscegenation and prohibited from employment in ...
  3. I have written a comprehensive book called "Convergence" from a largely ... The actions that are now occurring are in stark contrast to those laws of universal peace ... - Cached
  4. Prof. Jacob Klein of Bar-Ilan University in his book Three Sulgi hymns (1981: 59 and 81) ... family-lineage-schedule-rules had to be followed too, ... - Cached
  5. Chapter II of the book written by William H. MacLeish, The Day Before America ... Laws had been created to justify such actions. - Cached
  6. This book was like a ... will be devastating since this area's building codes are not anything like they are in San Francisco which has strict laws on ... - Cached
  7. At least this is what one American father found while paging through his child's science book. SmT was ... Under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules, ... - Cached
  8. The government has said it plans to introduce stringent laws to deal with political, ... A year after publishing his book, ... - Cached
  9. The story is told in four large parts: Book One: Mistress of Magic, Book Two: The High Queen, Book Three: ... part of a rebellion against Him and His laws." - Cached
  10. ... I immediately related the card dream to the Bible verse in the book of ... smaller black purse and instead I gave it to one of my daughter-in-laws. ... - Cached

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  1. There are several other presentations in the above book, ... based on discrete time and space and their effect on the basic laws of Physics including the ...
  2. Laws of Angles: (tan^-1)A = cosA/sinA.....A = angle in radians ... Howard Vyse (1830's)..... from the book, The Geometry of Art and Life, by Matila Ghyka, p.22 - Cached
  3. You disobey the rules." The little boy looked up at her and said, "We don't have rules like that at my house." ... It was more like coloring book pictures on top, ... - Cached
  4. He read a few pages, then put the book back inside his shirt. He pulled the book out again, ... Due to our rules against discrimination, it can't be done. - Cached
  5. I am then told,"the rules"---this place is called "THE YOUNGER CENTER---one grows physically, bodily, ... One of the reasons I called my book, ... - Cached
  6. In part of the book he speaks of DNA, ... playing God in violation of My laws. You are trying to create ... - Cached
  7. ... so when he e-mailed me with a chapter from his book, ... the tape had been on the Internet for a year and I was not in infringement of any known copyright laws. ... - Cached
  8. ... case against the Vice President and concludes Cheney has violated both the “spirit and intent” of federal laws on ... book that there are ... - Cached
  9. ... author of a book on Chinese dams, China's Water Warriors: Citizen Action and Policy Change, The ... - Cached
  10. Daniel Hallin's classic book The "Uncensored War" observes that journalists had "a great deal of information available which ... as few rules as ... - Cached

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  1. Every book and article on Atlantis that has ever been published has been based on Plato's account; ... on which the laws of Atlantis were inscribed, ... - Cached
  2. This is in a part of "The Secret Book Of John," where a spirit appears in a succession of three figures, saying, "I am the ... "That's my son-in-laws house. - Cached
  3. THE YEARS OF THE BIRDS AND THE BEES. 2005/2006/2007. compiled by Dee Finney. updated 6-10-07
  4. The wide use of Abu fits the prophet’s rules of anagram decoding. You can drop one or two letters in a word, ... On page 334 of my book The Last Pope ... - Cached
  5. Norman Solomon is the author of the new book War Made Easy: ... he told reporters he was studying the case closely and would ``follow the laws of the land.'' - Cached
  6. I pointed up the new staircase and told him he would find the book in ... If plate tectonics followed the laws of ... - Cached
  7. If a person is a mental giant with full knowledge of Universal Laws, if he goes against these laws, ... I then showed my mother my dream book, ... - Cached
  8. The book is: Cygnus Mystery: Unlocking the Ancient Secret of Life's Origins in the Cosmos. He ... We will not bore you with cosmic laws, but ... - Cached
  9. Very intriguing it is becoming. I would like to send one of the last sections of my rather neglected book at the moment! ... Laws of nature, ... - Cached
  10. The ignorant and the prepotent ones will dictate the laws to the wise and to the humble person. ... In his book "Prophecies on Future Happenings" published in ... - Cached

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  1. ... , has not been on any book or talk show, ... they rule the UK branch under the Rothschilds in the occult realm, even though parliament rules the country openly. - Cached
  2. P.S. Watch soon for the release of my book, ... The Supreme Court criticized prosecutors for trying to convict Nikitin on the basis of secret laws that did not even ... - Cached
  3. ... Bracewell has had to concern itself with Federal Election Commission rules that would penalize Giuliani and the firm if his ... in his book, and ... - Cached
  4. "When large numbers are concerned (quantum atoms or men) the rules are "classical law". When dealing with 1 quantum (1 atom, ... (Book: 530.1 M314), ... - Cached
  5. OSHA anticipates that these two proposed rules will be published in the Federal Register later in 1997. ... A second book is in the works, she says, ... - Cached
  6. ... the Yezidis “Black Book,” there is one passage that describes the Seven Great ... They are organised like a Sufi order and have their own ascetic rules ... - Cached
  7. Dr. Jay Gould revealed in his book THE ENEMY WITHIN [see excerpt], that the British ... U.S. laws and U.S. military law. Since ... - Cached
  8. William Baldwin wrote in his book Beware the Cat that "it is permitted for a witch to take her cat's ... I call on My people to follow My laws and that of ... - Cached
  9. These tactics of appealing thru peoples fears are straight out of the Lee Atwater/Karl Rove book, ... in plain violation of council rules and norms ... - Cached
  10. ... something forbidden within the laws of quantum mechanics. ... (Who wrote the 'little red book?" (It must be a future book, ... - Cached

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  1. It may help to see another practitioner (ie doctor, dentist, masseuse, etc.), read a book, ... Forty Laws of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics Why Music? - Cached
  2. ... a psychologist who has written a book about the impact of media on the adolescent brain, ... because the bosses don't follow safety rules. - Cached
  3. Ignoring the Dragon's Tail or the Universal laws will bring heavy penalty to the uninformed. ... My first book in the mid 1970s, THE AGE OF CATACLYSM ... - Cached
  4. He is haughty, and your laws are far from his sight: As for all his adversaries, he sneers at them. 10:6 He ... It is written about me in the book in the scroll. - Cached
  5. It was a spreadsheet book with the name Cantor Fitzgerald. It's a ... "The sweep and the scale of what has been attempted rules out many fringe groups. - Cached
  6. ... not "Cadeusus", from a book which devotes a whole 18 pages of detailed history of the Caduceus. ... Rules: 1. Discern the specific statement. 2. - Cached
  7. ... Chinese president Jiang Zemin was adamant that the government strengthen laws ... Two Chinese Army colonels recently published a military book in ... - Cached
  8. ... people I knew came over and were telling me about the alternative school they were going to start and about all the laws they had to abide by ... of the book. The portion that ... - Cached
  9. he deDescription of Jacob's ladder appears in the Book of ... It is only after awakening of Ajna chakra that the laws of cause and ... - Cached
  10. He pulled the book out again, read a page or two more, and put it back. ... Apparently not. Due to our rules against discrimination, it can't be done. - Cached

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  1. are not to hold them down to the same rules to which productive society is subject. Supremacy ... This book is close to being re-published as a hard cover. - Cached
  2. ... government will be forced to pass general amnesty laws forbidding banks from foreclosing ... This issue of Life featured an excerpt from a book by James ... - Cached
  3. As a tough sergeant, he rules over the men. Our world is like "basic training," a mind-altering conditioning, ... In Barbara Walker's book, ...
  4. In general terms "The Avalanche" chapter in Book Three handles it and copy from the ... , of the laws pertaining to One were put in their chambers and ... - Cached
  5. Under the agreed rules the first question will go to Governor Carter. That was decided by the toss of a coin. He will have up to 3 minutes to answer. - Cached
  6. He details his case in his latest book, Plan B ... The state has opened a Web site,, with information about rules and drought status. - Cached
  7. This is not NEW Physics. It is the ability to manipulate the laws of Physics. Many people see ... In Dan Sherman’s book, “Above Black”, ... - Cached
  8. From 1947 through 1969 the Air Force investigated UFOs under a program called Project Blue Book. ... laws and treaties to address this issue and to interface ... - Cached
  9. I changed Texas pollution laws to favor power and oil companies, making Texas the most polluted state in the Union. ... Book:Death in the Air: Globalism, ... - Cached
  10. I then saw a book open and on the right side ... I feel like it had to do with rules and power over other people and I didn't want to keep doing this and was ... - Cached

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  1. WILL THE GASOLINE PRICE PROBLEM TAKE DOWN THE ECONOMY This is bad news in anyone's book, worse ... One of the three major laws. ... www ...
  2. The letter also criticized laws against marijuana. ... Phyllis Schlafly first broke onto the conservative political landscape with the publication of her book A ... - Cached
  3. This fact is documented by Dr. Dennis Cuddy in his book, ... something much darker and the President's sole purpose is to create laws which ... - Cached
  4. Hunter S. Thompson in his book, Fear And, Loathing, ... - Cached
  5. They could have better consumer protection by just tweaking our existing laws instead of forcing this crap down our throats! ... When David Steinman's book, ... - Cached
  6. Douglas Vogt had to write a book to explain all of his multidimensional theories. ... Circle math, with its circles rules and results belongs to the mind. - Cached
  7. As a child his thirst for knowledge was insatiable; he read every book that came within reach, ... of enforcing its own laws and its own decisions; ... - Cached
  8. ... but to assist in awakening our race to higher spiritual laws and understanding of itself. ... At the time of writing this book, ... - Cached
  9. Anna Hayes (Ashayana Deane) states in her book Voyager II, page 250, (Second Edition - 2002) "We are ... Time is the mathematics of the universal laws of nature, ... - Cached
  10. The sentiment is articulated in'Zale'n-gam: The Kuki Nation' (1998), a book written by the president of the KNO. ... which rules southern Tamil Nadu state. - Cached

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  1. (29) Robert Becker, MD quoted in the book "Cross Currents" by Jeremy P. Tarcher, ... destroys the agreement between music and the laws of the universe, ... - Cached
  2. Order Jon Ryter's book "Whatever Happened to America?" Jon Christian Ryter is the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter with the Parkersburg, WV Sentinel ... Disclosure rules. - Cached
  3. Why do you defy My laws and focus only on man's narrow minded goals? ... I did not expect the secrets to have occurred by now. In my book The Final Hour, ... - Cached
  4. One was the author of a book. ... Forget the fact that most Americans support reasonable gun laws-this interpretation would make it very difficult to enforce ... - Cached
  5. I wish I'd seen them leave-I was at a book party and teach-in for David Solnit's book Globalize ... giving protesters the sense that the rules are ... - Cached
  6. Her husband said he's determined to help get the book published but he has mixed feelings about having to look ... made any rules about what happens after those ... - Cached
  7. Pluto is ascending. Pluto rules missiles. ... Ken Kalb: Author of the book The Grand Catharsis, Ken is the founder of the movement for raising consciousness ... - Cached
  8. Just came across a review of William Day's book ... This would have some correspondence to Leedskalnin's rather simplistic statement that he understood the laws of ... - Cached
  9. Federalists used these new laws to imprison newspaper editors or politicians who disagreed with them. ... Page 181 - Book 3 - 26thSril, 1757. - Cached
  10. Parsons said NASA would stop short of officially changing the technical rules in place for ... "The undocking and the flyaround went right by the book ... - Cached

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  1. ... this is not to say that the goal should be a world without systems or rules." Quite so. As Hofstra University law professor Peter Spiro describes it: ... - Cached
  2. Most do not realize that Adolph Hitler's second book ... One of the first acts of the liberal republic was the enactment of several laws that facilitated ...
  3. Years before, while I was working on a book with Ukrainian mystic Josyp Terelya (and wondering whether to proceed) ... Deceit rules and reigns world wide. - Cached
  4. ... , told ABCNEWS in a phone call that America's laws make such ... Holmes told authorities that Muhammad and an unnamed associate carried a book on how ... - Cached
  5. For us the Creator's laws never change or ... The conflict between the people of the black book and the people of the Sacred Megis split the community into ... - Cached
  6. ... and the previously conducted mass vaccination causing sterilization as endorsed in his book Ecoscience. 8) US ... superseding each countries' own laws ... - Cached
  7. ... at Australia's John Curtin School of Medicine who co-authored Smallpox and Its Eradication a 1,400-page book that is the ... laws and unable to get ... - Cached
  8. The book "VENOMOUS REPTILES" also states the following: ... especially when the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and the laws of entropy are brought to bear. - Cached
  9. I know all about that stuff. By now, I know so much stuff about conspiracy theories, I could have wrote the book." ... The Bhikkhu and Good Conduct Rules. 1. - Cached
  10. Online Illuminati Mind Control Book · Terminator seeds · New World Order Crisis · The Alien Agenda ... My son broke two laws by throwing food away ... - Cached

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  1. ... and wrote the book about it, ... "the rules"---this place is called "THE YOUNGER CENTER---one grows physically, bodily, younger here" guide says. - Cached
  2. ... the author of the book ... the Department of Energy announced that it would spend $270,000 to help Alaska rewrite its rules about how thick ice ...
  3. are faced with it. And that is also why the censorship of a book in our elementary schools is a grave disservice to our children. A children's book about penguins ... - Cached
  4. ... purpose behind it--to create an emotional state in the United States to where the citizens would allow many new laws to ... who authored the book ... - Cached
  5. 2-8-00 - VISION - I saw white book with gold and red lettering. ... that she was far too willful and did things that were against their rules. ... - Cached
  6. ... came across a book, ... The attempt there is to change intellectual property laws in various countries, particularly in the third world, to conform with ... - Cached
  7. Fighting Animal Abuse - State Laws and Fines... a second offense provision, a violation is a High Misdemeanor. ... NHBS BOOKNET - National History Book Service - Cached
  8. ... to help them find a way to change the prevailing policy and get the facts to the public without breaking any laws in the process. ... After this book, ... - Cached
  9. Map from the book, ... He said the U.S. refusal to respect its own laws would merely ``stimulate others to commit similar crimes.'' - Cached
  10. Which is where those Guinness Book mass weddings come in. In a Moonie marriage, the choice of a partner is handled for you. ... making laws -- you know, governing. - Cached

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  1. ... stressed the need for continued negotiations to find a logical solution based on international rules and regulations and all the visits ... new book, The ...
  2. But the President who says he rules at the behest of God can also tongue-lash those he perceives as disloyal ... I have written as follows in my 2nd book ... - Cached
  3. She handed my husband an old red book - rather thin. The title was : "The Man ... Rome was based on specific laws (Rome's 12 tables). America is based on ... - Cached
  4. U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater in his l964 book: With No ... has been allowed under previous Federal Laws including the Patriot Act.) ... - Cached
  5. A new book by Marc Lappe and Britt Bailey, AGAINST THE GRAIN, ... Konformist - Monsanto & The Terminator · Laws Of War - General ... - Cached
  6. After the dissident Swiss theologian Hans Kung was censured for a book questioning papal ... It was according to these rules that Albano Luciano, ... - Cached
  7. Executive Orders And Laws relating to National Emergencies Laws. From the ARK list... ... Then he asked me for a copy of the Vampire Killer 2000 book. - Cached
  8. I told them I was sorry there was no text book and I was sorry there was no tools, ... I made a comment about the boys not being able to follow rules, ... - Cached
  9. Book:Death in the Air: ... radicals in Sydney and Melbourne last month under newly strengthened anti-terrorism laws. ... ... - Cached
  10. Harold left and I went back to the office to look at Dan's schedule book, but he had come out of the apartment, ... supposedly with the women who were my in-laws. - Cached

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  1. ... own cultural plan to attract and convince through civilized and humanitarian means as specified in the human rights laws, far from any use of violence or ... - Cached
  2. My in-laws left to go to a doctor appointment, leaving me in the house alone. The house was ... NOTE: I did the preliminary work on the book, wrote the text, ...
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) - Under the current rules, Arnold would ... 12-1-07 - I'm reading a little book I bought in the checklane at the grocery story, ... - Cached
  4. By restricting myself to the following 'rules' the odds against coincidence are astronomical to say the least. ... (definitive reference book over here) ... - Cached
  5. ... the very next page I came to in a book I was slowly ... and invalid and immoral laws that have been passed permitting immorality to have civil ... - Cached
  6. I'll help you get a book agent and recommend you to a speech bureau." Holbrook ... despite campaign-finance laws, is "paper-thin," said Morris, ...
  7. Laws said the rapid-burning fire, ... into a plastic hard hat, tuck it under your chin and pick up a yellow box about the size of the latest Harry Potter book.
  8. Another little boy was playing in water in the sink and I was about to do the same with him so he'd know the rules ... I had the companion book at home so I knew ... - Cached
  9. ... a book will be donated to a reading program. So, this gun showed on the ... completely appropriate with national sovereignty laws? In ...
  10. Antonio VEGA showed me a book he had which had a story in it about a place ... the lawyer from One Life to Live TV show and was all about various type laws that cannot be ...


  1. The book is Neihardt's recreation in English of the oral history ... for each one seemed to have his own little vision that he followed and his own rules; ... - Cached
A new book by Johan Heine and ... is to blame for domestic violence.She says married women are treated like servants or as the property of their in-laws, ... - Cached
  • ... is nothin' My age it means less The country I come from Is called the Midwest I's taught and brought up there The laws to abide And that land that I ...